Supporting Professionals to Improve the Performance of the NHS - By helping make the NHS more efficient, we ensure that more money reaches patient ...

Supporting Professionals to Improve the Performance of the NHS - By helping make the NHS more efficient, we ensure that more money reaches patient ...
Supporting Professionals to Improve
the Performance of the NHS
By helping make the NHS more efficient, we
ensure that more money reaches patient care
on the front line.
Supporting Professionals to Improve the Performance of the NHS - By helping make the NHS more efficient, we ensure that more money reaches patient ...
Delivering efficiency; maintaining quality
Working with more than 300 NHS organisations, and
with over 20 years’ extensive experience of helping the
public sector evolve, we build lasting partnerships that
are based on trust, responsibility and reliability.

A Complete Offering of                           “Capita was able to draw upon best practice        Our people live and work in the communities
                                                                                                    they serve, so they have a deep understanding
Support Services                                 and their experience of advising other
                                                 organisations across a wide range of areas.        of the unique issues, challenges and real needs
                                                 They helped to constructively challenge the        of those communities and a vested interest in
As a British company, we understand the
                                                 existing status quo and then rolled their          their long-term sustainable health.
special part that the NHS plays in people’s
lives. We already work with over 300 NHS         sleeves up to help deliver practical changes
organisations, and provide a wide variety of     and skills on the ground.”                         We have pioneered new ways of working
                                                                                                    across our businesses, but we relentlessly seek
services and flexible outsourcing across the
                                                             Julie Burgess - Chief Executive,       better, smarter solutions that respond to ever-
front, middle and back office.
                                                    Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals           changing priorities and local needs.
With increased local accountability for public                        NHS Foundation Trust
                                                                                                    Renowned for their ability to deliver
wellbeing, healthcare commissioning and
                                                 Provider Challenges                                efficiency gains while improving quality, our
provision, how can the NHS improve outcomes
                                                                                                    services have established our reputation for
and patient experience whilst also reducing
                                                 Acute providers are under pressure from a          increasing productivity and reducing costs. We
overhead costs?
                                                 number of directions – price cuts, reductions in   establish lasting partnerships based on trust,
                                                 activity, increasing competition and demand        responsibility and reliability.
While the Government has committed to
protecting the NHS, the cost of an ageing and    for greater choice. They face significant
                                                 challenges to deliver clinically and financially   Our advisory work understands how our
growing population, as well as advances in
                                                 viable services, both now and in the medium        hospital provider clients fit into the local and
medicine and technology, present real
                                                 and long term.                                     regional health economy, both now and into
budgetary challenges. These increasing costs
                                                                                                    the future. We deliver clinically and financially
have to be covered through efficiency savings.
                                                 The NHS relies on the professionalism and          balanced service transformation that is
                                                 dedication of those who work on the front line     sustainable, rooted in evidence, and supported
Our commitment to the NHS is driven
                                                 and who face unique challenges every day.          by effective engagement.
by a wish to improve quality in all we
do. Capita supports NHS organisations,           Working with them as a trusted partner, and
delivering services and advice which either      drawing on our 20 years of experience in the
directly aid frontline health care delivery or   public sector, our role is to help make their
improve effectiveness and efficiency.            lives a bit easier.
Supporting Professionals to Improve the Performance of the NHS - By helping make the NHS more efficient, we ensure that more money reaches patient ...
Improving patient experience
and reducing costs in the NHS

Capita - helping make                                                                                    As cash becomes tighter, and ever more
                                                      Capita supports hospitals in making                dependent on outcome-based measures such
change happen
                                                      operational improvements, releasing                as patient satisfaction and readmission rates,
                                                      more money to patient care. We help                similar improvements will be necessary for
The NHS is there to serve people who are sick,
                                                      realise greater efficiency through more            NHS organisations.
injured or in need of care. We see our role as
doing everything we can to help make their            effective estate management, the
                                                                                                         We understand that outcomes, patient
experience of the NHS as good as possible.            implementation of new technologies,                experience, safety and care will remain the
                                                      the streamlining of back-office proc-              priorities for the NHS, despite the greater
One of the largest single challenges for NHS
                                                      esses, the redesigning of care pathways            focus on savings and efficiencies.
providers is the management of the
administrative (non-clinical) aspects of patient      and the delivery of managed services.
                                                                                                         The evidence from other sectors indicates that
                                                                                                         administrative transformations, enabled by
                                                    A large proportion of NHS costs are involved in      flexible partnerships, can make a material
This includes the management of bookings,
                                                    administrative functions. In fact, it is estimated   difference in all of these areas.
receptions, clerking, issue of discharge letters,
                                                    that the total spend on back office functions is
clinical coding, medical records, complaints,
                                                    £2.8bn across the NHS.                               More efficient and cost-effective services can
cancellations, ward transfers, patient transport
                                                                                                         be a real enabler, freeing up resources for
and follow ups - in other words, all of the
                                                    These include finance, HR, IT and property-          patient care.
administration that wraps around clinical
                                                    related functions, all of which are non-core to
consultation, admission or intervention.
                                                    patient care and often best delivered at scale
                                                    through partners.
In addition, healthcare providers support a
multitude of front office functions, including
                                                    In sectors such as insurance, life and pensions,
patient reception and contact centres, which
                                                    and local government, Capita has delivered
are often a patient’s first line of contact.
                                                    tangible improvements in customer
                                                    transaction costs, customer satisfaction,
Building on our existing clinical support service
                                                    productivity and error rates.
capabilities in healthcare, and our experience
of customer service in other sectors, we
believe that there is the potential to make
dramatic improvements in efficiency and
productivity across these non-clinical services.

Streamlining and better integration of support
processes will serve to improve the patient
journey, and have the potential to unlock
significant clinical benefits, such as reductions
in administrative delays, increased productivity
of clinical capacity and improved outcomes.
Supporting Professionals to Improve the Performance of the NHS - By helping make the NHS more efficient, we ensure that more money reaches patient ...
Provider Expertise and Tools
True partnership with shared goals ensures real change
and delivers results. We have established best practice
models and flexible approaches that respond to today’s
challenging healthcare environment.

IT and Mobile Working                           Finance and Procurement                         Payroll

What do we do?                                  What do we do?                                  What do we do?
•  Help to significantly improve the way        •  We provide finance, eProcurement             •  Deliver a flexible range of payroll
   organisations work through the proactive        and Business Intelligence solutions,            solutions tailored to individual business
   use of IT and mobile working.                   specifically designed to reduce costs and       requirements.
•  Offer a range of services, from developing      maximise efficiency savings.                 •  Run 1,500 payrolls, paying over £17b to 3
   your infrastructure through to solutions                                                        million client employees and pensioners
   for Contact Centres, storage, security,      What is different about our approach?              in the UK and Ireland, and provide 10m
   data centres and document management.        •  We offer a rapid implementation                 payslips per year.
•  Manage over 1.5 million service                 framework: with over 60% of the NHS
   interactions per annum.                         using our finance systems, we understand     What is different about our approach?
•  Support over 3,000 applications, and own        the requirements and deliver real business   •  We believe it is important that you get
   and manage Tier 3 and Tier 4 Secure List        benefit in a reduced timeframe.                 the model that works best for you; even if
   X (IL3 – IL6) Data Centres.                  •  We offer a range of delivery options,           we implement ‘out of the box’ processes,
                                                   including Software as a Service (SaaS),         more often than not they will be tailored
What is different about our approach?              Bureau, Managed Service or self-hosted.         to your needs.
•  We offer customer-focused, managed IT,       •  We provide module development,               •  We can deliver a mixed economy model
   taking on the goals and objectives of our       because Integra continues to grow along         where, if we take on management of
   customers and delivering sustainable            with the needs of our customers.                your payroll, for example, we will work
   business change through IT to help them                                                         with you to give you joined-up tools to
   succeed.                                     How does this deliver value?                       underpin your HR administration.
                                                •  Reduces costs associated with paper
How does this deliver value?                       processing such as ordering, invoicing and   How does this deliver value?
•  Creates improved business performance,          reporting.                                   •  Drives as many transactions online as
   by reducing costs, improving certainty       •  Makes better use of data to reduce costs        possible, with all the process efficiencies
   and transforming ways of working.               associated with stock levels, improve           and end user benefits this brings.
•  Mobile working frees staff, improves            adherence to purchasing contracts,           •  Delivery is intuitive and engaging,
   response times and customer satisfaction,       improve budgeting and forecasting               reducing the need for training
   and produces better working lives.              accuracy, and to remove data processing         programmes and increasing user
•  Gives managers greater control over             and duplication effort.                         satisfaction.
   resources, and allows them to reduce
   costs while enhancing service quality.
Infrastructure and Support Services
Building on our existing clinical support service
capabilities in healthcare and our experience of customer
service in other sectors, we believe that there is the
potential to make dramatic improvements in efficiency
and productivity across non-clinical services.

Business Intelligence Platforms                    Human Resources                                    Contact Management and
What do we do?                                     What do we do?
•  Offer multiple delivery options. including      •  Provide all aspects of end-to-end HR, pay       What do we do?
   Cloud BI, mobile solutions, collaborative          and pension services to over 1,500 clients      •  Provide information to the public and
   portals and bespoke on-premise solutions.          across the public and private sector.              patients in a range of formats, including
•  Provide managed wrap, including targeted        •  Support all your organisation’s HR needs,          digital, SMS, email, and white mail via our
   assessments, health checks, consultancy            end to end, from recruiting specialist staff,      OneMail service.
   and advice.                                        rostering services and giving career advice,    •  Create sophisticated and targeted market-
•  Offer flexible commercial models and               to designing and running a training pro-           ing and communication campaigns, ensur-
   deployment options.                                gramme or providing one-off projects, or           ing the right message reaches the right
                                                      from modernising pay/reward structures, to         people.
What is different about our approach?                 effecting major organisational restructures     •  Manage statutory and non-statutory public
•  We have a proven track record, reducing            and changing management programmes.                consultation processes and relationships.
   customers’ TCO by up to 50%.                                                                       •  We are accredited by ISO and approved by
•  We provide a vendor agnostic that offers        What is different about our approach?                 CQC to collect, analyse and present staff
   multiple skills sets across vendors, enabling   •  We provide assistance for organisations            and patient feedback for mandatory sur-
   delivery of the right solution based on            every step of the way; we can help you             veys, and to run in-depth surveys in specific
   individual client requirements.                    to build a business case and support you           services you choose to investigate.
•  We offer flexible commercial and delivery          through transition, implementation and
   options.                                           beyond.                                         What is different about our approach?
                                                   •  We offer a service that is flexible and tai-    •  Our OneMail service delivers large-scale
How does this deliver value?                          lored to individual needs; you choose how          printing and posting solutions from a local
•  Produces accurate and intuitive manage-            much you want us to do, and we can adapt           desktop.
   ment information.                                  our services as the shape of your organisa-     •  Our marketing services allow a high degree
•  Gives the best insight into your business,         tion changes.                                      of flexibility, giving you access to services
   customers and market.                                                                                 only as and when you need them.
•  Allows confidence in data, to support rapid     How does this deliver value?
   decisions.                                      •  Provides a modernised IT infrastructure,        How does this deliver value?
                                                      with improved service delivery and savings      •  OneMail typically delivers savings of 40-
                                                      on the cost of delivery.                           60% compared with traditional print and
                                                   •  Provides access to a wide range of profes-         postage.
                                                      sionals, regardless of the size of your or-     •  Our archiving and retrieval system creates a
                                                      ganisation, with our 11 HR Service Centres         complete audit trail.
                                                      managing 26 million enquiries per year.         •  Our reporting and measurement techniques
                                                                                                         enable you to track the effectiveness and
                                                                                                         impact of campaigns.
Capita Companies in Focus
During 2010 Capita acquired IB Solutions, a leading
provider of finance and accounting systems. In April
2011 we completed the acquisition of the health and
government businesses of the Tribal group, further
extending the services we offer to the health market.
Capita Consulting                                                               Capita IB Solutions
Management Consultancy                                                          Integrated Business Solutions
The management consulting business of Capita provides a wide suite of           Capita IB Solutions is a market leader in providing world-class
services to the provider (NHS Foundation Trusts, NHS Trusts and Social          integrated business software solutions to health organisations. With
Enterprises) services market. Capita is able to draw on experienced             a product and services portfolio of outstanding depth, our offerings
management consultants with senior operational experience of both               extend from e-Procurement and bespoke software to enterprise-wide
the delivery and commissioning of acute, mental health and community            management accounting software, providing efficiencies across the
services, not only within the NHS, but also across the world.                   entire organisation.

Our team includes clinicians, former executives and operational managers        Capita IB Solutions helps its health customers achieve results and
in the NHS, finance, clinical and non- clinical support specialists, and        organisational objectives by identifying mission-critical issues and
leading modellers. This expertise is supported by robust evidence-based         implementing innovative and customised solutions that are designed
tools and methodologies, to deliver the change required.                        to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and provide fast access to
                                                                                management information.
Our offer, which incorporates acute, mental health and community service
organisations, includes:                                                        With over 30 years’ experience, Capita IB Solutions’ unparalleled ability
                                                                                to successfully deliver improved processes is achieved by understanding
Transformation - Achieving Service Viability - Capita’s approach is             our customers’ unique needs and providing the capability to deliver
underpinned by a simple transformation model. Not only do we have the           automated systems through the use of technology. These systems
expertise to develop a credible case for change with a robust evidence base,    which include; web access, custom development, workflow, business
but we also possess the ability to deliver the expected outcomes.               intelligence and document management, help customers to increase
                                                                                margins and improve cash flow.
Service Redesign, Integration and Implementation - We utilise our
                                                                                As the foremost supplier of integrated business solutions to the NHS,
domain expertise to evaluate existing services against best practice, to
                                                                                Capita IB Solutions plays a major role in enabling organisations to
identify opportunities for integrating services across pathways, and to
                                                                                achieve their financial and e-business strategies. Business solutions
improve working practices. This enables us to redesign and to implement
                                                                                provided include both our own Integra Open Enterprise and the Oracle
change quickly, in partnership with clinicians and other staff within your
                                                                                Financials e-Business suite. Both solutions can be delivered on your own
                                                                                hardware or provided as a hosted service from one of our established
                                                                                data centres. Through the delivery of Integra and Oracle, Capita IB
Productivity and Cost Improvement - We have proven tools and
                                                                                Solutions supplies over 60% of NHS Trusts with the solution of their
methodologies to diagnose and deliver cost improvement opportunities
and initiatives, utilising our evidence-based tools across clinical, clinical
support, back office and infrastructure.                                        Capita IB Solutions’ comprehensive suite of business software products
Capital and Site Development - Our health planners help providers and
construction professionals to work together to deliver new heathcare            •    Integra Financial Management
buildings and to use existing facilities more efficiently.                      •    Integra Purchase to Pay
                                                                                •    Integra Business Intelligence
Leadership Development - Capita has proven experience with structured           •    Integra Document & Process Management
training and coaching support, for both executive teams and senior              •    Integra Projects
clinicians, to develop their leadership skills to meet the challenges facing    •    Integra Custom Software Design
the NHS in the future.

            To find out more about Capita Consulting services,                                 To find out more about Capita IB Solutions,
contact 020 7901 0068 or visit                           contact 01462 476800 or visit
“Clinical and finance teams within trusts                                       “Capita’s software was integral to this
    should assess the costs and benefits of                                        process and not only added value to the
    purchasing, leasing and outsourcing                                           Trust, but also provided patients, visitors
    when replacing machines, and check for                                           and staff with more flexible payment
    alignment with their planned levels of                                                                        options.”
    activity.”                                                                                                               Tom Bates
                                                                                                                  Financial Accountant
    National Audit Office, March 2011
                                                                                           Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS
    Managing High Value Capital Equipment in the NHS
                                                                                                                       Foundation Trust

Sector                                                                      Capita Software Services
Leasing Advice for the Healthcare Market                                    Income Collection in Health
Although it makes sense for leasing to be considered as part of an NHS      The NHS is continually under pressure to obtain value for money. This
trust’s equipment procurement value-for-money calculation, historically     has increased the need for trusts to employ efficient and effective
many trusts have used leasing as a funding method of last resort; i.e.      processes that can reduce overheads and free up funds to be directly
when capital is short, rather than because it represents best value. This   used for patient care.
has resulted in trusts, on some occasions, entering lease agreements
which were not fit for purpose.                                             Putting You in Control

Sector provides NHS trusts with a comprehensive and independent             This is exactly what our Income Collection solution helps you achieve.
lease advisory service, which ensures that those considering leasing are    The way trusts take payments could help improve efficiency, increase
doing so for the right reasons and are obtaining value for money from       cash flow and provide a better patient experience.
any lease contracts they enter.
                                                                            Making it easy for you to take payments for items such as invoices,
We work with finance and procurement departments to help them               prescriptions, private or overseas treatments and amenity rooms is
adopt an innovative and flexible approach to financing, and also to         vital. And in a world where cards are more common than coins, making
understand their equipment, asset base and long-term plans. Sector can      it easy for patients to pay in a variety of ways, via their credit or debit
then advise on the products and services available, the associated risks    card, makes sense.
and opportunities, and, importantly, the need for effective management
of any resulting contracts.                                                 Offering the most convenient payment methods encourages upfront
                                                                            payments in full and helps to improve your cash flow. So we make it
Advisory services provided by Sector include:                               easy for patients by offering a variety of payment channels, including
                                                                            online, over the phone or face-to-face. It is by providing customers with
•    Provision of indicative leasing costs                                  the flexibility to make payments to you when and where they choose
•    Options appraisal                                                      that helps put you in control.
•    New lease tender management, analysis and procurement
•    Market-leading compliant leasing frameworks                            Receive a Return on Investment in Just 12 Months
•    Lease documentation reviews and advice
•    IFRS / IAS17 lease classification advice                               Not only can our Income Collection solution enable you to improve
•    Lease portfolio management                                             cash flow and efficiency, it is also possible for you to collect a return on
                                                                            your investment in just 12 months.
In several recent benchmarking exercises undertaken by both trusts
                                                                            Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,
and NHS procurement hubs, Sector’s lease advisory services have been
                                                                            comprising five hospitals, implemented Capita’s income collection
proven not only to be the most comprehensive in the NHS market but
                                                                            solution in December 2009, looking to increase the ease, locations and
also to have the lowest charges.
                                                                            methods of collecting payments from patients and staff. The solution
                                                                            not only achieved this, but also delivered a return on their investment
Sector has subsequently been appointed as the lease advisor to
                                                                            within 12 months.
HealthTrust Europe, London Procurement Programme, Pro-Cure
Collaborative Procurement Hub and 36 NHS trusts across the UK.
                                                                            Capita is the leading supplier of payment solutions to the UK public
                                                                            sector; we process transactions for over 200 organisations that take over
                                                                            1.9 million of payments each month, totalling a value of £207 million,
                                                                            so you know you can trust in us to deliver.

             To find out more about Sector’s leasing services,                          To find out more about Capita Software Services,
    contact 01256 383 665 or visit                      contact 0870 162 7806 or visit
Our commitment to the NHS is driven by a wish to improve quality in all we do.
Capita works with over 70% of NHS organisations, with clients in every health economy across the UK and Ireland. We also work with
clients ranging from the Department of Health, through to pharmaceutical companies.

Capita’s health businesses provide specialist support in the following areas:

•    Absence management                               •   Health economics               •    Patient and public engagement
•    Back office and customer services                •   Health surveillance            •    Medical reporting, monitoring and
     partnerships and outsourcing                     •   HR and pay advice                   assistance
•    Commissioning services                           •   Income collection              •    Property consultancy
•    Clinical coding                                  •   IT solutions                   •    Research and surveys
•    Employee assistance                              •   Management consultancy         •    Foundation Trust membership services
•    Finance and procurement solutions                •   Occupational health services
•    Healthcare intelligence services                 •   Offshore medical services

Please email us at or call on 0870 240 7341 to find out how we can help you.

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