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TRC Tourism is a leading international tourism, recreation and conservation
planning consultancy based in Australia and New Zealand. The TRC team, led by
Director Janet Mackay, has been working in the fields of tourism, recreation and
conservation for over 20 years.

The TRC team is made up of in-house consultants and support staff based in Australia and New
Zealand, with a pool of Associate Consultants strategically located around the world. Our team
members have a range of backgrounds including park management, recreational planning, tourism
and commercial development, marketing, economics, travel and cruise trade experience and project

TRC specialise in tourism planning, destination management and development; product and
experience development and feasibility studies; recreational trails projects for mountain biking,
walking, running, horse riding and aquatic trails; Indigenous tourism and product development, and
interpretation planning.

TRC is renowned for their significant experience, out-of-the-box thinking, and passion for sustainable
tourism and recreation. TRC offer a professional, holistic approach with innovative, creative thinking
to provide integrated solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

TRC clients include both country, state and local governments, private investors, non-governmental
organisations (NGOs), community groups and international development agencies.

TRC Tourism acknowledges the Indigenous peoples of the lands, waters and communities we work
together with. We pay our respect to their cultures; and to their Elders – past, present and

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                                                                       TRC Tourism Corporate Profile 2021   1


          TRC Tourism Corporate Profile 2021   2
                                                                                                                                                                          Get to know the award-winning TRC team. Spread globally, our consultants,
                                                                                                                                                                          associates and partners are all willing to help you with your requirements.
                                                                                                   WELLINGTON| BLENHEIM | RAGLAN | AUCKLAND | DUNEDIN | MANGAWHAI HEADS

                                                                                                                                                                          JANET MACKAY                       TRACY JOHNSTON                    CHRIS HALSTEAD                    PENNY SPOELDER                 CHRIS ROSE
                                                                                                                                                                          Director | Australia & New Zealand Operations Manager NZ /           Senior Consultant |               Senior Consultant |            Senior Consultant |
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Senior Consultant |               Adelaide, Australia               Canberra, Australia            Melbourne, Australia
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Marlborough, New Zealand

                                                                                                                                                                          KYLIE RUWHIU-KARAWANA                 ALISTAIR HENCHMAN              DEBBY VAN DER SCHEER              BRAD KIRNER
                                                                                                                                                                          Consultant |                          Senior Consultant |            Senior Consultant |               Consultant |
                                                                                                                                                                          Dunedin, New Zealand                  Canberra, Australia            Raglan, New Zealand               Mangawhai Heads, New Zealand

                                                                                                                                                                          TRACEY DIDDAMS                        CHRIS ORD                      KAIN GARDNER                     ALLISON ANDERSON
                                                                                                                                                                          Consultant |                          Consultant |                   Associate Consultant|            Specialist Partner |
                                                                                                                                                                          Keep River National Park, Australia   Melbourne, Australia           Adelaide, Australia              Hobart, Australia

                                                                                                                                                                          NATASHA PAUL                           ANNA BAELZ-STEAD              LEE BRULISAUER                   LISA COUNSELL
                                                                                                                                                                          Consultant |                           Consultant |                  Consultant|                      Project Officer |
                                                                                                                                                                          Adelaide, Australia                    Adelaide, Australia           Jindabyne, Australia             Canberra, Australia

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                                                                                                                                                                          LISA CHEESEMAN                        JO DAVIS                       DONNA GRAF
                                                                                                                                                                          Marketing / Project Support |         Business Manager | Australia   Business Manager | New Zealand       TRC Tourism Corporate Profile 2021                 3
                                                                                                                                                                          Coffs Harbour, Australia

  Sustainable Destination,       Recreational Trail Planning,           Conservation, Protected Area
Planning, Management and          Design and Management                   and Visitor Management

  Product and Experience
                                 Indigenous Tourism Planning
Development and Feasibility                                            Visitor Interpretation Planning
                                     and Business Support

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                                                                TRC Tourism Corporate Profile 2021   4
Destination sustainability is now imperative.
Major disruptions such as pandemics, climate                   WHAT WE OFFER
change and new technology are influencing                         Situation destination planning
                                                                  Stakeholder engagement and consultation
the way communities feel about tourism, the
                                                                  Define the destination
way visitors are making decisions and the                         Build case and investment prospectus
way industry responds to these changing                           Ecotourism accreditation

PURPOSE?                                                       WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?
    Articulate a strong united vision amongst community,       Destination Management Planning can help you:
    government and industry
    Identify the benefits you want to see                         Understand the current visitor offer, how it
    Build capability and strong, resilient local communities      aligns with target markets, where there are
    Abandon traditional approaches to destination                 opportunities, gaps and challenges to
    planning                                                      consider
    Focus on environmental and cultural advocacy and              Review what other destinations are offering
    stewardship                                                   to understand how your unique proposition
    Connect with local Indigenous communities through             will make your destination stand out from the
    purposeful engagement to capture their aspirations            crowd
                                                                  Work together with various project partners
    and further build the destinations value proposition
                                                                  and the local community to develop a united
    Use evidence to support decision making
                                                                  vision and define your destination
    Seek out new product and experience development
                                                                  Deliver destination priorities and understand
    opportunities                                                 the potential costs and resources required
    Create new opportunities for investment and business          Secure funding through attractive business
    development                                                   cases and Investment prospectuses
    Collaborate with new partners and consider new                Grow visitor awareness, visitor numbers,
    organisational structures to get the best result              length of stay and visitor satisfaction, while
    Monitor and evaluate the environmental, social,               also fostering sustainable, happy and healthy
    cultural and economic benefits of tourism                     local communities.
    Consider risks and prepare for managing crisis and

TRC is committed to the application of the United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the New
Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment. TRC is a
member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC),
and our team holds GSTC Professional Certificates in
Sustainable Tourism. Our team of sustainable tourism
practitioners provide practical advice on how to maximise
the social, economic, environmental and cultural benefits
of tourism.
                                                                      TRC Tourism Corporate Profile 2021   5
  Our team works extensively on all aspects
  of trail planning including trail master                       WHAT WE OFFER
  plans,W    OFFERbike strategies, multi day
          mountain                                                Current trails review
  walk product development and feasibility                        Feasibility studies
  studies, integrated regional trails                             Strategic planning
                                                                  Stakeholder engagement
  strategies, cycleway planning, rail trails,                     Support ongoing trail management
  drive trails and assessments of the
  economic benefits of trail development.

    OUR APPROACH                                                 WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?
                                                                  Attract more visitors to your destination
    With trail-based activities increasing in popularity, and
                                                                  through quality trail experiences that meet
    users expecting more from their trail experiences,
                                                                  user needs, are marketed effectively, and
    destinations must take a strategic approach to trail
                                                                  are designed and managed efficiently and
    development and management. Whether it’s walking,
    mountain-biking, equestrian, aquatic or driving-based
                                                                  Facilitate business and economic
    experiences, recreational trails are now an integral
                                                                  development by developing trails that are
    product for many destinations. But with increased
                                                                  supported by the right access, facilities,
    interest comes increased competition for funding, and
                                                                  services, products and accommodation.
    without a solid plan in place, your trail initiatives may
                                                                  Help secure grant funding by developing
    … well, just trail off. Ensuring your destination gets the
                                                                  business cases that clearly highlight the
    most out of its trails — both new and existing —
                                                                  health, economic and social benefits of
    requires a deliberate and experienced approach, one
                                                                  trail development.
    that fully considers the broader sustainability,
                                                                  Improve the health and wellbeing of your
    environmental, social, education and economic
                                                                  residents by getting them outdoors and
    opportunities of recreational trail development.

                                                                     TRC Tourism Corporate Profile 2021         6
TRC’s foundations are built upon finding the right       WHAT WE OFFER
balance between tourism, recreation and
conservation. Our team of past protected area              Visitor management strategies
managers paired with tourism industry experts is           Park management plans (including World
our secret to successfully meeting this balance. We        Heritage and jointly managed reserves)
get it, from all sides of the spectrum – people need       Site planning and specific projects
parks and special places, to recreate, connect with        Visitor interpretation plans
nature, socialise with family and friends, to learn,       Feasibility studies
grow and benefit from. Parks need people too – to          Evaluation and performance
care, protect, appreciate, respect and advocate for.
By working alongside park managers and
community stakeholders, together we achieve
mutually respectful awareness of the imperatives of
all concerned – the Park, the managers, the
community, visitors and Traditional land owners.

                                                         WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?
Visitor Management is not simply a tool used to
control and manage visitor behaviour. It’s a framework    Attract more visitors through the
that understands visitor behaviour. Through education     development of in-park experiences and
and exceptional nature-based experiences, well-           facilities that meet user needs.
planned visitor management fosters awareness and          Keep stakeholders happy by applying best-
protection of park values. Observation, open              practice planning and management
communication, monitoring, benchmarking and best          techniques including innovative approaches
practice are all aspects of conservation and visitor      to address concerns and aspirations.
management that enables the balance to be                 Help secure grant funding by developing
sustainably adjusted to meet the needs of both park       business cases that clearly highlight the
and people.                                               health, economic, cultural and social
                                                          benefits of in-park experiences and facilities.
                                                          Improve the health and wellbeing of your
                                                          residents by getting them outdoors and

                                                                 TRC Tourism Corporate Profile 2021     7
TRC is recognised for innovation in identifying new
products and experiences that will be attractive for a      WHAT WE OFFER
destination — whether they be tours, trails,                 Visitor experience / product audit and
accommodation, visitor facilities, services or transport.    evaluation
                                                             Identify your markets
Experience and product development are what attract,         Strategic alignment
excite and enable visitors to connect with and               Feasibility studies
understand the people and places they are visiting.          Benchmarking and comparative analysis
Similarly, experience and product development enhance        Site assessment
the quality of life for local people, providing them with    Stakeholder and community engagement and
recreational, social and economic opportunities.             co-design
                                                             Visitor experience plan / Master plan
Destinations can benefit from understanding what they        Investment prospectus
currently have on offer, the uptake of existing products
and experiences and where gaps and opportunities may
exist to create new or enhance existing products. It’s
also about understanding what makes your destination
desirable and stand out from the crowd, and how can
this be developed, enhanced and packaged.

OUR APPROACH                                                WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?
                                                             Understand the current visitor offer, how it
TRC can provide project design and delivery, resulting in
                                                             aligns with target markets, where there are
realisation of product and experience development
                                                             opportunities, gaps and challenges to consider
recommendations and actions. This phase can include:
                                                             Review what other destinations are offering to
    Concept design                                           understand how your unique proposition will
    Assessment of viability                                  make your destination stand out from the
    Financial analysis and projections                       crowd
    Economic impact assessment                               Work together to develop and define your
    Social and environmental assessment                      experience product
    Risk assessment                                          Redefine your experience product and
    Business planning and business cases                     understand the potential costs and resources
    Project management                                       required
    Training and mentoring.

                                                                   TRC Tourism Corporate Profile 2021   8
TRC is passionate about working together
with traditional custodians and                            WHAT WE OFFER
                                                            Product and experience development
communities in both urban and remote
                                                            Storytelling workshops
locations across Australia, New Zealand                     Joint management plans
and the Pacific. We recognise the                           Feasibility studies
quintessential value cultural immersion                      Strategic planning
provides for visitors to destinations, as well               Tourism capacity building
                                                            Regional Indigenous tourism plans
as the critical value cultural tourism affords              Community action plans
local communities and remote townships                      Site specific planning
economically, socially and culturally.                      Interpretation planning
                                                            Prospectus writing
                                                            Business cases and grant writing services

OUR APPROACH                                               WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?
Our specialists use a participatory planning approach       Working alongside a team that understands
to sensitively and respectfully work together with          the sensitive approach required in tourism
local Indigenous people. This approach fosters trust        planning and management and the
and mutual understanding from both a tourism and            complexities of balancing tourism, community
cultural perspective. Local people own and set the          interests, development and conservation.
priorities and parameters for tourism, decide what          Attract more visitors to your destination
can and cannot be shared and decide upon the                through quality experiences that meet user
benefits they want to realise through tourism. We           needs, are marketed effectively, and are
also work with Indigenous communities in national           designed and managed efficiently.
park and protected area planning and in developing          Facilitate business and economic development
joint management plans and partnership approaches.          by developing products that are supported by
                                                            the right facilities.
There is no one-size-fits-all approach for Indigenous       Help to secure grant funding by developing
tourism. Cultural obligations, responsibilities,            business cases that clearly highlight the
protocols, values, traditions and levels of desired         economic, social and cultural benefits.
involvement will vary. Using an Indigenous lens, we         Training and mentoring in the tools and skills
learn what local people desire from tourism and from        needed to be involved in tourism at any level
their perspective, the things that visitors can see, do,    (passive, engaged, leading).
learn and immerse in.

                                                                   TRC Tourism Corporate Profile 2021        9
Meaningful places matter to us — when a         OUR APPROACH
visitor to a place extracts such meanings,      Visitors seek opportunities to learn about the
the place is assured of living forever in the   people and places they visit. Interpretation
human mind. – Professor Sam Ham, 2002           provides this opportunity, connecting visitors to
                                                our stories and increasing their understanding and
                                                awareness of our culture, our natural places and
Interpretation is embedded in every aspect
                                                our history. Interpretation also allows us to
of a visitor experience. It’s the stories       effectively share messages, motivating and moving
people hear that attract them initially, what   our visitors to act appropriately, become advocates
they learn, how they interact and connect       and help us protect our special values.
once they have arrived and the important        Interpretation planning is about ‘getting the story
                                                right’ so the appropriate themes and stories are
messages they take away with them -             shared; reducing misinterpretation, fabrication and
making your story now part of their story       assumption. Interpretation is: A means of
that they share with family and friends back    communicating ideas and feelings which help
home.                                           people enrich their understanding and
                                                appreciation of the world, and their role within it
                                                (Interpretation Australia).

                                                WHAT WE OFFER
                                                    Undertake an experience assessment
                                                    Develop story themes and key messages
                                                    Understand your markets
                                                    Deliver interpretation plans and strategies
                                                    Design site concept plans/master plans

                                                           TRC Tourism Corporate Profile 2021     10
                "The high level of professionalism of the team and all-encompassing
                support offered by TRC gave us assurance in completing our project on
                time and within the limited resources despite these challenging times."

Christina Leala-Gale
Pacific Tourism Organisation                                  "Absolutely thrilled with the outcome!"

                                                                                                                       Susan Fayad
               "TRC worked with land managers and stakeholders from around the Wellington Region to                   City of Ballarat
               develop the Wellington Regional Trails Framework. TRC’s destination management
               expertise, experience and professional approach was critical to the success of this
               ambitious project, that has seen 11 different agencies align their approaches and come
               together to move Wellington from an ‘under the radar’ network of tracks to a world class
               trails destination for residents and visitors alike."
Sarah Murray
Wellington Trails Trust

   "The TRC team mobilised rapidly to PNG to assess and repair Kokoda Track bridges severely damaged in
   the very heavy wet season of last year being choppered into the remote rugged terrain of the Track.
   Working in very well with The Kokoda Track Authority Rangers, Kokoda Initiative and local communities
   their efforts and skill contributed greatly to the Kokoda Track being ready for the 2019 trekking season.
   TRC also helped build the capacities of The Kokoda Track Authority Rangers and local communities to
   explore ways for future sustainable bridge building and general track maintenance works. The resultant
   Track Operations Manual produced by TRC is expected to be a valuable guide for future Kokoda Track
                                                                                                                        Damian Mate
                                                                                                         Kokoda Initiative Partnership

                "Tracy and the TRC team just get it. Their depth of knowledge about the
                tourism industry has made all the difference for us. It’s accelerated our
                growth and unlocked our potential."

Adam Hughes | General Manager
Trust Tairāwhiti
                             "Janet and the TRC team did a great job with the Gippsland Destination
                            Management Plan and I would recommend them to any regional tourism

                                                                                                               Terry Robinson| CEO
                                                                                                               Destination Gippsland
               "TRC has built a trusting relationship with various individuals in Kalumburu and
               people have expressed how easy it was to work with them. We would like TRC to
               continue working with community members."

Maria Lovison| CEO
Kalumbaru Aboriginal Corporation

                                                                                    TRC Tourism Corporate Profile 2021           11
TRC Tourism is committed to tourism that                            For a long time, TRC has been advocating, educating
                                                                    and providing environmentally and socially sustainable
contributes positively to society. We believe                       solutions for tourism, recreation and conservation
tourism can be a driver of positive change and                      projects. When reassessing our own values recently,
                                                                    we asked – ‘are we ourselves doing enough?’ Pathzero
has the power to contribute towards global                          has helped us assess our carbon impact, and with some
sustainable development goals.                                      small changes, we can now proudly advise we are a
                                                                    carbon neutral business. TRC’s mantra is about making
                                                                    a difference for people and places. Joining the net zero
                                                                    movement honours this philosophy.
Every tourism destination relies on a well-functioning society, a
healthy environment and a stable economy. Our vision is to
create outstanding destinations that create value for residents
and visitors, empower women, alleviate poverty and protect
the natural and cultural assets upon which the tourism industry

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide the
overarching framework that shape, steer and communicate our
work both in the advice we give to our clients and in the way       TRC is proud to be certified Zero Carbon Business
                                                                    Operations with Ekos. We have measured and offset
we conduct our business. These 17 goals aim to advance global
                                                                    our New Zealand based business operations scope 1, 2
development in a way that creates better lives for the people of    and 3 CO2 emissions for the 2019-2020 financial year
the world without causing damage to the environment, to             with certified carbon credits. This footprint includes
other people or to civic institutions. The Global Sustainable       emissions relating to the activities of: electricity,
Tourism Council framework for sustainable tourism also guides       flights, accommodation and non-company vehicles.
our work.                                                           These offsets grow and protect forests in New Zealand
                                                                    and the Pacific Islands and help to deliver climate
TRC will provide solutions for our clients which maximise           resilience, waterways protection, erosion control,
benefits against the SDGs and enhance their community and           biodiversity conservation and community economic

TRC, as an organisation, consumes resources on account of its
daily operation and procurement. We strive to incorporate
sustainability practices into all our business operations and
actions. As a consumer we are responsible for reducing
negative environmental impacts. As an employer, we are
responsible for contributing to a socially conscious labour
market and creating a culture in the organisation where
sustainability considerations are naturally incorporated into
every project.

                                                                             TRC Tourism Corporate Profile 2021      12

                                                                                                WELLINGTON| BLENHEIM | RAGLAN | AUCKLAND | DUNEDIN | MANGAWHAI HEADS

                                                         NEW ZEALAND
                           JINDABYNE                     WELLINGTON

                           Suite 5 / 4-3 Gippsland       Level 5, Dell Building

                           Street                        5-7 Willeston Street

                           PO Box 837,                   PO Box 2515

                           indabyne NSW 2627             Wellington 6140

                           +61 2 64562722                +64 4 472 3114


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