Saint Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church - THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD JANUARY 7, 2018

Saint Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church - THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD JANUARY 7, 2018
Saint Augustine of Canterbury
    Roman Catholic Church
45 Henderson Road, Kendall Park, New Jersey, 08824

               JANUARY 7, 2018
Saint Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church - THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD JANUARY 7, 2018
Saint Augustine of Canterbury
                                           Roman Catholic Church
                                           45 Henderson Road, Kendall Park,
                                                  New Jersey 08824
                                                          January 7th, 2018
                                            Reverend Canon Robert G. Lynam, KCHS, Pastor
                                                        Deacon Denis F. Mayer
                                                         Deacon James Rivera
                                          Sister Ruthann McGoldrick, SCC, Pastoral Associate
                                            Sister Barbara O’Kane, MPF, Pastoral Associate
                                        Sister Mary Louise Shulas, MPF, LHS Principal/Superior
                                            Mr. Edward Modzelewski, Vice Principal
                                       Sister Joanne Manns, MPF, Director of Religious Education

                                          THE SACRAMENTAL LIFE OF OUR CHURCH
                                                                      THE SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY is celebrated by the Pastor or one of our
                                                                      deacons. Weddings may be scheduled on Friday evening, Saturday, or
THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS                                        Sunday afternoon. Only a ceremony is permitted on Sunday. The pastor
Saturday:                      Vigil - 5:00 PM                        will confirm the date so couples should contact the Parish Center at least
                                                                      ONE YEAR in advance. All the necessary information will be sent to you.
Sunday Schedule:               8:00AM      10:00AM                    The attendance at Pre-Cana or an Engaged Encounter Weekend is
                               12 NOON     5:00 PM                    required. One must be a registered member of the parish. Our parish
Weekdays:                                                             upholds the Gospel values and the Church’s teachings regarding the
                                                                      sacredness of marriage and those couples choosing to live together in
Monday through Saturday:       9:00 AM                                contradiction of those values, will receive a simple ceremony and all
Holy Day:                      See Schedule in Bulletin               Diocesan regulations followed.

COMMUNION TO THE SICK is taken by Extraordinary Ministers of          THE SACRAMENT OF HOLY ORDERS and RELIGIOUS LIFE: If you are
the Eucharist on a regular basis to those confined to their homes.    considering serving God as a priest, deacon, or religious, you may contact
Please call the Parish Center.                                        your parish priest, deacon, or religious; or phone the Diocesan Office of
                                                                      Vocations at (732) 562-1990.
THE SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM is celebrated on most Sundays at
                                                                      THE DEVOTIONAL LIFE OF THE PARISH:
1:30 PM (not during Lent). A family must be registered in the
parish, attend the baptismal preparation class, and cooperate         The Liturgy of the Hours is prayed Monday through Saturday at 8:45 AM
with the regulations established by the parish. Our baptismal class   prior to Mass.
is held on the 1st Monday of the month at 8:00 PM. Please call        Eucharistic Adoration/Devotion is held Monday at 7:00 PM (not on national
the Parish Center to register any time during your pregnancy.         holidays or during the summer)

THE SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION is celebrated on Saturday             Novena in honor of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal is prayed on
between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM in the Chapel or by appointment.        Saturday following the 9:00 AM Mass in the chapel.

THE SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION is celebrated once a year by            Devotion in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is prayed on the First Friday
                                                                      of the month following the 9:00 AM Mass.
the Bishop’s delegate, here at St. Augustine. A candidate must
successfully complete our Religious Education program. Adult          St. Elizabeth’s Guild Prays the Rosary after daily Mass.
Confirmation is held on Pentecost Sunday and any interested
                                                                        PARISH CENTER: Hours                       (732) 297-3000
adults should contact the Parish Center.
                                                                        Monday—Friday                  9 AM- 12 NOON & 1 PM- 4 PM
THE SACRAMENT OF THE SICK is administered at home to any                2nd & 4th Thursday daytime -hours     Office Closes at Noon
                                                                                                                    Evening Hours:
Catholic who is seriously ill. Please call the Parish Center. Any
                                                                        Monday—Thursday                           7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
parishioner admitted to a local hospital should contact the             CATHOLIC SCHOOL:                                 297-6042
Catholic Hospital Chaplain through the hospital. A family member        RELIGIOUS EDUCATION OFFICE:                      297-3011
should contact the parish when someone is admitted to the               OUTREACH MINISTRY:                               297-9713
hospital. We will gladly pray for any members who are sick,             PARISH CENTER FAX:                               940-1746
                                                                        SCHOOL FAX:                                      297-7062
whether at home or in the hospital, at our Sunday Masses;
however, it is necessary for the family to “request” it.
Saint Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church - THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD JANUARY 7, 2018
January 7, 2018                               INTENTIONS OF OUR HOLY FATHER
                                                                              We are invited to unite with our Holy Father,
                          The Epiphany of the Lord                            Pope Francis, for these intentions during the
                                                                              month of January:
                                                                             Evangelization: Religious Minorities in Asia.
SATURDAY                                                                     That Christians and other religious minorities in
5:00 PM Paul Meszaros & Lewis Pearce: req. Ann Pearce           Asian countries, may be able to practice their faith in full
SUNDAY     The Epiphany of he Lord                              freedom.
8:00 AM    Anniversary Intentions of John & Frederica
           Quiterio: req. John & Frederica Quiterio
10:00 AM   Mildred Schulte: req. The Schulte Family             OUR LADY OF FATIMA STATUE
12:00 Noon Lorraine Santos: req. Linda Andrejewski              This week the Fatima statue will be in the home of John
5:00 PM    Stanley Kowrach: req. The Family                     & Frederica Quiterio. Please remember to also take the
MONDAY The Baptism of the Lord                                  black bag which holds the crown with the statue.
9:00 AM Margaret Berkuta: req. The Gatarz Family
7:00 PM Holy Hour
                                                                                               “       they fell down and
TUESDAY                                                                                        worshipped him.       Then they
9:00 AM Dolly Varga: req. Doris Carneglia                                                      opened their treasures and
WEDNESDAY                                                                                      offered him gifts of gold,
9:00 AM Lionel Carlos: req. Lupe & Cora Limjuco                 frankincense, and myrrh…”                    Matthew 2:11
                                                                Notice the order of events in the Magi’s visit. First, they knelt
THURSDAY                                                        before Jesus and prayed to Him. Then they presented Him
9:00 AM Michael Rohal: req. Henry & Helen Weachock              with their gifts. We, too, must take time to pray before we
FRIDAY                                                          present our gifts to the Lord. We never know what God may
9:00 AM      All Living & Deceased Parishioners of St. A’s      be asking us to share!

SATURDAY St. Hilary                                             December 24 ( 3 Masses)             $18,224.00
9:00 AM Deceased Members of the O’Shea & Yankowski              Christmas Collection                $81,348.00
        Families: req. Lillian O’Shea
5:00 PM Cindy Pikul: req. Carol & Tim
SUNDAY       Second Sunday in Ordinary Time                                   SPIRITUAL REMEMBRANCE
8:00 AM      Frank J. Ragany, Sr.: req. Elsie Ragany & Family
10:00 AM     Rick Carneglia: req. Doris Carneglia & Family                       TABERNACLE CANDLES
12:00 Noon   Jennie Capaccio: req. Mary Ellen Kaulius
5:00 PM      All Living & Deceased Parishioners of St. A’s          In Memory of Deceased Members of the Gatarz Family
                                                                              Donated by The Gatarz Family
                                                                                 SANCTUARY FLOWERS
                                                                   In Memory of Deceased Members of the Gatarz Family
                                                                             Donated by The Gatarz Family
       COUNTING TEAM #9 JANUARY 14, 2018
             Cornerstone/Deacon Jim

                                                                                    MEDITATION FOR JANUARY 7th, 2018
                                                                                  Seek Jesus diligently in your daily life.
              READINGS FOR THE WEEK                                               The Magi in the Gospel sought the newborn
                                                                                  King diligently, willing to travel from the
                                                                                  East to find Him. We can find Jesus in our
                                                                                  daily lives so much more easily, just by
Monday:       Is 55:1-11 or 1 Jn 5:1-9; Mk 1:7-11                                 being open to the many ways He is present to
Tuesday:      1 Sm 1:9-20; Mk 1:21-28                                             us. How diligent are we at finding Jesus in
Wednesday:    1 Sm 3:1-10, 19-20; Mk 1:29‑39                                      our own life?
Thursday:     1 Sm 4:1-11; Mk 1:40‑45
Friday:       1 Sm 8:4-7, 10-22a; Mk 2:1‑12                     The first reading recounts the splendor of Jerusalem as it
Saturday:     1 Sm 9:1-4, 17-19; 10:1a; Mk 2:13‑17              draws other nations to the glory of God. In his Epistle to the
Sunday:       1 Sm 3:3b-10, 19; 1 Cor 6:13c-15a, 17-20;         Ephesians, Saint Paul proclaims the Good News that the
              Jn 1:35-42                                        Gentiles are co-heirs of salvation with the people of Israel.
                                                                The Gospel recounts the journey of the Magi to Bethlehem,
                                                                where they worshipped the baby Jesus.
Saint Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church - THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD JANUARY 7, 2018
THIS WEEKS CALENDAR                                         READ ANY GOOD BOOKS LATELY?
                                                                       Soon you can help someone answer YES to
Monday                                                                 this question. Our Adventures in Reading
January 08        7:00   PM Eucharistic Adoration                      Ministry will be collecting new and almost
                  8:00   PM AA Meeting                                 new books for children in Pre-K through 5th
                  8:00   PM Baptism Class
                                                                       grade. These books will be donated to the
                  8:00   PM Outreach Ministry Meeting
                                                                       schools and libraries in New Brunswick.
January 09        2:30   PM Senior’s Club Meeting           What a difference they make for the children! For adults
                  5:30   PM Youth Choir Rehearsal           we also collect soft covered books of a spiritual,
                  6:00   PM Lego League-Robotics            Christian nature for our House of Hope Ministry. So
                  8:30   PM K/C Meetings
                                                            take a look at the books taking up space on your shelves
Wednesday                                                   and in closets and boxes around the house. The
January 10        4:15 & 7:15 pm Rel. Ed. Classes           collection will be during the weekend of February 3rd
                  7:00 PM Knights Of Columbus Meeting       and 4th in the church Gathering Area.
                  7:15 PM BOTW
Thursday                                                    KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOUR PARISH OFFICE
January 11        9:30 AM Senior’s Painting Class
                                                            Are you new to the area? Are you a registered member of the
                  6:30 PM Columbiettes Membership Mtg.
                                                            parish?? Are you moving???
Friday                                                      If you have recently moved into the area and have not yet
January 12        6:00 PM School Night of Musical Show      registered in the parish, we encourage you to become a
                  Tunes                                     registered member. You may do so in a variety of ways: you
Saturday          Carnevale Ticket Sales in Gathering       can ask an usher for a registration packet after Mass; by
January 13        Area after 5 pm Mass                      stopping by or calling the Parish Office to obtain a registration
                  8:00 AM Diocesan League Basketball        packet. Once registered, you will receive quarterly mailing of
                  11:30 AM Confessions                      parish offertory envelopes.
Sunday            Carnevale Ticket Sales in Gathering       The use of an Offertory envelope helps us to track Mass
January 14        Area after all Masses                     attendance which affects your status as an active or inactive
                  8:00 AM RCIA                              parishioner. Mass attendance, not the content of the offertory
                  7:00 PM Cornerstone Team Meeting          envelope, is reviewed twice a year and a letter is sent to those
                                                            who have not used their envelopes in a specified time period.

                       Family Meetings                      It is necessary to be an ACTIVE, REGISTERED member of
                          Father Bob                        the parish in order to obtain Sponsor Letters which are needed
                       January 17, 2018                     to act as Godparents for Baptism or Sponsors for
               Saint Augustine School Families              Confirmation. Sponsor letters cannot be given to those
                         3 PM to 5 PM                       considered inactive (or not registered). We also ask that
                         7 PM to 9 PM                       anyone seeking to be married in our church or to baptize a
                   School Conference Room                   child be registered in the parish.
                          And Library                       If you are moving out of the parish, please contact the office
                                                            around the time of your move so we may change our records
                       January 18, 2018
                                                            accordingly and avoid sending you envelopes you don’t need.
             Religious Education Program Families
                         3 PM to 5 PM                       Any questions, please call Liz at the Parish Office,
                         7 PM to 9 pm                       732-297-3000.
                   School Conference Room
                                                            A SPECIAL THANK YOU
                                                            As a “Thank You” to Father Bob and the parishioners of St.
                                                            Augustine for all your support, the Columbiettes have
                                                            purchased a goat and chickens through the World Vision
                                                            Organization. These animals will be given to a needy family
                                                            in a third world country.
Any Senior Adult who would like to join-55+, meets every    Because of the support given to the Columbiettes we were able
2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month in McGivney Hall, from     to make a monetary donation to Bnai Tikvah to help in the
2:30 to 4:30 pm (unless otherwise noted in the bulletin).   restoration of a Jewish cemetery that was vandalized. We were
Please join us for a barrel full of fun!!!                  also able to help a family whose home was destroyed by fire
                                                            and to support our own Outreach Program.
January 9         It’s All About Elvis!!! John Seber and
                            Elvis Crowley                   We always welcome new members to our ranks and we wish
                                                            the St. Augustine family a happy, healthy New Year.
Saint Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church - THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD JANUARY 7, 2018
Music Ministry MASS Schedule                                                                  Breaking Open the Word
The Music Ministry Schedule for 2nd Sunday in Ordinary
Time on January 13/14, 2018 is:                                                                 Wednesday Evenings
             Saturday 5:00 p.m. – Organist & Cantor                                               7:15-8:15 P.M.
             Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – Organist & Cantor                                               McGivney Hall
             12:00 noon – Organist & Cantor
             5:00 p.m. – Organist                                          BOTW will be meeting this Wednesday,
                                                                                    January 10, 2018
                                                                    If you can’t make a particular Wednesday, you can still
                                                                    prepare for the coming Sunday by going to:
Did You Know?
We collect
Box Tops for Education™!                                  
Cut Box Tops™, place in a baggie and drop
                                                                    January14th, 2018–2ndSunday in Ordinary Time
them into the collection box located in the
church gathering area.
Your support to our Blue Ribbon School
                                                                                    OUTREACH MINISTRY
is greatly appreciated!
                                                                                    God gave us two ears but only one mouth.
                                                                                    Some people say that’s because He wanted us
A NEW PARISH DIRECTORY IS COMING                                                    to spend twice as much time listening as
In preparation for the 60th Anniversary of St. Augustine Parish,                    talking. Others claim it’s because He knew that
the parish is undertaking another Parish Directory and we hope                      listening was twice as hard. God bless those
all our parishioners will be a part of it. The last directory was   who listen to the poor and try to do something about it.
done in 2002. A Parish Directory consists of portraits of our       (Envelopes can be found in the Gathering Area of the Church).
parishioners and ministries- it’s a great way to get to know the
names of faces of our wonderful parish community. Each
participating family receives a free 8 x 10 portrait and free
Directory. Family Portraits will be taken Tuesday, March 13
– Saturday, March 17 and Tuesday April 10 – Saturday April
14. Sign ups to arrange for your photo shoot will be taken
soon and may also be done on line – watch this bulletin for
more information. Be part of the directory - whether you’re a
family of 1 or a family of 10. The finished Directory will be
distributed in September 2018 as we celebrate 60 years of St.
Augustine of Canterbury!

                                 LET’S KEEP THE
                                CHRISTMAS SPIRIT

                        By helping the Religious
                        Teachers Filippini Sisters who
                        have served others all their lives
                        and now reside in Saint Joseph
                        Hall      Infirmary      of     the
                        Motherhouse in Morristown.
                        Beginning on January 13th, St.
                        Lucy Filippini’s birthday, you
can show your appreciation of all the Sisters have given
by giving them some of their favorite everyday and
toiletry items. Cards will be available by the statue of St.
Lucy in the church gathering area with simple items that
will make the Sisters, many who have served here at St.
A’s, very happy. Items will be collected during January
and your donations are greatly appreciated.
Saint Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church - THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD JANUARY 7, 2018
Saint Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church - THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD JANUARY 7, 2018
Saint Augustine of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church - THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD JANUARY 7, 2018
PARISH STAFF                                                 SOCIAL MINISTRIES
Elizabeth DeLuca, Administrative Assistant                   Parish Prayer Link
Kate O’Donnell, School Assistant to Pastor                           Elizabeth DeLuca                          297-3000
Mary Ann Almestica, Secretary                                Respect Life Ministry—VITA
Roseanne DeBari, Religious Education Secretary                       Donna Canvin                        908-420-3760
William R. Berg, Director of Music                                   Len & Laura Riccardi                    422-2232
Daria Dragan, Leader of Song                                 Sanctuary Guild
Eileen Baylis, Evening Secretary/Receptionist                        Janine Rosamilia                   732-991-5333
Bobby Beaton, Facility Manager                               Welcoming Ministry
         Anthony Beaton, Asst. Facility Manager                      Rita Taylor                             247-8396
Rick Parent (Assistant)
Debbie Jarosz, School Maintenance                            SPIRITUAL ENRICHMENT MINISTRIES
PASTORAL BOARD                                               Family Life Ministry
John Golubieski, Kathleen Lakarosky, Trustees                       Donna DiPane                 422-1446
Jim Cooper, Barbara Corio, Elizabeth DeLuca,                 Youth Ministry
Peter Frein, Donald Joworisak, Sister Barbara O’Kane, MPF,          Colleen Paras
Sister Joanne Manns, MPF, Deacon Denis F. Mayer,
Sister Ruthann McGoldrick, SCC, Edward Modzelewski, Jr.,     LITURGICAL LIFE MINISTRIES
Leilani Okamura, Deacon James Rivera, Sister Mary Louise     Lectors
Shulas, MPF, LHS,, Peter Varisco                                     Denise Avrutik                         422-6692
                                                             Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
SOCIAL MINISTRIES                                                    John Taikina                           421-5675
(Under the patronage of St. Vincent de Paul)                 Choir Director-(Adult/Young Adult/Youth/Children)
Adventures in Reading                                                William Berg                           297-3000
         Joan Hoffmann                      297-3000         Folk Group
Archivists/Historians                                                John Seber                             821-0257
         Marc Kollar                        672-4544         Ushers
Bereavement Ministry                                                 Joseph Buono                           422-4899
         Deacon Jim Rivera                  422-1611         Altar Servers
Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen                                        Louis Biondolillo, Senior MC–Scheduling853-3132
         Barbara Corio                      297-8287                 Marcus James, Accountability           289-8867
Fix-It-Up Ministry                                                   Mary Burke                             297-0289
         John Burke                         355-0562                 Clarissa Ting                          354-8927
Food Pantry                                                          Austin Forsythe, Junior MC             428-0652
         Lorelei Berkery                    297-2787         Sacristans
         Pat Lombardi                       821-8575                 Lupe Limjuco, Barbara Corio,
         Helen Weachock                     297-0933                 Liz DeLuca, Betty Lenart, Ed Johnson
Food Pantry/New Brunswick                                    Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
         Marsha & Harold Byron              329-2954                 Deacon Denis Mayer & the RCIA Team 297-3000
Giving Tree/Giving Cross
         Janine Rosamilia                    991-5333        PARISH ORGANIZATIONS
Hands Across The Sea                                         Athletic Association
         Rita Taylor                        247-8396                 Edward Modzelewski, Director            821-1115
Hospital Ministry                                            Columbiettes Council #6345
         Barbara A. Corio                   297-8287                 Kathleen Michalski, President           297-1282
House of Hope—Prison Ministry                                Home School Association
         Paul Dwyer                         794-3069                 Leilani Okamura, President         908-829-5229
Manna Ministry                                               Knights of Columbus
         Lisa Jackson                       422-8675                 Jim Cooper, Grand Knight                821-1808
         Pat Lombardi                       821-8575
Ministry to the Sick                                         COMMUNITY GATHERINGS
         Dorothy Wiley                      297-2619         Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings on Monday
Mother’s Circle                                                     Evenings at 8:00 PM in Fr. McGivney Hall
         Helen Rivera                       422-1611
Nursing Home/Hospital Ministry                               MINISTRY TO OUR “LITTLE ONES!”
         Sister Ruthann                     297-3000
Outreach Ministry                                            CHILDREN’S MASS is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of the
         Sister Barbara O’Kane, MPF         297-9713         month at the 9 AM Mass (Oct. - May)
Parish Breakfast Ministry
         Tom DeLuca/Jim Crowley             821-0412         RELIGIOUS EDUCATION—All children in grades first
Parish Family Ministry                                       through eighth must be registered in our Religious Education
         Denise Federico                    348-8686         Program or be attending our School. Call: 732-297-3011.
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