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Provision of Managed IT Support Services
   (2nd/3rd Line & Network Support)

 Issued by: First Trenitalia West Coast Rail Limited - IT

                Date: 30nd October 2020
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 1.     Introduction
1.1     FirstGroup plc (FG) is the leading transport operator in the UK and North America.

 1.2     “Our vision is to provide solutions for an increasingly congested world; keeping people
         moving and communities prospering.”

 1.3     Our services help to create strong, vibrant, and sustainable local economies and our
         opportunity is to be the provider of choice for our customers and communities. During the
         last year around 2 billion people relied on us to get to work, to education, to visit family and
         friends and much more and, each day, every one of our 100,000 employees works hard to
         delivery vitally important services to our passengers.

 1.4     FG has five operating divisions:

               ▪ First Rail is the largest provider of passenger rail services in the UK operating around a
                  quarter of the market.

               ▪ First Bus is one of the largest providers of bus services operating around one fifth of
                  all local buses in a primarily deregulated market.

               ▪ First Student is the largest provider of student transport in North America.
               ▪ First Transit is one of the largest private sector providers of public transit
                  management and contracting in North America.

               ▪ Greyhound is the only national provider of scheduled intercity coach transportation
                  services in North America.

1.5     First Rail operates passenger rail services throughout the UK. Our passenger operations include
        regional, intercity and commuter services - Great Western Railway (GWR), South Western
        Railway (SWR), First TransPennine Express (FTPE) and Avanti West Coast (AWC). Our non-
        franchise open access operations include Hull Trains and from 2021 East Coast Trains.

1.6     First Trenitalia West Coast Rail Limited known as Avanti West Coast (AWC)

          Serving as part of our joint venture with Trenitalia and known as the West Coast Partnership,
          runs the current intercity services on the West Coast Main Line.
          A vital economic artery, bringing cities and people closer together, Avanti West Coast links
          London to cities and towns across England, North Wales, and Scotland.
          Together with Trenitalia, we are working in partnership with Stakeholders, communities, and
Commercial in Confidence

          customers along the route to develop and enhance rail services and help stimulate economic
          growth. The new partnership will build on the existing success and culture of the
          previous operator by bringing together the best parts of both Virgin Trains and First
          Trenitalia. Our goal is to deliver a progressive railway service that generates nationwide
          prosperity and pride.

          The partnership also includes ‘West Coast Partnership Development’ (known during the
          bidding phase as the ‘Shadow Operator’), which is preparing for a new era in high speed rail.

 2.       Requirements Overview

          This requirement is for First Trenitalia West Coast Rail Limited, excluding West Coast
          Partnership Development.

2.1     “The Opportunity”

        The requirement is for a 2nd/3rd Line Managed Technical Support.
            I.   End User Computer (2nd Line) Technical Support for all End User Computer and
                 Deskside/Station IT support including but not limited to; Windows OS, Office 365, File
                 Storage, Active Directory Daily Management, Laptops, Desktops, Software, Mobiles
                 and Peripherals. Management of Security Software Licensing, Patching and
                 Vulnerability Management should also be included.
           II.   Core Technologies – 3rd Line Technical Infrastructure support and management
                 including but not limited to Data Centre services which include Azure hosted, Physical
                 Servers, Citrix, Active Directory, Print Management, and 2 / 3 Core Application
                 Support. All Services will have patching, backup and recovery plus Security and
                 Vulnerability Management.

          III.   Network Operations – Technical Support & management of network infrastructure
                 including hardware support (break fix) for network equipment hosted within Data
                 Centre, Office or Station locations. To include but no limited to Switches, Routers,
                 Firewalls, Corporate & Guest WIFI.

        Service should incorporate promotion of Self Service and Automation with the use the First
        Trenitalia West Coast Rail Limited of ServiceNow Instance. Core Onsite Support Hours 8:00am-
        18:00pm excluding Christmas and Boxing Day. Out of Hours Support covering all other times.

        P1/P2 Incident Resolution via Major Incident Management Process. To support business
        employees approx. 3800 with all IT Support requirements in office, at station or Onboard.
Commercial in Confidence

        Provide onsite support at HQ offices (Birmingham & Euston) and site visits covering all other
UK locations.

 3.       Selection

          Selecting the right partner is of key importance to The Client. In support of this, the Client shall
          be undertaking a two-stage tender award strategy as follows:

3.1       Down Selection (Stage 1) – Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)
          This Down Selection is the first stage in the Customer’s selection and award process. The PQQ
          is to be completed by all Applicants that wish to be considered for this opportunity the results
          of which will be used to progress successful Applicants to the ITT stage.

3.2     Tender Process (Stage 2) – ITT
        Successful Applicants will be required to respond to a technical requirement tender in addition
        to providing pricing for solutions proposed. Applications will be evaluated according to the
        evaluation model which will be released as part of the tender.

 4.     Evaluation

4.1     The tender evaluation will be based on the following selection criteria, further information on
        criteria/weightings will be provided during PQQ and ITT stage:

                                           Company Information
                                             Health and Safety
                                                IT Security


                                  Technical and Functional Requirements
                                       Automation and Self Service

Commercial in Confidence

                                        Costs and Commercials
                                           Quality Assurance
                                  Service and Contract Management
                                         Programme of Work
                                          Contractual Terms

       For the avoidance of doubt, the Franchisee shall maintain and comply with a procurement policy
       that is consistent with all requirements (including all publication or notification requirements
       that apply from time to time) of the Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016 ("Procurement Policy").
       The Franchisee shall act in accordance with such Procurement Policy in relation to all processes
       to procure goods and services that are commenced during the ERMA Term or, if extended, the
       Extended Term.

       This published notice is designed to identify any competent Suppliers that are
       interested in tendering for ‘The Opportunity’ with interested parties required to register their
       interest by email to in advance of 1st December 2020 at


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