Pre-Arrival Guide Winter 2019 -

Pre-Arrival Guide Winter 2019 -
Pre-Arrival Guide
Winter 2019
Pre-Arrival Guide Winter 2019 -
Table of Contents
 Preparing for Your First Day   4
     Enrolment                  5
     Orientation                9
     Student IDs & Bus Passes   13-14
 What to Bring                  17
 Accommodations                 21
 Arrival                        27
 Essential Information          33
     Insurance                  34
     Banking                    35
     Mobile Providers           37
 Additional Resources           40                 
Pre-Arrival Guide Winter 2019 -
Welcome to ICM!
Congratulations and we look forward
to your arrival into Winnipeg,
Manitoba, Canada!

This guide will help you in preparing
for your arrival at ICM. Please read
this guide carefully.

For more information:
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Pre-Arrival Guide Winter 2019 -
Preparing for Your
First Day
Pre-Arrival Guide Winter 2019 -
 Online course registration date:

                             December 13, 2018

     Registration remains open until Orientation day but students are
     strongly encouraged to register on this date as popular classes
     and timeslots fill up quickly.

  To enroll, visit
  Tips on how to enrol in courses:
  For guides on how to use your Student Portal and
   which courses to select, please visit:                                                 
Pre-Arrival Guide Winter 2019 -
Math Placement Test
 •   Students with admission to UTP Stage I or who have a UTP I
     Math fee on their Letter of Offer are required to write the test.
     These students have been emailed.
 •   If you need to write the Math Placement Test, don’t worry! The
     test is not a pass or fail test. It will have no effect on your GPA or
     grades at ICM. It is only to place you in the most appropriate math
     course for your level.
 •   The test will be written online using a link emailed to you. Be sure
     to write the test before enrolment opens, or your enrolment will be

                        Need more info about the MPT?
Pre-Arrival Guide Winter 2019 -
    Are you blocked from enroling in certain
     courses? This is likely because:
       You have not cleared your conditions on your
         Letter of Offer
       You have not written the Math Placement Test
         (if applicable)
       You do not meet the prerequisites or
         corequisites to enrol
    If a course has a prerequisite, you must first
     successfully complete the prerequisite course(s)
     before you can enrol (ex. year 12 math)
    If a course has a corequisite, you must enrol in
     both courses at the same time if you have not
     already completed the corequisite
    For more details, please see                                 
Pre-Arrival Guide Winter 2019 -
Student Portal (

 •   You CAN log into your student
     portal at any time after submitting          NEW STUDENTS:
     payment                               Log on with your student number
                                            (ex. XXXX1901) and birth date
 •   You CANNOT register for classes                (YYYYMMDD).
     until you pay your fees and clear
     your conditions
                                            Course registration for new
                                                 students starts
 •   You CAN access the Student Portal            December 13!
     from our website                                          
Pre-Arrival Guide Winter 2019 -
 Orientation is mandatory.
    This is a great way to meet
    many other students from
    around the world, while you
    receive crucial information about
    starting your university career!

 Upcoming Orientation Date:
    • January 3, 2019                 
Pre-Arrival Guide Winter 2019 -

  Join in on the fun!
  Make new friends!
  Meet the ICM staff and student
  Learn about the campus
  Participate in fun games and
   informative workshops
  Group lunch & snacks provided!
  PRO TIP - bring a photocopy
    of your study permit with your
    student ID written at the top
    for PRIORITY check in!              
Month of Welcome
 Don’t miss it!
    Fun events on and off campus throughout
     your first month at ICM
    Previous activities included:
       Campus tours
       Sightseeing
       “Meet the Staff” free lunch
       Sports Day
       Movie Night
       Math Skills Workshop
       Free breakfast
    Full details about the Month of Welcome
     activities will be provided at Orientation                           
Late Arrival Policy

  All new students must arrive in Winnipeg in time to
   attend Orientation
    Any student who cannot make this deadline will need to defer their
     application to our next intake
    The reason we don’t allow for late arrivals is that historically students
     who arrive late, even by just a few days, have had a difficult time
     adjusting to their new environment and catching up with their workload
    As academic success is our top priority, we do not allow students to
     arrive late
    If you have not received your visa in hand by December 27, please
     contact the ICM Marketing Team by email to discuss your deferral                                                 
Student ID Card
    You can obtain your student ID card before or after Orientation
    You cannot obtain your student ID card during Orientation
    To obtain your student ID card:
      1. Check your Student Portal the week of Orientation
      2. Note down your U of M student number
       In your Student Portal, click on Student Resources and write down
        the UNI NO under Student Profile
       Important: Your U of M student number will be seven digits. This is
        different from your ICM student ID which consists of letters and
      3. Bring your passport, study permit and U of M student number
         to the ID Centre in University Center. Student IDs cannot be obtained
         during Orientation.                                                
Bus Passes
    ICM student bus passes and peggo cards can
     be purchased at Answers (1st floor of
     University Centre). Students will only be able
     to purchase a post-secondary monthly bus
     pass after they have received their student ID
    The cost of a monthly bus pass is C$80.10 and
     will be loaded onto your peggo card

    If you are living on campus or are not planning to take the bus regularly, you can
     also load e-cash on your peggo card. Using e-cash is more economical than paying
     the regular cash fare (e-cash fares are $2.60/bus ride and regular cash fares are
     $2.95/bus ride in exact change)
    To find out which bus(es) to take, visit from your mobile
     phone browser to plan your trip or use the Google Maps transit option                                                        
   UTPI courses include e-textbooks as part of your fees. You will obtain
   information in class about how to access your e-textbooks online.

   UTPII courses will often required a textbook. The list of required
   textbooks for UTPII courses will be posted on Student Portal the week
   of Orientation.

   Where to purchase textbooks
    The University of Manitoba Bookstore
           Located on the ground floor of the University Centre (same building as
            the ICM office)
      Current or past ICM students
           Some students choose to sell their textbooks at the end of the term,
            many of who post their “advertisements” on our Facebook page
What to Expect
 Be Prepared
  Leaving home to study is one the most exciting
    yet challenging periods in your life. During the
    first two or three months you will likely
    experience many emotions. Remember, you are
    not the only student experiencing this and you
    are not alone! If you are finding it difficult to
    adjust, we strongly advise you see an ICM
    Student Advisor. We’re here to help!

 Get Involved!
  Like anything you do in life, the more involved
    you are the more enjoyable the experience will
    be. There is a lot happening on campus that you
    can be part of! You will find out more about this
    at Orientation.                                 
What to Bring
Checklist: What to bring with you
 Pack these items in your carry-on luggage:
      Letter of Introduction confirming study permit from Canadian
      ICM Files - Letter of Offer, Letter of Acceptance, ICM fee receipt
      Visa Files - Proof of funds, temporary resident visa (if required)
      Passport
      ID with photo and proof of age
      Contact numbers & addresses (both local and abroad)
      Money - credit card & approximately C$200 in cash on-hand
      Health insurance (if desiring additional coverage)
 Other useful items:
      Clothing & toiletries (see next page)
      Adaptors (electrical systems in Canada are 110 volts)
      Medical records and immunization records (useful but not required)
      Original academic certificates & transcripts                                            
 Winnipeg has a continental climate, with four distinct seasons: winter, spring, summer,
 and fall.
  Average temperatures of +26C in summer (June to August) and -12C in winter
    (November to March)
  The average temperature in January is -12C during the day and -23C during the
    night. The wind chill could make it feel colder than this on your skin
  To check weather conditions, visit to get an idea of what to
    expect when you arrive

 It is advisable to pack:
    Casual clothing (jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, etc.)
    Very warm winter coat, gloves/mitts, hat, scarf, sweaters (for -15C and colder)
    Warm spring/fall jacket (for -10 to +15C weather) and clothing for summer (for +20
     to +30C and warmer)
    Cultural clothing or more formal wear for special occasions
    Sportswear and running shoes for the Active Living Centre and swimming pool on
     campus (membership included in your fees)
    Comfortable walking shoes and/or boots for winter weather                                                        
Household Items
 Many students rent private suites or a room in a shared suite or house.
  The majority of private rentals are unfurnished, but major appliances
   such as a refrigerator and stove are usually included, sometimes along
   with basic furniture
  The majority of private rentals are unlikely to include kitchen
   utensils, bedding, towels, lamps, or laptops. A bed, couch, and
   other basic furniture may also not be included
  When looking for accommodation, check what is included before you sign
   the rental agreement forms. If you need to purchase items when you
   arrive, check with ICM staff or other students on where to get the best

 If you are bringing appliances with you to Canada, we recommend you
 update yourself with the Canadian customs regulations which can be found
 at the following website address: and download the
 brochure entitled “RC4220: Entering Canada to Study or to Work”                                            
On-Campus Residence
    Pembina Hall Residence (PHR)
    Mary Speechly Hall (MSH)
    University College Residence (UCR)

 Application Process – Currently on a     WAITLIST
    Applications can be made online, however students who
     have not already applied to the above Student
     Residences should consider an alternative
    Due to limited availability students who have already
     applied and are on a waiting list are encourage to have a
     back up plan in case they are not offered a room
    Contact: or +1 204-474-9922
    Students wishing to live on campus during the summer
     2019 term must submit a separate application online                                          
Additional On-Campus Residences
 There are two additional affiliated on-campus residences, St. Andrew’s College Residence
 and St. John’s College Residence.

 Each requires a separate application. For more information, please contact the residence

 St. Andrew's College
                       At-a-glance: An independent co-ed college, affiliated with the University of
                        Manitoba. Friendly, quiet residence has single and double rooms available for 40
                        residents. Rooms are furnished with the basic necessities for a comfortable study
                       More info and to apply:

 St. John’s College
                       At-a-glance: A small, close-knit residence sponsored by the Anglican Church of
                        Canada. Offers room for up to 100 co-eds. Features include a full meal plan,
                        student lounges, games room and a fully equipped kitchen.
                       More info and to apply:
                       Note: Currently on a wait list for winter 2019                                                                        
Off-Campus Accommodations
 Homestay Accommodations
 As  a homestay Accommodations
                    student, you will have
 the chance to bestudent,
  As  a homestay      a part ofyou
                                 thewill have the chance to be a part of a local family,
  taking part
 taking   part in
                in family
                   family activities
                           activities and
                                      and celebrating special occasions. Homestay
  includes breakfast,
 celebrating             lunch and Homestay
               special occasions.     dinner.
 includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    University of Manitoba Homestay                 The Canada Homestay Network
    E:                        E:
                                                     Also offers custodianship services
    Polar Trails Homestay
    E:
    Also offers custodianship services                                                           
Off-Campus Accommodations
 Off-Campus Accommodations
 The following resources are the best
 places to start looking for off-campus

    U of M Off-Campus Housing
     website provides links to
     accommodation listings, advice
     about renting, and much more:
    Winnipeg Free Press Classifieds
    Winnipeg Sun Classifieds

 It is strongly advised to personally
 inspect off-campus properties in person
 before signing contracts or leases or
 depositing any money.                    
Alternative Accommodations
  Hotel Royal Plaza (off-campus                 Temporary Accommodations
  dormitory)                                    Students who need to book temporary
  Hotel Royal Plaza is located in downtown      accommodations upon arriving in Winnipeg may
  Winnipeg and is a 30-45 minute bus ride       wish to consider the following options near
  from ICM. Rooms are fully furnished with a
                                                   Queen Bee Hotel, 2615 Pembina Hwy
  fridge, microwave, LCD TV and ensuite
                                                    (recommended – nearest to campus)
  private washrooms. They also have an in-           P: +1 204-269-4666 or +1 866-431-6666
  house restaurant and provide free wifi in          W:
  the building.                                      E:
      Virtual tour:                                 $85 - $90             Canad Inns Fort Garry, 1824 Pembina Hwy
                                                     P: +1 204-261-7450
      Website:
      Contact General Manager Saroj Nagpa           E:
       for student pricing and bookings at +1        $130 - $170
       204-783-3000 or by email at                 Holiday Inn Winnipeg South, 1330 Pembina Hwy or                   P: +1 204-452-4747                        W:
                                                     $130 - $170                                                                 
Arriving into Canada
    You will arrive into Canada through either Vancouver,
     Toronto, or Montreal. Familiarize yourself with your
     flight schedule and airport maps. More tips for your
     arrival into Canada can be found at
    Your Study Permit will be issued at your first port of
     arrival into Canada. Be sure to check your Study Permit
     details to ensure your information is printed correctly
    Do not be afraid to ask airport staff for directions to
     your connecting gate
    There are multiple daily flights to Winnipeg from
     Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal via Air Canada,
     WestJet, and others                                        
Arriving into Canada
    Upon arrival you will go through Immigration and may be asked the
     following questions:
       What is the purpose of your visit? To study at the International
          College of Manitoba
       How much money are you bringing into the country? Show access to
          funds, e.x. bank statements, etc. Ensure you have proof of access to
          funds to pay for your tuition and living expenses for at least one
          year (this can be your parents or sponsors bank statements as
          provided in your visa application). Annual living expenses for
          Winnipeg are estimated at C$12,000 per year.
       Where are you going to school? Which program? International
          College of Manitoba; show your Letter of Offer and Letter of
    If you are confused, tired, jet-lagged etc. you can request a translator
     for assistance!                                                
Arriving into Winnipeg
                         You will arrive at the Winnipeg
                          James Armstrong Richardson
                          International Airport (YWG)

                         Watch a virtual tour of the airport

                         Make arrangements with
                          family/friends, your homestay
                          family, book private airport pickup
                          for when you arrive into Winnipeg,
                          or take a taxi from the airport

                         Know the name, phone number,
                          address, and hours of operation of
                          your accommodations and have the
                          information typed and printed                              
Arrival Transportation
                 Taxi Service
                       There are always taxis available right
                         outside the airport Arrivals level. Taxis in
                         Winnipeg are clean and safe and will
                         accept both Canadian cash and major
                         credit cards. Follow the “Ground
                         Transportation” signs after collecting
                         your baggage
                 Homestay Students
                       Make sure the homestay family/company
                         have your arrival details and have
                         confirmed this service is available
                 Airport Pickup
                       If you want someone waiting for you at
                         the baggage claim, you can contact
                         Winnipeg Limo. In order to use their
                         service you need to complete the Airport
                         Pickup Form and return it to
                The cost is
                         approximately C$79 for private pickup                                   
Campus Map
A University Centre
        ICM Main Office (5th
        Bookstore (1st Floor)
        Campo Food Court (1st
        IQ’s & Degrees
         Restaurant (3rd Floor)
B U of M Station (main bus stop)

C ICM Student Advisor Office
  (308 Fitzgerald)                             C       E

D Pembina Hall & Mary Speechly
   Hall Residences

E University College Residence
F St. Andrew’s College Residence

G St. John’s College Residence
Essential Information 
Medical Insurance
 Medical Coverage
 All ICM students have emergency medical coverage through as part of
 their fees. This is an emergency medical plan covering new and emergent illnesses
 and accidents (ex. broken bones). The ongoing maintenance of a chronic condition
 or elective treatments, for example, are not covered.

 Full details will be provided at Orientation.

 Did you know that your medical coverage will begin December 25? If you plan to
 arrive in Canada before this date, you may wish to purchase additional medical

 Health Services on Campus
 ICM students have access to the health services provided by the University Health
 Service located on campus. For more information on the services, including how to
 make an appointment, visit their web site or call +1
 We advise you to have C$200 cash on       Large financial institutions in Canada
 you when arriving in Canada.              include Canadian Imperial Bank of
                                           Commerce (CIBC), Bank of Montreal
                                           (BMO), TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank
                                           of Canada (RBC) and Scotiabank.

                                           Most banks offer special student rates
                                           and complimentary internet banking

                                           To obtain a credit card you will need
                                           to speak with your bank. Many new
                                           arrivals to Canada need to apply for a
                                           secured credit card when they first
                                           arrive in Canada.
                      The U of M campus
                        has CIBC bank      For more info, please download:
                       machines – you
                         may wish to       centre/media/Opening_a_Bank_Accou
                        consider using     nt.pdf.
                       their services to
                       avoid extra fees                                                
More Essential Information
 Transferring Funds to Canada
  Money can be wired from your home country to your Canadian bank
    account once it is open
  You can also obtain a bank draft and bring it with you to Winnipeg. Be
    advised that Canadian banks can put long holds on deposits, sometimes
    up to 30 business days. Make sure to keep copies of all transactions for
    future reference
 Sales Tax (PST & GST)
  Purchases in Manitoba are subject to a sales tax. Note that these taxes
    are not usually indicated on the price tag and will be added to the price
    of most goods and services when you pay
 Internet and Phone
  The U of M campus is covered by a free wifi network for students. There
    are also several computer labs available to students. Your wifi login
    details will be sent to your ICM Student Portal email address.
  To call overseas from within Canada, dial 001 - country code - phone
Mobile Providers
 Several mobile providers operate in Manitoba.
 This includes:
  Bell MTS
  Rogers – outlet located in University Centre
  Telus
  Koodo
  Virgin Mobile
 Mobile providers often provide discounted plans
 for students but may also require you to sign a
 contract of 1-2 years. Compare plans to find
 what works best for you and your budget!
 Note that mobile contracts cannot exceed your study
 permit validity. If your study permit will expire within
 two years, a prepaid plan may be required and for this
 you may wish to bring a smartphone from your home
 country (or purchase one in Canada at full cost).                                     
Active Living Centre
  Students also have membership to the state-of-
  the-art 9300 m2 Active Living Centre!

  This includes:
   1000 pieces of free weights & accessories
      and 49 pieces of strength equipment
   160 pieces of brand new cardio equipment
   200 metre indoor track
   40 foot climbing wall
   Salt-water swimming pool
   Squash & racquetball courts
   Ice rink
   Table tennis
   Free group classes
   Free access to campus athletic events

  Visit the ALC to activate your membership using
  your student ID!                             
Intramural Sports
  Students are also able to join intramural sports
  teams at an additional cost. For more information,
  please visit the Active Living Centre reception desk.

     Teams include:
        Soccer
        Basketball
        Floor Hockey
        Ice Hockey
        Volleyball
        Badminton
        Ultimate
        Inner Tube Water Polo
        Kickball
        Climbing
        Quidditch
        Dodgeball                                   
Additional Resources
 • Pre-arrival Information
 • Things to do in Winnipeg
 • Student Portal
 • Scholarships
 • What’s Happening at ICM? Blog
 • U of M Meal Plans and Food
 • On-Campus Dining
 • Study Permit Processing Times
   and Information
 • Manitoba Health Care Coverage            
Get to know Winnipeg!  
Join the ICM Community


Contact Information
 International College of Manitoba
 University of Manitoba
 Room 508, University Centre
 65 Chancellor Circle
 Fort Garry Campus
 Winnipeg, Manitoba

 Telephone: +1 204 474 8479

 U of M Student Residences:
 U of M Homestay:
 Polar Trails Homestay:
 Canada Homestay Network:                              
See you soon!         
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