Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan - 2019 REFRESH

Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan - 2019 REFRESH
Tai Tokerau
Action Plan

     2019 REFRESH
Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan - 2019 REFRESH
Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan - 2019 REFRESH


                                  10 LOGISTICS & INFRASTRUCTURE
                                  12 DIGITAL
    ACTION PLAN                   14 SKILLS & CAPABILITY

                                  16 LAND & WATER
                                  18 VISITOR INDUSTRY
                                  20 HIGH VALUE MANUFACTURING
                             23 POTENTIAL FUTURE

                             24 ADVISORY GROUP MEMBERS
                             25 GLOSSARY

Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan - 2019 REFRESH
    Ruth Lawton Photography
Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan - 2019 REFRESH

                                     Advisory Group Message

                                     How far we have come

Ki te whei ao, te ao mārama          We’ve come a long way since the Tai Tokerau               Our Action Plan has been developed by Northland,
Tihei waa mauriora                   Northland Economic Action Plan was launched               is led by Northland, and is nationally supported.
Ngā mihi ki Papatūānuku              in February 2016. In that short time we’ve seen           Our goal is to build communities in our region that are
Ngā mihi ki Ranginui                 some rapid momentum built and progress made               resilient and strong. Northland has been identified as
                                     on delivering significant initiatives that are helping    a ‘surge region’ and prioritised for significant central
                                     stimulate and grow the local economy, create jobs,        government investment. Now is the time to get even
Ngā mihi hoki ki a rātou kua pania
                                     grow skills and attract new investment into the           more done. As a country, our full economic and
atu ki ngā tatau o Hine Nui te Pō    region and help Northland move forward.                   social potential won’t be reached until our regions
Nā reira e te hunga mate i roto i                                                              are thriving. We want the whole of New Zealand to
ōu koutou okiokinga e moe            The refreshed Action Plan continues to focus on key
                                                                                               succeed. We want Northland to succeed.
                                     opportunities that will have the greatest impact on
Heoi anō, tātou te hunga ora huri
                                     Northland’s economic growth and social wellbeing.         Thank you to everyone who has been a part of
noa i te Tai Tokerau                 The Action Plan brings together initiatives that          our journey so far and we welcome newcomers
Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou,            are happening in the region and will continue to          to join us.
tēnā tātou katoa                     change, evolve and be refined in response to new
                                                                                               Ngä mihi maioha
                                     opportunities. It provides a long-term collaborative
                                     approach to Northland, our local businesses, hapü         Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan
                                     and iwi Mäori, local and central government.              Advisory Group

                                                                                               Harry Burkhardt, June McCabe, Dr Jason Smith,
                                                                                               Bill Shepherd, Lindsay Faithfull, Ben Dalton,
                                                                                               Ajit Balasingham.
Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan - 2019 REFRESH
About the Tai Tokerau
    Northland Economic
    Action Plan
    In 2016 the Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan (the Action
    Plan) was developed in response to a growth study which identified
    opportunities for transformative economic growth in Northland. The
    Action Plan identified priority outcome areas and established four
    key work streams, encompassing projects that together contribute to
    the development of the region.

    The Action Plan was always intended to be a living document;
    encouraging new projects to be included as existing projects came
    to completion. Input from stakeholders and progress on the plan to
    date has informed a refresh of priority outcomes and the regrouping
    of projects into six sector-based work streams. This second iteration
    of the plan summarises these changes and reports on the significant
    progress we have made so far.

    The Action Plan represents growing partnerships between industry,
    hapü and iwi Mäori, community and central and local government.
    with an interconnection between the Action Plan and He Tangata,
    He Whenua, He Oranga, the Mäori Economic Development Strategy
    for Northland. We are on a journey of working together, building a
    climate of high trust, collaboration and co-operation to support the
    transformation of Northland’s economic wellbeing.

Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan - 2019 REFRESH

History of the Tai Tokerau
Northland Economic Action Plan

                                         Project delivery in progress, new projects emerging

       Tai Tokerau       Tai Tokerau                                                                Tai Tokerau
        Northland         Northland                                                                  Northland
     Regional Growth   Economic Action                                                            Economic Action
     Study completed    Plan launched                                                              Plan refreshed

Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan - 2019 REFRESH
Looking back:                                                                      Growth Industries Pathway
                                                                                              Prototype developed in Kaikohe, delivering pathways

           What has been achieved
                                                                                              into employment for NEETS (those not in employment,
                                                                                              education or training)

           Work completed under the Action Plan to date
           spans across multiple sectors. These completed
           projects, and those still in progress (listed later
           in this document) have produced, and will
           continue to produce, broad-reaching positive
           outcomes for Northland.

                                    Pou Herenga Tai              Fibre                        Strategic Opportunities         Workforce Stocktake Report
                                    The construction of the      Fibre installed between      Study                           Report completed, identifying
                                    Twin Coast Cycle Trail,      Kaikohe and Kaitaia,         Strategic opportunities         issues related to labour demand
                                    a major new visitor          enhancing resilience and     study on water storage and      and the attraction and retention
                                    attraction for Northland     redundancy                   irrigation infrastructure       of labour in Northland
                                                                                              completed, exploring the
                                                                                              viability of community-scale
                                                                                              water storage and use
                                                                                              schemes in Northland
Ruth Lawton Photography

                                    Hawaiki Cable landing        Mangakahia Road              The Orchard
                                    Hawaiki Cable landing        Converted and upgraded to    Shared workspace
                                    completed, revolutionising   a State Highway, enhancing   established, supporting local
                                    New Zealand’s digital        network resilience           enterprise and facilitating
                                    capacity                                                  business networks

Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan - 2019 REFRESH
Communities of Learning        Employment Research
                                                              Established across Tai         Research completed on barriers faced by and
                                                              Tokerau to help students       opportunities for primary sector employers,
                                                              achieve their full potential   establishing recommendations for action to
                                                                                             better support employers

Wood Processing                  Mānuka planting              QRC Tai Tokerau Resort         Māori freehold land
Coalition                        initiative                   College                        blocks report
Wood processing                  A mänuka planting            QRC Tai Tokerau Resort         Report completed to assist
coalition formed                 initiative completed,        College opened, providing      owners of Mid-North
                                 providing work experience    hospitality and hotel          fragmented Mäori freehold
                                 and learning opportunities   management training to         land blocks with informed
                                 for Northland students       Northland students             decision making

Te Kakano                        Forestry Opportunity         Whangarei Airport                                              Destination Positioning
Te Kakano (the seed)
                                 Analysis                     Improvements to                                                Sub regional positioning
completed, enabling builders     Forestry processing          Whangarei Airport                                              for destinations along
and artists to adapt and         opportunity analysis         completed, enhancing                                           the Twin Coast route
build in Friedensreich           completed exploring          passenger experience                                           identified, addressing
Hundertwasser’s unique style     options re local             and safety                                                     seasonality, dispersal and
ahead of the main build of the   impact, forest resource                                                                     getting people deeper into
Hundertwasser Art Centre         availability and market                                                                     Northland
with Wairau Mäori Art Gallery.   demand for an integrated
                                 facility in the mid-north

Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan - 2019 REFRESH
Moving forward
Projects within the Action Plan contribute to priority outcomes for the region, illustrated below. Working towards
these outcomes is vital to enable economic growth, and, in turn, ensure that Tai Tokerau communities are both
prosperous and resilient.

                                                     Priority Outcomes

                           An equitable    A safe, resilient
          A thriving Tai                                        A state of the   Top regional
                           environment      and efficient                                       Better use of   A skilled local
         Tokerau Māori                                         art technology       visitor
                            for whānau       multi modal                                           water          workforce
            economy                                              ecosystem        destination
                             wellbeing    transport system



           A thriving                                      An equitable                                  A safe, resilient and                         A state of the art
           Tai Tokerau                                     environment for                               efficient multi modal                         technology ecosystem
           Māori economy                                   whānau wellbeing                              transport system
Mäori own a significant asset base across       Mäori comprise 35% of the Te Tai              In a region challenged by a relatively poor   Despite growth in the proportion of
key sectors comprised of the assets of          Tokerau population and it is essential        road safety record and the interaction of     households with internet and broadband
trusts, incorporations, businesses and other    that whänau, hapü and iwi are enabled to      increasing flows of heavy freight traffic     access, quality universal access is not
Mäori entities and make up a high proportion    share in and contribute to social, cultural   and visitor traffic, improvements and         available to all residents and uptake
of the population base. In particular,          and economic prosperity. An equitable         upgrades to the transport network taking      of available access is low compared
Mäori enterprises make strong economic          environment that enables whänau to            an integrated multi­modal approach is         to other regions. Tai Tokerau has an
contributions to forestry, agriculture and      access and gain knowledge, skills and         critical. There are areas of low resilience   opportunity to be a national leader and
fishing sectors, health and community           qualifications to successfully manage         along SH1 and other key tourism and           globally competitive in the deployment
services and property and business services.    their assets, and pursue employment           freight routes, rail growth is currently      and adoption of broadband technology.
Growing productivity, increasing competition,   and business opportunities will enable        restricted, diversion routes do not always    Improvements to digital infrastructure,
upholding tikanga-driven growth and             whänau to be economically secure and          have sufficient capacity to take heavy        affordability and equity, connectivity and
targeting investment into the Mäori economy     successfully involved in wealth creation,     vehicles, and not all transport modes         digital skills/capability are also needed to
has potential to radically alter the economic   achieving the standard of living they         are optimised.                                support growth in the region.
profile and prosperity of Tai Tokerau.          aspire to.

           Top regional visitor                            Better use of water                           A skilled local
           destination                                                                                   workforce
Tai Tokerau has a wide variety of natural       Tai Tokerau has a number of challenges        Tai Tokerau has a growing, potentially
attractions, a mature tourism offering in       associated with water. Droughts and           more diverse economy and an increasingly
the Bay of Islands, and a unique cultural       flood events occur frequently, the severity   youthful working age population.
and historical experience. However,             of which is likely to increase with the       We have engaged industries actively
the current offerings do not adequately         impacts of climate change. The impacts        involved in growing a skilled workforce.
disperse visitors around the region             of these events can be exacerbated by         We have an opportunity to strengthen our
and the visitor economy is impacted by          land use changes and water management         local workforce, linking education and
seasonality. The value of tourism can           practices. The topography of Tai Tokerau      employment, and promoting pathways
be lifted by encouraging development            does not allow for large-­scale water         including to higher qualifications and
of uniquely-Northland products and              storage. Collaborative processes need         progression to middle management and
services to extend seasonal visitation and      to be undertaken to understand each           beyond. Our challenge is to ensure that
widen visitor dispersal. Sector growth          catchment, as well as research on the         the impact of urban growth rolls out
will require a collaborative destination        demand for and supply of water, and the       to all areas in the region. With social
management approach ensuring quality            benefits and costs of different options to    contracting underpinning our region,
over quantity and value over volume.            improve water storage and/or use.             a skilled local workforce underpins all
                                                                                              other priority outcomes.

Logistics &
     The projects within this work stream aim to improve
     logistics/transport infrastructure and services, and
     improve water management and storage.


PROJECTS                                                                                                       LEAD          KEY PARTNERS                 TIMEFRAME     STAGE

Improving logistics/transport infrastructure and services
Support Northport’s Vision for Growth                                                                          Northport     MMH, Central Govt            2017 - 2026   Consultation
Complete Bay of Islands airport improvements - Stage 1 & 2                                                     FNHL          FNDC                         2018 - 2020
Investigate the options for, and opportunities created by the relocation of Whangarei Airport                  WDC           Industry                     2016 - 2019   Business case
Investigate rail as a viable option for transporting freight and services in and out of the Northland region   MoT           NZTA                         2018 - 2019   Business case
Twin Coast Discovery Route – improve connectivity, bridges, rest areas, passing/overtaking lanes and wayfinding signage
These projects are part of the Twin Coast Discovery Route Programme.
                                                                                                                             FNDC, Nthld Inc, hapü/iwi/
Complete business case for improvements to SH11 - Kawakawa to SH10 Puketona                                    NZTA                                       2018 - 2019   Delivery
Complete business case for improvements to SH12 - Rawene to Waipoua, including Opononi                                       FNDC, NRC, Nthld Inc, DoC,
                                                                                                               NZTA                                       2018 – 2019   Delivery
and Omapere town centre improvements                                                                                         hapü/iwi/Mäori
                                                                                                                             FNDC, KDC, WDC, hapü/iwi/
Complete Rest Area Strategy and Implementation Plan                                                            NZTA                                       2018 – 2019   Delivery
                                                                                                                             Mäori, Nthld Inc
                                                                                                                             FNDC, KDC, WDC, hapü/iwi/
Complete business case identifying improvements to passing and overtaking opportunities                        NZTA                                       2018 – 2019   Delivery
                                                                                                                             Mäori, Nthld Inc
                                                                                                                             FNDC, KDC, WDC, Nthld Inc,
Complete business case for Twin Coast Discovery Route Wayfinding Signage                                       NZTA                                       2018 – 2019   Delivery
Complete bridge replacements in Matakohe, Taipa and Kaeo                                                       NZTA          FNDC, KDC                    2017-2022     Delivery
Connecting Northland (Roading)
Complete Puhoi to Warkworth                                                                                    NZTA          KDC, WDC                     2016 - 2022   Delivery
Complete Route Protection for Warkworth to Wellsford                                                           NZTA          KDC, WDC                     2017 - 2022   Planning
Complete improvements from Wellsford to Whangärei                                                              NZTA          KDC, WDC                     2017 - 2024   Delivery
Complete Whangärei Urban Improvements                                                                          NZTA          WDC                          2017 - 2021   Delivery
Better water usage and storage
Flood protection and storm water management for SH1 north of Whangärei                                         NRC           NZTA                         2016 - 2019
Investigate the potential of water storage infrastructure in areas identified by the scoping study
                                                                                                               NRC           Nthld Inc, MPI, FNDC, KDC    2017 - 2022   Delivery
and implementation
Investigate and implement small water solutions across Te Hiku                                                 Te Hiku Iwi   JTHWP                        2019 - 2022   Feasibility

     The projects within this work stream aim
     to improve digital infrastructure, access,
     connectivity, regional land information, and
     digital skills and capability in the region.


PROJECTS                                                                                     LEAD                 KEY PARTNERS                   TIMEFRAME     STAGE

Improving digital infrastructure
Install SH12 fibre between Opononi and Dargaville – filling the fibre gaps                   Chorus, NP Fibre                                    2019-2022     Planning

Link Northland to REANNZ Network                                                             Nthld Inc, REANNZ DEG, AUT, Northtec, CRI's         2019          Planning

Improving digital access (providing last mile infrastructure)
Install free Public Wi-Fi in Northland towns and communities                                 DEG                  Various                        2019 - 2022   Delivery

Improve Northland Marae Connectivity                                                         TPK                  CIP, hapü/iwi/Mäori, DEG       2022          Planning

                                                                                                                                                               (some stages
Support connections to towns and communities not addressed by RBI2/UFB2/MBSF                 DEG                  Various                        2022          still being

Improving connectivity (supporting community update of new broadband infrastructure)
                                                                                                                  Industry, Nthld Inc, Central
Establish Northland Digital Office to support DEP delivery                                   DEG                                                 2019          Planning
                                                                                                                  Govt, KDC, WDC, FNDC

Improving digital skills and capability of businesses in the region
Enhance digital skills and capability of business in the region                              Nthld Inc            Various                        2022          Delivery

Establish Business/Digital Hubs                                                              DEG                  Various                        2019

Support the attraction of Data Centres – enabling new storage capability in the region       Private sector       Nthld Inc                      2018 - 2022   Feasibility

Improving regional land information
Complete region wide LIDAR data capture & identify how the data can be used to assist with
                                                                                             NRC                  KDC, FNDC, WDC, LINZ, MPI 2017 - 2019        Delivery
private, Mäori and public-sector planning and investment decisions

Skills & Capability
     The projects within this work stream aim to improve
     pathways to employment and employability of
     our people, provide employers with support and
     increase the value of education to Northland.


PROJECTS                                                                                   LEAD            KEY PARTNERS                 TIMEFRAME     STAGE

Improving pathways to employment and employability of our people
                                                                                                           MSD, MOE, education
Support the development and roll out of He Poutama Rangatahi programme in Northland                        providers, social sector
                                                                                           MBIE                                         2017 - 2019   Delivery
*This programme is overseen by the SESG                                                                    agencies, NEET youth,

                                                                                                           Education providers,
Implement He Poutama Tai Tamariki throughout Tai Tokerau
                                                                                           MSD, MBIE       social sector agencies,    2017 - 2019     Delivery
*This programme is overseen by the SESG
                                                                                                           NEET youth, employers, TPK

                                                                                                           Nthld Inc, All Agencies
Implement the Te Hiku Work Programme matching workforce development,                                       (Central, Regional, Local)
                                                                                           JTHWP                                        2019          Planning
enterprise capability, educational alignment and pathways to iwi economic initiatives                      employers, schools, hapü/

Develop and implement a model to strengthen vocational pathways between                                    Industry, MSD, TPK, Nthld
                                                                                           Transitions                                  2017 - 2020   Delivery
secondary, tertiary and employers (Secondary Transitions Taskforce)                                        Inc, MBIE, PTEs, ITOs, MoE

Deliver the Northland Delivery Framework - the social procurement model focused on
                                                                                           NZTA            MSD, Industry, PTEs, ITOs    2018 – 2021   Delivery
pathways to employment and improving productivity.

Grow and develop the NZTA Northland Delivery Framework, and implement/integrate
                                                                                           SESG            Industry, PTEs, ITOs, NZTA   2018 -2022    Planning
across sectors and hubs.

Enable coordinated investment and services in tertiary education across the region
                                                                                                                                                      Stage 1 – Complete
through supporting the development and implementation of the Tai Tokerau Regional          TEC, NorthTec   TEP, Nthld Inc, TPK, MoE     2018 - 2021
                                                                                                                                                      Stage 2 - Planning
Investment Plan (TRIP)

Providing employers with support
                                                                                                           Industry, SWEP, hapü/iwi/
Support employers to provide an industry/employer driven response to skills and
                                                                                           SESG            Mäori, KDC, WDC, FNDC,       2018 - 2020   Planning
workforce requirements in Tai Tokerau to include a network of hubs
                                                                                                           NRC, Immigration NZ

Create partnerships with tertiary providers and CRIs outside of Northland to enhance the
                                                                                           Nthld Inc       TEP, TPK                     2016 - 2019   Delivery
resources available to the region

                                                                                                           Industry, hapü/iwi/Mäori,
Develop a Northland-wide entrepreneurial eco-system/business support network               Nthld Inc                                    2017 - 2020   Delivery

Increasing the value of education to Northland
Implement the International Education Strategy                                             Nthld Inc       ENZ, Education sector        2017 - 2027   Delivery

Land & Water
     The projects within this work stream aim to
     expand capability, opportunities and productivity
     in the agriculture, horticulture, honey,
     aquaculture and forestry sectors.


PROJECTS                                                                                         LEAD                KEY PARTNERS                           TIMEFRAME     STAGE

Improving land utilisation
                                                                                                                     Mäori land owners,
Support the implementation of the Whenua Mäori Programme                                         TPK                                                        2019 - 2022   Delivery
                                                                                                                     Mäori Land Court, MPI

Implement the Extension 350 project throughout Northland                                         Nthld Inc           MPI, Dairy NZ, NRC & Beef + Lamb NZ    2017 - 2022   Delivery

                                                                                                 Te Tai Tokerau
Implement the Te Tai Tokerau Mäori Farming Collective with the focus                                                 Te Hiku Iwi, Mäori Incorps & Trusts,
                                                                                                 Mäori Farming                                              2019 - 2021   Planning
on developing a Mäori red meat strategy                                                                              MPI, TPK, JTHWP

Kaipara Kai – investigate higher value crops, commercial/financial analysis, and establish
                                                                                                 KDC                 Industry, MPI                          2019 - TBC    Planning
a Transformation Hub to support local farmers to navigate the transition process

Complete a long term development roadmap for horticulture in Te Hiku                             JTHWP               Te Hiku iwi, Industry                  2019          Delivery

Support the research, development and expansion of berry production in Northland                 Private Sector      Nthld Inc, MPI                         2018 - 2019

Support the commercial expansion of avocados                                                     Industry            NZ Avocados, MPI                       2018 - 2020   Concept

Build capacity, capability and participation within the honey industry through the               Tai Tokerau Miere
                                                                                                                     DoC, MPI, TPK                          2017 - 2020   Planning
collaborative project, Te Nöta – Miere Coalition                                                 Collective

Secure investment into and establish commercial kingfish production                              NRC, NIWA           MPI, NZTE, Nthld Inc                   2017 - 2019

Explore opportunities for commercial viability of seaweed                                        Te Amokura          Nthld Inc, Industry                    2018 - 2019   Concept

Investigate and initiate business models to support the Taitokerau Mäori Forests
Collective (TMF Inc) to establish appropriate and scalable business opportunities in             TTMF Inc            TPK, MPI, Industry                     2017 - 2019   Planning
forestry, the forestry value chain and land use diversification.
Complete Tai Tokerau Northland Regional Afforestation & Reforestation Strategy                                                                                            Capital
                                                                                                 TTMF Inc            NRC, NWC, FPS, WPMA, JTHWP, MPI        2019
(Right trees, right place, right purpose)                                                                                                                                 raising
                                                                                                 Tötara Working
Undertake a pilot project to test the validity of establishing an indigenous (Tötara) industry                       Scion, MPI, TTMF Inc, Nthld Inc        2017 - 2019   Delivery

Visitor Industry
The projects within this work stream aim to improve
sector performance through an integrated destination
management and marketing approach which enhances
tourism and Māori tourism experiences, and addresses
accommodation and infrastructure to support the sector.

PROJECTS                                                                          LEAD             KEY PARTNERS                TIMEFRAME     STAGE

Enhance destination management and marketing
                                                                                  Nthld Inc,       NRC, WDC, KDC, FNDC,
Develop a new destination management and marketing plan for Tai Tokerau                                                        2018 - 2019   Concept
                                                                                  Te Hiringa       Industry

                                                                                                   NRC, WDC, KDC, FNDC,
Complete development of the ‘Northland Journeys’ network of byway routes          Nthld Inc                                    2018 - 2020   Planning

Complete a review of Te Hiku tourism, setting out future pathways                 JTHWP            Industry, Nthld Inc, TPK    2019 - 2020   Planning

Revitalise Twin Coast Discovery Route
                                                                                                   Nthld Inc, NRC, WDC, KDC,
Twin Coast Discovery Route – Complete Integrated Northland Cycle Plan             NZTA                                         2018 - 2019   Delivery

                                                                                                   Nthld Inc, NRC, WDC, KDC,
Twin Coast Discovery Route - Produce township plans                               NZTA                                         2018 - 2019   Delivery
                                                                                                   FNDC, Community

Support/leverage private sector investment
Develop a hotel and entertainment precinct along the Hatea river in Whangarei’s
                                                                                  Private Sector   Nthld Inc                   2018 - 2025   Business Case
Town Basin

Facilitate an integrated programme to support the Carrington Resort Development   Private sector   FNHL, NZMT, Nthld Inc       2016 - 2019   Delivery


PROJECTS                                                                                   LEAD          KEY PARTNERS                      TIMEFRAME     STAGE

Develop tourism product offerings
Complete the remaining sections, extensions and new trail development                                    FNDC, FNHL, NZTA, Industry,
                                                                                           TCCTT                                           2016 - 2019   Delivery
on the Far North’s Pou Herenga Tai Cycle Trail                                                           Nthld Inc

Implement Kaipara District cycleway and walkway projects as per strategy                   KDC           Te Roroa, Nthld Inc, FNDC         2017 - 2028   Feasibility

Kaipara Moana - Investigate wharf infrastructure and water transport networks in the
Kaipara Harbour - based on findings, wharf infrastructure physical works to commence       KDC           KDC, Nthld Inc, hapü/iwi/Mäori    2018 - 2020   Planning
delivery of moana based transport networks

Rakau Rangatira– upgrade tracks and visitor facilities for Tane Mahuta                                                                                   Business Case
                                                                                           DoC           Te Roroa                          2016 - 2021
and Kauri Walks, Waipoua Forest                                                                                                                          (Indicative)

                                                                                           Te Au Marie   MCH, TPK, MBIE, Industry,
Deliver the Tuia Encounters 250 programme                                                                                                  2018 - 2020   Delivery
                                                                                           Trust         Community, hapü/iwi/Mäori

Implement and expand Whangärei cycleway and walkway projects, as per strategy              WDC, NTA      Nthld Inc, Private sector         2018 - 2022   Delivery

Implement the Te Ara Whänui visitor experiences                                            Ngäti Kuri                                      2018 – 2020   Business Case

Develop the Te Aurere Kupe Waka Centre and visitor experience                              Arawai Ltd    MBIE, Nthld Inc                   2018 – 2021   Planning

Complete Manea Footprints of Kupe                                                          THOTKT        Nthld Inc, TPK, NRC, MBIE, NZMT   2016 - 2020   Capital Raising

                                                                                                         TPK, Nthld Inc, NZMT, MBIE,                     Delivery (preparing
Redevelop and enhance Te Waiariki Ngawha Thermal Springs                                   PNWT                                            2017 - 2020
                                                                                                         FNDC, TRAION                                    building consent)

                                                                                           NAHC, FNDC,
Develop Te Pu o Te Wheke cultural hub in Kaikohe                                                         Kaikohe Bus. Assoc., TPK          2018 - 2019   Business Case

Restore the rail-line to run a regular Bay of Islands Vintage Railway service (linked to
                                                                                           BOIVRT        FNDC, TCCTT, hapü/iwi/Mäori       2016 - 2020   Capital Raising
Taumarere to Opua cycleway section of the Pou Herenga Tai Cycle Trail)

                                                                                                         DoC, FNDC, Nthld Inc, TPK,
Complete the enhancements of the Ruapekapeka Pa experience                                 TRT                                             2019 - 2021   Planning
                                                                                                         HNZ, MCH

                                                                                                                                                         Capital Raising
Develop and implement Camp Kiwi: an ecotourism experience                                  Ngatiwai      Blue Orb Trust, DoC, Nthld Inc    2018 - 2020   (resource consent

Complete Hihiaua Cultural Centre - Stage 1 & 2                                             HCCT          TPK, WDC, HPMT, TAMT Nthld Inc    2016 - 2020   Delivery

                                                                                                         Prosper Nthld Trust, Nthld Inc,
Complete Hundertwasser Art Centre with Wairau Mäori Arts Gallery                           WAM                                             2017 - 2020   Delivery
                                                                                                         MBIE, MCH

High Value
     The projects within this work stream aim to
     enhance marine manufacturing and refit
     capacity, support the marine sector and
     value add in the extractives sector


PROJECTS                                                                               LEAD             KEY PARTNERS              TIMEFRAME     STAGE

Enabling key sectors

                                                                                                        Ngai Takoto, Nthld Inc,
Establish commercial operation of extraction from peat into resin and waxes            Resin & Wax                                2016 - 2020   Capital raising
                                                                                                        NZTE, Callaghan

Explore opportunities for commercially extracting oils from Mänuka                     Industry         Nthld Inc, MPI            2018 - 2020   Planning

                                                                                                        Nthld Inc, MPI, FNDC,
Develop Ngawha Innovation and Enterprise Park                                          FNHL                                       2018 - 2020   Feasibility
                                                                                                        Private Sector, MBIE

                                                                                                                                                Delivery (further
Install infrastructure to support the expansion of the marine manufacturing industry   Private Sector   Nthld Inc                 2016 - 2019   developments in
                                                                                                                                                feasibility stage)

Explore opportunities to increase market demand for marine manufacturing and refit     Nthld Inc        Industry                  2018 - 2020   Feasibility

Complete a new Whangarei Marina development at Okara                                   WHMT             WDC, Nthld Inc            2019 – 2020   Capital raising


Potential Future Opportunities
This section outlines a number of
                                                    Logistics &        Complete an               Install
actions that may be included in the
                                                    Infrastructure     integrated multi-         infrastructure
Action Plan in the future.                                             modal transport           to support the
                                                                       strategy for              expansion of Bay
                                                                       Tai Tokerau               of Islands airport

       Land &           Form a cross sector,        Visitor            Develop another           Extend development       Complete Paihia
                        collaborative action
       Water            focused cluster
                                                    Industry           4 star hotel in the
                                                                       Bay of Islands
                                                                                                 of walking tracks
                                                                                                 supplemented by
                                                                                                                          Development to provide
                        looking at profitability,                                                water-based              protection of assets
                        environmental                                                            experiences in the       while also expanding
                        sustainability and                                                       eastern Bay of Islands   maritime and land-
                        farmer wellbeing                                                                                  based facilities
                        (agrarian cluster)

       High Value       Explore opportunities       Investigate        Investigate               Further explore

       Manufacturing    to develop native flora
                        extracts (bioactives)
                                                    opportunities to
                                                    convert organic
                                                                       opportunities to
                                                                       convert waste
                                                                                                 opportunities for
                                                                                                 value add wood
                                                    matter to fuel     streams to energy         products

Advisory Group Members

                                              Bill Shepherd                              June McCabe
         Burkhardt                            CHAIR OF NORTHLAND
         CHAIR OF NGĀTI KURI                                                             COMPANY DIRECTOR, MBA
                                              REGIONAL COUNCIL
         TRUST BOARD

                                                                     Ajit Balasingham
                               Faithfull                             DIRECTOR, UNITED
                               CEO OF MCKAY                          INFRASTRUCTURE &
                               WHANGAREI                             STRATEGIC ADVISOR

                                              Dr Jason
                                                                                         Ben Dalton
                                              Smith                                      SENIOR REGIONAL OFFICIAL
                                              MAYOR OF THE KAIPARA                       FOR NORTHLAND


AUT      Auckland University of Technology      MoE         Ministry of Education                        TAMT       Te Au Märie Trust
BOIVRT   Bay of Islands Vintage Railway Trust   MoT         Ministry of Transport                        TCCTT      Twin Coast Cycle Trail Trust
CIP      Crown Infrastructure Partners          MPI         Ministry for Primary Industries              TEC        Tertiary Education Commission
CRIs     Crown Research Institutes              MSD         Ministry of Social Development               TEP        Tertiary Education Providers
DEG      Digital Enablement Group               NAHC        Ngäpuhi Asset Holding Company                THDT       Te Hiku Development Trust
DOC      Department of Conservation             NIWA        National Institute of Water &                THOTKT     Te Hua o te Kawariki Trust
                                                            Atmospheric Research
ENZ      Education New Zealand                                                                           TPK        Te Puni Kökiri
                                                NRC         Northland Regional Council
FNDC     Far North District Council                                                                      TRAION     Te Rünanga ä Iwi o Ngäpuhi
                                                NTA         Northland Transportation Alliance
FNHL     Far North Holdings Ltd                                                                          TRT        Te Ruapekapeka Trust
                                                Nthld Inc   Northland Inc
FPS      Forest Protection Services                                                                      TTMF Inc   Tai Tokerau Mäori Forestry Collective
                                                NWC         Northland Wood Council
HCCT     Hihiaua Cultural Centre Trust                                                                   UFB        Ultra-fast Broadband
                                                NZMT        New Zealand Mäori Tourism
HNZ      Heritage New Zealand                                                                            WAM        Whangarei Art Museum Trust
                                                NZTA        New Zealand Transport Agency
HPMT     He Puna Marama Trust                                                                            WDC        Whangarei District Council
                                                NZTE        New Zealand Trade & Enterprise
ITOs     Industry Training Organisations                                                                 WHMT       Whangarei Harbour Marina Trust
                                                PNWT        Parahirahi Ngawha Waiariki Trust
JTHWP    Joint Te Hiku Work Programme                                                                    WPMA       Wood Processors and Manufacturers
                                                PTEs        Private Training Establishments                         Association of New Zealand
KDC      Kaipara District Council
                                                REANNZ      Kiwi Advanced Research
LINZ     Land Information New Zealand
                                                            and Education Network
MBIE     Ministry of Business, Innovation
                                                SESG        Skills and Employment Steering Group
         & Employment
                                                SWEP        Sector Workforce Engagement
MCH      Ministry for Culture and Heritage
MMH      Marsden Maritime Holdings Ltd

Tai Tokerau Northland
Economic Action Plan

For further information visit www.northlandnz.com
or email: actionplan@northlandnz.com

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