SASK PARKS CAMPING SEASON 2022 - Publications Saskatchewan

SASK PARKS CAMPING SEASON 2022 - Publications Saskatchewan
SASK PARKS CAMPING SEASON 2022 - Publications Saskatchewan

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Reservation Basics 2
Nightly Camping 3
Seasonal Camping 4
Group Camping 4
Camp-Easy 5
Picnic Shelter and Pavilion Rental 6
Entry Permits 7
Recreation Hall 8
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 Here's what you need to know about the 2022
 camping season!
SASK PARKS CAMPING SEASON 2022 - Publications Saskatchewan
New This Year
 Campsite comparison - campers can compare up to three sites online to assist in
 deciding the site that best suits their needs.

 Campsite favourites - campers can create a list of favourite sites that will be saved in
 their online account.

 Easier entry permit purchases - campers can click on "Entry Permit" in the top navigation bar
 on the website, select daily, weekly or annual entry, then checkout and print the permit at
 home. A temporary permit can be printed for annual vehicle entry permits. The permanent
 permit will be mailed to the shipping address you specify at the time of order. Please allow
 up to 10 business days for delivery.

 Programming and event reservations - more park interpretive programs, events and movie
 nights will be available on this year for visitors to reserve their spot
 in. Campers are encouraged to check out the events and programs prior to the reservation
 launch and plan their stays around what's happening in each park.

 More seasonal campsites added due to the popularity of the seasonal camping program,
 with 763 sites available to book in 2022.

 Making camping easier - Greenwater will have its first Camp-Easy yurt and Duck Mountain
 will receive their second yurt. Buffalo Pound and Blackstrap Provincial Parks will offer two
 Camp-Easy yurts this year as replacements for tents.

 Hanging in the park - new this year, visitors can experience hammock camping at Buffalo
 Pound Provincial Park! The weaver structure accommodates up to six hammocks, so grab a
 couple of friends and spend some time “hanging” in the park this summer!

 "Summer days spent
 with your faves are the
 best days." ❤️


SASK PARKS CAMPING SEASON 2022 - Publications Saskatchewan
Reservation Basics
 Reservations for the 2022 camping season can be made online at or
 call centre at 1-833-775-7275 (1-833-7SK-PARK).
 New customers will be required to create an account on the reservation system.
 The $12 reservation fee is charged per campsite booked and covers the cost of
 administering the system. An additional $2.00 call centre surcharge is charged for all
 transactions processed through the call centre. These reservation fees are non-
 E.g. If you book two different campsites, you will be charged two reservation fees.
 Full payment is required at the time of booking. Acceptable payment methods are Visa,
 Mastercard, Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit. Cash and Interac Debit accepted in-park as

 2022 Reservation Launch Schedule is as follows:
 April 18: Seasonal Camping (in parks offering seasonal camping)
 April 19: Candle Lake, Good Spirit Lake, Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan Landing
 April 21: Echo Valley, Douglas, Makwa Lake, Narrow Hills, Pike Lake
 April 22: Danielson, Great Blue Heron, Greenwater Lake, Rowan's Ravine, The
 April 25: Buffalo Pound, Bronson Forest, Duck Mountain, Moose Mountain
 April 26: Blackstrap, Crooked Lake, Cypress Hills, Lac La Ronge

 Nightly camping launch will be staggered for each park and includes reservations for
 nightly camping (full service, electrical, non-electrical, economy and backcountry), Camp-
 Easy and Mongolian yurt, hammock camping, equestrian camping, group camping,
 recreation halls, swimming lessons, picnic shelters, and new pavilions.

 All launch days will begin at 7:00 a.m. CST each morning. There is no need to log on early,
 however if customers choose to do so, they will be required to refresh the web page at 7:00

 A queuing system will only be activated when the threshold of people on the site is
 reached, meaning customers will enter a “virtual waiting room” and released back to the
 reservation site on a “first-in, first-out” order, maintaining the integrity and fairness of the

 Camping Terms and Conditions can be found on confirmation letters and also posted on
 the reservation website,

SASK PARKS CAMPING SEASON 2022 - Publications Saskatchewan
Nightly Camping
 Nightly campsite reservations open at 7:00 a.m. CST on April 19, 2022 in staggered
 approach for stays during the 2022 camping season (May 19, 2022 until September 30,

 Rates for nightly full-service sites and electric sites have remained the same from 2021.
 Regular rates in effect from May 19, 2022, to September 30, 2022:
 Full-service site: $44 per night
 Electric site: $33 per night
 Non-electric site: $20 per night
 Equestrian site: $20 per night
 Economy site: $18 per night
 Hammock camping site: $50 per night

 Backcountry camping permits are available at Meadow Lake and available for purchase
 online, in-park and via call centre. Customers accessing the Meadow Lake Boreal Trail must
 have a valid permit.

 Same-day bookings are allowed until 11:00 p.m. on the day of arrival.

 Campers will be able to book nightly camping for as long as they would like in the same
 campsite. There will be no maximum stay for nightly sites offered in 2022.

 Auto check-in will be in operation again in 2022. Campers who have a reservation and an
 entry permit can continue to proceed directly to their campsite. Campers are automatically
 checked in at midnight.

 Have you heard about our "Camping This Weekend" feature? This is a great option for those
 who are looking for a last-minute weekend getaway to a provincial park! Select the
 "Camping This Weekend" tab on and this handy tool will show you
 which parks have availability for the upcoming weekend.

Did you know that we offer a
variety of pet-friendly
amenities in parks like Good
Spirit and Duck Mountain? 

SASK PARKS CAMPING SEASON 2022 - Publications Saskatchewan
Seasonal Camping
 Seasonal campsite reservations open at 7:00 a.m. CST on April 18, 2022 and can be booked
 until end of day May 18, 2022.

 Any seasonal sites that have not been reserved by park opening (May 19) will be converted
 to nightly sites on May 19.

 Seasonal campsite fees are as follows:
 Full service: $3,400
 Electric site: $2,600
 Non-electric site: $1,400
 Economy site: $1,100

 Seasonal campers will need to purchase a vehicle entry permit. A valid vehicle entry permit is
 required year-round within provincial parks.

 Saskatchewan's natural beauty
 and clean air make camping in
 one of our provincial parks a
 refreshing experience!


Group Camping
 Group campsite reservations open at 7:00 a.m. CST on the same day as nightly campsites
 open for each park.

 Group Camping Fees
 (up to seven sites) (8-12 sites) (13 or more sites)

 ELECTRIC $120/night $180/night $240/night

 NON-ELECTRIC $80/night $120/night $160/night

 ECONOMY $72/night $108/night $144/night

 Group camping will be open for reservations in 2022 and 2023.
SASK PARKS CAMPING SEASON 2022 - Publications Saskatchewan
 Camp-Easy and Mongolian yurt reservations open at 7:00 a.m. CST on the same day as
 nightly campsites open for each park.

 Camp-Easy sites will be available at the following provincial parks:


 Yurt 217
 Yurt 218

 Yurt E34

 Tent T1
 Tent T3

 Yurt 317
 Yurt 318

 Yurt Y1
 Yurt Y2

 Yurt 268
 Yurt 274

 Yurt A1
 Tent A46

 GREAT BLUE HERON Mongolian Yurt A46


 Yurt G68
 Yurt M62

 Yurt 55
 Yurt 57

SASK PARKS CAMPING SEASON 2022 - Publications Saskatchewan
2021 Camp-Easy Fees Price

 Camp-Easy Tents $80/night

 Camp-Easy Yurts $80/night

 Mongolian Yurt at
 Great Blue Heron

 Refundable damage

 NEW this year, all Camp-Easy tents and yurts will be equipped with queen beds for added
 comfort, with two bunk-style cots that sleep four.

 A refundable damage deposit must be paid at the time of reservation. If no damage occurs
 during the stay and all supplied Camp-Easy equipment is accounted for, you will be
 refunded the damage deposit.

 Customers will need to complete a Camp-Easy liability waiver that can be found on

Picnic Shelter and Pavilion Rental
 Reservations for Pike Lake's picnic shelter open at 7:00 a.m. CST on April 21, 2022, for
 bookings in 2022 and 2023.
 Cutoff time for picnic shelter bookings: reservations must be made by 8:00 p.m. CST
 two days prior to arrival date.

 Pike Lake picnic shelter rental fees are $80 per day.

 Pavilion Rentals:
 Four new pavilions will be available to rent this summer at Blackstrap, Buffalo Pound,
 Echo Valley and Pike Lake Provincial Parks.
 These modern new pavilions are perfect for weddings, family reunions, birthday parties
 and more. See our special event policy for more information on hosting special events
 in parks.
 Pavilion rentals will be open for reservations in 2022 and 2023.

SASK PARKS CAMPING SEASON 2022 - Publications Saskatchewan
Entry Permits
 A valid vehicle entry permit is required year-round and must be displayed on your vehicle's
 dashboard when in a Saskatchewan provincial park.

 Vehicle entry permits offered in 2022:
 Park Entry Passes Price



 Daily Entry $10

 Vehicle entry permits can be purchased at the park or ahead of your arrival on

 If you plan on purchasing your vehicle entry permit online at, please
 note the following:
 Standalone daily and weekly entry permits can be printed at home or collected at the
 park and are non-refundable. They can be upgraded to a weekly or annual entry permit
 upon arrival at the park.
 If you purchase an annual vehicle entry permit online, the permit will be mailed to the
 mailing address associated with your reservation. Allow at least two weeks from the
 date of purchase for your annual to be received in the mail.
 You will also be emailed a temporary permit that you can print and display in your
 vehicle until the annual permit arrives in the mail. The temporary vehicle entry
 permit is valid three weeks from the date of purchase.

 Saskatchewan residents 65 years or older (or turn 65 in the current year) may receive free
 daily, weekly or annual entry to Saskatchewan Provincial Parks upon proof of age with
 government-issued ID at the park. A senior annual vehicle entry permit is assigned to your
 Sask Parks customer account and for your use only in Saskatchewan Provincial Parks.

SASK PARKS CAMPING SEASON 2022 - Publications Saskatchewan
Recreation Hall
 Recreation hall reservations can be made online and via call centre for 2022 and 2023
 starting at 7:00 a.m. CST on the same day as nightly campsites open at the following parks:
 April 19 - Good Spirit Lake
 April 21 - Pike Lake
 April 22 - Greenwater Lake, The Battlefords
 April 25 - Duck Mountain, Moose Mountain

 Recreation fees will vary depending on recreation hall size and length of booking as
 outlined below.


 LESS THAN 200 A $12 non-refundable
 $100 $200 $100
 SQUARE METRES reservation fee is charged per
 (Good Spirit and The reservation.
 Battlefords) Bookings made through the
 Call Centre will incur the
 reservation fee as above plus
 an additional $2 surcharge.

 GREATER THAN 200 A $12 non-refundable
 $150 $300 $100
 SQUARE METRES reservation fee is charged per
(Greenwater Lake, Duck
 Mountain, Moose Bookings made through the
 Call Centre will incur the
 Mountain, and Pike reservation fee as above plus
 Lake) an additional $2 surcharge.

 A refundable damage deposit will be owed at the time of reservation. The damage deposit
 will be refunded in whole or partially after inspection of the recreation hall.

 Recreation halls are available for booking in half day or full day time slots. There is a refundable
 damage deposit associated with the reservations. If you require multiple day reservations, you
 will need to book them separately. For example, there will be two damage deposits associated
 with a two-day reservation, but this damage deposit will be refunded provided there is no
 damage to the facilities or the equipment within following staff inspection.

Swimming Lessons
 Swimming lesson bookings open at 7:00 a.m. CST on the same day as nightly campsites
 open for Buffalo Pound, Cypress Hills and Pike Lake.
 Cutoff time for swimming lesson bookings: reservations must be made by 12:00 p.m.
 on the Friday before the Monday swimming lessons.

 A $12 reservation fee will be charged for swimming lessons (including an additional $2
 surcharge if booked via the call centre).

eGift Cards
 eGift Cards may only be redeemed towards the purchase of eligible goods and services
 offered on the Reservation Website, via the Call Centre and at Saskatchewan Provincial
 Parks, including campground reservations and walk-ins upon availability, vehicle entry
 permits, and services operated solely by the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport. eGift
 Cards are not redeemable towards the purchase of goods and services offered by lessees
 operating in Saskatchewan Provincial Parks.

 Sask Parks eGift Cards do not expire and we do not charge any service fees for non-use.

 You can check your current balance or add more value to the eGift Card online at, by contacting the Call Centre, or in a Saskatchewan Provincial Park.

 to find your next

Sask Parks Donations
 New this year – park visitors can now donate to Saskatchewan Provincial Parks through the
 online reservation system to help fund park innovations and new experiences while also
 supporting education and stewardship.

 Donations can be made in any amount, directed to specific parks, educational and
 interpretive programming, trails and recreation, landscape protection and ecological
 integrity, or general park operations.

 All donations over $20 are eligible for a charitable donation receipt.

 To make a donation, visit and select the “Donate” tab.

Park Program and Special Event Tickets
 Sask Parks has a number of exciting guided programs, tours, special events, outdoor movie
 nights and more planned for the season.

 New in 2022, themed programming days will take place each Saturday and will include
 unique programming, special guests and exciting hands-on experiences.

 Campers can view program calendars to help plan their summer camping trips.

 Programming details are available on Search for the park you are
 interested in on the home screen and choose "Events and Tickets" from the drop-down
 menu to view all programs and events.

 @erincrooksphoto 10
Reservation Changes and Cancellations
 Fees and charges are subject to change at any time. If site fees change, we will honor the
 fees in effect when you made the reservation, as long as you do not change the reservation.
 If you make changes, we will apply the new fees.

 Change and cancellation fees are based on the type of site reserved. These fees are in
 addition to the reservation fee. Reservation, change and cancellation fees are non-

 Unless otherwise stated, you may change or cancel your reservation by visiting or by calling the Saskatchewan Provincial Parks Reservation Call
 Centre at 1-833-775-7275. Where a change or cancellation is not covered by the
 Saskatchewan Provincial Parks policies, Saskatchewan Provincial Parks will apply the
 relevant transaction/penalty charges if you:
 Shorten any dates on a reservation.
 Change arrival date, except to extend a reservation by arriving earlier.
 Downgrade to a lower-priced site or activity.

 For a complete list of Saskatchewan Provincial Parks policies, rules and regulations please

Further Information
 General information on Saskatchewan Provincial Parks, camping, policies, fees, and refund
 guidelines are posted on
You can also read