Supplementary Regulations - July 20-21, 2018 New Hampshire & Maine National Championship Series - New England Forest Rally

Supplementary Regulations - July 20-21, 2018 New Hampshire & Maine National Championship Series - New England Forest Rally
   New Hampshire & Maine

    July 20-21, 2018

        Round 4 of the

 National Championship Series
Supplementary Regulations - July 20-21, 2018 New Hampshire & Maine National Championship Series - New England Forest Rally
Supplementary Regulations

The 2018 New England Forest Rally is here again and we are excited that you will be joining us in
our second decade of running this event. Just like every year, most of the core of the rally will
remain the same and we are making a few changes here and there. That being said, please read
carefully in case we made a change that you have become accustomed to.

As in years past we continue to rely heavily on a small group of people who put in time year-round
to ensure this event goes smoothly. It is not without their long hours before, during and after the
event that we can accomplish our goals in providing you with some of the most challenging Stage
Roads in the country.

One of our largest supporters Sunday River will once again be the Rally Headquarters. We ask
that you continue to lodge with them and even buy meals and drinks around the Sunday River
property. The last few years, we have been the largest single event during the summer and we
look to continue that streak.

We have several land owners that contribute so much to our event. Seven Islands Land
Company, Wagner Forest Management and the Towns of Peru and Woodstock provide all our
Maine stages for Friday. Seven Islands and Wagner Forest Management supply the New
Hampshire and Maine Saturday stages. We fully appreciate their willingness in continuing to work
with us.

We always need to be extra careful to never speed on the recce or on transits. When driving on
the recce and transits, please be ready to pull over and stop for the logging trucks! They need to
stay in the middle of the road so they can be safe and get to the mill without delay. This is all so we
can continue to race on the best roads in the northeast.

Thank you one and all for all your assistance and cooperation in participating in
The New England Forest Rally.

Please compete safely and remember “We always enjoy ourselves!”


  New England Performance Rally, LLC
  178 Miller Rd
  Dalton, NH 03598

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Supplementary Regulations - July 20-21, 2018 New Hampshire & Maine National Championship Series - New England Forest Rally
Supplementary Regulations

      Welcome Message                                       2
      Contents                                              3
  1. Event Description                                      4
  2. Organization                                           5
  3. Jurisdiction                                           5
  4. Event Status                                           5
  5. Rally Headquarters and Official Notice Board           6
  6. Type of Event                                          6
  7. Event Schedule                                         7
  8. Exceptions to Rally Rules                              8
  9. Features of Rally                                      8
  10. Event Registration                                   10
  11. Fees and Charges                                     11
  12. Starting Order                                       11
  13. Odometer Check                                       11
  14. Scrutineering                                        12
  15. Vehicle Visual Identification                        12
  16. EZTrak Vehicle Tracking Devices                      13
  17. Autograph Session                                    13
  18. Media/Shakedown Stage                                14
  19. Reconnaissance (Recce)                               14
  20. Comparison of 2018 stages to previously run stages   14
  21. Unauthorized Practicing/Recce (Important!!!)         15
  22. General Event Running Information                    16
  23. Service Park and Servicing                           17
  24. Parc Fermé, Impound and Teardown                     18
  25. Fuel/Refueling                                       18
  26. Results and Awards                                   19
  27. Accommodations                                       20
  28. Official Merchandise Vendor                          20

      Appendix 1 – Sunday River Overall Map               21
      Appendix 2 – Sunday River Service Area Map          22
      Appendix 3 – Sunday River Maintenance Shed Location 23

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Supplementary Regulations - July 20-21, 2018 New Hampshire & Maine National Championship Series - New England Forest Rally
Supplementary Regulations

1. Event Description
The New England Forest Rally is to be held on July 20-21, 2018. It will start and finish at the
Sunday River Resort located in Newry, Maine.

Friday’s Maine Regional Rally will have four traditional stages totaling approximately 38 miles of

Saturday’s New Hampshire Regional Rally will have nine stages of approximately 75 miles.
These will be generally fast stages, with some fast to twisty changes in character throughout each
stage; as well as the traditional Magalloway Stages to continue with our long tradition of these
most memorable stages.

The two-day, National, New England Forest Rally comprises both regional rallies above.

Parc Exposé will be located in the South Ridge Parking Lot 2 at the Northwest end of the Sunday
River Resort just outside the South Ridge Welcome Center.

Service Parks will be located on Friday in South Ridge Parking Lot 3, just Northwest of the
Trails End restaurant at Sunday River and on Saturday in Errol, NH at the grass field, adjacent to
the JML Trucking facility.

There will be optional remote refuel areas on both Friday and Saturday.

The route is contained in an area 60 miles to the North and 60 miles to the East and West of
Bethel, Maine. Maps will be included in the front of the route book.
The route is approximately 440 miles long with approximately 112 miles of special stages.
The altitude of the area covered ranges from 600 Feet (200 Meters) to 2000 Feet (600 Meters)
in height.

Most of the stages are 1½ lane, groomed, logging roads. Some are being used as access for
current logging operations and all are on gravel with short stretches of asphalt. The roads tend to
be fast and may ‘cut-up’ in some softer areas. Friday’s stage, Concord Pond will again be run mid-

Remember, we always enjoy ourselves!

Please see: online for information prior to the event.

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Supplementary Regulations - July 20-21, 2018 New Hampshire & Maine National Championship Series - New England Forest Rally
Supplementary Regulations

2. Event Organization
                                    Chris Regan -
                                    (203) 979-3196

Rallymaster/Clerk of the Course     Mark Williams –
Chief of Worker Registration        Mark Kerrigan -
Registrar for Workers               Jackie Manock -
Chief of Controls                   Matt Kennedy -
Chief of Communications             Tim Carter -
Chief of Emergency Services         Peter Villaume -
Chief of Scoring                    Mike Gibeault -
Chief of Scrutineering              Don Taylor -
Chief of Service Areas              Kathy Moody –
Chief of Sweep                      Ryan Connary -
Chief of Spectator Safety           Will Koscielny -
ARA Series Manager                  Doug Shepherd -
Press Officer                       Craig Zurhorst -
Rules, Licensing, etc.    
Competitor Registrar                Jackie Manock -
                                    Pam Bowman-
Senior Steward                      JB Niday-
Steward                             TBD
Steward                             Rod Hendricksen

3. Jurisdiction
The rally will be held under the current American Rally Association Rules & Bulletins, as amended
by these Supplementary Regulations.
These publications are available from the American Rally Association web site, whose address is
listed below, and will be available for scrutiny at rally headquarters.
                           American Rally Association

4. Event Status
The New England Forest Rally counts towards:

      American Rally Association National Championship
      American Rally Association East Series Championship
      North American Rally Championship

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Supplementary Regulations

5. Rally Headquarters and Official Notice Board
All activities, unless otherwise indicated, take place at various Sunday River Resort facilities.
The Sunday River Resort is located in Newry, Maine. Maps are available through Google; use
them to find specific locations referenced in these Supplementary Regulations and in the Service

Headquarters on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, before the start of the rally, will be at the South
Ridge Welcome Center of Sunday River and will be open at times listed in the Schedule and
Appendices. Recce Registration will take place on Wednesday Evening at the Grand Summit
Resort Hotel at times listed in the Schedule and Appendices.

The OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARD will be located at the rally headquarters registration area until
after the last car has started on Saturday morning. At that time, the Board will be moved to the
Errol Service area. It will remain there until the last car has departed for the last Stage at which
time, it will be situated at the Sunday River Southridge Slopeside Patio.

6. Type of Event
This is a performance rally consisting of approximately 13 day stages, to be run over closed roads,
linked by transit sections with liberal time allowances. All competitive driving will be on gravel

The Official Route Book will include distances and tulip diagrams. Timing will be in seconds and
tenths of seconds. Stage Notes will be provided in a separate book.

Organizers reserve the right to change the number of stages and exact stage/transit mileage
within a reasonable margin. If it is changed, a competitor’s bulletin will be issued.

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Supplementary Regulations

7. Event Schedule          The organizers reserve the right to make changes to this schedule.

                       Friday April 27, 2018
                       Beginning of Early Entry
                       Monday July 9, 2018
                       Beginning of Late Entry (Late Fees Apply)
                       Wednesday July 18, 2018
    7:00pm – 10:00pm   Reconnaissance Registration                  Grand Summit
                       Thursday July 19, 2018
    7:00am – 8:00pm    Reconnaissance                               One or two pass recce
    8:00am             Service Park Opens                           South Ridge Parking Lot 3
    12:00pm – 7:30pm   Scrutineering – Closes promptly at 7:30pm    Maintenance Shed/Sunday River
    4:00pm – 8:00pm    Competitor, Service Crew and Worker          South Ridge Welcome Center
                       Registration                                 Rally Village Headquarters
    6:00pm – 8:00pm    Media/Shakedown Stage                        TBD
    8:00pm             Stewards Meeting                             South Ridge Welcome Center
    8:30pm             Seeded Draw for Starting Position            South Ridge Welcome Center
    8:30pm – 9:30pm    Novice Competitor School                     South Ridge Welcome Center
                       Friday July 20, 2018
    6:00am – 9:00am    Competitor & Service Crew Registration       South Ridge Welcome Center
    6:30am – 8:00am    Worker Registration                          South Ridge Welcome Center
    7:00am – 8:30am    Scrutineering – By Appointment Only          Maintenance Shed/Sunday River
    7:30am – 8:00am    General Workers Meeting                      South Ridge Welcome Center
    8:00am – 9:00am    Team Worker Meetings                         South Ridge Welcome Center
    8:00am – 9:00am    Media Registration                           South Ridge Welcome Center
    9:00am             Media Meeting                                South Ridge Welcome Center
    9:30am             Parc Exposé Opens                            South Ridge Parking Lot 2
    10:00am            All cars must be in Parc Exposé              South Ridge Parking Lot 2
    10:15am            Drivers Meeting                              South Ridge Parking Lot 2
    11:01am            Start of New England Forest Rally            South Ridge Parking Lot 2
                       Start of Maine Regional Rally
    7:00pm (Approx)    First Car Finishes Day One                   South Ridge Welcome Center
    8:30pm             Stewards Meeting                             South Ridge Welcome Center
                       Saturday July 21, 2018
   6:30am – 7:00am     Late Registration for Saturday Regional      South Ridge Welcome Center
   7:00am              Parc Expose Opens                            Parc Expose Parking Lot 2
   7:30am              Drivers Meeting for Saturday Only Regional   South Ridge MTC Out Location
   7:30am              All Competitors Due Into Park Exposé         South Ridge Welcome Center
   8:15am              Start of Day 2 New England Forest Rally      South Ridge Parking Lot 2
                       Start of New Hampshire Regional Rally        Rally Village
   7:30pm              Finish of Rally - First Car Due              South Ridge Welcome Center
                       (Sunday River Barbecue Opens)                Slope Side Patio
   8:30pm              Stewards Meeting                             South Ridge Welcome Center
   8:30pm (Approx)     Podium Ceremony/Champagne Spray              South Ridge Slope Side Patio
   7:30pm to 10:30pm   Awards Ceremony and Party                    South Ridge Welcome Center
                       (Upon Final Results bein                     And Camp Restaurant
                       g Official)

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Supplementary Regulations

8. Exceptions to Rally Rules
Some Chicanes must be entered from the left side (layout will be provided in Route Book).
Addition to Chicane penalties (see Chicane Bulletin).
MPL for each Section will be 15 minutes (5 Sections). MPL will revert to zero at the beginning of
each Section.
Stage Emergency Times. See Section 22 of these Supplementary Regulations.

9. Features of the Rally
         The un-posted SPEED LIMIT on gravel roads is 30 mph. Adherence to speed limits will
          be monitored through EZTrak.
         Speeding fines will be enforced per RCR 1.2.1. Speeding is defined as 6mph or more
          over the SPEED LIMIT.
         Official time will be available at Registration on Friday.
         QUIET ZONES are to be traversed at 5 mph below the posted speed limit, using low
          beams and ‘being quiet’.
         If a control issues a time that the competitor believes to be in error, the competitor will
          point out the problem to the control worker and request a correction. If the dispute
          cannot be solved immediately, the worker will, on request, initial the time and note the
          nature of the dispute in the Control Log. Competitor scoring inquiries will follow ARA
         All INCIDENTS/ACCIDENTS must be reported on the appropriate forms; forms are
          printed in the Route Book. It is the responsibility of the competitor to hand the completed
          form to one of the Stewards.
         All rally officials and their delegates are Judges of Fact.
         Please do not block side roads or driveways while waiting to check into an ATC.
         All competitors are advised to commit the paragraph in the ARA RCRs (5.15) concerning
          Red Cross usage to memory. Remember, all stages are hot unless stopped by a red

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Supplementary Regulations

         When stage roads are run twice, if you stop or are stuck on course your car will be left in
          a safe location until after the second running of the stage.
         For Teams running only the Saturday Regional rally there will be a mandatory driver’s
          meeting at 7:30am at the MTC Out.
         Any circumstances not covered by these Supplementary Regulations and the ARA Rules
          and Bulletins shall be decided by the Chairman, Rallymaster/Clerk of the Course, and/or
          the Stewards, as applicable.

   The Novice Competitor School will be located at the South Ridge Welcome Center.
   Shakedown will be short for novices attending the school.
      Per ARA, a Novice Driver is defined as one who has completed four or fewer special
      stage rallies as a Driver and has not yet been signed off by the relevant ARA series
      For the purposes of determining Novice Driver status, a rally must meet the following
      a) It must be sanctioned by ARA, Rally America, NASA Rally Sport, CARS, or any
      other sanction body deemed acceptable by the relevant ARA series manager.
      b) It must be at least 30 stage miles.
      c) When a national rally has multiple supporting regional rallies, only the national rally
      or the regional rallies count, not both.

All personnel connected with the rally MUST sign the WAIVER at Registration and wear their
wristband at all times until the conclusion of the event. Competitors and Service Crew Members
must be able to show their wristbands or hardcards whenever necessary. New Service Crew
Licenses will be available at Registration at a cost of $10.00 each or $30 annually and can be
acquired in advance at

Commencement of Rally Participation: Once team members have signed the waiver, for the rally
or the recce, they have begun their participation in the event and are subject to the regulations,
rules of conduct and penalties established in the ARA Rulebook and these Supplementary

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Supplementary Regulations

10. Event Registration
Entry and Entry Fees
Entries and entry fees shall be submitted online at You may contact Nikki
at for help with the online entry system.

Complete the ARA Registration Form
Entrants may confirm receipt of entry payment by emailing the Registrar at
Entries are not considered complete until payment is received.

The completed ARA registration must accompany the entry fee. The waiver must be signed by the
driver, co-driver, and all service crew by the close of registration. All applicable documents must
be presented at registration and must be valid on the days of the event. Rally licenses must be
obtained prior to the start of competition and are available at

Maximum Number of Entries
The maximum number of entries will be 75. If more than 75 entries are received, entry will be
determined on a “first pay / first serve” basis (i.e. payment must be received before your entry is
considered. A wait list will be utilized. The organizer reserves the right to allow more entries.

Withdrawal of Entry
Withdrawal of an entry MUST be made in writing to the NEFR Competitor Registrar: before the opening of registration.

Refund Policy
An entry may be withdrawn:
       (a) without penalty, up to 48 hours before the start of registration;
       (b) with up to 25% of the entry fee in penalty, less than 48 hours before the start of
       registration (percentage at the organizer's discretion);
       (c) with up to 100% of the entry fee in penalty after the opening of registration (percentage
       at the organizer's discretion).
The withdrawal shall be made by telephone or electronic means. An entrant or competitor
accepted to take part in a competition who withdraws other than in the above manner or who does
not take part in that competition but takes part in another on the same day may be held in violation
of the ARA GCRs.

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Supplementary Regulations

11. Entry Fees and Charges
Entry fees are detailed in the table below. Payments may be made at

  Entries                           Early                Late
  Received date                     Before 7/9/18        7/9/18 or later
  Regional Double Play              $900                 $1000
  New England Forest Rally          $1500                $1700
  NEFR National and Regional        $1600                $1800
  Combined Entry

  Entry Fee includes:
  1 Competitor’s Official Route Book
  1 Service Crew Book
  1 Stage Notes [Second copy available, at additional cost, upon request]
  1 Recce
  1 Rally Plate
  2 Awards Barbecue tickets
  Late Entry Fees - Entries will be accepted at the Early Fee though 11:59pm on July 9, 2018.
  Entries that are not paid in full at this time will be charged the Late Entry Fee. Entries submitted
  on the day of the event must be paid in cash or check.

12. Starting Order
Starting order will be determined in accordance with ARA rules and posted on the official notice
board as soon as possible after the Close of Registration.

The initial STARTING ORDER will be determined on the basis of the ARA Speed Index and
available relevant competition experience. Cars qualified to start in the first group will be started
per ARA Rule 9.1.3, based on the draw Thursday evening.

A reseed will be done after Friday’s competition.

13. Odometer Check
An odometer check is included in the Route Book

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Supplementary Regulations

14. Scrutineering/Tech
Scrutineering will be held at the Sunday River maintenance shed, indicated on the map and
during the times mentioned in the schedule. Competitors must present their vehicle log books at
technical inspection. Only vehicles that have successfully passed Scrutineering will be permitted to
participate in the shakedown stage and the event.

Please arrive no later than 7:15 pm on Thursday as Scrutineering needs time to check your car
and they will close promptly at 7:30 pm. Please schedule with them if you need to have them
available on Friday morning or Saturday morning for a re-entry inspection.

NOTE: Log books will only be issued by prior appointment at Scrutineering.
Please book an appointment with Don Taylor ahead of time.

You may go to Tech before Registration. TECH FORMS will be available at Tech!

Location of Scrutineering
The location of the Sunday River Maintenance Shed where scrutineering will take place is up the
hill behind Rally HQ (South Ridge Welcome Center). There is a small road uphill just to the left of
the Welcome Center as you look at it. Please see Appendix 3 for a map of this location.

15. Vehicle Visual Identification
Competitor ID packages, including ARA door panels, series sponsor’s decals,
windshield decals, and number packages should be purchased in advance online at Advance purchases receive 33% off. Only a limited quantity will be
available for purchase at the event and will be full price. There may also be event sponsors who
require their stickers to be placed on competing vehicles.

Sponsors are entitled to receive the full benefit of their advertising. Please show your appreciation
of their support by displaying their advertising with pride. Competitor ID materials and event
sponsor decals must be applied to the satisfaction of the Scrutineer.

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Supplementary Regulations

16. EZTrak Vehicle Tracking Devices
The American Rally Association is equipping all competitors and course cars at the 2018 New
England Forest Rally with EZTrak vehicle tracking devices. These devices will enable event
officials to know your location and movement status in real time and to be automatically alerted of
any irregularities (e.g. you have come to a stop on an active stage). They will also enable
everybody who has access to the Internet to follow your movements and unofficial stage times at A free iOS or Android smartphone app is also available on this
same Web page, or you can search for ARARally in the Apple app store or in Google Play.

Distribution. At reconnaissance registration you will be given two EZTrak devices to place in your
recce car. You must transfer these devices to your rally car prior to entering the Friday morning
Parc Exposé.

Installation. Instructions for where and how to instal the EZTrak devices in your recce car and in
your rally car are provided in Appendix 4 of these Supplemental Regulations.

Operation. The tracking devices perform all of their monitoring, motion analysis, and reporting
functions automatically with no user interaction.

Return. The two EZTrak devices will be removed either immediately prior to or immediately after
MTC4 IN at the South Ridge Welcome Center at the end of the event. If you DNF while on an
active stage one of the sweep vehicles will remove the devices from your rally car if it is clear that
you will not be re-starting. If you DNF elsewhere you must return your 2 devices to any control
marshal at a Service Area or at MTC4 IN. Your vehicle log book will be held until your EZTrak
devices have been returned.


17. Autograph Session
An informal Autograph Sessions will be held at Parc Exposé on Friday beginning at 10am. Please
remain at or near your cars through Parc Exposé for this opportunity to sign autographs.
Remember that the kids especially appreciate the interaction with the competitors and appreciate
the autographs immensely.

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Supplementary Regulations

18. Media/Shakedown Stage
There will be a combined Media/Shakedown Stage for competitors; More detailed information will
be provided in a bulletin.

Event registration and Scrutineering must be completed before entering the shakedown stage.
All competition safety gear & competition driving suits is required of drivers and co-drivers. Media
“ride alongs” will be required to have been properly registered and wear helmet and head and neck
restraints meeting the requirements of Article 1 of the ARA Technical Rules.

19. Reconnaissance (Recce)

The Stage Notes and recce instructions will be handed to competitors at recce registration
Wednesday evening or at 7:00AM Thursday in the lobby of the Grand Summit at Sunday River.
The two-pass recce will take approx. 14 hours; the one-pass about 9 hours. The Recce is NOT a
convoy; you may proceed at your own pace. The instructions will give you a reasonable time
schedule so that you can monitor your pace as you go along. The cover sheet will tell you of
important items that you must do and follow!
EZTrak must be in your recce car; it will monitor your compliance with the reconnaissance rules
(e.g. speeds, number of passes, etc). Unless posted, the speed limit on dirt roads is 30 MPH!

Vehicles used in reconnaissance must be normal street vehicles with no lettering, advertising or
other markings/customizations which would call attention to the vehicle. Exhausts must be quiet.
The Clerk of the Course will be the final arbiter of the suitability of a vehicle intended to be used
for reconnaissance.

It is customary that only the driver and co-driver are allowed in the vehicle during recce. Additional
passengers are not allowed unless they are a registered driver or co-driver in this event. Recce
requires a lot of concentration to do it well, any distractions would put teams at a disadvantage.

Stage notes will be provided to all teams regardless of the number of recce passes they perform.

20. Comparison of 2018 stages to previously run stages
Concord Pond         Same as 2016 & 2017 Short Deviation
South Arm            Same as 2016 & 2017 Additional chicane
Icicle Brook         Same as 2016 & 2017
Wilson Mills         Same as 2017             Additional chicane
Aziscohos            Same as 2016 & 2017
B-17                 Same as 2016 & 2017
Sturtevant Long      Same as 2016 & 2017
Sturtevant Short     Same as start and finish of Sturtevant Long; a 200 yard ‘short-cut’ in the
                     middle to link the start and finish pieces together. Same as 2017
North Rd             Same as 2016 & 2017

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Supplementary Regulations

21. Unauthorized Practicing / Recce (IMPORTANT!!!)
The New England Performance Rally, LLC (NEPR) has worked very hard with the various
landowners to obtain the right to use their land for stage roads. One must remember these stage
roads are private, active, logging roads. Logging trucks are paid to deliver logs. To do so safely
they travel the middle of the road. Every landowner has made it clear, if we have a repeat of past
problems, e.g. trespassing, their land will be closed for good. No more New England Forest

NEPR has agreed to notify all Participants - Drivers, Crew & Workers of the following:
The landowner’s roads are CLOSED for any rally related purpose at all times throughout the year
except for date & times approved for the NEFR. Anyone found on the roads at any other time will
be banned from competing in NEPR, LLC’s Rallies under Article 2.3 of the ARA rules. If you desire
to use any of these landowner’s roads for testing, you must have prior written permission from the
landowner with a copy to NEPR, LLC clearly stating the Date, Time and Road. The landowners
reserve the right to set conditions on said use which may include a road use fee or actual denial of

The Rallymaster/Clerk of the Course shall be the sole arbiter of any potential violation. The official
Media/Shakedown Stage provided to competitors is not considered a violation during its official
hours of operation. Participation in the official reconnaissance when provided is not considered a
violation during its scheduled times.
Before the event, competitors and service crews are free to travel on any paved road getting to
and from hotels, fuel stations, meals, etc. During the event small detours from the service route,
for service, vehicle fuel, food, etc. are allowed, as long as all travel is on asphalt roads. All
unpaved (dirt/gravel) roads within an 80-mile radius of Sunday River Rally Headquarters are off
limits to all competitors.

New England Forest Rally                                                     Page 15 of 24
Supplementary Regulations

22. General Event Running Information
Pre-Event Parc Exposé
The Parc Exposé Friday will be at Sunday River, in the South Ridge Parking Area, Lot 2.
Competitors must be in position by the scheduled time at the latest (to avoid a monetary $100.00
penalty). Refueling is to be done in the authorized Refueling Area.

Please see the schedule for drivers meeting times and location.

Friday Evening Scoring
Informational Scores for Friday and Restart times for Saturday stages will be available at approx.
8:30pm and will be posted at the Sunday River Grand Summit and the South Ridge Welcome

Saturday Morning Restart
There will be a Parc Exposé on Saturday morning, drivers are requested to line up in their starting
order for checking into MTC 3 on your appropriate minute. Time cards will be available at this
MTC for the running of the first section of Saturday’s stages.

Turnaround Stages
Due to many circumstances beyond our control it is necessary that we use one Turnaround again
this year. Please follow the marshal’s advice in parking your vehicles in an orderly fashion to be
ready for the restart.

Once competitors clear the end of the “Control Zone” they are free to work on their cars-with
equipment and parts carried therein. Competitors must be ready to restart at their IDEAL START
time, although their actual restart time will depend on Course Opening.

National & Regional Cars DNFing
Regional Teams DNFing on Friday may restart the Rally on Saturday by entering the Saturday
National Teams may restart according to the ARA RCRs (6.3).
In order to be included in the re-seed, all teams must notify Scoring of their intention to restart
before 9PM Friday. Those failing to do so may be seeded at the rear, regardless of speed. Making
a note on the bottom of their surrendered time card is an acceptable means of notifying scoring of
the intent to restart the next day.

Stage Emergency Times
When a special stage becomes a transit instead of a timed competition (for example due to the
stage being stopped because of an incident on the stage) you must use the stage Emergency
Time given on the Time Card as the transit time through the stage instead of the Lateness Time for
that stage.

New England Forest Rally                                                   Page 16 of 24
Supplementary Regulations

23. Service Park and Servicing
All service personnel directly associated with the competitors must sign the waiver and have a
wristband. Note that anyone working on a rally car in a service area that does not have a
wristband will subject that team to the penalties associated with illegal servicing.
Service area marshals will also inspect team personnel for wristbands. All personnel traveling into
a service area in a vehicle displaying a Service Vehicle or Over-Crew Vehicle Pass are required to
have wristbands as a condition of admittance. Scoring will have a supply of waiver forms and
Information in the service Route Book will contain locations, designated routes to follow, scheduled
service times and other pertinent information. In the absence of explicit written exceptions, service
personnel are restricted in their movement during the rally to the official service route.
Service work on rally cars before or after the event in the GRAND SUMMIT area at Sunday River
may only be accomplished in LOT 8, which is the large dirt parking lot on the left just before
entering the Grand Summit parking areas. All trailers must be parked at Lot 8 only.
Each team will receive two Service Vehicle Passes and two ‘Over-Crew’ Passes; the ‘Over-Crew’
Pass will allow parking at a separate area near the service area in Errol.
A vehicle is considered a car, van, truck or a trailer. For TRAILER’s (up to 24’ long, whether the
trailer is loaded or not) you need TWO service vehicle passes (one for the puller and one for the
pullee)! If you have a ‘big’ truck (longer than 24’) then you will need to use both your service
passes for that one vehicle as well. Extra service vehicle passes will be available for purchase at
registration for $200.00 each; over-crew passes will be available for $50.00.
Please confirm with Kathy Moody, our Service Area Coordinator by emailing her
at: ( if you have an extra-long vehicle that requires additional room in the
Service Parks. Planning ahead of time is always a smart idea!
Only service vehicles displaying the Service Vehicle Pass will be allowed to enter the service
areas; the passes will have the competitor’s number and vehicle license number on them.
Please read and comply with the above sentence BEFORE arriving at the service park entrance.
Vehicles in service areas failing to display their assigned service vehicle passes will be fined
$200.00 each occurrence.
Full coverage ground sheets MUST be used at all times; jack stands with flat bottoms or 12” X 12”
platforms under the stands must be used.

Errol Service Area
The Errol Service Park is located 1.2 miles North of LL Cote in the town of Errol in the field
adjacent to JML Trucking. Service spots generally will not be pre-assigned. We have allowed
space commensurate with the known service vehicle sizes from past events. Please follow the
Service Area Marshal’s instructions when setting up your service location. Both the Service Park
and additional parking locations are on the right side of the highway as you travel north

A re-fueling location will be included in the “Truck Yard” adjacent to the service area.

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Supplementary Regulations

24. Impound and Teardown
All vehicles are subject to inspection by the Technical Inspection team at any time during the rally.
This team is aware of the running schedule, and transit times are such to allow the Technical
Inspection team to complete their during-event checks without exposing a competitor to road
All finishing competition vehicles will be directed to an Impound Area at the final MTC. Vehicles so
directed are required to remain in the Impound Area until released by the Event Steward or his
designee or referred for additional inspection as required.
Selected vehicles may also be subject to a tear-down.

25. Fuel/Refueling
While the rally is in progress (Opening of the Service Area at Sunday River on Thursday until
the finish of the rally on Saturday) refueling may only be conducted in official rally Fuel Depots.
Competitors may use a normal public gas station along the transit route if necessary.

Refueling may never be done in a Service Area, regardless of whether the area is active at
the time or not.

Fuel Depots are usually located adjacent to Service Areas. Refueling will typically be upon exiting
a service area; you will refuel during the Regroup.

Fuel Depots are considered “Hot Areas”. The following Fuel Depot requirements must be
observed (to satisfy State Fire Marshall requirements):
    Only registered drivers, co-drivers and service crew are allowed in the Fuel Depot.
    All parties in the Fuel Depot must wear long pants and closed toe shoes.
    Teams must man a fire extinguisher (minimum 5 Lb. / 40 BC) during refueling.
    All refueling must be done on a protective tarp. Teams must have absorbent pads to
      clean up any fuel spills before leaving the Fuel Depot.
While in the Errol area please Use the LL COTE PUMPS for your Service Vehicles and personal
transport, located on the East side of Route 26 as they are our sponsor !
   (The Irving pumps located across the intersection from LL Cote’s building are NOT our sponsor’s facility.)
Optional Re-Fueling Friday after SS #4
The optional fueling near the end of the day on Friday is located at the ball field parking lot
(Grimaldi Ball Field), just after turning Right onto Route 120 in the town of Andover, ME.

Optional Re-Fueling on Saturday after SS #7 and #9
These optional fuelings are in the DOT Lot in Wilson Mills, ME. on Rt 16, 15 mi north of Errol, N.H.
Directions to this Lot are in the Service Instructions.

Small vehicles only will be able to take part in these areas; no large service trucks will be
accommodated. These remote refuels will be monitored. Please enter these locations in an
orderly manner. Please remember there is no service allowed in these areas; it is Fuel Only.

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Supplementary Regulations

Fuel Delivery
We are happy to welcome VP Fuels back as the Official Fuel of ARA. VP will be onsite to deliver
pre-ordered fuel. Time, location and ordering information will be announced in a Bulletin.

Fuel Distances
                                 Transit Distance                 Stage Distance
Start to S1                      70mi                             11mi
S1 to Remote Refuel              50mi                             26mi
Remote Refuel to S2              24mi                             -
Restart to refuel                38mi                             -
Refuel to Remote Refuel          38mi                             24mi
Remote Refuel to S3              32mi                             14mi
S3 to Remote Fuel                19mi                             8mi
Remove Refuel to S4              40mi                             24mi
S4 to Finish                     41mi                             4mi

26. Results and Awards
Results will be posted in accordance with ARA rules.
Awards will be presented for the class (3 cars per class required to make a regional class) and
overall finishers of the Regional and National events
Saturday’s Finish will be on the slope side of the South Ridge Welcome Center. The Champagne
Spray will be adjacent to the Patio in front of the Sunday River Chondola.
A Barbecue and Bar will be available and is open to the Public. Drivers and co-drivers will each
receive a barbecue ticket. Additional tickets are available for team members and the Public for
$20.00 and may be purchased at registration or at the door.

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Supplementary Regulations

27. Accommodations          (Mention New England Forest Rally)
  Official Event Host:
      Sunday River Resort
      *For the best rates make sure you use the reservation code: 85U2RT

  Additional Lodging, Dining and Things to do Information:
     Bethel Chamber of Commerce

      Androscoggin Valley Chamber of Commerce

      Rumford Chamber of Commerce

      Norseman Inn and Motel
      134 Mayville Road (Route 2)
      Bethel, Maine 04217

      Bethel Inn & Golf Resort

      Bethel Outdoor Adventure & Campground

  29. Official Merchandise Vendor
  The Ink Factory is New England Forest Rally’s official merchandise vendor. They will be onsite
  at the South Ridge Lodge parking lot during the Rally.

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Supplementary Regulations

                    Appendix 1 – Sunday River Overall Map

New England Forest Rally                              Page 21 of 24
Supplementary Regulations

              Appendix 2 – Sunday River Service Area Map

New England Forest Rally                            Page 22 of 24
Supplementary Regulations

     Appendix 3 – Sunday River Tech/Maintenance Shed Location

New England Forest Rally                        Page 23 of 24
Supplementary Regulations

                 Appendix 4 – EZTrak Installation Guidelines

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