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  MATTERS                                   2021

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             That All May Read
READING MATTERS - Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
                                                        by   Danielle Miller
                                                      For our braille readers, we are excited
                                                  to participate in the second phase of the
                                                  National Library Service for the Blind and
                                                  Print Disabled (NLS) Braille eReader pilot.
                                                  We will loan Zoomax braille eReaders
                                                  to interested patrons so they can access
                                                  our electronic braille collection. The
                                                  devices have 20 cells, connect to Wi-Fi,
                                                  and are USB- and SD card-compatible for
                                                  downloading books directly from BARD.
                                                  For patrons without Wi-Fi, or who do
                                                  not use BARD, we can send books on a
                                                  cartridge that will connect to the eReader
    As we reflect on this past year, it is very   with a cable.
clear that in times of uncertainty and stress
the need for our books is even greater. We             In order to make more titles available
frequently receive notes from patrons or          in languages other than English, we
family members letting us know how much           are also participating in an NLS pilot of
the WTBBL service means in their lives.           the Global Book Service hosted by the
We hear comments like, “Talking books             Accessible Books Consortium. In this
are a lifesaver,” and “[WTBBL] gives me a         limited pilot, we will be able to access
whole new world out there.” About BARD:           audio titles in many languages under the
“I used to always have a big, fat book with       Marrakesh Treaty. We are extending our
me. Now I still have that, in my iPhone!”         Bookshare pilot another year and adding
We are grateful for the opportunity to            50 more memberships. We are committed
provide such valuable services to our             to providing as much access to reading
patrons. While 2020 was a challenging             material as possible, and in the formats
year, it was a year of growth, and there are      that work best for you.
exciting things on the horizon.
                                                     I wish everyone all the very best for
    We are well underway in our transition        2021, and I hope you’ll join us for our
to duplication-on-demand service for our          book club meeting in March.
audiobook patrons. This service provides
multiple books on one cartridge and
makes our entire collection available to            On the cover: WTBBL’s Alycia, Shane,
readers at all times.                                   Danielle and Sally Jo in the
                                                      Duplication on Demand station

                                                               (see page 3).

           Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
READING MATTERS - Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
                                                    by   Erin Groth
Winter is wonderful at WTBBL Youth           So That All May Read” was a project
Services!                                    fueled by our youth patrons’ creativity.
                                             Children and teens from across the state
     Late November saw the launch of         made tactile handprints and sent them
Virtual Multisensory Storytime. Each         to WTBBL for framing. We got so many
week, excluding holidays, we posted a        hands back that we were afraid they
new 20-minute program with singing,          wouldn’t fit on the wall in our public
dancing, storytelling, and more. Patrons     area! We made it work though, and
interested in early literacy were offered    this truly inclusive project showcases
free Multisensory Storytime Kits to be       our youth patrons’ diversity and artistic
used while viewing the programs. These       talent. We cannot wait until we are open
were so popular that we had to restock       to the public again so that visitors can
our materials twice! Kits included egg       experience the art installation in person.
shakers, dancing scarves, dinosaur
puppets, playdough, bubbles, and a               Our first-ever virtual Braille
list of songs and action rhymes. If you      Challenge will be held in late February
have a preschooler or toddler at home        for participants statewide. We will have
who would like a kit, please contact         information from the Braille Institute,
Youth Services for more information.         virtual Zumba classes led by members
All Multisensory Storytime videos are        of the Northwest Association of Blind
available to watch on WTBBL’s YouTube        Athletes, and, of course, a fun celebration
and Facebook pages.                          of braille literacy. If you’re a braille reader
                                             age 6-18 and would like to participate,
    In December, WTBBL hosted a virtual      contact Youth Services as soon as possible
dog mushing event with former Iditarod       in order to register.
competitor Karen Land. The hour-long
program was full of information about           Want more information on Youth
dog sledding, how the dogs stay warm         Services? Subscribe to DOTS: WTBBL’s
by wearing boots, and how the race           Youth Patron Newsletter via the link on
works. Attendees loved “meeting” the         the Youth Services page of the library’s
sled dogs and learning all about this very   website for more information on the
cool sport.                                  goings-on at WTBBL.

    The Teen Advisory Board met again
in January, and the spectacular art
project they had a hand in creating was
displayed at WTBBL. “Lend a Hand

                          Reading Matters — Winter 2021
READING MATTERS - Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
                                                      by   Alycia Ensminger
     Last fall, WTBBL implemented                If there is a change of status to your
custom cartridges for over 6,000 patrons.    account, call the library and speak to a
Instead of receiving one book per            readers’ advisor. Notes placed inside the
physical cartridge, all patrons who signed   cartridge container may not be seen by
up for this service are now receiving        staff. Writing notes on the container label
multiple digital talking books on a single   damages it and requires us to replace the
cartridge. If you haven’t received your      entire container. We need your help keeping
first custom cartridge, but would like       the custom cartridge materials in good
to, call us. This new delivery method        condition for reuse.
will increase access to our collection for
patrons who prefer to listen to books            We hope you are enjoying the new
through our mail delivery service and        service, and we are excited to hear from you.
enables us to leverage our resources in      Call us at (800) 542-0866 or (206) 615-0400,
new ways.                                    weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., to discuss
                                             your service and to add more books that you
    When you call and speak to our           enjoy to your account.
readers’ advisors, be sure to tell them
about the types of books you enjoy.
The titles on your custom cartridge
are chosen from your preferences and
requests, so the more information you             Check out our 2020
provide, the better we can serve you.
                                                 Annual Report online
    Returning your custom book                      at!
cartridge is simple: instead of turning
over the mailing card, just remove it,
as the library’s address is printed on             Print copy available
the container. If you find the cartridge
is broken or there is a problem with              on request by calling
the digital talking book, please wrap a              (800) 542-0866.
rubber band around the container so our
shipping department can pull it out of

3         Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
READING MATTERS - Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
                                      by   Keleigh Russell
                                                    Luckily there was a project that had
                                                    already been envisioned — a collection
                                                    that could give anyone a story to love.

                                                       I had some big questions on my mind
                                                    when I started. I wondered, “How can I
                                                    balance the diversity of topics that interest
                                                    readers? How can I account for the genres
                                                    that an individual might not like?”

                                                        I started by analyzing the most
                                                    popular genres by looking at which
                                                    books get checked out the most. While
                                                    the collection is meant to give anyone
                                                    something they’ll like, I knew that it was
                                                    important to tailor it to the people that
From classic to contemporary, the new “Have
                                                    read books from WTBBL. Based on what
You Read” Collection has a little something
                                                    I found, I proportionately represented
to interest everybody.
                                                    the most-loved genres and books. I also
                                                    heavily considered popularity. Books that
    I am a library science graduate from the
                                                    are wildly popular can often transcend the
University of Washington, and I have been
                                                    boundaries of genre, even for those who
working hard to create an assortment of
                                                    may feel strongly about fantasy novels or
books that will have something to offer for
                                                    memoirs, for example.
everyone who likes to read. It could be a
mystery novel about a cat, an adventure set
                                                        There’s a lot of possibility in the
in the Pacific Northwest, or a riveting political
                                                    “Have You Read” tag. It can be a great
                                                    way to revisit old favorites or explore a
                                                    new genre. Because I chose books that
    The project began late last summer when
                                                    are popular, you’re sure to find something
I was looking for an idea. I needed something
                                                    to buzz about, whether it’s a hot-on-
to work on for my culminating degree project
                                                    the-scene science-fiction book like An
but was overwhelmed with possibility. I was
                                                    Unkindness of Ghosts or a well-known,
lucky to meet WTBBL Director Danielle Miller
                                                    romantic favorite like Pride and Prejudice.
at a career fair, and for months I couldn’t stop
                                                    Why not roll the dice and find what
thinking about the library. I knew I wanted to
do something that involved talking books!

                              Reading Matters — Winter 2021
READING MATTERS - Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
                                                    by   Ed Godfrey
   WTBBL’s Braille Production Department      wild in Mexico. For Grades 2-4 and older
and its volunteers have been working hard     readers. 2018. Also available in audio as
to make more locally produced books           DBC 15737.
available to our patrons. Here are some of
the latest titles:                            BRW 8693 Eggs and Chicks by Fiona
BRW 8729 A House on Stilts by Paula           Which bird lays the biggest egg and how
Becker.                                       do chicks learn to fly? Learn all about
Hunter was a bright kid with a loving         eggs, chicks, and birds in this nonfiction
family, but he pushed boundaries until        book for beginner readers. For grades K-3
he pushed too far. His mother describes       and older. 2003. Also available in audio as
how he lost himself despite all the efforts   DBC 205.
to save him. Strong language. UEB. 2019.
Transcribed by Joan Moritz. Also available    BRW 8696 Hazel and Twig: The Birthday
in audio as DBC 15699.                        Fortune by Brenna Burns Yu.
                                              Twig’s first birthday is coming up, and
BRW 8721 Harry Potter and the Order of        her whole family — especially her older
the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling.                  sister, Hazel — is eager to see what she
The first part of the summer after his        will choose at her Doljabi. Whatever item
fourth year at Hogwarts — covered             Twig chooses will tell her fortune, but what
in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire        will she pick? For preschool-grade 2. 2018.
(BRW 8720) — finds Harry back with the        Also available in PRINT/BRAILLE as BRJ
Dursleys, isolated in the Muggles’ world.     1517, and in audio as DBC 15744.
But that changes after he is attacked by
Dementors. For grades 4-7 and older           BRW 8732 Let’s Talk About Body
readers. 2003. Transcribed by Karen Hara.     Boundaries, Consent, & Respect by
Also available in audio as DB 92233.          Jayneen Sanders.
                                              Teaches young children about body
For Younger Readers:                          boundaries, both theirs and others, and
                                              explores these concepts with children
BRW 8687 Lobos: A Wolf Family Returns         in a child-friendly and easily understood
to the Wild by Brenda Peterson.               manner, providing familiar scenarios for
The true story of a Mexican gray wolf         children to engage with and discuss. For
family, known as lobos, with pups born at a   preschool and older readers. 2018.
sanctuary in Washington State near Mount
Rainier and their eventual release into the

5         Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
READING MATTERS - Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
BRJ 1528 C is for Consent by Eleanor          about how each creature might be as a pet.
Morrison.                                     PRINT/BRAILLE. For preschool and older.
A simple lesson about body boundaries         2017. Also available in audio as DBC 15739.
appropriate for a wide range of ages.
Boardbook. PRINT/BRAILLE. For                 BRJ 1526 I Think I Can by Karen S. Robbins.
preschool and older readers. 2018. Also       Aardvark and Mouse learn to sing and read
available in audio as DBC 19052.              in this conversation-style book. Simple text.
                                              PRINT/BRAILLE. For preschool and older
BRJ 1513 Paul and His Ukulele by Robert       readers. 2019.
Paul receives a ukulele as a gift and falls   BRJ 1523 The Gentleman Bat by Abraham
in love with music. His travels take him      Schroeder.
to a new town — and an unexpected             Join the charismatic gentleman bat and
adventure. PRINT/BRAILLE. For K-3.            his friends on a night time stroll down
2018. Also available in audio as DBC          cobblestone streets where the town is lively
15736.                                        and energetic. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades
                                              2-4. 2014. Also available as BRW 8683, and
BRJ 1516 Chibi Samurai Wants a Pet by         in audio as DBC 15747.
Sanae Ishida.
Meet Little Kunoichi’s buddy, Chibi           BRJ 1529 The Skin I’m In by Pat Thomas.
Samurai. Inspired by Little Kunoichi’s        A simple explanation of racism, its basic
relationship with her pet ninja bunny,        causes, and the ways in which it can lead to
Chibi Samurai sets off to find a              unfair practices. For preschool and older.
companion for himself. He explores            PRINT/BRAILLE. 2003. Also available in
many possibilities from Japanese culture      audio as DBC 19051.
— both real and mythical — thinking

                            Reading Matters — Winter 2021
READING MATTERS - Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
                                                                          by John       Pai
    With the change in seasons, it’s a good     DBC 7125 The Smiling Country by Sally
time to rediscover some older titles that       Portman.
are newly available in the NLS catalog.         A comprehensive history of Washington
Here in WTBBL’s Audio Book Production           State’s Methow Valley. Includes information
Department, we are in the process of            on the geology, wildlife, Native Americans,
uploading local books produced before           early explorers, settlers, and development
BARD was available. Now older titles will       of the Winthrop area. 2002. Narrated by
be available to all patrons. Here are a few     Floyd Hutton.
classic highlights.

DBC 7065 The Smoke Room: A Novel of
Suspense by Earl Emerson.
Some might call it a sign that Jason Gum
began his new job as a firefighter with a
call to clean up the remains of a pig that
had fallen 11,000 feet through the roof
of a Seattle home. Mistakes and social
foibles compound as this noir mystery
unfolds, introducing the star-crossed Gum
to villainy, life-threatening challenges, and
a love affair with a seductive older woman.
2005. Narrated by Steve Hunziker. Also
available in braille as BRC 1197 and BRW
1301.                                           DBC 16933 The Kiss of the Bees by J.A.
DBC 16871 Greywalker by Kat Richardson.         Diane Ladd Walker and her family are
When Seattle private investigator Harper        again pursued by a vicious killer, tutored by
Blaine is brutally assaulted, the two           the villain in the previous book, Hour of the
minutes she spends clinically dead alters       Hunter (DBC 12861), as the story alternates
her perceptions. Her new ability to move        between the past, the present, and tales of
in between the world of humans and              Arizona Indians. 2000. Narrated by Eileen
the Grey, the world of ghosts, begins           Gruhn.
to attract otherworldly clients. 2006.
Narrated by Mary Schlosser.                     DBC 7121 The School of Essential
                                                Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister.
                                                Eight students gather in Lillian’s Restaurant
                                                for a weekly cooking class. Each one seeks

7         Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
READING MATTERS - Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
a recipe for something beyond the kitchen.     eat them. Book includes recipes to cook
Claire, a young mother, struggles with         for cats and dogs. 2008. Narrated by
a demanding family; Antonia, an Italian        Holly Chaffin.
kitchen designer, adapts to American
life; and Tom mourns the loss of his wife      DBC 16847 First Person Plural by
to breast cancer. Chef Lillian helps them      Cameron West.
create dishes whose flavor expands into the    A candid memoir by a psychologist about
secret corners of her students’ lives. 2009.   his development of Dissociative Identity
Narrated by Karen Manarolla.                   Disorder, the experience of living with
                                               multiple personalities, and his treatment.
DBC 7135 My Name is Mary Sutter by             1999. Narrated by Ed Kennedy.
Robin Oliveira.
Traveling to Civil War-era Washington, D.C.,   For the younger folks we have:
to tend wounded soldiers and pursue her
dream of becoming a surgeon, headstrong        DBC 16860 Gilda Joyce, Psychic
midwife Mary receives guidance from two        Investigator by Jennifer Allison.
smitten doctors and resists her mother’s       During the summer before ninth grade,
pleas for her to return home. 2010.            intrepid Gilda Joyce invites herself to the
Narrated by Rick Sipe.                         San Francisco mansion of distant cousin
                                               Lester Splinter and his thirteen-year-old
DBC 16879 A Life Wild and Perilous:            daughter, where she uses her purported
Mountain Men and the Paths to the Pacific      psychic abilities and detective skills
by Robert Marshall Utley.                      to solve the mystery of the mansion’s
This vivid and heroic chronicle about the      boarded-up tower. 2005. Narrated by
exploration of the American West tells         Jennifer Harkins.
the story of a small but distinctive group
of mountain men whose knowledge and            DBC 6769 The Return of the Killer Cat by
experience of the Trans-Mississippi West       Anne Fine.
extended the national consciousness to         Ellie’s cat, Tuffy, always claims innocence,
continental dimensions. 1997. Narrated by      or at least justification, in all his actions.
Carter Bentley.                                This time a vacation caretaker seems
                                               to think dried-out food is edible and a
DBC 16850 Food Pets Die For by Ann M.          neighbor girl manages to waylay him for
Martin.                                        a humiliating game of dress-up. 2007.
The author reveals the unsavory ingredients    Narrated by Laurie Bialik. Also available
found in commercial pet foods that are         in braille as BRW 1300.
potentially dangerous for the animals who

                           Reading Matters — Winter 2021
READING MATTERS - Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
DBC 16859 Geography Club by Brent              every year her new class will be the best
Hartinger.                                     one ever. Every year, she is right! 2009.
Russel and other closeted gay students         Narrated by Zoaunne LeRoy.
form the “Geography Club” at their
intolerant small-town high school as a way     DBC 7120 The Runaway Princess by Kate
for getting together in secret to talk. They   Coombs.
welcome several straight kids, too, who        Princess Meg resents being the prize
feel pushed out and pushed around in the       offered to the prince who rids the
sometimes mean social scene. Through his       kingdom of a witch, a dragon, and
rise to popularity as a “straight” jock and    Robin Hood-like bandits, and besides
his fall to exile as “the gay kid,” Russel     would rather protect those things than
learns about love, betrayal, cruelty and       destroy them. With the help of friends,
forgiveness. He figures out what kind of       she escapes the tower where she is
person he wants to be. 2003. Narrated by       “sequestered” to take on that challenge.
Robert Phillips.                               2006. Narrated by Sydney Allrud. Also
                                               available in braille as BRC 624 and BRW
DBC 16865 Grape Thief by Kristine L.           1274.
1925, Roslyn, Washington. Twelve-year-
old Slava Petrovich is upset that he must
soon leave school to help support the
remaining members of his coal mining
family. Joining other boys in stealing
grapes from a yearly freight train, he
and a friend decide that riding the rails
back to California might offer them their
best chance to find well-paid work. 2003.
Narrated by Marilyn Mason.

DBC 7104 The Magical Ms. Plum by Bonny
The third grade students know two things:
there is something very magical about
their classroom and Ms. Plum knows that

9          Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
                                                       by   Danielle Miller
                                                he finds himself hailed as a prophet. But
                                                Miles is really just a kid on the verge of
                                                growing up, infatuated with the girl next
                                                door, worried that his bickering parents
                                                will divorce and fearful that everything,
                                                even the bay he loves, is shifting away
                                                from him. As the sea continues to offer up
                                                discoveries from its mysterious depths,
                                                Miles struggles to deal with the difficulties
                                                associated with the equally mysterious
                                                process of growing up.
             WTBBL Director Danielle
             will lead the Book Club               Let us know if you would like to
                                                participate so we can contact you with any
    The WTBBL Book Club is a fun,               updates or schedule changes. You can
entertaining and lively discussion of           request a copy of the book or let us know
a book by a Northwest author or with            you will be joining us by calling (800) 542-
Northwest interest. The titles we read will     0866 or emailing We
be available in audio and braille, both on      look forward to talking about books with
BARD or for you to order from the library.      you!
The next meeting of the book club will
be Wednesday, March 24, from 2 to 3
p.m. Patrons can participate by telephone
using our free conference-call service. You
can join the discussion by calling (800) 920-
7487, participant code 39258344#.

    We will read The Highest Tide by
Jim Lynch (DBC 15783/BRC 733). One
moonlit night, 13-year-old Miles O’Malley,
a speed-reading insomniac out looking for
tidal specimens in Puget Sound, discovers
a giant squid stranded on the beach. As
the first person to see a giant squid alive,

                          Reading Matters — Winter 2021
Thank You to Our Donors from
                    Sept. 1 to Dec. 31, 2020
       Thank you to all our donors, patrons, and champions. The past year has been
      challenging for all of us, and we appreciate the amazing support we’ve received
    from all of you. Every donation is appreciated, no matter the amount, and helps us
       better serve you. You can send a check to: WTBBL, 2021 9th Ave., Seattle, WA
               98121-2783, or you can give securely online at

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Betty Garrison               Russel Hamilton              Velma Jeanes                  Nancy Klinger
Adair Gates                  Robert Hardin                Kelly & Randy Jenkins         Helen Klinginsmith
Heather Gatimu               Djuna & Rollin Harper III    Dick Jensen                   Eileen Koch
Carol Geer                   Michael Harvey               John Jestrab                  Richard Koors
Julia & Kevin Gerhard        Mary Hashisaki               Jeremy Jobling                Siobhan Kotal
Warren Gering                Jack Hatlen                  Barbara Johnson
Michelle Germann             Doris & Ralph Hatlen         Helen & Bud Johnson

Gladys Gerow                 Judith & Earl Hawkins        Lenetta Johnson

                                   Reading Matters — Winter 2021
Evelyn Kraemer               Nancy Massingale               Cheryl Murphy                    Karen & Grant Plummer
Vanda & Wilfried Kressner    Christine & Glen Masters       Barbara Murr                     Ellen & Dan Porter
Kay & Paul Kristiansen       Sherry Matheis                 Judy Wilson & Margaret Myers     Charlotte Powell
Grace & Edward Kroll         Michael Matheson               Shirley & Kenneth Newman         Colleen Powell
Marilyn & Joel Kulper        Vivian Matz                    Carol Niccolls                   Virginia Price
Barbara & Donald Kusler      Diane & Roger Mauldin          Pat Perry Nix                    Carolyn Priest
Loretta & Morton Kuznetz     Diedre Maxwell                 Nordstrom                        Doris & Duncan Prince
Suzanne Label                Ellen & Stephen Mazoff         Jeffrey Norris                   Patricia & Ronald Purdin
Ginger Ladd                  Leslie & Gene McAntosh         Lois North                       Wanda Quick
Betty & John Laffaw          Julia McCallum                 Norma Nutting                    Gene Quilhaugh
Mary LaMont                  Maria Ursula & Glenn McCully   Carolyn O’Keefe                  Barbara & Bradley Ralston
Donna Lane                   Dixie McDaniel                 Catherine & Larry O’Neil         Charity Ranger
June Lane                    Mary McGinty                   Mary Jane O’Neil                 Nedra & G.H. Ransom
Nicole Langton               Norma & John McGregor          Rayda Oakley                     Teri & Gerald Rappe, M.D.
Cynthia Lantry               Judith & James McHarness       Judy & John Ogliore              Joanne Rasmussen
Elizabeth Lapic              Joanne McInnes                 Rosemary Ogzewalla               Alice & Harold Rathbun
Vickie & Larry Larsen        Patricia & James McIntosh      Cheryl Oliver                    Regina Reale
Terri Larson                 Mary McKee                     Sharon Oliver                    Pat Redding
Amy Lawson                   Gynithe & Gary McLaren         Lisa & Stephen Olsen             Yvonne & Jack Redmon
Matthew Lefors               Steven McNary                  Martha Oman                      Myrtis Reed
Jennifer & Leonard Leger     Donna & Leroy Meister          Myra & Ray Opsal                 Robert Reese
Pamela Lehtinen              Jack Melill                    Kathryn Pahmeier                 Eileen Reeves
Mona Lemmon                  Louise Middleton               John Pai                         Reilly Family Giving
Madalene Lickey              Vina Mikkelsen                 Ruth & Albert Paige              Ann Reiter
Fredrick Liddell             Marian & Neal Milburn          June & Robert Pancoast           Mona Reynolds
Nancy Lofgren                Patricia & Steven Miles        James Parker                     Janet Richard
Violet Loftis                William Miles                  Valentina Parker                 Kathleen Ridderbusch
Edna Logan                   Linda & Louis Miley            Dorothy & John Parkin            Amy & Bruce Riddle
Brian Long                   Barbara Miller                 Ernest Parsons                   Kate & Marty Rifkin
Lois & Charles Long          Betty Miller                   Dagnija Paskovskis               Marilyn Ring-Nelson
Kerin Lubetich               Diane Miller                   Diane & Wesley Patterson         Colleen Ringos
Ann Lynch                    Rebecca Hevly & Donna Miller   Donalee & Thomas Payne           Donald Risan
John Lynch                   Leslie Miller                  Betty & Charles Peine            Jean & Alex Ritzen
Virginia Lynch               Maxine & Don Miller            Kathy Pennylegion                Audrey Robb
Alice & William MacDonald    Michael Miller                 Carla Peperzak                   Katherine Roben
Delma Mack                   Nancy & Donald Millich         Leslie Perry                     Marianne Robinson
Patricia & Raymond Maddix    M. Jane Millsap                AC Petersen                      Nancy & H.L. Robinson
Lorrina Madinger             Vincentina Mininchelli         Ann Petersen                     Donna Rodgers
Ida Mae & Bruce Madsen       Lorna & Leslie Molenaar        Arthur Peterson                  Lila Ross
Gladys & J. William Malley   Gloria Moles                   Mary Peterson                    Merry & C. Ross
Linda Manning                Kathleen Monnette              Sherry Peterson                  Bonnie & Eugene Roth
Jan & John Mantle            Anya Monroe                    Wanita Peterson                  Nancy & John Rowe
Dorothy Marks                Betty & Bob Montle             Richard Pettit                   Robert Rowning
Terry Marks                  Rose Moon                      Mai Phan & Kiet Le               Diane & Frances Ryan
Linda & Gary Marshall        Anna Belle & Clinton Moore     Willa & David Pharr              Jutta Rykken
Sue Martens                  Harlene Moore                  Robert Phillips                  Margaret & Theodore Sabine
Betty Martin                 Nancy Moorehead                Susan & Tom Phimister            Diana & Stephen Saine
Sarah & Robert Martin, Jr.   Shirley Morrison               Tovi Picker                      Virginia Saint Louis
                             Luella Mulligan                Virginia Twedt & Elsie Pickles   Naomi Saul
                             Edna Mullins                   Patricia Pidcock, Ph.D.          Romona Sawyer

                             Aileen Murphy                  Ethelyn Pim                      Walter Sayer

              Washington Talking Book & Braille Library
Jo Ann Schliemann              Angela Spiegel                   Christine Toribara            Phillips Wood
Mary Schlosser                 Delores Sprague                  Nancy Totten                  Phyllis Woodman
Patricia & Lawrence Schmick    Wilma Spring                     Brunhilde & Walter Trolson    Jane Worthen
Shirley Schmidt                Margaret Squire                  Dean Tsuchida                 Alan F. Wride
Cynthia & Alan Schneider       Marion St. Martin                Elmer Tubbs                   Janet Wright
Karen & Andrew Schoeppel       Mary Standerfer                  Sharon & Donald Tucker        Kim Wyman
Birgit Schroeter               Paul Stariha                     George Tutt                   David Wytko
Susan & Alan Schulkin          Andrew Staruch                   Arlene Updyke                 Andrew Xing
Joan Schultz                   Jane Stavert                     Nancy Vanlydegraf             Grace Yadon
Wilma Schunke                  Constance & Maynard Steffen      Sarah Veele                   Connie Young
Lynn Schwendiman              Eilleen Stein                     Roberta & Frank Vidos         Todd Yuzuriha
Betty Schwisow                Robert Stelmack                   Nancy Villagran               Lesli Zielke
Catherine Scott               Rich Stephenson                   Amanda Vukelich               Gladys Zink
Donna Scott                   Dorothy Stewart                   Sally Waddell                 Gitte Zweig
Patricia Scott                Joan Stewart                      Elizabeth Wagner              Norma Zylstra
Doris Seal                    Christopher Stone                 Kay Wai
Marilyn V. Seggern            Elizabeth Stotts                  Suzanne Wallace               In memory of:
Charlotte Seidler             Trudy Stotz                       Karen Wallin                  Bernadine Allert
Doris Seney                   Terra Straight                    Jo Ann Walston                Julieta Escobar
Betty & Kevin Shannon         Norman Streutker                  Karen Ward                    Doris Hatlen
Patricia Sharkey              Jake Strickler                    Claudia Watson                JoAnne Keaveny
James Shaw, Ph.D.             William Stulbarg                  Geraldine & Frederick Weber   Alita Kiaer
Lesley & Richard Shay         Kathleen Sullivan                 Wanda & Roger Weber           Mary Koper
Susan Shell                   John Sundberg                     Deborah Weinstein             Carolyne J. McNary
Charles Sickels               Edith & Dwight Sutton             Elsie Werre                   Katie and Neil Parker
Nina Sidorova                 Carol Swayne                      Audrey & Joseph Wheeler       Roy Phillips
Lonnie Silva                  Jean & Howard Syder               Nancy Whetter                 Vincent Ricks
Thomas Simard                 Marcia & Masato Takahashi         Jean Whitaker                 Nellie Thudium
H. Edwin Simmers              Ruth Talbot                       John Whitbeck
Lynn Simmons                  Fay Tanagi                        Pat & Bobby Whitlow           In honor of:
Peggy Kertson & Ione Simpson Mary Doreen & Leonard Tarr         Mary & Donald Wieckowicz      Joyce Ackley
Sharon & Ronald Simrin        Jacqueline Taubel                 Dawn & Garth Wilcox           Jan Ames
Wanda & James Sims            Willard Taylor                    David Wilder                  Alan Bentson
Mariya Sirotnikova            Rebekah Terry                     Ros Wilkes                    Lilly McQuaker
Skagit and Island Counties    Freida Tesch                      Adam Williams                 Janell Peterson
    Council of the Blind      Sheryl & Norman Tesch             Darlene Williams
Kay Skeie                     Lara Tetz                         Elizabeth Williams
Olive Skelly                  Virginia Liechti & Daniel Thein   Grace Williams
Kathy Skipper                 David Thomas                      Carol Monasmith &
Betty Slater                  Patricia Thomas                      Michael Williams
Sylvia & Marc Slonim          Sharon & James Thomas             Shirley Williams
Janice & Everett Sluga        Vada & John Thomsen               Pauline & V. Lyle Williams
Norma Smith                   Donna & Richard Thorkildson       David Wilson
Phyllis Smith                 Carol Tiedemann                   Dorothy Wilson
Elizabeth & Worthington Smith Valerie & David Tiemeyer          Judith Wilson
Eva & Christopher Snee        Charlene O’Connor &               Pamela Wilson
Peggy & Jack Snell               William Tobey                  Beverly Witte
Helen Snyder                  Dolores Todd                      Patricia & Robert Wojcik
Alma Solar                    Sharon Todd                       Theresa & Charles Wood
Shirley Soper                 Jean & Rex Tolstrup               Ida Wood

Hiroko Spees                  Patricia Toole                    Myrtle Wood

                                      Reading Matters — Winter 2021
                             for the Blind
     2021 9TH AVENUE
  SEATTLE, WA 98121-2783   or Handicapped

    Virtual Multisensory
     Storytime is here!
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