The Good, the Beautiful & the True - EDITION 3 WINTER 2019 - Cabra Dominican College

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The Good, the Beautiful & the True - EDITION 3 WINTER 2019 - Cabra Dominican College
ED ITION 3 W I N T ER 2019

       The Good,
the Beautiful & the True
The Good, the Beautiful & the True - EDITION 3 WINTER 2019 - Cabra Dominican College
From the Principal                             1

Faith                                          2

Faith in Action                                3

Learning Focus: Performing Arts                6

Learning                                       8

Capable, Confident Citizens                   12

College Innovations                           16

Extra Curricular - ACE                        18

Extra Curricular - Sport                      20

Extra Curricular - Music                      21

Meet Some of our People                       22

Old Scholars - From the Archives              24

Old Scholars                                  25

This edition of The Good, the Beautiful
and the True was prepared with care and
attention by Cabra Dominican College. All
efforts are made to have the material up to
date at the time of printing. Please email with
any feedback.
The Good, the Beautiful & the True - EDITION 3 WINTER 2019 - Cabra Dominican College
FROM THE PRINCIPAL                                             1

Some of you may be familiar with Dominican      patron St Dominic was born, this double           We also feature several old scholars and
theologian, Timothy Radcliffe OP. He is         court gym will change the face of how we          the dates for upcoming reunions. I invite
a well-known preacher, celebrated author,       play, learn, gather and celebrate at Cabra.       all our old scholars to keep in touch with
gifted international speaker and teacher.       These new facilities are featured later in this   us via our Old Scholars Administrator,
In his poem ‘to be Dominican’, he captures      magazine and you will see from the photos         Anastasia Harvey, at
beautifully the narrative and essence of        how stunning both structures are.       
being part of a community.

“We are bound together as a community           “We are bound together as a community
By the stories of the past,
As well as the dreams of the future.”           By the stories of the past, As well as the
I hope that you can enjoy the varied articles   dreams of the future.” Timothy Radcliffe OP
and photos in this magazine edition, that
provide an insight into the stories of the
                                                The buildings are only brought to life by the     As always I invite your feedback on this
past and present. All these stories and the
                                                students and all that happens within our          edition of The Good, the Beautiful and
staff, students and families that are part
                                                school. As we continue our commitment to          the True and encourage you to email
of them, captures the vibrancy and richness
                                                provide Cabra students with innovative and
of our Cabra community.
                                                beautiful learning spaces, we focus daily on
                                                                                                  Dr Helen Riekie
From my office window I have a lovely view      providing a myriad of learning opportunities
of the Thérèse Sweeney Music Centre.            for each unique Cabra student.
The modern lines of an impeccably
                                                In the following pages we highlight
designed performance space, utilising
                                                a wide variety of these opportunities,
the latest innovative materials, make it
                                                plus achievements and good news stories.
functional and beautiful. The music centre’s
impressive windows cast a mirror-like
reflection of our heritage-listed convent,
built through 1885 in time for Cabra’s
opening the next year. This was purposefully
designed to capture simultaneously the
legacy and history of our past in the ‘view,’
and a reflection of our future. The bridge
from the convent to the music centre is
another perfect design feature, providing
a seamless connection between the past
and present. When reflecting on the ongoing
continual improvement of our facilities, I am
in admiration of the foresight and fortitude
of the many Dominican Sisters through the
years who have contributed to the long and
storied history of Cabra.

I love this photo of Sr Mary Alacoque,
surrounded by fellow Dominican Sisters,
turning the first sod for the foundations of
the Aquinas building in 1962. Since the
school began, the Sisters worked hard
on a daily basis to provide a well-rounded
education for the students. New buildings
have always been a part of Cabra, from the
Chapel in 1917 to the new Caleruega Hall
in 2019, and all the innovations in between,
and the Sisters have always been a driving
force. This photo shows how they were not
afraid to work hard and to make change.
I encourage all our students to be inspired
by the Dominican Sisters to continue to
work hard and to look for ways to make
positive changes to our world.

Beyond the music centre, the new
Caleruega Hall is now really taking shape.
Named after the town in Spain where our
The Good, the Beautiful & the True - EDITION 3 WINTER 2019 - Cabra Dominican College

            During Pastoral Care time in Term 2, each      it can seem like an overwhelming or
            House celebrated a mass in our historic        confusing time. For those of you who may
            Chapel. Students decorated the altar in        feel like this, we invite you to take the next
            House colours and participated in the          40 minutes as time to simply be still. Use
            masses as readers, in processions and          this time as an opportunity to take a break
            as Eucharistic Ministers.                      from the busyness of school. Listen to the
                                                           words that are spoken today and think
            At the beginning of each mass, students
                                                           about how they can play a part in your
            were reminded to take the time for stillness
                                                           own life. Remember, everyone can get
            and prayerfulness, with the following words:
                                                           something out of mass.”
            “For many of us gathered here, attending
                                                           Georgia Steller
            mass is not a regular occurrence in our
                                                           REC Student Spirituality
            lives. For those of you who are not familiar
            with the ceremony of the Catholic mass
The Good, the Beautiful & the True - EDITION 3 WINTER 2019 - Cabra Dominican College
FAITH IN ACTION                                   3

Connecting with our wider                      Hills, Cleland Wildlife Park, and the Central     to St Mary’s for hosting this game in their
                                               Market. Staff and families generously             new school gym and for letting us make a
Dominican community                            opened their homes to our guests and we           memorable moment in their 150th year. It
As a Dominican College we are part of          know that the experience has been mutually        was a lot of fun and Cabra returned with a
a larger family of Dominicans across the       rewarding for all concerned.                      good win and some great new connections!
world. Internationally and closer to home,
                                               Sandra Ciccarello,                                Alanna Howick
on special occasions and as part of every
                                               Indonesian Visit Coordinator                      College Captain
day, we strive to strengthen our Dominican
connections and pay respect to our heritage.   Dominican Feud                                    Combined String Orchestra
As has been the tradition in recent years,     Recently, a group of Year 11 and 12               2019 marks another great year of
on the occasions of the funerals of Sr         college leaders participated in the first         collaboration between our Catholic schools
Cathryn Vowles OP and of Sr Monica             ever ‘Dominican Feud’, a ‘Family Feud’-           through our respective music departments
Redden OP, our Year 7 students created         like competition hosted by students from          – Cabra Dominican College, St Mary’s
a guard of honour for the funeral              Blackfriars Priory School. We met and             College, St Aloysius College and St
processions from the chapel, through the       laughed with several leaders from other           Dominic’s Priory College.
Dominican Peace Garden to the Sisters’         Dominican colleges, such as St Mary’s
cemetery. Attendees were very moved by                                                           We have set up an opportunity for our string
                                               College, St Dominic’s Priory College and
this gesture and many stopped to thank the                                                       players to rehearse together on a Friday
                                               Blackfriars themselves, as we prepared to
students and staff. The sense of community                                                       morning as an orchestra. Our hope is that
                                               be quizzed on our knowledge of Dominican
created between the students and the Holy                                                        the students will flourish in their interaction
                                               Saints and general topics. Although we
Cross Congregation of Dominican Sisters                                                          and collaboration with each other, form
                                               eventually suffered a tragic last-place defeat,
is very strong and is something we treasure.                                                     new relationships with students who have a
                                               due to an astounding lack of credible
Here are some student and staff reflections                                                      common interest and passion while further
                                               answers across the board, it was really fun
on other ways that we maintain our                                                               developing their music and performance
                                               to build relationships with other students
Dominican connections.                                                                           skills. The orchestra have been working
                                               through some light-hearted competition!
                                                                                                 on a repertoire for school performances
Indonesian Visitors                            Tate Williams                                     this term, competing in the ABODA Bands
                                               College Captain                                   festival in Week 4 of Term 3 and auditioning
In May we welcomed 25 students, five staff
                                                                                                 as a support act for our annual Catholic
members and two Dominican Sisters from         Volleyball at St Mary’s                           Schools Music Festival.
Dominican schools in Indonesia; Santa
Maria Senior High Cirebon, Susteran Junior     In the last week of Term 2, a team of Year        Gemma Heath
High Purwokerto and Joannes Bosco              12s came together in a brilliantly mix-           CEA Music Coordinator
Junior High School Yogyakarta. They made       matched volleyball team to play against our
Cabra their home away from home as             Dominican friends at St Mary’s College. It
they were billeted with families, attended     was a great opportunity to make new friends
our classes and also experienced some          and strengthen new ties through a little
of South Australia, including the Adelaide     friendly competition. We are also thankful
The Good, the Beautiful & the True - EDITION 3 WINTER 2019 - Cabra Dominican College

    Vinnies SA Winter Sleepout                         near the drain, I ended up sleeping on wet         less fortunate than myself and has made
                                                       cardboard so my sleeping bag was soaked            me realise how truly lucky and privileged
    On a cold and wet Friday night in June, 80         by morning. While I knew I was being               I am to have a warm bed and food to eat
    students and 10 staff participated in the          protected, I still didn’t feel completely safe.”   each night.”
    Vinnies SA Winter Sleepout here at Cabra.
    With the Student Leadership group taking           Charlotte Partington                               Andrea Rizos
    the lead, participants raised over $11,000         Year 10                                            Year 12
    through sponsorships and donations.                “I did the Sleepout to challenge myself and        “I did the Winter Sleepout this year because
    This money will go directly to Vinnies to          to put myself into the shoes of someone            I have known people who have experienced
    help people in need in our community.              who has to experience homelessness daily.          the harsh reality of being homeless before,
    The Winter Sleepout continues to grow in           It taught me that I should be grateful for         and it gave me hope and reassurance that
    participation and reach since it began at          having a warm bed and a home to live in            there are people out there who are willing
    Cabra more than ten years ago, and is one          and of how much of a difference simple,            to make a difference. By participating in the
    of our most popular and successful social          small actions can make.”                           Winter Sleep Out, we made a difference
    justice initiatives. Given that it is not at all                                                      through spreading awareness and donating
    comfortable to sleep outside in the rain, the      Edward Zaza
                                                                                                          money and clothing. I will forever be grateful
    students and staff show their commitment           Year 11
                                                                                                          for this opportunity.”
    to the cause by continuing to support the          “I’m glad I participated in the Winter
    Sleepout year after year.                                                                             Samantha Folland
                                                       Sleepout this year. It was an eye opening
                                                                                                          Year 12
    Following are some student reflections on          experience. I don’t know how thousands
    the Sleepout.                                      of people do it every night in much worse          “I liked Winter Sleepout as it gave me the
                                                       conditions. The hardest part for me was            opportunity to experience and learn about
    Jessica Rossi                                      finding a comfortable position to sleep in,        what so many people in Australia have
    REC: Student Leadership & Social                   as I kept waking up every hour or so.”             to endure every day and night, all year
    Justice Coordinator                                                                                   round. It was also good being able to make
                                                       Chloe van de Water
    “I decided to participate in the Vinnies                                                              connections with others, without the use
                                                       Year 12
    Winter Sleepout to try and understand                                                                 of technology.”
    what thousands of homeless people go               “The Winter Sleepout was an educational
                                                                                                          Georgia Dutton
    through each night. Sleeping on cardboard          experience that I will never forget the
                                                                                                          Year 12
    without a pillow was difficult and very            importance of. It has encouraged me to
    uncomfortable. Due to being positioned             take a greater interest in helping those
The Good, the Beautiful & the True - EDITION 3 WINTER 2019 - Cabra Dominican College

Vinnies Winter Appeal                             last week of term, the Vinnies van came to
                                                  collect our donations. It took a lot of people
In early May, student leaders launched one        to load the van and we were all very proud
of our major annual social justice initiatives,   of the success of this initiative.
the Vinnies Winter Appeal. Every home
class watched a video highlighting the work       Justice for Refugees
of the St Vincent de Paul Society and the
hardships many people in our community            Members of our Social Justice group
are facing.                                       participated in the Palm Sunday Rally for
                                                  Justice for Refugees. The Rally, endorsed
The theme for this year’s appeal was              by 37 organisations including Catholic
‘Hands In’. As a social justice group we          Education South Australia and Catholic
workshopped ways we could get the whole           Archdiocese of Adelaide, was one of several
school involved and to increase donations         held across the nation calling for more
of non-perishable food items, warm                humane treatment of refugees. We heard
blankets and sanitary items.                      from Zita Ngor, CEO of Women’s Legal
Throughout the term students brought              Service and a refugee from South Sudan
their donations to school. Year level House       and Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, on the
Captains worked hard throughout the term          steps of Parliament House.
to gather the donated items and carry them        Jessica Rossi and Lucy Jenner
to the Vinnies display in the Atrium. In the      REC: Student Leadership & Social
                                                  Justice Coordinators
The Good, the Beautiful & the True - EDITION 3 WINTER 2019 - Cabra Dominican College

    2019 College Musical                                           of our production a success, from staging
                                                                   and lighting to choreography and vocals.
    FAME Jr                                                        At our matinee sessions we welcomed
    After months of rehearsals and planning,                       students from some of our partner schools
    it was finally time to take to the Hopgood                     and it was great to see them dressed
    stage and share Cabra’s production of FAME                     in their 80s best. From each audience
    Jr for four performances across two days.                      response, we are pretty sure that everyone
    We were very proud to present a student-                       had as much fun as the performers!
    driven production for the first time, with over                While it is sad that the journey is over, we
    80 students from all year levels participating.                know that the memories and friendships
    Our Year 10 and 11 students, who have                          formed will live forever.
    had the opportunity to study Musical                           Sally Scott, Performing Arts
    Theatre as part of the Stage 1 Creative Arts                   Coordinator
    course, worked hard to make every aspect

    Photos are by Festival Photography, to view all the photos and to purchase, visit and use the access code: Cabra19
The Good, the Beautiful & the True - EDITION 3 WINTER 2019 - Cabra Dominican College
The Good, the Beautiful & the True - EDITION 3 WINTER 2019 - Cabra Dominican College

    Blitz Week is an innovation introduced by        a collection of treats from their day out.       their audience. Well done to the Year 12s
    our Learning and Teaching team, providing        Students were able to make key connections       for preparing and providing this fantastic
    Year 12s a full day on each of their subjects.   throughout the day with a variety of reliable    experience!
    Students attended special workshops              sources which will be beneficial for their
                                                                                                      Catherine O’Halloran
    and excursions and completed in-depth            upcoming external assessment tasks.
    practicals and exam revision. It was a great
                                                     Ellie Rossi
    week and a wonderful initiative that seeks                                                        The Stage 2 Child Studies class visited
    to provide additional support for our Year                                                        the State Library to have a look at credible
    12s. Here are just a few of the excursions,                                                       resources for their External Investigation as
    activities and initiatives that took place.                                                       well as visiting an exhibition showcasing
                                                                                                      the work of Children’s author, Phil
                                                                                                      Cummings. This exhibition delved into
    Blitz Week is an innovation introduced by our                                                     the making and creating of picture books

    Learning and Teaching team, providing Year                                                        which complements the current Children’s
                                                                                                      Literature task the students are engaged
    12s a full day on each of their subjects.                                                         in. A bonus visit to the Mortlock wing of the
                                                                                                      library was well received by all.

    The Year 12 Food and Hospitality and             Ms Jenner’s Stage 2 Ancient Studies              Deanna Riley
    Food Studies classes went on a food trail        class visited the Barr Smith Library at the      Teacher
    throughout the Adelaide Hills. The stops         University of Adelaide. After an induction
                                                                                                      During Blitz Week, Grace Lam decorated
    included; Melba’s Chocolate Factory,             and tour of the library, we spent time finding
                                                                                                      60 iced biscuits with her own designs for
    Woodside Cheese Wright’s, Beerenberg             resources for our Inquiry topics.
                                                                                                      cross-disciplinary studies (modified). These
    Farm, the Haus Restaurant and the Menz
                                                     Lucy Jenner                                      were enjoyed by the staff and her friends in
    Fruchoc shop. The students got to sample
                                                     Teacher                                          the St Mary’s Unit.
    many delights the Adelaide Hills has to
    offer, learnt some interesting facts about       Dr O’Halloran’s Year 12 Chemistry class put      Cheryl Webber
    the history of some iconic South Australian      together a Hogwarts Chemistry spectacular        Teacher
    brands and even got a goodie bag with            for Blitz Week, with two Year 7 classes as
LEARNING                          9

Innovative Subject                            Students are the business managers,            Each Monday, our team work to cook soup
                                              workers, WHS officers, cooks, cleaners,        to be delivered to Moore St Day Centre.
supporting Catholic                           product designers and collaborative team       Students also bake muffins to serve in
Charities                                     members of their exciting initiatives.         the Café and have been learning how to
                                              We will also have a strong focus on the        make coffees with the espresso machine.
Our new Business and Enterprise course
                                              capabilities outlined in the Australian        In the last week of Term 2, Annie O’Neil
has been designed for students to display
                                              Curriculum that encompass knowledge,           from Catholic Charities came to talk to the
their entrepreneurial skills, focusing on
                                              skills, behaviours and dispositions that       students about the variety of charities they
our changing world where critical thinking
                                              will assist students to live and work          could support through their work.
and creativity are required. Students work
                                              successfully in the 21st century.
in teams to design, run and implement                                                        I have been very impressed with students’
a fundraising business plan that will raise   There will be the opportunity for some         enthusiasm, team work and collaboration.
awareness of a local Catholic charity.        students to collate their evidence to create
                                                                                             Nicole Laube
They also run our Community Cafe once         a Stage 1 Community Studies folio where
                                                                                             Deputy Principal: Learning and Teaching
a week where students will be able to         they can gain SACE accreditation of
raise funds and awareness for a particular    10 credits.
Catholic charity.

     Students as experts                             Subject Expo, VET                            Training) Coordinator also organised a VET
                                                                                                  Information and Pathways night. Students
     At a recent workshop for teachers, some of      information and Pathways                     from Years 9 to 12 were encouraged to
     our Year 8 students shared their knowledge      Night                                        attend with their parents. They could meet
     and expertise of learning through Minecraft.                                                 university personnel and find out about
     The students demonstrated many of CESA’s        In late July, Year 9, 10 and 11 students
                                                                                                  university courses for 2020 and beyond,
     Living Learning Leading Capabilities.           were able to attend a Subject Selection
                                                                                                  explore what the Defence Force offers,
     They were confident, knowledgeable and          Expo during the school day, to learn more
                                                                                                  meet VET providers and discover options
                                                     about the subjects they are interested in.
                                                                                                  for 2020 courses and for further training,
                                                                                                  such as apprenticeships.
     We recognise the importance of providing                                                     We recognise the importance of providing

     wide and varied learning opportunities that are                                              wide and varied learning opportunities that
                                                                                                  are individualised to encourage each young
     individualised to encourage each young person                                                person to seek excellence in their academic
                                                                                                  pursuits. It was an exciting, informative
     to seek excellence in their academic pursuits.                                               and varied Expo. Thank you to all parents
                                                                                                  who were able to attend as we continue to
     ICT literate, as well as being collaborative,   Each curriculum area had an informative      work in partnership to create individual and
     effective communicators. The photos             display with staff and Year 12 students      successful educational pathways.
     capture the respectful interaction and          available to answer any questions.           Nicole Laube
     teacher progress in learning that occurred                                                   Deputy Principal: Learning and Teaching
                                                     That evening, the Learning and Teaching
     on that day.
                                                     team hosted a Subject Expo. Tanya
                                                     Sharkey, our VET (Vocational Education and
LEARNING                            11

Ski Trip                                         trip ie. weather conditions, lack of snow       “The 2019 Common Ground conference
                                                 and personal injury, we all managed to          was an eye-opening experience for all
During the first week of the July holidays,      have a terrific time nonetheless. I enjoyed     involved. With a fervent and unshakable
35 senior school students and five staff         making closer relationships with my peers       interest in learning and sharing knowledge
members travelled to Mt Buller for the           and teachers, as well as having a great time    about one’s own, and others’ Dominican
2019 instalment of Cabra’s annual ski trip.      out on the slopes. Besides learning how         environment, the conference enriched
We spent six days in the snow, skiiing and       to ski and snowboard, we all learnt how         everyone’s appreciation for the different
snow boarding by day and enjoying many           to be independent and responsible on the        ways in which the Dominican faith
fun group activities in the evenings.            mountain. I am so grateful to have had the      is shared and celebrated. From the
A great time was had by all, as these            opportunity to have spent a week with great     opportunity to interact and learn from a
student testimonials show.                       teachers and peers.”                            Kaurna representative, to the chance to
                                                                                                 brainstorm and share ideas in a passionate
“I was lucky enough to have been given the       Eloise Goodall, Year 11
                                                                                                 and vivacious context; the conference
opportunity to go on the ski trip to Mt Buller                                                   catered to and consistently engaged both
with the most beautiful group of students        Common Ground
                                                                                                 students and teachers from start to finish.
and teachers. It was an amazing week             Conference                                      The team-oriented activities integrated
and I bonded with so many unexpected                                                             both within and between sessions helped
                                                 Common Ground is an annual conference
people, making life long connections.                                                            to not only strengthen bonds between
                                                 which brings together potential leaders
Resilience and perseverance was a strong                                                         those involved, but shape friendships,
                                                 from Dominican Colleges, with the aim of
theme throughout the week. I loved the                                                           friendships that will continue to flourish as
                                                 developing leadership skills and providing
gratitude wall as it was an opportunity to                                                       we, collectively, work to spread the spirit of
                                                 students with a greater understanding of
reflect and be appreciative of the people                                                        Saint Dominic wherever we tread. Common
                                                 the Dominican identity of our schools.
around me. I would highly recommend this                                                         Ground’s embracement of teaching through
                                                 This year’s conference was held at Nunyara
trip to everyone!”                                                                               listening, discussing and debating was only
                                                 Conference Centre in Belair, and included
Rebecca Mangelsen                                twelve Year 11s from Cabra, along with          accentuated by the way students looked
Year 11                                          students from St Marys College, St Dominics     to each other to further their understanding
                                                 Priory College and Blackfriars Priory School.   of the Dominican world that they were
“The ski trip to Mt Buller this year was one                                                     beginning to see they are truly a part of.”
                                                 Students looked at our theme of “Dare to
of the best experiences I’ve had in my time
                                                 Speak,” and how part of their call is to be     Allivia Pratt and Aaron Quick
at Cabra. Although there were a few factors
                                                 other-centred.                                  Year 11
that could have placed a dampener on the

     Initiatives for student wellbeing permeate   Celebrating Women                              connection across the Year 9 commmunity.
     learning on a daily basis and in many                                                       As part of our commitment to supporting
     different ways. Special events, targeted
                                                  breakfast                                      other women, students and guests
     excursions, daily prayer, fun activities     In Term 2 we held our first “Celebrating       generously supported Catherine House with
     and specific elements of the curriculum      Women” breakfast, as part of our student       donations of toiletries and hygiene products.
     all work together. This approach links       wellbeing program, The Rite Journey. Year 9    Guest speaker, Danielle Demourtzidis
     explicitly to our Vision Statement and our   girls invited a female mentor to a breakfast   from The Girl Gang Wellness, spoke about
     ongoing commitment to empowering young       prepared by Ms Ellie Rossi, Mrs Ros            some of the issues that teenage girls face
     people and building their confidence and     Patterson and students. Guests participated    and engaged guests with some thought-
     capabilities as citizens.                    in activities designed to promote fun and      provoking questions about friendships and
                                                                                                 which generation had it harder as teenage
                                                                                                 girls. It was a wonderful morning of food,
     Guests participated in activities designed                                                  fun, connection and conversation. We look

     to promote fun and connection across the                                                    forward to the men’s breakfast, which will be
                                                                                                 held Tuesday 3 September.
     Year 9 commmunity.
CAPABLE CONFIDENT CITIZENS                                                                  13

PARTY@RAH                                    Year 10 students travelled to the Royal           Students were also given a unique insight
                                             Adelaide Hospital for P.A.R.T.Y@RAH as            into the work these medical professionals
The Prevent Alcohol & Risk-related           part of the Protective Practices subject.         do, hopefully giving them a new-found
Trauma in Youth Program (P.A.R.T.Y.) is                                                        respect for medical staff as well as new
an innovative program that draws on the      Students participated in a scenario that took
                                                                                               career options. Afterwards, we held a
experiences of trauma professionals and      them to the Emergency Department and
                                                                                               debrief session with one of our counsellors,
trauma survivors to educate young people,    Intensive Care Unit to work with doctors,
                                                                                               and students shared stories of the day
by showing them what can happen when         nurses and allied health officers that took
                                                                                               within their Houses.
they make a risky decision.                  time out of their day to give insight into what
                                             it would be like to be a trauma patient. They     Laura Foti
The program focuses on preventing            showed the consequences of the choices            The Rite Journey Coordinator
accidents before they happen by giving       people make and gave strategies to get out
secondary school students real-life          of unsafe situations. Students finished the
experiences in emergency and trauma units.   day by listening to a real life trauma survivor
                                             who generously shared his story.

     In Term 2, each House held a Good News             students challenges and helping them         In Week 2, the Year 7 to 12 Boylan students
     Assembly, where students shared good               acquire the skills, resources and mindset    and staff enjoyed their House Picnic on
     news and photos from each year level and           necessary to overcome them.” Andrew          the Cabra small oval in glorious sunshine!
     House Leaders awarded students who                 Lines, creator of The Rite Journey.          Giant wooden garden games, including
     have excelled in their dedication to living out                                                 Jenga, Connect Four and Dominoes
                                                        Quiz competitions are also a fun way to
     their house motto.                                                                              (to name a few) provided the entertainment
                                                        increase connectedness within Houses.
                                                                                                     whilst shared picnic food and face-to-face
                                                                                                     social interaction helped nourish the
     Resilience is built by giving students challenges                                               hearts, bodies and minds of our Boylan
                                                                                                     community members.
     and helping them acquire the skills, resources                                                  A very generous quantity of Vinnies Winter
     and mindset necessary to overcome them                                                          Appeal donations were received from
                                                                                                     students and families at this time, making
                                                                                                     the picnic gathering worthwhile for those
     As part of Year 9 subject The Rite                 In an effort to balance student screen
                                                                                                     beyond our community also.
     Journey, boys and girls learn separately           time with healthy ‘green time’, (social
     and participate in a number of physical            outdoor play), picnics for each house were   Narelle Sandercock
     challenges, such as learning to juggle with        scheduled during Pastoral Care lessons.      Boylan House Leader
     up to four balls. “Resilience is built by giving

     The New Caleruega Hall
     The new Caleruega Hall is taking shape
     and is on schedule for completion at the
     end of this year. The recent photo shows
     that the roof is on and the concrete is laid
     for the base of the flooring. The architect’s
     renderings show the detail that will come
     in the last few months of this large-scale
     project. The new “Cal” Hall will indeed
     enhance the way we play, learn and
     celebrate at Cabra and we look forward to
     the day very soon when all Cabra students
     can access this amazing facility.

Architectural Award for
the Thérèse Sweeney
Music Centre
At the recent SA Architecture Awards,
Russell and Yelland Architects won the
2019 SA Colorbond Award for Steel
Architecture for our stunning Thérèse
Sweeney Music Centre. We congratulate
Russell and Yelland and also our builders
Kennett for this wonderful achievement.

These photos, featuring Cabra music
students, were taken by Sam Noonan for
the submission.

     This year, we have refurbished a program       Students came away with more questions          It was such an amazing experience to
     we used to call “Gifted and Talented” and      than answers and some skills in critical and    compete against like-minded students from
     given it the more inclusive title “Academic    logical thought processes for responding to     other schools across the state and students
     Challenge and Enrichment,” or ACE.             the world around them.                          can’t wait to compete in the global round
     All students are welcome to participate in                                                     in Sydney later this year.
     the myriad of extra-curricular opportunities   da Vinci Decathlon
                                                                                                    Brittany Ayliffe, Lucy Thiselton
     offered in ACE, which is led by Ms Laura
                                                    Cabra had two teams recently compete in         and Mia Mathew-Klose
     Foti. We encourage any student who likes
                                                    the da Vinci Decathlon at St Peters Girls       Year 11 students
     to “think outside the box” to look into the
                                                    School. This is an academic competition
     many activities of ACE, some of which are
                                                    designed to challenge and stimulate the         Year 9/10 Girls Innovation
     highlighted below.
     We encourage any student who likes to                                                          On Thursday 2 May, a small group of
                                                                                                    Cabra students attended the Innovation
     “think outside the box” to look into the many                                                  Girls Workshop run by The STEMable
                                                                                                    Project at Flinders University, Tonsley.
     activities of ACE...                                                                           The STEMable Project is a not-for-profit
                                                                                                    organization (run by Catherine O’Halloran
     2019 Senior Academy                            minds of school students. Students compete      and ex-Cabra teacher, Lara Lang) aiming to
                                                    in teams of eight across 10 disciplines:        encourage young females to continue in the
     Conference                                     engineering, mathematics and chess, code        STEM subjects, where girls are traditionally
     On 21 May, seventeen senior students           breaking, art and poetry, science, English,     under-represented. Five Year 9 girls
     attended a study day at Concordia College      ideation, creative producers, cartography       attended as participants and two Year 10
     with nine other South Australian secondary     and general knowledge.                          girls were volunteer workshop leaders. This
     schools. This study day is an annual                                                           was an excellent opportunity to hear from
                                                    Laura Foti
     event, organised by Julie Arliss, founder                                                      guest speakers who have found success in
                                                    Academic Challenge and Enrichment
     of Academy Conferences and principal                                                           their STEM careers and to hear how they
     examiner at Cambridge University in the UK.                                                    overcame their challenges. The afternoon
                                                                                                    consisted of solving real world problems
     Julie discussed ideas around epistemology;     World Scholar’s Cup
                                                                                                    using STEM skills such as critical thinking,
     philosophy, love and relationships while       After three months of preparation, 27           collaboration, communication and creativity.
     guest speaker Jeffrey Hodges presented a       students from Cabra participated in the
     provocative discussion about tolerance and                                                     Catherine O’Halloran
                                                    Adelaide regional round of the World
     freedom. Dr Chris O’Neil, founder of the                                                       Science Teacher
                                                    Scholar’s Cup at Scotch College. Over two
     MYRIAD project, presented his study of the     days of writing, debating and testing, the
     psychology of outstanding achievement.         students walked away with medals and
     The day culminated in a debate around          trophies including first place top senior
     mobile phones being banned from schools.       team. In the lead up, students had to learn
                                                    the syllabus of six subjects relating to this
                                                    year’s theme of “A World on the Margins”.

     Winter Sport                                   carnival. The Cabra teams were presented
                                                    with the Spirit Award voted by umpires in
     Despite the current lack of a gym on           recognition of how the girls had approached
     campus, winter sport has continued without     the carnival.
     a drop in student numbers.
                                                    We were also very proud to hear about
     Friday night table tennis is currently being   the Year 8/9 Boys Knockout football team
     played in the Monica Farrelly Atrium, which    winning their game against Henley High,
     is very spacious and a lovely space for        a specialty football school. Following this,
     spectators to catch up on some reading         they won again at Rostrevor to advance to
     between sets.                                  the Grand Final. Well done boys.
     In early July, three netball teams and         The Girls Open Knockout football team had
     accompanying staff travelled to Queensland     the fantastic opportunity recently to play
     for the Gold Coast Netball Carnival. Staff     against the Power Academy team. We may
     reported to the Principal that she should      not have won but we were competitive and
     be very proud of the students and how          the girls and their coaches really enjoyed
     they were carrying themselves during the       the experience.
EXTRA CURRICULAR - MUSIC               21

At Principal’s Tours, masses, liturgies,      Now firmly lodged in the Cabra calendar,
assemblies and concerts throughout the        Generations in Jazz 2019 was another
year, Cabra music students have many          brilliant weekend of music. The cold
varied performance opportunities.             temperatures of Mount Gambier could not
                                              dampen the enthusiasm of our students
For several years now, a group of Cabra
                                              who were able to join 8000 other kindred
students and staff have been travelling to
                                              spirits for this annual event. Our Big Jazz
Mount Gambier for the annual weekend
                                              Band, Concert Choir, Revelation and
festival, Generations in Jazz, which brings
                                              Soul Train all enjoyed the performance
together young musicians from all over
                                              opportunity of a lifetime. A highlight was
                                              seeing amazing performers such as Kurt
                                              Elling, Lizz Wright, Joey DeFrancesco and
                                              James Morrison.

                                                           1                                                              2                                            3

     We introduce to readers of The Good, the                      Joel Morizzi                                               Sandra Ciccarello
     Beautiful and the True, profiles of some of
     our staff. You can find more on the college
                                                                   CEA Sport Coordinator                                      Learning and Innovation
     website                       Utilizing his leadership skills, coupled                   Coordinator
     meet-our-staff/                                               with his passion for sport, Joel provides                  Sandra’s work in the library enables her to
                                                                   wonderful service to Cabra students as                     promote a love of reading as well as work
     Ruth Evans                                                    the coordinator of extra-curricular sport.                 with students who need guidance with
     St Mary’s Unit Coordinator                                    Whilst he is most at home on the basketball                research and information.
                                                                   court, Joel loves all kinds of sport and is
     Ruth brings a wealth of experience,                           passionate about kids’ involvement in sport.               “I love that I meet and work with many
     including a degree in special education, to                                                                              students in all year levels and collaborate
     her role. She shares below what she loves                     “Participation is so important. I love being               with staff on projects, activities and
     about working in the St Mary’s Unit.                          involved in all kinds of sports and I love to              events. Together we develop ideas, units
                                                                   see kids get involved.”
     “Much of my career has been working with                                                                                 and resources that are innovative and
     students with special needs. I love that                      He enjoys coaching basketball and soccer                   inspirational. My focus has been developing
     I work with the St Mary’s Unit students                       across all ages, abilities and skill levels and            STEAM activities, with particular interest
     most of the school day. I love that our staff,                he also enjoys the interaction with the                    in digital technologies and project based
     facilities, the inclusive approach of Cabra                   many staff, parents and old scholars who                   learning.
     Dominican College and the opportunities                       coach a wide variety of sports at Cabra.                   I love teaching Italian; that is my passion!
     accessed by our students are innovative,                      Joel can also often be found umpiring                      I really enjoy being in my Genius Hour class
     cutting edge and of the highest quality. I                    a football or basketball game, or teaching                 and am involved in co-curricular activities
     also love that I am humbly following in the                   Maths and Science.                                         like Tournament of Minds, World Scholars
     footsteps of the Dominican Sisters whose                                                                                 Cup and debating.”
     incredible vision, steadfast conviction and
     compassion for students with special needs
     ensured the establishment and continuation
     of the St Mary’s Unit.”

     Ruth is involved in many aspects of Cabra,
     teaching Society and Culture – Religion,
     Language Enrichment, Community Studies
     and also SMU subjects. She is involved in
     the Cabra Musical and is also the producer
     for the annual Cabra Celebrates.

     1. Ruth Evans 2. Joel Morizzi 3. Sandra Ciccarello 4. Beth Caldwell and Henry Whiting 5. Liam Carr and Toni Fisher
OUR PEOPLE                                 23

                                                              4                                                                          5

Henry Whiting                                Beth Caldwell                                  Toni Fisher
Kavanagh House Leader                        Kavanagh House Leader                          Moore House Leader
Kavanagh students have homerooms             Beth has a special interest in diverse         Toni worked in the Middle East and in
in the St Catherine’s wing of Cabra’s        learners, and working and studying in the      Queensland before moving to South
historic convent building, which House       field of special education has given her       Australia and becoming Moore House
Leader, Henry Whiting, believes helps        the opportunity to appreciate learning in a    Leader at Cabra.
give Kavanagh an enhanced sense of           broad sense and to understand, value and
                                                                                            “I love working with the families and
connectedness.                               pursue our college vision of developing the
                                                                                            students of Cabra. It is a very tight
                                             unique gifts of the individual.
Asked what he loves about his role as                                                       community and my role enables me to
Kavanagh House Leader, Henry gives three     “I love the sense of community that            share their journey at some of the most
reasons:                                     working in Kavanagh house brings, walking      important times of their lives.”
                                             along the veranda of the old building and
“Being involved in house activities and                                                     Toni teaches Mathematics and Science and
                                             talking with students. I enjoy working to
celebrating with the Kavanagh community;                                                    has a passion for robotics and STEM.
                                             develop our community as a House and
working with students to see them develop
                                             as a college. It is a privilege to work with
their own leadership, and working with                                                      Liam Carr
                                             students across the year levels, and to see
other house leaders to ensure continual
                                             students take leadership opportunities and     Moore House Leader
improvement of our house system.”
                                             an active role in their community. I love      Liam came to Cabra after being Head
Henry’s varied teaching at Cabra ranges      being involved in events like liturgies and    of Senior School at St Francis de Sales
from RE and The Rite Journey to Science      Masses, Sports Day, and Pastoral Care          College and previously teaching at Caritas
and PE. He coaches Years 7 to 9 Knockout     activities. Some of my non-teaching roles      College in Port Augusta.
Football and the Open Girls Football team    that bring me immense joy are directing
with Mr Liam Carr. He previously worked at   Cabra Celebrates, choreography for the         About his role as a House Leader, Liam
St Mark’s College in Port Pirie.             school musicals and working in Café            says, “I love the fact that I can develop
                                             Crumbs on Thursdays.”                          relationships with families as their child
                                                                                            progresses through school.”

                                                                                            Liam is a PE Teacher as well as The Rite
                                                                                            Journey Boys Coordinator, and coaches
                                                                                            the Open Girls Football Team alongside
                                                                                            Mr Henry Whiting. Liam is currently studying
                                                                                            for his Masters in Educational Leadership.

     The Boarder’s Day                       At ten to four the bell rings          Deirdre Taylor
                                             There’s the lunch rush at that sound
     As we lie in bed each morning           But “It’s Honours turn for seconds”    This poem was written by Deirdre Taylor
     We hear the muffled sound               When Friday comes around               (nee Roberts) who boarded at Cabra from
     Of voices, bells and footsteps                                                 1959 to 1963. Here she tells us of her life
     Of Sister on her rounds                 An hour then at our leisure            beyond Cabra.
                                             From four o’clock till five
     The light goes on, we grumble           That’s if there isn’t basketball,      “I came from a farm in Warrachie, a railway
     The bell rings and there’s groans       Or YCS tonight                         siding in the middle of Eyre Peninsula.
     “Are you getting out of bed now?                                               The school in Lock only went to Year 7
     Come on you lazy bones.”                At five o’clock there’s study          so I was sent to board at Cabra for my
                                             At six o’clock there’s tea             secondary schooling, following in the
     So we stumble out of bed then           And then there’s recreation            footsteps of my Dad’s sisters.
     And to the bathroom race                Which we wait for in glee
     Into our clothes we scramble                                                   I remember well the nuns who looked
     “Hurry down or you’ll be late!”         The ‘dead-bel’ goes at seven           after the boarders and my teachers
                                             Then rosary till half-past             (Sr. M. Perpetua, Sr. M. Merici, Sr. M. Paul,
     So we gather up our courage             And then its back to study             Sr .M. Helen, Mother Thomas, Sr. M. Finbar
     To face the bitter air                  Ah! Nine o’clock at last.              were some). I also remember the other
     Into the Church. Mass. The out again.
                                             We pull on our pyjamas                 boarders and had a special bond with
     And then to breakfast tear.
                                             All full of energy,                    those who came from Eyre Peninsula. I was
     Our beds to make and tidy               We race down to the bathroom           privileged to meet people from all over SA
     Our charges to do sometimes             As quickly as can be                   and NT and even befriended day scholars!
     Our teeth to clean then books to get                                           So my time in Cabra had many benefits
     And into school in lines                We get a shower if lucky               other than scholastic.
                                             If not we wait our turn
     Our lessons hard and tiresome           Those naughty girls who ‘book’ them    It was also a time when I got to know some
     Demand time and “know how”              Won’t they ever learn?                 of my father’s and mother’s family who
     With recess for ten short minutes                                              lived in Adelaide. I stayed with them on
     And dinner break for an hour            With showers and baths all over        free weekends, and I became familiar with
                                             We make our way to bed                 Adelaide.
     Yes dinner for the boarders             No talking in the meantime
     We just can’t wait to see:              The lights go out at ten               The poem says it all about the routines and
     Will it be something different                                                 rules of a boarder, but the personal and
     A disappointment or a treat             At last the days is ended              spiritual development are not mentioned
                                             There’s nothing more to say            there. At Cabra I became grounded in my
     Sometimes we go to sport practise       Just go to sleep till morning          Faith by daily practice of Mass, Rosary and
     Then back again to school               When the routine starts next day       Sacraments, Religion Lessons, Retreats,
     There’s always something to remember
                                             Deirdre Roberts                        Prayers, singing at special masses including
     Just keep with the rules.
                                             Leaving I 1963                         nun’s funerals (liturgy songs which remain
                                                                                    with me today.) I was confirmed at Cabra.
OLD SCHOLARS                                    25


The poem I wrote back then, mentions the
recreation hour which ‘we wait for in glee’.
Yes....Mary Cash (from Streaky Bay) used
to play the piano and all us country kids
used to do the old style dances. How we
loved it! A good reminder of dances back
home but also preparation for the inter
college dances with Rostrevor and Sacred
Heart and our future social life.

I Matriculated at Cabra, then attended
Western Teachers College and became a
Junior Primary teacher. I was boarding with
a friend I met at Cabra – Mary Edmonds
(now Crook). She became a Home Ec.
Teacher and we both got appointed back
to Eyre Peninsula. While at Cummins Area
School I made many lifelong friends and
met my husband. We married in 1971.

I continued teaching full time and then               Victoria and Andrew Warner                     our best man and Trina Hodge (‘96) was
                                                                                                     our Maid of Honour. We now have three
had three children – Julia, Anton & Scott.            Now married with three children, Victoria      children, Thomas, age 8, Millicent age 6,
In those days you had to resign to have               Hodge (‘00) and Andrew Warner (‘97)            Alice age 3, all who attend a local Catholic
children. After that I did contracts and relief       attended Cabra at the same time but            school in our area. We celebrated our 10
teaching in various Lower Eyre Peninsula              were not yet friends. Victoria tells us what   year wedding anniversary last year (2018) in
schools until I retired at age 60.                    happened next.                                 Sydney (kid free.)”
My husband and I also built up a farming              My sister Trina Hodge (‘96) was dating         Andrew studied Chemical Engineering
operation and were farmers in the Coulta/             Andrew’s best friend Joe Versace (‘96) so I    at the University of Adelaide and is now
Wangary area most of our married life.                would often see Andrew this way. It wasn’t     working as a Project Manager for an
My husband died in 2015 and I have now                until I was in year 12 and Andrew was          engineering and surveying firm called FYFE.
relocated/retired to Port Lincoln at the age          studying at University, I started to take an
of 72.                                                interest in him. Although Trina and Joe were   Victoria studied Primary School Teaching at
                                                      no longer dating we would all often go on      the University of South Australia and is now
I have only ever been able to attend one
                                                      skiing trips together, it turned out on one    working as a Year 4 teacher at St Peters
Cabra Old Scholars Reunion and the
                                                      of these trips Andrew and I were sharing       Woodlands Grammar School Glenelg.
Closing of the Boarding House was very
nostalgic as I walked back through the                accommodation and the rest is history.         “We both have fond memories of Cabra and,
buildings which held so many memories.                After eight years of dating we married in      while different, can both agree Cabra set us
My Cabra ‘wake up bell’ which I bought                2008 at Cabra Chapel in front of 120 close     up for life and education outside of school.”
then still has pride of place on the shelf.”          friends and family. Joe Versace (‘96) was

1. Deirdre Taylor today

     Performance in Carnegie                                      Jefferson State Choral Coalition at Southern           Hannah had the following to say about her
                                                                  Oregon University. As well as overseeing               experience.
     Hall, New York                                               countless school and university recordings,
                                                                                                                         ‘Performing in Carnegie Hall was a valuable
     In June 2018 Hannah Green (‘18) was                          Kirby is also a member of an a cappella
                                                                                                                         experience and a great opportunity to
     invited by Kirby Shaw to join his Masterwork                 jazz ensemble and has nearly 3000 choral
                                                                                                                         make connections with people from all
     Festival Chorus to perform in a special event                compositions to his name which are sung
                                                                                                                         over the States. A few months prior to
     with singers chosen from the US and other                    all around the world today.
                                                                                                                         the trip I was sent the music and lyrics
     parts of the world - Hannah was the only
                                                                  On the invitation of Saz Burton, Kirby visited         to a set of seven songs which had to
     singer to represent Australia. The Manhattan
                                                                  Australia in 2017 to share his expertise,              be learned from memory in time for the
     Concert Productions event entitled ‘Turn
                                                                  in a series of workshops involving several             rehearsals in New York in the lead up to
     The World Around’ was part of Carnegie
                                                                                                                         the performance. I was excited to finally
                                                                                                                         take part in live rehearsals in NY following
     The workshops culminated in a mass                                                                                  months of practice on my own at home.
                                                                                                                         It made me realise how music is such a
     inter-choral performance where Hannah                                                                               universal communicator. I was able to
                                                                                                                         sing in harmony with 180 others who live
     was personally selected by Kirby for a solo.                                                                        thousands of kilometres away on the other
                                                                                                                         side of the earth who also, had dedicated
     Hall’s 2019 Summer Concert Series.                           school and amateur choirs and also                     hours of practice to this one purpose. I feel
     A collection of songs were written by Kirby                  Adelaide’s renowned Festival Statesmen                 very privileged to have had this experience’.
     especially for this production.                              choir. The workshops culminated in a mass
                                                                  inter-choral performance where Hannah
     Kirby Shaw is an accomplished American
                                                                  was personally selected by Kirby for a solo.
     composer/arranger/conductor with an
     extensive list of credits to his name. He has                Following months of planning, preparation
     pioneered several innovative and highly                      and saving Hannah travelled to the US
     acclaimed American University vocal                          with her family to realise this incredible
     ensembles and is currently directing the                     opportunity on June 9 this year.

     1. Inside Carnegie Hall 2. Hannah with Kirby Shaw 3. Hannah with the performance poster outside Carnegie Hall

                                                                                                                     1                                            2

OLD SCHOLARS                                     27

Kara Walker                                    Editor’s note: In researching the FROM          Bachelor of Health Sciences at Flinders
                                               THE ARCHIVES section of this magazine,          University from 2015 and graduating at the
Kara Davidson (’00) married Adam Walker        we realised that the poem on page 24 was        end of last year, 2018.
in the Cabra Chapel on Saturday 19             actually written by Kara’s aunt, Deirdre.
January, 2019.                                                                                 Throughout that time I was inspired to
                                                                                               teach in Catholic schools, because of my
“I was the trumpet player in all the bands     Samantha McLean
                                                                                               time at Cabra. I enjoyed my education and
from 1997 to 2000. Very fond memories of       College Captain in 2014, Samantha McLean        wanted to make a difference in students’
my time in the music department at Cabra       recently returned to Cabra as a contract        lives whilst sharing my faith with them, so
in the late 90s.”                              teacher.                                        I got a scholarship from Catholic Education
Kara’s sister Kit Fraser (nee Davidson)                                                        to go to Whyalla and complete my final prac
                                               “I was at Cabra from Year 6 until I completed
from the class of 2002 was one of her                                                          there for a term and a half.
                                               my schooling in Year 12 in 2014 (so seven
bridesmaids.                                   years, 2008-2014). Absolutely loved it! I       It has been so rewarding and fulfilling coming
“My mum Paquita Davidson (nee Roberts)         could not have thought of a better place to     back to Cabra to work in a supportive
went to Cabra in the late 60s, my aunty        complete my schooling the teachers were         environment and form relationships with
Deirdre Taylor (nee Roberts) went to Cabra.    the most supportive I could have asked for.     students and staff as a teacher rather than
The best man married his wife here too!”                                                       a student.”
                                               When I was in school, I did not know
Kara now works in a financial sales role in    what I wanted to do, but after seeing how       Samantha is pictured in her recent staff
the not for profit sector, and she and Adam    supportive and inspiring teachers were at       photo and also as College Captain in 2014
are expecting their first child in November.   Cabra I went on to complete a Bachelor          with Linus Johnson.
                                               of Teaching (Middle/Secondary) and a

     “In a school established over 130 years ago there is a wealth
     of stories to be told,” Sandra Hill, past librarian and recently retired Volunteer Archivist.
     The planning for several reunions is underway. It’s time to get together with old friends and
     make new connections. Please contact the person listed below for your year level reunion.

     Upcoming Reunions for 2019

     Class of 1969
                                                      Class of 1989
     50 Year Reunion, Margaret Seears                                                                Class of 2009; Kath McEvoy            30 Year Reunion, Saturday 2 Nov, Reunion; ‘Angus and Maria            and College tour (facebook). Contacts:         10 Year Reunion, Sarah Giles sgiles@cabra.
     Archibald’ archibald.swinton@gmail.              Ros Bates, and  , date TBC
     com;; date           Agnieszka Betterman (née Lazarski)
     Saturday 9 November, Cabra tour and                              Class of 2018
     refreshments time tbc, followed by afternoon
                                                                                                     New Old Scholars ‘Back On Campus’,
     at the Edinburgh Hotel, 2pm - 5pm
                                                                                                     hosted by Cabra, TBC

                                                                                                     St Mary’s Unit Reunion
                                                                                                     Hosted by Cabra, details to be confirmed

                                                                                                     We would love to hear about all that is
                                                                                                     good, beautiful and true in our old scholars’
                                                                                                     lives. Please visit our website, or contact
                                                                                                     Old Scholars Administrator, Anastasia
                                                                                                     Harvey, on 8179 2474 or oldscholars@
                                                                                            to tell us your story,
                                                                                                     to talk about a reunion, or to update your
                                                                                                     information in our database.

     Class of 1979                                    Class of 1999
     40 Year Reunion, Julie Starke c.j.starke2@       20 Year Reunion, Nicolle Cantone nicolle., date tbc             , date August (TBC)
    by Katia Labozzetta and Sarah Croser, 2000

 On a journey together we search for truth
Valuing our difference, embracing our youth
   Celebrating freedom in all that we do
To find the good, the beautiful and the true

    On Kaurna land Cabra now stands
    With open hearts and open hands
Proud of its history and the Dominican way
   Sharing dreams and hopes for today


  A rich heritage of courage and strength
       Celtic sisters came with intent
        Inspiring us to never give up
          Living the Gospel of love


        People of God using our gifts
  Our mission’s strong to work for justice
      Including all and welcoming too
Forgiving each other is what we learn to do


  Learn to learn, learn to live, learn to fly


To find the good, the beautiful and the true.
225 Cross Road
Cumberland Park SA, 5041
Telephone: (08) 8179 2400
   Cabra Dominican College
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