PROSPECTUS 2021 - Western Springs College

PROSPECTUS 2021 - Western Springs College

PROSPECTUS 2021 - Western Springs College
Western Springs College's journey to
become a new school is complete.
The new buildings and facilities for
the school presents the community
with a state of the art, modern and
innovative secondary school
learning environment which will
further enhance the delivery
of an already outstanding
PROSPECTUS 2021 - Western Springs College


       ll successful educational         personalised education which
       institutions benefit from self-   recognises and caters for the unique
       review and self-renewal.          individual interests and strengths of
Planning for the new school has          each of our students and in doing
sharpened our thinking both about the    so opens up a range of challenging
essence of a Western Springs College     pathways beyond school.
 education and about the ways we
                                         We retain our mission to develop
  need to change in order to future-
                                         well-rounded young adults who hold
   proof the educational experiences
                                         sound values, including, above all,
   through which our young people
                                         self-respect and respect for others.
   will thrive and develop.
                                         We celebrate our coeducational
   We emphasise our commitment           and bi-cultural identity and the
   to WSC’s core business of             opportunities presented to establish
     producing graduates who gain        healthy friendships and to become at
       the academic qualifications       ease living and working with people
        required for competitive         from the diverse range of backgrounds
         access to sought-after          which is Auckland today.
         tertiary level courses.
                                         For parents, membership of our
          We have also reaffirmed        school community means ready
          our identity as a school       access to, and direct communication
          distinctive for nurturing      with relevant staff and the chance to
           individuality, creativity     belong to a very active and supportive
           and critical thinking.        parent network with clear links to staff
            Accordingly, we seek         and trustees.
            to offer an increasingly                    IVAN DAVIS, PRINCIPAL
PROSPECTUS 2021 - Western Springs College
ACADEMIC      Western Springs College has

ACHIEVEMENT   a well-earned reputation
              for outstanding academic
              achievement within a safe,
              nurturing learning environment.
PROSPECTUS 2021 - Western Springs College
                                                                                                                                           RIGHT OUT THERE
                                                                                                                                               BY THE ZOO."
                                                                                                                                                               METRO MAGAZINE,



           estern Springs College      A COEDUCATIONAL COLLEGE
           provides students           WHERE GIRLS EXCEL... AND
           and families with the       BOYS DO TOO!
opportunity to experience a            In their 'Best Schools in Auckland'              6%                                                       62%
                                                                                   PASIFIKA                                                      NZ/EUROPEAN
secondary education within a           feature, Metro Magazine states that:
school community that accurately       "The top-ranked school for both girls
reflects the diverse character of      and boys is Western Springs College,                                   10%
21st century Auckland.                 a decile 8 school with a strong kura
For whānau of Māori students, the      kaupapa unit."
College provides the opportunity
                                                                                       WSC NCEA PASS RATES
                                       Their story on gender achievement
to be educated within the rumaki
– Ngā Puna O Waiōrea – the
                                       "shows the mainstream school that               NATIONAL AND SAME DECILE COMPARISON
                                       recorded the best results for girls...was
Te Reo Māori Immersion Kura            not a Catholic school or any kind of        % Roll Achieving Qualifications                WSC   NZ Decile 8-10         National
within the College.                    single sex school. but Western Springs
                                       College and the same story shows,           Level 1 (Year 11)                              92%             91%              85%
With a roll of 1700 students Springs
remains small enough to enable us      the mainstream school that achieved         Level 2 (Year 12)                              96%             93%              89%
to cater at a personal level for the   the same feat for boys was also
                                       Western Springs."                           Level 3 (Year 13)                              90%             88%              82%
individual needs of our students,
but large enough to offer a                                                        •    Western Springs College: Top NZ Decile 8 state secondary school
comprehensive range of subjects                                                         for seven consecutive years.
and extra-curricula experiences.
                                                                                   •    Western Springs College: Top (first or second ranking)
                                                                                        Auckland region state secondary for seven consecutive years.
                                                                                   Source for all statistics:
PROSPECTUS 2021 - Western Springs College
All students and staff, inspired by a love of learning, are
challenged to discover and develop their unique personal
strengths so that they are well equipped to share in
the building of a just and sustainable society.

ENROLMENTS                                THE SCHOOL DONATION IS:
                                          $500 if there is one student in the
Enrolments are governed by the
                                          family; or $600 if there are two or
Ministry of Education enrolment
                                          more students from a family.
scheme. Details are available on
the College website and from the          School donations should be paid at the
school office.                            time of enrolment, or at the beginning
                                          of the school year. Payment can be
Enrolments begin after Open Week.
                                          made by cash, cheque or credit card.
Parents/caregivers who live in-zone
                                          Arrangements for automatic payment
should contact the school office to
                                          by instalment can be made with the
arrange an enrolment interview time
                                          staff in the school office. There are
with the deputy principal.
                                          also subject course fees to cover costs
The Board of Trustees has decided         such as take-home materials and
to accept no out-of-zone enrolments       write-on work books.
for 2021.
                                          DRESS & APPEARANCE
The school day begins at 9:00 am          Western Springs College has no formal
and ends at 3:10 pm                       uniform. The development of sensible
                                          attitudes towards matters of dress
Parents/caregivers are asked to make
                                          and appearance is seen as part of the
                                          education process here at Springs.         COMING TO
an annual contribution to the College’s
funds to help provide for educational,    Dress should be neat and appropriate
cultural, social activities and health    for all school related occasions. It
services not covered by government        is not acceptable to wear clothing
funding.                                  that is immodest or has offensive
                                          messages. In questions of acceptability
                                          of dress, the College’s decision will be
                                          final. Parent support is expected and
PROSPECTUS 2021 - Western Springs College
PUTTING CRITICAL, EVALUATIVE              DIVERSE PATHWAYS                           and Chinese across all year levels
 AND CREATIVE THINKING                    Our curriculum structure is designed       is a recent instance of the College
  CENTRE STAGE                            to keep the doors open for all students    responding to student and parental
   At Western Springs College we          to University Entrance (U.E.), while       interest and demand.
    design our curriculum so that         also providing opportunities for
      opportunities for higher-level      direct connections with the world of       BEYOND THE CLASSROOM
       thinking are part of normal        work. Performing Arts Technology,          Our curriculum does not stop at
        tasks and students are            Hospitality and Catering Courses are       the classroom door. Trips and visits,
          actively involved in their      examples of these opportunities, as        cultural events and competitions,
           learning. From Health to       are First Aid and Diving qualifications.   sporting activities, social and
             Dance, and from Arts to      High student uptake in English and         environmental activism, performances
              Statistics, we expect our   Mathematics courses, right through         and exhibitions are integrated into
               students to be leading     to Year 13, helps to ensure our            learning programmes and essential to
                the debate, posing        outstanding U.E. pass rate.                the way Springs students learn. Making
                  new questions,                                                     connections across and beyond
                    and generating        The College has led the way in             subject boundaries gives meaning
                      solutions.          curriculum innovation. We are one of       to learning.
                                          very few secondary schools to have
                                          introduced a compulsory Māori Studies      Accelerated students have the
                                          course in our junior school. We were       opportunity to take a university paper
                                          one of the first schools to develop a      under the auspices of the University of
                                          strong, thriving Media Studies presence    Auckland Young Scholars programme
                                          across all year levels, and we are         or as a distance learner with Waikato
                                          perhaps the only NZ state school to        University.
                                          have introduced Philosophy as an           PERSONALISING ASSESSMENT
                                          elective for all year levels.              The College’s most recent external
                                          CONNECTING WITH OUR                        reviews have affirmed our insistence
                                          COMMUNITY                                  that assessment should reflect rather
                                          Our Education for Sustainability           than drive learning. These reviews
                                          course connects students directly with     have applauded our attempts to
                                          sustaining our local environment. The      personalise assessment by allowing
                                          strong focus of the History Department     and encouraging alternative forms of
                                          on New Zealand history develops            assessment; assessing students when
                                          students’ awareness of their bicultural    they are ready; developing acceleration
                                          identity, anchored in a sense of place.    programmes; and developing multiple
                                          The introduction of Digital Technology     pathways though NCEA courses.
PROSPECTUS 2021 - Western Springs College
STUDENT   The College is organised into five houses –

SUPPORT   Ātea, Kāpura, Moana, Ōranga and Whenua.
          Each has its own Head of House who is
          responsible for the support and guidance of
          the students in the form classes in that house.
PROSPECTUS 2021 - Western Springs College
   f you have a concern about any           and numeracy needs, peer reading            plug gaps in their learning skills.
   aspect of your child’s education,        and peer mentoring programmes,              Accelerated learning is made possible
   your initial point of contact should     individual and group learning – how-        by multi-levelling whereby students
be with the form teacher or with the        to-learn interventions, study skills and    are able to study at a level suited to
head of your child's house. Support         examination technique workshops,            their ability.
staff will call, or email, home if there    and programmes for gifted and
are any concerns about student              talented students.                          CAREERS CENTRE
progress or attendance.                                                                 Career education is about developing
Form classes consist of students
                                            INDIVIDUALISED                              each student’s career management
from all year levels. This ‘vertical’       PATHWAYS                                    skills through self-awareness,
organisation of students encourages         Our overriding concern at Springs           exploring possibilities, decision-
friendships across ages and enables us      is that all students receive an             making and taking action. Given
to build a family atmosphere.               education which meets their needs.          ever-changing work trends and the
                                            Whatever a student’s future, Western        need for career flexibility, students
GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING                                                                are prepared for the current work
Our goal is to support students so that     Springs College strives to provide
                                            a successful pathway.                       situation and also ongoing education
they are fit and able to learn. Three                                                   and life role changes. It also facilitates
counsellors provide a confidential,         In the junior school (Years 9 and           links between the College and the
easy-to-access service which caters         10), students move in core classes          community, employers, industry
for all students. This is a self-referral   through the compulsory curriculum.          and tertiary institutions.
process, although heads of houses           Core classes give students stability of
and families may recommend an               relationships. At Springs, Year 9 and 10    The Centre’s range of services include:
appointment with a counsellor.              classes are relatively small and consist    •   1:1 career counselling
                                            of students of mixed ability.
HEALTH CENTRE (WAIORA)                                                                  •   Gateway – work-based learning
Within a specialist adolescent health       There is a strong commitment to
                                                                                        •   Years 9 – 12 career programmes
care service, this centre delivers high     mixed ability teaching at all levels in
quality nursing care. The nurse liaises     the school. Our philosophy is that it is    •   An extensive library of career
with colleagues, families and outside       important to have high expectations             resources for students exploring
health providers, as well as carrying       of all students, all of whom we believe         future options
out a significant health education role.    to be intelligent in various ways. In our   •   Regular career focus seminars
The school-based physiotherapist            view it is indefensible and irresponsible
provides treatment for students each        to prematurely and inaccurately label       •   Facilitating attendance at
                                            students’ ability levels.                       interactive career workshops
day of the week.
                                                                                            provided by tertiary and career
LEARNING CENTRE                             Catering for individual needs                   services
The Learning Centre offers a                is achieved in a variety of ways
                                                                                        •   Facilitating off-site career
comprehensive range of learning             at Western Springs College.
                                                                                            exploration opportunities
support programmes catering for all         Differentiated teaching occurs within
students at all levels. These include       all junior classes. The Learning Centre     •   CV preparation and interview
specialist help to address literacy         has been designed to help students              assistance
PROSPECTUS 2021 - Western Springs College
                                         MUSIC                                       EPRO8 CHALLENGE                           elements. The competition has been
                                         Active participation in music is            A competition, an engineering and         active since 2001 and Springs students
                                         encouraged and students take part           problem solving race. Every year          have numerous ‘wins’ to their credit!
                                         in events such as the talent quest,         over 10,000 students from 900 New
                                                                                                                               COLLEGE BALL
                                         choir, jazz band, orchestra, assemblies,    Zealand schools take part and Springs
                                                                                                                               The College Ball is always a lot of fun
                                         evening performances, visits to             hosts one of the rounds in its Hall.
                                                                                                                               and a chance for students and staff
                                         local schools, fundraisers, drama           Teams compete to build large sized
CULTURE                                                                                                                        to let their hair down (or put their hair
                                         performances, the Smokefree Rock            structures, solve practical problems,
All students are encouraged to                                                                                                 up!). The Ball is held in the second or
                                         Quest and the Auckland Secondary            engineer using pulleys, motors, gears,
become involved in cultural groups.                                                                                            third term each year. It is organised
                                         Schools’ Orchestra and Band Festival.       wheels and axles, invent machines that
Ngā Puna o Waiōrea competes very                                                                                               by the Ball Committee under the
                                         Music staff are supported by 11             can complete simple tasks, undertake
successfully in the two main annual                                                                                            supervision of a Deputy Principal.
                                         part-time tutors. Students have             unusual and fun experiments,
cultural festivals in Auckland. Other
                                         the opportunity to participate in           construct basic electronic circuits and   CAFETERIA
cultural groups representing some of
                                         instrumental tuition for flute, keyboard,   solve problems using practical maths.     Western Springs College encourages
the many ethnic groups that make up
                                         piano, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet,                                                  healthy eating habits. There is a
our College community perform at                                                     MATHEX
                                         trombone, cello, double bass, electric                                                selection of hot and cold food and
various college concerts and events                                                  A challenging and fast-paced
                                         bass, drum kit, guitar, violin, viola                                                 drinks from breakfast through to
throughout the year, such as the                                                     mathematics contest where schools
                                         and voice.                                                                            sports practice in the afternoon. There
annual Po Fia Fia Night.                                                             from across Auckland compete              is both indoor seating and outdoor
                                         DEBATING                                    against each other in teams to answer     tables on a covered deck making the
                                         Debating is a popular extracurricular       questions as quickly as possible.         cafeteria a real hub of the school.
Western Springs College has a well-
                                         activity at Springs. Students who
deserved reputation for innovative                                                   DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS
                                         participate gain confidence in public
school dance and drama productions,                                                  Are you new to the world of D&D?
                                         speaking and learn to think on their
devised musicals and multi-cultural                                                  Springs is the place to start. Take a
                                         feet. Our teams traditionally do very
events. Students have the opportunity                                                closer look at this legendary fantasy
                                         well in the inter-school competitions
to participate in the Sheilah Winn                                                   role-playing game by stepping into the
                                         where we enter at junior, senior and
Shakespeare Festival and the school                                                  boots of mighty heroes (and sneaky
                                         advanced level.
production. The Performing Arts                                                      antiheroes) to create your own stories.
Centre (TAPAC) provides a magnificent    CHESS CLUB
venue to support the creative talents    Many students enjoy the game of             48 HOUR FILM PROJECT
of our dance, drama and music            chess. Students are able to play,           An annual film competition in which
students. Technical aspects of theatre   practice and learn about chess as a         teams of filmmakers are assigned a
production are offered through the       social or a more competitive game.          genre, a character, a prop, and a line
Performing Arts Technology courses in    The club participates in the inter-         of dialogue, and have 48 hours to
the senior school.                       secondary competition.                      create a short film containing those
COMMUNICATING   Parents and caregivers are an integral

WITH HOME       part of their children’s education.
                At Western Springs College we encourage
                communication between home and
                school through a variety of avenues:

                • An annual barbeque is held early in       during school hours, meet staff,
                  Term 1 for new families and staff to      students and other parents, and
                  acquaint themselves. It is a relaxed,     observe classes during a conducted
                  informal and friendly occasion.           tour prior to arranging an
                • Regular report evenings are held so       enrolment interview.
                  that families can meet teachers to      • Enrolments at Western Springs are
                  discuss each student’s progress           made by appointment through the
                  and, where necessary, to establish        College office.
                  direct, ongoing links. Details of       • Parents and caregivers are
                  report evenings are included in           consulted about students’ courses.
                  the report email.
                                                          • There is ongoing contact
                • Four Records of Achievement are           between form teachers, Learning
                  completed annually for each year          Coordinators, head of houses and
                  level, one in each term.                  home via telephone or email.
                • Parent teacher interviews               • Our website www.westernsprings.
                  follow the first two Records of  and the Parent Portal
                  Achievement.                              keeps parents informed of
                • School newsletters are published          upcoming events.
                  three times a Term. They are            • The website allows access to daily
                  emailed to all homes and placed on        notices so parents can monitor
                  the school website.                       school activities and encourage
                • Open Week is an opportunity for           their children to participate in
                  parents and their children – current      the wide range of opportunities
                  or prospective – to visit the College     available.
MĀORI TIKANGA                              The Pasifika Student Achievement Co-
                                           ordinator and the Board of Trustees
The marae is a vital part of the life of
                                           representative share a common
the College and the local community.
                                           vision for all Pasifika students to leave
Māori tikanga (customs) and te reo
                                           school with at least an NCEA Level 2
Māori are accorded pride of place at
                                           Certificate qualification and to be fully
Western Springs College. Both are
                                           equipped for life beyond school.
integrated into formal ceremonies
                                           A key element is community and
such as the senior prizegiving.
                                           parent support. Our Pasifika staff
Students in the English medium
                                           strive to ensure that contact between
school study te reo Māori and tikanga
                                           school and home is maintained.
Māori (language and customs) on the
PASIFIKA                                   STUDENTS
                                           Western Springs College welcomes
Western Springs College strongly
                                           international fee-paying students.
encourages Pasifika students to
                                           We provide close individual attention
maintain their cultural links. One
                                           and personal care for up to 120
way of achieving this is to join a
                                           international students from many
Pasifika form class and be part of a
                                           countries. At Springs we strive
vertical (Years 9-13) group which
                                           to ensure that our international
honours Pasifika traditions and
                                           students are able to enjoy more
values. The philosophy is one of
                                           of New Zealand’s language and
shared responsibility and fellowship
                                           culture through integration into the
supportive of students striving
                                           mainstream student body.
towards achieving their academic
goals.                                     For further information please
Student academic success is
enhanced by learning support through
                                           visit the International Students
                                           area on our website.                        CULTURAL
the Pasifika Homework Centre and
by celebratory events such as the
annual Fia Fia Cultural Performance
Night and the end-of-year Pasifika
Prizegiving ceremony.
STUDENT                 At Springs student leadership development is a core

LEADERSHIP              priority. All students are encouraged to engage with
                        and develop leadership skills through opportunities
                        which are current, have a real-life focus and are
                        actively supported by the school and local community.

                  e provide effective guidance
                  and support in order to
                  ensure a reflective approach
        to leadership development.
        At Springs we care about the
        emotional and physical well-being of
        our students, as well as caring for our
        environment. This is reflected within
        our student leadership team and junior
        learner council. Student house leaders
        work closely with heads of house to
        ensure the overall well-being and
        success of students within their house
        community, while portfolio leaders
        work within the areas of sport, culture,
        academic progress, international
        relations and environmental
ENVIRONMENTAL                                                               Health Wise, Travel Wise and

      SUSTAINABILITY                                                              Waste Wise leaders all work
                                                                                  cohesively to develop Springs
                                                                                  as a sustainable environment.

W                                                                                      SOLAR LEGACY
            e have a long-running         Enviroschools; Waste Wise and Travel
            sustainability programme      Wise coordinators from Auckland
                                                                                       Western Springs College are creating
            that includes ongoing         Council and representatives from the
                                                                                       a 50 year plus solar power legacy.
research on the school’s sustainability   Auckland District Health Board.
                                                                                       The first stage will be over 200 solar
initiatives by a research team from
                                          Wises leaders work closely with the          panels, along with a 50kWp solar
The Department of Psychology
                                          corresponding Wises Panel. Each of           inverter that has been donated by
at the University of Auckland;
                                          the three Wises panels consists of           our partner Mercury. This could
                                          students from across all year levels.        reduce our electricity cost by at
                                          Students are provided with a range           least 10% - approximately $15,000
                                          of opportunities, including a Wises          annually. These cost savings will then
                                          Camp, in order to develop both               be directed into other educational
                                          leadership skills and sustainability         benefits for students.
                                                                                       This project will expand our students
                                          At Springs we pride ourselves in             knowledge and experience of
                                          developing young leaders who                 alternative energy and providing
                                          are well-informed, passionate and            a real-time science and learning
                                          proactive.                                   opportunity, where solar generation
                                                                                       and savings can be tracked and
                                          We know we are leading the way in
                                          sustainable practises in secondary
                                          education, as we were one of the             Our solar installation will reduce
                                          first secondary schools in New               the carbon footprint of our school,
                                          Zealand to achieve Enviroschools             while also reducing the carbon
                                          Green Gold status.                           footprint of the nation.
                                                                                                                           WSC SPORTS TEAM IS
                                                                                                                           GREAT PREPARATION
                                                                                                                                     FOR LIFE


The sports programme is                ports teams represent the             COACHING                                  The programmes seek to motivate
                                       College in 26 sports: tennis,         A specially designated Board fund         students to aspire to reach their full
under the leadership of well           volleyball, cricket, touch, water     is used to employ coaches in high         potential both in their sport and their
known Sports Director, Peter     polo, athletics, swimming, dragon           demand sports such as netball, water      academic performance. The Sports
                                 boating, softball, triathlon, waka          polo, basketball, football and cricket.   Academy offers programmes for
McIntyre. Under Peter’s          ama, diving, cross country, netball,                                                  students at all year levels. Entry is
                                 football, rugby, rugby league, hockey,      PARTICIPATION                             through a process of application and
auspices Springs students                                                    We believe there are enormous
                                 basketball, lacrosse, table tennis,                                                   selection. Special programme features
participate in a comprehensive   badminton, squash, orienteering,            benefits for students who participate     include:
                                 equestrian, sailing and skiing.             in sport. At Springs there are
range of intersecondary school                                               many opportunities to participate         •   Leadership Strategies
                                 Additionally, the Sports Director is able   in competitive sports teams. We               Achievement Standards
sports competitions.             to cater for a wide range of individual     uphold the Fair Play Charter and we       •   Open Water (or Intermediate)
                                 sporting pursuits through the Auckland      encourage all students to participate         Dive Certificate
                                 Regional College Sport Programme.           for enjoyment, to show commitment
                                                                             and respect, and to play hard but fair.   •   Intermediate First Aid and Sports
                                 AWARDS                                                                                    Injury Management Certificates
                                 Our top sports people are honoured at       SPORTS ACADEMY
                                 the annual college sports awards.           Academy programmes are designed to        •   Competition in the Auckland
                                                                             advance the development of students           Secondary Schools Triathlon.
                                                                             who excel in their chosen sport(s) and
                                 In addition to the sports fields,
                                                                             provide the opportunity to gain the
                                 students have access to an all-
                                                                             knowledge and skills to lead, manage
                                 weather, multi-sport turf and new
                                                                             and coach others.
                                 gymnasium complex which is the
                                 venue for the Sports Academy classes.
       TALENTED                                            “Iti noa ana, he pito mata.”
                                                           With care, a small kumara
                                                           will produce a harvest.

      his whakatauki speaks of             •   Be very interested in, or good    •   Presently, gifted and talented
      potential, the potential to grow         at, academic thinking and             tauira are selected by their
      and develop from the smallest            school-work.                          class kaiako as displaying
seed, the smallest idea or the most                                                  skills, ideas or work ethic
                                           •   Be very creative.
humble of beginnings.                                                                that differs significantly
                                           •   Have good leadership and              from their peers. The
Ngā Puna o Waiōrea recognises the
                                               social skills.                        programme offers tauira
importance of identifying a gifted
                                                                                     the opportunity to
student to help them achieve their         •   Be good at physical
                                                                                     explore the world from
full potential. Whānau can also help           performances or sports.
                                                                                     different angles, to
in identifying a tauira who shows
                                           •   Have special cultural                 work with other tauira
signs of giftedness or special talent.
                                               understanding and be good             who have similar
The programme assists gifted and
                                               at cultural practices.                qualities and to
talented tauira in reaching their full
                                                                                     realise their own
potential academically, emotionally,       •   Be good at visual or performing
                                                                                     potential through
and socially. It provides principles and       arts.
                                                                                     initiatives that
practices to support identification,
                                           •   Be recognised by Iwi as having        they develop.
planning and education of gifted and
                                               strong skills in Manaakitanga,
talented students. It also provides
                                               Whanaungatanga, Wairuatanga,
ongoing professional learning and
                                               Kaitiakitanga, Rangatiratanga,                                WINNING DESIGN
support for gifted and talented
                                               Mātauranga,Te Mahi Rehia and                                  EXHIBITED AT THE
                                               Tikanga.                                                      AUCKLAND MUSEUM
Gifted and talented learners can stand
out in many ways. They can:
Whānau are an integral part in                   tauira and other whānau. This is also
                                                                 an opportunity to observe classes
                the education of their tauira                    during a conducted tour prior to
                and at Ngā Puna o Waiōrea                        enrolment.

COMMUNICATING   this is seen as a partnership.               •   Enrolments at Ngā Puna o Waiōrea
                                                                 are made by appointment through

WITH HOME       We encourage communication
                between home and school                      •
                                                                 the Waiōrea Administation office.
                                                                 Whānau are consulted about tauira’
                through a variety of avenues:                    courses.
                                                             •   There is ongoing contact between
                •   Regular Whānau / Tauira / Kaiako             Form Teacher, Dean and home via
                    report evenings and Whānau Hui               telephone or email
                    twice a term.
                                                             •   Our website
                •   Waiōrea Yearly Calendar                      nz and the Parent Portal keeps
                •   Emailed Daily Attendance                     parents informed of upcoming
                    Reporting                                    events.
                •   NCEA Evening & Māori Specific            •   The school website allows access
                    Careers Evening                              to daily notices so whānau
                                                                 can monitor school activities
                •   Four Records of Achievement are
                                                                 and encourage their tauira to
                    completed annually for each year
                                                                 participate in the wide range of
                    level, one in each term.
                                                                 opportunities available.
                •   Three full reports are completed
                                                             •   Access to Springs- Waiōrea
                    annually for each level. Kaiako/
                                                                 Mobile Phone App.
                    Whānau interviews follow the first
                    two reports.
                                                             WHĀNAU TAUTOKO
                •   Springs-Waiōrea School pānui are         Enrolment into Ngā Puna o Waiōrea
                    published on the Monday of weeks         is seen as a partnership between the
                    3, 6 and 9 each term: they are           Waiōrea / Kaiako / Tauira and Whānau.
                    emailed to all homes and placed on       Whānau are therefore expected to
                    the school website, pānui are also       attend two whānau hui a Term which
                    distributed on request in hard copy      are held on Wednesday evenings
                    form from the school office. The         between 6pm and 7pm. Dates are
                    first newsletter of the year is posted   confirmed in the Waiōrea Calendar
                    to parents in mid January.               at the beginning of each year.
                •   Open Week is an opportunity for          Māori have Co-Governance status on
                    whānau and their tamariki – current      the WSCW Board of Trustees. See the
                    or prospective – to visit the College    school website for the Treaty Co-
                    during school hours, meet kaiako;        Governance Policy.
(By Sir James Henare, 1984)


       he Reo Māori Department              and supports the learning environments
       endeavours to contribute to the      of both the Waiōrea and Kura Auraki
       growth and development of tauira     classroom.
as competent speakers and practitioners
                                            Developing a high level of competence
of te reo Māori who can participate
                                            in language enables a learner to reach
confidently in Māori contexts.
                                            their full potential in all other learning
We aim to develop successful learners,      areas. Learners need to be competent
who will grow as competent, effective       listeners, speakers, readers and writers
communicators in the Māori world –          in order to be able to participate
healthy of mind, body and soul and          confidently in society and enjoy full
secure in their identity, and sense of      lives. The Reo Māori Department aims to
belonging. Tauira will have the skills      assist learners in developing a full range
and knowledge to participate in and         of linguistic competencies including
contribute to Māori society and the         functional language use, breadth of
wider world.

                                                                                         TE REO
                                            language knowledge, and linguistic
                                            strategies. Language learning is an
As learners are central to our
                                            ongoing, cyclical process with varying
department philosophy therefore their

                                            degrees of progress being made at
knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes
                                            different times. Learners need repeated
contribute to their learning experiences
                                            practice at new skills in order to become
at school. The home, the community,
the culture and hapū of the learner all
                                            competent.                                   TE REO RANGATIRA
contribute to the learning environment      All learners should have the opportunity
and are consistently acknowledged in        to acquire knowledge in all learning
the classroom. The Department believes      areas and to develop key competencies.
that for learners to succeed, the school,   Through this approach, they will be
the home, hapū, iwi and community           able to reach their full potential, and to
must work together effectively and          participate effectively and positively in
consistently therefore, the Department      the Māori community and the global
upholds the cultural identity and           world.
heritage of learners and their whānau
CODE OF                                          KO NGĀ WHAKARITENGA MO
     CONDUCT                                          NGA AKOMANGA RUMAKI

                                                      (Me panuitia tētahi o ēnei
                                                      whakaritenga hei te timatanga
                                                      o ia wā ako.)

1. Ka timata ngā mahi mo te                5. Kaua e mau potoe ki roto i ngā         8. Ka mau mai ngā ākonga i ona
   akomanga mā te karakia, ka                 whare. He tikanga tēnei nō oo             taputapu katoa mo tona mahi ki te
   whakaoti pai hoki ngā mahi mā te           tātou matua tupuna. He tohu wehi          kura. E kore rawa ia e waiho ēnei
   karakia! Me wehi ki te Runga Rawa i        ki te wāhi, he tohu wehi hoki ki ngā      mea ki te kainga.
   ngā wā katoa.                              tangata ki roto i te whare: Ahakoa
                                                                                     9. Tiakina to ake tinana me to ake
                                              he aha te whare.
2. Ka korero tātou i to tātou Reo                                                       hauora. Whengu to ihu! Horoia oo
   Rangatira i ngā wā katoa.; Kia          6. Kia tika hoki to āhuatanga katoa,         ringaringa! Kia mahara tātou ki ngā
   whakamana Te Reo Māori, kia                a roto, a waho hoki. Kia tau te           āhuatanga hauora katoa, ara te taha
   whakamana tātou i a tātou anō!             āhuatanga rangimarie. Kaua e              Tinana, te taha hinengaro.
                                              tuku whakahihi atu ki te tangata.
3. Ka wehi ngā ākonga ki ngā Kaiako.          Kia tūpato o korero ki tetahi atu.     10. Tiakina ngā whare wānanga me te
   Ka wehi tātou i a tātou anō. Ka            Kia mahara ‘E kore te kupu e hoki          takiwa o te Rumaki. Ara, me:
   mau tātou ki ngā tikanga o ēnei            anō ki to waha’ Whakarangatira            • Tiakina hoki ngā taputapu o te
   whakatauaki. ‘Me aro koe ki te hā          to āhuatanga kia pena ki aua o oo           Rumaki. Whakahokia ēnei mea
   o te tangata: Ko te tangata te mea         tātou matua tupuna. He kaha hoki            ki te wāhi tika.
   nui o te Ao’. Ko te Tangata He             rātou ki te whakapaipai oo rātou          • Nā, Kaua e waiho te para, Hikina!
   Tapu, He Mana!                             āhuatanga i ngā wā katoa. (Mau              Purua ki roto i te rapihi, paepae
                                              tika oo kakahu hoki). Kaua e tuhi           para rānei.
4. Ka mahi ngā ākonga mo te katoa o
                                              anuanu.                                   • Kaua e tuhituhi ki runga i ngā tepu.
   te haora mahi. E kore ngā ākonga
   e kotiti i te kaupapa o te mahi, i te   7. Ka haere ngā ākonga ki te                 • Kia tika to noho ki runga i ngā turu.
   kaupapa mahi hoki. Me kaua hoki e          wharepaku, ki te tiki inu rānei a           Kaua e piu, kaua e noho titaha.
   whakangaro, whakarere atu rānei i          muri, a mua hoki i te wā mahi.            • Kaua e tukino ngā rawa o te
   te kura!                                   Ehara ki waenga o te haora mahi!            Rumaki
                 Waiōrea has it's own house
                 within the school – Oranga.
              We have five separate houses
                  within that (Waiata, Wairua,
             Waihanga, Waimarie, Waipuna)
                that each have three verticle
           form classes made up of Y9-Y13
             students. Within the kura there
         two Head of House Deans and an
    Academic Director who are responsible
       for the support and guidance of our
                               students, along
            with their form and class kaiako.
      Refer to the Mainstream Prospectus -
'Student Support' and 'College Life' sections
   to see other school wide support offered
             and futher general information.
TO KURA   Enrolments are governed
          by the Ministry of Education
          enrolment scheme.
                                                                                                                             CRITERIA MEANS WE CAN
                                                                                                                               ACCEPT OUT-OF-ZONE

          aiōrea has Special Entry     SCHOOL KOHA / DONATIONS
          Criteria and can accept      Whānau are asked to make an annual
          out-of-zone enrolments.      koha to the College to help provide for
Enrolments are open year round         educational, cultural, social activities
subject to space availability and      and health services not covered by
enrolment interview. Prospective       government funding.
whānau are encouraged to attend the
                                       THE SCHOOL KOHA / DONATION IS:
kura Open Week. Waiōrea enrolment
                                       $500 if there is one tauira in the family;
interviews are conducted in August/
                                       or $600 if there are two or more tauira
                                       from a whānau.
Please contact the Waiōrea
                                       School koha should be paid at the
Administration Office or go to our
                                       time of enrolment, or at the beginning
website for further information and/
                                       of the school year. Payment can be
or copies of the Waiōrea Enrolment
                                       made by cash, cheque or credit card.
Policy and process.
                                       Arrangements for automatic payment           DRESS AND APPEARANCE
Due to the limited number of tauira    by instalment can be made with the           Ngā Puna o Waiōrea has a formal and travel uniform which is complusory for all
enrolments, Waiōrea are able to        staff in the school office.                  Waiōrea students to purchase. On a daily basis though students are able to wear
accept prospective whānau are                                                       regular clothing. Whether in or out of uniform students are encouraged to develop
                                       There are also subject course fees
encouraged to enrol two to three                                                    a sensible attitude towards matters of dress.
                                       to cover costs such as materials
years in advance.
                                       and write-on work books. As well             It is not acceptable for students to wear clothing that is immodest, ripped, is
SCHOOL DAY                             as specific Waiōrea costs for various        offensive or that has alcohol/drug references. In questions of acceptability of
The Waiōrea school day begins at       extra cirricular activities which could      dress, the College’s decision will be final. Whānau support is expected.
8.50am and ends at 3:10pm.             include: Wananga (Te Reo, Academic,
                                       Kapa Haka), Specific Sports, Haerenga,       Refer to the mainstream ‘Code of Conduct’ in addition to the following Waiōrea
                                       Manu Kōrero etc.                             ‘Whakaritenga’ in conjuction with the Waiōrea Enrolment Policy for information
                                                                                    regarding conduct.
Accounting and Computer Studies.         i te 28 o Noema 1989 “Whaia te
                                                                                       Many ‘Waiōrea Alumni’ remain             Mātauranga kia tuohu koe mehe
                                                                                       committed to the Waiōrea kaupapa         maunga teitei” Kei runga i te pātu
                                                                                       by regularly returning to Ngā Puna       o te mahau o Ngā Oho te korero
                                                                                       o Waiōrea long after they have left      nei hei whakamaharatanga mo te
                                                                                       school to ‘give back’. This is usually   whakatuwheratanga o te whare me
                                                                                       by way of academic or kapa haka          te marae Rua tekau mā ono tau kua
                                                                                       tutoring, sports coaching or other       hipa. Ka kite tātou ngā wawatatanga
                                                                                       mentor or support roles.                 me ngā moemoea o te whānau me
                                                                                                                                te hapori o te kura i taua wā mo ngā
Academic achievement is the                 most recent Kura Tuarua National           ‘Whaia te Manu Mātauranga!’              taiohi me ngā rangatahi o Ngā Puna o
corresponding focus for the Waiōrea.        Competition in 2018. Kapa Haka is          Pursue the bird of learning and          Waiōrea. Nā rātou i whakatō te kakano
The compulsory Waiōrea extension            certainly not the only place where         knowledge.                               me te kaupapa matua, ara kia kaha ngā
programme operates on Wednesdays            Waiōrea tauira excel.                                                               ākonga o tēnei marae a kura ki te whai
after school from 3:30 pm to 5pm and                                                                                            i te mātauranga mo ake tonu atu.
is staffed by our committed kaiako.         In 2017 a Ngā Puna o Waiōrea Ngā           RUMAKI
                                            Manu Kōrero National Speaker placed                                                 The Māori text is taken directly from
Optional overnight study wānanga                                                       Ko te Rumaki Reo o Ngā Puna ō
                                            1st Overall in the Senior English -                                                 the plaque on Ngā Oho Whare that
are held for senior students and are                                                   Waiorea
                                            Korimako Section. There has been                                                    commemorates it and Rehu Marae’s
subject specific. Reo Wananga for all
                                            a representative from Ngā Puna o           Whaia te Manu Mātauranga –               official opening 30 years ago by the
levels and abilities is also a feature of
                                            Waiōrea on behalf of Tāmaki ki te          Pursue the bird of learning and          late Sir Paul Reeves. The traditional
life at Ngā Puna o Waiōrea.
                                            Waitematā at the annual national Ngā       knowledge                                whakatauki or saying in the quotation
Kapa Haka is another important aspect       Manu Kōrero competition for the last                                                marks speaks clearly of the strategic
                                                                                       This whakatauki or proverbial
of life in the whānau – Ngā Puna o          six years.                                                                          but inspirational and aspirational vision
                                                                                       saying is a derivation from the
Waiōrea have successfully maintained                                                                                            of the whānau and community of
top placing in the Division 1, ASB          A high proportion of Waiōrea tauira                                                 Seddon High School/Western Springs
                                                                                       of the two main whakatauki or
Polyfest Competition since 2010. In         also play sport or are involved in other                                            College at the time. "Pursue education
                                                                                       sayings that have directed life,
2012 a second competitive team was          extracurricular activities. Waiōrea                                                 and learning. If you bow down let it be
                                                                                       decisions and philosophy at
created to compete in Division 2, and       tauira enjoy being together and                                                     to a lofty mountain." These words have
                                                                                       Ngā Puna o Waiōrea since its
in 2015 a third competitive team in         supporting one another as a whānau.                                                 remained as a constant reminder to
                                                                                       inception all those years ago. The
Division 3. Both of these rōpū have         After five years in the Waiōrea tauira                                              all to continue to pursue knowledge,
                                                                                       first whakatauki comes from the
placed 1st since their inception. Ngā       are well equipped to move on to                                                     education and learning in its many
                                                                                       following source:
Puna o Waiōrea have represented             tertiary education where they enjoy                                                 facets as the main goal for all students
Tāmaki Makaurau at the last five            success in a variety of employment         I whakatuwherangia tēnei whare e te      at Ngā Puna o Waiōrea/Western
nationals, placing 3rd overall at the       fields including Medicine, Engineering,    Kawana Tianara a Tā Paora Reeves         Springs College.
The second whakatauki was used             •   High levels of fluency and
by the late Achlee Fong, tumuaki of            competence in written and
Ngā Puna o Waiōrea who promoted                spoken Māori,
this traditional saying as a means         •   The promotion of Te Reo as one
to encourage and inspire Waiōrea               of our national languages and a
students to achieve in all areas of            commitment to increasing the
their school life and pursuits.                numbers of Te Reo Māori speakers
Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro nōnā            nationally and globally.
te ngāhere.                                •   Increasing genuine respect for
Ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga           Māori Tikanga in order for tauira to
nōnā te Ao.                                    learn about their own unique iwi
The bird that partakes of the miro             traditions, tikanga and histories;
berry, survives in the forest,             •   In respecting one’s own culture,
The bird that partakes of knowledge,           learning respect and appreciation
owns the world.                                of all other cultures and diversities;
To ensure the consistent and continued     •   High achievement at all year levels
quality of educational delivery at Ngā         across all subject areas through the
Puna o Waiōrea by commitment                   supportive networking of Waiōrea
to its roots and origins while long            kaiako and whānau..
term planning for its future the two       TE TAKE
whakatauki were amalgamated into           Ko te tino take o te rumaki, kia tino
the current format. This abbreviated       marama ai ngā tamariki tauira ki ngā
‘Waiorea’ version readily aligns to the    tini āhuatanga me ngā tikanga e pa ana
school motto and aspiration of inspiring   ki to tātou Ao Māori. Ma te rumakitia
‘Strive for excellence in learning’ for    ngā tamariki i roto i te reo me ona
all students.                              tikanga e puta Māori mai ngā mahi
THE PURPOSE                                o te kura, me o rātou putaputa atu
Waiōrea aims to provide a comfortable      te reo i ngā tūmomo wāhi katoa.
learning environment and encourages        Kati, mā ngā kaiako/pouako te
Māori tauira to have pride in their        wairuatanga e whakato i
origins, language and culture. Waiōrea     roto i ngā tamariki tauira,
aims include:                              o te rumaki.
IMMERSION             Ngā Puna o Waiōrea has been serving
                      tauira and whānau seeking a quality
KURA                  education through a kaupapa Māori
                      philosophy for over 30 years.

             he Kura started as a whānau
             and bilingual unit in the late
             1980’s and progressed to
       the philosophy of total immersion,
       the teaching of all core curriculum
       within the unit in 1995. 1999 saw the
       graduation of the first full Waiōrea
       Rumaki Year 13 tauira who had
       started in Year 9 immersed in the
       language and kaupapa of Waiōrea
       education. Currently there are more
       than 285 students enrolled at Ngā
       Puna o Waiōrea under this continued
       successful model of Māori Education.
       The subjects and curriculum areas
       offered by the Waiōrea follow the
       national curriculum and are co-
       colaborated with in consultation with
       the relevant department heads in the
       Kura Auraki. Delivery of content is
       through the medium of Te Reo Māori
       and focuses on topics relevant to
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