REPORT 2020 - Gilda's Club Kentuckiana

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REPORT 2020 - Gilda's Club Kentuckiana
REPORT 2020 - Gilda's Club Kentuckiana
2020: What a Year!
                                    “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these
                                    couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,”
                                    commonly associated with the postal service, was actually
                                    written by Herodotus, a Greek historian who was referring to
  Vicky Weber      Karen Morrison   couriers in the Persian War, about 500 B.C.
2020 Board Chair      President

                                    This phrase came to mind recently when thinking about our
                                    Gilda’s Club team of staff and volunteers. A global pandemic in
                                    2020 didn’t slow us down and neither has the recent flooding
    Ensuring no one                 incidents in 2021. Despite the need to shift and adapt, this team has ensured no interruption to services.
                                    Ensuring no one faces cancer alone is always, always at the forefront of every decision.
          faces cancer              Covid-19 has caused a significant impact to our organization, every person who serves to meet its mission, and
                                    every person we serve. Following the successful completion of our capital campaign and the move to our new
     alone is always,               facility in the summer of 2019, everthing was turned upside down in March 2020–from opening our new west
                                    Louisville branch in April to piloting a small southern Indiana virtual support group in the fall.

         always at the              But while Covid dealt Gilda’s Club and the entire world a blow, we never lost sight that families living with cancer
                                    needed support more than ever. And we never lost the resolve to ensure support continued and even expanded.
             forefront of
                                    Fearless creativity and a willingness to leap outside the box, color outside the lines, and forget much of what we
                                    knew about how to do this work prevailed and allowed us to not only survive, but thrive.
      every decision.
                                    The bottom line is, unconventionally, we reached more families living with cancer than ever before, increased
                                    diversity, strengthened partnerships, and, thanks to our supporters, covered the costs while offering it for free
                                    (as always) to those living with cancer.

                                    We don’t know all that 2021 holds, and we’ve had a few hiccups already, but we know this: as long as cancer
                                    exists, so will Gilda’s Club. We will continue to be there for families facing the fear, anxiety, and isolation cancer
                                    brings. Neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night…so that no one faces cancer alone.
REPORT 2020 - Gilda's Club Kentuckiana
Virtual Program Offerings from Far and Away

                                  Former Second City
                                  performers Lindsey
                                  Leese and Lee Smart

 Lee and Lindsay are based
 in Toronto, Canada and
 presented a three-part
 Improv FUN-damentals
 virtual workshop for our
REPORT 2020 - Gilda's Club Kentuckiana
Reflections of a Volunteer
                   by Pam Platt

                   As mission statements go, you        offering free programs for people     More recently, I have become
                   really can’t do much better than     making their own cancer journeys.     more involved, meeting with adult
                   one of the things the great Gilda                                          members of Gilda’s Club who
                                                        No one walks alone, as long as
  This volunteer   Radner said in the 42 years she
                   was alive:
                                                        there is a Gilda’s Club around.
                                                                                              every month write about life in
                                                                                              general, or cancer in particular. In
                                                        Within their walls in non-
                                                                                              these sessions, we read. We talk.
  work has been    “While we have the gift of life,
                   it seems to me that the only
                                                        pandemic times, and beyond
                                                        during Covid-19 lockdowns,
                                                                                              We laugh. We cry, sometimes.
                                                                                              Mostly, we share, and support
                   tragedy is to allow part of us       their members’ spirits, creativity
 one of the most   to die—whether it is our spirit,     and glorious uniqueness are
                                                                                              each other as we express
                                                                                              ourselves and maybe search for a
                   our creativity, or our glorious      fed by the shared efforts of this
                                                                                              little truth and wisdom.
                   uniqueness.”                         community.
 worthwhile, and                                                                              This volunteer work has been
                   She truly lived while she lived,     I know Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana
                                                                                              one of the most worthwhile, and
                   making us laugh with her             as a volunteer.
memorable ways     characters on “Saturday Night
                                                        Early on, I judged an annual
                                                                                              memorable ways I have ever
                                                                                              spent time. I am the one who
                   Live” and in the movies. Even her
                                                        contest for middle and high           learns from the members I’ve
     I have ever   death from ovarian cancer did not
                   silence her voice and laughter,
                                                        school students, who wrote            met. I am lifted by their words,
                                                        essays or poems, created visual       their life force.
                   nor did it suppress her buoyant
     spent time.   influence from other lives she
                                                        art or composed music to
                                                        describe their lives with cancer...
                                                                                              Not even the pandemic has
                   continues to touch.                                                        slowed programming and
                                                        their own, or that of a loved one.
                                                                                              outreach, thanks to the staff’s
                   Gilda’s Clubs were born out of       It is always an event I anticipate
                                                                                              and members’ dedication and
                   Radner’s desire to build places      each year, touched and humbled
                                                                                              enabling technology that supports
                   where no one had to face cancer      by the clear and beautiful
                                                                                              distanced gatherings.
                   alone. Since then, these privately   expressions of courage and
                   funded, nonprofit clubhouses         humanity in these masterpieces        I would add not even the recent
                   have cropped up across the           — and by masterpieces, I mean         catastrophic flood caused by
                   country, including Louisville,       the authors.                          stormwater and sewage backup
REPORT 2020 - Gilda's Club Kentuckiana
at the Grinstead Drive clubhouse     can step up with whatever we can
will have stopped these distanced    afford to give at Though                                             Life is about
programs, either.                    its members know great hardship
                                     and tragedy, and some of them
As Gilda’s SNL character
                                     will not survive the disease that                                             not knowing,
Roseanne Rosannadanna was
                                     has come into their lives, Gilda’s    “Life is about not knowing, having
famous for saying, “It’s Always
Something” ... and there is no
                                     is a place of life, learning and      to change, taking the moment               having to
                                     laughter. With our donations,         and making the best of it, without
question the estimated $250,000+
                                     Gilda’s clubhouse will be all those   knowing what’s going to happen
in damage is a devastating
setback to the physical space
                                     things for its members again.         next.”                                change, taking
of the clubhouse and will likely     I think about all the kids whose      And I think about a snippet of
delay their reopening— but staff     pieces I’ve read over the years,      a poem I’ve kept by a young          the moment and
point out that their members face    who wrote honestly and movingly       student, a Write Stuff winner,
tougher things, bigger hurdles in    about what it was like to have        named Ethan Wray,
their own lives, every day.          cancer just barrel into their young                                        making the best
                                                                           “My life forever changed, my love
                                     lives, what it took to go through
Taking inspiration from their                                              for life will never be caged.
members’ examples, Gilda’s will
                                     treatments, or watch a loved one                                              of it, without
                                     experience the pain associated        To anyone out there who needs to
meet this challenge to continue to
                                     with the disease. I think about the   hear it, cancer is tough but don’t
provide the safe, beautiful space
                                     adults who tap into their souls       you fear it.                          knowing what’s
for its life-enhancing programs
                                     to produce stories of humor and
and ensure services continue                                               We are survivors, remember that
uninterrupted through more than
                                     insight and pain and... just life.
                                                                           part                                        going to
180 free monthly virtual offerings   And I think about how all of this,
                                                                           Strong will and brave hearts.”
as well as home deliveries.          and the spirit of the club that
Gilda’s Club, that does so much      hosts them, is about the amazing      Those strong wills and brave            happen next.
to help our families, friends and    grace of resilience. And, of          hearts need a place to flourish.
neighbors who have lived with        course, Gilda had something to        We can help them find such a
cancer, needs our help, and we       say about that, too:                  place again.
REPORT 2020 - Gilda's Club Kentuckiana
Price Foundation Honors
                                                         Friend of Gilda’s Club
                  		                                 Ceci Boden and her husband, Dale, have been supporters of Gilda’s Club from
                  		                               our beginnings. Dale was one of six original founders who, based on their own
                  		                          experiences, knew support during a cancer journey came from more places than a
                                        doctor’s office.

                         This feeling came back with a vengeance when Ceci received her own cancer diagnosis. “When she
                  was first diagnosed, we reached out to Gilda’s for advice on how to communicate her diagnosis to our

 Completion of    boys,” Dale recalls. “Fortunately for us, they guided us in the opposite direction we were headed.”

                  Ceci recently concluded her chemo treatment and is doing terrific. To recognize her journey, family friends
  Ceci Boden’s    of the Boden’s wanted to honor her in a unique way.

                  The Price Foundation generously agreed to a $20,000 challenge grant honoring Ceci in an attempt to raise
        chemo     even more for a great cause. Charles Price, patriarch of the family, said it was a no-brainer. “I watched Ceci
                  go through a very difficult time with grace, dignity, and optimism. She is a remarkable person and such an
     treatment    inspiration to me and my family. The Price family is thrilled to make a matching gift in honor of Ceci. We are
                  pleased to help Gilda’s Club continue to provide exceptional support to individuals and families living with

celebrated with   cancer.”

                  Thanks to this challenge and the support of friends, family, and coworkers, more than $75,000 was raised to
matching grant    acknowledge Ceci’s hard-fought journey.

                  Charles hopes others will follow his lead by issuing challenge grants to honor the lives of others.
                  Gilda’s Club is extremely thankful to the Price Foundation and their support of our mission.

                  Photo L to R: Dale and Ceci Boden, Norah, Deacon, Sarah and Charles W. Price, and Janet and Charles Price
REPORT 2020 - Gilda's Club Kentuckiana


Revenue includes $1,025,000 to complete the Red Door Capital Campaign; Revenue excludes $190,200 in Paycheck Protection Program funds.
REPORT 2020 - Gilda's Club Kentuckiana
Gilda’s is Going Over the Edge
                                They say, “Extraordinary times       One volunteer said, “I know I will
                                call for extraordinary measures.”     be terrified, but I’m absolutely
                                And we have seen evidence of         determined to do this because of
                                that in every sector of society in   the impact Gilda’s Club made for
                                the last year.                       my family and makes for other
                                                                     families every day.”
                                While we smoothly transitioned
                                to a virtual program format,         One 72-year-old member, who is
                                fundraising in the Covid climate      living with both metastatic lung
                                was more challenging. Some           cancer and breast cancer, said
                                fundraising events shifted to a      “Jumping off an 18 story building
                                virtual format and our sponsors      is nothing compared to cancer!
                                and supporters came through!         Sign me up!”

                                Some events simply couldn’t          These attitudes exemplify the
                                happen so we launched a new          approach our team and everyone
Join us and experience the      one that seemed appropriate          associated with Gilda’s Club has
thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity to rappel down      for the times: Over the Edge—an      taken in 2020 and beyond, with
the 18-story Hyatt Regency      opportunity for supporters to        every decision being driven by
                                rappel the downtown Hyatt            the goal to ensure no one faces
Register at or      Regency. Though outdoors and         cancer alone. Even during these
502.583.0075.                   socially distanced, even it had to   extraordinary times—especially
                                be postponed from November to        during these extraordinary times!
                                May, 2021.
                                                                     It’s not too late to join us! Visit
                                Nearly 100 people to-date   to register, recruit
                                have committed to rappel 18          others, or simply support those of
                                stories, each pledging to raise a    us crazy enough to go Over the
                                minimum of $1,000. This event        Edge for a great cause!
                                has helped us raise critical funds
                                in both 2020 and 2021.
REPORT 2020 - Gilda's Club Kentuckiana
Russell is Going Over the Edge
for LaShala!
Gilda’s Club has gone over the top for my family, so I’m going Over the Edge
for them!

My high school sweetheart and wife of 14 years was diagnosed with Stage 2
Triple Negative Breast Cancer in April 2020. She recently underwent surgery to
remove the cancer that brought fear, uncertainty and sadness to our home.

With the diagnosis, we realized we were entering a challenging new chapter in our
lives. We didn’t know, however, that diagnosis would introduce us to the vibrant
community of support at Gilda’s Club.

The mission of Gilda’s Club is to change lives through free social and emotional
support for adults, teens, and children—all from which we benefited. From support
groups for my wife and I, to individual counseling services for my 9-year-old, to
hand-delivered Halloween activities and treats for my 4-year-old, my family has
                                                                                         Gilda’s Club has helped my family
been uplifted.

Gilda’s Club has played an integral role in helping us get through the rough times
                                                                                         understand that we can still smile
and live a better life each day. It has helped my family understand that we can still
smile and laugh—and know we don’t have to face this challenge alone.
                                                                                        and laugh—and know we don’t have
I will reach my fundraising goal, and dedicate this experience to my wife who,
thankfully, is on her journey to recovery.
                                                                                              to face this challenge alone.
If you’d like to honor a loved one by going Over the Edge on May 21st, visit or call 502.583.0075.
REPORT 2020 - Gilda's Club Kentuckiana
To ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by
knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community.
Thank you to our supporters!
$1,000,000+                                                        MacLellan Integrated Services                                   Caldwell Tanks, Inc                 Leisa and Tom Drexler                 Price Weber
Laura Frazier *                                                    Teresa and Brian Riggs *                                        Jenny Cottingham                    Rusty and Rick Duffy                  Brandy and Lyndon Pryor
Kosair Charities *                                                 Ellen and Carl Thomas *                                         Karen and Jeff Filcik *             David and Mary Dunham                 Elizabeth and Brian Quail
Lindy B. Street *                                                                                                                  Hardscuffle, Inc.                   El Kentubano                          Michael Radner
                                                                   $10,000 to $24,999                                              Henry Heuser, Jr                    Frost Brown Todd, LLC                 Audra and Hunter Rankin
$250,000 to $499,999                                               Anonymous                                                       Lisa and Daniel Jones               Grassa Gramma                         Sarah and Alex Rankin
Cynthia and Ray Carcione *                                         Sally and Mac Barr                                              Mary Gwen Wheeler and David Jones   Annette Grisanti and Michael Kemper   Herbert Redmon
Lift a Life Foundation *                                           Taffy and John Beam *                                           Kentucky Humanities                 Kathy and Paul Grisanti               Stephen Reily
Owsley Brown II Family Foundation *                                Caesars Foundation of Floyd County                              Kindred Healthcare                  Marlene and David Grissom             Mearlen and Tom Reitz
Rostrevor Foundation                                               Crusade For Children                                            Maplewood Foundation                Janet and Scott Gruenberg             Helen and Edward Rhawn
Susan and Bill Yarmuth *                                           Delta Dental of Kentucky                                        Mildred V. Horn Foundation          Sandy Gulick                          Stephen Lewis and Douglas Riddle
                                                                   Gayle and Earl Dorsey                                           Paducah Bank and Trust              Maria and John Hampton                Diane and William Rihn
$100,000 to $249,999                                               Fred B. and Opal S. Woosley Foundation                          Papa John’s                         Ida Hedgespeth                        Bea and Alan Rosenberg
Julie and Dan McDonnell *                                          Paula and Michael Grisanti                                      Preload, LLC                        Martha Heyburn                        Scherrill Russman
Patti and John Moore *                                             Karen and Roger Hale                                            Cindy and Hunt Rounsavall           Highland Commerce Guild               Marjorie and Allen Schubert
Northwestern Mutual - Louisville, Inc. *                           Martha and Jeffrey Hargis *                                     Lee and John Stough                 Charlotte and Randy Hockensmith       Cathy and Lon Schuster
Deana and Mike Paradis *                                           Heart’s Path Charitable Foundation                              Texas Roadhouse                     Independence Foundation               Daniel Schusterman
Mary and Dan Rivers *                                              ICAP Energy LLC                                                 The Cralle Foundation, Inc.         ISCO Industries                       Judy Shapira
Lynn and Henry Sanders *                                           Page and Jay Johnson                                            Jean and John Wasz                  Kelly and Simms Jenkins               Paula Barmore and Anoosh Shariat
Sara and David Stemler *                                           JTSB Foundation, Inc.                                                                               Barbara and Allen Kannapell           Blair Shelby
Tri-Arrows Aluminum *                                              Kroger                                                          $1,000 to $4,999                    Kentucky Select Properties            Terry Shields
Susan and Howard Vogt *                                            McKesson Foundation                            Marie and Ronald Abrams                              Pam and Greg Kurzendoerfer            Tina Smith
Marianne and Jim Welch *                                           Meghan’s Mountain Charitable Foundation, Inc.  Anonymous                                            Margaret and Miles Lee                Rebecca and Adam Speaks
                                                                   Elizabeth and Ted Mitzlaff *                   Atria Senior Living                                  Lillian Levy                          Kim and Victor Staffieri
$50,000 to $99,999                                                 Janie and Austin Musselman                     Julie and Bill Ballard                               Edwin Lewis                           Steel Technologies Foundation Inc.
Anthem Foundation                                                  Nolen Allen Family Foundation                  Margaret and Barry Barlow                            LG&E and KU Energy                    Stock Yards Bank and Trust Co.
Eileen and Mac Brown *                                             One Louisville: COVID-19 Response Fund         Ned Bass                                             Louisville Insurance Network          Cathy and Ed Stopher
Brown-Forman Corporation                                             for Nonprofits                               Jennifer Bates                                       Kay and Michael Lowe                  Dace and King Stubbs
C.F. Pollard Foundation *                                          Logan Ormerod                                  Maxine and Jerry Bizer                               Lynn and Robert Macrae                Wendy Swisher
NTS Development Company *                                          Kathleen Pellegrino                            Brandeis Machinery                                   Cindy and Brian Martin                The Humana Foundation
Paradis Foundation *                                               Price Foundation                               Carla Sue and Bradley Broecker                       Kelly and Justin Maxwell              Margy Thomas
Paul Ogle Foundation, Inc.                                         Sam Swope Family Foundation                    Carolyn and Robert Buhts                             Tori and Mac McClure                  Amy and Steve Trager
Paula and Frank Harshaw *                                          Scoppechio                                     Carolyn and Frank Burns                              Laura and Rory McMahan                Julian Van Winkle
Sam and Bonnie Rechter *                                           The Estate of Cynthia Shaw                     Donald Campbell                                      Sherry and Holland McTyeire           Laurie and George Vieth
Sam & Bonnie Rechter Family Trusts *                               Cheryl and Wayne Smith                         Greg Campbell                                        Lynne Meena Rapp and George Rapp      Porter Watkins and George Bailey
Republic Bank Foundation *                                         The Cory Foundation                            Leslie and Howard Cantor                             Karen Morrison and Jennie Happe       Edie Wells
Mollie Smith                                                       Tom Drexler Plumbing                           Capital Group                                        Michelle and Bill Mudd                Phillip Wise
Mary and Sandy Wilson *                                                                                           CE Hughes Milling, Inc.                              Frances and Patrick Mulloy            Cathy and John Yarmuth
                                                                   $5,000 to $9,999                               Michelle and Louis Christopher                       National Council of Jewish Women      Zoeller Company
$25,000 to $49,999                                                 Madeline and Jerry Abramson *                  Rhonda Jo and Jimmy Conner                           Michele Oberst
Ashbourne Events                                                   Algood Food Company                            Susan and Pye Conway                                 Colleen O’Friel                       $500 to $999
Mary Barrazotto                                                    Anonymous                                      Chenault Conway                                      Joanne and Jim O’Malley               Judy and Ralph Aguera
Bass Family Foundation                                             Augusta Brown Holland Philanthropic Foundation Stewart Conway                                       Merida and Clark Orr                  Claire Alagia and Creighton Mershon
Shellie Benovitz                                                   Brooke and Matthew Barzun                      Thomas Corea                                         Owl Creek Ladies Golf Association     Anonymous
Commonwealth Bank & Trust Company *                                Brooke Brown Barzun Philanthropic Foundation   Katherine Crow                                       Mari-Elise and Bruce Paul             Anne Arensberg
Ina B. Bond Ashbourne Charitable Fund                              Ceci and Dale Boden                            Catherine and James Darmstadt                        PC Home Center                        Barbara and Frederick Arensman
Irvin F. and Alice S. Etscorn Foundation                           Bonnie Bizer Charitable Foundation             Sierra and Wayne Davis                               Joanne Pitino                         Ellen and Stanley Bayersdorfer
Kelley Construction *                                              Steffi and Garvin Brown                        J.D. Delafield                                       Stephen Pope                          Ginger Beard

We regret errors that may have been made in this listing. In the event of an error, please contact Karen Lovely at 502.371.3050.                                                                             * Multi-year gift
Thank you to our supporters!
Ken Berry                                 Elizabeth and John Huber                   Richard Sherman                               Mary Beauchamp                            Mary Gatton
Giampaolo and Kyle Bianconcini            Linda and James Jackson                    Jean and William Shewciw                      Gracie and Nathan Becht                   Melissa and Adrian Gernert
Alanson and Charles Boden                 Carter Jay                                 Linda and Britt Shipley                       David Billman                             Donna and Dale Gettlefinger
Elaine and Bernard Boone                  Barbara and Bill Juckett                   Linda Shircliff                               Bittners, LLC                             Bob and Misty Gilland
Sarah and Chris Brice                     Virginia and Arne Judd                     Kathleen and Russell Smith                    Jerry Bowles                              Mary Jane and Peter Glauber
Joyce and Ed Bridge                       Kentucky Science and Technology Corp.      Carol and Joseph Spalding                     Mallory and Christian Bowles              Deborah and Bart Greenwald
Doris and Junior Bridgeman                Jarad Key                                  Jessica and Powell Spears                     Anne and Morton Boyd                      Elizabeth and David Gronotte
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Michelle and Mark Wheeler           Chenault Conway                  Cheri Collis White
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In Memory of Debbie Scoppechio        Scoppechio                         In Memory of Mary Trayner           Joe Weil
Annette and W. Terry Adams            Kim and Victor Staffieri           Amanda and Paul Trayner
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Kathleen Colby                                                                                               In Memory of Fran West
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Alex Digenis
                                      In Memory of Mary Seewer
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Emily Digenis and Hunter Sattich      Mike Seewer                        Shelly Mangeot Dennis               In Memory of Jill White
Ditto’s                               In Memory of Richard Segal         Gary Friedman                       Amy and Barry Smith
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Patricia Emerson
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                                                                         Mike Kallay                         In Memory of Mary Whitt                             –Helen Keller
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From the Vault                                                           Orphan Care Alliance                In Memory of Ruth Ann and David Wohner
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Melissa and Rudy Gernert                                                 Bronwyn Ramey                       Theresa Frank
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                                                                                                             In Memory of Nancy Zimmerman
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                                                                                                             Barbara and Bill Juckett
Tricia Hafele and Sean Murphy         In Memory of Susan Shepard         Lisa A. Twyman
Betsy and Tom Hallion                 Cindy Davis                        David Wright
Adrienne Hanna                                                           Bettye Wright
Patricia Harkess                      In Memory of Dean Shields
Charles and Sherry Henry              Terry Shields

                                                                                                             To view a complete gift listing, visit
Consider joining our founders in leaving a lasting legacy
                   of support for families living with cancer
                   We started a tradition long ago of making clay thumbprints to signify that no two are alike and the
  Your gift will   impression we leave on those we love lives long after we are gone. An artist volunteer created a canvas
                   of a thumbprint from the names of the hundreds of people in whose honor and memory gifts were made
    ensure the     in our first two years. It’s a symbol of the impact and impression those gifts made and continue to make
                   on the lives of families we serve living with cancer.

  continuation     Each gift honored one life by supporting many others. Our support group rooms hold bowls of
                   thumbprints made by group members. Whether a member moves forward from his cancer journey, or
of our program     his journey ends, the thumprint remains with the group, marking that individual whose life enriched and
                   supported others.
   now, and in     The lasting and unique impression each of our founders has made in bringing Gilda’s Club to this
                   community, creating a place of support so no one would have to face cancer alone, is a legacy
    the future.    that will live as long as cancer exists.

                   Please consider joining our founders in leaving your own legacy, making a lasting, unique impression and
                      impact on the lives of families who will face cancer journeys in the future. Your gift will ensure the
                          continuation of our program now, and in the future.

                               For more information about gift planning options, please contact us at 502.583.0075 or email

                                     WILLS AND LIVING TRUSTS
                                     With the addition of a sentence, your attorney can update your will or living trust to
                                     include a specific or percentage designation to Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana.

                                     I, [name], of [city, state, zip], give, devise and bequeath to Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana
                                     (Tax ID 20-1635170), a 501c3 nonprofit organization located in Louisville, KY, the sum
                                     of [dollars] or [amount equal to ___ percent of the net value of my estate] or [all the rest,
                                     residue, and remainder of my estate].
FOUNDERS                      HONORARY BOARD
EARL DORSEY *                 HENRY V. HEUSER, JR

2020                          2021
OFFICERS                      OFFICERS

                              SHARON KLEINERT *
                              MICHELE OBERST                                                       The gift of service
BRUCE PAUL                    DEANA PARADIS
WILLIAM F. PAYNTER            BRUCE PAUL                                                   leads to a life of love.
MARY RIVERS                   AUDRA RANKIN
                                                                                                             –Mary White
ADAM SPEAKS                   MOLLIE G. SMITH *
SUE VOGT                      KRISTEN TRENAMAN
                              VICKY WEBER                         * Cancer Survivor   † Deceased
So That No One Faces Cancer Alone.
                                     NON PROFIT ORG.
                                       US POSTAGE

                                      LOUISVILLE, KY
                                       PERMIT # 513


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