Strategic Job Descriptions: Keys to an Integrated Talent Management Infrastructure

Strategic Job Descriptions: Keys to an Integrated Talent Management Infrastructure
Strategic Job Descriptions:
Keys to an Integrated Talent Management Infrastructure

Strategic Job Descriptions: Keys to an Integrated Talent Management Infrastructure
Most organizations operate in an antiquated, siloed, compliance-focused framework when working
with job descriptions. This approach puts its primary focus on human resources compliance (EEOC,
ADA, etc.), industry compliance (E.g. Joint Commission for Healthcare) and fundamental and basic
human resources operational needs –compensation (job analysis, benchmarking), recruitment and
selection (job postings), and in some cases setting job expectations for newly onboarded employees.

    Recruiters and line managers define the hiring            evaluating employee performance, deployment,
    criteria, HR market prices benchmark jobs, and            development, succession and workforce planning,
    hiring managers select their new hires usually            the question naturally arises: why are job descriptions
    based on loosely defined criteria outlined in the         not being used as management tools for the wide
    job posting, which more often than not, doesn’t           variety of ITM functions? There are several factors,
    really match the job description, if there is even        relating to how performance management has
    an up-to-date copy on file! And if there is a job         been viewed, the limitations of ITM technology
    description on file, it’s usually in a document format,   platforms, and the relative maturity levels of
    in a shared drive folder, and will likely never be used   organizations in the evolution of their ITM strategies.
    again until Compensation decides to redesign
    the compensation structure. To put it simply,             Industry Trends in Job Description
    compliance-focused job descriptions become                Management
    irrelevant as a talent management tool; they are
    not designed to support employee engagement               Performance Management & Job
    or to orient employees to standards for exceptional
                                                              Many organizations have chosen to not use
    Organizations with an integrated talent management        job descriptions as the basis for performance
    (ITM) vision are seeing beyond this limited, siloed,      management solutions. They have chosen to
    document approach to job descriptions with the            manage individual or team performance by focusing
    advent of fully integrated talent management              either on goal achievement or the demonstration
    platforms that allow organizations to scale and           of competencies associated with organization-wide
    sustain truly integrated talent management                values.i The goals-focus ideally establishes alignment
    processes. They realize that job descriptions serve       of individual performance with the organization’s
    a much more strategic function as tools to set            strategic goals, and the competency-focus ensures
    hiring threshold requirements, job performance            that behaviors are encouraged that support the
    expectations, and provide the infrastructure for          organizational culture, mission, and values. The
    workforce planning, succession planning, leadership       exception to this seems to be the healthcare
    and career development. To realize this ITM vision        industry where job descriptions often serve as the
    requires a paradigm shift within organizations of how     basis for performance evaluations for clinical roles –
    job descriptions are written, how they are managed,       though the driver for that is often Joint Commission
    and how they interface with these key talent              compliance rather than an ITM strategy.
    management functions and related technology
    platforms. Understanding this emerging trend beyond       This goals-and-competencies approach to
    a compliance-focused framework, to an ITM-focused         performance management is effective to an
    job description management framework is the               extent but it leaves out an important component:
    central topic of this white paper.                        setting expectations regarding the job-specific
                                                              performance outcomes that are tied to core
    Given the obvious relevance of job-specific               business processes. If well written, these outcomes
    performance criteria for managing and                     are defined within the job responsibilities in the

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Strategic Job Descriptions: Keys to an Integrated Talent Management Infrastructure
job description. And when the job descriptions               the frequent disconnect between the annual
are well designed, they reflect the organization’s           performance evaluation process and the ongoing
talent requirements as they relate to the key work           performance coaching focused on improving daily
processes that are essential to the organization’s           job performance and results.
competitive success and how it differentiates
                                                             One way to ensure a closer connection
itself in the marketplace. In other words, well
                                                             between day-to-day performance coaching
designed job descriptions are important pieces
                                                             and performance evaluation is to ensure that
of the organization’s intellectual property. To
                                                             the discussion focuses on job-specific expected
ignore this important component of performance
                                                             outcomes and the competencies required to
management is to leave out what is arguably the
                                                             achieve those outcomes. When job responsibilities
heart of the strategy behind job design –defining
                                                             are written to focus on performance outcomes
the talent requirements to support optimal process
                                                             rather than just listing tasks, the job description
execution and organizational performance.
                                                             becomes a dynamic tool to support effective
Recent studies of trends in performance                      performance coaching and evaluation. And with
management have either ignored the role of                   evolving technology making it easier to manage job
job descriptionsii or dismissed them as not well             description content, the possibility of a dynamic JDM
designed to support performance management.                  solution becomes an emerging possibility for more
Edward Lawler, founder and director of the Center            effective performance management.
for Effective Organizations (CEO), points out the
shortcomings of traditional job descriptions in              Healthcare as a Leader in
his article, A Strategic Suggestion for Effective            Leveraging Job Descriptions for ITM
Organizations: Get Rid of Job Descriptions. He points        The healthcare industry is a leader in recognizing
out that traditional job descriptions are often not up-      the importance of JDM for effective performance
to-date, too static, costly to maintain, and often used      and talent management. Hospitals and other care
by employees as excuses for failing to do work that          facilities are required by the Joint Commission,
is not outlined in the job description. This is especially   an industry driven regulatory agency, to ensure
true in union environments. He recommends a focus            that performance evaluations reflect the
on effective goal setting as key to performance              actual job responsibilities as specified in the job
management, rather than looking to more effective            descriptioniv. This requirement is to ensure that
Job Description Management (JDM) solutions to                employees understand both the competency and
address the concerns he identifies.                          performance expectations of their jobs, as patients’
In a separate CEO studyiii, more than 58% of                 lives depend on consistent quality and excellence in
HR executives graded their own performance                   job performance.
management systems as C or below. Most of                    Job descriptions are being re-written in healthcare
those performance management practices were                  with the help of subject-matter-experts and
annual reviews based on goal evaluation and                  consulting firms such as HRIZONS to ensure that job-
calibration, manager-driven evaluations, and                 specific performance outcomes, and functional and
were ultimately cumbersome and unsatisfying.                 technical competencies, are clearly defined. These
One of the main issues identified in this study was          job descriptions are used as the basis for ongoing

           more than 58% of HR
        executives graded their
            own performance
       management systems as
                    C or below

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Strategic Job Descriptions: Keys to an Integrated Talent Management Infrastructure
performance management and evaluation, to                     profiles” include well defined outcome statements and
ensure that employee performance is focused on the            related competencies that are required to optimally
established expectations for role-based work processes        perform on the job.
associated with patient care and safety.
                                                              Boudreau and Ramstad point out that this focus
Rigorous testing of competencies associated with              on focal jobs & roles requires a new way of thinking
specific jobs is part of the on-boarding process for all      about job descriptions.ix Instead of thinking in terms
clinical staff. Donna Wright, expert in competency            of traditional task lists, job descriptions need to focus
assessments for healthcare, recommends that                   on the specific outcomes and competencies that
competency assessments be regularly updated to                are essential to their competitive success. In the
reflect changes in work processes, introduction of new        example of Disney’s re-definition of the role of street
technology, and the inclusion of new competencies             sweepers in their theme parks, job analysts realized
related to safety and patient care initiatives.v This         that the key outcomes and competencies had to do
review process also may require changes in the job            with being customer ambassadors who sweep, rather
description to ensure alignment of performance                than traditional street sweepers. New, dynamic job
measures with new technology innovations and                  descriptions for pivotal roles need to link directly to the
patient care initiatives. Saint Anthony’s Medical Center      strategic objectives of the organization, and need to
in St. Louis, MO is among the leading healthcare              be flexible enough to change with changing strategy.
organizations that are working to integrate ongoing
job description and competency management as the              Technology Platforms for Managing Job
foundation of their performance management and                Descriptions
                                                              Job description management (JDM) software designed
                                                              to support ITM is a relatively new innovation.x Prior
Job Descriptions as Foundations for ITM                       to 2000, there were very few Internet-based JDM
An emerging trend, within and outside of the                  solutions available to human resource professionals. HR
healthcare industry, is to identify jobs and roles that are   departments stored their printed job descriptions either
strategically important to the organization’s sustained       in filing cabinets or Word-based job descriptions on
success and to clearly define the talent requirements         their company’s network.
related to those jobs and roles.vii This trend is bringing
greater attention to the job description as foundational      From 2000 to 2008, JDM became an incidental feature
for defining talent requirements and defining the             of larger software applications used primarily for
assessment and performance criteria for strategic             recruiting and compensation management. Recruiting
talent management. Progressive organizations are              systems used scaled down job descriptions to populate
seeing the importance of effectively written and              job requisition templates and job postings on Internet
well designed job description content and related             sites. Compensation platforms were developed to
job description management (JDM) systems to                   manage compensation plans and benchmark jobs.
manage this important strategic asset – integrating           These platforms were focused on the management
job-specific hiring criteria with effective performance       of either recruitment or compensation, but were not
management, employee development, succession                  designed to support an overall ITM strategy.
and workforce planning.                                       From 2008 to the present we have seen the
The driver for this innovation is the need to define          introduction of new JDM systems that are moving
the organization’s talent requirements based on key           beyond the siloed, compliance-focused framework
jobs, roles, and related business processes. Leading          to include a more sophisticated and strategic ITM
organizations are defining pivotal jobs/roles that are        framework. Several of the leading ITM technology
key to the organization’s competitive success.viii This       vendors have introduced JDM modules, with
approach requires well designed job descriptions that         functionality to support employee acknowledgement
specify not only the hiring criteria but also the success     of job descriptions and the integration of job-
criteria for optimal performance. These “success              specific content with performance management

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Strategic Job Descriptions: Keys to an Integrated Talent Management Infrastructure
processes. These technology platforms are enabling         HRIZONS developed a solutions model in 2008 for
           organizations to manage job description creation           managing job description content as the foundation
           and updates, ensuring that consistent and accurate         for truly integrated talent management.
           details are shared across the enterprise and that
                                                                      The HRIZONS solution enables edits and approvals
           all key stakeholders are included in the process
                                                                      of job description content and integration with the
           – employees, managers, HR, recruiting, legal,
                                                                      various use cases supported by leading edge ITM
           performance management, career development,
                                                                      technology platforms. This model helps clients fully
           organizational development, and compensation.
                                                                      appreciate and understand how performance-
           The evolution of JDM technology is making it               based job descriptions significantly increase the ROI
           possible to create more flexible and dynamic               of their technology investments in support of strategic
           outcome-based based job profiles using                     human resource management.
           competencies, skills and job responsibilities, to
           support key talent management processes. As these          Achieving Strategic JDM
           systems are oriented more so toward supporting the       The emerging trend to utilize ITM-focused job
           full suite of ITM functions, rather than focused on      descriptions requires a multi-faceted approach.
           point solutions for specific use-cases, we expect to     First, it requires the design of the companies job
           see JDM become a central feature in defining talent      structure to ensure the structure is well designed
           demand requirements and evaluation criteria for          for the enabling technology platforms while
           all the workforce planning and talent management         thinking through end-user experiences, and
           functions.                                               system administrator maintenance considerations.
                         Second is the re-write of key sections of the
                                                                    job description, including the job summary,
                                                                    experience requirements, job responsibilities, and
                                                                      related competencies. These constitute the
                                                                         primary sections used to support ITM functions.
                                                                           Third, it requires a project management
                                                                             methodology to handle the scope of revising
                                        an organization’s entire job description
                                     library to improve quality of content, realize
            efficiencies and harmonize and streamline
                                       job descriptions where possible. And fourth,
                                     it requires the technology to standardize the
                                                                             job description layout(s) and ultimately import
                                                                            the content into the client’s HR technology
             platforms. All four components are essential for
                                                an   effective ITM job description upgrade project.


                     The emerging trend to
                      utilize ITM-focused job
                     descriptions requires a
                    multi-faceted approach

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Strategic Job Descriptions: Keys to an Integrated Talent Management Infrastructure
Re-Writing Key Sections of the Job                         forms and the ways that jobs are posted to attract
                                                           candidates. It is common practice to recognize
                                                           that the job summaries need to be motivating to
Job Structure                                              job candidates, leading them to want the job. This
                                                           same motivational feature needs to carry over to
The design of the job structure is the first step in
                                                           the other uses of the job summary in onboarding,
redefining job descriptions. This includes specification
                                                           performance management, and specifically career
of job titles, job codes, job families, exempt status,
                                                           development. The job summary is the focal point of
job levels, job grades, and effective date of the
                                                           the job, in terms of which the primary purpose and
most recent version of the job description. The
                                                           essential responsibilities are specified.
grouping of jobs based on a job family and job
level structure is a key component of performance-
oriented job descriptions. The job family structure
                                                           Recommended best practices for writing
identifies which jobs are similar enough to share          ITM-focused job summaries include the
common experience requirements, competencies               following two key points:
and job responsibilities. These becomes frameworks           • Clear high level description of the essential
for defining career progressions for incumbents                  purpose and focus of the job, written to
within a given job family. They also provide the basis           emphasize the contribution of the job to the
for defining talent pools and assessing talent within a          larger purposes and goals of the organization.
specific job family.
                                                             •   Include statements of the top three priority job
Job levels are important for distinguishing                      responsibilities associated with the job
competencies by level – typically executive-,              Level of criticality of the job to strategic success
managerial/supervisory-, and staff-level jobs.             of the organization is not typically referenced in
Managers, for example, typically share a common            the job description, but the job summary should
set of competencies and job responsibilities,              provide some indication of the importance of the
making it easier to compare incumbents across              job, particularly for the pivotal jobs that are most
roles and jobs when performing talent reviews for          strategically significant. This becomes important
development and succession planning purposes.              when segmenting jobs and related talent pools for
Compensation related data is often not displayed           workforce and succession planning.
explicitly on the job description, though it is usually    Other considerations when creating your job
linked to the job profile in the JDM technology            summaries include:
platform or job description management system.
The reason for this is that identical jobs can have          •   Level of autonomy and scope of decision
                                                                 making and accountability, particularly
different salary grades, based on different regions
                                                                 for management positions. (Often used in
and markets. From a performance perspective,                     evaluating the job grade level of a position.)
the salary grade is not a significant differentiator of
the jobs. Progressions within job families and levels,       •   Reference levels of competency and problem-
                                                                 solving skills, where relevant. (Also used for
however, are useful differentiators and are typically
                                                                 evaluation job grade level, as well as for
displayed either in the naming conventions for jobs
                                                                 defining selection criteria.)
or in the job family or job level fields.
                                                             •   Reference to career ladders and matrices
Job Summaries                                                    relevant to the position, including potential
                                                                 feeder jobs to the position and jobs to which
Job Summaries, experience requirements, job                      the position can lead. (Optional, depending on
responsibilities, and related competencies are                   maturity level of job infrastructure solution design
the key components that need to be considered                    and related career management processes.)
in writing job descriptions for ITM purposes. The
job summary is used to populate the requisition

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Experience Requirements                                       This new ITM-focused job responsibility format
It is important to specify the threshold experience           includes a brief title for the job responsibility, followed
requirements necessary to qualify for the job. This           by a high-level description of the “what” and the
helps in designing career ladders and defining                “so-what” of the job responsibility – what needs to
what experiences would be important to include                be done and the intended outcome or contribution
for an internal candidate to prepare them for the             to the client and/or organization. The third portion
                                                              of the job responsibility statement is a set of bulleted
                                                              statements of the tasks to be performed and the
 Example Job Summary:                                         results expected. These outcome-focused task
 The Senior Solution Center Analyst is                        statements provide the specific evaluation criteria
 responsible to advocate for users needs and                  for successful performance of the responsibility.
 coordinate support requests within IT. Working
                                                              Typically the challenge of updating standard task
 independently, the Senior Solution Center
                                                              lists into this new ITM-focused, outcome-oriented
 Analyst will provide second level support to a
                                                              format involves the grouping of related tasks under
 team of Analysts that provide first level support
                                                              an appropriate high level outcome statement. In the
 for all calls coming into the IT Solution Center.
                                                              above example, the bullet pointed tasks are all items
 Individuals in this role are responsible for the             that are related to the higher level responsibility of
 training, coaching and mentoring of team                     Patient Care Planning and Implementation. Once
 members. They also will monitor one or more                  the tasks are re-grouped, they can then be edited
 multi-platform operating systems, utilities and              into clear outcome statements that can then
 related software to meet organizational needs                be used to support assessment and evaluation
 with the expected outcome of winning business.               processes for recruitment, onboarding, performance
                                                              management, employee development, etc.
                                                              A core HR team specializing in job description
job. Too often the experience requirements are
                                                              management can work with the organization’s
written primarily with the external candidate in mind,
                                                              current job descriptions to re-group and reformat the
not considering how it fits within the matrix of jobs
                                                              statements to support these larger ITM processes. The
within the organization that are feeder jobs into the
                                                              challenge of converting all the task statements into
designated position.
                                                              outcome statements may be considered too labor
Experience requirements are typically referenced              intensive in some cases. If this is the case, having
based on years of experience with designated                  one high level outcome-oriented description with
fields or areas. When used for internal employee              supporting task statements has been found to be
development planning, it is also helpful to include           sufficient for supporting key ITM processes.
more specific experience requirements that relate to
                                                              Another consideration in working with job
preparing employees for the position. These would
                                                              responsibilities is to identify commonalities across
be unique to the organization, and may not be
                                                              similar jobs. Defining a set of job responsibilities that
included in the version of the job description used
                                                              characterize a specific job family or area of work
for recruiting external candidates.
                                                              helps to clarify points of continuity among similar
Job Responsibilities                                          jobs. This can be helpful in defining career ladders
Job responsibilities in standard compliance-oriented          and matrices to support career management and
job descriptions are typically written in a task format,      succession planning.xii
following the task analysis methodology used for
defining jobs and building job descriptions.xi This           Competencies & Success Profiles
format was designed primarily for compliance                  Competencies and skills are also typically
and compensation purposes to grade jobs and                   associated with each job or role. They can be
to establish threshold requirements for performing            either behavioral or functional/technical, and they
in the job. What is needed is a new methodology               reference the behaviors or skills that characterize
that focuses on performance outcomes rather than              superior performance on the job. Because these
tasks, and that still specifies the criteria for successful   competencies define the behaviors and skills for
task achievement.                                             successful performance on the job, they are often
                                                              referred to as the Success Profilexiii for the job.

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Example Experience Requirements                               Example Job Responsibility
 •   Masters Degree in Finance or Business                    Patient Care Planning and Implementation: Develops,
     administration required.                                 documents, implements and evaluates the patient’s
 •   4-5 years management experience required.                individualized plan of care based upon identified
                                                              needs; modifies plan to meet mutually agreed-upon
 •   7+ years experience in Financial Analysis and
                                                              clinical outcomes.
                                                              Develops care plan, including medical and/or nursing
 •   4-5 years experience in budgeting and strategic
     planning for healthcare organizations preferred.         diagnosis, patient/family education, discharge
                                                              planning, and multidisciplinary plan if appropriate.
 •   Expert level knowledge of Excel, Access and
     Enterprise Financial applications required.                 •   Provides for continuity through a plan of care that
                                                                     directs activities of all members of the team.
 •   CPA Certification preferred.
                                                                 •   Implements the plan in a safe and timely manner.
                                                                 •   Adjusts plan of care according to changes in
  The Success Profile can include organization-wide                  patient needs and medical status.
  competencies that reflect the organizational
  values, as well as competencies distinguished by               •   Documents implementation and includes changes
                                                                     or omissions of the identified plan.
  job level (E.g. staff, managerial and executive).
  Additional competencies may be associated with                 •   Consults with healthcare providers and makes
  divisional areas or job families. The competency                   referrals as appropriate; utilizes appropriate
  modeling strategy is to identify behaviors and skills              community resources and systems to implement
  that are common across a defined job grouping.                     the plan.
  These competencies can then be used to define
  talent pools for groups of jobs, and to clarify the        depth here because they are less directly related
  requirements for successful performance, career            to the ITM functions that are the focus of this white
  advancement, and succession planning within the            paper. For more information on the compliance-
  organization. Including a Success Profile within the       focused sections of job descriptions, please
  job description makes the job description more             see the HRIZONS website at
  dynamic and flexible, emphasizing the interactions         jobdescriptions/compliance.
  among jobs and roles that lead to optimal team and
  organizational performance.                                Project Management Methodology
                                                             Re-writing job descriptions across a large
  Other Sections of Job Descriptions                         organization is a daunting task. Concerns about
  Other sections of the job description can typically        the scope and resources required often prevent
  be standardized using pre-defined selection libraries.     organizations from undertaking this important
  This streamlines the job description data and avoids       step in developing their ITM infrastructure. Having
  unnecessary duplications or redundancies in the            an effective project management methodology
  ways that items are stated. Sections for general           and the tools to support the re-write and import
  requirements, threshold required knowledge and             of content into the designated ITM technology
  skills, physical requirements, as well as certifications   platform are key to the success of these initiatives.
  and education can all be pre-defined in selection
                                                             The most important considerations have to do with
  lists, expediting the job description re-write process.
                                                             executive sponsorship and project management
  This helps with talent management reporting
                                                             leadership, including the resources, tools, and
  when looking at such factors education levels and
                                                             technology for managing content, skill sets within the
  certification updates.
                                                             core team, and JDM project experience to achieve
  These sections are extremely important from                the desired results.
  a compliance perspective and need to be
  developed with care. They are not addressed in-

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Project Sponsorship                                          write of job descriptions using best practices content,
It is essential that executive leadership be                 the validation and approval processes and the
educated to the strategic importance and positive            management of all the data related to larger JDM
organization impact of initiatives to upgrade job            projects. In addition, having robust databases helps
description content. Human Resources usually                 to aggregate, analyze and manipulate the data and
takes the lead as the change agent with the                  perform quality control checks on the content and
organization and is an audible champion for the              data to ensure it is compliant with the HR technology
change. If the organization continues to operate             platforms being utilized by the organization. This type
from a compliance mindset, JDM will never rise to            of enabling project technology has been found to be
the level of strategic importance. Once executive            essential for the successful execution of these projects.
leadership grasps how JDM becomes a strategic                It is also important that these tools facilitate ongoing
foundation element for all the ITM processes, it             maintenance of job descriptions and interface with
becomes a strategic priority. This is especially the         the client’s HRIS, compensation, and other related
case if the organization has already invested in             applications for ongoing ITM.
an ITM technology platform. The old adage of                 Prior experience in managing these types of JDM
“garbage in, garbage out” is especially true with job        projects is especially important for project success,
description content. If the content is not developed         as it requires the coordination of a wide range
to a high quality level and not designed to support          of stakeholders, and the coordination of both
ITM processes across the organization, then the              process and technology teams to ensure that all
full ROI of the technology investment will never be          the process and system requirements are met.
realized and process automation is the proverbial            The job description content is used to populate
glass ceiling. Nor will the critical talent decisions that   recruitment job templates, compensation systems,
depend on that data be as sound or effective as              support performance management processes,
they could be with better assessment data.                   competency and skill assessments, to support career
                                                             planning, and position profiles for succession and
Project Management Leadership                                workforce planning – all of which requires close
Successful planning and execution of a JDM                   coordination with the organization’s HRIS and other
upgrade project involves a number of moving parts.           applications. This project affects virtually every
Having the right resources and talent is important,          employee and every talent management process in
including a skilled project lead and core team with          the organization, so getting it right the first time is a
the knowledge of jobs across the organization and            top priority.
the ability to draft, edit, and manage approvals
with line managers and other subject matter experts          Business Benefits
(SMEs). Additionally having an overall project               Clients who have upgraded the job description
manager with experience managing complex                     content to support their ITM functions report a wide
Human Resources or JDM projects and vast amounts             range of benefits. One of the most important is
of data is helpful in structuring the project, identifying   improved quality of hire, based on the ability to
key tasks, resources and identifying potential risks         validate hiring criteria against follow up performance
and mitigation strategies.                                   dataxiv. Competency-based assessment practices at
                                                             point of hire with follow-up performance evaluations
Tools and Technology                                         based on well defined job descriptions and success
Having the right tools and technology to manage the          profiles have long been shown to be key to improved
project is equally important. Online JDM technology          talent acquisition and organizational performancexv.
platforms can be configured to expedite the re-write         A recent study of nursing turnover found that higher
and approval processes, providing standardized               levels of role ambiguity were associated with higher
content and the ability to manage extensive content          rates of nursing turnover and increased likelihood of
libraries for competencies and job responsibilities.         medical error. The study concludes that clearly defined
The HRIZONS team has developed a job description             role responsibilities that are well understood by all
management solutions called HRZJDMS™ to facilitate           members of the caregiver team will promote nurse
the import of current state job descriptions, the re-        retention and contribute to high quality patient care.xvi

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Defining career ladders and matrices within the
job infrastructure of the organization also leads
to improved employee motivation and retention,
as employees see growth opportunities within
the organization to sustain their long term career
development. A recent Harvard Business Review
indicates that what Millennials want most from their
bosses and organizations is support in navigating their
career paths and developing skills for the future.xvii
Well designed job progressions and related
competency models provide the infrastructure to
support this important area for developing new
Leveraging performance criteria from your job
descriptions in your performance reviews increases
the relevance of the review process for both              Summary
employees and managers, leading to higher levels          This white paper has traced the evolution of job
of engagement in the evaluation process and in            description management (JDM) solutions from
overall job performance.                                  a compliance focused, siloed framework to a
                                                          performance-focused, strategic, integrated talent
Creating role-specific success profiles for talent
                                                          management (ITM) framework. It has identified
pools and succession planning have been shown
                                                          an emerging trend toward this new ITM focus,
to be key factors for effectively identifying talent
                                                          including the development of new JDM technology
and implementing an impactful ITM and workforce
                                                          platforms to support the data intensive process
development strategy. Without a well-defined
                                                          creating, developing, and managing job description
job description infrastructure and the technology
                                                          content and integrating it with a full range of talent
to manage it, it becomes very challenging and
                                                          management functions and HR technology platforms.
resource-intensive to support these talent review
processes, if not impossible.                             The paper emphasized the need for new standards
                                                          for writing job descriptions to fulfill their new ITM
One of the chief challenges in realizing these
                                                          purposes. Attention was given to the re-writing
business benefits is the design of processes and
                                                          of job summaries, experience statements, job
systems for quickly updating job descriptions and
                                                          responsibilities, and competencies to define the
success profiles in response to changing work
                                                          criteria for successful staff selection, deployment,
processes and business strategies. As mentioned
                                                          development, and performance.
earlier in this paper, this requires the support of
executive leadership in realizing the strategic value     The challenges of effective project management
of JDM, as well as improvements in JDM technology         were then discussed, describing how to turn
and processes to ensure that the organization             the vision of improved JDM solutions into an
remains agile and competitive.                            organizational reality. The importance of executive
                                                          sponsorship and project management leadership
                                                          were discussed, including the need for the right core
                                                          team skills and effective tools and methodologies
                                                          manage all the phases of a JDM upgrade project.
                                                          Selection of a strong consulting partner with a
                                                          proven solution and methodology with experience in
                                                          successfully managing these projects was also seen
                                                          to be important for project success.

        (888) HRIZONS (474-9667) |
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