MODEL: FH38410 FINGERHUT - Please contact us before returning the product to the store.

MODEL: FH38410 FINGERHUT - Please contact us before returning the product to the store.
MODEL: FH38410

Please contact us before returning the product to the store.
MODEL: FH38410 FINGERHUT - Please contact us before returning the product to the store.
  This product is covered by a limited warranty that is effective for 90 days from the date of purchase. If,
  during the limited warranty period, a part is found to be defective or breaks, we will offer replacement part
  at no cost to you, the customer. The only exceptions to the warranty include main frames, table tops,
  playing surfaces, batteries or tools.

  The above warranty will not apply in cases of damages due to improper usage, alteration, misuse, abuse,
  accidental damage or neglect.

  This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from
  one State (province) to another.

                                   “PLEASE SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS
                                       AND PURCHASE RECEIPT!”

  A PURCHASE RECEIPT (or other proof of purchase date) will be required before any warranty service is
  initiated. All requests for warranty service, please feel free to contact our Consumer Service Department
  at :


  *Please be aware of your product’s Limited Warranty for the return/refund policy from the store, We, at
  Medal Sports, can not handle the product which is out of product’s limited warranty since we only provide
  available parts.

                               PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE RETURNING
                                    THE PRODUCT TO THE STORE.

                                           THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


1 - Please leave your name, address, model number parts needed and your phone number on the
   answering machine if there is no attendant. Failure to do so will result in a delay in shipping parts to

2 - Please review the replacement parts list and make sure that you have all your parts before beginning
   assembly. Fo questions that may arise or for missing/damaged parts, please contact us.

3 - Since you build all tables upside down, please inspect tabletops or playing surfaces right away before
   putting together, all damaged table tops/playing surfaces need to be returned to the store. Please
   contact with retailer for their return policy. Thank you very much.

                                                                                           Power Tools
 Phillips Screwdriver - Not Included                                                       - Set Low Torque

 Standard (Flat Head Screwdriver) - Not Included
 Allen Wrench - Included
                                                                                               High Torque
                                                                                               over tightened

 Electric Screwdrivers may be helpful during assembly; however,
 please set a low torque and use extreme caution.

1 - Please read the instructions carefully, and follow all assembly, operation or safety
   instructions properly in order to avoid damage or injury. For the assembly, at least two
   adults are required.

2 - Some figures or drawings may not look exactly like your product. Please read and
   understand the text before beginning each assembly step.


1 - This product is intended for INDOOR use only.

2 - Please Do Not sit, climb or lean on the game table.

3 - Please Do Not drag the table when moving it in order to avoid the damaged on the legs.

4 - Please only use spray furniture polish to clean the exterior surfaces on the game table.

5 - This is not a child's toy, adult supervision is required for children playing this game.

Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the
user’s authority to operate the equipment.

       WARNING: Adult Assembly Required.



Strong Adults Needed             No Children in               Keep away from pets    Do not use or keep product
                                 Assembly Area                                      outdoors. For indoor use only.
                                                                                      No wet/humid conditions.


1                               2                           3                      4

                           x1                         x2                      x2                           x2
        Billiard Cabinet                 Left Leg                Right Leg                End Leg Panel

5                               6                           7                      8

                           x1                         x12                    x12                          x12
          Allen Key                  6x35mm Bolt                 WASHER                 3.5×18MM SCREW

9                               10                          11                     12

                           x4                          x1                    x2                           x1
      Leg Leveler                    Billiard Balls              Cue Stuck                  riangle

13                              14

                           x2                          x1
        Chalk                             Brush



         NUT LEG

1. Find a clean, level place to begin the assembly of your Billiard Table. The table will be assembled upside
   down and then turned over on its legs once the assembly completed. This game table is heavy, and turning
   it over will require at least four strong adults.

2. Remove all the parts from the box and verify that you have all of the listed parts as shown on the parts list
   page.Carefully cut or tear the four corners of the box so that the bottom of the box can be used as your work

 FIG. 1

  1              X1
  2              X2
  3              X2                     3                                7
  6             X 12
  7             X 12                        7
                                                6                            1
  9               X4

3. Attach the Legs (#2 and #3) to the Billiard Cabinet(#1) using three Bolts (#6) and three Washers (#7)
   per leg. See FIG. 1.

4. Screw the Leg Levelers (#9) into the bottom of each leg.

 FIG. 2
  4               X2

  8              X 12

5. Attach the End Leg Panel (#4) to the Legs using six Screws (#8) per Leg Panel. See FIG. 2.

Go back and make sure that all connections are tight.

6. Lift the table assembly from the floor with at least two strong adults, turn it over, and set the table assembly
   on its legs in the location where you play.

                                          CABINET                            DO NOT LEAN THE
                                                    DO NOT HOLD THE LEGS    TABLE ON ITS LEGS
                             HOLD TABLE

                         CAUTION: Two strong adults are recommended to turn the table
                         over as shown.
                         1. Lift the table off the ground.
                         2. Turn the table over.
                         3. Place it on all four feet at the same time on the ground.

NOTE: DO NOT lift the table by the pockets. If you move the table, do not lift it by placing your hands
  beneath the pockets and do not lean or put pressure on them. Do not lean or sit on the end or
  side rails as this may damage the table.

                                                                           YOU ARE NOW READY TO PLAY!

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