South Australian State Budget 2021/22 - Counsel House

South Australian State Budget 2021/22 - Counsel House
South Australian State Budget

 The South Australian State Budget was handed down on Tuesday 22 June by South Australian
 Treasurer Rob Lucas. This is Treasurer Lucas’ eighth budget as South Australian Treasurer and
 fourth since returning as Treasurer in March 2018. This is also his final Budget as Treasurer as he
 will be retiring in March 2022.

 The State deficit is projected to be $1.3 billion in the 2021/22 financial year. The South Australian
 economy is forecast to return to surplus in 2022. State net debt will increase to $18.1 billion in
 2021/22 and is expected to reach $24.9 billion in 2024/25.

 The summary below provides an overview of the Budget measures:

 Attorney General

    •   Annual liquor licences for 2021/22 halved for eligible businesses impacted by COVID-19
        safety measures
    •   $900,000 indexed funding for the Office of the Public Advocate
    •   $1.1 million indexed funding for the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
    •   $198 000 for the Office of the Small Business Commissioner for providing mediation of
        commercial leasing disputes arising under the COVID-19 Emergency Response Act 2020
    •   $150,000 for implementing telephone voting for South Australian electors living with a
        disability and electors who, at the time of the election, are overseas and are unable to have
        ballot papers delivered and returned during the short election period

 Child Protection

    •   $9.9 million for the costs of children and young people requiring a child protection statutory
    •   $1.2 million over two years establishing a significant incident reporting unit in the
        Department of Child Protection
    •   $855 000 indexed funding for permanently establishing family group conferences following
        the completion of a two-year pilot
    •   $18.2 million over seven years establishing the Newpin program, an intensive therapeutic
        centre-based family reunification program
•   $2.6 million for a three-and-a-half-year pilot Stability Post Care program supporting young
       people up to the age of 21 years with complex needs leaving care at risk of homelessness
       and housing instability

Correctional Services

   •   $952,000 indexed funding over four years for the leasing of an additional 100 electronic
       monitoring devices and resources for offenders supervision and management
   •   $8 million over two years for the completion of the Adelaide Women’s Prison Reception and
       Visitors Centre project, including finalising the transition from analogue to digital electronic
       security technology
   •   $2.4 million indexed funding for programs across the prison system addressing the
       reduction of Aboriginal rates in the Criminal justice system, including the Domestic and
       Family Violence Prevention Program for Aboriginal Men
   •   $1.9 million for targeted security upgrades at the Adelaide Remand Centre
   •   $1.5 million for finalising the business case for a new rehabilitation prison
   •   $14.4 million over two years completing the construction of 270 new beds at Yatala Labour
       Prison, including secure walkways and the transition from analogue to digital electronic
       security technology


   •   $939,000 to the Coroner’s Court for addressing current case backlogs.
   •   $624,000 for undertaking a court’s service and needs analysis for informing a business case
       for future courts accommodation.
   •   $339,000 for additional resources in the Youth Court addressing increased workloads in the
       care and protection

Defence and Space Industry

   •   $2.5 million over four years for extending and expanding the Defence Innovation
       Partnership, including a new Activator Fund
   •   $860,000 over three years extending the Defence and Space Landing Pad program
   •   $6.6 million over five years facilitating the local manufacture of a small satellite for
       delivering space-derived services to the state

Education and Early Years

   •   $42 million over three years for urgent capital works at government schools and
       preschools, including the replacement of existing learning areas
   •   $35 million over four years for Office for Early Years designing and commissioning service
       model trialling for universal early years systems and increasing early childhood education
       reach and frequency
   •   $84.4 million for the construction of a new 1200 place year 7-12 high school on the
       Norwood Morialta High School Rostrevor campus for a new Rostrevor High School
   •   $1.0 million in additional indexed funding for supplementing existing resources supporting
       the establishment of the position of Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young
•   $11.8 million in additional funding for non-government school sectors for capital purposes
       focused on projects that grow enrolments, including improving non-government school
   •   $2.9 million in additional funding for non-government schools over the transition to a Direct
       Measure of Income methodology funding model
   •   $1.5 million relocating the History Trust of South Australia from the Torrens Parade Ground
       to alternative heritage accommodation at Ayers House and the State Library of South
   •   The relocation to a reactivated Ayers House and a presence at the State Library of South
       Australia will enable the History Trust of South Australia to maintain a prominent and
       publicly accessible head office presence, plus proximity to the state’s other major cultural
   •   $530,000 in 2021-22 replacing the air-conditioning at the National Motor Museum Main

Emergency Services

   •   $80,000 additional funding for the Country Fire Service and $20,000 for the State
       Emergency Service for undertaking planning and design work for the commission of a joint
       incident management facility, CFS regional headquarters and SES unit at Willaston
   •   $146 000 indexed funding for additional resources for the CFS to meet demand for
       development assessment reviews of residential developments in high-risk bushfire areas
       and commercial developments in country locations
   •   $155,000 indexed funding for supporting continuing audits of buildings with combustible
       cladding or present occupational and firefighter safety hazards
   •   $1.5 million for ongoing management, support, and maintenance of the Automatic Vehicle
       Location system for the emergency services sector
   •   $492,000 in 2021-22 for additional resources addressing increased injury claim caseloads
   •   $3.4 million implementing the New Pathways: Volunteering Recruitment and Retention
       program, increasing volunteer numbers and improving experiences for new and existing

Energy, Science and Mining

   •   $2.1 million over two years supporting the continued delivery of clean energy initiatives
   •   $8 million over three years supporting the establishment of the Arkani Ngura National Test
       Mine and Innovation Centre at the existing OZ Minerals Prominent Hill Mine
   •   $2.2 million over four years supporting the continuation and expansion of the free,
       confidential, and independent Landowner Information Service
   •   $1.1 million over five years for the purchasing and operating of a new state of the art
       spectral geoscience instrument (HyLogger 4 and Raman Spectroscopy) at the State Drill
       Core Library
   •   $942,000 enabling government coordination of case management, due diligence and
       administrative activities supporting the transformation of the Whyalla Steelworks
Environment and Water

   •   $6.6 million for the restoration and revitalisation of Ayers House
   •   $5.5 million over four years expanding the scope of the Greener Neighbourhoods program,
       incorporating regional cities with populations greater than 10,000
   •   $1.5 million over three years continuing the heritage grants program
   •   $1 million for introducing a new Water Compliance and Penalty Regime across all of the
       state’s prescribed water resources from 2021-22
   •   $30,000 for repackaging hazardous waste collected prior to 2008 under the management
       of the Environment Protection Authority
   •   $7.9 million over three years for the Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority
       assisting construction of a jointly commonwealth funded $12 million paper and cardboard
       beneficiation plant
   •   $3.8 million for undertaking remediation works on the River Torrens outlet structure in
       West Beach

Health and Wellbeing

   •   8.2 million for recruiting 74 additional emergency operational staff for the South Australian
       Ambulance Service
   •   $86.1 million over two years for the roll out and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines in
       state operated facilities
   •   $325,000 establishing the donor conception register ensuring donor conceived South
       Australians have access to information about biological parentage
   •   $20 million for investment in additional elective surgery and colonoscopy procedures for SA
   •   $393 million over four years re-casting SA Health’s financial improvement targets.
   •   $2.7 million supporting Pop-Up Medic Nurses in Custodial Facilities program
   •   $3.0 million for continuing the state funded Meningococcal B immunisation program for
       babies and a world first program for young people
   •   $1 million completing a detailed business case and $5 million in 2024-25 supporting the
       acquisition of suitable land and early works for delivery of a new Barossa Hospital
   •   $77.7 million supporting the continuing public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic
   •   $5.5 million over two years implementing a consistent consumer-centred electronic aged
       care enterprise management system across all SA Health run regional aged care facilities
   •   $163.5 million over four years for a package of measures addressing the mental health
   •   $20.4 million over three years for a 16-bed crisis stabilisation facility in the northern
   •   $8.4 million indexed funding for increasing capacity in mental health services
   •   $12 million for supporting the fit out of additional psychiatric intensive care bed capacity in
       the public hospital system
   •   $4.5 million indexed funding for expanding the Adelaide Adult Mental Health Centre’s
       delivery of urgent mental health
   •   $48 million over four years for constructing a new 20 bed older person’s acute mental
       health unit at Modbury Hospital
•   $5 million supporting the building of additional accommodation for people living with
       mental health disability to live independently whilst undergoing assessments for
       appropriate support
   •   $5 million over two years supporting the immediate needs of the mental health workforce
       in public mental health services by increasing training and oversight capacity
   •   $7.3 million continuing a series of additional time limited programs designed for supporting
       the mental health, wellbeing, and resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

Human Services

   •   $1.3 million over two years for development and licensing costs of three ICT projects
       supporting the Child and Family Support System
   •   $1.3 million over two years for a triage and support service for children at risk of being
       remanded into custody due to lack of accommodation
   •   $1.1 million meeting the state’s commitments under the Voluntary Out-of-Home Care
   •   $4.7 million over four years providing the continued operation of the disability access and
       inclusion directorate
   •   $760,000 over three years increasing the capacity of countering violent extremism
       intervention arrangements to include participants over the age of 25 at risk of radicalisation
   •   $11.3 million over six years establishing the Resilient Families program, an intensive home-
       based family support intervention program
   •   $500,000 for developing a new safeguarding app for people living with disabilities, their
       families, and their supporters

Infrastructure and Transport

   •   $15 million additional funding for the APY Lands main access road upgrade
   •   $180 million completing stage 2 of the duplication of the Augusta Highway from
       Nantawarra to Lochiel
   •   $5 million undertaking a business case, including planning and design for state 3 of the
       Augusta Highway duplication from Port Pirie to Crystal Brook
   •   $4.0 million over three years implementing driver training reforms for the light and heavy
       vehicles industries, including assessment vehicle requirements and mandatory cameras in
   •   $2 million over two years undertaking a business case into the costs and benefits arising
       from a series of works to provide access for Performance-Based Standards Level 4A
       vehicles from the Western Australian border through to Port Augusta
   •   $100 million over three years completing works on the Gawler Line Electrification project
   •   $11.9 million over two years for the Granite Island Causeway refurbishment
   •   $10 million completing a business case, including key planning, for a Greater Adelaide
   •   $10.0 million over two years retrofitting energy storage and recovery systems to diesel rail
       cars to reduce fuel consumption and improve performance
   •   $60 million over two years undertaking further works on the Heysen Tunnels
   •   $40 million over three years improving key Kangaroo Island road corridors, including
       Playford Highway and Hog Bay Road
   •   $45 million over three years upgrading the Marion Road and Sir Donald Bradman Drive
•     $5 million completing the business case, including key planning into the costs and benefits
         for the duplication of Princes Highway and Swanport Bridge between Murray Bridge and
         the Mallee Highway
   •     $12.0 million over two years for 20 new and expanded school bus services
   •     $1.4 million over two years for operating new and expanded bus services catering for the
         year 7 transition to high school from 2022
   •     $6 million over two years upgrading Nottage Terrace and North East Road intersection
   •     $36 million over two years refurbishing the old Murray Bridge
   •     $34.5 million in additional funding for the Port Wakefield Overpass project
   •     $105 million in 2022-23 improving road safety across South Australia, including Safety
         measures shoulder sealing and audio tactile line marking measures
   •     $20.2 million over two years for key upgrade works for buildings located in the State
         Administration Centre Precinct, addressing critical maintenance and appropriate access for
         people with disability
   •     $99 million over 10 years refreshing railway stations in the metropolitan rail network
   •     $80 million for the Strzelecki Track upgrade
   •     $4.2 million for assistance of country bus operators
   •     $48.5 million over two years constructing a new multi-storey car park at Tea Tree Plaza for
         Park ‘n’ Ride services.
   •     $202.0 million over three years constructing a bypass of the Truro township and upgrades
         to Accommodation Hill on the Sturt Highway
   •     $78.9 million over 2022-23 to 2024-25 finalising the planning and commencement
         preparation works for the construction of a new multipurpose arena within Adelaide’s
         Riverbank Precinct

Recreation, Sport and Racing

   •     $5.8 million over four years expanding the sports vouchers program to include students in
         years 8 and 9

Innovation and Skills

   •     $20.1 million over four years meeting an increase and continuing the scheme for the Post-
         Production, Digital and Visual Effects Rebate Scheme
   •     $1.6 million indexed funding for increasing screen production for the South Australian Film
   •     $68.9 million over two years extending the existing JobTrainer Fund National Partnership
         Agreement with the Commonwealth Government until June 2022
   •     $2.6 million for the Small Business Capacity program
   •     $2.0 million over five years for the University of South Australia’s Australian Centre for
         Business Growth
   •     $20.8 million enabling Renewal SA to continue transforming Lot Fourteen for future
         industries and jobs


   •        $500,000 for undertaking a business case for future requirements and options for the
            Communications Centre
•     $21.8 million in for South Australian Police in response to managing the state response
         to COVID-19
   •     $1.5 million for purchasing new vehicle mounted Mobile Automatic Number Plate
         Recognition cameras
   •     $21.1 million over three years completing the implementation of stages 3 and 4 of the
         Shield project

Premier and Cabinet

   •     $1.3 million for increasing the state’s capacity for undertaking heritage projects that
         contribute to state economic growth
   •     $933,000 for the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement delivering an Aboriginal justice
         advocacy service in South Australia
   •     $300,000 for developing of a business case for a new acoustic hall in Adelaide
   •     $3.1 million for undertaking internal refurbishment works at the Adelaide Festival
   •     $500,000 supporting the activation of the City of Adelaide precinct for delivering
         programs that will encourage people to return to the city to shop and work
   •     $20.6 million over three years improving whole of government ICT cyber security
         systems and processes a
   •     $14.1 million for increasing capacity of government agencies to protect ICT systems
         from the threat of cyber attack
   •     $4.3 million for enhancing the Government of South Australia’s online services portal,
         including increased cyber security features, and implementing a whole of government
         payment gateway
   •     $1.5 million increasing the ability of the Office for Data Analytics for informing policy
         development and programs that best address service needs
   •     $2 million for the Expand Together Grants program and Multicultural Priorities Fund
         enabling eligible multicultural organisations to purchase new equipment, build new
         community facilities and upgrade community infrastructure used by culturally and
         linguistically diverse communities
   •     $2.9 million for a new Aboriginal Engagement Reform model including the creation of
         an elected Aboriginal Engagement Body

Primary Industries and Regions

   •     $5.2 million for increasing the take up of technology by primary producers driving
         improvements in efficiency in the industry
   •     $1.7 million containing, treating, and proving freedom from Lens Snail
   •     $2.2 million over three years ensuring the continuation of the rural financial counselling
         and family and business support mentors programs
   •     $16.0 million for meeting the cost of responding to the fruit fly outbreaks
   •     $1.2 million over three years meeting South Australia’s commitment towards national
         eradication responses
   •     $2 million for establishing the Waite Plant-Based Food Incubator Laboratory
   •     $1 million assisting the peak agriculture representative body, the Primary Producers
         South Australia providing comprehensive advice to the state government on matters
         within primary industries
•      $1.5 million over two years funding activities supporting the establishment of a
          commercial seaweed industry in South Australia, including:
          o developing the South Australian Seaweed Industry Development cluster
          o conducting up to three large-scale pilot trials with commercial industry stakeholders
             broadening testing for production-scale proof of concept, accelerating Asparagopsis
             cultivation, examining hatchery methodologies and developing varieties for value
             added processing and new product development
          o developing the South Australian hatchery capability providing seedstock to rapidly
             scale up the proof of concept cultivation efforts, starting with Asparagopsis

Tourism, Trade, and Investment

   •   $4.0 million for the great state voucher scheme for accommodation vouchers during the
       winter period
   •   $1.6 million over four years, including $985 000 in grants for artificial intelligence and
       health technology companies fostering innovation through matching co-funding for health
       application pilots and $589 000 for delivering project support activities
   •   $1.8 million for establishing a European focussed trade and investment office in Paris for
       increasing South Australian international trade and investment outcomes
   •   $5.4 million over four years supporting South Australian wine industry export growth and
       diversification in priority markets


   •   $215.4 million for TAFE SA in response to lower forecasts for external revenue growth and
       reassessing efficiency measures.
   •   $12.7 million over two years prioritising TAFE SA’s investing program undertaking a
       program of system and process improvements across TAFE SA

Taxation and Economic Development Funds

   •   50% land tax discount for new eligible build to rent projects, from 1 July 2021 to 2039/40
   •   $4 million over two years for an extension to the payroll tax exemption on wages for
       apprentices and trainees for signed contracts between 10 November 2020 and 30 June
   •   $11.9 million for expanding the Business Case Fund which supports developing government
       projects that assist with economic growth
   •   $123.6 million for the Jobs and Economic Growth Fund in addition to the $76.4 million
       outstanding unallocated funding to date. The fund will be renamed from Economic and
       Business Growth Fund on July 1
   •   $10.7 million for land tax relief from the Land tax transition fund for taxpayers negatively
       impacted changes to land tax aggregation rules in 2021-22
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