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We are very thrilled to welcome you to our creative SensiDO family. Coloring is arguably
the most exciting aspect of hairdressing and as industry professionals we constantly
strive to go hand-in-hand with latest developments and trends. Being a professional
hair color manufacturer it is our goal to offer you high performance products alongside
with top quality education. SensiDO Colorist is a specially created training material to
take you from being a SensiDO color novice to an experienced color user. This reliable
and straightforward guide delivers the latest information on SensiDO products and their
use, to help you create endless shade formulas.

Manufactured in Finland, perfume free SensiDO products are versatile professional
tools that alongside other benefits have a great quality-price ratio giving you true keys
to success. SensiDO colors follow a 3-in-1 concept where permanent and semi-perma-
nent coloring, as well as glossing can all be done using the same color just by changing
the strength and amount of peroxide. This helps you keep your color stock low while
still being able to offer full service range. By choosing perfume free you also choose a
healthy working environment for yourself and your clients.

Welcome to join many professionals around the world creating great hair with SensiDO
every day!




               A DV E NTU RE

    SensiDO Colorist is a professional guide to help you discover and
    work with SensiDO hair colors. This easy to use guide delivers all
  the information about SensiDO colors that you need to know to feel
confident. Developed in close co-operation of professionals and chemists
SensiDO colors are designed to deliver maximum intensity lasting results.
 Manufactured in Finland SensiDO colors are completely perfume free.

  With SensiDO Cream color, SensiDO Quick and SensiDO Absolute hair
 colors you can do permanent, semi-permanent and pastel coloring, as
 well as glossing just by simply choosing different strength and amount
 of peroxide. Limitless creativity empowered by flawless coverage, color
                            vibrancy and shine.

  Each color formula is designed to repair and protect hair during the
process. Conditioning Re-Pair complex and Argan oil in SensiDO Absolute
ammonia free color, contain Omega-3 rich fatty acids and vitamin E that
      help repair and strengthen hair, while adding brilliant shine.

// S E N S I D O CO LO R FA M I LY //

                        IDEAL                                 ABSOLUTE                                    QUICK
                      Cream Color                             Ammonia free                           10 min. quick color

                NATURAL /0                          SILVER GREY /19                       MAHOGANY /5
                Full coverage natural shades        Ashy grey shades                      Intensive mahogany shades

                INTENSIVE NATURAL /00               GOLDEN RED /34                        VIOLET /66
                Perfect grey hair coverage          Copper shades with red accents        Dark intensive violet

                ASH /1                              RED /4                                BROWN /7
                Matte ashy shades                   Perfect dewy red shades               Soft chocolate brown shades

                GOLD /3                             RED GOLD /43                          BROWN GOLD /73
                Full coverage golden shades         Red shades with warm golden accents   Soft golden browns

                SAND /13                            RED MAHOGANY /45                      BROWN RED /74
                Sophisticated sandy golden shades   Red mahogany shades                   Brown with red undertones

// S E N S I D O CO LO R FA M I LY //

              JA ZZ                                                        ARTIST                                                INTENSE
       Intensive red colors                                                Metallics                                           Highlight color

BROWN PURPLE /75                                       BLONDE                                      ARTIST,
Brown mahogany with cold accents                       /6, /06, /16, /18, /65, /66, /91            METALLIC 99/
                                                       Versatile, beautiful light shades           Metallic sheen and pastel accents
INTENSIVE BROWN /77                                                                                to light blonde hair
Intensive, strong brown shades                         MIX TONES       (    only shade / 9A)
                                                       Mix tones                                   INTENSE,
SPECIAL BLONDE 12/                                                                                 HIGHLIGHT COLOR S/
Strong accents with up to 4 levels                     JAZZ, INTENSIVE RED                         Highlight shades for balayage, somber
lighter abilities. Can be mixed                        /444, /443, /344, /446, /556                and ombre coloring techniques.
into other colors.                                     Intensive shades from mahogany to pink      Lifts up to 4 levels.

                              Available in Cream Color option       Available in Absolute series   Available in Quick series

// S E N S I D O PE R OX I D E S //

                                                          SensiDO          SensiDO
                                                       Creme Developer     Oxidant       SENSIDO OXIDANT
         SensiDO IDEAL                                       x                 x         Perfume free, liquid peroxide. Creates a gel-like, easy to apply consistency. In-
                                                                                         novative S.O.C.S.- technology delays oxidization of the ready color mass, provi-
         SensiDO ABSOLUTE                                    x                 x         ding additional time for color application for example in multiple color applica-
         SensiDO QUICK                                       x                 x         tion. We especially recommend it to be used when coloring grey hair, or when
                                                                                         using lifting color and trendy bright shades. It is not recommended to use with
         SensiDO JAZZ                                        x                 x
                                                                                         Sensido Blonde bleaching powders as well as SensiDO Magic Bleaching Paste.
         SensiDO ARTIST                                      x                 x         Available in strengths 2,1%, 3%, 6%, 9% and 12%
         SensiDO INTENSE S/ -series                          x                 x
                                                                                         Tip: Add a necessary amount of SensiDO Color Mass Thickener to the ready
         SensiDO SPECIAL BLONDE 12/ -series                  x                 x         color mixture to make highlights without using foil. Exception: When hair color
         SensiDO Blond                                       x                           level difference is higher than 4 levels or color difference is too high (e.g. Jazz
                                                                                         vs. Blonde)
         SensiDO Blond (ammonia free)                        x
         SensiDO Creative 7.0 Bleach Powder                  x                           SENSIDO CRÈME DEVELOPER
         SensiDO Magic Bleaching Paste                       x                           Perfume free, cream peroxide. Creates easy to use color and bleaching mixtu-
                                                                                         re. Easy to mix with SensiDO colors. Creates ideally thick, but easy to spread
         SensiDO Magic Color                                 x                 x         consistency. Available in strengths 0,9%, 2,1%, 3%, 6%, 9% and 12%

         SensiDO Magic Bleaching Paste + Color               x

         COLOR USE INSTRUCTIONS                                                                              PEROXIDES
                                                                                         Development         %            Vol.         USE
         Coloring                              Peroxide                  Mixing ratio
         Glossing                              0,9 %                     1:1, 1:2        1–30 min.           0,9 %        Vol. 3       Glossing

         Semi-permanent                        2,1 % / 3 %               1:2, 1:3        10–40 min.
         Permanent                             3 % / 6 % / 9 % / 12 %    1:1             30–40 min.          2,1 %        Vol. 7       Semi-permanent coloring

         Glossing ( Quick)                     0,9 %                     1:1, 1:2        1–10 min.
                                                                                                                                       Semi-permanent coloring, tone
         Semi-permanent (Quick)                2,1 %                     1:2             10 min.             3%           Vol. 10
                                                                                                                                       to tone or darker
         Permanent (Quick)                     2,1 % / 3 % / 6 %         1:1             10 min.
                                                                                                                                       Tone to tone, darker or 1 level
         Special Blonde 12/ -series            6 % / 9 % / 12 %          1:2             30–60 min.          6%           Vol. 20
         ARTIST, Metallic colors 99/ -series   2,1 % / 3 %               1:1             1–30 min.
         ARTIST, Pastel colors 99/ -series     2,1 % / 3 %               1:2, 1:3        1–15 min.           9%           Vol. 30      2 levels lighter
                                                                         1:1, shades
         INTENSE, S-series highlight color     3 % / 6 % / 9 % / 12 %    S/16 and S/36   max. 50 min         12 %         Vol. 40      3–4 levels lighter

// COV E R I N G G R E Y //

                AT T N! R E M E M B ER TO U S E A G EN ERO U S
                      A M O U N T O F CO LO R M A S S W H EN
                        CO LO R I N G G R E Y H A I R, W H I CH
                      I S U S U A L LY M O R E T H A N D U R I N G
                            N O R M A L H A I R CO LO R I N G.

         Completely grey hair is clear, as hair is lacking pigments (natural or artificial
         pigments). Most often hair is not completely clear, but a combination of naturally
         colored, grey and clear hair.

         When coloring grey hair it is important to pay attention to the level of grey,
         which then defines the shade, as well as peroxide choice, often resulting in 3%.
         The higher the amount of grey hair, the more Natural, Intensive Natural or Gold
         series shades we will need to add.

         100% grey hair coverage with Natural /0, Intensive Natural /00 and Gold /3

Amount of grey hair                               Amount of color                                  Peroxide

  Less than 20 %                        Trendy color can be used alone                               3%

                               1/3 Natural-, Intensive Natural- tai Gold-series
     20–50 %                                                                                         3%
                                    or 2/3 of other trendy color shade
                                    1/2 Natural or Gold series color shade
     50–70 %                                                                                         3%
                                     and 1/2 of other trendy color shade
                                    2/3 Natural or Gold series color shade
    70–100 %                                                                                         3%
                                      and 1/3 other trendy color shade

                             Always use 3% SensiDO Oxidant when coloring grey hair.
                   Attn! Intensive Natural is meant to be used to cover very stubborn grey hair.

// S E N S I D O U S E I N S T R U C T I O N S //

                                                                                    PERMANENT COLORING
                                                                                    Peroxide choice
                                                                                    3%        Tone to tone, darker as well as grey hair coverage
                                                                                    6%        Tone to tone, darker or 1 level lighter
                                                                                    9%        2 levels lighter
                                                                                    12 %      3–4 levels lighter

                                                                                   Mixing ratio: 1:1 | Processing time: 30–40 min.

                                                                                    SEMI-PERMANENT COLORING
                                                                                    Peroxide choice
                                                               3 IN 1
                                                                                    2,1 %     Tone to tone or darker
                                                                                    3%        Tone to tone or darker

                                                                                   Mixing ratio: 1:2 or 1:3 | Processing time: 10–40 min.

                                                                                    Peroxide choice
                                                                                    0,9 %     Glossing

                                                                                   Mixing ratio: 1:1 or 1:2 | Processing time: 1–30 min.

         INTENSE - S/ -series                                         ARTIST - 99/ -series             SPECIAL BLONDE - 12/                         QUICK - 10 minutes quick color
         Peroxide choice                                              Peroxide choice                                                               Hapetteen valinta
                                                                                                       Peroxide choice
         3%           Tone to tone                                    0,9 %   Glossing                                                              0,9 %     Glossing
                                                                                                       6%          1 level lighter
         6%           1 level lighter                                         Tone to tone                                                          2,1 %     Semi-permanent
                                                                      2,1 %                            9%          2 levels lighter
                                                                              or darker
         9%           2 levels lighter                                                                                                                        Tone to tone
                                                                                                       12 %        3–4 levels lighter               3%
                                                                              Tone to tone                                                                    or darker
         12 %         3–4 levels lighter                              3%
                                                                              or darker
                                                                                                      Mixing ratio: 1:2 or 1:3                                Tone to tone
      Mixing ratio: 1:1, shades S/16 and S/36                                                         Processing time: 30–60 min.                   6%
                                                                     Mixing ratio: 1:1 or 1:2                                                                 or darker
      1:2 Processing time: max. 50 min.
                                                                     Processing time: 1–30 min.
      Attn.! Highly alkaline S/-series are not suitable for on-scalp                                                                               Mixing ratio: 1:1 tai 1:2
      application. With on-scalp application the S-series shade can
      be only up to 1/3 of the total color mass.                                                                                                   Processing time: 10 min.

         MIX TONES                                                                                                                                               Mixing ratio
         Adding mix tones to intensify chosen color shades                                                                                               E.g. Color 40 g + Mix tone 5 g
                                                                                                                                                                + Peroxide 40 g
                       /0                     Does not contain pigments, used to reduce color intensity.
                 /3 and /4                    Do not contain oxidizing pigments, can be used as direct color, lasts around 6–10 washes                      Reducing color intensity
         /6, /8, /9A and /9B                  Contain oxidizing pigments
                                                                                                                                                    When using /0 remember that mixing
                      /9A                     Strong grey undertone for dark hair                                                                    ratio of 1 part chosen shade + 1 part
                      /9B                     Strong grey undertone for light hair                                                                   /0 + 1 part peroxide will result in a 1
              Mix Tones-shades can be added to all SensiDO colors. End result intensity directly depends on the amount of added Mix Tone shade.
                                                                                                                                                  level lighter shade than the chosen shade.

// S E N S I D O M AG I C - L I G H T E N I N G H A I R CO LO R S YS T E M //

                         Simultaneously color
                  and bleach up to 6 levels. Desired
                 end result when applied to hair from
                       darkest (level 2) to bright
                         red and cool blonde
                              (level 10)!

SENSIDO MAGIC COLOR USE                                                                     MIXING SHADES TOGETHER
Mixing ratio 1:1:2 40 g SensiDO Magic Color :                                               SensiDO MAGIC shades can be mixed with each other, which offers you end-
40 g SensiDO Magic bleaching paste : 80 g SensiDO peroxide                                  less shade possibilities. Attention: Do not mix these shades with other SensiDO
PREVIOUSLY HIGHLIGHTED HAIR                                                                 AFTER COLORING
1. Apply SensiDO Magic color mass to the darkest hair first                                 After development time use SensiDO Color Seal emulsifier that will help you
    and follow the development time.                                                        lock the hair color in. Apply generously, emulsify and rinse. Use conditioner.
2. After the development time, wet hair and spread color
    through previously highlighted hair using a comb.
                                                                                                      Shade                         With heat                      Without heat
3. Continue development time by 3–5 minutes and follow
    with ‘After coloring’                                                                         Light shades                    15–30 min.                        20–40 min.
                                                                                                   Red shades                     30–45 min.                        40–60 min.
PREVIOUSLY BLEACHED HAIR                                                                                   ATTN! Heat intensifies the color efficiency and adds intensity.
                                                                                                          Follow color processing, during the intended development time.
SensiDO MAGIC color can also be used separately from the SensiDO
MAGIC bleaching paste, mixing it with conditioner. Attention! /16
and /71 are not suitable for application on level 9 and lighter.                            Attention! The end result might differ from the one presented in color
                                                                                            chart if hair has been previously colored black or dark brown.
Mixing ratio with conditioner 1 : 3
20 g SensiDO MAGIC color : 60 g Conditioner

                            SensiDO Magic Color Paste
    Hairlevel                                                                        SensiDO Magic Bleaching Paste                               SensiDO Peroxide
                     /54, /56, /47, /64, /44, /34, /74, /71, /16
                                              ATTN! /16 and /71 are not suitable
        10                                    for level 9 and lighter                                                                    2,1 % tai 3 % (7 vol. tai 10 vol.)
                                              ATTN! /16 and /71 are not suitable
        9                                     for level 9 and lighter
                                                                                                                                         2,1 % tai 3 % (7 vol. tai 10 vol.)
        8                                                                                                                                2,1 % tai 3 % (7 vol. tai 10 vol.)
        7                                                                                                                                2,1 % tai 3 % (7 vol. tai 10 vol.)
        6                                                                                                                                2,1 % tai 3 % (7 vol. tai 10 vol.)
        5                                                                                                                                 3 % tai 6 % (10 vol. tai 20 vol.)
        4                                                                                                                                 6 % tai 9 % (20 vol. tai 30 vol.)
        3                                                                                                                                 6 % tai 9 % (20 vol. tai 30 vol.)
        2                                                                                                                                 6 % tai 9 % (20 vol. tai 30 vol.)

// S E N S I D O S I M PL E X B O N D E R //

                           YOU NEED
                           ONLY ONE ACTIVE
                                                                                                                                   PERFUME FREE

                           C O S T- E F F E C T I V E                                                                                      V E R S AT I L E

                           REVIVES EVEN MOST
                           DAMAGED HAIR , LEAVING                                                                       EFFICIENTLY PROTECTS
                           IT LOOKING SHINY                                                                          HAIR DURING COLORING
                           AND SMOOTH                                                                           AND BLEACHING PROCESSES

                                                                                                                                    EASY TO USE
                           R E PA I R S E X I S T I N G D A M A G E S                                                                  AND APPLY

                                                                                                                     STRENGTHENS HAIR AND
                           VEGAN                                                                             IMPROVES COLOR ENDURANCE

     NEW INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY                                                              SIMPLEX BONDER
     SensiDO Simplex Bonder prevents hair disulfide bonds from breaking, repairs            INTENSIVE CONDITIONING TREATMENT
     previously broken bonds and strengthens hair. Improves hair color endurance            Simplex Bonder is a completely new repairing and strengthening intensive treat-
     and protects hair from damages caused by mechanical stress. SensiDO Sim-               ment product. Simplex Bonder repairs most damaged hair, transforming it into
     plex Bonder will help reinforce even most damaged hair, making it look shiny           gorgeous and strong hair full of shine. Simplex Bonder can be used simply as
     and smooth. Product efficiency is built upon simultaneous hair protection,             an intensive conditioning treatment also it can allow to color or bleach even
     repair and strengthening. These qualities make this product a versatile tool           most damaged hair. If client’s hair is in a really bad condition, perform Simplex
     to use during coloring and bleaching processes, perming, relaxing and keratin          Bonder-intensive conditioning treatment 1–3 days prior to coloring or bleaching
     treatments, as well as an intensive conditioning treatment. SensiDO Simplex
     Bonder is suitable for all hair types and conditions, and performs great in both       INTENSIVE CONDITIONING TREATMENT
     processed and virgin hair.
                                                                                                            Water:                                  Simplex Bonder:
     COLORING + SIMPLEX BONDER                                                                              70 %                                          30 %
               Color:                      Peroxide:                Simplex Bonder:                         70 ml                                         30 ml
               1 part                   1, 2 or 3 parts                 0,1 parts           Mix 70 % of water and 30 % of Simplex Bonder in an applicator bottle. Saturate
               40 g                       40–120 g                        4g                dry hair with the mixture from roots to ends and brush through. Leave on for
                                                                                            15 minutes or longer. Do not rinse, simply apply hair mask directly on top, from
     Do not increase strength of peroxide! Measure the necessary amount of Sim-             roots to ends (e.g. DS Intensive Moisture Mask). Leave on for 15 minutes or
     plex Bonder to add to the color mixture. The amount of the peroxide does               longer. Attn. You can prolong product’s processing time; the longer processing
     not alter the amount of Simplex Bonder. Prepare the mixture according to the           time, the better end results of the treatment, but always remember to rinse
     instructions of the colorant used. First mix color and peroxide together, only         off the product in the end. Rinse off, wash and condition hair with products
     then add Simplex Bonder. Choose the strength of the peroxide according to              of your choice.
     the colorant instructions. Attn. Do not increase the strength of the peroxide.
     After processing time rinse hair thoroughly, wash and condition with products
     of your choice.

                                            If you want you can use heat with Simplex Bonder. Remember to follow the process clo-
                                            sely, checking regularly every 3–5 minutes. If hair heats up during bleaching process, it is
                                            caused by metals and minerals accumulated in the hair from water, not by Simplex Bonder.
                                            Immediately rinse the bleaching mixture out of the hair. Temperature cannot exceed 40 ˚C
                                            and processing time cannot be longer than 20 minutes.

// S E N S I D O T ECH N I C A L PRO D U C T S //

SENSIDO PRO COOLER                                                                 SENSIDO COLOR MASS THICKENER
Perfume free pigment admixture. To be used in combination with a bleaching         Liquid SensiDO Color Mass Thickener will help you adjust hair color mass con-
product or lifting hair color to effectively neutralize yellow tones and warmth    sistency for perfect application and versatile use. Add the thickener to ready
in end results. Can be used with conditioner to add brightness to already          color mass and mix thoroughly. For desired color mass consistency add around
bleached, lightened hair. The product can be used only with bleaching or con-      1 g of the thickener to 50 g of ready color mixture. Size 100 ml.
ditioning products. Due to high pigment level consistency we recommend to
use protective gloves when handling it. Size 250 ml.                               SENSIDO PRE-PIGMENTATION FOAM
                                                                                   Pre-pigmentation foam is used when you wish to color hair three or more
SENSIDO COLOR REMOVER                                                              levels darker. The purpose of this foam is to fill hair with missing pigments, add
Gentle foaming liquid to remove color stains from skin. Quickly and easily re-     intensity and improve color endurance. If needed pre-pigmentation foam can
moves permanent and semi-permanent color stains from e.g. forehead, ears,          also be used for post-pigmentation, to add depth or neutralize unnecessary
neck line or hands. Size 100 ml                                                    undertones. Size 150 ml.

SENSIDO SKIN PROTECTION                                                            Three different shades
Skin protection cream that prevents hair line from coloring during semi-per-       Desired darkness level 2 – 6       →           Warm Red
manent and permanent coloring. Easy to wash off. Size 100 ml                       Desired darkness level 6 – 8       →           Soft Orange
                                                                                   Desired darkness level 8 – 10      →           Sunny Gold
SensiDO Color Seal emulsifier to visibly improve hair color durability and
depth. Apply generous amount after color development time and emulsify.                     Pigmentation chart
Rinse hair with water only after emulsifying. No need to use shampoo. Size                  Level                         Color
1000 ml
                                                                                              Extra Light Blonde 11       White
                                                                                                 Lightest Blonde 10		 Yellow
                      HOW DOES SENSIDO COLOR SEAL WORK                                          Very Light Blonde 9			 Yellow
                                                                                                     Light Blonde 8				 Yellow Orange
                                                                                                 Medium Blonde 7					 Orange
                                                                                                     Dark Blonde 6						 Red Orange
                                                                                                      Light Brown 5							 Red
                Hair after coloring            Hair after SensiDO color seal use                    Medium Brown 4								 Red
                                                                                                      Dark Brown 3									 Red
                                                                                                            Black 2										 Red

// S E N S I D O M ATCH //

                                       S EN S I D O M ATCH I S A N I N T EN S E D I R EC T DY E L I N E.
                                    V I V I D, B O L D A N D V I B R A N T CU S TO M M A D E CO LO RS.

                             BLACKOUT / Highly intense and long-lasting black direct dye intensifies and enhances dark hair
                             color retention, adding a beautiful shine.

                             SMOKEY / Dark grey color to create beautiful graphite grey tones.

                             PLATINUM / Intense and long lasting direct dye to enhance cool undertones in the hair. Neutralizes
                             undesirable warmth. To create a soft nuance mix with Clear diluter.

                             COFFEE / Cool brown shade, to dye and enhance cool undertones in the hair.

                             CAR A MEL COPPER / Natural copper shade enhances hair color retention, adding radiance and
                             a beautiful shine.

                             CLASSY RED / Cool red direct dye. Create a pastel color by slowly mixing small amounts with Clear

                             FIREBALL [neon] / A neon orange shade that glows under the UV-light.

                             ELECTRIC VIOLE T / Vivid violet shade to color and enhance cool undertones in the hair. Create a
                             beautiful lavender shade by adding small amounts of direct dye into the Clear diluter.

                             MIDNIGHT BLUE / Create beautiful pastel shades, like baby blue or a fashion denim, by adding
                             direct dye into the Clear diluter.

                             MERM AID / Vivid turquoise shade to dye and enhance turquoise colors in the hair.

                             UNICORN PINK [neon] / A neon pink shade that glows under the UV-light. Create a beautiful baby
                             pink shade by adding direct dye into the Clear diluter.

                             HELLO BANANA [neon] / A neon yellow shade that glows under the UV-light.

                             CLEAR [white base] / White creamy diluter to mix with SensiDO Match direct dyes to dial down
                             the color or create an amazing pastel option. Mixing pastels or reducing intensity? Slowly add small
                             amounts of Clear diluter into the direct dye pigment mixture until you reach the desired shade. The
                             more Clear diluter you add, the lighter and more translucent is the end result. Easy! To achieve an
                             ultimate light pastel shade end result, hair needs to be pure blonde.

                             APPLICATION / Apply evenly to dry or towel-dry hair. Process for 10-20 minutes and rinse tho-
                             roughly. Attn.! Wear suitable gloves, protect your clothes and avoid getting color onto the skin. Can
                             stain towels/sheets when wet.

// S E N S I D O M I X & M ATCH //

                                          S EN S I D O M I X & M ATCH I S M E A N T
                                                    FO R PRO CE S S ED H A I R

Pigment-rich perfume free color conditioner Mix & Match colors processed           Individual color conditioner is created
hair, improves hair color and shade intensity, adds shine. You can create a per-     by mixing 5 SensiDO Mix & Match
fect color match to any of the 136 SensiDO colors from the chart or prepare          base colors (available in 1000 ml)
your individual vivid, metallic, pastel or any other IT shade. Customized Mix
and Match color conditioners are not ready available for sale from the shelf,              Mix & Match White
making them unique for your clients as an after-care product perfectly mat-                Mix & Match Cyan
ched to their hair color.                                                                 Mix & Match Magenta
                                                                                          Mix & Match Yellow,
WHY CHOOSE SENSIDO MIX & MATCH?                                                            Mix & Match Black
•  Highly pigment rich
•  Renews and add depth to current color
•  Improves hair color durability between colorings
•  Adds incredible shine
•  Endless color possibilities
•  Easy to color light hair e.g. into bright pink
•  Lasts about 6-8 washes, depending on hair
•  Great product to offer as an additional service to clients who
   came for a haircut or sell for home use

// CO LO R W H E E L & PI G M E N TAT I O N CH A R T //





                       •      Shades are grouped in the color wheel
                       •      All shades are created from 3 primary colors                    Colorwheel numbering
                       •      Secondary colors are orange, violet and green                   /1       Ash
                       •      Secondary colors are created by mixing 2 primary colors         /2       Green
                       •      Two colors opposite each other in the color wheel are called    /3       Yellow
                              complementary                                                   /34, /43 Orange
                       •      Complementary colors neutralize each other                      /4       Red
                                                                                              /5       Mahogany
                       Yellow                 Violet                                          /6       Violet
                       Blue                   Orange                                          /7       Brown
                       Red                    Green                                           /8       Blue
                                                                                              /9       Grey

               Pigmentation chart

               Level                         Color
                Extra Light Blonde 11        White
                   Lightest Blonde 10		 Yellow
                  Very Light Blonde 9			 Yellow
                        Light Blonde 8				 Yellow Orange
                   Medium Blonde 7					 Orange
                           Dark Blonde 6						 Red Orange
                           Light Brown 5							 Red
                       Medium Brown 4								 Red
                           Dark Brown 3									 Red
                                Black 2										 Red

// N OT E S //

simsensitive    Sim Sensitive
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           Pallotie 2, 33470 Ylöjärvi
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