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   BROCHURE 2019
                             SBC Canford Summer School | 1

                          SBC CANFORD
                                      SUMMER SCHOOL
                  SBC Canford Summer School provides a magnificent location for a fantastic summer
              school experience. SBC Canford is located at the prestigious Canford School, which is near
                the south coast of England. Just 20 minutes from the coastal town of Bournemouth, it is
               one of the most popular UK destinations for English language learning outside of London.

                  SBC Canford Summer School offers students from all around the world a genuinely
              international experience where they will be able to improve their English, study interesting
                   and stimulating academic subjects, take part in an extensive activity programme,
                                go on exciting excursions and form lifelong friendships.

                                    95                       95
          In 2018 SBC became           Strict limits on the number of students          This year SBC celebrates
            the first and only              who speak each language help                  it’s 10th anniversary.
          multicentre summer             create truly multi-national learning             During that time, we
        school to be awarded an             environments for our students                 have welcomed over
        area of Strength in each          to thrive. In 2018 SBC welcomed                 10,000 students from
           of the 15 categories              students from 95 countries.                 139 different countries
           assessed in a British                                                              to our courses.
                                        At SBC Canford alone, there were 55
           Council inspection.
                                               different nationalities

2 |                                                                                    SBC Canford Summer School | 3
The School & Location
                                  SBC Canford Summer School is located at the highly-
                                  esteemed Canford School, which was founded in 1923 and
                                  is set in 250 acres of stunning parkland grounds on the banks
                                  of the River Stour in the South West of England.

                                  Only a short distance from the school is the delightful
                                  Dorset market town of Wimborne, which has one of the
                                  largest and most popular markets in the South of England.
                                  Around 30 minutes from the school is the lovely coastal town
                                  of Bournemouth, famous for its beachfront promenade
                                  and sandy beaches.

                                  The school is renowned for its historic buildings but equally
                                  for its fantastic modern facilities, some of the best to be found
                                  anywhere in Europe, making it an ideal place for students to
                                  have a sensational summer school experience.

                                  The SBC Canford Summer School is operated and staffed by
                                  Summer Boarding Courses Ltd.

                                  The School Facilities
                                  Canford School hosts exceptional facilities. The state-of-the-
                                                                                                                                        Summer Boarding
                                  art sports centre and boarding facilities are of the highest
                                  quality and are all set amongst expansive and picturesque                                             Courses has
                                                                                                                                        welcomed students
                                  grounds and playing fields. The facilities include:

                                  •   Indoor heated swimming pool
                                      290 seat theatre
                                      Modern, well equipped classrooms                                                                  from 139 different
                                      Tennis courts & volleyball courts
                                      Football pitches & basketball courts                                                              countries to our
                                  •   Multi-purpose sports hall
                                  •   Dance studio
                                  •   Historic dining hall

                                  The accommodation at Canford is spacious, comfortable and
                                  of the highest quality. There are a number of boarding houses
                                  with separate houses for boys and girls. Accommodation
                                  is made up of mostly single rooms, with a small number of
                                  shared rooms available, sleeping between 3 and 6 students.

                                  Meal Times
                                  Students will have all their meals in the stunning Great
                                  Hall, located in the heart of the oldest part of Canford School.
                                  Meal times provide students with an excellent selection,
                                  for example a full English breakfast is provided three days
                                  a week and a continental breakfast is available every day.

                                  For lunch and dinner there is always a choice of two hot meals,
                                  including a vegetarian option. Students also have a delicious
                                  salad bar available to them as well as fresh bread, fruit and

                                  In addition, drinks and biscuits are prepared each night
                                  before bed.

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Overview of SBC Canford
Summer Programme

                                      15 hours English tuition each week

                                            2 full day trips each week*
                                             with all transport and entrances included
                                                  *Except for departure week when there is one full day trip.

               Afternoon and Evening
                Activity Programme

                                                                                                                       “My daughter had a
                                                                                                                       wonderful time in the
                                                                                                                    summer school. Thank you
                                SBC Canford                                                Progress Report
                                                                                          and End-of-Course         for all your assistance and
                             Summer School T-Shirt                                            Certificate            support during her trip in
                                                                                                                    UK. Look forward to seeing
                                                                                                                           you next year.”
                                                                                                                        Hongyu, Parent, China
                                                             On campus                                  All meals
   Laundry Service                    Travel
                                                           accommodation                                included

6 |                                                                                               SBC Canford Summer School | 7
A typical day at SBC Canford
Summer School
Sample timetable

                          SBC CANFORD SAMPLE TIMETABLE
        Monday         Tuesday       Wednesday           Thursday           Friday       Saturday            Sunday

                                                        7.30 - Wake up

                                                        8.15 - Breakfast
                         9.00             9.00                 9.00                         9.00                  9.00

                       Lesson 1        Lesson 1           Lesson 1                        Lesson 1           Lesson 1

                                     10.30 - Break
                                         11.00             11.00                           11.00
                                                                                                 10.30 - Break
                                                                                                                         The Academic Programme
                       Lesson 2        Lesson 2           Lesson 2                        Lesson 2           Lesson 2
                                                                                                                         Classes take place on 5 mornings each week, with                Life and Career Skills: Students will also develop a
                                                                                                                         a maximum class size of 15 students. For all of our             range of skills that will help them in their future careers
                                     12.30 - Lunch                                               12.30 - Lunch
                                                                                                                         courses, we believe in creating a stimulating and               and social situations. Time to Shine projects develop
                                                                                                                         communicative learning environment for students.                information literacy skills through our research tasks.
                                   13.30 - House Time                                        13.30 - House Time
                                                                                                                         All students will be asked to complete an online English        Students will also develop autonomy by using their
                                                                                                                         assessment before their arrival at the school, in order         initiative in their projects, and so have greater control
                                         14.30             14.30                                                         to assess their level of English and ensure they are            over their own learning. By working together on projects,
       Arrival Day                                                                         14.30                         placed into the correct classes.                                students will develop their collaborative skills, as well
                                           -               -                Full day                                                                                                     as their social and cultural awareness.
       or Full Day                                                                           -
                                     or English Plus or English Plus       Excursion
        Excursion       14.30                                                                                            English Course Options                                          All students will do a Time to Shine presentation at the
                                                                                                                                                                                         end of their course.
                       Themed                                                                                 14.30      Every student receives 15 hours of lessons in the
                                                 15.45-Break                            15.45-Break                      mornings with professionally qualified teachers.
                                                                                                            Fete Day     We offer General English courses, and also a variety of
                                         16.15             16.15                                                         different academic course options for an additional cost.
                                           -               -
                                     or English Plus or English Plus
                                                                                             -                           Time to Shine: 21st Century Skills
                                                                                                                         At SBC Canford, our aim is to develop both the student’s
                                   17.30 - House Time                                        17.30 - House Time          language ability and also skills which will help them to
                                                                                                                         prepare for future success in the 21st century. Each
                                     18.30 - Dinner                                              18.30 - Dinner          academic option has a Time to Shine research
                                                                                                                         and presentation project which encourages students
                                   19.15 - House Time                                        19.15 - House Time          to develop the following skills:
                                                                                                                         Communication Skills: By taking part in the Time to Shine
                                                                                                                         projects, all SBC Canford students will develop their ability
          19.45         19.45            19.45             19.45             19.45         19.45              19.45
                                                                                                                         to communicate effectively and learn to work as part of a
       House Night   Cinema Trip     Splash Down        Talent Show      BBQ & Quiz    Challenge Night        Disco      team.
                                                                                                                         Expert Thinking & Innovation Skills: Students will develop
                                                      21.45 - House Time                                                 analytical and critical thinking skills, and be creative and
                                                                                                                         imaginative in their projects.
                                                       22.00 - Lights out

8 |                                                                                                                                                                                       SBC Canford Summer School | 9
At a Glance                                                                                                                   At a Glance
                                                                                                                                                                                            Focus on English through
          2, 3, 4 or 5 week        15 hours English          Focus on English through            Available for all language             2, 3, 4 or 5 week         15 hours English                                            Upper intermediate to
                                                                                                                                                                                            subjects such as history,
          courses                  tuition each week         varied activities and projects      levels                                 courses                   tuition each week                                           advanced levels
                                                                                                                                                                                            science and creative writing.

General English                                                                                                               Summer Study
Why Choose General English?                                   How We Teach: Making English Fun                                Why Choose Summer Study?                                       How We Teach: Making English Fun
Build English, Build Confidence.                              Activating what you learn.                                      Build English, Build Confidence.                               Activating what you learn.
In our General English course, students will always           We have designed our lessons following a modern,                Our Summer Study course consists of 15 hours of                We believe that students learn best when they are
practice what they have learned during the lesson.            communicative approach. The language that is taught in          lessons per week and is available to students of an Upper      actively applying language in practice. For this reason, our
Teachers will provide students with fun and challenging       each lesson is activated in communicative tasks, activities     Intermediate to Advanced level of English. Students will       lessons are designed to be communicative, meaning that
speaking activities which allow students to practise the      and projects, so that each student interacts in English         benefit from a content-based learning approach, which          our students are constantly using English in an interactive
language they have studied during the lesson. Activating      throughout the lesson. By using language in a creative and      provides them with the opportunity to develop their            way. This way students not only develop their language
language through practice is an important step in the         imaginative way, the course builds both language skills and     English language skills through the study of popular           skills, but their confidence in using English too.
language learning process.                                    the confidence to use the language in real-world situations.    school subjects. These subjects include English Literature,
                                                                                                                              Creative Writing, History, Science and Geography, and          Time to Shine
Learning Language and                                         Time to Shine                                                   the syllabus has been designed specifically for our 11 to
                                                                                                                                                                                             Dynamic and varied research projects.
                                                                                                                              15-year-old students.
Using Language                                                Fun, collaborative, research and presentation tasks.                                                                           As part of our Time to Shine programme, our Summer
Using English in a meaningful way.                            For General English’s Time to Shine, students will take
                                                              part in a creative, communicative and challenging project.
                                                                                                                              Learning Language Through the                                  Study students will use the subject knowledge they have
                                                                                                                                                                                             developed each week, and create engaging and thought-
General English focuses on building both language
knowledge and language skills. Students will develop their
                                                              Examples of such projects include: giving presentations         Study of Other Subjects                                        provoking presentations. This communicative and
                                                              based on the students’ own research; fun and collaborative                                                                     collaborative task enables students to utilise a variety
understanding of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation,                                                                          Using English in a meaningful way.
                                                              team challenges, and class competitions.                                                                                       of 21st century skills.
reading and writing, and activate this knowledge in                                                                           The course uses a variety of materials, ranging from
challenging and dynamic activities, projects and tasks.                                                                       famous works of literature to scientific case studies, and
The course emphasises using language in spoken                                                                                covers both classic and modern elements of each subject.
                                                                    “My son has improved his English level,
interactions as the most effective method of activating                                                                       Lessons focus on spoken interaction, including classroom              “I liked Summer Study because we did
what has been learned, and gaining confidence in using             reading, speaking and writing. The lessons                 discussions, debates, improvisation and fun topic-based               a lot of different things. My classes are
this knowledge.                                                    are both good at academic level and great                  activities. This helps students develop their understanding                          so much fun.”
                                                                                  for summer.”                                of both the subject, and the English language used to
                                                                                                                              discuss the subject.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mayuri, Student, Japan
                                                                                       Nuria, Parent, Spain

10 |                                                                                                                                                                                            SBC Canford Summer School | 11
At a Glance                                                                                                                     At a Glance
                                                                 Focus on Teamwork,
                                   15 hours tuition                                                                                                                 15 hours tuition           Focus on Negotiation,
          2 week course                                          Presentation, Leadership,      Intermediate and above                    2 week course                                                                         Intermediate and above
                                   each week                                                                                                                        each week                  Diplomacy, Critical Thinking

Introduction to Business                                                                                                        International Relations
Why Choose Introduction to                                        How We Teach                                                  Why Choose Introduction                                         How We Teach
Business?                                                         Introduction to Business is an interactive course in which    to International Relations?                                     Introduction to International Relations is an interactive
                                                                  the students are fully active in spoken English throughout.                                                                   course in which the students are fully active in spoken
Introduction to Business is a 30-hour course in which             This focus on communicative learning is the ideal way         Introduction to International Relations is a 30-hour            English throughout and, alongside developing their
students gain knowledge and practical experience of key           for students to understand how the theory of business is      course which introduces students to major concepts in           subject knowledge, students are provided with the perfect
concepts in international business. The course focuses            realised in practice.                                         world politics. It has been designed especially for 11- to      opportunity to build on their English language fluency.
on learning about fundamental Business concepts and                                                                             15-year-old students and challenges our students to think
building English language proficiency through interactive
and communicative project work and team-building
                                                                  Time to Shine                                                 about important geopolitical issues through a series of
                                                                                                                                communicative tasks, role-plays and discussions.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Time to Shine
exercises.                                                        Designing and developing a start-up business is the                                                                           In Introduction to International Relations’ Time to
                                                                  project given for Introduction to Business’ Time to Shine.    Learning and Doing                                              Shine, students will take part in a Model United Nations
Learning and Doing                                                This business will showcase students’ learning in the
                                                                                                                                This course develops key skills in presentation, negotiation
                                                                                                                                                                                                simulation, in which they will represent different
                                                                  following areas: branding, marketing, finance, market                                                                         countries, as per sittings of the United Nations Security
This interactive course teaches the essentials of business        research and product design. For their Time to Shine          and diplomacy. By taking on the roles of political leaders      Council, in order to resolve a hypothetical international
through a fun and interactive project in which students           presentation, students will pitch their business idea         during role-play assignments, our students are able to          dispute. In this simulation, students will showcase
create a product and pitch their creation to a panel of           (including webpage and business plan) to a panel              apply what they have learned to present their ideas,            their skills in diplomacy, negotiation, consultation
judges. Students develop both their theoretical and               of judges.                                                    negotiate resolutions and deal with hypothetical crisis         and conflict resolution.
practical knowledge of business practice and know-how.                                                                          situations.

               “As a parent, I felt welcome and well informed. My son is also praising the                                              “Thank you for such a great experience my daughter had and for a very nice structure
                whole SBC staff at the Canford Summer School for their efforts and care.”                                                   to the summer. She already mentioned she would like to go again next year.”

                                                      Piotr, Parent, Poland                                                                                                       Roberta, Parent, Sweden

12 |                                                                                                                                                                                              SBC Canford Summer School | 13
At a Glance
                                    15 hours tuition           Focus on problem solving,
          2 week course                                                                        Intermediate and above
                                    each week                  team work, critical thinking

Introduction to STEM
Why Choose STEM at SBC Canford?                                  Learning Through STEM Projects
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and            Over half of the Introduction to STEM course at SBC
Mathematics. This is an ideal course for students who           Canford will be practical project work, which students
wish to influence scientific and technological development      will complete in collaboration with their classmates. In
in the future. STEM at SBC Canford instructs students in        learning through interactive project work, students will
how to apply each of these four academic disciplines to         not only develop their knowledge of Science, Technology,
solve real-world scientific and technological challenges,       Engineering and Mathematics, but also develop their
such as in the fields of robotics, engineering, and design.     ability to communicate, collaborate, solve problems and
                                                                take the initiative as part of a team.
What Will Students Learn?
As Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are
                                                                Time to Shine
integrated together in the course syllabus, students will       Each STEM project will ask students in groups to research,
develop informed values and attitudes with regards to how       evaluate, design and develop a scientific or technological
each discipline contributes to the biological, technological    idea. As the culmination of each project, students will be
and physical world. Students will learn about the dependent     asked to prepare a presentation and demonstration of             “I like all of the things
relationship between each discipline, and about how the         their scientific findings and technological design. By asking
four disciplines influence society when combined.               students to take part in such research and development          in my lessons. It was the
                                                                tasks which culminate in presentations, we will not only
                                                                build our students’ knowledge of STEM subjects, but their             best two weeks
                                                                English language skills as well.
                                                                                                                                         of my life.”
               “Thank you for everything! Laetitia had a really great time at SBC Canford,                                        Veronika, Student, Israel
                                 she didn’t want to come back home!”

                                                 Caroline, Parent, Lebanon

14 |                                                                                                         SBC Canford Summer School | 15
Multi-Activity Programme
Our excellent grounds and first class facilities provide
the ideal environment for students to participate in
our extensive afternoon Activity Programme. The
mixed nationality activity groups ensure that students
continue to practise and develop their English
speaking skills outside of the classroom.

On 4 days a week students will have 2 afternoon
activity sessions. There are different activity options
every afternoon, and students will have up to 6
different activities each day to choose from, which

•   Swimming                  •    Face Painting
•   English sports            •    Yoga                       “I love SBC! All the
•   Basketball                •    Fitness circuits
•   Volleyball                •    Music workshops           activities are fun and I
                                   Water polo
                                                             made many new friends
    Arts & Crafts
    Adventure trail
                                   Photo challenges
                                                             here! I will come back.”
Additionally, on 1 afternoon each week students will            Tina, Student, China
participate in a whole school activity, such as ‘Challenge
Day’, where all students will complete exciting and fun
challenges in teams.

16 |                                                        SBC Canford Summer School | 17
English Plus+
We offer optional English Plus+ courses with students able to select one choice each week, at an additional cost. Our
English Plus+ programme provides students with an opportunity to engage in exciting new activities and classes or to
develop existing interests and skills. The English Plus+ courses take place on two afternoons per week, replacing the
Multi-Activity Programme. The English Plus+ courses available are:

   Intensive English: Speaking                                                                                          Horse Riding
                                                                                                                        Students are taught by British Horse Society approved
   This course is suitable for students with an Intermediate to                                                         instructors at their school in the New Forest, which provides
   Advanced level of English. Students will build confidence in                                                         some of the finest countryside riding in the South of England.
   English by taking part in stimulating conversations and debates                                                      Beginners or experienced riders receive tuition in riding and
   aimed to develop speaking and listening skills with a focus on                                                       looking after horses.
   pronunciation and fluency.
                                                                                                                        Adventure Sports
   Intensive English: Writing
                                                                                                                        This course is for our adventurous students and offers activities
                                                                                                                        such as Bushcraft, High Ropes, Archery, Mountain Biking and
   This course is suitable for students with an Intermediate to                                                         Paint Balling. All activities take place off-site and are run by
   Advanced level of English. Students will develop their written                                                       professional instructors.
   English skills in a fun and interactive way, and focus on
   producing short stories, journalistic articles and poetry to gain
   confidence in their written accuracy and flair.                                                                      Watersports
                                                                                                                        Students can make the most of spending their summer by the
   General English Extra                                                                                                sea by joining our Water Sports course. This course offers a fun
                                                                                                                        mix of water sports such as Sailing, Surfing, Paddle Boarding
                                                                                                                        and Kayaking for all abilities. Led by qualified instructors,
   Suitable for students with an A1 or A2 level of English, this course                                                 students will learn and develop their skills in each of the activities.
   offers students extra General English lessons so as to achieve a
   broad improvement in all areas of English. Students will focus on
   building their vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, speaking
   and listening skills. A great course for students to quickly build                                                                “Art and Design was my favourite activity.
   confidence and further improve their English language level.
                                                                                                                                 We were taught so many things and it was really fun.”
   Street Dance                                                                                                                                                        An Ling, Student, Hong Kong

   Students will love our dynamic and vibrant dance classes where
   they receive tuition in modern styles and street dance by a
   dance instructor. This course is open to students of all abilities.

   Art & Design

   This 2 week course is for creative students looking
   to develop their artistic skills. Students will focus on painting,
   sculpture and drawing, creating their own portfolio over
   the 2 week period.

18 |                                                                                                                                                                     SBC Canford Summer School | 19
Evening                                                                                   Excursions
Activities                                                                                Each week our students enjoy 2 full days* visiting some of the UK’s famous tourist attractions. The Excursion
                                                                                          Programme combines a mixture of cultural and historic visits with fun-filled days out and a little time for souvenir
                                                                                          shopping. The Excursion Programme includes:
Our creative and varied Evening Programme is a very
important part of the summer school experience,
providing fantastic opportunities for students to have
fun and socialise together.                                                                                                     Bournemouth & the Beach
The Evening Programme can include:                                                                                              Students will spend the day exploring the coastal town of Bournemouth. With
                                                                                                                                seven miles of golden sand and sparkling sea, plus a vast variety of shops, cafés
•   Silly Olympics                                                                                                              and gardens, there is something for everyone.
•   Fashion Shows
•   Games Nights                                                                                                      
•   Movie Nights
•   Make a Music Video
•   Capture the Flag
•   Discos                                                                                                                      Oxford
•   Talent Nights
•   Sports Tournaments                                                                                                          A trip to the picturesque university town of Oxford, also known as the
•   Team Challenges                                                                                                             ‘City of Dreaming Spires’. Includes a walking tour, a punting boat trip
•   Wild West Night                                                                                                             on the River Thames and enough time for some shopping.

Evening Trips
In addition to the two full day excursions, our students
can look forward to another trip off site with a great                                                                          Thorpe Park
evening of entertainment at Splashdown Water Park.
                                                                                                                                Enjoy an exhilarating day out at one of the nation’s most popular theme parks,
                                                                                                                                with over thirty extreme rides and attractions, and one of the world’s most
                                                                                                                                exciting roller coasters!


                                                                                                                                Students will get to enjoy the historic city of Bath, visiting the famous Roman
                                                                                                                                Baths and learning about their 2000 year history. The day continues in the
                                                                                                                                wonderful city of Bath with its stunning architecture and students can soak up
                                                                                                                                the atmosphere of this beautiful city with time for some shopping.


                                                           “My daughter not only made                                           London
                                                            many new friends but gained                                         A trip to the UK would not be complete without a visit to the bustling capital
                                                            a lot in terms of exposure,                                         city of London. During the excursion, students will spend the day in the capital
                                                                                                                                exploring some of its many great attractions, such as Big Ben, Trafalgar Square
                                                            confidence and team work.”                                          and the London Eye.

                                                           Suha, Parent, Jordan
                                                                                          *There is one full day excursion during the departure week.

20 |                                                                                                                                                    SBC Canford Summer School | 21
Student Welfare
                                                                       The staff members at SBC Canford Summer School are friendly, dedicated professionals who are passionate about
                                                                       working with children from all around the world. The welfare of our students is our main priority at all times, both on-site
                                                                       at the school and off-site during excursions and trips. We have 1 member of staff to every 6 students, ensuring that our
                                                                       students feel supported and cared for every moment of their stay with us.

                                                                       Student Support Managers                                        Teachers
 “Gorgeous location, extremely nice and caring staff. Our son was      From the moment you book, your dedicated Student                The 6 different English course options are all taught
  homesick for the first two nights but with the help of the really    Support Manager is there to answer your questions and
                                                                       make sure that you and your child are ready for summer.
                                                                                                                                       by our professionally qualified teachers, with two 90
                                                                                                                                       minute lessons taking place on five mornings each week.
wonderful staff it was no problem at all. Best thing: We got a happy   During summer, they will help with any welfare issues,          Our teachers also assist in ensuring the general welfare
                                                                       communicate frequent updates and to provide general             of students, as well as playing their part in leading the
       and self-confident kid back! Thank you very much!”              ongoing help to parents. Our experienced team is                activities and excursions.
                                                                       committed to answering your questions within 1 working
                                                                       day, in order to provide thorough assistance.
                                    Kirsten, Parent, Germany                                                                           Activity Leaders
                                                                       Summer School Management                                        Our Activity Leaders are responsible for implementing
                                                                                                                                       the Activity Programme and Excursion Programme.
                                                                       Our Management team take responsibility for every               The Activity Leaders ensure that the students are
                                                                       aspect of student welfare, along with the day to day            enjoying the activities, that they are having fun and
                                                                       running of the school. The Director of Studies oversees         practising their English.
                                                                       the Academic Programme, whilst the Summer School
                                                                       Director, supported by the Office Coordinator, Welfare
                                                                       Coordinator, Student Director and House Parents ensure          Safeguarding
                                                                       that the students are fully engaged in summer school            Summer Boarding Courses is committed to safeguarding
                                                                       life and are happy and well during their stay. The Social       and promoting the welfare of children. We have a
                                                                       Programme Coordinator leads the team of Activity                comprehensive Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
                                                                       Leaders to provide a dynamic and engaging Activity              and procedures in place which all employees, volunteers
                                                                       Programme. Together, all of our Managers see that every         and contractors must to adhere to.
                                                                       aspect of the school runs smoothly, safely and offers every
                                                                       child the chance
                                                                       to participate fully.

                                                                       House Parents
                                                                       House Parents are key members of the summer school
                                                                                                                                               “Magnificent! All the staff
                                                                       team whose main duty is overseeing the welfare of our
                                                                       students. The House Parents are always available in the
                                                                                                                                                  were outstanding.”
                                                                       boarding houses and also help during break and meal times.
                                                                       They offer our students a friendly face with whom                               Yousef, Student, Egypt
                                                                       they can discuss any specific welfare issues.

 22 |                                                                                                                                  SBC Canford Summer School | 23
Booking your child’s visit to SBC                              Travel Information
Canford Summer School                                          Students’ travel to and from England must be booked and paid for independently. Once your booking with us has been
                                                               confirmed, we will ask you to provide us with your child’s travel information as early as possible. This is very important
                                                               so that we can arrange airport transfers if required.

   Prices and Dates                                            Transfers
   Prices, dates and supplementary fees information can
   be found on our website at                                  For an additional cost we offer an Airport Transfer                                        Service to and from SBC Canford Summer School
                                                               on the published arrival and departure dates.
                                                               Students arriving to and departing from Heathrow
   Application Form                                            airport can use our Airport Coach Transfer Service
                                                               which operates between 09.00 and 16.00.
   We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment,
   as there are a limited number of places at SBC Canford      On arrival at Heathrow airport, all students are met
   Summer School and we may be full by April. Booking          by a member of SBC staff who will be wearing a
   can be made online on our website -                         bright yellow SBC t-shirt. Similarly when departing             from Heathrow airport our staff will accompany all
                                                               students and assist with the check-in procedure at
   Once your form has been received, one of our Student        the airport.
   Support Managers will be in touch to confirm
   your booking.                                               If your child will be flying to the UK without a
                                                               parent or guardian we recommend you request
                                                               Unaccompanied Minor assistance direct from the                                                                                Leeds

                                                               airline. For more details on airport transfers please
   Confirmation of Place                                       visit our website. For students arriving on flights
                                                               before 09.00 and after 16.00 Summer Boarding
   Upon receipt of your completed booking form, Summer         Courses can arrange a taxi transfer. Please contact
   Boarding Courses Ltd will send you confirmation of          us for a quotation and further information. The                                                                              Birmingham
   the student’s place, alongside an invoice and a SBC         deadline for booking a transfer is the 21st June,
   Canford Summer School welcome pack.                         unfortunately a transfer may not be guaranteed                                                                                     Oxford
                                                               after this date.                                                                                            Cardiff
                                                                                                                                                                                            Heathrow

                                                               Welcome Club                                                                                              BOURNEMOUTH              Southampton

   Payment of Fees
   A deposit of £700 is required to secure your booking.       Students using our Coach Transfer Service will be
   The remaining balance must be paid by 13th May              accompanied from the main Arrivals Terminal to our
   2019. Any bookings made after 13th May must be paid         Welcome Club. Our Welcome Club is conveniently
   in full at the time of booking (upon receipt of invoice).   located at one of the airport hotels and gives
                                                               students a chance to relax after their flight, enjoy
   Please see the booking form for details of how to pay.
                                                               some light refreshments and meet some of the                                   Location
                                                               other new students, before taking the next Coach                               SBC Canford Summer School
                                                               Transfer to SBC Canford Summer School.                                         Canford School, Wimborne
                                                                                                                                              Dorset, BH21 3AD
   Preparation for Summer                                      Parent Transfer                                                                For all enquiries and correspondence please contact:
   Our Student Support Managers are on hand to answer                                                                                         Summer Boarding Courses Ltd
   any queries you may have about the summer from              Parents or guardians are also welcome to bring                       
   questions about the school, travel to the UK, hotel         children to the school and collect them themselves.                            +44(0)1943 878518
   recommendations to Visa applications and much more.         Set arrival and pick up times are published in the
   We will also stay in regular contact to ensure that we      welcome pack.
   have all the information we require from you.
                                                               SBC Canford Summer School is operated by Summer Boarding Courses Ltd. Summer Boarding Courses is an independent company and does not act as
                                                               the agent of Canford School Trust Ltd. Canford School Trust Ltd accepts no liability in respect of contractual obligations undertaken by Summer Boarding
                                                               Courses or in respect of acts of omissions of Summer Boarding Courses or its employees or agents.

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