STUDENT HANDBOOK 2018-2019 - Northwest Career And ...

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STUDENT HANDBOOK 2018-2019 - Northwest Career And ...
STUDENT HANDBOOK 2018-2019 - Northwest Career And ...

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                          2

I. INTRODUCTION                                            5
   MISSION STATEMENT                                      5

II. BELL SCHEDULES/CALENDAR                               6

III. GENERAL INFORMATION                                  8
   NWCTA OFFICE PHONE NUMBERS                             9
   ACCESSIBILITY NOTICE AND PROCESS                       9
   ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY                                  10
   ANNOUNCEMENTS/ HAWK BROADCAST NEWS                     10
   BANK                                                   10
   BUS TRANSPORTATION                                     10
   CAMPUS ENVIRONMENT                                     10
   CLOSED CAMPUS                                          10
   COMMUNICATION                                          10
   DELIVERY OF MESSAGES AND ITEMS                         11
   EARLY SIGN-OUT                                         11
   EATING AREAS                                           11
   ELECTRONIC DEVICES                                     11
   EQUAL OPPORTUNITY                                      12
   FINES                                                  12
   HALL PASSES                                            13
   HEALTH OFFICE                                          13
   INFINITE CAMPUS                                        13
   LOCKERS                                                13
   LOST AND FOUND                                         13
   MEDIA RELEASE                                          14
   PARENT LINK                                            14
   PARKING AND VEHICLES                                   14
   PE LOCKERS                                             14
   POSTERS AND FLIERS                                     14
   PROGRAM FEES                                           14
   PROJECT-BASED LEARNING                                 15
   RESOURCE CENTER                                        15
   SEARCH POLICY                                          15

2018-2019                                                  2
STUDENT HANDBOOK 2018-2019 - Northwest Career And ...
SKATEBOARDS/SCOOTERS                                                                 15
   SMOKING POLICY                                                                       15
   SPORTS PARTICIPATION AND NCAA ELIGIBILITY                                            16
   STUDENT CODE OF ETHICS                                                               16
   STUDENT IDENTIFICATION CARDS                                                         16
   TELEPHONES                                                                           16
   TEXTBOOKS                                                                            17
   UNIFORMS                                                                             17
   VALUABLES                                                                            17
   VISITOR POLICY                                                                       17
   WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA                                                                 17

IV. GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING SERVICES                                                    18
   ACADEMIC PROBATION                                                                   18
   CAREER AND TECHNICAL POLICIES                                                        18
   CHALLENGE COURSES                                                                    18
   CLASS REQUIREMENTS                                                                   18
   CREDIT CHECKS                                                                        19
   FINAL EXAMS                                                                          19
   GRADE POINT AVERAGES                                                                 19
   GRADUATION                                                                           19
   INTERNSHIP PROGRAM                                                                   20
   PARENT CONFERENCES                                                                   20
   PROGRESS REPORTS                                                                     20
   RECOGNITION                                                                          20
   REPORT CARDS                                                                         20
   SCHEDULE CHANGES                                                                     21
   SCHOLARSHIPS                                                                         21
   TESTING                                                                              21
   WITHDRAWAL POLICY                                                                    21

V. ATTENDANCE ENFORCEMENT                                                               22
   ABSENCES                                                                             22
   HOMEWORK/MAKEUP WORK POLICY                                                          23
   LEARNER’S PERMIT OR DRIVER’S LICENSE APPLICATIONS                                    23
   TARDY POLICY                                                                         24
   TRUANCY                                                                              24

VI. STUDENT BEHAVIOR AND DISCIPLINE                                                     25
   DISCIPLINE MANAGEMENT                                                                25
   CODE OF HONOR (ACADEMIC DISHONESTY)                                                  27
   DISCIPLINARY ACTION                                                                  28
   DRESS CODE                                                                           28

2018-2019                                                                                3
STUDENT HANDBOOK 2018-2019 - Northwest Career And ...
ELECTRONIC DEVICES                                                                                         30
   PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION (PDA)                                                                          30
   TRESPASSING                                                                                                30

VII. STUDENT DROP-OFF/PICK-UP PROCEDURES                                                                      31
   NWCTA STUDENT DROP-OFF PROCEDURES (MORNING)                                                                31
   NWCTA STUDENT PICK-UP PROCEDURES (AFTER SCHOOL)                                                            32

VIII. A GUIDE TO CORNELL NOTE-TAKING SYSTEM                                                                   33
   HOW CAN PARENTS HELP?                                                                                      33
   PAGE LAYOUT                                                                                                33
   CORNELL NOTES FORMAT                                                                                       34
   CORNELL NOTES TEMPLATE                                                                                     35

                           This handbook is intended for informational purposes only.
        The district’s regulations, policies, procedures, as well as school rules, policies, and procedures
          are continually evolving; therefore, this handbook does not contain all of the information
            you may need or be required to know during the course of your enrollment at NWCTA.

2018-2019                                                                                                      4
The mission of the Northwest Career and Technical Academy is to boldly educate today’s learners for
tomorrow’s challenges by ​developing advanced skills through unique hands-on experiences in a
professional setting, utilizing community partnerships, innovative ideas, and contemporary

NORTHWEST CAREER AND TECHNICAL ACADEMY ​is a comprehensive magnet high school that offers ten (10)
distinct program areas of study. Students select their program of choice when applying for admission.
Students will follow a four-year sequence of courses as specified for their program area.

Students can choose coursework in:
   1. Biotechnology (Ends with the Class of 2020)
   2. Construction Technology
   3. Culinary Arts
   4. Early Childhood Education (Ends with the Class of 2021)
   5. Engineering and Design
   6. Hospitality
   7. Mechanical Technology
   8. Media Communications
   9. Medical Professions
   10. Teacher Education

Honors (H), Advanced Placement (AP), and JumpStart Dual Credit classes will be offered at NWCTA to prepare
students to transition to post-secondary institutions. Rigorous coursework, hands-on projects, job shadowing,
and internships will give students first-hand experience in their selected program areas. In addition, students
will have the opportunity to earn college credits through the CTE College Credit program, concurrent/dual
credit courses, and through Advanced Placement (AP) Courses.

2018-2019                                                                                                     5

                                               2018-2019 BELL SCHEDULE
                     FIRST LUNCH                                                           SECOND LUNCH
      PERIOD                            TIME                                  PERIOD                              TIME
    Period 1/5                       7:00 – 8:25                            Period 1/5                         7:00 – 8:25
    Period 2/6                       8:29 – 9:57                            Period 2/6                         8:29 – 9:57
    First Lunch                     9:57 – 10:27                            Period 3/7                        10:01 – 11:26
    Period 3/7                      10:31 – 11:56                          Second Lunch                       11:26 – 11:56
    Period 4/8                      12:00 – 1:25                            Period 4/8                        12:00 – 1:25
Note: Lunch is based on period 3 or 7. Bells will sound to dismiss class and to begin class. Lunch bells will signal the end of lunch
only. Morning announcements: 8:29 AM - 8:32 AM. First floor rooms have first lunch (300’s, 400’s, 500’s, EXCEPT 600’s); second
floor rooms have second lunch (700’s, 800’s, 900’s, AND ​600’s​)

                                           2018-2019 MENTOR SCHEDULE
                     FIRST LUNCH                                                        SECOND LUNCH
           PERIOD                            TIME                                PERIOD                               TIME
          Period 1/5                      7:00 – 8:14                           Period 1/5                         7:00 – 8:14
          Period 2/6                      8:18 – 9:32                           Period 2/6                         8:18 – 9:32
       Mentor Period                     9:36 – 10:19                         Mentor Period                       9:36 – 10:19
         First Lunch                    10:19 – 10:49                           Period 3/7                       10:23 – 11:37
          Period 3/7                    10:53 – 12:07                           2nd Lunch                        11:37 – 12:07
          Period 4/8                     12:11 – 1:25                           Period 4/8                        12:11 – 1:25
Note: Lunch is based on period 3 or 7. Bells will sound to dismiss class and to begin class. Lunch bells will signal the end of lunch
only. Morning announcements: 9:36-9:39 AM. First floor rooms have first lunch (300’s, 400’s, 500’s, EXCEPT 600’s); second floor
rooms have second lunch (700’s, 800’s, 900’s, AND ​600’s​)

                                          2018-2019 ASSEMBLY SCHEDULE
                     FIRST LUNCH                                                        SECOND LUNCH
           PERIOD                            TIME                                PERIOD                               TIME
          Period 1/5                      7:00 – 8:16                           Period 1/5                         7:00 – 8:16
          Period 2/6                      8:20 – 9:41                           Period 2/6                         8:20 – 9:41
          Period 3/7                     9:45 – 11:01                           Period 3/7                        9:45 – 11:01
         First Lunch                    11:01 – 11:31                           Period 4/8                       11:05 – 12:21
          Period 4/8                    11:35 – 12:51                           2nd Lunch                        12:25 – 12:55
          Assembly                       12:55 – 1:25                            Assembly                         12:55 – 1:25
Note: Lunch is based on period 4 or 8 for assembly schedule. Bells will sound to dismiss class and to begin class. Lunch bells will
signal the end of lunch only. Morning announcements: 8:20 AM - 8:25 AM. First floor rooms have first lunch (300’s, 400’s, 500’s,
EXCEPT 600’s); second floor rooms have second lunch (700’s, 800’s, 900’s, AND ​600’s​)

2018-2019                                                                                                                               6

                                1​st​ Semester Exams: December 18 - 21, 2018
                            2​nd​ Semester Exams: May 20 – May 23, 2019

                   SEMESTER I EXAM BELL SCHEDULE 2018-2019
            Tuesday              Wed        Thur          Fri
             (12/18)            (12/19)    (12/20)      (12/21)
 Pd. 5          7:00 – 8:45      Pd. 1      Pd. 7        Pd. 3  7:00 – 8:45
 Pd. 6         8:55 – 10:40      Break      Break        Break  8:45 – 8:55
                        Pd. 7
  1​st​ Lunch
                      10:44 –    Pd. 2      Pd. 8        Pd. 4  8:55 – 10:40
10:40 – 11:11
                    2​ Lunch
      Pd. 7
                      11:47 –           BUSES LEAVE AT 10:47 AM
11:15 – 12:18
                                            MAKE UP EXAMS
 Pd. 8         12:22 – 1:25
                                             12:00 – 1:45 PM

                  SEMESTER II EXAM BELL SCHEDULE 2018-2019
            Monday               Tues       Wed          Thur
             (5/20)              (5/21)    (5/22)       (5/23)
 Pd. 5         7:00 – 8:45       Pd. 1     Pd. 7         Pd. 3  7:00 – 8:45
 Pd. 6         8:55 – 10:40      Break     Break        Break   8:45 – 8:55
                        Pd. 7
  1​st​ Lunch
                      10:44 –    Pd. 2     Pd. 8         Pd. 4 8:55 – 10:40
10:40 – 11:11
                    2​ Lunch
      Pd. 7
                      11:47 –           BUSES LEAVE AT 10:47 AM
11:15 – 12:18
                                            MAKE UP EXAMS
 Pd. 8         12:22 – 1:25
                                             12:00 – 1:45 PM

Note: Senior exams for periods 3 & 4 on Friday, May 17, 2019.
      Graduation rehearsal is scheduled on Monday, May 20, 2019, at 11:15 AM.

2018-2019                                                                       7
2018-2019   8
2018-2019   9


Main Number: 702-799-4640
Fax: 702-799-4644
Reception: extension 4000
Principal’s Office: extension 4100
Curriculum Office: extension 4200
Counseling/Magnet Office: extension 4300
CTE Office: extension 4400
Activities/Athletics Office: extension 4500
College and Career Center: 4049
Partnership/Internship Office: extension 4402
Registrar’s Office: extension 4065
Resource Center: extension 4025
Health Office: extension 4022

CCSD is committed to nondiscrimination in its programs, activities, and services, and to providing facility
accessibility. Parents, students, staff, or other members of the public who are seeking information or have
questions about the existence and location of accessible services, activities, and facilities in the district,
should contact the building principal with their inquiry, and the building principal will respond to the inquiry
within a reasonable period of time.

The building principal may, if necessary, refer the person to one or more of the following individuals who will
respond to the inquiry within a reasonable period of time:

Facility Accessibility: Facilities Division
         Administrative Manager – 702-799-8710

Employee or Public Access/Services Issues: Diversity/Affirmative Action Compliance
      Title IX Coordinator - 702-799-5087

Student Programs/Services Access: Office of Compliance and Monitoring, Student Support Services Division
      Compliance Officer – 702-799-1020

Student Athletics/Activities Access: Instructional Support/Student Activities
      Executive Director – 702-799-8493

If parents or members of the public have additional concerns or complaints regarding their inquiry, they may
initiate a formal review by completing a Public Concern Form and trigger the public concern process as
outlined in CCSD Regulation 1213.1.

2018-2019                                                                                                          10
Before NWCTA students are permitted to use the computers or devices at school and/or the internet, parents
and students must sign an Annual Release and Network Access Form. This agreement means the student
promises to adhere to the educational and academic restrictions placed upon school computer and school
network use and Google accounts.

Distribution of advertisements, posters, and party announcements is prohibited on campus. If a student has
an announcement appropriate for an approved school event, it can be placed in the announcements by
submitting it for approval to the activity administrator, in the Activities Office, before 7:00 AM on the day
preceding publication. Hawk Broadcast News (HBN) will broadcast announcements and other news daily from
the NWCTA studio during the second block each day and post them to the school website.

The school bank is operated for the convenience of students and to ensure the security of school-generated
funds. All money collected from student activities must be receipted and deposited immediately in the
school bank. School bank hours are 6:30 AM - 12:30 PM and 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM. NWCTA does not accept
personal checks for payment of fees. Some banking activities (the payment of course fees, the purchase of
PE clothes or a school yearbook, etc.) can be conducted online (additional fee to the vendor for processing).

Daily bus service is provided to NWCTA students who live within the NWCTA transportation
boundary. Schedule and bus stop information may be obtained by calling the Transportation Department
at 702-799-8110 or 702-799-8111. If buses fail to show up at a stop, or a student's welfare is threatened,
parents are asked to call the Transportation Department. Riding school buses is a privilege. Students are
expected to cooperate with driver's requests, to refrain from distracting the driver with inappropriate
behavior, and to treat student companions with respect. Students can only ride the bus route they are
registered for. Students riding the late bus must have an NWCTA Activities Late Bus Pass to board the
bus. All school rules apply at the bus stop, on the bus, as well as to and from the bus stop.

Students are expected to help keep the school and grounds attractive by putting garbage in the trashcans
or picking up litter when found. Students should take pride in the school's appearance. The activities
administrator must approve and stamp advertising signs before being posted. Signs are only to be posted
in the appropriate designated areas, as determined by the activities administrator, and posted using only
blue painter's tape on the walls (no staples).

NWCTA students are required to remain on campus from their arrival time until dismissed. ​Students may NOT
leave campus for lunch.​ In addition, students returning for after- school activities MUST sign-in through the
front office. Teachers may not give a student permission to leave campus. Students who need to go home
during the school day due to illness or discipline must check out through the Health Office. Violators will be
considered truant. Students who are absent during the school day may not come to school for after-school

It is the parent/guardian/student’s responsibility to ensure that the correct home address and phone
numbers are on file at school. Please contact the registrar to report any change of address, phone numbers,
or incorrect information.

2018-2019                                                                                                       11
Students may invite one, ​and only one​, non-NWCTA student under the age of 21 to Homecoming and/or
Prom. Invited guests must complete a guest pass form and have it submitted to the Activities Office ​at least
three (3) days prior to the dance​. The guest must be able to present identification when entering a dance
and must enter the dance accompanied by the NWCTA student. NWCTA students are responsible for the
behavior of their guest. Once students exit the dance, they will not be allowed to return. Students may not
attend school events if they have been issued a Required Parent Conference (RPC) notice or Suspension for
disciplinary reasons, have been assigned disciplinary action such an in-house suspension during the day(s) of
the scheduled activity or event, or were absent from school on the day of the event. ​NWCTA dress code
applies to and will be enforced at all school-related events.

Instructional time will not be interrupted for the delivery of messages to students unless there is an
emergency. A message to a student involves class disruption, use of clerical time, and is a possible violation of
the FERPA. There is no way to verify the legal parent/guardian from a telephone call. If an emergency situation
arises, parents/guardians must come to the school to deliver the message in person in order to provide
identification. Only the parent/guardian listed on the permanent school record (CCF703) will be permitted to
have contact with a student. Items such as lunch, flowers, gifts, balloons, money, etc. will not be delivered to
students. Items cannot be left at the front desk for students to pick up.

A parent/guardian who needs to sign out a student before a dismissal time must report to the Reception
Desk with a valid ID. Any student driver who needs to leave campus early must have written permission
from a parent/guardian to leave campus in his/her private vehicle.

The cafeteria, the courtyard area near the cafeteria, and the cafe are the only designated eating areas.
No food or drink is to be taken into the halls, project rooms, classrooms, or laboratories.​ Students are not
to eat in cars or the outside perimeter of the school. All trash must be disposed of in cans provided in the
cafeteria and courtyard area. NWCTA strives to be a nut/nut oil-free environment.

Personal electronic and communication devices can be disruptive to the educational environment and
at all times must be used in accordance with district policy and/or school rules. Cellular telephones
may be used before school, at lunch, and after school in the cafeteria and courtyard area and during
the set times (check individual teacher classroom procedures) of the instructional day when compliant
with the current CCSD Personal Communication Device Policy (P5136). At all other times, they are to
remain turned off and headphones and/or earbuds should be put away in backpacks, binders, or
pockets. ​School personnel are not responsible for lost or stolen devices.​ It is the student’s
responsibility to keep devices secure. Personal devices may not interfere with the school’s network
and/or its ability to function effectively. All of these items/devices will be confiscated if in violation of
district policy and/or school rules. A registered parent/guardian must pick up the confiscated
item/device from the Front Office no earlier than the end of the school day. Confiscated items that are
not picked up by the end of the last day of school will be donated to charity.

2018-2019                                                                                                       12
In compliance with executive order 11246, Title II of the Educational Amendments of 1976, Title VI Civil
Rights Act 1964, as amended by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972, Title IX Regulation
Implementing Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and all other federal,
state, school rules, laws regulations, and policies, the Clark County School District shall not discriminate on
the basis of sex, age, race, color, national origin, religion or handicap in the educational programs or
activities which it operates.

The Family Rights and Privacy Act requires that NWCTA can only release information to the parents or
guardians of a student. NWCTA will only release information to the parent or guardians listed on the
student enrollment form. If parents have any special circumstances with the guardianship of their son or
daughter, they should contact the administration.

A variety of on-campus and off-campus activities will be scheduled. Students wishing to participate must be
in good standing in citizenship (no current N's or U's) and academics (D or better at final grade check) in all
classes. Grade eligibility checks will be completed at the fifteen (15) school day mark and again at five (5)
school days prior to the event/field trip by the activities office, and the final list of eligible students will be
provided to the advisor and attendance clerk. Any student with extensive documented behavioral problems
(referrals, parent contacts, N’s or U’s) may not attend. Students participating in field trips must complete
and return a Field Trip Permit and Student Medical Form and have them signed by parent/guardian. Field
trips are an extension of the classroom; therefore, all CCSD and NWCTA policies and regulations will be
enforced. ​The administration reserves the right to deny students the privilege of attending field trips or
other school activities.​ Students may not attend school events if they are on Required Parent Conference
(RPC) or suspension of any kind at the time of the scheduled activity or event. Please note that CCSD and
school dress code applies to and will be enforced at all school related events.

All student fines should be paid prior to registration for the following year or graduation (if a senior). Seniors
will not be issued caps and gowns or be permitted on the senior trip if they have outstanding fines. Students
failing to take care of their obligations will experience delays in registration.

Fire drills are held at unannounced intervals during the school year under the direction of the Clark County
Fire Department. If students are in doubt of the fire exit route, exit information is posted in each classroom
or laboratory. Students are to take all personal valuables when exiting classrooms, leaving all books.
Students are not to use restrooms or leave campus during a fire drill. Students who happen to be in a
school area that is not under the supervision of a teacher at the start of a fire drill must move immediately
to the nearest exit and join a supervised group of students.

If a shelter-in place or lockdown drill is conducted during the school day, students are to remain in their
classroom and follow the instructions from the teachers. Students out of the classroom during these drills
are to move immediately into the nearest supervised classroom.

Evacuation and earthquake drills are mandated periodically by CCSD. Students are to follow all instructions
and procedures without exception. ​Cell phones must be turned off during evacuation procedures – no
exceptions. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.

2018-2019                                                                                                             13
Students wishing to leave the classroom must have an individual written NWCTA or other authorized
corridor pass from their teacher.

A full time health aide is on duty each day in the Health Office, located in the main office. A health
aide is assigned to help students with their health concerns. The aide does not dispense items, such as
aspirin, eye drops, or other forms of medication without written instruction from a doctor. If
medication (prescription or nonprescription) is needed during school hours, the student is to obtain a
Medication Legal Release from the Health Office. This form is to be completed by the parent and
returned along with the medication. Medication supplied by a parent must be in the original container
and held in the Health Office. A licensed school nurse is on duty periodically in the Health Office.
Should you need to see the school nurse, check with the health aide for the nurse’s schedule.

If students become ill or injured while in school, they are not to leave campus. Students must obtain passes
from their teachers and report directly to the Health Office. If necessary, parent contact will be made once
the student has arrived in the Health Office. To insure student safety, ill students are not to text messages
or contact their parent from an unsupervised area such as a restroom. Students who are ill must be
supervised by NWCTA staff at all times.

To help students more effectively monitor academic progress, the Clark County School District provides a
web-based system. This system will provide detailed, real-time information, including Demographics,
Schedules, Assignments, Assessment Scores, Calendar, Grades, Attendance, Graduation Progress,
Academic Planner, To Do List, Reports, District and School Notices. For technical assistance, contact the
Portal Liaison (Librarian) during school hours. Students may also call the Portal Help Desk at
702-799-PORT (702-799-7678), Monday-Friday, between the hours of 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM PST.

The Campus Portal mobile app provides a fast and convenient way for parents and students to check
grades, assignments, schedule, attendance and daily planner information on their iOS or Android device.
The app is available to parents and students at no cost and can be downloaded directly from the iTunes
App store, Google Play store, or the Amazon App store.

The Clark County School District has been given direction by the State Attorney General that student lockers
remain the property of NWCTA, and school authorities have a responsibility and right to examine the lockers
for reasons of health, safety, and security. When students accept lockers, they acknowledge that school
personnel may examine locker contents whenever deemed appropriate. Students are responsible for the
condition of their assigned locker. If a personal padlock is placed on a hall locker, school authorities will
remove it. Locker assignments are obtained from the Activities Office. No unauthorized sharing or switching of
lockers is permitted.

When personal items are found on campus, they are taken to the Front Office to be secured. Students are
asked to contact the Front Office for assistance. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity after 30 days.

2018-2019                                                                                                       14
NWCTA is a high profile school and is often featured in various publications; therefore, each student must
have on file his/her media release form (Annual Release and Network Access Form). Students without the
signed release form cannot have their picture displayed in any publication, including the school yearbook.

ParentLink is a web and telephone based technology used by the school to communicate with parents/
guardians. It was designed to give parents and students access to school information. Schools may utilize
ParentLink to send custom messages to parents or post information regarding school activities.

Student parking will be provided on campus. Students are permitted to park in the east lots only. To assist
faculty and guests, students are asked not to park in posted reserved parking lots and spaces. Students are not
to loiter in parking areas or by their cars. This request is necessary to prevent vandalism and theft. Students
who drive their personal vehicle to school are to remain parked in the same area until dismissal from school
for the day. Students are not allowed to move their cars during the day and are not allowed to go to their cars
during classes, between classes or during lunch. Students' vehicles are subject to search while on school
property for reasons of health, safety, and security.

A student must show proof of driver's license in order to obtain a parking permit allowing him/her to park on
campus. These may be obtained in the Activities Office. Driving personal vehicles is a privilege, and students
are expected to follow school guidelines and regulations. Limitations of the Nevada restricted driver license
will be enforced. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action and/or suspension of parking privileges. All
accidents that occur on school property involving motor vehicles must be reported to the Activities Office and
CCSD Police immediately.

PE lockers are available to students to secure their personal belongings for the duration of the class period.
Students must supply their own locks.​ Locks are to be used during the assigned PE class only. Students are
responsible for their belongings left unsecured in the PE locker area. The Clark County School District has
been given direction by the State Attorney General that student lockers remain the property of NWCTA, and
school authorities have a responsibility and right to examine the lockers for reasons of health, safety, and

All posters and fliers must be approved through the Activities Office prior to being posted on bulletin boards or
in the hallways.

Students enrolled in career and technical classes are charged a fee to pay for their personal educational
items such as uniforms, specialized tools, reference books, or workbooks. If economic circumstances are
such that families find it difficult to pay the necessary fees, payment alternatives will be considered, and
arrangements can be made through students' counselors and teachers. This condition does not preclude
students from enrolling in the career and technical classes.

2018-2019                                                                                                        15
Project-Based Learning methodology will be employed in all classes. This methodology will not replace
time-honored teaching methods, but instead, will be added to an instructor’s teaching strategies to make
curriculum more meaningful, rigorous, and relevant to 21st Century learning outcomes. Additional
information be accessed at the following websites: ​​, ​

The Resource Center is available to students who wish to study, do research, borrow books, or read. To
assist students with their literary needs, a staff member is on duty to help with book selections or
information searches. Students are expected to show respect for library books and courtesy towards
other students using the facility. All library books are the property of the school. Students are fined for
lost/damaged books. The Resource Center is open before school each day and after school only on
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays until 3:30 PM. Students must sign-in and sign-out of the
library. During the school day, students must have a pass to enter the library unless accompanied by a
teacher or staff member.

For students' safety, NWCTA premises, including the parking lots, may be scanned by metal detectors and
patrolled by trained dogs. Student lockers may be searched at any time. Students are on notice that they
have no expectation of privacy when using this type of district assigned property and that routine searches
of district property may be expected. Students are hereby informed that they will be subject to search when
they enter campus after the beginning of the school day. This includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized
returns. This notice does not exclude personnel, however, from searching a student at any time should there
be reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing.

Skateboards and scooters may be used by students for transportation to and from school, but they can not be
ridden on campus. While on campus, skateboards/scooters must be carried and stored in student lockers
during the school day.

This policy establishes the district’s concern of protecting the air quality in order to protect the health,
peace, safety and general welfare of individuals on school district property, and, at any school activity that is
sponsored by the District. It is the policy of the District that using smoking, or carrying lit tobacco products,
“vapor” or “e-cigarettes,” tobacco devices, or smokeless tobacco products is prohibited at any time on
school district property and at any school activity sponsored by the District. For the purposes of this policy,
“smoking” means inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted or heated cigar, cigarette, or any other
lighted or heated tobacco or plant product intended for inhalation in any manner or in any form. “Smoking”
also includes the use of any “e-cigarette” which creates a vapor, in any manner or in any form, or the use of
any oral smoking device for the purpose of circumventing the prohibition of smoking in this policy. This
policy applies to all students, teachers, staff, and visitors.

2018-2019                                                                                                           16
Students who participate on a sports team for their zoned high school campus must provide their own
transportation to that school. Students must complete a Sports Packet and a NWCTA Sports Participation Form
for each season (fall, winter, spring) that they will be playing sports. Only athletes, not cheerleaders, are
allowed to be released early for extensive travel time games during the sports season in which they are playing
if the specific coach notifies the NWCTA Activities Office prior to the day of the event. Students are not
released early during intramurals or for practice sessions. Prospective student athletes who wish to play
college sports as freshmen in Division I and II schools must consult their zoned school coach for eligibility
requirements. NWCTA does not offer academic courses for high school credit that will qualify students for
NCAA consideration. Athletes in CCSD must maintain passing grades in all subjects for week-to-week
eligibility. A student athlete’s eligibility is checked by the Athletics/Activities Office every three (3) weeks
during the season and provided to the zoned school’s athletic office. Students receiving a failing grade will be
placed on probation for one (1) week and checked on Friday of that probationary week. If a student still has a
failing grade, the student will be declared ineligible for the following week.

As a secondary student in the Clark County School District, I will strive to demonstrate at all times the five (5)
qualities of moral character fundamentals to human conduct: Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Courage, and

   Integrity​ – Requires that I stand up for what is right instead of just trying to go along with the group.
   Respect​ – Requires that I treat others and myself with honor and obey school rules and laws of my
   Responsibility ​– Means that I am responsible for my own actions and the effects they have on myself and
                on others.
   Courage​ –​ ​Means that I have the strength to refrain from participation in moral and physical dangers to
                protect others and myself.
   Justice ​– Requires fairness to others as well as to myself, balancing praise and blame in accord with my

Teachers will insist that students follow the fundamental principles of good manners. Students will be taught
to be conscious of and respectful to adults and to each other at all times.

To ensure the safety and well-being of all staff and students, NWCTA students are expected to wear their
NWCTA student identification cards at all times when on campus. If a student loses his/her student ID card,
he/she will be required to pay for a replacement ($5) from the Graphic Arts department. Students also need
their ID cards to be admitted to school events.. Failure to wear an ID may result in disciplinary consequences.

Office telephones are designated for school business and should not be used by students except in
emergencies and then only with permission.

2018-2019                                                                                                        17
Textbooks are provided to students by the school district free of charge but still remain the property of the
school. Students will be charged a fine for lost or damaged books. A lost book must be paid for before another
is issued. Bar codes placed on the textbook are used to identify the student to whom the textbook is issued,
and if this bar code is defaced, changed, or removed, the book will be returned to the school repository
without credit given to the student (CCSD regulation 6161). Students withdrawing or transferring from school
must return their textbooks. If not, students will be fined for the missing books and the transfer form will not
be issued until book fines are paid.

NWCTA students may be required to wear distinctive dress appropriate to their career and technical
program. The uniform requirement is specified by the career and technical teacher and will differ
according to program. Students working in lab environments involving power tools or chemicals must
wear eye protection. These will be issued to each student enrolled in a career and technical program with
potential safety hazards.

Student valuables, jewelry, or large amounts of money are not to be brought to school. ​The school assumes
no responsibility for the loss or theft of such items.

Students are not allowed to bring guests with them to school; however, parents or guardians are always
welcome at NWCTA. Parents requesting a classroom visitation should contact the Counseling Office with at
least 24-hour notice. All other guests must be approved in advance by the Activities Office. All visitors must
check-in at the front desk for a visitor's pass.

The NWCTA website can be accessed at NWCTA can be found on Facebook
@northwestcta and Twitter @NwctaHawks.

2018-2019                                                                                                        18
The Counseling Office provides a full range of services to students in the academic, personal, social, and
career domains. Students are assigned a counselor based upon their grade and/or programs.
Students/parents may make appointments to see their counselor by contacting the counselors’ clerk in the
Counseling Office.

Students must maintain an un-weighted cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better to continue their enrollment
at NWCTA.​ Students with a cumulative GPA less than 2.0 will be placed on academic probation at the end of
the semester. Each counselor will schedule a meeting with the student to develop a written improvement
plan. The NWCTA Academic Probation Policy is intended to encourage student participation and success in
academics at a challenging level.

   1. Students attending NWCTA will be enrolled in program area classes according to the course sequence
      provided in the Course Registration Catalog.
   2. Students will be enrolled in the career and technical program area of study as stated on their letter of
      intent and/or lottery selection.
   3. A student's career and technical placement is contingent upon their ability to meet necessary criteria
      for that career.

Freshmen who accept a seat in a program area must remain in that program area for one school year.
Students may request a program change at the end of their freshman year. Program area changes will be
considered based on availability of seats in the requested program area. Students who request program area
changes are not guaranteed their request will be granted. Due to CTE requirements, students receiving a
program area change may be required to take the first year program class in the new program during their
sophomore year. This would replace the elective class for the sophomore year. Students may not request
program area changes after their sophomore year.

It is the CCSD policy to permit students to enroll in classes above their ability level or grade if they wish to do
so, with parental permission. Once a contract is signed, the student is required to remain in the contracted
class for the entire school year.

Prior to signing, please note the following information regarding honor/AP/dual credit classes:
    ● The curriculum is more intense, in-depth, and fast paced.
    ● Study time and homework will be increased substantially.
    ● Projects and assignments will be assessed at a higher level.
    ● Colleges and universities may not recognize weighted grade point averages.

All NWCTA students must have eight (8) classes. Seniors who participate in the NWCTA internship program,
community service, or are enrolled in a college course may take fewer than eight (8) classes, but they must
take at least six (6) classes. Students accepted into NWCTA are required to attend all four years in order to
receive the Northwest Career and Technical Academy diploma. Early graduation is not permitted.

2018-2019                                                                                                             19
Credit checks are conducted with students to guarantee proper placement in courses required for graduation
and program completion. For additional information, review the NWCTA Course Registration Guide.
   ● Senior credit checks take place during the first three weeks of the new school year to ensure that all
        seniors are placed in the classes required for graduation.
   ● Junior credit checks take place during the first quarter of the new school year and a second credit
        check during pre-registration for the new school year.
   ● Sophomore and freshmen credit checks take place during pre-registration for the new school year.

No request for early final exams will be considered.​ If a student misses an exam at a scheduled time, he/she
can make an appointment to take the exam during exam week. Students who do not take a final exam will
receive an “F” for the exam grade. Exams taken over the summer will be graded and recorded in the fall.
Check the testing schedule for times and dates.

In order to determine a student's rank in class, a grade point average (GPA) is used. Under this system, grades
are evaluated as follows: each A = 4 points; each B = 3 points; each C = 2 points; each D = 1 point; each F = 0
points. The points are totaled and then divided by the number of one-half credit classes taken. The GPA is a
cumulative total beginning with the student's ninth (9th) grade. A weighted GPA factor of .025 for each
semester of a successfully completed honors/dual credit class, and .050 for each AP class if the AP exam is
taken will be added. See the Course Catalog, located on the NWCTA website, for more information.

Valedictorian status is awarded to the student(s) earning the highest grade point average in the graduating
class. Salutatorian status is awarded to the student(s) earning the second highest grade point average in the
class. Candidates for the valedictorian/salutatorian designations will be identified at the end of the fall
semester of their senior year. The final ranking will be based on any and all completed high school credit
granting courses, including those courses that receive the weighted grade point factor (GPA).

In addition to earning a Standard Diploma, students may earn an:
    ● Advanced Diploma: un-weighted GPA of 3.25 and 24 credits, including 4 units of English and math, 3
        units of science, and 12 units of Honors/AP courses.
    ● Advanced Honors Diploma: un-weighted GPA of 3.25 and weighted of 3.85, including 4 units of
        English and math, 3 units of science, and 12 units of Honors/AP courses.

For additional criteria and information on either diploma option, please refer to the Course Catalog that is
located on the NWCTA website.

Senior students may qualify for honor cords to be worn at graduation based on the criteria established by the

2018-2019                                                                                                       20
To earn the CTE endorsements through the Department of Education, students must take and pass their
end-of-program assessment, the Employability Skills and Workplace Readiness Assessment, and maintain a
2.0 grade point average in their program area classes.

To earn the privilege to deliver a speech during graduation, a senior class representative must provide drafts
of his/her speech and present it to a speech selection committee to be considered. A selection panel will also
conduct try-outs for the singing of the National Anthem at graduation.

NWCTA provides an opportunity for a job shadowing and internship experience as a program area of study.
This important instructional activity allows qualified seniors the opportunity to visit businesses and develop
an understanding of the demands and expectation of the industry in which they are studying. For more
information, contact the Partnership Office.

Students who wish to participate in the senior internship program must meet the following conditions:
   ● On-track to graduate (credit sufficient)
   ● Have no in-house or out-of-school suspensions
   ● Have four (4) or fewer tardies and/or absences
   ● Have no outstanding fees/fines
   ● Must provide their own transportation to the internship location.

At the request of students, parents, counselors, teachers and/or administrators, parent conferences are held
to discuss student progress or concerns about a particular class or situation. The counselors’ secretary
schedules parent conferences. Teachers must be notified 24 hours in advance. Parents should notify the
school of specific concerns or additional information desired, beyond a review of grades, when requesting a
conference. When possible, conferences will be held at the end of the instructional day.

Progress reports often prove useful to parents, guardians, and students in improving academic
performance. To obtain reports, parents may access their online account on Infinite Campus that will
provide the current grades for their student in each class. Online grades are updated weekly. Midway
through each nine-week grading period, progress report notices are provided for all students for their
parents/guardians. Teachers will record a comment that most accurately fits the student’s current
progress. If the student has received a negative progress mark, the parent/guardian is encouraged to
confer with the teacher(s) regarding areas needed for student improvement. A parent conference is often

Students at NWCTA are recognized for their accomplishments through awards such as Student of the
Month, Straight A’s, Perfect Attendance, and Straight O's.

Quarter report cards are distributed to the students during the school day. The end of the year report card
is mailed in June to the student’s address on file. Distribution dates will be provided by the CCSD.

2018-2019                                                                                                        21
Schedule changes are based on:
   ● misplacement due to ability level
   ● sports participation
   ● graduation requirements
   ● duplicate coursework

Changes will not be made for:
   ● elective classes
   ● lunch requests
   ● teacher requests

Students who withdraw from a class after the 15th day of the semester will receive a grade of "F" on the

There are many scholarships available to students each year. Students are encouraged to review information
on eligibility requirements, application processes, and deadlines with their counselors. Scholarship
information and updates will be shared with seniors via their GAFE accounts on a weekly basis.

Testing throughout the school year includes:
   ● PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)
   ● ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery)
   ● AP (Advanced Placement) exams
   ● Pre-ACT
   ● ACT- plus writing exam (American College Test)
   ● End-of-Course Exams (freshman and sophomores)
   ● CTE Exams (End-of-Program, Workplace Readiness Skills)

Students wishing to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) exam must register with the College Board and
test at their times and locations. The counseling office will advertise dates to students and parents on the

The administration must approve all voluntary withdrawals. Students cannot withdraw in the middle of the
school year to attend another CCSD school (per the Magnet School contract), but may voluntarily withdraw
from NWCTA at the end of the school year. If a parent/guardian wishes to withdraw their student from
NWCTA prior to the end of the school year to attend a non-CCSD school, he/she must first contact the
Counseling Department.

2018-2019                                                                                                      22
Students will be granted excused absences for the following reasons:
   ● Medical reasons/partial or full day(s)
   ● Family emergency/bereavement
   ● Religious Observances
   ● Court Appearances

Pre-arranged absences are accepted; however, these must be requested three (3) days in advance and are
limited to ten (7) days per semester.

Excessive absences may adversely affect a student's grade. Make-up work for excused and prearranged
absences must be completed within time allotted or the absence(s) will revert to unexcused absence.

The following absences are approved by school administration and they do not count against student’s total

   ●   Approved School Activity (ASA) (school sanctioned activities)
   ●   Required Parent Conference (RPC)
   ●   In-house suspensions (IHS)
   ●   Suspensions (SUS)

Upon return from an absence, parents are required to furnish a written note to the attendance clerk ​no
later than three days following the absence​. Notes must have the student's name, student number,
date(s) of absence, parent or guardian signature, a phone number, as well as an acceptable reason for the
absence. Students who accumulate excessive excused absences may be required to provide additional
documentation. The Attendance Office will keep the excuse notes on file for the school year. The
limitation of absences in a block schedule is seven (7) unapproved absences during a semester. Students
who exceed seven (7) unapproved absences during the semester, in any class, will not receive credit for
that semester and will receive a failing grade.

When a student has accumulated eight (8) or more unapproved absences during a semester, the student may
lose credit for his/her classes and may be referred to an alternative educational program. Notification of
student absences will be made to parent or legal guardian as recorded in the student information system
upon each unverified absence. In the event of an unapproved absence, the school will deliver a written notice
of truancy to the parent or legal guardian. The school will send a notice to any secondary student who has
been absent more than the allowable number of days. Schools are encouraged to conduct parent conferences
whenever excessive absenteeism is identified. At the time of the conference, extenuating circumstances will
be discussed. The principal or designee may elect to override some or all of the absences at this time.

2018-2019                                                                                                    23
If the parent, legal guardian, or student has reason to believe that there is an error in the attendance
record, or extenuating circumstances exist, a hearing may be requested. The parent or legal guardian
with two school days must initiate such a request after receipt of notification. An attendance
administrator or designee will conduct the hearing, and the student, parent, or legal guardian may
attend. During the hearing process, the instructor's record book shall serve as the legal document of
reference and will be used exclusively for determining absences. The attendance administrator or
designee shall have the authority to determine that the attendance record of the student be corrected
or that the student not be referred to an alternative educational program. The final determination in all
hearing proceedings rests with the school principal.

Supervision of daily home study is the responsibility of parents; daily study is an obligation of the
student. To request homework for a student who has been or is absent three (3) or more days, the
parent should contact the Counseling Office 24 hours before the homework will be picked up.

Teachers shall provide an opportunity for a student to make-up missed work due to an excused
absence, and students shall be held accountable for the work. When a student is absent, however, the
educational experiences lost during that absence might be irretrievable because the instruction and
interaction in the instructional setting cannot be duplicated through make-up work.

After an excused absence, a secondary student is required to initiate contact with the teacher(s) to
obtain make-up work within three (3) school days immediately following the absence. Once contact has
been made with the teacher(s), specific make-up work must be completed and returned to the
teacher(s) within a reasonable length of time, to be determined by the teacher and communicated to
the student/parent or legal guardian. The make-up work must be returned to the teacher(s) by the
specified due date if it is acknowledged. Students shall be allowed a minimum of three (3) calendar days
to complete make-up work, unless other arrangements are made with a teacher. Work will be accepted
early. Partial credit may be given for incomplete work that is turned in on the due date. When doing
group work, be sure all members of the group have copies of all parts of the project. For students with
an IEP, the accommodations will be followed.

Senate Bill 269 took effect on January 1, 2015, establishing new school attendance requirements for
application of a learner’s permit or driver’s license. Any student under the age of 18 who wants to apply
for a learner’s permit or driver’s license must submit a completed DMV-301 form verifying he/she has
attended at least 90% of the school days in the current semester. DMV-301 forms are available in the
Front Office or online at ​​. Students who have three or more
unapproved absences may be deemed a habitual truant, issued a truancy citation, and have their driver’s
license suspended for thirty days for the first offense and sixty days for the second offense. Students will
not be eligible to apply for a learner’s permit or a driver’s license until they become eligible to apply
which will be thirty days after the first offense and sixty days after the second offense.

2018-2019                                                                                                      24
There are no approved tardies. In the “real world,” employees must be on time to work. Coming late
to work or taking a longer break (during passing time) than is allowed is unacceptable. Tardiness to
class at NWCTA is also unacceptable. One student arriving late to a class is disruptive to all within the
classroom. ​A student that is more than 30 minutes late to class is considered absent​. The student
citizenship mark of the teacher should reflect a lack of responsibility and disregard of school rules due
to tardiness. Each teacher must provide students with a copy of the tardy procedure via yearly student
expectations. Teachers are responsible for maintaining and tracking student tardies. Tardy referrals
are to be completed on the fourth tardy and for all subsequent tardies per semester and submitted to
the administration.
     ● Tardy 1 – Oral Warning
     ● Tardy 2 – Written Warning
     ● Tardy 3 – Parent Contact (N for citizenship)
     ● Tardy 4 – Behavior Referral (U in citizenship, IHS/School Beautification)
     ● Tardy 5+ – Behavior Referral (U in citizenship, additional IHS/School Beautification, Suspension
        of Privileges, RPC - Unacceptable Behavior)

Student attendance is vital to the educational experience of students. When a student is absent, the
school must determine the reason for the absence. When a student is absent from school without a valid
excuse or did not secure prior permission for the absence, the absence is deemed not approved or
unexcused. When a student acquires three or more unapproved or unexcused absences within one school
year, the student is declared to be a habitual truant.

   ● As a result of new legislative changes, the following are major changes made to the law:
     The principal or the school is required to report the pupils who are habitually truant to
     law enforcement.
   ● A habitual truant is defined as, "A student who has three unapproved or unexcused absences
     within one school year."
   ● A truant is a pupil who is absent from school without the written approval of the teacher or
     principal of the school, unless the pupil is physically or mentally unable to attend school.
   ● If a pupil is absent due to physical or mental reasons, the parent must notify the school within
     three days of the absence.
   ● The law provides the court with the authority to order the student or the parent to pay a fine
     of $100.00 for habitual truants. The court can order the suspension of driver's license
     privileges for students 14 years of age or older if they are habitual truants.
   ● The law provides the court with the authority to order the student or parent to pay a fine of
     $200.00 for the second/subsequent times the child is found to be habitually truant. This can
     include 10 hours of community service and the suspension of driver's license privileges for 60
     days for students 14 years and older.

2018-2019                                                                                                   25
Teachers and the administration at NWCTA are legally responsible for maintaining order and discipline
among all students. The law provides that students who do not comply with reasonable rules may
expect disciplinary action. The Board of School Trustees expects the principal to take action as
necessary to protect students and school personnel from dangerous or socially unacceptable student
behavior. Violation of the rules as stated in CCSD Regulation 5141.1 may result in a student being
suspended, recommended for behavioral program placement, recommended for expulsion, or other
disciplinary action. NWCTA will not tolerate inappropriate behavior and the student's consequences, in
addition to progressive discipline, may be a recommendation to an alternative site.

In order to guarantee all students at NWCTA the excellent learning climate they deserve, the following
expectations are being communicated:
    1. No student will interfere with the instructor’s right to teach.
    2. No student will interfere with another student’s learning.
    3. No student will engage in any behavior that is not in his/her best interest or in the best interest of

When students engage in inappropriate behaviors, they will be dealt with fairly and consistently using
progressive discipline. Students may be subject to school beautification, in-house suspension, a
required parent conference (RPC), out-of-school suspension, arrest, referral to Behavior School, and/or
expulsion (as appropriate) for the following infractions:
   ● Assault, battery, or physical abuse on any person
   ● Being in an unsupervised area (ex: halls during lunch time, courtyard/gym after school)
   ● Closed campus violation
   ● Code of Honor (Academic Dishonesty) violation
   ● Computer misuse
   ● Disregard for district, school, or classroom rules, regulations, or policies
   ● Disruptive/inappropriate campus, classroom, or bus behavior
   ● Dress code violations
   ● Engaging in automobile misuse
   ● Engaging in mock fighting and/or horse playing
   ● Failure to identify oneself upon request and/or failure to report to the an administrator’s office when
       directed to do so by any school personnel
   ● Failure to wear student identification card
   ● Fighting (suspension) for first infraction
   ● Forging corridor passes, admission slips, absence notes, and/or providing any false information on
       school forms
   ● Inflicting harassment or bullying of any kind
   ● Leaving class without a corridor pass from the teacher
   ● Loitering or congregating in hallways
   ● Nuisance items
   ● Participation in gambling
   ● Possession of a weapon or simulated weapon
   ● Public display of affection (excessive)
   ● Smoking on campus/use of smokeless tobacco or carrying lit tobacco products, 'Vapor" or

2018-2019                                                                                                       26
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