TECHNICAL GUIDE Fitting your space - From 17 to 23 june, 2019

TECHNICAL GUIDE Fitting your space - From 17 to 23 june, 2019
From 17 to 23 june, 2019

              TECHNICAL GUIDE
              Fitting your space

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TECHNICAL GUIDE Fitting your space - From 17 to 23 june, 2019

Together, we can all contribute to creating the 53rd International Paris Air and Space Show (PAS) at Le Bourget
in 2019. The success of the largest show in the world is built on the shared respect of our mutual obligations:
    omplying with the Show’s international image in terms of its reception and quality,
    omplying with the zero-tolerance level for General Safety and Security,
    omplying with our Sustainable Development and cleanliness charter.

We are united in accepting these requirements, which         Therefore, we ask that you follow the Show Regulations
are dictated by common sense, compliance with general        to the letter, particularly in relation to wearing badges,
health and safety in accordance with French legislation,     moving around the site and parking.
compliance with which will be monitored by the Organiser     Also, as it may take longer to access the site with
in conjunction with the relevant authorities: Prefecture,    entry/exit gates having been reduced to those strictly
Inspection du Travail (Labour Inspectorate), Assurance       necessary; we encourage you to anticipate and take
Maladie (Health insurance body), URSSAF (organizations       account of this in your build-up schedule and show
for payment of social security) and Commission de            attendance plans.
Sécurité (Consumer Safety Commission).                       Rest assured, we will do everything we can to minimise
                                                             any inconvenience caused by the measures being
Security Background                                          implemented to keep everyone safe, and we appreciate
                                                             your understanding and full cooperation, with safety
France has boosted its domestic security efforts with
                                                             being everybody’s concern.
its VIGIPIRATE and SENTINELLE operations. While our
own security measures are already extremely active
and established, they have now been strengthened
further. This means that the Show Regulations must be
strictly adhered to from the start of the build-up period.


        he French Labour Code, and more specifically the sections on Security, Health & Safety, personal
       protection measures, work hours and foreign labour,
        ecrees relating to establishments hosting the public referred to as ERPs (Decree of 18 November 1987,
       amended on 11 January 2000, 2004 and 2009),
        pecific construction site regulations implemented by the Organiser.

This Guide sets out all the technical details of our event and media for correctly interpreting them, and provides you
with explanations about the key points of French law with which you must comply.

                                                                                               2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE   2
TECHNICAL GUIDE Fitting your space - From 17 to 23 june, 2019

Our Air Safety Unit teams, which have been specifically                           NEW IN 2019
created for this purpose (coordinator, fire safety experts,
labour legislation lawyers, insurer, control desk, etc.),         safety notice for the Show will be available
are also available to help you and support you in meeting         for download on your Exhibitor or Service Provi-
your obligations which can often be complicated and not           der space. This notice will present all the points
very familiar.                                                    concerning the site’s safety-security and will in-
                                                                  clude a section devoted to visitors available for
Continuing the work done at previous shows, the Paris             download on the public website.
Air Show will continue to invest in and further its efforts
to facilitate everyone’s access and work.                       hanges to construction rules.
In return, a zero-tolerance policy (movement and parking      In the frame of our CSR approach, four new
rules, wearing of badges and personal protection              construction rules must be complied with for all
equipment, complying with health and safety and               fittings.
security measures) shall be applied in an exemplary             U
                                                                 se of LED light sources.
fashion on site throughout the build-up and dismantling         All of the light sources installed on the different
periods.                                                        fittings must be LED.
If these obligations are not met or if there is any blatant     U
                                                                 se of PEFC© or FSC© certified wood.
lack of courtesy, sanctions will be applied, this can range     All of the wood (structural works, flooring, frames,
from the confiscation of a badge to the closing down of         etc.) used for the construction of fittings must be
the Exhibitor’s stand.                                          PEFC© or FSC© certified.
Our ‘Responsible Organiser’ commitments in terms of             U
                                                                 se of recyclable or reusable carpets.
quality, environmental protection, and personal and             U
                                                                 se of eco-designed reusable or disposable
work site safety mean that we require everyone to               tableware compulsory.
strictly adhere to these rules.

                                                                                KEY POINTS 2019
The PAS thanks you all: Exhibitors and Service
Providers, for your support, contribution and help in           I t continues to be compulsory to wear a bib (with
ensuring the success of the 53nd show and we wish                 the company’s name) in order to access the site
you well with your preparations.                                  during the build-up/dismantling period.
Have a great Show.                                             The build-up/dismantling badge is not valid on
                                                                  Sunday 16 June, the day before the opening of the
                                                                  Show. Only service badges and Exhibitor badges will
                                                                  ensure access to the site on this day.
                                                               Permanent Exhibitor badges are personalised.
                                                               For safety reasons, the 1-day Exhibitor badge,
                                                                  which is not personalised, is not valid during
                                                                  build-up/dismantling. It is valid for the opening
                                                                  of the Show and on Sunday 16 June, the pre-
                                                                  opening day.

                                                                                                2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE   3
TECHNICAL GUIDE Fitting your space - From 17 to 23 june, 2019
CONTENTS                                                      SHOW RULES

                                                     01. A
                                                          CCESS CONDITIONS DURING
                                                         BUILD-UP / DISMANTLING P.13
                                                         1.1 Introduction
The table of contents is interactive: click on the       1.2 Build-up / dismantling calendar
titles to access the chapters concerned.                 1.3 General principles of access during the
                                                              build-up / dismantling periods
                                                         1.4 How to collect build-up / dismantling badges
                                                              and how to access other available services ?
SCHEDULE P.7                                             1.5 Vehicles during build-up / dismantling
                                                         1.6 Occasional delivery of small parcels
SITE MAP P.8                                                  and express shipping
                                                         1.7 Traffic and parking
                                                         1.8 Service Providers’ village
                                                         1.9 Measures specific to dismantling
                                                         1.10 Other build-up / dismantling rules

           PRACTICAL INFORMATION                     02. ACCESS
                                                                  CONDITIONS AND REGULATIONS
                                                         DURING THE SHOW P.15
                                                         2.1 Introduction
                                                         2.2 Exhibitors, visitors and press
01. D                                                    2.3 Exhibitors’ Service Providers
    1.1 During build-up and dismantling                  2.4 List of prohibited objects
    1.2 During the Show                                  2.5 Measures preventing access
                                                               at the doors to the Show
02. S                                                    2.6 Rules for leaving objects at left luggage

03. H                                                03. CONDITION REPORT P.16
    3.1 Medical emergencies
    3.2 Fire                                         04. SECURITY SERVICE REGULATIONS P.17
    3.3 Other numbers
                                                          CCUPATION OF IN-STAND SPACES P.17
                                                     05. O
           - POLICE P.10
                                                     06. I N-STAND ADVERTISING
05. O                                                     AND DISTRIBUTION P.17
    5.1 Temporary work service
    5.2 Hardware                                     07. INSURANCES P.17
    5.3 On-site catering
    5.4 Toilets
    5.5 Concierge service
    5.6 Visitor train                                         HANDLING SERVICE
    5.7 General table of services
                                                              AND CUSTOMS

                                                     01. HANDLING
                                                                 SERVICE DURING
                                                         BUILD-UP / DISMANTLING P.19

                                                     02. HANDLING
                                                           INSTRUCTIONS ON SITE P.19

                                                     03. CUSTOMS P.20

                                                          PPENDICES - HANDLING SERVICE P.22
                                                     04. A
                                                         Appendix 1 : Pricelist from CLAMAGERAN
                                                         Appendix 2 : Pricelist from GROUP ESI

                                                                                       TECHNICAL GUIDE 2019   4
TECHNICAL GUIDE Fitting your space - From 17 to 23 june, 2019



02. P
    2.1 L egislation, presentation and SPS coordination/
    2.2 Coordination to be implemented by the Exhibitor
    2.3 Measures to be taken by the Exhibitor and                    SURFACE FITTING
         Service Provider companies
                                                                      IN HALLS
03. V
    3.1 Compulsory verifications for the Exhibitor
    3.2 Official Safety Commission                               ARE STAND P.29
                                                            01. B
                                                                1.1 Installation and occupation of the in-stand space
04. A                                                           1.2 Rules for fitting out your stand
    Appendix 1 : Contents of the General Safety and            1.3 Recap table
                  Health Protection Coordination Plan
                  (PGCSPS)                                       URNKEY STAND FROM 12 SQ.M P.34
                                                            02. T
                                                                2.1 Description
    Appendix 2: Contents of the Specific Safety and            2.2 Rules for fitting out your stand
                 Health Protection Plan (PPSPS)
                                                            03. R
                                                                 ULES ON THE PREVENTION OF FIRE
                                                                AND PANIC P.35
                                                                3.1 General Information
                                                                3.2   Access for disabled visitors
          FOREIGN LABOUR                                        3.3   Fitting out of stands
                                                                3.4 Electricity
                                                                3.5 Helium Balloons
                OF THE OBLIGATIONS P.27                       3.6 Machines and equipment
    1.1 Prior notice of posting                                       presented as demonstrations
    1.2 Social protection                                       3.7 Special effects
                                                                3.8 Radioactive substance - X-ray
                                                                3.9 Prohibited materials, products and gases
                                                                3.10 Emergency equipment

          CSR AND                                                PPENDICES - HALLS P.38
                                                            04. A
                                                                Appendix 1: Technical restrictions Halls 1 & 6
          ACCESSIBILITY                                         Appendix 2: Technical restrictions Halls 2A
                                                                Appendix 3: Technical restrictions Halls 2B -
                                                                             2C - 3 - 4
01. UNDERSTAND OUR UNDERTAKINGS P.28                            Appendix 4: Technical restrictions Halls 5
                                                                Appendix 5: Diagram of laying reusable carpet
02. JOIN US P.28                                                             in alleys
                                                                Appendix 6: Stairs and guardrails /
                                                                             Construction rules
                                                                Appendix 7: Floor set-up plan

                                                                                              2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE   5
TECHNICAL GUIDE Fitting your space - From 17 to 23 june, 2019

        SURFACE FITTING                                           FITTING OF OUTDOOR
        IN CHALETS                                                SURFACE AREAS

     OF IN-STAND SPACE P.46                                      OF IN-STAND SPACE P.63

02. D                                                       02. TECHNICAL RULES P.65
    2.1 Chalet Interior
    2.2 Chalet Exterior                                     03. RULES
                                                                        ON THE PREVENTION OF FIRE
                                                                AND PANIC P.66
03. F                                                           3.1 General Information
    3.1 Exclusive options and façade arrangement/stairs        3.2 Access for disabled visitors
    3.2 Rules for fitting out your Chalet                       3.3 T raditional or modular outdoor constructions
                                                                 3.4 Recap table
04. R
     ULES ON THE PREVENTION OF FIRE                             3.5  CTS - Marquees, tents and structures that are
    AND PANIC P.49                                                    upstairs or not
    4.1 General Information
    4.2 Access for disabled visitors                             PPENDICES - OUTDOOR SURFACE AREAS P.70
                                                            04. A
    4.3 Interior fitting out of Chalets                         Appendix 1: Principle of barriers during build-up
    4.4 Electricity                                             Appendix 2: Stairs and railings /
    4.5 Kitchen                                                              Construction rules
    4.6 Ground floor clearance
    4.7 Upper floor clearance
    4.8 Safety equipment
    4.9 Recap table

05. A
    Appendix 1: Fitting constraints on
                   the exterior of Chalets
    Appendix 2: Standard build-up of ground
                   floor façades on the car park/entrance
    Appendix 2b: Façade fitting plan of the car park
                   side (double shell)
    Appendix 2c: Position of entrance and service
                   doors on the car park side,
                   according to the number
                   of units booked
    Appendix 2d: Position of safety nets
    Appendix 3/1 :    Chalet Plan - Type A
    Appendix 3/2: Chalet Plan - Type B
    Appendix 3/3: Chalet Plan - Type C
    Appendix 3/4: Chalet Plan - Types D & H
    Appendix 4: Stairs and guardrails -
                   Construction rules
    Appendix 5: Repair fees - Chalets

                                                                                              2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE   6
TECHNICAL GUIDE Fitting your space - From 17 to 23 june, 2019

                                                                                                        FEBRUARY                         MARCH                           APRIL                           MAY                                      JUNE                                         JULY
                    Opening of the Show                                                                                                                                                                                                                17 TO 23

                    Trade days                                                                                                                                                                                                                         17 TO 20

    GENERAL         General public days                                                                                                                                                                                                                21 TO 23

                    Dress rehearsal day                                                                                                                                                                                                      16

                    Safety Commission                                                                                                                                                                                                   13 TO 15

                    Chalet options order                                                                                                         31 MARCH

                    Flooring order (Halls)                                                                                                                                       30 APRIL
     AND            Barrier hire (Static Display)                                                                                                                                30 APRIL
                    Golf-car hire during the Show (Chalets)                                                                                      31 MARCH

                    Advertising and sponsorship (Date depending on product ordered)

                    Upload of decoration plans (All surface areas)                                                                  15 MARCH

                    Request for dispensation of build-up/dismantling date (All surface areas)                                                    31 MARCH

                    On sign wording (Chalet)                                                                                                                                     30 APRIL
                    Coordinator declaration (All surface areas)                                                                                                                  30 APRIL

                    Declaration of operational equipment and machinery (Hall + Static Display)                                                                      15 APRIL

                    Declaration of your Service Providers                                                                                        31 MARCH

                    Badge order                                                                                                                                                                                                                        23 JUNE
                    Last badges shipped *                                                                                                                                                            10 MAY

                    Bare stand build-up                                                                                                                                                                                            3 TO 15

                    Power boxes switched on                                                                                                                                                                                                       14 TO 24
                    Turnkey stands delivery                                                                                                                                                                                             14 AND 15

                    Dismantling of stands                                                                                                                                                                                                                          24 TO 28

                    Chalet build-up                                                                                                                                                                                 20 MAY TO 14 JUNE

    CHALET          Power boxes switched on                                                                                                                                                                                                       7 TO 24

                    Dismantling                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    24 TO 28

                    Static Display build-up                                                                                                                                                                    20 MAY TO 10 JUNE        15 JUNE

                    Power boxes switched on                                                                                                                                                                                                       7 TO 24

 OUTDOOR STATIC     Aircraft arrival on site                                                                                                                                                                                            11 TO 15
  SURFACE AREA      Aircraft rehearsal                                                                                                                                                                                                  12 TO 15

                    Aircraft depart                                                                                                                                                                                                                    23 AND 24

                    Dismantling (24 June - 12 July)                                                                                                                                                                                                                       24 JUNE TO 12 JULY

                    Deadline for booking a space at the Media Village                            15 FEBRUARY

                    Media Village stands delivery                                                                                                                                                                                       14 AND 15
                    Media Village power boxes switched on                                                                                                                                                                                         15 TO 23

                    Media Village Dismantling (23 & 24 June)                                                                                                                                                                                                       23 AND 24

                    Space made available to Service Providers                                                                                                                                                                 20 MAY TO 28 JUNE

    * After this date, all badges must be collected on site.

    Book and order services online from your Exhibitor Space.

                                                                                                                   Dress rehearsal day            Stands delivery                  Deadlines for reply                    Build-up / Dismantling                     15 JUIN   Refer to paragraph 1.1 p.9

                                                                                                                   Opening of the Show            Power boxes switched on          Safety Commission                       Movement of aircraft

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE   7
TECHNICAL GUIDE Fitting your space - From 17 to 23 june, 2019
MAP OF THE SHOW                                                                                                                                                                                                           BACK TO CONTENTS





                                                                                                                                      Business Terminal                                             GATE AWACS
                                                                                                                                      & Runway Access


                                                                                                                                                                                                        GATE 53

      VIPARIS PARKING                                                                                   Runway                                                                                      GATE 52


                                                                                                                                                                                                 EAST GATE



     DELIVERY                                                                                                                                                         Concorde
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Paris Air Lab
  SHOW ACCESS                                                                                       Pavillon

                                                                                                                                                                                 Careers Plane
                                                                                          GATE L4
                                                                              VIP Chalet
     PEDESTRIAN ENTRY                                                                                                             2A


                                                                                     3                                                           1
                                        GATE L                                                  Central Aisle
     O                                  Parking Access   GATE L
     (BUILDING 0 AND ANNEX)                                                      4                             5          6
     BUILD-UP OFFICE                                                                                                                                      ILLE
                                                                                                                                                     To L
                                                                                                                        GATE 0
                                                          GATE L2                                                                       Exit 5

     BUS STATION / RER SHUTTLES                                                   GATE M

     MEDIA CENTER                                                                    A1
                                                                  To P

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  TECHNICAL GUIDE 2019   8
TECHNICAL GUIDE Fitting your space - From 17 to 23 june, 2019


                                                                                          Safety boots and a high-visibility vest (yellow or orange,

                                                                                          with the company’s name) must be worn to access the
The Show will open its doors from 17 to 23 June, at :                                     site during the build-up/dismantling period.
Parc d’Expositions Paris-le Bourget
Aéroport Paris-le Bourget
93350 Le Bourget – France
                                                                             1.2 During the Show
1.1 During the build-up and dismantling                                        The Show will open from 17 to 23 June 2019, from 6.30am to 7pm
The build-up period will start on 20 May for Chalets and Static Display,        for Exhibitors, and from 8.30am to 6pm for visitors.
and 3 June for Halls.                                                           General Public days will be from 21 to 23 June 2019.
The dismantling will start on Monday 24 June and will end on 28 June             Children under the age of 16 years are not admitted on Trade days
or 12 July according to the sector (see schedule p.7).                            (17­- 20 June 2019).
                                                                                  Animals are prohibited on site (except guide dogs).
                                                                                   Security measures, frisking, the opening of bags or luggage and
                BUILD-UP AND DISMANTLING TIMES                                        checking of vehicles, will be implemented at the Show gates.
                                                                                      Anyone not submitting to these measures will not be allowed access
                 Monday to Saturday: 7 am - 7 pm.                                     to the Show.
              Sunday and public holidays: 7 am - 5 pm.

                                                                                                        SHOW OPENING TIMES
       11 june at the Static Display Area: fitting work should be                                     Exhibitors: 6.30 am - 7 pm.
        completed. Deliveries of small-scale equipment (furnishings,                                    Visitors: 8.30 am - 6 pm.
        decoration, documentation, etc.) and catering equipment can
        continue until the evening of 15 June.
        16 june - Pre-opening: conditions for circulation and access        02. SHUTTLE BUSES
         are the same as those once the Show opens: build-up badges
         are not valid. Installation work must be completed by the
         evening of 15 June at the very latest.                              The Show provides 3 shuttle buses services that regularly offer the
         For security reasons, the PAS will no longer be granting special   following trips:
          dispensations for night work during the build-up period for          RER line B, Bourget station to Gate L and return, from 20 May
          the Show, except for surveillance staff with night shift (or          to 28 June,
          Organiser service) badges.                                            Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport to Gate L and return, from 17
                                                                                 to 21 June,
You will find further information in the following chapter: Show                 Shuttle bus to Porte Maillot from Gate L, from 17 to 20 June.
Rules (p.13) and in the Access and Traffic Guide (first quarter of 2019).
                                                                             On days open to the General Public (21 to 23 June), two additional
                                                                             trips will be available:
Some basic rules                                                               Parc des Expositions parking/Paris­Nord Villepinte RER station
 The public is not allowed access during the build-up and dismantling          to the Show’s Awacs Gate and return,
  period, including during the pre-opening day on 16 June.                      Fort d’Aubervilliers station (metro line 7), to Gate L and return.
  Badges must be worn and must be visible.
  Safety shoes must be worn and a high-visibility vest is compulsory.       These shuttle buses will be free of charge.
   Helmets must be worn in areas where firms are working at height.
    Traffic and parking are regulated, private vehicles are prohibited.     Also, regular bus lines 152 and 350 will run an increased service during
                                                                             the Show, and will stop at Gate O.
                                                                             Further information will be available in the Access and Traffic Guide
                                                                             (first quarter of 2019).

                                                                                                                           2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE    9

03. HEALTH AND EMERGENCIES – FIRE RISK                                                   04. SECURITY – POLICE

3.1 Medical emergencies                                                                  Security, i.e. the protection of property and people from deliberate
A first aid post will be open from 20 May to 28 June between Halls 2                     attempts to harm them (theft, vandalism, attack, etc.), at the Show
and 3 during build-up and dismantling.                                                   is managed by the Organiser’s private security service, called PCCG -
                                                                                         Central Command and Security Post.
During the Show, other first aid posts will be open on the site                          The PCCG is open from 20 May to 28 June, 7 am to 7 pm, then 24 hours
(see the Access & Traffic Guide – first quarter of 2019).                                a day one week before and during the Show. However, this protection
You can contact any of the first aid posts by calling:                                   only applies to shared locations at the Show, and does not concern
     +33(0)1 41 69 22 15.                                                                private areas, such as stands, Chalets, buildings or Exhibitors’ aircraft.

3.2 Fire
A fire team will be in place from the start of build-up and during the                                                   CONTACT
Show and the dismantling period.
The number to call is:                                                                      PCCG
     +33(0)1 41 69 22 18.                                                                   Tel.: +33 (0)1 41 69 22 16
                                                                                            Building O

             COMMUNICATED TO THE EMERGENCY SERVICES:                                     From January, you can contact the PCCG by email for any queries
             Nature of the damage: Fire/accident                                         concerning the site’s safety-security.

             A number where you can be reached: ...............................
             How many injured people: ................................................   Police Office:
             Hall / Stand or Chalet number: .........................................    As for previous shows, the PAS will ask the Police Service to provide an
             Or position on: Static Display/Parking ..............................       office for filing complaints at the Show. Its location will be confirmed
                                                                                         in the new security guide coming soon.

3.3 Other useful phone numbers
The numbers mentioned below are active during the build-up opening
times and 24 hours a day one week before and during the Show. Outside
the hours previously mentioned, the emergency services can be contacted
by calling the usual numbers:
  112: All emergencies
  By calling 112, you will reach a service that will redirect you to the
  relevant emergency service (calls are free from regular and mobile
  18: Fire brigade
  Fire, accidents and medical emergencies.
  15: SAMU
  Medical emergencies. This number allows you to contact a doctor
  from the SAMU 24 hours a day.

             If you call emergency services external to the Show (usual
             emergency numbers), do not forget to mention the site’s
             address: Parc des Expositions du Bourget (93), access via
             Gate O (near to the Lindbergh roundabout).
             If possible, contact the Central Command and Security

             Post (or PCCG ­see next paragraph) on +33 (0)1 41 69 22 16
             to help us guide the emergency service to the exact site of
             the incident (accident, fire, etc.). The external emergency
             services do not know the site and even less the notion of
             “Chalets” or “Static Display”, for example.

                                                                                                                                     2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE    10


5.1 Temporary work service                                                   5.4 Toilets
In order to:                                                                 Mobile toilet facilities will be available from 20 May in the handling
  Facilitate the administrative procedures of Exhibitors and providers,     area, on the Static Display and on the Chalet areas.
  Reduce logistics costs (transport, accommodation, etc.),
  Reinforce the Show’s implication in the local economy,                    Toilets in Halls will open on 3 June, the first day of build-up for Halls.
  Limit the CO2 emissions of workers from far.                              If installation is to begin before these dates, toilets will need to be
                                                                             provided at the expense of the Exhibitor concerned.
The PAS offers a range of skills adapted to the Show’s activities.
The PAS’ partner, offers 10 profiles from 2 trade sectors: Industry/         5.5 Concierge Service
Logistics and Tertiary. The contact details of this partner will be com-     The Concierge Service is exclusively dedicated to Exhibitors and ELITE
municated later.                                                             members.
                                                                             It offers high range Concierge Services such as transport and
5.2 Hardware                                                                 accommodation bookings, events organisation, a laundry service, etc.
A hardware shop, located at the Build-up Office, will be available on site   During the Show, the Concierge Service will be located in Building O,
at Le Bourget-Parc des Expositions during build-up and dismantling.          will be open from 10 to 23 June 2019.

5.3 On-site catering                                                         5.6 Visitor train
Various snacks and fast food outlets will be provided during build-          From 20 May to 28 June, a free visitor train will circulate around the
up and dismantling by companies licensed to operate at Le Bourget.           Show site, for workers during build-up, then when the Show is open
The Organiser will provide a self-service cafeteria for build-up,            for visitors or Exhibitors.
dismantling and operations technical teams from 20 May to 28 June,
allowing them to eat on-site with a limited budget. It is located in the
Galilée Area behind Hall 4 and is open for self-service from 11am to
3pm. A wide range of menus are available.

For bookings or any further information on this subject, please contact:

                                                                                                                         2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE    11

5.7 General table of services

     NAME OF SERVICE                        DESCRIPTION                            LOCATION                      DATE                  CONTACT

 PCCG (CENTRAL                  Safety, Surveillance and specific                                        20 May to 28 June
 COMMAND AND                    requests relating to site security       Building O                      (by email from       +33(0)1 41 69 22 16
 SECURITY POST)                                                                                          January to June)

 EXHIBITOR SUPPORT              A team help you prepare for              Building O                      January - July
                                exhibiting at the Show                                                                        +33(0)1 53 23 33 40

 VIPARIS                        All the services proposed                                                                     infos-exposants
 (EXHIBITOR SERVICE)            By VIPARIS are in Building O             Building O                      20 May to 28 June
                                                                                                                              +33(0)1 40 68 24 44

                                Management of Exhibitors’ freight                                                             see Appendix 1 and 2
 HANDLING SERVICE               on site (and only on site)               Build-up Office                 6 May to 28 June     p.22 and p.23

 TICKET OFFICE                  Collection and purchase of badges        Building O                      13 May to 23 June
                                and invitations ordered

                                Badge accreditation for build-up and
 OFFICE - BUILD-UP              dismantling of the Show. Possibility     Gate L2                         6 May to 28 June
                                of also purchasing service badges for    Outside Hall 4                                       +33 (0)1 41 69 24 88
                                the duration of the Show

 SERVORG                        Accreditation service for the            Gate L4                         6 May to 28 June
                                Organiser’s Service Providers

                                Possibility of hiring golf-cars
 GOLF-CARS                      with platforms for build-up and                                          During Build-up/
 BUILD-UP/                      dismantling logistics                    Build-up Office                 Dismantling.         Information available soon
 DISMANTLING                    These golf-cars must be returned                                         20 May to 15 June
                                during the Show’s opening times.                                         24 June to 28 June
                                To be ordered on site.

                                Golf-cars hire during the Show for                                       Order up until
 SHOW GOLF-CARS                 Exhibitors with Chalets. Order via the   Outside Hall 3                  31 March   
                                online Exhibitor Area.

                                Flying Display Office and Ground                                         20 May to 28 June
 BPV / HANDLING                 assistance service for aircraft          Hall 2C                         (by email from
                                                                                                         October 2018)

 HARDWARE STORE                 For your tool requirements               Build-up Office                 20 May to 28 June
                                                                                                                              +33(0)6 68 83 19 27

 EMERGENCY STATION              For medical emergencies                  Between Hall 2 and Hall 3       20 May to 28 June
                                                                                                                              +33(0)1 41 69 22 15

 FIRE TEAM                      In the event of a fire                   Mobile team                     20 May to 28 June
                                                                                                                              +33(0)1 41 69 22 18

 GALILÉE CAFETERIA              Catering for your Service Providers      Galilée Area, behind Hall 4     20 May to 28 June

 SERVICE PROVIDERS              Possibility of hiring sites, bungalows                                   6 May to 28 June     village-prestataires
 VILLAGE                        and parking spaces for Service           Gate K                          (by email from
                                Providers                                                                November)

 TEMPORARY WORK                                                                    Information available soon

                                                                                                                              2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE     12


01. A
     CCESS CONDITIONS FOR BUILD-UP /                                         SUNDAY 16 JUNE - Pre-opening
    DISMANTLING                                                               On the day before the opening of the Show, the PAS organises a full
                                                                              dress rehearsal. This is a “Show configuration” day, designed to:
1.1 Introduction                                                                Become familiar with the traffic organisation around and on the site
Build-up and dismantling for the 53rd Paris Air Show at Paris Le Bourget         (different from build-up),
are covered by regulations, and all persons must adhere to these rules           Judge the time required at the gates, Acquaint yourself with the
in order to:                                                                      various badges and their validity,
  Access the site,                                                               Get used to driving the golf-cars,
  Move around the site,                                                           Meet the staff at the gates,
  Bring equipment into the site or store it.                                       Prepare for the safety measures,
                                                                                     Understand the safety measures.
We advise Exhibitors and their Service Providers to prepare their arrival
on site:
 By reading the information in this section,
 By completing all the required forms online in order to obtain                           The build-up/dismantling badge is not valid this day

 build-up/ dismantling badges,                                                             (16 June). We invite you to use the service badge if you
 By making themselves aware of the specific conditions concerning                         have one. The Show will not yet be open to visitors.
  arrival and the installation of equipment on site.

We also invite you to read the risk management and safety at work
rules in the dedicated chapter and provide the various departments            1.3 General principles of access during the build-up/dismantling
concerned with the documents and certificates they require.                   periods
                                                                              To access the site, a specific badge is required during the build-up and
                                                                              dismantling period. The badge must be visible.
             We would like to remind you that access to build-up and
             dismantling is strictly forbidden to the public and any          Exhibitors, and their staff, must wear a high-visibility vest (yellow or

             person not wearing a badge or personal safety equipment          orange, with company name) and safety shoes.
             (high visibility vest - yellow or orange, with the company       Also in areas still under construction involving work at heights, it is
             name - and safety shoes).                                        compulsory to wear a safety helmet.

                                                                              In order for Service Providers to obtain their build-up/dismantling badges,
1.2 Build-up/dismantling calendar                                             Exhibitors must declare their Service Providers via their Exhibitor Area.
Find the complete build-up/dismantling schedule in the Schedules              Once declared, Service Providers will be responsible for making their own
section of the Technical Guide (see Schedule p.7).                            requests for badges. However, Exhibitors will have 48 hours to oppose
                                                                              requests made by Service Providers for which they are responsible.

After this date, the Static Display is off-limits to heavy vehicles, over                  Any work at night is prohibited on the site. All workers

3.5 tonnes (trucks, cranes, etc.) in order to allow aircraft to safely take                must leave the site at 7pm Monday to Saturday and at
up their positions.                                                                        5pm on Sundays and public holidays.
Also, containers and articulated trucks still present in the Exhibitor
areas must also be removed before this date. Drivers of all other vehicles
are requested to take extra care when driving around the Static Display
area after this date.                                                                      Service badges must be paid for and are valid throughout
                                                                                           the build-up and dismantling period from 7 am to 7 pm
WEDNESDAY 12 JUNE - Aircraft rehearsal                                                     and is compulsory for all the Exhibitors’ Service Providers
The first aerial rehearsals start. The aircraft present may move around                    throughout the Show at the times mentioned on the site

the Static Display, it is advised to be extremely vigilant and careful.                    for Exhibitors and the Exhibitors’ Service Providers, and
This is also the day Government forces take up their roles and there                       in the Access & Traffic Guide, to be published in the first
will be a permanent police presence.                                                       quarter of 2019).

                                                                                                                            2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE    13

             Night service badges are valid during build-up and                  Bicycles or any other 2-wheel vehicles are tolerated on site under the
             dismantling for the security service only. They do not,             user’s responsibility and provided that the user respects the traffic
             under any circumstances, allow further Show construction            direction, the highway code and vehicle parking regulations that apply
             outside of build-up and dismantling periods, particularly           to other vehicles.

             at night.
             During the Show and the pre-opening day, the night service
             badge is devoted solely to security, cleaning, and catering                 Other vehicles, such as electric scooters, segway,
             services and to some technical staff (on justification).                    hoverboard, electric unicycle, etc., are strictly forbidden on

                                                                                         the Show site. Only electric scooters will be tolerated on
                                                                                         request and after validation by the Organiser.
1.4 How to collect build-up / dismantling badges and how to access
our other services ?
Badges for Exhibitors’ providers should be collected at the Build-up             1.6 Occasional deliveries of small parcels and express shipping
Office located near Gate L2. Badges for the Organiser’s Service Providers        A service dedicated to package deliveries on site will be offered by the
should be collected from Gate L4.                                                Organiser at the Handling Service. For further information please refer
                                                                                 to the Access & Traffic Guide. Guidelines will also be provided by the
The other PAS services are located mainly in and around Building O,              Organiser’s official handling staff.
near Gate L4.                                                                    For any information during the Show, please contact the Build-up Office:
If you arrive with a personal vehicle, the only access is Gate L1 where      
there is also free parking near pedestrian Gates L2 and L4.
                                                                                 1.7 Traffic and parking
If you arrive at the site on foot, at Le Bourget RER station, you will           Specific traffic flows will be in place during build-up and dismantling.
find a free shuttle bus that will drop you near Gate L, where you can            You will find this information in the Access & Traffic Guide, which will
access the site via Gate O.                                                      be issued at a later date and available at the Build-up Office. Traffic
                                                                                 wardens will be on site to guide you and provide you with information.

             Build-up/dismantling badges must be visible at all times.           We encourage all vehicle users to be extremely cautious, owing to
             The holder’s name and photograph must feature on the                the number and type of vehicles present (fork-lift trucks, articulated
             badge, and it cannot be passed to a third party, and does           lorries, etc.) and to respect the speed limit (20 kph) and the French

             not entitle the holder to bring non badge-holders into the          highway code which are in force at the Show.
             site.                                                               Authorised vehicle parking is time-limited according to the traffic

                                                                                 N.B.: Therefore, we recommend that you start build-up as soon as
             For security reasons, identification may be requested               areas are made available („see schedule), when there is less traffic.

             during access checks and vehicle (boot and passenger                Unless otherwise stipulated, vehicles may not be parked on the build-
             compartment) checks when entering or leaving the site.              up site overnight - with the exception of the Service Providers’ village
             Please plan for this in your build-up or visit time.                (guarded and paying) or the Villepinte exhibition park for trucks.

                                                                                 The Organiser reserves the right to impound any vehicle whose owner has
1.5 Vehicles during build-up / dismantling                                       not observed parking time limits, has parked in front of an emergency
For security reasons, only the Organiser’s vehicles and Exhibitor’s trucks       exit or has parked in an area where parking is forbidden, and which is
from the Handling Service will be admitted to the site.                          signposted as such. Impounded vehicles may not be accessed until
                                                                                 the owner and/or driver has paid the sums due.
All other vehicles, and in particular private vehicles, motorcycles and
thermal scooters are prohibited on the site.                                     Traffic regulations also apply to golf-cars hired for build-up.

Exceptions will be allowed only after very close examination, for transporting
small exhibition material which is very sensitive and fragile, or build-up
material which forms an integral part of the vehicle (workshop vans)
or for group visits to the site (chauffeurs, hostesses, etc.).

Requests must be made at least 48 hours in advance to the Build-up
Office at the following address:

                                                                                                                            2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE     14

To compensate for these restrictive measures that are necessary for                I t is prohibited to sleep overnight on the site whether in a vehicle
the security of all, the Organiser provides the following services:                 or in a building.
  Free parking next to the site,                                                   It is prohibited to use barbecues with a naked flame owing to the
  Free shuttles between the RER B train station and Gate L (mainly in               fire risk (a great deal of sawdust and packaging present during the
   the morning and late afternoon - actual times will be communicated                build-up/dismantling phase) and owing to the proximity to the airport
   in the Access & Traffic Guide),                                                   which forbids all smoke emissions.
  On-site mini trains (free access),                                                Any aggressive gesture or any disrespectful attitude towards the
  Golf-cars hire, free golf-cars for Exhibitors: 2 seats, for one day,               Show’s agents and staff will result in temporary or definitive exclusion
   according to availability                                                          from the site.,
  Free service for managing small courier parcels (excludes customs             02. ACCESS CONDITIONS AND REGULATIONS
   formalities) at the Handling Service.                                         DURING THE SHOW

             The Organiser reserves the right to exclude, temporarily            2.1 Introduction
             or permanently, any person contravening the French                  Access to the site during the Show is restricted:

             Highway Code or the site regulations. In the event of a               All pedestrians must hold a badge or ticket (during General Public
             serious or repeated breach, this exclusion may be renewed              days) and the vehicle access is also subject to holding a badge,
             automatically to the following session.                                Except in some very specific cases (row of Chalets and delivery periods
                                                                                     mainly), the circulation of thermal or electric vehicles is forbidden on
                                                                                     site, unless the Organiser’s express agreement has been obtained.
1.8 Service Provider’s village
Sites, car parks and bungalows are available for hire at the Service
Providers Village for the duration of the build-up, the Show, and the                    Bicycles are tolerated on site under their user’s
dismantling periods. To order your site or bungalow, please contact                      responsibility. Outside of General Public days, their use
(between 5 November 2018 and 31 March 2019):                                             is restricted to the row of Chalets under the condition                                                       that these users respect the Highway Code and parking
                                                                                         regulations that apply to other vehicles. Other vehicles

1.9 Measures specific to dismantling                                                     (electric scooters, Segway, hoverboards, electric unicycles,
DISMANTLING NIGHT:                                                                       etc.) used by Service Providers or Exhibitors are strictly
Access to dismantling is free for pedestrians with build-up/dismantling,                 forbidden on the Show site.
service, or Exhibitor badges from 6pm on Sunday 23 June.
Vehicle access is however limited and subject to conditions.
                                                                                 2.2 Exhibitors, visitors and press
                                                                                 The Show is accessible to trade visitors only from Monday 17 to Thursday
             Exhibitors who wish to take small material out of the               20 June, from 8.30 am to 6 pm. Children under the age of 16 are not
             site whilst the Show is still open can obtain a goods-out           admitted during this time.
             note. However, in order to minimize inconvenience for the
             security guards on the gate, these documents are only               Exhibitors may arrive at 6.30am and may remain on-site until 7pm.
             valid on the afternoon of Sunday 23 June (4pm to 6pm).              The media may arrive at 7am and may remain on-site until 7pm.

             The goods-out note will be available on your Exhibitor              The Show is open to the General Public from Friday 21 to Sunday 23
             Area.For any further information regarding dismantling,             June 2019 from 8.30am to 6pm.
             please contact the Build-up Office from 6 May 2019:                 During this time, the Chalet sector will be closed to the General Public.
                                                                                 Access to the Chalet sector during the General Public days:
                                                                                 If you would like to receive your visitors in the row of Chalets while
ACCESS CONDITIONS:                                                               the Show is open to the General Public, please fill in the online form
Due to the handling of packaging and the departure of aircraft, access           to give your guests access to the Chalet line. This form is available in
to dismantling of vehicles is only possible from Monday, June 24 at 7am          your Exhibitor Area.
for light vehicles and 12am for trucks. Access conditions are identical          Your guests should present this form to the security guards at the
to those for build-up (p.13).                                                    entrance of the Chalet row. Failing this, people must be accompanied
                                                                                 by an Exhibitor badge holder.
1.10 Other build-up rules                                                        Visitors holding a trade badge will have unrestricted access to the
  The PAS reserves the right to prohibit access to the Show or confiscate       Chalet sector.
   the badge of any individual who does not comply with the Show’s rules.
  The PAS will prohibit access or will remove and confiscate the badge of       No animals (except guide dogs) will be admitted on site at any time.
   any person in an obvious state of inebriation. If necessary, a breathalyser
   test will be offered to the person, who, if he refuses, will no longer
   be able to access the site and must leave it.

                                                                                                                              2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE      15

The Show has several access gates, for pedestrian or vehicle use.               Long stay parking in the row of Chalets with a Limousine/Minibus
Vehicles may enter via the following gates:                                     badge is forbidden. It can only be used as drop off and pick up point.
 Gate L: leads to the paying parking or free shuttle buses from Le
  Bourget RER station. Payment should be made on exit. For further              SERVICE PROVIDERS WORKING FOR SEVERAL EXHIBITORS
  information, please consult the site,                         Badges must give the name of the Exhibitor, followed by that of the
 Gate 52: leads to the row of Chalets. NB: this year the online access         Service Provider. Should a Service Provider represent several Exhibitors,
  conditions for the row of Chalets may be modified. Please follow the          it will be possible for this Service Provider to display its own company
  details that will be provided for you on your personal area or in the         name only, following a specific process presented on the online badge
  Access & Traffic Guide (first quarter of 2019). To purchase a pedestrian      order platform in your Exhibitor Area and the Exhibitor’s Service Provider
  or vehicle badge providing you access to the row of Chalets, please           Area.
  go to the Badges section of your Exhibitor Area,
 Gate M: provides access to parking areas reserved for Official Delegations,
  the press and ELITE visitors. To obtain ELITE badges, go to your                      A general information meeting for Exhibitors will be
  Exhibitor Area.                                                                       organised at Le Bourget during April 2019.
                                                                                        A meeting for the Exhibitor’s and the Organiser’s Service
These three gates are strictly forbidden to pedestrians.                                Providers will also be held at Le Bourget in March 2019.

                                                                                        All the Service Providers declared by the Exhibitor will be
The main pedestrian entry Gates are: 0, East, L2, and L4.                               contacted and invited to the meeting. Details will be sent
                                                                                        to you by email.
2.3 Exhibitors’ Service Providers
Service Providers will have to obtain daytime or night time service badges.
Service badges are paying, unique, feature names and photographs                2.4 List of prohibited objects
and are valid during the build-up, dismantling and Show periods.                Consult the list supplied in the Security Notice to be published on
Remember that for build-up (and dismantling) the night time service             our website.
badge may only be used by a security service.
                                                                                2.5 Measures preventing access at the doors to the Show
In the same way as for build-up, it is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to        Access to the Show may be prohibited to any person:
declare his Service Providers, who will then have the opportunity to              accompanied by an animal (except guide dogs),
order their pedestrian or vehicle access badges directly.                          in a state of inebriation,
Exhibitors have 48 hours to oppose orders placed by their own service               in possession of prohibited objects and afore-mentioned lists (to
Providers should they wish to do so, bearing in mind that are held                   be consulted in the Security Notice to be published) who refuse to
liable for them. As the Show period approaches, Exhibitors only have                 be separated from them,
12 hours to oppose orders.                                                           displaying behaviour or dress that is incompatible with respect for
                                                                                      others and their sensitivities.
Once Exhibitors have declared their Service Providers, the Service
Providers will receive an email indicating how to go about ordering             2.6 Rules for leaving objects at left luggage
badges which are valid for build-up and dismantling and during the Show.        Objects which it is forbidden to own or carry in public places (weapons,
Access times and conditions will be outlined in the Access & Traffic            drugs) may not may be deposited at left luggage. If they are found,
Guide and also on the Show website (                               the police services will be called.

                                                                                Any object not collected on the same day will be handed to the Central
                                                                                Command and Security Post (PCCG) in building O, where its owner
        Only security, catering and cleaning staff, as well as some             may come and collect it throughout the entire Show period. After
        technical support staff (with justification) can hold a                 this, the objects will be handed to the Police Station in Courneuve.

        night time pedestrian service badge during the Show.
                                                                                Animals cannot be deposited at left luggage.

From 11pm to 5am, all movement on the site is forbidden. Only the               03. MANDATORY INVENTORY
Organiser’s vehicles and those equipped with a vehicle night time
badge are allowed to move during curfew.
                                                                                An entry and exit inventory between the Organiser and the Exhibi-
LIMOUSINE FLEET                                                                 tor (or its representative) is compulsory. Organised on receipt of the
For hired limousine companies with chauffeurs, or any other company             area, it protects the Exhibitor from any possible damages which may
wishing to obtain a limousine or minibus badge allowing access and              be noticed during the dismantling period.
passenger set-down on the Chalet line, a specific and compulsory
information meeting will be organised to explain how to operate in
the row of Chalets during the Exhibitors’ Service Providers meeting
in March 2019.

                                                                                                                            2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE    16

On arrival, the Exhibitor (or its representative) must make contact           06. DISTRIBUTION AND ADVERTISING
with the Exhibitor Support in order to carry out the entry inventory.              AT THE IN-STAND SPACE
No unloading will be allowed until an inventory has been completed.
                                                                              The Organiser reserves the exclusive right to display posters within
If an inventory is not taken, the Exhibitor is liable FOR fixed penalties     the Show grounds. Therefore, the Exhibitor shall only display its own
and cannot dispute any of the Organiser’s findings.                           corporate posters and signs and those of its Indirect Exhibitors within
                                                                              its own stand (stand, Chalet, Static Display). Any aerostat-type signage
                                                                              or advertising is prohibited for safety reasons.

             After the Show, Exhibitors and stand fitters are required        Exhibitors shall not approach visitors if this leads to crowding in the

             to return the space in the condition as defined in the           aisles which could cause inconvenience or be dangerous to neighbouring
             incoming inventory.                                              Exhibitors.

                                                                              The distribution of any kind of marketing material, brochures, catalogues
                                                                              and leaflets of all kinds is prohibited outside the Exhibitor’s stand
04. S
     ECURITY SERVICE REGULATIONS                                             (including journals, magazines, and multimedia products, etc.), unless
                                                                              a waiver to this rule has been granted by the Organiser, and subject to
The Exhibitor is responsible for the security of all areas rented by him,     compliance with distribution guidelines.
whether there are buildings on them or not, and whether under cover
or outdoor, and at all times, during build-up, dismantling and during
the Show.                                                                     07. INSURANCE
We strongly recommend the use of a security service wherever sensitive
material (such as plasma screens or IT equipment), even if rented from
a third party, is present on the stand.                                       The Exhibitor is solely responsible to the Organiser for companies
In order to carry out its mission without any constraints, the Exhibitor’s    working for it.
security Service Provider must adhere to the following requirements:          As a result, the Exhibitor or any Service Provider working for it on the
  Be declared by the Exhibitor,                                              site must:
   Submit badge requests, in the knowledge that should security personnel      Be covered by a Employer’s liability insurance,
    also be required to work at night during build-up and dismantling,           A dhere to the health and safety instructions mentioned in
    they must obtain a service badge which is valid at all times (build-          the Organiser’s General Health and Safety Coordination Plan
    up, Show, dismantling, day and night),                                      (See Appendix 1 p.26) and in the PGCSPS relating to its own work,
    In the case of a non-French Service Provider, authorised by the              Adhere to the French legislation in force.
     Préfecture de Police or the Conseil National des Activités Privées
     de Sécurité (CNAPS) to work in France, the regulations specified in      EXHIBITORS THAT USE SERVICE PROVIDERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR
     Chapter E, entitled “Foreign Labour”, must be adhered to.                ENSURING THAT EACH SERVICE PROVIDER IS PROVIDED WITH THE
Also, security staff must display their badges and carry their valid
professional license and a form of identification at all times and submit     If the Service Provider is located in France:
to controls by the PAS security staff. Failure to fulfil these requirements
could result in immediate exclusion from the site.                            AS REGARDS LABOUR LAW:
                                                                               A document, issued by the social protection body in charge of collecting
                                                                                Social Security payments and contributions certifying that the Service
05. OCCUPATION OF IN-STAND SPACES                                               Provider has made the social declarations incumbent on it and has
                                                                                paid Social Security payments and contributions in accordance with
                                                                                article L243-15,
In accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Sale, exhibition space             DUE (Pre-Hire Declarations) for the staff employed,
must be occupied throughout the duration of the Show, up until Sunday            A list of employees who might work for the Service Provider.
23 June at 6 pm.
Outside opening hours, all events, receptions, cocktail parties, symposia
and press conferences are prohibited within the Show grounds, unless
special prior consent has been obtained from the Show’s Sales Department.

                                                                                                                          2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE    17

AS REGARDS COMPANY LAW:                                                      AS REGARDS TAX LAW:
 An excerpt of registration with a trade and companies register              A document indicating its individual identity number allocated
 (“K” or “K bis” document),                                                    by virtue of Article 286 ter of the French General Tax Code. If the
OR                                                                             subcontractor is not obliged to have such a number, a document
 An identity card proving registration in the Trades Directory,               indicating its identity and address, or the details of its occasional
OR                                                                             tax representative in France.
 An estimate, publicity document or business letter indicating the
  name or company name, the complete address and registration nu-            AS REGARDS COMPANY LAW:
  mber with the Trade and Companies Register and Trades Directory,            A document issued by the authorities holding the professional register,
  or the list or table of a professional order, or the approval reference      or an equivalent document certifying this registration,
  number issued by the relevant authority,                                   OR
OR                                                                             For companies in the process of being set up, a document dated
 A deposit receipt for a declaration currently being processed, issued         less than six months previously, issued by the authority authorised
  by a business formalities centre for natural persons and legal entities.      to receive the registration in the professional register, certifying the
                                                                                request for registration in this register,
AS REGARDS INSURANCE:                                                        OR
 A certificate providing proof, together with the amount covered, of           An estimate, publicity document or business letter indicating the
  legal liability insurance (physical injury and material damage) for            name or company name, full address and the nature of the regis-
  any loss of any kind caused by any of the Service Provider’s staff to       tration in a professional register.
  the Principal, its property or staff, or any third parties.
                                                                             AS REGARDS INSURANCE:
If the Service Provider is located outside France:                            A certificate providing proof, together with the amount covered, of
                                                                               legal liability insurance (physical injury and material damage) for
AS REGARDS LABOUR LAW:                                                         any loss of any kind caused by any of the Service Provider’s staff to
 A document certifying the legality of the co-contractor’s labour             the Principal, its property or staff, or any third parties.
  situation with regard to EC Regulation no. 883/2004 of 29 April 2004         The Organiser is exonerated from any liability concerning damage
  or an international Social Security agreement, and if the country of          (including disturbance and any commercial loss) that may be experienced
  residence requires it, a document issued by the body in charge of the         by direct Exhibitors for any reason whatsoever, and this includes
  obligatory Social Security scheme, indicating that the co-contractor          delay in opening, early closure of the Show, closure or destruction
  is up-to-date with its social security declarations and payment of any        of stands, fire or any other accident that may arise during the Show,
  relevant contributions, or an equivalent document, or a document              The Organiser’s liability can under no circumstances be sought or
  certifying the submission of social security declarations and payment          brought into question because a direct Exhibitor, or any of its agents,
  of social security contributions in accordance with article L243-15 of         representatives, employees, Service Providers or indirect Exhibi-
  the French Social Security Code,                                               tors, has failed to respect any French and/or foreign legislation or
 A copy of the secondment declaration as well as proof of dispatch to        regulations, regardless of whether or not a direct Exhibitor, or any of
  the DIRECCTE (labour inspectorate) for its direct and indirect Service      its agents, representatives, employees, Service Providers or Indirect
  Providers (sub-contractors),                                                Exhibitors, or any aspect of their presence on the Show’s premises,
 A copy of the document appointing the Service Provider’s representative     have been chosen, approved or accepted by the Organiser,
  on French soil, together with the address where this person will be            Exhibitors and their insurers shall expressly waive any recourse they
  staying.                                                                        may have the right to exercise against the Organiser and its insurers
                                                                                  (and any assistants they may use) following an accident to any kind
                                                                                  of property they exhibit or use during the event.

             Employer that post employees in France must now pay a

             set contribution, the amount of which cannot exceed €50
             per employee.

                                                                                                                         2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE     18

                                              HANDLING SERVICE
                                              AND CUSTOMS

01. H
     ANDLING SERVICE DURING                                                                                   CONTACT
                                                                                 Group ESI
For security and safety reasons, the Organiser has entrusted the                 Tel: +33(0)1 39 92 87 88
management of handling at Le Bourget exhibition site to a Handling               Contact: Emmanuel Pitchelu
Service consisting of two companies, which are the only companies                Email:
approved to work on the site.                                                    Website:

The Handling Service is located at the Build-up Office, and has the
same opening and closing times as the Build-up Office.                        02. ON SITE HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS
The Handling Service benefits from prerogatives concerning:                   During the four weeks of build-up, during the Show and the week of
 Directing freight vehicles on site,                                         dismantling, all the professionals and traffic on site, pedestrians, various
 Unloading of vehicles,                                                       types of machinery, vehicles, and trucks, along with aircraft, generate a
 Storage of empty packaging,                                                  great deal of activity. This may become unmanageable, dangerous, and
 Management of refills/resupplies.                                            contrary to labour regulations and work site rules unless the activity is
                                                                              controlled and coordinated by the Show’s Organiser. Between 5,000
                                                                              and 6,000 people will be on-site daily during the build-up phase, for
             All of the Exhibitor’s merchandise and freight will be           a total of some 21,000 participants.
             handled by the Handling Service, without exception. No
             container or articulated lorry can remain on site and in         Handling on site when the trucks arrive, at unloading of freight, and at

             the car parks overnight, in particular the night before the      storage of empty packaging will represent a substantial if not crucial
             Show opens. The outdoor exhibition’s alleys and Halls and        part of this activity and traffic.
             the shared pathways must be kept free of any Exhibitor’s
             material even for a very short period of time.                   In order to secure the entire site, for the 53rd Paris Air Show, the Organiser
                                                                              has selected CLAMAGERAN and GROUP ESI, brought together within
                                                                              the Handling Service, the functioning of which is supervised by the PAS.
Any containers or articulated lorries remaining on site and in the parking
will be removed at their owners’ expense. Paying parking solutions are        WHO DOES THIS CONCERN?
available to Exhibitors’ Service Providers should they require them.          From 6 May to 28 June 2019, all Exhibitor freight is concerned, whatever
Contact the Build-up Office before the event:                                 the size of the vehicle, HGV or under 3.5 tons. Dispensation periods                                                are also concerned by this directive.

If material needs to be brought into the exhibition area gradually, the       WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS FOR THE EXHIBITOR?
Handling Service will store and deliver it for you (management of refills).   The Exhibitor is guaranteed a fast and high quality service during build-
                                                                              up and dismantling, which can also offer storage of your equipment
The Exhibitor (or its representative) is free to choose the handling          before and after the Show or even your daily supplies and the storage
company with which they wish to work from among those selected by             and management of your empty packaging, where normally only au-
the Organiser, (see Service Price List in Appendices 1 & 2 p.22 and 23).      thorized handlers have the opportunity to work.
These measures concern handling on site only, and not transport to            The Exhibitor can also contract the services of staff which has detailed
the Show.                                                                     knowledge of the site and its numerous constraints, in full compliance
                                                                              with French law, and in constant contact with other PAS services in-
                                                                              cluding Accreditation, Security, and Traffic.
                                   CONTACT                                    Furthermore, the Handling Service ensures all customs formalities on
                                                                              site on behalf of the Exhibitor. If a problem occurs, the Exhibitor is
      CLAMAGERAN EXPOSITIONS                                                  guaranteed to be able to immediately contact the handlers directly,
      Tel.: +33(0)1 48 63 32 47 / 33 71                                       without any intermediary, since CLAMAGERAN and GROUP ESI will
      Fax: +33(0)1 48 63 32 38                                                be physically present on site.
      Contact: Dominique FILIBERTI

OPERATIONS                                                                   Therefore, should an Exhibitor’s contractor have several private work
From Gate L, any vehicle carrying freight is sent to the holding parking     areas separated by common passageways, under no circumstances may
lot, where it is processed by the Handling Service as quickly as possible.   the contractor move handling equipment from one area to another as
Response time depends on the space available near the unloading area         this could jeopardize the safety of the Handling Service’s activities.
and is regulated by both the Handling Service and the Traffic Service.
The Handling Service staff then transports the freight to and unloads        Storage is prohibited at the site outside private areas or areas managed
it at its destination which will be:                                         by the Handling Service, and it is strictly prohibited during Exhibition
   Either a common area provided for this purpose*,                         opening hours - outside of the Service’s spaces. In order to avoid
   Or a private area (Exhibitor’s space).                                   continuous truck traffic which might compromise safety at the site,
During dismantling, only the Handling Service will be authorised to          the PAS provides the Handling Service with a storage area of more than
reload equipment in these same areas.                                        5,000 sq. meters, right next to the Halls. This ensures fast collection
* Air freight is subject to this procedure.                                  of equipment, particularly during dismantling.

WHAT IS AUTHORISED                                                           COLLECTION OF MATERIAL
Once the freight is unloaded by one of the contractors in the Handling       Stored empty packaging will be delivered to the stands when the
Service, the Exhibitor’s contractor responsible for carrying out the         Show closes. It will be delivered as quickly as possible according to
work and/or installing the exhibited equipment can freely carry out          the authorised time slots, and by authorised handling agents only.
their handling within their space when it is on the Static Display or        These agents will remove exhibited material from the stand and store it
Chalet zone.                                                                 until it is loaded or dispatched. The Handling Service is also responsible
To that end, the private space leased to the Exhibitor must meet             for communication with the various forwarding agents and the French
the criteria of French legislation and correspond to an enclosed area        Customs Service present at the exhibition.
(mandatory) in the same way as a proper worksite. Failing this, no
distinction will be made with common areas and the Handling Service          SANCTION
staff will be the only ones authorised to work. The space must be large      Offenders who do not comply with these rules may be excluded from
enough to enable operation of the machinery without encroaching on           the exhibition site.
the common area.                                                             (see handling diagram p.21)

For stands located in the Halls, freight cannot be unloaded in the main
aisles (commonly called RED ROUTES) and a storage area will be set           03. CUSTOMS
out and enforced by the Organiser in the event of overflow into the
aisles. Moreover, all machinery intended for these private enclosed
areas must be registered and numbered at the Accreditation Office to         There is a customs office at the Show, located close to the Build-up -
enable their mandatory identification. The drivers of this machinery         Show Contractors Office and the Handling Service.
must also be identified.
                                                                             GENERAL PRINCIPLE
REMINDER OF DOCUMENTS TO BE PROVIDED                                         The Show is overseen by customs authorities. Without exception,
  For DRIVERS:                                                              all merchandise originating from a country outside the EU must be
CACES (Certificate of Aptitude in Safe Driving) or driving license from      presented at the Customs Office.
driver’s country of origin, driving permission from Employer and annual      Material exhibited is not subject to duty or tax, provided of course
medical visit certificate.                                                   that it is re-exported after the Show. Formalities can be entrusted to
  For VEHICLES:                                                             any certified Customs Agent. Some of these agents are located very
MOT certificate less than 6 months old. The worksite manager must sign       close to the Customs Office, at the Handling Service.
a declaration with the company stamp certifying that the equipment
(and the people operating it) are in compliance with French law, and         DURING BUILD-UP
agree to work in their area only.                                            Lorries transporting merchandise from abroad must report to the
                                                                             Customs Office as soon on arrival, before unloading. Customs bonds
It is also reminded that the vehicle drivers must wear their personal        are not generally required for temporary admission customs declarations
safety equipment (E.P.I. - Safety shoes, gloves, glasses and helmets         (IMA regime 53) established via the Delta online system by certified
for certain building sites).                                                 customs agents provided that the declaration is marked “material to
                                                                             be presented at an exhibition supervised by the Customs Service”.
WHAT IS PROHIBITED                                                           Holders of ATA and T1 carnets must present their carnet, or their transit
It is prohibited to encroach on and/or park in the common areas (traffic     permit, to the Customs office as soon as the merchandise arrives at the
areas, storage areas, Handling Service) or to leave one’s private area.      Show. Consignments arriving at Le Bourget by air must be declared to
To that end, and due to the tight quarters and sensitive nature of the       the Customs Office immediately (presentation of manifest).
site, the Halls in their totality will be considered as a common area.

                                                                                                                         2019 TECHNICAL GUIDE    20
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