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                              DAY SCRIPTS

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ii   Spring 2021 SAT School Day        Connecticut Standard Testing Manual
1    Introduction
1    Using This Manual
1    New for 2020-21
1    Testing Basics
2    SAT Test Materials
3    Before Test Day
3    Prepare Yourself
3    Prepare Your Room for Test Day
4    Prepare Your Students
4    Prepare Your Preadministration Session
4    Conduct the Preadministration Session
6    During the Test
6    Get Started
7    Testing in the Standard Room
9    Maintain Security in the Testing Room
12   Standard SAT Script
12   Begin the Test Here
14   Distribute Answer Sheets
15   Distribute Test Books
17   Read the Timed Sections
20   After the Test
20   Collect Test Materials
21   Before Dismissing Students
22   After Students Leave the Room
23   Appendix
23   SAT Standard Section Timing Chart
24   Acceptable Calculators
25   Photo ID Requirements
26   Sample Seating Plans
26   Sample Standard Test Day Schedule
27   Irregularity Chart
37   Glossary of Terms
39   Testing Room Materials Report for SAT School Day Testing

                                                   Connecticut Standard Testing Manual Spring 2021 SAT School Day   iii
iv   Spring 2021 SAT School Day   Connecticut Standard Testing Manual
Using This Manual Introduction  

As the Connecticut SAT School Day proctor, you
play an important role in ensuring the successful                New for 2020-21
administration of the SAT, a key milestone on the                Important Changes and Reminders
path to college for many students. Taking the SAT
                                                                 College Board has made the following changes for this
during the school day in a familiar, easily accessible
                                                                 school year.
environment allows students to improve college and
career readiness. It also means that more students can            1. For the latest policy updates, please see
participate in programs that support college access.       

Using This Manual                                                Testing Basics
This manual is for proctors’ use for SAT School Day              About the SAT
testing only (not Saturday or Sunday testing) for spring         The SAT is part of the SAT Suite of Assessments,
2021. Please do not share it with students or anyone             closely aligned tests that reflect what students are
else besides testing staff.                                      already learning in their classrooms and help educators
Where appropriate, the content is organized with tasks           monitor student progress.
(what you need to do), followed by key information               The SAT focuses on the skills and knowledge that
(what you need to know) related to those tasks. For              research indicates are essential for career and college
example, tasks related to room setup are followed by             success.
key information about seating requirements.
                                                                 Standardized Testing
Before Test Day                                                  Uniform procedures are essential to a standardized
Before test day you’ll need to participate in training           testing program. To ensure comparable scores, testing
provided by your test coordinator, and you’ll need to            staff must follow the same testing procedures and give
prepare your room and materials. Completing the tasks            instructions exactly as they appear in this manual.
in this section prepares you for testing.
                                                                 Please ensure that you comply with all applicable
During the Test                                                  laws, including those relating to discrimination and
You’ll administer the test by reading aloud the scripts          local health and safety guidelines. By strictly following
exactly as they appear in this manual. Scripts appear in         College Board policies and procedures, you give
shaded areas; all other text is for your information and         students the best guarantee of fair testing and the best
not to be read aloud.                                            possible test day experience.
                                                                 As the proctor, you’re responsible for conducting
After the Test                                                   a secure, valid administration. You’re accountable
After the test you’ll assist in wrapping up the                  for everyone in the testing room and everything
administration, which includes tasks such as                     that takes place there. You’ll account for all testing
accounting for all materials and returning them to the           materials, conduct the testing, appropriately document
test coordinator. Completing the tasks in this section           irregularities, and monitor students to ensure a fair
ensures that students receive their scores.                      administration.

Appendix Resources                                               Test Sections and Timing
We provide timing charts, planning guides, and other             Everyone testing on the primary test date will need to
resources in the Appendix of this manual (see the Table          begin testing at the same time.
of Contents for a complete list with page references).
                                                                 The SAT is composed of several tests that follow
Typographical Icons                                              the same order in every test book. The test must
Typographical icons are used throughout the manual               be administered in this sequence unless explicitly
to draw your attention to specific information and               instructed otherwise by College Board.
action items:                                                    Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: Includes a
Contact by phone                                                 Reading Test and a Writing and Language Test. Each
                                                                 test is composed of multiparagraph passages and
Security requirement
                                                                 multiple-choice questions.

                                                           Connecticut Standard Testing Manual Spring 2021 SAT School Day    1
Introduction SAT Test Materials

    Time allotted:                                                      ƒ As indicated in the scripts, the proctor uses the
     ƒ 65 minutes for Reading                                             seating chart on the back of the Testing Room
                                                                          Materials Report form to record the serial number
     ƒ 35 minutes for Writing and Language                                of the multiple-choice test book distributed to each
    Math: Includes one portion that permits calculator                    seat in the room. If any issues arise, the chart will
    use and one that doesn’t. Each portion is composed                    be used in investigating reported irregularities.
    of multiple-choice and student-produced response                    ƒ If possible, staff should include the last name of
    questions.                                                            each student on the seating chart.
    Time allotted:
                                                                       Request to Cancel Test Scores Form
     ƒ 25 minutes for Math Test – No Calculator                        Students use this form to request score cancellation,
     ƒ 55 minutes for Math Test – Calculator                           which means their scores will not be reported to them
                                                                       or to any colleges. Direct students to fill out the form
    Terminology                                                        with exactly the same information given on their
    See the Glossary of Terms on page 37 for definitions               answer sheets or pre-ID labels.
    of frequently used terms.
                                                                       The test scripts inform students that if they request
                                                                       score cancellation, their scores will still be provided

    SAT Test Materials                                                 to their state, but College Board will not send them to
                                                                       colleges or scholarship organizations.
    The test coordinator will provide all the materials
                                                                       Students must sign and date the form, then submit it in
    needed on test day for your room.
                                                                       one of the following ways:
    Test Books                                                          ƒ Hand the form to the testing staff before leaving on
    All test books display the title “The SAT Test Book,”                 test day.
    along with important notes for the student. The test                ƒ Fax the form to the number indicated no later than
    books for students required to test on the primary                    11:59 p.m. ET on the fourth weekday following the
    test date have covers with purple accents. Students                   date testing ends. (For example, the fourth weekday
    testing with accommodations may use standard test                     following a test administered on a Tuesday would
    books with purple accents or accommodated materials                   be the next Monday.)
    with blue accents, depending on their approved                      ƒ Send the form by overnight delivery to the address
    accommodations or supports.                                           indicated, to arrive no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on
                                                                          the fourth weekday following the date testing ends.
    Each proctor will receive a roster for their room from the         Scores cannot be canceled by email or phone.
    test coordinator. Use the roster to confirm who should             A student may cancel their scores using the SAT
    be in your testing room and record any absences. The               School Day Request to Cancel Test Scores form in
    information you record on the room roster will be used             instances of equipment failure or illness. Fill out an
    by the test coordinator to plan for any students who               Irregularity Report (IR) in these cases. Students will
    require a makeup administration.                                   be eligible for a makeup administration. An IR isn’t
                                                                       necessary for other situations where students elect to
    Forms and Reporting                                                cancel their scores.
    You need to be familiar with the reports and forms used
    in the testing room.                                               SAT School Day Irregularity Report (IR)
                                                                       You’ll receive at least 1 blank IR to use in the event
    Testing Room Materials Report Form                                 an irregularity occurs during School Day testing.
    The Testing Room Materials Report form is provided on              The testing staff performs a critical role in reporting
    the back cover of this manual.                                     irregularities and affected students.
     ƒ The Testing Room Materials Report form is used                  Without complete information, College Board can’t
       to indicate testing room information, including the             resolve issues that arise. All IRs submitted are
       proctor assigned to the room, the room number, and              thoroughly reviewed. Refer to the Irregularity Chart on
       the test materials issued to the proctor.                       page 27 for instruction on when to fill out an IR.
     ƒ Inside the testing room, the proctor uses the Testing
       Room Materials Report form to check the testing
       materials received against the serial numbers listed
       on the form.

2   Spring 2021 SAT School Day   Connecticut Standard Testing Manual
Prepare Yourself   Before Test Day  

Before Test Day
Prepare Yourself                                                  KEY INFORMATION
                                                                  Testing Room Requirements
TASKS                                                             To promote an effective and secure administration,
 ƒ Participate in training if you haven’t already.                testing rooms must fulfill the following requirements:
 ƒ Read this entire manual.                                        ƒ Rooms must be located away from noisy areas and
 ƒ Take time to study the scripts and timing before                  distracting activities.
   test day. Uniform testing conditions depend on                  ƒ Rooms should be near restrooms.
   your reading the scripts exactly as written in this
                                                                   ƒ Rooms must have:
                                                                      Š A working clock, visible to students
 ƒ Review and sign the Testing Staff Agreement form
   provided by your test coordinator.                                 Š Proper lighting
 ƒ Conduct a preadministration session at your test                   Š Proper ventilation
   coordinator’s direction.                                           Š Proper seating that follows the seating
                                                                         requirements given in this section
                                                                       Š No materials related to test content on display
Prepare Your Room                                                        (these can be removed or covered)

for Test Day                                                      Seating Requirements
Your test coordinator will provide you with information           The following seating requirements apply for all testing
to post on the board for test day. Prior to test day, the         rooms:
test coordinator selected rooms that meet College                  ƒ Chairs must have backs.
Board testing room and seating requirements. As the
                                                                   ƒ Seats must face the same direction.
proctor, review the requirements under Key Information
to make sure your room and seating arrangements still              ƒ Chairs must be placed directly behind those in the
meet them on test day.                                               preceding row.
                                                                   ƒ Each student must be separated by a minimum of
TASKS                                                                3 feet from side to side (measure from center of desk).
Prepare to Collect Student Belongings                              ƒ Staff access to every student must be unimpeded.
College Board requires testing staff to collect mobile             ƒ At tables, students must be seated at least 3 feet
phones, wearable technology, and other prohibited                    apart (measured from the center of the table) and
electronic devices before administering the SAT. Plan                facing the same direction. You can seat 2 students
ahead for collecting electronic devices and backpacks                at a table that’s at least 6 feet long.
(if allowed by school policy or directed by your test
                                                                   ƒ Large, smooth writing surfaces, preferably desks or
coordinator) as students enter the testing room.
                                                                     tables, must be provided.
During check-in, instruct students to power off                    ƒ Tablet-arm chairs must have a minimum writing
electronic devices. If collecting devices, be ready to               surface of 12 × 15 inches (30 × 38 centimeters).
label items collected so they can be returned after
testing. If your school isn’t allowed to collect devices,         The following seating arrangements are not allowed:
tell students to store their phones in a bag or backpack           ƒ Round tables, study carrels, lapboards, language
placed to the side of the room away from the testing                 laboratory booths, and tables with partitions or
area. (Have a supply of clear plastic bags to offer                  dividers.
students who don’t have a bag or backpack with them.)              ƒ Seat assignments that follow any expected pattern or
More information is given under Prohibited Devices                   defined order. If testing students in their homeroom,
Policies on page 10.                                                 make sure students are seated at random.

                                                                  IMPORTANT:   Students may not select their own seats.

                                                            Connecticut Standard Testing Manual Spring 2021 SAT School Day      3
Before Test Day     Prepare Your Students

                                                                        ƒ Give each student the correct answer sheet and
    Prepare Your Students                                                 a copy of the Student Answer Sheet Instructions.
                                                                          A large-print version of the Student Answer Sheet
    Your test coordinator should ensure all students receive
                                                                          Instructions is provided for students with approved
    a copy of the SAT School Day Student Guide to help
                                                                          accommodations that necessitate large print. Make
    them learn about and prepare for the test. In addition,
                                                                          sure you correctly match any labeled answer sheet
    the Student Guide advises students about how to mark
                                                                          to the student whose information is on the label.
    their answers, their rights and responsibilities as test
                                                                          Give any student who doesn’t have a labeled answer
    takers, and what to bring on test day.
                                                                          sheet a blank answer sheet.

                                                                           Š Some students may be using large-print answer
    Prepare Your                                                             sheets. This accommodation will be noted on
                                                                             the NAR.
    Preadministration Session
                                                                         IMPORTANT: Do not hand out test books during the
    TASKS                                                                preadministration session.
    Your coordinator will provide these materials for your
    session:                                                            ƒ Read aloud the scripts in shaded areas and pause
                                                                          when [pause] appears to give students time to follow
     ƒ Student Answer Sheet Instructions, a copy for each
        student                                                           instructions. Instructions for the proctors that
                                                                          shouldn’t be read aloud appear outside the shaded
     ƒ Answer sheets affixed with students’ pre-ID labels                 areas.
     ƒ Large-block answer sheets (if applicable) affixed
        with students’ pre-ID labels                                       Š Students must fill in the appropriate bubbles (or
                                                                             squares on a large-print answer sheet) for their
     ƒ Extra blank answer sheets for any students without                    names and other personal information.
        pre-ID labels
                                                                           Š Students will bubble fields 1 (Name), 5 (Student
     ƒ A list of students with the type of answer sheet                      ID Number), 8 (Date of Birth), and 9 (Test Type)
        needed (large print or standard)                                     even if they have a label on their answer sheet.
    IMPORTANT: Students without pre-ID labels must fill out the            Š Students should skip fields A–D and the
    entire first page of their answer sheets. Even when a pre-ID             certification statement on the answer sheet
    label is affixed, students must still bubble in fields 1 (Name),         because these sections are completed on test day.
    5 (Student ID Number), 7 (Date of Birth), and 9 (Test Type)            Š If there are students in the room who have
    on the front of their answer sheets. When distributing                   the wrong answer sheet, try to resolve the
    answer sheets, make sure to correctly match any answer                   discrepancy. If any student’s label has an
    sheet that has a pre-ID label to the correct student.                    incorrect last or first name or middle initial, give
                                                                             the student a blank answer sheet and securely
                                                                             destroy the answer sheet with the incorrect
    Conduct the                                                              label. Information included on the pre-ID labels
                                                                             is based on data in CSDE’s PSIS registration
    Preadministration Session                                                system. If errors are identified, please work with
    There are 2 parts to the preadministration session:                      your test coordinator to contact your district
    completing student information, and taking advantage                     assessment coordinator so PSIS can be updated
    of the free score sends by providing up to 4 colleges or                 to reflect the correct information.
    scholarship programs. Connecticut students will not
    complete the optional questionnaire.

     ƒ Before starting the session, post any information
        the students will need, such as the 6-digit school
        (AI) code, school name, city, and state.
     ƒ Students will need their state student ID numbers.
        Work with your test coordinator to make sure you
        have these numbers available for the session.

4   Spring 2021 SAT School Day    Connecticut Standard Testing Manual
Conduct the Preadministration Session Before Test Day  

Preadministration Scripts                                              city, and state in field 3. Leave the country field blank.
Fill in the school code in the script before beginning.                Look up when you’re done. [pause]

 To all students, say:                                                 For field 4, say:
 Take out the Student Answer Sheet Instructions booklet                In field 4, print our 6-digit school code__________ and
 that I gave you. Follow along in this booklet as I read               fill in the corresponding bubbles. Look up when you’re
 instructions to you.                                                  done. [pause]

 When students are ready, say:                                         For field 5, say:
 Today we will complete the identifying information                    In field 5, print and bubble in your state student ID
 portion of the SAT answer sheet. You’ll be able to take               number, starting with the first column to the left. You
 advantage of your 4 free score sends by indicating which              can find your state student ID number in the upper left
 eligible colleges, universities, or scholarship programs to           corner of the label. If you don’t have a label and need
 send your scores to.                                                  your state student ID number, please raise your hand.
                                                                       Look up when you’re done. [pause]
 To students using large-print answer sheets, say:
                                                                      If a student doesn’t know their state student ID number
 If you’re using a large-print answer sheet, read the                 and you have state student ID numbers available,
 directions on the front page for how to mark your                    provide the number to the student to grid on the answer
 answers. Your page numbers will be different from those              sheet. If you don’t have access to state student ID
 I announce, but the field numbers will be the same as                numbers, tell the student to leave field 5 blank. Work
 the field numbers I give for everyone. You’ll mark the               with the test coordinator to complete it on the student’s
 squares with an X instead of filling in bubbles.                     behalf after testing.

                                                                       For field 6, say:
 To all students, say:
                                                                       In field 6, fill in the bubble for your current grade.
 Please check to make sure your correct name appears on
 the label on your answer sheet. Raise your hand if your
 name is not correct. [pause]
                                                                       For field 7, say:
If the student’s first name or last name listed on the
                                                                       In field 7, date of birth, fill in the bubble for the month. On
label is incorrect, give them a blank answer sheet for the
                                                                       large-print answer sheets, fill in the digits for the month,
session. If any other information is incorrect, including
                                                                       starting with a zero if the month has only 1 digit. Next, write
date of birth or school information, students can use
the label and the answer sheet—they’ll enter their                     in the 2-digit number for the day you were born, starting
correct information during the session. Shred or securely              with a zero if the day is less than 10. Then write the last
discard any answer sheet with an incorrect student name.               2 digits of the year you were born. Fill in the corresponding
                                                                       bubbles and look up when you’re done. [pause]
 For field 1, say:

 Begin by filling in your last name, first name, and                   For field 8, say:
 middle initial (if you have one) in field 1. Include spaces,          Complete field 8. [pause]
 hyphens, or apostrophes if these are part of your name.
 Print the letters in all caps in the boxes, then fill in the
                                                                       For field 9, Test Type, say:
 corresponding bubbles. Make sure each mark is dark
 and completely fills the bubble. Look up when you’re                  In field 9, bubble in “SAT” as the test that you will be
 done. [pause]                                                         taking. [pause]

 For fields 2 and 3, say:                                              For fields 10–14, say:
 Move on to field 2. Fill in the bubble for “Yes” if you are           Skip fields 10 through 14.
 testing at your school. Then print our school’s name,

                                                                Connecticut Standard Testing Manual Spring 2021 SAT School Day           5
During the Test Get Started

     Now say:                                                           When everyone is ready, say:

     We’re now going to complete field 15.                              Do not fill in any other boxes. Close your instructions
                                                                        booklet and place it next to your answer sheet on your
     For field 15, say:                                                 desk. Please wait quietly while I collect your materials.
                                                                        Raise your hand if you have any questions.
     When you take the SAT as part of SAT School Day,
     you’re entitled to send your scores—for free—to as
                                                                        Complete the Preadministration
     many as 4 eligible colleges, universities, or scholarship
     programs. Completing this section is optional. Colleges            Session
     and universities are always eager to get scores from               When students are ready, say:
     students, even if you’re not ready to apply.
                                                                        I will now collect your answer sheets and Student
     Take out your instructions booklet and find the “Score             Answer Sheet Instructions booklets. Your answer sheets
     Reporting Code List,” which begins on page 1. Use this list        will be returned to you on test day.
     to find the 4-digit number for the schools or scholarship
     programs you want to send your scores to. U.S. colleges            ƒ Confirm that students have bubbled their state
     and universities are listed first in order by state, and then        student ID accurately in field 5. For any students
     alphabetically by name. Institutions in U.S. territories             who left field 5 blank, work with the test coordinator
     come next, followed by international ones. The final list in         to enter and bubble their state student ID on the
     this document shows scholarship programs listed by state             answer sheet.
     or country, in alphabetical order.                                 ƒ The session is now over—you may dismiss your
                                                                          students or carry on with your regular school day.
     For each place you want to send scores to, copy the 4 digits
                                                                        ƒ Organize the answer sheets and Student Answer
     in the boxes and fill in the corresponding bubbles (if using         Sheet Instructions as directed by your test
     a large-print answer sheet, print the digits as clearly as you       coordinator and return them to the test coordinator
     can). Let me know if you have any questions.                         for secure storage until test day.
     Look up when you’re done. [pause]

    During the Test
    Get Started                                                         ¨ Assign seats at random or by prearrangement with
                                                                          the test coordinator. Never allow students to select
    TASKS                                                                 their own seats.

    Follow Your Test Day Schedule                                       ¨ Post the following information for students on the
    To ensure standardization across all School Day
    testing, please adhere to the prearranged schedule as                   Š   Test date
    closely as possible.                                                    Š   School name, city, and state
    Prepare Your Testing Room                                               Š   6-digit school (AI) code assigned to your school
    Make sure you:                                                          Š   3-digit testing room code provided by test
    ¨ Double-check that your testing room meets seating                         coordinator (if applicable)
      requirements, including guidelines for type and                           IMPORTANT:  We strongly recommend using testing
      spacing of seats. (See Sample Seating Plans on                            room codes. If your school doesn’t use testing
      page 26 in the Appendix.)                                                 room codes, list the room name or number.
    ¨ Cover or remove any instructional material, such as
      maps and charts, if not done previously.                              Š “SAT”
    ¨ Confirm the clock works.                                              Š “Use a No. 2 pencil only. Do not use a pen or
                                                                                mechanical pencil.”

6   Spring 2021 SAT School Day    Connecticut Standard Testing Manual
Testing in the Standard Room      During the Test  

¨ If provided in your testing room packet (see Account            ƒ After testing, when you prepare to return materials
  for Testing Materials later in this section), post the             to the test coordinator, record the serial numbers
  “Testing in Progress” flyer on the outside of your                 of the test books you are returning in Part A of the
  testing room door.                                                 form, along with the number of answer sheets being
¨ Gather No. 2 pencils from your testing room packet                 returned.
  to distribute to students who only have mechanical             Missing Test Materials
  pencils.                                                       If you discover a test book is missing, follow these
¨ Plan to collect electronic devices and backpacks               procedures:
  (if permitted under school policy) as students enter            ƒ If a test book is missing before testing has begun,
  the testing room. Be ready to label items collected                identify the missing test book’s serial number and
  so they can be returned after testing.                             then check the desk of the student assigned that
                                                                     serial number. Also check the desks of students
Study and Prepare Scripts Before Testing
                                                                     who received the test books with serial numbers
Review the script you’ll read before starting the test.
                                                                     before and after the missing book’s serial number.
 ƒ Some of the instructions have alternative scripts to           ƒ If testing has already begun, notify the test
   read depending on options in use by your school.                  coordinator as soon as possible, but wait until a
   Review these scripts in advance and mark the                      scheduled break or the end of the testing session
   appropriate ones for your testing room.                           to search the room. Before dismissing students or
 ƒ Before admitting students, fill in the appropriate                starting a break, announce that a test book is missing
   information where a blank line “ __________ ”                     and no one will be dismissed until it’s located. If no
   appears in the text.                                              one acknowledges having the test book, check each
                                                                     student’s desk (even unoccupied desks, since the test
Account for Testing Materials                                        book may have been placed there).
Your test coordinator will provide a packet of testing
materials containing:                                            If the test book is still missing, ask the test coordinator to
 ƒ A room roster showing students assigned to your room          call School Day Support immediately. Report the incident
                                                                 on an IR.
 ƒ A Testing Room Materials Report form listing the
   test materials for your room                                  KEY INFORMATION
 ƒ Multiple-choice test books                                    Distributing Materials
 ƒ Answer sheets for your students with their pre-ID             Don’t distribute any test materials until instructed to do
   labels and pregridded information, if your school             so in the scripts.
   held a preadministration session
                                                                  ƒ Test books should have a purple cover. Testing
 ƒ A supply of blank answer sheets and Student                       students with blue test materials using the scripts
   Answer Sheet Instructions for students who need
                                                                     in this manual will result in a misadministration
   to complete some or all of the preadministration
                                                                     and invalidated scores.
   information on their answer sheets
                                                                  ƒ The answer sheets for all testing are the same, and
 ƒ An optional “Testing in Progress” flyer                           are titled “SAT School Day Answer Sheet.” Large-
 ƒ Translated test directions and/or word-to-word                    print answer sheets are titled “SAT School Day
   dictionaries for EL students, if needed                           Large-Block Answer Sheet.”
 ƒ Blank forms, including an IR and at least 1 Request
   to Cancel Test Scores form
Count all of your testing materials when you receive             Testing in the
them from your test coordinator, when you distribute
them to students, and when testing is complete.
                                                                 Standard Room
 ƒ Before admitting students to the room, count the
   test books for your room and compare the serial               Admit Students to the Testing Room
   numbers to those listed on the Testing Room                   Admit students one at a time, taking care to assign
   Materials Report form in your testing room packet.            seats at random or by prearrangement. Verify students
                                                                 have powered off mobile phones as you admit them to
 ƒ Later, after testing has begun, you’ll record the
   distribution of test books in your room by writing            the room.
   the serial numbers on the seating chart (Part B of
   the form).

                                                           Connecticut Standard Testing Manual Spring 2021 SAT School Day         7
During the Test Testing in the Standard Room

    Check that students are in the correct testing room.                ƒ Refer to the Section Timing Chart in the Appendix
    Students testing in your room must appear on your                     to ensure the stop time is correctly calculated.
    room roster.                                                        ƒ Walk around the room at regular intervals to check
    If your school is conducting classroom check-in,                      that students are working on the correct section in
    check each student against the room roster as they                    the test book and on the answer sheet.
    enter the room:
                                                                       IMPORTANT:   Staff shouldn’t, under any circumstances,
     ƒ Write a “P” (present) next to the name of each                  review the test sections on answer sheets for
       student who checks in.                                          completeness or make any corrections or changes to the
     ƒ If you don’t recognize a student, ask them for                  marks made on them.
       identification. Send any student who can’t present
       acceptable ID to the test coordinator.                          Monitor Breaks
     ƒ After you’ve closed the testing room door, put an               Testing staff need to monitor students during breaks to
       “A” next to the name of any absent student.                     make sure they don’t discuss the test or use calculators,
                                                                       phones, or prohibited aids.
     ƒ Write in student information for students not on the
       room roster if the student provides a note from the             For the breaks:
       test coordinator.
                                                                        ƒ Post the break time and include what time testing
    If a student arrives late, you can admit them as long as              will resume.
    you haven’t already started the timed sections of the test.         ƒ Walk around the room to confirm all test books are
                                                                          closed and answer sheets are placed inside them.
    Collect or Store Devices                                              Also check that any translated instructions or
    As students enter the room, prepare them for either                   word-to-word dictionaries are closed and left on the
    turning in their phones and other electronic devices                  desks.
    or storing them at the side of the room during testing.
    See Prohibited Devices Policies on page 10 for more
                                                                        ƒ Students aren’t allowed to access phones or other
                                                                          prohibited electronic devices during breaks for any
                                                                          reason. Phones should be collected (if school policy
    If allowed in your school, before you collect phones and              permits) and must remain powered off and put away
    other prohibited devices, backpacks, or other personal                until the test is completely over.
    belongings from students, ask students to take out any              ƒ Students may eat and drink during breaks in
    snacks or drinks and store them under their desks.                    designated areas, as long as they placed their food
    These items must stay under the desks during testing.                 and drinks under their desks before the start of the
    Instruct students to completely power off all cell                    test, as instructed. Don’t allow students to access
    phones and electronic devices before turning them in.                 their bags or backpacks until the test is over.
    IMPORTANT:    Students will be dismissed from testing               ƒ If students ask, they may go to the restroom, but
    if they’re seen with a phone or their phone makes                     under no circumstances should unsupervised
    noise during the test (including breaks) while in their               groups of students be allowed to leave the room.
    possession. Phones on or under the desk are considered
                                                                       Complete the Count of Materials
    in their possession.
                                                                        ƒ On the Testing Room Materials Report form
                                                                          provided to you by the test coordinator, account for
    Monitor and Time the Test
                                                                          all test materials (used and unused for testing) in
     ƒ Accurately time each test section. Students must be                Part A of the form. (The test coordinator may give
       given the entire amount of time and can’t move on
                                                                          you a loose form or may have filled in the form on
       to the next SAT section until time is called.
                                                                          the back cover of this manual.) If a book appears
     ƒ Record the start and stop times on the lines                       to be missing, follow procedures in Missing Test
       provided in the script as students begin working on                Materials earlier in this section.
       each section; post the times for students to see.
                                                                        ƒ Once testing has started, use the chart in Part B
     ƒ Announce the remaining time at regular intervals,                  of the Testing Room Materials Report form (also
       as noted in the script. This is particularly important             printed on the back of this manual) to record the
       if the room clock malfunctions.                                    serial numbers of the test books distributed to
     ƒ Before you call stop, check your watch against the                 students and the order you used to hand them out.
       time you have written down.
     ƒ Verify the time with the monitor, if one is assisting
       in the room.

8   Spring 2021 SAT School Day   Connecticut Standard Testing Manual
Maintain Security in the Testing Room During the Test  

                                                                      ƒ Watch for signals. Students may signal across a
Maintain Security in                                                    testing room by using their hands, tapping their
                                                                        feet, using different colored pencils, and so on.
the Testing Room                                                        Staff must always note any suspicious activities on
Make sure you understand and follow these policies:                     the IR. They should immediately report significant
 ƒ Follow scripts exactly and minimize confusion by                     problems or events that interfere with specific testing
   giving students ample opportunity to ask questions                   procedures or compromise test security.
   about procedures.
 ƒ Remain vigilant at all times during testing. Staff                Report Irregularities
   must not engage in activities that are not related to              ƒ Immediately inform the test coordinator of any
   testing, such as talking or texting on phones, using                 timing irregularities.
   a computer, or grading papers.                                     ƒ Record irregularities and actions taken on the
 ƒ Ensure that at least 1 staff member is in the testing                Irregularity Report (IR).
   room at all times.                                                 ƒ If the Irregularity Chart indicates to call CSDE or
 ƒ Ensure that students do not use calculators,                         School Day Support, report the situation immediately.
   phones, or prohibited aids during breaks.
                                                                     Complete the Irregularity Report (IR)
 ƒ Monitor test materials at all times; do not leave                 The IR form is scanned, so use a No. 2 pencil and don’t
   them unattended under any circumstances.                          write any notes or make any other extraneous marks on
 ƒ Guard against test materials being removed from                   the form. Be sure to print all information neatly and fill
   the room.                                                         in bubbles completely.
 ƒ No student is permitted to access or use phones in
                                                                     IMPORTANT: Always include the names of students and the
   the testing room, or to eat or drink during testing
                                                                     answer sheet litho codes (8-digit serial number from bottom
   unless they have an approved accommodation.
                                                                     right corner of answer sheet) involved in an irregularity.
Immediately report significant problems or events that
                                                                      ƒ For all irregularities, fill in fields 1–4 (page 1) and
interfere with specific testing procedures or compromise
                                                                        field 10 (page 3) of the form.
test security.
                                                                          Š In field 1, fill in “Form ___ of ___” (e.g., “1 of 3”)
TASKS                                                                       at the top of the box.
Monitor Students                                                          Š In field 4a, write your 6-digit school (AI) code.
 ƒ Walk around the room to check that everyone is                         Š In field 4b, fill in the appropriate bubble for your
   working on the correct section.                                          test date. Fill in your primary or makeup test
 ƒ Make sure students using large-print answer sheets                       date according to what administration you’re
   are following instructions on the front of the answer                    reporting.
   sheet about where and how to mark their answers.                       Š In field 4c, fill in the bubble if the irregularity
 ƒ If a student loses their place on the answer                             has occurred during a makeup administration.
   sheet, resulting in misplaced answers, follow the
                                                                      ƒ To report a group irregularity (an issue that affects
   instructions in the Irregularity Chart on page 27.
                                                                        all or a portion of a testing room), fill in fields 6
 ƒ Make sure students do not use any prohibited aids,                   (page 1), 9 (page 3), and 11 (page 4) to denote the
   as instructed in the scripts.                                        type of occurrence, describe the events and actions,
                                                                        and list information about the students affected.
Prevent Copying and Communication                                       You’ll need to note the date of birth and answer
Copying and prohibited communication are the                            sheet litho code for each affected student.
most common ways for students to obtain an unfair
advantage. Staff must:                                                ƒ To report an individual irregularity (an issue that
                                                                        affects 1 student, such as illness), fill in fields 5
 ƒ Ensure proper spacing between students and                           (page 1), 7 (page 2), and 9 (page 3) to denote the type
   watch for roaming eyes to prevent copying and                        of occurrence and the events and actions taken. Be
   communication during testing.                                        sure to fill out the information in its entirety.
 ƒ Watch for use of mobile phones or other prohibited items.          ƒ In all situations, provide as much detail as possible.
 ƒ Be on the lookout for “cheat sheets” written on                      Do not attach answer sheets to the IR, but return
   paper, calculators, or clothing and shoes/footwear.                  them to your test coordinator.
 ƒ Carefully observe students using calculators.
   A mobile phone can be disguised as a calculator.

                                                               Connecticut Standard Testing Manual Spring 2021 SAT School Day        9
During the Test Maintain Security in the Testing Room

     KEY INFORMATION                                                     ƒ Highlighters, compasses, rulers, protractors,
                                                                           earplugs, books or references of any kind, pens or
     Prohibited Devices Policies                                           mechanical/colored pencils, and papers of any kind,
     Review the following policies:                                        including scratch paper.
      ƒ Students are advised to leave their devices in their
                                                                        Device Collection Procedures
        lockers during test day. Despite this, many students
        will have their phones and other devices with                   Students must turn in all phones, wearable technology
        them. College Board policy requires staff to collect            (e.g., smartwatches or fitness trackers), and other
        phones and electronic devices, including wearable               electronic devices before beginning to test. It’s
        technology, before testing begins.                              important for students to feel confident that their
                                                                        devices are safe and will be returned to them promptly
      ƒ Devices must be completely powered off before                   at the end of testing. Depending on your school policy,
        collection. A phone or other prohibited device that
                                                                        you must use 1 of the following 2 options for adhering
        makes noise is grounds for score invalidation.
                                                                        to College Board policy requiring collection of devices.
        Some alarms are set to sound even when the
        device is turned off.                                           Option 1 – Collect devices and put them in individual
      ƒ Before testing begins, students have one more                   bags:
        chance to turn off and turn in their phones and                  ƒ At the door, ask students to confirm that their
        other electronic devices if they haven’t already.                  phone and other electronic devices are powered off.
      ƒ Once the warning script has been read, if                        ƒ Ask students to label devices with their names.
        a prohibited device is seen in a student’s                       ƒ Give them envelopes, plastic bags, sticky notes, or
        possession, regardless of whether it’s making                      another method of reliably identifying their items.
        noise, the test coordinator should collect the
                                                                         ƒ Reassure students that their devices will be
        device, inspect the device for test-related
                                                                           returned after testing.
        content, and dismiss the student. (Refer to the
        Irregularity Chart for more information.)                        ƒ Collect labeled items from students as they enter
                                                                           or once they’re seated. Keep them out of students’
      ƒ If a student’s phone makes noise or creates a                      reach during the entire test, preferably at your desk.
        disturbance while in the proctor’s possession or
        stored away from the student’s desk, this shouldn’t             Option 2 – Keep devices in students’ bags and collect
        be considered grounds for dismissal, but the proctor            bags:
        should turn off the phone to prevent additional                  ƒ At the door, ask students to confirm that their
        disturbances during testing and warn the student                   phone and other electronic devices are powered off.
        who owns the phone that additional disturbances
                                                                         ƒ Ask students to place their devices in their
        will result in dismissal.
                                                                           backpacks or bags and to place these bags to the
      ƒ The Irregularity Chart provides full direction on how              front or side of the room, away from desks.
        to address students caught using prohibited devices
                                                                         ƒ If a student doesn’t have a bag, label the item and
        and aids. Note any such activities on the IR. Contact
                                                                           collect it individually as in option 1.
        the Office of Testing Integrity (OTI) immediately for
        further instructions if a device has been confiscated            ƒ Tell students to remove their No. 2 pencils,
        and test content is detected on the device.                        calculator, drinks, and snacks from their bag and
                                                                           take them to their seat. If a student is approved to
     Prohibited Devices and Aids                                           use an aid, they should include it with the items
     Students may not have the following in the test                       they take to their seat.
     area or break area, except in the case of approved
     accommodations for particular testing aids:                        Returning Devices:

      ƒ Electronic equipment, including phones of any                    ƒ Mobile phones and other collected devices should
        kind; personal computing devices (laptops,                         remain out of reach until testing is complete and all
        notebooks, Bluetooth devices such as wireless                      test materials have been collected.
        earbuds/headphones, or tablets); cameras; separate               ƒ At the end of the test, students will collect their
        timers of any kind; audio players/recorders or                     devices as their row is dismissed. If possible,
        headphones; wearable technology; digital watches,                  arrange the items to make the return process easy.
        including smartwatches; or any other prohibited                  ƒ Before returning a device, check the name on the
        devices that can be used to record, transmit, or                   label, and have students confirm the device is theirs.
        receive information.
                                                                         ƒ If an item is left behind, return it with other
                                                                           materials to the test coordinator. Record the
                                                                           student’s name so they can be contacted.

10   Spring 2021 SAT School Day   Connecticut Standard Testing Manual
Maintain Security in the Testing Room During the Test  

Medical Devices                                                    the state, but the scores will not be sent to their chosen
Epinephrine auto-injectors (e.g., EpiPens) are                     colleges or scholarship organizations.
permitted in the testing room without the need for
accommodations. They must be placed in a clear bag                 Monitoring Equipment Use
and stored under the student’s desk during testing.                Follow instructions in the scripts to monitor calculator
Follow your district’s policies regarding EpiPens.                 use.

Other medical devices, such as devices used for testing             ƒ Only battery-operated, handheld equipment can be
blood sugar, require an accommodation. In some cases,                 used for testing.
a student may have College Board approval to have a                 ƒ Students may not share calculators.
mobile phone in the testing room for use with a glucose             ƒ All scientific and most graphing calculators
monitor. Only students specifically approved to have a                are acceptable. (See Acceptable Calculators on
mobile phone in the testing room may do so. (Approval                 page 24.)
to test blood sugar doesn’t automatically permit the
student to have a mobile phone; they must also be
                                                                    ƒ 4-function calculators are permitted but not
approved for a mobile phone.)
                                                                    ƒ Students may use calculators with enlarged or
Calculator Policies and Guidelines                                    raised displays, but they should be seated where the
Calculators may be used only on the Math Test –                       calculators are not visible to other students.
Calculator portion of the SAT, unless a student has
been preapproved by College Board to use a 4-function              IMPORTANT:   Students approved to use a calculator on the
calculator as an accommodation on the Math Test – No               Math Test – No Calculator section must use a 4-function
Calculator portion. Students may have calculators on               calculator for this purpose. (Percentage and square root
their desks only when working on the Math Test –                   functions are allowed.) Confirm the calculators in use
Calculator questions.                                              aren’t more advanced models.

General policies are as follows:                                   Scheduled Breaks
 ƒ All questions can be answered without a calculator.             College Board policy requires every student to be
 ƒ We recommend students use a scientific or                       offered breaks at regular intervals. Scheduled break
   graphing calculator they are familiar with on the               time does not count as testing time.
   Math Test – Calculator portion of the SAT.                      Students who receive standard time on the entire test,
 ƒ Students should supply their own calculators. If                whether taking the test with other accommodations or
   your school provides calculators, you must ensure               not, receive:
   the devices are included in Acceptable Calculators               ƒ a 10-minute break after Section 1
   on page 24, have working batteries, and are
   functional. Make sure students are comfortable                   ƒ a 5-minute break after Section 3
   using them, and have a few extras on hand in case               During breaks after Sections 1 and 3, students may
   of malfunction.                                                 go to the restroom or to the area designated for eating
 ƒ Students may also bring acceptable backup                       snacks.
   calculators in case their primary calculator or
   batteries fail, but they need the proctor’s permission
                                                                   Unscheduled Breaks
   to use the backup.                                              When students take an unscheduled break, the clock
                                                                   doesn’t stop. To maintain security, staff should adhere
Calculator Malfunction                                             to the following guidelines for permitting unscheduled
Students should raise their hand if their calculator               breaks:
malfunctions before or during the test and they want to             ƒ Inform students they won’t get extra testing time.
use a backup. Allow them to use an acceptable backup
                                                                    ƒ Allow only 1 student at a time to take an
calculator or insert the batteries they brought, and                  unscheduled break.
continue to test.
                                                                    ƒ Collect the student’s test book and answer sheet
Students without backup equipment may continue                        before they leave the room. Make sure the test book
testing, since all questions can be solved without a                  is the actual test book and not a substitute. Fan the
calculator. If they choose to cancel their score, they                book to make sure no pages have been removed.
must cancel the entire test. They’ll need to fill out a               Also collect any EL supports (translated directions
Request to Cancel Test Scores form before leaving the                 or dictionary) the student may be using.
testing room. The proctor should tell students that if
they cancel their scores, the scores will still be sent to

                                                             Connecticut Standard Testing Manual Spring 2021 SAT School Day     11
Standard SAT Script Begin the Test Here

      ƒ Never leave the testing room unattended. If                     actions you should use in response to them. Where the
        possible, have a monitor accompany the student.                 chart indicates the need for immediate action, respond
        It isn’t necessary to record a student taking an                right away. The chart also indicates when you should
        unscheduled break on an IR unless you find the                  complete and submit an IR and when you should order
        activity suspicious (e.g., frequent breaks or breaks            makeup tests.
        in coordination with other students).
                                                                        Use the IR to record an irregularity, including:
     Test Observers and Visitors                                         ƒ   Security incidents
     Staff from College Board, Educational Testing Service               ƒ   Misconduct
     (ETS), or administrators from the Connecticut State
                                                                         ƒ   Test question errors or ambiguities
     Department of Education may visit your school the day
     of the test or the week preceding it. Verify that visitors          ƒ   Other incidents or disturbances
     have government issued identification and a letter                  ƒ   Student complaints
     of authorization from College Board or ETS, or the                  ƒ   Staff misadministrations
     Department of Education.
                                                                        Make sure reports are complete and explicit. Fill out
     Authorized visitors, including assistants for students             just 1 form for each issue, even if it affects more than
     with approved accommodations, are the only visitors                one student (such as mistiming).
     allowed in the testing rooms. There are no exceptions.
     Keep unauthorized individuals out of the sight and                 Irregularities filed by proctors must be countersigned
     hearing of students until testing is complete and away             by the test coordinator, who should add any useful
     from secure testing materials. Limit access to the                 information. Tell students a report will be submitted,
     testing rooms and adjoining hallways.                              but inform them that if they feel they were affected,
                                                                        they can call to file a complaint no later than the fourth
     Using the Irregularity Chart                                       weekday after test day.
     The Irregularity Chart on page 27 lists the most
     common irregularities along with the procedures and

     Standard SAT Script
     The scripts in this section are for testing in the
     standard rooms using the test books with purple                    Begin the Test Here
     covers. Uniform testing conditions depend on your                  Before starting the test, check the roster for students
     reading the script exactly as detailed in this section.            who need translated directions and/or word-to-word
                                                                        dictionaries, and distribute them to those students.
     Read scripts in shaded areas aloud exactly as written.

      ƒ Before admitting students, supply the appropriate                At all administrations, say:
        information where a blank line “__________”
                                                                         Good morning. As you know, you’re here to take the
        appears in the text.
                                                                         SAT. Congratulations on taking this important step
      ƒ Read slowly enough to give students time to fill in              toward your college and career goals.
        their information.
      ƒ Pause where you see [pause] in the script to allow               Before we begin the test, I am going to read some
        students time to follow instructions.                            instructions. This should take about 20 minutes. Please
      ƒ Text that appears outside of the shaded areas is                 listen carefully and raise your hand if you have any
        intended for proctors and should not be read aloud.              questions. Remember, my role is to make sure you have
                                                                         the best opportunity to demonstrate your skills and
      ƒ When you see multiple choices with lettered options
        (e.g., A and B), read the prompts silently before                knowledge.
        choosing which script(s) to read to students.                    If you are using printed directions, open the booklet
      ƒ Answer student questions only about procedure,                   now to follow along as I give instructions.
        not about test content.
      ƒ Repeat parts of the script if requested to do so.

12   Spring 2021 SAT School Day   Connecticut Standard Testing Manual
Begin the Test Here    Standard SAT Script  

Explain Testing Rules                                                Confirm Prohibited Devices
and Consequences                                                     Are Powered Off
Continue by saying:                                                   Collection of personal belongings:
                                                                      Most schools will be collecting students’ phones,
College Board SAT terms and conditions include rules
                                                                      electronic devices, and/or backpacks. Read script A
and policies to make sure all students have a fair and                if this is the case in your school. Read script B if your
equal test experience. Everyone in this room today is                 school does not allow collection of students’ belongings.
responsible for helping make that happen. If anyone                   READ ONLY ONE OPTION
disturbs others or tries to gain an unfair advantage,
I’ll ask them to leave the room and their scores will be
                                                                      A If your school is collecting personal belongings, say:
invalidated. They may also be prevented from taking
other College Board tests in the future.                              By this time you should have turned in all phones
                                                                      and any other electronic devices. If anyone still has an
List examples of misconduct by saying:                                electronic device of any kind, including a smartwatch
                                                                      or fitness tracker, please disable any alarms, power it off,
Here are some examples of unfair advantages:                          and turn it in to me now, and it will be returned to you
 ƒ Giving or receiving help of any kind                               at the end of the test. [pause]
 ƒ Looking through the test book before time starts
 ƒ Looking at any section or test other than the one                  B If your school does not allow collection of
   we’re currently on                                                   personal belongings, say:

 ƒ Marking or changing answers after time is called                   At this time, if you have a phone or any other electronic
 ƒ Attempting to remove test materials from the testing               device in your possession, including a smartwatch or
   room                                                               fitness tracker, you must disable any alarms, completely
                                                                      power it off, and put it in a bag or backpack to the side
 ƒ Using a mobile phone or any other unauthorized
                                                                      of the room until the test is over. If you need a plastic
   testing aid either during testing or during breaks
                                                                      bag to store your phone in, raise your hand and I will
 ƒ Using an answer key or sharing answers with anyone                 give one to you. [pause]
   during or after the test
 ƒ Going to a locker or leaving the building during the test         Allow time for students to turn in or put away any of
 ƒ Attempting to take the test for someone else                      these devices.

 ƒ Eating or drinking during testing without an                       To all students, say:
   approved accommodation to do so
                                                                      Any electronic device that is not turned off and put away
 ƒ Causing a disturbance
                                                                      may be collected and its contents inspected as part of
 ƒ Failing to follow testing procedures                               a thorough investigation. If you are seen with a device
These policies help make sure your testing experience                 or your device makes a noise or creates a disturbance
today is fair, and that you can focus on your own test                while in your possession, I will have to dismiss you from
without distractions.                                                 testing. From this point on, I will dismiss any student
                                                                      that I see with a phone, smartwatch, or other electronic

                                                                     Prepare Desks for Testing
                                                                      Now say:

                                                                      Thank you for paying attention to these instructions.
                                                                      Now, you’ll clear your desks for testing.
                                                                       ƒ Remove everything from your desk except your Number
                                                                         2 pencils with erasers, acceptable calculators, including
                                                                         any backup calculators, and printed instructions or
                                                                         word-to-word dictionary, if you are using one.

                                                               Connecticut Standard Testing Manual Spring 2021 SAT School Day        13
Standard SAT Script Distribute Answer Sheets

       ƒ If you brought extra batteries, drinks, or snacks, put
          them on the floor under your desk.                            Distribute Answer Sheets
       ƒ If you have any bags or backpacks remaining at your            Distribute the answer sheets. If your school held
          desk, close them and put them to the side of the              a preadministration session, make sure that each
          room until testing is over. [pause]                           student receives their own answer sheet with
                                                                        identifying information complete. Give any students
     Check Items on Student Desks                                       who did not participate in a preadministration session
                                                                        their prelabeled answer sheet. If you do not have a
      Once desks are cleared of prohibited items, say:                  prelabeled answer sheet for a student testing in your
                                                                        room, provide them with a blank answer sheet.
      I will take a moment now to look around and make sure
      you’re all using acceptable calculators.                           After distributing answer sheets, say:

     Walk around the room to make sure no one has the                    These are the answer sheets you will use to mark your
     following unauthorized materials or aids on their desk              answers on the test. Please check to make sure your
     (unless approved by College Board for use on a test as              correct name appears on the answer sheet. Raise your
     an accommodation):                                                  hand if you have the wrong answer sheet.
      ƒ Mobile phones, smartwatches, fitness trackers,
                                                                        The remaining scripts in this section are intended
          or other wearable technology (simple nondigital
                                                                        to ensure that every student takes the test with an
          watches are acceptable)
                                                                        answer sheet that gives their correct information. If
      ƒ Audio players, recorders, tablets, laptops,                     all students in the room have correct answer sheets
          notebooks, Bluetooth devices (e.g., wireless                  populated during a preadministration session, proceed
          earbuds/headphones), or any other personal                    to Distribute Test Books on page 15.
          computing devices
                                                                        Otherwise, if there are students in the room who have
      ƒ   Separate timers of any type
                                                                        the wrong answer sheet, try to resolve the discrepancy.
      ƒ   Cameras or any other photographic equipment                   If you are unable to do so, or if a student has the
      ƒ   Pens, highlighters, or mechanical or colored pencils          incorrect name on their answer sheet, give them a
      ƒ   Books or references of any kind                               blank answer sheet.
      ƒ   Compasses, rulers, protractors, or cutting devices
                                                                         To students with answer sheets that have correct
      ƒ   Weapons or firearms                                            required information, say:
      ƒ   Papers of any kind, including scratch paper
                                                                         Please sit quietly for a few minutes while I direct other
      ƒ   Earplugs
                                                                         students to fill out required fields on their answer sheets.
      ƒ   Unacceptable calculators that have QWERTY
          (computer-like) keypads, use paper tape, make
          noise, or use a power cord                                     To students who need to populate required fields on
                                                                         the answer sheet, say:
     If unauthorized devices or aids are visible, have students
     remove them from their desks. If any students have                  Fill in your full name in field 1 now. Include spaces,
     mechanical pencils, give them No. 2 pencils to use instead.         hyphens, or apostrophes if these are part of your name.
                                                                         If your answer sheet has a label, please check that yours
      Then say:                                                          shows your correct name. If you find any errors, raise
                                                                         your hand and I will give you a replacement answer
      Please remember that you may not share or exchange
                                                                         sheet. [pause]
      calculators at any time. Put your calculator under your
      desk now. You will not need it until a later section.
                                                                         For fields 2–4, say:
     Make sure that students have put their calculators
     under their desks and that any phones, smartwatches,
                                                                         Find field 2. Raise your hand if you do not attend this
     or other prohibited devices have either been collected              school, and I will come over and help you answer the
     or placed in a bag to the side of the room, not in a                questions about testing location and school. Everyone
     pocket or a desk.                                                   else, fill in the bubble for “Yes,” and then in field 3, print
                                                                         our school’s name, city, and state. You may leave the
                                                                         country line blank. Look up when you are done. [pause]

14   Spring 2021 SAT School Day   Connecticut Standard Testing Manual
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