Student Handbook 2021 - UP Education

Student Handbook 2021
Welcome to UP International College
New Zealand

Kia ora,                                                   At UP International College New Zealand, we have a
                                                           passion for education. The values of UP International
At UP International College New Zealand we want you        College New Zealandare underpinned by a
to succeed academically. Our objective is to help you      commitment to see our students succeed in every
learn as much as possible in the time available so you     facet of their lives.
achieve your goals and move on to further study.
                                                           This Handbook is designed to focus on life at the
As I write this, I am aware that a number of our           college and provide answers to a range of questions
students are offshore and online. Thank you for joining    you might have about what you need to do, not only
us and placing your trust in us to help you achieve        at the start of the course but throughout the year.
your goal. We are a mobile technology Campus
                                                           UP International College New Zealand has agreed to
with many years of experience using technology in
                                                           observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the
assisting students to learn – we encourage the use
                                                           Pastoral Care of International Students published by
of electronic mobile devices for learning in class and
                                                           the New Zealand Ministry of Education.
out of class. For this to work well, we need you to be a
responsible user of that technology.
                                                           We have many people who can help you if you don’t
                                                           know what to do. Check the Handbook first to find an
Our Blackboard learning resources are extensive
                                                           answer, but if you are not certain about something,
and designed specifically for you in Foundation. We
                                                           please ask a member of staff. If they cannot help you
have many years of experience using technology in
                                                           directly, they will find someone who can.
assisting students to learn.
                                                           Best wishes with your studies and work hard!
Sections of this Handbook are relevant for students
who are on Campus rather than studying online.
Certain sections may not be relevant for some
students as their course progresses.

Remember that English goes on outside the
classroom as well, so for those of you in Auckland or
Wellington, make the most of your stay. Use every
opportunity to read, write, listen and speak in English
as this will undoubtedly make your learning at a
tertiary level easier and more enjoyable. I strongly
encourage you to make the campus an English-only           Yours sincerely
zone as much as possible.

                                                              Craig Monaghan
                                                              Executive Principal
                                                              UP International College New Zealand

This handbook provides you with all the information you need to know about UP English for Future Studies
(UPEFS) (registered as ‘Intensive General English’ with NZQA), The University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation
Studies and AUT University Certificate in Foundation Studies, and Victoria University of Wellington Certificate in
Foundation Studies registered as ‘UP International College Foundation Studies Programme’ (Level 3).

Senior Leadership Team                                    AUT Mr Matt Kelly
Mr Craig Monaghan
Executive Principal                                       AUT Mr Jacques September                     
Mrs Heather Blakeborough                                  VUW Mr Carrone Conroy
Head of College AUT                             

Mr Bryce Pedersen
                                                          Other Key Contacts
Head of College VUW

Ms Katya Mitchell                                         Ms Anyuan Wang
                                                          Education Pathways Counsellor UoA & AUT
Head of College English Studies                     

Mr Michael Graham                                         Ms Yuki Ru (Auckland Campus)
Head of Operations                                        Attendance Officer                     

Mr Nandy Nathu                                            Ms Maureen Ma’alo (Wellington Campus)
Deputy Head of College Discipline & Welfare               Attendance Officer
Mr Julian Latimer
                                                          International Student Support Team
Deputy Head of College Academic
                                                          Accommodation Team
Ms Helen Robertson
Senior Audit/Welfare Manager/UoA Dean                              Admissions Team
                                                          IT Student Support Team
UoA Mrs Joanne Bentley

UoA Mrs Jackie Morgan

Statutory information for students
Education Act

Section 234B of the Education Act requires providers         If you are a student from China, register online
to attest to the following:                                  with the Education section at the Chinese Embassy.
Other Costs: Page 4 of the Information and Application        Registering allows you to share your contact details with
Form advises costs that are additional to tuition, insurance the Embassy in case of emergency. It also enables you to
and accommodation.                                            receive your ‘Certificate for the returned Overseas Students
                                                              or Scholars’ when you complete your qualification in New
Student Services fee: UP Education Campus does not
                                                              Zealand. The certificate is issued by the Education section
require additional Student Services fees as the costs of such
                                                              of the Chinese Embassy in Wellington or by the Chinese
services are included in tuition fees.
                                                              Consulate in Auckland or Christchurch and enable New
Material conflicts of interest: None of the governing         Zealand qualification to be recognised in China. Visit
members of UP EDUCATION have a material conflict     to register.
of interest with another school or PTE nor are involved
in organisations that provide goods and services to
our students.

UP International College
New Zealand Expectations
There are many staff who can help students with                In addition, students must respect and abide by
problems. You need to have courage and confidence              New Zealand laws. A breach of New Zealand law is
to ask.                                                        deemed to be a breach of Campus rules. A breach
                                                               of these rules may ultimately result in the student
On Campus there is the College Code of Conduct is
                                                               concerned being removed from the College roll
there to guide and protect everyone. This is based on
                                                               and required to leave. Other penalties may include
respect for others and their property, and on ensuring
                                                               a student being suspended from the Campus for a
that the Campus maintains an excellent reputation in
the community. Inappropriate behaviour may reflect             number of College days.
poorly on all students, as the business community
of the city (many of whom are future employers of
students) observes the standards the Campus sets
and judges the Campus accordingly.
It is important that the College Code of Conduct is
All students are required to follow the Code of
Code of Conduct may, from time to time, be changed
as Senior Leadership sees fit. Every effort will be made
to advise students of such changes either during class
or on noticeboards or digital screens.

Deans                                                        Tutors
The Dean is the person who is responsible for                Students will have a teacher who is called the ‘Tutor’.
the wellbeing and monitoring of students in each             This is another person to contact if students have any
programme.                                                   concerns/queries/problems.
If students have any questions, concerns or challenges       The Tutor will meet with students during the course to
and would like some help, the Dean is the person to          discuss students’ interests, give students advice and talk
contact. The Dean and Attendance Officer will also           about the progress after reports are issued.
monitor student’s attendance and talk with students if
there are any issues.                                        The Tutor is a responsible adult who is there to assist.
                                                             If for any reason they cannot help students the Tutor
If any students are feeling lonely, home sick, anxious and   will direct them to a person who can give students the
needs someone to talk to, the Dean is there for support.     assistance they need.
Tutors and teachers can also provide support.
Please do not be afraid to ask for help. We recognise
there will be times of pressure for students and we are
here to assist you.

Medical Support                                              Sonder
/Counsellor                                                  Auckland and Wellington Campuses also work with
                                                             Sonder, an organisation that provides 24/7 support for
UP International College New Zealand can provide
                                                             students in New Zealand via live chat or phone with
access to a medical professional and counsellor if
                                                             any issue. The free App can be downloaded to mobile
requested. The Dean will arrange medical or counselling
                                                             phone this ensures 24 hours support in a time of need.
support if required.
                                                             Any student can use Sonder when walking home alone
                                                             at night, meeting up with someone they do not know,
                                                             going on a first date, experiencing stress or anxiety, ill or
                                                             injured, at any time they do not know who to turn to for
                                                             UP International College New Zealand encourages all
                                                             onshore students to download the application as soon
                                                             as they begin their course of study.
                                                             Download the Sonder App
                                                             Call +64 9 2222099

Absences                                                      Auckland Campus
                                                              Wellington Campus’

Absence due to illness (or other reasons)                     Other absences will be recorded as:
during term.                                                  • Explained – You were absent and you gave an
IF STUDENTS ARE ILL, THEY ARE ADVISED TO VISIT A                 explanation as to why you were away. This type of
NEW ZEALAND-REGISTERED DOCTOR.                                   absence counts against you for the purposes of
                                                                 meeting visa requirements. However, we know where
The doctors below are in the CBD and are recommended
                                                                 you were, that you were safe and therefore are not
by Immigration New Zealand to complete medical and
                                                                 as concerned about calling your agent or parents.
chest x-ray certificates for New Zealand visa applications.
As such, they are approved for medical certificates for       Missing an assessment due to illness
attendance purposes. Students who provide a medical           (or other reasons)
certificate from another medical centre may not have
                                                              All Foundation Studies programmes allow for
this automatically accepted for attendance purposes.
                                                              Compassionate Consideration for a missed assessment
                                                              due to illness and/or exceptional circumstances.
Doctors (Monday-Friday)
• C
   ollege Hill Doctors 		                   (09) 360 8008    If students miss a test or examination because they are
  46 College Hill, Ponsonby                    8:30 – 17:30   ill and would like to be considered for ‘compassionate
                                                              consideration’, and given an assessed mark, students
• Q
   ueen Street Doctors 		                   (09) 222 2577
  1st Floor, Dingwall Bldg, 87 Queen St        8:00 – 17:00   must provide a medical certificate from a registered New
                                                              Zealand doctor. The medical certificate must be dated
• C
   aring Clinic Doctors 		                  (09) 360 8008
                                                              on the day of the examination/test. UP International
  Level 8, 175 Queen St                        8:30 – 10:00
                                                              College New Zealand Senior Leadership reserves the
• V
   ictoria Park Medical Suite               (09) 557 3333    right to make the final judgement on accepting a reason
  5 Vernon St, Victoria Park, CBD              8:30 – 17:30   for absence. To apply for an assessed mark students
• D
   octors 109 			                           (09) 366 0109    must fill in the absent from assessment form.
  Level 3, 109 Queen St                        8:30 – 17:30
• A
   uckland City Doctors                     (09) 280 3555    UP International College New Zealand does not accept
  415 Queen St 		                              8:30 – 17:30   late assignments – for any reason.

Attendance                                                    Assessment
At UP International College New Zealand attendance
is marked every period. If a student is in class they are     Procedures for Internal Assessments
marked as present.
                                                              Internal Assessments should be a regular part of every
If a student is not in class, for whatever reason, they       subject. All internal assessments should be marked
are marked absent. If a student is absent for medical         in a timely manner and students given the opportunity
reasons they must provide a medical certificate dated         to review the marking of the assessment.
the day they are sick from a registered New Zealand           1. All Internal Assessments (tests, assignment) should be
doctor, then it is most likely that the absence will be          marked against a mark scheme in a timely manner.
recorded as an M. This absence will not count against         2. Students should have the opportunity to review their
a student for immigration status. In a limited number            internal assessment’s marking. For any queries on
of other cases, an absence may be considered as                  marking that can not be resolved, the student should
allowed and will not count against the student, but will         return the assessment before leaving the classroom
still be recorded as an absence.                                 and contact Mr Latimer (Auckland) or Mr Pedersen
Backdated medical certificates (i.e. where students
tell the doctor they were sick the day before) are not        3. Marks must be entered into the appropriate
accepted.                                                        Blackboard course within 24 hours of the Assessment
                                                                 being checked. Students will have 48 hours from the
All medical certificates should be given to the                  period the Assessment is checked to view the mark
Attendance Officer.                                              on Blackboard to confirm it is the correct mark. No
                                                                 sign-off sheets are required.
                                                              4. After 48 hours from the Assessment being checked,

UP International College New Zealand will assume that          h. If in the opinion of the Doctor, the student may be
       the marks are correct and no other communication              given (at the discretion of the Senior Leader and Head of
       will be entered into. Due to privacy, issues documents        Faculty):
       with student’s names and marks should not be                  i. An alternative examination or
       circulated to students as a sign off sheet.
                                                                     ii. A mark based on the average of their other
5. After 48 hours where possible, assessments should                 assessments in that subject and/or
   be returned to students for their keeping. This will not
                                                                     iii. A viva voce examination.
   occur for final exams.
6. Re-consideration of Internal Assessment result. If a
   student wishes to have an internal assessment result              If a student misses an examination due to unforeseen
   reconsidered they must apply to their teacher in                  circumstances (e.g. an accident, family death) then an
   writing within 24 hours of receiving the result of the            assessed mark may be given at the discretion of a Senior
   assessment                                                        Leader. Appropriate evidence may be required for this to
UP International College New Zealand Campus
                                                                     If students have any concerns about an assessment or
1. For ALL internal assessments, where the date                      examination, they should contact a Senior Leader.
   due is well advertised in course documentation,
   Compassionate Consideration will only be considered
   in “Exceptional Circumstances”.                                   Change of Address
2. For ALL internal assessments that count towards a
   final grade, the following procedures apply:                      UP International College New Zealand must have your
       a. A student who misses an assessment without a               updated personal details in case of emergency. It is
          good reason can not sit in the assessment at a             student’s responsibility (a condition of your visa) to
          different time.                                            ensure that UP International College New Zealand has
                                                                     accurate up to date details at all times.
       b. A student who is ill will need to inform a Senior
          Leader at each Campus. BEFORE the assessment.
          Reporting after the assessment may result in a non-        Collaborating
          award grade.
       c. If in the opinion of the Senior Leader, the student        and Plagiarism
          may be given
i.        An alternative assessment or                               Collaborating means working with one or more other
ii.      A mark based on the average of their other                  people. In some cases a student’s assessed work will be
        assessments in that subject and/or
                                                                     a collaboration of work between students and this will
iii.      A viva voce assessment.
                                                                     be acceptable. However, in a number of assessments
       d. Documentation should be recorded in Artena as to
                                                                     students will be expected to work by themselves. To
          the procedure taken and outcome.
                                                                     collaborate in these situations, it would be called
       e. A student who is ill will need to report to a Senior
                                                                     cheating and a student would be at risk of earning zero
          Leader BEFORE the examination. Reporting
                                                                     marks for the
          after the examination – the student will have
          been deemed to have not followed the correct               work.
          procedure and 2b will apply.
       f. If. If in the opinion of the Senior Leader the student     Plagiarism is copying from someone else’s work without
          is too ill to sit the examination, then they will be       acknowledgment. The original could be a published
          sent to a Doctor of UP International College New
                                                                     source, a computer source or another student’s work.
          Zealand’s choice for an assessment. There may be
          a guideline sheet that Doctors can follow in their         Plagiarism is unacceptable and will be dealt with
          examination of the student. The Doctor’s Report will       seriously. This may result in loss of marks.
          be presented to the Senior Leader by the student
          for consideration.
       g. If in the opinion of the Senior Leader, the student
          is not too ill to sit the examination they will need sit
          the examination.

Complaints, Appeals and                                         Students who miss classes to complete assignments risk
                                                                a zero mark.
Grievances                                                      If students do not meet a deadline, they may still need to
                                                                complete the work and hand it in for course completion.
                                                                There must be an exceptional reason for work to be
When students come to UP International College, they            accepted late, and this must be approved by a Senior
can expect to receive a high standard of education and          Leader.
feel safe while living and studying in NZ. UP International
College New Zealand is a signatory to the Code of
Practice for the pastoral care of international students
                                                                Discipline Policy and
which outlines the legal obligations education providers
must abide by.

If any student has a complaint, they can contact UP             Misbehaviour
International College New Zealand or external agencies
such as NZQA or iStudent Complaints. The complaints             When a student is causing concern with ongoing
process to follow is on Blackboard and on noticeboards          poor behaviour/ongoing poor attendance or failing
around the College.                                             to comply with the College code of conduct and
                                                                procedures, a Dean/Senior Leader will contact the
Copyright                                                       student. If the problem persists, a warning maybe

Students and teachers are required to be aware of the
                                                                Discipline warnings
terms of the Copyright Act and the conditions it imposes
on schools. This is available on Blackboard and on
Campus.                                                         There are several levels of disciplinary warnings
                                                                dependent upon the nature of the offence and/or the
                                                                student’s discipline history.
                                                                The discipline process at UP International College New
and communication                                               Zealand is outlined below:

It is essential that students check email regularly – this is   • A First Written Warning from the Dean.
the students’ responsibility.                                   • A Second Written Warning from Deputy Head of
International Student Support Team communication                College.
(on fees reminders, visa information, etc.) will be sent        • A Third and Final Written Warning from the Head of
electronically to the student’s Campus email address.           College.
This address is also accessible via
                                                                • If the student’s behaviour continues to be
Copies of letters are sent to parents and agents via
                                                                unsatisfactory, the Executive Principal will have the
email. Students may also request a hardcopy of the
                                                                option to suspend the student and refer the student to
                                                                the Disciplinary Committee to formally consider the case
                                                                and decide whether or not to exclude/expel the student.
Deadlines                                                       Note:If a student is under 18 years of age, parents/agent
                                                                will be notified.
Please note that campus policy requires assessment              If a student is over 18 years of age, parents/agent will be
deadlines to be met.                                            notified on a case by case basis.
Technology problems will not be accepted as
a valid reason for not handing in work on time.
The due date is the last day for the work to be
submitted. If students are absent on the day, they are still
responsible for ensuring the work reaches the Campus
on time. If necessary, students may send the work by
courier or email.

Emergency                                                      Students are expected to take good care of their iPad
                                                               and remember to charge the battery each night so it is

Evacuation Procedure                                           ready to use in class. It is a good idea to bring the iPad
                                                               charger to school.
                                                               The Campus computer system provides free internet
Evacuation routes are well marked and evacuation details       access to students. This Responsible Internet Use
are in every room and lobby. The signal for evacuation         statement helps protect students by clearly stating what
is a continuous ringing of the alarm bell. The Campus is       is acceptable and what is not:
required to have regular practice drills.
                                                               • A
                                                                  ccess is only via the user’s authorised account
If the alarm rings, you must exit the building immediately       and password
in an orderly and sensible manner. Use the normal exits
                                                               • A
                                                                  student ID and password must not be given to any
unless these are clearly cut off, but do not use the lifts.
                                                                 other person. College computer and internet use
Please stand clear of the roads to allow access for
                                                                 must be appropriate to the student’s education
emergency services.
                                                               • C
                                                                  opyright and intellectual property rights must

Cultural Safety                                                  be respected
                                                               • U
                                                                  sers are responsible for emails they send and for
                                                                 contacts made
UP International College New Zealand is a multi-cultural
school, students are expected to respect the cultures of       • E
                                                                  mails should be written carefully and politely.
others. Students will be exposed to the uniqueness of            As messages may need to be forwarded, using email
New Zealand culture.                                             is appropriate.

ID Cards                                                       Lost Property
All students are required to carry their UP International      All lost property should be handed in to Reception.
College New Zealand student ID card. It is required
for some transport providers and you can gain other
concessions from it, too. Students may be required
                                                               Medical and Travel
to show the ID card for identity purposes at other
times, such as during exams. If students lose their ID
card, they can order another card at Reception at
replacement cost.                                              All international students on Campus are required to
                                                               have medical insurance. This is to ensure our students

Internet Use                                                   get the best possible healthcare while in New Zealand.
                                                               Campus International Support Team organise medical
                                                               and travel insurance for students through Southern
Be a responsible internet user                                 Cross Healthcare, New Zealand’s largest health
iPad                                                           insurance provider. If students have a different
The school will issue students who are studying on             insurance company, they are required to provide a
Campus with an iPad (and charger) for the duration             copy of the policy, which will be kept on their student
of their study with us. Students can use their iPad to
access study materials, use learning apps, take class
notes, make videos for their homework tasks, and do
many other great things.                                       Money Lending
The iPad is a learning tool. It is not for entertainment, so
students must not use it to watch videos or play games.        Each year we have a number of students who report they
If teachers see that students are not using their iPad
                                                               have lent money to ‘a friend’ but it hasn’t been repaid. It
appropriately, they may report it to the Dean.
                                                               is our very strong recommendation that students do not
The “Settings” on an iPad must be in English, not in the
                                                               lend money to anyone. Under no circumstances should
student’s native language.
                                                               money be lent without a written signed agreement
                                                               stating the terms and conditions of the loan. The

Campus takes no responsibility for money lost in loans.         Please ensure that the visa is up to date, and that the
                                                                course students are taking, or the Campus name,
Privacy                                                         is stated on the visa. Enquire at the International
                                                                Student Support Team if there are any questions or a
                                                                student needs to renew their visa. The International
All information collected by the Campus during a student’s
                                                                Student Support Team can assist students who
enrolment and subsequent time at the Campus shall
                                                                apply before the visa expiry date to renew their visa,
be governed by the principles of the Privacy Act 2020.
The Privacy Act provides that businesses should make            providing their attendance is higher than 90%.
individuals aware that their personal information is being      If students need to leave the programme for a period
collected, the purpose it is being collected for and who        of time that is more than 10 school days, students
is holding it. It also provides individuals with the right to   need to seek for approval from the Head of College
access and correct personal information the business            as Immigration NZ will need to be informed.
Personal information held by the Campus may not be              Transport
passed to another individual (by electronic or hardcopy
                                                                Students are strongly advised to use public transport
means), or seen by anyone (e.g. by computer screen
                                                                to and from Campus.
or hardcopy) unless specific permission is given by the
individual on whom the information is stored, or in the         Parking is difficult and expensive and driving at peak
Privacy Officer’s view there are acceptable grounds             times can be stressful and cause unexpected delays.
within the law for doing so.
                                                                Parking difficulties do not provide an adequate reason
The Campus Privacy Officer is the Head of Operations,           for being out of class or for being late.
Mr Graham.
                                                                Similarly, transport problems are not a reason for
                                                                being late or absent unless these are clearly outside
Smoking, Alcohol,                                               the student’s control.

Drugs and Vaping
                                                                Verifying Documents
All UP Education campuses are smoke-free environments,
and this applies to staff, students and visitors.               Sometimes copies of documents need verification.
Smoking or vaping is also not permitted at Campus or on         The University of Auckland, AUT University or Victoria
Campus-related activities.                                      University will often need the signature of a Senior
Alcohol and drugs must not be brought onto Campus or            Leader to verify the student’s UP International College
consumed/used on Campus-related activities                      New Zealand Statement of Results. In all cases,
                                                                originals or certified copies must be presented before

Student Visa
                                                                new copies can be verified.

and Student Permit                                              Student Code of Conduct
International students must hold a valid student                All students are expected to:
visa before commencing the programme they are                   1.   Be on time and in class ready to learn at all times
currently enrolled in at UP International College New           2.   Always have the correct equipment (iPad, books,
Zealand.                                                             pens)

This is the law in New Zealand. A valid visa means a            3.   Attempt all work set
student has an electronic visa with details that match          4.   Ask for help
the Offer of Place.                                             5.   Meet deadlines for completion of work
Students must renew their visa before the expiry date           6.   Must not act in any way that disrupts the learning of
and if students leave the Campus during booked                       others
programme, students must renew their visa within                7.   Respect the personal property of others
seven working days of departure. Students who                   8.   Respect the personal rights of all
complete their booked programme have a valid visa               9.   Respect the building and learning environment
until the date indicated on the visa label.                     10. Abide by all regulations and requirements

11. Behave in ways that will not create a health and
    safety hazard, impede operational activities, or
                                                              Student Wellbeing
    damage the goodwill of the public.
12.    Comply with all reasonable directions given by a       At UP International College New Zealand, student
      staff member in order to maintain health and safety     wellbeing and engagement with learning is very
      at the College.                                         important to us. We want to ensure that we do all that
                                                              we can to support students to complete your course of
13. Wear appropriate footwear at all times. This is a
                                                              study successfully. At times students might encounter
    health and safety requirement.
                                                              challenges in your life that impact on learning. The Deans
14. Comply with the non-smoking regulations and not           or International Student Support Team can help students
    smoke in any area of the premises, except where           to find a doctor if needed. Students can also google
    designated as smoking areas.                              “GPs” in the area. Hospitals are listed online. The Deans
15. Refrain from accessing, altering or removing items        or International Student Support Team can also contact
    from the records of any present or past student           a counsellor if any student is feeling anxious or worried.
    or staff member, in either printed or electronic          TalkingWorks is a wellbeing site that can connect
    form. No information pertaining to present or past        students with professional counsellors. The Talkingworks
    students or staff members may be provided to any          directory provides names of professional counsellors,
    other party.                                              psychotherapists, and psychologists throughout New
                                                              Zealand. Support is available in a wide variety of
Refer also to the International student Policy https://       languages.
International_Student_Policy_form.pdf                         Ways to look after your wellbeing
                                                              •   Care for others
Health and Safety                                             •   Take a break
                                                              •   Eat well
To ensure student safety, pre-existing medical conditions     •   Do something that you are good at
must be recorded on the enrolment form.
                                                              •   Talk about your feelings
The International Student Support Team must be
                                                              •   Keep active
informed if there are any new medical conditions.
                                                              •   Ask for help
Students should not attend classes if they have any
                                                              •   Accept who you are
medical condition that is contagious.
                                                              •   Keep in touch
In New Zealand it is mandatory that all injuries, accidents
and near misses at are reported so that actions can be
taken to prevent these happening again. Any student
who has an injury, accident or near miss while at the
Campus must report this to Reception.
First aid kits are kept on each floor of the College
Campus to treat minor injuries. If a student has a minor
injury, he/she should go to Reception for assistance.
Fire evacuations, earthquake and lockdown drills will be
held on a regular basis to ensure student safety. Details
can be found on noticeboards throughout the College.
If the alarm rings, students should exit the building
immediately in an orderly manner. Use the identified exits
unless these are inaccessible. Do NOT use the lifts. When
outside of the building, stand clear of the roads and
allow access for emergency services.
For further details on Health and Safety at UP
International College refer to the Health and Safety
Manual on Blackboard and noticeboard on Campus.

For Advice
Address change                      Tutor/Attendance      Homestay and                       Accommodation
If you change your address          Officer               accommodation                      Officer, Level 1
                                                          If you are an International
                                                          Student and want to discuss your
Absence request                     Head of College
                                                          homestay and accommodation
To apply for leave from school                            arrangements/concerns

Appeal procedures                   Head of College       Health                             Deans Q204
                                                          To see a doctor or dentist
Assessments                         Head of College
Questions about marks,                                    School ID card                     Level 1C
assessments given
                                                          If you lose your card

Attendance                          Attendance Officer    Leave applications                 Head of College

Bank                                Welcome Centre
                                                          Medical/travel insurance           Welcome Centre
If you are an International
Student and want to open                                  To apply for medical insurance
a bank account                                            with Southern Cross Healthcare

Complaints                          Head of College       To make a claim                    Welcome Centre
Complaints about cheating,                                To insure items                    Welcome Centre
collaboration and sharing
of work                                                   Complaints about teachers          Head of College
Complaints about unfair             Head of College
treatment                                                 Invoices                           Accommodation
                                                          To pay accommodation fees,         Officer, Level 1
                                                          see Accounts staff
Complaints about teachers           Head of College

Course changes                      Head of College
If you are an International                               Official letters                   Welcome Centre
Student and want and wish                                 Proof of study/payment
to change your next course

                                                          Student visas                      Welcome Centre
Computer/iPad                       Teacher initially
                                                          To renew your student
To log in to your computer/ iPad,   IT support, Level 3   visa/ permit
or for other questions relating
to computers                                              Student wellfare/Pastoral          Deans room 204
Harassment officers                 Library, Level 1C     For any help
Ms J Ottaway                        Q204
Mr J September

Important Contact
Auckland Campus                                  Wellington Campus

24/7 Emergency Contact number 021 224 4149       24/7 Emergency Contact number 021 513 617
Reception number (09) 307 5399                   Reception number (04) 979 5569
Attendance number 021 179 3769 or (09) 3074473   Attendance number 021 538 391 or (04) 979 5569
Wechat Upeducationpathways (Ms Yuki Ru)          (Wellington Campus)

24/7 Accommodation Emergency for all             24/7 Accommodation Emergency for all
locations 021 597 135                            locations 021 597 135

Useful phone numbers and websites                •Lifeline (0800 543 354)
•Alcohol & drug helpline (0800 787 797)          •OUTLine (0800 688 5463)
•Automobile Association (AA) (0800 500 222)      •Problem gambling helpline (0800 654 655)
•Chinese Lifeline (0800 888 880)                 •Poison emergency (0800 764 766)
•Citizens Advice Bureau (0800 367 222)           •Quitline – quit smoking (0800 778 778)
•Doctors                   •Rape Crisis (0800 623 1700)
•Dentists                        •Samaritans (0800 543 354)
•Depression Helpline (0800 111 757)              •Youthline (0800 376 633
•Healthline (0800 611 116)


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