Student Spotlight Graduation 2020 - Color Page - Townnews

Student Spotlight Graduation 2020 - Color Page - Townnews
Color Page

Student Spotlight
 Graduation 2020
Student Spotlight Graduation 2020 - Color Page - Townnews
Page 2 — Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020

             Is your home                                                                                    smoke free?

                     Over 4,000 people in Del Norte live in a home with shared walls.

                      Only 35% of them are protected by a smoke free lease agreement.

                                                                  Home is the main place where children are
                                                                  exposed to secondhand smoke.

                                                                                                                 Del Norte                      Humboldt
                                                                  Youth Asthma rates                               12%                            9%
                                                                  Adult smoking rates                              24.7%                          14.4%

                                               Ask for Smoke Free Buildings
                                               For help call TUPP at 464-3191
              1.   Del Norte County Assessor's records, accessed 2/25/2019; cross referenced with Google earth and calling.
              2.   US Census,
              3.   Centers for Disease Control: Smoking and Tobacco Use Fast Facts
              4.   Centers for Disease Control: Smoking and Tobacco Use: Secondhand Smoke
              5.   Open Door Asthma prevalance rates for patients under 18 in Del Norte and Humboldt County; accessed 2/27/2019
              6.   California Tobacco Fact and Figures 2018

                                                                                      © 2019. California Department of Public Health. Funded Under contract #CTCP-17-08
Student Spotlight Graduation 2020 - Color Page - Townnews
Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020 — Page 3

                COVID-19 impact: Didn’t get to say goodbye
    didn’t get to say goodbye.                                         dance until my legs were shak-     get to take selfies with my fel-   throw it in the air.                goodbye to and give one last
    To walk down the halls of                                          ing with my amazing friends.       low seniors with the hashtag,         I won’t get to say a huzzah      hug. People who are moving or
    Gold Beach High School                                                I didn’t get my senior pic-     “#almostthere,” and inevitably     and then pack onto a bus for a      going into the military or peo-
one last time savoring every                                           tures or invitations to put them   crying together because we’re      long night ahead. I won’t get to    ple who will stay in Gold
stain on the walls and mis-                                            on. I didn’t get a senior prank    sad it’s almost over. We’ve        stay up all night and do weird      Beach when I move away.
matched tile on the floor.                                             and skip day; which were going     worked so hard and waited so       things that only happen with            I thought I had months but it
   I didn’t get to have one last                                       to be at the same time. I didn’t   long for this one moment and       sleep deprivation and crackhead     was over a month ago. I didn’t
breakfast and one last lunch                                           get to have that one unforgetta-   feel sad and happy that it’s all   energy and I won’t get to hug       realize that the day I walked out
from the masterful Mr. Kitchen.                                        ble day upriver with all my        coming to an end.                  everyone in the morning before      of Gold Beach High School it
I didn’t get to tell my teachers,                                      classmates celebrating our             Oh, but it already ended. I    we part ways. The last time         would be my last. So this is my
“thanks for the pain and suffer-                                       childhood memories.                won’t get to walk and take my      we’ll all be together.              letter to Gold Beach High
ing, but I’m going to miss                                                I might never see the people    seat holding the flowers we           I’m writing this letter          School and to everyone I didn’t
you,” and hug them one last                                            I grew up with again. I won’t      chose to represent this day. I     because I didn’t get to say         get to say goodbye to.
time.                                                                  get to wait in the girls' locker   won’t get to read the names of     goodbye. I didn’t realize what I        Thank you for the memo-
   I didn’t get to go to prom             Samantha Mazur               room in my cap and gown. The       all my friends and classmates      had lost until I saw those stadi-   ries,
and hear the drama regarding                                           one that I spent hours decorat-    as they walk across the stage. I   um lights and I couldn’t hold
who got queen. I didn’t get to      dress I’ve been waiting four       ing with the perfect phrase that   won’t get to read my own. I        back the tears. There are so                      • Samantha Mazur
break the bank on this beautiful    years to buy and I didn’t get to   was clever and funny. I won’t      won’t get to move my tassel or     many people I wish I could say                2020 Gold Beach Senior

                                                                                Graduation Schedules
                     • Gold Beach High School            • Pacific High School Gradu-     • Brookings-Harbor High              • Brookings-Harbor High            • Del Norte High School
                  Parade and Graduation - June        ation - June 5, 2020, 5 p.m. in   School Graduation Parade -          School Graduation Ceremony -       Graduation - time and location
                  5, 2020, 7 p.m. parade through      Port Orford by Driftwood Ele-     June 12, 2020, 7 p.m. in Brook-     June 13, 2020, 2 p.m. in BHHS      still being worked out by the Del
                  town ending at high school.         mentary School.                   ings.                               stadium.                           North Unified School District.

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Student Spotlight Graduation 2020 - Color Page - Townnews
Page 4 — Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020

                                                 2020 Del Norte High School Graduate Candidates
                                                    • EDITOR'S NOTE: INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE WAS ALL THAT WAS PROVIDED BY THE SCHOOL DISTRICT •
   These 2020 graduate candi-                  Cruz Cerros               Sebastian Gonzalez             Tyler Lopez-Keene                    Claire Penree                      Darian Scott
dates must complete the required              Leslie Cerros            Maria Gonzalez Flores                 Emily Lor                       Andrea Peters                    James Simmons
220 credits for graduation.                   Jesus Chavez                 Thomas Griffin                  Diego Lucatero                     Scott Peters                    Steven Simpson
                                              Leon Chavez                    David Hall                  Karmen Lucatero                   Sabrina Pingree                     Jarhett Skaggs
     Kenji Adams-Lee                     Alexzandra Cholwell             Ramiro Hernandez                Aron Luna Orozco                    Michael Polk                    Anthony Slayton
       Davien Afdahl                         Kaitlyn Coltra                 Alyse Herrera                  Ana Machado                       Landon Pope                        Mary Smith
        Axel Aguilera                     Leonardo Contreras               Cherrie Herrera               Simone Magarino                     Arelli Proctor                     Ryden Snow
         Ana Alanis                         Samuel Cowan                     Jennie Hill                    Lola Martin                   Aliyah Rafalowski                   Tanner Stancliff
         Blake Allen                   Joseph Cruz-Vandenberg              Bryce Howard                  Rebecca Martinez                  Brannon Ralphs                    Matthew Stevens
   Melanie Alvarado-Lopez                       Ian Curtis                Makayla Howie                   Kirklin Matheny                  Colleen Ramey                       Olivia Stilwell
        Rachel Appel                         Trevor Dalbec                  Riley Hughes                    Grace Mayes                     Dante Ramirez                      Blake Sullivan
    MacKenzie Apperson                   Chayanne Denburger                Katlyn Jackson                 Jacob McAdams                      Itzel Ramirez                      Calum Swan
        Travis Bailey                      Alexander Dodson                Evelynn Jacobs               Jaden McAlexander                   Lizeth Ramirez                    Elsie Swiderski
   Sergio Omar Banuelos               Alejandra Dominguez-Mejia           Zachary Jacques                  Zoe McManus                   Eric Ramirez-Lopez                   Kyle Sydathong
      Mashayla Barker                        Damian Dowd                    Micah Jones                   Sierra Meadows                  Cadin Rampersad                       Claire Taylor
         Kai Baugh                           Lindsey Early                   Tylor Jones                    Bryan Miller                    Brock Reagen                        Cynda Thao
      Cameron Beneke                         Taran Eatmon                    Luke King                    Emile Millhouse                Jose Reyes-Romero                        Pa Thao
      Chase Blackburn                         Enoch Eaton                  Alyssa Knodel                   Kobe Mitchell                      Emily Ricks                     Rickey Thomas
        Reyna Borges                          Taylor Farley               Isaiah LaBrasca                Sebastian Monroe                   Nolan Ridgley                   Angelina Thompson
      Lanaeya Botelho                       Rebecca Felver                Chance LaFazio                Santiago Montanez                    Jaden Rigden                       Chayen Vang
      Destannie Brown                     McKenzy Fernandes                Jessica Lanum                    Alfie Moon                        Dylon Rios                    Ximena Velazquez
        Sequoia Butz                        Amaris Folkins                   Eli Larson                     Orion Moore                       Kaden Ritter                   Joseph Wainscott
       Spencer Byrne                     Taim-pe-wich Folkins         Selene Ledezma-Olmedo               Owen Mostovoy                     Haskola Rivera                    Elizabeth Ward
        Taylor Byrnes                      Nickolas Freeman                   Seth Lee                      Faith Nelson                  Bryson Rodriguez                     Brinkley Webb
         O.J. Calleja                        Lauren Galea                 Aleesha Lenover                   Trinity Noel                  Brandyone Salazar                  Michael Weiland
          Saul Calte                        Caitlyn Gallogly              Ashley Lenover                     Siena Noll                 Cecilia Sample-Bergren                  David Willet
    Monique Camarena                    Jessica Gamez-Ramirez          Dayana Leon-Chavez              Pablo Orozco-Cortez                  Darius Sanders                  Brooke Winingham
       Elena Campos                          Ethan Gardner                  Kaiili Lewis              Yarelzy Ortega-Gonzalez          Andres Sarinana-Hassman                   Noah Yang
       Adam Cantrall                        Bailey Gonzalez                  Nissa Levy                     Vincent Park                 Allison Schoonover                    Xavier Young
       Aaliyah Capon                      Giovanni Gonzalez                 Conner Long                    Madilyn Patton                   Ayden Schultz                  Daniela Zepeda-Garcia
      Jadelin Castellaw                    Melanie Gonzalez                Gilberto Lopez                  Michael Patton                    Danika Scott                      Paizly Wilson

                                           2020 Del Norte Community School Graduate Candidates
                           Tyler Burns                                                      Bryton Eyre                                                     Honey Johnson

                                                        2020 Adult Education Graduate Candidates
                          Joel Heberlein                                                   Isaac LaVeck                                                       Ian LaVeck

                                                                                                                                       Some want it to happen
                                     Skyler Moore
                                       Class of 2020, 3.6 GPA                                                                        Some wish it would happen
                                      California State Qualifier                                                                   Together we can make it happen
                                   16th Place Wrestling at 145 lbs
                                    3-time HDN League Champion
                                    WE CELEBRATE YOU!                                                                                      Class of 2020!
                                        You are a Kind-hearted,                                                                 • General Law Practice              • Wills, Trusts & Probate
                                    Creative, Hard Working, Guitar-                                                             • Bankruptcy Chapter 7 & 13         • Estate Planning
                                     Playing, Physically & Mentally
                                    Strong, Witty,Hilarious, Animal
                                       Entrepreneuring, Generous
                                                                                                              Law Office of Gino deSolenni
                                                                                                                           Serving both Crescent City, CA and Brookings, OR
                                     and Giving MAN. We love you!
                                                                                                           384 G Street                                                97900 Shopping Cntr Ave.
                                      We believe in you! GO SKY!!!                                  Crescent City • 707-464-6181            Brookings • 541-251-0254
Student Spotlight Graduation 2020 - Color Page - Townnews
Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020 — Page 5

                                    Del Norte Scholarship Foundation 2020 Scholarship Recipients
   The following students will be     Orencio (O.J.) Calleja             Evelynne Jacobs                       Gilberto Herrera Lopez       Scott Peters                   Olivia Stilwell
receiving a scholarship from the       Jadeline Castellaw                   Luke King                                  Emily Lor         Sabrina Pingree                   Blake Sullivan
Del Norte Scholarship Foundation           Cruz Cerros                    Alyssa Knodel                           Karmen Lucatero            Levi Polk                     Elsie Swiderski
on June 3. At this time, scholar-        Samuel Cowan                     Ashley Kramer                           Simone Magarino       Aliyah Rafalowski                    Cynda Thao
ship details are unavailable.               Ian Curtis                   Chance LaFazio                               Lola Martin          Jaden Rigden                        Pa Thao
                                      McKenzy Fernandes                     Irvin Lara                            Rebecca Martinez      Bryson Rodriguez                 Angelina Thompson
     Kenji Adams-Lee                  Elizabeth Fitzgibbons                 Eli Larson                               Grace Mayes          Darius Sanders                 Timothy Thompson
       Axel Aguilera                      Nick Freeman               Selene Ledezma-Olmedo                          Zoe McManus         Allison Schoonover               Ximena Velazquez
   Melanie Alvarado-Lopez                 Lauren Galea                       Seth Lee                              Emile Millhouse         Ayden Schultz                   Elizabeth Ward
       Rachel Appel                      Bailey Gonzalez                 Aleesha Lenover                          Sebastian Monroe          Darian Scott                   Brinkley Webb
       Reyna Borges                       Alyse Herrera                  Ashley Lenover                              Bailey Moore         Isaiah Sherman                    Paizly Wilson
      Lanaeya Botelho                     Bryce Howard                     Dayana Leon                           Orion Skyler Moore        Jarhett Skaggs                Brooke Winingham
      Destannie Brown                    Makayla Howie                     Conner Long                        Carter Emmet Ross Mount    Anthony Slayton                    Xavier Young
        Sequoia Butz

                                                   2020 Sunset High School Graduate Candidates
   These 2020 graduate candi-           Courtney Bogard                  Cody Dickinson                        Julian Gensaw-Galarza    Lori Moodie-Cotta                  Jonny Rodman
dates must complete the                   Dylan Carter                  Christopher Dillard                           Jordan Gill         Reiley Nelson                   Julian Sepulveda
required 220 credits for gradua-      Anibal Cerros-Salazar             Zachariah Dungan                            Robert Hatton          Sierra Oscar                    Isaiah Sherman
tion.                                      Justin Cha                     Loretta Elayer                             Noah Kuntz          Gabrill Patterson                   Blaze Smith
                                         Sara Chatterton               Juan Flores-Goodwin                         Irvin Lara-Luna        Seth Peterson                      Ceasar Soria
       Nicholas Abuan                  Stephanie Chisman                   Trevor Fritz                          MadaLynn Larson          Owen Proctor                      Kamilah Stary
      Garrison Aguayo                   Malcolm Coburn                     Erik Fuentes                          Emiliano Martinez         Ethan Raby                     Piper Wilkerson
        Larry Asbury                      Jacob Cowen                     Leslie Galindo                            Karina Molina         Tanayah Raby                    Andrew Williams
    Kiara’Skye Balenciaga               Gaberiel Deckard                  Anthony Garcia                            Dillon Montez        Dacota Rettman                      Eric Wilson

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                                                                                                                             Sa t. 9 am - 4pm
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Student Spotlight Graduation 2020 - Color Page - Townnews
Page 6 — Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020

                           Ethan Hooper: BHHS 2020 Valedictorian
        Randy Robbins                                                     American Politics with a minor       shirk one class over the needs of   he takes the honor in stride.          grads in cars getting out for pic-
           For The Pilot                                                  in Business and Economics," he       another... so I had to work extra       "Look, the title of valedicto-     tures at the podium with photo
                                                                          said.                                hard to make sure they were all     rian is nice, but for me, it really    ops for family," he said. "As for

         s with other class of                                                He credits many of his teach-    done right every time."             just speaks to the hard work I've      the addresses they might be on
         2020 graduates across                                            ers for helping him "to discover         But he points a finger at       put in, that's all. It is the reward   projection screens or in person,
         the country, this year's                                         what I wanted to do in life" but     himself.                            of having done that work,"             we are working through that
crop of Brookings-Harbor                                                  singles out his Social Studies           "This year was especially       Hooper said.                           now."
seniors has endured what had to                                           teacher, Kelly Garvin, as being      tough because I also threw              What does he regard as his             What will the valedictorian
be unthinkable a scant few                                                key in the process.                  four sports into the mix," he       greatest accomplishment during         miss when he tosses his tassel
months ago-namely-a world-                                                    "She lit a fire in me and got    said.                               his tenure as Brookings-Harbor         and leaves the home of the
wide pandemic resulting in an                                             me hooked on what I am pas-              Hooper's scholastic game        High School A.S.B. President?          Bruins for good?
all-encompassing quarantine                                               sionate about," he said.             meant balancing his 4.0 GPA             "I would have to say it was            "I would have to say it will be
that effectively shut down the                                                What does he consider now        with the added demands of           working with our new                   the fun, daily interactions with
country, and by extension, end-                                           to be the biggest hurdle to over-    time and energy to the sports       Principal, DeAnne Varitek,             my classmates and faculty,"
ing the 2019-2020 school year                 Ethan Hooper                come on his straight-A destina-      and other extracurricular activ-    and providing her with my              Hooper said. "All the fun parts
early.                                                                    tion that started way back in        ities. Throw in seeking out         input on new elective classes          of every seniors' year typically
    Ethan Hooper is this year's       easy offramps on his highway of     grade school? The thinker con-       scholarships and his life           ranging from entrepreneur              come at the end of the year
BHHS Associated Student               life.                               siders the question briefly and      resembled a high stakes game        classes to trade schools for next      when the tests are done and
Body President and the valedic-           Case in point, this top aca-    responds.                            of Jenga misstep        year's students...I've enjoyed         burdens start to lift. That is when
torian. A well-rounded individu-      demic was accepted to presti-           "Oh, it had to be finding that   and it could all come crashing      that aspect of my time in office,"     we (seniors) are supposed to
al, Hooper in addition to main-       gious Harvard University, not       perfect balance," he said.           down. For Hooper that entailed      Hooper said.                           kick back a little, enjoy our-
taining a 4.0 grade point aver-       exactly the cushiest place to get       Balance?                         12-hour days at school and giv-         How does Hooper see a              selves and because of all of
age, also earned varsity letters in   into after high school. Hooper is       "Many times I found myself       ing it 100% to make sure it         COVID-19 BHHS graduation               this(COVID) we were robbed of
four sports — football, basket-       focused. He knows precisely         in the position of having several    didn't crash. He made it. The       go down this year?                     that."
ball, golf and bowling.               what he wants to do.                papers coming due at the same        tower is still standing.                "It's still being discussed but        Then speaking for his class-
    Not an easy task, but then            "I am going to pursue a dual    time," he said, laying out the           Was it hard? "Without a         it looks like we might have a          mates he waxes bittersweet, "It
again, Ethan isn't one to look for    major of Government and             challenge. "You simply can't         doubt." Worth it? "Uh-huh." But     drive-thru diploma grab with           is unfortunate... sad really."

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Student Spotlight Graduation 2020 - Color Page - Townnews
Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020 — Page 7

                   Destiny Roberts: BHHS 2020 Salutatorian
      Randy Robbins                                                                                         across from incarcerated         work, grab a quick bite of         support of family and friends
         For The Pilot                                                                                      criminals with the goal of       dinner, then would head off        here, but will not miss hav-
                                                                                                            counseling to determine          to my room sometimes until         ing to be super independent

       rookings-Harbor High                                                                                 whether or not they can be       1 a.m. to get my homework          up there," she said with a
       School senior Destiny                                                                                rehabilitated.                   and other items that needed        smile.
       Roberts is the Class of                                                                                 Her hard work while at        my attention done."                   How has COVID impact-
2020 Salutatorian.                                                                                          BHHS earned Roberts what            Destiny admits her dedi-        ed her senior year?
   The 17-year-old has                                                                                      she describes as "a full-ride"   cation meant often short-             "Our (seniors) normal
earned an impressive 3.93                                                                                   scholarship to P.S.U. She        changing some of her social        workload classes were get-
grade point average during                                                                                  credits two Bruins instruc-      life.                              ting easier toward the end of
her BHHS career and is                                                                                      tors, Mr. Scott and Miss            "I didn't get to hang out       the year," she said. "A lot
attending Portland State                                                                                    Keady, for inspiring her to      with my friends as much as I       less stressful, but that was
University in the fall. Once                                                                                follow her dreams. Scott         would have liked," she said.       replaced with worrying
there, her major will be in                                                                                 teaches Advanced Placement          What does the nearly            about school curriculum
Psychology with a minor in                                                                                  Literature and Composition,      graduated Bruin like to do in      changes, sports cancella-
Criminology.                                                                                                while Keady teaches              her precious few minutes of        tions, and the like. I guess
   Why so?                                                                                                  Advanced         Placement       downtime?                          COVID made things more
   One could say, as Roberts                                                                                English.                            "I draw. I like art and jour-   stressful because of the
herself readily admits, "That                                                                                  How exactly did she man-      nal," she said. She also men-      uncertainty surrounding it."
I want to know what makes                                                                                   age to achieve one of the        tions that she has a penchant         Roberts will be giving a
the bad guys tick."                                                                                         best academic performances       for Mexican cuisine.               commencement speech at
   Her desire to do so is                                                                     Contributed
                                                                                                            among her peers?                    What will she miss the          graduation, along with Ethan
because someone in her           Destiny Roberts, right, is pictured with her mother, left.
                                                                                                               "Well, it's not easy. There   most when she packs up the         Hooper's valedictorian
immediate family chose to                                                                                   was always stress involved,      car for Portland with              address, but the details of
break the law. It was an         became personal for me."           herself as a forensic psy-              commitment, and hard             Brookings in her rearview          exactly how that will tran-
event that shaped her life          This fearless, soon-to-be       chologist one day in the not-           work," she said. Adding, "I      mirror?                            spire in the new age of social
saying matter-of-factly, "It     high school graduate, sees         too-distant future sitting              would do the normal school          "I will definitely miss the     distancing remain to be seen.

                            Class Of
                                                                                                                  To all of the students who have graduated this year,
     Our warmest thoughts and highest hopes are with
                                                                                                                Your hard work and achievements will take you to great
          you as you celebrate your graduation!
              - The Englund Marine Crew                                                                          heights. Whatever your futures hold, we wish you luck
                                                                                                                                    and good wishes!
                                                        191 Citizens Dock Road,
                                                           Crescent City, CA
                    w w w. E n g l u n d M a r i n e . c o m
Student Spotlight Graduation 2020 - Color Page - Townnews
Page 8 — Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020

              Manny Zamora: BHHS Boy Athlete of the Year
            Randy Robbins                           "I am very honored to receive it         D.N.A. you would want in representing        there was a man on third. I turned
                For The Pilot                   (award). I've always felt I had to work a    your school. He is just made of the right    and gunned the man out from
                                                little bit harder than my peers," Zamora     stuff, positive leadership, passion,         250 feet away," he recalled.

         anny Zamora values family,             said. "I was never recognized in the past,   dynamic on/off the field, hard worker,           After graduation, Zamora
         hard work, and commitment.             so it feels good to get that now."           grit and of all relentless approach to any   is joining the United States
         You can hear it in his voice               Zamora's gridiron career had him         goal he has ever had.                        Navy. His ship date is Sept.
while recalling all those special times he      doing double duty as running back and            "He was captain for two years, play-     10. He feels it is his duty to
and his granddad had reliving every             linebacker for the Blue and Gold. On         ing multiple positions for us both on        serve his country.
play.                                           football he says, "I love the growth we      offense and defense and was our vocal            "I'm second generation to
   The elder was Manny's "biggest fan"          (Brookings) had over the last two years.     leader. We won't be able to replace          America and first generation
                                                                                             Manny in our program, however, he has        born here. I want to give back
                                                                                             helped tremendously by moving our            and to do something with a
                                                                                             program forward and building a solid         challenge," Zamora said.
                                                                                             foundation for our future success.           Adding, "I want to leave
                                                      "My grandfather                            "He has special talent that isn't
                                                                                             acquired, he is born with it, he makes
                                                                                                                                                               and expe-

                                                        was always                           whatever he is around better, people,        life out
                                                                                             sports teams, leadership class, class-       t h e r e
                                                       waiting for me                        room and will be a very successful           through my
                                                      when I got home                        member of society. He gets what com-         own lens."
                                                                                             munity is and that he wants to make our          Z a m o r a
                                                       from a game.                          football program better for the future       praised all of his
                                                                                             Bruins football players. The way he          coaches but singled out his baseball
                                                      Baseball was our                       interacts with our youth on and off the      coach, Keith Wallin.
                                                           bond."                            field is priceless. Examples: working            "He (Wallin) held me to a higher
                                                                                             with youth baseball all-stars in the bat-    standard, pushing me to be better with-
                                                             • Manny Zamora,                 ting cage during the summer, to running      out wavering," Zamora said.
                                                                BHHS senior                  our Bruins Brother Football camp, or             Zamora said his work ethic comes
                                                                                             writing 'Future Bruin' on a Dutch Bros.      from his father.
                                                                                             cup. Our youth has looked up to him.             "I've been through a bunch in my
                                                                                             Manny really gets that he is positive for    life. My dad was always there sup-
                                                                                             our young kids."                             porting me and challenging me,"
watching and encouraging the youngster          We came together and brought back our            Of basketball, Zamora points to his      Zamora said. "My dad is the reason,
all through his life until he passed away       football to a winning program."              favorite memory as "playing with my          along with my grandfather, for my
the night before Zamora's senior base-             The Bruins, after suffering several       buddies from the time were all in fourth     working harder and ultimately becom-
ball season was slated to open.                 years of head coaching switches and          grade," but comes back to baseball as his    ing the athlete that I am."
    As it turned out, grandpa didn't miss       subpar seasons, made the state playoffs      favorite sport.                                  Final words of advice to the Bruins
a thing. The COVID-19 shutdown made             the past two years.                              "There is the mental side I really       athletes coming up through the ranks?
sure of that.                                      BHHS head football coach Shaun            enjoy, lots of preparation between every         "Work hard, take pride in being a
    Manny was a powerful force not only         Bavaro had high praise for Zamora's          pitch along with just the game itself,"      Bruin and love every minute of every
in Bruins baseball, but football, basketball,   performance on the team making these         Zamora said.                                 game," Zamora said. "High school ath-
and wrestling and earned him the distinc-       three observations:                              Best baseball memory?                    letics will go by in the blink of an eye.
tion of being named Brookings-Harbor               "Multi-sport athlete all four years,          "Yeah, in my junior year we were tied    Enjoy it all and appreciate every
High School's Boy Athlete of the Year.          captain, high GPA and has the right          in the fifth in a game with Reedsport and    moment."

                                      AMERICAN EAGLE                                                                                                                                  Congratulations
                                           Painting, Remodeling,                                                                                                                       Class of 2020!
                                            Construction & More

                       Congratulations Class of 2020
                   Best Wishes For Your Next Adventure.                                                                            TAX PREPARATION & PLANNING
 Roberet Serna 541-254-1971                                            Making your House                                          PAYROLL • QUICKBOOKS ADVISING
 LIC# 224455 • Insured & Bonded                                         A Dream Home                                 561 5TH ST • BROOKINGS • 541-469-7448 • WWW.MUSSEROLSEN.COM
Student Spotlight Graduation 2020 - Color Page - Townnews
Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020 — Page 9

                 Alonna Nalls: BHHS Girl Athlete of the Year
                                                              Randy Robbins                   her while there and I was intrigued by
                                                                 For The Pilot                that...I like being able to help people," she

                                                 n the next week or so, Alonna Nalls              How did COVID-19 impact her sports?
                                                 will leave Brooking-Harbor High              There is a certain sadness in her answer.
                                                 School along with the rest of her            At what could have been.
                                             graduating class of 2020 for the next                "I missed my entire senior year of
                                             chapter in their lives. That much we know.       track," she said. "This year was my last. I
                                                 What remains to be seen is what the          had high hopes of competing at state and
                                             vacuum her departure will mean for               when that fell through I was not very
                                             Bruins athletics next year.                      happy."
                                                   Some sneakers are harder to fill than          Ever the competitor, when most every-
                                                others.                                       one else was resigned to their fate, Nalls
                                                    Nalls was named the BHHS Girls            held fast to practicing, hoping for a chance
                                                Athlete of the Year by the school's           to put on the Blue and Gold one last time.
                                                coaching staff and Athletic Director              "Yeah, I kept practicing. Maybe it
                                              Jean Shearers.                                  would open back up," she said. "But it
                                                 "It is an honor," Nalls said. "I feel good   didn't."
                                             about it (the award). It has been important          It was that kind of can-do attitude that
                                             for me to get good grades and to work            impressed BHHS varsity girls basketball           "Alonna has a work ethic that is
                                             hard at my sports."                              coach Chris Schofield. The Lady Bruins          second to none...she can always be
                                                 The talented senior competed in three        advanced to the semifinals of the state
                                             different sports — volleyball, basketball        girls basketball tournament.                     counted on for mental toughness
                                             and track.                                           "I could probably go on for days about
                                                 While she enjoyed aspects of all three,      what Alonna has contributed to our pro-                and perseverance."
                                             she said her favorite had to be track and        gram," Schofield said. "But the number             • Lorinda Shew, BHHS varsity volleyball coach
                                             field, where she rattled the competition by      one thing she brought to our program was
                                             running a leg on the 4x100 meter relay,          toughness. Her fierce competitiveness
                                             competed in the long jump, and finished          definitely set her apart. She competed hard
                                             off by turning on the turbo thrusters in the     every day in practice and raised our inten-
                                             200- and 400-meter sprints. In the last          sity level in everything we did. She took
                                             event, she navigated the track in 52 sec-        pride in her role as a defensive stopper and
                                             onds.                                            rebounder. I never heard a complaint out
                                                 "I like track because I had to rely on       of her about needing to play more or want-
                                             myself and make myself accountable,"             ing to shoot more. She just went about
                                             Nalls said.                                      being the best basketball player she could
                                                 Next year, Nalls plans to attend Lane        be for our program."
                                             Community College in Eugene where she                How was it that Nalls become so deter-
                                             shares that she will, once again "lace her       mined as an athlete? Did her father,
                                             shoes up to run track" but while there, she      Lonnie Nalls, who coaches Bruins wres-
                                               will be majoring in Nursing. That career       tling serve to inspire her?
                                                  choice came to her after paying a visit         "He did," she said. "He reminded me
                                                       to a friend who was hospitalized.      that whatever I put into something in life
8100703lC0825_TopGear3x2half_- 8/16/18 5:50 PM Page 1 "I saw what the nurses did for          is exactly what I will get out."

                                       1130 Chetco Avenue
                                               PO Box 1294
                                       Brookings, OR 97415
Student Spotlight Graduation 2020 - Color Page - Townnews
Page 10 — Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020

                                        2020 Brookings-Harbor High School Graduate Candidates
                                                                            • INFORMATION PROVIDED BY SCHOOL DISTRICT •

     Sidney               Makell                 La'Joyah        Avana              Daniel             Kashus                  Hailey      Gracie        Benjamin     Hannah
   Alexander             Anderson                Beasley      Belu-Pettus         Birdwell III       Blackwelder               Blair    Brozdounoff      Buehler      Cairns

     Conner               Arthur                  Jesse       Christopher           Tayler              Kaylee                 Tyler      Maxim           Addisyn     Jaidyn
   Christensen           Christow               Contreras       Cooke               Cooper              Cover                  Davis      Drager          Dresen      Dunn

                                                                                                     Learn, Wonder, Experiment, Explore, & RECYCLE!

                                                                                                                 2675 Lake Earl Drive • 707-464-4181 •

                                    Congratulations 2020 Seniors!

                                                               COAST CO.
                   Propane Sales & Service
                         We Del iv er                                                                                                                       237 Price Mall
                              vAlUe                                                                                                                Crescent City, CA 95531
  340 H Street                                    
  Crescent City                                                                                                                                    Congratulation Grads!
  707-464-7827                        Existing customers can earn up to $50                                        Est. 1986
  M-F 8am-5pm                           by referring a friend. Ask us how!
Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020 — Page 11

                                    2020 Brookings-Harbor High School Graduate Candidates
                                                                  • INFORMATION PROVIDED BY SCHOOL DISTRICT •

 Alexander            Ashlee                Madelyn    Brooke             Cartyr              Cameron            Dodger        Isabella                 Gavin              Evan
  Edwards              Ellis                Farnham   Firestone          Fitzhugh            Francisco          Francisco       Freitas             Frias-Flores        Fronckowiak

   Quinn              Natalie               Celeste    Jacob             Jeremiah              Alex             Madilyn         Ethan                 James                Dade
  Galindo             Garcia                Goetze    Goodwin            Green Jr.            Grimes            Haines           Hall                 Harlan               Henry

                                                                                             TIRES, BRAKES, SHOCKS,WHEELS & BATTERIES
     Full Service Real Estate Sales                     Premier Properties
  Property Management & Vacation Rentals                 is sending warm
                                                         congratulations                                             Be Fast Be Furious

                                                                                                           GO WARRIORS!
                                                        today and wishing
541-469-7400 • 800-221-8175                              you all the best
     937 Chetco Avenue, Brookings
                                                           on your next
                                                                                                                                 1105 Northcrest Dr., Crescent City
    Yvonne Dunn Rigotti, Principal Broker                                                                                   Monday - Friday 8am-6pm • Saturday 8am-5 pm
       Licensed in the State of Oregon                                                                                      707-464-2156 •

                                                                                         Good Luck in the New Year Students!
                                                                                          Crescent Land Title Company has been servicing the needs of
                                                                                          the real estate professionals, lenders, developers, contractors
                                                                                          and citizens of Del Norte County since 1963.

                                 Automotive Exhaust Trailers                                        Good luck to all!
                                     Hitches Fabrication
                                Mon–Fri 9am-5:30pm          Sat 9am-12pm                    CRESCENT LAND TITLE COMPANY
                                                                                                            “We do Good Deeds.”
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Page 12 — Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020

                                        2020 Brookings-Harbor High School Graduate Candidates
                                                                       • INFORMATION PROVIDED BY SCHOOL DISTRICT •

      Itzel               Cecilia               Gabrielle    Mia              Brayden              Ethan                Angel               Gavin       Vanessa    Bailey
Hernandez Olmedo          Hilton                 Hodges     Hoenke            Holler               Hooper               Howell            Humphrey       Hunt     Ireland

    Cortney               Rachael               Cameron       Isaac           Katrina              Danika               Virginia             Jose        Jesse    Nevaeh
    Johnson                Jones                  Kime      Knoester          Krawez               Leaver            Lenz-Ringulet       Lepe-Menilla    Lutge    Meyer

                    Congratulations class of 2020!
                      Be present when you can, however you can.
                      Volunteer. Donate. Root for the Home Team!
                       Support the local youth’s athletics.

 2015-2017 Platinum Award
 2017 Hall of Fame Award
 2017-2019 Chairmans Award
 2017-2019 Readers Choice Award Best Realtor
                                                                                        Jude Hodge, Broker
                                                                                                    703 Chetco Ave, Brookings•541-412-9535 x117
 2018 America’s Best Real Estate Professional
                                                                                                                                     Licensed in OR
      #10 Ranked Volume & Transactions
 2018 - 2019 #2 Individual Commissions Earned in Oregon
 2018 #3 Individual Closed Transactions In Oregon                                                  541-813-9261
 2019 - 2020 Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist
 2019 - 2020 CLHMS Million Dollar GuildTM Recognition                                              ASK FOR JUDE
Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020 — Page 13

                          2020 Brookings-Harbor High School Graduate Candidates
                                                         • INFORMATION PROVIDED BY SCHOOL DISTRICT •

  Jaylin         Cort          Kaidan         Lucy              Alonna              Harrison             Shawnacy         Hayden               Matthew              Chelsea
  Miller        Morris         Murray        Nading              Nalls               Nelson              Newcombe         Niedens              Noland               Olstad

  Anthony       Sydney          John         Jaycob             Destiny              Robert              Preston          Patrick               Clayton              Andrew
 Patterson      Phelps        Portwood      Remington           Roberts               Rowe               Rubright         Runge                 Sackett              Sample

 Congratulations Class of 2020!
Brookings                Brookings                  Gold Beach
Savannah R. Addy         Ayembria R. Lopez          Mercedes D. Allen
Jessica C. Ambler        Donna K. Miller-Crabtree   Jonathan L. Aranda
Bethany H. Beer          Julie K. Nelson            Scott R. Battleson
Melinda A. Collins       Brittney L. Nelson         Madeline N. Beem
Lauren R. Cotton         Halle M. Ostman            Kaitlin I. Denton                                         “The Store That Has
Cara D. Dailey           Christy L. Reynolds        Langlois                                                  Almost Everything”
Victoria L. Edwards      Carmen M. Swift            Anders W. Foster
                         Deshawn A. White
                                                                                                          PROUD TO SUPPORT
Sharon K. Fitzgerald                                Port Orford
Garrett L. Foyil                                    Autumn I. Mays
Cassidy T. R. Freels
Paul J. Goodell
                                                    Cissy M. Williams
                                                    Anthony J. Williams
                                                                                                           OUR PANTHERS!
Matthew D. Howland                                  Katie A. Witt
Hannah M. Johnson                                   Smith River                                   Prescription Home Delivery Service
Moriah R. Koch                                      Rebecca M. Hall
                                                                                      We deliver to: Brookings, Cape Ferrelo, Gold Beach,
                                                                                     Harbor, Nesika Beach, Ophir, Pistol River, Port Orford,
   You persevered and we are proud of all of you!                                                 Wedderburn & Whaleshead

                                                                                     29670 Ellensburg Ave. Gold Beach • 541-247-4544
                                                                                       Store Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9am-6pm • Saturday 10am-4pm
                                                                                                    Pharmacy CLOSED Sunday
96082 Lone Ranch Parkway, Brookings      541-813-1667                                - Hours may vary based on COVID-19 pandemic -
Page 14 — Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020

                                        2020 Brookings-Harbor High School Graduate Candidates
                                                                         • INFORMATION PROVIDED BY SCHOOL DISTRICT •

      Jaden                Piper                Riley          Joshua            Daniel               Bryce             Taya         Kasilyn            Jair              Jason
     Sanders              Schauer               Serna           Smith            Strom                Testa            Torres         Ulery      Valdovinos-Flores     Vanginderen

     Zackary              Kelsey                 Mia           Anthony           Averi              Ashlynne           Jade         Emmanuel        Stephani             Aidan
     Walker               Ware                  Weaver          White            Winn                Wood              Wyatt         Zamora        Zavala-Luna          Zellmer

                                                                                                                                           2020 BHHS
                                                                                                   SALMON                        RUN
                                                Get One Free
               Buy Any                                                                                                                     Golf Seniors
       McCafe Beverage
                                                             of equal or lesser value

                                                                                                      Jesse                                                          Robby
                                                                                                    Contreras             Congratulations                            Rowe
                                                                                                                            to all 2020
                  Wishing you a
                Successful Future!                                                                       Cort                                                    Cameron
                                                                                                        Morris                                                     Kine

                                                         815 Chetco Ave.
                                                                                                       Mia                       Zack          Ethan                 Clayton
                                                                  Expires 08/05/2020
                                                                                                      Weaver                    Walker         Hooper                Sacket
                                    Salmon Run Golf Course
Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020 — Page 15

   Students receive $176K from Brookings-Harbor Scholarship Foundation
         STAFF REPORT              BHHS graduates.                      or at PO Box 7673, Brookings      Scholarship                          Other past graduates receiv-       • Makayla Rose Fulton,
                                       Leading the awards for gradu-    OR 97415.                            • Jacob Goodwin, $2,250        ing BHSF scholarships for the      $3,500 Mabel George
   Scholarships totaling           ating seniors was class valedicto-      Other awards to the Class      combined          Longstreet      2020-21 academic year will be:     Scholarship
$176,000 were announced for        rian Ethan Hooper, designated to     of 2020 include:                  Scholarship and Bruce Harden         • Shawntisha Bailey, $4,000        • Cade Freels, $,3000 Tisdale
2020 by the Brookings-Harbor       receive $7,500 in a John Atkins         • Natalie Garcia, $3,500       Scholarship                       combined Nidiffer Family           Scholarship
Scholarship Foundation, rang-      Scholarship. He was followed by      Mabel George Scholarship             • Jaidyn Dunn, $2,250 com-     Scholarship and Opal Scott            • Kevin Brambila, $3,000
ing in individual awards from      salutatorian Destiny Roberts,           • Gracie Brozdounoff, $3,500   bined Longstreet Scholarship      Scholarship                        Tisdale Scholarship
$1,000 to $7,500.                  Jesse Contreras and Cecilia          Mabel George Scholarship          and Bruce Harden Scholarship         • Ashley Shew, $4,000 com-         • Jaime Olvera, $3,000 Ruth
   The non-profit fund desig-      Hilton, all given $5,000 in total       • Arthur Christow, $3,500         • Isabella Freitas, $2,250     bined Nidiffer Family              Johnson Trust Scholarship
nated $72,000 in awards for 24     scholarships from both Atikins       John Atkins Scholarship           combined          Longstreet      Scholarship and Opal Scott            • Cass Freels, $3,000 com-
seniors graduating in 2020 from    funds and Brookings-Harbor              • Patrick Runge, $3,500 John   Scholarship and Bruce Harden      Scholarship                        bined John Atkins Scholarship
Brookings-Harbor High School       High Student Body scholarships.      Atkins Scholarship                Scholarship                          • Thaddeus Steerman, $4,000     and Mabel George Scholarship
and $102,000 for 36 past gradu-        For past graduates, the awards      • Maddy Gwillim, $2,600           • Jason Vanginderen, $2,000    combined Nidiffer Family              • Mahalee Evans, $3,000
ates of BHHS.                      start at $5,000 from Doug            combined Leroy Weideman and       Longstreet Scholarship            Scholarship and Opal Scott         John Atkins Scholarship
   “We’re pleased that the foun-   Peterson Scholarships, going to      Tom Abbott scholarships              • Cartyr Fitzhugh, $2,000      Scholarship                           • Samuel Broberg, $2,500
dation can continue to support     Kaylee Strain, Jenni Portwood,          • Navaeh Meyer, $2,600         Longstreet Scholarship               • Kylie Johnson, $4,000 Opal    John Atkins Scholarship
the dreams of BHHS gradu-          and Nathaniel Barnard.               Kurle/Waite Scholarship              • Brooke Firestone, $2,000     Scott Scholarship                     • Morgan Early, $2,500 John
ates,” said BHSF President             Established in 1992, the            • Danika Leaver, $2,600        Bruce Harden Scholarship             • Patrick Fulton, $3,500 Ruth   Atkins Scholarship
Scott Darger. “In addition, many   Brookings-Harbor Scholarship         Kurle/Waite Scholarship              • Alonna Nails, $2,000 Bruce   Johnson Trust Scholarship             • K’La Kennedy, $2,500
of our awards honor the memo-      Foundation is a non-profit inde-        • Cort Morris, $2,600 com-     Harden Scholarship                   • Emma Leonard, $3,500          John Atkins Scholarship
ries of donors who wanted to       pendent organization, operated       bined Pioneer Scholarship and        • Mila Weaver, $2,000 Bruce    combined          Longstreet          • Abigail Delaney Marks,
leave a legacy in the Brookings-   by an all-volunteer board.           Kurle/Waite Scholarship           Harden Scholarship                Scholarship, Dr. Edmund G          $2,500 John Atkins Scholarship
Harbor community.”                     The foundation’s endow-             • Zachary Walker, $2,600          • Clayton Sackett, $2,000      Samuel Scholarship and Arrell         • Jonathan Kleespies, $2,500
   The competitive scholarships    ments total more than $2 mil-        combined Pioneer Scholarship      Bruce Harden Scholarship          Scholarship                        John Atkins Scholarship
are in addition to the ongoing     lion. To make a donation or dis-     and Kurle/Waite Scholarship          • Mia Hoenke, $2,000 Bruce        • Savannah Goetze, $3,500          • Elizabet Ferrer, $2,500 John
automatic grants from GEAR-        cuss bequest arrangements, the          • Conner Christensen, $2,250   Harden Scholarship                Ruth Johnson Trust Scholarship     Atkins Scholarship
UP, a federal grant administered   foundation can be contacted          combined         Longstreet          • Celeste Goetze, $1,000          • Jake Christensen, $3,500
by the foundation for past           Scholarship and Bruce Harden      Bruce Harden Scholarship          Mabel George Scholarship                  See Awards, Page 17


          800.856.7328 |
Page 16 — Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020

             It’s knowing your whole community
                    is celebrating with you.

             Congratulations, Class of 2020. Obstacles? You
             cleared them. Shelter in place? You crushed it.
             And when you make your next move, we’re here
             for you. #SutterStrong
Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020 — Page 17

Awards                                                                      2020 Brookings-Harbor Cord Recipients
From 15                                                                                          • INFORMATION PROVIDED BY SCHOOL DISTRICT •
   •Alexis Pacino, $2,500 John
Atkins Scholarship                        VALEDICTORIAN and                               Nevaeh Meyer                                                                     Aiden Zellmer
   •Izaiha Bruce, $2,500 John              SALUTATORIAN —                                                                             Natalie Garcia
Atkins Scholarship                           GOLD CORDS                                  Destiney Roberts                                                                 Manny Zamora
   • Ethan Warner, $2,500 John                                                                                                        Nevaeh Meyer
Atkins Scholarship                              Valedictorian                              Patrick Runge                                                          CTE Completion of program —
   • Sienna Worthey, $2,500                                                                                                           Patrick Runge                     GREEN CORD
John Atkins Scholarship                        Ethan Hooper                                 Bryce Testa
   • Kimberly Hulen, $2,000                                                                                                          Zackary Walker                       Harrison Nelson
combined Rogue Federal Credit                   Salutatorian                         HONORS DIPLOMA —
Union and George Darling                                                                WHITE CORD                        RED CROSS DONOR/VOLUNTEER                        Robert Rowe
Scholarship                                   Destiny Roberts                                                                         —
   • Alissa Podesta, $2,000 John                                                          Jesse Contreras                          RED CORD                               Gabby Hodges
Atkins Scholarship                   ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE —
   • Laurie Buehler, $2,000         PURPLE CORD and CERTIFICATE                            Ethan Hooper                              Cortney Johnson                       Bailey Ireland
John Atkins Scholarship
   • Aleksandr Kay, $2,000                  Gracie Brozdounoff                            Danika Leaver                              Arthur Christow                       Danika Leaver
John Atkins Scholarship
   • Roman Worthey, $1,500                    Arthur Christow                               Cort Morris                              Jesse Contreras                     Jason Vanginderen
John Atkins Scholarship
   • Lindsay Larsson, $1,500                   Jesse Contreras                            Destiny Roberts                           Jason Vanginderen              SOU College Credit Honor —
John Atkins Scholarship                                                                                                                                             BLACK and RED CORD
   • Marina Goodwin, $1,500                    Natalie Garcia                             Zackary Walker                              Danika Leaver
John Atkins Scholarship                                                                                                                                                   Clayton Sackett
   • Anna Serna, $1,500 John                   Ethan Hooper                     NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY —                               Zack Walker
Atkins Scholarship                                                                    SILVER CORD
   • Luke Beaman, $1,500 John                  Cecilia Hilton                                                                       Conner Christensen
Atkins Scholarship                                                                        Jesse Contreras

Photos of Brookings-Harbor High School seniors are displayed in windows after the campus was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Page 18 — Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020

                                                             2020 Gold Beach High School Graduates
                                                                                     • INFORMATION PROVIDED BY SCHOOL DISTRICT •

      Alex               Anneblle             Arieanna                   Arthur               Austin             Bethany            Brooklen              Cameron              Cara           Colby
    Pacheco               Digby            Salcedo-Morel                Knighten              Morris             Michaels             Dunn                Hagood              Haman           Smith

      Dani                Danny                 Darren               Destiny                   Dylan             Emanuel              Ethan                Georgia             Hope           Hylah
     Young              Hawthorne               Bright              Hendricks                 Edwards            Quesada            Carpenter             Brudnicki           Taylor          Souza

  Isabelle-Anne            Jenifer               Joey                Katelyn                    Katie              Kit               Landen                Payton             Pristine       Quincy
     Walker             Risenhoover             Greer               Woodward                  Schaller           Keusink             Timeus                Higgins             Kuljis        Tanner

                                    Samantha                Sarina                 Scarlett              Shay               Simis                Toby                  Zoe
                                     Mazur               Watson-Lacey               Lilburn              Wells               Fry                Keusink               White

                             Arthur,                                       CONGRATULATIONS!
                             we are so proud of you.                       Believe in yourself in whatever you
                                                                           choose to do, because we believe in you!
                             We are excited
                             for your future                               Luke                                    There is nothing
                                                                                                                  you can’t attain, if
                             & we always will                              King                                  you work towards it.
                             be by your side.                                                                                                         Retirement is only
                             Love Mom,                                                                            “Oh, the places
                             Jason, Jenni, Kevin,                                                                    you’ll go.”                       55 years away.
Arthur                       Grandma & Grandpa.                                                                     We love you!                       Love The Brays                    DESTANNIE
Christow                                                                                                         CC Diner & Family
Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020 — Page 19

                                                                     2020 Pacific High School Graduates
                                                                                         • INFORMATION PROVIDED BY SCHOOL DISTRICT •

                                               Class Quote: "The best way to predict your future is to create it."
                                                                                                    • Abraham Lincoln

  Layne Ash          Benjamin            Kaiya May        Alley Marie         Madison          Esequiel Ryce       Ezra Covey            McKenzie        Ryan Wayne        Natalie Kay      Atticus Yang      David Samuel
  Converse          Christopher          Gourneau           Guerin          Lucille Hall        Hernandez-          Johnson            Renea Martin       Sibley Jr.        Vincent             Wahl             Wyatt
                    Lee Garratt                                                                  McKenzie

        LAYNE CONVERSE:                       competitor for Future Business Leaders       Southern Oregon University to pursue a        sure that they are still moving forward    wouldn't be as successful as we are in
         VALEDICTORIAN                        of America. Layne plans to attend            bachelor's in Emerging Media and              in their future.                           providing a well-rounded education to
   Layne Converse is graduating with a        Oregon State University's Honors             Digital Arts. After graduating, she               Pacific's motto has always been that   our students. I am proud to have been a
4.0 cumulative GPA. He is the son of          College for Mechanical Engineering.          hopes to continue her education and           we welcome our alumni home with            part of this journey with our 12 seniors
Ken and Canada Converse of Bandon.                                                         receive a master’s in Education.              open arms and I hope that this year's      and wouldn't want to have been any-
During high school, he has been an                     MADISON HALL:                                                                     graduates remember that Pacific will       where but here.
active member in his school and com-                   SALUTATORIAN                             PACIFIC HIGH SCHOOL                      always be here, ready to support them         As Abraham Lincoln once said,
munity, participating in National Honor          Madison Hall is graduating with a              PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE                      in their journey and cheering them on.     "The best way to predict your future is
Society, robotics, and student govern-        3.96 GPA. She is the daughter of Jesse          Ending your high school years, the         Thank you to the senior families and       to create it." Godspeed and good luck to
ment. He also volunteers as a firefighter     and Tori Hall. While at Pacific, she has     way that this year ended is not the way       the communities of Port Orford and         the Pacific High School seniors. Once a
for the Bandon Fire Department,               been an active member in basketball,         that it should be, but our senior Pirates     Langlois for the support they have         Pirate, Always a Pirate.
founded Pacific's Young Americans for         track, 4-H, and the National Honor           have done a great job in adapting. They       given our graduates and staff during the
Freedom chapter, and was a national           Society. Madison will be attending           have continued to work hard, making           past four years. Without them, we                        • Krista Nieraeth, Principal

                                                COUPON                                                                                  Homemade soups, pies and burgers too

               Buy Any
       McCafe Beverage                         Get One Free        of equal or lesser value
                                                                                                                      class of 2020!


                                                                                                                                            259 6th Street • Port Orford, OR

            Watch for "Warriors Friday"                                                                            Burgers • Sandwiches • Hot Dogs • Fries • Shakes • Sundaes • Soda
             throughout the season!                                                                                               Stop by After the Game and Enjoy Our
                                                                                                                                 Award Winning Old Fashioned Burgers
                                                     McDonald's                                                                                             35 Plus Flavors
                                                                                                                                                             of Ice Cream!
                                                               380 M Street
                                                               Crescent City                                                           CC Diner and Ice Cream

       i’m lovin’ it                     TM
                                                                                  Expires 10/31/15                       1319 Northcrest Drive, Crescent City • 707-465-5858
Page 20 — Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020
Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020 — Page 21
Page 22 — Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020

          BHHS Principal
      DeAnne Varitek’s Message
           e know this has         graduation cords, yearbooks,     Seniors will receive their
           been a challenging      and senior announcements to      diploma shields as they
           time and our hearts     your car. We also have a spe-    normally would and we
go out to you and your fami-       cial gift for our seniors!       will provide a photographer
lies for the special experi-          On June 13, at 2 p.m., in     who will post digital photos
ences that you have lost. We       alignment with current           free of charge.
have done our best to plan         guidance from the state, we         We hope this will be a
some memorable events that         plan to hold a formal grad-      positive experience for stu-
will demonstrate how impor-        uation ceremony on school        dents, families, and the
tant you are to us and to          grounds. The ceremony            community.
invite the community to join       will be broadcasted while           Please know that we will
with us in honoring the Class      students and families watch      always do our best to pro-
of 2020.                           in a designated lineup from      vide the experience that
   On May 29, we will hold         the comfort of their cars.       most closely aligns to your
a Cap and Gown Drive-Thru             When we reach the por-        expectations while taking
Pick Up Party From 8 to 10         tion of the ceremony where       every measure to ensure the
a.m. and 4 to 7 p.m. On that       students receive their diplo-    safety of you and your fami-
day, students or parents can       mas, each family will drive      lies.
drive by the front of the          up to the stage, exit their         We are so proud of your
school and a BHHS staffer          vehicles, and seniors will       accomplishments and look                                                                                            Claudia Elliott, The Pilot
will deliver caps and gowns,       march across the stage.          forward to seeing you soon!     City of Brookings staffers Mark Camarillo, left, and Michael Pundyk hung banners honoring 2020 Brook-
                                                                                                    ings-Harbor High School graduating seniors on Friday afternoon, May 29.

         Gold Beach Principal                                                                                 Best Wishes and Good Luck
       Joshua Metzer’s Message                                                                                        to the Class of 2020
       very school year is         new constant in education.       we saw you graduate from
       marked by change.           That when people work            the back of a car that trium-
       New students join us,       together they can overcome.      phantly paraded you through
others leave. Teachers retire      The class of 2020 saw their      town, and we saw you build
and new teachers begin their       long-anticipated rituals such    common bonds that helped
careers. Schedules change,         as graduation taken from         you navigate what could feel
new books, new expecta-            them, but instead of wailing     like an isolated world. In
tions. Only one thing              and gnashing teeth, they set     short, what I get to write
remains a constant in educa-       about finding ways to make       about instead is that you
tion, that it will change,         them happen still that would     have shown this community
evolve and continue.               be creative and meaningful       and this world hope.
   The 2019-2020 school            in this new world. The rest         You have rallied together
year began like any other,         of you struggled to find a       with your teachers and with
but will be marked by histor-      new “normal” but met the         your friends, and you have
ic change. In a short time the     challenge of changing educa-     worked together to prove
world went from discussing         tional expectations with flex-   that you can be successful no
events in a rural part of our      ibility and grace that shows     matter what the world
world to seeing how we live        the world that you will suc-     throws your way.
here and abroad fundamental-       ceed in life.                       You have proven that
ly changed. Students were             Thinking about the end of     together we can face this
sent home to learn, teachers       this year it would be easy to    change and those that are yet
were asked to rethink how          lament what didn’t happen,       to come.
they support students, and it      but many of those things still      While the world may have
seemed like the entire world       happened, despite world          changed, we remain a com-
sheltered in place.                events, not because of them.     munity.
   And yet now we see a            You finished school at home,        We are Gold Beach.
Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020 — Page 23

      to the Graduating Classes of 2020;
             Del Norte High School,
   Sunset High School, Castle Rock Charter
     School, Del Norte Community School
              and Adult Education.
All of the staff in the Del Norte Unified School
    District and Del Norte County Office of
    Education wish you a successful future.

                 “Today is a milestone.
   It tells you how far you’ve come. Keep learning,
 keep trying, keep accomplishing, and keep venturing
               on through your journey.”
Page 24 — Student Spotlight • Graduation 2020

                                                 YOU GOT THIS!
  We salute your hard work, applaud your achievements, and wish you all a successful and happy life!

                                                                    Curry Health Network recognizes the
                                                                  young men and women who dedicate so
                                                                  much time and effort to the pursuit of their
                                                                    academic, athletic and extracurricular
                                                                   activities. We salute your hard work,
                                                                 applaud your achievements, and wish you
                                                                      all a successful and happy life!!

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