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            190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL

Welcome from the President                                                              Page 3

Rugby Europe Contacts                                                                   Page 4

Section 1               Introduction to the Terms of Participation                      Page 6

Section 2               Competition Format and Match Schedule                           Page 8

Section 3               Team Information                                                Page 10

Section 4               Tournament Rules                                                Page 13

Section 5               Media Rules                                                     Page 19

Section 6               Commercial Rules                                                Page 21

Section 7               Medical Arrangements                                            Page 22

Section 8               Anti Doping                                                     Page 28

Section 9               Anti Corruption and Betting                                     Page 32

Section 10              Disciplinary Rules                                              Page 33

Section 11              Tournament Official Report Templates                            Page 45

                                 Recommended Sanctions

                                 Appendix 1 – Referee Report on Temporary Suspension

                                 Appendix 2 – Asst Referee Report on Temporary Suspension

                                 Appendix 3 – Referee Report on Ordering Off

                                 Appendix 4 – Asst Referee Report on Ordering Off

                                 Appendix 5 – Disciplinary Hearing Summary Report

                                 Appendix 6 – Citing Complaint Form

                                 Appendix 7 – World Rugby Code of Conduct

Section 12              Match Commissioner  Match Official Reviewer Reporting Docs     Page 55

Section 13              Union Participation Agreement                                   Page 60

Section 14              Timeline of Key Dates  Deadlines                               Page 61

                        Team Administration Certification Template                      Page 62

                                           190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
Welcome from the President

Dear Participating Unions,

Welcome to the 2019 Rugby Europe Under 18 European Championship and to these Tournament Terms of Participation.

The Rugby Europe Men’s Under 18 Championship serves to provide high quality international competition at an age which is
crucially important not only to a player’s development but also to ensuring the retention of players, coaches and management
within the system.

This year, we are fortunate to have the following competitions forming the 2019 Rugby Europe Under 18 Championship

2019 Rugby Europe Championship
13 April - 21 April
Kaliningrad, Russia
8 Teams

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Presidents, General Secretaries and staff at the Russia Rugby Union
(Kaliningrad) for their outstanding and loyal support of Rugby Europe Competitions.

The Organising Committees of each competition are working long and hard to deliver what promises to be an outstanding
competition with excellent facilities, which is focussed very much on ensuring that our young, international players have the
ideal platform from which to demonstrate their skills and use this competition as a stepping stone on their development and
performance pathway to senior level international rugby.

We also wish to offer our sincere thanks to our principal partner, Société Générale, to Rhino for their outstanding support of
Rugby Europe and in particular, this competition.

Please ensure that you communicate early and regularly with the Host Unions and Rugby Europe in order to ensure the best
possible experience.

May I wish all teams and the officials the very best of luck for the Tournament. May you represent your families, your country,
your sport and Rugby Europe to the very best of your ability.

With best wishes

Octavian Morariu
President of Rugby Europe
Member of the International Olympic Committee

                                           190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
Rugby Europe Staff Contact Details

Championship, Competition in Russia (Kaliningrad)

Tournament Director                                         Bernard Jargeac
Phone                                                       +33 6 81 00 73 12
Skype                                                       Bernard.Jargeac

Referee Manager                                             Domenico Sironi

Commercial & Marketing Manager / Administrative             Sebastien Faye
Phone                                                       +33 7 86 04 59 47
Skype                                                       rugbyeuropemarketing

Tournament Administrator (Not in Kaliningrad)               Claire O’Jeanson
Phone                                                       +33 1 53 21 15 22
Mobile                                                      +33 6 23 85 15 26
Skype                                                       claire.ojeanson

Match Commissioners

                                                            Veceslav Holjevac
Mobile                                                      + 385 (99) 2307 871

                                                            Norbert Li-Marchetti

Citing Commissioners / Performance Reviewers                TBC


IT and Web Communications Manager                           Bernard Jargeac
Phone                                                       +33 6 81 00 73 12
Skype                                                       belou46

Impact and Education Programme (Not in Kaliningrad)         José, Gorrotxategui
Mobile                                                      +34 638 45 99 00
Skype                                                       jmgorrotxateguip
Facebook page                                     

                                       190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
1.          Introduction

1.1        Terms of Participation

Rugby Europe has been working to provide Terms of Participation that acts as a reference point to all Team Managers and
Officials – a single point of reference for all key Tournament Rules and associated World Rugby Laws and Regulations whilst
attempting to minimise the number of pages in the document.

In order to minimise the size of this document but ensure that Unions have all of the information required to understand and
adhere to all terms, it has been necessary to provide a number of links to key Laws, Regulations and Training Aids as well as
providing links to the forms that you will be required to complete in order to confirm that you are eligible and ready to participate.

Along with these Terms of Participation, we will send you a Player List spreadsheet that includes a number of additional columns,
designed to ensure that you have captured and have all supporting documentation regarding your Players and Management,
as required. Whilst incumbent on Team Managers to retain and have available this information at all times for submission on
request, it will not be necessary to provide all of this documentation in advance.

You will simply need to submit the signed Participation Agreement and the Team Administration Certification.

In signing the Participation Agreement, you agree to all of the Rules and Terms outlined in this document as well as ensuring
that you have referred to the additional documentation provided online and via the ‘links’ provided within these Terms. You must
ensure that you have given your players and management the opportunity to review all documents so they understand the
importance of what they are signing.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Terms of Participation consist of

      1.    This document in its entirety including any links to external sites
      2.    The Team Administration Certification (Spreadsheet), sent with these Terms
      3.    All Rugby Europe Forms provided by link to the Rugby Europe site.
      4.    Documentation produced by the Host Union including Presentations and Team Managers Handbooks

Team Managers Handbook / Presentation
These Terms of Participation will not include details relating to the local Tournament Organisation and Logistics – these will
be provided to you by the Host Union. Team Manager’s Handbooks / Presentations will be sent to you in advance of the
competition and will include details of:

      •     Local Organising Committee Contacts
      •     Liaison Officer Contact Details
      •     Pre Tournament Meetings
      •     Match Schedules and Match Venues
      •     Medical Support, Facilities and Contact Details

If you have any questions relating to Rugby Europe’s funding of accommodation and / or transport costs, please contact the
Tournament Director at your convenience.

RUGBY EUROPE would like to remind all Unions that all Rugby Europe competitions are played under ALL World Rugby Laws
and Regulations with specific amendments made, as appropriate and highlighted in these Terms where necessary.

Should you have any questions on the content of these Terms of Participation, please do not hesitate to contact

1.2         Variations from the Specifications of these Terms of Participation

Rugby Europe reserves the right, at any time (whether before or during the Tournament) to make or vary rules and give
directions as to the conduct of the Tournament, or in respect of matters relating to the Tournament, including the contents of
these Terms of Participation, in accordance with the Participation Agreement. All such rules and directions when made and
communicated are immediately binding upon each Participating Union and each Team Member, and these rules and directions
will be deemed to be included automatically within these Terms of Participation.

                                              190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
1.3      Definitions & Interpretations

Definitions and Interpretations of all terms used in these Manual are set out via the following link:

1.4      Post Tournament Report

All Unions are required to complete a Post Tournament Report and submit to no later than 14 days
after the completion of the Competition.

A link to fill in post-tournament questionnaire online will be sent the day after teams departure

1.5      Forms for Completion

Teams must complete all forms applicable to your participation in this Competition.

Some forms will require to be submitted in advance and / or at the Team Managers Meeting whilst, others must be retained
by the Team Manager in the event that Rugby Europe needs to see them at any time.

Details of what is required will be stated on each of the forms, all of which can be downloaded via the following link: please use filters “Manuals and kits” and “Rugby Europe” for word

For Excel File TAC:

                                            190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
2.      Competition Format and Schedule

2.1 Championship Seedings and Schedule

Rugby Europe Under 18 Championship, Russia (Kaliningrad)
8 Teams
3 Matches Each
Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final / Ranking Round

Key Dates
Teams Arrive & Pre-Tournament Briefings                      Saturday 13th April
Championship Quarter Finals                                  Sunday 14th April,
Championship Semi Finals                                     Wednesday 17th April,
Championship Finals & Post Tournament Banquet                Saturday 20th April
Teams Depart                                                 Sunday 21st April

 (As Seeded)
 1. Georgia
 2. Spain
 3. Portugal
 4. Russia
 5. Romania
 6. Belgium
 7. Netherlands
 8. Germany

Sunday 14th April
Championship Quarter Final Matches
M1 – Georgia v Germany                                       14th April at Kaliningrad (Locomotiv) 6:30pm
M2 - Spain v Netherlands                                     14th April at Kaliningrad (Locomotiv) 3:30pm
M3 - Portugal v Belgium                                      14th April at Kaliningrad (Cielma) 2pm
M4 - Russia v Romania                                        14th April at Kaliningrad (Cielma) 5pm

Wednesday 17th April
Championship Semi Final Matches
M5 – Winner M1 v Winner M4                                   17th April at Kaliningrad (Cielma) 6:30pm
M6 – Winner M2 v Winner M3                                   17th April at Kaliningrad (Locomotiv) 5pm
M7 – Loser M1 v Loser M4                                     17th April at Kaliningrad (Cielma) 3:30pm
M8 – Loser M2 v Loser M3                                     17th April at Kaliningrad (Locomotiv) 2pm

Saturday 20th April
Championship Final Matches
M9 – Winner M5 v Winner M6                      20th April at Kaliningrad FIFA Stadium (or Cielma 6pm) 6pm
M10 – Loser M5 v Loser M6                        20th April at Kaliningrad FIFA Stadium (or Cielma 5:30pm) 4:30 pm
M11 – Winner M7 v Winner M8                     20th April at Kaliningrad Cielma (or FIFA Stadium 4:30 – Russia) 3pm
M12 – Loser M7 v Loser M8                       20th April at Kaliningrad Cielma (or FIFA Stadium 4:30pm – Russia) 12pm

2.2 Awards

The first ranked European Team on Championship competition will be awarded European Champion.

                                       190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
3         Team Information

3.1       Tournament Teams

3.1.1     Team Size

The team must consist of 26 players and 4 management, one of whom must be a suitably qualified Physiotherapist OR Doctor.
Teams wishing to travel with both may do so as part of their Management Team of 4.

3.2     Composition of Teams
3.2.1 Composition of Teams

It is the responsibility of all Participating Unions that the Composition of their Teams is in accordance with the World Rugby
Laws and Regulations Relating to the Game.

Please refer to the following link:

The rule 3.12 of “Laws of the game” will not be applied in this tournament (all Rugby Europe competitions). Nevertheless, the
rule 3.15 of “Laws of the game” will be applied to be experienced.

It is not the responsibility of the referee, Rugby Europe and Host Union to determine the suitability of trained front and second
row replacements (and players) or their availability, as this is a team responsibility (managerial staff responsibility).

For 15 a side matches, the game sheet announcement shall be sent electronically to Rugby Europe 24 hours prior the KO and
corrected if necessary, no later than one hour prior to the kick-off time of the match.

3.3       Eligibility


It is the responsibility of all Unions to ensure that their players meet all eligibility criteria to participate in Rugby Europe

Please refer to

for all Eligibility Rules.

Further, Eligibility forms which can be found at please use filter “Rugby
Europe” must be completed in respect of each Player and retained by the Team Manager for inspection on request by Rugby

3.4       Administration Days

3.4.1 On the evening preceding the first day of competition at all levels of the Under 18 Competition, the following events
meetings will be held, with attendance of the relevant personnel compulsory. Please note that all international travel must be
arranged to ensure that delegates are available to attend these events no later than 6pm. These events take precedence over
anything else including training for those people involved:

      •   Team Captain’s Photograph
          To publicise the competition, a photograph of all team captains will be taken at famous local landmark.
          Captains will be required to assemble as advised in full home playing kit including jersey, shorts and socks along
          with running shoes (not studs)

      •   Team Managers Meeting
          The purpose of this meeting is for Rugby Europe to reconfirm the Match Schedule along with key rules and
          regulations relating to Age Criteria, Eligibility, Disciplinary, Anti Doping and Technical Matters. Teams will be required
          to submit their final Team Administration Certificate (TAC) in Hard Copy duly signed and stamped, their Participation
          Agreement and any documents relating to players under 18. This file might be sent 48 hours before in electronic
          format to Rugby Europe may request copies of additional documentation (such as individual
          Eligibility documents) on a case by case basis
                                             190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
The Host Union will also provide a presentation on all local Logistics relating to transport, accommodation, ice and
          water, training, legacy initiatives, and all aspects of local Tournament delivery.
          The Tournament Medical Officer will introduce the Medical Team structure, facilities and equipment available and
          provided at the Tournament. He / She will detail how injuries will be managed during match days, the process for
          dealing with players transferred to hospital, payment for medical care and assistance offered for illness and injury
          outside the match venue.

Times and locations of all of the above events are to be confirmed in the Team Managers Handbook provided by the Host

3.5       Travel & Transport, Accommodation and Meals

For all Rugby Europe competitions Participating Unions are required to be accommodated in the hotels proposed by the Host
Unions at the prices negotiated by the Host Union.

Host Unions are responsible for ensuring that they secure the best possible rates in the level of accommodation appropriate to
the Competition.

Participating Unions may not arrange their own accommodation or attempt to renegotiate the terms agreed between the Host
Union and the Hotels.

3.6       Schedule of Cost Responsibilities
 PRINCIPLE – Host Unions are solely responsible for all costs of hosting tournaments, less what they receive in the
                        form of subsidies from Participating Unions and Rugby Europe.

      Competition                   Host Union                       Participating Union                      Rugby Europe

  Men’s Under        Training Pitches and Facilities during        International Travel to the      Partial funding for International
  18                 agreed dates                                  international airport            Travel support for Teams (Squad
  Championship                                                     Kaliningrad or Gdansk            size 30) given distance.
  15 a side          Visa costs for all Teams.
                                                                   Accommodation for team           €20 per person per day (8 nights) for
                     Internal Transport for Teams and RE           and staff : Accommodation        Accommodation for European
                     Officials.                                    price paid by the                Teams towards Host Union (Squad
                     By internal transport we mean : since the     Participating Teams must be      size 30 pers).
                     Teams & RE Officials come in an               minus the Financial support
                     international airport until they leave from   sent by Rugby Europe to the      For RE Officials (in single room):
                     this international airport.                   Host Union on behalf of the
                                                                   Participating Unions.            RE Officials International Travel
                     Tournament Costs including Personnel and
                     Insurances                                    Full board price per day         RE Officials Accommodation (Max
                                                                   per person must be               10 nights).
                     Post-Match Dinner for all players and RE      between: 45€-65€ before
                     Officials                                     deduction of RE subvention       Price per day per person shall not
                                                                   (20 €).                          exceed 60 € – 70 € (if not full
                     Organisation and booking of all                                                board) or 90 € - 100 € if full board.
                     accommodation (Teams & RE Officials).
                                                                   All costs associated with
                     Proposal For Teams :                                                           Payable on presentation of the
                                                                   additional Union Officials inc
                     The Host must propose 2 types of hotels                                        detailed bill from the hotel.
                                                                   Team Management
                     and Full board price per day per person
                     must be between: 45€-65€ before                                                Tournament Trophy
                                                                   Payment of training facilities
                     deduction of RE subvention (20 €). This
                                                                   outside agreed ‘Tournament’
                     cost is for the Participating Unions.
                     Proposal for RE Officials :
                     Price per day per person shall not exceed
                     60 € – 70 € (if not full board) or 90 € -
                     100 € if full board. This is a Rugby Europe

                     Participation Medals for all Squad
                     Members for each Team except Gold,
                     Silver and Bronze for First, Second and
                     Third Place.

                                                 190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
3.6.2.    Visa

The delivery and payment of the visa costs and Official VTB Agency fees for all participants (35 persons per team delegations
and RE officials) will be 100% financed by RUR if the list of delegation is sent to RUR before the 10 th March 2019.

3.7      Post Match Meal / Post Tournament Banquet

3.7.1 Post Match Meals / Banquets

All Participating Teams in their entirety are required to attend the Post Match / Tournament dinner, hosted by the Host Union

3.7.2 Rugby Europe awards

Rugby Europe shields winners are responsible for engraving (in the same script), keeping and returning in the same condition,
the shields.

3.8      Accreditation

3.8.1    Accreditation

Details to be Provided in the Host Union Tournament Handbook.

3.9      Ticketing

3.9.1    Tickets

Details to be provided in the Host Union Tournament Handbook

3.10     Balls

The Tournament shall be played with Rhino size 5 balls, official ball of the Tournament.
Tournament. There will be three balls available for each match. Each Team shall be provided with 2 Match balls upon arrival
at the Manager meeting which will remain in the possession of the Team. Only official Tournament balls may be used at
Match Venues. All matches will be played with new official match balls.
For further details feel free to contact :

Reg Clark, Chief Executive
Rhino-Powa Holdings Ltd
114 Power Road, London W4 5PY
Tel: 0208 995 5965

4.       Tournament Rules

4.1      Team size

The official Tournament Team of the Participating Union shall be limited to a maximum of 30 accredited Team Members,
comprising 26 Players and 4 Team Officials.

Teams who intend to bring more than 4 management staff or plan to stay longer than the official Tournament days may do so;
however any and all costs associated with these aforementioned matters will be at the cost of the Participating Union. All
management, whether part of the 4 Team Officials or additional management, must sign the Team Member Consent Form. In
addition, a maximum of four additional staff will be accommodated with the Team and receive Tournament accreditation with
no access to the field of play on match days.

Rugby Europe will provide the previously agreed levels of funding for the accredited numbers as advised above. Any costs
associated with additional Team Management members must be paid in full by the Participating Union in accordance with the
schedules set out by the Host Union.
                                           190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
At least one of the Team Officials must be fluent in French or English.

4.2       Specific Regulations

4.2.1 Age Criteria

Age of players: born from January 1st, 2001 to December 31st, 2002. Any player born in 2000 will not be accepted. For any
younger player, World Rugby conditions must be complied.

For each eligible player under the Age of 18, a Parental Consent Form must be completed. This form can be found at the
following address:

The relevant sections of the Team Administration Certification (TAC) should also be completed.

4.2.2 Replacement of injured player

During the Tournament, a front row player that becomes injured can be replaced by another front row player on the “Players
list”. The Participating Union will cover the cost of the travel and the accommodations.

4.2.3 Match Team Sheet

All 26 members of the competition playing squad may be included on the Match Day Team Sheet. Only 23 players from those
26 could play in the match.

If a team nominates 22 players or more it must have at least 6 players who can play in the front row in order that there is
replacement cover for the lose head prop, hooker and tight head prop (under 19 law 3.5 (c)).

Rolling subs:

Inside the 23 players choose by the staff to play the game, the number of substitutions must not exceed 12. These rolling subs
does not concern the rule 3.14 § 1, 2 and 4.

4.2.4 Time

Each half of an Under-18 match lasts 35 minutes playing time (5 minutes half time). Play in a match lasts no longer than 70
minutes. After a total of 70 minutes playing time, the referee must not allow extra time to be played in the case of a drawn match
in a knock-out competition.

The Match Referee will be the sole judge of time. In the event that no scoreboard is available, or you require an accurate reading
of time, the Team Manager should approach the Match Director who will have the correct time, through the Number 4 official.

4.2.5 Draw match at full time

      •   Championship,

If after full-time the teams have tied, then the winner shall be determined through the following sequential criteria:

      -   The team to score the most tries in that particular match, if no winner, can be declared then,

      -   The team to score the most converted tries in that particular match, if no winner can be declared then,

      -   Penalty shoot-out between the two teams, that penalty shoot-out shall take place as follows:

                (1) All players and Match Officials will remain on the playing enclosure. The referee will call the captains of the
                    two Teams to the centre of the pitch and will conduct a coin toss. The winner of the coin toss then may either
                    choose which Team kicks first (in which case the loser chooses the end at which all kicks will be taken) or
                    choose the end at which all kicks will be taken (in which case the loser chooses which Team kicks first).

                                              190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
(2) Each team captain must nominate 5 players to participate in the kicking competition. Only the 5 players
                 nominated by the Captains and present on the playing enclosure at the time of the completion of the extra
                 time may take part in the kicking competition. No injured, substituted or dismissed player may take part at any
                 time. The order in which the players kick does not have to be predetermined.

             (3) The Match Officials and Team Members will assemble on the halfway line.
                  Team Members must remain behind the halfway line in the side of the playing area not used for the kicking
                  competition. No one except the referee, two touch judges and two ball boys/girls is allowed in the part of the
                  playing area being used for the competition.

             (4) The five players from each Team will place kick from three different points, all on the 22 metre line, as follows

                  First point:       directly in front of the posts
                  Second point:      on the 15 metre line on the left hand side facing the posts
                  Third point:       on the 15 metre line on the right hand side facing the posts

             (5) The referee will start the competition by calling the first player selected from the Team kicking first to the first
                 kicking point. Once the player has taken the kick, the referee calls a player from the opposing Team to kick
                 from the same point.

             (6) The next two players (one from each Team) will kick from the second point in
                  This will continue until all five players from each Team have kicked (the next players kicking respectively from
                  the third point, first area and finally the second point), or until one Team is unable to equal the score of the
                  other Team within the remaining number of kicks.

             (7) If there are an equal number of successful kicks once each Team has
                   completed its five kicks, the competition continues on a “sudden death” basis, following the same order of
                   kickers used in the first five kicks.

             (8) The competition will continue two kicks at a time (one from each side), going
                  progressively through the three kicking areas stated above (and repeating the process if necessary) until one
                  player succeeds with a kick and the player from the other side taking the same kick misses it. Once this
                  occurs, the Team of the player who succeeded with the kick will be declared the winner. Each of these
                  additional kicks shall be taken by the same 5 players in rotation.

         Throughout the kicking competition:
                a) Once a player has been handed the ball by the referee on the kicking point, he must take the kick within
                     one minute. Should he take longer, the referee shall declare the kick void and therefore a miss.

                  b)   After each kick, the referee records the number of the player and whether or not the attempt was
                       successful. The Match Commissioner will record the same details on the official Match Report.

                  c)   Whether or not a goal is scored from each attempt is the sole decision of the referee, who may at his sole
                       discretion rely on the assistance of his touch judges. The referee’s decision shall be final and binding.

                  d)   Once a player has completed their kick, they shall return to stand with their Team behind the halfway line
                       in the side of the playing area not used.

4.2.6 Replacement of injured player

During the Tournament, a front row player that becomes injured can be replaced by another front row player on the “Players
list”, Costs relating to the arrival of the replacement player and the repatriation of the injured player are to be paid in advance
by Participating Union

4.2.7 Delay, Postponement, Abandonment of Matches

In the interests of the Teams, the commencement of Matches at the scheduled time shall be the first priority in all instances.
However, in circumstances deemed necessary by Rugby Europe, Matches may need to be delayed, postponed, abandoned,
or cancelled. All decisions in this regard shall be communicated to Teams / Referee by the Match Commissioner.

If a Team refuses to play or abandons a Match in progress without the prior consent of the referee, the Match Commissioner
will report the incident to the Tournament Director who will make a decision based on the facts after consulting with the
Competitions Commission and Executive Committee, along with any other relevant parties.
                                            190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
4.2.8 Match Stopped

In the event of a match being stopped, due to specific conditions, facilities (including but not limited to lighting problems, power
cut, etc…) or inappropriate weather conditions (the decision can only be taken by the match referee World Rugby rule 5.7 (d),
cannot be discussed and has to be applied by the concerned Unions), RUGBY EUROPE Tournament Director will decide
whether the match will be rescheduled or whether the recorded result is the score at the time of the match being stopped.

4.2.9 Match Commissioners

The Match Commissioner will be a Rugby Europe representative at the Match Venue and will be responsible for matters related
to the playing enclosure, the conduct of the Match and the elements related to Teams in the organization of each Match. Such
responsibilities shall include decisions related to the delay of Matches and implementation of these Terms of Participation and
also disciplinary decisions.

Before, during and after the match, all players, members, directors, officials, officers, members of staff, employees, contractors,
agents and representatives of the Host and Visiting Union must comply with the reasonable instructions of Rugby Europe
commissioner if necessary. This includes, but is not limited to, instructions relating to the teams’ departure from the dressing

4.2.10 Citing Commissioners

Rugby Europe has appointed Citing Commissioners for each match in the Championship competition in Russia. In addition, a
Judicial Officer has been appointed to oversee any Disciplinary Hearings arising through Foul Play or Misconduct.
For Conference 1 The Tournament Director and Referee Manager will work together to carry out the citing functions. A
Disciplinary Committee will be appointed to deal with any matters arising from incidents of Foul Play or Misconduct.

Please refer to the Disciplinary Rules found at Section 10 if these Terms of Participation.

                                            190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL

                                                              ACTIVITY                                      LOCATION
 - 90 to                    Teams arrive and are escorted to changing rooms.                            Dressing Room
 - 60                       Team Manager signs off Final Team Sheet                                     Area
 - 50 to - 40               • Team clothing / equipment check by Match Officials                        Changing Rooms
                            • Match Officials instruction
 - 40                       Coin toss in tunnel. Winning captain must nominate his chosen option:       In tunnel
                            Kick off / Choice of End
 - 30                       Teams warm up on pitch (for the 2nd Match of the day in the Match           Pitch
                            Venues, warm-up time on the pitch may be limited or cancelled in the
                            event that the first Match runs over time)
 - 10                       Both Teams to return to changing room.                                      Changing Rooms
 -8                         1 minute call to each Team                                                  Changing Rooms

 -7                         Teams leave the dressing rooms and line up in the tunnel as directed by     In Tunnel
                            Match Commissioner.
                            Single file – Captain first
 -6                         Teams take to the field                                                     On pitch
                            Teams line up for anthems
 - 5.30                     Teams positioned for anthems                                                On pitch
 -5                         Anthem Team A                                                               On pitch
 - 3.30                     Anthem Team B                                                               On pitch
                                                        Kick off 1st half
 Half Time                  Half Time is 5 minutes whistle to whistle.
 (5 minutes)
                                                      Kick off 2nd half
 After Final Whistle        Flash interviews on the field or in the tunnel (90 seconds) if applicable   Field or Tunnel
 +5                         Player / Coach interviews – Losing Team, if required                        In Dressing
                                                                                                        Room Area
 + 10                       Player / Coach interviews – Winning Team, if required                       In Dressing
                                                                                                        Room Area
 + 15                       Citing Commissioner liaise with the Team Managers to check if they want     In Dressing
                            to report any incident                                                      Room Area
                            Videos of the games will be provided either on a DVD or a USB key

4.3       Team Kit Specifications

Each Team must provide 2 sets of playing kits of clearly different colours (jerseys).

Each participating union has to send a photo (colour) of the two kits of equipment 1 month before the Tournament to the

Players starting each match should be numbered from 1 to 15 and from 16 – 26 in accordance with the World Rugby Numbering

Starting XV
1        -        Loosehead Prop
2        -        Hooker
3        -        Tighthead Prop
4        -        Left Lock
5        -        Right Lock
6        -        Blindside Loose Forward
7        -        Openside Loose Forward
8        -        Number Eight
9        -        Scrum Half
10       -        Fly Half
11       -        Left Wing
12       -        Inside Centre
13       -        Outside Centre
                                          190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
14       -        Right Wing
15       -        Fullback

16       -        Loose Head Prop
17       -        Hooker
18       -        Tight Head Prop
19       -        Lock
20       -        Forward
21       -        Scrum Half
22 & 23 -         Backs
24 to 26 -        Various

Tournament marks
Teams are requested to ensure that they display the Rugby Europe logo (the artwork for which has been sent along with the
Tournament Manual) on the upper RIGHT sleeve of each of their home and alternative playing jerseys.

4.4 Standard relating to the use of artificial Rugby Turf

Technology in the area of artificial playing surfaces has improved over time and artificial playing surfaces are widely used
including in Rugby. World Rugby has produced the World Rugby Artificial Rugby Turf Performance Specification to set a
minimum standard for artificial playing surfaces which may be used in rugby. The World Rugby Artificial Rugby Turf
Performance Specification stipulates the testing and approval procedures which Manufacturers and other entities involved in
the installation of artificial playing surfaces must comply with in order for their products to be approved for use in Rugby. The
Game may not be played on any artificial surface which does not meet the World Rugby Artificial Rugby Turf Performance
Specification, the requirements of Regulation 22 and Law 1 of the Laws of the Game. The World Rugby Artificial Rugby Turf
Performance Specification will be amended over time as technology and research evolves in the area of artificial playing

Teams will have no games on a synthetic ground,

Regulation could be downloaded at

                                            190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
4.5      Administrative flow of Rugby Europe documents

4.5.1 Team Administrative Certificate: TAC

Each participating Union will receive an Excel file containing several Worksheets, this Excel file will follow each participating
Union during the whole tournament. Only the first worksheet TAC must be totally filled by Union before the competition and
send in electronic format to at least one week prior the Manager’s Meeting day.
A hard copy of this worksheet signed by President of the Union must be given to the Director of Tournament at the Manager’s

24 hours before each game of the tournament, the Team’s Manager must send to the Tournament Excel
file including the following worksheets: Team Admin Certification, Player List, Team sheets as below … The team sheet
corresponding to the next playing game, with the players selected for the quarter, then semi and finals game, see below.

Each time, this document is send to, please rename the document as yymmddU18MXcccQuarter as for
example: 180325 U18 M3 RUS Quarter

The Commissioner of each game will therefore prepare the substitution cards (given to Union’s Manager prior to the game)
and the game sheet. After game played, this game sheet and other communication media, will be loaded to web site.

                                           190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
5.       Media Rules

In order to promote the competition to achieve favourable coverage in Local and National, any Team Member, with the approval
of his Team Manager of Participating Union, may communicate with media and provide television, radio or newspaper
interviews, provided always that his comments do not bring the game of Rugby, Rugby Europe or the competition into disrepute.

In order to ensure consistent media management and a balanced Team approach, any request from media for interview, filming
or conference on non-Match days, must be referred to Rugby Europe Communications Department and / or the Tournament
Director in advance for approval.

Unions are responsible for reminding their Players and Management of the World Rugby Code of Conduct and all applicable
rules regarding any comments made on Social Media (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

5.1      Rugby Europe Communication Department

The Communication Department is responsible for all media and communications related activities (internal and external),
including media operations and services, media management and relations, issues management, public relations and editorial

Rugby Europe Communication Department will provide Unions with communications tools (Press kits, press releases, logos,
social media details…) to be used during the Tournament.

To achieve a wide and favourable coverage of the Tournament, Unions are asked to provide the Communication Department
with all requested information and materials related to the Team (photo and player list) and the Union (official logo, twitter
accounts, communication contacts).

Unions are asked to collaborate with the Communication Department for the promotion of the Tournament through their own
media and communications platforms.

The Communication Department could be reached by e-mail to

During competition time, the Communications Department can be reached directly above or via the Tournament Director.

5.2      Mixed Zone or Press Conference Room

Each Competition venue shall have a mixed zone between the pitch and the dressing rooms where accredited press can
interview the players and staff after a game. Each mixed zone should be easily accessible from the dressing rooms, the media
working areas and the media tribune.

Players and coaches shall be available in the mixed zone area.

If it’s not possible to find place for mixed zone, the Press Conference room will be used.

Rugby Europe provides with guidelines for the space layout in accordance with the marketing and commercial agreements.

5.3      Pre Game Press Conference

The Captains and the coaches of both teams will make themselves available. Other players or staff member may also be invited.

5.4      Post-Match Interviews

The Captain, Coach or any significant Player identified by the Communication Department or Commissioner may be required
to attend a television interview immediately after the final whistle of each Match. This interview is usually conducted on the
pitch or in the tunnel.

The above Team personnel may also be required to attend a post-Match interview, five to ten minutes after the final whistle.

Any interviews given by any Team Members within a Match Venue or the Training Venue shall be given only to a duly accredited
media representative or broadcaster.

5.5      Broadcast and streaming of Matches

                                            190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
Based on the Host Union Agreement, a TV-broadcaster may be appointed for the production of Tournaments. If not, Rugby
Europe may ensure the TV-production of tournaments.

Any TV broadcasters for the tournaments will be designated by Rugby Europe. The participating organizations undertake that
no operator will be allowed to film any images of the tournament without the prior express approval of Rugby Europe.

The Tournament matches will be broadcasted and lived streamed on Rugby Europe TV platform – .
Certain Geographical broadcasting rights may be retained by the broadcaster. Rugby Europe will provide details of broadcast
arrangements one week before the beginning of the Tournament.

If unions are interested in broadcasting through a specific agreement with domestic broadcasters, please contact Rugby
Europe Communication Department –

Teams wishing to film their matches and those involving other teams must seek permission from the Match Commissioner in
advance of said match. The Match Commissioner will advise Team Analysts of an appropriate place from which to film.
Positional Priority will be given to the analysts from the teams participating in the match. Teams will receive a copy of their
match in DVD or USB Key form no later than one hour after their match.

When a game or competition is broadcast (TV or Internet), Unions and RUGBY EUROPE must receive 1 DVD recording from
the Host Union, provided to the Match Commissioner 1 hour after the game is complete.

                                           190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
6.        Commercial Rules

6.1       Respect of the Rugby Europe Commercial Rights

Rugby Europe is the exclusive, absolute legal and beneficial owner of the Commercial Rights of the Tournaments. Rugby
Europe is exclusively entitled to exploit, retain and distribute all revenues derived from the exploitation of such Commercial
As defined of the Host Union Agreement, some rights may be beneficially returned to the Host Union.

The commercial rules cover all forms of media, including but not limited to print, advertising media, broadcast media, mobile
telephony communications, wireless data services, and any and all internet media.

The commercial rules apply equally to Participating Unions, Teams and Team members.

Each Participating Team is permitted to display its sponsors on their Kit only (Playing and Training Kit). Each Participating Team
undertakes to respect Rugby Europe commercial rules during the competitions.

For information, please contact Rugby Europe at

6.2       Competition Marks

Teams play with their own Kit (jerseys, shorts and socks).

Teams are required to display the Rugby Europe logo on the upper RIGHT sleeve of their playing jerseys (home and alternative).

The logo of Rugby Europe and of the competition is the ownership of Rugby Europe.

Participating Teams are allowed to use it for the promotion of the competition.

6.3       Commercial Rights

Exploitation of commercial rights in and to the competition :

      -   Media Rights (TV and streaming) :
             o The host union has the sole right to sell and retain revenue from domestic broadcast rights of tournaments.
             o Rugby Europe has the non-exclusive right to sell and retain revenue from domestic streaming rights
             o Rugby Europe has the sole right to sell and retain revenue from overseas broadcast and streaming rights
                  outside the Host Union

      -   Sponsorship rights :
             o Rugby Europe has the priority right to exploit commercial rights, sell and retain revenue from sponsorship
                  rights, Any such partners appointed by Rugby Europe may have the exclusive right to exploit certain
                  commercial rights in and to the competition and matches. Advertising on players’ kit is exempt from this
             o Host union has the right to sell and retain revenue from certain sponsorship rights, in accordance with Rugby
                  Europe marketing policy. All projects must be submitted to Rugby Europe for approval.

Up to date, Rugby Europe’s sponsors for the tournament are:
             o Societé Générale – Bank company – Official partner
             o Rhino – Match ball provider – Official supplier

Commercial partners are permitted to undertake activation activities and promotion in and around the tournament – Such
activities must be submitted to Rugby Europe for approval and integration in operation details.

The Host union shall provide the detailed activations to Rugby Europe for approval for each of its sponsors requested in terms
of visibility, tickets, hospitality and activations.

The Host union shall ensure that it has the appropriate staff in place at all the times of the tournament to regulate the Commercial
Rules. Any attempt to instigate ambush marketing should be dealt with immediately by the Host union and should be notified to
Rugby Europe as soon as possible.

For information, don’t hesitate to contact Rugby Europe at

7.        Medical Arrangements
                                            190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
7.1        Match Venue Medical Facilities



Rugby Europe prioritises Player Welfare over all aspects of its competitions.
Please note that the Rugby Europe Under 18 Championships at all levels will operate the ‘Recognise and Remove’ policy. That
is to say that there will be no opportunity for teams to take players off to assess them for concussion.
Any player who is suspected of displaying symptoms of concussion must be removed permanently from the field and may take
no further part in the match. Thereafter, the Team Medical staff must assess their player(s) following the recommended
‘Graduated Return to Play’ system.
In the event that the Tournament Medical Officer (TMO) or his / her designee believes that a player is presenting with signs of
concussion but has not been removed from the Field of Play, the TMO has all rights to insist that the player is removed
permanently from the Field.


For all Rugby Europe Competitions, the concussion protocol is not applied.

Please refer to the following link to World Rugby to understand more about the management of Concussion and the need to
‘Recognise and Remove’.

The following medical facilities will be available at the Match Venue on Match days:

7.1.3      Players and Match Officials
An ambulance or an appropriate room for the use of Players (from both participating Teams) and Match Officials (including
referees and assistant referees) who are injured or ill. Such a facility will include:

      1.    Resuscitation equipment, IV fluid and essential drugs;
      2.    Oxygen and suction;
      3.    Stiff neck collars;
      4.    Standard stretcher, Jordan Frame, Spinal Board or Scoop stretcher;
      5.    Readily available telephone with permanent listing of ambulance, rescue helicopter (where available) and local
      6.    Adequate lighting including wall light for suturing;
      7.    Sink and hand washing facilities;
      8.    Facility for disposal of used needles, syringes and contaminated dressings; and
      9.    Facility for sterilizing instruments.

Access to all such medical facilities will be such that there is unobstructed access for a stretcher from the field of play and ready
access for an ambulance.

The Medical room must be available from 60 minutes before Kick Off.

The game cannot start without ambulance.

All the medical facilities will be checked by the Local Doctor appointed by the host union to make sure that the players’,
officials’ and spectators’ safety is optimal.

7.1.4    Dressing Rooms
A dressing room for each Team participating in the Match which will include reasonable access to a Physiotherapist table and
adequate disposal facilities for the disposal of used needles, syringes and contaminated dressings.

7.1.5    Local Medical care
A local Medical Doctor and / or Rugby Europe will assist the players and staff during the competition
                                             190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
7.2      Medical History

Each Participating Union shall:

1.     Ensure that its Players are suitably fit to participate in the Tournament and that its Players comply in all respects with
       the medical requirements set out in the Participation Agreement.

2.     Be required to report any injuries sustained during the Tournament to the Match Doctor or Tournament Medical Officer.

3.     Provide medical case notes relating to previous injuries / surgery.

7.3      Medical Fees and Costs

As from 1st of July 2018, Rugby Europe does no longer cover for accidental bodily injury to players
engaging in RE competitions, including :
“body injury occurring during rugby practice at training for and/or attending official RE competitions”
“body injury occurring during journey to attend official RE competitions or trainings to RE competitions”

The cost of treatment for Illness contracted or Injury sustained (including without limitation any dental treatment) by a Team
Member at any time during the Tournament Term shall be paid by the participating Union insurance. Arrangements for medical
attention and treatment are to be made only through the Team Liaison Officer. The Team Liaison Officer shall, at the conclusion
of the Team's stay in the country of the Host Union, provide the Host Union with details of the Medical treatment provided and
costs incurred.

In addition to the costs described above the Participating Union shall be responsible for strappings, bandages, mouth guards
and similar items.

7.4      Medical Insurance

In respect of World Rugby Regulation, article 23 :

"23.2.1 Unions are responsible for and shall have in place appropriate financial arrangements or
insurance to cover each Player (and/or his Primary Employer as applicable) in respect of losses and
expenses incurred as a result of injury sustained when such Player is on International Duty. Such
financial arrangements and/or insurance cover should include Medical Expenses, loss of Emoluments,
Temporary Total Disablement, Career-Ending Injury and Catastrophic Injury incurred as a result of injury
sustained at the time that the Player is on International Duty."

7.5      Team Doctor

All Team Doctors should be fully registered medical practitioners in the country of their respective Participating nation

Team Doctors and/or Physiotherapists must be aware of any Players who require specialist medical care, egg. Diabetes, and
be able to inform Match Doctors as necessary.

Team Doctors must ensure that Players are aware of the high risk associated with the use of recreational drugs such as cocaine,
ecstasy and caffeine.

Players must be made aware of their duty of care to other Players in relation to skin conditions, such as Herpes Gladiatorum or
scrum pox. This is a highly infective condition. A Player with this condition needs medical advice and must not play while the
rash is present, as he is putting others at risk.

All participating Teams should bring with them a supply of various sizes of (or adjustable) neck collars for use if a Player is
injured during training. Any Team requiring other specialized equipment must inform the Tournament Director well in advance.

Cardiac disorders causing sudden death in sport are numerous but one group, cardiomyopathy can be detected by ECG and
Echocardiography (ECHO). The incidence of cardiomyopathy is 1 in 500. These investigations are justified.
                                            190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
7.6       Role of Medical Team in Case of Injury

The medical Team will only attend to a Player who has been referred by the referee or the Doctor of either Team. The Player is
then under the responsibility of the Match Doctor. This responsibility ends when the Match Doctor considers that the Player is
in a fit state to re-join his Team which he may do either on the pitch or in the dressing rooms, but only once she has informed
the Team Doctor of her team.

1.     All Players with serious injury, head, neck, back or lower limb injuries should be taken off the field by stretcher. No Player
       should hobble off the field with the help of a Physiotherapist but should be taken off on a stretcher quickly and efficiently
       by agreed protocols.

2.     Match Doctor will examine the Player off the pitch and will then decide to manage him in the medical room or transfer him
       to hospital.

3.     If transfer to hospital is decided then the Match Doctor will send a medical person if necessary and certainly a member of
        the Player’s Team with the Player to hospital.

4.     Match Doctor stays in contact with the ambulance and hospital to update the Player’s Team Doctor and family

7.7       Medical Protocol - Match Day Signals

The following hand signals are to be used across the whole Tournament by all personnel involved with the management of
injuries to all competing Players.

•     Call for the STRETCHER: - In the event of fractures, dislocations and severe soft tissue injuries (move hands up and
      down by your side)

                              Side on view                                          Front on view

•     Signal for BLOOD injury or management:

                                             190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
Front on view                                    Side on view

•   Signal for PSCA temporary 10 minute substitution (referee flexes and extends and abducted straight arm touching head
    three times)

•   Call for Match Day Medical Team including the resuscitation doctor for assistance with any suspected SPINAL INJURY

                                         190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
Front on view                                        Side on view

7.8      Hospital

Details of Hospitals and Other Medical Assistance will be provided at the Pre-Tournament Medical Meeting

Please note that if a player is required to be removed from the Field of Play and Taken to Hospital, the Team Manager must
nominate a member of his / her staff to accompany the player for the duration.

Further, in the event that a player requires hospital treatment which extends beyond the length of the Team’s stay in the Host
Union, the Team Manager must nominate someone to remain with the player until such time as they can be repatriated.


                                           190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
8.       Anti-Doping Operations

The Anti-Doping programme and procedures to be applied at the Tournament are set out in World Rugby Regulation 21.

CAUTION !!!! Anti-Doping rules apply to everyone, should it be player, staff member, referee and so on
If someone which even his function is who is aware of or discover any potential infringement of the AD Regulations, should
immediately report to RE AD Dept : Claire O’Jeanson Rugby Europe Anti-Doping Manager +33 6 23 85 15 26

8.1      Team Member Consent Form and copy of Player passport

Each Player, even new players replacing, nominated in the Participating Union’s squad travelling to the Tournament is
required to read and sign the Team Administration Certificate (example provided at Page 60), to confirm that they have read
and understood their obligations regarding Anti-Doping Education and Training and taken the opportunity to review and
understand this section of the Tournament Manual.

A copy of all participating Player passports is also required. The picture page of the Player is the only page required to be
provided and must be clear. The copy of each Player’s passport and the signed Team Administration Certificate must be
completed and submitted no later than the Manager’s meeting to be held in the host city. The Team Administration Certificate
can be downloaded here:

8.2      Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)

Prohibited substances or methods could nevertheless be subject to a TUE for all details see

Details for TUE submissions:

TUE form can be download either on WR website or in
RE website
Under Reg 21 and World Rugby manual World Rugby is the body delivering all TUEs, which may be submitted by either fax
+353 1 2409 289 or email If any part of the application is not suitable for transmission via these means
then the application and/or accompanying supporting evidence may be posted to Chairman of the TUE Committee, 8-10
Pembroke Street Lower, Dublin 2, Ireland.

8.3      In Competition Testing

You can be subject to an In Competition or Out of Competition testing see World Rugby Regulation 21 and World Rugby Handbook :

8.4      Anti-Doping Education

We remind you that in the TAC, you have to justify the fact that you completed the World Rugby anti-doping educational
information and resources to each Participating Union in advance of the start of the Tournament.

All World Rugby anti-doping educational information and resources are also available in English, French, Spanish and other
selected languages in the resources section of the World Rugby Anti-Doping website It is the
responsibility of each Participating Union to ensure that each Player, Team Manager, Team Coach and medical support
personnel who participates in the Tournament has either received or been given access to (in hard copy, electronic, or any
other means) the World Rugby Anti-Doping educational resources in particular the World Rugby Anti-Doping Handbook.

The Participating Union is responsible for ensuring that any new Players, Team Managers, Team Coaches and/or medical
support personnel who join its squad during the Tournament also receive a copy of the handbook.

Anti-Doping E-Learning
Further to the World Rugby Anti-Doping Handbook, an Anti-Doping e-learning programme is available on and it is compulsory that all Players, Team Managers, Team Coaches and medical support
personnel who participate in the Tournament complete this programme prior to their participation in the Tournament. Unions
must ensure that all of their Team Members access the website, register and complete the programme which should take

                                          190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
about half an hour. The programme is currently available in 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and
Russian) Unions are requested to assist Teams which do not speak one of those languages to complete the programme.

Anti-Doping Outreach Session
An Anti-Doping Representative and Anti-Corruption Representative may also visit each Team in their Team hotel during the
Tournament to conduct the World Rugby Outreach education session. This session will take approximately one hour to

The World Rugby’s Anti-Doping representative will be in contact with each Union in advance of the tournament to schedule
the outreach session.

8.5      Outstanding Anti-Doping Matters

In accordance with Clause 34 of the Programme, it is the responsibility of each Participating Union to ensure that there are no
outstanding Sample results, anti-doping rule violation cases and/or ongoing investigations in respect of Players or Persons
(relating to possible anti-doping rule violations) who form part of or are intended to form part of the Participating Unions Team
in respect of the Tournament.

All Participating Unions shall not select a Player or Players to participate in the Tournament if the Player or Players is/are
suspended, even provisionally:

8.6       Further Information / Questions

If any Participating Union requires any further information or has any questions on the Tournament Anti-Doping programme,
please contact Claire O’Jeanson at or +33 6 23 85 15 26 or Ross Blake at or + 353 1 240 9231.

                                            190131 RE Staff U18 MANUAL
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