THE CHELTENHAM TRUST Strategic Plan 2016 to 2019 - Find out more about The Cheltenham Trust's commitment to the people of Cheltenham and beyond

THE CHELTENHAM TRUST Strategic Plan 2016 to 2019 - Find out more about The Cheltenham Trust's commitment to the people of Cheltenham and beyond
Strategic Plan
2016 to 2019

Find out more about
The Cheltenham Trust’s
commitment to the people
of Cheltenham and beyond

THE CHELTENHAM TRUST Strategic Plan 2016 to 2019 - Find out more about The Cheltenham Trust's commitment to the people of Cheltenham and beyond
THE CHELTENHAM TRUST Strategic Plan 2016 to 2019 - Find out more about The Cheltenham Trust's commitment to the people of Cheltenham and beyond
Table of Contents

             Welcome from the Chair and Chief Executive                          4
             1.0 Introduction to the Strategic Plan                              5
             1.1 About The Cheltenham Trust

             2.0 About Our Charity                                               7
             2.1 Why Are We Here?
                   2.1.1 Vision
                   2.1.2 Mission
                   2.1.3 Our Values

             2.2 The Cheltenham Trust’s Civic Role
                  2.2.1 Cheltenham – A great place to live, work and visit

             3.0 Strategic Context                                              10
             3.1 External Environment
             3.2 Internal Environment
             3.3 Core Strategy – Enhance Our Offer, Attract More People,
             and Generate More Income
                    3.3.1 Income
                    3.3.2 Expenditure
             3.4 Our Budgets
                    3.4.1 Develop the capabilities
                    3.4.2 Grow revenue and capital
                    3.4.3 Sustain the Trust

             4.0 Developing our Venues and Assets                               13
             4.1 Our vision for Cheltenham Town Hall
             4.2 Our vision for The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum
             4.3 Our vision for Pittville Pump Room
             4.4 Our vision for Leisure at Cheltenham (Sport and Play Hub)
             4.5 Our vision for Prince of Wales Stadium (Sports and Play Hub)
             4.6 Our vision for Red Telephone Boxes
             4.7 One Trust – Expect the Unexpected

             5.0 How Will We Measure Success – 2016 to 2019                     17
             5.1 Social Impact
             5.2 Cultural Impact
             5.3 Economic Impact

             6.0 The Chief Executive and the Board of Trustees                  18

THE CHELTENHAM TRUST Strategic Plan 2016 to 2019 - Find out more about The Cheltenham Trust's commitment to the people of Cheltenham and beyond
Strategic Plan
2016 to 2019

Welcome from the Chair
and Chief Executive

                 We are proud to be Chair and Chief       • Unified our 5 venues under a One
                 Executive of The Cheltenham Trust;       Trust ethos
                 a registered charity and social
                 enterprise operating five cultural
                                                          • Met our objectives and exceeded
                 and sports venues and managing
                 and developing other assets for          • Delivered over 450,000 tourism
                 Cheltenham.                              contacts through the Tourist
                                                          Information Centre in 2015/16
                 Since ‘going live’ on 1 October 2014,
                 the Trust has enjoyed successes, with    • Worked with national organisations,
                 many more to come.                       such as the National Portrait Gallery,
                                                          also – Arts Council Collection, to
                 We have:
                                                          deliver the highest quality offer to the
                 • Successfully taken over the            public
Julie Finch      management of the assets and venues
(CEO)                                                     • Remained committed to access,
                 • Successfully shaped the move from      equalities and volunteering. With
                 Local Authority management to a new      regular volunteers helping the public
                 Charity model under the governance       enjoy iconic Cheltenham venues
                 of a Board of Trustees
                                                          We are pleased that the Trust’s first
                 • Developed our brand, vision, mission   chair, Jo Stringer has agreed to
                 and values for the Trust                 become its first President of the Trust.
                 • Developed a new model – based on       Although Jo decided to retire from the
                 Social, Cultural and Economic value      chair this new role will enable us to
                 creation, to align our resources,        continue to access her expertise and
                 activities and outcomes                  enthusiasm for the Trust.

                 • Provided a high profile programme      We know that the coming years will
                 for culture and sport                    be demanding of our trustees, staff
                                                          and volunteers, but our One Trust
                 • Secured £2.4m for the development      approach will enable us to ensure
                 of the Town Hall project                 that our customers and audiences
                 • Realised more than £700k in            benefit from the best that the Trust
Peter Harkness   grant funding which would not have       has to offer in defining a resilient and
(Chair)          been available under local authority     rewarding future for the people of the
                 management                               town and visitors to the region.

                 • Underpinned the public programme       Peter Harkness (Chair) and
                 at The Wilson to create a high quality   Julie Finch (CEO) Jan 2017
                 offer in the new gallery spaces
                 • Improved the quality of customer
                 service more consistently across the

THE CHELTENHAM TRUST Strategic Plan 2016 to 2019 - Find out more about The Cheltenham Trust's commitment to the people of Cheltenham and beyond
1.0. Introduction to the Strategic Plan

We create great         This document sets out the key            decision making; we will be much more
experiences for         priorities for The Cheltenham Trust       externally focused and visible to the
                        over the next three years, 2016-2019.     world. Our Policy Framework and our
the people of           The strategy employed by the Trust is
                                                                  Strategic Framework will ensure that
                                                                  the activity of the Trust is focused
Cheltenham, regional    based on:
                                                                  and will deliver against our new
                        • The needs of the people of              Performance Framework.
visitors and tourists   Cheltenham and visitors to the town
                                                                  The Strategic Plan will be refreshed
                        • Further transforming, developing        and updated every year in line with
                        and sustaining the Town’s cultural and    changes in the Trust’s and town’s
                        sporting offer and assets                 priorities. Any emerging external
                        • Creating memorable and exciting         factors which impact on the delivery
                        experiences for the public                of our overall goals and objectives
                                                                  will be considered and the strategy
                        • Ensuring that the Trust makes a vital   adjusted appropriately.
                        difference to the cultural and sporting
                        economy and is sustainable                Whilst primarily addressing the needs
                                                                  of Cheltenham, the Trust also looks
                        • Promoting what is on offer to the       to Gloucestershire and more broadly
                        world                                     across the UK and internationally to
                        The document outlines the initiatives     develop its business.
                        and operational activities that the       Regular reporting on our Strategic
                        Trust will undertake to achieve our       Plan, Business Plan and Activity Plans
                        vision. The Core Strategy - Enhance       will be made to the Board of Trustees.
                        Our Offer, Attract More People, and       The Trust is contracted by Cheltenham
                        Generate More Income – will underpin      Borough Council to deliver particular
                        all that we do. Our customers and         outcomes; these will be reported in
                        audiences will be centre stage in our     line with the Service Level Agreement.
THE CHELTENHAM TRUST Strategic Plan 2016 to 2019 - Find out more about The Cheltenham Trust's commitment to the people of Cheltenham and beyond
Strategic Plan
2016 to 2019

1.1. About The Cheltenham Trust

                   The Cheltenham Trust, an independent     We are responsible for leading on the
                   charitable trust, was formed in          strategies for:
                   October 2014 with a mandate
                                                            • Culture (arts, heritage, performance)
                   to manage the venues owned by
                   Cheltenham Borough Council and to        • Sport (fitness, health and wellbeing,
                   develop the cultural, sporting and       active participation)
                   tourism offer of Cheltenham.             • Lifelong learning (formal and informal
                   The five venues that we manage           education)
                   include a network of cultural and
                   sports venues, some of the most          • Community Engagement (equalities,
                   prestigious buildings in the town:       volunteering and local communities)

                   • Pittville Pump Room (Grade I Listed)   • Tourism Information and Marketing

                   • Cheltenham Town Hall (Grade II         We are also a major contributor to
                   Listed)                                  strategies for:

                   • The Wilson (Refurbished 2013)          • Tourism

                   • Prince of Wales Stadium                • Economy

                   • Leisure at Cheltenham                  • Education

                   The Trust also:                          • Social cohesion and community
                   • Delivers public programmes across
                   and beyond the town (including           • Volunteering
                   bandstands) and in the heritage phone    Our remit is unique; we take a leading
                   boxes on the Promenade                   role in developing Cheltenham’s
                   • Is keen to explore opportunities to    national profile and enhancing the
                   extend its portfolio                     visitor experience in our own venues
                                                            and across the town combining culture
                                                            and sport. Whilst attracting local and
                                                            national audiences to Cheltenham,
                                                            we are developing the tradition of
                                                            local use by local people. We create
                                                            great experiences for the people
                                                            of Cheltenham, regional visitors
                                                            and tourists and actively promote
                                                            Cheltenham to the world.

THE CHELTENHAM TRUST Strategic Plan 2016 to 2019 - Find out more about The Cheltenham Trust's commitment to the people of Cheltenham and beyond
2.0 About Our Charity

              The Cheltenham Trust is a business        • We adhere to the Charity
              that trades for the benefit of the        Commission’s good governance
              public, as a charity, our Memorandum      framework in order to operate
              of Association, agreed with the           appropriately
              Charity Commission, sets out the          • The Trust can seek the best
              reasons why we operate as a charity:      competitive commercial outcomes in
              • As a charity we create surpluses, not   order to sustain its activity for public
              profit so that we can reinvest in order   benefit
              to develop the venues and create          • As a local enterprise, we attract
              activity for the benefit of the public    local Trustees, our Trustees are
              • The money that the Trust generates      unremunerated volunteers bringing
              and the management fee that the           a wide range of skills and expertise
              council pays us is solely directed at     to shape the strategy of the Trust,
              improving and developing the public       their skills are essential to the
              offer. There are no shareholders          effectiveness of the Trust
              or investors, our Board are               • Acting charitably, creating good
              unremunerated volunteers, and we are      value for money for our funders and
              here for the benefit of the public        customers
              • We do not pay business rates or
              taxation on surpluses


                                          Enjoys support from

                                                                        making it
                                          volunteers                    an important
                                                                        employer in
                                                                        the town

             HAD OVER

                        CUSTOMER ACTIVITY CONTACTS IN 2015/16

 Has a turnover of

 £5 million                                  TOURISTS VISITING THE TOWN OR ACCESSING
                                             THE TOURIST INFORMATION SERVICE

THE CHELTENHAM TRUST Strategic Plan 2016 to 2019 - Find out more about The Cheltenham Trust's commitment to the people of Cheltenham and beyond
Strategic Plan
2016 to 2019

2.1 Why Are We Here?

                  Our vision and mission set out the        way we work, interact and deliver our
                  remit for the Trust as follows:           services.

                  2.1.1 Vision:                             INDEPENDENT THOUGHT – We bring
                  To create a: Cheltenham that              people together, both internally and
                  ‘enriches’ the lives of its residents     externally. The organisation thrives
                  and visitors through a vibrant cultural   on diversity and a breadth of cross
                  economy and a distinctive sense of        community collaboration.
                  place.                                    PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE – we
                  2.1.2 Mission:                            seek to connect at a deeper level,
                  To develop a new urban framework          creating meaningful, memorable
                  that generates social, economic and       impressions that enrich lives at both
                  cultural value through embracing          an individual and community level.
                  diversity, encouraging collaboration      INCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE – we’re
                  and driving creativity.                   passionate about being the best
                  2.1.3 Our Values:                         that we can be. Our experience,
                  ENTERPRISING SPIRIT – we are              infrastructure, independence and
                  ambitious and understand that smart       expertise ensures a forward thinking,
                  commercial thinking is central to         first-class approach
                  success. We’ll be enterprising in the

THE CHELTENHAM TRUST Strategic Plan 2016 to 2019 - Find out more about The Cheltenham Trust's commitment to the people of Cheltenham and beyond
2.2 The Cheltenham Trust’s Civic Role
                     The role of the Trust as a civic leader   • The Cheltenham Trust makes the
                     is significant within Cheltenham. The     best use of the assets and heritage
                     development of venues managed by          across Cheltenham working in
                     the Trust and the events held across      partnership with others
                     the town will signify the Trust’s
                     ambition for growth, recognition and
                                                               • The Cheltenham Trust makes a
                                                               significant contribution to the town’s
                     public engagement.
                                                               tourism economy and to the quality
                     2.2.1 Cheltenham –                        of life in Cheltenham which attracts
                     A great place to live,                    inward investment
                     work and visit                            • The Cheltenham Trust contributes
                     • The Cheltenham Trust leads a key        to the reduction in inequality,
                     strand of the development of the town;    improved health and wellbeing,
                     the role of the Trust in developing       learning opportunities
                     the significant heritage, cultural and
                     sporting assets across the town is a
                     strategic priority

The Cheltenham
Trust makes
a significant
contribution to
the town’s tourism

THE CHELTENHAM TRUST Strategic Plan 2016 to 2019 - Find out more about The Cheltenham Trust's commitment to the people of Cheltenham and beyond
Strategic Plan
 2016 to 2019

 3.0 Strategic Context

 3.1 External Environment

                    For the Trust to prosper and create      • Further reductions in public funding
                    surpluses for reinvestment, it must      and changes through devolution
                    build its relationship with the public
                    and encourage spend by the public.
                                                             • Increasing competition from new
                                                             entrants in the market place
                    The Cheltenham Trust recognises that
                    it has been established at a time of     • Rising customer expectations
                    rapid change and challenge that has
                                                             • Increase in ill health and poverty
                    been influenced by:
                                                             related to unemployment
                    • A recovering economy
                                                             • Skills deprivation and unemployment

 3.2 Internal Environment
                    The Trust is committed through           • Creating broad and mixed use of
                    its breadth and potential reach to       the assets managed by the Trust
                    contribute to the development of
                    Cheltenham by:
                                                             • Promoting and developing the
                                                             cultural economy supporting growth
                    • Enabling access to opportunities       agendas
                    promoting activity and better quality
                    of life
                                                             • Supporting the visitor economy
                                                             through the tourist information centre
                                                             and through highly visible cultural

3.3 Core Strategy – Enhance Our Offer, Attract More People,
and Generate More Income

                   The Trust will now look forward              3.3.2 Expenditure
                   and outwards to its customers and            Controlling expenditure through
                   stakeholders, the core strategy is to        efficiencies is essential. This means
                   increase footfall to create income.          that we will ensure that value for
                   This can only be achieved through            money is achieved in all areas of
                   developing the quality of the offer that     expenditure including that expended
                   the Trust provides for its customers         on staff resources. The Trust will work
                   and audiences.                               with the Council to reduce carbon
                   3.3.1 Income                                 emissions and find more cost effective
                                                                ways to reduce property costs in the
                   Effective income generation is central       longer term.
                   to our strategy; we will grow income
                   through baseline activity; new activity
                   and fundraising activity. Our income
                   will increase at a greater rate than our

3.4 Core Strategy Framework

                   In order to increase footfall to create      • Alignment of the performance
                   income, we must focus genuinely and          framework with policy, resources and
                   with commitment in three areas 2016-19       products
                   to meet our core strategy and goals to
                   achieve it.
                                                                3.4.2 Grow revenue
                                                                and capital
                   The Cheltenham Trust’s core strategy is
                                                                The Trust’s ability to support its
                   to engage in lasting relationships with
                                                                charitable objectives is limited by its
                   its audiences and customers to increase
                                                                ability to develop new income streams
                   footfall and use. This approach will
                                                                and grow the business. To grow the
                   drive greater income and help create a
                                                                Trust; we need to grow our income and
                   sustainable business which will underpin
                                                                this will be achieved through:
                   the charitable objectives of the Trust. In
                   order to do this, the Trust must:            • Developing our venues and assets
                   3.4.1 Develop the                            • Developing our social and cultural
                   Capabilities                                 products, and be market driven
                   The way in which we continue to develop      • Creating the right product mix for our
                   the Trust impacts on our people, which       customers and audiences
                   include our trustees, staff, volunteers,
                                                                • Developing unique sports and cultural
                   stakeholders, partners and customers.
                   We will develop our capabilities through:
                                                                • Using digital mediums to communicate,
                   • Alignment of Trust policies with the
                                                                promote and grow the business
                   strategic context of the Trust and our
                   three areas of development: economic,
                   social and cultural
                   • Alignment of skills, knowledge,
                   funding, products and outcomes with
                   customer needs
Strategic Plan
 2016 to 2019

                  3.4.3 Sustain the Trust                  • Building our relationship with our
                                                           audiences and customers to ensure
                  We must direct and control our
                                                           repeat visits and use
                  costs and use our resources wisely
                  to create a resilient and sustainable    • Creating business models that are
                  organisation, we will do this through:   market ready, enterprising and of the
                                                           highest quality
                  • Ensuring the support services,
                  contracts and systems are in place
                  to enhance Trust activity seeking

4.0 Developing our Venues and Assets -
One Trust – 2016/17Asset Plan
                   The Trust recognises its responsibility   The venues are all ripe for investment
                   to operate and develop the unique         and reinvigoration, their optimal use is
                   assets that it manages across the         central to the success of the Trust and
                   town of Cheltenham. These assets          the revitalisation of each asset will be
                   are held within the ownership of          captured in a wider Asset Strategy;
                   Cheltenham Borough Council on             this will consider the unique and
                   behalf of the public. There is no         bespoke customer experiences. Until
                   lifecycle agreement attached to the       the Asset Strategy is completed, this
                   venues although as part of the lease      document acts as the guiding force to
                   agreement, the Council provides a         enliven and develop the assets.
                   fund each year to deal with repairs
                   and maintenance works.

4.1 Our vision for Cheltenham Town Hall

                    The first phase of redevelopment for     visitors. As a place to meet, dine and
                    Cheltenham Town Hall is focusing on      attend social and corporate events,
                    an options appraisal gathering the       people of all ages and backgrounds
                    town’s views on future use of the        will be inspired by content and the
                    venue. At the heart of Cheltenham’s      programme and want to take part.
                    community, it is envisaged that the      The Trust will undertake a feasibility
                    revitalised venue will be a place        study, agree the preferred option and
                    where people go day and night. As        fundraise developing stage one of
                    the centre of gravity for local people   the project. We will create carnival
                    and those visiting Cheltenham, the       moments to really enliven the spaces,
                    diversity of arts, entertainment and     bring back the art of magic, mayhem
                    performance will attract many new        and fun for families.

Strategic Plan
 2016 to 2019

 4.2 Our vision for The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum

                    Cheltenham’s premier art gallery and       different art mediums, through digital
                    museum completed phase one of the          content, engagement programmes,
                    redevelopment which has provided           sharing of stories, partnerships and
                    first class gallery spaces. Phase two      community identity. It will be a place
                    redevelopment will enable high quality     that shares the story of Cheltenham
                    completion of the whole complex and        and the surrounding area with the
                    greater use of spaces and galleries for    world, creating a strong sense of
                    the public and use of the collections.     place, and it will bring the world to
                    The stellar collections include the Arts   Cheltenham.
                    and Crafts Movement collection and
                                                               The Trust will shape phase 2
                    the growing collection from Edward
                                                               through addressing storage issues,
                    Wilson’s family in addition to fine
                                                               public utilisation of the museum
                    and decorative art, world cultures,
                                                               spaces, scoping of options through
                    archaeology, costume and social
                                                               consultation processes and obtaining
                                                               funding for a feasibility study. Create
                    The completed venue will draw on           a quick fix under 5s art discovery
                    collections and touring programmes         play area that links seamlessly to the
                    and the creation of new content that       café (either by a trail or physically)
                    chimes with the collections held by        – Loan large art from three national
                    The Wilson. Their importance will          institutions to create ‘big art
                    be amplified through interpretation,       moments’.

4.3 Our vision for Pittville Pump Room

Pittville Pump
Room’s unique
heritage will become
an important
educational resource

                       This world class heritage venue is         or just visiting to enjoy the history
                       a hidden asset, not fully developed        of the town, this iconic building will
                       or recognised for its importance in        appeal to all. Pittville Pump Room’s
                       the history of the town. As a new          (PPR) unique heritage will become
                       destination experience, this venue         an important educational resource, a
                       will appeal to all people as a memory      significant part of the area’s tourism
                       maker, its unique sense of place and       offer, and a place which local people
                       the exquisite experience of visiting       consider theirs.
                       the building will have a lasting effect.
                                                                  The Trust will bring PPR to life,
                       Whether it’s classical music, school
                                                                  build and demonstrate its unique
                       concerts, weddings, christenings or
                                                                  narrative as central to Cheltenham
                       funerals, corporate celebrations or
                                                                  through interpretation and marketing,
                       seminars; local experiences as part
                                                                  maximise use during the year and use
                       of the community calendar of events,
                                                                  it as a backdrop for two major events.

4.4 Our vision for Leisure at Cheltenham (Sport and Play Hub)

                       Leisure at Cheltenham is ripe for          and communities enable multiple
                       transformation. The level of activity      opportunities to get active, socialise,
                       that people participate in is more         participate and compete. This will be a
                       important than excelling at sport if       place that will enable everyone to ‘find
                       we are to contribute to tackling health    their thing’, to take part and love life.
                       problems. Sport England recommends
                                                                  The Trust will complete phase one
                       150 minutes of activity per week as
                                                                  of the Sport and Play Hub providing
                       an absolute baseline. It can become
                                                                  opportunities for people to increase
                       a venue where it becomes easier to
                                                                  their level of activity, create
                       take part in ‘activity’ of many kinds.
                                                                  connections to the park, open up the
                       This will be a place where the dwell
                                                                  welcome to the venue and make online
                       time is increased by the very fact
                                                                  booking simple.
                       that the choices for families, friends
Strategic Plan
 2016 to 2019

 4.5 Our vision for the Prince of Wales Stadium (Sports and Play Hub)

                    The Stadium will become recognised         will be a place of choice for teams,
                    as a destination that offers unique        clubs, groups, communities; regional,
                    sport opportunities and activities         national and international events.
                    for people of all ages. Whether
                                                               The Trust will cost the development
                    competing in athletics, matches or
                                                               of a 3G pitch, clubhouse, seating, new
                    against yourself, the stadium will be
                                                               athletics track and changing facilities
                    of a standard that inspires potential
                                                               - develop the strategy for fundraising
                    sporting heroes, enabling you to be
                                                               and test model. Hold a major outdoor
                    the best that you can be. It will be a
                                                               event to celebrate the potential future
                    place that encourages the uninitiated,
                                                               of the stadium.
                    a place that creates aspiration, a
                    place that changes lives. The stadium

 4.6 Our vision for the Red Telephone Boxes
                                                               The heritage phone boxes on The
                                                               Promenade will become animated
                                                               with content as part of the wider Trust
                                                               The Trust’s role beyond the walls of
                                                               the culture and sports venues will
                                                               inspire new content, whether digital,
                                                               artistic or as a public statement will
                                                               enliven areas of the town exciting
                                                               audiences, creating participation
                                                               and signposting the public to other
                                                               activities across the town.

 4.7 One Trust – Expect the Unexpected

                     • All our venues will be enlivened with   • We will mix it up – there will be
                     art throughout                            music events in sports venues and
                                                               band stands, health and wellbeing
                     • We will participate in key national
                                                               events in cultural venues. Expect
                     events across the Trust that include
                                                               the unexpected in unusual places,
                     such things as Black History Month,
                                                               Cheltenham’s compelling narrative
                     Fun Palaces, International Women’s
                                                               will appear in all venues and unusual
                     Day etc. The Calendar of events will
                                                               spaces and places
                     enliven the venues and create links to
                     communities, the concept of seasons       • The Trust will develop a hub and
                     will be developed                         spoke concept for tourist information
                                                               access and distribution
5.0 How Will We Measure Success –
2016 to 2019
                      We know that we need to be                 to create the right products and
                      accountable for our use of resources       opportunities to grow the Trust for the
                      in achieving our core strategy. The        right audiences at the right price.
                      overall targets will build year on year,
                                                                 Our success will be measured through:
                      in some areas we need to create new
                      baselines; we need to ensure that the
                      right resources are being expended

5.1 Social Impact
                      • Increase our footfall by 0.5m in         • Undertake Staff satisfaction surveys
                      2019/20                                    – establish a baseline and show
                                                                 improvement year on year
                      • Increase the number of people
                      who are taking part in activities year     • Undertake Customer satisfaction
                      on year                                    surveys - establish as a baseline and
                                                                 show improvement year on year
                      • Increase the number of people taking
                      part in volunteering, community            • Enthuse volunteers and create
                      engagement, learning , talent and skills   multiple opportunities for volunteering
                      development activities year on year        fostering positive activity
                                                                 • Increase the opportunities for social
                                                                 interaction and involvement through
                                                                 Trust activity

5.2 Cultural Impact
                      • Complete the Town Hall project by        • Become a recognised provider of
                      2021                                       culture and sports; achieve National
                                                                 Portfolio Organisation status with Arts
                      • Complete Stage 1 of the Sport and
                                                                 Council England by 2018 (cross Trust
                      Play Hub by 2017
                      • Complete Stage 2 of the Sport and
                                                                 • Set a new agenda for sports/health
                      play Hub by 2019
                                                                 and wellbeing to offer greater breadth
                                                                 of activities for more people to choose
                                                                 from (cross Trust model)

5.3 Economic Impact

                      • Deliver income and fundraising           • Deliver a viable business model
                      targets to achieve goals year on year      for tourist information provision for
                                                                 Cheltenham which has no cost to the
                      • Explore acquisitions as appropriate
                                                                 Trust by 2017
                      to the aims and objectives of the Trust
                      year on year                               • Professionalise all partnership
                                                                 agreements and collaborative
                      • Deliver impact against
                                                                 relationships 2017
                      communications and audience
                      development strategy and meet
                      footfall targets year on year
Strategic Plan
 2016 to 2019

 6.0 Board of Trustees

         Martin Horwood     David Shelmerdine     Judith Hodsdon          Jacqui Grange

           Ian Renton        Duncan Smith             Colin Hay         Laura Brookes

                    Paul Owens          Karl Hobley        Jaki Meekings-Davis

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