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Project Management Extension Certificate Program

 Project Management Extension Certificate Program

 THANK YOU for choosing Mount Royal University to assist in your personal and professional

 Project Management has become a top career choice for professionals throughout a diversity of
 industries. Those who have professional training in the field of project management play an important
 role in any organization competing in today’s hyper-change marketplace.

 Mount Royal University’s Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension is well recognized for its
 leadership in providing valued training in project management. Over the past ten years, literally
 thousands of learners have discovered new opportunities subsequent to completing the Project
 Management Extension Certificate Program. This program, together with the Final Assessment Paper,
 will assist learners to acquire essential project management skills for effectively completing projects on
 time and on budget. You will find the courses current and relevant with immediate practical application to
 your workplace.

 Please refer to the following website for current course descriptions, schedules, and fees:

 The Program – Classroom Format

 It is your choice to register in a few courses per term, or all six classroom courses, followed by the Final
 Assessment Paper (20-25 pages) in a subsequent term.

 Project Management: An Overview (15 Hours)
 Ensure the success of your next project with this comprehensive course, designed to familiarize you with
 the overall project management processes. Discover how to implement sophisticated project
 management concepts, techniques and tools.

 Project Management: Integration and Scope (15 Hours)
 Acquire skills and strategies to coordinate project elements effectively and ensure that your project
 includes only critical stages and resources. Explore project plan development and execution, initiation,
 as well as scope planning, verification and change control.

 Project Management: Quality (15 Hours)
 Quality management ensures that the necessary processes are in place to meet project goals. Explore how to
 integrate quality planning, assurance and control techniques into your projects to ensure their success.

 Project Management: Human Resource, Communications and Stakeholder Management
 (15 Hours)
 To be a successful project manager you must be able to manage, motivate and organize people and to
 communicate effectively with your team. Acquire proven strategies to maximize staff resources through
 organizational planning, staff acquisition and team development, as well as effective performance
 reporting and administrative closure. Discover how to apply the four Project Stakeholder Management

 Project Management: Time and Cost (15 Hours)
 Ensure the timely completion of your next project while managing project costs. Discuss the defining,
 sequencing and duration estimating of activities, the developing and control of schedules and resource
 planning, as well as estimating, budgeting and controlling costs.

Mount Royal University                            2                                Revised: August 2014
Project Management Extension Certificate Program

 Project Management: Risk and Procurement (15 Hours)
 Explore the planning of purchases, acquisitions and contracting, requesting seller responses, selecting
 sellers, contract administration and contract closure. Gain insight into risk identification, performing risk
 qualification and quantification analysis, risk response planning and risk monitoring and controlling.

 Fast Track Schedule – Classroom Only

Earn your Project Management Extension Certificate more quickly! You need just 3 weeks of part-time
classroom study to complete the 6 required classroom courses, followed by the Final Assessment Paper
(independent study). Available in Fall and Winter semesters.

 The Program – Online Format

 It is your choice to register in a few courses per term, or all three online modules, followed by the Final
 Assessment Paper (20-25 pages) in a subsequent term.

 Module One: Overview and Initiating Processes (15 Hours)
 This course is designed to familiarize participants with the ten knowledge areas of project management:
 Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resources, Communication, Risk, Procurement, and
 Stakeholder. Learners are provided with a high level of orientation to the complete set of processes
 involved in a project. Information and activities focus on the following processes: Initiating, Planning,
 Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing processes.

 Module Two: Planning Processes (45 Hours)
 As the largest process group, the planning processes are examined in detail with supporting exercises
 that illustrate key tools, techniques and outputs. Create sample key outputs including Scope Statement,
 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Network Diagram, Cost Estimates and Budget, Project Schedule and
 a plan for each of the following areas: Resources, Risk, Procurement and Quality. Planning processes
 are embedded in discussions examining the ten project management areas of Scope, Time, Cost, Risk,
 Integration, Quality, Communication, Human Resources, Stakeholder Management and Procurement.

 Module Three: Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing Processes (30 Hours)
 Apply specific tools and techniques such as Earned Value Analysis and a Change Control System to
 assist in the development of key outputs for specific project management processes. In this module,
 Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing processes are examined in detail, with supporting
 exercises that illustrate key tools, techniques and outputs from these processes. Create for specific
 processes, sample key outputs including a Contract, a Performance Report, updates to the Project Plan,
 Schedule, Budget and Risk Analysis, Quality Improvements and a Close-out Report.

 Final Assessment Paper

 Upon successful completion of the six classroom courses or three online modules, students are eligible
 to register in Project Management: Final Assessment Paper. This requirement asks you to apply the
 project management fundamentals, principles and practices acquired by attending the courses, to an
 individual project. Students will be expected to independently submit a 20-25 page paper outlining a
 completed project (topic chosen is mutually agreed to between student and assigned advisor).

Mount Royal University                             3                                Revised: August 2014
Project Management Extension Certificate Program

 Course Materials

The course materials are provided in the Learner Manual which is a downloadable, printable PDF
available under “Content” in Blackboard. Courses in blackboard are available to students for a period of 6
months after the course end date. Please ensure you save a copy of all materials you wish to continue to
have access to.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK ® Guide) - Fifth Edition published by the
Project Management Institute (ISBN 978-1-9335589-67-9)

This textbook is a reference for all Project Management courses and is a requirement for all students who
intend to complete the Certificate. Available at the MRU BookStore.

 PMI Affiliations

 Mount Royal University is licensed as a Global Registered Educational Provider (REP) by the Project
 Management Institute (PMI)®. The classroom and online courses within the Project Management Extension
 Certificates are owned and developed by Mount Royal University and are designed to provide an overview of
 project management processes that are incorporated within the Project Management Institute, A Guide to the
 Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition developed by PMI®.

 In order to obtain any formal PMI® designation you must contact the Project Management Institute to inquire
 about their qualifications for the designation:

 The Project Management Institute, Southern Alberta Chapter (PMI® -SAC), in partnership with Mount Royal
 University, delivers a PMP® Certification Exam Preparation Workshop. Information about this course is
 available online:

 and the PMI® - SAC website:

 Completion Requirements

The Project Management Extension Certificate consists of six classroom courses or three online modules and
the Final Assessment Paper. All program requirements must be completed within three years.

After successful completion of the required courses you are eligible to receive an extension certificate. To
receive your certificate, you must complete the application to graduate form. To download a copy of the
application, visit:

or phone 403-440-8770 to request an application via email or mail.

Mount Royal University                            4                                Revised: August 2014
Project Management Extension Certificate Program

 Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations are conducted at the end of each course. Students are encouraged at any time, to
discuss any aspect of the course with their instructor or the Program Coordinator. Your feedback allows
Mount Royal to make continuous improvements to the program curriculum and delivery.

 Course Cancellation

Mount Royal reserves the right to cancel any course in which a minimum required registration is not achieved.
Students will be notified by telephone if a cancellation occurs.

 Guidelines for Online Learning and Participation

The following guidelines are intended to foster a collaborative and supportive online learning
        Everyone’s opinion is welcomed, respected, and valued. MRU Continuing Education seeks to
         foster an open and supportive online environment for everyone to learn and participate. Active
         participation is encouraged.
        Please be mindful of how your written communication may be perceived by others. In an online
         environment, you won’t be able to convey the tone or intent of your communication using body
         language. Carefully choose your words and consider how your words may be interpreted by
        Students are expected to respect the confidentiality and privacy of others. Any personal or
         professional details that are shared online as part of this course should remain confidential unless
         explicit consent is given.
        In consideration of everyone’s time, please refrain from posting any topics or questions that are
         not relevant to the subject of an assigned class discussion. If you have an important question or
         concern that is not relevant to the assignment, please contact the instructor directly by email.
        Be curious, receptive and open to new ideas and diverse perspectives. Be willing to let go of “my”
         ideas and opinions. Try to integrate the best of your thinking with the best of others’.
        Carefully read others’ posts and inquire respectfully to understand others’ thinking or viewpoints
         that may be different from your own. Recognize the quality of others’ ideas, rather than the role or
        Be willing to challenge, question and reframe your own thinking.
        Be brief, concise and to the point when you email your instructor or other students.
        Take time to reflect, note key takeaways from the course and apply what you learn.

 Online Learning Resources

For more information and tips to succeed as an online learner, check out these links for support:

        Mount Royal’s Virtual Learning Centre

        Online Learning Etiquette

Mount Royal University                            5                                Revised: August 2014
Project Management Extension Certificate Program

          How to Succeed as an Online Student

          7 Steps for Successful Online Learning (Video)

           START Program – Contact for Blackboard Technical Support ( or phone (403-

 Program Policies

1.       Withdrawals
           i.   Withdrawal (from a course 4 business days prior to the start date)

                 Withdrawals must be submitted in writing and may be submitted by e-mail
        fax: 403.440.6743; mail or in person: Registration Services,
                 Room A101, Kerby Hall, 4825 Mount Royal Gate SW, Calgary, AB, T3E 6K6. Please quote:
                 student ID number, CRN (Course Reference Number), course name, course start/end
                 dates, full legal name, date of birth, address and phone number. All withdrawal refunds are
                 subject to an administration fee of 10% of course tuition (max. $50). Refunds may take up
                 to two weeks to process.

           ii.   Course Withdrawals (from a course in progress)

          iii.   A student may request in writing to the Continuing Education Registration office, or the
                 Continuing Education program area, withdrawal from a course up until 67% (or 2/3’s) of the
                 completion of that course in order to receive a "W" grade. Requests received by CE
                 Registration must be passed on to the program area for approval first to ensure they are
                 received before the 67% (or 2/3’s) completion point of the course. The program area will
                 notify CE Registration in writing of their decision. Note: No refunds are associated with
                 such withdrawal requests.

                 If the request comes in after the 67% (or 2/3’s) completion point of the course, permission for the
                 grade change will be at the discretion of the Program Director.

2.       Failed Courses
         If a student fails a course, it is recommended that he/she repeat the same course. The failed course
         remains a permanent part of the student record at Mount Royal, regardless of whether he/she passes the
         same course on a subsequent attempt.

3.       Accessibility
         It is a student's responsibility to request academic accommodation. If you are a student with a
         disability who may require academic accommodation and have not registered with Accessibility
         Services, please contact their office at 403.440.6868. You must be registered with Accessibility
         Services to access academic accommodations.

4.       Final Papers
         Failure to submit a final project, or to present findings at the Final Project Presentation, shall result
         in the student receiving a failing grade.

Mount Royal University                                6                                Revised: August 2014
Project Management Extension Certificate Program

 Course Policies

    1. Attendance / Participation
        Students are encouraged to actively participate in both classroom and online discussions.
           Participation is essential for successfully completing the course.
        Students must complete all course assignments with a minimum final grade of 70% to
           pass the course.
        Students with serious medical or domestic afflictions verified by a physician or medical
           professional may negotiate with the instructor an alternate method of completing the course.
        Students should contact the instructor immediately if they cannot keep pace with the online
           course schedule or foresee submitting assignments late. Decisions regarding extensions are
           at the sole discretion of your instructor.

    2. Classroom Format:
       Students must complete all course assignments with a minimum final grade of 70% to pass
       the course.

        Online Format:
        Students who fall significantly behind in the course will not pass the course. The instructor will
        monitor and participate in the class discussion activities and track the completion of individual
        assignments to assess your final grade. Students must complete assignments as provided in the
        course schedule. If you require an extension, please contact your instructor as soon as the issue
        arises. Decisions regarding extensions are at the sole discretion of your instructor.

    2. Course Evaluation

        Please complete the Course and Instructor Evaluation survey posted in Blackboard (under
        Assignments) by or before the final scheduled day of the course.

 Internet Access to Unofficial Transcripts and Grades

To access your transcripts you will require your MyMRU login. Please go to

Grades and unofficial transcripts

You may view and print your unofficial transcripts and grades through MyMRU.
   1. Log in
   2. Click on the Online Services link.
   3. Click on the Student tab.
   4. Click on the Student Records & Transcripts link.
   5. Click on Unofficial Academic Transcript.
   6. Continuing Education and Web Transcripts are already selected in the drop-down menu. Click
      on Submit.

 Grades will be available on the web within (10) working days of the course completion date. If you require a
 grade notification because you do not have access to the internet, please call Mount Royal University
 registration at 403-440-3833.

Mount Royal University                             7                                Revised: August 2014
Project Management Extension Certificate Program

                                                     can be accesses through the Library link
Student Expectations and the                         located under the Information section of the
Student Code of Conduct                              Blackboard site.

                                                     Library: Cite Sources: MRU Guide to APA
Students are expected to familiarize                 Documentation in Research Papers
themselves with the information contained
on the following web pages:                          Plagiarism refers to a form of academic
                                                     dishonesty occurring when an individual claims
The Continuing Education FAQs webpage                that a piece of work has been authored by him
contains policies that are common to all             or herself when indeed the work has been
credit-free students and covers topics such          created by another individual. There are
as:                                                  sanctions for plagiarism. Learn more in the
     Privacy                                        Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism.
     Final Grade Appeal
     Grades and unofficial transcripts              Non-Academic Misconduct
     Graduating                                     Mount Royal expects that its students will
     Tax receipts (T2202A)                          behave in a manner, which does not
                                                     seriously disrupt or adversely affect Mount
The Code of Student Conduct is a                     Royal or its educational mission. Behaviour
comprehensive account of the University’s            which is subject to disciplinary action under
expectations of its students with respect to         the Code includes violations of established
academic dishonesty and non-academic                 civil and criminal statutes; conduct that
misconduct. It also guarantees the                   threatens the safety or well-being of
University’s obligations to its students and         members of the University community; and
provides a detailed account of the rights of         any other behaviour that seriously and
students under the Code. Finally, it                 adversely affects the University’s students or
describes the procedures for conducting              employees, its property or its reputation.
hearings and appeals and the sanctions               The Code of Student Conduct is available
related to infractions of the Code.                  through the Office of the Dean, Faculty of
                                                     Continuing Education and Extension.
Academic Dishonesty                        
Mount Royal is committed to the principle of
academic integrity, which, as described by           HARASSMENT OR DISCRIMINATION
the Center for Academic Integrity, is                Sexual harassment and other forms of
grounded in the belief in the fundamental            discrimination are unacceptable at Mount
values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect          Royal. In cases of harassment or
and responsibility. From these values flow           discrimination or for information about the
principles of behaviour that enable academic         Mount Royal’s Individual Rights Policy, you
communities to translate ideals into action 1.       are advised to contact the Human Rights
The University expects that all of its               Advisors in Room U216C.
members will honour these principles in
maintaining the academic standards and
integrity of the University community.

APA Formatting/Avoiding Plagiarism

All students are expected to follow American
Psychological Association (APA) Publication
Manual for referencing and formatting of
their assignments. The 6th edition of APA
standards must be used when completing all
assignments for this course. APA guidelines

Mount Royal University                           8                               Revised: August 2014
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