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United States Department of State
                           Telephone Directory

            This customized report includes the following section(s):
                           Office Symbols Directory

8/28/2019     Provided by Global Information Services, A/GIS            Cover
Office Symbols
                                                      Department of State
                                                                        A/GIS/IPS/RA/RSC                                Records Service Center
                           A                                            A/GIS/IPS/RL                                 Requester Liaison Division
A                                          Bureau of Administration     A/GIS/IPS/RL/AO                       Advocacy and Oversight Branch
A                           Assistant Secretary for Administration      A/GIS/IPS/RL/RC                     Requester Communication Branch
A                                                                   A   A/GIS/IPS/RM                              Resource Management Staff
A/CSM                                                         A/CSM     A/GIS/IPS/SRP                  Systematic Review Programs Division
A/DCP                           Diplomatic Contingency Programs         A/GIS/IPS/SRP/ER                              Electronic Review Branch
A/DTSPO                Diplomatic Telecommunications Service—           A/GIS/IPS/SRP/FRUS                                FRUS Review Branch
                                                     Program Office     A/GIS/IPS/SRP/PR                                   Paper Review Branch
A/DTSPO/GTS                 Global Telecommunications Services          A/GSSI                         Office of Global Support Services and
A/EX                               Office of the Executive Director                                                                   Innovation
A/EX                                                            A/EX    A/IES                                           International Event Staff
A/EX/FM                           Financial Management Division         A/LM                                   Office of Logistics Management
A/EX/FMD                                                  A/EX/FMD      A/LM                                                               A/LM
A/EX/HRD                                                  A/EX/HRD      A/LM/ADV                                             Customer Advocate
A/EX/HRD                               Human Resources Division         A/LM/ADV                     Managing Director Customer Advocate
A/EX/IRM                      Information Resource Management           A/LM/AQM                              Office Acquisitions Management
A/EX/IRM                                                   A/EX/IRM     A/LM/AQM                                                      A/LM/AQM
A/EX/IRM/AD                      Application Development Branch         A/LM/AQM/BOD                                            A/LM/AQM/BOD
A/EX/IRM/SNM         Systems and Network Management Branch              A/LM/AQM/BUS                             Business Operations Division
A/EX/MGT                                      Management Division       A/LM/AQM/BUS/CM                         Contract Management Branch
A/EX/MGT                                                  A/EX/MGT      A/LM/AQM/BUS/QA                               Quality Assurance Branch
A/EX/PAS                                                  A/EX/PAS      A/LM/AQM/FDC             Facilities, Design and Construction Division
A/EX/WCF                                                 A/EX/WCF       A/LM/AQM/FDC/AE                Architect and Engineering Contracting
A/FMS/DESD             Domestic Environmental & Safety Division                                                                          Branch
A/FO                                                            A/FO    A/LM/AQM/FDC/CON                      Construction Contracting Branch
A/GIS                                                          A/GIS    A/LM/AQM/FDC/MAJ                    Major Support Contracting Branch
A/GIS                    Deputy Assistant Secretary for Office of       A/LM/AQM/FDCD                                         A/LM/AQM/FDCD
                                       Global Information Services      A/LM/AQM/IP                            International Programs Division
A/GIS/DIR                        Office of Directives Management        A/LM/AQM/IP                                                A/LM/AQM/IP
A/GIS/DIR                                                 A/GIS/DIR     A/LM/AQM/IT                                                A/LM/AQM/IT
A/GIS/GPS                                                A/GIS/GPS      A/LM/AQM/IT                        Information Technology Acquisition
A/GIS/GPS                    Office of Global Publishing Solutions                                                          Agreements Division
A/GIS/GPS/A                                  Administration Division    A/LM/AQM/IT/IS                             Information Systems Branch
A/GIS/GPS/CS                                    Customer Services       A/LM/AQM/IT/T                             Telecommunications Branch
A/GIS/GPS/GD                               Graphic Design Division      A/LM/AQM/WWD                            Worldwide Operations Division
A/GIS/GPS/P                                     Production Division     A/LM/AQM/WWD                                           A/LM/AQM/WWD
A/GIS/IPS           Office of Information Programs and Services         A/LM/AQM/WWD/DAB                         Domestic Acquisitions Branch
A/GIS/IPS                                                 A/GIS/IPS     A/LM/AQM/WWD/INL       International Narcotics and Law Enforcement
A/GIS/IPS/AAS        Archival and Access Systems Management
                                                             Division   A/LM/AQM/WWD/SB                                         Security Branch
A/GIS/IPS/AAS/BI              Business Applications and Systems         A/LM/OPS                                 Office of Logistics Operations
                                              Infrastructure Branch     A/LM/OPS                                                      A/LM/OPS
A/GIS/IPS/AAS/FB                                  Freedoms Branch       A/LM/OPS/RLC                                             A/LM/OPS/RLC
A/GIS/IPS/AAS/SA                   State Archival Systems Branch        A/LM/OPS/RLC                                 Regional Logistics Centers
A/GIS/IPS/CR        Statutory Compliance and Research Division          A/LM/OPS/RLC/CSB                              Customer Service Branch
A/GIS/IPS/CR/EAN        European, Africa, & Near Eastern Affairs        A/LM/OPS/RLC/FL                      Florida Regional Logistics Center
                                                              Branch    A/LM/OPS/RLC/NJ                New Jersey Regional Logistics Center
A/GIS/IPS/CR/MPD        Management & Public Diplomacy Branch            A/LM/OPS/RLC/SE                      Seattle Regional Logistics Center
A/GIS/IPS/CR/WEP        Western Hemisphere, East Asia & Pacific         A/LM/OPS/SL                                                A/LM/OPS/SL
                                                      Affairs Branch    A/LM/OPS/TTM                    Transportation & Travel Management
A/GIS/IPS/LIBR                                 The Library Division                                                                      Division
A/GIS/IPS/LIBR/IR                  Information Resources Branch         A/LM/OPS/TTM                                             A/LM/OPS/TTM
A/GIS/IPS/LIBR/IS                     Information Services Branch       A/LM/OPS/TTM/BAL                            Despatch Agency/Baltimore
A/GIS/IPS/PP                       Programs and Policies Division       A/LM/OPS/TTM/TM                   Transportation Management Branch
A/GIS/IPS/PP/IA                         Information Access Branch       A/LM/OPS/TTM/TM/Claims            Transportation Management/Claims
A/GIS/IPS/PP/LC      Information Life-Cycle Management Branch           A/LM/OPS/TTM/TO                     Transportation Operations Branch
A/GIS/IPS/PRV                                       Privacy Division    A/LM/OPS/WLC                              Washington Logistics Center
A/GIS/IPS/RA        Records and Archives Management Division            A/LM/OPS/WLC/CSTSP        Customer Service Team Special Programs

8/28/2019                                                   Office Symbols                                                                OS-1
A/LM/OPS/WLC/MVB                         Motor Vehicles Branch      A/OPR/FMS/TSD                         Technical Support Division
A/LM/OPS/WLC/WDB               Washington Distribution Branch       A/OPR/GSM              Office of General Services Management
A/LM/PMP                       Office of Program Management         A/OPR/GSM                                            A/OPR/GSM
A/LM/PMP                                              A/LM/PMP      A/OPR/GSM/AUTH                                Authentication Staff
A/LM/PMP/BA                                       A/LM/PMP/BA       A/OPR/GSM/DRR                Diplomatic Reception Rooms Staff
A/LM/PMP/BA                          Business Analysis Division     A/OPR/GSM/ESC                          Employee Service Center
A/LM/PMP/BA/PM                  Property Management Branch          A/OPR/GSM/FO                           Fleet Operations Division
A/LM/PMP/BA/PMI               Performance Measurements and          A/OPR/GSM/SS                           Special Services Division
                                          Improvement Branch        A/OPR/GSM/SS/AV                     Audiovisual Services Branch
A/LM/PMP/DPM               Diplomatic Pouch and Mail Division       A/OPR/GSM/SS/OS                      Operations Support Branch
A/LM/PMP/DPM                                    A/LM/PMP/DPM        A/OPR/GSM/VPU                              Video Production Unit
A/LM/PMP/DPM/CPM            Classified Pouch and Mail Branch        A/OPR/LS                            Office of Language Services
A/LM/PMP/DPM/OPS                             Operations Branch      A/OPR/LS                                                A/OPR/LS
A/LM/PMP/DPM/UPM          Unclassified Pouch and Mail Branch        A/OPR/LS/I                                   Interpreting Division
A/LM/PMP/P                    Logistics Policy and Professional     A/OPR/LS/I/E                       European Interpreting Branch
                                         Development Division       A/OPR/LS/I/G                         General Interpreting Branch
A/LM/PMP/P                                         A/LM/PMP/P       A/OPR/LS/T                                   Translating Division
A/LM/PMP/P/PD               Professional Development Branch
                                                                    A/OPR/LS/T/E                                    European Branch
A/LM/PMP/P/POL                                    Policy Branch
                                                                    A/OPR/LS/T/G                                      General Branch
A/LM/PMP/SYS                         Logistics Systems Division
                                                                    A/OPR/OEM                    Office of Emergency Management
A/LM/PMP/SYS                                    A/LM/PMP/SYS        A/OPR/OS                             Office of Overseas Schools
A/LM/PMP/SYS/SIS      System Integration and Support Branch         A/OPR/OS                                               A/OPR/OS
A/LM/PRG                                              A/LM/PRG
                                                                    A/OPR/OS/AS                      Administrative Support Division
A/LN/PMP/SYS/SPA       System Planning and Analysis Branch
                                                                    A/OPR/OS/CS            Central America/South America Division
A/OEM                                                    A/OEM      A/OPR/OS/EA                             East Asia/Africa Division
A/OEM/DCP                                          A/OEM/DCP        A/OPR/OS/NE                     Near East Asia/Europe Division
A/OEM/PPD                                           A/OEM/PPD       A/OPR/RPM                  Office of Real Property Management
A/OPE                                                     A/OPE     A/OPR/RPM                                            A/OPR/RPM
A/OPE                     Office of the Procurement Executive       A/OPR/RPM/AU                Assignment and Utilization Division
A/OPE/EAD                  Evaluation and Assistance Division       A/OPR/RPM/DC                   Design and Construction Division
A/OPE/EAD                                           A/OPE/EAD       A/OPR/SP                              Office of Support Planning
A/OPE/FA                                              A/OPE/FA
                                                                    A/OPR/SP                                               A/OPR/SP
A/OPE/OS                           Overseas Program Division        A/OPR/SP/EM                   Emergency Management Division
A/OPE/PD                                          Policy Division   A/OPR/SP/EM/OP                                 Operations Branch
A/OPE/PD                                              A/OPE/PD      A/OPR/SP/EM/PPB             Planning and Preparedness Branch
A/OPR                 Office of Deputy Assistant Secretary for
                                                                    A/OPR/SP/P                        Projects Management Division
                        Operations (Immediate Office DAS for
                                                    Operations)     A/OPR/ST                    Office of Supply and Transportation
A/OPR/ACQ                                 Office of Acquisitions    A/OPR/ST/BLC                          Baltimore Logistics Center
A/OPR/ACQ/AB                                    Analysis Branch     A/OPR/ST/CR                   Commissary and Recreation Staff
A/OPR/ACQ/DAB                    Domestic Acquisitions Branch       A/OPR/ST/SD                                       Supply Division
A/OPR/ACQ/DCC                         Document Control Center       A/OPR/ST/SD/MV                             Motor Vehicle Branch
A/OPR/ACQ/DSB                       Diplomatic Security Branch      A/OPR/ST/SD/PM                    Property Management Branch
A/OPR/ACQ/FSCP      Foreign Service Contract and Purchasing         A/OPR/ST/SD/SC                           Supply Services Center
                                                         Branch     A/OPR/ST/SD/SL                            Supply Liaison Branch
A/OPR/ACQ/GA                     General Acquisitions Division      A/OPR/ST/TD                               Transportation Division
A/OPR/ACQ/GLO                        Global Technology Branch       A/OPR/ST/TD/BA                 Despatch Agency, Baltimore, MD
A/OPR/ACQ/INF      Information Systems Acquisitions Division        A/OPR/ST/TD/HF                      Hagerstown Storage Facility
A/OPR/ACQ/INMB         International Narcotics Matters Branch       A/OPR/ST/TD/MI                      Despatch Agency, Miami, FL
A/OPR/ACQ/ISB                     Information Systems Branch        A/OPR/ST/TD/NY                 Despatch Agency, New York, NY
A/OPR/ACQ/OAB                   Overseas Acquisitions Branch        A/OPR/ST/TD/SC                  Secured Transportation Section
A/OPR/ACQ/SA                      Special Acquisitions Division     A/OPR/ST/TD/SE                   Despatch Agency, Seattle, WA
A/OPR/ACQ/SPB                         Small Purchasing Branch       A/OPR/ST/TD/TA                  Transportation Advisory Section
A/OPR/ACQ/TEL                     Telecommunications Branch         A/OPR/ST/TD/TC                 Transportation Contracts Section
A/OPR/ACQ/TS                         Technical Support Division     A/OPR/ST/TD/TM             Transportation Management Branch
A/OPR/ALS                                  Office of Allowances     A/OPR/ST/TD/TO               Transportation Operations Branch
A/OPR/ALS                                           A/OPR/ALS       A/OPR/ST/TD/TR               Transportation Regulatory Section
A/OPR/ALS/A&D                  Allowances & Differentials Staff     A/OPR/ST/TD/TS                   Transportation Support Section
A/OPR/CR                                              A/OPR/CR      A/PTS                                                       A/PTS
A/OPR/FMS             Office of Facility Management Services        A/SDBU                                                    A/SDBU
A/OPR/FMS                                           A/OPR/FMS       A/SDBU            Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business
A/OPR/FMS/HQM           Headquarters Area Manager Division                                                                  Utilization
A/OPR/FMS/RAM                 Regional Area Manager Division        A/TSS             Presidential-Vice Presidential Travel Support

8/28/2019                                               Office Symbols                                                         OS-2
A/TSS/SMT                                                Summit     AF/RSA               Office of Regional and Security Affairs
AC                                     Bureau of Arms Control       AF/S                    Office of Southern African Affairs—
AC/CBW                   Special Negotiator for Chemical and                         Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia
                                           Biological Weapons                      (South West Africa), South Africa, Swaziland
                                                                                                                  and Zimbabwe
AC/CD                    Commissioner to the Conference on
                                                   Disarmament      AF/S                                                   AF/S
AC/CTBT           Commissioner to the Comprehensive Test            AF/USSES                                         AF/USSES
                                                     Ban Treaty     AF/W                                                  AF/W
AC/CWC             Commissioner to the Chemical Weapons             AF/W                  Office of West African Affairs—Benin,
                                                     Convention                    Burkina, Cape Verde, Chad, Ghana, Guinea,
AC/JCGOSCE              Joint Consultative Group/Open Skies                           Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali,
                                   Consultative Commissioner                         Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra
                                                                                       Leone, The Gambia, Togo, and Western
AC/JCICSVS                   Joint Compliance and Inspection
                                                                                      Sahara. (Discontinued 8/90) (Reactivated
                        Commission and Special Verification
AC/MC           DAS for Multilateral and Conventional Arms
AC/MC/CAC                Office of Conventional Arms Control                              B
AC/MC/CB         Office of Chemical and Biological Weapons          BMP/EDIP                                       BMP/EDIP
                                                                    BMP/EDIP/CLD                               BMP/EDIP/CLD
AC/MC/ISN       Office of International Security Negotiations
                                                                    BMP/EDIP/CLO                               BMP/EDIP/CLO
AC/POLAD/LINC       STRATCOM-POLAD, Lincoln, Nebraska
                                                                    BMP/EDIP/DID                                BMP/EDIP/DID
AC/POLAD/OMA         STRATCOM POLAD Omaha, Nebraska
                                                                    BMP/GRP                                        BMP/GRP
AC/SA                                 DAS for Strategic Affairs
                                                                    BMP/GRP/GP                                   BMP/GRP/GP
AC/SA/DS           Office of Strategic and Theater Defenses
                                                                    BMP/GRP/PFM                                BMP/GRP/PFM
AC/SA/SNI                 Office of Strategic Negotiations and
                                                                    BMP/GRP/PMD                                BMP/GRP/PMD
                                                                    BMP/GRP/SM                                   BMP/GRP/SM
AC/SA/ST                          Office of Strategic Transition
                                                                    BMP/PSO                                         BMP/PSO
AC/SCC                  Standing Consultative Commissioner
                                                                    BMP/PSO/MAP                                BMP/PSO/MAP
AC/SSD                      Safety Security and Disarmament
                                                  Commissioner      BMP/PSO/SD                                   BMP/PSO/SD
AC/VT                    DAS for Verification and Technology        BMP/SPO                                         BMP/SPO
AC/VT/NRRC                     Nuclear Risk Reduction Center        BMP/SPO/EAD                                BMP/SPO/EAD
AC/VT/TA                   Office of Technology and Analysis        BMP/SPO/FM                                   BMP/SPO/FM
AC/VT/VC               Office of Verification and Compliance        BMP/SPO/PM                                   BMP/SPO/PM
AC/VT/VO                      Office of Verification Operations     BMP/SPO/SPD                                BMP/SPO/SPD
AF                                    Bureau of African Affairs
AF                  Immediate Office of Assistant Secretary,
                Deputy Assistant Secretary (3), and Special                               C
                                                                    C                                                         C
AF                                            Staff Assistant (3)
                                                                    C                            Counselor of the Department
AF                   Miscellaneous/Not Otherwise Classified
                                                                    CA                              Bureau of Consular Affairs
                                                                    CA                Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs
AF                                                            AF
                                                                    CA                                                      CA
AF/C                                                       AF/C
                                                                    CA/C                                                  CA/C
AF/C               Office of Central African Affairs—Angola,
                Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Empire,          CA/CST                                            CA/CST
                     Congo (Brazzaville), Equatorial Guinea,        CA/EX                                               CA/EX
                  Gabon, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe,             CA/EX                      Office of the Executive Director
                                                      and Zaire     CA/EX/CSD                       Consular Systems Division
AF/E                     Office of East African Affairs—BIOT,       CA/EX/CSD                                      CA/EX/CSD
                  Comoros, Diego Garcia, Djibouti, Ethiopia,
                         Kenya, Malagasy Republic, Malawi,          CA/EX/GSD                                      CA/EX/GSD
                          Mauritius, Republic of Madagascar,        CA/EX/GSD                        General Services Division
                     Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania,          CA/EX/GSD/AC          Communications & Records Section
                                          Uganda, and Zambia        CA/EX/HRD                       Human Resources Division
AF/E                                                       AF/E     CA/EX/HRD                                      CA/EX/HRD
AF/EPS                                                  AF/EPS      CA/EX/PAS                                      CA/EX/PAS
AF/EPS                                   Economic Policy Staff      CA/EX/RES                                      CA/EX/RES
AF/EX                                        Executive Director     CA/EX/RES                Resources Management Division
AF/EX                                                     AF/EX     CA/FPP                Office of Consular Fraud Prevention
AF/FO                                                     AF/FO                                                      Programs
AF/P                                         Public Affairs Staff   CA/FPP                                             CA/FPP
AF/PD                               Office of Public Diplomacy      CA/FPP/CID                                    CA/FPP/CID
AF/PD                                                     AF/PD     CA/FPP/EAAR      Western Hemisphere, and East Asian and
AF/PDPA                                               AF/PDPA                                         Pacific Services Division
AF/RSA                                                  AF/RSA
8/28/2019                                               Office Symbols                                                   OS-3
CA/FPP/ENAF        European, Near Eastern and South Asian,           CA/PPT/MD/S                                      CA/PPT/MD/S
                                  and African Services Division      CA/PPT/MM                                          CA/PPT/MM
CA/OCS               Deputy Assistant Secretary for Overseas         CA/PPT/MM                              Miami Passport Agency
                                               Citizens Services     CA/PPT/MN                                           CA/PPT/MN
CA/OCS                                                   CA/OCS      CA/PPT/NO                                           CA/PPT/NO
CA/OCS/ACS           Office of American Citizens Services and        CA/PPT/NO                       New Orleans Passport Agency
                                            Crisis Management
                                                                     CA/PPT/NPC        National Passport Center—Portsmouth, NH
CA/OCS/ACS                                         CA/OCS/ACS                                                   (Reestablished 9/93)
CA/OCS/ACS/AF                                      Africa Division   CA/PPT/NPC                                        CA/PPT/NPC
CA/OCS/ACS/EAP                   East Asia and Pacific Division      CA/PPT/NY                                           CA/PPT/NY
CA/OCS/ACS/EUR                                European Division      CA/PPT/NY                           New York Passport Agency
CA/OCS/ACS/NESA             Near East and South Asia Division        CA/PPT/PA                        Philadelphia Passport Agency
CA/OCS/ACS/WHA                   Western Hemisphere Division         CA/PPT/PA                                           CA/PPT/PA
CA/OCS/CI                            Office of Children’s Issues     CA/PPT/PAS             Office of Passport Policy, Planning and
CA/OCS/CI                                             CA/OCS/CI                                                    Advisory Services
CA/OCS/P                                               CA/OCS/P      CA/PPT/PAS                                         CA/PPT/PAS
CA/OCS/PRI                                          CA/OCS/PRI       CA/PPT/PAS/LA                           Legal Advisory Division
CA/OCS/PRI            Office of Policy Review and Interagency        CA/PPT/PAS/PP                              Policy Planning Staff
                                                           Liaison   CA/PPT/PMO                                        CA/PPT/PMO
CA/P              Bureau of Consular Office Affairs, Plans and       CA/PPT/SD                                           CA/PPT/SD
                                            Policy Coordination
                                                                     CA/PPT/SE                                           CA/PPT/SE
CA/P                                                         CA/P
                                                                     CA/PPT/SE                             Seattle Passport Agency
CA/PPT                                                    CA/PPT
                                                                     CA/PPT/SF                      San Francisco Passport Agency
CA/PPT                Deputy Assistant Secretary for Passport
                                                         Services    CA/PPT/SF                                           CA/PPT/SF
CA/PPT/A                                                CA/PPT/A     CA/PPT/SIA                                          CA/PPT/SIA
CA/PPT/APC                                          CA/PPT/APC       CA/PPT/SIA                            Special Issuance Agency
CA/PPT/AT                                             CA/PPT/AT      CA/PPT/SM                           Stamford Passport Agency
CA/PPT/BN                                            CA/PPT/BN       CA/PPT/SM                                           CA/PPT/SM
CA/PPT/BN                             Boston Passport Agency         CA/PPT/SPCA                                      CA/PPT/SPCA
CA/PPT/CG                            Chicago Passport Agency         CA/PPT/SRD                                        CA/PPT/SRD
CA/PPT/CG                                            CA/PPT/CG       CA/PPT/TO                                           CA/PPT/TO
CA/PPT/CN                                            CA/PPT/CN       CA/PPT/TPC                                         CA/PPT/TPC
CA/PPT/CN                        Connecticut Passport Agency         CA/PPT/WN                        Washington Passport Agency
CA/PPT/CO                                            CA/PPT/CO       CA/PPT/WN                                          CA/PPT/WN
CA/PPT/CPC                                          CA/PPT/CPC       CA/PPT/WPC                                        CA/PPT/WPC
CA/PPT/CPC                         Charleston Passport Center        CA/VO                                                    CA/VO
CA/PPT/CSS                                          CA/PPT/CSS       CA/VO           Deputy Assistant Secretary for Visa Services
CA/PPT/CT                                             CA/PPT/CT      CA/VO/BIP              Border and International Program Staff
CA/PPT/DA                                            CA/PPT/DA       CA/VO/F                       Office of Field Support & Liaison
CA/PPT/DAS                                          CA/PPT/DAS       CA/VO/F                                                CA/VO/F
CA/PPT/DE                                            CA/PPT/DE       CA/VO/F/I                                             CA/VO/F/I
CA/PPT/FO                                            CA/PPT/FO       CA/VO/F/IV       Immigrant Visa Control & Reporting Division
CA/PPT/FO                             Office of Field Operations     CA/VO/F/P                                            CA/VO/F/P
CA/PPT/FO/CS                         Customer Service Division       CA/VO/F/PL                                 Post Liaison Division
CA/PPT/FO/FC                        Field Coordination Division      CA/VO/I            Information Management and Liaison Staff
CA/PPT/FO/PS                         Program Support Division        CA/VO/I                                                 CA/VO/I
CA/PPT/HH                           Honolulu Passport Agency         CA/VO/KCC                                           CA/VO/KCC
CA/PPT/HH                                            CA/PPT/HH       CA/VO/KCC       Kentucky Consular Center, Williamsburg, KY
CA/PPT/HN                                            CA/PPT/HN       CA/VO/L         Office of Legislation, Regulations & Advisory
CA/PPT/HN                            Houston Passport Agency
                                                                     CA/VO/L                                                CA/VO/L
CA/PPT/IIC                                            CA/PPT/IIC
                                                                     CA/VO/L/A                                            CA/VO/L/A
CA/PPT/IML             Office of Information Management and
                                                           Liaison   CA/VO/L/AO                          Advisory Opinions Division
CA/PPT/IML                                           CA/PPT/IML      CA/VO/L/C                                 Coordination Division
CA/PPT/IML/R                         Records Services Division       CA/VO/L/C                                            CA/VO/L/C
CA/PPT/IML/R/RP                    Records Processing Branch         CA/VO/L/R                                            CA/VO/L/R
CA/PPT/IML/R/RR                      Records Retrieval Branch        CA/VO/L/R                   Legislation & Regulations Division
CA/PPT/IML/SL           Systems Liaison and Training Division        CA/VO/L/W                               Waiver Review Division
CA/PPT/L                                                CA/PPT/L     CA/VO/L/W                                           CA/VO/L/W
CA/PPT/LA                                             CA/PPT/LA      CA/VO/NVC                                           CA/VO/NVC
CA/PPT/LA                        Los Angeles Passport Agency         CA/VO/NVC               National Visa Center, Portsmouth, NH
CA/PPT/MAC                                         CA/PPT/MAC        CA/VO/P                   Office of Public & Diplomatic Liaison
CA/PPT/MD/I                                         CA/PPT/MD/I      CA/VO/P                                                CA/VO/P

8/28/2019                                                 Office Symbols                                                     OS-4
CA/VO/P/D                                         CA/VO/P/D        DS/CI/ASB                                   Analysis Branch
CA/VO/P/D                         Diplomatic Liaison Division      DS/CI/IB                               Investigations Branch
CA/VO/P/I                            Public Inquiries Division     DS/CI/PPR                      Policy and Programs Branch
CA/VO/P/I                                          CA/VO/P/I       DS/CMP/ECB          Emanations Countermeasures Branch
CIO                                                       CIO      DS/CMP/TAB                       Technical Analysis Branch
CIV                                                       CIV      DS/CMP/TEB                   Technology Evaluation Branch
                                                                   DS/CMP/TSC       Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
                     D                                             DS/CR/CIF          Computer Investigations and Forensics
D                    Office of the Deputy Secretary of State       DS/CR/CIL            Criminal Investigative Liaison Branch
D(L)                                                       D(L)    DS/CR/PF                             Passport Fraud Branch
D(L)-QDDR                                          D(L)-QDDR       DS/CR/VF                                  Visa Fraud Branch
D(S)                                                       D(S)    DS/CS/CTA                                        DS/CS/CTA
DCIO/BMP                                           DCIO/BMP        DS/CS/ETAE                                     DS/CS/ETAE
DGHR                            Bureau of Human Resources          DS/CS/MIR                                         DS/CS/MIR
DGHR/AFMA           American Family Members Association            DS/CTO/CPA        Capital Planning & Architecture Division
                                                                   DS/CTO/RMD                   Records Management Division
DGHR/FA                                      Faculty Advisers
                                                                   DS/CTO/SMD                  Systems Management Division
DGHR/FLO                                Family Liaison Office
                                                                   DS/DC/ARDCH     Regional Diplomatic Courier Hub, Abidjan,
DGHR/MISC           Miscellaneous/Not Otherwise Classified                                                         Cote D’Ivoire
                                                                   DS/DC/BRDCD          Regional Diplomatic Courier Division,
DGHR/OCA                       Office of Casualty Assistance                                                 Bangkok, Thailand
DGHR/PC                         Policy and Coordination Staff      DS/DC/FRDCD          Regional Diplomatic Courier Division,
DRL             Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and                                                      Frankfurt, Germany
                                                          Labor    DS/DC/HRDCH     Regional Diplomatic Courier Hub, Helsinki,
DRL                                                        DRL                                                           Finland
DRL/CRA       Office of Country Reports and Asylum Affairs         DS/DC/MRDCD                                  DS/DC/MRDCD
DRL/CRA                                              DRL/CRA       DS/DC/MRDCD    Miami Regional Diplomatic Courier Division
DRL/DP                                                 DRL/DP      DS/DC/MRDCH    Regional Diplomatic Courier Hub, Manama,
DRL/IL                                                  DRL/IL                                                          Bahrain
DRL/IL                   Office of International Labor Affairs     DS/DC/PRDCH     Regional Diplomatic Courier Hub, Pretoria,
DRL/IRF           Office of International Religious Freedom                                                         South Africa
DRL/IRF                                               DRL/IRF      DS/DC/RRDCD                                  DS/DC/RRDCD
DRL/MLA                                              DRL/MLA       DS/DC/SRDCH       Regional Diplomatic Courier Hub, Seoul,
DRL/MLA                           Office of Multilateral Affairs
                                                                   DS/DFP/SSD                                     DS/DFP/SSD
DRL/NOC           Miscellaneous (Not Otherwise Classified)
                                                                   DS/DFP/SSD                         Security Support Division
DRL/NOC                                              DRL/NOC
                                                                   DS/DFP/UPD                    Uniformed Protective Division
DRL/PHD                                              DRL/PHD
                                                                   DS/DFP/UPD                                     DS/DFP/UPD
DRL/PHD           Office for the Promotion of Human Rights
                                              and Democracy        DS/DO/DFP                                        DS/DO/DFP
DRL/SEA            Office of Strategic Planning and External       DS/DO/DFP           Office of Domestic Facilities Protection
                                                         Affairs   DS/DO/FLD                                        DS/DO/FLD
DRL/SEA                                              DRL/SEA       DS/DO/ICI                                          DS/DO/ICI
DS                                                          DS     DS/DO/ICI                       Office of Investigations and
DS                             Bureau of Diplomatic Security                                                Counterintelligence
DS              Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security        DS/DO/P                                  Office of Protection
DS/AC/CSD                         Computer Security Division       DS/DO/P                                             DS/DO/P
DS/AC/DAD                    Detection and Analysis Division       DS/DSS                                               DS/DSS
DS/AC/RAD                          Risk Assessment Division        DS/DSS           Deputy Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic
                                                                                    Security and Director, Diplomatic Security
DS/ATA/PE                      Plans and Evaluation Division
DS/ATA/TR                                    Training Division
                                                                   DS/DSS/CC                                  Command Center
DS/C              Deputy Assistant Secretary and Assistant
                                                                   DS/DSS/DO       Assistant Director for Domestic Operations
                               Director for Countermeasures
                                                                   DS/DSS/DO                                        DS/DSS/DO
DS/C                                                      DS/C
                                                                   DS/DSS/IP                                         DS/DSS/IP
DS/C/DC                                               DS/C/DC
                                                                   DS/DSS/IP     Assistant Director for International Programs
DS/C/DC             Office of the Diplomatic Courier Service
                                                                   DS/DSS/PA                                       Public Affairs
DS/C/PSP               Office of Physical Security Programs
                                                                   DS/DSS/PA                                        DS/DSS/PA
DS/C/PSP                                            DS/C/PSP
                                                                   DS/DSS/T                                           DS/DSS/T
DS/C/ST                                               DS/C/ST
                                                                   DS/DSS/T                      Assistant Director for Training
DS/C/ST                        Office of Security Technology
                                                                   DS/DSS/TIA                                      DS/DSS/TIA
DS/CFO/FE                        Financial Execution Division
                                                                   DS/EX                                                  DS/EX
DS/CFO/FP                         Financial Planning Division
                                                                   DS/EX                                     Executive Director
DS/CFO/SLRO                         St. Louis Resident Office
                                                                   DS/EX/CFO               Office of the Chief Financial Officer
8/28/2019                                              Office Symbols                                                    OS-5
DS/EX/CFO                                              DS/EX/CFO       DS/ITA/NEA-EUR              Near Eastern & European Division
DS/EX/CTO                                              DS/EX/CTO       DS/ITA/WHA                        Western Hemisphere Division
DS/EX/CTO                  Office of the Chief Technology Officer      DS/LAFO/HRO                           Honolulu Resident Office
DS/EX/HRM                                              DS/EX/HRM       DS/LAFO/PHRO                            Phoenix Resident Office
DS/EX/MGT                                              DS/EX/MGT       DS/LAFO/SDRO                         San Diego Resident Office
DS/EX/MGT              Office of the Deputy Executive Director &       DS/MFO/ARO                               Atlanta Resident Office
                                            Management Services        DS/MFO/NORO                       New Orleans Resident Office
DS/FLD/BFO                                            DS/FLD/BFO       DS/MFO/SJ                             San Juan Resident Office
DS/FLD/CFO                                            DS/FLD/CFO       DS/MGT/CAP                Contracting & Procurement Division
DS/FLD/HFO                                            DS/FLD/HFO       DS/MGT/CAP                                         DS/MGT/CAP
DS/FLD/LAFO                                          DS/FLD/LAFO       DS/MGT/FOIA-PA                                DS/MGT/FOIA-PA
DS/FLD/MFO                                            DS/FLD/MFO       DS/MGT/HRM          Human Resources Management Division
DS/FLD/NYFO                                          DS/FLD/NYFO       DS/MGT/LS                            Logistics Services Division
DS/FLD/SFFO                                          DS/FLD/SFFO       DS/MGT/LS                                           DS/MGT/LS
DS/FLD/WFO                                            DS/FLD/WFO       DS/MGT/PPD                         Policy and Planning Division
DS/FSD/DBB                              Domestic Buildings Branch      DS/NOC                                    Miscellaneous (NOC)
DS/FSD/PCB                            Project Coordination Branch      DS/OFM            Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of
DS/FSD/SSC          Security Standards and Compliance Branch                                                          Foreign Missions
DS/FSE/DME              Domestic Management and Engineering            DS/OFM                                                  DS/OFM
                                                            Branch     DS/OFM/AO                                   Administrative Office
DS/FSE/FSB                                    Field Support Branch     DS/OFM/CHI                                  Chicago Field Office
DS/FSE/PME                Project Management and Engineering           DS/OFM/DMV                                        DS/OFM/DMV
                                                            Branch     DS/OFM/HOU                                  Houston Field Office
DS/FSE/TDB                      Technology Development Branch          DS/OFM/IM                      Information Management Office
DS/HUFO/DRO                                  Dallas Resident Office    DS/OFM/IM                                            DS/OFM/IM
DS/HUFO/ELRO                               El Paso Resident Office     DS/OFM/LA                                           DS/OFM/LA
DS/ICI/BFO                                      Boston Field Office    DS/OFM/LA                              Los Angeles Field Office
DS/ICI/BFO                                      Boston Field Office    DS/OFM/MM                                     Miami Field Office
DS/ICI/CFO                                     Chicago Field Office    DS/OFM/NY                                 New York Field Office
DS/ICI/CFO                                     Chicago Field Office    DS/OFM/OPS                                        DS/OFM/OPS
DS/ICI/CI                             Counterintelligence Division     DS/OFM/PTSB                                      DS/OFM/PTSB
DS/ICI/CI                                                 DS/ICI/CI    DS/OFM/REGOFF                                 DS/OFM/REGOFF
DS/ICI/CI/HSTD                                     DS/ICI/CI/HSTD      DS/OFM/SF                            San Francisco Field Office
DS/ICI/CIF                                              DS/ICI/CIF     DS/OFM/TPB           Office of Travel, Property, Construction,
DS/ICI/CR                                                DS/ICI/CR                                    Goods & Services, and Banking
DS/ICI/CR                         Criminal Investigations Division     DS/OFM/TPB/B                                    Banking Division
DS/ICI/HUFO                                    Houston Field Office    DS/OFM/TPB/C                               Construction Division
DS/ICI/HUFO                                    Houston Field Office    DS/OFM/TPB/G                       Goods and Services Division
DS/ICI/LAFO                               Los Angeles Field Office     DS/OFM/TPB/P                                   Property Division
DS/ICI/LAFO                               Los Angeles Field Office     DS/OFM/TPB/T                                      Travel Division
DS/ICI/MFO                                       Miami Field Office    DS/OFM/VTC                    Office of DMV, Tax and Customs
DS/ICI/MFO                                       Miami Field Office    DS/OFM/VTC/TC                        Tax and Customs Division
DS/ICI/NYFO                                  New York Field Office     DS/OFM/VTC/V                                       DMV Division
DS/ICI/PII         Protective Intelligence Investigations Division     DS/OPO/FPD                           Facility Protection Division
DS/ICI/PR                    Professional Responsibility Division      DS/OPO/HTP                      High Threat Protection Division
DS/ICI/PR                                                DS/ICI/PR     DS/OPO/OSD                         Operational Support Division
DS/ICI/PRO                            Philadelphia Resident Office     DS/P/DP                            Dignitary Protection Division
DS/ICI/SFFO                             San Francisco Field Office     DS/P/DP                                                 DS/P/DP
DS/ICI/SFFO                             San Francisco Field Office     DS/P/ME                                                DS/P/ME
DS/ICI/WFO                                 Washington Field Office     DS/P/PL                                                 DS/P/PL
DS/IP/ITA              Office of Intelligence and Threat Analysis      DS/P/PL                              Protective Liaison Division
DS/IP/OPO              Office of Overseas Protective Operations        DS/P/SD                              Secretary’s Detail Division
DS/IP/OPO                                               DS/IP/OPO      DS/P/SD                                                 DS/P/SD
DS/IP/RD                                                  DS/IP/RD     DS/PSD/CATS       Certification, Accreditation, Transit Security
DS/IP/RD                               Office of Regional Directors                                                              Branch
DS/IP/RS                                                  DS/IP/RS     DS/PSD/NOB                          New Office Building Branch
DS/IP/SPC                                               DS/IP/SPC      DS/PSD/PCB                         Project Coordination Branch
DS/IP/SPC          Office of Special Programs and Coordination         DS/PSP/DEAV      Defensive Equipment and Armored Vehicles
DS/IS/IND                               Industrial Security Division                                                            Division
DS/IS/IS                             Office of Information Security    DS/PSP/DEAV                                      DS/PSP/DEAV
DS/IS/SSO                   Special Security Operations Division       DS/PSP/FSD                                         DS/PSP/FSD
DS/ITA/AF-SA-EAP           Africa, South & East Asia, and Pacific      DS/PSP/FSD                           Facilities Security Division
                                                            Division   DS/PSP/PSD                            Physical Security Division

8/28/2019                                                   Office Symbols                                                      OS-6
DS/PSP/PSD                                       DS/PSP/PSD       DS/T/TPS                                             DS/T/TPS
DS/PSS/AA                                          DS/PSS/AA      DS/T/TPS          Office of Training and Performance Support
DS/PSS/AA                            Adverse Actions Division     DS/T/TPS/ATSS                                 DS/T/TPS/ATSS
DS/PSS/APDV                                     DS/PSS/APDV       DS/T/TPS/SECD                                DS/T/TPS/SECD
DS/PSS/CS                          Customer Service Division      DS/T/TPS/SLTD                                 DS/T/TPS/SLTD
DS/PSS/IA                                           DS/PSS/IA     DS/TIA/CC                                           DS/TIA/CC
DS/PSS/IA1        Investigations and Adjudications Division 1     DS/TIA/CC/TOPS                              DS/TIA/CC/TOPS
DS/PSS/PRD                                       DS/PSS/PRD       DS/TIA/CC/WOG                                DS/TIA/CC/WOG
DS/RD/AF                                        African Region    DS/TIA/ITA                                         DS/TIA/ITA
DS/RD/CO                                            DS/RD/CO      DS/TIA/OSAC                                     DS/TIA/OSAC
DS/RD/EAP                                          DS/RD/EAP      DS/TIA/PII                                          DS/TIA/PII
DS/RD/EAP                       East Asian and Pacific Region     DS/TIA/PII/RFJ                                 DS/TIA/PII/RFJ
DS/RD/EUR                                    European Region      DS/TPS/SECD        Security Engineering & Computer Security
DS/RD/NEA              Near Eastern and South Asian Region                                                      Training Division
DS/RD/NEA                                          DS/RD/NEA      DS/TPS/SLTD            Security and Law Enforcement Training
DS/RD/WHA                        Western Hemisphere Region
                                                                  DS/WFO/GNRO                        Greensboro Resident Office
DS/RD/WHA                                         DS/RD/WHA
                                                                  DTSPO/BRS                                         DTSPO/BRS
DS/SFFO/DNRO                          Denver Resident Office
                                                                  DTSPO/CFO                                        DTSPO/CFO
DS/SFFO/SRO                            Seattle Resident Office
                                                                  DTSPO/COS                                        DTSPO/COS
DS/SI           Senior Coordinator for Security Infrastructure
                                                                  DTSPO/EG                                           DTSPO/EG
DS/SI                                                    DS/SI
                                                                  DTSPO/NOG                                        DTSPO/NOG
DS/SI/AC                Office of Accreditation & Certification
                                                                  DTSPO/NOG/NMD                              DTSPO/NOG/NMD
DS/SI/APD                        Program Application Division
                                                                  DTSPO/OSS                                        DTSPO/OSS
DS/SI/CS                                              DS/SI/CS
DS/SI/DS/ETPA                                  DS/SI/DS/ETPA
DS/SI/IS                                               DS/SI/IS
DS/SI/IS/APD                                     DS/SI/IS/APD                             E
DS/SI/IS/IND                                      DS/SI/IS/IND    E                                                                E
DS/SI/IS/SSO                                     DS/SI/IS/SSO     E                 Office of the Under Secretary for Economic,
DS/SI/PSS                                           DS/SI/PSS                                   Business and Agricultural Affairs
DS/SI/PSS         Office of Personnel Security and Suitability    EAP                   Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
DS/SLTD/DTB                         Domestic Training Branch      EAP                   Immediate Office of Assistant Secretary
DS/SLTD/OTB                        Overseas Training Branch       EAP                   Miscellaneous/Not Otherwise Classified
DS/SLTD/SSB                     Special Skills Training Branch                                                               (NOC)
DS/SP/EP                                             DS/SP/EP     EAP                                                          EAP
DS/SP/MSG                                         DS/SP/MSG       EAP/ANP                                                 EAP/ANP
DS/SP/WMD                                         DS/SP/WMD       EAP/ANP          Office of Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific
                                                                                                                      Island Affairs
DS/SPC/MSG                        Marine Security Guard Staff
                                                                  EAP/BCLTV        Office of Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand,
DS/SPC/SPP                Special Programs & Plans Division                                                                Vietnam
DS/SPC/WMD            Weapons of Mass Destruction Division        EAP/BCLTV                                            EAP/BCLTV
DS/ST/CMP                Countermeasures Program Division         EAP/CGI                         Office of Cambodian Genocide
DS/ST/CMP                                          DS/ST/CMP                                                         Investigations
DS/ST/FSE                                           DS/ST/FSE     EAP/CM                Office of Chinese and Mongolian Affairs
DS/ST/FSE               Facility Security Engineering Division    EAP/CM                                                   EAP/CM
DS/ST/STO           Security Technology Operations Division       EAP/EP                                                   EAP/EP
DS/ST/STO                                          DS/ST/STO      EAP/EP                                Office of Economic Policy
DS/STO/FRC                            Florida Regional Center     EAP/EX                              Office of Executive Director
DS/STO/NSU                                 Naval Support Unit     EAP/EX                                                   EAP/EX
DS/STO/OSB                          Overseas Support Branch       EAP/IET                                                  EAP/IET
DS/STO/SES             Security Engineering Services Branch       EAP/IET                    Office for Indonesia and East Timor
DS/T/ATA              Office of the Anti-Terrorism Assistance     EAP/J                                 Office of Japanese Affairs
                                                       Program    EAP/J                                                      EAP/J
DS/T/ATA                                             DS/T/ATA     EAP/K                                                      EAP/K
DS/T/ATA/AREU                                 DS/T/ATA/AREU       EAP/K                                   Office of Korean Affairs
DS/T/ATA/RSS                                   DS/T/ATA/RSS       EAP/MLS                                                 EAP/MLS
DS/T/ATA/TCD                                   DS/T/ATA/TCD       EAP/MTS                                                 EAP/MTS
DS/T/ATA/TDD                                   DS/T/ATA/TDD       EAP/NCAPEC         National Center For Asia-Pacific Economic
DS/T/ATA/TMD                                   DS/T/ATA/TMD                                    Cooperation, Seattle, Washington
DS/T/MSD                                             DS/T/MSD     EAP/OCN                         Office of Compact Negotiations
DS/T/MSD                Office of Mobile Security Deployment      EAP/OCN                                                 EAP/OCN
DS/T/MSD/OPSD                                DS/T/MSD/OPSD        EAP/P                                      Public Affairs Adviser
DS/T/MSD/TAL                                   DS/T/MSD/TAL       EAP/P                                                      EAP/P
DS/T/MSD/TSU                                   DS/T/MSD/TSU       EAP/PD                                                   EAP/PD
8/28/2019                                              Office Symbols                                                       OS-7
EAP/PD                               Office of Public Diplomacy      EB/TPP/BTA/ANA                 Asia, Near East and Africa Division
EAP/PD/AIT/W      American Institute in Taiwan—Washington            EB/TPP/BTA/EWH       European and Western Hemisphere Division
EAP/PMBS          Office of Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, and       EB/TPP/IPE                                              EB/TPP/IPE
                                               Singapore Affairs     EB/TPP/MTA                                             EB/TPP/MTA
EAP/PMBS                                             EAP/PMBS        EB/TPP/MTA                       Office of Multilateral Trade Affairs
EAP/RSP                                                EAP/RSP       EB/TPP/MTA/IPC              Intellectual Property and Competition
EAP/RSP            Director for Regional and Security Policy                                                                      Division
EAP/RSP/TC                            Taiwan Coordination Staff      EB/TPP/MTA/MST           Multilateral and Sectoral Trade Division
EAP/RSP/TC                                         EAP/RSP/TC        EB/TRA                             Deputy Assistant Secretary for
EAP/TC                                                   EAP/TC                                                    Transportation Affairs
EB                                                             EB    EB/TRA                                                       EB/TRA
EB                 Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs           EB/TRA/AN                                                EB/TRA/AN
EB                    Immediate Office of Assistant Secretary        EB/TRA/AN                            Office of Aviation Negotiations
EB/CBA            Office of Commercial and Business Affairs          EB/TRA/OTP                           Office of Transportation Policy
EB/CBA                                                  EB/CBA       EB/TRA/OTP                                             EB/TRA/OTP
EB/CIP                                                    EB/CIP     EB/TRA/OTP/AVP                Aviation Policy and Programs Team
EB/CIP                 U.S. Coordinator and Deputy Assistant         EB/TRA/OTP/MA                 Maritime and Land Transport Team
                 Secretary for International Communications          ECA                    Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
                                          and Information Policy     ECA                                                             ECA
EB/CIP/BA               Office of Bilateral and Regional Affairs     ECA-IIP/EX                         Office of the Executive Director
EB/CIP/BA                                             EB/CIP/BA      ECA-IIP/EX/G                                         Grants Division
EB/CIP/MA                                            EB/CIP/MA       ECA-IIP/EX/PER                    Personnel Management Division
EB/CIP/MA                           Office of Multilateral Affairs   ECA-IIP/EX/PER/OD              Organization Development Branch
EB/CIP/SP                Office of Strategic Planning/Satellites     ECA-IIP/EX/PER/OPS                               Operations Branch
EB/CIP/SP                                             EB/CIP/SP      ECA-IIP/EX/PM                          Program Management Staff
EB/EPPD                                                EB/EPPD       ECA-IIP/EX/PR                                 Program Review Staff
EB/EPPD                Office of Economic Policy Analysis and        ECA-IIP/EX/RM                     Resource Management Division
                                               Public Diplomacy      ECA-IIP/EX/RM/ECE                        Exchanges Budget Branch
EB/EPPD/PA                                 Policy Analysis Team      ECA-IIP/EX/RM/PD                 Public Diplomacy Budget Branch
EB/EPPD/PA                                         EB/EPPD/PA        ECA-IIP/EX/S                              Support Services Division
EB/EPPD/PD                                         EB/EPPD/PD        ECA/A                   Deputy Assistant Secretary for Academic
EB/EPPD/PD                              Public Diplomacy Team                                                                   Programs
EB/ESC                 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy,        ECA/A                                                         ECA/A
                                   Sanctions and Commodities         ECA/A/E                  Office of Academic Exchange Programs
EB/ESC                                                  EB/ESC       ECA/A/E                                                     ECA/A/E
EB/ESC/IEC                   Office of International Energy and      ECA/A/E/AF                                African Programs Branch
                                              Commodity Policy
                                                                     ECA/A/E/EAP                           East Asian Programs Branch
EB/ESC/IEC                                          EB/ESC/IEC
                                                                     ECA/A/E/EUR                            European Programs Branch
EB/ESC/IEC/ENR        Energy and Natural Resources Division
                                                                     ECA/A/E/NEA-SA          Near East/South Asian Programs Branch
EB/ESC/IEC/EPC     Energy Producer-Country Affairs Division
                                                                     ECA/A/E/USS                                Study of the U.S. Branch
EB/ESC/TFS        Office of Terrorism Finance and Economic
                                                Sanctions Policy     ECA/A/E/WHA              Western Hemisphere Programs Branch
EB/ESC/TFS                                          EB/ESC/TFS       ECA/A/L                     Office of English Language Programs
EB/EX                                                      EB/EX     ECA/A/L                                                     ECA/A/L
EB/EX                                         Executive Director     ECA/A/L/M             Materials Development and Review Branch
EB/IFD                Deputy Asst. Secretary for International       ECA/A/L/O                               Programs Branch – Abroad
                                     Finance and Development         ECA/A/L/W                         Programs Branch – Washington
EB/IFD/ODF                      Office of Development Finance        ECA/A/S                   Office of Global Educational Programs
EB/IFD/ODF                                          EB/IFD/ODF       ECA/A/S                                                     ECA/A/S
EB/IFD/OIA                                           EB/IFD/OIA      ECA/A/S/A                Educational Information and Resources
EB/IFD/OIA                          Office of Investment Affairs                                                                   Branch
EB/IFD/OMA                            Office of Monetary Affairs     ECA/A/S/U                Humphrey Fellowships and Institutional
                                                                                                                        Linkages Branch
EB/IFD/OMA                                          EB/IFD/OMA
                                                                     ECA/A/S/X                                Teacher Exchange Branch
EB/TPP                                                   EB/TPP
                                                                     ECA/BFS                  J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship
EB/TPP           Deputy Asst. Secretary for Trade Policy and                                                                        Board
                                                                     ECA/BFS/S                J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship
EB/TPP/ABT          Office of Agricultural, Biotechnology, and                                                                Board Staff
                                            Textile Trade Affairs
                                                                     ECA/CPC                    Cultural Property Advisory Committee
EB/TPP/ABT                                          EB/TPP/ABT
                                                                     ECA/EC                      Office of Exchange Coordination and
EB/TPP/ABT/ATP         Agricultural Trade Policy and Programs                                                                 Designation
                                                                     ECA/EC                                                      ECA/EC
EB/TPP/ABT/BTT   Biotechnology and Textile Trade Policy and
                                           Agreements Division       ECA/EC/AG            Academic/Government Designation Division
EB/TPP/BTA                      Office of Bilateral Trade Affairs    ECA/EC/ECC                            Exchange Coordination Staff
EB/TPP/BTA                                          EB/TPP/BTA       ECA/EC/ECC                                             ECA/EC/ECC

8/28/2019                                                Office Symbols                                                           OS-8
ECA/EC/O                                                ECA/EC/O       EUR/EX/IM                  Information Management Division
ECA/EC/PS                                             ECA/EC/PS        EUR/EX/PER       Personnel Resources and FS Assignments
ECA/EC/PS                   Private Sector Designation Division                                                                Division
ECA/FFSB                                                ECA/FFSB       EUR/EX/PER                                        EUR/EX/PER
ECA/IIP/EX                                             ECA/IIP/EX      EUR/EX/PER/FSA                        FS Assignments Branch
ECA/NOC               Miscellaneous (Not Otherwise Classified)         EUR/EX/PER/PR                   Personnel Resources Branch
ECA/P                            Office of Policy and Evaluation       EUR/EX/PMO                         Post Management Division
ECA/P                                                       ECA/P      EUR/EX/PMO                                       EUR/EX/PMO
ECA/PE             Deputy Assistant Secretary for Professional         EUR/KI                     Office for Kosovo Implementation
                                                       Exchanges       EUR/NB                      Office of Nordic and Baltic Affairs
ECA/PE                                                     ECA/PE      EUR/NB                                                  EUR/NB
ECA/PE/C                             Office of Citizen Exchanges       EUR/NCE                                               EUR/NCE
ECA/PE/C                                                ECA/PE/C       EUR/NCE               Office of North Central Europe Affairs
ECA/PE/C/EUR                          European/Eurasia Division        EUR/NISPD               Office of EUR/NIS Public Diplomacy
ECA/PE/C/NEAAF     Near East/South Asian and African Division          EUR/OHI                                                EUR/OHI
ECA/PE/C/PY           NIS, Secondary School Initiative Division        EUR/PD                                                  EUR/PD
ECA/PE/C/U                            Cultural Programs Division       EUR/PD                       Office of EUR Public Diplomacy
ECA/PE/C/WHAEAP           Western Hemisphere and East Asian            EUR/PGI                    Office of Policy and Global Issues
                                                           Division    EUR/PGI                                                EUR/PGI
ECA/PE/V                           Office of International Visitors    EUR/PPA                                               EUR/PPA
ECA/PE/V                                                 ECA/PE/V      EUR/PPA                     Office of Policy and Public Affairs
ECA/PE/V/C                        Community Relations Division         EUR/PPD                Office of Press and Public Diplomacy
ECA/PE/V/C/N                                NY Reception Center        EUR/PPD                                               EUR/PPD
ECA/PE/V/C/P                         Program Resources Branch          EUR/PPD/NC                              North-Central Division
ECA/PE/V/F                             Voluntary Visitors Division     EUR/PPD/PA                              Public Affairs Division
ECA/PE/V/F/A                              WHA/EAP/NEA Branch           EUR/PPD/PA                                        EUR/PPD/PA
ECA/PE/V/F/E                                      AF/EUR Branch        EUR/PPD/SC                                       EUR/PPD/SC
ECA/PE/V/G                             Grants Programs Division        EUR/PPD/SC                             South-Central Division
ECA/PE/V/G/A                                         Africa Branch     EUR/PRA                 Office of Policy and Regional Affairs
ECA/PE/V/G/E                                       Europe Branch       EUR/PRA                                               EUR/PRA
ECA/PE/V/G/F                                     East Asia Branch      EUR/RPM            Office of European Security and Political
ECA/PE/V/G/W                       Western Hemisphere Branch                                                                     Affairs
ECA/PE/V/P                                 Group Project Division      EUR/RPM                                              EUR/RPM
ECA/PEV/G/N                        Near East/South Asia Branch         EUR/RPM/PMD                Defense and Arms Control Affairs
EUR                   Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs          EUR/RPM/PMD                                    EUR/RPM/PMD
EUR                    Immediate Office of Assistant Secretary         EUR/RPM/PMP                                     Political Affairs
EUR                    Miscellaneous/Not Otherwise Classified          EUR/RPM/PMP                                    EUR/RPM/PMP
                                                            (NOC)      EUR/RPM/PMS                      Security and Strategic Affairs
EUR                                                           EUR      EUR/RPM/PMS                                    EUR/RPM/PMS
EUR/ACE                                                  EUR/ACE       EUR/RUS                               Office of Russian Affairs
EUR/ACE            Office of the Coordinator of U.S. Assistance        EUR/RUS                                               EUR/RUS
                                          for Europe and Eurasia       EUR/SA                                                  EUR/SA
EUR/AGS           Office of Austrian, German and Swiss Affairs         EUR/SA                                           Staff Assistant
EUR/AGS                                                  EUR/AGS       EUR/SCE            Office of South Central European Affairs
EUR/BI                          Office of Bosnia Implementation                                                  Conflict Coordination
EUR/CACEN         Office of Caucasus and Central Asian Affairs         EUR/SCE                                               EUR/SCE
EUR/CAN                                                  EUR/CAN       EUR/SE                  Office of Southern European Affairs
EUR/CARC                                              EUR/CARC         EUR/SE                                                  EUR/SE
EUR/CE                                                    EUR/CE       EUR/TMS                                               EUR/TMS
EUR/ERA                                                  EUR/ERA       EUR/TMS                 Task Force For Military Stabilization
EUR/ERA                 Office of European Union and Regional          EUR/UBI            Office of UK, Benelux and Ireland Affairs
                                                                       EUR/UBI                                                EUR/UBI
EUR/ERA/EU                                European Union Affairs       EUR/UMB             Office of Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus
EUR/ERA/EU                                          EUR/ERA/EU                                                                   Affairs
EUR/ERA/OECD                                     EUR/ERA/OECD          EUR/UMB                                              EUR/UMB
EUR/ERA/OECD                     OECD and G-7 Affairs Division         EUR/WE                   Office of Western European Affairs
EUR/EX                                         Executive Director      EUR/WE                                                 EUR/WE
EUR/EX                                                     EUR/EX
EUR/EX/ADM                                          EUR/EX/ADM
EUR/EX/ADM                      Administrative Services Division                              F
EUR/EX/BUD                            Budget and Fiscal Division
                    Coordinator/Special Presidential Emissary          F                                                            F
EUR/EX/BUD                                          EUR/EX/BUD         FSI                                                       FSI
EUR/EX/IM                                              EUR/EX/IM       FSI                                  Foreign Service Institute

8/28/2019                                                  Office Symbols                                                       OS-9
FSI/AFSC               Armed Forces Staff College—Students         FSI/SAIT/RLD                                     FSI/SAIT/RLD
FSI/AOT            All Other Training Assignments—Students         FSI/SLS            School of Language Studies—Dean’s Office
FSI/CFD                          Council for Foreign Diplomats     FSI/SLS                                                  FSI/SLS
FSI/DIR                                                 FSI/DIR    FSI/SLS/AAL                                       FSI/SLS/AAL
FSI/DS                 Dependent Day Care/Training Services        FSI/SLS/AAL                        Arabic and Asian Languages
FSI/ET                                       Extension Training    FSI/SLS/CTT                    Continuing Training and Testing
FSI/ET                                                   FSI/ET    FSI/SLS/CTT                                       FSI/SLS/CTT
FSI/EX                         Office of the Executive Director    FSI/SLS/DOM                        Domestic Language Training
FSI/EX                                                   FSI/EX    FSI/SLS/EAP                                       FSI/SLS/EAP
FSI/EX/ACQ                                         FSI/EX/ACQ      FSI/SLS/ECA           European and Central Asian Languages
FSI/EX/AVF                                          FSI/EX/AVF     FSI/SLS/EUA                                       FSI/SLS/EUA
FSI/EX/AVF                                 Audio-Visual Facility   FSI/SLS/ICT                                 In-Country Training
FSI/EX/BUD                                        Budget Office    FSI/SLS/NEA                                       FSI/SLS/NEA
FSI/EX/BUD                                          FSI/EX/BUD     FSI/SLS/OS                                   Overseas Training
FSI/EX/CS                                            FSI/EX/CS     FSI/SLS/PLP                            Post Language Program
FSI/EX/GSACQ                 General Service and Acquisitions      FSI/SLS/RE&D           Research Evaluation and Development
FSI/EX/GSO                                         FSI/EX/GSO      FSI/SLS/RE&D                                    FSI/SLS/RE&D
FSI/EX/HR                                            FSI/EX/HR     FSI/SLS/ROM                                      FSI/SLS/ROM
FSI/EX/ISD                                           FSI/EX/ISD    FSI/SLS/ROM                   Romance and Nordic Languages
FSI/EX/MLS                    Multimedia and Library Services      FSI/SLS/SPP                                       FSI/SLS/SPP
FSI/EX/OMIS       Office of Management Information Systems         FSI/SPAS                                              FSI/SPAS
FSI/EX/OMIS                                       FSI/EX/OMIS      FSI/SPAS            School of Professional and Area Studies—
FSI/EX/PER                                     Personnel Office                                                      Dean’s Office
FSI/EX/REG                               Office of the Registrar   FSI/SPAS/AA                                    Academic Affairs
FSI/EX/REG                                         FSI/EX/REG      FSI/SPAS/AS                                        Area Studies
FSI/EX/REG/DL                                  FSI/EX/REG/DL       FSI/SPAS/AS                                       FSI/SPAS/AS
FSI/EX/REG/DL                                Distance Learning     FSI/SPAS/AT                                       FSI/SPAS/AT
FSI/FT                          Functional Training—Students       FSI/SPAS/AT                              Administrative Training
FSI/FT/CMLD             Continuum of Mid-Level Development         FSI/SPAS/CON                                    FSI/SPAS/CON
FSI/FT/E-C                  Economic-Commercial—26 weeks           FSI/SPAS/CONS                                 Consular Training
FSI/FT/FSYS                                        FSI Systems     FSI/SPAS/CONS                                 FSI/SPAS/CONS
FSI/FT/FSYS                                       FSI/FT/FSYS      FSI/SPAS/CSD                                    FSI/SPAS/CSD
FSI/LMS                                                FSI/LMS     FSI/SPAS/CSD                 Curriculum and Staff Development
FSI/LMS            Leadership & Management School (Dean)           FSI/SPAS/ECON              Economic and Commercial Training
FSI/LMS/CMT                       Crisis Management Training       FSI/SPAS/ECON                                 FSI/SPAS/ECON
FSI/LMS/CMT                                      FSI/LMS/CMT       FSI/SPAS/MTT                                    FSI/SPAS/MTT
FSI/LMS/EDD                                      FSI/LMS/EDD       FSI/SPAS/OMT                       Office Management Training
FSI/LMS/EP                                          FSI/LMS/EP     FSI/SPAS/OMT                                    FSI/SPAS/OMT
FSI/LMS/EP                        Executive Programs Division      FSI/SPAS/OR                                      FSI/SPAS/OR
FSI/LMS/LTD                                       FSI/LMS/LTD      FSI/SPAS/OR                                 Orientation Division
FSI/LMS/MD                                         FSI/LMS/MD      FSI/SPAS/PD                                   Public Diplomacy
FSI/LMS/MD                Management Development Division          FSI/SPAS/PD                                       FSI/SPAS/PD
FSI/LMS/PLD                                       FSI/LMS/PLD      FSI/SPAS/POL                                    FSI/SPAS/POL
FSI/LMS/TSS                                The Senior Seminar      FSI/SPAS/POL                                   Political Training
FSI/LT               Language Training—Students, Domestic          FSI/SPAS/SO                                      FSI/SPAS/SO
FSI/LT              Language Training—Students, Overseas           FSI/SPAS/TMT/IMT             Technology Management Training
FSI/NDU                National Defense University—Students        FSI/SPAS/TMT/IMT                            FSI/SPAS/TMT/IMT
FSI/NOC                           Miscellaneous M/FSI (NOC)        FSI/SR/UT                Senior Training, University—Students
FSI/PDVLP               Professional Development—Mid-Level         FSI/SSEM                                        Senior Seminar
                                            Training—Students      FSI/SWC               Senior Training, Service War Colleges—
FSI/RUSK                   Dean and Virginia Rusk Fellowship                                                               Students
FSI/SAIT          School of Applied Information Technology—        FSI/TC                   The Transition Center—Dean’s Office
                                                  Dean’s Office    FSI/TC                                                    FSI/TC
FSI/SAIT                                               FSI/SAIT    FSI/TC/CTC            Office of Retirement & Career Transition
FSI/SAIT/BA                                        FSI/SAIT/BA     FSI/TC/CTC                                          FSI/TC/CTC
FSI/SAIT/ET                                        FSI/SAIT/ET     FSI/TC/OBC                            Overseas Briefing Center
FSI/SAIT/IMT                                      FSI/SAIT/IMT     FSI/TC/OBC                                         FSI/TC/OBC
FSI/SAIT/IMT                Information Management Training        FSI/TC/T                                                 Training
FSI/SAIT/PDD               Professional Development Division       FSI/TC/T                                               FSI/TC/T
FSI/SAIT/PDD                                     FSI/SAIT/PDD      FSI/UCCSLP               Una Chapman Cox Sabbatical Leave
FSI/SAIT/PDD/OP                 Operational Programs Branch                                                    Program—Students
FSI/SAIT/PDD/SB                                Systems Branch      FSI/UT              University Training—Students (Long-Term)
FSI/SAIT/PDD/TE                    Technical Programs Branch

8/28/2019                                               Office Symbols                                                     OS-10
FSI/UT/APSA         American Political Science Association       HR/CDA/ML                                            HR/CDA/ML
                              (APSA) Congressional Fellow        HR/CDA/ML                                      Mid-Level Division
FSI/UT/AREA              University Training—Area Studies        HR/CDA/PAS                      Presidential Appointments Staff
FSI/UT/BILFP        Brookings institution LEGIS Fellowship       HR/CDA/PAS                                          HR/CDA/PAS
                                                    Program      HR/CDA/SL                                            HR/CDA/SL
FSI/UT/ECON                University Training—Economics         HR/CDA/SL                                  Senior Level Division
FSI/UT/ENA         National School of Administration (Ecole      HR/CFR               Council on Foreign Relations, International
                                 Nationale d’Administration)                                                    Affairs Fellowship
FSI/UT/GAR                           Army Russian Institute      HR/CMP                                  Career Mobility Program
FSI/UT/IDC                 Inter-American Defense College        HR/CSHRM                                             HR/CSHRM
FSI/UT/LABOR                     University Training—Labor       HR/CSHRM/AOE                                    HR/CSHRM/AOE
FSI/UT/MGT               University Training—Management          HR/CSHRM/CD                                      HR/CSHRM/CD
FSI/UT/ST      Science & Technology University Training—         HR/CSHRM/ERPM                                HR/CSHRM/ERPM
                                                                 HR/CSHRM/PD                                      HR/CSHRM/PD
FSI/UT/TU                                  Tokyo University
                                                                 HR/CSP                         Office of Civil Service Personnel
FSI/UTNSEC             National Security University Training                                                         Management
FSI/ZFP                    Zuckerman Fellowship Program          HR/CSP/C                                   Classification Division
                                                                 HR/CSP/CD                         Career Development Division
                                                                 HR/CSP/ERPM             Executive Resources and Performance
                     G                                                                                      Management Division
G                  Office of the Under Secretary for Global      HR/CSP/PDO            Policy Development & Oversight Division
                                                     Affairs     HR/CSP/S                                         Staffing Division
G                                                         G      HR/DIR                                   Diplomats in Residence
G/TIP                                Trafficking in Persons      HR/ER                             Office of Employee Relations
G/TIP                                                 G/TIP      HR/ER                                                      HR/ER
                                                                 HR/ER/CSD            Conduct, Suitability and Discipline Division
                                                                 HR/ER/CSD                                            HR/ER/CSD
                     H                                           HR/ER/DRAD                                         HR/ER/DRAD
                                                                 HR/ER/EP                                               HR/ER/EP
H                                                           H
                                                                 HR/ER/EP                                    Employee Programs
H                                Bureau of Legislative Affairs
                                                                 HR/ER/SMG                                        State Magazine
H                           Office of the Assistant Secretary
                                                                 HR/ER/SMG                                            HR/ER/SMG
H/EX                         Office of the Executive Director
                                                                 HR/ER/WFP                           Work and Family Programs
H/EX                                                    H/EX
                                                                 HR/ER/WLP                                            HR/ER/WLP
H/HA           Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for
                                                House Affairs    HR/EX                                                      HR/EX
H/HA/DIR                     Staff Director for House Affairs    HR/EX                           Office of the Executive Director
H/HA/DIR                                            H/HA/DIR     HR/EX/AS                       Administrative Services Division
H/PDAS              Office of the Principal Deputy Assistant     HR/EX/AS                                               HR/EX/AS
                                                    Secretary    HR/EX/BUD                                            HR/EX/BUD
H/PDAS                                               H/PDAS      HR/EX/BUD                                        Budget Division
H/RGF          Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for      HR/EX/BUD/PAT                           Post Assignment Travel
                    Regional, Global and Functional Affairs      HR/EX/CIT                           Clerical Intake (Temporary)
H/RGF                                                 H/RGF      HR/EX/ESD                                            HR/EX/ESD
H/RGF/GF                                           H/RGF/GF      HR/EX/ISD                             Internal Systems Division
H/RGF/GF            Staff Director for Global and Functional     HR/EX/RIM               Records and Information Management
                                                       Affairs                                                             Division
H/RGF/R                    Staff Director for Regional Affairs   HR/EX/RIM                                             HR/EX/RIM
H/RGF/R                                             H/RGF/R      HR/EX/RIM/REARCS    Remote Automated Reproduction Collating
H/SA                                                    H/SA                                                       System Center
H/SA           Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for      HR/EX/RIM/RM                        Records Management Staff
                                                Senate Affairs   HR/EX/SCS             Summer College Student Intern Program
H/SA/DIR                     Staff Director for Senate Affairs   HR/EX/SDD                       Systems Development Division
H/SA/DIR                                            H/SA/DIR     HR/EX/SDD                                            HR/EX/SDD
HR                                                        HR     HR/EX/SIP                         Summer and Intern Programs
HR/BUD/PAT                                      HR/BUD/PAT       HR/EX/SOD                          Systems Operations Division
HR/CDA                   Office of Career Development and        HR/EX/SOD                                            HR/EX/SOD
                                                 Assignments     HR/EX/SSA                        Summer Student AID Program
HR/CDA                                               HR/CDA      HR/FACE            Carnegie Foundation, Face-to-Face Program
HR/CDA/A                                           HR/CDA/A      HR/FLO                                                   HR/FLO
HR/CDA/AD                                        HR/CDA/AD       HR/FSOT                     Pre-Assignment FS Officer Training
HR/CDA/AD                                Assignment Division     HR/FSSI                                      FS Specialist Intake
HR/CDA/CDT     Career Development and Training Division          HR/FSSI                                                  HR/FSSI
HR/CDA/EL                                Entry Level Division    HR/G                                                        HR/G
HR/CDA/EL                                         HR/CDA/EL

8/28/2019                                             Office Symbols                                                      OS-11
HR/G                                              Grievance Staff    HR/RMA/WPC                                   HR/RMA/WPC
HR/HRSP/C                                            HR/HRSP/C       HR/RMA/WPC           Workforce Planning and Compensation
HR/HRSP/S                                            HR/HRSP/S                                                            Division
HR/IPA                        Intergovernmental Personnel Act        HR/SDAP             Special Domestic Assignments Program
HR/IUCCSLP            In transit Una Chapman Cox Sabbatical
                                                  Leave Program      HR/SDAP                                  SDAP—Congress
HR/JOC               Junior Officer Complement (FSI Training)        HR/SDAP                        SDAP—Local Governments
HR/JOC                                                   HR/JOC      HR/SSP                                              HR/SSP
HR/LANL                        Los Alamos National Laboratory        HR/UCCSLP             Una Chapman Cox Sabbatical Leave
HR/MSA                              Miscellaneous Assignments
                                                                     HR/WTIP                   Worker Trainee Initiative Program
HR/MTP                                         Mustang Program
HR/NDI                         National Democratic Institute for
                                             International Affairs
HR/NED                     National Endowment for Democracy                                  I
HR/NED                     National Endowment for Democracy          I                                                                    I
                                                                     IA                                                                 IA
HR/NGO                      Assignments to Non-Governmental
                                                                     IA/GO                                                       IA/GO
                  Organizations (formerly, Assignments under
                   Inter-Governmental Personnel Act of 1970)         IA/PLR                                                     IA/PLR
HR/NGO                                                   HR/NGO      IA/SA                                                        IA/SA
HR/NIO               NATO Information Office, Atlantic Council       IIP                                                               IIP
HR/OCA                                                   HR/OCA      IIP                  Coordinator of International Information
HR/OE                                                      HR/OE
                                                                     IIP-ECA/IT                  Managing Director of Information
HR/OE                           Office of Overseas Employment
HR/OE/CMD                 Compensation Management Division
                                                                     IIP-ECA/IT/AP         Office of Application Development and
HR/OE/CMD                                            HR/OE/CMD                                                   Database Services
HR/OE/HRM                                            HR/OE/HRM       IIP-ECA/IT/NUS           Office of Network and User Services
HR/OE/HRM                      Human Resources Management            IIP/ACPD         Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy
HR/OE/PC                                               HR/OE/PC      IIP/ACPD                                               IIP/ACPD
HR/OE/SAP              Foreign Service National Supplemental         IIP/AF                                                      IIP/AF
                                              Annuitant Program
                                                                     IIP/C                                                          IIP/C
HR/PAC                             Pre-Assignment GS Training
                                                                     IIP/EAP                                                   IIP/EAP
HR/PAC                                                   HR/PAC
                                                                     IIP/EUR                                                  IIP/EUR
HR/PE                                                      HR/PE
                                                                     IIP/G                                                         IIP/G
HR/PE                         Office of Performance Evaluation
                                                                     IIP/G            Deputy Coordinator for Geographic Liaison
HR/PE/GD                  Program Development and Guidance
                                                                     IIP/G/AF                Office of Africa Information Programs
                                                                     IIP/G/CP            Office of Central Processing Information
HR/PE/POD                          Program Operations Division
HR/PEEP                    The President’s Executive Exchange
                                                                     IIP/G/EAP          Office of East Asia Information Programs
                                                                     IIP/G/EUR            Office of Europe, EURASIA Information
HR/PMI               Presidential Management Intern Program
HR/REE               Office of Recruitment, Examinations, and
                                                                     IIP/G/IR             Office of Information Resource Services
                                                                     IIP/G/NEA-SA     Office of Near East, South Asia Information
HR/REE                                                   HR/REE
HR/REE/EXAM                                 Examination Division
                                                                     IIP/G/WHA         Office of Western Hemisphere Information
HR/REE/EXAM                                       HR/REE/EXAM                                                               Programs
HR/REE/EXAM/BEX                Secretariat, Board of Examiners       IIP/IPI                          Public Information Secretariat
HR/REE/EXAM/EVL                  Application Evaluation Branch       IIP/IR                                                       IIP/IR
HR/REE/EXAM/REG                                 Registrar Branch     IIP/IT                                                        IIP/IT
HR/REE/REC                                  Recruitment Division     IIP/IT/AP                                               IIP/IT/AP
HR/REE/REC                                         HR/REE/REC        IIP/IT/NUS                                           IIP/IT/NUS
HR/REE/REC/FCRO      FS and CS Recruitment Outreach Branch           IIP/NEA-SCA                                       IIP/NEA-SCA
HR/REE/REG                                         HR/REE/REG        IIP/P                                                          IIP/P
HR/REE/SPD                             Student Program Branch        IIP/PUBS                                               IIP/PUBS
HR/RET                                       Office of Retirement    IIP/R                                                          IIP/R
HR/RET                                                   HR/RET      IIP/S                                                          IIP/S
HR/RMA                                                   HR/RMA      IIP/SC                     Office of Strategic Communication
HR/RMA                    Office of Resource Management and          IIP/T            Deputy Coordinator for Thematic Programs
                                           Organization Analysis
                                                                     IIP/T/CP            Office of Copyright and Print Publication
HR/RMA/CSEP              COM, NSDD38 and Special Embassy                                                                      Services
                                                                     IIP/T/DHR                 Office of Democracy/Human Rights
HR/RMA/LCU                            Lawsuit Coordination Unit                                               Information Programs
HR/RMA/RPA          Resource Planning and Allocation Division        IIP/T/EM                  Office of Electronic Media Services
HR/RMA/RPA                                         HR/RMA/RPA        IIP/T/ES             Office of Economic Security Information
HR/RMA/WPA                                         HR/RMA/WPA                                                               Programs
8/28/2019                                                 Office Symbols                                                        OS-12
IIP/T/GIC         Office of Global Issues and Communications              INR/AIC/REA          Office of Analysis for Russia and Eurasia
                                           Information Programs           INR/AIC/REA                                          INR/AIC/REA
IIP/T/PS                 Office of Political Security Information         INR/AIC/REA/FPW          Foreign Policy and Western Republics
                                                          Programs                                                                      Division
IIP/T/SV                      Office of U.S. Society and Values           INR/AIC/REA/RAE      Regional Analysis and Eastern Republics
                                           Information Programs                                                                         Division
IIP/T/TP                           Technology Partnership Staff           INR/AIC/REA/RD                 Russia Domestic Affairs Division
IIP/W                                                            IIP/W    INR/AIC/TNC          Office of Analysis for Terrorism, Narcotics
IIP/WHA                                                     IIP/WHA                                                                 and Crime
IJC                                                                 IJC   INR/AIM           Deputy Assistant Secretary for Analysis and
INL                                                                 INL                                          Information Management
INL                 Bureau of International Narcotics and Law             INR/AIM                                                      INR/AIM
                                             Enforcement Affairs          INR/AIM/AA                                             INR/AIM/AA
INL                                Office of Assistant Secretary          INR/AIM/AA                           Office of Analysis for Africa
INL/A                                           Office of Aviation        INR/AIM/AA/CE                   Central and East Africa Division
INL/A                                                            INL/A    INR/AIM/AA/WS             Western and Southern Africa Division
INL/A/L                                                       INL/A/L     INR/AIM/EC                          Office of Economic Analysis
INL/A/L                   Logistics/Maintenance/Administrative            INR/AIM/EC                                             INR/AIM/EC
                                                             Division     INR/AIM/EC/EST           Economic Security and Trade Division
INL/A/O                                      Operations Division          INR/AIM/EC/ET                  Economies in Transition Division
INL/AAE            Office of Asia/Africa/Europe/NIS Programs              INR/AIM/GI                                Office of Global Issues
INL/AAE                                                     INL/AAE       INR/AIM/GI/GI                              Global Issues Division
INL/AP                                                         INL/AP     INR/AIM/GI/WCAD    War Crimes and Atrocities Analysis Division
INL/C                                                            INL/C    INR/AIM/PUB                                 Office of Publications
INL/C                              Office of Anticrime Programs           INR/AIM/PUB                                          INR/AIM/PUB
INL/C/CJ                    Criminal Justice Programs Division            INR/AL                                                         INR/AL
INL/C/CL                                                   INL/C/CL       INR/AN/GGI                                             INR/AN/GGI
INL/C/CP                               Crime Programs Division            INR/CCS                                                    INR/CCS
INL/C/CP                                                  INL/C/CP        INR/CYBER                                              INR/CYBER
INL/CIV                                                      INL/CIV      INR/EAP                                                     INR/EAP
INL/I                                                             INL/I   INR/EAP/SEA                                         INR/EAP/SEA
INL/LP                                                          INL/LP    INR/EC/EST                                            INR/EC/EST
INL/LP                        Office of The Americas Programs             INR/EC/ET                                                INR/EC/ET
INL/PC             Office of Policy, Planning and Coordination            INR/EUR                                                    INR/EUR
INL/PC                                                         INL/PC     INR/EUR/NERA                                      INR/EUR/NERA
INL/RM                                                        INL/RM      INR/EUR/SE                                            INR/EUR/SE
INL/RM                         Office of Resource Management              INR/EX                                                         INR/EX
INL/RM/AIJS                                          INL/RM/AIJS          INR/EX                               Office of Executive Director
INL/RM/BD                                               INL/RM/BD         INR/EX/AR                    Administrative Resources Division
INL/RM/BD                                        Budget Division          INR/EX/AR                                                INR/EX/AR
INL/RM/IM                                                INL/RM/IM        INR/EX/IS                                                 INR/EX/IS
INL/RM/MS                                               INL/RM/MS         INR/EX/IS                          Information Systems Division
INL/RM/MS                       Management Systems Division               INR/EX/IS/DC                         Documents Control Branch
INL/RM/PA&E       Program Assistance and Evaluation Division              INR/GGI                                                      INR/GGI
INL/RM/PA&E                                        INL/RM/PA&E            INR/GGI/GI                                              INR/GGI/GI
INL/RM/SC                                   Special Complement            INR/GGI/WCAD                                      INR/GGI/WCAD
INR                       Bureau of Intelligence and Research             INR/IAA            Office of Analysis for Inter-American Affairs
INR                     Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and          INR/IAA                                                       INR/IAA
                                                          Research        INR/IAA/MAC                 Middle America-Caribbean Division
INR                                                                INR
                                                                          INR/IAA/MAC                                          INR/IAA/MAC
INR/AF                                                        INR/AF      INR/IAA/SA                                              INR/IAA/SA
INR/AF/WS                                               INR/AF/WS         INR/IAA/SA                              South American Division
INR/AIC/CIS                                           INR/AIC/CIS         INR/IPC             Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intelligence
INR/AIC/CIS                            Current Intelligence Staff                                                  Policy and Coordination
INR/AIC/EAP        Office of Analysis for East Asia and Pacific           INR/IPC/AL                       Office of Administrative Liaison
INR/AIC/EAP                                         INR/AIC/EAP           INR/IPC/I                      Office of Intelligence Operations
INR/AIC/EAP/CH                                     China Division         INR/IPC/I                                                  INR/IPC/I
INR/AIC/EAP/NA                           Northeast Asia Division          INR/IPC/IC                   Office of Intelligence Coordination
INR/AIC/EAP/SEA             Southeast Asia and Pacific Division           INR/IPC/IC/LECI    Law Enforcement and Counter-Intelligence
INR/AIC/EU                         Office of Analysis for Europe                                                      Coordination Division
INR/AIC/EU                                             INR/AIC/EU         INR/IPC/IC/MP     Maps and Publications Procurement Division
INR/AIC/EU/NERA          Northern Europe and Regional Affairs             INR/IPC/IRE                     Office of Intelligence Resources
                                                             Division     INR/NESA            Office of Analysis for Near East and South
INR/AIC/EU/SE                         Southern Europe Division                                                                              Asia

8/28/2019                                                     Office Symbols                                                          OS-13
INR/NESA                                              INR/NESA         IO/OIC/A                International Conference Administrative
INR/NESA/AI                                        INR/NESA/AI                                                                     Division
INR/NESA/AI                        Arab-Israel States Division         IO/OIC/A                                                   IO/OIC/A
INR/NESA/NAP   North Africa and Arabian Peninsula Division             IO/OIC/P             International Conference Program Division
INR/NESA/NAP                                    INR/NESA/NAP           IO/PHO               Office Of Peacekeeping and Humanitarian
INR/NESA/SOA                                   INR/NESA/SOA
                                                                       IO/PPC                Office of Policy, Public and Congressional
INR/NESA/SOA                                South Asia Division
INR/OPN                                                  INR/OPN
                                                                       IO/PPC                                                       IO/PPC
INR/OPN/AA                                          INR/OPN/AA
                                                                       IO/PSC                                                       IO/PSC
INR/OPN/AS                                          INR/OPN/AS
                                                                       IO/RHS                                                      IO/RHS
INR/OPN/EUR                                      INR/OPN/EUR
                                                                       IO/S                         Office of UN System Administration
INR/OPN/MR                                         INR/OPN/MR
                                                                       IO/SHA                 Office of Social and Humanitarian Affairs
INR/OPS                                                  INR/OPS
                                                                       IO/T                   Office of Technical Specialized Agencies
INR/OTR                                                  INR/OTR
                                                                       IO/T                                                            IO/T
INR/PDAS            Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for
                                                                       IO/UNESCO                                              IO/UNESCO
                                    Intelligence and Research
                                                                       IO/UNP                                                      IO/UNP
INR/PUB                                                  INR/PUB
                                                                       IO/UNP                                Office of UN Political Affairs
INR/R                                        Office of Research
                                                                       IRM                              Bureau of Information Resource
INR/R                                                         INR/R
INR/R/AA         East Asia, Pacific and American Republics
                                                                       IRM                        Office of the Chief Information Officer
                                                                       IRM/AP                Deputy CIO for Architecture and Planning
INR/R/AA                                                INR/R/AA
                                                                       IRM/AP                                                      IRM/AP
INR/R/AS                         Administrative Support Staff
                                                                       IRM/AP/IAP                  Information Resources Management
INR/R/AS                                                INR/R/AS
                                                                                                        Architecture and Planning Office
INR/R/EU                                                INR/R/EU
                                                                       IRM/AP/IAP                                              IRM/AP/IAP
INR/R/EU                                      European Branch
                                                                       IRM/AP/IAP/AE                                       IRM/AP/IAP/AE
INR/R/MR                               Media Reaction Branch
                                                                       IRM/AP/IAP/AE              Architecture and Engineering Division
INR/R/MR                                               INR/R/MR
                                                                       IRM/AP/IAP/PL                               IRM Planning Division
INR/R/NA          Near East, South Asia, and Africa Branch
                                                                       IRM/AP/IAP/PL                                        IRM/AP/IAP/PL
INR/R/NA                                                INR/R/NA
                                                                       IRM/APR/IA                          Information Assurance Office
INR/R/RUC      Russia, Ukraine and Commonwealth Branch
                                                                       IRM/APR/IA/PLR             Policy, Liaison and Reporting Division
INR/REA                                                  INR/REA
                                                                       IRM/APR/IA/SA                     Systems Authorization Division
INR/REA/FPW                                      INR/REA/FPW
                                                                       IRM/APR/RG                                       Regulations Office
INR/REA/RAE                                       INR/REA/RAE
                                                                       IRM/FASI           Senior Director of the Foreign Affairs System
INR/REA/RD                                          INR/REA/RD                                                           Integration Office
INR/RES                                                  INR/RES       IRM/M                     Deputy CIO for Management and CST
INR/RES                                External Research Staff         IRM/M/CST                                 Customer Service Office
INR/SPM        Office of Analysis for Strategic, Proliferation,        IRM/M/CST                                               IRM/M/CST
                                             and Military Issues
                                                                       IRM/M/CST/BC                             Business Center Division
INR/SPM                                                  INR/SPM
                                                                       IRM/M/CST/LD                                        Liaison Division
INR/SPM/MFT                                      INR/SPM/MFT
                                                                       IRM/M/CST/LD                                         IRM/M/CST/LD
INR/SPM/MFT       Military Forces and Technologies Division
                                                                       IRM/M/CST/LD/DB                                 IRM/M/CST/LD/DB
INR/SPM/SPI       Strategic and Proliferation Issues Division
                                                                       IRM/M/CST/LD/DB                                   Domestic Branch
INR/TCA                                                   INR/TCA
                                                                       IRM/M/CST/LD/EA                            External Affairs Branch
INR/TNC                                                  INR/TNC
                                                                       IRM/M/CST/LD/EA                                 IRM/M/CST/LD/EA
INR/WATCH                                           INR/WATCH
                                                                       IRM/M/CST/LD/OB                                   Overseas Branch
INR/WHA                                                 INR/WHA
                                                                       IRM/M/CST/LD/OB                                 IRM/M/CST/LD/OB
IO                                                                IO
                                                                       IRM/M/CST/SPS                           Support Services Division
IO                  Miscellaneous/Not Otherwise Classified
                                                                       IRM/M/CST/SPS                                      IRM/M/CST/SPS
                                                                       IRM/M/CST/SPS/IS                                 InfoCenter Branch
IO              Bureau of International Organization Affairs
                                                                       IRM/M/CST/SPS/IS                               IRM/M/CST/SPS/IS
IO                       Assistant Secretary and the Deputy
                                          Assistant Secretaries        IRM/M/CST/SPS/OS                      Operations Support Branch
IO/C                                                            IO/C   IRM/M/CST/SPS/OS                              IRM/M/CST/SPS/OS
IO/EDA                                                      IO/EDA     IRM/M/CST/SPS/PM                        Project Management Staff
IO/EDA         Office of Economic and Development Affairs              IRM/M/EX                          Office of the Executive Director
IO/EX                         Office of the Executive Director         IRM/M/EX/AS                      Administrative Services Division
IO/EX/HR                          Human Resources Division             IRM/M/EX/FM                       Financial Management Division
IO/EX/IS                                      Systems Division         IRM/M/EX/HRM                      Human Resource Management
IO/EX/OB       U.S. Budgetary Presentation and Payments                IRM/M/EX/PAS                               Program Analysis Staff
                                                           Division    IRM/M/EX/PS                        Procurement Support Division
IO/MPR                                                     IO/MPR      IRM/M/EX/SYS                                      Systems Division
IO/OIC                    Office of International Conferences          IRM/M/EX/SYS                                         IRM/M/EX/SYS
                                                                       IRM/NOC                                                   IRM/NOC
8/28/2019                                                  Office Symbols                                                         OS-14
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