Story Seeds Autumn In The City - Fighting Words

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Story Seeds Autumn In The City - Fighting Words
Story SeedsAutumn In The City
Story Seeds - Autumn In The City
In autumn 2021, Fighting Words and the DMR
South Central Community Policing Units approached
20 schools to create new stories focused mainly on the
south side, with one quick trip to the northside.
The five Story Seeds - Autumn In The City stories were
written in September and October 2021 at online
workshops with the participating schools and teams of
volunteer mentors and illustrators from Fighting Words.
We think you will agree that each story is full of action
and fun starring a huge range of inventive characters in
adventures from the Grand Canal to the Gaiety Theatre,
from the Guinness Storehouse to St. Stephen’s Green
and everywhere in between.
Congratulations to all the young writers for a
fantastic achievement. Enjoy!

                                                            A collaborative
                                                            and creative
                                                            collection by
                                                            primary school
                                                            students from
Story Seeds Autumn In The City - Fighting Words
Story Seeds:
Autumn In The City
 A collection of five stories
by primary school students
    from across Dublin
Story Seeds Autumn In The City - Fighting Words
About Story Seeds
The Story Seeds project was born in spring 2021, a collaboration between
Fighting Words, An Garda Siochána Community Policing Unit and local schools
- new stories to celebrate the areas where we all live, work and play. The idea
was that the first school would write the first chapter of a story, the next class
would write the second chapter and so on.
The first collection was published in June 2021 with the help of the Irish
Youth Foundation, NEIC and the Arts Council and was a huge success. With
potential to grow and expanded support from Creative Ireland the Department
of Children, Equality, Disability Integration and Youth, the project partners
approached a further 20 schools to create new stories focused mainly on the
south side. with one quick trip back to the northside.
The five Story Seeds - Autumn In The City stories were written between September
and October 2021 at online workshops with the participating schools and teams
of volunteer mentors and illustrators from Fighting Words.
We think you will agree that each story is full of action and fun starring a
huge range of inventive characters in adventures from the Grand Canal to
the Gaiety Theatre, from the Guinness Storehouse to St Stephen’s Green and
everywhere in between.
Congratulations to all the young writers for a fantastic achievement. Enjoy!

Copyright of the work created at Fighting Words rests with the authors, with permission
granted to Fighting Words to feature the creative work in any of their publications,
promotional material and websites.

Fighting Words
Fighting Words is a creative writing centre established in 2009 by Roddy
Doyle and Seán Love in Dublin. Fighting Words aims to help students of all
ages to develop their writing skills and to explore their love of writing.
The Community Policing Units - DMR South Central
Community engagement is at the heart of policing. This project included
children from the Pearse Street, Kevin Street, Irishtown, Kilmainham and
Donnybrook areas. Community Policing is a proactive, solution-based and
community-driven form of policing.
Fighting Words and the DMR South Central Community Policing Units are
extremely grateful to the Department of Children, Equality, Disability,
Integration, the Irish Youth Foundation, the Arts Council and to Creative
Ireland for the financial support of this project.
Story Seeds Autumn In The City - Fighting Words
Story Seeds:
   Autumn In The City
   A collection of five stories by
   primary school students from
           across Dublin


Rocky’s Way Home                      1

Terry’s Disaster                     15

The Dublin Mystery                   29

Tiny Jeff and
the Squad’s Adventure                43

The Amazing Adventures
of Sausage Roll                      57
Story Seeds Autumn In The City - Fighting Words
Story Seeds Autumn In The City - Fighting Words
Rocky’s Way Home
   •   Chapter One - Scoil Chaitríona, 4th Class,
       Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2
   •   Chapter Two - St. Patrick’s Girls National School,
       4th Class, Ringsend, Dublin 4
   •   Chapter Three - St. Audeon’s National School,
       4th Class, Cook Street, Dublin 8
   •   Chapter Four - St. Patrick’s Boys National School,
       4th & 5th Class, Ringsend, Dublin 4


   Chapter 1: The Marvelous Adventures
         of Rocky and Stick-Stick:
    Causing Trouble on Baggot Street
Once upon a kennel, there was a dog called Rocky. Rocky
was walking down Baggot Street one day when he saw a
stick being blown down the street by the wind.
The stick was feeling nervous and scared. She was afraid
she was going to crack.
“AAAHHHHHHH!” cried the stick.
Rocky decided to try to stop the stick from rolling with
his paws.
“Oh! Thank you for saving me!” said the stick. “I could’ve
cracked in that strong wind.”
“You’re welcome! What’s your name?” replied Rocky.
“My name is Stick-Stick, the thick stick. How can I
repay you?”
“I’m looking for a friend. Would you like to be my

Story Seeds Autumn In The City - Fighting Words
Rocky and Stick-Stick became best friends.
Stick-Stick used to belong to a big oak tree, but the
wind had broken her off. When she met Rocky, she was
missing her family, but she didn’t know that he also
wanted a family!
Rocky had been out looking for a family, but everybody
kept saying no. This made him feel very sad. Having
Stick-Stick as a best friend was nice, but he really
wanted a family so he had a place to play with his new
best friend.
Rocky and Stick-Stick were walking to McDoggos. Rocky
had found a fiver on the ground and wanted a Big Mac
and Stick-Stick wanted chips and a burger.
They had to pass by Scoil Chaitríona to get to McDoggos.
They saw fourth class playing in the yard. Rocky could
hear a few words coming from the students as they
walked by.
“There’s a stick walking by with a dog!” cried one of the
“That’s really strange!” shouted another.
“Isn’t the dog supposed to chew on the stick?”
Rocky and Stick-Stick went up to the yard. Ms. Cagney
had just come out to see what was happening.
“Stop this messing around and get back to class!” said
Ms. Cagney.
Rocky and Stick-Stick decided to follow the students into
their school. They wiggled through the gate and followed
them into their classroom.
Before they got too far, Rocky was terrified when he saw
the class pet: a butterfly named Jimmy. Stick-Stick tried

Story Seeds Autumn In The City - Fighting Words
to shoo the butterfly away.
“There’s no need for that,” said Jimmy. “You could’ve
just asked me nicely...”

    Chapter 2: An Adventure to Ringsend
Rocky and Stick-Stick decided to leave Scoil Chaitríona
to go to Ringsend Park.
“Do you want to come with us?” they asked Jimmy.
“Yeah sure, I will come with you and Stick-Stick,” he
On their way, they stopped and looked at all the trees.
Pinned to one of the trees was a poster that said ‘MISSING
DOG’. The poster had a photo of Rocky with his address
in Ringsend.
Rocky felt very shocked. “I’m finally going to have a
family like I wanted.”
“Can we go along on your journey too?” asked Stick-
They went to Spar to buy dog treats and then another dog
came along and began to chase Stick-Stick. Stick-Stick
ran and was screaming for her life because she had the
dog treats. The other dog was very greedy and wanted to
take the dog treats from her.
“Go to Canon Mooney Gardens, that’s where your family
lives!” Stick-Stick shouted back at Rocky and Jimmy as
she ran away.
Rocky and Jimmy went to the top of the steps and found

Story Seeds Autumn In The City - Fighting Words
Story Seeds Autumn In The City - Fighting Words
Stick-Stick. They all jumped into the sewers. It was
shallow enough that Jimmy and Stick-Stick hopped onto
Rocky’s back.
It got a little bit deeper and they began to sink. Soon they
were underwater, where they found a hole. When they
went through it, they found a big underground mansion.
They decided to go into the mansion. There was a big
bear on a chair in the sitting room. The bear was eating a
big chocolate cake.
“Who are you?” asked Jimmy.
“I’m the big bear called Joey. WHO DARES ENTER BIG
Rocky, Stick-Stick and Jimmy laughed at Big Joey. They
were not scared of him.
“No wonder why they call you Big Joey, you’re so big,”
they said.
“Why aren’t you scared of me?” squeaked Big Joey.
“Because you’re so fluffy and cute, and your voice is so
high-pitched,” replied Rocky.
“We do, because you’re so funny.”
Big Joey got really mad and chased Rocky, Stick-Stick and
Jimmy back into the sewers and out by Ringsend Park.
As they were running away, they heard Big Joey shouting
in the distance, “I just wanted to ask you if you like jazz!”
They saw the dog that tried to steal the dog treats from
Stick-Stick when they arrived back in Ringsend Park. She
walked over to them.

“Sorry for trying to steal your dog treats earlier,” said
the dog. “I haven’t eaten for a long time. My name is
“That’s okay. Do you know where Canon Mooney Gardens
are?” asked Stick-Stick.
“I don’t know,” said Bonnie. “But you can ask the girls
over there.”
Bonnie ran over to the group of girls to ask if they knew
where Canon Mooney Gardens was. The girls were all
in fourth class at St. Patrick’s Girls National School and
they were playing rugby.
“Bonnie, don’t you live in Canon Mooney Gardens?”
asked one of the girls.
“Oh yeah… I forgot!” Bonnie replied.
Another girl turned around and exclaimed, “Rocky, I
missed you so much!”
“Who are you?” asked Rocky.
One of the other girls threw the rugby ball and it almost
hit Bonnie in the face.
Stick-Stick and Jimmy were happy for Rocky but they
didn’t know what was going to happen next.
Rocky tried to run away but he tripped over the rugby
ball. Bonnie saw the ball and ran after it.
Rocky looked at the ball and really stared at it. He ran
away again.
“I know where Canon Mooney Gardens is,” said one of
the girls. “I live there. I can show you how to get there.”
They all moved towards Canon Mooney Gardens.

“Is it just me or did that dog talk?” asked the teacher,
Ms. Oates.
They all hopped on the bus toward Canon Mooney
Gardens and all the adults stared at them.
“Mammy, Mammy, there’s a dog on the bus,” said a
child on the bus.
They started     to pet Rocky but Rocky growled
and jumped       off the bus before their stop...

   Chapter 3: Rocky and Bonnie’s Taxi Trip
Rocky walked up to the next stop where his friend
Bonnie was waiting for him. Rocky was limping because
he had hurt his leg.
“I hurt my leg when I jumped off the bus,” Rocky
“You shouldn’t have jumped off the bus,” Bonnie told
Just then a taxi pulled over and they both hopped in.
“Tino’s beside the Liffey, please!” said the dogs together.
“I really want some ice cream,” said Bonnie.
While they were in the taxi, Rocky and Bonnie got dog-
napped! It turned out that the man driving them wasn’t
really a taxi driver.
He drove them to a very dark and mysterious place.
“We’re here,” said the taxi driver.
Rocky and Bonnie were really scared until the taxi driver
turned on the lights. The taxi driver gave them a map
and told them to find the park that would lead him to St.

Audeon’s National School.
The taxi driver wanted to go on holiday to Dubai, but
someone had buried his tickets in the park next to the
“Find my tickets and I’ll let you free,” said the taxi driver.
“You only have one week.”
“Should we run away?” whispered Bonnie.
“What if the dog-napper stays with us while we dig the
tickets up?” said Rocky.
“Yeah, that makes sense,” she replied.
Rocky and Bonnie were put into cages and brought to
the park.
When they arrived, they saw some students from fourth
class at St Audeon’s NS on a school trip. They were
drawing pictures of St Audeon’s Church.
The taxi driver opened the cages to let the dogs free, then
hid behind a tree. One of the students screamed because
they were afraid of dogs, so they went to tell the teacher,
Ms. Johnson.
Rocky and Bonnie came closer to them, but the student
who was afraid of dogs ran away and the other students
followed them.
“Hey, kids! GET BACK HERE!” shouted Ms. Johnson.
As the students were running away, one of them looked
back and noticed Rocky.
“Hey, that’s the lost dog from the poster,” said the
student. “Let’s go back and help it look for its owner.”
“Maybe there’s a collar with a number on it,” said
another student.

The students rang the number on Rocky’s collar and
found out where he lived: Canon Mooney Gardens.
The students walk to the bus stop on Thomas Street. They
hopped on the next bus to Canon Mooney Gardens. When
they found Rocky’s house, it was being destroyed.
The students recognised the person destroying the
house. It was The Green Lady, a ghost from their church
who followed them to Rocky’s house…

        Chapter 4: The End of the Line
Rocky and Bonnie saw The Green Lady and tried to stop
her from destroying the house.
“Stop!” Rocky screamed, pushing her gently away from
the house.
“I will stop under one condition,” The Green Lady replied.
“You bring back my pet butterfly, Jimmy.”
Meanwhile, Jimmy was trapped in a cage. They didn’t
know it, but the same taxi driver who captured Rocky and
Bonnie had caught Jimmy.
Rocky and Bonnie made their way back to the park outside
St. Audeon’s National School. On their way, they passed
Spar, Canton House, Lin’s, and Cambridge Football
Club in Ringsend. They finally reached the park only to
discover that Jimmy was moved to the new playground
in Ringsend Park.
Rocky and Bonnie returned to Ringsend on the bus and
got off at the stop outside Robinson’s. They picked up
a bottle of Coke and some packets of crisps. They had a
long journey and were very hungry!

Rocky, Bonnie and Big Joey met Jerome at the chipper,
Ferrari’s. Jerome hopped onto Rocky’s back and they all
dashed to Ringsend Park.
In the park, Stick-Stick had broken free of the cage
but accidentally cracked some of her stick body on her
way. Luckily, she had found a magical spellbook and
regenerated her cracked body.
Stick-Stick then bumped into Rocky and their other
friends and told them that the taxi was parked in
O’Rahilly Flats.
“We should head over to the climbing frame to find
They all found Jimmy in a cage. Stick-Stick used a spare
twig to pick the lock on the cage and Jimmy was free!
They finally raced back to Rocky’s house in Canon
Mooney Gardens to give Jimmy to The Green Lady.
The problem was that Jimmy did not want to go back to
Stick-Stick told Jimmy to wait. She went to find her
spell book to make a clone of Jimmy. She made the clone
and called it Jimbo and brought him to The Green Lady.
“Thank you for bringing back Jimmy!” said The Green
Lady, who did not realise that Jimbo was a clone and
she left them alone.
To celebrate, Rocky, Bonnie, Stick-Stick, Jimmy, Big
Joey, Tom and Jerome walked to Cheekos, which was
parked outside of St. Patrick’s Boys National School, for
some ice cream.
“Thank you for helping me save my home,” said Rocky.

“Ice cream for everyone on me!”

They walked over to Ringsend Park. and ran into Big Joey,
who popped out of the sewer. They were surprised to see
“What are you doing here?” asked Big Joey.
“We’re going to make a plan to find Jimmy,” replied
“Oh, Jimmy is in the climbing frame hiding from The
Green Lady,” Big Joey told Rocky and Bonnie.
Rocky and Bonnie followed Big Joey to the park to look
for Jimmy, but first they popped into Spar to see Tom, an
employee there who knew Big Joey.
“We have some Ireland vs Qatar tickets in the Aviva
Stadium on sale!” Tom said.
“Well, we have tickets to the 80s disco,” replied Big Joey.
“When are jawbreakers coming back in stock?” asked
“They’ll be back next week,” said Tom.
“This is useless,” said Bonnie. “I’m calling my spider
detective friend, Jerome, to help us find Jimmy.” She
turned to Tom. “Can I borrow your phone?”
Bonnie called Jerome. “Can you help us find our friend,
Jimmy the Butterfly?”
“No can do. You have to give me something in return,”
replied Jerome.
“What do you want?”
“I want jawbreakers.”
“I can have them for you in a week.”

Terry’s Disaster
   •   Chapter One - Inchicore National School,
       6th Class, Kilmanham, Dublin 10
   •   Chapter Two - Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál,
       6th Class, Tyrconnell Road, Inchicore, Dublin 8
   •   Chapter Three - St. Christopher’s Primary School,
       5th Class, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
   •   Chapter Four - Our Lady of Lourdes National School,
       2nd Class, Inchicore, Dublin 8


            Chapter One: Terry’s Travels
             - The Dinosaur from Mars
Terry the six-legged dinosaur crashed down from Mars
into Grattan Crescent in Inchicore. He landed on his
feet but still felt a bit dazed. A magical donkey called
Blob found Terry.
Blob felt a bit sorry for the dinosaur because he looked
so confused.
“Hi, are you okay?” Blob asked.
“No, I’ve just been kicked off my planet. I failed my king,”
Terry explained.
“How did you fail the king?” Blob wanted to know.
“I’m a jester. My jokes weren’t funny and I might have
just eaten one or two of the dino-nuggets. Or there might
have been a chance that I ate them all,” Terry replied
A crowd had gathered around Terry and Blob and people
were taking pictures with their phones. Terry became

really scared and ran away. Blob went after him.
Terry and Blob ran into the secret garden in Inchicore
National School to hide. When they opened the door in
the garden, they discovered a secret tunnel.
The secret tunnel led to Tesco in Grattan Crescent. A
woman said to them, “You can’t be here. I’m going to call
the manager if you don’t leave.”
But there was a problem. Terry’s magical powers kicked
in and turned the woman to stone. Blob looked at Terry,
“How did you do that? How did you get those powers?”
Terry replied, “Well, when I am scared, I turn things into
stone by accident…”

           Chapter 2: Lost and Found
Suddenly, he ran away from the conversation, and he
took a wrong turn. Terry started to smell pizza, and his
tummy rumbled. He licked his lips. His nose led him to
Rascal’s Pizza. Terry climbed into the air vents to get
to the kitchen and followed the smell. Halfway through
the air vents, he fell through and into the restaurant!
He crashed down onto the table, and a sudden gasp
filled the room as the crowd backed away.
He ran outside, and to his surprise, he heard an ominous
whir as UFOs emerged from the clouds. He heard a
robotic sounding voice coming from the spaceship. It
said, “Come take your rightful place in front of the
court of law for the crimes you have commited!”
Terry looked up, enraged, and said, “Never! I won’t come
back!” And he ran away towards the school, Scoil Mhuire

Gan Smál, known as SMGS. Terry’s heart was racing and
his hands were shaking with fear.
Once inside the door, he saw a basket titled Lost and
Found. He saw people wearing uniforms, and thought
to himself, “They won’t recognize me in this,” as he
grabbed a uniform of navy trousers, blue shirt, and navy
jumper with the crest of the Oblates Church on it from
the Lost and Found basket.
A teacher found him in the corridor and asked, “Why
aren’t you in your classroom?”
Terry was shocked and he stuttered, “Uh, eh, uh,” and
he turned and bolted up the stairs. He saw doors with
numbers on them. He burst through one of the doors
and into a class. All the students looked at him, and he
accidentally turned all of them into stone because he
got scared.
Terry ran back down the stairs and saw the aliens
standing at the door. He jumped into the Lost and
Found basket. The aliens ran past Terry and into the
classroom where all the kids were turned into stone.
Instantly, they knew Terry had been there.
They looked at each other and said, “We’ve lost him!”
Gobsmacked, they gazed out the window as the ground
shook and the spaceship’s engine revved. Their jaws
dropped, as did the leaves from the trees as the spaceship
ascended from the schoolyard.
Terry waved mockingly from the spaceship. Distracted
from the excitement, he didn’t realize that there wasn’t
enough fuel on the spaceship. The engine spluttered
and the spaceship wobbled from side to side. He crashed
abruptly into the canal with a large splash!

As the water began to seep into the ship, Terry’s heart
began to sink along with the ship. Terry, panicked, tried
relentlessly to open the door. He eventually found the
eject button and pressed it. As he pressed it, the seat flew
into the air and a parachute deployed, and Terry sailed
into the sunset as the aliens incredulously watched on in
Terry could see the astronomical size of Dublin below
him. He saw Blob with his arms up in the air. Blob whistled
to get his attention and cheered, “You can do it!”
As he was enjoying his moment gliding through the
Dublin skyline, he saw an armada of spaceships coming
down from the sky. He saw the mother spaceship charging
up its lasers…

         Chapter Three: The Candy Sea
Terry saw a red square of land on top of a school
where he could land. He attempted to glide to it
and landed near some colourful benches. It was St.
Christopher’s Primary School.
Blob the magical donkey came out of nowhere and
kicked the mother spaceship out of the sky.
Blob had bought him some time, so Terry dashed
through the doors and into the classroom. The students
there were shocked and they began launching their
lunches at Terry.
“Oh wow, some lunch on the floor! This really is a
nice school,” Terry said. He began eating the turkey
sandwiches, carrots, and apples off of the floor.
Terry got so full that he couldn’t handle it anymore

and he had to take a nap. He collapsed on the student’s
The students dragged Terry into the library. The library
was big and colourful, with a big bean bag. They left him
to rest on the bean bag. The students then called Animal
Control to come and deal with Terry.
When the Animal Control crew went into the library,
they saw Terry. One of them said, “Why did I sign up to
do this?” They ran away from Terry.
The spaceships were still approaching. They could see
the red brick houses with Halloween decorations all
around the school. They could also see a church, a bell
tower, Herbert Park, and an old school right next to the
new one.
Blob had been captured after kicking the mother
spaceship. One of the spaceships flew by the windows,
and there was the silhouette of a donkey inside.
A robotic voice announced: “Terry. We’ve captured your
Terry had a plan because he knew that Blob the magical
donkey could swim. He wouldn’t give himself up to the
aliens since he knew that they would take them out to
Terry woke up from his nap, bashed open a window, and
followed the spaceship out to sea. He hopped on top of
the Number 17 bus and rode it towards the sea. He saw
the two red and white striped chimneys at Poolbeg. They
kind of reminded him of candy canes.
Terry then saw Blob get launched into the ocean and
he was scared. He was ready to turn the spaceship into
stone. Candy came out of Blob’s eyes as he was crying.

He cried so much that he filled the whole ocean with
Terry followed the trail of candy that Blob had made and
it led to the back of the spaceship. From out of all the
candy came a fish, and in a deep, grumpy voice, he said,
“What have you done to the sea?”
Terry explained the whole story and the fish decided to
help him by building a ladder made of fish in order to
reach the spaceship.
(The fish were able to do this because they had eaten so
much sugar.)
Terry was so nervous and shocked that he accidentally
turned all of the fish into stone. In a scared voice, he
stuttered, “I-I-I’m sorry!” to all of them.
When Terry entered the spaceship, there were no aliens.
They had escaped down the stone fish ladder when he
wasn’t looking. Before they left, the aliens had planted a
bomb in the spaceship.
Terry was smart, though. He looked around the
spaceship and spotted the bomb in the corner. He turned
it into stone. He then turned the spaceship into stone so
the aliens couldn’t return to their planet.
Blob climbed the ladder into the spaceship to meet up
with Terry, and figure out what they would do next…

    Chapter Four: The Help For The Rocks
“How are we going to turn people back to people?”
Blob asked.

They thought about some science experiments that

could turn all of the things back from stone.

“I have an idea,” said Terry.

Terry and Blob caught a bus and then on the Luas to get
to Inchicore. They passed the Good Counsel football club
and then went past the Grand Canal. The trees were a bit
yellow and a bit green, with a little orange and red, too.

They stopped in the Applegreen Garage to pick up
some supplies.They found potions and - because they
were also hungry - they bought a Fanta and a couple of
packets of crisps.

Terry and Blob went to the Youth Project in the red and
blue building to start experimenting. Inside, they saw
fake grass and met Thomas.

“Hi Thomas, can we come in and do some experiments
to turn people back from stone?” Terry asked. “I turned
them into stone because I was scared.”

Thomas asked him, “Why were you scared?”

“I get nervous when I see people,” Terry explained.

Thomas said, “That is no problem. I can help you.”

Together, Terry, Blob, and Thomas began to come up
with a solution. They failed a few times. They made
a huge mess the first time. Then there was a small
explosion and the potion went everywhere!

Terry said, “We’ll try again. If it doesn’t work, we’ll try
new potions!”

When they tried again, it worked! They tested it on a

tiny stone, and it became a person! It was the teacher
that Terry had turned to stone earlier.

“Thank you so much!” said the teacher, who was
delighted to be back.

Terry, Blob, and Thomas all cheered and bumped

“Yay!” they shouted, waving their hands in the air.

They took the bus back to one of the schools they had
been in before - Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál - so they could
turn the students back to life.

“Get out! Stay away!” said the principal from the school
as Terry, Blob, and Thomas walked in.

“Don’t worry! We’ve got the cure,” Terry reassured her.

The principal said, “I’ll give you one chance, and one
chance only!”

They gave the potion to each of the kids. Everyone went
BOOM, and came back to life!

Everyone exclaimed, “Thank you! The potion worked!”

Terry felt happy to be able to help. Terry said to the kids,
“We have a job for you. Would you like to help us?”

“That’s a great idea!” they all said.

They all hopped on a bus with all of the buckets and
shovels that they needed to clear out the sea. It took
them a half hour to clear the sea of candy. They filled
twenty buckets with candy.

They still had to de-stone the fish, but had to be careful
in case the potion got into the sea, since it would take all
of the rocks away. Everyone helped to take all of the fish
out and put them in buckets before giving them a bit of
the potion that turned them back to life. They gently put
the fish back into the sea.

Terry and Blob were thinking of going back to Mars,
but the people didn’t want them to go. They decided to
stay and live in Ring Street in a yellow, black, and grey
terraced house.

Terry and Blob were happy crying. They loved staying
in Dublin now that they had friends and weren’t scared

The Dublin Mystery
   •   Chapter One - St. Catherine’s National School, 5th Class,
       Donore Road, Dublin 8
   •   Chapter Two - Loreto College Junior School, 6th Class, St.
       Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2
   •   Chapter Three - North Dublin Muslim National School, 5th
       Class, Navan Road, Dublin 7
   •   Chapter Four - Warrenmount Primary School, 6th Class,
       Blackpitts, Dublin 8


                 Chapter One:
       Dublin In The Eyes Of An Orange
Oisín the Orange was in India in a marketplace. He
wanted to escape because he knew James Bond wouldn’t
be able to find him there.

Oisín was escaping the market when a seagull swooped
down and picked him up. The seagull dropped Oisín in
the yard in St. Catherine’s National School in Dublin.

One of the students in third class, Jack, picked him up.
Jack thought the orange looked a bit dusty and dirty so
threw him at the compost bin. He didn’t have very good
aim, so Oisín landed beside the bin rather than in it.

A couple minutes later, the junior infants came out into
the yard. A little girl named Ella picked Oisín up and
shoved him in her lunchbox.

Inside the lunchbox, Oisín met Claire the Cucumber and
Adam the Apple.

Adam said, “Hi.”

Claire said, “Ewww! You’re an orange!”

“You think you’re better because you’re a vegetable?”
Oisín responded.

Claire told him, “Yes I do - I know that.”

Adam said to Oisín, “She’s only a stinking vegetable. No
one likes them.”

Claire retorted, “You fruits think you’re so smart, just
because you grow on trees.”

“How was your fall?” Oisín said to Adam.

“It was good, like a fall from heaven,” Oisín replied.

Suddenly, Ella’s lunchbox fell - but it didn’t feel like
a fall from heaven. The lunchbox opened and they ran
out. One of the kids, Tom, stepped on Claire.

Gerry the Cat saw all this happening. Gerry jumped over
the fence into the schoolyard and put Claire in the bin.

Adam and Oisín asked Claire if she needed help getting
out. “Claire, do you need some help? We can climb up
there and get you out of there.”

“No, I don’t need help from fruits!” she yelled at them.

Adam and Oisín climbed over the fence. They went
to Noshington because they felt they were safe there.
Adam the Apple had an ice cream and Oisín the Orange
had hot chocolate.

Gerry the Cat followed them and was watching them

from a tree. When Adam and Oisín left Noshington,
Gerry jumped down and started chasing them. Oisín
and Adam climbed up the drainpipe on the side of
Noshington, where they found a bucket. They both
pushed the bucket to the ground and it landed on
Gerry’s head.

“Meow!” cried Gerry.

He wriggled out from under the bucket and spotted the
bird who had dropped Oisín at St Catherine’s earlier.
The bird had been trying to get some of Adam’s ice
cream. Gerry jumped up into the tree again and caught
the bird. They both fell from the tree and into the bin
outside Noshington.

Adam and Oisín left Noshington with a giggle and went
into Harolds Cross Park. They saw a newspaper in a
bin. Oisín saw an ad with a photograph of James Bond,
wearing sunglasses and holding two thumbs up. The

Oisín was ecstatic. “This is my dream! I’m going to
meet James Bond. I need to clean myself up.”

Oisín then jumped off the Robert Emmet Bridge and
into the Grand Canal...

          Chapter 2: A Fruity Disaster
“Wait for me!” Adam shouted as he jumped in after him.
They couldn’t see anything in the murky brown water.
They felt a bit lost because they were just floating there.

A dolphin who lived in the canal jumped up and tried
to eat them, but didn’t like the taste of them. He spat
them out and they ended up in the pond in St Stephen’s

Adam and Oisín could see a swan and a duck fighting
over some bread. Adam felt really nervous in the water.
They could see the edge of the pond and tried to swim
over - but to no avail. A catfish called Bob spotted them
and swam over.

Adam asked, “Would you please help us get out of the

“Yeah, sure, I’d love to,” said Bob. “Hop on my back
and I’ll bring you to the edge.”

Oisín said “Thank you!”

“We need a little more help,” said Adam. He told Bob
about the James Bond Meet and Greet.

Bob called his friend Lucy the Seagull. Oisín was
surprised when he saw Lucy. She was the same seagull
who had brought him over from India!

“Hi Lucy, thanks for coming to help!” Oisín said.
“Would you bring me to the James Bond Meet and Greet
in the Gaiety Theatre?”

“Well, I’m kind of busy making a nest,” Lucy replied.
“I’ll see if my sister Emily is free.”

Lucy let out a humongous squawk, which brought a
load of seagulls into the park. She had only meant to
call Emily but she was a little too loud. There were loads
of families having lunch in St. Stephen’s Green when

the big group of seagulls arrived. It made the toddlers
cry. The seagulls stole the sandwiches and packets of
crisps so everyone started to run away.

Emily abruptly arrived and she was a little annoyed.
Lucy was always calling her for help. “Hi Lucy, I heard
you calling. What’s the matter now?”

Lucy told Oisín and Adam, “This is my sister Emily.
She’s going to help you.”

Emily said, “I’ll only help you if you steal me an ice
cream. It has to be from Gino’s and it has to be strawberry
ice cream with chocolate sauce and marshmallows. Or
I’ll destroy your nest!”

Lucy promised, “I’ll get you ice cream. This is Oisín and
Adam. They’ve had a hard day so be nice to them!”

Lucy left to build her nest.

The Loreto College Junior School girls in 6th class were
on a nature project field trip in St. Stephen’s Green. As
Lucy flew over their heads, she pooped on them. Everyone
laughed together and Ms. Walsh came by and gave the
students tissues to wipe it off.

The distraction allowed Oisín, Adam and Emily to fly
over them without being noticed. They flew over to the
Gaiety where there was a play on. It was Hamlet by
Shakespeare. Oisín, Adam and Emily landed on the roof
and climbed down into the theatre through the skylight.

They landed on the stage in the middle of the play...

Chapter 3: The Great Big Disaster
The crowd gasped in shock. The actors looked at Oisín
and Adam and Emily.

“Oh my goodness!” said one of the actors. “Who are
you and how did you get here?”

Emily started flapping her wings around and this scared
the crowd. One of the men in the audience ran for the
exit and everyone else followed him. The actors also
fled the scene.

After everyone left, Oisín and Adam and Emily were
alone on the stage.

“Oh, oops, we didn’t mean to do that,” Oisín said.

Adam said, “Let’s go and see if we can find James Bond.”

They found James Bond backstage. He was watching
Matilda on his laptop and didn’t notice them at first.

Oisín was so excited that he wasn’t able to talk at all.
James Bond looked up and saw the apple, orange and
seagull staring at him. He dropped his laptop and it

Oisín, Adam and Emily ran out of the theatre. James
Bond ran in the opposite direction.

Oisín, Adam and Emily got on the next bus. It was the
39 to Cabra. They got out at Bogies Park and went to the

Oisín wondered, “Are we dreaming or not?”

They all rubbed their eyes. Emily said, “It’s not a dream,
it’s definitely real.”

There were some little kids from North Dublin Muslim
National School in the playground. When they saw
Oisín, Adam and Emily, they thought they were toys
and started playing with them.

When the ice cream van came to the park and the kids
left to get ice cream, however, Oisín, Adam and Emily
were able to get away.

They ran to McDonald’s. The staff spotted them so they
kept running - out the back door and into James Bond.
Suddenly, James Bond’s body started cracking apart
and out came a banana with a top hat and a monocle.

The banana explained to them, “I’ve been waiting for
you. You’re the only other talking fruits in the world.
The real James Bond is in hospital. He was injured in an
accident on set. My name is Soupy.”

Adam said, “We should go to the hospital and visit
James Bond.” The others agreed.

They got back on the 39 bus and got off at the Smithfield
stop. Then they took the Luas to James’s Hospital. On
the Luas, all the people were scared of them and got
off. The ticket inspector came along to check their
tickets but Oisín, Adam, Emily and Soupy didn’t have
any tickets. Luckily, the door opened and they just ran

Outside the Luas stop, they saw a girl getting on a Dublin
Bike so they hopped in the basket. At first when the girl
was at a red light, she didn’t recognise the fruit and the

seagull in the basket. Then the light went green and
she took off. When the light went red again, though,
she was staring at the fruit - and not concentrating.
She ended up going through the red light. There were
Gardaí behind her who saw this.

They pulled her over and one of them demanded, “Why
were you not looking at the road?”

“I randomly saw fruit and a seagull in my basket,”
explained the girl.

Oisín, Adam, Emily and Soupy didn’t want to be stopped
by the Gardaí, but the basket was high off the ground
and.Oisín was too afraid to jump down.

Emily said, “Get on my back! Let’s get out of here.”

Meanwhile, the Garda said to the girl, “There’s no fruit
in your basket now.” He let her off with a warning.

Emily flew them to the Phoenix Park, where they found
a funfair. They landed on a candy floss stand. They
went inside the stall and ate some candy floss.

Then the owner of the stand spotted them. He tried to
catch them and they nearly got away on Emily’s back.
Adam and Oisín fell off when the candy floss stall owner
got hold of her wing. They hid behind the swing ride.

Emily squawked for her sister Lucy.

“You stay and rest,” said Oisín.

Lucy flew in to help Emily. “Let’s teach that guy a

Emily replied, “Let’s unhook the candy floss machine
and push it in the pond!”

Meanwhile, Oisín, Adam and Soupy got on the bus again
and headed for the hospital…

             Chapter 4: The Mystery
The first bus that came along was a Dublin Tourism
bus, so before they could get to the hospital they had to
stop first at Guinness’s. There was a Garda on the bus
so they jumped off.

One of the security guards, Sarah, saw Oisín and Adam
and Soupy. Sarah was a boxer and was hungry after
her training. Sarah picked them up when they weren’t
looking and put them in her lunchbag.

They were all feeling terrified and frustrated. Soupy
was feeling claustrophobic. Oisín was having an anxiety
attack. Adam was laughing with his nerves.

At the end of Sarah’s shift, she left and forgot her bag.
They managed to munch a hole in the lunchbag as a
way out.

They were up in the Gravity Bar at the top of the Guinness
Storehouse. They spotted the Spire, the Phoenix Park,
Christchurch and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. They also saw
Dublin Castle, lots of houses and Warrenmount Primary
School. They were amazed at all they saw.

They spotted loads of horses and carriages on the
ground outside Guinness’s for the tourists. The fruits
rolled downstairs and climbed onto one of the horse’s

The horse tried to swing its tail to eat the fruit. Adam
felt nauseous and scared. The horse neighed and cried,
“Get off me and stop harassing me!”

The horse swished its tail again and Adam, Oisín, and
Soupy shot through the air and landed in the Liberties

It was 3 o’clock in the morning so the market was closed.
There was a rotting pineapple on the ground.

“Help me!” cried the pineapple, whose name was Fred.
“I’m rotting and I need to get to the hospital.”

Meanwhile, Emily and Lucy had pushed the candyfloss
machine into the pond in the Phoenix Park. They had
been flying all over the Southside of Dublin looking for
the fruit ever since.

Lucy spotted them first and swooped down. Lucy
squawked at Emily to come down and assist her.

“I found the fruit!” Lucy said.

They noticed an ambulance with lights flashing going
by so they rolled up the ramp at the back and the birds
flew behind them.

Oisín saw that the driver was James Bond’s twin brother,
Marco. He looked really sharp because he was wearing
sunglasses with his uniform.

Marco drove the ambulance like it was a sports car. In
the blink of an eye, they were at St. James’ Hospital.

They weren’t allowed into the building so they needed a
plan. Oisín suggested that they climb into the Get Well

basket with other fruit in it that he saw at the reception
desk. The basket had a card on it, addressed to James

Adam said “We finally got in.”

“I’m delighted! I’m finally going to meet my hero,”
whispered Oisín.

One of the doctors picked up the basket, got in the lift,
and went up to James Bond’s room.

James Bond wasn’t there - but the window was wide
open! Outside, Lucy and Emily saw James Bond jump
out into his sports helicopter.

Everyone felt disappointed. It was a mystery to them
where he had gone.

In the meantime, poor Fred had completely rotted. “RIP
Fred,” said all of the fruits sadly.

The rest of the fruits and the seagulls were determined
to keep going and go on their next adventure to find
James Bond. First, they stopped off for some fish and
chips in Burdocks.

Tiny Jeff and the
   Squad’s Adventure
   •   Chapter One - St. Enda’s Primary School,
       3rd Class, Whitefriar Street, Dublin 8
   •   Chapter Two - Our Lady of the Wayside National School,
       4th & 5th Class, Inchicore, Dublin 12
   •   Chapter Three - Star of The Sea Boys National School,
       4th Class, Leahy’s Terrace, Dublin 4
   •   Chapter Four - St. Kilian’s German School,
       4th Class, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14


        Chapter One: Tiny Jeff’s Journey
Hello. My name is Tiny Jeff and I live in a cage. I love pizza
but I have never eaten a hamburger. I’m not sure what a
hamburger is but I’ve seen my neighbours eating them.

There is a spider in one corner of my cage. I sleep in the other
corner because my biggest fear is spiders. The cage is not very
big so I want to escape!

My cage is in St Enda’s Primary School, at the top of the
library, in the secret room. I’ve never been out of my cage
and I’m not sure how to get out. There are a lot of spiders and
cobwebs everywhere in the secret room. It’s very dusty and
dark. I don’t like the dark either. I’m really lonely and I wish
I had a friend...

One day, Spy Toast broke down the door to the secret
room in the library at St Enda’s Primary School. His
mission was to steal two books.

Tiny Jeff the pig said, “What are you doing? Can you
please help me get out of this library?”

“I’ll think about it,” replied Spy Toast.

The next day, Spy Toast came back and said, “I thought
about it. If I help you, will you help me do something?”

“Fine,” said Tiny Jeff. “What do you want?”

“I need help to get away from this strange guy who sends
me on missions,” Spy Toast said.

Spy Toast said he would come back later but when he
did, Tiny Jeff’s cage was gone! It had been picked up
by a seagull named Jess, who came in through the roof.
Jess had taken the cage and dropped it on the top of the
fountain in St Patrick’s Park.

Tiny Jeff had been scared when the cage fell, but he
noticed that there was a hole in the bottom of the cage
after it hit the fountain. Now he felt excited because he
could escape!

Tiny Jeff left the cage but couldn’t get out of the fountain.
He was trying to get out with his two front legs but kept
slipping. He was finally able to get out of the fountain on
his third try.

Tiny Jeff was soaked so he shook off all the water to dry
himself off. He looked around and found a box on the
ground. He opened it with his right front leg and it was
fish and chips! Tiny Jeff ate the fish in five bites but ate
the chips one by one.

Meanwhile, Spy Toast was still in the secret room at St
Enda’s. He wanted to find Tiny Jeff. “Maybe he’s in one

of the parks,” Spy Toast said to himself.

He first looked in St Stephen’s Green and then at Dubh
Linn next to the Chester Beatty Library, but Tiny Jeff
wasn’t there. He finally found him in St Patrick’s Park.

“Finally I found you! I was worried about you!” said Spy

“I’m perfectly okay. I just ate some fish and chips,” Tiny
Jeff replied…

      Chapter 2: Adventures in Bluebell
Tiny Jeff and Spy Toast were walking around St Patrick’s
Park when one of the St Pat’s players kicked a football
at them.

Tiny Jeff and Spy Toast took the football and decided to
kick it all along the canal, down to the Centra in Bluebell
because they decided they wanted chicken fillet rolls.
Tiny Jeff stood on top of the ball as he was kicking it and
then fell off it just as they got in front of Centra.

“We don’t have any money to pay for the chicken fillet
rolls!” Tiny Jeff said to Spy Toast.

“It’s okay! We can leave and we’ll pay them later,” Spy
Toast replied.

When they walked out of the shop they found a tenner on
the ground! It was enough to pay for the two chicken fillet
rolls and two bottles of Lucozade. Tiny Jeff and Spy Toast
walked down Bluebell Road to Bluebell School, which is
also known as Our Lady of the Wayside National School.

They walked into the school and found Mr. Hickey’s
classroom. They asked Mr. Hickey about the sensory
room - where was it?

Mr Hickey said, “My friends Pablo and Jerry will show
you where the sensory room is.”

They went straight to the sensory room. Tiny Jeff and Spy
Toast gasped.


They saw the LED lights, the bean bag and the little
trampoline. The sensory room was very dark, which
made the LED lights glow. Tiny Jeff and Spy Toast sat on
the bean bag

“Wow! this school is amazing!” said Tiny Jeff to Spy

“I know, right?” Spy Toast responded.

“Hey, did you know that there’s a PlayStation in the
principal’s office?” Pablo asked Tiny Jeff and Spy Toast.

“This school is the best!” Tiny Jeff and Spy Toast
exclaimed at the same time.

Tiny Jeff and Spy Toast were so excited about the
PlayStation that they decided to sneak down to Ms.
O’Shea’s office. When they got there, they played Fortnite
and FIFA 22. Spy Toast was a better game player than
Tiny Jeff.

Next, they went to the Bluebell Astro Pitch, where they
played chasing.

“Wow! Yesterday I was in a cage and today I’m having
the best day ever! I’m so glad you’re my friend,” said
Tiny Jeff.

“I’m glad you’re my friend too,” said Spy Toast.

They then decided to go to the small cemetery that was
right around the corner from Our Lady of the Wayside
National School.

That is where they met the Spy Master, who gives Spy
Toast his missions. The guy giving orders was a goat in a
tuxedo - his name was Toby.

           Chapter 3: Toby’s Dilemma
Toby the goat was a mafia boss. They all went to play
football in the Aviva Stadium with James McClean.

“Our main base is the incinerator,” Toby explained to
Tiny Jeff and Spy Toast. “It’s about to be attacked and we
have to hide in the Poolbeg Towers because my evil twin
brother is trying to resurrect Stalin, the communist goat
and his sidekick Goat Cena, who is Stalin’s best friend
from school.”

Jamar, Toby’s evil twin brother, lived in Lin’s Palace in
Sandymount. Toby was so scared that his brother would
take over the world with Stalin and his sidekick Goat Cena
that he went to get ice cream in Scoop.

While they were eating ice cream, Toby told Spy Toast
that Goat Cena was invisible and no one could see him!

Meanwhile, Goat Cena was watching them and they
didn’t know. Goat Cena wanted to find out where their
base was. Jamar, Stalin and Goat Cena’s ultimate goal
was to take over the world so that they could fix all of the
McDonalds ice cream machines.

Tiny Jeff, Spy Toast and Toby went to Star of the Sea
National School and into the secret room under the stairs.
They knew they needed to devise a plan to stop Jamar and
his minions from taking over the world.

The secret room was very dark with only one light in the
corner. They could see the walls lined with spiders and
cobwebs. The LED lights turned on when they walked in
the room and they kept a stash of food just in case they
had to hide there for long periods of time. The room also
had a tunnel that led back to their base at the incinerator.

Toby and Spy Toast suggested a recon mission to find out
Jamar’s location.

“That’s a great idea!” said Spy Toast.

“You guys go on. I’ll stay in the school and have a look
around here,” said Tiny Jeff.

Toby and Spy Toast left the secret room through the
tunnel and went to the incinerator. They used air tubes
to shoot them to the top of the Poolbeg Towers where
they could parachute off to anywhere in Dublin. Tiny Jeff
was leaving the secret room when he thought he heard a
voice. When he turned around, he couldn’t see anyone.
At first, he thought he was imagining things but when he
heard the door close behind him he looked and there was
nobody there…

Chapter 4: The Return of Goat Cena
Tiny Jeff looked around, but there was nobody there.
He could hear footsteps getting closer and closer.
When Tiny Jeff turned, he could see Goat Cena because
Goat Cena’s invisibility powers were glitching.

“Stay back you little goblin!” shouted Tiny Jeff.

Goat Cena was still glitching out and he got scared and
ran away. Tiny Jeff chased Goat Cena all the way from
Sandymount to St. Kilian’s Deutsche Schule.

Goat Cena ran into the canteen and dipped one of his
fingers into the school dinner. He thought that it would
taste bad, like most school dinners. Even though there
was a faint taste of mould off of it, it was still delicious.

Goat Cena put his entire face in the dinner and ate it
all up. His invisibility had started working again but
because he was now covered in school dinner, Tiny Jeff
could see him!

Meanwhile, Spy Toast and Toby were still at the top
of the Poolbeg Towers. Spy Toast was feeling anxious
about parachuting down and stopping Jamar, Stalin and
Goat Cena. He just wasn’t sure he’d be able to do it.

Toby saw that Spy Toast was shaking a bit and told him
that it was okay and that he could do it. “It’s going to be
all right. We can do this!” he said.

“Thank you!” says Spy Toast. “I feel a bit better now.”

They parachuted off the tower and landed in the hockey
pitch at St Kilian’s. They were starving so they went to

the canteen, where they could see Tiny Jeff was chasing
a Goat Cena-shape covered in school dinner.

Toby saw everything that was going on and it made him
feel a bit nervous. Because he was a mafia boss,Toby
carried a special gun that shoots donuts. He was
shooting donuts at the Goat Cena shape - but he
accidentally hit Tiny Jeff instead.

Tiny Jeff was allergic to donuts! He started to swell up
and fainted. Spy Toast noticed something fall off the
Goat Cena shape. When he went to pick it up, it was the
watch that made Goat Cena able to turn invisible. Spy
Toast took the watch and gave it to Tiny Jeff because he
was self-conscious about his allergic reaction.

Toby knew that chicken nuggets were the antidote to
Tiny Jeff’s donut allergy and that he had to get Tiny
Jeff on the bus to the KFC in Dundrum. When Toby and
Tiny Jeff got into KFC, it was full of tortoises. They had
to wait a loooooong time until all of the tortoises had
ordered their food. In the end, they got their chicken
nuggets and Tiny Jeff felt a lot better.

Tiny Jeff and Toby made it back to St Kilian’s to meet up
with Spy Toast and Goat Cena. They wanted to return
to their spy base at the incinerator but they knew that
some of Jamar’s minions were in the tunnels so they
had to walk.

They went to Deer Park because they knew there was a
secret entrance to their spy base there. Spy Toast had
the passcode for the fake tree that had a special pattern
of bark on it. Spy Toast told everyone what the passcode
was and they all entered the secret entrance.

When they entered, the tree was hollow and lined with
titanium with a ladder going down. They climbed down
the ladder into a tunnel. To their surprise they could see
Jamar’s minions from a distance. They tip-toed through
the tunnel because Jamar’s minions hadn’t noticed
them yet.

That was when Toby accidentally stepped on a stick,
which got the minions’ attention. They tried to run to
the incinerator but the minions caught them. Tiny Jeff
was devastated but Toby used his donut gun on all of
the minions - it turns out that they were also allergic to
donuts. They became paralysed.

Tiny Jeff and Toby ran back to the base and began to
plan their next adventure.

“I think we should travel to the next school for our
adventure!” Tiny Jeff said to Toby.

The Amazing
          Adventures of
          Sausage Roll
   •   Chapter One - Griffith Barracks Multi Denominational School,
       3rd Class, South Circular Road, Dublin 8
   •   Chapter Two - Muslim National School, 5th Class, Clonskeagh,
       Dublin 14
   •   Chapter Three - St. Conleth’s College Junior School, 5th Class,
       Clyde Rd, Dublin 4
   •   Chapter Four - Scoil Treasa Naofa, 6th Class, Donore Avenue,
       Dublin 8


    Chapter One: The Swag Sausage Roll
The sausage roll, whose name was Sausage Roll, was
baked at Noshington Café and Restaurant at 2:30pm.
After he was baked, Sausage Roll jumped out of the
frying pan and walked along the South Circular Road.

“I was walking along, minding my own business, until
I saw a ketchup with chicken nuggets and made her my
friend,” said Sausage Roll.

Sausage Roll walked up to the ketchup with chicken
nuggets but realised he forgot his pastry clothes back in

“Jeepers! I need my pastry!” said Sausage Roll. He ran
back to find his pastry. He slid under the counter and
grabbed it. But when he returned, the ketchup with
chicken nuggets was gone!

Ugigyagaga the ketchup and chicken nuggets, had run
away to find some more chicken nuggets in KFC. When
she got there, the other chicken nuggets were being held
hostage by knives and forks.

Ugigyagaga walked along the street sadly, trying to come
up with a plan on how to get the chicken nuggets back.
Suddenly, Ugigyagaga saw Sausage Roll, who looked like
he was feeling a bit lousy.They hadn’t seen each other in
four minutes, which is really long in sausage time.

Ugigyagaga said, “I lost my ex-boyfriend in KFC. And
the knives and forks there are holding the other chicken
nuggets hostage!”

They came up with a plan…

        Chapter Two: Wanted Sausage
Sausage Roll and Ugigyagaga needed a pizza as part of
their plan. They went to the Apache Pizza near Muslim
National School and ordered loads of pizzas.

They used the pizzas for their transport vehicle called
‘Pizza on Wheels.’

Sausage Roll received a call informing him that the
chicken nuggets were being moved to the Golden Olive
restaurant. They needed to change their rescue plan!

“We need some lettuce from the Golden Olive restaurant
to make a Pizzacopter!” declared Sausage Roll.

“Agreed!” replied Ugigyagaga.

They snuck into the Golden Olive Restaurant. While
they were there, they decided to pick up some chips for
the propellers and ketchup for the fuel. It was then that
Sausage Roll saw an old friend called Pizza Steve. Sausage
Roll told Pizza Steve what they needed.

“Don’t do this! It’s really bad and the restaurant owner
might notice.” Pizza Steve was scared that something
bad might happen.

“If you come with us, we will give you a lifetime supply of
free pizzas,” replied Sausage Roll.

Pizza Steve changed his mind. “Yes of course! Let’s do
this!” he said.

They had everything they needed to build the Pizzacopter.
They flew to Munch Cafe and stole all of their cupcakes.

“Hey! What are you doing?” shouted General Donut and
Sergeant Sprinkles.

Suddenly, they were surrounded by the Coffee Cup Army,
holding their coffee stick weapons.

“Please don’t hurt us! We’re trying to save our chicken
nugget friends,” cried Pizza Steve.

Pizza Steve grabbed a pizza and stretched it. He twirled
it and swung it around to knock all of the coffee stick
weapons to the ground.

This gave them enough time to jump into their
Pizzacopter and escape without General Donut and
Sergeant Sprinkles noticing.

The only one who noticed their escape was Chief Coffee

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