SWIT Neurobalance Operating instructions - Switplus

SWIT Neurobalance Operating instructions - Switplus
Operating instructions
SWIT Neurobalance Operating instructions - Switplus
4 Introduction

          6 Comissioning Touch Signal transmitter

          9 Overview of application recommendations

          13 SWIT Horse Pro

Content   15 SWIT Horse Line

          18 Scientific contribution FIAE Dr. Schürg-Pfeiffer

          19 Charge to warranty

          20 Technical data
SWIT Neurobalance Operating instructions - Switplus
• Our electromagnetic SWIT Neurobalance System doesn`t try to
                 emulate the positive results of known magnetic field systems
                 directly, i.e. by invasively targeting symptoms, but by restoring the
                 regulatory capacity of the neurovegetative system.
               • As prescribed by nature, SWIT stimulates through the targeted and

SWIT             exact change of the electromagnetic spectrum in the space
                 surrounding the body.

Neurobalance   • Without known side effects, with easy handling and scientifically
                 measurable biocompatibility, the body generates sufficient energy
                 where it is needed.
is new!
               • We say thank you for your trust and wish you every success with our
                 SWIT systems.

               • Your SWIT Team
SWIT Neurobalance Operating instructions - Switplus
• In large and small animals, pulsating magnetic field systems (PMFT)
                 have been successfully used for many years in the veterinary field
                 for prevention, as well as as an accompanying treatment for
                 diseases or injuries.

               • With correct usage these systems promise an improved metabolism
                 through increased oxygen supply, and thus an increase in
                 performance, defense, regeneration and detoxification.
               • In addition, complementary methods for maintaining health and
                 optimising performance are becoming increasingly important, not
                 least due to constantly tightening doping regulations in tournament
SWIT Neurobalance Operating instructions - Switplus
Operation Touch
signal transmitter
• Charging the battery
• Before initial commissioning, please charge the
  touch signal transmitter completely for approx. 6
• To do this, plug the supplied charger (2) into the
  socket (100-240 V) and then the flat plug into the
  charging socket.
• To control the charging process, turn on the touch
  (1). It now displays the battery status “Charge” and
  turns-off again after 10 seconds; during loading,
  tow diodes light up, which extinguish after
SWIT Neurobalance Operating instructions - Switplus
Switching on and
selecting the programm

• By pressing the power button in the middle under the display for a
  longer period of time, you can access the main menu.

• Here you can select the 5 application programs by tapping and are
  informed about the battery status and the correct connection to the
SWIT Neurobalance Operating instructions - Switplus
Individual settings

• On the monitor you can now see two buttons at the top and
  intensity (-/+), as well as duration (-/+) below.
• By tapping the fields ( - ) or ( + ) you can change the intensity of
  your selected program in 25% increments and set the application
  time in 10-minute increments according to your needs.
• The individual settings remain saved until the next change.
• To start your set program, tap the button in the top left corner.
• If you want to change the program completely, you can return to
  the initial menu with the right button at the top.
SWIT Neurobalance Operating instructions - Switplus

• Allow your animals body time to tune
  in to cup system and start at law
  intensity (25%) for 20-30 minutes.
  After a few days, increase the
  duration of the application and
SWIT Neurobalance Operating instructions - Switplus
First-time users
Before training:
Vitalize: 20-30 minutes at 25%
After the training:
Regenerate: 20-30 minutes at 50%
In case of injury/rehabilitation:
Calmdown: 30 minutes at 25%
In case of metabolic disorders:
Relax: 20-30 minutes at 25%
SWIT Neurobalance Operating instructions - Switplus
• Before training:
• Vitalize: 30-40 minutes at 50%-75%
• After the training:
• Regenerate: 30-40 minutes at 75%-
• Injuries/rehabilitation:
• Calmdown: 30-40 minutes at 75%-
• Metabolic:
• Alternate relaxing/soothing in a daily
  rhythm: 30-50 minutes at 75%-100%
Active user
• Before Training:
• Vitalize: 30 minutes at 75%-100%
• Before the competition:
• Activate: 30 minutes at 75%-100%
• After the training/competition:
• Regenerate: 30 minutes at 75%-
• In case of injury/rehabilitation:
• Calm/Relax 30-40 minutes at 75%-
• Saddlecloth applicator and neck applicator
• The 28 high-density coils of this system combination produce a very dense magnetic field. Depending on the choice of
  program, the space is created to support the body`s natural regulatory mechanisms.
• Before working or competing with your horse, we recommend using the SWIT system while your horse is standing in its box.
  Alternatively, you can use it while your horse is walking on the longe or for passive / active warm-ups in a horse walker.
• After loading, use the SWIT system for active and passive waste heating to support rapid regeneration.
• The use before loading is mainly used to prevent injuries or to calm extremely nervous horses and increases the focused
  waking state.
• Place the saddle cover applicator and the neck applicator one after the other and fasten both with the abdominal/chest
• Now connect the neck applicator cable to the saddle cover applicator.
• Connect the touch signal transmitter to the connection cable located in the signal transmitter pocket.
• To do this, the zipper must be opened a bit, snare and then close again.
• Now you can set the desired program.

• The Horse Line gaiters are made with 8-10 high-density
  coils, depending on the size. With flexible velcro straps, the
  gaiters can be securely and easly attached to the forelegs
  or hindlegs.
• When designing the fastening straps, we placed particular
  emphasis on ensuring there is no pressure on the tendens.
• The gaiters can be applied individually or in conjunction
  with other applicators as required (e.g. after joint injuries)
  directly at the site of the inury.
• Holistic treatment is always preferable to partial treatment.
Handling Ankle
• First, attach the gaiters and
  fasten them with the two upper
  and lower Velcro fasteners.
• Then      connect   the   signal
  transmitter with the cable and
  insert it into the designated
  pocket. You can attach this to
  the      hook-and-loop   holder
  provided for this purpose and
  seal it.
• Now you can turn on the touch
forehand/backhand gaiter
• First, place the gaiter on the respective leg and close it with the upper
  and lower Velcro fasteners.

• Then please connect the touch signal transmitter to the cable and put it
  in the designated pocket. Attach this to the Velcro holder, then also
  close the middle Velcro fastener.

• Now you can turn on the touch signal transmitter according to the
  desired program.

• After the application is finished, the touch signal transmitter enters the
  “Off” state on its won. A short beep indicates the end oft the application.
SWIT in research
Dr. rer.nat. Evelyn Schürg-Pfeiffer FIAE

• The vegetative, autonomic nervous system in humans and mammals is primarily formed from two systems, the
  sympathietic and parasympathetic.

• The activating, performance-enhancing sympathetic system ensures, among other things, increased blood circulation
  and oxygenation of muscles and organs in stress and danger situations. At the same time, there is an increase in attention
  to the situation.

• The parasympathetic system on the other hand, reduces this function and leads to rest and relaxation.

• Ideally, both states are balanced (homeostasis). The interplay can be disturbed by physical and emotional stresses.

• It is possible to positively influence such a blockage – depending on cause and progression– through the neurobalance
  system of SWIT.

• Thus, when applying the system in humans and horses, a clear/significant effect in terms of brain performance could be
  demonstrated with the help of digital electroencephalography; the attention states are mesasurably affected during the
  application of the neurobalance system.
SWIT Systems Warranty Certificate

                                                                     Serial number:……………………………………....
SWIT Neurobalance systems are manufactured with the
utmost care. Should there still be a failure, your CONTROL
unit with applicators has a warranty period of 24 months, valid      Warranty certificate number: ……………………..
from the date of purchase.
Please note:
The warranty applies only to you as a first-time buyer. It does
not apply in the event of damage caused by improper
treatment, intentional damage, damage caused by breakage,
heat, water and natural events, unauthorised interference with
the device and chemical agents, e.g. by leaking batteries or in   SWIT uG
the event of normal signs of wear.                                Am Birbet 5
If you are entitled to a warranty, please send the device with    83115 Neubeuern
the enclosed warranty certificate and a copy of your invoice
                                                                  Stamp and signed by SWIT Partners

Technische Daten Signalgeber
Type of device:                        electromagnetic signal transmitter   Output voltage at output socket    :                max. 6,6V

Type designation:                      DWT-100                              Magnetic filed strength with reclining applicator

Voltage:                               5,0 – 5,5 VDC                        intensity (4):
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