PRICE LIST 2021 - the boutique english language academy - Jazyky v zahraničí

PRICE LIST 2021 - the boutique english language academy - Jazyky v zahraničí
the boutique english language academy

PRICE LIST 2021 - the boutique english language academy - Jazyky v zahraničí
GENERAL ENGLISH 18 YRS+                                                                                                                             PRICE PER WEEK €
                    COURSES                          LESSONS PER WEEK                LEVELS             CLASS SIZE (MAX)         WEEKS           OTHER DATES         SUMMER 28 JUNE – 27 AUGUST
            Communicative English                              10                                                                                      85                              90
                                                                                                                                    1-7               185                             265
                                                                                 Elementary +                  10                  8+*                150                             150
                General English
                                                                                                                                    1-7               220                             300
                                                                                                                                   8+*                185                             185
           Beginner’s Mini Group                              20                    Beginner                    6                                     240                             320
      General English 20 + Private GE 5                       25                                                                                      310                             450
     General English 20 + Private GE 10                                          Elementary +                 10 / 1              1-7 **              440                             625
   General English 20 + Private BE / ESP 10                                                                                                           500                             685
* For students wishing to stay 8 weeks or more, please also refer to our Long-Stay Special packages
** Combi Course price offered only when both courses are booked at the same time. Additional private lessons may be booked with Combi course.
                                                              20                                                6                                     375                             475
         Business English Mini Group
                                                              30                                                6                                     425                             525
                                                                                Intermediate +
       General English 20 + Business 10                       30                                              10 / 6                                  325                             465
  Business English 20 + Private BE / ESP 10                   30                                              6/1                                     695                             950
Elementary & Pre-Intermediate students are to book Business English Private Lessons

                                                                5                                                                                     165                             215
                General English
                                                               10                                                                                     300                             400
                                                                                       All                      1
                                                                5                                                                                     190                             240
        Business English, Exam & ESP
                                                               10                                                                                     360                             460

                                                                5                                                                                      85                             110
                General English
                                                               10                                                                                     155                             210
                                                                                       All                      2
                                                                5                                                                                     100                             130
        Business English, Exam & ESP
                                                               10                                                                                     190                             240
Private / Semi-Private Courses may be held outside the school, for example: at student’s own accommodation in St. Paul’s Bay area at no extra charge.
Other areas € 5 per day travel supplement. Lessons at the weekend / public holiday offered upon request at double the rate.

    General English 20 + Private Exam 10                      30                     Various                  10 / 1                                  465                             635
Contact the school for Exam dates and more information. Additional private lessons may be booked upon request.

   SCHOOL AND                               1 January, 10 February, 19 & 31 March, 2 April, 1 May, 7 & 29 June, 15 August, 8 & 21 September, 8, 13 & 25 December 2021.
   PUBLIC HOLIDAYS:                         School Closed: 20 – 31 December 2021.

    ALL PRICES ARE IN EURO (€)                                                                                                 SPECIAL OFFERS
    REGISTRATION FEE:                                                                                                          FAMILY LANGUAGE COURSES:
    €60 per person / family                                                                                                    One family registration fee when booking as a family
                                                                                                                               (minimum two family members).
    COURSE BOOK FOR GENERAL                                    AIRPORT TRANSFERS:
    ENGLISH COURSES: €30                                                                                                       RETURNING STUDENTS
                                                                                                                               No registration fee + 5% discount on group courses & GV
    1 LESSON: 45 minutes                                       Up to 2 pax travelling together           30 each way
                                                                                                                               accommodation. Private Lessons, Packages and Hotels not included.
    COURSES START:                                                                                                             Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Inform school upon
                                                               Up to 4 pax travelling together           40 each way
                                                                                                                               booking. Other Ts & Cs may apply.
    Every Monday unless otherwise stated
                                                               Up to 6 pax travelling together           50 each way           LONG - STAY PACKAGES:
    GV MALTA TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY                                                                                        At discounted prices. More details on next page

 For more information and start dates, please contact the school at

 PRIVATE ONLINE LESSONS 1 lesson = 60 minutes                                            LEVELS                     CLASS SIZE (MAX)          5 LESSONS PER WEEK            10 LESSONS PER WEEK
 Private General                                                                                                                                        125                            230
 Private Business / ESP / Exam Prep                                                    Beginner to                                                      150                            280
 Semi Private General                                                                   Advanced                                                         75                            140
 Semi Private Business / ESP / Exam Prep                                                                                                                90                             175
Prices quoted are per student. Online Registration fee: €30. Return students do not pay a registration fee.
PRICE LIST 2021 - the boutique english language academy - Jazyky v zahraničí
LONG-STAY SPECIAL PACKAGES FOR 8 WEEKS +			                                                                                WHAT’S INCLUDED IN
                    General English 20 lessons / week   General English 20 lessons      General English 20 lessons /       THESE PACKAGES?
      Weeks         + Shared room in Apartment 2-3      / week + Twin room in host      week + Single room in host         •   General English 20 lessons (Elementary +)
                                per room                    family on HB basis              family on HB basis
                                                                                                                           •   Accommodation of choice
        8                         € 2,120                        € 3,120                          € 3,280                  •   Online Placement Test
        9                         € 2,385                        € 3,510                          € 3,690                  •   Welcome Pack
        10                        € 2,650                        € 3,900                          € 4,100                  •   Student Handbook
        11                        € 2,915                        € 4,290                          € 4,510                  •   Student Map
        12                        € 3,060                        € 4,560                          € 4,800                  •   Student Card
        13                        € 3,315                        € 4,940                          € 5,200                  •   GV Malta School Branded Gift
        14                        € 3,570                        € 5,320                          € 5,600                  •   First Day Orientation
        15                        € 3,825                        € 5,700                          € 6,000                  •   Welcome social afternoon / evening
        16                        € 4,080                        € 6,080                          € 6,400                  •   Course Material (Photocopies)
        17                        € 4,335                        € 6,460                          € 6,800                  •   Use of interactive whiteboards
        18                        € 4,590                        € 6,840                          € 7,200                  •   Use of self-study area
        19                        € 4,845                        € 7,220                          € 7,600
                                                                                                                           •   Free Internet café
        20                        € 4,900                        € 7,400                          € 7,800
                                                                                                                           •   Free WIFI in apartment & on campus
        21                        € 5,145                        € 7,770                          € 8,190
                                                                                                                           •   Daily Homework
        22                        € 5,390                        € 8,140                          € 8,580
                                                                                                                           •   Monthly Progress Test
        23                        € 5,635                        € 8,510                          € 8,970
                                                                                                                           •   Exam practice test where applicable
        24                        € 5,880                        € 8,880                          € 9,360
                                                                                                                           •   Certificate of Course Completion
   Extra Week                     € 245                           € 370                            € 390

SUPPLEMENTS                                                                                                            Important Notes:
Single Room Supplement on self-catering packages                                              + € 100 / week           •       No High season supplement on Host Family
High Season Supplement on self-catering packages 27 June – 28 August 2021                      + € 115 / week                  Long-Stay packages.

Upgrade to Beginner's Mini Group 20                                                            + € 90 / week           •       GV Terms and Conditions apply.

Upgrade to General English 30                                                                  + € 35 / week           •       This offer is not valid in conjunction
                                                                                                                               with any other offer
Upgrade to Business English Mini Group 20                                                     + € 175 / week
                                                                                                                       •       Lessons may be held in the afternoon.
Additional General English Private Lessons 5                                                  + € 150 / week
                                                                                                                       •       Student may be accommodated in more
Additional General English Private Lessons 10                                                 + € 250 / week                   than one apartment / host family for the
Additional Exam Prep / ESP / BE Private Lessons 5                                             + € 175 / week                   duration of his / her stay.
Additional Exam Prep / ESP / BE Private Lessons 10                                            + € 300 / week           •       Arrival transfers obligatory

  ADULT COURSE TIMETABLE                                                                                               ACCOMMODATION IN
                                                                                                                       SELF-CATERING APARTMENTS:
  Orientation is held on a Monday morning                Communicative English 10                13:00 – 14:30
  for all new students at 08:45                                                                                        •       Our apartments are modern, bright and fully
                                                         General English 20 + Private GE 5                                     furnished. Each kitchen is equipped with electric
  General English 20
                                        09:00 – 10:30    General English 20 + Private            09:00 – 10:30                 hob, microwave, fridge freezer and washing
  Business English 20                                                                            11:00 – 12:30                 machine. All rooms have ceiling fans.
                                        11:00 – 12:30    Exam/GE/BE 10
  Beginner’s Course 20                                                                          Private flexible               Living area includes LCD television with satellite
                                                         Business English 20 + Private                                         connection & Free Wifi.
  General English 30                    09:00 – 10:30    BE/ESP 10                                                             Apartments are studio / one or more bedrooms
  Business English 30                   11:00 – 12:30    Private / Semi-Private / ESP /
                                        13:00 – 14:30                                              Flexible            •       Shared room is maximum 3 per room
  General English 20 + Business 10                       Exam
                                                                                                                       •       Air-conditioning (heating & cooling) is available
  Students booking General English 8+ weeks may have afternoon lessons. While we try our best to                               in the bedrooms / rooms using a card system.
  accommodate your requested Private / Semi-Private Lessons times, morning lessons are not guaranteed.                         These cards may be purchased at check-in upon
  Times will be confirmed one week before arrival.                                                                             arrival or from the school.
                                                                                                                       •       Weekly cleaning, bed linen and towel change.
  YOUNG LEARNERS & TEEN                                  GV LANGUAGE AND DAY CAMPERS
                                                                                                                       •       Water and electricity included with a generous
  COURSE TIMETABLE                                       GV Language and Day Campers to be at GV St Paul’s                     limit as per our terms and conditions.
  Orientation for Young Learners and Teens Club is       Bay or designated meeting point by 08:15 latest to
  held in St. Paul’s Bay on a Monday morning at 08:45    catch the shuttle to drive to GV Camp in Rabat.               ACCOMMODATION IN HOST FAMILIES:
                                                                                                09:15 -10:45
  Young Learners, Teens Club 20         09:00 - 12:30    GV Camp English lessons 20                                    Half board basis, consists of Continental breakfast
                                                                                                11:00 – 12:30          and dinner. Shared room is maximum 2 per room
 Includes 2 x 15-minute supervised breaks
PRICE LIST 2021 - the boutique english language academy - Jazyky v zahraničí
YOUNG LEARNERS & TEENS 4-17 YRS                                                                                                                   PRICE PER WEEK €
                                                        LESSONS                                       CLASS SIZE         OTHER                                 SUMMER
                    COURSES                                                        LEVELS
                                                        PER WEEK                                        (MAX)            DATES        28 JUNE – 20 AUGUST             23 AUGUST – 27 AUGUST
 Young Learners Club (YLC) 4-11 YRS                                               Multilevel                                                    265
                                                            20                                              10            195                                                       265
 Teens Club (TC) 10 - 17 YRS                                                 Elementary +                                                Refer to GV Camp
Level and Age are taken into consideration when placing students in class. For YLC and TC courses, the course name booked may change depending on the ages and levels of young learners and
teens booked each week. So for example, a 10-year old student originally booking Young Learners Club may be placed in Teens Club if the teens are closer to his / her age. The Director of Studies
will decide which course is best for the child. These courses include supervised breaks.

 GV SUMMER CAMP 10 - 17 YRS				                                                                                                                  28 JUNE – 20 AUGUST
 GV Language Camp (LC)                                                                                                                                              265
 GV Day Camp (DC)                                                                                                                                                   425
 *GV Residential Camp Dormitory (RCD)                       20                 Beginner +                   16            N/A                                       515
 *GV Residential Camp Shared Room (RCSH)                                                                                                                            650
 *GV Residential Camp Single Room (RCSI)                                                                                                                            690

GV Residential Camp is available to individuals and groups, minimum one week. Arrival and Departure at the weekend.
GV Language and Day Camp include shuttles from GV St. Paul’s Bay - GV Summer Camp Rabat - GV St. Paul’s Bay
Special Diet: + €50 / person / week. Please note vegetarian is not considered as a special diet.
*Late check-in / Early Check-out fee €20. Late check-in/early check-out times between 23:00 – 07:00
*Unaccompanied minors. Students travelling as unaccompanied minors require a GV representative to provide an additional service upon arrival and departure. The charge for this
service is €40.00 each way.

 GV RESIDENTIAL APARTMENTS - HORTENSIA                                                                        Guaranteed Twin Room Supplement: € 50 / person / week

 Supplements: Late check-in fee € 20 to be                                 PRICE / PERSON / WEEK €                                                  PRICE / APT / WEEK €
 paid in cash at check-in. Late check-in times           Shared room in shared                        Single Room                       Studio / 1 -                           2-
 between 21:00 & 07:00.                                    Apt 2-3 per Room                          in shared Apt                     Bedroom Apt                         Bedroom Apt
 Jan – 20 March, 31 Oct – Dec                                        115                                    215                              270                                    335
 21 March – 26 June, 29 Aug – 30 Oct                                 165                                    310                              400                                    535
 27 June – 28 Aug                                                    230                                 435                                 650                                    870


 Supplements: Late check-in fee € 20 to be                                 PRICE / PERSON / WEEK €                                                  PRICE / APT / WEEK €
 paid in cash at check-in. Late check-in times         Shared room in shared Apt               Single Room in shared Apt                            2 - Bedroom family Apt
 between 21:00 & 07:00.                                  2 per Room / 5 per Apt                        3 per Apt                                           5 per Apt
 Jan – 20 March, 31 Oct – Dec                                        145                                 255                                                   415
 21 March – 26 June, 29 Aug – 30 Oct                                 220                                 380                                                   645
27 June – 28 Aug 355 525                                                                                                                                       975

GV Residential Apartments (Hortensia) & GV Seaview Apartments (Portobello):                           Air-conditioning available at an extra charge using a card system.
Arrival transfers obligatory					                                                                     These cards may be purchased at check-in upon arrival or from the school.
Available all year round including winter shutdown.                                                   GV Terms & Conditions apply.
Students travelling alone can book shared or single option. 			                                       Please refer to our website for apartment detailed descriptions and photos.
Check-ins & check-outs must be at the weekend.                                              
Bath Towels & linen provided.

 HOST FAMILY PRICE / PERSON / WEEK / HB BASIS                                                                Individual students can book twin room option all year round

                                TWIN / DOUBLE ROOM                   SINGLE ROOM                   FULL BOARD            SPECIAL DIET *            PRIVATE BATH / SHOWER                  A/C **
 Other Dates                               250                              290
                                                                                                       35                        55                            55                          70
 27 Jun – 28 Aug                           285                              335

* Please note vegetarian is not considered as a special diet.
** Please note A/C option needs to be advised upon booking, as not all host families have air conditioning in their homes.

PRICE LIST 2021 - the boutique english language academy - Jazyky v zahraničí
BOOKING PROCEDURE                                                  Once the student has arrived in Malta:                               his/her accommodation, s/he will be subject to an extra cost
Ways of booking:                                                   • Accommodation and Activities 1-4 weeks: Accommodation              of 1 week of the original accommodation booked.
(1) Complete our Booking Form via our website                        and activities cannot be cancelled or shortened.
                                                                     Accommodation and Activity fees are not refundable.                GV reserves the right to have students change their or                                                                                                                      accommodation during their stay. Notification will be given
(2) Fill-in the school’s Booking Form and send it to us via        • Accommodation 5+ weeks: Student can shorten                        to the student prior to the move. Transfers to the other
e-mail:                                    accommodation but must give a minimum of a 2-week                  accommodation will be assisted by GV. If a student changes
                                                                     notice. Students incur a 20% cancellation fee and refunds          to accommodation of a superior category, the student will only
We will confirm the booking subject to availability and issue        will be given in the form of a credit note. The resulting
an appropriate Letter of Acceptance and invoice.                                                                                        be charged the difference in price. There will be no refund if
                                                                     credit can only be used to upgrade accommodation and               a student changes to accommodation of an inferior category.
GROUP ALLOCATIONS & BOOKINGS                                         is subject to availability. Credit notes are not refundable or     The respective hotel policies will apply for students staying
Group allocations are subject to availability at the time of         transferable.                                                      at a hotel.
booking. When one wants to send a group, they should send          • If a student is unable to attend/cancels the whole/part of a
an email advising school of intended dates and number of             course/ accommodation/booking, this cannot be
students to check availability before confirming bookings with       transferred to another student.                                    GV Malta English Centre will not be held responsible for
students. Once availability is confirmed, a 25% deposit on                                                                              loss or theft of any student’s property from the school,
the whole group will be required to secure the allocation or       Long-stay packages can be shortened after arrival, but student       accommodation or from any location. GV Malta advises
provisional booking.                                               must give a minimum of a 2-week notice. The resulting credit         all students to have adequate travel, accident and medical
                                                                   can be used to upgrade tuition or accommodation and is               insurance before they arrive in Malta, but it is ultimately the
GROUP PAYMENT TERMS & CONDITIONS AND                                                                                                    responsibility of each student. We want to make sure that
                                                                   subject to availability. Credit is NOT refundable or transferrable
CANCELLATION POLICY                                                                                                                     all students are covered for any eventuality. Contact us for
                                                                   to another student.
This refers to those students travelling in a group with a group                                                                        insurance quotations.
leader who are requesting an allocation for a specific period of   POSTPONEMENT POLICY
time and for a specific number of students.                        Students will be allowed to postpone their course and/or             AIRPORT TRANSFERS
                                                                   accommodation up to 25 working days before confirmed                 All flight details as requested in our Booking Form MUST
Payment Terms:                                                                                                                          reach us at least 4 days prior to arrival. In the event of delays
•  25% Deposit upon confirmation of allocation
                                                                   arrival. An administrative fee of €30 will be charged for each
                                                                                                                                        or sudden flight changes students MUST inform the airport
•  25% 8 weeks before arrival
                                                                   change. New dates will be subject to availability and prices
                                                                                                                                        transfer company in sufficient time. No refund will be given
•  Balance 4 weeks before arrival
                                                                   may differ depending on season. Should student decide to
                                                                   cancel booking in the end, cancellation fees will apply.             in the event of subsequent missed transfers. When booking
                                                                                                                                        accommodation in a host family or residential/sea view
Cancellation Fees:                                                 COVID RELATED POSTPONEMENT/CANCELLATION POLICY                       apartments, arrival airport transfers must be booked through
• Registration Fees are not refundable                             Should a student not be able to travel due to COVID19 related        the school, unless a rental car is booked from the airport.
• 0 – 16 weeks before arrival 25% of all fees,                     issues i.e. flights cancelled, borders closed or a positive PCR
                                                                                                                                        LEISURE ACTIVITIES
  Registration Fees and bank charges                               test result, student will be given the following two options:
• No shows 100%
                                                                     1.   Student may postpone his/her trip to a later date.
                                                                                                                                        We offer a variety of excursions and trips that one may choose
                                                                                                                                        all year round. GV Malta reserves the right to make changes to
PAYMENTS - SINGLE AND FAMILY BOOKINGS                              		     No admin fees will be charged, or                             the activities programme due to weather conditions, attraction
To secure a booking, a 50% deposit should reach the school           2.   Student may cancel his/her trip with a full refund less       closures or any other reasons beyond our control.
within one week of confirmation and the balance to be paid         		     Registration Fee. (should the student decide to come to
at least 25 working days before arrival. Full payment is to be     		     GV Malta at a later date, the Registration Fee will not be    PUBLIC HOLIDAYS FALLING ON A WEEKDAY
made for late bookings. GV Malta has partnered with Flywire        		     charged again)                                                Students booking a group course are offered a leisure activity,
to provide you with an easy and secure method of sending                                                                                instead of lessons. Should a public holiday happen to fall on
international fee payments. To get started, click or go to         Kindly note proof of flight cancellation or positive PCR test        the first Monday of their course, details of the Monday activity to begin the payment process. If you have      result will need to be sent to Registrations department in order     will be advised prior to arrival. No refunds will be given to
questions about making your payment, visit                         for the student to avail of one of the above options. New dates      those students who do not attend activity.                                       are subject to availability and prices may differ depending on
                                                                   season.                                                              PLACEMENT TEST (PRE-ARRIVAL)
CANCELLATION POLICY - SINGLE AND FAMILY BOOKINGS                                                                                        Upon booking and prior to arrival students are to fill in a
In the event that a cancellation is made after our confirmation,   PRICE CHANGES                                                        Placement Test to verify their English level. This enables
the following cancellation charges will apply:                     Prices may change if there are revisions in governmental             students not to miss the first lessons on the first day. If a
•   All students cancelling over 25 working days (Monday
                                                                   policies, fuel or tax increases, or other unforeseen events
                                                                   beyond the School’s control.
                                                                                                                                        student does not reach the required minimum level for a
                                                                                                                                        specific course, s/he may be asked to change to private
    to Friday) prior to the course, accommodation or activity
                                                                                                                                        lessons or another available course. There may be a difference
    start date (whichever comes first), will be charged a €150     VISAS                                                                in price.
    per person cancellation fee + any non-refundable charges       Students needing an entry visa for Malta must apply for a
    (registration fee, insurance fees and bank charges)            visa in their own country prior to arrival in Malta. Documents       ORIENTATION DAY
•   All students cancelling 25 working days (Monday to Friday)     from the school will be issued upon receipt of full payment.         On the first Monday of their course, new students are
    or less prior to the course, accommodation or activity start   Any bank and/or postal charges incurred will be paid by the          welcomed, given brief information and placed in an
    date (whichever comes first), will be charged a cancellation   student. GV Malta cannot be held responsible for decisions           appropriate class according to their level. All students are
    fee equivalent to 1 week of accommodation, tuition,            taken by Maltese/foreign Authorities regarding entry visas           kindly asked to arrive for their orientation on time. Refer to
    activities, registration fee, Insurance fees and bank          or visa extensions. A refund less € 150.00 per student + any         course timetable for orientation time.
    charges.                                                       bank charges + postal charges will be given within 30 days of
                                                                                                                                        ENGLISH ONLY POLICY
•   Should a student decide to cancel part of their booking 15
                                                                   written proof of visa refusal.
                                                                                                                                        In order to provide students with a complete English
    working days or less prior to the course, accommodation        If the enrolment start date is postponed due to delays in the        immersion, GV Malta follows a strict English Only Policy, where
    or activity start date (whichever comes first), no refund      visa application process, the school may not be able to offer        students are encouraged to speak English only.
    will be given.                                                 the same original course and/or accommodation allocation as
                                                                                                                                        PHOTOGRAPHY & FILMING
•   No refunds will be given by the school for “No Shows”.         originally booked.
                                                                                                                                        GV may take photos/video footage of students for marketing/
Once the student has started his / her course:                     ENROLMENT, ACCOMMODATION AND ACTIVITY CHANGES                        promotional purposes. If students do not wish to participate,
• Courses 1 - 4 weeks: Courses cannot be cancelled,                Any changes to a student’s enrolment after initial confirmation      the students need to make us aware of this at the time of
  shortened or lessons reduced in number. Course fees are          will incur an administrative fee of €30.00 per change. This also     shooting. GV will respect their wishes.
  not refundable.                                                  includes requests for changes whilst the student is at school.
                                                                                                                                        GV MALTA WEBSITE
• Courses 5+ weeks: Student can shorten course but must
                                                                   While we will do our best to change or postpone the course/
                                                                   accommodation/activities when requested, this may however            The official school website is We cannot
  give a minimum of a 2-week notice. The resulting credit                                                                               take responsibility for any information offered on any other
                                                                   not always be possible. If a student while in Malta, wishes to
  can only be used to upgrade tuition and is subject to                                                                                 websites which do not belong to Global Village English
                                                                   change less than 4 weeks of his/her booked accommodation,
  availability. Credit is not refundable.                                                                                               Centre (Malta) Ltd. Please ensure you access current school
                                                                   s/he will be subject to an extra cost of 3 days of the original
                                                                   booking. If a student wishes to change 4 weeks or more of            information and not cached pages which are out-of-date.                                                             
LIABILITY                                                             YOUNG LEARNERS ACCOMMODATION                                          and pans is not included. Additional cleaning can be provided
Students are liable for any damage caused to school premises          GV Summer Camp: Students aged 10-17 can stay in the summer            upon request at an additional cost. Please contact our
or accommodation or any third-party property. Before                  camp during summer. Adult supervision is provided.                    Accommodation Department for further information.
departure students must pay the full cost of any damage they
caused. GV Malta will not be held liable for loss, damage or          Host Families: Students under the age of 14 cannot stay in host       Even though cleaning is provided, students are responsible for
injury to persons or property.                                        families unless accompanied in Malta by a parent/guardian.            maintaining the cleanliness of their apartment and disposal of
                                                                                                                                            rubbish. Rubbish is not to be left to accumulate indoors as this
DISMISSAL                                                             Hotels: Students under the age of 18 cannot stay in a hotel,          will attract unwanted insects. Rubbish is collected on a daily
GV Malta reserves the right to dismiss students for                   unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.A                             basis (except Sundays) and should be left on the pavement
unacceptable behaviour or lack of attendance. No refund will           PARTMENT ACCOMMODATION 		                                            outside the front door. Please refer to Information Booklet in
be given. Repatriation is at student’s own expense.                                                                                         apartment for collection times and days.
FORCE MAJEURE                                                         Unless otherwise stated, check-in is after 14:00 for all types of     Students leaving untidy rooms will not have their
GV Malta will not be responsible for any failure to comply with       accommodation. Upon check-in students staying in the self-            accommodation cleaned and may have to pay an additional fee
any of its obligations (and, therefore, shall not be required         catering apartments will be asked to pay a damage deposit             for extra cleaning services.
to provide any compensation) if the failure is occasioned by          and relevant Eco Tax. If students’ arrival is early in the day and
any cause beyond GV Malta’s reasonable control; nor shall GV          they prefer guaranteed immediate access to their room, the            If found in breach of the above conditions the school shall
Malta be responsible for any costs incurred by or on behalf of        School recommends that the accommodation is reserved from             reserve the right to withhold the damage deposit and one may
the student as a result of any such cause. Such causes shall          the night before.                                                     be asked to leave the apartment.
include but shall not be limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil                                                                         INSPECTION OF ACCOMMODATION
strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear    Late Check-In: Students checking in between 21:00 & 07:00 will
                                                                      be asked to pay a late check in fee in cash directly to GV Malta      Management or staff can enter to check the accommodation
disaster, unusually adverse weather conditions and infectious                                                                               whenever they deem it necessary. Glasses, mugs, pots,
diseases.                                                             Representative on check-in.
                                                                                                                                            pans, plates, cutlery etc. must not be moved from one
COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE                                                  Check-out: on the day of departure is by 09:00. When checking         accommodation to another. When inspecting the
If, at any time throughout the course, students are not happy         out, students staying in apartments should allow at least 1           accommodation on departure, guests will be charged for
with any area of their stay, they are to inform the school            hour for management to check the accommodation and refund             missing items even if they are in another accommodation.
as soon as possible. No complaint can be accepted after               the damage deposit. If a student fails to allow at least 1 hour,      Posters, photos, postcards, etc. must not be stuck on to the
departure if it has not been clearly brought to the school’s          management reserves the right to refund the damage deposit            walls; this is to avoid damaging the plastering. Students are
attention as explained above.                                         at a later stage                                                      responsible for missing items of inventory, breakages and
                                                                                                                                            damages in their accommodation; therefore, it is in the interest
FINAL DECISION                                                        DAMAGE DEPOSIT                                                        of the students who are sharing accommodation to ensure that
If a situation arises that has not been covered by the above          The damage deposit of €50.00 paid in cash on check-in                 any damage caused in their accommodation or abuse by other
Terms, we reserve the right to take any fair and reasonable           will be refunded (in full or part thereof) on check-out, upon         students within their apartment is reported to management
action that we think appropriate.                                     presentation of the damage deposit receipt and after the              immediately.
                                                                      accommodation has been inspected. The damage deposit
HEALTH                                                                is held against any costs that may be incurred in respect of          PARTIES
It is recommended that students disclose any mental illness,          missing items of inventory, breakages, damages or excessive           Parties must not be held in the accommodation. Loud
allergy, disability or condition that may interfere with their        dirt that students may cause during their stay. Management            music, singing, shouting or any other disturbance in the
learning or that may impact the wellbeing of any other student        also reserves the right to fine students where disturbances           accommodation, corridors or any other public area is not
or staff member.                                                      to other clients or third parties have been reported. In these        permitted at any time during the day or night. In the event
                                                                      cases, the fine will be taken from this deposit. It is very           that this regulation is ignored, each student registered in the
 YOUNG LEARNERS (UNDER 18s)                                           important to note that students’ liability is not limited to €50.00   accommodation will lose their deposit and may be asked
Young Learners Club and Teens Club do not include 24-hour             and the School reserves the right to charge extra money or            to leave the accommodation. There will be no refund for
supervision. All young learners are to be accompanied by a            take any other necessary measures as and when required.               students who are asked to leave due to their misuse, abuse or
parent/guardian outside lesson times. A consent form must                                                                                   disturbance in and around the accommodation provided by
be completed and signed by a parent/guardian and received             ACCOMMODATION KEYS                                                    GV Malta.
by GV Malta prior to arrival. By enrolling your child at GV Malta     Students will be given his/her own room and main door key.
you are providing us to act on your behalf in the case of an          Students staying in our accommodation will be charged for lost         HOST FAMILY ACCOMMODATION
emergency. Parent/guardian is to provide a packed lunch               or broken keys and the cost of changing main door lock and            Students staying with host families are entitled to:
each day. Participation in prepaid lessons and activities is          key cutting. In the case of accommodation with host families, if
                                                                      students are given a copy of the house key and this is lost, they
                                                                                                                                            •  Half Board: breakfast and dinner
compulsory. Should young learners not wish to attend any
lessons or activities, the school requires written authorisation      will have to pay the full cost involved to replace the door lock.     •  Full Board: breakfast, a packed lunch and dinner
                                                                                                                                               Breakfast is generally continental and includes tea or
from parents/guardians giving reasons. Lessons and activities         GUESTS                                                                   coffee with milk, and an adequate amount of toast with
are not transferable or refundable.                                   No guests allowed overnight in accommodation if not booked               jams and cereals.
UNACCOMPANIED MINORS                                                  through the school.                                                   Lunch is generally packed lunch and consists of bread rolls/
Students travelling as unaccompanied minors require a GV              COOLING, HEATING AND ELECTRICITY / GAS IN OUR                         sandwiches, a piece of fruit and a small bottle of water;
representative to provide an additional service upon arrival          RESIDENTIAL / SEAVIEW APARTMENTS
and departure. The charge for this service is €40.00 each                                                                                   Dinner in the evening includes a variety of dishes and mineral/
                                                                      Electricity consumption is included. Use of other heating/            filtered water.
way. This cost does not include airport transfer costs. It is the     cooling appliances not provided by GV Malta is prohibited.
parents/guardians’ responsibility to advise GV Malta at the time      In the event of any additional appliances being found in the          Students must respect the meal times established by their
of booking if the student is travelling as an unaccompanied           accommodation, these shall be removed immediately and a               family. Students should inform their family about the food they
minor with the airline/ferry. GV Malta is not responsible for any     charge of €5.00 per day for the full stay will be made for each       like and don’t like, when they are not going to eat at the family
additional fees incurred.                                             appliance.                                                            home, or if they would like to eat at a different time.
POCKET MONEY                                                          TOWELS & LINEN                                                        A heater/fan will be provided when necessary.
Students should ensure they have sufficient money for the             Towels and linen will be provided in all accommodation.
duration of their stay. In case of emergency the school will          Towels are not to be taken out of the apartment or used as
provide pocket money upon receipt of said money in the GV             beach towels. Stained / damaged towels or linen will be
account. This will incur a charge of € 20.00 per transaction,         charged accordingly.
deducted from the sum deposited into GV’s account.                                                                                              24-HOUR EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS
CURFEW                                                                                                                                          GV Emergency Number To be called only in case of an
                                                                      Cleaning of the accommodation and change of towels and
All students under the age of 18 have a curfew till 23:00 that                                                                                  emergency (+356) 7933 6959
                                                                      bed linen takes place on a weekly basis; missing items will
must be respected: GV Malta reserves the right to make                not be replaced. Cleaning includes washing of floors and                  Malta Emergency Number Police / Ambulance / Fire
necessary changes and to send the student back home if he/            bathroom/s, and dusting of furniture. Cleaning of plates, pots            Brigade 112
she fails to respect the curfew times.

                     St. George’s Street, St. Paul’s Bay                                         LEGAL STATUS
                     SPB 3476, Malta                                                             GV Malta is a privately owned limited liability company and
                     Tel: +356 2157 3417 / +356 2157 8280                                        is fully licensed as a school for the teaching of English as
                     Email:                               No wheelchair         a foreign language by the Maltese Ministry of Education in          FIND US ON
                     www.                                         access             terms of article six of act xxiv of 1988. Licence number 121.       Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn
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