Weekly School News - Emmanuel Community School - Emmanuel Community ...

Weekly School News - Emmanuel Community School - Emmanuel Community ...
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   Emmanuel Community School

        Weekly School News

We have had a wonderful start to 2019 and I thank
                                                               DATES TO
you, as always, for your ongoing support and care. As         REMEMBER
you know, here at Emmanuel Community School, we
are passionate about our five school values:
                                                          25th February - Children
      Love                                                return to school
      Justice                                             7th March - World Book Day
                                                          Non uniform day
      Forgiveness                                         8th March Book Swap After
                       As always, it has been a
                                                          28th & 29th March School
                       privilege to see these values      Music Concert
                       at work in the daily life of our
Weekly School News - Emmanuel Community School - Emmanuel Community ...
at work in the daily life of our   Easter holiday dates
                        school and I am so grateful for    8th April to 22nd April 19
                        the huge contribution you
                        make as parents, carers and
                        wider family members at our

                        I hope that you have a restful         Attendance Award
                        half-term week and precious                   KS1
time with your children. I look forward to seeing you           Year 2 - 99.26%
all again on Monday 25th February.
                                                                Year 6 - 99.09%

Kindest regards,

Peter Lewis

                        My name is Mrs Williams. I
                        currently teach year 3.
                        I am also the Key Stage 2          Numbers 6:24
                        coordinator and subject leader     The Lord bless you and
                        for English and Maths I            keep you.
                        organise the Young Voices
                        When I was at school, my
                        favourite subject was Literacy.
                        I loved reading and writing
                        stories, and now it is my
favourite subject to teach!                                Quote for the week
                                                           Love your neighbour as
My favourite children's book is
                                                           you love yourself.
‘Roll of thunder, hear my cry’ by Mildred D Taylor
                                                           Golden Rule for the week
My favourite bible scripture is ‘Be strong and             Do what is right
courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged,       Musician for the week
for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you        Georges Bizet - Carmen
go.’ Joshua 1:9                                            Suite
One thing you can do to help your child achieve            Artist of the week
                                                           Andy Warhol - Campbell's
at ECS read to them and with them as often as you
                                                           Soup Cans
Weekly School News - Emmanuel Community School - Emmanuel Community ...
This week reception took part in an exciting trip to
Walthamstow library. The class would like to thank
the parent helpers and volunteers who came along on
                                                          Don't Miss out!
the trip. The class listened well, read new interesting
books and behaved politely at all times.                  Keep up to date with
Thank you Mrs Tinuoye.                                    fundraising news, PTFA
                                                          events, opportunities to
                                                          volunteer, have your say,
BRITISH MUSEUM TRIP                                       AGM, new competition
                                                          information, ticket sales
                                                          and so much more on the
                                                          Emmanuel Community
                                                          School PTFA -
                                                          Walthamstow. Facebook

                                                          Please label
                                                          all clothes - Its cold
YEAR 4 Visited the British Museum this week, all          outside
the children studied and explored the                     Just a reminder to all
Egyptian mummy exhibits. They used their findings to      parents: As the countdown
complete research tasks throughout the day in small       to Christmas begins and
groups, all children listened well and co-operated with   the days get colder, please
                                                          ensure your child brings a
team members. The children noted key observations
                                                          warm coat to
and asked interesting questions about the exhibits.
                                                          school. Remember to label
                                                          all uniform clothing,
                                                          especially coats, gloves
                                                          and scarves. This includes
                                                          all sports clothing, spare
                                                          clothing and plimsolls. If
                                                          you lose an item of
                                                          clothing, please check with
                                                          your class teacher. If
                                                          needed, please leave a
                                                          note with the description of
                                                          the item at the school
                                                          office. Ms Joseph
Weekly School News - Emmanuel Community School - Emmanuel Community ...
Year 4 also presented an assembly on Friday this
included a fully memorised poem and story read
aloud with clear, confident and expressive voices.
The assembly also included geography project work
on condensation and Chinese lantern crafts with art
detail. Well done Year 4.
                                                         AU REVOIR,
Mr Uddin                                                 FAREWELL
                                                         ECS said a huge thank
                                                         you to Mrs Benjamin who
                                                         will be leaving to start a
                                                         new adventure. Mrs
                                                         Benjamin has spent many
                                                         years with ECS enriching
                                                         the school community,
                                                         contributing to the social,
                                                         academic progress and
                                                         safeguarding of every
SPECIAL VISITOR - 7th MARCH 2019                         child in her role as a
                                                         Midday Supervisor and
This year we have a very special visitor coming to
                                                         Teaching Assistant.
spend the World Book day with the children. Ms
                                                         "Thank you I will miss
Helen Tozer is an interactive, international             you all. Mr Benjamin will
professional story teller. Helen includes topics and     continue to contribute to
themes from all over the world to create a diverse,      the school and my
playful, imaginative story telling experience with       daughter will remain in
puppets, crafts, writing activities and class            reception class. So I hope
                                                         to visit often and see you
performance. Ms Tozer will be visiting each class
                                                         all. Thank you for my
during world book day, creating, sharing and inspiring   wonderful leaving gifts, I
cultural stories, with strong female characters.         wish you all every
                                                         success. God Bless" Mrs
                                                         Serena Benjamin

Thursday March 7th please remember to come in to
school with a fun costume or just wear bright colours.
Weekly School News - Emmanuel Community School - Emmanuel Community ...
school with a fun costume or just wear bright colours.
There will be an exciting assembly and special
guest. Please bring £1 non uniform donation. Thank
you for your donation this will contribute towards new
books for the school library. Exciting book activities
and opportunities will be available throughout the
month, please continue to check book bags, school
posters and email. Thank you.

Better balance, for a Better future and Better world.
Friday 8th of March is International Women’s Day,
ECS will be celebrating women’s achievements
throughout history with two creative competitions that
will encourage all the children to share stories and think
about the voices of the extraordinary women in their
everyday lives. Helping children to find inspiration and
courage from diverse women role models is key to
education. A better future begins with teaching children
to actively question gender inequality, challenge
stereotypes and work together to forge a more inclusive

To enter the competition, children in reception, year 1
and 2 are invited to draw a poster of female character
from a book characters such as Gangsta Granny, Olivia
Olivia, Super Heroines, Pippi Longstocking, Ramona,
Matilda, Hermione Granger's, Liesel, amazing mums,
wonderful aunts, creative sisters, world changers,
sporting leaders.

Children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are invited to write a short
story and include an illustration of a female character.

The story can also be illustrated using graphic novel,
comic book format. Deadline for competition entry
will be March 7th World book day. Parents/Carers
are encouraged to support entries. Thank you.

I Heard it in The Playground...
Each day stimulating and fun equipment is brought
out into the school playground. Each class has
access to equipment such as brightly coloured
Weekly School News - Emmanuel Community School - Emmanuel Community ...
access to equipment such as brightly coloured
sporting equipment, building blocks, mental challenge
games and bats/balls. All children are encouraged to
use the sensory equipment to play team games,
active imaginative story games on the school stage
and explore many more healthy, safe, fun activities.

What are you playing?
"I am playing a game with my friend the balls on the
bat are the position of our friends in the playground,
we are spies we are going to find out what their plans
are and then we are going to have to capture them!
shhh don't tell them we need to plan first"

What are you playing?
"I am playing hula hooping with my friend, Mrs
Tinuoye showed us how to do it and now I am trying
to hula up to 100 with my friend. Its my best game"

The I Heard it in the Playground section of the
Weekly School News - Emmanuel Community School - Emmanuel Community ...
newsletter is inspired by the book of poetry of the
same name. An illustrated collection of amusing
poems and songs celebrating primary school life by
Allen Ahlberg.

                      CARS AROUND
                      SCHOOL - BE SAFE
                      Parent Rep Mrs Sarah
                       As you may have seen, in
                       response to recent queries from
parents, the Staff and Governors have looked into
whether it would be beneficial to install some kind of
'safe crossing' near the drop off / pick up gates.
Thank you for asking us about this: we take safety
very seriously.

A few weeks ago, members of Waltham Forest's
Road Safety team came to assess the situation at
ECS, watching closely what was happening with cars
and pedestrians around the morning drop off and
after school pick up periods.

They have concluded that installing a crossing in
the area would not be beneficial for road safety in
the area. This is because the main problem seems to
be the way in which parents / carers are:

      not parking safely - including in particular
      parking on double yellow lines / zig zags. THIS
      IS ILLEGAL and means that areas which are
      specifically protected to be traffic free so that
      children can safely enter school / cross the
      road, are full of vehicles;
      turning around in the middle of the road -
      this reduces the area for children to cross
      safely, and contributes to traffic building up; and
      children being dropped off in the middle of the
      road. This is extremely dangerous as other
      drivers will not expect it, children may step out
      of cars into other vehicles expecting to pass
      safely, and places children directly in the line of
Weekly School News - Emmanuel Community School - Emmanuel Community ...
safely, and places children directly in the line of
      traffic, at times which are already very busy.

Whilst we are aware that it is a limited number of
parents / carers behaving in these ways, it is
extremely serious, and could have awful
consequences for individuals at school, and the wider

CONSIDERATELY. In particular: leave enough
time for school drop offs and pick ups so that you
are not rushed into parking improperly.

Over the next few weeks, we are expecting traffic
enforcement officers in the area to monitor these
issues. They have the power to impose fines for cars
not properly parked. We are also thinking of other
ways to ensure the safety of our community in this
regard: do please speak to a parent rep (Sarah Wilks
and Sandra Harley) via the school office if you have
any comments.

Please note every effort is made to ensure club
sessions take place as scheduled each week. If a
club is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances,
parents/carers will be notified by text. Termly fees at
the next payment date, will reflect credit due. If your
child is on a waiting list for a club that is currently full,
you will be notified if a place becomes
available. Please note Friday Rise & Shine
gymnastics ONLY pick up is at 4.45 pm. Refer to club
letters for further details or contact the school office.
Thank you.

If your child attends athletics or
football club, please ensure they have
Weekly School News - Emmanuel Community School - Emmanuel Community ...
football club, please ensure they have
labelled trainers and navy or black
tracksuit/jogging bottoms. As the
weather becomes milder please
ensure they have appropriate outdoor weather
clothing for drills, tackling, games and skill work in the
school playground.

Thank you Mr Olokun & Mr Uddin

                                              25th -
                                              March 7th

Remember to Bring in your books, please put them in
the box outside the school office and get ready for the
Big Book Swap. Do you have nearly new, pre-loved,
good condition story books at home. Make some
space for new books on your bookshelf and share a
story for free! Friday, March 8th 3.30pm everyone is
invited to the big book swap. Come and have a look
at the book donations, take away a new story to
share. There will be refreshments, please remember
to bring a donation for a delicious cup cake.

March activities will continue, with the ECS Every
Child a Reader month ! there will be further
opportunities to buy brand new just released, titles
from Scholastic books, please see email and book
bags for further details. Thank you for your support.
Mrs Jackson & PTFA

Chess promotes key academic and social skills that
children will use throughout their lives. The
game helps children
to think logically and solve problems, it develops
sportsmanship, resilience and focus. It teaches
children to plan ahead and take responsibility for their
actions. Please contact the school office if you would
like to volunteer at the school as a chess instructor.
Thank you Ms Joseph

Year 6: Booster sessions have started!
Since the return from the Christmas holidays, Year 6
have been benefiting from booster sessions after
school. These have taken the following pattern, with
children being taught in small groups:

      Monday: reading and comprehension
      Wednesday: arithmetic
      Thursday: maths reasoning
      Friday: spelling, grammar and punctuation.

We are also running interventions, for Year 6, led by
Dr. Lawson, during the school day. We are putting a
great deal of resource into this initiative, with the aim
of helping all children in Year 6 to excel in SATs in
May. We are encouraging children to attend,
because these sessions are designed to be powerful
in producing rapid progress. Well done to all the
in producing rapid progress. Well done to all the
children who have attended so far – keep up the good
work! In addition, we have invited Year 6 to an Easter
School which will run over the Easter break, in the

Wishing Year 6 all the best!


This week Year
2 discussed
non-fiction. The
children read a
book about
China and
culture. Each group had to identify facts about the
country and then every child prepared a country fact
sheet and illustrated their research work using poster
format. Well done Year 2.

Mrs Owen Reilly.

                 Book Club Character of the
                 Week is Violet Baudelaire
                 A Series of Unfortunate Events is the
                 collective volume of thirteen books
                 written by Lemony Snicket . The series
                 follows the unfortunate lives of the three
                 extremely unlucky Baudelaire orphans.

                 " I like the series because it includes the
character of Violet. She is an skilled inventor and her
clever ideas save her siblings. She is really imaginative
and brave. She is always thinking about what to do next
and that makes the book a page turner. I would
recommend the books to ages 7 plus. If you like
adventure books you will like reading about Violet"
Year 4
"It has been such as joy to visit this wonderful school
which makes me wish I was a child again, so I could
come here. Your team are offering a wonderful
ministry to these children and this community. Please
continue this work by God's grace. Thank you for the
warm welcome"
Miss Stone

ECS provides each child with an equal chance to
achieve. The school recognises that parents have a
vital role to play in supporting and encouraging good
attendance and punctuality. Being punctual for school
means making sure your child is at school and ready
to learn before the bell rings.

There are many ways to ensure your child is on time
for school, from making sure their school bags are
packed the night before, to making sure they get up
with plenty of time to eat and get ready.

Did you know that being late 15 minutes every
day is the same as missing 2 whole weeks of
school over a full academic year. Every minute
Being late doesn’t only affect your child, it disrupts
other children in the class as well. If your child arrives
late for school, please ensure you accompany your
child to the school office to sign the late register. If
you require further support please speak to Mrs

Good attendance is crucial to a child's success. We
expect parents and students to attend routine dental
and medical appointments out of school hours and to
take all family holidays in school holiday time. If this is
unavoidable, please contact the school office prior to
the day of the appointment. Please ensure the school
office is aware of the time you’ll be collecting your
child and when they will return to school and whether
or not they require school dinner. Please note the
school office may require a copy of your appointment
card or letter.

Thank You.
Ms Joseph

Occasionally we recognise that parents/carers may
need to make different arrangements for collecting
your child. In the interests of health and safety,
parents, carers must contact the school office and
always let them know if someone else is taking your
child home. Please update the school office regarding
permission, before 2 pm. The school is unable to
release your child to another person, without the
parents/carers permission. Thank you.
Ms Joseph

Please ensure the school office has your email
address. In 2019 ECS is becoming a paperless
school, everyone has their part to play when it comes
to reducing waste. ECS is aiming to reduce our
schools carbon footprint, becoming a paperless
school will encourage all children to be more eco-
friendly. Email will be used for all communication.

Send your information too
(admin@emmanuelcommunityschool.co.uk - with
your name and your child's name).
Ms Joseph

A huge thank you to our school cook Andrea and mid-
day support staff, for providing nutritious tasty,
balanced meals and a safe lunch hall environment
every day. Please ensure your school dinner money
balance is kept up to date and all money is put in an
envelope with the name, date and total. All dinner
envelope with the name, date and total. All dinner
money must be given to the office by Monday
mornings. Please check and update Parent pay
accounts each week. Please check book bags for
further information regarding parent pay. Ms Joseph
Ms Joseph

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