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ETransport In Focus -
VOL 27 No.3 January 2019

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                                                      #OpenGovDataHack Awards
                                                      Uttar Pradesh
                                                      District Hooghly
                                                      Suraksha Suite of Arunachal
                                                      Swachh Bharat Mission - Gramin
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eTransport                                            Page 21

           National                   Homologation


                  Analytics       e-Challan
ETransport In Focus -
 Volume 27 No. 3, January 2019

PATRON                                                  fforts and results go hand in hand. Goals cannot be accom-
Dr. NEETA VERMA                                         plished unless contemplated and strategised well. As it contin-
                                                        ues rendering several ICT driven services to the nation by grace-
ADVISORY PANEL                                          fully embracing the evolving technological environment, NIC
Rama Nangpal                                            has accomplished many citizen-centric projects in the year gone
G K Gaur                                     by. This issue of INFORMATICS brings to the fore a Cover Story on the
Nagesh Shastri                               implementation of a robust e-Governance framework, eTransport, to
Nandita Chaudhri                             automate the operations of Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in various
                                             states across the country.
Mohan Das Viswam                             eTransport Mission Mode Project, operational under the Ministry of Road
                                             Transport and Highways, aims at enabling convenience to citizens and
ZONAL EDITORS                                stakeholders, and bringing an effective monitoring approach to the author-
Dr. Dibakar Ray                              ities. The system is constituted by four components, Vahan, Sarathi,
Reuban K                                     eChallan and mParivahan, operational through web portals and Mobile
Kavita Barkakoty                             Apps.
Sarbjeet Singh
A. K. Dadhichi                               The Spotlight section of this issue features the signing of an agreement
                                             between NIC and the Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Morocco in
WEB VERSION                                  the field of Modernization & use of IT in judicial system. It also covers a
Pankaj Kumar                                 National Awards Ceremony held for the felicitation of #OpenGovData-
                                             Hack winners. NIC e-Governance projects in the state of Uttar Pradesh
CONTENT & DESIGN SUPPORT                     and Karnataka have been focused in From the States section. District
Archana Sharma                               Hooghly of West Bengal has been featured in the District Informatics
                                             section. Articles covered in the e-Gov Products & Services are Arunachal
Rohit Maurya
                                             Suraksha Suite and Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin. Appscape details
Leena Khurana
                                             seven Apps introduced for citizens and the smooth functioning of specific
                                             authorities. Accolades, International e-Gov Update and In The News
                                             sections are here for you as always.
Sudarshan Singh Balouria
Anita Bhardwaj
                                             Here is wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Let’s aspire high towards
                                             success and happiness in our lives.
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02   |   January 2019
ETransport In Focus -

01    Cover
                                     DISTRICT INFORMATICS                 36     APPSCAPE
02    Editorial
                                     18    Hooghly, West Bengal
03    Contents
                                                                          40     INT’L E-GOV UPDATE
                                     IN FOCUS
                                     21    eTransport MMP: Steering a
04    #OpenGovDataHack National 40         Smart Generation               42     IN THE NEWS
      Awards Ceremony

07    India and Morocco join hands   E-GOV PRODUCTS & SERVICES
      on modernization of Judicial
      System using IT                                                     47     ACCOLADES
                                     29    Suraksha Suite of Arunachal

                                     31    Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin
08    Uttar Pradesh                  TECHNOLOGY UPDATE

13    Karnataka                      34    Digital Forensics


                                                                          January 2019   | 03
ETransport In Focus -

                                                                   government has provided two lakh datasets on open data
                                                                   platform to create an opportunity for innovation. He also
                                                                   said that the government supports the independence of
                                                                   social media but utmost care should be taken to ensure
                                                                   that it does not affect the national fabric.

                                                                   The Hackathon was conducted in two phases and organ-
                                                                   ised for Students, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Start-ups,
                                                                   Developers and Community to create innovative service
                                                                   delivery Applications & Info-Graphics, thereby nurtur-
                                                                   ing innovation. It was held in seven cities i.e., Surat,
                                                                   Bhubaneswar, Patna, Jaipur, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad
Inaugurating the Awards ceremony,                                  as well as online, and was run through the OGD event
                                                                   portal, Water & Sanitation,
Hon’ble Union Minister, Shri Ravi                                  Transport, Education, Crime and Health were chosen
                                                                   themes for the event.
Shankar Prasad felicitates winners                                 The first phase was launched by Shri Ravi Shankar
                                                                   Prasad on 12th September 2017. It comprised of a
                                                                   24-hour event during which, all the teams built Apps
                                                                   and Info-graphics using the Open Government Data. 43
                he Digital India initiative of the Government of   best App Prototypes were selected by respective juries
                India is progressively underway to make the        from each city and were rewarded. In the second phase,
                country a digitally empowered society and a        the selected App Prototypes were taken forward for App
                knowledge economy. Realising such a wide-          Development. Each team was given three months of
                spread aim of the Government, the Open Govern-     mentorship/ incubation to develop the App before
                ment Data (OGD) Team of the National Informat-     submission. 36 Apps were submitted for evaluation and
ics Centre (NIC), collaborated with Internet & Mobile Associa-     20 Apps were selected for final Jury presentation by a
tion of India (IAMAI) and StartUp India, as part of the Startup    National Screening Committee.
Ecosystem Development Programme, and
organised a Hackathon, "#Open-
GovDataHack" National Chal-
lenge across the country.

A National Awards Cere-
mony to honour the
winners of the Hacka-
thon was held at Stein
Auditorium, India Habi-
tat Centre, New Delhi on
1st November 2018. The
awardees were felicitated
by Shri Ravi Shankar
Prasad, Hon’ble Minister of
Law & Justice and Electronics
& Information Technology, in the
august presence of Shri S.S. Ahluwalia,
Union Minister of State, Electronics & IT, Shri Ajay
Sawhney, Secretary, Shri Pankaj Kumar, Additional
Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & IT and Dr.
Neeta Verma, Director General, NIC.

Congratulating the winners in his address, Shri
Ravi Shankar Prasad said, "IT professionals should
join hands with the government to make India a
digital society." He urged the IT community to reach
out to the deserving and underprivileged sections and
make them digitally literate. The Minister added that the

04   |   January 2019
ETransport In Focus -
January 2019   |   05
ETransport In Focus -

                                           The esteemed Jury, under the Chairman-
                                           ship of Shri Ajay Sawhney, Secretary,
                                           MeitY, evaluated the shortlisted Apps and
                                           selected winner, first runner-up, two
                                           second runner-ups and eight consolation
                                           awards, for which the National Awards
                                           Ceremony was held. The event witnessed
                                           a huge participation of around 400
                                           people, including officers from the
                                           Government and Academia, Students,
                                           Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Start-ups,
                                           Developers, Community, Media, awar-
                                           dees and finalists for the #OpenGovData-
                                           Hack National Awards Ceremony.

                                           The Open Government Data Platform
                                           ( India, an Open Data
                                           initiative of the Government of India, is at
                                           the forefront of promoting innovation in
                                           Open Data ecosystem in the country. It
                                           has been set up by NIC, in compliance
                                           with the Open Data Policy– National
                                           Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy
                                           (NDSAP) whose objective is to provide a
                                           platform for proactive access to Govern-
                                           ment-owned shareable data. These data
                                           sets are directly published on the platform
                                           by the Government Departments.

                                           Such initiatives by the government
                                           provide an opportunity to young talents of
                                           the country to showcase their skills and
                                           introduce innovative ideas. The Awards
                                           Ceremony concluded on a successful note
                                           and it was followed by an insightful panel
                                           discussion on “AI for futuristic use of
                                           OpenGovData”. The session was attend-
                                           ed by Shri Desi S Valli, Founder & CEO,
                                           FOOP - from Netree, Shri Jatin Kataria,
                                           Founder & MD, WE Group - Volcano of
                                           GloCal Solutions, Shri Sandeep Amar,
                                           Digital Leader and Founder, Inaaj, Shri
                                           Saurabh Moody, Chief Data Scientist &
                                           CEO, and Shri Subrat Kar,
                                           ˪&RIRXQGHU &(29LGRRO\

                                           With active deliberations from the indus-
                                           try experts, the session provided
                                           thought-provoking ideas and broad
                                           perspective on the emerging trends in
                                           Artificial Intelligence and the role of
                                           Open Government Data challenges. Such
                                           a discussion brought forward experiential
                                           and rational viewpoints, which, if actual-
                                           ised, could prove to be instrumental in
                                           mutual growth and development.

                                                    With inputs from OGD TEAM, NIC HQ

06   |   January 2019
ETransport In Focus -

India and Morocco
join hands to
modernize Judicial                                                                                               ndia has a long history of
                                                                                                                 having International ties with
                                                                                                                 various nations for strength-

System using IT                                                                                                  ening bilateral relationship
                                                                                                                 and cooperation. On 12th
                                                                                                                 November 2018, a Joint
                                                                                                      Declaration of Intent (JDI) was signed
NIC and Ministry of Justice, Morocco sign                                                             between National Informatics Centre
                                                                                                      (NIC) and the Ministry of Justice of the
a Joint Declaration of Intent                                                                         Kingdom of Morocco in the field of
                                                                                                      Modernization and use of Information
                                                                                                      Technology in the judicial system. Dr.
                                                                                                      Neeta Verma, Director General, NIC
                                                                                                      and Mr. Erouihane Abderrafi, Director
                                                                                                      of the Studies, Cooperation and Mod-
                                                                                                      ernization Directorate, Morocco signed
                                                                                                      the agreement in the august presence of
                                                                                                      Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble
                                                                                                      Union Minister of Law & Justice and
                                                                                                      Electronics & IT and Shri P.P. Choud-
                                                                                                      hary, Hon'ble Minister of State of Law
                                                                                                      & Justice, Government of India.

                                                                                                      NIC, under the Ministry of Electronics
                                                                                                      and Information Technology, Govern-
                                                                                                      ment of India, and the Ministry of Justice
                                                                                                      of the Kingdom of Morocco agreed on
                                                                                                      the importance of strengthening bilateral
                                                                                                      cooperation between two countries in the
                                                                                                      field of modernization and use of Infor-
                                                                                                      mation Technology, especially in the
                                                                                                      judicial system. Morocco has recognised
                                                                                                      the experience of NIC in computing and
                                                                                                      automation for the improvement and
 Dr. Neeta Verma, DG, NIC and Mr. Erouihane Abderrafi, Director of the Studies, Cooperation and       development of public services in sectors
 Modernization Directorate, Morocco signing the JDI Agreement in the august presence of dignitaries   such as legal and judicial. Both the
                                                                                                      organisations have decided to cooperate
                                                                                                      in this field in accordance with the appli-
                                                                                                      cable domestic laws and regulations.

                                                                                                      The guest delegation from Morocco also
                                                                                                      visited NIC Headquarters on 13th
                                                                                                      November 2018 and participated in a
                                                                                                      detailed discussion chaired by DG, NIC.
                                                                                                      The eCourts team, headed by Shri S.B.
                                                                                                      Singh, DDG, gave a presentation on
                                                                                                      eCourts and other judicial applications
                                                                                                      implemented by NIC.

 During the visit of delegation from Morocco at NIC HQ
                                                                                                              With inputs from IPS SETHI, NEW DELHI

                                                                                                          January 2019   | 07
ETransport In Focus -
From the States

                                                                                                 governmental processes by employing
                                                                                                 latest of technologies.

                                                                                                 NIC core services towards a
Striding to transform into “Uttam” Pradesh                                                       Digital Uttar Pradesh
of good governance                                                                               Integrated Network Operations             –
                                                                                                 Information Highway to the entire
                                                                                                 Government of Uttar Pradesh through
                                                                                   Edited by     NICNET/NKN and UPNICNET
                                                                     ARVIND KUMAR DADHICHI
                                                                                                 ••Internet connectivity provided to around
                                                                                                 500+ State/ Central Government Depart-
The NIC Uttar Pradesh State                                      ttar Pradesh is the most
                                                                                                 ments ••Over 20000+ LAN Nodes in the
                                                                 populous state in India
                                                                                                 State. ••National Knowledge Network
Centre has been instrumental                                     with over 200 million
                                                                                                 (NKN) - Connecting knowledge institution
                                                                 people. Beautiful attrac-
                                                                                                 with Multi-Gigabit PAN India Network
in providing ICT-based efficient                                 tions such as Taj Mahal,
                                                                                                 ••88 links to institutions under NKN have
                                                                 one of the seven wonders
and assessable e-Governance                       of the world, located in Agra city, and        been commissioned and made operational
                                                  religious places such as Mathura,              in the state of Uttar Pradesh, which include
services to citizens by                           Ayodhya, Vrindavan, Gokul and Varanasi         22 institutions that migrated from
                                                  make the state a favourite tourist destina-    NMEICT. NKN Links have also been
implementing projects and                         tion. Besides, UP is also the largest          extended to 75 NIC District Centres of UP.
                                                  producer of food grains in the country, and    Videoconferencing
providing able technical                          accounts to have a share of 17.83% of its      ••Studio-based videoconferencing services
                                                  total produce of food grains.                  in all 75 districts, 18 Commissionaires, 37
support to various initiatives of                                                                District Court & District Jails, High Court,
                                                  Although UP enjoys a prestigious status in     BoR, CM Office, DGP Office, Commercial
the State Government. The                         all the verticals, it is worth highlighting    Tax, State Election Commission etc.
e-Governance projects are not                     that the Government of UP has also made
                                                  notable accomplishments in ICT, which
only making lives of citizens                     have enabled the authorities to connect
                                                  better with citizens. Implementing
easier by taking services to                      advanced e-Governance projects in the
                                                  State, NIC has been channelising all such
their doorsteps, but have also                    technological endeavours with great
made the administration quick,
                                                  The NIC State Centre in Uttar Pradesh was
responsive, transparent,                          incepted in 1988 after which, NIC District
                                                  Centres were established in all the 75
hassle-free and easily                            Districts to mark the organisation’s promi-
                                                  nent presence in the state. NIC-UP has its
accessible.                                       State Centre at Yojna Bhavan, located in the
                                                  premises of State Secretariat. NIC also has
                                                  its Centres at High Court, Lucknow &             NIC has always played a pivotal role
                                                  Allahabad, Governor’s House, Chief Minis-        in channelising the powers of
                                                  ter’s Office, Board of Revenue, APC Office,      e-Governance to the masses of
                                                  Rural Development Department, Finance            hƩĂƌWƌĂĚĞƐŚ͘/ŶŝƟĂƟǀĞƐŝŶĞͲ'Žǀ-
                                                  Department, Vidhan Sabha Library, Secre-         ernance have enhanced the trans-
     Dr. SAURABH                                  tariat Buildings, IVFRT Varanasi, Chaud-         ƉĂƌĞŶĐLJ ŝŶ ĐŝƟnjĞŶͲĐĞŶƚƌŝĐ ƐĞƌǀŝĐĞƐ
           GUPTA                                  hary Charan Singh Airport and Kendriya           ĂŶĚĨĂĐŝůŝƚĂƚĞĚŝŶĚĞĐŝƐŝŽŶͲŵĂŬŝŶŐ͘
Deputy Director General                           Bhavan, CGO Complex.                                                                              I ƐŝŶĐĞƌĞůLJ ĂƉƉƌĞĐŝĂƚĞ ƚŚĞ ĞīŽƌƚƐ
                                                  Having leveraged IT for transparency and
                                                  enhanced governance, NIC-UP has been
                                                  instrumental in architecting and implement-         ANUP CHANDRA PANDEY, IAS
                                                  ing numerous e-Governance projects in the                 Chief Secretary
                          RAJEEV RASTOGI          State. In joint collaboration with the State        'ŽǀĞƌŶŵĞŶƚŽĨhƩĂƌWƌĂĚĞƐŚ
                          Technical Director      Government, the organisation has efficient-
                   ly led the automated operation of various

08          |   January 2019
ETransport In Focus -
From the States

••Desktop-based videoconferencing provid-       Government including CM Office, Chief              be monitored effectively by the Hon’ble
ed to all District Magistrates and CDOs         Secretary Office and Districts Offices             Chief Minister.
••More than 300 videoconferencing               More than 3,000 government employees              ••To support dynamic real time monitor-
sessions per month resulting in the saving of   trained to shift from manual file system to        ing of projects, web services are consumed
36 crore per annum ••Webcast – On-demand        the electronic version Digital Ids/ Emails        at regular interval to display state specific
webcast services for important state events     created for employees and digital signatures       data at various micro and macro levels.
                                                have been provided to sign the files
Domain Registration - Digital          electronically Inaugurated by Shri Yogi
                                                                                                   Regular data updation is done at predefined
identity of UP Government                                                                          frequency through APIs.
                                                Adityanath, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Uttar
Meghraj GoI Cloud - Optimum utilisa-           Pradesh.                                           ••DARPAN also addresses a wide range
tion of infrastructure, on-demand comput-                                                          of other objectives and monitors the strate-
ing services
NIC State Data Centre - Core of                eHRMS (Manav Sampada)                              gy of the Government of UP, which can
                                                                                                   check department activities in order to
e-Governance infrastructure for Uttar           eHRMS Application was developed as a               achieve service level targets.
                                                product model for providing a generalised
Pradesh                                                                                            ••DARPAN is fully configurable for each
Cybersecurity - Safe and secure cyber-         human resource management solution to              and every state.
space for the entire NICNET community           Government Departments to help them take
Email - Manages more than 30000+               right decisions at right time with proper          CM Helpline & IGRS
email accounts of UP Government                 monitoring, manpower planning, employee
Training - Technical and project-based         recruitment, postings, promotion and               The CM Helpline Project is an extension to
trainings conducted for Central/ State          transfer based on their skill sets. It caters to   already running Integrated Grievances
Government employees                            online appointment orders, joining, reliev-
                                                                                                     CM Helpline and IGRS Dashboard
                                                ing, vacancy/ recruitment, leave manage-
PROJECTS EXECUTED BY                            ment etc.
NIC-UP                                          Following is the current status of
e-Hospital                                      eHRMS implementation in UP:
e-Hospital (Hospital Management System)         116 registered departments
is a workflow-based ICT solution for hospi-      2.03 lakh registered offices
tals in the government sector. This generic     805801 employee details entries
software covers major functional areas such     6.90 lakh service book details entries
as patient care, laboratory services, work-
flow-based        document       information    DARPAN
exchange, human resource and medical            An initiative of NIC-UP to efficiently
records management of hospitals. It is a        display department information, DARPAN
patient-centric system, capturing details of    (Dashboard for Analytical Review of
patients right from registration to patholo-    Projects Across Nation) is a comprehensive,
gy, admittance in wards, treatment etc. This    generic and configurable multilingual
system allows citizens to book online           dashboard product for the Members of
appointments in hospitals, thereby reducing     Parliament, Chief Ministers, Governors,
time and efforts in taking appointments with    Chief Secretaries, Divisional Commission-
doctors in distant hospitals.                   ers and DMs/DCs across Districts and
The e-Hospital application has been imple-      States. It facilitates the presentation of         Redressal System in the state. It facilitates
mented in 38 Hospitals, 2 Institutes, 8         real-time data on Key Performance Indica-          citizens to lodge their grievances/
Medical Colleges, total 48 hospitals in Uttar   tors (KPIs) of selected schemes/ projects to       complaints directly to the CM Office
Pradesh and has catered to 1.47+ crore          senior functionaries of the State Govern-          through a helpline number. The State
patients till December 2018.                    ment as well as District Administration,           Government is in the process of setting up a
                                                which can be used for planning, evaluation         mega call centre with 500 call centre agents
e-Office                                        and monitoring. It enhances analysis               (CCAs) for registering the complaints.
                                                through data collection by consolidating
e-Office is an initiative taken to infuse
                                                multiple data sources into one centralised         Citizens can file grievances anytime,
office automation in the governmental
                                                and easy-to-access platform. Identifying           referring to the concerned department and
office processes. It aims to improve produc-
                                                trends in data to gain enhanced perspectives       can also keep the track of grievances lodged
tivity, quality, transparency, resource, time
                                                of projects, the dashboard allows users to         till their final redressal. The system
management etc., by replacing the old
                                                personalise their view to prioritise the           highlights are:
manual process with an electronic File
Management System.
                                                information they require.                          It is a single on-call platform for all types
                                                Objectives:                                        of grievance, demand and suggestion.
Following is the status of e-Office in                                                             Registration of complaints by dialing a
UP:                                             •• To achieve consolidated and arranged            toll-free number 1076 Grievances can
Implemented in 94 departments of State         information in a single frame so that it can       also be registered through Jansunwai web

                                                                                                       January 2019    | 09
ETransport In Focus -
From the States

                                                                                                    “Nivesh Mitra was launched by Shri
                                                                                                    Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Prime Minister,
                                                                                                    Government of India on 21st Feb 2018.”
                                                                                                    Salient features
                                                                                                    Two-way interaction on digital platform
                                                                                                    between entrepreneurs and departments
                                                                                                    Online access, submission and processing
                                                                                                    of application forms for setting up of indus-
                                                                                                    tries/ enterprises Saves time, money and
                                                                                                    energy as repeated visits to different depart-
                                                                                                    ments are not required Automatic SMS
                                                                                                    and e-mail response to entrepreneur generat-
                                                                                                    ed at each stage Online tracking at all
                                                                                                    levels and entrepreneur can respond to
 Shri Rajnath Singh and Shri Yogi Adityanath, along with beneficiaries and other officials          objections/ observations online
                                                                                                    Till date, 9753 entrepreneurs have been
                                                                                                    registered and 8547 have got their
portal    (,        UP e-District: Service delivery                  approvals or NOCs.
Mobile App and Janta Darbar of CM and              to doorstep of citizens
other Officers at Departments/ Zones/                                                               Ganga Haritima Abhiyan –
Divisions/ Districts, Tehsil Diwas/ Thana          The UP e-District project provides 26            One Person One Tree
Divas/ CSC etc. Feedback of a complain-           e-District Services and 229 Integrated
                                                   Services, under the Janhit Guarantee Act, to     The Forest Department has launched an
ant is the criteria of final closure of a
                                                                                                    online portal for “Ganga Haritima Abhiyan
grievance. Citizens’ satisfaction level is        citizens from the eDistrict Centres and
                                                   Common Service Centres (CSCs) estab-             – One Person One Tree” and it was inaugu-
checked by the Hon’ble CM and other
                                                   lished in districts and villages respectively.   rated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister in
Ministers by calling citizens on regular basis.
                                                                                                    Allahabad. The objective of this initiative
Received references: 1.05 crore, disposed         The complete process right from the
                                                                                                    is afforestation, public awareness, water
references: 99 lakh, disposal rate: 94%            application to final delivery of certificates
                                                   has been automated. The web-based                conservation and to check pollution on
Kissan Rinn Mocha Yojna                            application ensures 100% round-the-clock         both sides of the river Ganga. Saplings will
(Farmer Loan Redemption                            electronic workflow and application              be planted through government depart-
Scheme)                                            tracking. Dashboard based MIS and escala-
The Government of Uttar Pradesh took a             tion matrix ensure adherence to the service
decision to waive off the crop loan of small       levels defined for each service and technol-
and marginal farmers across the State up to        ogy such as digital signatures has been used
the limit of Rs. 1 lakh per farmer, arising        for digitally approving the application and
from loans disbursed during 2008-2016.             issuing the certificates.
Launched by Shri Rajnath Singh, Hon’ble            Implementation Status
Home Minister, GoI, in the presence of
Hon’ble Chief Minister, UP, the scheme             More than 13 crore certificates issued to
seeks to waive off loans of 86 lakh farmers        people and integrated with DigiLocker
                                                   51,800+      CSCs extending e-District           Hon’ble Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh
(totaling to Rs. 30,729 crore), besides                                                              launching the portal
writing off Rs. 5,630 crore in non-perform-        Services in rural and urban areas
ing assets (NPAs) of 7 lakh farmers. It was                                                         ments on both sides of the river. Farmers
a huge task with multiple stakeholders. So,        Nivesh Mitra                                     will be encouraged to plant saplings.
in order to infuse transparency in the             It is a Digital Clearance System for all         Approximately 9 crore plants will be plant-
system, NIC has developed a complete               approvals from the Government of Uttar           ed in a year. The entire scheme related
IT-based solution, integrating 56 Banks,           Pradesh for setting up the industry.             information would be made available to
District Revenue Officials, District Agricul-                                                       citizens on the web portal in order to infuse
ture Officials, Aadhaar and mobile details         The partnership between the GoUP and             an effective monitoring and implementa-
of the farmers so that the benefit reaches the     investors is to be strengthened by providing     tion of the initiative.
right and deserving farmers.                       relevant information and supporting
                                                   entrepreneurs in obtaining all the required      The portal facilitates:
••IT intervention resulted in saving of nearly     clearances and approvals, and also redress-      Plantation of 9 crore saplings with
Rs. 11,000 crore for the state government.         ing concerns and grievances with the support     collaboration and participation of people
Current Status                                     of all Departments, District Officials and       Login for 86 Forest Divisions, 39 State
4403939    farmers benefitted (NPA +              Industrial Associations, thus resulting in       level Officers Plantation Monitoring
NON NPA)  24663.62 crore loan                     transformation of the state into a most          System at Forest Division Level and State
amount redeemed                                    sought after industrial hub across the globe.    Level Sapling allotment from nursery to

10    |   January 2019
From the States

people Provision for uploading audio            managing land spaces of the State, the Uttar    eProcurement System etc. ••Integration
and video of events on the portal                Pradesh State Government has adopted            with Payment Gateway & SMS Gateway
                                                 technology for smooth processing of
PARIKSHA                                         matters related to land records with full       PRERNA (PRoperty Evaluation
                                                 transparency. The Digital Land Manage-          & RegistratioN Application)
PARIKSHA (Paperless Recruitment for              ment System deployed using technology
Intelligent Knowledgeable, Skilled and           and workflow comprises several digital          PRERNA is a web-based application,
Highly Able Candidate) is an IT-driven           initiatives that include:                       designed to reorient the Stamps and Regis-
                                                                                                 tration Department towards 100% automa-
product for recruitments against vacant posts    Computerisation of Land Records/               tion, which will automate the complete
in the Government Departments/ Commis-           RoR (Bhulekh) Computerisation of
sions/ Other Organisations/ PSUs etc., under                                                     property registration process in the state and
                                                 Revenue        Court      Cases (RCCMS)
                                                                                                 also ensure the electronic delivery of
direct or examination mode. Complete             Unique identity/ number for each               registration documents and other related
process right from the application submis-       Revenue Plot Aadhaar seeding and
                                                                                                 services to citizens. The application aims to
sion to final selection has been automated. It   shareholding in RoR Online applica-
has resulted in attracting more applications                                                     eliminate the drawbacks affecting the
                                                 tions for mutation and other permissions
from other states and also streamlined the                                                       conventional registration system. PRERNA
                                                                                                 has been implemented in 362 SROs of 350
entire system, thereby making it more            e-NagarSewa                                     Tehsils and is capable of recording 60
transparent and easier for the candidates. It
has been developed under “Implementation         Comprising 75 Districts with 18 Divisional      different types of deed.
of National e-Gov App Store” and imple-          Headquarters, Uttar Pradesh has an urban
mented in 15 recruitment bodies with more        population of 4.44 crore. It has 653 Urban      Mahila Samman Kosh Portal
than 3.89 crore registrations.                   Local Bodies.                                   (MSK)
                                                 This Central Application is named as            An online portal, designed and developed
Nearly 1.20 cr online applications of                                                            for Mahila Samman Kosh (U.P. Rani
UPSSSC, 1.02 cr of UPPSC, 81 lakhs of            e-NagarSewa and has been conceived and
                                                 launched in order to provide services to the    Lakshmi Bai Mahila Samman Kosh), is a
UPPRPB and more than 12 lakhs of                                                                 priority project of the Government of UP. It
UPSESSB Allahabad under various adver-           citizens of Uttar Pradesh and employees of
                                                 Urban Local Bodies. Latest trends and           was conceptualised to provide medical and
tisements have been processed through                                                            monetary relief to women who are victims
PARIKSHA portal.                                 technologies like SMS Integration,
                                                 Payment Gateways, USSD, Android Apps,           of violence and also for maintenance,
                                                                                                 education and reconstructive surgery of
AAPURTI- End to end comput-                      CSC Integration, IVR Call etc., have been
                                                                                                 such victims and their minor children. MSK
erisation of TPDS operations                     used to address citizens. e-NagarSewa is a
                                                                                                 also provides assistance to women/ girl
                                                 stable, reliable and scalable application,
AAPURTI - The web portal of Food & Civil         which can cater to such a high population.      children who may not be the direct victim of
Supplies Department, UP (      To provide seamless e-governance services       violence but require critical social and
.in) has been designed as per Guidelines for     to citizens, it is essential to have a better   economic empowerment. Its features are:
Indian Government Websites (GIGW). The           delivery mechanism and information              ••Linked with Rajkosh for e-Pay-
web portal is bilingual (Hindi & English)        management, and ensure citizen participa-       ment/e-Receipt through Treasury
and responsive for compatibility with smart-
phones and tablets.
                                                 tion in governance. The Central Application     ••Integration of various Stakeholders
                                                 has been developed for all Urban Local          (Police, Medical, Legal, Probation, Treas-
Current statistics                               Bodies of the State.                            ury, District Administration and Public)
3,28,31,181        ration    cards     with
                                                 ••Implemented in 60 AMRUT Towns                 ••Transfer of monetary relief to banks
                                                 (including 16 Nagar Nigams and 44 Nagar         through PFMS
13,10,54,073 beneficiaries (units) have been     Palika Parishads) ••Total 16 modules
digitised using online Ration Card Manage-       including Birth & Death Registration,           Till date, Approx Rs. 102.94 Cr. has been
ment System. Option for bulk Aadhaar            Payment of Property Tax & Water Tax,            disbursed to Acid Attacks, POCSO Cases,
Feeding has been provided. Aadhaar of Head       Licences, Public Grievances System, Moni-       Sexual Violence, Dowry Death Victims
of Family has been feeded in 3,20,20,467         toring of Projects, Stores Management &
(97.53%) ration cards. There are                                                                e-Parinayapatra
10,91,31,160 (83.27 %) beneficiaries (units)                                                     (Aadhaar-based Hindu Mar-
for which Aadhaars have been feeded.                                                             riage Registrations System)
Bulk verification of Aadhaar numbers                                                            e-Parinayapatra is a simple, unique and first
through UIDAI server is in progress.
Aadhaar verification has been done for                                                           of its kind registration system in the country
9,38,81,040 units out of which 3,26,90,021                                                       through which registrants can get their
units have been seeded with Aadhaar.                                                             Marriage Certificates online without
                                                                                                 approaching the Marriage Registrar Office.
                                                                                                 They are required to authenticate their
Digital initiatives for Land                                                                     details using Aadhaar and apply online
Management (BhuLekh)                                                                             through the departmental website. In this
To provide transparency and reliability in                                                       process, the details of husband and wife are

                                                                                                      January 2019    | 11
From the States

captured from Aadhaar. Marriage Registra-        ••Around 1.0 lakh home guards are                Received appreciation from the Hon’ble
tion Certificates in Hindi and English are       deployed monthly. So far, 31 lakh deployed       Chief Minister for innovations in improving
instantly mailed to the registrants’ e-mail      across 9600 duty places in 75 districts          taxes through Vanijyakar Automation
accounts.                                        through UPHAAR.                                  System (VYAS) Received the Highest
                                                                                                  Digital India Platinum Award for Exempla-
e-TULA (e-Transformation of UP                   Shasanadesh – Government                         ry Services for VYAS from the Hon’ble
Legal Metrology Administration)                  Order Portal of the State                        Minister of Electronics and IT, Govt. of
                                                                                                  India Presented with Special Jury Digital
e-TULA (         The Government Order (GO) Portal of the          India Award for e-NagarSewa UP -
is a web portal used by the Department of        State has been implemented to ensure the         Electronic workflow-based reforms for
Legal Metrology (Weights & Measures),            availability of all the orders released by the   ULBs in Uttar Pradesh by the Hon’ble
Uttar Pradesh. This online system provides       government in public domain. The portal          Minister of Electronics and IT Conferred
various automated services to dealers, manu-     provides a user-friendly interface to citizens   with The Award of Excellence from the
facturers, repairers and traders of the State    and officials to facilitate easy and quick       Computer Society of India for VYAS in
who deal with weights and measures in one        searching and downloading of GOs on              CSI-Nihilent       eGovernance      Awards
form or other, director nominations, registra-   various parameters. The Hon’ble Chief            2015-16 Conferred with The Award of
tion for packaged commodities, petrol            Minister inaugurated the Online Shasan-          Excellence from the Computer Society of
pumps, CNG, auto taxi, flow meter and            adesh Summary Service facility wherein           India for AAPURTI - Uttar Pradesh Public
storage tanks.                                   GOs would be available on emails once a          Distribution in CSI Nihilent e-Governance
                                                 person registers himself/ herself on the         Awards 2015-16 Conferred with The
Online Transit Pass for Minerals                 website.                                         Award of Appreciation from the Computer
The Department of Geology and Mining,            Implementation Status                            Society of India for Rani Laxmi Bai Mahila
Government of Uttar Pradesh deals with the
allotment of leases for the purpose of mining
                                                 ••Coverage: 445 sections of 95 Depart-           Samman Kosh Portal in CSI Nihilent
                                                                                                  e-Governance Awards 2015-16 Con-
                                                 ments of the State
of minerals on leased areas. Through this                                                         ferred with The Award of Appreciation
process, the government earns revenue of         ••So far, total 47,369 GOs have been             from the Computer Society of India for
more than Rs. 1500 crore every year.             uploaded and 49, 63,514 GOs have been            SAKSHAM- The Scholarship Project in
NIC-UP has developed an online system for        downloaded/ viewed by the citizens.              CSI-Nihilent       eGovernance      Awards
the allotment of licences (lease) and            Apart from the above, NIC-UP has also            2015-16 Conferred with The Award of
issuance of eTransit Pass to the leaseholders    successfully implemented Major Central           Recognition from the Computer Society of
(lessee), transforming the entire manual         Projects like e-Procurements (GEPNIC),           India for Vidhan Sabha Prashnottar Pranali
lease system to an electronic form.              e-Courts, SPARROW, VAHAN, SARATHI,               in CSI-Nihilent eGovernance Awards
Launched by the Hon’ble Chief Minister in        TPDS, Jeevan Pramaan, AEBAS, e-TAAL,             2015-16
June 2017, the portal also facilitates the       DigiLocker, e-Prison, PRAGATI, MIS for
department to maintain the details of            Rural Development & Panchayati Raj, Nation-      Conclusion
leaseholders, allotment of mineral wise/ plot    al Scholarship Portal (NSP), IVFRT etc.          NIC has achieved notable successes in UP
number wise leases, accounting of royalty                                                         by successful implementation of various
and MIS for providing monitoring reports.        Other projects commenced by the State
                                                 Government are e-Treasuries, e-Kuber,            kinds of ICT Applications to serve the
The online e-Transit Pass having QR code                                                          government and citizens. But, there is a
etc., eliminates chances of issuance of          SAKSHAM (e-Scholarship), Sarkari Awas
                                                 Abantan Pranali (Directorate of Estate),         need to enhance the effectiveness and speed
invalid pass.                                                                                     of implementation of ICT projects to make
                                                 Vidhan Sabha & Vidhan Parishad Online
Current statistics                               Prasnottar Pranali, State Archives, UP State     the governance more outcome-oriented.
All    1890 lease holders functioning           Cooperative Election Commission, ICDS,           Interventions are focused on BPR, adoption
through the portal Management of 3778           e-Counselling, e-Mandi, BhuNakha, SPRINT         of innovative technologies such as Cloud
mines across the state Tracking of              (Department of Sports & Youth Welfare),          Computing, Block Chain, Data Analytics,
transportation of 22 minerals of these mines     Education Recruitment System, Online             AI, Digital Empowerment of Stakeholders
State Government earned 2170.00 crore           Registration System of Pre IAS/PCS coach-        and Redefining the Service Delivery Mech-
as royalty More than 63 lakh eMM11              ing for SC/ST/OBCs, Integrated Social            anism to serve the people and stakeholders
(eTransit Pass) generated                        Pension System, Anti Bhu-Mafia Portal,           through e-Governance and m-Governance
                                                 Madrasa Portal, Excise Lottery System,           and realise the vision of DIGITAL INDIA
Home Guard Deployment                            Online Teachers Transfer System, Sanskrit        more effectively.
System (UPHAAR)                                  Secondary Education Board and many more.
                                                                                                    For further information, please contact:
UPHAAR – UP Home Guard Automation
and Rotation System is a web-based               Accolades and Awards                               STATE INFORMATICS OFFICER
                                                                                                    NIC Uttar Pradesh State Centre
deployment system whose objective is to          Received Rani Laxmi Bai Veerta Puras-             3rd Floor, Yojana Bhavan, Lucknow
radically improve fair deployment of home        kar from the Hon’ble Chief Minister for            UTTAR PRADESH - 226001
guards and automate the complete work-           ICT innovations and developing interopera-         Email:
flow and internal processes with minimum         ble systems of Police, Health, Finance and         Phone: 0522-2238415
manual intervention.                             Women Welfare for women empowerment

12   |   January 2019
From the States

                                                                                                   minimum 2 Mbps links or higher capacity
                                                                                                   based on the usage and requirement.
                                                                                                   Network connectivity is extended to
                                                                                                   Vidhana Soudha, Secretariat, Educational
The “Silicon Valley of India” pioneers in                                                          Institutions, High Court of Karnataka,
                                                                                                   Agriculture Department, Commercial
e-Governance with ICT excellence                                                                   Taxes Department and various depart-
                                                                                                   ments in the districts. About 157govern-
                                                                                                   ment offices are connected through
                                                                                      Edited by    NICNET in Karnataka.
                                                                                     REUBAN K
                                                                                                   Videoconference setup and services
                                                                                                   Studio-based multi-site videoconferencing
Playing a catalytic role in the                                arnataka is the eighth largest
                                                                                                   systems constitute the communication
                                                               state of India and is located
promotion of IT amongst                                        in the country's south
                                                               western region. Formed on
Government Departments,                                        1st November 1956, the state
                                                               was earlier known as the
                                                  State of Mysore, and was renamed Karna-
including the 30 District                         taka in 1973. Being a home to sculptured
                                                  temples, hill ranges, beaches and other
Offices, since 1987, NIC                          beautiful attractions, Karnataka is among
                                                  the most desired tourist destinations,
Karnataka has heralded many                       thronged by numerous travellers every
state-of-the-art solutions to
                                                  Be it literature, music, or culture, the State
the information management                        has gained recognition in various fields.
                                                  The State capital Bengaluru is popularly
and decision support                              known as an IT Hub, and the role of
                                                  technology continues in the State with
requirements of the State and                     persistent efforts being made by the               NIC Karnataka has been a pioneer
                                                  Government to make the lives of citizens           ŝŶĂƌĐŚŝƚĞĐƟŶŐ͕ĚĞƐŝŐŶŝŶŐ͕ĚĞǀĞůŽƉ-
Central Government                                easier by providing them with digitally            ŝŶŐ ĂŶĚ ŝŵƉůĞŵĞŶƟŶŐ ŵĂŶLJ
                                                  empowered services. NIC has been                   ŇĂŐƐŚŝƉ ƉƌŽŐƌĂŵŵĞƐ ŝŶ ĞͲ'ŽǀĞƌŶ-
Departments.                                      zealously spearheading ICT initiatives in          ĂŶĐĞ ĂƌĞŶĂ ŝŶ ƚŚĞ ^ƚĂƚĞ͘  ^ĞǀĂ
                                                  the State, which have helped the authori-          ^ŝŶĚŚƵ͕ ^ĂŵƌĂŬƐŚĂŶĞ͕ ĞͲKĸĐĞ
                                                  ties speed up e-Governance projects and            ^ƵŝƚĞ͕ ĞͲ,ŽƐƉŝƚĂů͕ &Zh/d^͕ d͕
                                                  enabled them to maintain constant connec-          EĂĚĂ
From the States

infrastructure. Executive Video Conferenc-    backup, Precision Air Conditioning            Students studying in Government First
ing Systems (EVCSs) supplement the main       System, Secure Firewall and Intrusion         Grade Colleges in Karnataka can view
videoconferencing studio. Desktop video-      Protection Systems (IPSs), 104 numbers        daily college timetable. They can also
conferencing on Vidyo Portal is also in       of Rack Mount and Blade Servers, Server       find which teacher takes the class and
operation for individuals. There are 6        Virtualisation, SAN storage with 250 TB       lecture hall details. In case, a teacher is
videoconferencing studios in Bangalore        raw capacity, Automated Tape Library          absent or On Office Duty (OOD), the
and 30 Studios at NIC District Centres. The   (ATL) for Data Backup, LAN Switches           same will be available.
videoconferencing studios of Zilla            and Fiber Switches for connectivity and       My-Suru
Panchayats utilise NIC network. The           Application Load Balancer.
Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), Radvision                                                    Operating System: Android Kitkat
SCOPIA100 MCU-24 and Polycom MCU              NIC Swachhta Rankings                         Released by: Ministry of Panchayat Raj
(40 PortVidyo Router for Desktop VC)          NIC Karnataka State Unit stood first in the   Developed for Zilla Panchayat, Rural
constitute     Videoconference      Studios   Ranking List awarded by NIC Headquar-         Development and Panchayat Raj
Infrastructure.                               ters for Swachhta related activities among    (RDPR), it enables mobile governance to
                                              the NIC State Units on 1st October 2018.      capture grievances of citizens in rural
NOC Services
All the NICNET links are being moni-
tored 24x7 from the NOC located at NIC        Mobile Applications of NIC                    PDO Module
Koramangala.                                  Karnataka                                     Operating System: Android 2.33 and
Email Services                                Case Management - Karnataka High              above
                                              Court                                         Released by: Rural Development and
NIC Karnataka extends NIC email servic-                                                     Panchayat Raj Department
es to the Government Organisations, as        Operating System: Android, Minimum 2.2
per the NIC Email Policy.                     Released by: Ministry of Law and Justice      This module is used as a bridge module to
                                              The objective of the App is to disseminate    Panchatantra, a web-based panchayat
Web Services and Security Audit                                                             automation module for Gram Panchayats
Services                                      information related to cases and certified
                                              copy applications filed in all the benches    in Karnataka.
Designing, development, deployment and
hosting of many websites for Govern-          of High Court of Karnataka. Users can         Worksoft
ment Organisations are being taken up         view or download judgments based on           Operating System: Android 2.33 and
from time to time. Online Recruitment         case number.                                  above
Applications for various posts in different   Supreme Court Case Management                 Released by: Rural Development and
departments are hosted. Development and       Operating System: Android, Minimum            Panchayat Raj Department
hosting of results for SSLC Board, PUC        2.2                                           The work soft system facilitates RDPR
Board and CET, KSEEB Board, Railway           Released by: Ministry of Law and Justice      department in following the procedure of
Recruitment Board, Employment and                                                           works execution and monitoring the
Training are also hosted as and when          The objective of the App is to disseminate
                                              information related to cases filed in the     effective implementation of the same
required. The web applications are securi-                                                  under different schemes. The purpose of
ty audited mandatorily before hosting.        Supreme Court of India. Using the App,
                                              users can manage the portfolio of desired     the Mobile Application is to update the
National Knowledge Network                                                                  status of work by capturing its photo and
(NKN)                                         cases. Statuses of these cases can be
                                              checked in bulk.                              geo locations at initial, intermediary and
NKN provides high-speed, low-latency                                                        final stages.
fiberlinks of 100 Mbps/1 Gbps or higher       Marketapp
to the Research/ Educational Institutions.
                                                                                            Swachh Bharat Mission Public module
                                              Operating System: Android
It aims to interconnect all knowledge         Released by: Agricultural Marketing           Operating System:
institutions across the country to foster                                                   Android 2.33 and above
research and resource sharing through         Daily market rates from 156 Agriculture       Released by: Rural Development and
online collaboration.       About 147         Produce Market Committee (APMC)/              Panchayat Raj Department
institutes are connected over NKN in          Mandis in Karnataka are available for
                                              registered users. At present, we have         The purpose of the Mobile Application is
Karnataka.                                                                                  to update the status and verification of
                                              2,18,000 farmers registered for this
Mini Data Centre                              purpose. Unregistered farmers can access      work by capturing its photo and geo
More than 400 government websites and         mobile-friendly Krishi Maratavahini           location by the beneficiary.
G2G, G2C & G2B applications are               Portal from the App for getting informa-      Shop owner module
hosted in the Data Centre, and 24x7           tion related to daily market arrivals,        Operating System:
services are provided. The facilities         minimum, maximum and modal rates.             Android 4.0 and above
include 1250 sq. ft. Server Farm Area,
state-of-the-art internet security and        College Timetable                             Released by: Department of Food, Civil
                                              Operating System: Android                     Supplies and Consumer Affairs
physical security with Access Control &
CCTV Surveillance, 2 X 100 KVA UPS            Released by: Department of Higher             This App allows shop owners to issue as
along with Diesel Generator (DG)              Education                                     well as to update ration transactions at

14   |   January 2019
From the States

their shops. Transactions happen through
biometric authentication or by showing
food coupons downloaded at any of the
Photo Bio Centres (PBCs) if biometric
authentication fails.

Key Projects of NIC Karnataka
e-Way Bill System
The e-Way Bill System (https://eway-, as a part of Goods &
Services Tax (GST), was implemented in
Karnataka in September 2017, and was
launched for interstate movement of
goods throughout the country on 1st April         Shri T.M. Vijay Bhaskar, IAS, Chief Secretary inaugurating the NeVA workshop,
2018. The intrastate e-Way bill genera-           along with dignitaries
tion has been enabled for all the states and
UTs in a phased manner. More than 20            jointly sponsored by Central Government            tions/ farmers producing organisations
lakh e-Way bills are generated every day,       and State Government, is built with a              covering the schemes executed by the
and as per records, nearly 5 cr. e-Way          vision to help legislatures to go digital          Department of Agriculture and allied
bills were generated in December 2018.          and conduct business without paper. It             departments. All these departments deal
2.10 cr of these bills are interstate while     also aims to ensure the smooth flow of             with farmers when it comes to providing
2.90 cr are intrastate. It is noteworthy that   information between executive and                  benefits from the government in the form
more than 24 lakh e-Waybills have been          legislature and disseminate the legislature        of subsidy/ financial assistance. A well
verified by officers in a month. Besides,       proceedings on the public domain on a              organised and scrutinised farmer
over 27 lakh tax payers are registered and      real time basis. NeVA Regional Work-               database will avoid farmers from
over 38000 transporters have enrolled on        shop was held for Karnataka Legislature            running pillar to post for availing bene-
the system.                                     from 2nd to 3rd November 2018.                     fits and resubmission of same set of
                                                                                                   documents repeatedly. For depart-
GSTPro-2 (GST Processing and                    Farmer Registration & Unified                      ments, it helps in bringing transparency
Analytics System)                               Beneficiary Information System –                   in the selection of beneficiaries, avoid-
GSTPro system acts as an interface              FRUITS                                             ing chances of same beneficiary(ies)
between GST Common Portal System                FRUITS         (http://www.fruits.karnata-         availing multiple schemes, avoiding
and Karnataka State Commercial Taxes   is an e-Governance application          chances of same beneficiary(ies) avail-
Department (CTD), and provides                  for managing farmers database and                  ing benefits for existing units, and also
back-end solutions to the State to perform      benefits provided to individuals/ institu-         help in enabling departments in achiev-
various GST related activities electroni-
cally and helps in carrying out procedure
based back-end activities. This system
also has a number of GST analytic reports                                      Web
to help the officers analyse and detect tax                                    Services
CEO (Chief Election Office, Karna-                                               Agriculture
The Assembly Election was held in May                                           Horticulture
2018 to constitute the 15th Assembly
Electing Members for all 224 Assembly                                             Animal
                                                                                 Husbandry                     Beneficiary
Constituencies of Karnataka. District               Farmer Database
Information System for Election (DISE)                                                                         Database
was implemented all over Karnataka to
randomise polling personnel, Electronic
Voting Machines and Micro-observers.                                              Fisheries
NIC teams across the State also provided
technical support for counting of votes
and web dissemination of results in                                           User Interface for
                                                                              Common Farmer
almost real time.                                                             Registration &                                    Farmer
Regional Workshop on NeVA
(National e-Vidhan Application)
                                                  FRUITS Architecture
The National Mission Mode project,

                                                                                                       January 2019   | 15
From the States

                                                                                                                   ernance applications to handle highly
                                       Web                                                                         sensitive property documents. These
                                       Services                                                                    workflow-based applications are meant
                                                                                                                   for Property Records Management in
                                                       Data Centre
        BHOOMI-RoR Data                                                                                            Urban Local Bodies and Rural Villages in
                                                                                                    Bank           Karnataka, respectively. Both projects
                                                      Application Servers
                  RoR Data                                                                                         avoid legacy data entry, which is laborious
                                                                                                                   in nature and also exempt survey activities
                                              Application, Test, CCE, Reports                                      before implementation. All the property
        Aadhaar Services
                                                                                                    Companies      records are digitally signed by the compe-
                  AUA Auth.                                                                                        tent     authority.     e-AASTHI        and
                 from NIC-HQ
                                                  Season wise Databases
                                                                                                                   e-SWATHU are best examples of incre-
                                                                                                    Economics &    mental model implementation of e-Gov-
                                                   Replication                                      Statistics
        KSNDMC Services                                                                                            ernance project. Most significant achieve-
                                                                                                                   ment of these projects has been the collec-
                 Weather Data                                                                                      tion of attributes, which help in creating
                                                                                                    Dept. of
                                                  Database Replication Servers                      Agriculture/
                                                                                                    Horticulture   authenticated property document by
                                                                                                                   implementing good amount of govern-
                                                                                                                   ment process re-engineering. Both appli-
   Database Integration Modules                   Crop Insurance Module                  Stakeholders              cations have an online mutation module to
                                                                                                                   update the property records based on
                                                                                                                   registered and unregistered transactions
ing comprehensive and inclusive devel-                            module helps create and randomise the
                                                                                                                   and also facilitate handling of apartments,
opment by prioritising the farmers,                               crop cutting experiments and Mobile
                                                                                                                   which is the need of the hour. A facility to
based on previous benefits provided.                              Application is used to capture data during
                                                                                                                   create charges on the properties has
                                                                  the experiment. Photos, video and GPS
                                                                                                                   enabled banks and financial institutions to
Approximately five lakh farmer registra-                          co-ordinates captured during the process
                                                                                                                   have more rights on the properties for
tions have been completed since April                             help avoid future disputes.
                                                                                                                   which they have advanced loans.
2018 in an incremental approach. Farm-                            Project Highlights
ers can raise requests online for registra-                                                                        Awards for e-AASTHI: SKOCH Order
tion, modification of existing details etc.                       ••60 lakh enrolments since Kharif 2016           of Merit – 2017& e-SWATHU- SKOCH
Electronic integration has been achieved                          ••Non loanee enrolments increased to             Order of Merit – 2017 and CSI-Nihilent
with Aadhaar, BHOOMI (land Records                                almost 88% of total enrolment in Rabi            award for the year 2014-15.
System), Nada-Kacheri (Revenue depart-                            2018, compared to mere 20% in Khariff
ments certificates issue system), Public                          2016.                                            Seva Sindhu
Distribution System (PDS) and Electors                                                                             An initiative of the Government of
Photo Identity Card (EPIC) system. The                            ••Process cycle time for compensation
                                                                  payment reduced almost by 10 months.             Karnataka, Seva Sindhu (http://sevasind-
system also facilitates updation of details                                                               aims to deliver
on benefits passed on to farmers by                               Integrated with Aadhaar for facilitating
                                                                  Direct Benefit Transfer.                         services to the doorsteps of citizens. The
stake-holding departments based on                                                                                 project is getting integrated with various
registration id. Web APIs are available                           ••De-duplication of land achieved with           service delivery channels, citizen service
for stake-holding departments’ applica-                           electronic data exchange with BHOOMI             centres such as Bangalore One, CSC
tions to interact and exchange data.                              (RoR database)                                   Centres, Karnataka One, Atalji Jana
                                                                  ••Crop cutting experiments conducted             Snehi Kendra and Bapuji Kendras, and
Samrakshane                                                       using 14,000 mobile devices and facilitat-       aims to bring all departmental services
Samrakshane (meaning protection in                                ed District Magistrates with an alert            under one platform. The objective is to
English) (https://www.samrakshane.kar-                            system in case of exorbitant yield figures.      provide services in a cashless, faceless is an end to end,                                  ••User base of 9000+ bank branches,              and paperless manner. It is a step towards
state-of-the-art e-Governance solution                            1000 Raitha Samkaraka Kendras (RSKs),            the provision of accessible, cost-effec-
and farmer-friendly system for crop                               insurance companies, 8000 CSCs and               tive, accountable and transparent govern-
insurance enrolment, registering claims,                          departmental users                               ment services to citizens. Seva Sindhu
compensation calculation and payment of                                                                            rides on ServicePlus framework,
compensation to farmers under the Crop                            Awards: National e-Governance award -            designed and developed by NIC, which is
Insurance Schemes, Pradhan Mantri                                 2018, SKOCH Order of Merit - 2017,               a unified platform based on multi-tenant
Fasal Bima Yojana(PMFBY) and Modi-                                Gems of Digital India Award - 2018               architecture for delivering electronic
fied Weather Based Crop Insurance                                                                                  services to citizens. As of now, 78 servic-
Scheme (MWBCIS).
                                                                  e-AASTHI & e-SWATHU                              es have been deployed using ServicePlus
                                                                  e-AASTHI        (      framework, 22 services are ready for
The whole process of crop cutting experi-                         and e-SWATHU (http://e-swathu.kar.               deployment and waiting for clearance
ments has been computerised. Web                         projects are citizen-centric e-Gov-      from concerned departments.

16           |   January 2019
From the States

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)                  “Aushada” - Online Drugs                         Sample AB-Arkid Card
It is a platform for enabling DBT through      Supply Chain Management
Aadhaar based and non-Aadhaar based            system
payments. Common tools for de-duplica-         Aushada is an online software applica-
tion using Aadhaar number, name                tion, which automates the procurement
comparison tools are facilitated.              and distribution of free drugs by the
                                               Karnataka State Drug Logistics and
Financial address validation in terms of       Warehouse Society (KDLWS). Annual
checking for availability of Aadhaar           requirement collection, scrutiny and
seeded bank account is another facility.       finalisation of drugs requirement,
This platform will enable DBT for              purchase order preparation, quality
citizens, availing benefits from all depart-   check, warehouse inward and outward
ments of the State. Instead of each of the     and hospitals inward and outward are its
Beneficiary Management Systems in the          major modules. Email and SMS notifica-
State separately integrating with UIDAI,       tions are sent for every transaction. The
NPCI and Treasury, they integrate with         Aushada software is also being imple-
the DBT Platform. The DBT platform             mented in two other departments, Direc-
integrates with Treasury system and also       torate of ESIS Medical Services and
the banks for enabling Aadhaar based           Veterinary Department.
payment. The payment response files
received are then shared with other            K-KISAN (Karnataka – Krishi
beneficiary management systems. Thus,
DBT enables the State to monitor the
                                               Information Services And
utilisation of funds earmarked for deliv-      Network)
ery of benefits to citizens from a single      K-Kisan (
platform. The milk subsidy and student         .in/) is an end to end software suite devel-
scholarship payment were made through          oped to provide automation of work-
this platform this year.                       flows, data level integration and user         EASE (Electronic Answer Script
                                               interface at Raitha Samparka Kendra at         Evaluation System): The answer book-
State Scholarship Portal for                   Hobli, Taluk and District levels. This         lets of the candidates are evaluated
pre-matric students                            project has been awarded with ‘Gems of         digitally. Answer booklets are scanned in
A single interface has been provided for       Digital India Award-2018’ (Jury’s              the scanning centres and the PDF docu-
all the four departments providing schol-      Choice) for excellence in e-Governance.        ments are saved at KSDC, and are made
arship to students namely Social welfare,                                                     available for the evaluators.
Tribal welfare, Minorities and Backward        Ayushman Bharat – Arogya
                                               Karnataka                                      Revenue Court Case Monitoring
classes. This portal rides on digitised data
of students built by the Education Depart-
                                                                                              System (RCCMS): RCCMS is being
                                               This application is meant for the enrol-       implemented by all the Revenue/ Magis-
ment, which provides a unique ID to            ment and issue of health card named            terial Courts of Karnataka State. The
every student. These IDs are used by           AB-ArK CARD (Ayushman Bharat–Aro-              application enables the government to
students to register for scholarships.         gya Karnataka Card), which is integrated       automate monitoring of court processes.
Integration with Revenue Department            with Aadhaar System (Biometric, OTP
software for automatic verification of         Auth, QRCode) and Ration Card
caste, income based on the caste/ income                                                      Way Forward
                                               (BPL/APL) Services. This Card will be
certificate number to access the eligibility   used for obtaining the scheme benefits at      Establishment of Centre of Excellence
and identify the scheme under which the        government/ private empanelled hospitals       for Blockchain technology e-Hospital
scholarship can be sanctioned is done.         as per package rates. Approximately 8          instance for Karnataka State Creation
Verification of fresh/ renewal category is     lakhs cards are delivered. The services        of citizen database on the lines of
also automatically done by the software        are delivered through 180 hospitals, 54        SAMAGRA Integration of FRUITS
by utilising data of the previous year’s       Bangalore One centres and 44 Karnataka-        with DBT and Crop Survey
beneficiary. Merit list generation and         One centres.
identification of the cut off is done based
on the available funds. Thus, the entire       DigiLocker: DigiLocker system has been           For further information, please contact:
process of verification and eligibility        implemented in the Department of Pre             STATE INFORMATICS OFFICER
check is automated to a large extent by        University Education to disseminate II           NIC Karnataka State Centre
providing inputs to the approving authori-     PUC marks cards through Aadhaar                  VI & VII Floor, Mini Tower
                                                                                                Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru
ty. About 55 lakh applications were            authentication mode. The database is             KARNATAKA - 560001
received this year. The scholarship            stored in the Karnataka State Data Centre
system integrates with the DBT platform                                                         Email:
                                               (KSDC) servers and a web service has             Phone: 080-22863790
for payment.                                   been enabled to access from DigiLocker.

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