Aadhaar, DBT spell bonanza

Aadhaar, DBT spell bonanza

Aadhaar, DBT spell bonanza

August 2016, Vol 30, Issue 8, Rs 15 www.haryanasamvad.gov.in Small state, largest Rio contingent P 44 Aadhaar,DBTspellbonanza

Aadhaar, DBT spell bonanza

Dos i. Check for the Registration of Broker/Distributor/Agent/ Company – distributing financial product ii. Read all the documents carefully iii. Strike off all blank / irrelevant fields / clauses in Know Your Customer (KYC) registration form iv. ask for the list of fees and charges applicable, before investing v. Make payments only –  through A/c payee cheques / drafts / EFT  to the company (selling product)/scheme and not to distributor / agent vi.

In case of change in address, update your KYC immediately Don’ts i. Do not invest with borrowed money ii. Do not expect unrealistic / guaranteed returns iii. Do not be influenced by advertisement / advices / rumours / unauthentic news promising unrealistic gains and windfall profits in mass media iv. Do not be guided by astrological predictions for your investments v. Do not invest on any explicit / implicit promises made by anyone vi. Do not invest in any scheme just because of incentives / gifts / inducements etc. offered vii. Do not be swayed by market sentiments SEBI do’s and don’ts

Aadhaar, DBT spell bonanza

HARYANA REVIEW AUGUST 2016 1 EDITORIAL T his feat, pulled off by the Haryana Government, led by the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, may go down as a trendsetter for other states to emulate. Taking the Aadhaar-linked Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) route for the disbursal of various social welfare benefits and subsidies has paid the state rich dividends. Not only has it been able to weed out 9.7 lakh fake and ineligible beneficiaries in a little more than a year, but also netted a net saving of Rs 445 crore. In Limelight section of this issue of Haryana Review, we unfold the how much and on what account of this credible achievement made public by the Chief Minister at the eleventh meeting of the Inter-State Council in New Delhi.

Out to translate the vision of the Prime Minister, Mr Nar- endra Modi, to double the income of farmers in five years into reality, the state government has successfully piloted “Scal- ing-up Climate Resilient Agriculture Practices towards Cli- mate Smart Villages (CSVs) in Haryana”, a pioneering project in 27 villages of Karnal district. Buoyed up by its positive out- comes, the state now plans to replicate the project in 250 vil- lages of other districts. In our three-part Cover Story, we make an effort to bring our readers in full measure the methodology, import and impact of this massive effort.

It is Olympics time and all eyes are getting riveted on Rio in Brazil. Haryana which accounts for only two per cent of the country's population has contributed 18 per cent to the Indian contingent for Rio, the highest among all states. Out of the 119 sportspersons who will walk under the Tri-colour at Olym- pics, 20 hail from Haryana with girls outnumbering boys. In our four-part Sports section, we dwell on Haryana’s tryst with Olympics and how the state’s positive intervention has trans- formed the lives of sports persons from the state. For many it now reads like a rags-to-riches-story. Haryana Review wishes the players medal-winning performance.

We also bring an in- terview with young javelin star Neeraj Chopra who brought Haryana and the country laurels in Poland by winning Gold and is now aiming at Tokyo Olympics.

Turn to our Photo Feature to catch a glimpse of how rains and light combine to weave a magical spell. The Art and Cul- ture section turns focus on the artists who have taken to the brush to capture the monsoon spirit and the effect it has on the mortals. Don’t miss the Potpourri Page which brings you some of the leading left-handers of the day. g The trendsetter of a feat CONSULTING EDITOR Parveen K Modi LAYOUT & DESIGN Monika Modak PHOTOGRAPHER Vinay Malik PHOTO SUPPORT Gopal Singh Karam Singh Neeraj Chopra Gauri Shankar Jasmer Singh DIGITAL & IT SUPPORT Vikas Dangi VOL 30, ISSUE 8, AUGUST 2016 Edited and published for the Haryana Government by Mr Sameer Pal Srow, IAS, Director General, Information, Public Relations & Languages Department, and issued from Samvad, Room No 314, 2nd Floor, Mini Secretariat, Sector-1, Panchkula (Haryana).

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Aadhaar, DBT spell bonanza

HARYANA REVIEW AUGUST 2016 2 CONTENTS IN LIMELIGHT Aadhaar+DBT=Rs 445 crore p 4 The Aadhaar-linked Direct Benefit Transfer route has enabled the Haryana Government to weed out as many as 9.7 lakh fake and ineligible beneficiaries and save Rs 445 crore SPOTLIGHT Ther, no more a mound of woes for residents p 7 COVER STORY Tending farming, bending climate p 8 Committed to bettering the economic lot of the farmers, the Haryana Government, led by the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, has successfully piloted a pioneering project in Karnal district which will now be replicated in 250 villages of other districts Crop yields, margins go up; losses come down p 15 The successful implementation of the Scaling-up Climate Resilient Agriculture Practices Project in Karnal has resulted in increased crop yields, improved margins and lowered losses Jobs assigned, targets fixed p 20 FEATURE Record entries, footfalls mark Mango Mela p 22 [22] [16] contents 2016

Aadhaar, DBT spell bonanza

HARYANA REVIEW AUGUST 2016 3 CONTENTS Those readers who have changed their addresses should intimate it to Deputy Director Magazine, Old PWD (B&R) Building, Sector-19, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh - 160019. Ph. 0172-5055971 PHOTO FEATURE Rains under light spell magic p 26 SPECIAL REPORT CLUs: Two tiers now p 34 CABINET RESHUFFLE Three new faces in Haryana Cabinet p 36 CABINET DECISIONS Financial aid for the kin of deceased guest teachers p 37 NEWS IN CAPSULE The month that was p 42 OLYMPICS: HARYANA IN RIO Small state, largest Rio contingent p 44 Girls outnumber boys p 47 Olympic rings of comfort: True rags-to-riches tales p 49 Haryana’s tryst with Olympics began in 1968 p 50 SPORTS Neeraj makes javelin history, sets sights high p 51 ART AND CULTURE Capturing monsoon on canvas p 52 POTPOURRI Left handers p 54 [26] [52] [34] [44]

Aadhaar, DBT spell bonanza

HARYANA REVIEW AUGUST 2016 4 IN LIMELIGHT Parveen K Modi I ncredible it may sound but it is true. The Aadhaar-linked Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) route, taken by Haryana for the disbursal of various social welfare benefits and subsidies to the people on various counts, has paid rich dividends. Not only has the state government suc- ceeded in weeding out 9.7 lakh fake and ineligible beneficiaries across the state but also saved Rs 445 crore which was unduly going to them. This revelation comes from none other than the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal. He made this fact public while speaking at the eleventh meeting of the Inter-State Council in New Delhi.

Convened after a gap of 10 years, the meeting was presided over by the Prime Minister, Mr Nar- endra Modi.

DIVIDEND BREAK-UP Here goes the break-up of the huge dividend. The Haryana Government is estimated to have saved about Rs 133 crore in terms of kerosene subsi- dy with six lakh fake and ineligible beneficiaries being detected and de- leted under the Aadhaar-based DBT scheme. As many as 2.2 lakh dupli- cate ration cards were also identified and cancelled through this process. Similarly, the government saved Rs 201 crore on account of disbursal of various social security pensions with the deletion of names of 1.5 lakh ineligible beneficiaries. The number of applications for post-mat- ric scholarships has seen a decline of 40 per cent due to strict investigation after linkage with Aadhaar.

This led to a saving of Rs 110 crore. "The state government started implementation of various schemes through DBT last year, and now we plan to bring as many as 73 schemes worth Rs 5,916.07 crore spanning 15 departments under DBT", the Chief Minister told Haryana Review. As Haryana enters its Golden Jubilee year on November 1, it is reassuring that it has emerged as one of the most developed states in the country . "Haryana is one of the top ranking states in the country with Aadhaar enrolment of 109 per cent in the above 18 years category . This pro- vides a robust platform to meaning- fully use Aadhaar as an identifier for benefits management and delivery of citizen-centic services", Mr Manohar Lal said.

The Aadhaar-induced savings are being channelised to cover the needy and genuine beneficiaries under Aadhaar+DBT The Aadhaar-linked Direct Benefit Transfer route has enabled the Haryana Government to weed out as many as 9.7 lakh fake and ineligible beneficiaries and save Rs 445 crore

Aadhaar, DBT spell bonanza

HARYANA REVIEW AUGUST 2016 5 social security schemes. As many as 32.25 lakh beneficiaries have been covered under DBT and EBT while disbursing Rs 1,308.98 crore spanning 13 departments under 61 schemes in 2015-16 alone. In order to ensure that there is sustained focus and control of vari- ous benefit schemes, a DBT Cell has been established under the Finance Department.

It would look at the transfer of these benefits through close coordination with IT-enabled services. It is proposed to be aligned with the Government of India portal as and when it becomes operational. Haryana has pioneered Aadhaar-integrated birth enrolment adopted by the Registrar General of India as a part of the civil regis- tration system. The outcome is that Aadhaar appears on the birth certif- icate. "We have launched a focused drive to get the children in the 0-5 age group enrolled under Aadhaar with- in the next three months", the Chief Minister said.

Numerous other e-governance applications have also been launched in the state. While the land record management system has been providing a mature level of service, numerous satellite applications such as e-stamping and e-registration have enhanced citizen experience and ensured predictable outcomes in land related transactions. The Integrated Financial Manage- ment and Human Resources System has emerged as a common platform for use by all government depart- ments. "Over the previous year, we were able to deliver 125 citizen services through a network of more than 3,000 Common Service Centres (CSC).

With most of the services being delivered to the correct bene- ficiaries in a manner that is conven- ient to them, it is no surprise that the state has won 12 awards during 2015-16 from Digital India, CSI-Nihi- lent, Skoch and ELETS", the Chief Minister added.

EMPHASIS ON E-GOVERNANCE Haryana is committed to moving forward with greater emphasis on e-governance. In line with the steps already initiated, the state plans to cover 100 per cent beneficiaries under DBT schemes for transfer of subsidy to ensure elimination of the twin bane of middle-men and ineligi- ble beneficiaries. The state is also working towards active adoption of e-KYC as a part of citizen service delivery . This mod- el would enable the realisation of ‘across-the-counter’ service delivery, particularly through the CSCs, that will drastically reduce the hassle to the individual in obtaining govern- ment services.

In order to enhance inves- tor-friendliness of the state, a single window portal has been launched. It is now possible for business entities and body corporates to leverage the same. One of the significant outcomes of this initiative is online registration of societies. "Besides ease in the registration process, matters related to compli- ance have also been duly addressed. With a view to mitigating the misuse and malpractices that are gener- IN LIMELIGHT The Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, the Union Home Minister, Mr Rajnath Singh and the Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Mahonar Lal, at the 11th meeting of Inter-State Council, in New Delhi =Rs445crore

Aadhaar, DBT spell bonanza

HARYANA REVIEW AUGUST 2016 6 IN LIMELIGHT ally associated, we are trying to make provisions for winding up of societies as a part of this portal", Mr Manohar Lal said. DEMAND FOR MAHILA BATTALION The Chief Minister asked the Central Government to sanction one India Reserve Mahila Battalion for dealing with female agitators and also sought financial and technical support for modernisation of the police force in the state. He also demanded funds for the purchase of equipment for re- gional forensic science laboratories. He told the Inter-State Council that state government had adopted a transparent policy for the recruit- ment of constables and higher ranks.

The process is on for the recruitment of 5,000 general duty male consta- bles, 1,000 constables under ex-ser- vicemen’s category, and 1,000 women constables. As a result of this re- cruitment, the percentage of women in state police force would increase from six to eight, and thereafter, within a year, it will increase to ten. Women Police Stations have been set up at all district headquarters. This initiative has been widely appreciated. "Encouraged by the response, we have recently taken a decision to open help desks at all po- lice stations at the sub-division level to expand their reach", Mr Manohar Lal said.

Referring to cyber crime, he said the state was in the process of establishing a State Level Cyber Crime Branch in Gurgaon which would have specially trained experts to crack such cases. There is urgent need to substantially increase the Central allocation under the Mod- ernisation of Police Force Scheme. Gurgaon and Faridabad are two mega cities which need a major push under this comprehensive scheme for which the state needs financial and technical help from the Central Government. Haryana has a fully equipped Fo- rensic Science Laboratory at Madhu- ban, Karnal. Two regional forensic science laboratories have also been set up in Gurgaon and Rohtak while two others have been sanctioned for Panchkula and Hisar.

"I request the Central Government to provide funds for the purchase of equipment for these regional forensic science labo- ratories", the Chief Minister said. Mr Manohar Lal assured the Cen- tral Government that Haryana Police were fully geared up to deal with the activities of terrorists, fundamen- talists, communal and anti-social elements, and prevent any disruption to the peace and communal harmony in the state.

SKILLING THE YOUTH On the issue of vocationalisation of education and skilling the youth, the Chief Minister said that Haryana was committed to honing the skills of youth to make them employa- ble, producing industry-specific manpower, bringing about overall change in the education system while focusing on vocationalisation and universalisation of education at elementary level, and improving higher education. “We promote vocational training, skill-based education and entrepre- neurship through increase in public spending, innovative private financ- ing and promoting relevant and broad-based skill as per the require- ment of our growing economy,” the Chief Minister said.

The state is implementing the Centrally sponsored scheme of vocationalisation of secondary and higher secondary education. At present, 14 skills stand introduced in 990 government senior secondary schools (two skills in each school) for enhancing the employability of students in integration with academ- ic stream. Last year, out of the 280 Ten plus students who appeared for inter- views, 216 were selected by various organisations for placement. This year in recent placement drive fa- cilitated through the National Skill Development Corporation of India, 117 students of the age 18 years stand selected.

The success rate is 98 per cent as compared to 77 per cent last year.

Access to elementary, high and secondary education in Haryana is quite high. It is even better than the national average as one primary school has been planned in a radius of about 1 km, high school in a radi- us of 2.08 kms, and senior secondary school in a radius of 2.7 kms of every village. Optimum pupil-teacher ratio is a sine-qua-non for quality education. The ratio at primary and upper primary level is 28:1 which is in consonance with the RTE Act, and the student-teacher ratio in higher education is 18:1. Steps are being taken to bring the student-faculty ra- tio close to the ideal figure of 15:1 in higher education in the near future.

It has been decided to increase per child unit cost of school uniforms from Rs 400 to Rs 800 at the primary level, and to Rs 1,000 at upper prima- ry level to enable the students to have two pairs of all-season uniforms. The Gross Enrolment Ratio of urban females is as high as 52.8 per cent in Panchkula, but is as low as four per cent in Nuh. Taking a seri- ous note of this, it has been decided to open girls colleges in education- ally backward districts at a radial distance of 20 kms, he added. g Haryana is committed to honing the skills of youth to make them employable, producing industry-specific manpower, bringing about overall change in the education system while focusing on vocationalisation and universalisation of education at elementary level, and improving higher education.

Manohar Lal Chief Minister

Aadhaar, DBT spell bonanza

HARYANA REVIEW AUGUST 2016 7 SPOTLIGHT Parveen K Modi C lose to 20,000 harried and helpless people, residing on Ther Mound in Sirsa District for decades, can now heave a sigh of relief. They no more face the threat of being dislodged and displaced, their dwelling units pulled down, and their only source of livelihood snatched from them. The Haryana Government, led by the Chief Min- ister, Mr Manohar Lal, has taken the historic and compassionate decision to de-notify the area. This will solve the 85-year-old problem faced by the residents of Ther Mound in Sirsa, conveniently glossed over by successive govern- ments in the past.

The Haryana Gov- ernment has initiated the process to de-notify the protected area of Ther Mound. A public notice in this regard has already been issued. Mr Jagdish Chopra, Political Advisor to the Chief Minister, told Haryana Review that finally the Ther Mound problem which had been lingering for decades, had been solved. A notification had been issued about 85 years ago under which Ther Mound of Sirsa was declared a protected area by the Archeological Department. SETTLERS BUILD HOUSES With successive governments de- ciding to look the other way, many people started migrating to this place from Western Pakistan in 1947.

Having no place and no means of livelihood, some of them started liv- ing on Ther Mound, and gradually the economically backward people who did not get a place anywhere, also built houses on Ther Mound. Others too followed suit, built hous- es on the Mound and started living there.

Presently, Ther Mound has more than 3,000 houses with a population of close to 20,000. A PLI petition was filed nine years ago in the Punjab and Haryana High Court and the court gave its verdict against the Ther Mound residents. The court had ordered the government to get the Mound vacated. No previous govern- ment showed any empathy for the people who had settled down there. Mr Chopra said when the matter of Ther Mound came to the notice of the BJP Government after its forma- tion it deeply studied all aspects of the issue. The government thought of filing an appeal against the high court verdict but the time for doing so had run out.

It could not be filed after nine years.

The state government constituted a committee having one member each from the Archeological Survey of India (ASI), Archeology Depart- ment, Haryana, and Archeology Department, Kurushetra University . The committee went into all aspects of the issue and submitted its report to the government. It unanimously accepted that so many people resided on Ther Mound and just a short area had been left unoccupied which could not be utilised for the purpose of excavations. EXPERT VIEW TAKEN After getting the report of experts, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Chief Minis- ter. After in-depth deliberations, it was decided that since it would be impossible to utilise this land for archeological purposes, it should be de-notified and the ASI informed accordingly.

It was also decided that a public notice be given informing people of the intent of the government to de-notify Ther Mound area. This solves a long pending issue and spares the residents the constant threat of having to lose their hearths and homes, Mr Chopra added. Sirsa, one of the oldest towns of Haryana, offered ancient route to Taxila. Its name is derived from the ancient name Sarishika, which finds mention in the Mahabharta. The ruins of the ancient Sarishika are believed to be buried in Ther Mound. This extensive site is spread over an area of about five kms in circum- ference with a maximum height of about 15 meters.

No archaeological excavations have so far been conduct- ed at this site. But stone sculptures, coins, an inscription, pottery pieces and other antiquities collected from the surface to underscore its archae- ological relevance. g Ther,nomoreamound ofwoesforresidents The Manohar Lal Government has decided to de-notify the area to facilitate people

Aadhaar, DBT spell bonanza