Peterborough - Care and Support Services Directory 2018/19

Peterborough - Care and Support Services Directory 2018/19

Peterborough - Care and Support Services Directory 2018/19 Publications Peterborough Care and Support Services Directory 2018/19 The essential guide to choosing and paying for care and support In association with

Peterborough - Care and Support Services Directory 2018/19

For further information about our homes or facilities please contact either care home directly or alternatively contact our head office. Peterborough Care, 236 Eastfield Road, Peterborough PE1 4BD Tel: 01733 562328 • • email: Lavender House Care Home 205 Broadway Peterborough PE1 4DS Tel: 01733 564979 Park Vista Care Home 15 Park Crescent Peterborough PE1 4DX Tel: 01733 555110 The Maltings Care Home Aldermans Drive Peterborough PE3 6AR Tel: 01733 897733 Broadleigh Care Home 213 Broadway Peterborough PE1 4DS Tel: 01733 561475 Our homes are located in close proximity of each other and a very short distance away from Peterborough’s Central Park.

Each Home has dedicated staff supported by an environment that includes the following • Total Quality Management (as recognised by ISO 9001 Award) NAPA (National Activity Providers Association) members Respite Care/Post–operative Care Residential Care, Nursing Care Dementia Care, Continuing Health Care • Delivering specialist elderly in Peterborough care OPEN DOOR POLICY Including open viewings and visiting!

DEDICATED CARE Committed well trained staff with local knowledge!

Peterborough - Care and Support Services Directory 2018/19

3 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Contents Areas covered by this Directory 

4 Welcome from Peterborough City Council4 Where do I start?  5 Keeping healthy and well 5 Staying independent 6 Assessment and support 9 What support is available? 11 Housing options  16 Paying for your care 20 Monitoring the quality of our services 23  Keeping people safe 24 Local health services 24 Support for carers 27 Essential information 30 Care and support providers 46 Care homes 49 Care homes with nursing 51 Index  52 To obtain extra copies of this Directory, free of charge, call Adult Early Help at Peterborough City Council on 01733 747474.

Peterborough City Council’s distribution of this publication does not constitute its support or recommendation of any of the products or services advertised or listed within. All the listings in this publication are supplied by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and neither Peterborough City Council nor Care Choices can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. Alternative formats This Directory is available electronically at There is also a Browsealoud option for those requiring the information in the spoken word.

Peterborough - Care and Support Services Directory 2018/19

4 Search for care at to find support in your area Areas covered by this Directory Welcome from Peterborough City Council Welcome to the latest edition of Peterborough City Council’s Care and Support Services Directory.

This 2018/19 edition will provide you with information on health and social care and support across the city. We want people in Peterborough to maintain their independence for as long as possible and enjoy the best possible quality of life. Fundamental to enabling you to make the right decisions about care and support will be high-quality information and advice. This Directory is one way of providing information. You can also look at our new Peterborough Information Network on www. or by searching for ‘Peterborough Information Network’ on Google. We are working closely with our health colleagues and neighbouring councils to join up health and social care services to give the best community- based care when it is needed.

We know that making decisions about social care can be daunting, particularly if you have had no involvement with social care before. This Directory provides clear, easy to understand guidance so that you can be confident you are making the right decisions. CAMBRIDGESHIRE LINCOLNSHIRE NORTHAMPTONSHIRE Peterborough Newborough Thorney Barnack Wittering Hampton City Centre Deeping Gate Bishops Gardens Italian Festival Diwali

Peterborough - Care and Support Services Directory 2018/19

5 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Where do I start? Peterborough Information Network (PIN) You can find lots of useful information about staying safe, well and independent in Peterborough on the Peterborough Information Network at The Peterborough Information Network includes information on topics such as: • health; • wellbeing; • getting out and about; • staying safe; • housing options; • help to live at home; • caring for someone; • learning, work and volunteering; • money matters; • personal assistants network; and • equipment and living aids.

It also includes details of events happening locally which might help with social contact and wellbeing. For support with using the Peterborough Information Network, email This Care and Support Directory is also available online at Keeping healthy and well Healthy Peterborough The Healthy Peterborough service delivers a range of programmes and interventions across the city with a focus on promoting and improving health. The services listed below are examples of programmes provided. They are all free at the point of access. All you have to do is call freephone 0800 376 5655 and speak to one of the friendly Healthy Peterborough team members who can provide advice and book you into a clinic or programme.

Stop smoking The Healthy Peterborough service is here to help you stop smoking. Smokers are up to four times more likely to succeed in quitting with support from the stop smoking service than if they try to quit unaided. Our stop smoking specialists deliver support across the city and can help you achieve your goal of giving up smoking. Call freephone 0800 376 5655 and speak to one of the friendly Healthy Peterborough team members.

Free NHS Health Check programme The free NHS Health Check programme is a public health programme in England for eligible people aged 40 to 74. If you wish to book a health check then please contact your GP practice. Physical activity and weight management Healthy Peterborough delivers free physical activity and weight management programmes to adults who are overweight and/or physically inactive, as well as those living with long-term conditions. Free Let’s Get Healthy clubs for children are also provided through Healthy Peterborough. Call freephone 0800 376 5655 and speak to one of the friendly Healthy Peterborough team members.

Learning disability Annual Health Checks The Annual Health Check scheme is for people aged 14 and over who have been assessed as having a borderline, mild, moderate, severe or profound learning disability who need more health support. It helps to detect health conditions that may otherwise go undetected. People with learning disabilities who are known to their local authority social services and are registered with a GP who knows their medical history, should be invited by their GP practice to come for a free Annual Health Check.

Peterborough - Care and Support Services Directory 2018/19

6 Search for care at to find support in your area Staying independent Support on discharge from hospital Following hospital admission, you may need support, short or long-term, to maximise your independence. This might be a new service or a continuation or increase of your previous support. You or your family can contact the Transfer of Care Team, based at the hospital, directly on 01733 454481. The team will need a formal referral from the ward staff, which you can ask them to complete. The Transfer of Care Team will support you to determine whether you could be eligible for services provided by Peterborough City Council, and will also liaise with community health colleagues regarding Continuing Healthcare, see page 22, and other services in the community.

In many cases, the Transfer of Care Team will be able to offer you a period of reablement (see page 9) to support you.

Technology Enabled Care and Adaptations You might find Technology Enabled Care (TEC) or Assistive Technology useful. TEC covers a wide variety of equipment and devices, both simple and complex, that can promote your independence and enable you to live at home for longer. TEC plays an important part in managing or minimising risks, including personal safety, home safety, falls prevention and medication management. It supports carers by providing reassurance, peace of mind and reducing stress so they can better manage the demands of their own home and work life alongside their caring role. More information on TEC can be found on the Peterborough Information Network, visit and search ‘Technology Enabled Care’.

Avoiding falls Improving safety in the home can help prevent you from having falls and injuring yourself, whilst allowing you to continue to live independently. Falls, slips and trips can lead to broken hips or wrists and other injuries, and are a leading cause of disability among the older population. Falls in the home can result in ill health, lengthy hospital stays, residential care or loss of independence, and can greatly affect your quality of life. Various aspects of the home environment can be improved to reduce the risk of having a fall. Family, friends, neighbours and carers can help make things safer for you while allowing you to stay independent and self-sufficient.

Shown below are some tips on avoiding falls: • Make sure that the hallway and stairs have working lights - if possible replace the bulbs with low energy bulbs and keep a light on overnight. • Wear slippers with an appropriate heel so that they stay firmly on the feet.

• Regular gentle exercise can help reduce the risk and fear of falling. Exercise such as Tai Chi is particularly helpful for improving balance. • Have grab rails installed at key sites around the home or at the entrance to the home. • Fasten down any torn bits of carpet or lino. • Avoid tripping over the edge of rugs by either removing them or fastening down the edges. • Review medication with your GP or pharmacist. • Ensure that you look after your feet and ask for a referral to a podiatrist if you are worried about your feet.

• Speak to your occupational therapist who can give you lots of advice.

Peterborough - Care and Support Services Directory 2018/19

7 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Finding it difficult to get in and out of chairs? Try putting a block of foam in the chair base. Alternatively, buy chair raisers, a higher chair or an electric riser chair. Also try taking regular gentle exercise. If you can’t reach your windows, could you move furniture out of the way? Ask someone to help if you need to move heavy furniture. There are also tools for opening and closing windows. Struggling to keep warm/cool? Consider a fan or heater. Is your house insulated? Are there any draughts? You may also be eligible for the winter fuel payment from the Government.

Visit If you have trouble using light switches, think about replacing your switches for ones that are easier to use. Consider handi-plugs or light switch toggles, or there’s even technology available so that you can turn your lights on and off using speech.

Use subtitles if you can’t hear the TV, or buy wireless headphones. Do you need a hearing aid? Request an assessment from your Council. Do you forget to take your tablets? Try making a note of when you’ve taken them, or buy an automatic pill dispenser or pill box. If you struggle to open your medicine, you can ask your pharmacist for advice on alternative packaging that could make it easier for you. Can you reach everything in your cupboards? If not, try a handi-reacher or rearrange your kitchen so the things you use most are within easy reach. If you are having problems with preparing food, consider a chopping board with spikes.

There are also long-handled pans, teapot tippers and lid grippers that could help. A food processor might be a solution and meal delivery services are also available.

Is eating and drinking becoming difficult? Large handled cutlery could help, or non-slip mats for the table. Lightweight cups and mugs with two handles could also be a solution. Using taps can be made easier by fitting tap turners. You could also consider repositioning your taps or buying a new tap that is easier for you to use.  Tap turners Grab handles Chopping board Hand trolley Teapot tipper Making life easier at home If you’re having difficulties with everyday tasks at home, these simple solutions could make life easier and keep you independent. These are a starting point; other solutions are available which might better suit your needs.

Peterborough - Care and Support Services Directory 2018/19

8 Search for care at to find support in your area If it’s hard to hold your toothbrush, try a toothbrush gripper. You might also benefit from having an electric toothbrush or sitting on a stool while brushing your teeth. You might like to buy a raised toilet seat, or a seat with a built in support frame if it’s hard to use your toilet. Flush lever extensions are also available. Has it become more difficult to wash? Items are available, like long-handled sponges and flannel straps. You could also consider grab rails, a half step to help you get in and out of the bath or a bath or shower seat to make washing easier.

Tap turners can also be used in the bathroom. For more information on technology that could make your life easier, contact your Council for an assessment. They might refer you to an occupational therapist (OT) or you could contact an OT privately. Search online for OTs near you. You can also look online on the Peterborough Information Network for more help and advice. Visit Do you struggle to get in and out of bed? You could learn new ways of moving around, purchase a leg lifter or a hoist or install grab rails for support. If the bed is the issue, you could buy an electric adjustable bed or raise the bed to the correct height.

If moving whilst in bed is a problem, have you thought about using an over-bed pole? You might also want to buy a pillow raiser or change your bedding so it’s lighter. Is it becoming difficult to get dressed? If so, specially adapted clothing is available, or you could buy a long-handled shoe horn, a dressing stick or a button hook. If you are having a lot of difficulty, consider home support, see page 11. Clocks are available with large numbers or lights if you can’t read the time in bed. You can also buy clocks that speak the time.

If you are finding it harder to read in bed, consider an e-reader that allows you to change the font size.

Some also have integrated lights. Look for bedside lamps with a step-on or button switch if yours are difficult to use. Chair raisers Level indicator Hand rail Bed table Handled plug  More information on staying independent and ideas to help you live at home can be found online at There is also information on making larger adaptations to your home.

Peterborough - Care and Support Services Directory 2018/19

9 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Reablement Reablement is short-term support to help you live independently again. It gives people over the age of 18 the opportunity, motivation and confidence to relearn or regain some of the skills they may have lost as a consequence of poor health, disability, impairment or accident. It may also enable you to learn new skills that can help you develop and maintain your independence. As well as the satisfaction you may gain from being able to do more things for yourself, input from the reablement service is likely to reduce your need for longer-term care and support.

Often, no ongoing care is required after the period of reablement.

Reablement can help with a range of tasks, including: • personal care tasks such as washing and dressing; • domestic skills, such as food and drink preparation; • encouraging you to be confident when moving around, including getting up and out of a chair, getting in and out of bed and getting on and off the toilet. Access to reablement services is through a discussion with a social care professional. Trained reablement staff will work with you to ensure that you are supported in your own home and that you set achievable goals. These will be based on what is reasonable for you to expect to be able to do for yourself at the end of the reablement service.

The goals will be recorded as part of your Goal/Support Plan and will be kept in your home so that you, your unpaid carers and reablement staff can monitor your achievements and identify new goals to work towards. The emphasis of the service will always be to encourage you to do things for yourself. If you still have ongoing care and support needs following the period of reablement, you may be eligible for care and support.

Assessment and support Making contact We hope that you will be able to find all the information you need on the Peterborough Information Network. However, if you are unable to find what you are looking for online, you can contact the Adult Early Help Team. The trained staff know about the services available and can offer advice on who else may be able to help. You can contact them on 01733 747474. If your request is urgent and cannot wait, out of hours you can contact the Emergency Duty Team on 01733 234724.

If you think you need help with a mental health condition, you should contact your GP in the first instance.

They may refer you to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT). See page 25 for more information about mental health services and contact details. You can also call 111 and select option 2. What happens next? When you contact the Adult Early Help Team, you will be asked for some basic details. You could be offered information and advice, short-term support to remain independent, or a social care assessment. The aim is to maximise your independence and ensure you receive the support you need. You can receive pieces of equipment (called ‘Technology Enabled Care’ or ‘Assistive Technology’) or short-term support (called ‘reablement’) without the need to go through a social care assessment or eligibility check.

You can find out more about these services in the information starting on page 6. There is no charge for these services. Social care assessments and eligibility for support If, following a discussion with the Adult Early Help Team, it is felt that you need a social care assessment, this will be arranged. If possible, the assessment may be completed over the phone when you first contact us. However, we will carry out a face-to-face assessment if your circumstances

Peterborough - Care and Support Services Directory 2018/19

10 Search for care at to find support in your area suggest that this would be beneficial. It is important to understand that even if you are found to be eligible for social care, you may have to pay for your care. This is dependent on how much money you have and is explained further on page 20. The Government has set a national eligibility threshold, which is the same across England. This national eligibility consists of three criteria, all of which must be met for a person’s needs to be eligible. The eligibility threshold is based on finding out: • whether your needs are due to a physical or mental impairment or illness; • to what extent your needs affect your ability to achieve two or more outcomes, such as being able to wash, dress yourself, or make use of your home safely; and • whether, and to what extent, this impacts on your wellbeing.

As part of the assessment, we will talk with you about what is important to you, and whether your wellbeing is affected. After the assessment, we will make a decision about whether you are eligible for care and support and will explain any decision to you. If you are eligible for support If you are eligible for social care support, we will complete a financial assessment to understand whether you will need to pay some or all of the cost of the support. This will depend on your income and any savings you may have.

If you are not eligible If you are not eligible for support from us, we will offer free advice and information and put you in touch with other organisations and services in your community that may be able to help you.

This may include some of our in-house services, such as reablement or occupational therapy. Many people find that seeking advice from us is helpful in finding their own solutions because it provides an opportunity to discuss their situation with a social care professional. If your needs change If your needs change, you can always ask us for a reassessment. Simply call the Adult Early Help Team on 01733 747474 or email Carers’ eligibility Carers have the same rights to an assessment as the person they care for. The aim of a carer’s assessment is to find out what impact caring responsibilities have on the carer’s wellbeing and to identify ways in which they can be supported to provide, and continue to provide, care.

A carer may have eligible needs if they meet the following criteria: • their needs arise as consequence of providing necessary care for an adult; and, as a result: • their health is, or is at risk of, deteriorating; • they are unable to achieve specified outcomes; or • there is or is likely to be a significant impact on their wellbeing. If, following an assessment, a carer is eligible for services, a social care professional will contact them to discuss the impact of the caring role on their wellbeing and will help the carer to develop a support plan to meet their needs and identified outcomes.

11 Visit for further assistance with your search for care For more detailed information, visit the Department of Health’s guidance – go to and search ‘Care Act factsheets’. You can also look on the Caring for Someone pages on the Peterborough Information Network at For more information on support for carers, go to page 27. Advocacy As part of the assessment process, the council may have a duty to offer you support from an independent advocate. This person cannot be involved in your care and support in a paid capacity and must be appropriately trained and supported to fulfil this role.

Advocacy services help you to say what you want and to get the services you need. They will work to empower you to have a voice and to make choices by providing support, information and representation as required. Advocacy support can be provided by a wide range of people including friends, family or someone working for a charity or community group. Sometimes people prefer to have someone they know to support them, sometimes people choose to receive support from a professional, independent advocate. In Peterborough, all commissioned statutory and non-statutory advocacy services are delivered by a new partnership of specialist advocacy organisations and co-ordinated through one central team.

The service is called Total Voice and brings together advocates from VoiceAbility, Cambridgeshire Deaf Association and National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS).

How to contact Total Voice: Referral helpline: 0300 222 5704 Email: Web: Address: Peterborough Office, 27 London Road, Peterborough PE2 8AN Drop in sessions are available on Wednesday afternoons. Children and young people who are looked after or who have a disability and are classified as children in need can contact an NYAS adviser directly by calling 0808 808 1001 or via email at What support is available? Independent home care providers In order to enable you to live in your own home for as long as possible, a range of home care services is available.

These cover day-to-day tasks such as cleaning, shopping and food preparation/cooking, through to personal care that helps with dressing, bathing, toileting and prompting the taking of medication. Care workers need to be properly trained, particularly in moving and handling and the use of hoists for some tasks.

Daily care support Care workers can call in on a daily basis to assist with any of the tasks described above. Depending on the level of help you require, their visits can be just half an hour or up to several hours. Generally, visits are available from 7.00am until 10.00pm. Some people will need multiple visits per day. Night services can also be provided. The hourly rate for these types of services depends on the services you require, the time of day and the location. Rural areas may present particular difficulties and a travel charge will probably be made in addition to the normal hourly rate.

Live-in care 24-hour live-in care can accommodate you if you

12 Search for care at to find support in your area have a very high dependency on a permanent basis. It can also provide respite breaks for regular carers and short-term support following hospital discharge. In some cases, it’s preferable and more economical to have a care worker actually living in your home. This can be for a short period, for example a week, or on an ongoing basis. Typical charges for this service depend on the amount of care and the particular skills required.

Live-in care is also available to people with permanent physical disabilities or mental health conditions who require long-term ongoing care. All home care providers are regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission which publishes inspection reports on its website, and awards quality ratings. See page 23 for more details about the Care Quality Commission. Before you make any decisions regarding the provision of care, be sure to contact several providers and ask for a ‘Service User’s Guide’ and their charges. If you are self-funding, you should also request a draft contract between you and the care provider.

For more information on home care providers look on the Peterborough Information Network at Personal assistants A personal assistant (PA) is someone who enables you to maintain your independence by providing support. The PA can be employed by you or be self- employed.

There is a register of PAs in Peterborough which can be found by searching on the Peterborough Information Network at uk/pin with the search term ‘personal assistant’. All PAs on the register have been thoroughly checked by Peterborough Council for Voluntary Services (PCVS) before they are placed on the register. The register includes details about the support the approved PAs can provide and their direct contact details. For more information, email PCVS at Protection for people who lack capacity Your liberty can only be taken away from you in very specific situations.

The Mental Capacity Act calls this a deprivation of liberty. It should only be used if it is the least restrictive way of keeping you safe or making sure you have the right medical treatment. Being deprived of liberty means that you are not free to go anywhere without permission or close supervision, and you are usually under continuous control and supervision. This is against the law unless it is done under the rules set out in the Mental Capacity Act.

This may happen if you need to go into a care home or hospital to get care or treatment, but you don’t have the capacity to make decisions about this yourself. If you are living at home, you can also be deprived of your liberty lawfully if the Court of Protection makes an order allowing it. The Court of Protection makes decisions and appoints deputies to act on your behalf if you are unable to make decisions about your personal health, finance or welfare. Contact the council for more information.

13 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Home care agency checklist © 2018 Care Choices Ltd Agency 1 Agency 2 Agency 3 £ £ £ Fees per week Quality rating* We suggest that you have paper with you when speaking with home care agencies so you can make notes.

You can download and print this checklist at About the agency How long has the agency been operating?  How long are staff allocated per visit?  Can you contact the agency in an emergency or outside office hours?  Does the agency have experience with your specific needs?

 Staff Are you likely to be visited by different staff each day?  Are all staff checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service?  Will you be notified in advance if your care worker is on holiday or sick?  Are staff matched to you specifically, based on your needs and preferences?  Can you meet your care worker(s) before they start?  Does the agency have both male and female staff?  Accommodating your needs Can the agency accommodate your needs if they increase? Ask about the process for this.  Does the agency have a training scheme in place?   Are all staff trained to a certain level?

 Are staff able to help with administering medication if required?  Is there a way for staff to communicate with each other about the support they provide when they visit you? How?  Regulation Will your support plan be reviewed at regular intervals?  Canyouseetheagency’scontractterms?  Can you lodge a complaint easily?  Are complaints dealt with quickly?  Can you see a copy of the agency’s CQC registration certificate and quality rating?  Notes      *See page 23.

14 Search for care at to find support in your area Dementia If someone you know has been feeling confused, agitated or forgetful, it may be a good idea for them to visit their GP. You might want to consider accompanying them to the appointment. Each person will experience dementia in their own individual way, but there will usually be a decline in memory, reasoning and communication skills, confusion and a gradual loss of the skills needed to carry out daily activities. Peterborough’s Dementia Resource Centre offers residents a one-stop shop for dementia care and support.

It is delivered by Alzheimer’s Society on behalf of Peterborough City Council and also includes the NHS Memory Clinic, which is where people are tested for dementia.

The Centre can be found at 441 Lincoln Road, Millfield, Peterborough PE1 2PE. Residents can access the service without an appointment to learn more about memory issues and dementia. The Centre is open six days a week including some evenings. The team based there offers advice, information and support in the lead up to being assessed by the Memory Clinic. The team also provides ongoing support to the person with dementia and their carers/families after diagnosis. The Centre provides a range of support groups and activities for people with dementia and their carers and families, including walking groups, gardening clubs, and arts and crafts groups.

Additionally, there are groups specifically for black and minority ethnic communities and people with dementia who are under 65.

For more information about the Centre, or to speak to someone about dementia, please contact Alzheimer’s Society on 01733 893853. You can also find out more on the dementia page on the Peterborough Information Network website. Supported employment Supported Employment teams provide flexible programmes to support people who want to work but are facing barriers due to a disability. They work closely with employers in a broad range of vocations to secure jobs, work experience and voluntary placements in local businesses.

These include retail, production, office work, cleaning services and catering.

There are also work opportunities in mini enterprises providing services to businesses in catering, grounds maintenance and car washing. Please call 01733 797710 for more information. Young people and transition to adulthood When a young person with disabilities or a young carer approaches their 18th birthday, they may ask for an assessment. A parent or carer may also ask for an assessment as the child they are caring for approaches 18.

If the young person has a learning disability, sensory impairment and/or a physical disability and has an Education, Health and Care Plan, the assessment will be undertaken by the 0 to 25 Disability Service. The service works in partnership with a range of local services to provide information, advice and care plan support to help disabled young people develop a transitions pathway and prepare for life as they become an adult. More information can be found on the Local Offer at Resource for those supporting disabled children My Family, Our Needs is an online resource providing impartial information for parents, carers and practitioners supporting children from birth to 25 years with additional needs.

As well as guidance, policy and signposting, there is a lifestyle section for parents covering topics such as health and wellbeing, work, family and relationships. Visit

15 Visit for further assistance with your search for care The voluntary and community sector in Peterborough If you think about everything you need to live an active and independent life, whether this is education, social welfare and care, health, environment, policing, local sports clubs, transport, housing, retail, advice work, employment, faith, arts, playgroups, law and advocacy, social and interest activities to name but a few, you will find a Peterborough not-for-profit organisation that provides work in this area.

Peterborough has a strong, thriving voluntary and community sector. Groups range in size from very small, just three or four people supporting each other, through to large national charities having a base in the city. The diversity of the sector enables us to support thousands of people with their everyday lives. Supporting this vast network of groups and organisations are paid staff and an army of volunteers. There are lots of reasons why people choose to volunteer, including: • to meet people; • to give something back; • to learn new skills or keep existing skills going; • to build confidence; and • to help with the search for employment, which is one of the biggest areas of volunteering today.

If you are interested in receiving support or advice on volunteering or setting up a support group, please contact Peterborough Council for Voluntary Services (PCVS) on 01733 311016 or email PCVS can also provide information and advice on the wide range of voluntary support organisations and networks that operate across the city. The Peterborough Wellbeing Service The Peterborough Wellbeing Service is run by PCVS. They are able to point people in the right direction for a range of services and supplies including: • short-term support if someone is unwell; • support after leaving hospital; • replacement radiators, energy advice; • handyperson support; • support for people who have experienced a recent death of a loved one; • support for people who have brain injuries and strokes; • support for people with physical disabilities and their carers, including access to sports facilities; • support for people with poor hearing and/or eyesight; • support for people with mental health issues; • nutrition and exercise classes; • volunteer opportunities; • befriending and social interaction through community groups; • sitting service; • support for carers and their families; • safety, security and access to your home; • managing finances; and • cleaning and gardening.

Some services are available for free, but some may be charged for. For more information, call 01733 342683.

Comments, compliments and complaints If you have a comment, compliment or complaint about care and support services, you can provide feedback by: • telling any member of staff you feel comfortable with; • calling the Adult Early Help Team on 01733 747474; • calling the Complaints Manager on 01733 296331;

16 Search for care at to find support in your area • writing to us at The Central Complaints Office, Peterborough City Council, Town Hall, Bridge Street, Peterborough PE1 1HQ; or • emailing us at ASCcomplaints@peterborough. If you are not satisfied with the final reply from Peterborough City Council, you can contact the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman on 0300 061 0614.

Complaints about care that you pay for yourself You can ask the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman to take up your case if you are not happy about how a care home or service dealt with your complaint about care that you pay for yourself. You can also contact the Care Quality Commission. You can find the contact details on page 23. Housing options Housing Needs Service Peterborough City Council delivers a range of services to assist people in need of alternative accommodation, threatened with homelessness, or seeking advice on their current accommodation. The Housing Needs Service delivers a range of advice and assistance to those with accommodation needs.

Whether you’re a Housing Association tenant, rent privately, own a property or have no fixed address, the service offers free and confidential advice on various housing-related subjects. You can access the services quickly by calling 01733 864064.

In addition, the Housing Needs Service maintains the Peterborough housing register and administers the choice-based lettings scheme for the Peterborough Homes partnership. The Housing Needs Service is based in the Town Hall, Bridge Street, Peterborough. You can contact the service on 01733 864064 and, if necessary, you will be given an appointment to see a Housing Needs Officer. If you do not have access to a telephone, you can visit the Customer Self Serve Centre at the Town Hall where telephones are available for public use.

Major adaptations If you require major adaptations to your home, an Occupational Therapist referral is the first step.

To request this, telephone 01733 747474 and select option 4. If work is necessary and appropriate, a referral can be sent to Care and Repair who can assist you in applying for a means-tested Disabled Facilities Grant to help with some or all of the costs. You may qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant if you are on a low or moderate income. If you require only minor aids and adaptations they may be supplied at no cost.

If you are an owner-occupier on a low income and your house is in serious disrepair, or your heating is not functioning and is uneconomical to repair, grants may be available. Contact the Care and Repair Home Improvement Agency on 01733 863895 for further details. Handyperson scheme Care and Repair’s handyperson scheme offers assistance to local residents where their houses are occupied solely by vulnerable, older people (aged over 65) and disabled people. The scheme will undertake small repairs / tasks (less than 4 hours) to prevent falls and help people to live independently. The scheme uses vetted contractors to undertake the works.

The labour costs of the service are free but material costs will be charged. You can contact the Handyperson Scheme by calling 01733 863864.

17 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Extra Care housing Extra Care housing is specially-designed accommodation for older people who are becoming frail or who have dementia and are less able to do things themselves. It offers individual flats with your own front door, with care and support available in the building. If you are over 55 and need some care or support to live independently, Extra Care housing could be for you. Current Extra Care schemes in Peterborough Bishopsfield, Mountsteven Avenue, Walton, Peterborough PE4 6WD Tel: 0370 192 4000 (head office) Friary Court Extra Care Scheme, Friary Court, Burton Street, Peterborough PE1 5AE Tel: 01733 894684 Kingfisher Court, Thistle Drive, Stanground, Peterborough PE1 8NZ Tel: 01733 385141 Lapwing Apartments, Matley, Orton Brimbles PE2 5YQ Tel: 01733 385000 (head office) The Maples, Goldhay Way, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough PE2 5JH Tel: 01332 296200 The Pavilions, 50 Alma Road, Peterborough PE1 3FG Tel: 01733 562164 The Spinney, 1 Neath Court, Eye, Peterborough PE6 7UB Tel: 01733 223950 St Edmunds Court, St Edmunds Walk, Hampton Centre, Peterborough PE7 8NA Tel: 0370 192 4000 (head office) Care homes All care providers in the country must be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

All services are inspected by the CQC, which reports on its findings. These inspection reports, along with quality ratings, are available from the service or from the CQC website at There are two types of residential home: Care homes (personal care only) If you need someone to look after you 24-hours a day, but don’t need nursing care, a care home offering only personal care may be the best option. Personal care includes bathing, feeding, dressing and help with moving but it must be paid for from your own resources if your capital/savings exceed £23,250. See page 20 for more information on paying for your care.

Care homes with nursing Care homes with nursing provide the same personal care as care homes but with trained nursing staff on duty 24-hours a day. If you think you may need nursing care in a home, you will need to be visited by a social worker or a care manager to work out what care you will need. This visit might be in your own home, or in hospital if you’ve been ill, or in a care home. You will be fully involved in planning your care needs. If a care home providing nursing care is the best solution for you, your social worker will give you information to help you find a home which meets your care requirements.

The cost of the nursing care part of your fees is paid by the NHS to the home directly. See page 22 for more information about NHS Nursing Care Contribution.

You can find more information on the Peterborough Information Network at 

18 Search for care at to find support in your area  Comprehensive lists of care homes and care homes with nursing in Peterborough and borderline areas begin on page 49. These include providers up to the postcode PE10, which includes parts of Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. Care Choices also publishes Care and Support Services Directories for these counties. For free copies call: Cambridgeshire Customer Services on 0345 045 5202 Lincolnshire Customer Service Centre on 01522 782155 Northamptonshire Customer Service Centre on 0300 126 1000 The figures mentioned here may change.

Please contact Peterborough City Council nearer the time for more information.

Protection for those who lack capacity Going into a care home is a big step for anyone, and sometimes people do not have the capacity to consent to the decision or to consider whether this is in their best interest. The Mental Capacity Act introduced Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, which offer protection to people entering care homes without capacity, and for those living in care homes who lose mental capacity. If someone is identified by a care home as lacking the mental capacity to agree to their stay, the home must apply to the council (the supervisory body) requesting an authorisation of a deprivation of liberty.

When an application is received we will arrange for a Best Interest Assessor to visit the person in their care setting, and to consult with care staff at the home and family and friends, to determine that living in the care home is in their best interests. A specialist doctor will also visit to confirm a reason why the person lacks capacity and that they are eligible for such an authorisation. The assessment will check whether the restrictions to the person are proportionate and necessary and that there are no lesser restrictive options for them. Authorisations last for a maximum of one year and a further application will then be required.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards can also be applied in other settings, such as hospitals and supported living schemes.

Moving from one area of the country to another Sometimes people choose to live in another area of the country as they want to be closer to friends or family. Peterborough City Council will work together with the new local authority to ensure that your care continues. Listings of registered care providers in Peterborough City and the surrounding areas start on page 46. This Directory’s website, can also provide details of all registered care providers in England, filtered to your needs and preferred location. The Care Quality Commission’s website, also has details of all registered care providers in England.

The Publisher of this Directory, Care Choices, also produces Care and Support Services Directories for Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire. For free copies, call Cambridgeshire – Customer Services on 0345 045 5202 Lincolnshire – Customer Service Centre on 01522 782155 Northamptonshire – Customer Service Centre on 0300 126 1000 The essential guide to choosing and paying for care and support Lincolnshire Care Services Directory 2018/19 w w w. c a r e c h o i c e s. c o. u k

19 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Care homes checklist

© 2018 Care Choices Ltd Home 1 Home 2 Home 3 £ £ £ Fees per week Quality rating* We suggest that you take paper with you when visiting care homes so that you can make notes.

You can download and print this checklist at Staff What is the minimum number of staff that are available at any time?  Are staff respectful, friendly and polite?  Do staff have formal training?  Are the staff engaging with residents?  Activities Can you get involved in activities you enjoy?  Is there an Activities Co-ordinator?  Does the home organise any outings?  Are residents escorted to appointments? Do the residents seem entertained?  Does the home have a varied activities schedule?  Life in the home Is the home adapted to suit your needs?

 Can you bring your own furniture?  Are there enough plug sockets in the rooms?  Are there restrictions on going out?  Is there public transport nearby?  Does the home provide any transport?  Can you make/receive calls privately?  Can you decide when to get up and go to bed?  Does the home allow pets?   *See page 23.

Personal preferences Is the home too hot/cold? Can you control the heating in your room?  Is the décor to your tastes?  Are there restricted visiting hours?  Is there somewhere you can go to be alone?  Does the home feel welcoming?  Catering Can the home cater for any dietary requirements you may have?  Does the menu change regularly?  Can you eat when you like, even at night?  Can you have food in your room?  Is there a choice of food at mealtimes?  Is alcohol available/allowed if you want it?  Can visitors join you for meals?  Fees Do your fees cover all of the services and activities?

 Are fees likely to change regularly?  Is the notice period for cancellation of the contract reasonable?  Could you have a trial period?  Can you keep your room if you go into hospital?  Can you handle your own money? 

20 Search for care at to find support in your area Paying for your care If you have been assessed as eligible for care and support (see page 9) and your needs cannot be met through information and advice or free services, it might be necessary for us to undertake a financial assessment to look at your care needs and how much you may have to pay. The financial assessment will look at your income and what assets you have, for example savings and property. If you have over a certain amount, currently £23,250, you will be responsible for paying for your care yourself. The council can arrange your care for you in some circumstances if you choose; however a nominal fee will be charged for this.

The value of your home is not included if you are to receive home care. Your support plan and personal budget If you have eligible needs, we will contact you to discuss what help might be available and work with you to put together a care and support plan tailored to your needs.

Your plan will work out how you can do the things that are important to you and your family, with the right level of care and support. You will also know how much it will cost to meet your needs and how much the council will contribute towards the cost. This is your personal budget. There is no obligation for you to manage your personal budget yourself, and there is choice about how care and support is arranged. In some cases, you may ask the council to arrange services on your behalf, or you could request a direct payment. Using your personal budget You may choose how to spend your personal budget, providing that it meets your eligible social care needs based on the outcomes agreed and outlined in your care and support plan.

Some examples of how a personal budget can be used include: • arranging a care agency to provide you with care and support at home with things like getting dressed, preparing a meal, washing and toileting; • arranging day care activities with a care provider; • arranging and paying for respite care to give you and your carers a short break; or • paying for any support you may need when your carer takes a break.

Direct payments A direct payment is a personal budget taken as a cash payment made directly to you. It can also be paid directly to an authorised person or organisation acting on your behalf. Direct payments can be used to buy your own care and support, and can give you a greater ability to choose and control your own care services and help you to achieve better outcomes. Using your direct payment You can use a direct payment to employ your own personal assistant to help and support you, and pay them a wage from your direct payment. If you employ someone directly as a personal assistant, expert help and advice is available on how to calculate and pay your employee’s wages, and how to undertake your responsibilities as an employer.

You can find out more about personal assistants on page 12. Alternatively, visit the Peterborough Information Network at uk/pin and search ‘personal assistant’.

21 Visit for further assistance with your search for care You may also use your direct payment to pay for certain types of equipment to help you live independently at home. If you take your personal budget as a direct payment, you will need to keep a record of how you spend the money and the amounts that you hold in the bank account that you use for your direct payments – but you can get help with this if you need it. Peterborough City Council will need to see your direct payment records, usually every three months. You can get support with direct payments from Peterborough Council for Voluntary Services.

Tel: 01733 342683 Email: Paying the full cost of care yourself – being a ‘self-funder’ If you know that you will need to pay the full cost of your care, either in your own home or in a care home, and arrange this yourself, you do not need to be assessed by the council. However, you can choose to contact Peterborough City Council at any point for advice and guidance, or to request an assessment of your needs if you would like one, to ensure you are purchasing the appropriate support.

If you are paying for the full cost of your care and have capital over £23,250 then independent financial advice will help you to maximise your investments to cover care costs for as long as possible. There are lots of organisations that can give you advice about funding your care and support costs in the future. You may find the following websites useful: • • You can also find a number of organisations which can help you with independent financial advice on the Peterborough Information Network on If you do speak to an independent financial adviser, you need to be aware that there may be a charge for this service.

We would recommend that the financial adviser is accredited by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or is accredited with the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA). Visit to find an accredited adviser. If you are moving into a care home, you may be entitled to some of the following financial assistance and support: 12-week property disregard Peterborough City Council will help with the cost of your care during the first 12 weeks of permanent care, provided our assessment has shown that this is the kind of care you need. This is called the ‘property disregard’ period.

This applies if: • your former home is included in your financial assessment; Age Care Advice help self funders find, coordinate and monitor their care. We promise to: • Offer competitive costs for this process • Assess what care you require within 48 hours of first contact • Provide you access to our experienced local assessors 7 days a week • Use the whole care market and direction to find the best care for you Self Funder Assessment Service Care Planning in Peterborough Age Care Advice Tel: 01476 552137 | 07772 992 732 Email:

22 Search for care at to find support in your area • your other capital and savings are less than £23,250; and • your income is not enough to meet your care home fees.

Deferred payment agreements (DPAs) A DPA is an arrangement with Peterborough City Council that enables you to use the value of your home to help pay care home costs. If you are eligible, we will make payments to the care home on your behalf as an ongoing loan, on which interest will be charged, using your home as security. You can delay repaying us until you choose to sell your home. Until your property is sold, you will need to make a part-payment every four weeks towards the cost of your care, based on your weekly income. Once the property is sold, a financial assessment review will take place to determine whether you are entitled to council funding assistance with your care fees, or if you need to pay for your care from your own financial resources.

If this is the case, you will be advised of the date from which you should start to pay the home. Although you do not need to sell your home during your lifetime, it may affect your entitlement to Pension Credit if your property is not seen to be on the market and becomes treated as capital by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Third party payments Some care homes and care homes with nursing charge fees that are higher than the maximum amount Peterborough City Council can contribute. If we are contributing towards your care home fees and you choose to move into a home which charges a higher fee, the difference between the two amounts must be paid for by a third party, usually a relative or a charity.

Third party payments are sometimes referred to as ‘top-up’ payments. Please note, this amount will be charged in addition to your assessed contribution. The general rule is that you cannot use your own money to fund a third party payment. However, in certain specific circumstances you may make a third party payment from your own funds. These are: • when you are eligible for the 12-week property disregard; or • when you have a deferred payment agreement. We recommend that you seek independent financial and legal advice if you are considering these options. NHS Funded Nursing Care Contribution Whether you are a temporary or permanent resident, if you live in a care home that provides nursing care, you may be entitled to a non-means-tested NHS Funded Nursing Care Contribution (£158.16 per week for the standard rate at the time of publication) towards the cost of your nursing care.

This is paid directly to the home. You can find more information by searching ‘NHS Funded Nursing Care’ on NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding If you have primary health needs and are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding, the NHS will pay for the full cost of your care in any setting, including your own home or a care home. To be eligible your primary needs must be health-related. More information can be found by searching ‘NHS Continuing Healthcare’ on Attendance Allowance This is a non-means-tested, non-taxable benefit from the Department for Work and Pensions paid at the lower rate of £57.30 per week for those needing care by day or night and at the higher rate of £85.60 per week for those needing care both during the day and night.

If you go into permanent care funded by Peterborough City Council, you will no longer be entitled to Attendance Allowance. You can find out more by searching ‘Attendance Allowance’ on Whatever your circumstances… Remember: • your assessment will be made up of two elements, a care part and a financial one; • a nursing home will generally be more expensive than a residential home offering personal care only; and • if your partner remains at home, their finances will not be included in the financial assessment to work out how much you have to contribute towards your care costs.

Please note, some of the figures mentioned here may change during the lifetime of this Directory.

23 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Monitoring the quality of our services We want to provide the best quality services to the people of Peterborough. Regulations for residential, nursing and home care services focus on improving outcomes for adults who need support. These regulations underline the importance of service users having a say and making decisions about how to keep healthy and get the right care and support.

We work closely with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Clinical Commissioning Groups and care providers to make sure we maintain high-quality standards in the care provided to people in Peterborough. We also continue to have a strong commitment to safeguarding those adults who may be at risk of experiencing abuse or exploitation. Inspecting and regulating care services Health and social care services must be registered to show that they meet a set of standards. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. It registers care providers and inspects and rates services.

When things go wrong, the CQC can also take action to protect people who use services. After an inspection of a care home or home care agency, the CQC publishes a report of what it found. The report looks at how well the service meets the CQC’s five key questions: Is the service safe? Effective? Caring? Responsive to people’s needs? Well-led?

Each care home and home care agency will get an overall rating of outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate. It will also get ratings for each key question. The ratings mean you can easily see where a service is performing well, and where it needs to improve. It’s always a good idea to check inspection reports and ratings when choosing a care service. You can find reports and ratings on the CQC’s website (www. Care providers must also display their latest rating at their premises and on their website. You can also tell the CQC about your experiences of care – good or bad.

It can use your information to see where it should inspect next, and what to look out for when it does. If you want to share your experience of care, visit Tel: 03000 616161 Email: Web: Write to: The Care Quality Commission, Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4PA Local quality checking arrangements In addition to the inspections carried out by the Care Quality Commission, Peterborough City Council has a Quality Improvement Team. The team works to build positive working relationships with Peterborough’s Adult Social Care market by providing advice, consultancy and support.

They share knowledge, skills and expertise by promoting best practice, contractual and legislative compliance. Healthwatch Enter and View Healthwatch is an independent consumer champion for health and social care. It has statutory power to Enter and View places providing publicly-funded health or care services, to see and hear how people experience the services. Healthwatch writes and publishes a report after each visit. Reports are shared with the organisation, the Care Quality Commission, commissioners, quality assurers, Healthwatch England and any other relevant partners. You can find out more on

24 Search for care at to find support in your area Keeping people safe Everyone has the right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. Safeguarding adults is about organisations working together to prevent abuse or neglect, whilst at the same time making sure that the person is always put first, having regard to their views, wishes, feelings and beliefs in deciding any action. If you have care and support needs, the council has an adult safeguarding procedure in place to help protect you from neglect and abuse. If you are concerned about yourself or someone else being abused, we will: • listen to your views and wishes; • take you seriously; • treat you with respect; • support you to feel as safe as you want; • support you to make your own decisions; and • keep you informed and involved and tell you what will happen next.

Forms of abuse could be: physical abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse or exploitation, psychological abuse, financial or material abuse, modern slavery, discriminatory abuse, organisational abuse, neglect and acts of omission, or self-neglect. If you have a concern, suspicion or allegation that an adult with care and support needs is being subjected to harm, abuse or neglect you should contact Adult Social Care at Peterborough City Council. Within office hours, please call the Adult Early Help Team on 01733 747474, or outside office hours, please call the Emergency Duty Team on 01733 234724.

If you think a crime has been committed, you should call the police on 101 for anything that is not urgent. You should always call 999 if you feel that someone is in immediate danger.

What we will do When any form of abuse is reported to us, we will: • contact you to discuss your concern and gather additional information; • contact the adult you are concerned about to establish what they wish to happen; • contact other professionals and then assess the level of risk; and • ensure any immediate action required is taken. Information is not usually shared without the permission of the person it concerns. The exceptions to this are: • situations where others may be at risk of abuse and/or the person is not able to make decisions for themselves because of their mental capacity; and • where a crime has been committed and information is requested by the police under their powers.

We will always inform you if we have to share information about you without your consent. Local health services Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group Clinical commissioning is the planning, buying and monitoring of health care. It is all about making sure that health care services meet the needs of local populations safely and effectively, within the resources available. Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is led by local doctors and other local health professionals.

This means that decisions about local health services are made by local doctors and health professionals who best understand the needs of their patients.

25 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Every GP practice across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough (plus two practices in Northamptonshire and three practices in Hertfordshire), is a member of the CCG, including the 29 GP practices within Peterborough (serving a population of approximately 258,500 people). How can I get involved? Most GP surgeries across Greater Peterborough now have a Patient Participation Group (PPG). A PPG is a group of patients from the GP practice, interested in health and health care issues, who want to get involved with and support the running of their local GP practice.

To find out if your GP practice has a PPG and to find out how to become involved, talk to your local GP surgery or contact the CCG’s Engagement Team: Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG Peterborough Office, Zone B, City Care Centre, Thorpe Road, Peterborough PE3 6DB Tel: 01733 776184 Email: Web:www.cambridgeshireandpeterboroughccg. Making a comment, compliment or complaint If you have a comment, compliment or complaint about local health services, you can contact the Patient Experience Team at the Clinical Commissioning Group.

Patient Experience Team Lockton House, Clarendon Road, Cambridge CB2 8FH Freephone: 0800 279 2535 Tel: 01223 725588 Email: If you need help in making a complaint about NHS services, you can contact POhWER, an independent complaints advocacy service.

Tel: 0300 456 2370 Email: Write to: PO Box 14043, Birmingham B6 9BL Other NHS main contacts North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust (formerly Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) Peterborough City Hospital, Edith Cavell Campus, Bretton Gate, Peterborough PE3 9GZ Tel: 01733 678000 Web: If you have a comment, compliment or complaint relating to Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Trust, you can contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service.

Peterborough City Hospital, Department 003, Edith Cavell Campus, Bretton Gate, Peterborough PE3 9GZ Tel: 01733 673405, Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm (messages can be left out of hours). Email: • In person: the PALS Team is happy to arrange an appointment. Mental health Your GP should be your first point of contact if you are worried about your mental health. They will consider whether they can provide the help and treatment you need or whether you should be referred to the secondary mental health services. The local NHS mental health service provider is the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT).

It provides an integrated health and social care service. Your needs will be assessed under the Care Programme Approach and a support plan will be devised to meet your needs. This will include the support you need to live your life in the community, such as personal care and one-to-one support, access to work and community services. You can self-refer to the Psychological Wellbeing Service, which is part of the Improving Access to

26 Search for care at to find support in your area Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services, an NHS initiative designed to make psychological or talking therapies more accessible to people experiencing common mental health issues. Services include: self-help reading materials, guided self-help (both over the telephone and face-to-face), one-to-one therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and courses for groups, including Mindfulness.

To self-refer, call 0300 300 0055 or complete the online form at You can also self-refer to Insight Healthcare for talking therapies: Buttress House, 36 Brenkley Way, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE13 6DS Tel: 0300 555 0888 Email: Web: If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and need help, call NHS 111 and select option 2.

Specially-trained mental health staff will speak to you and discuss your mental health care needs, instead of having to go to accident and emergency departments in local acute hospitals. Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust Elizabeth House, Fulbourn Hospital, Fulbourn, Cambridge CB21 5EF Tel: 01223 726789 Web: Cambridgeshire Community Services Cambridgeshire Community Services offers support to children, young people and families, including: • children’s services; • i-CaSH: Integrated Contraception and Sexual Health Services; • dental services; • musculo-skeletal services; and • uro-gynaecological physiotherapy.

Cambridgeshire Community Services Unit 3, The Meadows, Meadow Lane, St Ives PE27 4LG Tel: 01480 308222 Email: Web: Peterborough Minor Illness and Injury Unit This can help with: cuts, scalds, burns, strains, suspected fractures, ear and throat infections, stomach upsets and flu-like symptoms. No appointment is necessary, just walk in. Open 8.00am to 8.00pm, every day of the year. City Care Centre, Thorpe Road, Peterborough PE3 6DB Tel: 01733 293800 NHS 111 NHS 111 is a telephone service which makes it easier for you to access local NHS healthcare services in England.

You can call 111 when you need medical help fast but it’s not a 999 emergency. NHS 111 is a fast and easy way to get the right help, whatever the time, NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones.

For general, non-emergency information on health, visit NHS Choices on

27 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Seven-day access to GP services Patients across Peterborough can access evening and weekend GP appointments at the GP Hub, based at Boroughbury Medical Centre, Craig Street, Peterborough. The GP Hub is a new service where local GPs and Practice Nurses offer a range of services for all patients registered with a GP practice in Greater Peterborough. Appointments are available between 6.30pm and 8.30pm, Monday to Friday; 9.00am to 5.00pm on Saturdays; and 9.30am until 12.30pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

To book an appointment, phone your own practice as you would do normally, and you will be advised of which appointments are available at the GP Hub.

MyHealth Cambridgeshire and Peterborough A new app to help Cambridgeshire and Peterborough residents find local NHS services is now available to download. Quick and easy-to-use, the ‘MyHealth Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’ app directs you to your nearest appropriate NHS service. This includes local GPs, pharmacies, minor injury units, and dentists, based on your location or postcode. The app is free to download for iOS via Apple Store and Android via Google Play by searching for ‘MyHealth C&P CCG’. It is also available in five other languages, including Polish, Latvian, and Lithuanian. Support for carers A carer is someone who helps another person, usually a relative or friend, in their day-to-day life.

This is not the same as someone who provides care professionally, or through a voluntary organisation. Many people do not recognise themselves as carers. Anyone can become a carer and we recognise that our carers come from all walks of life and can be any age. The people they care for may: • be frail; • be ill; • have a physical or learning disability; • have a mental health condition; or • have issues with substance misuse. All carers can ask for an assessment. No two caring situations are the same and a carer’s assessment is an opportunity to reflect upon the person’s needs as a carer, access information and advice and identify support.

The carer’s assessment can be carried out by the carer themselves or it may be carried out with support from a worker from Carers Trust (Peterborough) or Adult Social Care. For more information on carers’ eligibility for services, see page 10. You can find more information on the Caring for Someone pages on the Peterborough Information Network at The Emergency Support for Carers service Our Emergency Support for Carers service is in place to help carers of adults if an emergency arises. It can offer peace of mind by providing a service during such unplanned events as:

28 Search for care at to find support in your area • a carer being admitted to hospital or having other urgent health needs; • there being a family emergency (for example, if a close relative is taken ill); • there being a risk to the carer’s employment on a particular occasion; or • a carer needing to attend the funeral of a close friend or relative. The purpose of the service is to arrange temporary short-term replacement care for someone who is dependent on a carer for providing necessary care. All carers can apply to register, however, to be deemed as providing necessary care, the tasks performed must be those that the adult could not do themselves without support.

If a carer is providing care for an adult who is capable of providing for themselves, then they may not be providing necessary care.

Carers can contact the Adult Early Help Team on 01733 747474 to register with the Emergency Support for Carers service. Carers’ information packs All carers can ask for a copy of the carer’s information pack which contains relevant information and advice for carers. Carers who ask for a carers’ assessment are also automatically sent the information pack as well as a registration form for the Emergency Support for Carers service. You can request a carers’ information pack by contacting Carers Trust on 01733 645234.

Carers Trust (Peterborough) Carers Trust Peterborough is a local organisation commissioned by Peterborough City Council to provide support to family carers and their families.

A family carer is someone who looks after one or more family members who could not manage without their help. A family carer can be any age, from a young carer aged five to a family carer aged 85 years and over. Carers Trust Peterborough offers family carers and their families help to: • plan for the future and plan for emergencies; • assess their needs and find support that allows them to continue in their caring role; • improve their emotional and physical health through the award-winning Family Carer Prescription; • find and provide end of life, palliative care and CQC registered care; • find the right information at the right time; and • manage work commitments and caring for family.

Through Carer Friendly Community Hubs, Carers Trust also provides opportunities: • to take part in social activities, make friends and find support with families in a similar situation; • for family carers to have a short break; • for families to talk to professionals and get information and advice that can help them in their caring role; • to take part in workshops and learning opportunities which can improve family carer and wider family health; and • for family carers to have their voices heard. Carers Trust Peterborough also offers a range of support to help five- to 25-year-olds caring for a family member to have a break from their caring role and have fun with other young carers or young adult carers, including: • regular groups, including school groups; • drop in at Peterborough Regional College weekly; • transition planning for 14- to 16-year-olds and those over 16; • outcome assessment tools; • help in school/college/university; • information, advice and guidance; • specialist sibling support;

29 Visit for further assistance with your search for care • one-to-one support; • online peer support; • life skills; • training, education and employment; and • the Young Carers in Schools national accredited programme – working with schools to prepare them to identify and support young carers to remain in school. Carers Trust (Peterborough) Thorpe Hall, Thorpe Road, Longthorpe, Peterborough PE3 6LW Tel: 01733 645234 Email: Web: Dementia Resource Centre The Dementia Resource Centre offers support to carers of people with dementia, this includes information, advice and direct support services, including: • support; • one-to-one help for carers; • activity groups; • advocacy; • support groups; and • NHS Memory Clinic.

Dementia Resource Centre, York Road entrance, 441 Lincoln Road, Peterborough PE1 2PE Tel: 01733 893853 Email: Carers UK Carers UK is a national charity that supports carers by providing: • an expert telephone advice and support service; • financial support; • practical support; • health advice; • work and career advice; • a connecting service so no-one has to care alone; and • additional resources for carers. Tel: 0808 808 7777 (Monday to Friday, 10.00am to 4.00pm) Email: Web: Carers Direct A one-stop information and advice service for carers who look after ill, frail or disabled friends and relatives.

Carers Direct provides information on: • Carer’s Allowance; • benefits for carers; • caring for a child with complex needs; • young carers’ rights;

30 Search for care at to find support in your area • assessments, benefits, direct payments, personal budgets and time off; • helping to maintain, leave or return to employment; • education or training; • how carers maintain or improve their social and emotional wellbeing and their physical and mental health; • access to health and social care for the person being cared for; and • how to access information about, and support from, health and social care services for the person being cared for.

For further information, visit carersdirect or call the Carers Direct helpline on 0300 123 1053. Essential information Age UK Age UK Cambridgeshire and Peterborough provides a range of services for older people, their families and carers. This includes: • information and advice; • practical support with housework and garden maintenance; • a day club for older people and their carers to socialise, enjoy activities and have a meal; • friendship clubs across Peterborough and the surrounding area; and • sharing time – home visits by a volunteer providing company and conversation once a week for about an hour, to help prevent loneliness.

Some services are free and some charged for. Tel: 0300 666 9860 Email: Web: Alzheimer’s Society Alzheimer’s Society provides information and support for people with all forms of dementia and those who care for them. It runs quality care services, funds research, advises professionals and campaigns for improved health and social care and greater public understanding and awareness of dementia.

Its Dementia Information Point is held at Centre 68, behind Westgate Church Hall, Westgate, every fortnight on a Thursday from 1.45pm to 3.30pm and is an opportunity to call in for information and/or support. For full details of all its services please contact the local office. Tel: 01733 893853 Email: Web: British Red Cross The British Red Cross provides a wide range of services including support at home and support in emergencies. For more information on support at home, call 01733 207113.

31 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Care Quality Commission (CQC), The The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and social care in England.

Following an inspection, each service is given a report of how it rates against national standards of quality and safety. For any enquiries or to register a concern or a complaint, contact CQC by calling 03000 616161 or by emailing The Care Quality Commission, Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4PA When considering care services, it’s always a good idea to check a service’s inspection report on the Care Quality Commission’s comprehensive website CPSL MIND Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and South Lincolnshire Mind (CPSL Mind) is a mental health charity.

They develop and run services and projects to help serve local people with mental health problems including anxiety, low self-esteem and eating disorders.

Peterborough Office, Morley Way, Woodston, Peterborough PE2 7JR Tel: 01733 362990 • Email (for any location): Web: Day opportunities Peterborough’s day opportunities for adults under 65 with a disability is now managed by the City College Peterborough, and provides day and employment support. City College Peterborough, Brook Street, Peterborough PE1 1TU Tel: 01733 761361 Email: dayopportunities@ Web: Peterborough City Council also provides a comprehensive day opportunities service for older people – based at The Cresset, Bretton, Peterborough.

The service supports older people to access and participate in a wide range of activities, outings, entertainment, gentle exercise and social contact – and supports people to maintain their independence for as long as possible. The service is available seven days a week, and can help to provide a much-needed break for carers. A nutritious hot meal is provided every day. For further information, telephone 01733 747474, or speak directly to the day service on 01733 454488. Disability Peterborough (formerly DIAL Peterborough) Your local centre for free confidential and impartial information and advice, for physically disabled people, their carers and families.

The purpose of DIAL Peterborough is to provide a range of services that assist people with physical disabilities to achieve their potential and have maximum choice and control over their lives. John Mansfield Centre, Western Avenue, Dogsthorpe, Peterborough PE1 4HX Tel: 01733 265551 Email:

32 Search for care at to find support in your area Healthwatch Peterborough Healthwatch Peterborough is the consumer voice for local people. It is an independent, local organisation helping to shape and improve local health and social care services. Healthwatch’s job is to make sure the voices of the people of Peterborough are heard in making important decisions about local NHS, social care and public health services. Healthwatch Peterborough, City College Peterborough, Brook Street, Peterborough PE1 1TU Tel: 0330 355 1285 Email: Website: Information and advice You can find a wealth of information about social care on the Peterborough Care Information Network.

Web: Finding care in your area Looking for care in your area? Want to know the quality rating of providers you’re considering? Care Choices, publisher of this Directory, has a website providing comprehensive details of care providers as well as essential information. You can search by postcode, county or region for care homes, care homes with nursing and home care providers that meet your needs across the country. Your search can be refined by the type of care you are looking for and the results can be sent to you by email. They can also be saved and emailed to others.

The website includes detailed information for each care provider, including the address, phone number and the service’s latest CQC inspection report and rating (see page 31), indicating the quality of care provided.

You can also view an electronic version of this Directory on the site and have it read to you by using the ‘Browsealoud’ function. Visit Silver Line, The The Silver Line is the only free confidential helpline providing information, friendship and advice to older people, open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Tel: 0800 470 8090 Web: Trading Standards Everyone needs to find a decent trader from time-to- time and, if you can’t find one by recommendation, it can be difficult knowing who you can trust to do a good job. The Trading Standards Approved Trader Scheme, ‘Buy with Confidence’, can help.

All members on the scheme have been checked thoroughly by Trading Standards and have demonstrated a commitment to high-quality service. You can find members of the scheme by: • calling the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 040506 to be given the three nearest members that best meet your needs; • looking up members on the scheme’s website or; or • visiting your local library if you don’t have access to a computer at home, or ask the library staff to look up members for you if you are not confident using a computer.

Although Trading Standards checks each trader thoroughly before approving them, this does not give a price guarantee, so you should still get three quotes to ensure you are being charged a reasonable price.

33 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Clayburn Court in Peterborough is a contemporary home with excellent facilities and set in modern and comfortable surroundings. Our warm, safe and friendly environment, with individually tailored care plans, excellent home-cooked food and a fantastic range of activities will make you feel right at home.

Clayburn Court, Clayburn Road, Peterborough, PE7 8LB To find out more about Clayburn Court, please call us free on 0808 102 5170 or visit Pr�u � - f��-�r�fi�.

Grandma enjoying dinner with friends at Clayburn Court care home. Good Rated March 2017 Do you need a helping hand? If you are looking for an alternative to residential care or extra support for those everyday tasks that are becoming difficult for you or a loved one – then we’re here to help in Peterborough from 30 minutes per week to full-time live-in care. Our care teams have been providing award-winning quality home care since 1989 and can help with: personal care, housekeeping, help getting around or even to provide a break to an existing family member or care-giver.

Care and Nursing at Home For more information Looking for care? 01733 829 431 The lifestyle site for parents and carers of children with additional needs and those who support them.

• Birth to Adulthood • Directory • Guidance • Real Life • Ask the Experts To join the family call 01223 207770 or email @WeAreMFON

Home. There’s no place like it. Being able to live at home can be one of the most important comforts in an older person’s life and because family and friends can’t always be there Home Instead Senior Care is here to help. Our approach to providing care is very different. We take pride in helping our clients lead a more comfortable and confident life, helped by CAREGivers whose personality and life experiences ease communication and ensures dignity. We also strive for continuity of care, with our clients seeing the same CAREGivers time and time again, allowing a relationship based on trust and companionship to develop.

Owners Phil and Amy know from experience what a tough decision it can be choosing which care provider to trust with looking after ageing loved ones. Our visits are typically an hour or more providing time for our CAREGivers to provide high quality care and truly get to know their clients. For us, nothing is more important than providing a convenient and reliable care solution that works for everyone in your family. If someone in your family needs a little help please get in touch to arrange a consultation with a member of our friendly care team.

Our Services tailored to your needs: • Personal care • Companionship • Light housekeeping • Shopping • Accompanying to appointments • Meal preparation • Respite support • Home help services • Highly trained CAREGivers and much more... If someone in your family needs a little help please call us on 01733 333342 or email us at Each Home Instead Senior Care © franchise office is independently owned and operated. Copyright © Home Instead 2017 Unit 1, Swan Court, Cygnet Park, Hampton, Peterborough PE7 8GX Having tried several Care Agencies and not been satisfied I am glad I found Home Instead Senior Care.

They are very good to deal with, take on board any wishes I have and management are very easy to talk to and CAREGivers have always done their job well.Thank-you. Mrs S, Peterborough (client next of kin) “ ” Please call us on 01733 333342 CQC overall rating Good 2017 Phil & Amy (owners)

First class residential, nursing and dementia care Our aim is to provide excellent, person-centred and compassionate care to every resident. Day Centre at Cherry Blossom Open Monday – Friday 9.30am – 3.30pm • Activities • Meals • Outings Why not have a trial stay with us as a temporary resident to see if a care home is the right choice for you? After Care Packages available

Cherry Blossom Care Home provides luxury residential care for individuals or couples, specialist dementia care and nursing care. It features a level of comfort and care that surpasses expectations for care homes.

We are able to provide respite care and short breaks for those looking for convalescence following hospitalisation or an illness. Quality of life is paramount. To ensure we are able to achieve this vision, we’ve brought together an expert team, luxurious facilities and a purpose-built home. The first-class care comes as standard. All care staff are QCF (NVQ) trained. Cherry Blossom Care Home & Day Centre Our luxury care home in Peterborough Life at Cherry Blossom High-spec features such as an on-site cinema room, bistro, large luxurious rooms, spacious lounges, a beauty salon and a chauffeur-driven limousine make Cherry Blossom a care home unlike any other.

We welcome family and friends to visit, participate in events and get involved at life at Cherry Blossom. Being social is key to achieving our main goal of ensuring residents’ wellbeing. • Ground floor garden terraces • State-of-the-art nurse call system • Air conditioning in all main lounges and dining rooms • Specialist baths & ensuite wet rooms • Barnaby’s Bistro & Bar • Sprinkler system for the latest in fire protection • Fees are all inclusive – assessment prior to admission • Wifi throughout the premises • Library • Overhoist Tracking Facilities & Services If you’d like a look around or just a friendly chat, please call the Manager, Sharon: Tel: 01733 510 141 • Email: Warwick Road, Walton, Peterborough PE4 6DE

Our LifeLine personal alarm service is your personal emergency service, giving you the means to call for help 24 hours a day. If you need a little more help, our community care service is here for you, providing a tailor made support package, flexible enough to change as your needs do. Independent living in your own home Let us take care of things Find out more on our website or give us a call to find out more about how we can help you. For our LifeLine service call 01733 396439 For our Care service call 01733 396484 Cross Keys Care is part of Cross Keys Homes and is fully registered with the Care Quality Commission and TSA.

Great British Care Awards National Finalists 2018 Our Community Care and Kingfisher Court are:

39 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Bee’s Care Ltd is a care agency providing honest and high quality care and support, with a unique focus on providing companionship when it’s most needed. Tel: 01733 857750 Email: Are you seeing that people you love need help? Providing a High Standard of Quality Care to a Diverse cliental › Domiciliary care › Live-in care › 24-hour care › Respite › Supported living Tel: 07716 229774 Email: Pinnacle House, Newark Road PE1 5YD Your Residential & Dementia Care Home in Glinton Garden Lodge is a small single-storey care home with extensive gardens providing a loving family environment for just 9 residents.

• Hairdressing • Chiropody • Optician • Activities • Outings • Entertainment Garden Lodge To visit us please contact the Home Manager/Proprietor Mrs T H Watts on 01733 252980 m: 07801 273804 | e: 37a Lincoln Road, Glinton, Peterborough PE6 7JS • Personal care • 24 Hour care • Companionship • Respite care • Qualified Nursing Care • Specialist Care • Home from Hospital • Support with Daily Living • Assisting with Shopping • Support with Domestic Tasks • Personal Health Budgets • Direct Payments Peterborough 01733 555511 | Flexible and comprehensive care designed with you in mind.

Your home, your life, your care What does Bluebird Care do? In a nutshell we enable people to have choice and peace of mind. The choice to remain at home, with the peace of mind for an individual to retain their independence and control when, previously, choices would be limited. We help people retain their dignity, to stay in their own home, to remain active in their community, to be released from hospital, to combat loneliness and, in some cases, to die at home. We look after people who need everything from simply companionship, including company to attend appointments or to get to the supermarket, right through to dementia support, stroke care, personal care, medication support, end of life care and much, much more.

We tailor each customer’s care to suit the individual not just providing what they need but also what and how they want it. It is a totally holistic approach. We pride ourselves in always going above and beyond to make sure every need is met. Who do you provide support to? People come to us from all sorts of backgrounds, of all ages and at all stages of life. The youngest person we care for at the moment is 22-years-old, the oldest over 100! We can support any adult, from 18-years-old upwards. For many the support is enough to help them to start their day on the right foot, support with getting dressed, etc.

For others the care can be more complex often supporting individuals and their families as they face terminal illness. We take pride in making sure the service we provide is exactly what is required. For some a quiet chat and some companionship makes all the difference while other people need more specialist, complex care. How does it work?

When we get an inquiry we make a thorough, initial assessment to understand what a person is looking for. We want to know what practical support they need but also what is important to them and often what is important to their loved ones and family. We often take care of couples or support one of the couple while allowing the other partner to rest as their main carer. They will be assigned an individual carer or a care team who fully understand what is expected of them and have been through rigorous and continuous training at Bluebird Care. We work with GPs, nurses, occupational therapists and social workers.

If you need help with care or think you might in the future just give us a call on 01733 459 907 or 01780 480 881- we are always willing to help. It took a while to find Bluebird Care and I can assure you that the service my father has received was far better and more reliable than other care companies we have used previously. I have no hesitation in recommending Bluebird Care to those who ask us about care arrangements. Mr T Richards, Peterborough, June 2018 Owner Directors, Tim & Leisa

Companionship, care & support • Washing and dressing, personal care • Domestic support, help with housework or shopping • Companionship • Assistance to appointments or trips out • Support with medication 24 hours & live in care • Round the clock care and support in your own home • Rehabilitation care • Respite care • Live in companionship & support Night care • Peace of mind through the night hours • Waking night care • Sleep-in night care Specialist care Short or long term care for: • Dementia, Parkinsons or Stroke • End of life care • Respite and recovery care It’s your home, your life, your care, so trust in the very best, Bluebird Care.

More than care. Our caring teams are only ever a phone call away and cover the following areas: Peterborough, Oundle, Bainton, Barnack, The Deepings, Ryhall, Rutland, Stamford, Empingham, Oakham and Uppingham and surrounding towns and villages.

Companionship & support | Care in your own home | 24 hour live-in care | Night care | Specialist care Find out more about how we can tailor a care package to your exact care needs, visit our website Call 01733 459 907 or for Stamford and surrounding areas call 01780 480 881

Hales Home Care services work to enable people of all ages with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, challenging behaviours and poor health to reach their potential. We appreciate the importance of enabling people to live a social and active life, pursuing their goals and ambitions.

Our home care services involve personal carers that visit your home daily, spend time with you and accompany you to any social events, outdoor activities or appointments. We are passionate about enhancing your life and promoting your independence, enthusiastically supporting you to reach your goals. Our care workers are professionally trained in care and are able to provide support for a variety of complex conditions and needs.

Our services include: • Live-in Care • Companionship • Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s & Dementia Care • Diabetes Care • End of Life If care matters to you, join Hales. We are recruiting for Care Workers in your area NOW. Call 01733 763052 or text ‘HALES PBORO’ to 66777 Give our friendly team a call on 01733 763052 E: Putting you at the heart of our care service

43 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Supporting people with a learning disability at home and in the community. Independence • Choice • Control Supporting people with a learning disability at home and in the community. Independence • Choice • Control T: 0300 303 1280 • E: OVER 300 DELICIOUS DISHES TRUSTED LOCAL SERVICE FREE FRIENDLY DELIVERY With our delicious frozen meals and desserts, prepared by award-winning chefs and delivered free by your local team, you’ve more time to enjoy the things you love. For your free brochure visit or call 01476 571582 SAVOUR EVERY MOMENT Tell us what you think

44 Search for care at to find support in your area 107 Money Bank, Wisbech PE13 2JF T: 01945 466784 E: ORCHARD HOUSE CARE CENTRE At Orchard House Care Centre we provide care and support to people at all stages of their journey. Our modern purpose-built home, arranged over two floors, provides individualised care to residents who require residential, dementia and nursing care by a dedicated and skilled team of nursing and care staff. We offer a warm and friendly home-from-home environment, with a choice of fresh, home-cooked food and a regular activities programme.

• One & two bedroom independent apartments • Bespoke care plans • On-site Service Manager • Dedicated on-site care team • Extensive facilities (communal lounge including wing lounges, hairdressing suite, assisted bathroom, craft room, library, laundry rooms, buggy store) • 24 hour emergency cover For further information email: or call 07543 321537 (Axiom extra care living in Peterborough • Friary Court, The Pavilions and The Spinney) Axiom Housing Association Limited, Axiom House, Cottesmore Close, Peterborough PE3 9TP Independent extra care apartment living (Peterborough) Extra care living from Axiom offers independent living coupled with the benefit of an on-site care team who deliver first class care and assistance as and when you need it.

21st Century Living benefits include: We offer an individual flexible, person centred and outcome focused plan of care to support you with your day-to-day living, enabling you to remain at home independently for as long as possible.

For more details and to arrange a free home assessment please contact us. T: 01733 852 478 | E: | Harvest Life Care Ltd are a new provider of care and support in your area!

45 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Our mission is to provide services to enable your independence, promote your preferred lifestyle and allow you to live in your home for as long as you wish to do so. We offer services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. We can provide same-day service and offer transition- of-care service packages that can include transportation home after discharge from a hospital stay or outpatient procedure.

• Home care help • Bathing, grooming & dressing • Medication assistance • Personal care • Transportation/errands • Light housework & laundry • Meal preparation • Safe mobilisation • Companionship • Family respite T: 01733 264113[ E: Our care staff provide assistance with a wide range of home care services, including: Nursing Care • Residential Care • Dementia Care • Respite Breaks If you need urgent care or just some help and advice, our friendly teams are always here when you need them. For more information visit our website Longueville Court Care Home Orton Longueville, PE2 7DN Call: 01733 822 245 Werrington Lodge Care Home Werrington Meadows, PE4 7ZF Call: 01733 822 246 Our homes offer a range of care services whilst supporting independence and maintaining individual interests.

With varied activities programmes and freshly prepared home-cooked meals, we pride ourselves on making everyone feel at home. At your local Barchester care homes Personalised Care F_BAR_17642 Peterborough Care Choices - x2 homes - 2.5th page V3.qxp_Layout 1 04/06/2018 16:47 Page 1 • Find care providers quickly and easily • Search by location and care need • Information on care quality • Links to inspection reports • Additional information, photos and web links • Brochure requests SEARCH FOR CARE IN YOUR AREA With so many providers to choose from, where do you start?

OP Older people (65+) D Dementia PD Physical disability LDA Learning disability, autism MH Mental health SI Sensory impairment YA Younger adults AD People who misuse alcohol or drugs Service User Bands 46 Search for care at to find support in your area Care and support providers Advertisers are highlighted Peterborough and borderline areas, these include providers up to the postcode PE10, which encompass parts of Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. 4Passion Care Peterborough Tel: 01733 685155  OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD About Me Care and Support Hampton Tel: 01733 358100 

OP SI YA Allied Healthcare Peterborough Lynchwood Tel: 01733 233484  OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD Atlas Care Services Peterborough Peterborough Tel: 0844 884 2369 OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD Augusta Care Ltd Peterborough Tel: 01733 233725  OP PD LDA YA Bee’s Care Ltd Peterborough Advert page 39 Tel: 01733 857750 OP D PD MH SI YA Better Healthcare Services Peterborough Tel: 01733 370123  OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD Bloomsbury Home Care Ltd Bourne Bourne Tel: 01778 218806 OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD Bluebird Care (Peterborough & Rutland) Stamford Advert pages 40 & 41 Tel: 01733 459907 OP D PD LDA SI YA Cambridgeshire Care Agency Ltd Peterborough Tel: 01733 319505 

OP D PD LDA MH SI YA Cambridgeshire Homecare Eye Tel: 0330 380 0222  OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD Caring Crew – Peterborough Office Peterborough  Advert page 45 Tel: 01733 264113  OP D PD LDA MH SI YA Choices Care Walton Tel: 01733 572572  OP D PD LDA MH YA Christ Care Peterborough Peterborough Tel: 07498 959833 OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD Clearwater Care Group Ltd Peterborough Tel: 01733 897331  LDA YA Crown Mews, 6 Peterborough Tel: 01733 209146 LDA SI YA Dream Elite Care Whittlesey Tel: 01733 686850 OP D PD YA East Midlands Office – Apollo Home Healthcare Ltd Orton Southgate Tel: 07739 633351

D PD LDA SI Elite Homecare Services Yaxley Tel: 01733 704328 OP D PD MH SI Equality Care Agency Peterborough Peterborough Advert page 39 Tel: 07716 229774 OP D PD LDA MH YA Evergreen Care Trust Stamford Stamford Tel: 01780 765900 OP D PD MH SI YA Faith Care Line Services Ltd Peterborough Tel: 0800 774 7042 OP D PD LDA YA Field House Eye Tel: 01733 222417  OP D PD SI

OP Older people (65+) D Dementia PD Physical disability LDA Learning disability, autism MH Mental health SI Sensory impairment YA Younger adults AD People who misuse alcohol or drugs Service User Bands 47 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Focus Care Agency Ltd Peterborough Tel: 0845 864 8866  OP PD LDA MH YA For You Healthcare Ltd Market Deeping Tel: 01778 219062  OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD Friary Court Eastfield  Advert page 44 Tel: 01733 347135  OP D PD MH SI YA Greenwood Homecare Peterborough Peterborough Tel: 01733 808531  OP D PD LDA SI YA Hales Group Ltd – Peterborough Peterborough 

Advert page 42 Tel: 01733 763052  OP D PD LDA MH SI YA Harvest Life Care Ltd Orton Southgate Advert page 44 Tel: 01733 852478 OP D PD MH SI YA Healthy Care Peterborough Tel: 01733 857740 OP D PD MH SI YA Helping Hands Group, The Peterborough  Tel: 01733 561000 LDA YA Helping Hands Peterborough Peterborough Advert page 33 Tel: 01733 829431 OP D PD LDA MH SI YA Hempstead Care at Stuart House Peterborough Tel: 0203 371 1565  OP PD YA Home Instead Senior Care – Bourne Bourne Tel: 01778 243100 OP D PD LDA MH SI YA Home Instead Senior Care – Peterborough, Oundle & The Deepings Hampton

Advert pages 34 & 35 Tel: 01733 333342  OP D PD LDA MH SI YA Hub, The Peterborough Tel: 01733 234828 OP PD LDA SI YA Infinite Intermediate Care Ltd Peterborough Tel: 01733 475566 OP D PD SI YA Interserve Healthcare – Peterborough Peterborough Tel: 01733 233323 OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD Intrust Care Peterborough Orton Southgate Tel: 07985 140866 OP D PD LDA SI YA K2 Care Ltd Peterborough Tel: 01733 555261  OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD Kingfisher Court Peterborough  Advert page 38 Tel: 01733 396484  OP YA Kingfisher Domiciliary Care Peterborough  Advert page 38 Tel: 01733 396484  OP D PD SI Lapwing Apartments Orton Brimbles

Advert page 38 Tel: 01733 385118 OP D PD SI LCMB Therahealth Homecare Bourne Tel: 01778 243110 OP D PD YA Lily Mae Homecare Ltd Peterborough Tel: 01778 218157 OP D PD YA Lincolns Care Ltd Peterborough Tel: 01733 701276  OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD Lincolnshire Domiciliary Care Branch Bourne Tel: 01778 424241  OP PD LDA MH SI YA Maples, The Orton Goldhay Advert page 43 Tel: 01733 370022 OP D SI Care and support providers continued Advertisers are highlighted

OP Older people (65+) D Dementia PD Physical disability LDA Learning disability, autism MH Mental health SI Sensory impairment YA Younger adults AD People who misuse alcohol or drugs Service User Bands 48 Search for care at to find support in your area Meadows Homecare Services Orton Southgate Tel: 01733 889440 OP D PD MH SI YA Mears Care – Peterborough (Orton) Orton Southgate Tel: 01733 362920  OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD Mencap – March Domiciliary Care Agency Bourne Tel: 01778 423726  LDA Merit Home Care Ltd Orton Southgate Tel: 01733 570100 OP D PD LDA MH SI YA MidCo Care Peterborough Tel: 01733 530580 

OP D PD LDA MH YA Multi-Care Community Service Ltd Peterborough Orton Southgate Tel: 01733 367243 OP D PD MH SI YA Ness M Care Services Peterborough Tel: 01733 321367  OP D PD LDA MH YA Next Steps Community Care Ltd Lynch Wood Tel: 01733 391212  OP PD LDA MH YA Pavilions, The Millfield  Advert page 44 Tel: 01733 295524 OP D PD MH SI YA Peterborough Reablement Service Peterborough Tel: 01733 207207 OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD Positive Steps (Care Service Ltd) Peterborough Tel: 01733 339035  PD LDA YA Prestige Nursing Peterborough Peterborough  Advert page 39 Tel: 01733 555511  OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD Regional Care Peterborough Peterborough Tel: 01733 475517

OP D PD MH YA Royal Mencap Society – South Lincolnshire Domiciliary Care Agency Bourne Tel: 01778 423726  OP LDA YA Sagecare (Peterborough) Peterborough Tel: 01733 296850  OP D PD MH SI YA Sahara Community Care Services Peterborough Tel: 01733 314800  OP D PD LDA MH SI YA Select Care Stamford Tel: 01780 444443  OP Sense – Community and Supported Living Services (East) Market Deeping Tel: 01778 382244 OP D PD LDA MH SI YA AD Social Care Solutions Ltd (Peterborough and Cambridge) Glinton Tel: 01733 254800  OP LDA YA Spinney, The Eye  Advert page 44 Tel: 01733 295524 OP D PD MH SI YA Total Care Options Ltd Peterborough Tel: 07930 886547

OP D PD YA Turning Point – Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Peterborough Tel: 01733 367206 OP PD LDA SI YA Voyage (DCA) (East) Peterborough Tel: 01543 484500  OP D PD LDA MH SI YA Wright Care at Home Stamford Tel: 01780 489227 OP D PD MH SI YA Care and support providers continued Advertisers are highlighted

OP Older people (65+) D Dementia PD Physical disability LDA Learning disability, autism MH Mental health SI Sensory impairment YA Younger adults AD People who misuse alcohol or drugs Service User Bands 49 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Care homes Advertisers are highlighted Peterborough and borderline areas, these include providers up to the postcode PE10, which encompass parts of Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. Abbeygate Rest Home North Street, Crowland PE6 0EG Tel: 01733 211429  OP Abbott House – Oundle Glapthorn Road, Oundle PE8 4JA Tel: 01832 277650 

OP D Acacia House – Peterborough 37a School Road, Newborough PE6 7RG Tel: 01733 810000  LDA MH Alan Atchison – 2 David’s Close Werrington PE4 5AN Tel: 01733 707774  LDA Alan Atchison – 5 and 6 Augusta Close Parnwell PE1 5NJ Tel: 01733 890889  LDA Aliwal Manor Care Centre Turners Lane, Whittlesey PE7 1EH Tel: 01733 203347  OP D Avery House Chaffinch Lane, Hampton Vale PE7 8NF Tel: 01733 246840  OP D PD Braceborough Hall Retirement Home Church Lane, Braceborough, Stamford PE9 4NT Tel: 01778 560649  OP Chevington House 36 North Road, Bourne PE10 9AS Tel: 01778 421821  OP Clair Francis Retirement Home 237-239 Park Road PE1 2UT Tel: 01733 312670 

OP D Clayburn Court Clayburn Road PE7 8LB Tel: 0808 102 5170 Advert page 33 OP D YA Conquest House Straight Drove, Farcet PE7 3DJ Tel: 01733 244623 LDA MH YA Elliot Avenue 1 Elliot Avenue, South Bretton PE3 9TG Tel: 01733 331731  LDA MH Field House Eyebury Road, Eye PE6 7TD Tel: 01733 222417  OP D PD SI Fletton Avenue 35 Fletton Avenue PE2 8AX Tel: 01733 315090  LDA YA Florence House 220 Park Road PE1 2UJ Tel: 0300 303 8445  OP D Garden Lodge 37a Lincoln Road, Glinton PE6 7JS Tel: 01733 252980 Advert page 39 OP D Haddon House Brickburn Close, Hampton Centre PE7 8NZ Tel: 01733 315793 

OP LDA MH Hermitage, The 6-12 St Marys Street, Whittlesey PE7 1BG Tel: 01733 204922 OP Keneydon House 2 Delph Street, Whittlesey PE7 1QQ Tel: 01733 203444  OP D Laurels, The 45 High Street, Market Deeping PE6 8ED Tel: 01778 344414 OP D PD Lavender House Care Home 205 Broadway PE1 4DS Tel: 01733 564979  OP Advert inside front cover and outside back cover Lyons Gardens 36 Lincoln Road, Glinton PE6 7JS Tel: 01733 254261  LDA YA

OP Older people (65+) D Dementia PD Physical disability LDA Learning disability, autism MH Mental health SI Sensory impairment YA Younger adults AD People who misuse alcohol or drugs Service User Bands 50 Search for care at to find support in your area Maxey House Residential Home 88 Lincoln Road, Deeping Gate PE6 9BA Tel: 01778 342244 OP D Olivemede Hawthorne Road, Yaxley PE7 3JP Tel: 01733 240972  OP D PD SI OSJCT Digby Court Christopher’s Lane, Bourne PE10 9AZ Tel: 01778 422035  OP PD OSJCT Whitefriars St Georges Avenue, Stamford PE9 1UN Tel: 01780 765434  OP D Philia Lodge Rest Home 113-115 Eastfield Road PE1 4AU Tel: 01733 567758 

D Qu’Appelle Care Home Harrington Street, Bourne PE10 9HA Tel: 01778 422932  OP D PD SI Rose Lodge and Holland House Care Home 35a Church Street, Market Deeping PE6 8AN Tel: 0843 506 9452 OP D PD Royal Mencap Society – 55-56 Benyon Grove Herlington PE2 5GH Tel: 01733 361313  LDA Sense – 25 Horsegate Deeping St James PE6 8EN Tel: 01778 347037  LDA SI Sense – 32a Broadgate Lane Deeping St James PE6 8NW Tel: 01778 380522  LDA SI Sense – 37 Redgate Court Saltersgate, Parnwell PE1 4XZ Tel: 01733 314559  LDA SI Sense – 38 Redgate Court Saltersgate, Parnwell PE1 4XZ Tel: 01733 313501  LDA SI Sense – 92 Black Prince Avenue Market Deeping PE6 8LU Tel: 01778 344215 

LDA SI Sense – Manor Court 72 Church Street, Market Deeping PE6 8AL Tel: 01778 343617  LDA SI Sense – Newton Court 1-4 Newton Court, Stowehill Road PE4 7PY Tel: 01733 325713  LDA SI Sense – The Manor House 72 Church Street, Market Deeping PE6 8AL Tel: 01778 343768  LDA SI St Margarets Care Home 22 Aldermands Drive PE3 6AR Tel: 01733 567961  OP D St Margaret’s House 187 London Road PE2 9DS Tel: 01733 555008  LDA MH Star Nursing Home, The 56-64 Star Road PE1 5HT Tel: 01733 777670  OP D MH Tallington Care Home Main Road, Tallington, Stamford PE9 4RP Tel: 01780 740314 OP D Towngate East, 20 Market Deeping, Peterborough PE6 8DR Tel: 01778 342091

OP D PD LDA MH SI YA Tudors Care Home, The North Street, Stanground PE2 8HR Tel: 01733 892844 OP D Willows, The 74 Station Street, Rippingale, Bourne PE10 0SX Tel: 01778 440773  OP D Yew Tree Residential Care Home 60 Main Road, Dowsby, Bourne PE10 0TL Tel: 01778 440247  OP D Care homes continued

OP Older people (65+) D Dementia PD Physical disability LDA Learning disability, autism MH Mental health SI Sensory impairment YA Younger adults AD People who misuse alcohol or drugs Service User Bands 51 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Care homes with nursing Advertisers are highlighted Peterborough and borderline areas, these include providers up to the postcode PE10, which encompass parts of Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. Abbey Court Care Home Falcon Way, Bourne PE10 0GT Tel: 01778 391390 OP Ashlynn Grange Bretton Gate, Bretton PE3 9UZ Tel: 01733 269665

OP D PD SI YA Braeburn Lodge Braeburn Road, Deeping St James PE6 8GP Tel: 01778 752500 OP D PD SI YA Broadleigh Nursing Home 213 Broadway PE1 4DS Tel: 01733 561475  OP D Advert inside front cover and outside back cover Cedar Court Nursing Home 37 New Road, Whittlesey PE7 1SU Tel: 01733 350320 OP D Cedars, The Church Walk, South Street, Bourne PE10 9UQ Tel: 01778 421555  OP D PD Cherry Blossom Care Home Warwick Road, Walton PE4 6DE Tel: 01733 510141 Advert pages 36 & 37 OP D PD SI Eagle Wood Neurological Care Centre Bretton Way PE3 8DE Tel: 01733 516300  OP D PD MH SI YA Elms Care Home, The 2 Arnolds Lane, Whittlesey PE7 1QD Tel: 01733 202421 

OP D PD Gables Care Home, The 101 Coates Road, Eastrea, Whittlesey PE7 2BD Tel: 01733 808966  OP D MH YA Longueville Court Village Green, Orton Longueville PE2 7DN Tel: 01733 822245 Advert page 45 OP D PD YA Maltings Care Home, The Aldermans Drive PE3 6AR Tel: 01733 897733 OP D PD YA Advert inside front cover and outside back cover Park House Nursing Home 27 Park Crescent PE1 4DX Tel: 01733 555700  OP D Park Vista Care Home 15 Park Crescent PE1 4DX Tel: 01733 555110  OP D Advert inside front cover and outside back cover Philia Lodge Rest Home 113-115 Eastfield Road PE1 4AU Tel: 01733 567758

D Polebrook Nursing Home Morgans Close, Polebrook PE8 5LU Tel: 01832 273256  OP D PD MH Priory Court Care Home Priory Road, Stamford PE9 2EU Tel: 01780 766130  OP D PD SI YA Red House, The 11 Emlyns Street, Stamford PE9 1QP Tel: 01778 380756  OP D Star Nursing Home, The 56-64 Star Road PE1 5HT Tel: 01733 777670  OP D MH Werrington Lodge Baron Court, Werrington Meadows PE4 7ZF Tel: 01733 822246 Advert page 45 OP D PD YA Woodgrange Westminster Lane, West Road, Bourne PE10 9TU Tel: 01778 424010 OP D PD MH YA See the checklist on page 19 for questions to ask when looking at care homes.

52 Search for care at to find support in your area Index 4Passion Care 46 A Abbey Court Care Home 51 Abbeygate Rest Home 49 Abbott House – Oundle 49 About Me Care and Support 46 Acacia House – Peterborough 49 Alan Atchison – 2 David’s Close 49 Alan Atchison – 5 and 6 Augusta Close 49 Aliwal Manor Care Centre 49 Allied Healthcare Peterborough46 Ashlynn Grange 51 Atlas Care Services Peterborough46 Augusta Care Ltd 46 Avery House 49 B Bee’s Care Ltd 46 Better Healthcare Services 46 Bloomsbury Home Care Ltd Bourne46 Bluebird Care (Peterborough & Rutland)

46 Braceborough Hall Retirement Home 49 Braeburn Lodge 51 Broadleigh Nursing Home 51 C Cambridgeshire Care Agency Ltd 46 Cambridgeshire Homecare 46 Caring Crew – Peterborough Office 46 Cedar Court Nursing Home 51 Cedars, The 51 Cherry Blossom Care Home 51 Chevington House 49 Choices Care 46 Christ Care Peterborough 46 Clair Francis Retirement Home 49 Clayburn Court 49 Clearwater Care Group Ltd 46 Conquest House 49 Crown Mews, 6 46 D Dream Elite Care 46 E Eagle Wood Neurological Care Centre51 East Midlands Office – Apollo Home Healthcare Ltd 46 Elite Homecare Services 46 Advertisers in bold Tell us what you think Complete our short questionnaire

53 Visit for further assistance with your search for care Elliot Avenue 49 Elms Care Home, The 51 Equality Care Agency Peterborough46 Evergreen Care Trust Stamford46 F Faith Care Line Services Ltd 46 Field House 46, 49 Fletton Avenue 49 Florence House 49 Focus Care Agency Ltd 47 For You Healthcare Ltd 47 Friary Court 47 G Gables Care Home, The 51 Garden Lodge 49 Greenwood Homecare Peterborough47 H Haddon House 49 Hales Group Ltd – Peterborough 47 Harvest Life Care Ltd 47 Healthy Care 47 Helping Hands Group, The 47 Helping Hands Peterborough 47 Hempstead Care at Stuart House

47 Hermitage, The 49 Home Instead Senior Care – Bourne 47 Home Instead Senior Care – Peterborough, Oundle & The Deepings 47 Hub, The 47 I Infinite Intermediate Care Ltd 47 Interserve Healthcare – Peterborough 47 Intrust Care Peterborough 47 K K2 Care Ltd 47 Keneydon House 49 Kingfisher Court 47 Kingfisher Domiciliary Care 47 L Lapwing Apartments 47 Laurels, The 49 Lavender House Care Home 49 LCMB Therahealth Homecare 47 Lily Mae Homecare Ltd 47 Lincolns Care Ltd 47 Lincolnshire Domiciliary Care Branch47 Longueville Court 51 Lyons Gardens 49 M Maltings Care Home, The 51 Maples, The

47 Maxey House Residential Home 50 Meadows Homecare Services 48 Mears Care – Peterborough (Orton)48 Mencap – March Domiciliary Care Agency 48 Merit Home Care Ltd 48 MidCo Care 48 Multi-Care Community Service Ltd Peterborough 48 N Ness M Care Services 48 Next Steps Community Care Ltd 48 O Olivemede50 OSJCT Digby Court 50 OSJCT Whitefriars 50 P Park House Nursing Home 51 Park Vista Care Home 51 Pavilions, The 48 Peterborough Reablement Service48 Philia Lodge Rest Home 50, 51 Polebrook Nursing Home 51 Positive Steps (Care Service Ltd) 48 Prestige Nursing Peterborough48 Priory Court Care Home

51 Q Qu’Appelle Care Home 50 R Red House, The 51 Regional Care Peterborough 48 Rose Lodge and Holland House Care Home 50 Royal Mencap Society – 55-56 Benyon Grove 50 Royal Mencap Society – South Lincolnshire Domiciliary Care Agency 48 S Sagecare (Peterborough) 48 Index continued Advertisers in bold

54 Search for care at to find support in your area Sahara Community Care Services 48 Select Care 48 Sense – 25 Horsegate 50 Sense – 32a Broadgate Lane 50 Sense – 37 Redgate Court 50 Sense – 38 Redgate Court 50 Sense – 92 Black Prince Avenue 50 Sense – Community and Supported Living Services (East)48 Sense – Manor Court 50 Sense – Newton Court 50 Sense – The Manor House 50 Social Care Solutions Ltd (Peterborough and Cambridge)48 Spinney, The 48 St Margarets Care Home 50 St Margaret’s House 50 Star Nursing Home, The 50, 51 T Tallington Care Home 50 Total Care Options Ltd

48 Towngate East, 20 50 Tudors Care Home, The 50 Turning Point – Cambridgeshire & Peterborough 48 V Voyage (DCA) (East) 48 W Werrington Lodge 51 Willows, The 50 Woodgrange51 Wright Care at Home 48 Y Yew Tree Residential Care Home 50 Other advertisers Age Care Advice 21 Alysia Caring Luxury Care Homes 36, 37 Anchor33 Axiom Housing Association Ltd44 Barchester45 Care Choices Questionnaire  43, 52 Care Choices Website 45 Cedar Falls Care Home  Inside back cover Cross Keys Care 38 Cross Keys Homes 38 Hunters Creek Care Home  Inside back cover MHA43 My Family, Our Needs

33 Orchard House Care Centre 44 Peterborough Care  Inside front cover,  outside back cover RCH44 Sandpiper Care Home  Inside back cover Tanglewood Care Home  Inside back cover Tanglewood Care Homes  Inside back cover Tanglewood Village at Cedar Falls Inside back cover Thera East Anglia 43 Thorpe Wood Care Home  Outside back cover Toray Pines Care Home  Inside back cover Wiltshire Farm Foods 43 Index continued Advertisers in bold Care Choices Limited has taken every care to ensure that the information contained in this Directory is accurate at the time of print.

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Our five Lincolnshire care homes offer high-quality care in comfortable, relaxed and homely surroundings Sandpiper Care Home Alford LN13 9AQ T: 01507 462112 Hunters Creek Care Home Boston PE21 7HB T: 01205 358034 Toray Pines Care Home Coningsby LN4 4SJ T: 01526 344361/2 Cedar Falls Care Home Spalding PE11 2UA T: 01775 713233 Tanglewood Village at Cedar Falls Spalding PE11 2UA T: 01775 713233 Tanglewood Care Home Horncastle LN9 5EN T: 01507 527265 NEW FOR 2019! Nursing care Residential care Dementia care Physical disability care Respite care Choice of menu Activities programme Self-funding & local authority funded clients welcome A NEW 72-bed residential care home on Long Leys Road in Lincoln To request a brochure or for more information contact: Tanglewood Care Homes, 2 Endeavour Park, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 7TQ Tel: 01205 358888

Peterborough Care, 236 Eastfield Road, Peterborough PE1 4BD Tel: 01733 562328 • • email: Peterborough Care continue to show their ongoing commitment to The City with the opening of Thorpe Wood Care Home, a specialist Dementia Care facility that will consist of; Peterborough Care, a family run organisation operating Care Homes for older people since 1984. • 50 EN - SUITE BEDROOMS DESIGNED AROUND 4 INDIVIDUAL HOUSEHOLDS • A NURSE CALL SYSTEM TAILORED TO THE NEEDS OF PEOPLE WITH DEMENTIA • SENSORY ROOMS AND GARDENS • OVERLOOKING THORPE WOOD GOLF COURSE • A CINEMA ROOM • OPEN VIEWING AND VISITING A passionate approach to elderly in Peterborough care Broadleigh Care Home Tel: 01733 561475 Lavender House Care Home Tel: 01733 564979 Park Vista Care Home Tel: 01733 555110 The Maltings Care Home Tel: 01733 897733 Thorpe Wood Care Home, a specialist Care centre for people with Dementia opening Autumn 2018 ‘For further information regarding Thorpe Wood Care Home, please telephone us on 01733 562328

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