2019 PROSPECTUS Waimea Intermediate School - cloudfront.net

2019 PROSPECTUS Waimea Intermediate School - cloudfront.net
Waimea Intermediate School

2019 PROSPECTUS Waimea Intermediate School - cloudfront.net
WIS has made me feel more                 Being at Waimea Intermediate has
                       confident in my learning. All the         been one of my best experiences.
                       different sports we do have helped        Modules and technology are
                       me stay fit and sporty. The interclass    fantastic. There have been lots of
                       lunchtime sports tournaments are          great opportunities. There are lots of
                       fun too.                                  tournaments and lots of opportunities
                                                                 to make new friends as well.

                       At WIS we have a great Kapahaka
                       group where the teachers encourage        I like the choice and freedom we
                       you to learn about Maori culture          have as learners. We have so many
                       through waiata, poi and haka.             opportunities such as modules,
                                                                 FPS, Sports and Tech and so much
                                                                 more to expand our wide range of
                       There are lots of great opportunities     learning experiences. The teachers are
                       that you can take part in. Stage          engaging and you can tell they enjoy
                       Band, literature quiz, summer and         teaching kids.
                       winter tournament, girls football
                       and rugby and the Raroa cultural
                       exchange are great fun and you get        Waimea is great because we get to
                       to meet new people.                       move around the Richmond/Tasman
                                                                 region a lot with different events and
                                                                 learning experiences.
                       Tech’s a great way to let your
                       imagination flow, to meet new
                       friends and experience great              I enjoy how we get so many new
                       opportunities. It gives you the           opportunities like modules and I
                       courage and opportunity to try new        absolutely love all the art work we do.
                       things and to see what the world
                       of music, art, building, cooking and
                       electronics are like.                     Awesome camps allow you to meet
                                                                 new people, make new friends and
                                                                 get to know your classmates and
                       Future Problem Solving has allowed        teachers. You get the opportunity to
                       me to expand my thinking and learn        experience new activities and break
                       new skills. It encourages me to think     out of your shell.
                       outside of the box. FPS has given me
                       lifelong skills to be more confident in
                       my learning.                              I will never forget all the opportunities
                                                                 I have had, especially in technology
                                                                 and modules. Waimea allows you
                       On Fridays at WIS all the students get    to branch out, not only in the usual
                       the chance to express themselves          subjects but also in new ones as
                       in every way possible by choosing         well. You learn lots of new skills e.g.
                       sports, arts and academic modules.        student leaders, mountain biking,
                                                                 music, dance, sport, science, cooking
                                                                 and heaps of other activities that you
                       Waimea has given me the                   will enjoy!
                       opportunity to extend my maths
                       ability in mathix as well as joining
                       the future problem solving classes        The library is huge and full of a wide
                       for all the students who want to take     variety of books. The couches are
                       their learning to the next level.         comfortable as well. But the best
                                                                 thing of all is the staff who are always
                                                                 willing to help and point you in the
                       The best thing about Waimea is            right direction.
                       all the opportunities - technology,
                       modules and all the sport you
                       can dream of with tournaments,
                       cross-country, swimming and more.
                       Waimea is a great place.

2019 PROSPECTUS Waimea Intermediate School - cloudfront.net
WELCOME FROM THE PRINCIPAL – he whakatau nō te tumuaki
             Waimea Intermediate is an exciting and rewarding
             learning community to be part of. It provides a
             caring environment where students are challenged
             and supported to achieve their full potential.
             Underpinning all daily interactions and our
             modern integrated curriculum are our RISE values
             which set the expectations for staff and students
             Our focus is on promoting new opportunities,
             curiosity and challenges whilst building on

             existing strengths and interests. In this way we
             ensure growth in all aspects of the student;
             academic, social, cultural, emotional and physical.
             Our team of highly motivated and professional
             staff work in syndicates making decisions centred
             around the students. We combine homeroom,
             specialist and semi-specialist teaching to provide
             varied and challenging opportunities for students
             at this significant stage of development.
             The teaching staff use a range of instructional and

             organisational techniques to cater for students of
             all ability levels. We value open communication
             between home and school.
             Waimea Intermediate is unique in being one of the       Welcome                         3
             few semi-rural intermediates and is situated in a
             large campus environment with Henley Primary
             and Waimea College sharing expansive grounds
                                                                     Arriving and Belonging          4
             and excellent facilities.
             Classrooms and other learning spaces have been

             recently upgraded to provide flexible teaching          Cirriculum and Learning         5
             spaces and modern learning environments.
             Students enjoy the numerous outdoor areas which
             are both engaging and stimulating for not only          Values and Culture              6
             learning and play, but sport and PE as well.
             Whether you are already a member of the Waimea
             Intermediate School community or hoping to              Opportunities and Experiences   7
             enrol your child at WIS we hope that you find the
             information in this prospectus useful. Our aim is
             to provide you with more detail about the school        Environment and Facilities      8
             and how we can support you and your child’s
             transition into their new school.
             We look forward to working with you in ensuring         Uniforms                        9
             your child experiences success during their
             intermediate school years.

             Justine McDonald

                                                    for more information please visit www.waimeaint.school.nz                        3
2019 PROSPECTUS Waimea Intermediate School - cloudfront.net
A number of activities are planned to
ARRIVING AND BELONGING – Tangatawhenuatanga
                                                                              assist new students to prepare for and
                                                                              settle into Waimea Intermediate.

                                                                              In the first days and weeks of the year
                                                                              there is an emphasis on assisting new
                                                                                                                                      Tu Tangata
                                                                                                                                    Shared Knowledge
                                                                              students to settle in to their new school.

                                                                              Year 7 students start a day earlier than
                                                                              Year 8 so staff can fully support them.
                                                                              A range of programmes and activities
                                                                              in each class and syndicate assist
                                                                              students with:- relating to others,
                                                                              self-management, work habits and
                                                                              understanding intermediate systems,                     Rangiatea
                                                                              timetables, and support available within                  Aiming High
                                                                              the school.

  BELONGING                                                                   Classes
                                                                              Students are placed in classes of mixed
                                                                              ability which are arranged in syndicates
                                                                              of three to four rooms. Staff in each
                                                                              syndicate work cooperatively to plan and
                                                                              deliver programmes. Syndicates regroup                Tamanui Te Ra
                                                                              students in some curriculum areas to                    Rays of Hope
                                                                              better meet the needs of specific groups
                                                                              and utilise staff strengths.
                                                                              The focus when forming classes is to
                                                                              provide an environment that is inclusive
                                                                              for all students. The needs of individuals
                                                                              are considered within the context of the
                                                                              whole group.                                                Nikau
                                                                              While students may be placed in classes                  Importance
                                                                              with students from their previous                       of Knowledge
                                                                              school, it is our policy to mix students,
                                                                              thus fostering new opportunities for
                                                                              friendships. Information from a variety
                                                                              of sources including previous teachers is
                                                                              used in forming classes.
                                                                              Input from parents on the specific                        Tangaroa
                                                                              learning needs of their child will                      Strength and
                                                                              be considered. Please email:                              Vigilance
                                                                              newenrolments@waimeaint.school.nz –
                                                                              before 1 November 2018.

                                                                              Enrolment Zone
                                                                              An enrolment scheme applies to
                                                                              living outside our zone. The zone and the
                                                                              scheme are available on our website and                     Kakano
                                                                              from the school office.                                     Growth

             4                                WAIMEA INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL PROSPECTUS 2019
2019 PROSPECTUS Waimea Intermediate School - cloudfront.net
Key Dates:
2018                                          2019
30 July–23 August - Senior Leadership visit   16 January - WIS School office opens.
Year 6 students in each primary school.
                                              29 January - Yr 7 students start school.
12 September - Parent Information
                                              30 January - Yr 8 students start school.
evening (7.00 pm).
                                              4 February - Nelson Anniversary
17 September - Enrolments close.
                                              5 February   School Closed.
23 & 25 October - Orientation visits by
students at times arranged with primary       6 February - Waitangi Day

        for more information please visit www.waimeaint.school.nz                        5
2019 PROSPECTUS Waimea Intermediate School - cloudfront.net
Students learn best when connections
CURRICULUM AND LEARNING – Te imarautanga me ngā mahi ako
                                                                                            are made between learning areas and to
                                                                                            everyday life and experiences. The New
                                                                                            Zealand Curriculum confirms this and forms
                                                                                            the basis for our Waimea Intermediate
                                                                                            curriculum design.

                                                                                            The building blocks of our curriculum
                                                                                            are ‘global concepts’, which are explored
                                                                                            through ‘essential questions’ each term.
                                                                                            These allow students to explore, inquire and
                                                                                            make connections between different areas
                                                                                            of the curriculum in real and appropriate

                         & LEARNING
                                                                                            contexts. While the actual topics covered
                                                                                            within classes and syndicates may vary,
                                                                                            our overarching concepts and essential
                                                                                            questions ensure that the same fundamental
                                                                                            learning takes place across
                                                                                            the school.

                                                                                            While most learning areas are taught
                                                                                            within the integrated framework, the focus
                                                                                            of traditional subject areas is not lost.
                                                                                            Curriculum teams responsible for each
                                                                                            subject ensure that new ideas and resources
                                                                                            are brought into the integrated plan.

                                                                                            Most programmes, including English and
                                                                                            mathematics, are taught by class and
                                                                                            syndicate teachers. Specialist staff teach
                                                                                            art, technology, and aspects of our music

                                                                                            Classroom programmes are designed to
                                                                                            respond to individual needs, with special
                                                                                            abilities and special needs students catered
                                                                                            for within this.

                                                                                            As well as providing extra opportunities
                                                                                            for further extension in areas such as
                                                                                            technology, art and Future Problem Solving,
                                                                                            our school runs a modules programme which
                                                                                            allows for the diverse needs, interests and
                                                                                            abilities of all students to be well catered for.

                 6                                         WAIMEA INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL PROSPECTUS 2019
2019 PROSPECTUS Waimea Intermediate School - cloudfront.net
VALUES & CULTURE – Nga uara me te ahurea
                                                      Our aim is to help
                                                      students develop
                                                      as learners, achieve
                                                      potential and become
                                                      positive informed and
                                                      contributive citizens.

         Our aim is to help students develop as       Guidance and Well-Being
         learners, achieve potential and become       Our school places a strong emphasis
         positive informed and contributive           on student guidance and well-being.
         citizens. Not always an easy task!           We believe that this is a prerequisite
                                                      for learning and involves strong home
         Over the past few years we have moved        and school partnerships. All staff have
         away from rigid rules and systems.           collective responsibility for student
         Instead, expectations of and responses to    well-being and we are fortunate to
         students at WIS are centred on our values    have specialist staff and programmes
         of Respect, Integrity, Self-management       supporting our school wide approach.
         and Empathy (R.I.S.E.). We believe that
         these key values are fundamental for         This year we have had staff in the roles
         the development of independent and           of social worker, counsellors, 24/7 Youth
         responsible students.                        Workers, Waimea College Mentors, Shine
         RISE values are woven through all aspects    Girls mentors and strong relationships
         of our school life and their embodiment      with a range of other external support
         in attitudes, relationships and behaviours   agencies. We rely on sharing information
         is a key element for every member of our     between home and school to ensure the
         school community.                            well-being for all students. Parents are
                                                      encouraged to contact the school with
         Positive Behaviour for Learning – PB4L       any concerns before they become major
         PB4L is a Ministry of Education contract     barriers to learning.
         initiative, providing professional
                                                      Home School Diary

         development for staff and promoting a
         positive school wide learning culture.       This supports our RISE value of Self-
         This work is based on international          management. Regular use of the Home
         evidence and Waimea Intermediate are         School Diary assists students in meeting
         fortunate to be included in the first year   commitments, being prepared for
         of funding in 2018. Our RISE values form     class, keeping track of their timetable,
         the basis for PB4L at WIS. If you would      monitoring homework, and goal setting.
         like more information about PB4L you can
         follow this link:                            Awards
         http://pb4l.tki.org.nz/PB4L-School-Wide.     Celebrating student success is an
                                                      important part of our school culture, and
         As a result of this work our school enjoys   awards reflect efforts and achievement
         excellent staff/ student relationships       across all areas of school life. In particular
         and high quality student behaviour. The      RISE awards are presented to students
         aim of our behaviour programme is to         who have excelled in meeting our school
         maintain and further enhance this through    values.
         educating students about their behaviour
         and giving them increasing opportunities     ‘Reach for the Stars’ awards acknowledge
         to take responsibility for it.               students who have achieved high
                                                      recognition in sport, the arts or academic
         In general, issues at WIS are handled        areas through effort and commitment.
         through a restorative rather than punitive
         approach. Restorative practice allows
         people affected by behaviour to have
         a voice while at the same time giving             Respect
         excellent opportunities to educate, rather
         than simply punish. Restorative practice
         is the natural partner of respectful and

         empathetic relationships in our school
         and underpins our interactions
         with students.


                             for more information please visit www.waimeaint.school.nz                                   7
2019 PROSPECTUS Waimea Intermediate School - cloudfront.net
OPPORTUNITIES & EXPERIENCES – Ngā wheako me ngā āheinga

                                                                                         Intermediate years are a time of experiment      Extension Technology Groups

                                                                                         and change. Our aim is to offer a wide range     Extension classes for Year 8 students who
                                                                                         of experiences for students to trial, while      have a particular skill or interest are offered
                                                                                         allowing them to pursue some of these in         in each technological area. Students are able
                                                                                         greater depth.                                   to apply to the relevant teacher for inclusion
                                                                                                                                          in these classes.
                                                                                         There would be very few days when our

OPPORTUNITIES                                                                            notices don’t advertise a new opportunity!

                                                                                         Academic Opportunities
                                                                                         Our exciting and engaging school curriculum
                                                                                         and the learning environments that support
                                                                                         it are outlined in a separate section.
                                                                                                                                          Sporting Opportunities
                                                                                                                                          We have a part-time sports coordinator
                                                                                                                                          whose key role is to get students involved
                                                                                                                                          in sport both at school and within the
                                                                                                                                          community. In addition to our normal sports
                                                                                                                                          programme, lunchtime games, including
                                                                                         The school participates successfully in          non-stop cricket, tug of war, touch and
                                                                                         local and national academic events. These        endball are organized regularly as interclass
                                                                                         include Nelsomathix, literacy and social         tournaments.
                                                                                         studies quizzes, science fair, ICAS exams,       The school is fortunate to be well equipped
                                                                                         Future Problem Solving and various writing       with fields and hard courts, and students
                                                                                         competitions.                                    are encouraged to take out sports gear for
                                                                                                                                          lunchtime use.
                                                                                                                                          We compete successfully in many local and
                                                                                         Modules are highly popular with students
                                                                                                                                          regional interschool events and are keen to
                                                                                         and the range, variety and depth of
                                                                                                                                          encourage individual and minority sports.
                                                                                         programmes we are able to provide is
                                                                                         extensive. In each module cycle there will
                                                                                         be 70 or more options for students to select     Cultural Opportunities
                                                                                         from.                                            We are fortunate in having a strong kapahaka
                                                                                                                                          group who lead our school in powhiri
                                                                                         Actual options available will vary from cycle    and compete successfully in regional
                                                                                         to cycle but all cater for specific interests,   competitions.
                                                                                         strengths and needs in the four broad
                                                                                         categories below.                                As well as learning a variety of instruments
                                                                                                                                          through the Out of School music programme,
                                                                                          • Languages – e.g. French, German,              students can audition to be involved in one
                                                                                            Japanese, Te Reo, Spanish and Mandarin.       of our performance groups which include
                                                                                          • Performing Arts – e.g. ukulele, drama         rock bands, stage band and choir.
                                                                                            games, guitar, stage band, rock bands,        A cultural exchange is held with Raroa
                                                                                            wearable arts, choir, kapahaka, hip-hop       Intermediate School in Wellington, giving
                                                                                            dance.                                        performance groups further opportunities
                                                                                          • Healthy Communities – e.g. community          to showcase their skills.
                                                                                            service, sports organization, first aid,
                                                                                            survival skills, environmental action.
                                                                                          • Core Curriculum – e.g. thinking skills,
                                                                                            extending mathematical thinking, the
                                                                                            human body, hands on science, creative
                                                                                            writing, print making.

                 8                                        WAIMEA INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL PROSPECTUS 2019
2019 PROSPECTUS Waimea Intermediate School - cloudfront.net
There would be very
    few days when our
    notices don’t advertise
    a new opportunity!

Play Opportunities                                International Students
We have set out to develop our school             We are approved by the Ministry of Education
grounds to provide maximum opportunities          to enrol international students. This is
for positive and imaginative play, and a walk     usually done in arrangement with Waimea
around during breaks will show almost all         College. The focus is on English language
students actively engaged in some sort of         and future learning. Local students gain
constructive and self-directed, game, play, or    increased understanding of other cultures
activity.                                         and values from mixing and learning with
                                                  these students.
Features include; installation of a challenging
adventure playground, landscaping to
provide a variety of environmentally
different areas including a creek and rocks,
allocation of a designated wheels area with
ramps, unicycles, sports gear for student use,
climbable trees and organised lunchtime
games at regular times during the year.

Social Opportunities
Our policy of mixing students from different
schools fosters new social opportunities.
Classes are grouped in syndicates of three to
four classes with a teacher (syndicate leader)
in charge of each.
This further expands opportunities for
social contact at school. Many students also
establish good friendships with students
from other schools through sports and
cultural exchanges.

Leadership Opportunities
Students are encouraged to take leadership
roles within the school. These include
manning the school office each morning,
representing their class on the school
council, running assemblies, sports
leadership and refereeing and library duties.

                                                                 for more information please visit www.waimeaint.school.nz   9
2019 PROSPECTUS Waimea Intermediate School - cloudfront.net
ENVIRONMENT AND FACILITIES – Te taiāo me ngā taiwhanga

                        & FACILITIES
                                                                                                      As a large
                                                                                                      intermediate school
                                                                                                      we have developed
                                                                                                      facilities to help us
                                                                                                      meet the specific
                                                                                                      developmental needs
                                                                                                      of our students.

                                                                                                       Modern classrooms with wide
                                                                                                       screen smart TVs

                                                                                                       10+ computers in each room

                                                                                                       Large integrated library

                                                                                                       Computer suite

                                                                                                       School wide wired and wireless
                                                                                                       computer network

                                                                                                       Ultra fast broadband

                                                                                                       Portable pod of iPads

                                                                                                       Technology block

                                                                                                       Science room

                                                                                                       Art room

                                                                                                       Performing arts suite – including
                                                                                                       Apple iMac's for music composition
                                                                                                       and soundtrack

                                                                                                       Recording studio

                                                                                                       Dance/drama room

                                                                                                       Outdoor amphitheatre and stage

                                                                                                       Expansive playing fields

                                                                                                       Fitness circuit and playground areas

                                                                                                       Outdoor chess

                                                                                                       Hard courts

                                                                                                       Outdoor table tennis facility

       10                                                WAIMEA INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL PROSPECTUS 2019
UNIFORMS – Kākahu kura
                                                                                                                                      Uniform items
                                                                                                                                      purchased from
                                                                                                                                      Stirling Sports

                                              The uniform has been modified over time                             Short Sleeve Top
                                              to meet parent and student needs. It is                             Black and red sports top.
                                              designed to be comfortable, appealing and
                                              to allow for active movement.                                       Shorts
                                                                                                                  Black Kelme sports shorts or black elastic
                                              All items are unisex. It is to be worn correctly                    waist cotton drill shorts.
                                              with no non-uniform or alternative items
                                              such as hoodies and other jackets.                                  Jacket
                                                                                                                  Red and black sports jacket or red and black
                                              A plain black short or long sleeved polyprop                        soft shell jacket. Black puffer jacket - outside
                                              top may be worn under uniform tops. Rain                            wear only.
                                              jackets may be worn on wet days.
                                              Students are permitted to wear plain                                Laced sports shoes, plain black leather shoes
                                              single ear studs or sleepers, a watch, and                          or plain black or brown sandals with back
                                              a pendant inside clothing if it has some                            strap.
                                              cultural or sentimental significance.
                                              No other jewellery or visible body piercing is                      Plain ankle socks.
                                              permitted except for medic alert bracelets.
                                                                                                                  Track Pants
                                                                                                                  Black Brunner or Asics pants.



  C - Classrooms
  O - Office & Administration                                                                            A

  L - Library                                                                               T

  I - I.C.T.                                                                 C                               HT
  (Information & Communications Technology)

  H - Hall
  PE - P.E. Shed
                                                                                                                        H                              C
  ST - Soft Technology                                                  C

  HT - Hard Technology                                                             I

  S - Science
  E   - Electronics                                                                                                                   O

  FT - Food Technology                                                                                                                          C

  A - Art
  PA - Performing Arts
  T   - Toilets

                                                                                  for more information please visit www.waimeaint.school.nz                            11
(03) 544 8994
Waimea Intermediate School
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