Program January 14th2 MCHS EVENT CENTER - - Mankato Craft Beer Expo

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Program January 14th2 MCHS EVENT CENTER - - Mankato Craft Beer Expo
January 14th


Program January 14th2 MCHS EVENT CENTER - - Mankato Craft Beer Expo
Program January 14th2 MCHS EVENT CENTER - - Mankato Craft Beer Expo
Welcome to the 10th Annual Mankato Craft Beer Expo, a celebra-
tion that is dedicated to craft breweries and their beer. With 40+
craft breweries represented, and is the biggest craft beer event in
Southwest Minnesota. Explore and immerse yourself in each of the
wonderful offerings from craft breweries here in Minnesota as well as
across the nation.
This talented and diverse selection of beers at the expo should be en-
joyed responsibly. Please remember to pace yourself and drink plenty
of water. We want this to be a fun and informative beer experience
while also being safe.
Use this program as a guide to all of the wonderful craft beer being
offered. Inside you’ll find descriptions of breweries, a section for tast-
ing notes, and a brewery map. Don’t forget to vote for the People’s
Choice Award for your favorite beer at the expo. A ballot can be found
in the back of your program, please submit forms by 5:00 pm.
Also, don’t forget to stop by the Silent Auction table located near the
entrance to the Expo. Feeding Our Communities Partners has a mis-
sion to engage our community in solving youth hunger. We envision a
community in which hunger is not a barrier to success and believe that
feeding hungry tummies allows for hungry and active minds during
the school day.
FOCP fulfills this mission primarily through the work of the BackPack
Food Program (serving elementary students) and Power Pack Program
(serving middle school students). These programs provide youth
hunger relief when access to food may not otherwise be possible and
collectively serve over 1,200 students each week at 28 schools within
5 school districts in the greater Mankato Area.
Thanks goes out to all of the wonderful people that make this craft
beer expo possible . All of the breweries and brewers, our volunteers,
sponsors, MCHS Event Center, City of Mankato, our friends and fam-
ilies, and to all of you passionate beer lovers.

Cheers to Better Beers!
Juno Choi and Mark Opdahl—Mankato Craft Beer Expo Organizers

Program January 14th2 MCHS EVENT CENTER - - Mankato Craft Beer Expo
Beer Tasting
    Tasting beer can be very rewarding. As you encounter new styles or
    brands it helps to know what to look for in a new beer as well as
    how to evaluate it. Take your time and work through the aspects
    of each beer, one by one.

    Appearance: How does it look? Examine the appearance of the beer itself.
    Hold the glass up to the light and examine the color, clarity, and head. Is it
    clear or cloudy? Note whether the head is dense or thin. The color of the
    head is also worth noting and can range from pure white on Pilsners to light
    or medium brown on some stouts and porters.

    Aroma: Take your time with the aroma. Bring it to your nose and inhale.
    Try to take several good sniffs before you take your first sip. If you're tak-
    ing notes, stop to write your impressions before the first sip distracts you.
    What does it smell like? Does it smell primarily of hops, malt, yeast, or
    something else?

    First Sip: Note the initial sensation as the beer enters your mouth. Think
    about whether it is sweet, bitter, fruity, sour or something else. There can
    be quite a bit of difference between the first taste and the finish.

    Mouthfeel: This is the texture of the beer or how it physically feels in your
    mouth. Beer ranges from silky, dry stouts, to thick and chewy. Try to note
    the body, carbonation, warmth, creaminess, and astringency.

    Finish: Note the lingering flavors after you swallow the drink. Often it can
    be bitter from the hops or it can have a lingering malty sweetness. Stop
    before your next drink and try to write down everything you just detected.
    Try to confirm it with your second drink or see if you need to rethink your

    Styles: There is a lot of variation from one beer to the next with regards to
    style. Some beers are brewed with style in mind and others are not. Styles
    can be used as a learning tool to look at historical brewing norms and to
    help understand where certain characteristics of beer come from. The Beer
    Judge Certification Program Style Guidelines and the Brewers Association
    Beer Style Guidelines are two great sources of information to learn more
    about beer styles.

Program January 14th2 MCHS EVENT CENTER - - Mankato Craft Beer Expo
10 10 Barrel Brewing Company

           Denver, CO
          ☐ Classic Margarita     ☐ Bloody Marry
          ☐ Mai Tai               ☐ Moscow Mule
          ☐ Grey Hound

        13 Alaskan Brewing Co.

           Juneau, AK
          ☐ Amber                 ☐ Winter
          ☐ DipNet DIPA           ☐ Chillin’ Cold IPA

        46 Arbeiter Brewing Company

           Minneapolis, MN
          ☐ Haha Pils             ☐ Your Opacity
          ☐ Dip Check             ☐ Wildflyer

        25 August Schell Brewing Company

           New Ulm, MN
          ☐ Schell’s Deer Brand   ☐ Schell’s Fresh Prints
          ☐ Schell’s Bock         ☐ Schell’s Starkeller Dark Perimeter
27 Badger Hill

           Shakopee, MN
          ☐ Traitor IPA            ☐ Badger Snack
          ☐ Cranberry Beret

        6 Bell’s Brewing

           Kalamazoo, MI
          ☐ Two Hearted IPA        ☐ Hazy Hearted Hazy IPA

        28 Blakes Hard Cider

           Armada, MI
          ☐ Triple Jam             ☐ Peach Party
          ☐ American Apple Pie     ☐ Grand Cherry

        14 Breckenridge

           Littleton, CO
          ☐ Vanilla Porter         ☐ Juice Drop
          ☐ Palisade Peach Wheat
33 Carbliss Vodka Cocktails

           Plymouth, WI
          ☐ Carbliss Lemon Lime      ☐ Carbliss Cranberry
          ☐ Carbliss Black Raspberry ☐ Carbliss Black Cherry

        34 Castle Danger Brewery

           Two Harbors, MN
          ☐ Castle Cream Ale         ☐ Aurora Haze NEIPA
          ☐ Lager Royale             ☐ George Hunter Stout
          ☐ Pale Ale

        15 Cutwater

           San Diego, CA
          ☐ Lime Margarita           ☐ Mango Margarita
          ☐ Vodka Mule               ☐ Mia Tai
          ☐ White Russian

        35 Deschutes Brewery

           Bend, OR
          ☐ Fresh Squeezed           ☐ Squeezy Rider
          ☐ Cherries Jubelale        ☐ Annivarsary Black Butte Porter
          ☐ Haze Tron IPA
30 Elysian

           Seattle, WA
          ☐ Space Dust               ☐ Contact Haze
          ☐ Full Contact Haze

        23 Excelsior

           Excelsior, MN
          ☐ Big Island Blonde         ☐ Hop Waves Hazy IPA
          ☐ Bayside Brown             ☐ Bridge West Coast IPA
          ☐ Spresso Coffee Milk Stout

        4 Giesenbräu Bier Co

           New Prague MN
          ☐ Hildy’s Helles           ☐ Bavarain Gangsta
          ☐ Bohemian Necromancer     ☐ Frickin Scruggly

        16 Goose Island

           Chicago, IL
          ☐ Neon Beer Hug            ☐ Hazy Beer Hug
          ☐ 312 Shandy
44 Humble Forager Brewery

           Rochester, MN
          ☐ Humble Bumble (multiple versions) ☐ Forbidden Fortune
          ☐ Enchanted Island v4       ☐ Hidden Headwaters
          ☐ Smells like a humble adventure

        31 Indeed

           Minneapolis, MN
          ☐ Pistachio Cream Ale     ☐ Flavorwave IPA
          ☐ Mexican Honey           ☐ Lorettas Dark Lager\

        5 Kinney Creek Brewery

           Rochester, MN
          ☐ TBD                     ☐ TBD
          ☐ TBD                     ☐ Craft Beer
          ☐ Hard Seltzer

        22 Kona

          ☐ Big Wave                ☐ Longboard
          ☐ Pipeline Porter
    1    MSP Pretzel            25	August Schell Brewing Co.
    2	Sleepy Eye Brewing Co.    26	NORTH Canna Co.
    3	Take 16 Brewing           27	Badger Hill
    4	Giesenbräu Bier Co        28	Blakes Hard Cider
    5    Kinney Creek Brewery   29	NÜTRL
    6	Bell’s Brewing /          30	Elysian
         New Belgium Brewing    31	Indeed
    7	Lost Sanity Brewing       32	Tallgrass Cider
    8	Strategic Tax Planning    33 Carbliss Vodka Cocktails
    9	SweetWater Brewing Co.    34 Castle Danger Brewery
    10 10 Barrel Brewing Co.    35 Deschutes Brewery
    11   Odell Brewing Co.      36 Designated Driver
    12	Stone                    37 Montgomery Brewing
    13	Alaskan Brewing Co.      38	Lupulin Brewing
    14	Breckenridge             39	Surly Brewing Co.
    15 Cutwater                 40	Pryes Brewing Co.
    16	Goose Island             41	ETCHpressions
    17	Ghost Energy Drinks      42	Summit
    18	Pub 500                  43 Cork and Key
    19 Mankato Brewery          44	Humble Forager Brewery
    20 Mankato Rugby            45 Draughtwood
    21	Nice’d Tea               46	Arbeiter Brewing Co.
    22 Kona                     47	Loon Juice
    23	Excelsior                48	Taqueria Dona Tere
    24	Pet Wants Minneapolis

              CRAFT BEER EXPO

    2023 Mankato Craft Beer Expo Map

                                   43 44 45              46 47 48

                                   42 36                      30 24
            1                      41 35                      29 23                    17
            2                      40 34                      28 22                    16
            3                      39 33                                               15
                                                              27 21
            4                      38 32                      26 20
            5                      37 31                      25 19                   12
                6                                                                    11
                      7                                                        10
                           8                                               9

1   MSP Pretzel                    17   Ghost Energy Drinks      34   Castle Danger Brewery
2   Sleepy Eye Brewing Co.         18   Pub 500                  35   Deschutes Brewery
3   Take 16 Brewing                19   Mankato Brewery          36   Designated Driver
4   Giesenbräu Bier Co             20   Mankato Rugby            37   Montgomery Brewing
5   Kinney Creek Brewery           21   Nice'd Tea               38   Lupulin Brewing
6   Bell's Brewing / New Belgium   22   Kona                     39   Surly Brewing Company
     Brewing                       23   Excelsior                40   Pryes Brewing Company   .
47 Loon Juice

           Spring Valley, MN
          ☐ Honey Crisp           ☐ Grow A Pear
          ☐ Extra Juicy

        7 Lost Sanity Brewing

           Madelia MN
          ☐ Full Pulp             ☐ Vanilla Lobotomy
          ☐ Catatonic Cream Ale   ☐ TBD (special release at the expo)

        38 Lupulin Brewing

           Big Lake, MN
          ☐ Doki Doki             ☐ Unchecked Hedonism
          ☐ Fashion Mullet        ☐ N/A CPB

        19 Mankato Brewery

           Mankato MN
          ☐ Mad Butcher           ☐ Cross-Czech Pils
          ☐ Wolpertinger Stout    ☐ Coffee Grinder
          ☐ Cherry Belgian Quad
37 Montgomery Brewing

           Montgomery, MN
           ☐ Sour                  ☐ Triple NEIPA
           ☐ Porter or Stout       ☐ Triple NEIPA

        6 New Belgium Brewing

           Fort Collins, CO
           ☐ VooDoo Ranger Danger Beach
           ☐ Fruit Force Fruit Punch IPA

        21 Nice’d Tea

           Saint Cloud, MN
           ☐ Fruit Punch           ☐ Pink Lemonade
           ☐ Half & Half

        26 NORTH Canna Co.

           Golden Valley, MN
           ☐ NORTH Vibes Raspberry Lemon THC Seltzer
           ☐ NORTH Vibes Pineapple Orange THC Seltzer
           ☐ NORTH Vibes Blackberry Mango THC Seltzer
        29 NUTRL

           Delta, BC
           ☐ Pineapple          ☐ Watermelon
           ☐ Raspberry          ☐ Mango

        11 Odell Brewing Co.

            Fort Collins, CO
           ☐ IPA                ☐ Juicy Tempo
           ☐ Hazer Tag          ☐ Sippin’ Pretty

        40 Pryes Brewing Company

            Minneapolis, MN
           ☐ Miraculum          ☐ Royal Rasberry
           ☐ Peace Offering     ☐ Pragmatic Pils

        2 Sleepy Eye Brewing Co.

            Sleepy Eye, MN
           ☐ Stay Pucked, Man   ☐ Hoppy Wife, Hazy Life
           ☐ To come
12 Stone

           Escondido, CA
          ☐ Delicious              ☐ Delicious Citrus
          ☐ Delicious Double IPA

        42 Summit

           St Paul, MN
          ☐ Winter Ale             ☐ Great Northern Porter
          ☐ Oatmeal Stout          ☐ Saga IPA

        39 Surly Brewing Company

           Minneapolis, MN
          ☐ Furious                ☐ Cyber Wolf
          ☐ Skeleton Tree          ☐ Yummi Bear
          ☐ Abrasive

        9 SweetWater Brewing Company

           Atlanta, GA
          ☐ 420 Extra Pale Ale     ☐ H.A.Z.Y. IPA
          ☐ NA
3 Take 16 Brewing

           Luverne MN
          ☐ Country Mile Kolsch        ☐ Coffee Kolsch
          ☐ Kick the Can IPA           ☐ CardinAle Witbier
          ☐ Deja Vu barrel aged sour blonde

        32 Tallgrass Cider

           Madelia, MN
          ☐ MN Nice                   ☐ Wayward
          ☐ Hazy 1900

    JANUARY 13, 2024

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