Overview of SAT, Access, Portals, and Systems - Spring 2019 Implementation Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve - Idaho.gov

Overview of SAT, Access, Portals, and Systems - Spring 2019 Implementation Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve - Idaho.gov
Overview of SAT,
Access, Portals, and
Spring 2019 Implementation

Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve
Overview of SAT, Access, Portals, and Systems - Spring 2019 Implementation Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve - Idaho.gov
Session Goals
 Today we will provide an overview of SAT School Day focused tips and best practices in the areas of :

 • Accessing College Board tools
 • Room Planning
 • Test Day Planning
 • Returning Materials

 Watch for the “best practices” logo

Overview of SAT, Access, Portals, and Systems - Spring 2019 Implementation Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve - Idaho.gov
Accessing College Board

Overview of SAT, Access, Portals, and Systems - Spring 2019 Implementation Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve - Idaho.gov
Accessing College Board Tools
 • A College Board Professional Account is
   required for all system access.
 • Each user creates his or her own account to
   allow for a single sign-on to the following
      • SSD Online System
      • College Board Online Test Day Training
      • College Board Reporting Portal
      • Test Ordering System (PSAT only)
 • Create your account at collegeboard.org
Overview of SAT, Access, Portals, and Systems - Spring 2019 Implementation Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve - Idaho.gov
College Board Account
 • Once logged into your professional account,
   you can access the dashboard.
 • While College Board typically provides a URL
   shortcut to each system, the dashboard will
   also provide access to all College Board
   systems linked to your account.

Overview of SAT, Access, Portals, and Systems - Spring 2019 Implementation Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve - Idaho.gov
Key System: SSD Online
 • SSD coordinators use SSD Online to submit requests for accommodations and the EL 50% support
   on the behalf of students.
     • College Board will determine non-standard material orders to be shipped to schools for test
 • Schools can have multiple SSD coordinators, but only one should be listed as the primary
   coordinator who will receive communications from the College Board.
 • To access the system using your College Board account, complete the SSD Coordinator Form, found
   on collegeboard.org/ssd.
     • Within a couple of days, an access code will be sent to allow access.
     • SSD online access remains active year to year.

Overview of SAT, Access, Portals, and Systems - Spring 2019 Implementation Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve - Idaho.gov
Key System: Test Admin Training
 • Test Coordinators will receive an email providing a link to the test day online training approximately
   six weeks prior to test day.
 • Training is required for all test coordinators.
 • To access, you will login to the system using your College Board Professional Account.
 • Training may also be shared with other test day staff.

Overview of SAT, Access, Portals, and Systems - Spring 2019 Implementation Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve - Idaho.gov
Key System: K12 Reporting Portal
 • The reporting portal provides test coordinators
     • Access to student results for all SAT Suite of Assessment administrations
     • Ability to monitor student registrations for the optional essay
     • Ability to monitor national test administration dates.
 • To access, test coordinators should speak with the school principal to determine who is the schools’
   designated access manager.
     • Each school has an access manager who will provide access to school staff.
     • Prior to each score release, the College Board will provide an email with access codes and

Overview of SAT, Access, Portals, and Systems - Spring 2019 Implementation Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve - Idaho.gov
SAT Suite of Assessments Knowledge Center

 • Learn more about SAT and the tools used in support of administrations

Overview of SAT, Access, Portals, and Systems - Spring 2019 Implementation Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve - Idaho.gov
Schedule Overview

Implementation Key Dates

    Activities                                      Date
    Off-site Request Deadline                       December 15, 2018 (complete)
    AI Code Confirmation                            December 19, 2018 (complete)
    Request Accommodations                          Now – February 19, 2019
    Bulk Registration Window                        January 7 – January 16, 2019 (complete)
    Student Essay Opt-in Window                     January 28 – February 4, 2019 (complete)

    Receive Coordinator Planning Kits               February 19—21, 2019
    Test Coordinator Online Test Day Training       February 26 – April 8, 2019
    Preadministration Materials Arrive in Schools   March 1 – March 8, 2019
    Conduct Preadministration Session               March 9 – April 8, 2019
    Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR)         Week of March 18, 2019

Implementation Key Dates

   Activities                                   Date
   Test Materials Arrive in Schools             March 19-21, 2019
                                                April 2-4, 2019 for spring breaks
   Test Administration                          April 9, 2019
   Accommodated Testing Window                  April 9 – April 22, 2019
   Request Makeup Materials                     April 9 – April 11, 2019
   Makeup Materials Arrive in Schools           April 16 – April 19, 2019
   Makeup Test Administration                   April 23, 2019
   Final Date to Return Materials for Scoring   April 26, 2019
   Score Release                                May 2019

New in 2019 – EL Supports
English Learner Supports
 • English learners will be able to utilize EL supports for the spring 2019 SAT School Day
   administration. These supports include:
     • Use of an approved word-to-word bilingual glossary
     • Use of translated test directions, and
     • 50% extended time
 • Students can use one or any of these supports in combination. Students will receive
   college/scholarship reportable scores when any of these supports are used.
English Learner Supports
Advance Request Not Required
 The following supports do not require an advance request:
 • Translated Test Directions
     • Directions will be available in Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Mandarin), Gujarati, Haitian
       Creole, Hindi, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, and Vietnamese. The College Board
       will also support "on the fly" translations of directions by district-approved translators.
     • Translations will be available in February 2019 to print. (Materials will not be shipped).
 • Word-to-Word Glossaries
    • Additional word-to-word glossaries have been approved.
    • A full list of glossaries will be available on the SDE website.

English Learner Supports
Advance Request Required
 SSD Coordinators must submit a request in SSD Online, by the deadline, for EL students to use 50%
 Extended Time:
     • EL students may use the 50% extended time support for SAT. Offered as an option for EL
       students who receive extended time as an instructional support.
     • Scores will be scholarship and/or college reportable.
     • Advance request is required through SSD Online – information was provided in the
       accommodations webinar for SSD Coordinators.
     • Students will receive 50% extended time on each section of the SAT. Students must sit for the
       entire time allotted and cannot go ahead in the test even if they are the only one testing.
     • Schools can request 50% extended time for EL students (dashboard link opened in SSD Online
       on January 15, 2019). Students will be automatically approved and no supporting
       documentation is required.
     • EL students using 50% extended time can be tested with other students with accommodations
       testing with the same timing and test materials.

Requesting the 50% Extended Time
Support for EL Students
 • Work with SSD Coordinator to identify EL
   students who may require this
 • Use the English Learner Support
   Dashboard to request the support.
 • Dashboard link opened on
   January 15, 2019                      Go to English Learner Support Dashboard >

Requesting the 50% Extended Time
Support for EL Students
 • Enter basic student information including
   name, home address, date of birth, and
   graduation date.
 • Review accuracy and click “save & continue”

Preadministration Planning
What is a Preadministration Session?

 • The preadministration session allows students to complete the following activities directly on their
   answer sheet, saving time on test day:​
     • Fill out personal information fields
     • Complete optional student questionnaire
     • Opt into Student Search Service
     • Select up to four colleges or scholarship programs to send their SAT scores
     • Estimated time:
          • 45-60 minutes if the optional questionnaire are completed
          • 20-30 minutes if only the required fields and score sends are completed
Why should I conduct a
Preadministration Session?
 • Saves time on test day.
 • Allows for administering the SAT and SAT with Essay in the same room if needed.
 • Students can take advantage of their four free score sends.

 • The optional questionnaires allow students to opt into
   Student Search Service and provide information about
   themselves to help connect them with colleges and
   scholarship programs based on their interests.
     • Nearly 1,700 colleges use Student Search Service® to look for students who match a range of
       factors—such as the area where they live or go to school, their interests, and what they plan to
       study in college.
     • Only eligible colleges and scholarship and educational organizations can participate. They most
       often search on expected high school graduation date, cumulative grade point average (GPA),
       and intended college major.
     • Students can choose which optional questions they complete. If students already completed
       the questionnaire as a part of PSAT/NMSQT testing they do not have to recomplete, unless they
       wish to update their answers.

Plan the Preadministration Session
 • Each school will receive a shipment of preadministration materials in early March. This shipment
   will include:
     • Coordinator testing manuals
     • Answer sheets and Student Answer Sheet Instructions
     • Pre-ID labels for students who were bulk registered (shipped separately but arriving at the same
     • SAT School Day Student Guides
 • Schedule a session ahead of test day to allow your students to fill in student background
   information and request their four free scores sends.
 • Distribute the SAT School Day Student Guides to students. It contains information about Student
   Search Service and sample test questions, so they can discuss with their family and know what to
   expect on test day.
Plan the Preadministration Session
 • Affix pre-ID label to front of student answer sheets
   before the session.
 • With the label, students are required to bubble in at
   least their name, date of birth, and state student ID
   number for data verification purposes. Though
   recommended, the remaining required fields may be
   left blank unless the student does not have a label.
   (note: if gridding is missing but the label is on the
   answer sheet, the test will be processed)
 • Students will use their Idaho assigned student ID
   (EDUID) as their Student ID number on the answer

                                                           Place Pre-ID Label Here

Room Planning & Rosters
Room Planning & Rosters
 • Test coordinators will need to develop a Master Student List, or roster of test takers for SAT School
     • Each associate coordinator will need a roster for his/her room.
     • Test coordinators will need to return either the Master Student List or the individual room
        rosters in their used answer sheet shipment.
     • Test coordinators should make a copy and save the list in a safe location for six months after test
 • In the event of an irregularity or discrepancy, test coordinators may need the list to respond to
   inquiries from ETS or the College Board during an investigation.

                                                                                                 Presentation Title |25
Create a Master Student List
 • Pull the list of eligible students from your school student information system or work with your
   district assessment coordinator to obtain the list of students to be tested.
 • After the Essay opt-in window closes on February 4, 2019 (now closed), use the College Board K12
   Reporting Portal to access the Roster Report – Registration Summary. Use this to determine the
   number of students who will be taking the essay and the number of rooms needed.
     • We recommend providing separate rooms for students testing with and without essay.
       However, you may test students in the same room, if necessary, due to room or staffing
       constraints and if a Preadministration session was conducted in advance of test day. Refer to
       the SAT Test Coordinator Manual for more information.
 • Ask your SSD coordinator to print a copy of the NAR from College Board’s SSD Online system. Use
   the NAR to identify the number of rooms that will be needed to administer the SAT to students
   testing with accommodations.
 • Add room and staff assignments to the Master Student List.

                                                                                               Presentation Title |26
Create a Master Student List
 • Create your Master Student List in Excel or Word format.
     • Review the “Build Your Master Student List for Testing” section in the coordinator's manual for
       more information.
     • The following is an example, but schools may choose to include other information as they
       deem appropriate.
     • It will be important to track attendance so you know what make up materials to request.

                                                                                              Presentation Title |27
Room Rosters
 • Once you have your room assignments for staff, you need to create a roster for each testing room
   that each associate coordinator can use to record attendance on test day.
     • Divide your Master Student List into individual room rosters for students testing in standard
        test rooms.
     • You have the option to build room rosters for accommodated testing rooms or use copies of
        the NAR.
     • As test day approaches, continue to account for additional students who may be eligible for
        testing (e.g., students who recently transferred to your school).
 • In addition, work with your SSD coordinator to identify students who may have recently been
   approved for accommodations.
 • Continue to update your Master Student List and room rosters.

                                                                                             Presentation Title |28
Optional Testing Room Codes
 • Use of testing room codes is optional for SAT School Day.
     • Assigning a unique code to each testing room allows you to organize answer sheets for
       preadministration sessions and for distribution on test day.
     • If a group irregularity occurs, the code can help you pinpoint who may have been affected and
       which staff member(s) can offer information for quicker resolution and release of scores.

Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR)

 • The SSD Coordinator will generate the NAR
   from the SSD Online Dashboard.
 • The NAR is available approximately 30 days
   before test day.

 Step 1: SSD Coordinators will see the list of      Step 2: Select additional students that will
 students that were matched to their registration   be testing. Select “Create SAT Nonstandard
                                                    Administration Report” to generate the NAR.

Staffing and Training Needs
Online Coordinator’s Test Administration
 • Test Coordinators will receive an email with a link to access the mandatory Online Coordinator’s Test
   Administration Training in February. Once accessed, the training will be available through your
   College Board Professional Account.
 • The content is divided into modules including activities for before, during, and after test day and
   includes details on both standard and accommodated testing rooms.
 • Plan for approximately 45-60 minutes to complete all modules.
 • Training is mandatory for all SAT Test Coordinators.
 • SAT Test Coordinators are required to train all test day staff.

Training Your Staff

 • Use the Online Test Administration Training
     • Share the link with staff so they may complete the Proctor training on their own.
     • Share copies of the testing room manuals with staff for their review before test day. Ensure they bring
       copies back for test day.

 • Conduct a group training session
     • Review the following:
         • maintaining security in the testing room                •   using the correct testing materials
         • procedures for collecting personal belongings           •   equipping the testing room
         • seating policies                                        •   timing of the test and breaks
         • calculator policies                                     •   testing room forms and reports
         • general responsibilities of each position               •   signaling plan for test day

 • About two weeks before the test, schedule a session with your staff to:
          •   review procedures, handling irregularities, forms, and timing
          •   announce staff assignments
          •   distribute manuals
          •   answer questions
Test Day Planning
Prepare Testing Room Kits
 • Testing room kits will make distributing materials to Proctors on test day much easier.
 • We recommend using bins and pre-sorting materials, one for each testing room.
 • Use the following items to create your testing room packets:
     • Testing room cover sheet
     • Testing Room Materials Report form (you’ll finish filling this out on test day)
     • A copy of the room roster you created or NAR showing students assigned to the testing room
     • Answer sheets (for the students assigned to each testing room):
          • Prelabeled answer sheets and/or answer sheets used in a preadministration session
          • Blank answer sheets
     • Mobile Opt-In Policies documents.
     • Irregularity Report (IR) forms.
     • SAT School Day Request to Cancel Test Scores forms
     • The 2 testing room flyers (No Electronic Devices and Quiet, Please)
     • The SAT School Day Standard Testing Manual or School Day Accommodated Testing Manual
     • If applicable, EL supports (translated directions and/or word-to-word glossaries) for students who
        need them
     • Clear plastic bags for storage
     • On test day, break the shrinkwrap and add the appropriate number of test books in serial number
Planning the Test Day Schedule
 • School schedules may require some adjustments
     • Lunch Periods
         • Testing cannot be interrupted for lunch
         • Lunches must take place after testing is complete
         • Students may eat snacks during breaks
     • Bell Schedules
         • Bells must be silenced during test administration
     • Public Address System Announcements
         • There should be no PA announcements during test administration

Reporting Test Administration Irregularities

 • Use the Irregularity Report (IR) to record an irregularity, including:
     • Security incidents
     • Misconduct
     • Test question errors or ambiguities
     • Other incidents or disturbances
     • Student complaints
 • Make sure reports are complete and explicit. Fill out just one form for each issue, even if it affects
   more than one student (such as mistiming).
 • Irregularities filed by Proctors must be countersigned by the Test Coordinator, who should add any
   information that might be useful.
 • Keep a copy of any IRs submitted should College Board require additional information during their
     • They will also be useful when completing your makeup materials requests.
After the Test
Coordinator’s Report Form (CRF)
 • CRFs will be returned for each assessment and test date.
 • The Test Coordinator is responsible for completing the CRF.
 • When testing has concluded, the Test Coordinator is
   required to count the number of answer sheets and
   record the number on the CRF.
 • This form is scanned and must be completed using a
   No. 2 pencil. You cannot make copies of this form.
 • Careful attention should be given to entering the correct
   dates in fields 2 and 3.
     • Administration Date
     • Days used during Accommodated Window
 • A sample form is included in the Coordinator Manual.
Returning Test Materials
 • You will receive three return kits
     • Two kits are sent with the initial test shipment
         • One for all tests, including accommodated tests, completed on the primary administration
         • One for students testing in the accommodated window
         • All test materials can be returned together.
     • The third test return kit will be sent with the makeup materials.
Packing Answer Sheets
 • Packing Answer Sheets                               UPS              Pearson
     • Answer sheet return bags/boxes will have        Label            Label
        two labels pre-applied.
     • Refer to your Coordinator Manual for
        detailed directions on returning answer
     • Used answer sheets and other materials
        needed for scoring from the primary School
        Day test date must be returned the day after
        the test.
     • Used answer sheets for students testing in
        the accommodated testing window must be
        returned as soon as all accommodated
        testing is complete.
 • Schools need to return answer documents and
   test books separately for each assessment.
                                                          Image of white box for
                                                         returning answer sheets
Packing Test Books
 • Packing Test Books                                Image of loose UPS label that needs to be
     • Reuse the boxes your test materials                    affixed to outside of box
       arrived in to return test books                                                     TB Returns

 • Loose UPS labels will be included in the
   shipment with the header “TB Returns”
     • Apply one label of each type to each box
 • Be sure to look for these labels when receiving
   your materials. They may shift to the bottom
   of the box during shipment.
Test Materials Packing Diagrams

Test Materials Pickup
 • The pre-arranged UPS delivery to pick up test materials will be arranged for the day after testing to
   allow for more time to organize and package testing materials after testing has completed.
 • If you have students testing in the accommodated window and ALL students have finished testing
   before the window ends:
      • Give shipments to UPS during one of your school’s regular pickups (if you have one).
      • Call UPS to reschedule the pickup following the instructions in the pickup email.
      • Wait until the next scheduled pickup for the makeup materials.
 • For schools administering at an offsite location, UPS pickups will occur in the afternoon on test day
   to accommodate those locations where the coordinator will no longer be on-site the following day.
SAT Makeup
 • Students, not testing in the accommodated window, who miss the primary test date will test on
 • Students who have an irregularity during testing may be eligible for makeup. For example, a student
   who gets sick during testing can participate in the makeup administration.
     • Refer to the Irregularity Chart provided in the manual for details.
 • Further details around the process for ordering makeup materials will be provided closer to test
 • New SAT test books will be sent for all students testing on the makeup test date.
     • Use the pre-labeled answer sheets, from the primary test date, for the makeup test date for
       students who were absent.

 • Implementation Handbook for Test Coordinators – coordinators received via email.
   Contact IdahoSDSupport@collegeboard.org if you did not receive a copy.
 • SDE Website: http://sde.idaho.gov/assessment/college/
   This site will provide Idaho specific information regarding the SAT School Day administration such as
   key dates, policies, webinars, etc.
 • SAT Practice Resources: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/practice
   Access student practice resources including SAT Practice on Khan Academy, sample questions and
   tests and other resources.
 • K12 Reporting Portal: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/educators/k-12/score-resources
   Information about how to access and use the K12 Reporting Portal.


Thank You!

 • Melanie Jones, Idaho SDE:   mjones@sde.idaho.gov
 • Idaho Field Team at:        IdahoSDSupport@collegeboard.org
 • Stephen McCue at:           smccue@collegeboard.org
 • Eddie Pawlawski at:         cpawlawski@collegeboard.org

SAT Resources and
Next Steps – Score
Spring 2019 Implementation

Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve
Session Goals
 Today we will provide an overview of SAT benefits, resources, and the Score Portal.

 • Benefits of SAT
 • College Board Opportunity Scholarships
 • Official SAT Practice
 • Roadmap to Careers & Big Future
 • K12 Score Reporting Portal

 Watch for the “best practices” logo

SAT School Day
Student Benefits

Benefits of the SAT
    Benefits of the
                      The SAT is accepted at all U.S. colleges. Students may send
                      scores to four colleges for free.

                      The SAT tests what students are already learning in class and
                      what students will actually use in college. Using Khan Academy,
                      an individualized study plan is created based on results from
                      the PSAT 8/9 and PSAT 10.

                      By opting in to Student Search Service, students get connected
                      to colleges and scholarship programs looking for students just
                      like them.

                      Fee waivers are available for low-income students that allow
                      them to take the SAT and apply to college for free.

                      Access to Roadmap to Careers, the College Board and Roadtrip
                      Nation’s career exploration tool.

                                                                                        Presentation Title |52
SAT Fee Waiver Benefits
 • Eligible students will be able to use fee waivers for:
      • Free Tests and Free Feedback
          •   2 free SATs, with or without the essay (Grades 11-12)
          •   6 free SAT Subject Tests (Grades 9-12)
          •   Up to three tests in two administrations
          •   2 free Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) or Student Answer Service (SAS) reports
     • College Application Benefits
          • Unlimited score reports to send to colleges
          • Waived application fee at participating colleges
          • Free CSS Profile applications to apply for financial aid from participating colleges
     • Other Benefits
          • Fee reductions for score verification reports
          • No non-U.S. regional fees for free tests (U.S. student testing abroad)
          • No late registration fees for free tests (in the U.S. or U.S. territories)
 • Fee Waiver codes for SAT School Day participants will be delivered to schools in March/April 2019
   for distribution to eligible students
College Board
Opportunity Scholarships

College Board Opportunity Scholarships
 • The College Board Opportunity Scholarships
   are open to all class of 2020 students who
   attend high school in the United States, Puerto
   Rico, and other U.S. territories. There is no
   citizenship requirement.
 • The first scholarship drawings will take place at
   the end of January. The program will remain
   open to the Class of 2020 through February
 • Students in the class of 2021 will be eligible
   beginning in late 2019.
 • Visit the website for more information:

College Board Opportunity Scholarships
• The more effort students put in, the more opportunities
  they have.
• Scholarships can be used for any Title IV accredited
  institution of higher education, including accredited two-
  year, four-year and for-profit.
• College Board will disburse the money directly to the
  institution that the student ends up attending.
• College Board will be instructing institutions that the
  scholarships should be applied to tuition, fees, books, and
  other relevant educational expenses.
• Once a student claims their scholarship (which must
  happen within 60 calendar days of being notified that they
  were selected for a scholarship per the Official Rules, they
  must keep the College Board updated on their college
     • If students enroll immediately after graduating high
        school, they must tell the College Board where they
        will be attending so that the funds can be disbursed.
     • If a student will be taking a gap year, they will be
        able to wait one year before using their scholarship
        at the institution that they enroll in.
College Board Opportunity Scholarships
Scholarship   Scholarship       Scholarship        Last Scholarship   Eligibility                                     Award
              Opening Date      Closing Date       Drawing Date
Build         December 10, 2018 June 30, 2019      July 1, 2019       Sign in to your College Board account and        The College Board will award 100 Build
                                                                      build a college list on BigFuture™ with at least scholarships every month from January
                                                                      six colleges to earn one entry in the monthly through June 2019.

                                                                      As you research, update your list of six or
                                                                      more colleges in later months to earn another
Practice      December 10, 2018 October 31, 2019   November 1,        Practice for six hours on Khan Academy® to      The College Board will award 150
                                                   2019               qualify and earn one entry in the monthly       Practice scholarships every month from
                                                                      drawing. Earn one entry for each additional     January through October 2019.
                                                                      hour you practice, up to a total of 20 hours.
Improve       April 1, 2019     December 31, 2019 January 1, 2020     Students who practice for the SAT for 12     The College Board will award 50 Improve
                                                                      hours using Official SAT Practice on Khan    scholarships after every SAT.
                                                                      Academy® and improve their score by 100+
                                                                      points—either from their PSAT/NMSQT to SAT
                                                                      or SAT to SAT—will earn a chance at a $2,000

College Board Opportunity Scholarships
Scholarship   Scholarship       Scholarship        Last Scholarship   Eligibility                               Award
              Opening Date      Closing Date       Drawing Date
Strengthen    July 1, 2019      October 31, 2019   November 1, 2019 Students who update their college list on The College Board will award 100
                                                                    BigFuture™ to have a mix of academic       Strengthen scholarships every month from
                                                                    safety, fit, and reach schools will earn a July through October 2019.
                                                                    chance at a $500 scholarship.
Complete      October 1, 2019   February 29, 2020 March 1, 2020       Students who fill out the Free Application The College Board will award 200 Complete
                                                                      for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will earn the FAFSA scholarships every month from
                                                                      a chance at a $1,000 scholarship.          October through December 2019 and 100
                                                                                                                 scholarships every month from January
                                                                                                                 through February 2020.
Apply         October 1, 2019   February 29, 2020 March 1, 2020       Students who apply to two or more         The College Board will award 500 Apply
                                                                      colleges will earn a chance at a $1,000   scholarships in February 2020.
Complete     December 10, 2018 February 29, 2020 March 1, 2020        Students who complete all six actions   The College Board will award 25 Complete
Your Journey                                                          (Build, Practice, Improve, Strengthen,  Your Journey scholarships in February 2020.
                                                                      Complete, and Apply) will earn a chance
                                                                      at a $40,000 scholarship.

Official SAT Practice & Khan

Official SAT Practice
 Free practice at satpractice.org

Official SAT Practice

Implementation Options

 • There are three main approaches to supporting students using Official SAT Practice
     • Independent Practice: Students practice individually or in study groups at home. Parent
       involvement is essential to encouraging independent practice.
     • Extracurricular Practice: Students practice in study hall, after-school sessions, or with a
       community-based organization.
     • Teacher-Guided Practice: Students practice in class, using Official SAT Practice as a learning
       tool. Teachers incorporate independent practice into the class period and answer student

 • Review materials and resources here.

Implementation Resources and Tips

  • Ideas and approaches to implement SAT Practice in the classroom:
      • Create a Khan Academy account at satpractice.org to get familiar with the resources students
        will use.
      • Download a copy of our Teacher/Coach Implementation Guide.
      • Make practice fun and rewarding by hosting SAT study groups, hosting a competition, or
        offering incentives for practice.
      • Enable the SAT Coach Tools to see which SAT skills your class needs the most help with and
        track individual student progress.
      • Collaborate with other teachers to share strategies and troubleshoot problems together.
      • Develop a school action plan with measurable goals and track those goals.
      • Access resources for schools including posters, flyers, website banners at satpractice.org/k12
        to build awareness.

Roadmap to Careers and
Big Future

Roadmap to Careers

   Visit: collegeboard.roadtripnation.com
Roadmap to Careers

          Motivate                   Prepare                 Expose
     Inspire college readiness    Ensure prerequisite    Open students’ eyes to
            for students         courses are completed     new opportunities

                                                                                  Presentation Title |66
Student Interests

 •Students choose their core interests

                                         Presentation Title |67
Student Roadmap
 • Students will receive a personalized roadmap
 • The roadmap will provide a look at
     • Careers that may be of interest
     • Leaders with similar interests
     • Majors that align to their interests
     • Actionable feedback

Student Action Plan

Big Future
 • Connect To Big Future to See Which
   Colleges Offer Certain Majors

K-12 Score Reporting Portal

Score Reporting
 • All answer sheets must be returned immediately after testing
      • Answer sheets shipped after April 26 may not be scored if received late.
 • Student Reporting Portal - centralized portal for students to access their SAT® score reports.
 • K-12 Educator Reporting Portal - centralized portal for schools, districts, states
      • Report Center: Reporting tools allow educators to configure and run online reports, apply
        filters for data analysis, and print student reports
      • Download Center: Data files available to manage electronic score downloads — manual and
 • For more information about accessing and using the K-12 Educator Reporting Portal view eModules
   at https://satsuiteofassessments.articulate-online.com

K-12 Reporting Portal
 • The K-12 Assessment Reporting Portal has been updated in response to educator feedback.
 • Updates include:
     • Quick search
     • All reports accessed on the homepage
     • Quick and guided report selection
     • Report history to allow users to quickly
       re-run a report
 • https://k12reports.collegeboard.org

K-12 Reporting Portal
 • Interactive features
 • Search Functionality
 • Enhanced data and drill-down capabilities
     •   Compare scores (district, state)
     •   Identify students in each performance band
     •   Read questions and answers students missed most
     •   Group students for additional support

Using the K-12 Score Reporting Portal

                                •Use Reports for
          Review                Student Intervention     Review the reports
          Instructional         to identify students     for school
          Planning and          with large gaps in       improvement
          Question Analysis     performance and to       planning to
          reports to identify   develop a plan for       identify gaps
                                improvement in           among
          strengths and         classroom
          areas for                                      demographic
                                instruction,             groups and to
          improvement in        intervention groups,
          curriculum and                                 develop goals and
                                and using Official SAT
          instruction           Practice on Khan         plans for reducing
                                Academy                  the gaps

Best Practice

K-12 Score Reporting Portal


 • Quick search for districts, schools, or
   students (user specific)
 • All reports provided on the homepage
 • Grouped by task
 • Report descriptions provided
 • Quick and Guided report selection
 • Report history to allow users to quickly
   re-run a report

Homepage – Guided Report Selection

Report Enhancements

 Deliver complementary reports together
                                          Three Tab Design
 Institutional Reports:
 • Scores by Institution
 • Benchmarks by Institution
 • Essay Scores by Institution (where applicable)

 Demographic Reports:
 • Scores by Demographics
 • Benchmarks by Demographics
 • Essay Scores by Demographics (where applicable)

What Questions Arise From the Data?

    How do                                with your
                           with other
    these      with past                   school
    results     years?                  improvement
    compare:                               plans?

Best Practice

Develop an Improvement Plan
How will your students develop necessary skills to improve their college and career readiness?
a) Record baseline data.
    1) SAT data
    2) Local assessment data
b) Set a goal for improvement
c) Determine what strategies you (your team) will implement. Identify:
    1) Steps for improvement
        • instructional strategies
        • lesson plans with skill practice
        • Official SAT Practice
    2) Who will implement
    3) Timeframe for implementation
d) Set a schedule for progress checks.
    1) Keep track of steps that were implemented
    2) Record successes and challenges
    3) Update the improvement plan as needed
e) Measure success!
    1) Check student progress on upcoming assessments
Learn More About the K-12 Score Reporting Portal

 Walk through a                • https://satsuiteofassessments.articulate-online.com/p/2983158838
 personalized explanation of   • https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/educators/k-12/reporting-
 the K-12 Score Reporting        portal-help


Thank You!

 • Melanie Jones, Idaho SDE:   mjones@sde.idaho.gov
 • Idaho Field Team at:        IdahoSDSupport@collegeboard.org
 • Stephen McCue at:           smccue@collegeboard.org
 • Eddie Pawlawski at:         cpawlawski@collegeboard.org

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