Spring & Summer 2021 newton community education

Spring & Summer 2021 newton community education
Spring & Summer 2021

newton community education
notes                                                           Spring & Summer 2021

     From the Executive Director:
     It’s no secret; 2020 was a tough year. Many of us are fatigued by our collective and individual
     struggles; anxious about health, work, and the future.
     The time-honored tradition of turning the page from one year to reveal the opportunities
     of the next was punctuated by the recent presidential inauguration. We viewers were
     riveted as a diminutive young poet seized our attention, gracefully—through her words
     and gestures — echoing the (presidential) themes of unity and hope. Amanda Gorman’s                              Kids Classes
     words were powerful indeed, but equally impressive to me was learning that community-
     based education helped hone her craft. While struggling to overcome a serious speech                             Spring Classes..........................................2
     impediment, Gorman participated in writing workshops at a Los Angeles community-based
     education center. So there it is… Community Education opens doors, including ones leading                        Spring Sports...........................................4
     to the White House! We’re committed to opening doors for all members of our community.
     To that end, you’ll notice that we have added an option to donate to our scholarship fund                        Spring Classes for High Schoolers...........11
     when you register for a class. If you can, please contribute and help make our programs
     accessible to all.                                                                                               Summer Programs.................................12
     In addition, we are grasping all aspects of this historic moment by hosting the first annual
     NCE Catalog Cover Art Contest. Neighbors and friends are invited to submit art under the                         Summer Programs for High Schoolers....28
     theme: “What does struggle, hope, and finding joy look like to you?” Selected works from
     the contest will be used as NCE catalog covers for 2021-2022. Along with the featured work,                      Summer At-a-Glance....................... 30-31
     there will be a write up in each catalog about the artists and their inspiration. For more
     details on submissions, please see our website.
     While true joy may feel hard in the current environment, I want to offer the opportunity for                     Nuts & Bolts
     you to find it in the adventurous spirit of community ed: intellectual classes, artistic classes,
     gastronomic classes—have a look in our catalog; it has joyful offerings for all ages!                            Policies & Info ........................................32
     I am closing this note with words excerpted from the inaugural poem by our fellow
     “community ed-er,” as a source of inspiration along our collective path forward:                                 Registration Form..................................33
              In every known nook of our nation, in every corner called our country,
               our people, diverse and beautiful, will emerge, battered and beautiful.
               When day comes, we step out of the shade, aflame and unafraid.
               The new dawn blooms as we free it.
               For there is always light,
               if only we’re brave enough to see it.
               If only we’re brave enough to be it.
     With Hope and Joy,                                                                                                  Register online at
     Cate                                                                                                                newtoncommunityed.org

                                                                                                                         Contact Us
cover artist: Asher Stebbins                                                                                             Phone: 617-559-6999
                                                                                                                         Email: staff@newtoncommunityed.org
Zervas Elementary
Cut paper collage inspired by Eric Carle                                                                                 Mailing address:
                                                                                                                         Newton North High School
our mission                                                                                                              457 Walnut Street, Room 101
                                                                                                                         Newtonville, MA 02460
Newton Community Education is a self-sustaining arm of the Newton Public Schools. We are dedicated to your lifelong      (see back of catalog for registration form)
learning. We offer programs for everyone eager to explore—from toddlers to seniors—from Newton and beyond. We
                                                                                                                         Business hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm
aim to inspire or nurture your passion with quality programs provided at a reasonable cost.

Kids Spring

       newton community education

                                                                                         Thinking about summer?
                                                                                         Kids Summer programs start on page 12.

    A Helpful Guide to Our Spring Classes
    • Spring classes are running online except where noted              • Check your email. Meeting links, supply lists, and other
      otherwise.                                                          important class information will be sent by email before the
    • Our classes are listed by category, but some classes don’t fit      start of class. Check your registration receipt as well as your
      neatly into one category. Please read them all to find the ones     Spam and Promotions folders if you believe you have not gotten
      that are just right for you.                                        this information.
    • There are no classes on Newton Public Schools vacations or        • Please test your meeting platform in advance. We will not
      holidays, except for our vacation-week programs.                    offer refunds for last-minute technical difficulties or late arrivals.
                                                                          See Zoom Support under Quick Links on our website for help
    • Online classes will run in inclement weather. For outdoor
                                                                          with this.
      classes, call NCE’s weather hotline at 617-559-6993 to find out
       if your class is running.                                        • Some Kids classes may require supplies that need to be pur-
                                                                          chased or picked up before class. Check your class listing and
    • Please be on time for your online class. It is difficult
                                                                          emails from us for details, and sign up early for those classes to
      for instructors to both monitor the waiting room and teach
                                                                          give yourself time to get what you need.
      the class.
                                                                        • We may add new classes throughout the spring. Sign up for our
                                                                          email newsletter or check our website for updates.

2      staff@newtoncommunityed.org
Kids Spring

Kids Spring                                     New                                                    New

Outdoors                                       Nature Explorers
                                               Puddlestompers Nature Exploration staff, Instructors
                                               Discover the wonders of the natural world
                                                                                                      Outdoor Art
                                                                                                      Josh Reisz, Instructor
                                                                                                      Make your artistic mark at a park in Newton.
                                               around you and take a closer look at who               Construct a variety of sculptures using ob-
 New                                           and what lives there. We’ll search for bugs            jects found in nature along with biodegrad-
                                               and animal homes, help animals gather food,            able materials from home. We’ll find a spot
Name that Tree                                 and learn to identify birds by their calls. We’ll      to make our art and then choose the type of
Jeff Klein, Instructor                         build hibernation dens and learn who goes              project we’ll make: we may organize rocks
If you were a tree, which one would you be?    to sleep in the winter and who migrates. And           and sticks in geometric patterns, form float-
Join us for a walk in a Newton park and get    we’ll find feathers and learn to identify differ-      ing sculptures with twigs and twine, or com-
to know your local trees. When they’re bare    ent tracks in the mud. Join us for hands-on            plete a series of sculptural works for people to
in winter, you’ll find hints in the buds and   exploration, active investigation, crafts, and         admire and appreciate as they walk along the
bark that let you know what you’re looking     games. Grades K-2.                                     trails. You’ll learn about found object sculp-
at, and in spring you can identify trees by    4 sessions $165                                        ture, sustainable projects, and environmental
their leaf type and shape. So come take a                                                             art, and come away with a new awareness of
                                               Thursdays March 11–April 1 3:30–4:30pm
closer look with us and maybe you’ll find                                                             how you can express yourself artistically ev-
                                               KE413-P21-1 Cold Spring Park
your favorite tree. Wear good walking shoes                                                           erywhere. Grades 3-5 & 6-8.
and dress for the weather. Grades 3-6.
                                               Thursdays April 29–May 20 3:30–4:30pm
                                                                                                      Bring the following materials to class: a bucket,
                                               KE413-P21-2 Cold Spring Park
1 session $35                                                                                         scissors, a gardening trowel, and jute or hemp
                                                                                                      twine. Our first meeting will be at Cold Spring
Wednesday March 10 2:30–4pm
                                                New                                                   Park; we’ll meet at the back end of the Beacon St.
KE414-W21 Edmands Park Newtonville                                                                    parking lot where the trail starts. We may move
Raindate: Monday March 29                      Outdoor Adventure 2                                    to a different Newton park for later class sessions.
Wednesday April 14 2:30–4pm                    Hale Reservation staff, Shirley Sutton, Instructor     Dress to get dirty, including boots if it’s messy out.
KE414-P21 Edmands Park Newtonville             Escape the confines of COVID and explore               7 sessions $255
Raindate: Thursday April 15                    the outdoors with us. We’ll enjoy all new ac-          Mondays March 29–May 17 3:30–5pm
                                               tivities in this class, including searching with       KE410-P21-M-3-5 Cold Spring Park (Grades 3-5)
                                               binoculars, mapping where we are, using a
                                                                                                      Wednesdays March 31–May 19 3:30–5pm
                                               compass, and taking a “Five-Senses Hike.”
                                                                                                      KE410-P21-W-6-8 Cold Spring Park (Grades 6-8)
                                               Nature is not just for summer—join us to
                                               enjoy its wondrous winter and spring offer-            Thursdays April 1–May 20 3:30–5pm
                                               ings. Dress for the weather, including boots if        KE410-P21-Th-3-5 Cold Spring Park (Grades 3-5)
                                               it’s messy out, since we’ll meet in the cold and
                                               snow. Grades 1-3 & 3-5.
                                               We’ll meet at Hemlock Gorge Reservation at the
                                               parking lot on Ellis Street at the Boylston Street/
                                               Route 9 bypass.
                                               5 sessions $175
                                               Mondays March 29–May 3 3:30–4:30pm
                                               KE417-P21-M-1-3 Hemlock Gorge (Grades 1-3)
                                               Tuesdays March 30–May 4 3:30–4:30pm
                                               KE417-P21-Tu-3-5 Hemlock Gorge (Grades 3-5)

                                                                                                           Weather updates
                                                                                                           For outdoor classes, call NCE’s
                                                                                                           weather hotline at 617-559-6993
                                                                                                           to find out if your class is running.

                                                                                                      www.newtoncommunityed.org                            3
Kids Spring

                                                       Archery: LIVE                                    Basketball Clinic
 Spring Sports
                                                       Shawn Bowlby, Instructor                         Be Ahead of the Game staff, Instructors
The classes in this category are outdoors; masks and   Bullseye! Learn to hit the target dead-on un-    Learn the fundamentals of basketball or
distancing are required.                               der the direction of our certified instructor.   improve your game through skills sessions,
                                                       Archery is a great option for those who prefer   station work, and competition. In these clin-
                                                       a noncompetitive individual sport to team        ics, we’ll emphasize shooting, ball handling,
New                                                    sports. Our instructor will help you figure      and individual offensive and defensive skills.
Amazing Race                                           out your dominant eye, explain the rules of      We’ll stress the importance of technique,
Anna McKeown, Instructor                               archery, and provide individualized instruc-     smart decision-making, and hard work,
                                                       tion throughout class. You’ll learn technique,   while having fun along the way. Players may
Ready, set, run! Join us to improve your
                                                       form, and accuracy. All levels welcome.          be divided by age and skill level to ensure
fitness and explore the sport of running. In
                                                       Grades 3-8.                                      that all players have a meaningful experi-
this class we’ll combine running drills with
                                                       4 sessions $155                                  ence. Grades K-2 & 3-5.
dynamic stretching, plyometric activity, and
team games. You’ll learn about the origin of           Wednesdays March 24–April 14                     Wear sneakers and comfortable clothing; balls will
                                                                                                        be provided.
running as a sport, and work to build your             KM80-P21-1 Oak Hill (1:30–3pm)
speed and strength. We’ll end each class with          KM80-P21-2 Oak Hill (3:30–5pm)                   6 sessions $195
race-themed games to build your confidence             Monday-Thursday April 19–22                      Wednesdays April 28–June 2
and team spirit. Grades 3-5.                           KM80-P21-V-1 Oak Hill (9–10:30am)                KE297-P21-K-2 Mason Rice Basketball Court
4 sessions $125                                        KM80-P21-V-2 Oak Hill (11am–12:30pm)             (4:15–5:15pm; Grades K-2)
Mondays March 15–April 5 3:30–4:30pm                   6 sessions $225                                  KE297-P21-3-5 Mason Rice Basketball Court
KE409-P21-1 Newton Centre Playground                                                                    (5:30–6:30pm; Grades 3-5)
                                                       Wednesdays May 5–June 9
Basketball Court                                       KM80-P21-3 Oak Hill (1:30–3pm)
6 sessions $175                                        KM80-P21-4 Oak Hill (3:30–5pm)                   New
Mondays April 26–June 7 3:30–4:30pm                                                                     Dodgeball
KE409-P21-2 Newton Centre Playground                                                                    CoachAdam.fun staff, Instructors
Basketball Court                                                                                        Get out of the way! Of the ball, that is. It
                                                                                                        should be easy to stay socially distanced in
                                                                                                        our fun COVID Dodgeball class. Dodgeball
                                                                                                        is a game of strategy and skill, but it’s also a
                                                                                                        ton of fun. Join us to improve your game and
                                                                                                        have a great time in this afterschool program.
                                                                                                        Grades 3-5.
                                                                                                        We’ll provide all equipment. Wear sneakers and
                                                                                                        bring a water bottle.
                                                                                                        8 sessions $195
                                                                                                        Thursdays April 1–May 27 3:30–4:30pm
                                                                                                        KE418-P21 Mason Rice Field

     Weather updates
     For outdoor classes, call NCE’s
     weather hotline at 617-559-6993
     to find out if your class is running.

4       staff@newtoncommunityed.org
Kids Spring

                                                  Soccer Tykes
                                                  Thundercat Sports staff, Instructors
                                                                                                       April Vacation-Week
                                                  Why should big kids have all the fun?                Programs
                                                  Toddlers, accompanied by an adult, can learn
                                                                                                     More spring vacation-week programs are in the
                                                  the basics of soccer in this fun, noncompet-       works. Check our website for updates.
                                                  itive setting. Players will increase their sense
                                                  of balance, improve their coordination and
                                                  physical movement, and have a leg up when           New
                                                  they join the big leagues! Ages 2-3 with an        All Sports
                                                  adult (one child per adult please).
                                                                                                     CoachAdam.fun staff, Instructors
                                                  Shin guards and soccer balls are optional; wear
                                                                                                     Why choose just one sport when you could
                                                  comfortable clothes and sneakers and bring a
                                                  water bottle.                                      spend your vacation enjoying a wide range
Flag Football                                                                                        of sports and activities in our All Sports pro-
                                                  6 sessions $185                                    gram. Each day you’ll play a different sport or
Thundercat Sports staff, Instructors              Saturdays April 24–June 5                          game that you and your coach choose. We’ll
Learn fundamental football skills from our        KW01-P21 Newton Centre Playground                  start with skills and drills and then move on
enthusiastic coaches. Each day we’ll focus on     Deep Outfield (11:30am–12:30pm)                    to playing time. We’ll supply all the necessary
a “skill of the day” such as passing, catching,                                                      equipment so you just need to wear your
running, or offensive/defensive strategies.                                                          sneakers and come ready to play. Options in-
We’ll enjoy a scrimmage at the end of each
                                                                                                     clude hockey, baseball, track & field, basket-
class so you can apply your new skills using      Sports & Games                                     ball, frisbee, soccer, dodgeball, flag football,
flags only, no tackling. New and returning        Thundercat Sports staff, Instructors               and more. Grades K-2 & 3-5.
athletes are welcome. We’ll build on skills       Sports lovers: join us to play soccer, soft-
you’ve learned and introduce new ones too.                                                           4 sessions $275
                                                  ee hockey, and kickball, plus familiar and
Grades 3-5 & 6-8.                                                                                    Monday-Thursday April 19–22 9am–12pm
                                                  unique games such as dodgeball, capture the
                                                                                                     KV53-P21-K-2 Cold Spring Park (Grades K-2)
4 sessions $125                                   flag, and car lot. At each session we’ll intro-
                                                  duce new skills and play games that reinforce      Monday-Thursday April 19–22 1–4pm
Thursdays March 18–April 18 3:30–4:30pm
                                                  those skills. We will abide by all state and       KV53-P21-3-5 Cold Spring Park (Grades 3-5)
KE214-P21-6-8 Brown (Grades 6-8)
                                                  local COVID-19 safety protocols; specific          Rain date: Friday April 23
6 sessions $185
                                                  procedures will be shared with families be-
Fridays April 30–June 4 3:30–4:30pm
                                                  fore the start of class. Grades K-2 & 3-5.         Archery: LIVE
KE214-P21-3-5 Newton Centre Playground
                                                  Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers and bring
Deep Outfield (Grades 3-5)                                                                           See page 4 for details.
                                                  a water bottle.
                                                  4 sessions $125
Soccer                                            Fridays March 12–April 9 3:30–4:30pm               Basketball Clinic
Thundercat Sports staff, Instructors              KE408-P21-3-5 Newton Center Playground             Be Ahead of the Game staff, Instructors
In these action-packed sessions, you’ll learn     Deep Outfield (Grades 3-5)                         Learn the fundamentals of basketball or
the basics of soccer through a series of fun      Tuesdays March 16–April 6 3:30–4:30pm              improve your game through skills sessions,
games in a noncompetitive setting. We’ll          KE408-P21-1-K-2 Newton Center Playground           station work, and competition. In this clinic,
work on shooting, passing, dribbling, and         Deep Outfield (Grades K-2)                         we’ll emphasize shooting, ball handling, and
trapping, and enjoy exciting scrimmages.                                                             individual offensive and defensive skills. We’ll
                                                  6 sessions $185                                    stress the importance of technique, smart de-
Players will be grouped by age and ability.
Ages 4-6.                                         Tuesdays April 27–June 1 3:30–4:30pm               cision-making, and hard work, all while hav-
Wear shin guards and bring a soccer ball and
                                                  KE408-P21-2-K-2 Newton Center Playground           ing fun along the way. Players may be divided
water bottle.                                     Deep Outfield (Grades K-2)                         by age and skill level to ensure that all players
                                                                                                     have a meaningful experience. Grades 3-5.
6 sessions $185
                                                                                                     This class will be geared towards individual skills
Saturdays April 24–June 5
                                                                                                     development and will include some play.
KW05-P21-1 Newton Centre Playground
Deep Outfield (9–10am)                                                                               3 sessions $225
KW05-P21-2 Newton Centre Playground                                                                  Tuesday-Thursday April 20–22 9am–12pm
Deep Outfield (10:15–11:15am)                                                                        KV52-P21 Mason Rice Basketball Court
                                                                                                     Rain date: Friday April 23

                                                                                                     www.newtoncommunityed.org                             5
Kids Spring

Kids Spring                                                                                          Advanced Chess

                                                                                                     Ross Eldridge & Nicholas Sterling, Instructors
                                                                                                     Expand your knowledge of chess and im-
                                                                                                     prove your playing. Learn positional tactics
                                                                                                     and advanced moves according to your abili-
                                                                                                     ty. Play games against formidable opponents!
Online classes will run in inclement weather.
                                                                                                     This class is open to returning advanced
                                                                                                     students or by permission of the instructor.
                                                                                                     Grades 1-8.
  Chess                                                                                              6 sessions $175
                                                                                                     Mondays May 3–June 14 4–5pm
 New                                                                                                 KE103-P21-RE Online (Eldridge)
Continuing Chess                                                                                     Thursdays May 6–June 10 4:45–5:45pm
                                                                                                     KE103-P21-Th-NS Online (Sterling)
Santiago Ruiz Castro, Instructor
This class is for kids who took our beginner
                                                Intermediate Chess
class last term or are beyond beginner level                                                         Chess for Middle Schoolers
and want to continue to grow their skills and   Ross Eldridge & Nicholas Sterling, Instructors
                                                                                                     Nicholas Sterling, Instructor
compete against other players. Grades K-5.      Expand your knowledge of this remarkable
                                                                                                     Our chess program has been popular with
                                                game of strategy. Chess originated in India
6 sessions $175                                                                                      elementary schoolers for years. Here’s an
                                                over 1500 years ago and has been growing
Tuesdays May 4–June 8 4–5pm                                                                          opportunity for serious players who have
                                                in popularity ever since, especially here in
KE382-P21-Tu Online                                                                                  advanced to middle school to continue to
                                                Newton. Learn the principles of the game,
Wednesdays May 5–June 9 3:30–4:30pm                                                                  improve their skills, participate in tourna-
                                                positional tactics, and basic to advanced
KE382-P21-W Online                                                                                   ments, and enjoy weekly games supervised
                                                moves according to your level of ability. As
                                                                                                     by an experienced chess pro. Novice players
Thursdays May 6–June 10 4–5pm                   you match up with various classmates to play
                                                                                                     are welcome too if they have a basic under-
KE382-P21-Th Online                             games coached by our expert instructor, you’ll
                                                                                                     standing of chess. Grades 6-8.
                                                gain the confidence to play well against any
                                                opponent. You’ll finish class with new appre-        6 sessions $175
                                                ciation for one of the best games ever invent-       Thursdays May 6–June 10 3:45–4:45pm
                                                ed. Grades 1-5.                                      KM09-P21-F Online
                                                This is a mixed-level class for students with some
                                                experience with chess, including knowledge of how                 [I like that it is] a lot of fun
                                                each piece moves.                                                 and competitive at the
                                                6 sessions $175                                                   same time.
                                                Wednesdays May 5–June 9 3:30–4:30pm
                                                KE406-P21-W-RE Online (Eldridge)
                                                Thursdays May 6–June 10 4–5pm
                                                KE406-P21-Th-RE Online (Eldridge)
                                                Fridays May 7–June 11 4–5pm
                                                KE406-P21-F-NS Online (Sterling)

     For NCE Kids summer
     programs, see page 12.

6       staff@newtoncommunityed.org
Kids Spring

                                                       New                                                     New
                                                      Cupcake Creations                                       Just Desserts
New                                                   Sharon Siriwardena, Instructor                          Shailini Sisodia, Instructor
                                                      It’s time for something sweet! Apply your               Satisfy your sweet tooth with concoctions
Cookie Creations                                      artistic talent to cake and cupcake decorat-            from your own kitchen. Learn to make a
Sharon Siriwardena, Instructor                        ing. Learn to bake perfect little cupcakes,             variety of mouthwatering sweets with guid-
Get creative with your cookies. Make and              whip up buttercream frosting, and work with             ance from our expert instructor. You’ll make
bake your own cookie dough and master a               fondant to build incredible shapes and char-            baked goodies like mini cheesecakes, fancy
variety of decorating techniques using fon-           acters. You’ll start by baking simple cupcakes          bar cookies, and puff pastry turnovers, as
dant and royal icing. You’ll learn to model           and learning basic frosting techniques, and             well as non-baked favorites like luscious par-
whimsical designs with fondant, use stencils          then move on to more complicated shapes                 faits. So get ready to start your own bakery–
to create patterns, pipe simple shapes or char-       and designs. Our star sugar artist instructor           let this class be your launch pad! Grades 5-8.
acters with icing, and paint with gel colors          will share modeling techniques as you create            We’ll email you a list of ingredients to prepare
for additional excitement. Our confectionery          your own confectionery masterpieces for any             before each week’s class.
artist instructor will guide you with tips and        special occasion or simply enjoying at home.            6 sessions $195
tricks as you go. Your finished treats are sure       Grades K-3 & 4-7.
to satisfy sweet tooths, ignite imaginations,
                                                                                                              Mondays March 29–May 10 4–5:15pm
                                                      See our website for the materials you’ll need for       KM97-P21 Online
and amaze your family and friends. Grades             this class.
K-3 & 4-7.
                                                      6 sessions $175
An ingredient list will be emailed before each                                                                 New
                                                      Tuesdays April 13–May 25 4–5pm
week’s class.
                                                      KE388-P21-Tu-4-7 Online (Grades 4-7)                    What’s for Dinner?
8 sessions $205                                       Adult assistance may be needed for the first            Shailini Sisodia, Instructor
Thursdays April 1–May 27 4–5pm                        few sessions.                                           Commandeer the kitchen and prepare dinner
KE421-P21-Th-4-7 Online (Grades 4-7)                  Fridays April 30–June 4 4–5pm                           for your family. Learn how to make delicious
Adult assistance may be needed for the first          KE388-P21-F-K-3 Online (Grades K-3)                     and nutritious meals that you’ll enjoy serv-
few sessions.                                                                                                 ing up and your family will love to eat. Our
                                                      Adult assistance is required throughout this class.
Wednesdays April 7–June 2 2–3pm                                                                               menu includes crispy baked chicken, Korean
KE421-P21-W-K-3 Online (Grades K-3)                                                                           beef bowls, crunchy fish sticks with tartar
Adult assistance is required throughout this class.    New                                                    sauce, quesadillas with homemade chips and
                                                      Fun & Fancy Snacks                                      guacamole, and more. Come cook with us,
                                                      Shailini Sisodia, Instructor                            and experience the joy of making your din-
                                                      Amuse bouche! That’s French for “amuse your             ner and eating it too. Grades 3-5.
                                                      mouth,” which is what you’ll do as we cook              We’ll email you the list of ingredients to prepare
                                                      together in this class. We’ll make a variety of         before each week’s class.
                                                      tantalizing appetizers and snacks including             6 sessions $195
                                                      mini taco cups; savory puff pastry palmiers;            Wednesdays March 31–May 12 2–3:15pm
                                                      fancy dips; deviled eggs with candied bacon;            KE416-P21 Online
                                                      homemade guacamole, salsa, and tortilla
                                                      chips; and more. These yummy treats should                           [My son] thought you were
                                                      make your mouth very happy indeed—but                                a great teacher, he is excited
                                                      don’t let them spoil your dinner... Grades 6-8.                      to serve dinner to everyone
                                                      We’ll email you list of ingredients to prepare before                tonight and he looks forward
                                                      each week’s class.                                                   to next week.
                                                      6 sessions $225
                                                      Wednesdays March 31–May 12 3:30–5pm
                                                      KM98-P21 Online

                                                                                                               www.newtoncommunityed.org                           7
Kids Spring

  Dramatic Arts                                                                                        Extras
                                                   Michelle Fineblum, Instructor
                                                   Make something up. Improv is for every-
Actors Studio                                      one—whether you’re someone who always             Babysitting & Safety Training
Gabrielle Siani, Instructor                        has a funny line ready or you’re more on the      AllenKingsley staff, Instructors
Break a leg! Aspiring actors: whether your         quiet side, join us to create some seriously      Become an expert babysitter with this
goal is to be a star someday or you just like      funny or just plain serious characters in this    American Academy of Pediatrics course. Get
to perform, join us and get ready to shine.        online class. Our time will be filled with        all the information you need to care for infants
We’ll learn basic acting concepts, play im-        games and laughter as you gain the tools and      and older children: how to react responsibly
provisational theatre games, perform scenes        confidence you need to develop characters,        to medical emergencies and injuries, perform
from plays and books, and prepare you to           scenes, and stories, all by working together      first aid for common childhood injuries and
make a lasting impression on your audience.        on the spot. So take some risks and expect        illnesses, and set up and run your own suc-
Whether you’re trying out for a show or just       the unexpected in this fun and funny class.       cessful babysitting business. You will receive
want to express yourself, this class is for you.   All levels welcome, including new and re-         a certificate of completion at the end of the
The last class will include a performance for      turning students. Grades 1-3, 2-4, & 3-5.         course, as well as our BLAST (Babysitter
family and friends. Grades 1-4.                    5 sessions $135                                   Lessons and Safety Training) manual for your
5 sessions $135                                                                                      future reference. Grades 5-9.
                                                   Tuesdays April 27–May 25 4–5pm
Fridays April 30–May 28 4–5pm                      KE374-P21-Tu-2-4 Online (Grades 2-4)              1 session $85
KE313-P21 Online                                   Wednesdays April 28–May 26 3:30–4:30pm            Wednesday April 21 10am–12pm
                                                   KE374-P21-W-3-5 Online (Grades 3-5)               KM85-P21 Online
                                                   Thursdays April 29–May 27 4–5pm
                                                   KE374-P21-Th-1-3 Online (Grades 1-3)              Dungeons & Dragons
                                                                                                     Chris Barbieri, Instructor
                                                   Podcast Pros                                      Calling all warriors, wizards, and healers!
                                                   Gabrielle Siani, Instructor                       Your kingdom requires your aid in defending
                                                                                                     it against invaders and your best friend re-
                                                   If you have an opinion on something, you
                                                                                                     quires you to save them from a band of orcs!
                                                   can make a podcast. Bring your passion, cu-
                                                                                                     From large adventures that bring you fame to
                                                   riosity, or burning interest and join us to ex-
                                                                                                     more intimate adventures alongside friends
                                                   plore the art of podcasting. Through a range
                                                                                                     escaping a dragon, we’ll do it all in this on-
                                                   of activities including improv games, dra-
                                                                                                     line class. You’ll create your own character
                                                   matic interpretation, and storytelling, you’ll
                                                                                                     from the boots up, choosing your class, race,
                                                   turn that passion into an informational and
                                                                                                     starting skills, and stats; your instructor will
                                                   inviting show. Come see how your favorite
                                                                                                     be your Dungeon Master. We will conquer
                                                   celebrities are pulling thousands of viewers
                                                                                                     foes or laugh as we fail trying—only to rise
                                                   to their blogs, news shows, and podcasts, and
                                                                                                     up and try again! Bring your imagination and
                                                   learn to do the same. Grades 5-8.
                                                                                                     sense of adventure. Novice and experienced
                                                   5 sessions $135                                   players welcome. Grades 5-8.
                                                   Mondays April 26–May 24 4–5pm
                                                                                                     6 sessions $225
                                                   KM74-P21 Online
                                                                                                     Mondays April 12–May 24 3:30–5pm
                                                                                                     KM72-P21 Online

                                We’ve added these classes for Spring. See our website for details.
        Advanced Roblox                            Game Design & Coding Basics with Tynker           Out to Eat: Executive Function Skills at Work
        App Inventors                              Hands-on Electronics                              Roblox
        Art Around the World                       Intro to Programming: Scratch                     Soccer Tykes
        Chess Intensive                            Intro to Python                                   Spy Science
        Circuitry 101                              Karate                                            Wacky Lab Week
        Comics                                     Minecraft Modding
        Drawing Club                               Mr. L’s Baking Brookies

8        staff@newtoncommunityed.org
Kids Spring

Home Alone Safety                                                                                            New
                                                   Science & Technology
AllenKingsley staff, Instructors                                                                            Game Design 2 with Tynker
Take the first steps towards independence.
                                                 DIY Science Toys & Discoveries                             Wicked Cool for Kids staff, Instructors
Learn about internet safety, phone- and
                                                 Wicked Cool for Kids staff, Instructors                    Advance your game design skills. Complete
door-answering techniques, accident and
                                                 Make your own toys and gadgets and learn                   the BeatBot Challenge by making a robot do
fire protection, and first aid. We’ll watch an
                                                 the science behind them. Learn about energy                a moonwalk and respond to different kinds
instructional video, discuss how to manage
                                                 and motion as you make a mini-catapult,                    of messages. Build Paint Racer, a pen-draw-
your time when you’re home alone for short
                                                 build a moving magnet car, create a custom                 ing game, and learn about angles, color, di-
periods, and explore scenarios through
                                                 marble maze, and design a house for an                     rection, and positioning. Learn intermediate
role-playing. Grades 3-6.
                                                 action figure. Soothe your mind with a silly               programming concepts such as conditional
1 session $55                                                                                               statements, messaging, timers, random
                                                 sensory bag and celestial swirling bottle. Join
Wednesday April 21 2–3:30pm                                                                                 numbers, and positioning using X and Y
                                                 us for creative engineering and hands-on
KE230-P21 Online                                                                                            coordinates. Create obstacle courses, bal-
                                                 science fun! Grades K-2.
                                                                                                            loon popping, ghost hunting and other mini
                                                 We’ll provide a safe pickup location for the mate-
                                                 rials you’ll need for this class; the fee is included in
                                                                                                            games. No coding experience necessary; new
                                                 the tuition.                                               and returning students welcome. Grades 2-5.
  Languages                                      6 sessions $175                                            You’ll need a modern desktop computer, laptop
                                                                                                            computer, Chromebook, or Netbook with
                                                 Mondays March 15–April 26 3:30–4:30pm                      Internet access and a Chrome (29+), Firefox
Chinese Club                                     KE386-W21-M-2 Online                                       (30+), Safari (7+), or Edge (20+) browser. No
Greer Swiston, Instructor                                                                                   downloads required.
Ni hao! Welcome to our Chinese language                                                                     6 sessions $175
and culture class: Chinese immersion in an        New                                                       Mondays May 3–June 14 3:30–4:30pm
intimate and                                                                                                KE423-P21-1 Online
fun setting.
                                                 Extreme Earth
                                                 Wicked Cool for Kids staff, Instructors                    Thursdays May 6–June 10 3:30–4:30pm
You’ll learn
                                                                                                            KE423-P21-2 Online
the Mandarin                                     Tackle Earth’s extremes as we investigate our
language; work                                   planet’s amazing natural resources. Think like
on crafts such                                   a geologist and study rocks, which are made
as calligraphy,                                  of minerals, and gems. Learn what a glacier is
origami, and                                     by making a model “gak” glacier and analyze
paper-cutting;                                   how its movement causes erosion. Go on
and enjoy singing Chinese songs and playing      a safari to find Earth’s biggest land animals
games. All levels welcome. Grades K-2.           and create a model of a cute creature with
4 sessions $95                                   extreme defenses against predators. Embrace
                                                 the force of gravity to help a toy harness the
Wednesdays May 5–26 3:30–4:15pm
                                                 wind with a parachute for a safe Earth land-
KE201-P21-K-2 Online
                                                 ing. It’s extremely cool! Grades K-2.
                                                 We’ll provide a safe pickup location for the
             [I liked] learning how to           materials you’ll need for this class; the fee is
             paint Chinese characters and        included in the tuition.
             my name
                                                 6 sessions $175
                                                 Mondays May 3–June 14 3:30–4:30pm
                                                 KE422-P21-1 Online
                                                 Wednesdays May 5–June 9 3:30–4:30pm
                                                 KE422-P21-2 Online

                                                                                                            www.newtoncommunityed.org                       9
Kids Spring

                                                       Visual Arts & Crafts
                                                     Attention Muggles!
                                                     Susan Paquette, Instructor
                                                     Apparate to NCE. Join other wannabe
                                                     witches and wizards for the schoolyear
                                                     version of this popular summer program,
                                                     now with all-new activities. We’ll explore
                                                     the world of Harry Potter through a variety
                                                     of magic-themed art projects. You’ll build a
                                                     papier-mâché Hedwig, create a golden snitch
                                                     with metallic paint and feathers, design the
 New                                                 Monster Book of Monsters with faux fur
                                                     and fangs, and paint and embellish wand
Super Science:                                       crafts. You’ll also learn to draw Scabbers,
Space Explorers                                      Crookshanks, and Hedwig; make a whomp-
Super Science staff, Instructors                     ing willow with wire and clay; and construct
Come in, Mission Control! Join us for super          an Aragog spider—eww! Non-magicans wel-
space experiments and learn about our solar          come. Grades 1-5.
system, exoplanets, the future of space travel,      We’ll provide a safe pickup location for the class
and the possibilities for space colonization.        materials; a $20 fee is payable to the instructor
You’ll design and test space suits for your          at pickup.                                            Modern Art Adventure
team, explore the planets using NASA virtual         4 sessions $115                                       Nicole Donson, Instructor
reality simulations, chart the night sky in any
                                                     Fridays May 7–28 4–5pm                                Get inspired by famous artists like Picasso,
weather, and create weather experiments to
                                                     KE381-P21 Online                                      Monet, Van Gogh, and more. Make whim-
test the atmosphere on other planets. We’ll
                                                                                                           sical and abstract paintings like Miro and
also enjoy some science fiction activities to
                                                                                                           Kandinsky and spatter paint like Jackson
keep things down to earth. This class will           Fine Art Drawing                                      Pollock. Create kinetic wire sculptures and
include a combination of virtual games, at-          Eddie Bruckner, Instructor                            mobiles like Calder, and paper collages like
home projects, and science demos by our
                                                     Become a better artist. Master the fundamen-          Matisse. And use watercolor paints to create
super scientist instructor. Grades K-2.
                                                     tals of drawing through step-by-step guid-            art in the style of Monet’s water lily paintings
We’ll provide a safe pickup location for the class   ance from our expert instructor. We’ll focus          and dot paintings like Georges Seurat. You’ll
materials; the fee is included in the tuition.
                                                     on different drawing concepts in each class           learn a bit of art history too, as we focus on
6 sessions $135                                      to help you see the world in new ways and             one artist per week, see images of their work,
Thursdays April 8–May 20 3:45–4:30pm                 develop your unique artistic style. Working           and create art inspired by each artist’s style.
KE420-P21-Th Online                                  with artist-quality materials including graph-        Returning students are welcome. We’ll do all
Fridays April 9–May 21 3:45–4:30pm                   ite, charcoal, chalk, and pastels, you’ll learn       new projects in this class. Grades 1-5.
KE420-P21-F Online                                   the elements of contour, texture, and pro-            We’ll provide a safe pickup location for the class
                                                     portion; explore the principles of light and          materials; a $20 fee is payable to the instructor
                                                     shade; and discover how line helps to suggest         at pickup.
                                                     form. We’ll work on a variety of projects in          5 sessions $125
                                                     class, including imaginative and observation-         Tuesdays April 27–May 25 4–5pm
     We want online learning                         al drawings, landscapes, seascapes, still lifes,      KE293-P21 Online
     to work for everyone.                           and more. All levels welcome; returning stu-
     If your child needs assistance to be
                                                     dents will work on new projects. Grades 3-8.
     successful in an NCE Kids online                Materials list is available online. See our website
     class, we’d like to help. Email staff@          for details.
     newtoncommunityed.org and we                    8 sessions $285
     will collaborate to explore how we              Wednesdays March 31-May 26 3-4:30pm
     can assist.                                     KE385-P21 Online

10       617 559-6999
Kids Spring

Picture Book Artists                                                                                    Driver’s Ed
                                                       Spring Classes
Nicole Donson, Instructor                                                                               CS Driving School staff, Instructors
Calling all Eric Carle fans! Join us to create         for High Schoolers                               Complete a course in Driver’s Education and
artwork inspired by your favorite children’s                                                            you can get your license before the age of 18.
books. We’ll investigate the artistic approach-                                                         Per state requirements, you must be 15 years
es in books like Where the Wild Things Are,              Please purchase The Official SAT Study         and 9 months by the time the class starts. A
Rainbow Fish, Leaf Man, Harold and the                   Guide, by the College Board, and have it for   one-session parent training class is required
Purple Crayon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar,              the first class.                               as part of the curriculum. The spring online
and more. We’ll paint textures on paper and                                                             class dates are below. Grades 9-12.
make collages as Eric Carle did, paint on                                                               10 sessions $670
paper leaves and apply a watercolor resist           SAT Math Review
                                                     Neil Hatem, Instructor                             Mondays-Fridays March 15-26 5–8pm
technique to make a leaf man, and use col-
ored tissue paper to decorate rainbow fish and       Tackle the math section of the SAT Reasoning       5 sessions $670
Elmer the elephant. We’ll create monsters like       test with confidence. We’ll practice problems      Monday-Friday April 19-23 10am–4:30pm
the wild things and collages with dots and           from the College Board’s sections: Heart of        Mondays-Fridays May 10–21 5–8pm
drawings using a purple crayon. Each week            Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis,        For more information or to register, go to
we’ll explore a new book and enjoy art proj-         Passport to Advanced Math, and Additional          csdriving.com.
ects inspired by that book. Returning students       Topics in Math. We’ll examine the structure
are welcome. We’ll do all new projects in this       of the exam, discuss test-taking strategies, and
class. Grades K-2.                                   practice under simulated test-taking condi-
We’ll provide a safe pickup location for the class   tions to build your skills and self-assurance.         Due to the current COVID-19
materials; a $20 fee is payable to the instructor    Grades 9-12.                                           pandemic, NCE is permitting families
at pickup.                                           5 sessions $235                                        to opt out of Newton Public School’s
5 sessions $125                                      Mondays March 15–April 12 6:30–8:30pm                  Buddy System requirement. For
Mondays April 26–May 24 4–5pm                        KH16-P21 Online                                        questions about Driver’s Ed, email
KE358-P21 Online                                                                                            contact@csdriving.com or call
                                                     SAT Verbal Review
                                                     Alan Reinstein, Instructor
                                                     Master the verbal section of the SAT
                                                     Reasoning test. We’ll review the structure of
                                                     the exam as well as the writing and critical
                                                     reading components of the test. You’ll prac-
                                                     tice under simulated test-taking conditions to
                                                     build your skills and confidence, so you’ll be
                                                     ready for any question test makers throw your
                                                     way. Grades 9-12.
                                                     5 sessions $235
                                                     Wednesdays March 17–April 14 6:30–8:30pm
                                                     KH17-P21 Online

                                                          High Schoolers: Work for NCE This Summer
                                                          If you love working with kids, join the NCE staff this summer.
                                                          Email staff@newtoncommunityed.org to introduce yourself. Be sure to
                                                          mention any special talents you have and your availability this summer.
                                                          Inquiries should come directly from students.

                                                                                                         www.newtoncommunityed.org                   11
Kids Summer

Kids                                                 Arts                                                 Dramatic Arts

Summer                                               Digital Arts
                                                                                                         Fractured Fairy Tales
                                                                                                         Deanna Mustachio, Instructor
                                                                                                         Rumpelstiltskin and the seven dwarves are
 • All Kids Summer classes are                     Digital Art & Animation                               locked in a tall tower and eat poison apples.
     running in person unless otherwise            Jack Neylan, Instructor                               Not! If you have a better idea, join us to tell
     noted; we will be adding more online          Make magical, moving digital art. Start with          your version of the story. We’ll take charac-
     classes soon. Check our website               a simple drawing in Photoshop, then add               ters you know from fairy tales or other sto-
     for updates.                                  coloring, layering, and other effects to create       ries, and place them in new scenarios where
 •   Please note our new Summer pro-               dazzling art. Invent a cast of characters, draw/      they interact to make an original plot. We’ll
     gram start and end times. In order            paint a background for them to inhabit, and           write our own short play; design and create
     to reduce the level of contact between        then transition them into a simple four-panel         costumes, props, and scenery; and perform
     students during COVID, we are stag-           digital comic. You’ll create a concept for your       our unique show for family and friends on
     gering dropoff and pickup times. Most
                                                   own short animation and learn frame ani-              our last day. Look out Brothers Grimm—here
     kids morning sports programs will
                                                   mation in Photoshop to complete your film,            come NCE kids! Grades 3-6.
     run from 9am-12pm and non-sports
                                                   adding sound too if you’d like. No experience         This is a two-week class.
     morning programs will run from 8:30-
                                                   necessary. Grades 3-5.
     11:30am. Afternoon programs will                                                                    July 12–23 Newton North 8:30–11:30am
     run 12:30-3:30pm. See our website for         Bring a USB flash drive to class to save your work.
                                                                                                         KS261-S21 $575
     specific times for our full-day programs.     July 12–16 Newton North 8:30–11:30am
 •   Summer programs will have strict              KS146-S21-1 $325
     COVID safety precautions in place.                                                                  Improv
                                                   August 2–6 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm
     Our precautions will reflect the latest
                                                   KS146-S21-2 $325                                      Darcy Howell & Deanna Mustachio, Instructors
     CDC guidance, so please check our                                                                   Make something up. Improv is for every-
     website for up-to-date information on         August 9–13 Newton South 12:30–3:30pm
                                                                                                         one—whether you’re someone who always
     COVID policies.                               KS146-S21-3 $325                                      has a funny line ready or you’re on the quiet
 •   Make a full day by combining morning                                                                side, join us to create some seriously funny or
     and afternoon half-day programs each          Creative Photo Editing                                just plain serious characters. Our time will be
     week. There is a supervised lunch                                                                   filled with games, laughter, and storytelling as
                                                   See page 19 for details.
     period for kids who stay for a full day,                                                            you learn the tools and gain the confidence
     and we will adhere to all COVID safety                                                              you need to develop characters and stories
     guidelines.                                   Photoshop                                             on the spot. Take some risks and expect the
 •   When you sign up for morning and              Jack Neylan, Instructor                               unexpected in this fun and funny class. All
     afternoon programs in a single week                                                                 levels welcome, including new and returning
                                                   Enhance your photos or fool your friends:
     you save $25. Be sure to add the                                                                    students. Grades 3-5 & 6-9.
                                                   learn Photoshop, the world’s most popular
     corresponding lunch period to your
     cart to get your discount.
                                                   image manipulation program. You can use               July 6–9 Newton North 8:30–11:30am
                                                   Photoshop for practical or creative projects.         KS398-S21-2-Gr6-9 $245 (Mustachio; Grades 6-9)
 •   We offer afternoon extended day until
                                                   You’ll design a personal logo, a surrealist col-      August 9–13 Newton South 8:30–11:30am
     5pm. See our website for details. There is
                                                   lage, an expressive self-portrait, a reinvented
     no morning extended day.                                                                            KS398-S21-2-Gr3-5 $295 (Howell; Grades 3-5)
                                                   masterpiece, and more. Learn how Photoshop
 •   Our classes are listed by category. Some
                                                   can be used to modify people’s appearances            August 23–27 Newton South 8:30–11:30am
     classes don’t fit neatly into one category,                                                         KS398-S21-3-Gr6-9 $295 (Mustachio; Grades 6-9)
                                                   and alter real photographs, and see if you
     so please read them all to find the ones
                                                   can tell reality from altered reality out in the      August 23–27 Newton South 12:30–3:30pm
     that are just right for you.
                                                   world. All levels welcome. Grades 6-9.                KS398-S21-4-Gr3-5 $295 (Howell; Grades 3-5)
 •   You are eligible for a refund minus a
                                                   Bring a USB flash drive to save your work.
     $25 processing fee if you withdraw your
     child by May 31. Transfers are possible,      July 6–9 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm
     space permitting. There will be a $25 fee     KS354-S21-1 $275                                                     There are
     for each transfer. Refund and transfer        July 26–30 Newton South 12:30–3:30pm                               no classes on
     requests can be made by emailing
                                                   KS354-S21-2 $325                                                  Monday July 5.
                                                   August 23–27 Newton South 8:30–11:30am
                                                   KS354-S21-3 $325

12      staff@newtoncommunityed.org
Kids Summer

New                                                   Textile Arts                                        Registration Reminder
Improv Junior
Darcy Howell, Instructor                            Crazy Cross Stitch
                                                                                                            Registration closes the Thursday
Make something up. Improv is for everyone,          Deanna Mustachio, Instructor                            before the following week’s
of every age. Join us to learn the basics of this   Embellish your life. Join us to learn the basics        classes. Sign up early so you
theatrical genre. If you’re shy or loud, silly      of cross-stitch, the three-dimensional pixel
or serious, come act it out! We’ll play games,                                                              don’t miss out!
                                                    art! Use your nimble fingers to stitch pre-
perform skits, and find new and surprising          made patterns or design your own decorative
ways to express ourselves. Get ready to be          or wearable art. You’ll start by stitching a
inventive—there’s no such thing as right or         simple pattern from a selection of choices,
wrong when you improvise, and we can’t wait         and progress to choosing a more difficult
to hear your ideas. Grades K-2.                     pattern or designing one of your own to
July 6–9 Newton North 8:30–11:30am                  stitch onto fabric or a clothing item of your
KS399-S21-1 $245                                    choice. You’ll leave the class with at least one
July 19–23 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm                beautiful wall hanging or piece of wearable
KS399-S21-2 $295                                    art, and a new skill to help you while away
                                                    the hours. Grades 3-9.
July 26–30 Newton South 8:30–11:30am
                                                    See our website for the materials you’ll need for
KS399-S21-3 $295                                    this class.
                                                    July 12–16 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm
Public Speaking Boot Camp                           KS345-S21-1 $325
See page 25 for details.                            August 2–6 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm                Knitting
                                                    KS345-S21-2 $325                                    Deanna Mustachio, Instructor
New                                                                                                     Knitting used to be for grannies, but now
Sea Dance                                           Fabric Painting                                     it’s universally cool. You can say “I made it
                                                                                                        myself!” when friends admire your stylish
Isabel Darmon Weiss, Instructor                     Nicole Donson, Instructor
                                                                                                        scarf, and you’ll never be bored again—you
Move like sea creatures in our summer dance         Get paint on your clothes! Learn popular silk
                                                                                                        can take your yarn and needles anywhere.
immersion class. Learn about a different            and fabric painting and decorating techniques
                                                                                                        We’ll work on basics such as knit and
underwater animal every day and mimic its           using non-toxic colorfast dyes, fabric paints,
                                                                                                        purl stitches, casting, binding, increasing,
moves. We’ll practice different dance styles        markers, and more. You’ll mix colors, thicken
                                                                                                        decreasing, making stripes, and reading a
including ballet, modern, and jazz, and see         dyes, spatter paint, print with rubber stamps,
                                                                                                        simple knitting pattern. Once you’ve mastered
which one best represents each animal. Each         and use salt to make beautiful starbursts and
                                                                                                        the basics, you can really have fun. We’ll have
day will include a drawing project, a mini          dynamic patterns. Paint a silk scarf and sun-
                                                                                                        a variety of patterns to choose from, including
dance lesson, some improvisation, and cho-          catcher, a pillowcase, tote bag, or T-shirt-your
                                                                                                        some more challenging ones like monsters
reographed dance sequences. We’ll also play         choice of projects and styles is endless. For a
                                                                                                        and flowers, which use double-pointed
games where we get to know more about the           finishing touch you can embellish your work
                                                                                                        needles for really cool results. All levels
sea creatures we’re imitating—like clownfish,       with colorful sequins, buttons, or embroidery.
                                                                                                        welcome. Grades 3-9.
sharks, or stinging jellyfish! Ages 4-7.            Grades 3-8.
                                                                                                        See our website for the materials you’ll need for
July 19–23 Newton North 8:30–11:30am                Materials will be provided; you can bring fabric    this class.
KS367-S21-1 $295                                    or clothing from home too. Wear old clothes or
                                                    a smock.                                            July 6–9 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm
August 16–20 Newton North 8:30–11:30am                                                                  KS212-S21-1 $275
                                                    July 12–16 Newton North 8:30–11:30am
KS367-S21-2 $295                                                                                        August 23–27 Newton South 12:30–3:30pm
                                                    KS073-S21-1 $325
August 23–27 Newton South 8:30–11:30am                                                                  KS212-S21-2 $325
KS367-S21-3 $295

                                                                                                         www.newtoncommunityed.org                          13
Kids Summer

                                                                                                      Art Around the World
                                                     Visual Arts
                                                                                                      Susan Paquette, Instructor
                                                                                                      Explore a country a day as we make art from
                                                    3D Sculpture                                      different countries and immerse in their
     Stay in the Know
                                                    Susan Paquette, Instructor                        cultures. On our trip to Mexico, we’ll create
     We may add new classes. Sign up
                                                    Think beyond paper and pencil—it’s time           piñatas and paint them, listen to Mexican
     to receive our email updates or
                                                    to go 3D! Use a wide variety of materials to      music, and learn some Spanish phrases. In
     check our website.
                                                    make three-dimensional fine art projects.         China, we’ll learn Chinese brush painting
                                                    Create giant ice cream cones out of papi-         and draw pandas and dragons. In England
                                                    er-mâché, construct modern sculptures of          we’ll make a castle with paper and cardboard,
                                                    wire and wood, and design wearable cowboy         and in Italy we’ll sculpt our own leaning tow-
 New                                                or cowgirl hats and decoupage cereal box          er of Pisa and sing ‘O Sole Mio! Join us on
Swag Design: Outfit Makeover                        beach totes. You’ll work with the following       our art journey. Grades K-3.
Joyce Deliza, Instructor                            media: boxes, cardboard, papier-mâché,            July 12–16 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm
Strut your stuff. If you love to create your        nylon, wire, wood, paint, Styrofoam, contact
                                                                                                      KS327-S21-1 $325
own style and modify your clothing to make          paper, and other miscellaneous craft supplies.
                                                    Join us in the third dimension! Grades K-3.       August 9–13 Newton South 8:30–11:30am
it more you, join us to learn new techniques                                                          KS327-S21-2 $325
for transforming your wardrobe. First, you’ll       July 19–23 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm
create a collage to represent your aesthetic vi-    KS089-S21 $325
sion, and then you’ll brainstorm and plan out                                                         New
the placement of your designs. You’ll tie-dye                                                         Art Studio: Animals
your garment to create a unique base pattern,
                                                    Animal Art
                                                    Susan Paquette, Instructor                        Danielle Schechner, Instructor
then add layers with custom iron-ons or pic-
                                                    Calling all animal lovers! Spend a week at        Study animals through the lens of an artist.
tures from your collage. As a finishing touch,
                                                    the NCE Zoo, where all the animals are of         We’ll learn about different animal species and
you’ll use fabric-friendly paint to add extra
                                                    your own creation. You’ll make 2D and 3D          their behaviors through diverse art methods,
detail and flare to your custom design. You’ll
                                                    animal-themed art projects. You’ll create         materials, and projects. We’ll use the color
leave class with at least one original standout
                                                    hand-painted papier-mâché animal puppets;         wheel and mixing and painting techniques
piece to add to your wardrobe and the confi-
                                                    learn to draw animals of the Arctic, rain-        while investigating camouflage for reptiles.
dence to create others at home on your own.
                                                    forest, and New England; use cut paper and        You’ll observe and listen to identify local
Dress to get messy. Grades 5-9.
                                                    yarn to make a forest of animal species; and      birds, learn how to draw birds accurately, and
See our website for the materials you’ll need for
                                                    sculpt and paint your favorite animals with       make bird sculptures. As we explore marine
this class.
                                                    homemade clay. We’ll also design animal           life, you’ll make jellyfish wire sculptures and
July 19–23 Newton North 8:30–11:30am                                                                  do printmaking of sea creatures. Grades 3-6.
                                                    belts, necklaces, and rings from paper, fabric,
KS377-S21-1 $325                                                                                      July 19–23 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm
                                                    and clay. Grades K-3.
August 9–13 Newton South 12:30–3:30pm                                                                 KS403-S21-1 $325
                                                    July 6–9 Newton North 8:30–11:30am
KS377-S21-2 $325                                                                                      August 16–20 Newton North 8:30–11:30am
                                                    KS193-S21-1 $275
                                                    August 2–6 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm              KS403-S21-2 $325
                                                    KS193-S21-2 $325

14       staff@newtoncommunityed.org
Kids Summer

                                                    New                                              Clay Workshop
                                                    Art Studio:                                      Daniela Ostreicher, Instructor
                                                    Nature Explorations                              From the functional to the whimsical, make
                                                                                                     just about anything you want from clay. Join
                                                    Danielle Schechner, Instructor                   us and learn handbuilding fundamentals
                                                    Become a careful observer of the natural         and techniques for creating pinch pots, slabs,
                                                    environment and develop the tools to be a        coils, and sculptures. You’ll get lots of one-
                                                    phenomenal naturalist and artist. You’ll learn   on-one expert guidance as you perfect your
                                                    basic drawing techniques and strategies for      pieces, and you’ll select your favorites to glaze
                                                    capturing nature and our environment as          with the colors and patterns of your choice.
                                                    we explore line, texture, color, proportion,     Our instructor will fire your pieces after class,
                                                    principles of light and shade, patterns, and     and we will notify you when they are avail-
                                                    more. You’ll create your own handmade na-        able for pickup. Grades 2-5 & 6-9.
                                                    ture journals and fill them with your obser-
                                                                                                     You will need your own tools for this class. See our
                                                    vations, practice drawings, and exploratory      website for our recommendations.
                                                    exercises. We’ll work in a variety of artistic
                                                    media including pencil, charcoal, colored
                                                                                                     July 6–9 Newton North 8:30–11:30am
Art Studio: Comics                                  pencil, pastel, and inks. We’ll work both in-    KS182-S21-1-Gr2-5 $275 (Grades 2-5)
Jack Neylan, Instructor                             doors and outdoors—going on walks, sitting,      July 6–9 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm
Join us and learn every step to making com-         exploring, and observing still lifes, plants,    KS182-S21-2-Gr6-9 $275 (Grades 6-9)
ics! They are one of the world’s oldest sto-        animals, and landscapes. Grades 3-6.             July 19–23 Newton North 8:30–11:30am
rytelling media and they can be beautifully         July 12–16 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm             KS182-S21-3-Gr2-5 $325 (Grades 2-5)
simple or incredibly complex. You’ll design
                                                    KS402-S21-1 $325                                 July 19–23 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm
your characters, create a simple three-panel
strip, ink and color a page, and finally, make      August 23–27 Newton South 8:30–11:30am           KS182-S21-4-Gr6-9 $325 (Grades 6-9)
a dynamic multi-page comic in the genre             KS402-S21-2 $325                                 August 16–20 Newton North 8:30–11:30am
of your choice. We’ll look at a wide range of                                                        KS182-S21-5-Gr6-9 $325 (Grades 6-9)
comics­—from early 19th century newspaper                                                            August 16–20 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm
                                                    Classic Camp Crafts
strips to Japanese Manga to modern-day                                                               KS182-S21-6-Gr2-5 $325 (Grades 2-5)
digital web comics. You’ll learn a variety of       Susan Paquette, Instructor
drawing styles, gain an understanding of            If your favorite thing about summer camp
story structure, and leave class with several       is art, here are all the best camp crafts in     Creative Lettering
copies of your original comics and a new            one week-long class. Make apple sculptures,
                                                                                                     Joanne Baker, Instructor
appreciation for this art form. Grades 4-9.         beaded bracelets, tea bag hand-warmers,
                                                                                                     CREATE spectacular lettering, original illu-
                                                    paper balloons, egg cup tarantulas, braid art,
See our website for the materials you’ll need for                                                    minated alphabets, and gorgeous calligraphy,
this class.                                         votive candle holders, tissue paper flowers,
                                                                                                     using plain old pens, pencils, and markers.
                                                    watercolor murals, and even slime. The list
June 28–July 2 Newton South 12:30–3:30pm                                                             In just a week, you’ll become a masterful
                                                    goes on and on and is sure to include crafts
KS356-S21-1 $325                                                                                     hand-writer, able to produce letters, enve-
                                                    you’ve not yet encountered. Grades K-3.
August 16–20 Newton North 8:30–11:30am                                                               lopes, signs, banners, posters, and even per-
                                                    June 28–July 2 Newton South 8:30–11:30am         sonalized monograms that will wow people.
KS356-S21-2 $325                                    KS163-S21 $325                                   Take this class and your doodling, drawing,
                                                                                                     lettering, and way of looking at a blank piece
                                                                                                     of paper will be changed forever. Grades 5-9.
                                                                                                     See our website for the materials you’ll need for
                                                                                                     this class.
     For easier planning, see our                                                                    July 6–9 Newton North 8:30–11:30am
     Summer At a Glance chart                                                                        KS299-S21-1 $275
     on pages 30-31 for a user-                                                                      July 19–23 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm
     friendly listing of all our                                                                     KS299-S21-2 $325
     Kids Summer classes.

                                                                                                     www.newtoncommunityed.org                           15
Kids Summer

Decor by Me                                       Glass Class
Nicole Donson, Instructor                         Michel L’Huillier, Instructor
Create cool keepsake crafts. Explore the art      Dazzle family and friends with your out-
of mosaics and decorate a wooden plank or         standing glass artwork. Make a trivet, name
picture frame with ceramic tiles and grout.       plate, or big decorated mirror with a glass
Make a funky mirror by attaching clothes          mosaic, and create a fused glass night light
pins around a circular mirror. Decoupage          and a tack-fused decorative tile. With jew-
a keepsake box using decorative papers,           elry-mosaic, you’ll place glass beads and
colored tissue, fabric, glue-on jewels, and       dichroic pieces in a deep pendant to create
colorful beads. Make a hardbound journal          two necklaces. Master these techniques and
using classic bookbinding techniques, and         learn to work safely with glass as you explore
decorate its cover with fabric or fancy papers,   the creativity this medium allows. Grades
stickers, ribbons, or glue-on jewels. Decorate    2-5 & 6-9.                                        Really Big Art
and build desk accessories from wood and          June 28–July 2 Newton South 8:30–11:30am          Susan Paquette, Instructor
recycled materials, or create decorations to      KS361-S21-1-Gr6-9 $325 (Grades 6-9)               Think big. Collaborate with fellow artists to
hang on your wall. Use our items to decorate                                                        make large group projects, and work solo
                                                  June 28–July 2 Newton South 12:30–3:30pm
with or bring your own. Grades 3-9.                                                                 on big individual ones. Using paint, pastels,
                                                  KS361-S21-2-Gr2-5 $325 (Grades 2-5)
June 28–July 2 Newton South 12:30–3:30pm                                                            fabric, and 3D objects, we’ll create colorful
                                                  August 2–6 Newton North 8:30–11:30am
KS140-S21-1 $325                                                                                    animal posters, cool magazine collages, and
                                                  KS361-S21-3-Gr2-5 $325(Grades 2-5)                larger-than-life murals. Refine your animal
August 2–6 Newton North 8:30–11:30am
                                                  August 2–6 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm              drawing skills as you create your poster,
KS140-S21-2 $325
                                                  KS361-S21-4-Gr6-9 $325 (Grades 6-9)               and give it a theme like wild-world safari
                                                                                                    or Franklin Park Zoo. Develop an idea for
Fashion Art Projects                                                                                your collage and cut magazines and other
                                                  Graphic Novels                                    paper sources to construct it, add textured
Susan Paquette, Instructor
                                                  See page 24 for details.                          elements like fabric, sand, and buttons,
Walk the runway in your own original cloth-
ing and accessories. Design duct-tape wallets                                                       and work as a team on a group watercolor
with patterned tape, assemble beaded jewel-       Lights, Camera, Action!                           mural. We’ll work inside and outside on our
ry, and form metal pendants and/or necklac-       See page 24 for details.                          projects, and at the end of the week you’ll
es. Recycle matchboxes to make lockets with                                                         have artwork so big you’ll need help carry-
a picture inside, and construct a craft foam                                                        ing it home! Grades K-3.
purse, rhinestone hair clips, and colorful        Picture Book Artists                              August 2–6 Newton North 8:30–11:30am
fabric headbands and fleece beanies. Sew a        Nicole Donson, Instructor                         KS336-S21 $325
heart-shaped pillow, design fingerless gloves,    Calling all Eric Carle fans! Join us to create
and strut your stuff in an original trash bag     artwork inspired by your favorite children’s
dress. All projects are wearable. No sewing       books. We’ll investigate the artistic approach-   Star Wars Spectacular
skills needed: we’ll use double-sided fabric      es in books like Where the Wild Things Are,       Susan Paquette, Instructor
tape, glue, and other clever ways to construct    Rainbow Fish, Leaf Man, Harold and the            Travel to “a long time ago in a galaxy far
our projects. Grades K-3.                         Purple Crayon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar,       far away…” where you’ll use a variety of
July 12–16 Newton North 8:30–11:30am              and more. We’ll paint textures on paper and       materials to make art projects inspired by
KS328-S21-1 $325                                  make collages as Eric Carle did, paint on pa-     the Star Wars universe. You’ll work with the
                                                  per leaves and apply a watercolor resist tech-    following media: cardboard, papier-mâché,
August 9–13 Newton South 12:30–3:30pm
                                                  nique to make a leaf man, and use colored         wire, self-drying clay, paint, and other mis-
KS328-S21-2 $325                                  tissue paper to decorate rainbow fish and         cellaneous craft supplies. You’ll create pop-up
                                                  Elmer the elephant. We’ll create monsters like    battle action scene cards, design a baby Yoda
                                                  the wild things and collages with dots and        puppet with a costume, sculpt a clay BB-8,
                                                  drawings using a purple crayon. Each week         construct a 3D Millennium Falcon, and test a
                                                  we’ll explore a new book and enjoy art proj-      blue milk recipe. “Do. Or do not. There is no
                                                  ects inspired by that book. Grades K-2.
                                                  August 9–13 Newton South 8:30–11:30am
                                                  KS388-S21-1 $325
                                                  August 16–20 Newton North 12:30–3:30pm
                                                  KS388-S21-2 $325
16      staff@newtoncommunityed.org
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