ASKme Anything 2018 Guide to Students' Frequently-Asked Questions - University of Toronto

ASKme Anything 2018
                  Guide to Students’ Frequently-Asked Questions

                                                                    • Arts & Science Students’ Union (ASSU), Sidney
“Where do I get a...?"                                                 Smith Hall, 100 St. George St., Room 1068
TCard                                                               • U of T Engineering Society, Sandford Fleming
TCard Services, Koffler Student Services Centre, 214                   Building, 10 King’s College Rd., Room B740
College St., Main floor                                             • Athletic Centre, 55 Harbord St.
Hours: Weekdays, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Open until 6 p.m.                  • Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport,
Tuesdays                                                               100 Devonshire Place
                                                                    • Your registrar or your College/Faculty students’
Required documents: Proof of legal status
                                                                       association can also help you with locker
documentation, government-issued photo
identification, and your Letter of Admission (or Student               rentals.
Number or JOINid)
Further details at
                                                                Area cellphone providers include: Bell, Chatr Mobile
                                                                (Mobilicity), Freedom Mobile, Koodo, Lucky Mobile,
The TCard is your University of Toronto (U of T) photo
                                                                Public Mobile, Rogers, Telus and Virgin Mobile. It’s best
ID. You can obtain your TCard at any of the three
                                                                to visit their websites for full details and to compare
campuses regardless of which campus you attend. It’s
                                                                plans in advance. On campus, the U of T Bookstore (214
used for academic purposes, facility access, your meal
                                                                College St.) sells cellphone plans from Bell, Virgin, and
plan, student activities and services. It’s also a library
                                                                Lucky Mobile (a prepaid plan using Bell’s network).
card and a smartcard, so you can carry cash on it to pay
for textbooks, food, photocopies, printing, laundry and
                                                                Free agenda planner
vending services on campus. You can load funds on your
                                                                Undergraduate students: University of Toronto
TCard at and with cash (paper
                                                                Students’ Union (UTSU), 12 Hart House Circle
bills only) at the Cash Loading Machine at Robarts
                                                                Graduate students: University of Toronto Graduate
                                                                Students’ Union (UTGSU, 16 Bancroft Ave.
UHIP card
                                                                Campus map
UHIP is a mandatory health insurance plan that gives
                                                                Nona MacDonald Visitor’s Centre, 25 King’s College
international students coverage that’s similar to OHIP,
Ontario’s provincial health insurance. UHIP helps to
                                                                Online at or download the U of T Map
cover the cost of hospital and medical services you may
need to maintain your health while in Canada. Register
                                                                ASKme information booths around campus
online and print out your UHIP card so you have it in
                                                                (Find daily booth locations at and on
advance at
                                                                Twitter with #AMAUofT.)
If you have questions, visit the UHIP Office, Centre for
International Experience (CIE), 33 St. George St.
                                                                Campus tour
                                                                Nona MacDonald Visitor’s Centre, 25 King’s College
Note: You must have your UHIP card and your TCard
with you to see a doctor or book an appointment at the          Circle. Tours depart Monday through Friday at 11 am
U of T Health & Wellness Centre.                                and 2 pm, and Saturdays at 11 am (except on statutory
                                                                holidays and long weekends). Register online at

Residence/Engineering/KPE/John H. Daniels Tours                  •   Loblaws – 60 Carlton St. at Church St. (east of
Check with the specific residence or Faculty for times               Yonge St.)
and dates or visit                          •   Sobeys Urban Fresh – 777 Bay St. at College St.
                                                                 •   Whole Foods Market – 87 Avenue Rd. (north of
                                                                     Bloor St. W.)
                                                                 •   Kensington Market – bordered by College St.,
“Where is the closest...?”                                           Spadina Ave., Dundas St. W., and Bathurst St.
Prayer space                                                     •   Chinatown – shops around the intersection of
    • Bahen Centre for Information Technology                        Spadina Ave. and Dundas St. W.
        Prayer Space, 40 St. George St., Main floor near
        “The Cube” cafe.                                     Bank
    • Hart House Chapel, 7 Hart House Circle                    •    Alterna Savings – 800 Bay St. at College St.
    • Multi-Faith Centre, Meditation Room, 569                  •    BMO –1 Bedford Rd. at Bloor St. W.
        Spadina Ave.                                            •    CIBC – 268 College St. at Spadina Ave.
    • Sussex Clubhouse, Multi-Faith Room, 21 Sussex             •    Desjardins – 11 King St. W. at Yonge St.
        Ave., 5th floor                                         •    National Bank – 501 Dundas St. W. at Spadina
    • OISE building, 252 Bloor Street W., Room 4-409                 Ave.
    • Leslie Dan Pharmacy building, 144 College St.,             •   HSBC –150 Bloor St. W. at Avenue Rd.
        Rooms B220 and B222                                      •   RBC – 648 Spadina Ave. at Harbord St.
    • Robarts Library, Multi-Faith Room, 8th floor               •   Scotiabank – 332 Bloor St. W. at Spadina Ave.
    • Emmanuel College, 75 Queens Park Cres., Room               •   Tangerine – 221 Yonge St., south of Dundas St.
        EM006                                                        W.
    • Flavelle House, Quiet Activity/Multi-Faith Room            •   TD Canada Trust – 77 Bloor St. W. at Bay St.
        78 Queen’s Park Cres W., Basement
                                                             Bank machine (ATM)
Pharmacy/Drugstore                                           At major street corners around campus. Also at these
   • Rexall Pharma Plus – Manulife Centre, 55 Bloor          on-campus locations:
      St. W. at Bay St                                           • Bank of Montreal (BMO) – Goldring Student
   • Rexall Pharma Plus – 481 Bloor St. W. at                       Centre, Victoria College
      Brunswick Ave. (west of Spadina Ave.)                      • Royal Bank – Hart House, Koffler Student
   • Rexall Pharma Plus – 777 Bay St. at College St.                Services Centre, Medical Sciences Building,
   • Rexall Pharma Plus – 474 Spadina Ave. at                       Athletic Centre
      College St.                                                • Scotiabank – Sidney Smith
   • Loblaws – 60 Carlton St. at Church St. (east of             • TD Canada Trust Green Machine – Robarts
      Yonge St.)                                                    Library, 2nd Floor, outside of the food court area
   • Medical Pharmacy – 340 College St. (west of
      Spadina Ave.)                                          Hospital
   • Snowdon Pharmacy – 264 Bloor St. W. at St.                 • Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Hospital - 610
      George St.                                                    University Ave.; Tel. 416-946-4501
   • Shoppers Drug Mart – 236 Bloor St. W. at                   • Women's College Research Institute and
      Bedford Rd.                                                   Hospital - 76 Grenville St.; Tel. 416-323-6400
   • Shoppers Drug Mart – 360 Bloor St. W. at                   • Toronto General Hospital - 200 Elizabeth St.;
      Walmer Rd. (west of Spadina Ave.)                             Tel. 416-340-3111
                                                                • Mount Sinai Hospital - 600 University Ave.; Tel.
Grocery store                                                       416-596-4200
   • Metro – 425 Bloor St. W. (west of Spadina Ave.)            • SickKids Hospital for Sick Children - 555
   • Metro – College Park, 444 Yonge St. at College                 University Ave.; Tel. 813-1500
       St.                                                      • Toronto Western Hospital - 399 Bathurst St.;
   • Bloor St. Market – Manulife Centre, 55 Bloor St.               Tel. 416-603-2581
       W. at Bay St.

Post Office                                                       •   The Ulife website provides a comprehensive
   • U of T Bookstore, Koffler Student Services                       listing of student clubs, groups and societies,
        Centre, 214 College St. at St. George St.                     and campus events
   • Shoppers Drug Mart – 360 Bloor Street W. (west               • Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle
        of Spadina Ave.)                                          • Centre for International Experience (CIE), 33 St.
                                                                      George St.
                                                                  • Multi-Faith Centre, 569 Spadina Ave.
Programs & Services                                               • Grad Room, 66 Harbord St.
How do I find out about Orientation?                              • UTSU Clubs Carnival, Wed. Sept. 5, front
College and Faculty student societies usually organize                campus (King’s College Circle)
Orientation activities. Search or             • UTSU Street Fest, Wed. Sept. 12, along St. for links to these groups or visit your             George St.
Registrar to get a schedule.                                      • U of T Events Calendar
                                                                  • Student Life events
   UTSU Orientation                       For easy access to all these involvement opportunities,
   • Wed. Sept. 5 Tri-campus Parade 1 pm (Cheer-              download the “U of T Student Life” app.
        off starts at 12 pm) from Varsity Stadium
   • Wed. Sept. 5 Clubs Carnival 3 – 7 pm on front            What is UTSU? Where is UTSU?
        campus (King’s College Circle)                        The University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) is the
   • Wed. Sept. 12 Street Fest 10 am – 4 pm on St.            union that represents undergraduate students.
        George St.                                            It coordinates events and campaigns and provides a
   •                                                          number of services: TTC Metropass and tokens sales,
My First Six Weeks Free orientation events. Meet other        printing and photocopying, student discounts for
new students, learn about U of T, build academic skills       services and entertainment, and supplementary health
and get involved in campus life.        and dental insurance plans.

Family Orientation Sat. Sept. 15, 10 am – 2 pm by the         UTSU, 12 Hart House Circle
Family Care Office, 214 College Street, Main floor                                        What is APUS? Where is APUS?
                                                              The Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students at
Queer Orientation Mon. Sept. 24 – Sat. Sept. 29 by the        the University of Toronto (APUS) represents part-time
Sexual & Gender Diversity Office, 21 Sussex Ave., 4th         students across all three U of T campuses. APUS does
floor                                        campaigns and advocacy for U of T part-time students,
Indigenous Student Services Orientation Fri. Sept. 21,
                                                              host events and provides a number of services: health
11 am – 12 pm followed by their annual Open House by
                                                              and dental insurance plans, scholarships and bursaries,
Indigenous Student Services/First Nations House, 563
                                                              tax clinics, 5-cent printing, a study space and lounge,
Spadina Ave.
                                                              and student discounts.

International Student/Exchange Student Orientation            APUS, Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George St., Room 1089
by the Centre for International Experience, 33 St.
George St.                                                    What is the UTGSU? Where is UTGSU?
                                                              The University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union
How do I find out what’s happening on campus and get          (UTGSU) represents graduate students. The UTGSU
involved?                                                     advocates for graduate students and. It provides a
    • The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is a database of         number of services: such as health and dental insurance
       opportunities for involvement beyond the               plans, confidential advice, grants and bursaries. It also
                                                              has its own pub and gym space.

                                                              UTGSU, 16 Bancroft Ave.

How do I opt-out of my student supplementary               Where can I go if I have questions about gaining
(extended) health insurance plan? How do I add family      international experience or studying abroad?
coverage to my health insurance?                           A good place to start your search is by visiting the
Important: If you choose to opt out of the student         Centre for International (CIE) (33 St. George St.). Learn
extended health insurance plan, you continue to have       more at
access to health care services on campus at the Health
                                                           Where can I go if I am having problems and need to
& Wellness Centre. Click on your students’ union link
                                                           talk to someone?
below for more information on your extended health         Orientation and coming to university can be a huge
insurance plan and/or how to opt-out.                      transition and may be overwhelming for some. You may
Full-time undergraduate students: University of            feel you would like to talk to someone. Here are some
Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU), 12 Hart House Circle       places you can reach out to:
Part-time undergraduate students: Association of Part-
time Undergraduate Students (APUS), Sidney Smith Hall,         •   Health & Wellness Centre, Koffler Student
100 St. George St., Room 1089                                      Services Centre, 214 College St.; Tel. 416-978-
Graduate students: University of Toronto Graduate                  8030
Students’ Union (GSU), 16 Bancroft Ave.                        •   Multi-Faith Centre, Koffler House, 569 Spadina
International Students: UHIP Office, Centre for                    Ave.; Tel. 416-946-3120
International Experience (CIE), 33 St. George St. Ask          •   Equity offices at
about the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP).             •   Good2Talk Post-Secondary Student Helpline
                                                                   (24-hour free, anonymous, confidential
How does my health insurance work if I am an out-of-               counselling by phone); Tel. 1-866-925-5454
province student?
Students from other Canadian provinces are usually         How do I register for Accessibility Services?
covered under their own provincial plans. However,         You can visit their website for more information. Their
regulations vary from province to province. Ensure you     location is 455 Spadina Ave., 4th floor, Suite 400 (north
are aware of the coverage you have while in Ontario.       of College St.) or contact them at Tel. 416-978-8060.
For more information, visit
                                                           What safety programs and services are there for
Where can I go if I have questions about my
immigration status/study permit/work permit?
                                                           Note: In case of an emergency on campus, please call
It is your responsibility to make sure that all of your
                                                           911 and then call the U of T police at 416-978-2222.
immigration and legal documents are maintained and
                                                               • Campus Police 21 Sussex Ave. 416-978-2323
up-to-date. However, if you need help navigating
                                                                   (General Inquiries) / 416-978-2222 (Emergency
government regulations and important paperwork, you
can contact the Centre for International Experience’s
                                                               • TravelSafer: 416-978-SAFE (7233) (Request an
(CIE) Student Advising Office (33 St. George St., Room
                                                                   escort to accompany you when travelling to
202). CIE holds regular information sessions and
                                                                   campus buildings and surrounding TTC
workshops to help you understand your responsibilities.
                                                               • Emergency Phones (red poles) across campus,
Study Permits:
                                                                   which can connect you to Campus Police. Use
                                                                   the U of T map to locate the closest one to you.
Work Permits:
                                                               • Community Safety Office 21 Sussex Ave., 2nd
                                                                   floor; Tel. 416-978-1485
                                                               • Assaulted Women’s Helpline (24/7 emergency
                                                                   off-campus) Tel. 416-863-0511

•   Toronto Rape Crisis Centre (24/7 emergency                 •   Co-Curricular Record:
       off-campus) Tel. 416-597-8808                              •   Mentorship database:
   •   Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Centre
       (non-urgent) 702 Spadina Ave., Tel. 416-978-
       2266                                                   Academics & Courses
   •   Visit for a full list of    How do I check my course schedule online?
       on-campus and off-campus safety resources.             Go to your ACORN/ROSI account online at
                                                     If you are having problems with
Emergency alert
                                                              modifying your class schedule, you should contact your
If an emergency or crisis occurs on campus, the
University has an Emergency Alert system that sends an        registrar. See
automated voice call or text message with important
                                                              What/where is ACORN/ROSI?
information and further instructions. To receive these
                                                              ACORN (Accessible Campus Online Resource Network) is
alerts, register your cellphone number
at                                         the online student information service at the University
                                                              of Toronto. This is where you can sign up for courses,
Where can I go to the gym?                                    update personal information, check your fees balance,
   • Athletic Centre 55 Harbord St. (Spadina Ave. &           access your grades and discover helpful Student Life
       Harbord St.). Swimming, indoor track, racquet          programs and services. ACORN has replaced
       sports, weights, cycling facility (Pedal Zone),        ROSI (Repository of Student Information).
       dance studio, fencing salle and more.
   • Varsity Centre 299 Bloor St. W. (Devonshire
       Place & Bloor St. W.) Stadium with track and           Where can I get a copy of the timetable?
       playing field and an ice rink at Varsity Arena.        Visit your Faculty’s website to view and/or download
   • Hart House 7 Hart House Circle. Pool, indoor
                                                              course calendars, registration handbooks and
       track, squash courts, dance studio, gymnasium
       and weight equipment.                                  timetables. Your personal course timetable is available
   • Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport 100           on ACORN at
       Devonshire Place. Field house for basketball,
       volleyball and other court sports, strength and        How can I find out where my classes are or where a
       conditioning centre, fitness studio, sport             building is on campus?
       medicine clinic                                        You can look at your personal timetable on ACORN and
Note: A valid TCard is required to gain access.               look for your class’ building code. You can then search
                                                              the building code or the building name on the U of T
How do I get a job on campus?                                 map.
Visit the online job listings on the Career Learning
Network at                                    Where can I find past course evaluations?
Note: You will need to have activated your UTORid to          Beginning September 1, 2018, course evaluations can
access the job listings:                   be found on QUERCUS at Before then,
For assistance with job search skills, visit                  you’ll find them on Blackboard/Portal at                                

How do I find out about volunteer opportunities?              Who can I talk to about academic concerns?
   • Career Learning Network listings:                          • Academic Advisors at your registrars’ office can                                               help you with your timetable, course and
   • Centre for International Experience (CIE), 33 St.              degree requirements, and selecting your
      George St.                                                    major/Subject POSt:
   • Centre for Community Partnerships (CCP), 569               • Learning Strategists at Academic Success can
      Spadina Ave., Suite 315                                       help you with academic strategies like note-
   • Ulife:

taking, time management, studying,                        •   Colleges also have their own libraries, reading
        concentration and reading:                    rooms and study spaces.
    •   You can also meet with a Learning Strategist
        from Academic Success right at your College or
        Faculty.                                              Travel & Transportation
                                                              What public transportation is available? What is the
Where is my registrar's office?                               TTC?
Undergraduates: Your Faculty or College has its own           The St. George campus is surrounded by public
registrar’s office, where you can get help with               transportation, run by the Toronto Transit Commission
registration, financial aid and personal issues. Note: For    (TTC), including subway stops, bus routes and streetcar
Arts & Science students, your registrar is at your
                                                              lines. The nearest subway stops are the St. George stop
College, not at the Faculty office.
                                                              on the Bloor line (Line 2) and the Museum and Queen’s
Graduate students: Visit your department for help with
                                                              Park stops on the Yonge-University line (Line 1).
registration issues.

Registrar’s Offices                                           How do I get a discounted TTC Metropass?
Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering                    The Post-Secondary TTC Metropass is available from
35 St. George St., Room 157; Tel. 416-978-5896                collector booths at all TTC subway stations and at some
Faculty of Music                                              convenience stores. The University of Toronto Students'
80 Queen's Park, Room 145; Tel. 416-978-3740                  Union (UTSU), 12 Hart House Circle, also sells it during
Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education                 the last week of every month and into the following
55 Harbord St., Room 1050; Tel. 416-978-2944                  month. The cost of the pass is $116.75 (UTSU accepts
John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and        cash and debit).
1 Spadina Cres., Room 100; Tel. 416-946-3897                  Note: A TTC Post-Secondary Photo ID is required to
Innis College                                                 purchase the discounted Metropass. You can get yours
2 Sussex Ave., Room 117; Tel. 416-978-2513                    at the Sherbourne subway station; a valid TCard is
New College                                                   required and proof of full-time enrollment. Only full-
300 Huron St., Room 107; Tel. 416-978-2460                    time post-secondary students are eligible to use the
St. Michael’s College                                         Post-Secondary TTC Metropass.
121 St. Joseph St., Room 207; Tel. 416-926-7117
Trinity College                                               How do I get a PRESTO card?
6 Hoskin Ave., Front hall; Tel. 416-978-2687                  Students can also use a PRESTO card on transit services.
University College                                            The PRESTO card is an electronic, reloadable smartcard
15 King’s College Circle, Room 157; Tel. 416-978-3170         that can be used on TTC subways, buses and streetcars,
Victoria College                                              as well as on GO Transit buses and trains for inter-city
73 Queen's Park Cres., Room106; Tel. 416-585-4508             transportation. Full-time students are eligible for a
Woodsworth College                                            discount. Check with your local transit agency for their
119 St. George St., Room 220; Tel. 416-978-4444               PRESTO fares and terms.
School of Graduate Studies
63 St. George St.; Tel. 416-978-6614                          What is the closest accessible subway station?
                                                                • St. George Subway Station: The elevator is at
Where can I find a quiet study space?                                the Bedford Rd. entrance.
  • Robarts Library (Quiet and Silent Zones – floors            • Queen’s Park Subway Station: The elevator is
       2 (Reading Room), 3 (Reading Room), 4, 5, 9 –                 on the northeast corner of University Ave. &
       13)                                                           College St.
  • Gerstein Science Information Centre
  • Sidney Smith Hall                                         Parking permits and parking on campus
  • Hart House library and reading room                       Transportation Services – Banting Institute, 100 College
                                                              St., Room 222

Where can I borrow a bike on campus?                         upload these documents to the supporting documents
Bikechain rents bicycles and teaches bike repair to          section of the OSAP website. If you cannot upload them,
members of the University community. Find them in the        you may submit them to the Financial Aid Office at
North Borden Building (NB), 563 Spadina Cres. (on            Enrolment Services, by mail or in person.
Bancroft Ave.). Access is on Bancroft Avenue.
                                                             If you are a Part-Time student applying for OSAP, visit                                                 the Financial Aid website for more information.
You can also rent city bikes through Bike Share Toronto
                                                             For more information on OSAP or other financial aid,
at designated bike stations across the City of Toronto       visit:
including on the St. George campus.                                         Where do I pay my fees?
                                                             Pay your fees online with a credit card or through a
How do I use the UTM Shuttle Bus?                            bank, either in person or through online banking. Print
The St. George stop of the UTM Shuttle Bus is in front of    your fees invoice from your ACORN account at
Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle. On the St. George  Note: ACORN has replaced the ROSI
campus, get your tickets and information at The Hub in       system.
Hart House. At University of Toronto Mississauga
(UTM), get your tickets from the Info Booth in the           To find out about Divisional Tuition Fee & Refund
Student Centre, I&ITS Service Desk (Lower Level CCT          Schedules, deadlines to pay your fees or, to find
Atrium) or, the IB Ticket Machine. You can buy monthly       answers to other fee related questions, visit the Fees
passes in CCT Lower Level Atrium, Room CC 0160B.             website:

Note: UTM students travel free with their valid TCard.       How do I request a fee deferral?
For all other students a one-way ticket is $6.               Requesting a fee deferral should be done as early as                                      possible. Prior to the “Minimum Payment to Register
                                                             deadline” you can apply for a deferral through ACORN.
How do I get to UTSC?                                        After this deadline, undergraduate students should visit
University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) is located at       their registrar’s office. Students at OISE, Rotman and
1265 Military Trail. (If you are driving, you can get        Dentistry should visit their own registrars, and all other
directions from Google Maps from where you are to            graduate students should consult the School of
that address.) For public transit by TTC, there are          Graduate Studies. Please note it is not permissible to
several routes:                                              defer non-academic fees, such as residence fees.

    •   On the Yonge/University subway (Line 1), exit at     How do I find out about scholarships, awards and
        York Mills station and take bus 95B or 95E.          bursaries?
    • On the Bloor subway (Line 2), travel east to the       Visit your College or Faculty registrar's office, Enrolment
        end of the line (Kennedy Station), take the 198      Services (172 St. George St.) or search online at
        U of T Scarborough Rocket Bus direct to UTSC.
    • On the Scarborough Line, travel east to the
        Scarborough Town Centre RT Station, take the
        38 or 38A bus towards Rouge Hill GO station.
See for more
                                                             Computers, Email & Internet Access
information.                                                 Where can I use a computer?
                                                             Public access computers are available in most libraries.
                                                             Your UTORid is used to log in to computers. Search
Money & Fees                                        for availability.
Where do I pick up OSAP documents? Where do I
                                                             What’s a UTORid? How do I get one?
process OSAP documents?
                                                             Your UTORid replaces the JOINid you were assigned
Once you submit your OSAP application online, you
                                                             when you applied to the University. It is an 8-digit code
must print the consent and declaration pages and

that allows you access to University computers, ACORN,       Food & Meal Plans
your email and Portal (Blackboard)/QUERCUS. Find your        What is there to eat on campus?
UTORid on your TCard. To activate it, you must go to         Go online to or to and use the secret activation key You can filter your search based on
(SAK) provided by TCard Services at the time you
                                                             your dietary needs. You can also pick up a free printed
received your TCard.
                                                             food map at many food outlets on campus or from an
                                                             ASKme booth.
Computer and email related support is available at
the Information Commons Help Desk on the main floor          Where do I sign up for a meal plan?
of Robarts Library, 130 St. George St.                       Purchase a meal plan online at or at
Tel. 416-978-HELP (4357);              Food Services, 229 College St., 2nd floor; Tel. 416-978-
How do I set up my email?
Your email account is set up during UTORid activation.       Where can I microwave my food?
Once you’ve activated your UTORid, you can access            The food map indicates the microwaves on campus.
your U of T email. You can check your e-mail on or, you can set it up on your                •   Café Reznikoff in Morrison Hall, 75 St. George
computer or another device.                                          St.
                                                                 •   Café AC, 55 Harbord St.
How can I access Wi-Fi on campus?                                •   Engineering Café (Hard Hat Café) in Sanford
To access Wi-Fi on campus, you must first activate your              Fleming Building, 10 King’s College Rd.
UTORid. You can connect to either the “UofT” or                  •   Innis Café, 2 Sussex Ave.
“eduroam” network. The Eduroam network is intended               •   Medical Sciences Building Café, 1 King’s College
for visiting scholars from other institutions but can be             Circle
used by U of T students, staff, and faculty.                     •   Robarts Library Café, 130 St. George St., 2nd
For more information on setting up your computer,                    floor
                                                                 •   Sid's Café in Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George
device or wireless access on campus, visit the
Information Commons Help Desk online or in person on
                                                                 •   The Exchange Café, Rotman School, 105 St.
the main floor of Robarts Library.
                                                                     George St.
Where can I print on campus?                                     •   The Green Beet, Gerstein Library, 9 King’s
You can print at libraries (using TBucks on your TCard)              College Rd.
                                                                 •   Third floor lounge in the Koffler Student
or at your students’ union/association (cheaper
                                                                     Services Centre
                                                                 •   Wolfond Centre for Jewish Campus Life, 36
What is the U of T Portal? What is Blackboard? What is               Harbord St.
The U of T Portal, also referred to as Blackboard, is an
                                                             Important Contacts
online tool used by professors and students. It is being
                                                             U of T Switchboard
replaced by QUERCUS on September 1, 2018. These              Tel. 416-978-2011
tools allow students to access course documents such
as assignments and articles, receive their marks, and        Academic Success
communicate with each other and their professors.            Koffler Student Services Centre, 214 College St.; Tel.
Professors usually indicate whether they will be posting     416-978-7970
course materials to QUERCUS during their first lecture.
                                                             Accessibility Services;                            455 Spadina Avenue, 4th floor, Suite 400; Tel. 416-978-

Athletic Centre                                                Multi-Faith Centre for Spiritual Study & Practice
55 Harbord St.; Tel. 416-978-3436                              569 Spadina Ave., 2nd floor; Tel. 416-946-3120

Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office                        Transportation Services
155 College Street, 3rd floor; Tel. 416-978-1259               100 College Street, Room 222; Tel. 416-978-7275

Campus Police                                                  Post Office
21 Sussex Ave., 1st floor;                                     U of T Bookstore, Koffler Student Services Centre, 214
416-978-2323 (information); Tel. 416-978-2222 (urgent)         College St.; Tel. 416-640-7900 ext. 5863

Career Exploration & Education                                 Sexual & Gender Diversity Office
Koffler Student Services Centre, 214 College St.; Tel.         21 Sussex Ave., Suites 416 & 417; Tel. 416-946-5624
                                                               Student Governments
Community Safety Office                                            • University of Toronto Students’ Union
21 Sussex Ave., 2nd floor; Tel. 416-978-1485                          12 Hart House Circle; Tel. 416-978-4911
                                                                   • Association of Part-Time Undergraduate
Centre for Community Partnerships                                     Students (APUS)
569 Spadina Ave., 3rd floor; Tel. 416-978-6558                        100 St. George St., Room 1089; Tel. 416-978-
Centre for International Experience                                • University of Toronto Graduate Students’
33 St. George St.; Tel. 416-978-2564                                  Union (UTGSU)
                                                                      16 Bancroft Ave.; Tel. 416-978-2391
Enrolment Services
172 St. George St.; Tel. 416-978-2190                          Sussex Clubhouse
                                                               21 Sussex Ave.; Tel. 416-946-7780
Family Care Office
Koffler Student Services Centre, 214 College St, Tel. 416-     Sexual Assault Helpline (U of T): Tel. 416-978-7800
                                                               Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre: Tel. 416-
Indigenous Student Services/First Nations House                978-2266
563 Spadina Avenue, 3rd floor; Tel. 416-978-8227
                                                               TCard Services
Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport                     Koffler Student Services Centre, 214 College St.; Tel.
100 Devonshire Place; Tel. 416-946-0400                        416-946-8047

Grad Room
66 Harbord St.; Tel. 416-946-7666                              University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) Office
                                                               Centre for International Experience, 33 St. George St.;
Hart House                                                     Tel.416-978-0290
7 Hart House Circle; Tel. 416-978-2452
                                                               Varsity Centre
Health & Wellness Centre                                       299 Bloor St. W.; Tel. 416-978-6428
Koffler Student Services Centre, 214 College St., Room
232; Tel. 416-978-8030                                         Visitors Centre, Nona MacDonald
                                                               25 King’s College Circle; Tel. 416-978-5000
Koffler Student Services Centre, 214 College St.; Tel.

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