Study at ACG in New Zealand - International Student Prospectus - Sun Education Group

Study at ACG in New Zealand - International Student Prospectus - Sun Education Group
Study at ACG
    in New Zealand
    Your complete education pathway from
kindergarten to university or skills for your career

Student Prospectus
Study at ACG in New Zealand - International Student Prospectus - Sun Education Group
    Welcome to ACG                        03   Vocational & higher learning
                                               colleges                              33
    What is ACG Education?                04
                                               NZMA                                  34
    ACG study pathways                    05
                                               NSIA                                  38
    ACG in New Zealand                    06
                                               Academy New Zealand                   39
    Ten reasons to study in New Zealand   07
                                               New Zealand College of Massage        40
    Discover Auckland with ACG            08
                                               New Zealand Institute of Sport        41
    Discover Wellington with ACG          10
                                               New Zealand School of Tourism         42
    Discover New Zealand with ACG         12
                                               Cut Above Academy                     44
    Student services                      14
                                                lite International School of
    Your new home                         15   Beauty and Spa Therapies              45
                                               Yoobee School of Design               46
    English and university pathways
                                               Ames - The Institute of IT           48
    ACG English School                    16
                                               Animation College                     50
    The Campbell Institute                18
                                               South Seas Film & Television School   52
    The University of Auckland            20
    Certificate in Foundation Studies          ACG Internships                       54

    AUT University                             2018 Starting Dates                   56
    Certificate in Foundation Studies
    Victoria University of Wellington     24   Universities, visas and work rights
    Foundation Studies Programme
                                               New Zealand universities             62
                                               Entry requirements for New Zealand
    School education                      26
                                               universities                          63
    ACG Parnell College                   28   Scholarships
    ACG Senior College                    29   Visa requirements                     64
    ACG Strathallan                       30   Student work rights                   65
    ACG Sunderland                        31   Living costs                          66
    ACG Tauranga                          32   Medical and travel insurance

Study at ACG in New Zealand - International Student Prospectus - Sun Education Group
ACG welcomes you
Welcome to New Zealand where an exciting new study life awaits!
New Zealand is a modern                 Global Peace Index 2017*         contributions to the world of
country with a rich cultural            Rank      Country                science and technology, creative
heritage. Comparable in size and                                         arts, medicine, conservation,
shape to the United Kingdom               1         Iceland              food, wine, sports and fashion.
or Japan, it is a stable English-         2         New Zealand          Beyond the warm welcome,
speaking democracy with a                 3         Portugal             you will find a place where
population of approximately 4.7           4         Austria              safety and security are valued.
million people, making it one of          5         Denmark              New Zealand is ranked 2nd on
the least crowded countries in
                                          6         Czech Republic       the Global Peace Index for the
the world.
                                          7         Slovenia             most peaceful nation on earth.
New Zealand consists of two
                                           8          Canada                  New Zealand is also one of the
main islands in the South Pacific,
                                           9          Switzerland             world’s top ten countries to
three hours east of Australia by
                                           10         Japan                   live in according to the latest
plane or nine hours direct flight
                                                                              United Nations’ index aimed at
from Singapore. Internationally,       *
                                                                              measuring development.
the country is known for the
beauty of the landscape. The cities are clean,
open and lively, with Auckland in particular                 New Zealand’s education system is based on
showing many cultural influences.                            the prestigious British system. We offer world-
                                                             class facilities, resources and teaching staff.
New Zealanders are well-travelled, outward
looking and famously hospitable people with                  Our qualifications are valued and are
a lively interest in other cultures. An education            transferable throughout the world.
here is frequently the beginning of lifelong   
New Zealand is a rich mix of cultures – including
European, Māori, Asian and Pacific peoples.    
New Zealanders have made significant           

Study at ACG in New Zealand - International Student Prospectus - Sun Education Group
What is ACG Education?
                     World-class education, real-world results

    ACG Education is New Zealand’s largest           at an English language university. Our
    quality provider of private school education,    vocational colleges are leaders in their
    university pathways, and vocational and          respective fields, offering relevant career-
    higher learning colleges. We believe             focussed skills and qualifications.
    learning should be defined by the                Today more than 17,000 students
    exceptional. This has driven us to create        come together in a growing number of
    an innovative, student-centred learning          kindergartens, schools and vocational
    community that provides outstanding              colleges at 50 campuses across New
    education opportunities for people of all        Zealand, Indonesia and Vietnam.
    ages in New Zealand and internationally.
                                                     Wherever we are in the world, we’re
    Our commitment to excellence is                  committed to delivering a holistic education
    demonstrated across the education                and a nurturing learning environment for
    spectrum. We offer international curricula       students of every age and level. Our goal is
    and qualifications in private schools for        to help every one of our students unleash
    Years 1–13, and specialist language courses      their potential so they can build bright
    and University Entrance qualifications for       futures.
    international students wishing to study

                    17,000                                                 80%
          AND ACROSS THE WORLD                                ON TO HIGHER STUDY OR JOBS

4                                            ACG - Study in New Zealand
Study at ACG in New Zealand - International Student Prospectus - Sun Education Group
ACG study pathways
                      World-leading education at every level

For international students wishing to                    Career-focussed students can choose
study at New Zealand universities, our                   from our vocational and higher learning
university pathways and English language                 colleges offering courses and qualifications
programmes provide an ideal stepping                     in areas ranging across creative industries,
stone. We work closely with our students                 IT, tourism, hospitality, trades, services,
to ensure they are set up for success in                 health and early childhood education.
an English-speaking study environment.

                   University                                                   Employment

                                                           ACG vocational and
     ACG university
       pathways                                          higher learning colleges
    University Foundation
   6, 9, 12 and 18-month programmes

                                                                                                    SOUTH SEAS
                                                                                                    FILM & TELEVISION SCHOOL
                                                                         SOUTH SEAS
                                                                         FILM & TELEVISION SCHOOL

                                        ACG school education
                           Kindergarten to Year 13, Cambridge International & IB

                                  Intensive English, IELTS Exam Preparation,
                                           High School Preparation

Study at ACG in New Zealand - International Student Prospectus - Sun Education Group
ACG in New Zealand
ACG offers a wide range of study choices in eight New Zealand cities


                                         Hamilton                Tauranga







6                               ACG - Study in New Zealand
Study at ACG in New Zealand - International Student Prospectus - Sun Education Group
Ten reasons to
  study in New Zealand

Explore                                    Vibrant, modern cities
New Zealand’s landscape is                 Enjoy live music, theatre,
beautiful and varied. Within               film, dance, free festivals or
hours you can travel from                  international sports games in
sandy beaches to snow-                     any of our major cities.
covered mountains to lush

Make new friends                           Top 500
New Zealanders are friendly                All eight New Zealand
and welcoming. Kiwis love                  universities are ranked in the
to learn about other cultures              world’s top 500.
and make new friends.                      QS World University Rankings

An island nation                           Quality of living
Nowhere in New Zealand is                  New Zealand ranked 1st in the
more than 128 kilometres                   2016 global Prosperity Index, a
(80 miles) from the ocean,                 worldwide survey that judges the
and we have plenty of safe,                education, safety and security,
swimmable beaches.                         personal freedom and natural
                                           environment of 149 countries.

Unique wildlife                            Experience it together
While studying here                        You’ll have other international
you may see penguins,                      students to share your
dolphins, whales, seals                    experience with. More than
and, if you’re lucky, our                  120,000 international students
national icon – the kiwi.                  studied in New Zealand in 2016.

Prepare for the future                     Must-do experiences
New Zealand is ranked top                  Tick off those must-do
in the world for preparing                 experiences on your bucket list.
students for the future,                   Visit Hobbiton and the Lord of
and earned full marks in                   the Rings filming locations, try
the categories of teacher                  bungy jumping or ride the rapids
education and curriculum                   in a jet boat. Adventure waits!
framework for future skills.
Worldwide Educating for the Future Index

Study at ACG in New Zealand - International Student Prospectus - Sun Education Group
Discover Auckland with ACG
                          Study in Auckland, one of the world’s top three cities*

                       ACG’s convenient Auckland locations
                       With many ACG campuses strategically located around Auckland,
                       there is one within easy reach for students in any area.

    25 mins from CBD

    20 mins from CBD

                                                                                             of Auckland

20 mins
from CBD

                                                                     ACG Senior          New Zealand
     ACG Sunderland                       NZMA
                                                                      College          School of Tourism

                                    Elite International
    South Seas Film &                                                                   ACG Pathways
                                     School of Beauty                 Cut Above
    Television School                                                                     Campus
                                    and Spa Therapies

8                                                     ACG - Study in New Zealand
Study at ACG in New Zealand - International Student Prospectus - Sun Education Group
Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city            will understand why Auckland is known
          and is home to 1.5 million people.                as ‘The City of Sails’.
          It is also the country’s economic and             Auckland is ranked third out of 221
          education hub with campuses of three              world cities for quality of life.*
          of New Zealand’s eight universities:
          The University of Auckland, AUT
          University and Massey University.       
          Auckland has excellent beaches, and     
          swimming and sailing are popular
          pastimes for locals. When you see the             * Mercer Consulting Quality of Living Survey 2017.

          number of yachts in the harbours you

                                                                                                      Sylvia Park
                                                                                                      15 mins from CBD

                                                                                                      Manukau City
                                                                               Cut Above
                                                                                                      20 mins from CBD

                                                                            ACG Strathallan
                                                                                                      30 mins from CBD

                                               Apartments                                                        10 mins from CBD
AUT University

                                                                                                                 Auckland Airport
                                                                                                                 20 mins from CBD

                                                                                                                 10 mins from CBD

     Animation College                                                                                    NZ College of
                                                                    ACG Parnell
                                  Academy NZ                                                            Massage and NZ
        and AMES                                                      College
                                                                                                        Institute of Sport

       Yoobee School                                               The Campbell                          New Zealand
         of Design                                                   Institute                         School of Tourism

Study at ACG in New Zealand - International Student Prospectus - Sun Education Group
Discover Wellington with ACG
                                    Study in New Zealand’s capital city

                                      Victoria University
                                        of Wellington
                                        Pipitea Campus

                    University of

     ACG Pathways                   The Campbell                Yoobee School of     New Zealand
       Campus                         Institute                     Design         Institute of Sport

10                                                 ACG - Study in New Zealand
Wellington is the capital city and second         It is compact and easy to get around
   most populous urban area of New Zealand,          on foot, or using its excellent public
   with around 470,000 residents. Sitting on         transport system.
   a stunning natural harbour and surrounded         Lonely Planet has referred to Wellington
   by lush green hills, Wellington is a beautiful,   as ‘The coolest little capital in the world’.
   vibrant, safe and cosmopolitan city and region.   The city also ranked number one in the
   It is a destination of choice for smart,          Deutsche Bank quality of life survey.*
   ambitious and imaginative students from
   all over the world, offering an unlimited
   opportunity to sample the language, culture
   and way of life. Many foreign embassies are       *Mapping the World’s Prices 2017,
   located here.                                       Deutsche Bank Market Research

                                                                                          Victoria University
                                                                                            of Wellington
                                                                                            Te Aro Campus

                                                      Elite International
  New Zealand                 New Zealand                                                     Cut Above
                                                       School of Beauty
School of Tourism          College of Massage                                                 Academy
                                                      and Spa Therapies


                               Rotorua                       New Zealand
                                                              with ACG

                                                        Choose from a range of exciting
                                                        ACG study locations throughout
                                                           the rest of New Zealand

                                         ★ NZMA                                ★ New Zealand School of Tourism
                                         ★ Academy New Zealand                 ★ Elite International School of
                                         ★ New Zealand Institute of Sport           Beauty and Spa Therapies

                                         Hamilton is New Zealand’s             a popular nightlife and restaurant
                                         largest inland city, located on the   scene including award-winning
                                         banks of the Waikato River, 130       eateries and exciting entertainment.
                                         kilometres south of Auckland.         Being in the central North Island,
                                         Hamilton enjoys a welcoming           students have easy access to
                                         spirit, rich history and a vast       iconic attractions such as Hobbiton,
                                         array of local attractions. The       Waitomo Caves, Raglan’s surf
                                         city of Hamilton boasts stunning      coast and more.
                                         gardens, plentiful shopping and

                                         ★ ACG Tauranga
                                         Tauranga is the largest city in       view. The Strand waterfront area
                                         the Bay of Plenty and one of          is modern and always buzzing,
                                         the fastest growing population        and is home to a number of
                                         centres in the country. It is also    cafés, restaurants and pubs.
                                         just a 15-minute drive from one       Tauranga’s harbour is in evidence
                                         of New Zealand’s most popular         almost everywhere you go.
                                         beach towns, Mount Maunganui.         Fishing, sailing, diving and
                                         Downtown Tauranga has several         dolphin tours are easy to arrange.
                                         historically significant areas to

  12                                                   ACG - Study in New Zealand
★ New Zealand School of Tourism
Rotorua is located in the heart of     some of the best ways to see the
the North Island, surrounded by        wildlife and breath-taking scenery.
mountains, rivers, native forests      Rotorua boasts a thermally-heated
and lakes. Rotorua is known for        central city alfresco dining zone
bubbling mud pools, shooting           known as Eat Streat, plus other
geysers and natural hot springs,       popular food and craft markets.
as well as showcasing New
                                       Rotorua is less than two hours
Zealand’s fascinating Māori culture.
                                       to the Mt Ruapehu ski fields
Walking, mountain biking, horse        and less than an hour from the
riding, swimming and fishing are       nearest beach towns.

★ Academy New Zealand                  ★N
                                         ew Zealand School of
★ New Zealand College of Massage          Tourism
★ New Zealand Institute of Sport       ★ Yoobee School of Design

Christchurch is the largest city in    International students in
the South Island of New Zealand,       Christchurch are valued and
and the country’s third-most           embraced for the cultural
populous urban area. It has the        diversity, international
fastest growing economy in New         perspectives and life-long
Zealand and offers a diverse           friendships they bring.
range of work opportunities for
international students.

★ New Zealand School of Tourism
Dunedin is New Zealand’s city of       enormously by its students.
the south. Known as the Edinburgh      Making up 20% of the population
of New Zealand, it wears its           they help support entertainment
Scottish heritage with pride.          and cultural options well beyond
Surrounded by dramatic hills and at    the city’s size.
the foot of a long harbour, Dunedin    On Dunedin’s doorstep you will
is one of the best-preserved           find incredible wildlife including the
Victorian and Edwardian cities in      world’s rarest penguins and the
the Southern Hemisphere.               world’s only mainland breeding
Dunedin’s character is influenced      colony of Royal Albatross.

Student services
     ACG provides for the educational needs and welfare of each student

 The tutor system*                                  Orientation
 In all programmes, each student is assigned        A thorough orientation programme helps
 a tutor. The tutor supervises the study            students to settle into study life and their new
 programme and provides personalised                environment.
 support to ensure that each student’s              Students receive a handbook that includes
 academic potential is maximised.                   homestay and accommodation guidelines.
 The tutor meets regularly with each
 student, monitors progress and gives               Free iPads
 valuable advice to encourage good study            All students enrolled in ACG English School and
 habits.                                            university foundation studies programmes at ACG
                                                    receive an iPad free of charge for the duration of
 myACG parent website and
                                                    their course.
 community portal*
                                                    Students have access to a complete set of course
 ACG’s online portal provides a wide range
                                                    materials via the iPad.
 of information to help parents keep in touch
 with student learning and with the wider           Student Care Plus / Guardianship Service
 ACG school community.
                                                    An optional support and supervision service for
 Parents are given a unique login and               young students is available. The service has
 password which allows them constant                been developed in consultation with parents who
 access to specific information that relates to     want their children to be closely supervised and
 their child/ren, through a secure database.        supported by a professional adult caregiver.
 This includes:                                     The service is recommended for students under
 n Accommodation details                            15 years of age.
 n Course details, teachers’ names and daily
 timetable                                          Scholarships
 n Attendance records for each lesson               ACG Schools and Pathways programmes
 n Assessment marks                                 welcome scholarship applications from students
 n Student academic reports                         with strong academic backgrounds who have
                                                    demonstrated leadership in their current school
 n Medical and travel insurance policy and
                                                    and who are eager to make a positive contribution
   expiry date
                                                    to their ACG school. Scholarships of up to 40%
 n Student visa permit number and expiry
                                                    of tuition fees are available and students will be
   date                                             selected following submission of their application,
 *Except ACG vocational programmes.
                                                    a personal letter of support and an interview.

14                                            ACG - Study in New Zealand
Your new home
    ACG offers accommodation options to suit students of all ages*

Homestay                                             2018 ACG Homestay fee
To get the most out of experiencing New              Auckland City
Zealand life, ACG recommends homestay                Students under 18 years of age        $305 per week
accommodation. ACG students under the age            Students 18 years and over            $290 per week
of 18 are required to live with an ACG homestay
family, a parent or a designated caregiver.          Outside of Auckland
                                                     Students under 18 years of age        $295 per week
Accommodation arrangements for students
                                                     Students 18 years and over            $280 per week
under 18 years of age must meet ACG’s
                                                    ACG Homestay Plus
Each homestay family is visited, interviewed
and the home inspected before any student           ACG Homestay Plus families accommodate no
placement is made. Homestays must sign              more than two international students at a time.
a contract that details specific rules and          A bathroom is available for the student to share
standards. In addition, ACG homestay providers      with one other student.
must undergo a vetting procedure by the              2018 ACG Homestay Plus fee
New Zealand Police. ACG provides training and
                                                     Auckland City
on-going support for its approved homestays.
                                                     Students under 18 years of age        $345 per week
All students under the age of 18 are visited in
                                                     Students 18 years and over            $325 per week
their accommodation a minimum of three times
per year by a friendly ACG assessor.                 Outside of Auckland
                                                     Students under 18 years of age        $330 per week
All payments are made directly to the homestay
                                                     Students 18 years and over            $315 per week
provider from the ACG Student Fees Trust.

ACG Homestay                                        Student apartments
Standard homestay includes the student’s own        Student apartments are available for students
room with a bed, desk, adequate heating and         aged 18 years and older who seek independent
internet usage. Meals include breakfast and         living with a full range of facilities.
dinner, Monday to Friday and breakfast, lunch
and dinner on Saturday, Sunday and public/           2018 Student apartment fees: single room
school holidays. Laundry is also included. A 24/7    Approximate price             $240 to $490 per week
emergency homestay call centre is available to
                                                    For full details of accommodation fees,
help with any urgent issues that may occur.
                                                    please refer to
Most students travel to school by bus each day.

                                                    Empire Apartments, Auckland:
                                                    *ACG or its approved contractors

ACG English School
                                        Academic English

One of New Zealand’s leading language schools,           n   All ACG English School students receive an
ACG English School delivers English courses                  iPad free of charge for the duration of their
designed to meet the needs of our students.                  course. Students have access to course
We aim to maximise student progress and                      materials via the iPad.
achievement by equipping students with the               n   Courses consist of 24 hours of lessons per
English skills that best prepare them for further            week
                                                         n   The tutor system ensures that each student is
Central location with excellent facilities                   given close individual attention
ACG English School is located at 345 Queen               n   All teachers are fully qualified and registered
Street in central Auckland, near our schools,                with the Education Council of New Zealand,
university partners and vocational colleges.                 which means they are approved by the
The central location means easy access to                    Council to teach in New Zealand schools
public transport and a number of nearby                  n   Full written reports are issued each
accommodation options. The campus is
                                                             12-week cycle in addition to tutor feedback
fully equipped with modern air-conditioned
                                                             and progress reporting to students
classrooms, computer rooms, a student
                                                         nA    range of optional activities is offered outside
common room, a library and a cafeteria.
                                                             of the school day to expand the experiences
The ACG Pathways Centre                                      of ACG English School students in New
On campus, friendly and experienced staff are                Zealand.
at hand to provide information to our students
on further study at ACG or beyond.                       Intensive English
                                                         Two modules are included in the 24-hour
Key facts:                                               per week lesson option: The Core & IELTS
n   ACG English School runs all year round and           Academic English Module and the Project-
    offers weekly intakes                                based English Module.
n   Successful ACG English School students have          The Core & IELTS Academic English Module
    guaranteed entry to all programmes offered           consists of skills development along with a
    by ACG                                               focus on examination skills. The module aims
n   The minimum age is 13 (or Year 9)                    to develop English within a variety of contexts.

16                                              ACG - Study in New Zealand
The module includes:                                  Pathways to further study
n   Receptive Skills: Listening and Reading           Students who successfully complete the following
n   Productive Skills: Writing and Speaking           ACG English School levels and who meet stated
                                                      academic entry requirements have guaranteed
n    ore Language Skills: Vocabulary,
                                                      entry into all ACG schools and programmes as
    Grammar and Pronunciation
The Core and IELTS Academic English Module
consists of approximately 18 hours per week           ACG Parnell College, ACG Strathallan,
and is designed to develop English language           ACG Sunderland and ACG Tauranga
usage, language structure, vocabulary, reading,       Years 7 to 10                             Academic Level 2
listening and writing using a set topic.              Years 11 to 13                            Academic Level 3*

The Project-based English Module consists of
                                                      ACG Senior College
approximately 6 hours per week and takes the
                                                      Years 11 to 13                            Academic Level 3
skills learned in the Core and IELTS Academic
English Module and translates them into a
weekly presentation using a variety of media.         The University of Auckland
                                                      Certificate in Foundation Studies
Presentations may include:
                                                      Fast-track 8/9 months (3 terms)           Academic Level 4
n   The production of a weekly newspaper              Standard 1 year (4 terms)                 Academic Level 3
n   Student video creations                           Extended 18 months (6 terms)              Academic Level 2
n   Design and Fine Art
n   Debating                                          AUT University
n   Podcast creation                                  Certificate in Foundation Studies†
                                                      Fast-track 6 months (2 terms)             Academic Level 5
n   Public speaking ACG English Schoollevelsand
                                                      Standard 8/9 months (3 terms)             Academic Level 4
 IELTS equivalents                                    Standard Plus 1 year (4 terms)            Academic Level 3
 ACG English School’s     IELTS Equivalent            Academic English for Foundation
 Academic Level           on successful completion    3 months (1 term)                         Academic Level 2
 Level 1                  IELTS 4.0
                                                      Victoria University of Wellington
 Level 2                  IELTS 4.5
                                                      Foundation Studies Programme
 Level 3                  IELTS 5.0
                                                      Fast-track 6 months (2 terms)             Academic Level 5
 Level 4                  IELTS 5.5
                                                      Standard 8/9 months (3 terms)             Academic Level 4
 Level 5                  IELTS 6.0
                                                      Standard Plus 1 year (4 terms)            Academic Level 3

                                                      Vocational and Higher Learning Colleges** †
                                                      Level 3 and 4 Certificates                Academic Level 3
                                                      Level 5 Diplomas                          Academic Level 4
                                                      Level 6 and 7 Diplomas,                   Academic Level 5
                                                      and Bachelor Degrees

                                                      *ACG Parnell College Academic Level 4.
                                                      ** Some diploma programmes have different IELTS requirements.
                                                      † ACG English language test subject to NZQA approval

The Campbell Institute
                             General and Academic English

 The Campbell Institute is one of New Zealand’s        Why study at Campbell?
 leading English language schools, with                n   A large variety of programmes to choose
 campuses located in downtown Wellington                   from
 and in Newmarket, central Auckland.
                                                       n   Free transfer* between Wellington and
 As well as traditional communication-based                Auckland campuses for 6+ weeks of study
 general English and exam preparation classes,         n   Academic study pathways to ACG schools
 Campbell offers academic preparation for
                                                           and colleges, foundation studies and
 high school and university study, as well as
 a variety of Work and Study programmes.
                                                       n   Free one-to-one lessons for every student
 Campbell ensures that each student is
 making progress, no matter what course                Key facts
 they are studying, with regular testing and           n   Class average: 13 students
 academic reports. Furthermore, each student           n   Course length: 2–48 weeks / full time (and
 at Campbell has access to free one-to-one
                                                           part time options for holders of Visitor Visas)
 language workshops.
                                                       n   Levels: Beginner to Advanced
 Students at Campbell also enjoy a busy activity
 programme with many free daily activities
                                                       n   Ages: 14 years and over (depending on
 arranged after school, as well as weekend day             course)
 trips to local attractions, and regular overnight     n   Campuses: Wellington – downtown
 excursions to some of New Zealand’s most                  Auckland – central
 amazing locations.                                    *Conditions apply.

18                                            ACG - Study in New Zealand
Wellington Campus                                     Auckland Campus
The Campbell Institute’s first campus was             The Campbell Institute opens its new Auckland
established in Wellington in 2002. It has since       Campus in Newmarket in November, 2017.
grown to be Wellington’s largest English              The new campus is large and offers a range of
language school.                                      new courses including pathway courses into
Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city and is       ACG Schools and New Education Vocational
located in the heart of New Zealand. Sitting on a     training colleges.
stunning natural harbour and surrounded by lush       Newmarket is on the fringe of the central city
green hills, Wellington is a beautiful, vibrant and   and is a major transport hub for buses and
cosmopolitan city and region. It is also the home     trains. It is also regarded as one the premier
of NZ’s world-famous movie industry with films        shopping and entertainment districts in New
such as The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Avatar         Zealand.
and The Planet of the Apes being produced here.       The Campbell Institute is a member of Study
Campbell offers a full range of programmes            Auckland, a network of 200+ education
and levels, from General English to advanced          providers in Auckland, all of which host
international exam preparation, to work and           international students.
study programmes. Campbell also works closely
with ACG’s Foundation Programme for entry             Features
into Victoria University of Wellington, Le Cordon     n   Student numbers: 50–80 capacity
Bleu NZ and a range of other tertiary providers       n   Class average: 13 students
to provide exciting education packages and            n   Located close to Auckland CBD
                                                      n   5 classrooms
n   Free ultra-fast Wi-Fi
                                                      n   Student lunch area kitchen
n   Student lounge and cafeteria
                                                      n   Free Wi-Fi
n   Self-access learning centre
                                                      n   Free tea and coffee
n   14+ classrooms and movie room
n   Easy access to bus station, railway station,      Special courses
    supermarket, cafés, bars, restaurants,            n   General English
    theatres, waterfront                              n   High school preparation and holiday booster
Courses                                               n   Demi Au Pair programme
n   General English                                   n   IELTS exam preparation
n   IELTS Examination Preparation
n   Cambridge CAE Examination Preparation
n   Non-IELTS English Pathway into University
n   Demi Au Pair
n   High School
n   COMBO schools

The University of Auckland
                                       Certificate in Foundation Studies

     The University of Auckland                                          Faculties                                        n   Arts (including Humanities, Social Sciences,
                                                                             Cultures, Languages and Linguistics)
     The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s
     leading university and is situated in the heart of                  n   Business School (including Accounting,
     Auckland.                                                               Management, Marketing, Information
                                                                             Systems and International Business)
     The University of Auckland is ranked 81st
     among the world’s top universities,* offering the
                                                                         n   Creative Arts and Industries (including
     opportunity to gain an internationally-recognised                       Architecture, Dance, Fine Arts, Music and
     qualification through a leading research-led                             Urban Planning)
     university. It is a QS Five Stars Plus institution,                 n   Education (including Early Childhood,
     having achieved five stars in eight categories                           Primary and Secondary Teaching,
     including Research, Employability, Teaching,                            Social Work and Human Services)
     Facilities, Internationalisation and Innovation.**                  n   Engineering (including Biomedical, Civil
     The University of Auckland teaches more than 30                         and Environmental, Computer Systems,
     undergraduate programmes across 125 different                           Electrical and Electronic, and Mechatronics)
                       subjects. At postgraduate                         n   Law (including Commercial, Environmental,
                       level, there are over 130                             International and Public)
                       programmes and more than                          n   Medical and Health Sciences (including
                       170 subjects.                                         Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy and
                                                                         n   Science (including Biological, Chemical,
                                                                             Computer, Earth, Environmental,
                                                                             Food, Marine, Sport and Exercise,
                                                                             and Psychology).
     * QS World University Rankings 2017. **QS Stars rating 2017.

20                                                             ACG - Study in New Zealand
The University of Auckland                                  University pathways
Certificate in Foundation Studies                           Successful completion of the University of
The University of Auckland Certificate in                   Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies
Foundation Studies prepares international                   to prescribed standards guarantees entry
students for entry into the University’s degree             to an appropriate University of Auckland
programmes.                                                 undergraduate degree.
                                                            Students have had success gaining entry into
Key facts
                                                            Australian universities such as the Australian
n   The University of Auckland Certificate                  National University (ANU), the University of
    in Foundation Studies offers guaranteed                 Adelaide, La Trobe University and Monash
    pathways to the University of Auckland                  University.
n   The Foundation Certificate is recognised by
    all New Zealand universities                            Scholarships
n   The University of Auckland Certificate in               The top student completing the University of
    Foundation Studies takes 8 to 18 months                 Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies
    (three to six terms) to complete, depending             each term receives a NZ$5,000 scholarship
    on the student’s academic background and                towards the tuition fees in the first year of
    level of English                                        their undergraduate degree at the University
                                                            of Auckland.
n   The curriculum includes core training in
    English and independent learning skills
                                                            Academic entry requirements
n   Students select four or five subjects plus
    English for Academic Purposes (EAP)                     Successful academic experience and qualifications
n   Subjects available include:                             at Year 12 (NCEA Level 2) in NZ, Grade 12/11 (Asia),
                                                            Senior High School 3rd /2nd year, or equivalent plus
    Accounting     Art History              Economics
                                                            English proficiency as listed below.
    Calculus       Statistics               Chemistry
    Physics        Biology                  Design           Programmes
    Geography      Photography              Painting*
                                                             Fast-track: 8/9 months (3 terms) - IELTS 5.5*
                                                             Standard: 1 year (4 terms)                 - IELTS 5.0
n   A special course in Study and Information
                                                             Extended: 18 months (6 terms)              - IELTS 4.5
    Skills prepares students for study at
    university level.                                       *IELTS 6.0 with bands of 5 and above is preferred.

The University of Auckland Certificate
in Foundation Studies is taught by
ACG New Zealand International College.

*The above subjects are subject to sufficient enrolments.

            Tam from Vietnam
            I really enjoy living and studying in New Zealand.
    ACG Pathways Campus has such a good study
    environment. I like the teaching methods here which
    are varied and flexible.
    Krystal (Tam’s twin sister)
    I love it here at ACG. I feel warmly welcomed, I am
    encouraged to keep moving forward and I feel safe
    and accepted here. We learn in new ways, new
    methods. New Zealand is such a great choice.

AUT University
                                    Certificate in Foundation Studies

 AUT University                                                                   n   High-quality teaching staff with typically                                                                            smaller interactive classes
 AUT University is a contemporary New Zealand                                     n   Programmes developed in conjunction
 university focussed on providing exceptional student                                 with industry to ensure they reflect
 opportunities, learning experiences and graduate                                     current and future workforce needs
 success.                                                                         n   World-class innovative facilities
 AUT is:
                                                                                  n   Three vibrant and well-positioned
                                                                                      campuses – in Auckland (City), Manukau
 n   The 20th most international university in the world                              (South Auckland) and the North Shore
     and New Zealand’s number one international                                       (across the Auckland Harbour Bridge)
                                                                                  n   Almost 4,000 international students
 n   The second-largest university in New Zealand                                     from more than 95 countries.
 n   Ranked in the top 2% of the world’s universities**
                                                                                  Programmes of study
 n   Proud of its five star rating from QS*** for
     Internationalisation, Teaching, Graduate                                     n Art and Design
     Employability, Facilities and Inclusiveness                                  n Business
                                                                                  n Communications
 n   Offering several subjects that are ranked among the                          n Computer and Mathematical Sciences
     world’s best, including Art and Design – top 100,                            n Creative Technologies
     Accounting and Finance – top 150, and Business
                                                                                  n Education
     and Management top 200 in the world**
                                                                                  n Engineering
 n   AACSB accredited – AUT Business School is                                    n Health Sciences
     accredited by AACSB (The Association to Advance                              n Hospitality and Tourism
     Collegiate Schools of Business), which ranks it in                           n Languages and Social Sciences
     the top 5% worldwide.                                                        n Law
                                                                                  n Sciences
 AUT has:
                                                                                  n Sport and Recreation
 n   A high graduate employment rate because of its
                                                                                  n Te Ara Poutama –
     career-focussed programmes
                                                                                    Māori Development

 * 2017 Times Higher Education. **QS World University Rankings 2016/17. *** QS Stars rating 2017.

22                                                           ACG - Study in New Zealand
AUT University Certificate in                            Academic entry requirements
Foundation Studies                                     Successful academic experience and qualifications
The AUT University Certificate in Foundation           at Year 12 (NCEA Level 2) in NZ, Grade 12/11 (Asia),
Studies offers a wide range of subjects,               Senior High School 3rd / 2nd year, or equivalent plus
including:                                             English proficiency as listed below.
n English         n Accounting                           Programmes
n Economics       n Design
                                                         Fast-track: 6 months (2 terms)        - IELTS 6.0*
n Drawing         n History
n Algebra         n Calculus                             Standard: 8 / 9 months (3 terms) - IELTS 5.5
n Statistics      n Chemistry                            Standard Plus: 1 year (4 terms)       - IELTS 5.0
n Biology         n Physics                              Academic English for Foundation:
n Quantitative Methods                                   3 months (1 term) - IELTS 4.5
n New Zealand Culture and Society
                                                       * IELTS 6.0 with bands of 5 and above
n Tertiary Study Skills

The Certificate in Foundation Studies
guarantees entry into AUT University and is
accepted by all New Zealand universities and
Australian technology universities.
Since 2003, 95% of students who
completed the Certificate have received
confirmed offers of place at AUT University.
There are four study options, ranging from
6 to 15 months in length, designed to meet
the needs of each student.
The AUT University Certificate in Foundation
Studies is taught by ACG Norton College.

          Rachel from Korea
          I’m doing a Bachelor of Arts in              The AUT University Foundation programme helps
    International Studies and Chinese at AUT           you to prepare for university. One of the subjects I
    University.                                        took was Tertiary Study Skills and it was all about
    I decided to come to New Zealand because           learning how to write academic essays.
    learning in an English-speaking environment        I really like the lively atmosphere in New Zealand.
    provides access to more career opportunities in    I have met people from all over the world and
    the future.                                        Auckland has many international festivals that give
    I chose ACG because it is well known for being     you exposure to other cultures.
    a great university pathway for international       After completing the bachelor degree I’m
    students. The staff and students here are very     planning to do a graduate diploma in
    friendly and I felt really comfortable and happy   early childhood education.
    studying here.

Victoria University of Wellington
                                     Foundation Studies Programme

 Victoria University of Wellington                                              At the top                                                                 Overall, Victoria is in the top 2% of the
 Get your world-class education as an international                             world’s 18,000 universities.
 student at Victoria – New Zealand’s globally-ranked                            In 14 subject areas, Victoria is among
 capital city university.                                                       the top 1% of the world’s universities
 Studying at Victoria is a great way to build a strong                          (2017 QS World University Rankings by
 foundation for success, or take your career to the next                        Subject).
 level. You will learn from Victoria’s world-class teachers                     Victoria is ranked 46th in the world in
 and researchers and benefit from our close connections                         Law and in the top 100 universities in
 with Wellington’s business, government and scientific                          the world in eight other subjects:
 research communities.
                                                                                n Accounting and Finance
 Victoria University:                                                           n Arts and Humanities
                                                                                n Development Studies
 n   Is number one in New Zealand for research quality*
                                                                                n Education
 n   Has internationally recognised courses and degrees,                        n English Language and Literature
     ranked in the world’s top 150 universities in 16                           n Geography
     subjects**                                                                 n Performing Arts
 n   Offers a quality education modelled on the highly                          n Psychology
     successful British framework – one that emphasises
     creative thought and heightened world knowledge                            QS Stars
 n   Teaches skills for getting ahead – leadership,                             In 2016, Victoria
     communication, creative and critical thinking                              joined an elite group
                                                                                of universities from
 n   Has more than 21,000 students including 3,000
     international students                                                     35 countries that have
                                                                                achieved an amazing result of 5 stars
 n   Is a leading international research centre – this research                 overall and not only that, Victoria also
     is integrated into Victoria’s teaching programmes                          received 5 stars for each category.
 Global Rankings                                                                Victoria University’s nine faculties
 Victoria consistently ranks among the world’s best                             of study include:
 universities. In 2017, Victoria ranked 173rd in the                            n Architecture and Design
 QS World University Rankings.                                                  n Business
                                                                                n Education
 *2013 Performance-Based Research Fund. **QS World Rankings by Subject, 2017.
                                                                                n Engineering
                                                                                n Graduate Research
                                                                                n Health
                                                                                n Humanities and Social Sciences
                                                                                n Law
                                                                                n Science

24                                                           ACG - Study in New Zealand
Victoria University of Wellington                                                 The Victoria University of Wellington Foundation
Foundation Studies Programme                                                      Studies programme is registered as the ACG
                                                                                  Foundation Studies Programme and taught by
The Victoria Foundation Studies Programme                                         ACG New Zealand International College.
prepares international students for entry into
the University’s undergraduate programmes.                                        University Pathways
                                                                                  Successful completion of the Victoria
Key facts
                                                                                  Foundation Studies Programme guarantees you
n    he Victoria Foundation Studies Programme
    T                                                                             entry to an appropriate Victoria University of
    offers guaranteed pathways to Victoria                                        Wellington undergraduate degree.
    University of Wellington upon successful
    graduation                                                                    Scholarships
n    he Victoria Foundation Studies Programme
    T                                                                             Students in the Victoria Foundation Studies
    is recognised by all New Zealand universities                                 Programme with high academic grades and
                                                                                  excellent attendance, who show qualities of
n    he curriculum develops subject knowledge
                                                                                  leadership, commitment, respect and self-
    and skills as well as entrepreneurial
                                                                                  discipline, are invited to apply for a NZ$5,000
    enterprise, leadership and team skills to equip
                                                                                  scholarship towards the tuition fees in the
    students for university
                                                                                  first year of their undergraduate degree at
n    he academic year is divided into four terms
    T                                                                             Victoria. An interview panel typically awards one
    and there are four starting dates each year                                   scholarship per term.
    with 6, 8 and 12 month course options (two,
    three or four terms), depending on students’                                    Academic entry requirements
    academic background and level of English                                      Successful academic experience and qualifications
n    ubject choices include:*
    S                                                                             at Year 12 (NCEA Level 2) in NZ, Grade 12/11 (Asia),
    Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Tourism,                                    Senior High School 3rd /2nd year, or equivalent plus
    Communication, Design & Culture, Statistics,                                  English proficiency as listed below.
    Calculus, Environmental Science, Chemistry                                      Programmes
    and Physics
                                                                                    Fast-track: 6 months (2 terms)                   - IELTS 6.0**
n    pecial courses in English for Tertiary Study
    and New Zealand Culture and Society                                             Standard: 8/9 months (3 terms) - IELTS 5.5
    prepares students for study at university level.                                Standard Plus: 1 year (4 terms)                  - IELTS 5.0

*Some subjects may only be available if there are sufficient enrolments or may only be available in alternate terms. **IELTS 6.0 with bands of 5 and above.

ACG Primary, Middle and
                Senior School Programmes
         Personal achievement, examination success, proven quality

 ACG is New Zealand’s largest provider                    A clear focus on academic outcomes has enabled
 of quality private school education,                     ACG students to achieve more than 300 Top in the
 with five co-educational day schools in                  World and Top in New Zealand Cambridge International
 Auckland and Tauranga.                                   Examination awards.
 All ACG Schools offer the University of                  English language support is available at all ACG Schools.
 Cambridge International Examinations:                    ACG owns and operates international schools in
 IGCSE, AS and A Levels. ACG Senior                       Indonesia and Vietnam.
 College also offers the International
 Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. These
 qualifications are internationally                       ACG Schools offer a number of benefits
 recognised, highly respected and                         to students:
 accepted by top universities worldwide.
                                                          Internationally recognised qualifications
                                                          Accepted, respected and understood by schools and
 New Zealand education system                             universities worldwide.
                                                          A clear focus on academic achievement
     University Year 3              University            A learning environment where each student is
                                                          nurtured and challenged by ACG’s experienced and
     University Year 2
                                                          committed staff.
     University Year 1
                                                          A personalised learning experience
               Year 13
                                                          Where each student is valued and each student’s
                                    Senior                accomplishments are recognised.
               Year 12              School                A personal tutor system
                                    Ages 15 to 18+
               Year 11                                    Where each student receives assistance and
               Year 10                                    encouragement to set goals and evaluate
                 Year 9             Middle
                                    School                More teaching time
                 Year 8             Ages 11 to 14*        ACG Schools have longer lessons (70 to 85 minutes),
                 Year 7                                   to ensure individual attention and a variety of learning
                 Year 6
                                                          An online learning system
                 Year 5
                                                          ACG Schools use Blackboard online learning, through
                 Year 4             Primary               which unique and specific course and subject
                                    School                resources support the development of each student
                 Year 3             Ages 5 to 10*
                                                          while allowing for parent access and oversight.
                 Year 2
                                                          Convenient locations in Auckland and Tauranga
                 Year 1                                   With four ACG Schools strategically located around
                                                          Auckland and one in Tauranga, there is a school within
           Kindergarten / Preschool                       convenient reach for students.
                Ages 3 months to 4 years old*
                                                          Where public transport services are limited, ACG
                                                          Schools offer dedicated bus services to make access
 *International students under the age of 12 must be
   accompanied and live with parent/s.                    safe and convenient.

26                                                      ACG - Study in New Zealand
ACG Schools’ key facts:                               Cambridge International Examinations
                                                      A Level pass rates November 2016:
n   All ACG Schools are co-educational and offer
                                                      School                     % Pass
    English language support
                                                      ACG Parnell College          100
n   ACG caters for all ages, from Kindergarten to
                                                      ACG Senior College            99
    Year 13
                                                      ACG Strathallan               99
n   A strong focus on academic achievement in
                                                      ACG Sunderland                98
    each school
n   Participation in extra-curricular activities is
    encouraged and sporting success celebrated
n   The school year runs from late January to early
    December and is divided into four terms with 2
    to 3-week holidays between each and a longer
    break of 8 weeks over the New Zealand summer
n   ACG Senior College offers the IB Diploma
    Programme in addition to Cambridge
    International Examinations
n   Uniforms are worn by all ACG students
    except those enrolled at ACG Senior College

ACG Parnell College
                                  Primary to Senior School

 ACG Parnell College is located in             Key facts:
 Parnell, an inner-city area of Auckland.      n   Continuous educational path from Year 1 to Year 13
 The stunning purpose-built campus lies
 next to the Domain, Auckland’s largest
                                               n   An outstanding purpose-built school with a wide
 park.                                             range of specialist facilities

 The premises include a wide range
                                               n   An emphasis on promoting individual student
 of specialist facilities, including a             achievement with outstanding results
 gymnasium, a large library and cafeteria,     n   Easy access to Auckland’s bus and train services
 sophisticated art, technology and             n   The School develops leadership skills through
 computer rooms, drama and music                   offering students outdoor education programmes,
 rooms and science laboratories.                   a student council and, in the senior school,
 The School makes full use of its                  a student leadership system
 excellent location with nearby facilities,    n   Close to excellent sporting and cultural amenities
 such as the Parnell Tennis Club and
 Newmarket Olympic Swimming Pools.
                                               n   Year 1–12 students wear a casual uniform.
 A wide range of team sports are                   Year 13 students do not wear a uniform.
 offered, including basketball, cricket,       n   Senior students have a longer school day
 waterpolo, soccer, netball and tennis.        n   ACG’s English for Speakers of Other Languages
 ACG Parnell College students have                 (ESOL) Programme combines English language and
 enjoyed exceptional academic success.             one or more academic subjects. It aims to provide
 In the most recent examinations, the              international students from Years 7 to 13 with the
 university entrance pass rate was 99%.            English language skills required to achieve success
                                                   in a full school programme. The programme allows
                                                   for gradual integration into the mainstream classes
                                                   as students develop their English language skills.

28                                            ACG - Study in New Zealand
ACG Senior College
                             Senior School: Years 11 to 13

ACG Senior College is among New                 Key facts:
Zealand’s top academic schools. From its        n A senior school with outstanding academic
beginning in 1995 as New Zealand’s only           student achievement
specialist pre-university centre, the College
                                                n Smaller classes, a longer day and longer
has become a focus for exceptional
                                                  lessons contribute to effective student learning
educational success.
                                                n A wide range of extra-curricular and leadership
ACG Senior College is located in the heart of
                                                  opportunities are available
Auckland City, where our students enjoy the
                                                n Conveniently situated in the heart of Auckland
vibrancy and energy of city life. The College
is located in a historic building adjacent to     City
AUT University and within a short walk to       n A wide range of subjects is offered to help

the University of Auckland.                       prepare for university, including preparation for
                                                  Global Perspectives and Thinking Skills
The IB Diploma at ACG Senior                    n Students wear tidy casual clothing befitting our
College                                           pre-university status – no uniform
In addition to the Cambridge International      n ACG’s English for Speakers of Other
Examinations, ACG Senior College offers           Languages (ESOL) Programme is available to
the International Baccalaureate Diploma           international students who require additional
Programme (IBDP).                                 English support
The IBDP is an academically challenging
and balanced programme widely
recognised and respected by the world’s
leading universities.

ACG Strathallan
                             Kindergarten to Senior School

 One of the largest independent school                Key facts:
 complexes in New Zealand, ACG Strathallan            n   Continuous educational path from
 consists of an Infant Centre and Kindergarten            Kindergarten to Year 13
 (ages 3 months to 5 years), Primary School
 (Years 1 to 6; ages 5 to 10 years) and College
                                                      n   Spacious campus set in park-like grounds on
 (Years 7 to 13; ages 11 and over).                       the beautiful Hingaia Peninsula
 ACG Strathallan is a top quality educational
                                                      n   Proven academic and sporting successes on
 facility, located on the beautiful Hingaia               an international level
 Peninsula, in a scenic suburb of Auckland. The       n   A wide variety of sporting and extra-curricular
 spacious campus area provides a green and                activities, including an international hockey
 healthy environment with excellent premises,             turf, an equestrian academy and active soccer
 sports facilities and playing fields.                    teams
 The blend of modern, high-tech learning              n   Dedicated school bus service
 centres and beautiful coastal countryside            n   Students wear a traditional uniform from
 creates the perfect environment for young                Kindergarten to Year 12
 people to develop to their full potential.
                                                      n   ACG’s English for Speakers of Other
 Since its opening in 2001, ACG Strathallan               Languages (ESOL) Programme is available to
 has built an impressive record of educational            international students who require additional
 success, with students achieving outstanding             English support
 results – academically, in the arts and in a
 number of sporting fields.

30                                            ACG - Study in New Zealand
ACG Sunderland
                             Kindergarten to Senior School

ACG Sunderland is West Auckland’s              Key facts:
leading private co-educational school,         n   Continuous educational path from Kindergarten to
conveniently located five minutes from             Year 13
the North-Western motorway. Students
are able to use ACG Sunderland’s own
                                               n   Attractive modern campus on landscaped grounds
school bus service or take advantage of        n   Dedicated school bus service
Auckland’s extensive transport system.         n   Close to excellent sporting and cultural facilities
The campus comprises architecturally           n   All students wear a traditional uniform
designed premises and landscaped               n   Tutorials are offered before and after school as
                                                   well as in the second and third holiday break for
ACG Sunderland is a boutique school                the senior students to maximise their potential
which offers close individual attention to         for the end-of-year Cambridge International
each student. Class sizes are small and            Examinations
students are well-supported by excellent       n   A 100% Cambridge A2 pass rate and one of the
pastoral care and values programmes.
                                                   highest University Entrance rates in New Zealand
ACG Sunderland staff provide high                  makes ACG Sunderland an excellent choice for
levels of support, creating a unique               academic success
experience for international students. A       n   ACG’s English for Speakers of Other Languages
comprehensive range of subjects is on
                                                   (ESOL) Programme is available to international
offer while extra-curricular activities from
                                                   students who require additional English support
Music to Sport are available as well as a
strong student leadership programme.

ACG Tauranga
                              Kindergarten to Senior School

 ACG Tauranga is a school committed to              Key facts:
 providing high quality education in the Bay        n   An international curriculum and a positive
 of Plenty region. ACG Tauranga opened in               learning environment where the individual is
 February 2015 and is a secular, uniformed,             valued and each student’s accomplishments are
 co-educational day school. Currently teaching          recognised and celebrated
 Years 1 to 11, we are expanding, with a
 kindergarten scheduled to open in 2018, and
                                                    n   Innovative and engaging programmes designed
 a pathway through to Year 13 on offer from             to encourage students to think both creatively
 2019.                                                  and critically

 The spacious 14.8 hectare greenfields
                                                    n   Extension activities to challenge able students
 campus is located on a superb site in Pyes         n   Thinking Skills as part of the curriculum to
 Pa, Tauranga. We offer modern facilities and           create ordered minds and deeper understanding
 a supportive learning environment, where           n   Acknowledgement and nurturing of artistic and
 students are nurtured, challenged and                  musical talents. Special interest groups include
 extended.                                              art workshops, dance, drama, bands and an
 Our sports and health programmes enrich                annual musical production.
 learning, and artistic and musical talents are     n   Dynamic sports and health programmes to
 fostered through a diverse range of special            broaden students’ experiences and enable
 interest groups and co-curricular clubs.               lifelong participation in a variety of activities
                                                    n   ACG’s English for Speakers of Other Languages
                                                        (ESOL) Programme is available to international
                                                        students who require additional English support

32                                            ACG - Study in New Zealand
Vocational & higher
                                     learning colleges
                                              Work ready. World ready.

In a world that’s constantly changing, it pays     Group ensures students are learning the
to keep a close eye on the future. New             right skills, earning the most highly regarded
Education Group’s focus is on preparing            industry qualifications, and getting the very best
students for a fulfilling and productive career,   employment support – an approach that places
in whichever type of work they choose.             more than 80% of graduate students into careers
Across New Zealand, New Education                  or on paths to higher education each year.
Group’s colleges offer a dynamic range of          This success is driven by an ongoing
study courses – from entry level through to        commitment to innovation and quality. Hands-
diploma or degree qualifications – in Creative     on training is a key part of all programmes –
Industries and Information Technology,             students can develop skills in specialist campus
Tourism, Hospitality, Business, Trades and         facilities then practise them in the workplace
Services. The colleges across New Zealand          through internships with industry partners.
are all ranked Category 1 – the highest            Today – and tomorrow – landing the right job
accreditation awarded to training providers,       takes knowledge, skills and experience. At
which ensures students learn the practical         New Education Group, quality learning is never
skills they need, to land the job they want.       considered an end in itself – the goal is to always
Together with a wide range of employers            make sure every student is work ready and
and industry organisations, New Education          world ready.

     Hospitality, Cookery, Trades, ICT, Business and Management

 NZMA has been teaching skills for today’s           The purpose-built campus features
 workplace for over 30 years, producing some         commercial kitchens, barista stations, a
 of the best hospitality, cookery and business       student-run café, a spacious restaurant,
 professionals in the country. Our programmes        bar training areas, a large cyber suite and
 are highly respected by employers, and also by      modern computer classrooms. Tutors come
 the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA),    directly from industry, and teach the hands-
 who have given us their ultimate seal of approval   on, practical skills that students need to start
 by granting us a Category 1 ranking.                their careers in these exciting sectors.
 With campuses in Auckland and Hamilton we           Students gain relevant industry experience in
 place more than 3,000 students into meaningful      our authentic training environments and we
 employment, every year.                             have a dedicated employment team, NZMA
 NZMA Auckland City offers industry-relevant         Careers, to support them into employment.
 programmes in Business and Applied                  This team makes sure our students graduate
 Management.                                         work ready, and helps them find part-time
 NZMA Sylvia Park – home of our popular cookery      work, internships and full-time employment.
 and hospitality school – welcomes around 1,000      They also offer a post placement support
 students each year, from over 30 different          programme to help graduates in their new
 countries, including New Zealand. Students here     roles.
 study NZQA-accredited Hospitality, Cookery and      NZMA Careers has strong relationships with
 Business programmes, and can also complete          many of New Zealand’s biggest employers –
 a 600-hour paid internship as part of their         for many organisations looking for skilled
 Hospitality and Cookery Diploma training.           staff, NZMA is their first port of call.

34                                        ACG - Study in New Zealand

Certificate in Hospitality
Certificate in Hospitality (Restaurant Service)
New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management
Diploma Programme in Applied Hospitality Management
Diploma in Tourism & Hotel Management
Certificate in Cookery
Diploma Programme in Professional Cookery
Diploma in Business (Leadership & Management)
Diploma in Applied Management
Graduate Diploma in Network Security & Administration*
Diploma in Network Security & Administration*
Diploma in Engineering (Electrical/Electronic)*
For 2018 programme dates, please see page 56.
For the most up-to-date information please visit * Subject to NZQA approval.

       NZMA has laid a great foundation                                 New Zealand is a great place to study and work.
       for me in a profession I love. The                               The culture is so diverse. With so many international
skills and knowledge demonstrated by                                    students, like myself, it has given me the opportunity
the tutors has greatly influenced the way                               to meet so many new people, learn about their
I cook. I’ve been studying in Auckland for                              gastronomies and also share the cuisine from
two years now, and over that time I’ve                                  my home country.
achieved so much. I’ve just finished my                                 Michael Long South Africa
Diploma in Professional Cookery, and I’m
a Demi-Chef at the Grand Windsor 5 star
Boutique Hotel.
But the highlights for me have included
having my very own recipe featured in the
New Zealand Chef’s textbook; winning a
gold medal at the 2016 NZChef’s National
Salon, and a bronze in the 2017 NZChef’s
Regional Salon; plus working with the
New Zealand Olympic Chefs.

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