Student Guide 2019 Edith Cowan University

Student Guide 2019 Edith Cowan University
Edith Cowan University

Student Guide
Student Guide 2019 Edith Cowan University
Your Key Contacts
ECU Enquiries                                          Counselling Service
Phone: 134 328                                         Phone: (61 8) 9370 6706
Email:                            Email:
Web:                                  Web:
                                                       Multifaith Chaplaincy Service
Student Hub                                            life/campus-facilities/multifaith-centre

Phone: 134 328                                         Student Finance
Email:                            Scholarships
Joondalup Campus – Building 34, Level 1                Phone: 134 328
Mount Lawley Campus – Building 3, Level 1              Email:
South West Campus – Building 1                         Web:

Support Services                                       Fees
                                                       Phone: 134 328
Careers and Employability Services
Phone: (61 8) 6304 5899
Web:                                Library Services
                                                       Phone: (61 8) 6304 5525
Equity, Diversity and Disability Service               Email:
Phone: (61 8) 6304 6960                                Web:
Web:              IT Service Desk
student-equity                                         Phone: (61 8) 6304 6000
Student Health Services
Phone: Joondalup (61 8) 6304 5618                      it-support
Phone: Mount Lawley (61 8) 9370 6814
Web:              Emergencies and Campus Security
student-health                                         Phone: (61 8) 6304 3333

ECU is committed to reconciliation and recognises and respects the significance of Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ communities, cultures and histories. ECU acknowledges and
respects the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as the traditional custodians of the land.
ECU acknowledges and respects its continuing association with Nyoongar people, the traditional
custodians of the land upon which its campuses stand.
Student Guide 2019 Edith Cowan University
Message from the
Edith Cowan University (ECU) courses are developed in consultation with industry, and
our exceptional teaching staff have the industry experience and networks to benefit
you. That’s why, as an ECU student, you can expect access to placement opportunities,
fieldwork, practicums and networking events as part of your studies.
This approach has been rewarded with a five-star rating for teaching quality over the past
twelve years, along with consistently high ratings for graduate satisfaction and student
support, as reported in the Good Universities Guide.
All members of the ECU community are encouraged to familiarise themselves with,
acknowledge and adopt, our University’s guiding values. These are:
•   Integrity – behaving ethically and pursuing rigorous intellectual positions
•   Respect – valuing individual differences and diversity
•   Rational Inquiry – motivated by evidence and reasoning
•   Personal Excellence – striving to realise potential
I wish you all the best for your time with us at ECU. I hope you succeed in your studies,
make lifelong friends and enjoy all that the university experience has to offer.
Professor Steve Chapman CBE
January 2019

Student Guide 2019 Edith Cowan University

    Your Key Contacts                  2   Your Studies                            9
      ECU Enquiries                    2     Student Hub                           9
      Support Services                 2     Managing Your Course                  9
    Message from the Vice-Chancellor   3     Advanced Standing                     9
                                             ECU Handbook                        10
    Getting You Started                6
                                             Credit Points                       10
     Virtual Information Pack          6
                                             Course Advice, Changes or
     Ask Us                            6
                                             Withdrawal                          10
     Orientation                       6
                                             Re-enrolments                       10
     Activating Your Student Login     7
                                             Examinations                        10
     Student ID Card                   7
                                             Results                              11
     Student Portal                    8
                                             Course Status                        11
     Student Information
                                             Appealing Unit Results or Excluded
     Management Online                 8
                                             Course Status                        11
     Blackboard                        8
                                             Library                              12
     Student Email                     8
                                             Referencing                          12
     Following Us                      8
                                             Slide Modules                        12
                                             Learning Advice                      13
                                             Lynda                                13
                                             Academic Calendar                    13
                                             Financial and Academic Penalty Dates 13
                                             Census Dates                         13
                                             2019 Academic Calendar               14
                                             Academic Penalty Dates               16
                                             Postgraduate Services                16
                                             SOAR Centre                          16
                                             Other Research Support               16
                                             ECU Study Overseas                   16

Student Guide 2019 Edith Cowan University
Your Support                                17    Your Campus                       28
  Student Hub                               17      Campus Maps                     28
  Student Health Services                   17      Getting Around                  28
  Counselling Service                       18      Security on campus              31
  Equity Diversity and Disability Service           Accommodation                   31
  (EDDS)                                    18      Computers and Multimedia        32
  Student Success                           19      ECU Sport and Fitness Centres   33
  Careers and Employability Services        19      Student Guild                   34
  Faith Support                             20      The Co-Op Shop                  35
  Online Support                             21     Childcare                       35
  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander             Food, Cafés and Bars            36
  Student Support                           21      ATMs                            36
  International Student Support             22      iSYTE Optometrists              36
  Legal Assistance                          22      Crown Salon                     36
  Respect. Now. Always.                     23      ECU Environmental Programs      37
  Money Matters                             24      Smoke-Free Campus               37
  Student Services and Amenities Fee        26
                                                  Your University                   38
  Scholarships                              26
                                                    Student Charter                 38
  Loans                                     27
                                                    ECU Act, Statutes and Rules     39
  Elite Athlete Program                     27
                                                    ECU Policies                    41
  Military Personnel Program                27
                                                    External Assistance             42
                                                    Life Beyond University          43

Student Guide 2019 Edith Cowan University
Getting You Started
    Virtual Information Pack                       Orientation
    The Virtual Information Pack (VIP) will take   ECU’s essential orientation program runs
    you step by step through the information       prior to and into the start of semester.
    and actions needed to respond to your          We have a range of fun and informative
    offer, activate your accounts and ensure       events planned for students during the
    you are able to complete your enrolment.       orientation period to help you successfully
                                                   transition to the uni life and thrive when
    All students should complete this after they
                                                   starting your studies.
    receive their offer letter.
                                                   Events are offered at the Joondalup,
    There is a direct link to the Virtual
                                                   Mount Lawley and South West campuses.
    Information Pack on the ECU homepage.
                                                   You can attend any event location, even
    More info:                                     if you study at another campus or are
                                                   enrolled to study online.
    information-pack                               • Visit to check out
                                                     the events and register for those you are
    Ask Us keywords: Virtual Information Pack
                                                     able to attend. Some events book out
                                                     fast so it’s important to register online
    Ask Us                                           early to avoid missing out!
    Ask Us is a knowledge-base of frequently       • Get ready to enjoy your first days on
    asked questions that you can search to find      campus! If you miss an orientation
    out information and seek answers. Look for       event or are an off-campus student
    the ‘Got A Question? Ask Us’ link at the         who can't attend, you will find some
    bottom of every ECU webpage. If you can’t        helpful recordings and resources on our
    find the answer in Ask Us, you can use the       Orientation webpage, including a series
    same service to send us your question or         of modules that will teach you everything
    chat to us live online.                          you need to get started. These are called
                                                     SLIDE: Student Learning in a Digital
    Within this Student Guide, wherever you
    find a reference to ‘Ask Us Keywords’, type
    the supplied keywords into Ask Us to obtain    More info:
    further information or links to relevant
    webpages.                                      Web:
    More info:
                                                   Ask Us keywords: Orientation

Student Guide 2019 Edith Cowan University
Activating Your Student Login                   Student ID Card
You are automatically allocated an ECU          You need to arrange your university identity
student account when you apply for a            (ID) card when you enrol as a student
course at ECU, and it is activated when         with ECU. Your Student ID Card has
you work through your Virtual Information       multiple uses and serves as:
Pack (VIP). The VIP process will let you
                                                • Your photo identification as an ECU
know your username and password which
you use to login to the University’s systems.
                                                • Your borrowing card for ECU campus
This will give you access to your Student         libraries and multimedia resources
Portal, SIMO (Student Information               • Your print credit card for printing and
Management Online), ECU student                   photocopying
email, the learning management system
                                                • Your Transperth SmartRider travel
Blackboard (MyECU), campus Wi-Fi and
                                                  concession card, if you so choose
the student computers on campus.
                                                • Your confirmation of identity at
For any queries or problems in activating         examinations
or accessing your account contact the IT        • Your access card for entry to areas
Service Desk.                                     related to your course and after hours
                                                  access to the eLabs
More info:
                                                New and replacement cards can be
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 6000
                                                obtained from Multimedia Resources on
Email:                 each campus during library opening hours:
Web:           • Joondalup: eLab counter, Building 31
information-pack                                • Mount Lawley: eLab counter, Building 10
Web:       • South West: eLab counter, Building 3
                                                If you can’t make it to a campus to get your
Ask Us keywords: computer account               Student ID Card you can apply online.

                                                More info:
                                                Ask Us keywords: Student ID, Access, Print

Student Guide 2019 Edith Cowan University
Student Portal                                  Blackboard
    Your Student Portal is your gateway to          Blackboard is the online learning
    a range of services and information to          environment where you can access unit
    support your study including Blackboard,        specific information such as reading lists and
    SIMO, your student email, ECU Library           forums, and communicate with your lecturer.
    Services and a wide range of university
                                                    Each unit uses Blackboard in different ways
                                                    depending on the lecturer’s preferences.
    To access your Student Portal click on
                                                    If you are an off-campus student,
    the Student/Staff Portal button on
                                                    Blackboard is where you access all your unit’s
    the ECU homepage, then login using
                                                    study materials.
    the ECU Login ID and password you
    set up when completing your Virtual             You can access Blackboard from the links on
    Information Package.                            the left hand menu in the Student Portal.

    More info:                                      More info:
    Web:                          Web:
    Ask Us keywords: Portal                         Ask Us keywords: Blackboard

    Student Information                             Student Email
    Management Online                               All students are provided with an ECU
                                                    student email account. It is important
    Student Information Management Online,
                                                    to check your student email regularly as
    also known as SIMO is where you can:
                                                    the University will send you important
    • Enrol in units before the start of each       information such as re-enrolment periods,
      semester                                      exam timetables, semester results and
    • Obtain your class timetable                   library notices.
    • See your exam times and dates                 You can access your student email by
    • View your results                             clicking ‘My ECU Email’ in the left hand
    You first access SIMO when you complete         side menu in the Student Portal, which
    the Virtual Information Pack and use it to      will take you to the Office 365 login page.
    enrol in your first semester units. You can     Login in using your student email address
    then login to SIMO through the login links on   (username and
    the left hand side of the Student Portal.       ECU password.

    More info:                                      More info:
    Web:                          Web:

    Ask Us keywords: SIMO                           Ask Us keywords: Email

                                                    Following Us
                                                    Find ECU on your favourite social media
                                                    platform to keep connected with ECU.

Student Guide 2019 Edith Cowan University
Your Studies
Student Hub                                  Managing Your Course
The Student Hub is a dedicated service       Confirming Your Unit Enrolment
centre that can assist with the following:
                                             It is your responsibility to confirm that
• Course information and advice              your enrolment details, unit selection and
• Enrolment assistance                       personal details are correct. You can do this
• How to resume a course following a         through SIMO. Please advise the Student
  deferral or discontinuation                Hub if you notice there are any errors or
• Extensions of time, including time         omissions in the details, or if you need
  requirements for completion of courses     assistance with your enrolment.
• Graduation eligibility
                                             More info:
More info:                                   Visit: Student Hub
Joondalup Campus: Building 34                Email:
Mount Lawley Campus: Building 3              Ask Us keywords: confirming enrolment
South West Campus: Building 1
                                             Advanced Standing
contact-us/course-information-hub            You can apply for Advanced Standing to
                                             receive credit towards an ECU degree if
Ask Us keywords: Student Hub
                                             you have relevant prior learning, which you
                                             obtained through employment or studies
                                             at another university or recognised
                                             tertiary institution (including TAFE). This is
                                             sometimes referred to as Recognition of
                                             Prior Learning (RPL).

                                             More info:
                                             Ask Us keywords: Advanced Standing
Student Guide 2019 Edith Cowan University
ECU Handbook
                                                      IMPORTANT: International students
     The ECU Handbook provides you with               who are considering changing their
     details of all courses at ECU. You can find      course/major must be aware of the
     details of your course structure, major,         implications it may have on maintaining
     minor and units.                                 their Student Visa. International
     More info:                                       students must call 134 328 and arrange
                                                      an appointment with a Student
     Web:                         Success Officer in order to change
                                                      their course.
     Credit Points
     The Credit Point system is designed to help    More info:
     you keep track of your progress towards
                                                    Visit: Student Hub (see page 9)
     completing your qualification. You will find
     the following basic information helpful:       Ask Us keywords: Course advice,
                                                    Course change
     • To complete a single Bachelor degree,
       you require 360 – 480 credit points.
     • If you are studying full-time, you are       Re-enrolments
       completing between 45 – 60 credit points     You will need to re-enrol on SIMO for both
       per semester.                                Semester 1 and 2 by the set deadlines.
     • You can find out the credit point value      Enrolled students (or those on intermit
       of your units by checking the ECU            status up to 12 months from the date of
       handbook.                                    intermit) will be advised of these dates via
     • The majority of undergraduate units at       email, and the SIMO homepage.
       ECU are 15 credit points.                    More info:
     More info:                                     Ask Us keywords: Re-enrolment
     Visit: Student Hub (see page 9)
                                                    You will be able to access your draft exam
     Ask Us keywords: Credit points                 timetable on SIMO approximately eight
                                                    weeks before the examination period and
     Course Advice, Changes or                      the final exam timetable approximately six
     Withdrawal                                     weeks before. Queries about exam rules
                                                    and procedures should be directed via the
     If you want more information about your
                                                    ‘Got a Question? Ask us’ link available at
     study options, are thinking of changing your
                                                    the bottom of the ECU homepage and on
     course, withdrawing from a unit or wish to
                                                    the Student Portal.
     find out more about your career options,
     there are a range of departments that can      Queries regarding exam content
     help. The below services can explain what      and/or format should be discussed with
     alternatives are available:                    your lecturer.
     • Careers and Employability Services –         More info:
       for career planning
     • Student Hub – for course advice, study
       planning and administrative assistance       Web:
     • Student Recruitment – for advice on
       alternative courses                          Ask Us keywords: Exams

Results                                        At Risk
Your final unit results will be released on    ‘At Risk’ status is a warning that you are
SIMO approximately four weeks after the        deemed to be at risk of being excluded
final examination period.                      from your course. You will also be restricted
                                               to an enrolment of no more than 45 credit
On completion of your course, a hard
                                               points. ECU will advise you in writing if
copy official Statement of Academic
                                               your enrolment has been assigned ‘At Risk’
Record, along with a course complete
letter, is mailed to your correspondence
address usually within two weeks after         Exclusion
the results are available on SIMO. If you
require an additional official Statement       Students are excluded from their
of Academic Record, you can request one        course when they have failed to achieve
through Student Hub. For further details,      satisfactory progress. International
please refer to the ‘Got a Question? Ask us’   students note: being placed on ‘Probation’,
link available at the bottom of the ECU        ‘At Risk’ or ‘Excluded’ status may have
homepage and on the Student Portal.            serious implications, as failure to achieve
                                               satisfactory academic progress is
More info:                                     considered a breach of your Student Visa.
                                               More info:
                                               Ask Us keywords: Academic progression
Ask Us keywords: Result                        status

Course Status                                  Appealing Unit Results or
Each semester, the University monitors         Excluded Course Status
your academic progress and assigns you a
                                               If you are not satisfied with an assessment,
course status in line with the University’s
                                               unit result, examination or your course
Admission, Enrolment and Academic
                                               status, you have the right to lodge an
Progress Rules.
                                               appeal within 20 business days of the result
Good Standing                                  being released on SIMO.
‘Good Standing’ applies to students who        More info:
are making satisfactory course progress.
You will commence your first semester of
study with ECU on ‘Good Standing’.
                                               Ask Us keywords: Results, appeals
‘Probation’ status is a warning that you are
making marginal progress in your course
and that your academic performance
will be monitored. ECU will advise you in
writing if your enrolment has been assigned
‘Probation’ status.

Library                                        Referencing
     Library services work in partnership           At ECU, all written assessments are
     across the University to offer seamless        required to follow a standard referencing
     services and a welcoming environment.          format. Referencing is a formal, systematic
     The digital world can be overwhelming          way of acknowledging the sources that you
     but the library is here to assist you to       have found in your research and used in
     find the right resources, and support your     your assessment. Failing to acknowledge
     learning and research on and off-campus.       other writers’ words, ideas or theories,
     The library helps you save valuable time       either intentionally or unintentionally is
     by enabling you to find what you need.         considered plagiarism.
     Library resources are discoverable via ECU
                                                    Follow the ECU Referencing Guide to
     Worldsearch and your study is supported
                                                    ensure that you understand and use correct
     by several online research and referencing
     tools and apps.
     The Mount Lawley Campus library offers         More info:
     a Curiosity Studio. The resources in this      Web:
     space can help you try new devices and new     how-to-guides/referencing
     digital approaches (3D printer, electronics,
                                                    Ask Us keywords: Referencing
     and makerspace). At Joondalup, you have
     24/7 card access to the social learning
     space, including sleep pods.                   Slide Modules
                                                    • Need to get familiar with using ECU’s
     Other services offered at ECU libraries
                                                      Digital Learning Environment?
                                                    • Don’t know what Blackboard is?
     • Online access to key academic and
                                                    • What about how to use it?
       scholarly resources (see Library Services
                                                    • Not sure how to access your student
       overview), assignment support through
                                                      email account?
       finding the right information, workshops
       and peer to peer support.                    • Need tips on how to participate in
                                                      classes and discussion boards?
     • Research support.
                                                    • Need some tips on safe use of
     • Borrowing from the print resources from
                                                      social media?
       other Australian university libraries.
     • Supporting you through your learning         Check out the SLIDE Modules. They cover
       journey (academic integrity, using           a range of topics that will help you get
       scholarly resources).                        engaged with learning at ECU, transition to
     • Bookable quiet study and group learning      uni life and set you up to succeed.
       facilities.                                  More info:
     • Computer facilities, including
       photocopying, scanning and printing.
     • Microwave ovens and vending machines.

     More info:
     Phone: (61 8) 6304 5525
     Ask Us keywords: Library

Learning Advice                                 Academic Calendar
Learning Advisers can assist you with           The calendar on page 14 contains the
developing your study skills and can answer     standard term dates for 2019. Your course
many questions regarding your studies.          may use a different calendar. You should
                                                check your school webpage to confirm
For example:
                                                which calendar applies to you.
• How do I keep up with all the reading?
• What should I be doing with my                More info:
  lecture notes?                                Web:
• How do I know if I’m plagiarising?            and-events/academic-calendar
• What makes a good essay or assignment
  at university level?                          Financial and Academic
• How do I reference?                           Penalty Dates
If you would like assistance with these         You should be aware of the census or
or other study related questions, please        reporting dates when enrolling in a unit,
check the range of activities and resources     as these indicate when you can withdraw
offered by Learning Advisers on ECU             without incurring a penalty (either financial
campuses. These can be found by visiting        or academic).
the Academic Skills Centre, which is
accessible through the ‘My Communities’         Census Dates
tab on your Blackboard homepage.
                                                The Census Date is the date on which
More info:                                      your enrolment is deemed to be finalised.
Web:               After the Census Date you will be charged
my-studies/study-advice/learning-advisors       for your unit(s) and start accumulating a
                                                HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP debt. You must
Ask Us keywords: Learning Advice                make any upfront payments and submit
                                                any request(s) for Commonwealth
Lynda                                           assistance by the Census Date.
As an ECU student, you have unlimited           To withdraw from a unit without incurring
FREE access to, which is an           the cost for that unit, you must do so
online library of high-quality instructional    before the Census Date.
videos on the latest software tools and
skills. With more than 4,918 courses and        More info:
186,181 video tutorials taught by industry      Web:
experts, is designed for all levels   dates-and-events/withdrawal-dates
of learners and is available whenever you’re
                                                Ask Us keywords: Census Date
ready to learn. You can even view courses on
your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet,
or other mobile devices. experts
have curated playlists to help you get
started in any of our subjects.

More info:
Ask Us keywords: Research Support

2019 Academic Calendar
                               SEMESTER PATTERN
       DEC     31     4
       JAN     7      11
              14      18
               21    25
              28      1
       FEB     4      8                                 4 FEB
               11     15         ORIENTATION
              18      22
              25      1               1
      MAR      4      8               2
               11     15              3
              18      22              4
              25     29               5
       APR     1      5               6
               8      12              7                 12 APR
              15      19              8
              22     26       MID SEMESTER BREAK
              29      3               9                29 APR
       MAY     6     10               10
               13     17              11
              20     24               12
              27      31              13
       JUN     3      7          STUDY WEEK
              10      14
               17     21
              24     28
                                INTER SEMESTER
       JUL     1      5                                 5 JUL
               8      12       DEFERRED EXAMS

MONTH       MON           FRI      ALL SCHOOLS                SCHOOL TERMS WA
              15          19
              22          26                                             22 JUL
              29          2               1
    AUG       5           9               2
              12          16             3
              19          23             4
              26          30             5
    SEP        2           6             6
               9          13             7
              16          20             8
              23          27             9                           27 SEP
              30           4    MID SEMESTER BREAK
    OCT        7          11            10
              14          18            11                           14 OCT
              21          25            12
              28           1            13
    NOV        4           8        STUDY WEEK
              11          15
              18          22
              25          29
    DEC        2           6
               9          13      DEFERRED EXAMS
              16          20                                         19 DEC
              23          27

Alternative Semester Dates                    University Observed Public
Some Courses in the following Schools
use alternative Semester Dates.               New Years Day 1 January
Please contact the Student Hub for
more details.                                 Australia Day   26 January (observed
                                                              Monday 28 Jan)
•   Education
•   WAAPA                                     Good Friday     19 April
•   Nursing & Midwifery
•   South West                                Easter Monday 22 April

                                              Anzac Day       25 April (Thursday)

                                              Christmas Day 25 December

                                              Boxing Day      26 December

Academic Penalty Dates                           SOAR Centre
     The Academic Penalty Date is the date on         The SOAR Centre is based on the Joondalup
     which your academic participation in a unit is   and Mount Lawley campuses, and is a
     confirmed.                                       peer‑to-peer support service for all Higher
                                                      Degree by Research (HDR) and Honours
     You must withdraw from a unit before this
                                                      candidates. Our SOAR Ambassadors,
     date to avoid incurring a fail for the unit,
                                                      who are also research candidates, offer free
     which carries a grade of WF (withdrawn
                                                      support and resources for the transition to
     fail). This applies to all courses except VET,
                                                      life as a researcher, career development and
     honours, research masters or doctoral
                                                      building research skills.
     thesis units.
                                                      Appointments can be booked online or,
     More info:                                       alternatively, you can drop-in for a chat and
     Web:                become part of the research community.
                                                      More info:
     Ask Us keywords: Academic penalty date
     Postgraduate Services
                                                      Ask Us keywords: Research Support
     Graduate Research School
     ECU’s Graduate Research School (GRS),            Other Research Support
     provides a supportive environment for            Extensive support for research students
     research students and their supervisors.         is also offered through the Office of
     We aim to enhance the quality of the             Research and Innovation, Library, Research
     research experience and culture at ECU           Centres, Postgraduate Coordinators and
     by providing face-to-face and online             school-based services. You will have:
     training, seminars, academic events and
     social activities.                               • Dedicated Research Consultants, who
                                                        provide advice on planning your research,
     The GRS workshops are free and will help you       research design and methodology, data
     to develop new research and professional           analysis and reporting.
     skills, and provide the opportunity to network
                                                      • Dedicated Academic Writing Consultants,
     with other researchers. We also offer regular
                                                        who provide advice on writing research
     social events to encourage a collaborative
                                                        proposals and theses. They can also assist
     and supportive peer network.
                                                        with initial planning of a text, structuring
     More info:                                         and organising ideas, as well as grammar
                                                        and style problems.

     ECU Study Overseas
     There are a number of opportunities for you      contact the Student Hub as early as
     as an ECU student to broaden your skills,        possible to discuss your options for studying
     knowledge and intercultural awareness by         overseas as part of your ECU degree.
     undertaking part of your study overseas.
                                                      More info:
     ECU has more than 90 exchange partners
     in 35 countries, and there are financial         Web:
     assistance options which can assist you in       my-studies/study-opportunities/
     undertaking an overseas study experience.        study-overseas/study-abroad

     Due to the time involved in planning and         Ask Us keywords: Study abroad
     applying to study overseas you should

Your Support
Student Hub                                 Student Health Services
The Student Hub on each campus is the       The Student Health Services provide General
first point of reference for all student    Practitioner (GP), Nurse and Allied Health
enquiries, including:                       services to assist you with your health care
                                            needs. Appointments are recommended and
•   Administration needs
                                            all consultations occurring within the Student
•   Enrolments
                                            Health Services are strictly confidential.
•   Course information and advice
                                            General Practitioner services provided to
•   Graduation eligibility
                                            local students are direct billed to Medicare.
•   Student support services
                                            Services provided to international students
•   Lodgement of forms                      with current Overseas Student Health
•   Lost property                           Cover (OSHC Allianz and OSHC Medibank
•   Accepting EFTPOS, credit card and       Private only) are direct billed to the provider.
    cheque payments                         Physiotherapy services are privately billed
                                            (available in Mount Lawley only).
More info:
Joondalup Campus: Building 34               More info:
                                            Joondalup Campus:
Mount Lawley Campus: Building 3
                                            Building 6, Room 230
South West Campus: Building 1               Phone: (61 8) 6304 5618
Telephone: 134 328                          Mount Lawley Campus:
Email:                 Building 8, Room 109
                                            Phone: (61 8) 9370 6814
contact-us                                  South West Campus: there is no medical
                                            centre on campus, but there are medical
Ask Us keywords: Student Hub                centres in Bunbury and surrounds.
                                            Ask Us keywords: Health Services

Counselling Service                               Telephone: (61 8) 9370 6706
     The Counselling Service is a free and             Email:
     confidential service to all current ECU           Emergency and After Hours: intranet.
     students residing in Australia to address any
     personal issues that impact on your studies.      file/0006/162537/Other-Helpful-Contacts-
     Counsellors can provide you with emotional        and-Resources.pdf
     support, help you understand the problems         Web:
     you have and assist you to find new solutions     counselling
     and new ways of coping. Sometimes,
     specialised support or treatment from other       Ask Us keywords: Counselling
     agencies may be required. If this needs to
     happen, your counsellor will discuss a referral   Equity Diversity and Disability
     with you.                                         Service (EDDS)
     You can talk to a counsellor about anything       The Equity, Diversity and Disability Service
     that is causing you concern, such as:             (EDDS) provides a free, confidential service
     • Balancing study, life and work.                 for students with a disability or medical
                                                       condition, either permanent or temporary,
     • Managing your time effectively.
                                                       which may affect various aspects of life
     • Cultural adjustment and living away             at ECU. EDDS also caters for students
       from home.                                      who are carers for a family member with
     • Feeling stressed, anxious or depressed.         a disability or medical condition. Students
     • Difficulty studying, worrying about             who register with this service can receive
       achievement, doing presentations                help with:
       and exams.
                                                       • Liaising with academic staff
     • Problems in relationships with family,
                                                       • Reading materials in alternative formats
       friends and partners.
                                                       • Alternative examination conditions
     • You have been sexually assaulted (current
       or past). If you need to report a sexual        • Resource information and advice
       assault or sexual harassment incident,          • Assistance with Library services
       information on how to do so can be              • Provision of assistive equipment and
       found here:          technology
       support/sexual-assault-and-harassment/          • AUSLAN interpreting services
       how-do-i-report-a-sexual-assault                • Note-taking and transcription services
     • You are having issues around identity           • Other support as appropriate.
     • You are experiencing suicidal thoughts or
                                                       Please contact the Equity, Diversity
       difficulties with thoughts around harming
                                                       and Disability Service for a confidential
                                                       chat, to find out more information or to
     Reception office hours are Monday to Friday       register as soon as possible to ensure that
     from 8.30am to 5.00pm.                            appropriate assistance and resources can
     Emergency and After Hours Services                be organised in good time.
     information is also available on our website.     More info:
     More info:                                        Telephone: (61 8) 6304 6960
     Joondalup Campus: Building 34, Room 245           Email:
     Mount Lawley Campus: Building 8, Room 109         Web:
     South West Campus: Building 1, Room 121           student-equity
                                                       Ask Us keywords: Equity, Disability

Student Success                                 Careers and Employability
Student Success is a specialist student         Services
support team located on each campus.
Its primary function is to work closely
                                                Get Ready!
with students who need support in               With ECU Careers and Employability
maintaining their studies, due to academic      Services, you could go anywhere.
or personal issues.
                                                • Am I in the right course for the career
Student Success is an appointment-based,          I want?
confidential service providing individualised   • How can mentoring and volunteering
case management. At the initial                   improve my employability skills?
appointment a Student Success Officer           • Where do I find the best employment
will establish a tailored action plan to          opportunities for me and make myself
determine strategies to overcome barriers         stand out from the crowd?
to success. Action plans typically involve
referrals to a range of services which          ECU Careers and Employability Services
could include the Student Hub, Learning         offer a range of free resources and
Advisers, staff within the School as well       professional services to help you answer
as traditional specialist services such as      these questions.
Equity, Counselling, Student Health, as well    Through our service, you will have access
as external agencies, if required.              to workshops, online resources, virtual and
Student Success work closely with both          on-campus careers fairs, one-on-one career
Domestic and International students to          appointments and a range of volunteering
provide a range of advice that focuses on:      and mentoring opportunities to improve
                                                your employability skills and make you an
• Study load management                         ECU job ready graduate.
• Alternative enrolment options dependent
  on the students’ personal situation
• Providing access to specialised services
In supporting International students, the
Student Success team provides:
• Enrolment load monitoring
• Advice regarding student visas and
  associated processes
• Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)
• Department of Home Affairs reporting

More info:
Telephone: 134 328
Ask Us keywords: Student Success Officer

CareerHub                                      Mentoring
     • Get access to a range of employment,         • Help new students settle in to ECU as a
       training, internship, vacation and             mentor in the Peer Mentoring Program
       graduate opportunities                       • Gain insights into your chosen industry
     • Register for one of our career workshops       and build valuable professional
     • Discover events including employer visits,     relationships through the Alumni
       regular industry networking events,            Mentoring Program.
       career fairs and panel discussions           Unlike other university career services, ECU
     • Book an appointment with a Career and        offers ongoing support even after you
       Employability Adviser                        graduate. Regardless of where you are in your
     • Access online career resources, career       career journey, Careers and Employability
       direction planning tools and FAQ’s           Services can help make you an ECU job ready
     • Stay informed through the CareerHub          graduate. Don’t wait, contact us today!
       News page
                                                    More info:
     One-on-one career appointments                 Telephone: (61 8) 6304 5899
     • Job search techniques, including résumé      Email:
       writing, how to address selection criteria   Web:
       and what to say in an interview              careers-and-leadership-services
     • Assessing your career development goals
                                                    Ask Us keywords: Careers, Mentor,
       and assistance to develop an individual
       action plan
     • Build self-awareness skills to understand
       your personal strengths, interests
                                                    Faith Support
       and qualities                                You, your faith, and your traditions are
     • Networking and the importance of             valued and respected as a member of
       making contacts within your chosen           ECU’s dynamic, multicultural and multifaith
       industry                                     community. The below resources are
                                                    available to students:
     Volunteering                                   • The Multifaith Chaplaincy service is
     Taking part in volunteering and mentoring        available to assist and support your
     activities improves your leadership,             spirituality, to provide care, and foster a
     communication and employability skills.          sense of community at ECU.
     It also looks great on your résumé and helps   • Mount Lawley Multifaith Centre –
     you stand out from the crowd.                    Room 16A.101 is available for meetings,
     • Give back to your local community              prayer, bible studies and other faith
     • Get involved in important social and
       environmental issues                         • Joondalup Police Chapel – The Joondalup
                                                      Police Chapel is available to the ECU
     • Develop academic, professional and
       social networks
                                                    • Mussallahs are available at Joondalup
     • Meet like-minded people.
                                                      in Room 17G.101 and at Mount Lawley in
                                                      Room 16B. For access, call (61 8) 6304 3333.

                                                    More info:
                                                    Ask Us keywords: Multifaith

Online Support                                      The ATMP covers the cost of engaging a
                                                    tutor to provide academic and study skills
Online units are delivered via virtual learning
                                                    assistance to eligible students.
environment, Blackboard, accessible
through the Student Portal.                         Students can receive up to two hours tutorial
                                                    assistance per subject per week, which will be
All students studying online units can
                                                    supplemented by an additional total of five
access the same services and facilities as
                                                    hours exam preparation (conditions apply).
on-campus students. ECU is committed to
providing you with flexible, student-focused        The Centre for Learning and Teaching
learning opportunities.                             facilitates ATMP for Aboriginal and Torres
                                                    Strait Islander students at ECU.
More info:
                                                    To be eligible for ATMP, you must be
Telephone: 134 328                                  of Australia Aboriginal or Torres Strait
Email:                         Islander descent, and enrolled (internally or
Ask Us keywords: Off-Campus, Online                 externally) on a full-time or part-time basis
                                                    in an undergraduate education program.
                                                    Students will need to complete a student
Aboriginal and Torres Strait                        application form every semester.
Islander Student Support
                                                    First year students are strongly encouraged
Kurongkurl Katitjin                                 to apply for ATMP to help with your studies in
Kurongkurl Katitjin, pronounced koor-ong-curl       your foundation year.
cut-it-chin, is a Nyoongar phrase meaning           Bridging, postgraduate and WAAPA students
“coming together to learn” and is the name          are not entitled to ATMP assistance. However
of ECU’s Centre for Indigenous Australian           applications from students will be considered
Education and Research. Established in 1991,        on a case-by-case basis.
Kurongkurl Katitjin plays a key role in assisting
                                                    Student Rooms
the University to meet its commitment to
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.       Kurongkurl Katitjin provides dedicated study
The role encompasses support for whole-of-          and relaxation areas for Aboriginal and Torres
university activities and programs, including       Strait Islander students at ECU.
facilitating specific teaching, research and        These areas provide additional computing
social support to meet the academic and             facilities, quiet space for tutoring sessions
cultural needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait      and a social hub to connect as a student
Islander students.                                  community. Access can be arranged by
As an important cultural and social hub for         contacting Kurongkurl Katitjin.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students,     Elders-in-Residence
Kurongkurl Katitjin is located on the Mount
                                                    Each ECU campus has a local Nyoongar Elder-
Lawley Campus, with custom facilities
                                                    in-Residence. Elders provide high level advice
located across all campuses.
                                                    and support for Aboriginal cultural activities
Tutorial Assistance                                 across the University to all staff and students.
Aboriginal Tutorial and Mentoring Program           Appointments can be arranged by email via
(ATMP)                                              Kurongkurl Katitjin.

The Aboriginal Tutorial and Mentoring               More info:
Program (ATMP) aims to improve the                  Email:
educational outcomes of Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander students in tertiary
courses to the same levels as those of              Ask Us keywords: Indigenous Studies,
non-Aboriginal Australians.                         Tutorial Assistance, Aboriginal, ATMP

International Student Support                      Students are encouraged to familiarise
                                                        themselves with these conditions and any
     Emergency Assistance                               others by visiting the Department of Home
     Australia's emergency services (Police, Fire       Affairs website.
     or Ambulance) can be reached by calling
                                                        More info:
     000 on any phone. For more information
     visit                            Web:
     International Online Resources
                                                        Ask Us keywords: International Visa
     ECU has prepared online resources which
     will help you transition into study in Australia   International Support and Assistance
     with ECU. All International Students should        International students are able to access
     explore the information made available via         all the support services listed in this guide.
     the Online International Student Induction.        Please ensure you have read it thoroughly
                                                        so you are aware of the services available
     More info:
                                                        to you as an ECU Student. In addition
     Telephone: 134 328                                 to this you can also contact the Student
     Email:                        Success Team for assistance with:

     Web:           • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)
     and-international-students                         • General advice regarding maintaining
                                                          visa compliance
     Maintaining Your Visa                              • Any other issues you are concerned about
     Students must comply with their visa                 that may be affecting your studies
     conditions and ECU enrolment requirements
     in order to retain their Student Visa.             More info:
                                                        Telephone: (61 8) 6304 2988
     Students will be reported and visas may be
     cancelled for:                                     Email:
     • Not meeting course requirements in               Web:
       relation to enrolment, attendance and            student-connect
       satisfactory academic progress including:
       ‒‒ Studying less than a full-time load           Legal Assistance
          without approval from a Student               The ECU Student Guild offers services to
          Success Officer (except when                  help with Financial and Legal support.
          completing units in the final semester
          of the course)                                More info:
       ‒‒ Withdrawing or deferring studies              Telephone: (61 8) 6304 2640
          without authority
     • Failing to provide ECU with address/
       change of address details within seven           Web:
       days of arrival or address change
     • Not maintaining overseas student health
       cover (OSHC)

Respect. Now. Always.                         Report an Incident
Sexual Assault and Harassment                 You can report a sexual assault directly to
                                              ECU on (61 8) 6304 2282 all hours, or by
At ECU we are committed to a safe             email:
learning and working environment.
We have zero tolerance for sexual assault     Reporting outside ECU:
or harassment.                                • WA Police (131 444) all hours
Support is available from ECU and other       • The Sexual Assault Resource Centre
organisations, no matter when or where          (SARC) on (61 8) 6458 1828 or
the assault or harassment happened.             1800 199 888 (free from landline)
                                                all hours
Support Available
                                              Please let an ECU staff member know you
ECU has staff ready to support students.      have made a report so we can support you.
You can decide if, when and where you
seek help.                                    What Will Happen if I Make a Report?
                                              Your report will be escalated to a senior
More info:
                                              member of ECU staff as soon as possible.
Web:     They will attempt to contact you as soon
sexual-assault-and-harassment/who-can-        as they receive the report and ask how
i-talk-to-about-my-situation                  you wish to proceed. They will arrange
                                              any support you may need, including
Who do I Call in an Emergency
                                              police reporting, counselling, medical
If your situation is immediately life-        appointments, or rehousing.
threatening or urgent:
                                              You may also choose no action be taken
Call 000 from a landline or                   other than ECU providing appropriate
Call 112 from a mobile.                       support.
Request immediate police attendance
                                              More info:
and/or ambulance if needed.
ECU Security can be contacted at any time     sexual-assault-and-harassment
(day or night).
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 3333
ECU Security will also follow up with other
ECU support staff or Police and Emergency
Services if required.

Money Matters
     Fees Calculator
     The Fees Calculator can be used to
     calculate the approximate cost of the first
     year of your course or to search for the cost
     of a unit.
     The rate of fees charged will be dependent
     on the course in which you are enrolled in,     Fees Help
     your Citizenship/Visa status and where you      HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP and SA-HELP are
     are residing.                                   available to eligible students. HECS-HELP
                                                     is a loan that enables Commonwealth
     More info:                                      Supported students to defer the payment
     Web:               of their student contribution amounts.
                                                     FEE-HELP is a loan scheme available to
     Ask Us keywords: Fees Calculator                domestic students in eligible fee-paying
                                                     programs. SA-HELP is a loan scheme
     Fee Invoices and Due Dates                      available to eligible students for their
     Tuition fees are payable each teaching          Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).
     period that you are enrolled in a unit.
     Your fee invoice, which is also known as your   More info:
     Statement of Account, will be available         Telephone: 134 328
     at the beginning of each teaching period
     (eg. Semester, Trimester, Term) through
     SIMO. After you have enrolled into your         Web:
     unit(s), and approximately 2-4 weeks prior      and-csps
     to the due date, you will receive an email to   Web:
     your student account to advise you of the       matters/fees/domestic/help-loans
     availability of your Statement of Account.
                                                     Ask Us keywords: HECS or HELP loan
     If you are enrolled into teaching periods
     other than or in addition to Semester 1 and     Paying Fees
     Semester 2, you will be invoiced separately
                                                     Ensure that you allow time for your
     for these units prior to the relevant due
                                                     payment to reflect on your Statement
     date for that teaching period.
                                                     of Account on SIMO by referring to the
     Please note that the due date for payment       payment time as outlined above. If the
     of fees is not the ‘Census’ or ‘Financial       payment has been made after the due
     Penalty’ date.                                  date, you must contact the Fees and
                                                     Scholarships Office.
     More info:
     Web:               More info:
     money-matters/fees                              Web:
     Ask Us keywords: Statement of Account           Ask Us keywords: Paying Fees
    PAYMENT METHOD              HOW TO PAY                                (BUSINESS DAYS)

    ECU ONLINE PAYMENT          Access our secure transaction site:            1-2 days
    • VISA and MASTERCARD for payment
                                24 hours a day by Credit or Debit Card.

    PAYMENT FROM OVERSEAS Payment can be made in your                           4 days
    • VISA and MASTERCARD preferred currency from overseas via
    • Bank Deposit        bank transfer or credit card. Log in via
    • Bank Transfer       the secure ECU Western Union site:

    TELEPHONE AND INTERNET Contact your participating Bank                     3-5 days
    BANKING                or Financial Institution to make
    • Savings              this payment directly from your
    • Cheque Accounts      cheque account, savings account or
    • VISA and MASTERCARD  credit card. When prompted simply
    • Other Credit cards   enter the BPAY Biller Code and your
                           reference number shown on your
                           Statement of Account.

    TELEPHONE PAYMENT           For payment by Debit / Credit                  3-5 days
    • VISA and MASTERCARD       (MASTERCARD / VISA) Cards by
                                telephone: Call 1300 BPOINT
                                or 1300 276 468
                                When prompted, simply enter the
                                BPOINT Biller Code and your reference
                                number shown on your Statement
                                of Account.

    CHEQUE PAYMENT BY MAIL Mail to:                                         AUD Cheques
                           Edith Cowan University                            5-10 days
                           Student Fees Office
                           270 Joondalup Drive
                           Joondalup WA 6027
                           Please enclose a copy of your
                           Statement of Account.

    PAY AT STUDENT CENTRAL      • Joondalup Building 18                        1-2 days
    • EFTPOS                    • Mount Lawley Building 3
    • VISA and MASTERCARD       • Bunbury Building 1
    • Cheque                    Please note cash payments are
                                not accepted.

    CASH PAYMENT                Provide your Student ID Number and             1-2 days
    • In person at selected     Statement of Account available on
      Commonwealth Bank of      SIMO to pay at the following W.A.
      Australia branches        Commonwealth Bank of Australia

                                • Joondalup
                                • Whitfords
                                • Dianella
                                • Morley
                                • Karrinyup
                                • Mount Lawley
                                • 150 St Georges Tce Perth
                                • Bunbury

    INTERNATIONAL MONEY         Pay by International Money Transfer              7 days
    TRANSFER                    To transfer money into ECU’s bank         (timing may vary by
                                account:            bank location)

Student Services and                           Scholarships
     Amenities Fee                                  ECU Scholarships are offered to potential
     In October 2011, the Australian Parliament     students as well as current students and
     passed the Higher Education Legislation        support undergraduate, postgraduate or
     Amendment (Student Services and                research degree study. ECU Scholarships
     Amenities) Bill 2011 to allow universities     aim to assist you financially while you study
     and other higher education providers to        and can usually be used for a variety of
     charge a compulsory Student Services           expenses including course fees, text books,
     and Amenities Fee (SSAF) from 2012.            other study related or living expenses.
     Under the legislation, universities are        They are available to a wide range of
     allowed to charge an annual SSAF which is      students, such as postgraduate research
     indexed annually.                              students, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait
     The SSAF revenue is allocated entirely         Islander Australians, students from low
     to the provision of student services and       socio-economic backgrounds, students
     amenities, ranging from student social         from rural or regional areas and students
     clubs and societies, to health, counselling,   with disabilities. They are offered to high
     sport and recreation, student welfare,         academic achievers and those in need of
     careers advice, student advocacy,              financial support. There are also many
     orientation, production and dissemination      awards and scholarships funded by
     to students of media, orientation support      external donors.
     and student representation.                    Examples include:
     Your SSAF Fee is not automatically             • ECU Equity scholarship
     included in any HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP          • ECU Excellence scholarships
     payments and must be paid in addition to
                                                    • ECU Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait
     your tuition fees. However you may be able
                                                      Islander scholarships
     to opt to defer payment of the Services
                                                    • ECU South West Campus scholarships
     and Amenities Fee using SA-HELP via your
     SIMO account, if eligible.                     More info:
     More info:                                     Web:
     Web:        Ask Us keywords: Scholarships
     Ask Us keywords: Services and
     Amenities Fee

Loans                                           Elite Athlete Program
ECU Student Loans are aimed at assisting        The University recognises and promotes
you to successfully complete your course by     the value of combining both sporting and
improving your circumstances. ECU Student       academic aspirations. ECU is endorsed by
Loans are available to students who meet        the Australian Sports Commission as an
the eligibility requirements, for amounts       Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU),
between $500 and $1,500. The loans              supporting elite athletes in achieving
are interest-free and must be fully repaid      and balancing both their academic and
within 12 months (26 fortnightly payments).     sporting pursuits.
All student loan applications are assessed
                                                There are many elite athletes currently
in accordance with the Management of
                                                studying at ECU who compete nationally
Student Loans Policy, see the ECU website
                                                and internationally in a broad range of
for further information including eligibility
                                                sports including: AFL, basketball, soccer,
                                                netball, athletics, swimming, cycling,
More info:                                      rowing, volleyball, hockey and sports for
                                                people with a disability.
money-matters/loans                             Visit the ECU website for further
                                                information on whether you qualify as an
Ask Us keywords: Loan
                                                ECU Elite Athlete and to register for the

                                                More info:

                                                Military Personnel Program
                                                ECU welcomes defence force personnel
                                                and reservists to its undergraduate and
                                                postgraduate programs. The University
                                                recognises service commitments and
                                                supports students to continue their study
                                                whilst balancing these commitments.
                                                The University also recognises and values
                                                students with previous military experience
                                                through support to transition to university
                                                and the connection of student veterans.

                                                More info:
                                                Visit: Student Hub (see page 9)
                                                Joondalup Campus: Building 34
                                                Mount Lawley Campus: Building 3
                                                South West Campus: Building 1

Western Australia

                Mount Lawley                           Perth


     Your Campus
     Campus Maps                                   Getting Around
     We provide our campus maps in multiple        Public Transport
     formats to assist you to easily locate our
     buildings and other facilities, including:    Public transport to ECU is easy. Our Active
                                                   Transport maps, which are available
     • Interactive campus maps to search and       through our website, illustrate the bus
       zoom in to find specific locations, rooms   routes and bus stops, CAT bus routes and
       and routes                                  stops, as well as the train and bus stations.
     • Downloadable campus maps are
                                                   Joondalup Campus
       provided in PDF format and are suitable
       for print                                   Our Joondalup Campus is located a short
     • Access and mobility maps that provide       distance from the Joondalup Train Station
       information to help you make informed       – making it easy to catch public transport
       choices about safe and accessible routes    to ECU. You can simply walk from the
       to and from, and within, our campuses       station to the Joondalup Campus, or there
                                                   is a free CAT bus service that runs directly
     • Directories that are located at various
                                                   from the train station to the Joondalup
       points around our campuses.
     More info:                                    Mount Lawley Campus
     Web:       The Mount Lawley Campus is located on
     campus-maps                                   Alexander Drive, and is well serviced by
     Ask Us keywords: Map                          buses that run to and from Perth every
                                                   15-20 minutes, as well as direct services
                                                   to Morley Bus Station, Alexander Heights
                                                   and Ballajura.
South West Campus                               Parking on Campus
The South West Campus is located in             All vehicles parked on University grounds on
South Bunbury and is well serviced by           weekdays, between 7.00am and 5.00pm,
TransRegional buses.                            are required to display either a current valid
                                                parking permit or a valid metered parking
More info:
                                                ticket. All ECU parking areas and bays are
Telephone: (61 8) 9722 7800                     clearly marked. You must park within the
Web:                              appropriate marked bay in accordance
                                                with your permit/ticket entitlements. If you
Ask Us keywords: Transport to ECU               wish to park on campus, you will need to
SmartRider                                      purchase a Student (Red) parking permit
                                                online. For short-term parking, daily and
All full-time ECU students are entitled         weekly scratchies can be purchased from the
to Transperth concession fares as long          campus cafés or Co-Op Shop.
as they have a valid Transperth Tertiary
SmartRider (no other form of concession         For security reasons, students with a
will be accepted). Part-time students are       current permit who remain or arrive on
not entitled to tertiary concession fares.      campus after 5.00pm are permitted to park
                                                in staff bays (marked blue) in order to be
Your ECU Student ID Card can also be            closer to the university buildings.
set up for Transperth travel (instead of
getting a separate Tertiary SmartRider),        When parking in an ACROD disabled bay
however, you will need to complete the ECU      you are required to clearly display a current
Transperth Consent Declaration form.            ACROD permit as well as a valid ECU Permit.
                                                These bays are enforced 24 hours a day,
Our eLab staff or the Student Hub can           7 days a week.
assist you, or you can apply online.
                                                More info:
More info:
Web:                      services/our-services/parking/overview
                                                Ask Us keywords: Parking permit
Ask Us keywords: SmartRider or Transperth

    30 mins                             20 mins                       100 mins
      ECU Joondalup                     ECU Mount Lawley                  ECU South West
       Campus from                        Campus from                      Campus from
     Perth city by train                 Perth city by bus                Perth city by car

You can also read