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    GUIDE 2021
                PARENT INFORMATION GUIDE 2021   1
The below information/services can be found on the
    INFORMATION                                                     application:
                                                                    › Notices (including the Daily Correspondence)

    GUIDE                                                           › School Calendar
                                                                    › Absentee Form
    To support a smooth transition to Whitsunday Anglican           › Co-curricular information
    School, we have compiled this information guide. If you         › Useful links
    have any questions regarding any of the information             › Contact information
    detailed in this guide, please do not hesitate to contact our
    School Administration Office on (07) 4969 2000.                 For more information on the app including download and
                                                                    managing subscription guides please visit https://was.qld.
    As we are concerned about our school’s environmental  
    footprint, many of our communication methods are
    electronic. If this is an inconvenience, please contact our     PARENT LOUNGE
    Marketing Department via email at wasmedia@was.qld.             Parent Lounge is a live portal which contains all the current to arrange an alternative avenue.                        information regarding your child’s academic reports,
                                                                    the School’s online calendar, parent teacher meetings,

    COMMUNICATION                                                   excursions, subject selections, important events, attendance
                                                                    and much more.
    The School’s primary communication channels are listed
    below, along with the systems we use to inform parents          On commencement of your child’s enrolment you will be
    of important information, events, key dates and online          emailed your username and password to access Parent
    resources.                                                      Lounge. If you have any trouble accessing this portal, please
                                                                    do not hesitate to email
    The Whitsunday Anglican School App is a key information         Parent Lounge can be accessed via this link Parent Lounge
    tool for parents in one handy location. The App can be          or through the School App or website.
    installed by searching “Whitsunday Anglican School” in the
    App Store or Google Play. You can then customise the App        DAILY CORRESPONDENCE
    to your needs by managing your subscriptions.                   Here at Whitsunday Anglican School, we understand
                                                                    that parents are busy, and therefore require up-to-date

information at their fingertips, in one easy format. With      The approaching date for these meetings will be brought to
this in mind, we send a ‘Daily Correspondence’ which is        your attention via a notice in the Daily Correspondence and
accessible through the Whitsunday Anglican School App          Whitsunday Word.
and also via email. The Daily Correspondence is delivered
via email at approximately 1.30pm each school day and is       ATTENDANCE
also available on the App under Notices. The email contains    We understand that at times, our students are unwell or
information relating to events occurring in the near future,   attending out of school appointments and are unable
events that have been cancelled and any other pressing         to attend school. When this happens, the best avenue of
communications.                                                contact is via our attendance email. This email address
                                                               is monitored by multiple staff members. Should your
WHITSUNDAY WORD                                                child require time away from the School please email
The Whitsunday Word is our monthly newsletter. It     Please include your child’s
is sent out to families during term time via the Daily         name, year level and reason for absence. Alternatively, there
Correspondence and is also available on the App and            is also an Absentee Form available to complete via the
School’s website. It includes the recent happenings at our     School App. If a student’s absence is unexplained, the parent
school, photos, upcoming important dates, Old Scholar          will receive a SMS to ask for them to make contact with the
and Foundation news and mentions of our ‘community             School.
of business partners.’ If you would prefer to receive the
Whitsunday Word in print, please contact our Marketing         LATE ARRIVAL AND EARLY DEPARTURE
Department at                         Students arriving late to school must report to the
                                                               appropriate sub-School Office. Any students who depart
Please see below for what additional information and           school early must also report to the appropriate sub-School
services are available via these communication methods         Office. This will be shown on the daily absentee list.
and systems.

The ability to reserve a meeting with your child/children’s
teacher/s is accessible via Parent Lounge. Should this be
an inconvenience to you, you are welcome to contact the
relevant Sub-school to make alternative arrangements.

                                                                              PARENT INFORMATION GUIDE 2021                    3
    The School Calendar includes key events for each year and is available on the School website or via the App.

        TERM DATES FOR 2021
                                             Wednesday 27 January – Thursday 1 April (10 weeks)
        Term 1

        Easter Vacation                      Friday 2 April – Sunday 18 April (2 weeks)

        Term 2                               Monday 19 April – Wednesday 16 June (9 weeks)

        End Semester Vacation                Thursday 17 June – Sunday 11 July (3 weeks)

        Term 3                               Monday 12 July – Friday 17 September (9 weeks + 1 camp week)

        Outdoor Education Week               Sunday 12 September – Friday 17 September

        September Vacation                   Saturday 18 September – Monday 5 October (2 weeks)

        Term 4                               Tuesday 6 October – Friday 26 November (8 weeks)

        Year 12 Finish                       Friday 19 November

        K – 11 Finish                        Friday 26 November

    ›     Australia Day - Tuesday 26 January
    ›     Good Friday - Friday 2 April
    ›     Easter Monday - Monday 5 April
    ›     ANZAC Day - Monday 26 April
    ›     Labour Day - Monday 3 May
    ›     Mackay Show Day – Thursday 17 June
    ›     Queen’s Birthday - Monday 5 October

In 2021, Outdoor Education Week will be held from Sunday 12 September through to Friday 17 September.

All students are expected to attend Outdoor Education Week and parents are asked not to make alternative arrangements.
The Outdoor Education program is considered to be an essential part of each student’s development and is a mandatory
curriculum activity.

It is a program that teaches essential skills from Kindergarten to Year 11. Due to external exams the Year 12 students will
instead have a leadership camp at the beginning of the school year.

                                                                                 PARENT INFORMATION GUIDE 2021                5

                  MONDAY - THURSDAY                                                        FRIDAY
               Junior and Senior sub-Schools                                 Junior and Senior sub-Schools

               Period                         Time                           Period                          Time

           Tutor Group                                                   Tutor Group /
         8.25am – 8.45am                    20 minutes                     Assembly                       35 minutes
            20 minutes                                                  8.25am – 9.00am

                1                           60 minutes                        1                           60 minutes
         8.45am – 9.45am                                               9.00am – 10.00am

               2                            60 minutes                         2                          60 minutes
        9.45am – 10.45am                                               10.00am – 11.00am
             Break                          35 minutes                     Break                          30 minutes
       10.45am – 11.20am                                               11am – 11.30am
               3                            60 minutes                         3                          60 minutes
       11.25am – 12.25pm                                               11.30am – 12.30pm
               4                            60 minutes                        4                           60 minutes
        12.25pm – 1.25pm                                               12.30pm – 1.30pm
              Break                         30 minutes                      Break                         30 minutes
         1.25pm – 2.00pm                                               1.30pm – 2.00pm
                5                           60 minutes                        5                           60 minutes
         2.00pm – 3.00pm                                               2.00pm – 3.00pm

    SCHOOL POLICIES                                                as soon as possible. It is paramount that we are kept up to
    Copies of all the School’s policies are available on the       date to ensure that we can provide the best care for your
    School’s website at the following link                         child/children.
                                                                   Our School Psychologist Mrs Marchant is the leading mental
    In addition to this, information regarding the School’s        health expert at Whitsunday Anglican School. She can assist
    Student Protection Policy and Procedures can be found at -     our children, young people, families and teachers to support             a student to get the best out of life at the School. Our School
                                                                   Psychologist can work with students on:
    SCHOOL NURSE AND SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST                           ›    Peer relationships and friendships
    Within Whitsunday Anglican School’s Wellbeing Centre           ›    Parent-child communication
    sits our School Nurse and School Psychologist who work         ›    Strategies for positive behaviour support
    to ensure that our students are well both physically and       ›    Understanding child concerns
    mentally.                                                      ›    Providing information and resources
                                                                   ›    Making referrals to external agencies
    Our School Nurse Mrs Nikolsky is available if your child/
    children feel unwell at any time throughout the school day     School hour appointments are available, as scheduled
    and is the leading health expert at Whitsunday Anglican        through the relevant Head of sub-School.
                                                                   ACADEMIC REPORTS
    If there is any update or change to your child/children’s      Your child/children’s academic reports are issued via Parent
    medical status, please ensure the School is informed of this   Lounge. As the time for reports approaches, there will be

notices in the Daily Correspondence. The reports will appear        any day in advance.
as an extra menu item in your family’s Parent Lounge.
Students receive academic reports at the end of Semester 1          To set up a Flexischools account:
and Semester 2 of every school year. Progressive results and        ›   Step 1 Register for account at
feedback for each child’s assessment from Year 4-12 can be          ›   Step 2 Add your child and their year level to the account
found in Parent Lounge and Student Café.                            ›   Step 3 Top-Up your account using either Visa,
                                                                        Mastercard, PayPal or direct deposit
CO-CURRICULAR OPPORTUNITIES                                         ›   Step 4 You are ready to order from the School menu
It is the aim of Whitsunday Anglican School to offer a                  available
consistently high-quality academic education within
a caring, Christian environment, which encourages all               Flexischools also have an app that you can download and
students to reach their potential as individuals and as             do your ordering or ‘topping-up’ through.
members of society. Whitsunday Anglican School places
equal importance on the development of its students’                The Plaza Lunchbox accepts EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard
academic, sporting and cultural lives. We offer a vast range        for over-the-counter purchases. From Term 2 2021, the Plaza
of co-curricular activities at the School. These activities         Lunchbox will become a cashless facility, so purchases can
include cultural, pastoral, sports, the arts and academic           be made using their student card (if there are funds in their
focuses. We strongly encourage students to try at least one         Flexischools account).
activity. A list of current co-curricular activities is available
and distributed each term via the Daily Correspondence and          To add a student ID card to your Flexischools account:
co-curricular information is also available on the School App
and website.                                                        ›   Step 1 Select Students in menu on the left of screen
                                                                    ›   Step 2 Click on your child and add in their Student card
PLAZA LUNCHBOX INFORMATION 2021                                         number (located under the barcode – it will consist of
The Plaza Lunchbox provides healthy food choices for                    letters). You may also put spending limits in this section
busy families at reasonable prices. Plaza Lunchbox sources              if wanted.
quality fresh produce from local businesses, and all funds go
directly to the Parents and Friends Association to enhance          Please click here to see the Plaza Lunchbox current
the educational experience for our students.                        menu.

First break, or morning tea, is the longest mealtime and            Our wonderful Convenor and Chef, Lisa Stanaway and
commences at 10.45am through to 11:20am. Second break,              assistants Renee Hogan and Tanya Salter are available to
or lunch, is the shorter mealtime, and this commences at            assist with any queries you may have relating to the Plaza
1:25pm through to 2:00pm.                                           Lunchbox. Phone 07 4969 2025 during the hours of 8:00am
                                                                    – 3:00pm.
While the tuck shop sells food during both breaks over the
counter to Senior School students only, the School strongly         BEFORE AND AFTER KINDERGARTEN CARE, OUTSIDE
encourages all students to pre-order their meals through            SCHOOL HOURS CARE (OSHC) AND VACATION CARE
Flexischools – a quick and convenient online ordering               The School offers excellent Before and After Kindergarten
system. You will always be guaranteed to receive what you           and School Care services to students and parents. Within
order on Flexischools, whereas over the counter there are           the programs for these services there are appropriate
more limited items available.                                       developmentally programmed activities, supervised care,
Please note, Kindergarten to Year 4 students must order             plus a wholesome afternoon tea. There is also a Vacation
through Flexischools, there are no over-the-counter                 Care Program that operates throughout the school
sales to these year levels.                                         holidays; this is available for all students enrolled from the
                                                                    Preparatory Year and now for Kindergarten aged children
To order, log in to the Flexischoools website (see details          also. Please visit the Kindergarten webpage for further
below) and place your order before 8.00am each day.                 details on the changes to the program and visit the OSHC
Flexischools also has an App that can be downloaded for             webpage for more information about school-aged care.
both Apple and Android devices. You can place orders for

                                                                                    PARENT INFORMATION GUIDE 2021                    7
ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                                   SPORT
    Sport and athletic development teach students key skills       Students at Whitsunday Anglican are encouraged to
    including dealing with success and failure, resilience, team   participate in a wide range of exciting co-curricular sporting
    dynamics and commitment. It remains an important focal         activities. Below are some of our core offerings, noting
    point for the School.                                          different activities are available at different times throughout
                                                                   the year and offerings are dependent on Year level.
    In 2020, Whitsunday Anglican School introduced an
    exciting new Athletic Development Program, led by Mr Alex      A detailed co-curricular timetable will be released to
    Kertesz, Co-ordinator Of Athletic Development and Physical     parents each Term via Daily Correspondence (DC).
    Wellbeing. The Athletic Development Program strives to
                                                                   ›   Interschool – Soccer, Futsal, Netball, Volleyball, Rugby
    develop our students (Years 1-10) physical literacy through
                                                                       7’s, Mountain Biking, Schools Table Tennis, Primary
    effective, evidence based, progressive and cooperative
                                                                       Schools Tennis, 9-a-side AFL
                                                                   ›   Club Sport – Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Rowing
    In 2021 this program will evolve to deliver specialised high
                                                                   ›   Community Fixtures – Touch, Futsal
    performance support to Whitsunday Anglican School senior
    representative students via the Student-Athlete Program.       ›   Community Events – Fun Runs, Triathlon, Teams
    These programs will continue to facilitate cooperation             Events, Adventure Racing
    between Health and Physical Education (HPE) and School
                                                                   ›   Sporting Body Run Competitions – Schools Table
    Sports and Strength and Conditioning (S&C) programs to
                                                                       Tennis, Primary Schools Tennis, 9-a-side AFL
    maximise the learning and performance and wellbeing of
    students and staff through a graduated, functional pathway     ›   School Representative Trials – Northern Suburbs
    of physical development and fundamental movement skill             10-12yrs, Mackay District 10-19yrs, Capricornia 10-19yrs
                                                                   ›   Development Programs – Trystars Triathlon, IAAF
    Generally, students continue to have the opportunity to            Kids Athletics, Rookies 2 Reds, Tennis Coaching,
    participate in a wide range of co-curricular sports and            Volleyball Coaching, Miniroos, School Hoops
    activities throughout the year.                                    Basketball, Target Archery
                                                                   ›   School Carnivals: Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PROGRAM                                   Junior School Year 2-3 String Immersion and Year 4-5
Music forms an integral part of school life at Whitsunday    Band Immersion Programs
and, in addition to the comprehensive Class Music Program,
students are actively encouraged to participate in the       In 2020 Whitsunday Anglican School invested in the
School’s Co-curricular and Instrumental Music Programs.      expansion of the existing String and Band Immersion
                                                             Programs, meaning all Junior School students now receive
All students from Preparatory Year to Year 12 are invited    the opportunity to experience four years of continuous
to join the program with specialist lessons available in     musical learning on an instrument, participating in the
Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone,     String Immersion Program (Years 2 and 3), and the Band
Euphonium, Tuba, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Drums    Immersion Program (Years 4 and 5).
and Percussion, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Singing and
Theory of Music.                                             As well as the many well-documented neurological benefits
                                                             associated with an extended period of learning on a musical
Students in both the Junior and Senior Schools have the      instrument, it is hoped that through their experiences in
opportunity to participate in a range of school ensembles    these programs, all students have the opportunity to find
including choirs, concert bands, stage (jazz) band, string   ‘their instrument’ and establish a foundation for a continued
ensembles, and handbells ensemble. These ensembles           musical journey and a life-long love of music and music-
perform regularly at school and also participate in          making.
community performance activities such as the Mackay

Further information on the program and how to enrol is
available here - Instrumental Music Program.

                                                                            PARENT INFORMATION GUIDE 2021                    9
   In 2021, Bus Fox Mackay ( is operating two direct Whitsunday Anglican School branded bus services
   that will run every morning and afternoon on School days. The services will cater solely for Whitsunday Anglican School

   Our Sarina route services the Sarina precinct, including Bakers Creek, with stops at Ooralea, Nebo Road and the Mackay City

   The Mirani route services the Pioneer Valley district, with stops also in the suburbs of Glenella, Mount Pleasant and Andergrove.

   Our exclusive Whitsunday Anglican School bus service is managed through the RollCall portal and allows parents to book and
   pay for travel and monitor the bus location in real time.

   The below fees apply to both services on offer.

                                                                      Term Rate                         Term Rate
                                     Casual Rate
           Zone                                                       (1 Student)               (2 & subsequent Students)
                                      (Per Trip)
                                                                      No Discount                      75% Discount

              1                            $3.50                          $150.00                           $37.50

              2                            $4.50                          $250.00                           $62.50

              3                            $7.50                          $400.00                           $100.00

   Sarina Bus Service Timetable

    Bus Stop                                         Time                                 Zone
     Sarina Beach Surf Club
                                                     7.12am                                 3
     (1 Owen Jenkins Drive
     Moana Caravan Park
     (Highway Stop, Van Park driveway entry          7.30am                                 3
     pull off area)

     Bakers Creek Bus Shelter
     (Pull over shelter zone just after Bakers       7.42am                                 3
     Creek Tavern)

     Temples Lane
                                                     7.45am                                 3
     (McGrath Street Road Entry)
     Ooralea – Schmidtkes Road
     (Grass shoulder between house numbers           7.50am                                 2
     20 and 22)
     Ooralea – Boundary Road Bus Zone
                                                     7.53am                                 2
     (Front of Woolworths carpark)
     Mackay Central – 18 Nebo Road
                                                     7.59am                                 2
     (Bus shelter in front of Coral Cay)
     Mackay City Centre - Gregory Street Bus
                                                     8.03am                                 2
     Stop (Bus Terminal)
     Whitsunday Anglican School
                                                     8.15am                                 0
     (Celeber Drive Bus Stop)

 Bus Stop                                       Time           Zone
 Whitsunday Anglican School
                                                3.10pm         0
 (Celeber Drive Bus Stop)

 Mackay City Centre - Gregory Street Bus Stop   3.25pm         2

 Mackay Central – 27 Nebo Road (Bus stop
                                                3.30pm         2
 outside KFC/Mackay Bowls Club)

 Ooralea – Boundary Road Bus Zone
                                                3.35pm         2
 (Front of Woolworths carpark)
 Ooralea – Schmidtkes Road
 (Grass shoulder between house numbers 20       3.40pm         2
 and 22)
 Temples Lane
                                                3.45pm         3
 (McGrath Street Road Entry)
 Bakers Creek – Bruce Highway Shoulder Stop
                                                3.49pm         3
 (Across road from Tavern/Bus Shelter)
 Hay Point turn off – Bus Shelter Stop
                                                3.59pm         3
 (In drop off/loop driveway area)
 Sarina Beach Surf Club
                                                4.15pm         3
 (1 Owen Jenkins Drive)

Mirani Bus Service Timetable

 Bus Stop                                       Time           Zone
 Mirani – Alexandra Street Park
                                                7.10am         3
 (In front of the gazebos)
 Marian – Marian State School
                                                7.22am         3
 (In stop drop go lane)
 Pleystowe – Bus shelter pad
 (large pad corner of Pleystowe Connection      7.28am         3
 Walkerston – Camerons Road Bus Shelter
                                                7.35am         2
 (Driveway across street from shelter)

 Davey Street – Council Bus Stop
                                                7.53am         1
 (Shelter in front of Glenella Care Centre)
 Schapers Road – Council Bus Stop
                                                7.55am         1
 (Shelter at corner of Northview Park)
 Baxter Drive Bus Stop
                                                7.58am         1
 (Bus Shelter in front of Emmanuel Park)
 Eaglemount Road Bus Stop
 (Road shoulder directly across from Nadina     8.05am         1
 Whitsunday Anglican School
                                                8.10am         0
 (Celeber Drive Bus Stop)

                                                         PARENT INFORMATION GUIDE 2021 11
     Bus Stop                                        Time                                  Zone
     Whitsunday Anglican School
                                                     3.10pm                                0
     (Celeber Drive Bus Stop)
     Eaglemount Road Bus Stop
     (Road shoulder just before Nadina Street        3.15pm                                1
     Baxter Drive Bus Stop
                                                     3.23pm                                1
     (At Arthur Street/Baxter Drive Intersection)

     Schapers Road Bus Stop
                                                     3.26pm                                1
     (On road shoulder across from bus shelters)
     Davey Street – Council Bus Stop
     (Road mouth entry of Davey and Herrigan         3.28pm                                1
     Street intersection)
     Walkerston – Woolworths Bus Shelter
                                                     3.47pm                                2
     (Creek Street, between vet and Woolworths)
     Walkerston – Camerons Road Bus Shelter
                                                     3.50pm                                2
     (Driveway across street from shelter)
     Pleystowe – Bus shelter pad
     (Large pad corner Pleystowe Connection          3.55pm                                3
     Marian – Marian State School
                                                     4.02pm                                3
     (In stop drop go lane)
     Mirani – Alexandra Street Park
                                                     4.12pm                                3
     (In front of the gazebos)

   For more information on the Whitsunday Anglican School Bus Service please call (07) 4969 2007 or email

   Some Bus services also operate through Mackay Transit Coaches to and from the School.
   For further information visit the Mackay Transit Coaches School Services page or call (07) 4957 3330.

OPERATING HOURS OF THE JUNIOR SCHOOL                            The Junior School introduces students to a variety
                                                                of programs to assist them in developing emotional
›   Classes begin at 8.25am (Kindergarten is available from
                                                                intelligence, character and leadership qualities.
    7.30am: the kindergarten program begins at 8.15am
    and parents are invited to remain with their child until
                                                                Our Junior School staff firmly believe that every student is
                                                                capable of success. As a team, we strive to provide, solid
›   It is recommended that teachers (P-6) open their
                                                                foundations, relevant and dynamic learning opportunities
    classrooms from 8.00am for students and parents.
                                                                that develop the key 21st Century skills required for success
›   All other students are expected to be at school
                                                                in the future. Our staff work cooperatively and as part of the
    by 8.20am. Class rolls are marked at 8.25am with
                                                                broader network of teachers, students and parents which
    attendance for the day sent to the office. Any student
                                                                make up the Junior, and whole, School family, with the
    arriving after this time must report to the Junior School
                                                                collective goal of optimising the learning potential for all
    Office to be marked as in attendance.
›   Classes are dismissed at 3.00pm, including
                                                                Further information on the Junior School is available in the
›   Students should not arrive at School before 8.00am
                                                                2021 Junior School Handbook.
    unless attending early morning organised co-curricular
    activities, tutoring or Before School/Kindergarten Care.
    Students arriving unaccompanied by parents before
                                                                The School curriculum is organised from (Kindergarten)
    8.00am may be placed in Before School Care.
                                                                Preparatory to Year 6 and Years 7 to 12. At the Junior School
›   Junior School students remaining in the School
                                                                we have a comprehensive program designed to awaken
    grounds, unaccompanied, after 3.25pm may be placed
                                                                young minds to the joys of learning; including the first step
    in After School Care; parents will be contacted.
                                                                in the School’s digital journey with Year 4 to Year 6 students
                                                                utilising laptops in their studies. Along with acquiring a
                                                                firm grounding in literacy and numeracy through exploring,
Our Junior School provides a supportive environment for
                                                                creating, communicating, and documenting, students
students as they transition between primary and secondary
                                                                also experience the joys of History, Geography, Music
education. Catering for boys and girls from Kindergarten to
                                                                (including Instrumental), Technologies, Science, Chinese,
Year 6, the Junior School creates an atmosphere in which
                                                                Art, Health and Physical Education. Learning also focuses on
students are encouraged and supported in developing a
                                                                developing the skills, talents and abilities necessary to make
growth mindset to learning, with a curriculum that reflects
                                                                better informed decisions in community living through the
best practice for engaging young students.
                                                                You Can Do It! program.

                                                                                PARENT INFORMATION GUIDE 2021 13
PASTORAL PROGRAM                                                   leadership roles through leading Chapel and assemblies,
   The You Can Do It! program within the Junior School context        and through representing the School at community events
   is designed to support students, and, in this instance,            such as the Rats of Tobruk Service.
   the Junior School community, to optimise their social,
   emotional, and academic development. Our core business             JUNIOR SCHOOL EVENTS
   is to utilise the ‘YCDI!’ Program to assist in the development
   of our students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) and           Global Learning Day and the ‘Tastes of the World’
   capabilities through the explicit teaching of:                     Food Fest
                                                                      Celebrating the multi-cultural community, we have in the
    ✓    Confidence                                                   Junior School, the students, parents and staff plan, create,
    ✓    Persistence                                                  rehearse and perform a range of wonderful dances, songs,
    ✓    Organisation                                                 poems from nations around the world. This is followed by
    ✓    Getting Along                                                a delicious and aromatic ‘Tastes of the World’ Food Fest.
    ✓    Emotional Resilience                                         This is a delightful morning that includes all members of the
                                                                      Junior School community.
   These five foundations are central to the program and
   are supported by 12 Habits of Mind – accepting myself,             Grandparents and Grand Friends Morning
   taking risks, being independent, I can do it, giving effort,       The Junior School hosts a morning for our grandparents and
   working tough, setting goals, planning my time, being              special ‘grand’ friends. The morning has the grandparents
   tolerant of others, thinking first, playing by the rules, social   working with their grandchildren in class, and also includes
   responsibility.                                                    a musical interlude with performances from a number of
                                                                      students across the sub-Schools. The morning concludes
   Schools recognise the need to place students’ social and           with morning tea for grandparents and friends.
   emotional development on the same level as their academic
   development – many students won’t learn to their fullest           Junior School ‘Celebrations of Achievement’ (K-3/4-6)
   potential if this is not recognised. Research indicates that       To celebrate a successful year, the Junior School host their
   non-cognitive aspects of students’ development including           own Awards Ceremonies in the Ron Bourne Hall at end of
   their attitudes, values and a range of social and emotional        Term 4. The students are presented to the Principal and in
   capabilities strongly influence their achievement, happiness,      their cohort, perform for the audience. Academic Awards
   and relationships.                                                 for students in Years 4-6 will also be recognized at their
   The framework reflects the belief based on research that
   there is a set of shared values that constitute what can be        KINDERGARTEN
   termed ‘good character’. At the Junior School these values or      All information on the School’s Kindergarten program (and
   virtues are incorporated in 5 ‘YCDI!’ foundations.                 the Kindergarten Handbook) can be found on our website
                                                                      on the Kindergarten webpage.
   Students in the Junior School will undertake a Pro-Social          PREPARATORY YEAR
   Behaviour program as part of the Aristotle Emotional               Further information on the Preparatory Year (Preparatory
   Intelligence (EI) Development programs. This is supported          Year Handbook) is available on the Junior School’s
   through an established partnership with Swinburne                  webpage.
   University in Melbourne. The Fostering Pro-Social
   Behaviours EI Development Program targets pro-social               OUTSIDE SCHOOL HOURS CARE (OSHC)
   behaviours and through a series of activities helps build          Information on the School’s OSHC program can be found on
   emotion vocabulary and empowers students to take action            the School website under the Community tab.
   and prevent exclusion related behaviour.
   A rich and diverse co-curricular program is available to           TUTORING IN THE JUNIOR SCHOOL (P-6)
   all students with opportunities in academic endeavours             The Junior School teaching staff of Whitsunday Anglican
   including a broad range of offerings inclusive of art and          School drive this individualised program by committing
   cultural pursuits, sport and service.                              to provide a minimum of one hour of their time per week,
                                                                      before or after School, to further support the needs of
   YEAR FOUR-SIX LEADERSHIP PROGRAM                                   identified students. These students are invited to attend
   The Junior School Leadership program will build upon               these tutorials.
   a Service Leadership Model. All Year 4 to Year 6 students
   in the Junior School will have the opportunity to engage           HOMEWORK ASSISTANCE TUTORIAL SCHEME (HATS) –
   in leadership opportunities which enable them to be                YEARS 5-6
   responsible for activities within the Junior School and            HATS sessions generally commence in Week 3 of Term 1 and
   provide service to the school and wider community. The             Term 3 for Years 5 and 6 students. HATS for these students
   Year 6 students, the Junior School Leaders, also experience        will be held from 3.15pm - 4.15pm Tuesday-Thursday;

following HATS, they may access the library until 5.00pm.       rule ‘No hat, no yard play’ will always be enforced by staff. All
No students should be at the pick-up areas after 3.20pm if      uniform items and personal equipment MUST BE CLEARLY
being collected later than that time. After 3.20pm, all Years   NAMED.
5 and 6 students who remain on campus are required to           ›
be in a supervised HATS session, in the library completing      › Popular fashion items including wrist bands, brightly
homework (Monday only) or at a co-curricular activity they          coloured hair ties/accoutrements or jewellery are not
have signed up for. Friday, the library will close at 4:00pm.       permitted.
                                                                › Earrings – one pair of small plain gold or silver stud
UNIFORMS                                                            earrings (less than 5mm in diameter) and worn in the
All students are expected to arrive at school neatly and            lobes. Girls unable to wear small studs may wear plain
correctly attired in the appropriate uniform and leave school       gold or silver sleepers after written parental requests
in a similar fashion. Uniforms are not to be mixed. e.g.            have been made.
Physical Education (PE) shirts are not to be worn with the      › Boys are not to wear earrings.
day uniform and black leather shoes are not to be worn with     › Students’ hair must be neat and tidy with boys’ hair
the PE Uniform. Students in Years 1 to 6 are to wear ‘black         length cut at collar length, kept out of eyes, and cut
leather lace-up’ shoes.                                             around the ears in a conservative style. Once a girl’s
                                                                    hair length reaches her shoulders it must be tied up in
Junior School students are expected to wear their uniform           appropriate School coloured ties.
(including tie for Year 6 students) to all formal occasions
such as ANZAC Day, school photographs, formal assemblies         TELEPHONE NUMBERS AND CONTACTS
and the Awards Ceremony. In Terms 2 and 3, Year 6 students
are expected to wear a tie each School day.
                                                                 (PERTINENT TO THE JUNIOR SCHOOL)
                                                                                                       4969 2038
                                                                 Head of Junior School
All girls from Years 1 to 6 will wear the Panama hat. Boys
from Years 1 to 5 may continue to wear the ‘older style’                                               4969 2038
                                                                 Junior School Secretary
School formal hat until further notice. While boys in Year 6
should wear the ‘Kimberley’ formal hat. The Kindergarten                                               4969 2061/2060
                                                                 Deans of Junior School
and Preparatory Year students are to wear their School
bucket hat.                                                                                            4969 2083
Junior School students attending any formal School               Kindergarten
function would be expected to wear their formal School
                                                                 Outside School Hours Care 4969 2052
uniform in full. If a student is accompanying their Senior
School sibling to a function, they should wear the same                                                4969 2019
                                                                 School Chaplain
uniform as their older sibling.

Every student should bring a Whitsunday Anglican School          Junior School Music                   4969 2050
hat to school each day, and wear it whilst at School, as the

                                                                                PARENT INFORMATION GUIDE 2021 15
   At Whitsunday Anglican School, we recognise that Years 7       Whitsunday Anglican School also has an established
   and 8 are acknowledged as a critical juncture for student in   partnership with Swinburne University in Melbourne. This
   their adolescence.                                             progressive collaboration has seen us implement the
                                                                  Aristotle Emotional Intelligence Development programs,
   During these crucial years we put a strong emphasis on         delivering pastoral care as well as personal and professional
   creating enhanced teacher-student pastoral relationships       development growth opportunity for our students. Our Year
   that provide continuity and stability for both our new and     8 students undertake a Wellbeing Program which aims to
   current students. As a result, our students are provided       continue to support students to develop their personal and
   a well-rounded education of excellence, setting the            social skills in emotional intelligence.
   foundation for accomplished, confident students and
   citizens, who are able to take risks in their learning.        The benefits of these programs are diverse, including: a
                                                                  positive influence on psychological well-being; boosting
   As a leading school, it is important that our students and     resilience and coping mechanisms; stress management;
   staff are supported to meet a range of new developments in     improved academic performance in tandem with motivation
   the educational landscape.                                     and focus; improved performance in sport and co-curricular
                                                                  activities; and improved communication and relationship
   Our Dean of Students (Years 7-8) supports the transition       skills.
   of new students who enter Year 7 from the Junior School
   and those students who join Whitsunday Anglican School         Further information on these programs are available at
   externally. The Dean of Students (Years 7-8) reports through
   to the Head of Senior School, ensuring that our young men
   and women transition safely into Years 7 and 8, before
   moving confidentially into Year 9.

The The Senior School provides a vibrant, friendly                GLOBAL LEARNING PROGRAM
environment where students are provided with                      The Whitsunday Anglican School Global Learning Program
opportunities and experiences that encourage personal             aims to allow our students the opportunity to develop a
development and positive growth. Students are encouraged          passport of global learning experiences. The program is
to investigate how they fit into their world, and how their       integral to our strategic aim of ensuring that our students
influence can bring about change as they become global            develop a sense of identity and growth as they develop
citizens.                                                         independence and interdependence. In achieving this,
                                                                  our program provides educational experiences through
We encourage our students to follow Whitsunday Anglican           experiential learning to increase international and cultural
School’s strategic aims of excellence in 21st century teaching    understanding to promote a globally competent school
and learning; a balanced approach; global citizenship and         community.
service learning and connecting a sustainable community,
while adhering to our Core Values of Christianity, Tolerance,     Global Exchanges – With an understanding of our current
Excellence, Dignity and Trust.                                    travel limitations, usually Students in Years 10 and 11 have
                                                                  the opportunity to undertake a reciprocal exchange with
Every adolescent wants to enjoy their time at school, and         a student at one of our Global Partner Schools. These
while they might not articulate this desire, they want to learn   exchanges range from 4 to 8 weeks in length. Global
more about themselves and the world around them. This             Exchanges provide an opportunity for students to develop
can only come about if students have positive relationships       independence by spending time in a foreign environment
with staff and are encouraged to extend themselves without        learning how to adapt to new situations and different
fear of failure. In the Senior School, we aim to provide a        cultures. Exchanges can either have a cultural or language
learning environment with high standards of care, Christian       focus.
values, academic rigour and a focus on independent
learning and a positive environment. We believe that our          Global Expeditions – The digital revolution may have
graduates will leave with a passion for learning and with the     brought the world into the classroom, but it has also fed a
virtues of wisdom and integrity. They will be citizens who        desire to take the classroom into the world. The life-skills
positively transform the communities in which they live           students develop through leadership, cultural, language
and work. They will have bright futures that they learned to      and service experiences cannot be gained sitting behind a
imagine at our fine School.                                       desk. They are gathered by travelling as a member of a team,

                                                                                 PARENT INFORMATION GUIDE 2021 17
whilst exploring new cultures. As part of Whitsunday’s Global   ATAR structure
   Learning Program, senior students have the opportunity          Under the ATAR system, there is General subjects, Applied
   to participate in the various global expeditions we offer       subjects and vocational qualifications, with two methods
   annually. Each expedition has either a personal challenge,      of calculating an ATAR. A student may choose to study six
   service learning or language immersion focus.                   General subjects to attain an ATAR at Whitsunday Anglican
                                                                   School. Students must also pass an English subject.
   Global Classroom Collaboration – Students and teachers
   have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with our        Each subject result will be expressed in terms of a
   Global Partners Schools within our various curriculum           percentage, calculated by adding the four pieces of
   areas. These collaborative projects will provide students the   assessment completed in that subject in Year 12. The
   opportunity to participate in global educational experiences    external piece will not be used to scale the internal pieces.
   within their studies, which increases their global mindset      In all subjects except for Maths and Sciences, the External
   as they advance through their schooling. These global           Assessment will be 25% of the final grade, contributing
   partnerships will also provide the opportunities for staff to   the same as each of the three internal pieces. In Maths and
   connect, share and learn from each other.                       Science subjects, the external exam will be 50% of the final
                                                                   subject grade. The scaling that will exist in the new system
   TRANSITION TO NEW SENIOR ASSESSMENT AND                         will be inter-subject scaling. That means that some subjects
   TERTIARY EDUCATION SYSTEM                                       will be worth more than other subjects in terms of ATAR
   The new Queensland Certificate of Education system              calculation. This scaling will not be available until the end of
   now sees students working towards an Australian Tertiary        2021.
   Admission Rank (ATAR) rather than an OP (Overall Position).
                                                                   Advice regarding which subjects students should choose
   The School’s first Year 12 cohort graduated under the new       in their senior years remains the same. Students should
   ATAR system in 2020, with exceptional results.                  continue to choose subjects that:
                                                                   › they enjoy
   In 2020 our Year 12 cohort achieved:                            › they have some success in or believe they can develop
   ›   24% of students attained an ATAR score of 95.00 or               in
       higher and an impressive 41% of students attained an        › provide them with a balanced course of learning
       ATAR score of 90.00 or higher                               › meet the pre-requisites for tertiary study that are
   ›   98% of the cohort were ATAR eligible, speaking to our            relevant to them
       reputation as an academic school
   ›   Four students attained an ATAR score of 99.00 or higher,    Academic discussions regarding subject selections and
       equating to 8% of the entire ATAR cohort Australia-wide     academic tracking, can be directed to the School’s Head of
                                                                   Curriculum, Mrs Sunner.

                                                                    TELEPHONE NUMBERS AND CONTACTS
                                                                    (PERTINENT TO THE SENIOR SCHOOL)
                                                                                                          4969 2032
                                                                    Head of Senior School

                                                                    Senior School/Heads of                4969 2032
                                                                    House Office

                                                                    Head of Ambrose House                 4969 2053

                                                                    Head of Barnabas House                4969 2054

                                                                    Head of Trinity House                 4969 2057

                                                                    Head of Charles House                 4969 2058

                                                                    Dean of Students (Years               4969 2079

                                                                    Senior School Music                   4969 2050

Whitsunday Anglican School has adopted a Bring Your Own          Students must also have a School recommended device
Device (BYOD) approach to technology across the School for       to ensure that they are able to sit the NAPLAN online
Years 4 to 12.                                                   examinations.
                                                                 ›   HP Probook X360
The School provides students with enterprise-grade               ›   Microsoft Surface Pro or Surface Book
communication and productivity services as part of a
Microsoft Office 365 education subscription at no charge to      The School arranges special pricing for WAS families through
families. Office 365 provides cloud-based data storage, Office   the below retailers for November – March.
products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) online, and
access to install Microsoft Office on student owned devices.     This allows you to buy a school-recommended device at
                                                                 a discounted rate. Whitsunday Anglican School does not
Students require one primary device which meets the              receive financial benefit from this arrangement.
hardware requirements below. Optionally, students may
have a secondary device such as an iPad/e-reader that they       The shopping portals are available here:
can use for digital textbooks and similar purposes.              › Datacom Systems– visit https://datashop-qld.datacom.
Stylus-supported (pen) Technology                                › Username: BYOD2021
Students should have a device that supports a stylus or          › Password: BYOD2021
has the facility to use a stylus/touch screen input. ‘Digital    › JB Hi-Fi– visit
inking’, the use of a stylus or pen, allows numbers, symbols,
                                                                 Code: WHITSUNDAY2021
diagrams, drawings and other markings to be captured
digitally. This is particularly useful in Mathematics, Science
                                                                 Purchasing a new device
and the Arts subjects.
                                                                 › The School strongly advises that you purchase one of
                                                                    the laptops listed from our recommended devices, as
Recent studies support using a stylus device in the
                                                                    these best support the School’s educational programs
educational context. Dean (2014)* explains the ability to
                                                                    and ensures that students can be better supported in
mix digital ink, images and text means that products such
                                                                    their learning.
as formulas in Mathematics or the drawing of diagrams or
                                                                 › The special offers above are for parents, but at
annotation of images imported into text in Biology, can be
                                                                    educational pricing, and have options for three-year
quickly undertaken.
                                                                    warranties and accidental damage protection that
                                                                    include onsite (at School) warranty repairs, which the
Van Mantgem (2008)** notes students and teachers alike
                                                                    School’s IT Services team can assist with.
can write, draw and sketch with freedom, enabling students
                                                                 › Please Note: if the device does not have manufacturer’s
to ‘tap directly into their creative brainstorming thought
                                                                    onsite warranty, you will not be able to arrange repairs
                                                                    to the device by the manufacturer at school. Return to
                                                                    base warranties, which are the norm with retail products,
Recommended Whitsunday Devices
                                                                    will require you to be send the device away for repairs.
The following list has been provided based on product
                                                                    Parents who have experienced this, will attest, it is often
reputation and the School’s technical reviews. Please note
                                                                    a long and tedious process.
that the School does not recommend Mac devices as Mac’s
are not compatible with our educational program.

                                                                                PARENT INFORMATION GUIDE 2021 19
Minimum Hardware Requirements for a Student                      To allow students to be up and running for the start of the
   Device                                                           year, students are requested to have the software from this
   Minimum specifications:                                          portal installed on their device prior to the new school year
   ›   i5 Processor or equivalent (Ryzen 3 or higher)
   ›   (i7 or Ryzen 7 would be beneficial for use in Senior
                                                                    Microsoft Office is also available for install at any time from
       School subjects that use AutoDesk
                                                                    the student’s Office 365 account at
   ›   products)
                                                                    on up to 5 devices.
   ›   8GB RAM (more would be beneficial in senior school)
   ›   250GB or higher capacity internal Solid State storage
                                                                    Please note that student devices using Microsoft Family
       (SSD or M.2)
                                                                    Features are not compatible with the school’s network and
   ›   Screen greater than 12”
                                                                    this will often inhibit student laptop use at school, until it is
   ›   Physical Keyboard
                                                                    disabled. While at school, student internet access is filtered
   ›   Touch Screen which can be used with a Stylus (Pen)
                                                                    to allow appropriate sites.
   If you are purchasing a new laptop, a Windows 10 device
                                                                    For parental web filtering and monitoring at home, we
   with Pen support is strongly recommended for the School’s
                                                                    recommend Sophos Home or Norton Family Premier, both
                                                                    of which are compatible with our school systems.
   Windows 10 is required to run a majority of key school
                                                                    For Antivirus, we would recommend Sophos Home
   applications required for learning.
                                                                    or Symantec Family Premier as it allows for Parental
   We make this recommendation as some applications
                                                                    monitoring of computer use and website monitoring/
   essential for some subjects will only run on Windows.
                                                                    filtering, as well as antivirus protection.
   Please note, if you have a Mac, you can continue to use it       ›
   until it is replaced, but you will need to obtain a Windows 10   ›
   license to run it in Bootcamp mode, as Macs do not come          If no antivirus is installed, the student can download and
   with a Windows 10 licence on the device.                         install the school’s antivirus, but this does not allow for
                                                                    parental monitoring.
   Microsoft has enabled Students to obtain a free Windows 10
   license and download Windows 10 Education from                   Onsite IT Support using their school email and            The School has limited onsite IT Support to assist with:
   password, in need.                                               ›   Connecting the student’s laptop to the School wireless
   Accessories for younger students                                 ›   Installing school required software
   › A protective case and/or carry sleeve – This is a              ›   Installation of the School Antivirus if needed
      mandatory requirement                                         ›   To provide recommendations.
   › Mouse – scroll function either wireless or USB.
                                                                    Please note we are not able to assist with hardware issues.
   Student Data                                                     If you purchase a laptop with the onsite warranty from the
   Students should store all work on their OneDrive for             providers mentioned above, we can assist by holding the
   Business cloud storage (school provided with Office 365).        laptop for onsite warranty repairs by the laptop company, at
   This allows the files to be accessed across internet-enabled     the school.
   devices and significantly reduces the risk of lost data in the
   event of a damaged laptop or USB drive. OneDrive also            It is recommended that any device used within the School
   provides previous versions of files to be accessed in case of    is adequately covered by family/household insurance policy
   accidentally saving the wrong edit of an assignment.             for theft and damage.

   Students may choose to store data on their laptop (this          If you would like more details or have further queries, please
   is not recommended), but students are responsible for            email
   ensuring they maintain backups of their files.

   Software – installing at home prior to school start
   Setup of the student’s laptop for use at school can be
   mostly done at home using the information on the student
   Portal (accessed using students school email and network
   password) at

Eligible families have access to the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) which will reduce the annual cost of the program for the
majority of families.

The AIC Scheme helps families of the following types of          Living Away from Home Allowance Scheme (LAFHAS)
students who are unable to attend an appropriate state
school on a daily basis, mainly due to geographic isolation:     The Department of Education and Training provides
› Primary and secondary students                                 assistance to eligible Queensland parents whose children
› Tertiary students who are either under the minimum             must board away from home to attend school on a daily
    education or training participating age in their state or    basis due to:
    territory or under 16 years of age (whichever is greater).   › Their homes being geographically isolated
                                                                 › They do not have reasonable daily access to a
ABSTUDY                                                              Government school with the appropriate level of
This scheme helps with costs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait        primary, secondary or special schooling.
Islander Australians who are studying.
                                                                 Support Available
To be eligible you must be:                                      › Remote Area Tuition Allowance (RATuA)—helps pay
› An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander                          tuition fees charged by non-state boarding schools
› Enrolled in an approved course                                 › Remote Area Travel Allowance (RATrA)—helps pay a
› Not receiving any other Government assistance in                  student’s travel costs between home and boarding
    regard to study                                                 school during holidays
                                                                 › Remote Area Allowance (RAA)—contributes to the cost
If you are studying at a secondary school or an approved            of boarding at a Queensland Australian Agricultural
tertiary institution, ABSTUDY can help with the costs of:           College campus or a state high school campus
› Education                                                      › Remote Area Disability Supplement (RADS)—helps with
› Accommodation                                                     additional boarding costs for students with disability.
› Living
› Fares for travel to your place of study each term or           For more information visit the LAFHAS site.
     semester if you need to study away from home
› Prescription medicine                                          Bursaries and equity scholarships
                                                                 Whitsunday Anglican School has avenues for needs-based
If you qualify for ABSTUDY, you may be entitled to additional    bursaries for families requiring financial support. To learn
payments and benefits.                                           more click here or email

For more information and claiming options visit the

                                                                                PARENT INFORMATION GUIDE 2021 21
   The uniform requirements of the School are listed in            bucket hat or the grey formal hat for PE/Sports, and the grey
   this guide. Please clearly label all articles of clothing and   formal hat for formal activities like the ANZAC Day march).
                                                                   WASMart, the P & F Association’s School Shop, operates at
   The School uniform is important in developing school            the School for the purchase and sale of stationery and new
   spirit, personal dignity and self-pride, and parents are        uniforms and textbooks.
   reminded that acceptance of our standards is a condition
   of enrolment. The co-operation of all parents in ensuring       LOST PROPERTY
   standards are maintained in this area is important. It is a     The lost property trolley bins are located in the Junior
   requirement that the school uniform be worn correctly at all    School and Senior School and Information Services Centre
   times. The grey, formal school hat must be owned and worn       and can be accessed during school hours.
   as per School expectations by all students in Years 1-12. The
   correct formal uniform is to be worn to assemblies and on       All lost property not claimed at the end of the School year
   all formal occasions.                                           will be sold, given to charity or destroyed.

   Students may only wear their sports uniform on days when        UNIFORM STANDARDS
   they have timetabled Physical Education lessons. Students       The School operates a limited hire scheme for students
   may wear school sports uniform all day on the day of their      who arrive at School without ties or belts. A $1.00 a day levy
   Physical Education classes. Combinations (sports shirt with     applies, and items not returned within a week are debited
   day skirt) are not permitted. Sports shoes must be worn with    (at retail price) to student accounts.
   white shoe laces. Street (fashionable) shoes, e.g. Dunlop
   Volleys, High Top Basketball Shoes, canvas/skate shoes          The School keeps on hand shoe polish, shaving gear, face
   cannot be worn. Socks worn with the sports uniform must         makeup remover, nail polish remover and such items that
   be the official Whitsunday Sport Sock or completely white       may be required in an urgent situation.
   without logos. Socks need to cover the ankle.                   For all of the above (or other), students should report the
                                                                   office of the relevant Sub-school.
   Students are expected to change into Formal Uniform if
   they are on stage either performing or receiving an award       BOARDERS
   at a Whole School Assembly. Students will be advised of         Boarders are expected to adhere to all the rules of
   the appropriate uniform for excursions or other events that     presentation (uniform, etc), as are all day students, in the
   involve a change of routine.                                    hours of formal and informal education. At times when they
                                                                   can reasonably be expected to be ‘at home’, casual dress is
   One of the uniform hats is expected to be worn when             permitted.
   students are engaged in outdoor activities (e.g. the red

                                                               ›     The shop may be closed periodically for staff
                TRADING HOURS                                        meetings and school events, and where possible
                                                                     parents will be notified via the Daily Correspondence
             School Term trading hours:
                                                                     or via the School App.
                 Monday to Thursday                            ›     Students in Years 5 to 12 are permitted to purchase
                  7.45am to 3.45pm                                   items before/after school and during break times.
                                                               ›     WASMart does not open during April/June/
                                                                     September school holidays except by appointment
                    7.45am to 2.30pm                                 for new students.

 Phone                                             07 4969 2003


 Fax                                               07 4969 2004

Payment Options: Credit is not available at WASMart                BACK TO SCHOOL ORDERING
and students are not permitted to borrow items. Items              Completed booklists should be returned to WASMart. Please
can be paid for using cash, cheque or EFTPOS (including            be aware that while we endeavor to fully supply all orders,
credit cards) at the time of purchase. Only in the following       we cannot guarantee stock levels for late orders. Orders
circumstances will students be allowed to put items onto           can be returned via the shop, fax (07 4969 2004 - please ring
their school account:                                              to confirm) or e-mail ( Orders
› Boarders are permitted to add essential school items as          are processed in the order in which they are received.
    required.                                                      When collecting orders please be patient, this is a busy time
› Students directed by teachers who are missing                    for everyone.
    stationery or essential uniform items.

If parents are unable to come into WASMart during trading
hours they are welcome to ring and pay for items over the
phone using a Credit Card and have children collect these
items on their behalf.

For a complete list of books required for your child, please
see the WASMart webpage on the School’s website.

Second hand goods are available all year for purchase at

                                                                                  PARENT INFORMATION GUIDE 2021 23
   All items of school uniform are available through the School   JUNIOR SCHOOL FORMAL UNIFORM (YEARS 1 TO )
   at WASMart with the exception of joggers which are for         › Grey button down shirt with School Crest – red trim on
   sport only (except for Kindergarten and Preparatory). Items       the sleeve and pocket
   can be purchased directly from WASMart or by contacting        › Dark grey Junior School shorts – fly in front ½ elastic
   WASMart during school term opening hours to make other            back – long style (only available from WASMart)
   arrangements.                                                  › Formal long grey socks with red stripes (only available
                                                                     from WASMart)
   KINDERGARTEN                                                   › Black leather traditional lace up school shoes (NO other
   › Red bucket hat                                                  shoes are acceptable)
   › Blue Unisex Kindergarten polo shirt                          › Formal grey School hat (Years 1-5)
   › Black unisex School shorts with red WAS embroidery
   › Sports shoes                                                 Optional items:
   › Red School backpack (can be used for Kindergarten,           › Red School pullover (can be worn with formal and
      Preparatory and Year 1)                                        sports uniform)
                                                                  › School backpack
   › Red unisex Preparatory polo shirt                            JUNIOR SCHOOL FORMAL UNIFORM (YEARS 5 TO 6)
   › Black unisex School shorts with red WAS embroidery           › Grey button down shirt with School Crest – red trim on
   › Plain white socks (no markings on socks, plain white            sleeve and pocket, button for tie
      above the shoe only)                                        › Dark grey college shorts (only available from WASMart)
   › Red bucket hat                                               › WAS embossed black leather belt with silver buckle
   › Sports shoes                                                    (only available from WASMart)
                                                                  › Year 6 only – School tie (worn daily during Terms 2 & 3
   Optional items:                                                   and for formal occasions in Terms 1 and 4)
   › Red unisex long sleeve Preparatory polo shirt                › Formal long grey socks with red stripes (only available
   › Red and black School tracksuit jacket or red school             from WASMart)
      pullover                                                    › Black leather traditional lace up school shoes (NO other
   › Black School tracksuit pants with WAS embroidery                shoes are acceptable)
   › Red School backpack                                          › Formal grey School ’Kimberley’ hat (Years 6 to 12)

You can also read