APRIL 2018
1 Each  year in November, Australians commemorate Remembrance Day
  at the 11th hour on the 11th day to remember the 102,800 Australians
   who made the ultimate sacrifice across wars, conflicts and peacekeeping
   operations. With COVID-19 restrictions in place, 2020 commemorations
   were different to years past and required physical distancing to be adhered
   to in order to take place. As Remembrance Day in 2020 coincided with
   a parliamentary sitting week, I attended the commemoration event in
   Parliament House’s Great Hall.

   With 2020 drawing to a close, December’s two parliamentary sitting
   weeks provided the Government with the final opportunity of the year
   to pass legislation, including the Foreign Relations Bill (more on Page 2),
   among others. In 2020, the Government has passed 130 Bills, despite the
   challenges of COVID-19, including dozens of Bills which provided financial
   support for Australians who have been impacted by the pandemic.

   This year, the Government has delivered tax relief which is now increasing
   take-home pay for approximately 790,000 South Australians, supported
   3.8 million Australians through the JobKeeper program, supported
   412,543 people through the National Disability Insurance Scheme,
   finalised or enacted 5 export agreements including PACER Plus and
   the RCEP Agreement (more on Page 7), as well as adding 246 new and
   updated medicine listings to the PBS, among other significant initiatives.

   Australia’s economic recovery is underway and will continue into 2021.
   Over the past 6 months, Australia’s economy has added 734,400 jobs, and
   now approximately 85% of the jobs lost due to COVID-19 have returned.
   Australia has retained its AAA credit rating and Australia’s GDP grew
   3.3% in the September quarter – further reassurance that our economy
   is bouncing back. Our GDP is forecast to grow by 4.5% in 2021 and our
   unemployment rate is expected to fall to 6.25% by approximately mid-
   to-late 2022. While 2021 may still prove to be challenging, our economy
   has demonstrated its resilience through the most severe economic crisis
   since the Great Depression.

   For more information on these or other matters of
   a Federal nature, please contact my office via the
   details available on the back cover.

   I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and
   trust that we will all have a healthy, secure and
   prosperous 2021.

   Kind regards,

                             NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020
PROTECTING AUSTRALIA’S                         2

                                           NATIONAL INTERESTS
In the final parliamentary sitting           2020, the Government’s Foreign
weeks of 2020, the Senate passed             Investment Reform (Protecting
the Foreign Relations Bill 2020 -            Australia’s    National   Security)
created to ensure agreements with            Bill 2020 passed parliament
foreign nations entered into by              in December. Commencing in
state and territory governments,             January, these reforms ensure our
local councils or public universities        foreign investment framework keeps
comply with Australia’s Federal              pace with emerging risks and global
foreign policy and national security         developments – the most significant
framework.                                   reforms to the Foreign Acquisitions
                                             and Takeovers Act 1975 in nearly
This legislation aligns all three tiers of   50 years.
government and public universities
on national issues to ensure any             This Bill requires foreign investors
agreements are consistent with our           to seek approval for all investments
foreign policy and the interests of          in sensitive national security land or
Australians are protected. The Bill          businesses (including starting such
allows the Federal Government,               a business), regardless of value; and
through the Foreign Minister, to             be subject to enhanced monitoring
reject agreements which adversely            and investigation powers, as well
affect Australia’s foreign relations         as stronger and more flexible
or are inconsistent with our foreign         enforcement options and penalties.
policy.                                      Australia continues to welcome
                                             foreign investment for the significant
As a member of the Senate                    benefits it provides, while also
Foreign Affairs, Defence and                 ensuring such investments are not
Trade Legislation Committee, I               contrary to the national interest.
contributed to the Committee’s
Inquiry into this Bill. The Committee’s      For more information on the
recommendations           –   following      committee’s report on the Foreign
consultation with a wide range               Relations Bill, click here or scan the
of stakeholders – resulted in the            QR Code below.
Government making 2 subsequent
amendments, ensuring the bill is fit-

Alongside the Foreign Relations Bill

                                 THE FAWCETT FLYER

                 Delivering the tabling statement for JSCFADT’s COVID-19 implications Inquiry in the Senate
    Within the committees of which                    needed to identify and manage risk
    I have membership – as Chair of                   to ensure Australia has resilience
    the Joint Standing Committee on                   across key enablers such as
    Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade                health, defence, transport and food
    (JSCFADT), and as a member of the                 sectors.
    Parliamentary Joint Committee on
    Intelligence and Security (PJCIS),                The COVID-19 pandemic has
    among others – November and                       removed any doubt that the efficient
    December have proven to be busy                   and effective functioning of some
    months.                                           critical systems are reliant on the
                                                      integrity of supply chains which we
    This month in my role as Chair of                 currently do not control, and which
    JSCFADT, I tabled the Committee’s                 may be subject to disruption.
    report on the Inquiry into the
    implications of the COVID-19                      Through government partnering
    pandemic for Australia’s foreign                  with industry to reduce or eliminate
    affairs, defence and trade, in the                such vulnerabilities in critical supply
    Senate (pictured, above).                         chains, Australia can be better
                                                      prepared in the face of future
    Following 15 hearings held over the               threats.
    course of this Inquiry, the report
    concludes a systemic approach is                  Also in my capacity as Chair, I tabled

                                   NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020
the Human Rights Sub-Committee           recommendations which propose
report on their Inquiry into whether     an increase to transparency around 4
Australia should examine the use         the use of the mandatory data
of targeted sanctions to address         retention, increase the threshold
human rights abuses, which               for when data can be accessed by
considered submissions from over         law enforcement and intelligence
160 individuals and organisations        agencies, as well as to reduce
from around the world.                   the currently very broad access to
                                         telecommunications data under the
The Committee scrutinized the            Telecommunications Act, among
options available to the Australian      other recommendations.
Government in relation to sanctions,
and ultimately recommended the           In addition to the completion
Australian Government follow the         of the review of the mandatory
lead of like-minded nations such as      data retention regime, PJCIS has
the US and UK, and most recently         reported on the review of the
the EU, to enact Magnitsky-style         Australian Security Intelligence
targeted sanctions along with 32         Organisation (ASIO) Amendment
other recommendations.                   Bill 2020, which seeks to amend the
                                         compulsory questioning framework
Introducing           Magnitsky-style    currently in the ASIO Act.
legislation would enable the
Australian Government to impose          The review recommends the
travel restrictions and freeze assets    Bill be passed, however only
– functioning both punitively and as     following implementation of 8
a deterrent for those engaging in        recommendations       made     by
such acts.                               the committee. These include
                                         introducing a sunset clause and
Cooperation     with     like-minded     legislating a PJCIS review to
nations on this matter has the           consider the effectiveness and
potential to protect the human           implications of the powers, among
rights of countless citizens around      others.
the world.
                                         To view my tabling statement for
In November, PJCIS has added a           JSCFADT’s COVID-19 implications
new inquiry into the national security   Inquiry, click here or scan the QR
risks affecting the Australian higher    Code below.
education and research sector, and
completed another, reporting on
the review of the mandatory data
retention regime.

This     report      included       22

                                THE FAWCETT FLYER
5                                            NAVAL SHIPBUILDING
                                                 PLAN ON TRACK

    Ongoing defence and shipbuilding       standard.
    projects are creating opportunities
    for the Australian businesses          Announced in June, Australia’s
    involved and strengthening our         BlueScope Steel is delivering more
    local supply chains – creating and     than 1,500 tonnes of steel plate
    sustaining Australian jobs – while     used to construct the 5 prototype
    protecting our national and security   ship blocks.
                                           At Osborne South Naval Shipyard,
    Marking the beginning of the           Australian   Naval   Infrastructure
    prototyping phase in December, I       completed handover to ASC
    attended the official steel cutting    Shipbuilding – lead contractor for
    for Australia’s 9 new Hunter Class     the Hunter Class Frigate Program
    Frigates alongside my parliamentary    – in early December, ahead of the
    colleagues (pictured, above).          prototyping phase commencement.

    A major milestone for the SA-built     In December, the Royal Australian
    Hunter Class Frigates, this phase      Navy’s newest fleet of 3 Air Warfare
    will see 5 prototype blocks built      Destroyers – built here in Adelaide,
    to test the production systems,        at the Osborne Naval Shipyard –
    develop the facilities and ensure      have exercised together for the first
    the workforce is trained to a high     time (pictured, Page 6).

                              NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020
HMA Ships Hobart, Brisbane and           $900 million.
Sydney comprise Navy’s most                                                     6
capable warships to date and one         This Package, made possible
of the world’s most capable multi-       through      the      Government’s
mission ships.                           investment in the Future Submarine
                                         Program, will provide contracts
Undertaken to test and develop           to Australian businesses for
their cooperative air surface            the manufacture of       23 major
and warfare capabilities, these          components for the regionally
exercises demonstrated the fleet’s       superior    12     Attack    Class
interoperability and capacity to         Submarines – to be built at the
respond to a more complex and            Osborne North Naval Shipyard.
contested maritime zone.
                                         I also recently joined Defence
                                         Minister Senator the Hon Linda
                                         Reynolds and State and Federal
                                         Government representatives at
                                         the official opening of Naval Group
                                         Australia’s new office in Port
                                         Adelaide (pictured, Page 10).

                                         These offices have been built
                                         to accommodate up the 350
                                         administrative and management
                                         staff expected at the peak of the
                                         submarine build.

                                         Throughout the Attack Class build
These 3 naval vessels are the            program, Naval Group’s workforce
latest example of an Australian-         is expected to increase to over
produced capability being available      1,700 direct jobs by 2028, providing
to respond, when needed, to keep         thousands more indirect jobs along
Australians safe and defend our          supply chains.
national interests.
                                         For more information on the Hunter
Lead contractor for the Australian       Class Frigate’s prototyping phase,
Government’s          Attack    Class    click here or scan the QR code
Submarine Program, Naval Group           below.
Australia, has recently attracted
more than 100 applications from
Australian businesses wishing to be
part of the first ‘Local Manufacturing
Package’ – worth approximately

                              THE FAWCETT FLYER
7                               MORRISON GOVERNMENT
                          COMMITTED TO A SECURE REGION

    As      the    Indo-Pacific   region   $26.2 trillion and constituting the
    experiences the most consequential     largest trade agreement in history.
    strategic realignment in almost 80     Signatory nations include those
    years, Australia is taking proactive   in the Association of South East
    steps to secure bilateral and          Asian Nations (Brunei, Cambodia,
    multilateral agreements that provide   Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar,
    for our region’s continued freedom,    Philippines, Singapore, Thailand
    openness, security, inclusivity and    and Vietnam) and ASEAN’s free
    stability.                             trade agreement partners (Australia,
                                           China, Japan, New Zealand and
    In   a    post-pandemic  world,        Republic of Korea).
    the value of strong trade and
    defence partnerships with like-        RCEP provides certainty and
    minded nations should not be           consistency for the trading of goods
    underestimated.                        and services, investment, economic
                                           and technical cooperation in the
    On the 16th November, 14               fastest growing region in the world.
    Indo-Pacific     nations    joined
    Australia in signing the Regional      It also provides a common set of
    Comprehensive            Economic      rules and improved mechanisms for
    Partnership (RCEP) Agreement –         electronic commerce, intellectual
    representing the combined GDP of       property, government procurement,

                              NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020
competition and small and medium       Federal Liberal Government with
sized enterprises. Australia is        Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Peru, 8
working towards ratification of the    and Indonesia, among others.
RCEP in 2021.
                                       New defence partnerships are also
Additionally, the Pacific Agreement    proving vital for continued stability
on Closer Economic Relations Plus      and security throughout the Indo-
(PACER Plus) entered into force in     Pacific. Japan and Australia have
December – signed by Australia,        now formalised a landmark defence
New Zealand and nine Pacific Island    treaty – the Reciprocal Access
nations.                               Agreement (RAA).

PACER Plus provides an avenue to       Building on our partnership of mutual
improve regional security, stability   trust, shared values and interests,
and prosperity, by delivering          the RAA will facilitate increased
targeted and responsive technical      interoperability and cooperation
assistance to help Pacific island      between the Australian Defence
countries benefit from trade,          Force and Japan Self Defense
alongside commercial opportunities     Forces, as we work towards
for Australian exporters and           common security objectives.
investors in a range of sectors.
                                       Prime Minister Scott Morrison visited
Despite the ongoing disruption         Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide
to global logistics as a result of     Suga in November (pictured, top
COVID-19, Australia achieved a         Page 7) – the first foreign leader to
record trade surplus for the 2019/20   visit Prime Minister Suga since his
financial year of $77.4 billion,       appointment.
assisted by the Government’s
strong focus on growing our export     The    RAA      will  enable   the
market opportunities.                  streamlining of defence deployment
                                       arrangements including through
With 1 in 5 Australian jobs reliant    joint military training exercises,
on trade, our Government remains       natural disaster and humanitarian
committed to ensuring 90% of           support operations.
Australia’s trade is covered by
free trade agreements (FTA) by         For more information on the RCEP
2022 to boost opportunities and        Agreement, click here or scan the
the competitiveness of Australian      QR code below.
businesses in the global market.

Ongoing negotiations continue with
the UK, EU, Pacific Island nations
and India regarding FTAs, adding
to deals reached since 2013 by the

                            THE FAWCETT FLYER
9                                                                  OUT AND

    Great to be with Premier Steven
    Marshall and Governor of South          In December, I represented the
    Australia, His Excellency The Hon       Parliament at the brief ceremony to
    Hieu Van Le for the announcement        mark the transfer of responsibility
    of South Australian of the Year for     for NATO representation in Australia
    2021 - Tanya Hosch (top), Local         from Canada to the embassies of
    Hero of the Year for 2021 - Russell     the Republic of Croatia and of the
    Ebert OAM (bottom), Senior South        Kingdom of the Netherlands as the
    Australian of the Year - Professor      NATO Contact Point Embassies
    Richard Bruggemann, and Young           in 2021. Alongside Her Excellency
    South Australian of the Year – Isobel   Ms Betty Pavelich, Ambassador
    Marshall (middle).                      of Croatia; His Excellency Mr Mark
                                            Glauser, High Commissioner for
                                            Canada; and Her Excellency Mrs
                                            Marion Derckx, Ambassador for the
                                            Kingdom of the Netherlands.

                                            Good to join Paula Luethen MP,
                                            the Hon John Dawkins MLC
                                            and Deputy Mayor Damian Wyld
                                            (pictured) for City of Tea Tree Gully
                                            Council’s Citizenship Ceremony.

                              NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

I joined Federal and State
parliamentary representatives at      After a delayed start due to
the opening Naval Group Australia’s   COVID-19, the second group of
new Port Adelaide office – home to    veterans to take on the “Setting
an initial group of 250 employees     a New Course” sailing program
and accommodating up to 350           officially completed the course
administrative and management         and achieved their qualification,
staff as the Attack Class Submarine   accredited by the Royal Yachting
build peaks.                          Association, in November. The
                                      final phase of the program sees
                                      team members out on the water
                                      for several days, putting their newly
                                      learned skills to the test.

                                           Keep up to date on
                                           announcements, via
Following Remembrance Day, I
attended the rededication of Mount
Barker’s Avenue of Honour by                @senatorfawcett
Governor of South Australia, His
Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van
Le AC, with my senate colleague
Senator Andrew McLachlan CSC
(pictured) and local state member
Dan Cregan.

                           THE FAWCETT FLYER

     Liberal Senator for South Australia
     Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade

     Suite 4 13/100 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000
     8205 1040

                                SUITE 4, LEVEL 13, 100 KING     2018
                                                            WILLIAM STREET ADELAIDE SA 5000
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