Oscar Insurance Corporation Individual 2019 Public Comments - DFS Portal

Oscar Insurance Corporation Individual 2019 Public Comments - DFS Portal
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 The proposed hike is $315.30 PER MONTH. Currently I pay $834.48 a month. With this new proposal, this fee will be
 close to my monthly RENT. The new amount I was notified is to be $1,149.78. I'm a self-employed person, living and
 working in     . This really is not acceptable. Please make them stop. And insurance is what it's supposed to be: a
 safeguard for those times when I'm suddenly ill. This new proposed monthly cost will make me sick all the time!!!!

 I am infuriated by another rate change, and i have recently called to question a huge bill that using an in-network Dr was
 more expensive then self pay to that same Dr. I understand its the contract you and the provider made but had i known
 that i would have paid out of pocket to a completely separate who is way better and it would have been half the
 price, now i owe $2000 for 13 sessions of nothing, i had to pay to do the exercises there? i could have done them at
 home or in the gym since                ! and now i am expected to pay more a month next year? Every year it goes up, I
 currently am dealing with a                 and Oscar only have 3            specialists in the entire    area that
 specialize in          ? and quite honestly one just misdiagnosed me who sent me to the and the other doesn't have
 the best reviews and wasn't the best when i saw her...I will def be getting new insurance since it has gone up so much
 every year...and the in-network discount isn't even 50% and is different for everything...my MRI will only cost me $350
 from $1300 but a              will cost me $168 from $350? It's unbelieveable and everyone I've spoken to has advised
 me to write to the state and complain and I am hoping this will be a part of that. This is my comment within the 30 day
 comment period. Thank you,

 I'm extremely upset upon receiving notice that my insurance premium is increasing 25% after an increase of 17% the
 year prior. I'm a healthy                with zero medical history - never hurt, never sick. This is ridiculous. This is

 Oscar's proposed rate hike of 24.4% is absurd and is not justified by the brief, simplistic reasons given in the notice
 letter (rising prices and projected use of more care). I'm self-employed and my -person firm is no longer eligible for
 small group coverage. The coverage is already expensive and inadequate. I used to get a routine, brief visit to the
 doctor for a $30 copay, and I'm now paying more like $200 for a nothing, 5-minute visit to my g.p. I have personally
 done everything in my power to keep my health care costs down, and this is my reward? What is going to bring this
 ridiculous cost spiral to an end? This coverage was $466/mo. in 2016; now they want $733; a 57% increase. Please
 show some backbone and protect NY consumers. Thank you.

 Oscar Insurance has notified my that the proposed 2019 monthly premium for my plan is $730.39, a 29% increase over
 the 2018 premium and a cumulative 65% increase since 2016. After a 9% increase in 2017 and a 17% increase in 2018,
 the proposed 29% increase is off the scale. Additionally, while the premiums for my plan have increased by 65% over
 three years, the deductibles and co-pays have increased markedly and much of the coverage has been reduced. I
 protest the proposed 65% increase and request that DFS limit the plan's premium increase to no more than 15%.
Oscar Insurance Corporation Individual 2019 Public Comments - DFS Portal
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 We are now paying 1,336.72 which is more than our mortgage payment! The proposed cost is 1,798.35. We are self-
 employed and can no longer afford this but do not qualify for healthy ny! Please do NOT allow this increase to go
 through. I'd appreciate an explanation as to why this proposed increase is allowed. The cost goes up every year. We
 are getting close to retirement but not close enough for medicare!!


 I'm in receipt of a proposed increase for my Platinum plan for 2019 from $834.48 per month to $1,149.78 per month,
 representing a 37.8 % increase. I supported the efforts to pass the Affordable Care Act. It appears that G.O.P. sabotage
 is having the desired effect, making the insurance unaffordable for many. The government will need to assist those who
 will no longer be able to afford health insurance. I believe that although the insurer attributes the increase to higher
 health care costs, I can't help but think that the elimination of the mandate to purchase insurance has contributed
 heavily to the increase. Younger, healthier individuals will opt out, leaving the insurance pool older and sicker.
 Respectfully,                  P.S.: I notice another reference on the mailing HIOS: 74289NY0010001-01

 I was just informed by letter that my insurance company, Oscar, is submitting a proposal to increase monthly premiums
 from $566.03 to $730.39 - a 22.5% increase in premium price per month. Is this a joke??? I don't think any additional
 comments are needed. But needless to say, $730/month for mediocre health insurance seems absurd. That's over 12%
 of my annual salary. I suggest the state inform health insurance companies to make a serious proposal, rather than
 this joke of a proposal. If not, I would imagine tens of thousands of New Yorkers in a similar situation to mine will be
 uninsured in 2019 and beyond. Thank you. -

 I understand that costs are rising, but Oscar has raised their rates considerably every year, and for 2019, they're
 proposing a 29% increase. I already pay a lot for this insurance, and this increase is going to put it out of my reach.
 Consumers need help from the state of New York in resisting such large rate increases.

 I think this increase is disgusting! This insurance policy has been horrible from day 1. I am a perfectly healthy adult and
 I am paying over $500 a month for insurance and I get NO benefit. My deductible is INSANE and no healthy person
 could ever reach that. If this increase happens, I will certainly drop this insurance. Insurance needs to go down, not up.
 I am completely maxed out. And it's really just so sad because the older you get the more you do need insurance
 especially women of child bearing age, but I can't afford it anymore and I'm at the point I might just have to cancel it all
 together. Don't increase it please - we need a decrease.
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 If this increase (nearly 40%) is approved, I will no longer be able to afford to carry health insurance. I am already
 working 60 hours a week just to carry my current coverage. The new premium would exceed my mortgage payment. At
     years old, having worked my entire adult life, I will be faced with the choice of carrying health coverage or keeping a
 roof over my head. I urge DFS to deny these exorbitant increases that will make it impossible for hard working New York
 taxpayers to maintain health coverage anymore.

 I am a year old self employed                        and have always had individual coverage and have insured my son
 (now ) as well on my plan. For years I was with Oxford with rising premiums until the ACA came along and my
 premiums lowered for the first time EVER due to increased enrollment (or so they said in writing). Oxford discontinued
 individual plan coverage however and I moved to OSCAR in January of 2017. At OSCAR premiums started at $1251.04
 per month for my son and I and were increased to $1418.62 as of January 2018. I have now received notice that my
 premium will increase to $1954.63 per month for my son and I beginning in January 2019. This must be some kind of a
 joke! The suggestion that a 40% premium increase is somehow warranted is patently dishonest in my opinion. I am
 trying to wrap my head around the idea that the first 23.5 THOUSAND dollars of my after tax income should go towards
 health insurance and that somehow this is believed to be manageable. Therefore, with this comment I would like to
 firmly state that I am deeply opposed to this premium increase for the OBVIOUS reasons. I'm beginning to understand
 that this country and our state government have completely abandoned the people who live here. In closing, it is
 incumbent upon you to deny this outrageous premium increase. Please help the people dependent on individual
 healthcare, particularly me and my son to survive this horrible financial attack. Thank you.

 Please do not approve this increase! My rate will go from $566 to $730! Currently the $566 has a deductible of $6500,
 how can i possibly afford this? I have insurance that I cannot use already. Please figure out a way that we can make
 insurance affordable. This is robbery.


 Oscar is asking for a 38% increase into 2019. This is ludicrous. We cannot afford these costs. All of the insurance
 companies need to be regulated and costs greatly reduced. I DO NOT WANT THIS INCREASE, and I know MANY others
 do NOT as well.
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 I have the Oscar Simple Gold Plan which to this date have never used and they are looking to file for a $232.00 increase
 to my premium. Presently I pay $668.00 per month which I thought was too high. $899.00 per month just will force me
 to drop my coverage with them. I would appreciate it if you could recommend other more affordable health plans I can
 consider as this type of increase would not be affordable. Thank you for your consideration.

 Dear Sirs; I have Oscar Classic Silver- HIOS: 74289NY0050001-01 for my husband and myself. Please do not approve
 the rate increase for Oscar plans. There are no covered hospitals within 1.5 hours of my home on the                 they
 have a      poor network out here and they should not be permitted to sell any plan                       . They simply are
 not worth the premium we already pay! Their entire system is digitally automated via computer- you can't speak to a
 human being if you need to and they deliberately make it impossible for you to check their network in advance of
 purchasing a health plan from them through the ACA. They also do not adequately explain their deductible policy!
 There is no coverage whatsoever until you meet your deductible so you pay ALL of your visits early in the year directly
 out of your pocket and you pay full price! For those of us with a cash flow issue- this is a disaster if you need healthcare,
 even routine healthcare, as a single office visit can cost upwards of $200. It cost me a day's pay out of pocket just to do
 see a doctor and fill a prescription for a             . This plan is a nightmare and they do not deserve another $3600 a
 year! They stink.

 The plan rate increase is completely unrealistic. I am a middle class consumer and make             /year, but I will be
 unable to afford even the Bronze tier plan. Yet I make too much to qualify for subsidies. This increase is totally
 unsustainable and will push so many people out of the market. Next year, my current monthly plan will cost me nearly
 as much as rent -- more than my monthly phone bill, utilities, and groceries combined. There is no way I could cut
 enough costs to even make this realistic. I hope you realize that increases like this will prevent people like me from
 going to the doctor.

 I have a family plan with my husband and three sons. I got a notice that our already high premium is likely to go from
 $2392.02 to $3295.52 or a 902.98 increase from this year. This is awful and just not sustainable! We need to get this
 rate lower or at least to stay at current rate which was already increased by over $200.00 from prior year. Please
 advise. Thank you.

 This is the second year that Oscar has requested a significant rate increase. Moreover, a rate increase of almost 30% is
 absolute unacceptable. If such rate increase is approved, I will certainly be considering other options, including opting
 out of having health insurance. I am a self-employed, healthy individual with no medical conditions and the value
 provided given the cost is just not worth it.
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 Every year that we have had OCSAR insurance their premiums have increased and our out of pocket has also increased
 while deductibles have increased. This year they are proposing a 24.41% increase in premiums!!!! We have an individual
 out of pocket of $2000.00 per person before the deductible even kicks in. These rates are higher by far than our
 mortgage. We are paying every month and never reach our out of pocket. It is more affordable for us to not have
 insurance and pray for no catastrophic illness or accident. This is tantamount to a bait and switch. Lured in with semi-
 affordable rates followed by never ending decreases in benefits and increases in payments. It is cheaper for me to go to
 doctors and pay the uninsured rate. How is this legal?

 Dear DFS: I just received notice that Oscar hopes to increase my monthly premium from $566.03 to $730.39 in 2019,
 and provided your contact information to submit comments. My HIOS Plan ID number is 74289NY0640001-01. This
 increase is almost $200. It is disgusting and outrageous. I am deeply disappointed in Oscar, who I recently switched to
 in order to be able to see a doctor I liked. I am self-employed. Fortunately, I may be able to manage paying this, but I
 will no doubt shop around. That is not the point. Many people would NOT be able to. How is it acceptable for
 independent insurance to be more than one half of a person's rent? Not to mention that I am on a plan. Oscar Simple
 Silver, that doesn't even do everything the Gold Oscar plan does. Is the management team at Oscar receiving
 outrageous salaries and bonuses at the cost of the people who need insurance? Is rejecting people because of pre-
 existing conditions soon going to be an option again? Sincerely,


 The Oscar premium increase request is astronomical. I have been with them for the past few years, and every year they
 raise the premiums at least $100. This year is almost $200! My premium for a Silver plan is likely going to increase from
 $566 to $730! What Oscar probably does not tell you is that along with their ridiculous annual increases, they also send
 out another letter detailing the hospitals and doctors that no longer accept them. What business in this country can
 consistently increase prices so dramatically, while reducing their services or availability of those services? Please DO
 NOT allow this to happen.
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 Dear Sir or Madam: I am a small business owner who buys health insurance as an individual because my company is too
 small for group benefits. I do not qualify for subsidies. I currently have Oscar in large part because my previous insurer
 (Blue Cross) hiked the rate for my plan over 20% last year. The proposed rate Oscar is seeking for next year is
 unconscionable. If approved, my health care premium would cost almost as much as my mortgage. I am not familiar
 with the criteria DFS uses to determine whether to approve or deny rate increase requests. However, I am writing to
 you in the hope that something can be done to stop this madness. The fact that Oscar is requesting a 25% increase for
 individual plans but only a 3% increase for small group plans seems pretty outrageous. Do actuarial standards actually
 justify this discrepancy? If so, I would appreciate an explanation why. I really appreciate your time and willingness to
 review this feedback. Sincerely,

 The proposed 37.8% monthly premium increase is outrageous, unacceptable, unfair and unjust. Please deny Oscar the
 proposed premium increase. Please consider the financial burden on the ordinary tax-paying NY state resident.

 Oscar is requesting a 25% increase for 2019, which would increase my current plan to $730.30 a month. I do not receive
 tax credits or any financial assistance. As a self-employed individual, my options are dwindling every year, and I cannot
 afford to spend over $700 every month on a plan that already has a $7350 deductible. I will most likely be without any
 health insurance next year. One way to eliminate the individual market is to make it so expensive that no one can afford
 it, and we all drop out and go without care. If that's the goal here, looks like mission accomplished. Oscar, or any other
 insurance company, should not be allowed to raise their monthly premiums to such egregious levels.

 OSCAR informed me that they are proposing to raise my premium by over $600 for next year. That is a 37% increase
 from my current premium which is already extremely expensive. My husband and I have a joint policy with Oscar which
 means if this raise is approved we will be paying $1,200 more, a month, for health insurance next year. 37% is a
 ridiculous amount to ask people to accept. They stated that the raise is to cover the cost of medical care and
 prescription drugs, I would like to see the data that supports their calculations. I believe this amount of rate change is
 egregious and criminal. If it is approved my husband and I will no longer use OSCAR as our insurer, I ask you to deny this
 horrific request and try to keep insurance moderately affordable for the people who have to buy it for themselves.

 Raising my premium 10% this year after a 20% raise last year is CRIMINAL!!!! Wages are stagnant! I am not making 10%
 more per hour than I was last year. I understand inflation and rising costs of healthcare but the system is broken. I am a
 working class individual earning approx        /year and I get zero advanced premium tax credits. Rent and insurance
 premiums are destroying my ability to live a stress free life. I am trying to be responsible by having health insurance to
 avoid a catastrophic event but in reality I have only used my insurance to get a yearly physical which totals ONE doctor
 visit per year which I would assume is typical for a healthy under year old individual. Please don't raise the premiums
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 Where the      do you people get off raising health insurance almost $200 a month! You have to be         kidding me.
 How on earth do you expect people to afford this?? Every year you put it up and every year I have to find yet another
 health insurance. You          , but you know that already.

 Hi, I have recently been notified by Oscar of their plan to increase monthly premiums on my plan from 566.03 a month
 to 730.39 a month, this is an extreme increase that will likely force me to go without health insurance for the year of
 2019. I am currently in a unique situation that does not make applying through the NY Health Plan market place a
 reasonable option because my income fluctuates drastically throughout the year. The reason my income fluctuates
 drastically through the year is because my income comes from investments/trading stocks. If this kind of rate increase
 is absolutely required, then one way NY could make things slightly better for my situation is to allow an option in the
 Health Plan market place to defer subsidies as a lump credit until taxes are filed. This way if at the end of the year I do
 not qualify for the subsidy, it's because I made enough income, and if I do qualify, I am just reporting the final income
 for the year once rather than roughly every 10 days. However, I would greatly prefer if the rates just didn't increase so
 drastically. Thanks.

 Oscar has advise me that they are have submitted to NY State a proposed rate change for my 2019 health insurance
 premium of 34.5% from 2018: 2019 premium $899.17 up from 2018 premium $668.36. I earn above the maximum
 threshold to quality for financial assistance, and this change will make this insurance coverage unaffordable. Thank
 you for your consideration.

 My rate is set to rise by 30%. If it does, I will no longer be able to afford health insurance. What can the State of New
 York do to help ordinary citizens like me?

 In the course of three calendar years (2016-2018), my premium for the exact same Oscar plan (whose benefits have
 been reduced over the same period) has already gone up by 50%. Oscar's proposed rate increase represents another
 almost 30% bump on top of this. These huge jumps put a great deal of pressure on an individually insured person like
 myself and on my business, which is a                     that I own. I understand that the burden of rising health care
 costs must be shared by all, but an almost 100% increase in premiums in four calendar years is an extraordinary weight
 to place on an individual.

 Oscar is requesting an outrageous rate increase that they show as 25%, but according to a notice I received is even
 worse - over 30%. That is a greater than a 10-fold increase relative to the CPI. NYS should reject this increase, and keep
 it to a level that NY families can afford.
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 I was just informed by Oscar Insurance that the company is applying to DFS to increase my rate by $28%. My monthly
 premium, which is already $701.17, would go to $921.41. I am a single parent who is already stretched paying the first
 premium. Why should I be paying almost $1,000 a month for medical care?? Oscar states that most of the fees go
 toward health care--I find this hard to believe. PLEASE DO NOT APPROVE THE PREMIUM INCREASE. People can no
 longer afford health care, and the working middle class is being squeezed into a corner. Thank you for your

 I am writing to request that you deny Oscar Insurance's request for a nearly 38% increase in health premiums. I
 understand the realities that health costs and am not adverse to the idea of a reasonable increase. But the increase
 Oscar is requesting is absurdly, unfairly and immorally high. There are no other household service providers - electric,
 cable, gas, etc. - who raise fees to this extent from one year to the next - not even close. The increase Oscar is
 requesting will amount to an additional $10,000 in costs next year which will result in significant financial hardships on
 my family, and I'm sure many others as well. Health care insurance companies cannot simply shift the liability of rising
 costs to consumers - not to this degree. I implore you to deny Oscar's request. Thank you.

 A raise in premiums for the requested amount would make this insurance prohibitively expensive. Please keep at the
 current rate or a smaller increase amount. thank you.

 Oscar's proposed premium rates are unbelievable! How can I be expected to add an additional $3,783 a year to an all
 ready very high premium! An increase of over $315 a month will be a big hardship.

 Oscar is asking for a 30+% increase in my Classic Gold exchange plan. Healthcare costs cannot have increased this much
 yet again. Every year the cost is going up massive amounts. I would like to see how badly their risk pool has deteriorated
 to justify this increase, but they will not provide data. It seems like it's just being greedy at this point.

 We have Oscar Simple Gold. The proposed rate hike amounts to almost 30% or 600$/month. This is hardly fair or
 justifiable. I'm infuriated that these companies can profiteer on our healthcare. I will have to switch providers AGAIN if
 this gets approved. DO NOT APPROVE THIS EXTORTION. The State of New York has an obligation to protect it's citizens,
 even if the Federal government cannot.

 I find the proposed 31% premium increase egregious. We will be returning to premium levels that existed pre-ACA.
 Something has got to be done regarding the rising costs of healthcare.
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 Hi I was just notified that Oscar Insurance seeks to raise my health insurance rates in 2019 by an unconscionable 38.8%.
 Yes, that's not a misprint. From $834 to $1149 monthly. This on the heels of last year's 7% increase for my policy. I
 believe inflation is only around 2% or even less for the last several years. So here's how a whopping increase affects a
 retired non-medicare-qualified person like me: I will either have to drop medical insurance altogether and hope I never
 get sick until I'm 65. Or I will take a much lower-level policy (lower premiums) but that won't help much because then
 my deductible and other expenses will rise accordingly. I urge that this outrageous proposed increase be modified to a
 more civil amount so that we customers can still afford medical insurance and have access to the medical professionals
 who are keeping us middle-aged people ticking! Thanks and feel free to contact me.

 Dear DFS: Thank you for the opportunity to voice my concerns regarding this proposed premium rate change. My
 premium is currently $701.17 and Oscar is requesting a change to $921.41. This is a roughly 31% increase!! How would
 this be affordable? This would not even be close to any reasonable cost of living increase! This is so wrong and
 unconscionable for many reasons. What would the increase be for next year and the year after before no one could
 afford health insurance at all? I hope DFS is looking at the profitability of this company as well, as most insurance
 companies are making millions and millions of dollars and the average person can't afford to have medical coverage!
 What could justify this type of a rate increase to the detriment of the insured? I am strongly opposed to this rate
 increase as their is no justification and it is just unaffordable. Thank you for your consideration!

 I have been extremely happy with the OSCAR insurance. The cost was already exorbitant $701.17 for the Oscar Classic
 Gold. I just received a letter stating rates would raise for me to 921.41. Raising the rates a BIT is normal. Raising them
 by more than $220 is absurd. It is difficult to pay the monthly premium as it is, but raising it to such an obscene rate is
 devastating financially. I can't fathom how this is justified. Please deny their attempt to raise insurance premiums by
 such a large degree.

 I am paying $470 per month for a plan with a $7,000 deductible. This cost leaves me with no money to pay for actual
 health care. So this system delivers no value for me -- it makes no sense at all. Now they want to jack it up to $518. If
 the leadership at Oscar can't break even charging this outlandish amount, they should take it out of their own salaries.
 And I will drop the coverage.

 I just received a notice that my insurer is proposing an increase of my monthly premium from $589.57 per month to
 $733.49 per month for 2019. I oppose this proposed premium increase as every year since I have enrolled in the New
 York health insurance market place, premiums have continuously increased year-over-year, yet I receive no additional
 services or benefits as a result. As a small business owner this constant squeeze from the insurance companies makes it
 hard for me to continue my line of work. I ask the DFS to deny this request for premium increases.
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments


 ATTENTION: This email came from an external source. Do not open attachments or click on links from unknown senders
 or unexpected emails. ATTENTION: This email came from an external source. Do not open attachments or click on links
 from unknown senders or unexpected emails. Hi guys. I?m sorry but why would you think it was OK to increase my
 premium each month by over $200? Why would you think that a normal person could afford that? It?s almost a week
 salary I?m supposed to pay for my premium for my health insurance. And then I?m supposed have money left over to
 do what? Oh yeah I know pay my health bills from the doctors that I go visit!! I don?t understand why you think
 increasing it by so much is OK, it is not. What an absolutely ridiculous price increase?!?! If this rate passes I will not be
 able to have Oscar as my health insurance plan anymore. Please do not put this hike threw. Thank you                       .

  -----Original Message----- From:                Insurance Inquiry                            Sent: Sunday, June 17,
 2018 3:57 PM To:                        Subject: NYS Department of Financial Services Consumer Assistance Unit Inquiry
 Dear               : Your inquiry submitted to the NYS Department of Financial Services Consumer Assistance Unit has
 been received and will be reviewed promptly. The information you entered is as follows:

                                                                  You are a(n): CONSUMER Type of Insurance
 question/comment: HEALTH Your Questions and/or Comments have been recorded as follows: * * * * * * * * * *
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Hello. I just got the proposed increase notice from Oscar Health Insurance. Please
 do not approve this astronomical increase. As a self-employed single mother in New York, I'm in an awful situation:
 extremely high property taxes, high self-employment taxes, and health insurance premiums. This would be the straw
 that breaks the camel's back. If this increase happens, I will have to risk it and go without insurance. I don't have any
 extra money to continue handing over to Oscar, especially considering they've already significantly cut down their
 network and so many things are not covered. Health costs are so out of control. Please do what you can to keep people
 in NY... I don't want to have to leave my state because I can't afford it here. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 * * * * * * Sincerely, New York State Department of Financial Services Consumer Assistance Unit. email at:
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

  -----Original Message----- From:            Insurance Inquiry                                     Sent: Tuesday,
 June 12, 2018 7:58 PM To:                           Subject: NYS Department of Financial Services Consumer
 Assistance Unit Inquiry Dear            : Your inquiry submitted to the NYS Department of Financial Services
 Consumer Assistance Unit has been received and will be reviewed promptly. The information you entered is as follows:

                                       Type of Insurance question/comment: HEALTH Your Questions and/or
 Comments have been recorded as follows: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * I have health
 insurance with Oscar and just received a notice in the mail that they are going to raise the premium $300.00 more a
 month. I hope DFS does not approve of this triple amount of increase. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 * * * * * Sincerely, New York State Department of Financial Services Consumer Assistance Unit. email at:

 This premium increase is egregious. An increase of over 24% in one year is unwarranted and indefensible.

 I am a single parent without child support for over 5 years (--                         --) and I work per diem so that I
 can be home at night for homework with my 2 children. My family health plan's premiums went up by $400 monthy
 this year; now I'm told it's going up another $536 to $1,954.63 monthly 2019. I changed my daughter's physicians
 specifically for this plan two years ago, so now I am stuck, and these changes are not gradual or reasonable.

 Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE! I pay 566.03/month with over $7000 deductible for a Simple Silver Plan - I don't use any of
 it except 1 yearly visit for a checkup and                         . Unless there is a life threatening emergency, I will not go
 to a doctor or hospital because of the cost. NOW, they say the monthly premium is going up to
 $730.39!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a 30% INCREASE !!!!!!!!!!!!! How is that even conceivable?? This is not health
 insurance, it is robbery. My state government is supposed to protect its citizens from such horrifying treatment. What
 are my options? What are they? Go without? Because essentially, that's what you've done to me. There is no way that
 this kind of rate increase can be approved. None. Don't do it.
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 To whom it may concern, I have just opened a letter regarding Oscars proposed premiums. I sighed with frustrated
 resignation at first, as I was pretty shocked and perturbed when they did this last year, however I think Oscar is a great
 service provider and I have been happy. Then I turned over the letter to see what my adjusted premium would be and
 my jaw dropped. That is quite simply despicable. I am a              and small business owner. I am a single female and
 don’t have a dollar to my name that I haven’t worked for. I have no corporate backing, no security and no benefits. If
 you think normal New Yorkers can afford this kind of price hike, you are out of your mind. This would be taking my
 already high premium of $566.03 and hiking it to $730.39. This is inexcusable. That is an increase of $164, almost a 30%
 increase. UNHEARD OF. I am a calm, gracious, smart and very empathetic woman. I work hard, and I understand that
 living in                 comes with it’s premiums, but let me be very clear, this is a disgusting abuse of greed and power
 and adds to the already growing list of what makes New York State unlivable. I will not stand for it, and I hope you are
 bombarded with those that feel the same. It is too bad that yet another promising service has succumbed to the shady
 cesspool of the American Medical Industry, and greed is undeniably the driving factor. I am angry, and incredibly
 disappointed. This ball is now in your court, as the overseers and regulators of all such matters, and now you and solely
 you can over-rule this proposal from Oscar and stand up for the real people living and working hard and trying to build
 something in your state! Please, I beg of you to do just that. Sincerely,                 , HIOS: 74289NY0640001-00

 I find the proposed rate increase for Oscar to be extraordinary given that the coverage or discount they provide has
 descreased. I just receved a bill from my                                                      reimbursement went
 down $100 from $300 to 200.86. That's just one part of 6 items. Also, an increase to $730.39 for a single person is
 outrageous. ($566.03 now). Please don't allow this. Sincerely,

 Oscar is proposing to raise my premium from an already high $566.03 per month to $730.39 per month. That amounts
 to a nearly 30% increase from year to year, which quite frankly is rediculous. How are people supposed to plan for such
 an exorbitant monthly cost increase for adequate care? It's simply outrageous. The letter I received states that the
 change is due to prices for drugs and health care services are on the rise, and members are projected to use more care.
 What they fail to mention is that in November of 2016 they opened a healthcare facility with free yoga and other
 wellness classes. Could it be that the reason premiums are skyrocketing is to pay for such a free facility? This isn't the
 first time that my premiums have gone up. Last year, I groaned as I stomached a price increase from $483.44 to the
 current rate of $566.03, which ammounts to a 17% increase from year to year. I figured that while that seemed high, it
 was still somewhat manageable, and as an Oscar member for around 4 years, it was the first time I'd experienced such
 an outrageous change in the cost of care. But now I'm starting to wonder if that change was just the beginning of a
 more alarming pattern. Should this new rate change be allowed, my premiums will have increased by nearly 50% over
 just TWO years. I can't help but wonder... when will it stop? When will I be able to effectively plan for my physical health
 from year to year without worrying about the strain on my financial one? Please do not approve this egregious
 premium increase. I have always liked Oscar as a healthcare company, but should this be allowed to proceed I'm not
 sure I'll be able to continue using their services. It's unreasonable that any sort of company dedicated to healthcare and
 wellness be allowed to proceed with such a substantial cost increases.
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 As a single person who needs health care insurance for preventative and wellness care, I am very disappointed in how
 much and how quickly insurance premiums are being raised. Within the three years that I have been with OSCAR, their
 premiums have nearly tripled. Years ago, I was paying 386.00 and I thought that was an expensive premium. Now in
 2019, you are asking me to pay 899.17 per month?! That is insane that a single person must pay that much plus co-pays
 and other expenses. If the rate is approved, I may be forced to either not have insurance and hope for the best or find
 another full time job just to pay for a health insurance premium, which I think is absolutely ridiculous that I would have
 to do that. Insurance companies, NYS, and the health care system is making it very difficult for me and I'm sure others
 to afford proper care.

 I was notified that my premium may go up from $701 to $922 monthly. This is extraordinary and I don't know how any
 individual could afford this premium or increase. This is 30%!

 I am very disappointed to hear that premium rates are going up again. I can barely afford health insurance now. Please
 do anything you can to keep premiums low.

 I am a young, healthy, well educated woman living in                with a good job and a strong salary and yet, I am unable
 to afford health insurance in New York state. How can this be? I work for a small business, and while my employer
 would like to provide health insurance to me and his other employees, the costs of implementing such a program would
 drive us into financial jeopardy. Therefore, I must pay for my own coverage. After finding programs that demanded
 $1000 + per month, I found a program via Oscar that I can afford. But now my rates will increase by more than 30%.
 How can this be? I called Oscar for an explanation, and it learned that it is not the corporation that is at fault but the
 legislation being passed in relation to health care in New York state. How can a simple visit to a doctor be
 unaffordable? It is truly sad to me that politicians cannot look at those they are supposed to represent and fight for
 their well being. If I can hardly afford insurance, what do those less fortunate than me do? Should they suffer and die
 because politicians and health providers are focused on their own needs? I am extremely disappointed in this, and it
 only works to further demoralize a generation of young people like me who simply want a chance to access the health
 care that will allow us to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

 good morning, i have just received a letter from Oscar of an increase. i am paying $701 a month now. now its going to $
 921. they have got to be kidding. i am on a fixed income. i am by myself. looked online....Oscar made 7million profit? I
 have $1000 deductible. how can dfs justify these increases. they are crushing to the retired people. please do not give
 them the ok for this increase. thank you.
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 Hello. I recently received a notice from Oscar, my health insurance provider, informing me of raising premium rates for
 the coming 2019 coverage year. I am first of all in shock at the amount that my premium will be going up...OVER 30%!!!
 And secondly, I am disgusted that any company, no matter who they are, thinks that an increase of THAT amount is
 acceptable. Health insurance is the second most costly expense in my life, falling shortly behind my          living and rent
 expenses, and now it almost jumps into first place. How does this make any sense? I truly demand an answer to this
 question. I am a healthy and active man                  , and utilize my health insurance for preventative maintenance
 and yearly check ups...and even many of those amenities are not covered by the insurance I have with Oscar. And now
 they will be raising my premium OVER 30% (from $590 a month to $735 a month!) with even fewer coverage elements,
 with most likely a higher deductible! Again, I ask you, how is this possible, how is this legal, how is this moral??? I
 assure you I will be finding another way to get health insurance for next year if this premium rate goes forward. I will
 make sure to insist anyone who has Oscar to look for another provider. I will utilize social media and other sources to
 spotlight this blatant abuse of power and greed. I hope to hear from someone about this serious concern, and I hope
 that I am able to maintain my health insurance next year. Regards, and thank you for your time. A concerned
 consumer -

 Under the proposed rate changes my husband and I would be charged over $20,000 for insurance next year, before
 deductibles, max out of pocket etc. We are                and this figure does not include them. This is absolutely
 untenable for our family and we would certainly need to make changes.

 Oscar is seeking to raise my insurance premiums by precisely 34.53 percent for 2019, from 668.36 to $899.17. The
 company says this is because of increasing drug prices and overall health care costs. I understand that under our broken
 healthcare system, prices rise every year. They DO NOT rise 34.5 percent year-to-year. I do not know how I will be able
 to afford insurance if this increase goes through. I am begging you to allow Oscar only a reasonable rate increase. Thank

 Hello there, I'm am extremely disappointed to hear that Oscar Insurance Corporation has filed a request to change
 premium rates for 2019. For my particular plan, that means $150 more dollars per month than what I pay already. I am
 a                                   , and to pay $730.39 per month for a Simple Silver Plan (my 2019 proposed rate)
 would be out of my budget. When I first signed up with Oscar in 2016, it was $480 per month! I ask that you please
 consider modifying the proposed rate to make it more affordable. Thank you.
Unknown Insurer
2019 Public Comments

  -----Original Message----- From:                   Insurance Inquiry                                     Sent: Friday,
 June 08, 2018 9:42 AM To:                            Subject: NYS Department of Financial Services Consumer
 Assistance Unit Inquiry                        : Your inquiry submitted to the NYS Department of Financial Services
 Consumer Assistance Unit has been received and will be reviewed promptly. The information you entered is as follows:
 Your Name:                       Email:
                    Your Company/Organization: Daytime Telephone#:                   You are a(n): CONSUMER Type of
 Insurance question/comment: HEALTH Your Questions and/or Comments have been recorded as follows: * * * * * *
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Why do health insurance costs go up every year without fail? And why do
 you use obfuscating language in your increase notice. "Modify"! "Change"! oh please! This is a shameful racket and
 anyone- anyone who plays a part in it should be ashamed of themselves. Wake up and be human! * * * * * * * * *
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Sincerely, New York State Department of Financial Services Consumer
 Assistance Unit. email at: consumers@dfs.ny.gov
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 I have a Silver Plan with a $7,350 Deductible. The monthly premium is going to be increased from $966.73 to $1,252.83,
 30%, last year the premium was $826.48, the prior year $757.55, an overall increase of 65%!! In addition the amount
 they pay the Doctor, Lab and Radiology is very low compared to what is billed for. I find it hard to believe they are at the
 85% claim expense. I am an                      so I am familiar with health insurance.

 Good day. Today I received a Notice of Proposed Premium Rate Change - Oscar Classic Platinum - HIOS notice. In the
 notice they outlined that they are requesting a monthly increase of $315.30 (annually $3,783.60) on my current
 premium of $834.48 (annually $10,013.76) - with the new proposed rate to be $1,149.78 (annually 13,797.36). This
 increase amounts to a 37.7% increase over my current premium and I cannot afford it - I can barely afford the current
 premium. I am a self employed person and have to purchase my insurance on the ACA marketplace (for as long as it is
 available based upon the stupidity happening in the capital) so I have no other options but Oscar Healthcare on Long
 Island, NY. If this amount is put into place I may need to go without insurance next year - which with my
            will most likely kill me over 2019 year timeframe. So I need the Department to understand that this is truly a
 life and death situation in which I cannot continue to afford healthcare if this rate increase is put into place. Thank you
 for your attention to these comments and hopefully the increase will be more around 10-15% increase which i had
 budgeted for (but not an increase double that). Please reach out via email with any questions
                 Thank you,

 I am a self-employed individual with a wife and             daughter. I have had to change plans last year due to rate
 increases. The proposed increase for next year will force me and my family to look for a new plan as the total cost for
 the year would go from about $24,000.00 to $31,500.00. As it it, we consider $24,000/year a maximum. I expect that a
 new plan will come with a much increased deductible and our access to healthcare will be greatly reduced. This
 situation is truly untenable as our income remains about steady while our taxes and charges increase. PLEASE OPPOSE

 We received notice that our plan is going to increase by almost 50% next year (from $2,378 to $3,276 a month!) This is
 obviously not a sustainable level of increase for the average New York family. Please disallow this obscene premium
 increase. It is a classic case of corporate gouging, especially since I just read that Oscar Insurance is expanding its
 business to other states in the coming year.

 Our current, already almost unstainable rate for a family of four is $2378.28/month. The proposed increase is almost
 $1000! To $3276.88. That’s almost a 50% increase in one year.
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 June 25, 2018
 To: NYS Dept of Financial Services Health Bureau – Premium Rate Adjustments One Commerce Plaza Albany, NY 12257
 Insurer: Oscar Plan: Oscar Simple Gold Coverage: Individual Plan ID #:

 I am writing in response to the notice I received from Oscar insurance titled: “Notice of Proposed Premium Rate Change
 Oscar Simple Gold – HIOS: 74289NY0650001-01” The notice states that Oscar has requested a premium increase from
 the DFS of 34.5%!! Can this actually be approved? I don’t think the average persons’ income is going up half of that,
 mine certainly is not. My health insurance is vital since I have

                                                    I will not be able to afford this increase. As a         resident, I am
 dealing with continuous exorbitant property and school tax increases which are also impossible to keep up with, based
 on my income. I would appreciate some input as to how your department recommends residents keep up with these
 increases. Do I sell my house? Where will I go? What if costs continue to rise at this rate? It is easy to see why people
 are feeling hopeless and resort to unimaginable solutions in dealing with or not dealing with the cost of living here in
 NY. This letter is not just a complaint, it is a plead for you to consider people like me when you grant decisions of rate
 increases to these large insurance companies.
  Thank you for your time and I anxiously await a reply.

 ATTENTION: This email came from an external source. Do not open attachments or click on links from unknown senders
 or unexpected emails. ATTENTION: This email came from an external source. Do not open attachments or click on links
 from unknown senders or unexpected emails. These proposals are outrageous. I currently have a major medical plan
 with a huge deductible that allows for lost-cost doctors visits within network. It also pays for prescriptions, however,
 one has to be certified and I have a co-pay of $50. I currently pay $533, and for what reason does OSCAR think it should
 increase the cost by 40%? Currently, I believe given the generics I have and the doctor visits I never have, OSCAR pays
 maybe $2000 for my care, and that is a rounded up estimate. It is probably more like $1,250. I have the plan for major
 medical in case of a catastrophe, nothing more. Notably, OSCAR does not provide a non-Rx plan. I thought payment of
 RX would be nice when I only needed major medical, but at $783? That?s insane! I have I think the second lowest cost
 plan. If they want to pay that much they should offer a non-prescription plan.

 Oscar’s suggested new premium rate is outrageous and absolutely unfounded. Their network is not big enough and I
 often have a hard time finding quality medical care in network. I am already paying an exorbitant amount of money
 every month and I still have a deductible. They have not improved their network or services to justify this increase. I am
 currently paying 701.17 dollars a month with plenty of documented complaints and now they are requesting a huge
 increase to 921.41 dollars a month. This is a totally unacceptable price jump. Thank you for your time.
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 To Those in Charge of My Health Care, I suppose I should consider myself one of the lucky ones: I qualify for financial
 assistance. If I did not have APTC, I could not afford my monthly insurance premiums. I certainly could not afford the
 proposed premium which increases my current rate by almost $150 per month! I switched to Oscar for 2018 because
 my previous insurer kept dropping my plans and I would have to sign up for a new one (Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield).
 For the past four years, I have had to switch health care plans. I don't understand how this gouging can continue. I
 watch the news and I get so angry. I'm one of the lucky ones right now, but if I have a good year financially then I'm
 afraid I will lose assistance to pay my insurance premiums. I will have to choose which bills to pay if I intend to keep my
 health care. That should not be a choice that Americans have to make. Please stop these rate increases. Please protect
 those of us with                          . There has got to be a better way.

 My husband and I are both freelanceres and so forced to buy independent insurance for our family. Our situation has
 been very difficult for years, but is becoming worse now. We did not think that was possible. We were notified that our
 policy will be going up by close to 50% next year. Our options have closed down because of the affordable care act
 (which I supported! I am grateful for the support it has given to those less fortunate than us.) but now we find that
 things are falling apart. We pay 2,378 per month for 3 of us...that will go to 3,276 PER MONTH next year. Yes I can turn
 to a plan with a very high deductible, but then I can not use my plan, basically all medical expenses will be out of pocket
 for the three of us. These are the choices we are being forced to make and this is untenable. Anyone who pays attention
 to health insurance policy could see this coming. we are looking for a life line. My husband and I are waiting to be
 eligible for Medicare. My son may end up on Medicaid when he ages off our plan because he is also part of the
 freelance economy....we have been abandoned by our government and are looking for help.

 I work for an        who provides me and my family with health insurance. We are not a small business, or an LLC. Our
 current monthly premium is $2,378.28, which covers me, my wife and our 25 year old son. Oscar is looking to raise the
 monthly premium to $3,276.88, or an increase of $898.60 per month. That is an increase of over 33%. I am not
 expecting a raise of any kind in the next year, and certainly not an increase of 33%. This is blatantly unfair, and will affect
 our quality of living. This feels like price gouging customers who have few options for private insurance.
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 To Whom It May Concern: Please know that I have received from Oscar Insurance Corporation, my health insurance
 provider, a Notice of Proposed Premium Rate Change, dated June 7, 2018. Of course, I oppose this premium rate
 increase, not just the amount they have requested, but any increase. I urge you at the Department of Financial Services
 not to approve this premium rate increase, nor any increase. Further, I wish to complain that in the Notice of Proposed
 Premium Rate Change, Oscar Insurance Corporation has displayed bad faith to its customers. Allow me to point out
 four examples. 1. The simple headline, Notice of Proposed Premium Rate Change implies that my rate may actually go
 down. I cannot possibly imagine any supplier reducing costs to its customers as I have never seen it. Prices only ever go
 up. 2. The Notice also states, “We never base premiums on your age, gender, or health.” I believe the company
 ignores the fact that the law prevents this sort of discrimination. This sly statement is unnecessary and rather deceitful.
 3. The Notice does not state a clear percentage increase. Oscar did provide a proposed dollar amount (from $834.48
 to $1,149.78) but left it to me to do the math. Oscar wants to raise my premium by a preposterous 38%. That’s thirty-
 eight per cent. I see no evidence that medical costs have increased by 38% in 2018. Further, the lack of an expressed
 percentage implies to me that Oscar is not raising rates by the same percentage to all customers, but by different
 percentages for different plans. I believe this would contradict the statement, “We never base premiums on your age,
 gender, or health.” 4. In the Notice, Oscar states, “We expect to pay at least $0.85 of every $1 we collect in premiums
 towards our members’ medical care...” without acknowledging the 80/20 law. Insurers are required to spend eighty
 cents out of every dollar paid by customers for medical care. Again, Oscar hopes the gleam from that nickel will
 outshine a rather dishonest declaration. Allow me to close by repeating that I urge you at the Department of Financial
 Services not to approve this premium rate increase, nor any increase, by Oscar Insurance Corporation. Respectfully

 Dear Sirs, I am writing in respect to a premium rate change proposed by Oscar for its Oscar Simple Silver service, an
 individual plan (HIOS number: 74289NY0640001-01). I request that you, the New York State Department of Financial
 Services, reject Oscar’s request to increase premiums. The premiums for this plan are already exorbitant at $566 per
 month, particularly in light of the limited scope of its coverage (the company recently and quite suddenly discontinued
 coverage with a great number of providers, thereby imposing a break in care upon their customers). The proposed
 increase to over $730 per month is unjustified and simply extortionate. The reasons cited by Oscar in its letter to
 customers are as follow: “Prices for drugs and health care services are on the rise, and members are projected to use
 more care.” Not only are these unacceptably vague, but they clearly fail to justify the proposed rate hike. Prices for
 drugs and care rise continually. That is the nature of the economy. Oscar should have accounted for this self-evident
 fact before setting their premiums. As to their “projection,” this seems to be pure speculation. Tellingly, the letter
 drafted by Oscar notes that they are working with “smartest investors […] to deliver on [their] mission…” Investors, of
 course, are driven solely by a return on their investment. They are not motivated by a desire to provide quality service
 at a fair price. The proposed rate hike reflects a single reality: the reckless greed of this company.
Oscar Insurance Corporation
2019 Public Comments

 Oscar is proposing to raise my premium from $589.57 to $733.49 for the Classic Silver plan, with a $2000 deductible and
 $6750 out-of-pocket max. I think this is an excessive increase and request that you reject it in favor of a more
 reasonable one. I'm a single, healthy, non-smoker and this is getting to the point where it is not remotely affordable or
 reasonable. Moreover, a 24%/year increase is a doubling every 3 years because of compounding! That's outrageous!
 Please reject their proposal.

 The request for another excessive premium increase of near 30% on top of double digit increases for years is a complete
 violation of the public trust. Health Insurance premiums are quickly becoming un-affordable for all but the extremely
 poor and the extremely wealthy. This kind of increase is completely unsustainable and I strongly advise this increase not
 be allowed.

 The request for another excessive premium increase of near 30% on top of double digit increases for years is a complete
 violation of the public trust. Health Insurance premiums are quickly becoming un-affordable for all but the extremely
 poor and the extremely wealthy. This kind of increase is completely unsustainable and I strongly advise this increase not
 be allowed.

 To Whom It May Concern, The proposed premium increase is outrageous. My husband and I are already paying an
 enormous amount for our health insurance and this 30% increase means we lose $50,000 a year just to pay for our
 family to be insured. This is unconscionable. We will not continue with Oscar if this goes through. We urge you to
 reconsider so that families like ours do not suffer the consequences. Thank you.

 My simple secure plan already has a high deductible and covers very little. An increase in my monthly premium should
 come with increased coverage or lower deductible.

 I am currently enrolled in the Oscar Simple Silver plan. Oscar recently sent me a notice dated June 7 of proposed
 premium rate change, from $566.03 to $730.39. I feel that a 30% increase is excessive, especially when I visit my in-
 network primary care physician 2x/year, use only a small number of generic medications, and rarely see a specialist. I
 would like DFS to look into this matter.
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