ACCA & CAT STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Malvern International Academy

ACCA & CAT STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Malvern International Academy

     ACCA & CAT

ACCA & CAT STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Malvern International Academy
Table of Contents

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       Welcome Note                                                   i

       College Background                                            ii

       Mission and Vision statement                                  iv

       Malvern Brand Concept                                         v

       Malvern 5 p’s Learning                                        vi

1.0    Introduction to Registrar’s office                            1

2.0    Administrative services                                       1

3.0    Admissions                                                    2

4.0    Academic information                                          6

5.0    Examination rules                                            10

6.0    Examination regulations                                      11

7.0    College Facilities & policies                                18

8.0    Health and Safety policy                                     19

9.0    Information and Communication technology                     20

10.0   Library                                                      25

11.0   Misconduct                                                   27

12.0   Refund Policy                                                33

13.0   Teaching and Learning Facilities                             34

14.0   Complaints and grievances policy                             35

15.0   Student appeal procedure                                     37

16.0   ACCA Contact                                                 41
ACCA & CAT STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Malvern International Academy


We are excited that you have chosen to allow us to help you achieve your educational goals.
We believe you will enjoy your experience as part of the Malvern International Academy
student body. We, the faculty, staff, and administration, are committed to the principles of
access and opportunity, and we are available to help in any way possible.

In this student handbook you will find guidance on making the most of your experience here at
Malvern International Academy. The necessary rules and regulations are included, and please
refer to this handbook when you have questions about student organizations, admission and
registration, academic and examination procedure, college facilities and policies, your rights as
a person and a student.

Thank you.

Warm Regards,
Management Team.

Student Handbook                                                                          Page i
ACCA & CAT STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Malvern International Academy

Malvern International Academy (formerly known as Kasturi College International) was formed
in the year 1988 for the purpose of delivering higher education in the areas of Accounting,
Finance and Business. Tunku Dato’ Seri Iskandar bin Tunku Abdullah, a member of the Royal
Family in Malaysia, is the President/Chief Executive Officer of Malvern International Academy.

Driven by the growth in the education industry in the early 1980s, Tunku Dato’ Seri Iskandar’s
vision was to build an educational institution that would develop professionals and scholars to
drive the country forward as a knowledge-based society. This vision has become a reality as we
have graduated more than 2000 students in various professional based programmes over the
past 30 years.

In the early years as an educational institution, our focus was on the delivery of Professional
qualification through Professional bodies from the United Kingdom such as ACCA, CIM, AEB,
CAT, Professional bodies from USA such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Professional
bodies in Malaysia such as The Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM). Over the
years, we have become a leader in the delivery of professional qualifications and till today still
play a major role for members of the business community by providing access to quality
management information, resources, practical education and business networking.

In the year 2006, we expanded our product portfolio by introducing Academic Programmes.
These include home grown products, such as the Diploma in Business Studies, Diploma in
Diploma in Computer Technology, Diploma in Accountancy, Diploma in Marketing, Foundation
in Business, Certificate in Business Studies and Certificate in English Language.

We also expanded our product by introducing Vocational Programmes. We are an accredited
training center by Ministry of Human Resource, Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) to
conduct a variety of vocational courses such as Culinary Arts and Food & Beverage – registered
under Malvern International College (L02218); Multimedia, Information System and Computer
System – registered under Kasturi College International (L02462). The vocational programme
provides a career path and personal development comparable to exciting career path based on
academic qualifications. SKM also produce skilled workers who trained and qualified to improve
the competitiveness of local industries in the world market.

Moving on to deliver academic excellence, we partnered with the University of Wales (a
member of the Royal Charter) to offer our students both the undergraduate and the

Student Handbook                                                                           Page ii
ACCA & CAT STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Malvern International Academy
postgraduate programmes. The programmes are provided by Malvern International Academy
related and fulfill the demands of business and industry. With the expertise in its specialized
fields, Malvern International Academy is focused to meet the expectations of job the current
job market.

Training, teaching, and learning facilities at Malvern International Academy are adequate and
comparable to the demand of the market. Students are capable of facing the challenges and
needs of industry and the job market. Students receive the necessary opportunities and time in
the direct interface with academic staff, e-mail usage and the Internet. Trainees and students
are guaranteed to gain all the preparation to align them with the industry and job market.

Higher education and learning experience gained while at Malvern International Academy has
successfully changed students’ fate and way of life towards more meaningful levels. Malvern
International Academy is proud to be able to assist the students and play a part in making their
life more complete as a ‘One Stop Education Center’ and contribute towards the development
of the nation and Vision 2020 for the Golden opportunities Global Possibilities.

Student Handbook                                                                        Page iii
ACCA & CAT STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Malvern International Academy


Provide dynamic education and training, embracing creative qualities and capabilities by

   •   Academic Excellence

   •   Professionalism with Integrity

   •   Confidence with High Self-Esteem

   •   Responsible Global Professionals



Student Handbook                                                                           Page iv

The education industry is characterized by the need for players within it to teach a curriculum,
more often one not entirely set by itself. There isn’t one educational institution in existence
that doesn’t want to claim itself absolutely unique, yet is encumbered by the curriculum issue.

The Malvern Brand takes on this issue from an entirely different angle – that it is the Malvern
student that is uniquely different and that the Malvern environment and all its teaching staff
and facilities are the “tools” that help the Malvern student find their own unique potential. Call
it “creativity” or “out-of-the-box thinking – Malvern is where this elusive spark is discovered,
nurtured and fanned into a glorious flame.

“A Different Thinking” is the line that sets Malvern apart from all others. It’s a line – and a
philosophy – that has consequences on both sides of the divide. For us, it means having the
mastery and the flexibility to not merely encourage but guide an unorthodox approach. For the
students, it means having the work ethic and imagination to see beyond what the book says.
For both sides, it requires consistent application to constantly challenge conventional norms
and existing frontiers.

“A Different Thinking” is a wonderful platform that isn’t “size” dependent – it’s all about the
student’s individual quality, not the size of your campus. It renews itself every time you apply it
because to engender a “different” thought is to automatically look upon any subject in a new
and refreshing way.

Student Handbook                                                                            Page v

We are committed to provide a holistic curriculum which will develop individuals to become
responsible citizens rising to the needs of their communities. Our team of dedicated lecturers
and administrators will assist students to achieve success in their chosen academic pursuit. Our
system of education develops graduates who embody Malvern’s very own teaching learning
methodology known as the 5P’s (Performance-based, Paced Learning, Participative, Peer
Learning and Practicality). Through our 5P methodology we endeavor to develop graduates to
possess the key skills of employability – and the ability to stand out in the job market.


 1. PEER LEARNING To ensure students interact with one another to attain positive
                             learning outcomes.
 2. PRACTICALITY To allow industry-based training to develop student’s employability skills.

 3. PACED LEARNING To allow students of different capabilities to manage their modules
                            with the guidance of the tutor.
 4. PERFORMANCE BASED Regular assessments to measure student’s development.
 5. PARTICIPATIVE To encourage attention, curiosity, interest, optimism and
    LEARNING                 passion in the learning process.

Student Handbook                                                                        Page vi


        The Registrar‘s Office (RO) is the central body that evaluates applications and admits
qualified candidates into their respective desired programmes. It is the authority that extends
letters of acceptance and offers to applicants who wish to undertake the College‘s

       With the admission, the issuance of student identity tags and numbers come with the
process in order to formalize the entry of the candidate as a full-time registered student.
Among the many administrative services it provides, the RO also administers policies governing
admission, course selection, progression, records, completion as well as termination, to name a


2.1     Issue of Letters

       The RO provides a wide range of services to students. Such services mainly come in the
       form of provision of letters for the following purposes:

           • EPF/KWSP, SOCSO
           • Opening of bank account
           • Travelling
           • Withdrawal – for students who have withdrawn on valid grounds
           • Release – for international students who wish to continue in another
           • General acknowledgement

2.2    Travels during Semester & Examination

       While travelling is allowed during the semester breaks or weekends, students are not
       encouraged to travel or tour during the semester or examination periods indicated in
       the academic calendar. The request for travel documents and letters from the RO will
       not be entertained unless and until it can be proven that the travel is on the serious
       grounds or extenuating circumstances such as a death in the family or the severe illness
       of a family member or war-related reasons all of which may allow the student to apply
       for a deferment.

Malvern International Academy                                                           Page 1
If such reasons are given, the student would usually return to his / her home country (no
       travel letter is required) and not to another country (where a letter issued by Malvern
       International Academy is required). Leisure travel and tour during the semester will
       inevitably affect the accumulation of component marks, if not the studies of the


3.1 General

           All applicants are required to submit a duly completed copy of the Application Form
    together with the relevant documents required. Admission to any programme offered by
    Malvern International Academy is subject to the meeting of the academic entry
    requirements and full submission of certified true copies of previous academic
    achievements, certificates and / or transcripts, and three copies of the candidate‘s
    photograph (passport size).

           Malaysian students are required to submit along certified true copies of their
    Malaysian identity cards, while International students are required to submit copies of their
    passports for visa application. Any other case would be subject to the requirement
    applicable at the point of application.

           Successful applications will be issued a Letter of Acceptance and acknowledgement
    forms, on which the applicant would need to endorse with his / her signature, together
    with the payment of an application fee. With this, the process of application is completed
    and the applicant will be informed of the Orientation dates.

    3.2 Entry Requirements

           The entry requirements of all programmes may differ from each other and
    applicants are advised to ascertain the exact academic requirements or seek the assistance
    of Malvern International Academy counselors prior to applying.

           Applicants who meet the minimum entry requirement of a particular programme
    may be admitted accordingly while those who do not meet so will be declined. The
    academic entry requirement of a programme is strictly governed by the Malaysian Ministry
    of Higher Education and in some peculiar cases, the relevant Boards and authorities.


Malvern International Academy                                                             Page 2
3.3 Full Letter of Acceptance

           Applications that have satisfactorily met the academic entry requirements and
    where applicable, passed the interviews or auditions will be issued a Letter of Acceptance.
    Such successful applications are granted full acceptance without conditions.

    3.4 Conditional Letter of Acceptance

            A Conditional Letter of Acceptance may be issued to an applicant whose academic
    results or other documents for application are not certified true copies yet at the point of
    application. Such documents must be certified by authorized and approved authorities.

    3.5 Letter of Offer

           A Letter of Offer is issued to Malaysian and International student intending to
    transfer from another Malaysian higher educational institution within the country. In this
    case, such a transferring student would have already met the Malvern International
    Academy academic entry requirements and duly submitted all documents, but pending the
    Release Letter from the former institution.

            The issuance of a Letter of Offer serves to notify the latter that an offer has been
    made to the student and the leaving institution should be at ease to issue the Release
    Letter. Upon receiving the Release Letter, Malvern International Academy will then, where
    appropriate, issue a Letter of Acceptance.

    3.6 Conditional Letter of Offer

             In cases where the entry requirements are barely met or relevant documents are
    not submitted, the applicant will be issued a Conditional Letter of Offer. The conditional
    offer is usually made by Malvern International Academy on terms and conditions that lead
    to the fulfillment of the entire entry process eventually.

           Relevant required documents not submitted will be followed-up until they are
    submitted to the RO. Where conditions stated in such letters are not fulfilled up to the
    completion of the programme, the student will be prohibited from graduating as the
    graduation requirement is not met.

Malvern International Academy                                                            Page 3
3.7 Conditional Letter of Offer and Academic Probation

          Where an applicant is issued a Conditional Letter of Offer on account of his / her
    weak academic results, the student might be subject to academic probation of one
    semester, achieving a minimum of a pass in all subjects undertaken in that first semester.

           This requirement is essential to prove that the student is capable of pursuing the
    intended programme despite the element of weakness shown in his / her entry results.
    This revelation is also essential for Malvern International Academy to record as part of and
    support for the weakly fulfilled entry requirements.

            However, should the condition be breached (i.e. failed one or more of the subjects
    in the first semester), the student under probation will be stopped from progressing
    further. His / her studies will be terminated and the fees payable will be restricted to the
    first semester only (if not already fully settled).

            Where applicable, a student under Academic Probation but has failed a subject in
    the first semester may be allowed to continue his / her studies with the written support
    and advice from the Lecturer of the Faculty. The RO will then determine if a further
    probationary period is necessary and if so, the length of time.

    3.8 Orientation

            In-coming new students are required to attend an Orientation to familiarize with
    the environment, the Schools / Faculties, the premises, systems, understand the rules and
    regulations and other essential procedures prior to the commencement of their academic

           The Orientation serves to enable the new students to settle the administrative
    requirements on a guided basis. It is also an opportunity to exchange information and
    develop new friendships before the start of a hectic semester. Students have found the
    Orientation to be useful and beneficial when they first arrived at the campus and as such,
    all new students are strongly encouraged to attend.

    3.9 Commencement of Classes

           Students (new and existing) are required to attend the very first classes upon the
    opening of the semester to avoid missing important information that may affect the
    lessons for the whole semester. Students are requested to view, check and be guided by
    the Academic Calendar that been issued.

Malvern International Academy                                                            Page 4
3.10 Deferment of Studies

           Deferment of Studies may be defined as the approved period of non-study
    requested by a student. The reasons for this request must be valid and acceptable before
    approval can be given. This is especially applicable to international students who are
    residing in Malaysia on student visas. The approved deferment must be accompanied by a
    show of purchased air ticket by the student to leave the country during the specific period
    of deferment.

            Students are strongly not encouraged to defer their studies on tolerable grounds as
    it will prolong their length of studies. The usual deferment allowed at any one time of
    request is one semester. Request for subsequent deferment of semester is unlikely granted
    approval but may be considered on a case-by-case basis and depending on the
    circumstances. Absence of two semesters or eight months (whichever is longer) without
    notification will result in automatic termination of studies. Candidates in such situations
    may need to re-apply as new students.

Malvern International Academy                                                           Page 5
                                   EXAMINATION UNIT
                                STANDARD OF PROCEDURE


4.1    Test and Examination
              Students are required to attend all scheduled tests and examinations. Absentees
       must produce a medical certificate within 24 hours or doctor’s letter. Students will not
       be awarded any marks for any test or examination that has been missed. When the
       absence is covered by a medical certificate, a make-up test may be given in exceptional
       circumstances or the result for the term work to date awarded. This is not applicable for
       international exams.

4.2    Transcript
              The college issues transcripts at the end of the final semester. This will issued
       upon clearance of all outstanding payments and return of any college property (ies).

4.3    Remedial Help
               If students have difficulty in understanding certain areas they are encouraged to
       discuss the matter with the respective subject lecturers.

4.4    Repeating the Course
               In some programmes, student may repeat what they have failed, in the following
       semester. Students are advised to consult the advice of the course coordinator to
       ensure that the requirements are made. Any additional cost will be borne by the
       individual student together with the fee for the following semester. This is to be settled
       within 30 days upon enrollment.

Malvern International Academy                                                             Page 6
4.5    Homework and Assignments

               All assignments must be submitted by the due date. Extensions are at the
       discretion of each individual lecturer. Students who have not submitted assignments
       would be graded Non-Compliance (NC).

4.6    Government Requirements

              The Ministry of Higher Education through the Malaysian Qualification Agency
       (MQA) has imposed upon Malaysian students to undertake the certain compulsory
       subjects at both the Foundation level and the Undergraduate level. International
       students are exempted from the requirement.

4.7    Current Courses Offered

       The current courses which are offered include:

       i)   ACCA

Malvern International Academy                                                      Page 7
4.7.1 Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)

         ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting (RQF Level 2)
FA1      Recording Financial Transactions
MA1      Management Information
         ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting (RQF Level 3)
FA2      Maintaining Financial Records
MA2      Managing Costs and Finance
         ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business (RQF Level 4)
FAB      Accountant in Business
FFA      Financial Accounting
FMA      Management Accounting

4.7.2 ACCA


         Applied Psychology
AB       Accountant in Business (F1)
MA       Management Information (F2)
FA       Financial Accounting (F3)
         Applied Skills
LW       Corporate and Business Law(F4)
PM       Performance Management (F5)
TX       Taxation (F6)
FR       Financial Reporting (F7)
AA       Audit and Assurance (F8)
FM       Financial Management (F9)
         Strategic Professional – Essential (All two)
         Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
         Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)
         Strategic Professional – Options (Any two)
         Advanced Financial Management P4 (AFM)
         Advanced Performance Management P5 (APM)
         Advanced Taxation P6 (ATX)
         Advanced Audit and Assurance P7 (AAA)

Malvern International Academy                                                Page 8
4.8     MPU Subject

4.8.1   Malaysian Students

            This group of student is required to undertake the following subjects. Students are
            required to attend classes and pass the examination.

                        Certificate /Foundation                          Diploma
               • *Bahasa Kebangsaan A / **Critical        • *Bahasa Kebangsaan A /
                    And Creative Thinking                     **Thinking Skills
        •          Malaysian Studies 1                    • Malaysian Studies 2
               • Arts, Customs and Beliefs of             • General Psychology
                    Malaysians                            • Co-Curriculum

            *Student need to take this subject if fail in Bahasa Melayu SPM.
            **Student need to take this subject if pass in Bahasa Melayu SPM.

4.8.2   International Students

            This group of student is required to undertake the following subjects. Students are
            required to attend classes and pass the examination.

                       Certificate /Foundation                          Diploma
               • Critical and Creative Thinking          •    Thinking Skills
               • Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1              •   Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2
               • Arts, Customs and Beliefs of            •    General Psychology
                  Malaysian                              •    Co-Curriculum

Malvern International Academy                                                               Page 9

5.1    Final Examination Component

              Students are required to sit for a mock examination towards the end of each
       course, if the course being undertaken requires this assessment.

               The format and duration of the mock examination will follow actual ACCA
       examination depending on the course. The venue of the final examination is usually at
       the Examination Hall but could be located elsewhere depending on the capacity and the
       logistics of the entire examination.

5.2    Mock Examination Timetable

             Mock exam will be conducted early May for June examination and early
       November for December examination. Students will be informed in due course about
       the mock examination mid-way through the course.

Malvern International Academy                                                        Page 10

6.1     Examination Slip

                As mentioned, every student is required to obtain an examination slip
         approximately two to three weeks before the final examination. The slip, together with
         the student matric card, represents the combined ticket to enter the Examination Hall.

                 Without either one, the student is required to approach the RO to obtain
         temporary exam slip and / or identification tags after a penalty payment. The
         examination slip will outline all the subjects that the student is undertaking for the
         particular semester. Where the student has been barred from a final examination, a line
         will be drawn across the subject and the student is urged to act swiftly to unbar him or

6.2      Prohibited Items in the Examination Hall

               Certain items and materials are strictly prohibited from being brought into the
         examination hall. When students are caught with these items in the examination, they
         may be found guilty of cheating and may, on advice of the Chief Proctor, be dismissed

                 This is notwithstanding that the examination has commenced or not, and
         whether the prohibited items brought in intentionally or otherwise. The onus to check
         that these prohibited items are not brought into the examination hall rests with the
         students. Such prohibited items include materials borrowed from someone else (e.g.
         friend, classmate, house mate, family member, and so forth).

                 The onus to check whether such items borrowed contained prohibited writing,
         engraving, carving, markings and so forth, rests on the student. Items that are allowed
         into the examination hall will be checked by proctors when suspicion arises. Examples of
         such items are outlined below:

6.2.1    Prohibited Items to be checked

      • Papers of any size

Malvern International Academy                                                            Page 11
• Coats, jackets, pockets, pants
             • Rulers (where allowed)
             • Caps
             • Calculators (where allowed)
             • Books (where allowed)
             • Books or notes
             • Calculators covers (on the floor)
             • Examination tokens
             • Electronic devices
             • Pencil cases / boxes (on the floor)
             • Wallets and purses
             • Bags of any kind
             • Spectacles casings
             • Dictionaries (where allowed)
             • Others

               Prohibited items found in the examination hall will be confiscated and used as
       evidence in the College Examination Board meeting and will never be returned to the
       student, on certain circumstances. This regulation must be strictly adhered to and the
       onus to do so rests on each student. Students are advised to seek alternative avenues to
       safeguard their mobile phones and other valuable belongings, if they insist on bringing
       these items to the examination.

               Lockers are provided by Student Affairs Office at daily rental rate or on shared
       basis. Malvern International Academy shall not be held responsible for the loss of any
       item within the premises if the student does not heed the advice of not bringing
       valuable items to examination.

       6.3       Mobile Phone in the Examination Hall

              The mobile phone when brought into the examination hall must be switched off
       and placed on the floor under the student‘s chair, at all times clearly visible for the
       proctors to note and observe. If the mobile phone is found in silent mode or rings during
       the examination, the mobile phone will be confiscated.

               Student will then be required to pay the penalty of RM 50/- in order to retrieve
       both the SIM card and the mobile phone. Notwithstanding whether there was intention
       or not, mobile phone found to be used as a cheating tool in the examination hall will be
       confiscated and used as evidence in the College Examination Board meeting.

Malvern International Academy                                                              Page 12
Students are advised to seek alternative avenues to safeguard their mobile
       phones and other valuable belongings, if they insist on bringing these items to the

6.4    Washroom Procedures

              Students who wish to go to the washroom may raise their hands for permission
       to proceed to the washroom. When consent is given, the student is required to sign a
       washroom control booklet outside the restrooms to indicate when and who had been to
       the washroom during a particular paper.

              Students are not allowed to go to the washroom immediately after entering the
       examination hall and within the first 30 minutes of the examination. This security
       measure is highly confidential and is best left followed accordingly. For the same reason,
       students are not allowed to visit the washroom towards the last 15 minutes before the
       examination ends.

              However, this regulation is flexible and can be relaxed upon the advice of the
       Chief Proctor of the particular session. Students are advised to visit the washroom
       before any examination session. Where appropriate, students deemed may be subject
       to a body search by proctors.

6.5    Seating Arrangements

               At each examination session, students are given special seat arrangements that
       are totally different from other sessions. Such seating arrangements will be posted onto
       the nearest notice boards to the examination hall 15 minutes before each session.
       Students are therefore encouraged to proceed to the examination hall early to check
       their respective seat numbers. The arrangement is fixed according to the attendance
       logistics and unauthorized movement is strictly prohibited, unless instructed or
       requested by the proctors.

6.6    Absenteeism from Final Examination

             Absenteeism in final examination entails a serious consequence and procedure.
       Malvern International Academy defines absenteeism as not physically present in the
       examination hall during the stipulated time and day of the paper in question, under
       whatever reasons, conditions or circumstances.

              Unlike other Colleges who may not accept absenteeism, Malvern International
       Academy has taken a more lenient view and accepts certain absenteeism provided that
       the reasons and documented proofs and procedures are fully complied with.

Malvern International Academy                                                            Page 13
Absenteeism may be due to two common reasons: medical or non-medical.
       Students who are unable to attend the final examination are required to submit a
       medical certificate issued by the doctor from either a government or private hospital
       within five calendar days from the date of the missed examination (inclusive of the
       examination day). Such medical certificates must be promptly submitted to the RO, and
       not to the lecturer / School / Faculty. Where records reveal that a student had
       submitted medical chits for being absent consecutively for three semesters or more,
       the College reserves the right to reject future medical certificates and disallow the
       student from attempting the supplementary examination, unless strong medical
       reports by doctors from public hospitals can verify the nature and severity of the
       recurring illness in each examination period.

       Medical certificates from private clinics are not allowed and will not be accepted. The
       same is true for dental certificates as dental problems could be addressed before the
       examination period or after the three-hour paper, not necessarily being absent.

6.7    Cheating and Misconduct

               6.7.1 Definition of Cheating

               Malvern International Academy views cheating seriously and considers both
               intentional actions of cheating and failure to prevent unintentional actions of
               cheating as a grave offence. This item will emphasized again under Misconduct.

6.8    Before the Examination

       •   Be at the designated examination room at least 30 minutes before the start of the

       •   Students are not allowed to enter the examination hall/ room until the
           invigilator gives the instructions.

       •   All textbooks, notes, bags and belongings must be placed at the designated area
           usually within the examinations room. Hand phones or any other unauthorized
           electronic devices are prohibited in the examination hall.

       • Students may take into the examination room pens, pencils and erasers.

       •   Pencil cases should be transparent. You must write in blue or black ink. Color
           pencil or ink may be used only for diagrams, maps, charts and etc.

Malvern International Academy                                                               Page 14
•   Students are not allowed to borrow anything from another candidate during the
          examination. Do not bring into the examination room any operating instructions
          or prepared programs.

      •   Student must not use a dictionary or computer spell-checker

      •   Student has to make sure to have an ID card, Examinations Entrance Slip (EES) IC
          before entering the examination room. Self-sponsored students will have to
          clear all outstanding payments to A&R before being issued with EES.

      •   If student arrive late for an examination, report to the chief invigilator. No extra
          time will be allocated for the lost time.

      •   Student will not be allowed to enter the examination room 30 minutes after
          the examination has started

6.9   During the examination
      • Follow all instructions given by the chief invigilator

      •   Maintain silence at all times while in the examination room

      •   Student has to place the student ID,EES and IC at the top left hand corner of the

      •   Student has to to inform the invigilator immediately:
             ▪      If not been given the right question paper
             ▪      If not been given all the materials as listed on the front of the paper
             ▪      If the question paper is incomplete or badly printed

      •   Read carefully the instructions printed on the question paper and/or on the
          answer booklets/sheets

      •   Fill in the details on the answer booklet/paper and question paper(if applicable)

      •   Student has to do the rough work on the examination stationary provided.

      •   If student have a problem and is in doubt about what should do or need more
          paper, student have to raise hand for attention.

      •   Student must not ask for and will not be given any explanation of the questions

      Malvern International Academy                                                Page 15
•   Students are discouraged from using the toilet during the examination, but
•   S          if the need arises, students have to obtain permission from the invigilator
    t          who will then make arrangements for the student to be accompanied to
    u          the toilet
    e      •   Should a situation arise during the examination that necessitates the
    n          temporary stoppage of the examination, or the relocation of candidates to
    t          another venue, student must remain quiet at all times and follow the
    s          instructions of the invigilator. Stoppage time will be noted and added onto
               the previously agreed duration of the examination.
    r      •   Students are allowed to bring drinking water into the examination room. If
    e          students have health problem and need to eat during examination, please
               inform the Chief Invigilator and get his/her permission.
    o      •    Students must NOT do the following during an examination:
                       •   Have any possession any book or blank paper (other than that
    e                      issued for that particular examination) or any other means
    d                      which would indirectly
                           help you in your work.
                       •   Directly on indirectly give help to any other candidate
                       •   Directly on indirectly accept help from any other candidate
    r                  •   Share writing materials or other items
                       •   Talk move or look around
    g                  •   Be guilty of any breach of good order or property

    d      Note: Students who are caught copying or cheating during an examination will
    r      be considered as failed for the complete paper / or the entire examination of
    i      the particular semester.
    Malvern International Academy                                                            Page 16
6.10 End of examination
       ➢ If student have used more than one answer booklet and/or any loose sheets of
           paper, student must place them in the correct order. Remember to fill in the
           necessary information on these answer booklets / sheets before the end of the

       ➢   Students are not allowed any extra   time to continue writing once the invigilator has made
           the announcement to stop writing

       ➢   Students have to fasten the answer sheet together with the string or stapler provided.

       ➢ Students must not leave the examination room until the invigilator instruct to do so

       ➢ Students must not take from the examination room any examination stationary,
           used or unused       papers, rough work or any other materials provided for the

Malvern International Academy                                                                 Page 17


       7.1       Rules and Regulations

       Students are accessible to the computer laboratories either through classes held or by
       personal use. The following are rules and regulations pertaining to the use of the
       computers in the laboratories and students are advised to adhere to them.

             •   Students are allowed to use the computer laboratories during the operation
                 hours only.

             •   Students must bring along their student matrix card when using any of the
                 computer laboratories.

             •   Students are required to log off after using the computer to avoid unnecessary

             •   Students are required to bring their own papers for printing in the computer

             •   Students will be held responsible for damage (intentional or otherwise)
                 inflicted upon any equipment in the laboratories

       7.2       Prohibitions

       The following items and actions are prohibited in the computer laboratories:

                 • Use of mobile phones. Mobile phones brought into the lab should either be
                    switched off or placed on silent mode.
                 • Food and drinks and general littering and smoking
                 • Loud and distracting behaviour, including group activities of any sort
                 • Locking of workstations
                 • Internet chat, web-phone, video streaming, etc.
                 • Playing games
                 • Using facilities to earn income in any form
                 • Abuse of printing facilities (e.g. printing of whole document)
                 • Hacking and contaminating the computers with virus of any kind
                 • Giving others authorized access or password
                 • Swapping of keyboard or mouse or computer processing unit

Malvern International Academy                                                               Page 18
• Downloading and storing obscene materials
                  • Sending messages obscene, slanderous, threatening or annoying messages
                  • Installation of unlicensed software or use of unauthorized copies of any
                  •   Tampering with hardware and / or software configurations

       7.3 Disciplinary Actions

                Disciplinary action taken against students who are found violating any of the above
                may include:

                 •    Verbal warning
                 •    Formal written warning
                 •    Fine up to RM200/-
                 •    Withdrawal of user account / access
                 •    Further actions may be taken against repeat offenders,
                        including: o Restriction
                       o Suspension
                       o Expulsion


       8.1       Purpose

               Malvern International Academy is committed to provide a safe environment by
       integrating the best practices of policing for all health and safety matters in accordance
       to the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994, by creating and maintaining a healthy
       and safe environment, securing the health and safety of all staff, students and public
       within the College community. The purpose of this document is to recognize and comply
       with the health and safety, ensuring a high quality and standard of health and safety are
       being practiced and achieved.

       8.2 Scope This Policy applies to all staff, students, school / faculty, departments and
       public within the College community.

8.3    Policy

                 8.3.1 Organization and Arrangement for Implementation

Malvern International Academy                                                              Page 19
Malvern International Academy acknowledges with its corporate
               responsibility for all health and safety matters, as set out in the Occupational
               Safety and Health Act 1994. Malvern International Academy will maintain a
               working environment where the health and safety of our staff and students is
               assured. Malvern International Academy will not only comply with the relevant
               legislation, but will take positive action to prevent ill health, injury and loss and
               to promote good health and good practice.

                       Malvern International Academy will take all relevant steps to promote
               and maintain a positive safety culture and high standards of safety throughout
               its premises, paying particular attention to achieve the following objectives:

                ✓ To ensure all significant risks arising from the activities are
                  assessed and appropriate control measures are implemented,
                  with relevant retrievable records retained;

                ✓ To provide and maintain plant, structure, fabric, equipment and
                  working environment that is safe and without risk to health; To
                  base the design, operation and maintenance of safe systems of
                  work, on sound risk management principles;
                ✓ To provide information, instruction, training    and supervision that is
                  relevant and appropriate to its activities;

                ✓ To provide and maintain safe access and regress to and from all sites
                  and places of work;

                ✓ To monitor, evaluate     and audit the effectiveness of health and safety
                  plans and strategy;

       8.4     Responsibility

               Effective health and safety management depends on commitment, co-operation
       and effort by all. The identification of responsibility and accountability for health and
       safety, within the College Campus, is a key part of both the safety management system
       and the development of a positive


       9.1     Purpose

             The purpose of this policy is to ensure the proper use of Malvern International
       Academy (hereinafter referred to as the International College) ICT facilities, software,

Malvern International Academy                                                                 Page 20
services and systems (hereinafter collectively known as ICT resources) by its employees
       (academic and administrative), guests and students (hereinafter collectively they are
       known as the community) in an appropriate, responsible, and ethical manner. This
       policy also applies to the use of privately owned computers or notebooks connected to
       the College network.

       9.2    Scope

                This ICT policy supports, supplements and facilitates the College usage of ICT
       facilities in administration, communication, research, teaching and learning endeavors
       within the scope of existing laws of Malaysia; and it requires that the community do the

       9.3    Policy

               9.3.1 Electronic Communications

               All electronic communications (email, data, associated attachments, objects,
        graphics, videos, and any other related communication which is eusdem generis)
        transmitted or received by the Malvern International Academy networks are subject to
        the provision of this policy, regardless of whether the communication was sent or
        received on a private or the College owned computers. When faced with evidence of
        violations of the College policies and/or procedures, of contractual obligations, or of
        the existing laws of Malaysia, the College may consider the electronic communication
        and its associated stored on or transmitted by the College ‘s computer equipment to be
        property of the College and may inspect them without notice.

       9.4    Responsibilities, Privacy & Confidentiality

            Electronic communication is a privilege and should be used in a responsible
       manner which conforms to privacy and confidentiality.

               Individual users using the College‘s ICT facilities must assume full responsibility
       for their acts. Individuals making use of electronic communications are cautioned that
       they may willingly or unwillingly receive or discover electronic or hardcopy material they
       find offensive. The College assumes no responsibility for the initiation and/or
       transmission of such material, whether or not such material originates inside or outside
       the College. Most electronic communication users may intend their message to be
       private communications between themselves and another party; the privacy and

Malvern International Academy                                                             Page 21
confidentiality of electronic communication cannot be guaranteed by the College, inter
       alia for the following reasons but not limited to:

           • Electronic communications may be saved indefinitely on the receiving computer.
           •   Copies of electronic communication can be forwarded electronically or printed
               on paper.

           •   Electronic communications can be intentionally or accidentally forwarded to

           •   Electronic communications may be sent to incorrect addresses or be improperly
               delivered by an e-mail system or Internet Service Provider (ISP).

           •   It may be impossible to find out who sent a message, especially if it is passed on
               by many people.

           •   It may be possible for other people to read and/or change messages that
               you sent by forwarding it to others.

             All students are permitted to use electronic communication for business, private
       and confidential communications and he/she must assume full responsibility and
       accountability for their actions.

              The College reserves the right to examine material stored on, received and/or
       transmitted through its communication infrastructure.

               However, the College will examine such material only when, and to the extent
       that, reasonable business needs require official intervention for the protection and
       maintenance of the communication infrastructure.

               This includes but not limited to the monitoring of electronics communications
       and retrieval of information and data for the purpose of investigation under the
       instruction of the Programme Director, and such information obtained shall be
       admissible as evidence in a court of law if required. The community of the college
       should be aware that privacy cannot be guaranteed in electronic communications, even
       for information or communication that has been deleted.

               There are situations and matters not controlled and covered by any law or
       policy, the College expect members of its community to exhibit ethical conduct in the
       use of ICT resources. Electronic communication can be ambiguous and is less personal in
       nature as compared to other tools and form of interaction. Individuals are expected to
       exercise good judgment to ensure that their electronic communications reflect the high
       ethical standards of the academic community and display mutual respect. While the
       College will not restrict access to and/or filter any form of information, individual using

Malvern International Academy                                                              Page 22
computer workstations or displays in public areas or labs are encouraged to maintain an
          appropriate level of common civility and courtesy in viewing information content that
          could be identified as offensive or causing embarrassment to a passer-by or casual

          9.5     Disclaimer and Confidentiality Notices

                 Electronic communication has many hidden dangers especially when it is used
          for external electronic communication and sent outside of the University. Electronic
          communication can be admissible as evidence in a court of law if required. It is good
          practice to insert the following message into all external e-mails:

                   a) Electronic communications via the Internet are not secure and therefore the
                   University does not accept legal responsibility for the content of this message.
                   Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the author and do not
                   necessarily represent those of the University. Or

                   b) This e-mail and any attachments transmitted with it are private and
                   confidential to the named recipients. Any information provided is given in good
                   faith. It may not be disclosed to or used by anyone other than the recipient (s),
                   nor copied in any way. The College accepts no liability for the content of this e-
                   mail, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the
                   information provided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in
                   writing. If you have received this e-mail in error, please advise the sender, and
                   then delete it from your system

9.6       Prohibited Practices

Members of the community are prohibited from engaging in any of the practices described
below on the college‘s ICT infrastructure. The college through the Computer Services
Department may suspend or revoke such privileges of any individual who abuse them. In
addition to that, the college may impose through the Group Human Resource Department, if
found guilty, appropriate disciplinary action(s) in respect of the following:

      •   Sending obscene, offensive, provocative or causing embarrassment electronic
          communication without the consent of the recipient;

      •   Sending intimidating, threatening, harassing or abusive electronic communication to
          another user;

      • Intercepting, disrupting, or altering an electronic communication without
         proper authorization;

Malvern International Academy                                                                Page 23
•   Attempts to read, delete, copy or modify electronic communication of other users
          without permission;

      • Electronic communication should not be read or sent from another user‘s account
        except under proper delegated arrangements;
      • Forgery (or attempted forgery) by misrepresenting the identity of the source of an
        electronic communication;
      • Allowing another user (known or unknown to the College) to use one‘s e-mail account
        for any criminal purposes;
      •   Using electronic communication to interfere with the ability of the others to conduct
          the college ‘s business;
      • Sending unsolicited electronic communication, ―for profit‖ messages, or mass
        electronic mails without a legitimate college business purpose;
      •   Using electronic communications infrastructure (accessing web based e-mails and
          search engines) for commercial purposes unrelated to college ‘s business;
      • Reproducing or distributing copyrighted materials without appropriate authorization;
        Unauthorized exchange or selling of propriety information, trade secrets or any

      • Confidential or sensitive information that belongs to the college;

      •   Registration to list servers without proper authorization from your supervisor, such service
          subscription can result in an overload of received messages directly impacting
          the performance of the electronic communication system;
      • Users cannot compromise the privacy of their password by giving it to others or
        exposing it to public view;
      • Using electronic communications infrastructure for any purpose, which violates the laws of
        Malaysia as well as the college policy. Using electronic communications
        infrastructure with illegal and/or unauthorized software, for any purpose which violates the
        laws of Malaysia as well as the College policy.

      The above list is just an illustration and by no means exhaustive.

9.7       Anti-virus & Anti-spam Protection

                  The College will provide its community adequate protection from computer
          virus, unsolicited and unwanted electronic communication from internal or external
          sources by investing and deploying anti-virus and anti-spamming software where
          appropriate on ICT infrastructure owned or leased by the College and ICT services
          provided by the College. This is intended to:

Malvern International Academy                                                                     Page 24
a) Ensures its community is protected from virus, spy ware, malicious attacks,
               phishing and not inconvenienced through the receipt of unsolicited emails

               b) Ensures its community do not use the ICT resources in the manner that is
               illegal against others

               c) Seeks to minimize any misuse or illegal use of email communications

               The College will install anti-virus software to ensure that all networked computer
       servers, computers and notebooks owned by the College are protected against virus
       infection. The effectiveness of these polices within the community is dependent on
       individual due to the fact that anti-virus and anti-spam software can be turn OFF and ON
       by the individual user and filter options can be adjusted. These software(s) are updated
       on regular basis.

9.8    Backup of Data and Information

               The Computer Services Department is responsible to backup necessary and
       relevant data for the entire College which is located at the servers. Individual users and
       staff will be responsible to backup their own data which is on their own desktop and
       notebook computers. The College provides the necessary storage and backup media to
       staff who request for it in order for them to perform the backup process.

10.0   LIBRARY

       10.1   Rules & Regulations

               The library is accessible to all full time and part time students officially enrolled
       in any of the programmes offered by Malvern International Academy. The use of the
       library however, is governed by its rules and regulations set forth herewith.

               The operating hours of Malvern International Academy library are:

               Monday – Friday 09.00am – 07.00pm
               Saturday & Sunday 09.00am – 01.00pm
               Public Holidays - Closed
               Students are advised to note the operating hours.

       *subject to change at discretion of the College management *

Malvern International Academy                                                               Page 25
10.2   General Requirements

               To enable the library to carry out its function effectively and for the benefit of
               other users in the library, students are required to adhere to the following
               requirements when using the library:
                  • Wear or accompanied by student Matric Card upon entering the library.
                   • Users must be decently dressed and conduct themselves properly in the
                   • Reservation of seats is not permitted.
                   • The library staff may remove books and other articles left for any length
                      of time on chairs and tables.
                   • The discussion rooms must be used strictly for group discussions only.
                   • The library staff on duty has the right to request users to leave the
                      premises if they are found to be violating any of the library rules.
                   •   An announcement will be made ten minutes prior to closing time and all
                       users must vacate the premise punctually.
                   •   The library will not accept responsibility for the loss or misplacement of
                       personal belongings.
                   • The Librarian is empowered to withhold library facilities for any
                      infringement of these rules.
                   • The Management may amend the Library Rules and Regulations as and
                      when necessary.

       10.3 General Prohibitions
             The following items and actions are prohibited in the Library:

                   • Smoking
                   • Consumption of food and drink
                   • Pets of any kind, living or non-living
                 • Talking excessively loud, shouting or chatting noisily with other users or
                     through mobile phones.
       10.4 Loss or Damage

              Borrowers will be fully held responsible for library materials on loan. If the
       material is lost, an immediate report should be made to the librarian to enable
       appropriate action to be taken. A borrower is allowed to either replace the material lost
       / damaged by directly purchasing or by requesting the library to replace it. If the latter
       alternative is chosen, the borrower will have to pay twice the market price of the book
Malvern International Academy                                                                Page 26
as a penalty. All books replaced in this manner must be of the latest edition. If the book
       is one of a set series, the borrower may be called upon to replace the whole set or

       10.5   Fines

              Official time for determining fines of overdue books and other purposes will be
       read according to the time shown in the computer system at the circulation counter.
       Should the system be down, the correct time will be determined by the library staff at
       the service counter.


       11.1   Policies Governing Misconduct

              Students are reminded that the Malvern International Academy regards
       academic misconduct as a very serious matter. Some examples of the misconduct have
       been discussed above and will be repeated in this section to emphasize the gravity of
       the matter. Students found guilty of misconduct can be subjected to serious academic

              Malvern International Academy defines Misconduct as a host of unacceptable
       actions and behavior that can be broadly categorized into academic misconduct and
       offence, and indiscipline. In practice, certain actions and /or behavior may overlap and
       the Senate shall be the main and final body to define the incident in conjunction with
       other relevant Boards who will mete out appropriate and commensuration penalties.

       11.2   Academic Misconduct and Offences

               An academic misconduct or offence is defined as seeking to obtain an improper
       advantage in Malvern International Academy processes of assessment, as evidenced by
       a breach or an attempted breach of its regulations governing the conduct of assessment
       or process of assessment. When a penalty for an academic misconduct or offence is
       imposed, it is a principle that the student‘s assessment outcome will be less favorable
       than if he / she had not committed the offence. This clause also attempts to outline the
       common categories of offences but they are by no means exhaustive. The following are
       some examples of academic misconduct and offences defined by Malvern International

Malvern International Academy                                                            Page 27
• Taking unauthorized materials into an examination venue.

           • Cheating in final examination, tests, quizzes, assignments, and / or equivalent.

           • Repeated cheating in any of the said component(s) consecutively or otherwise.

           • Submitting work of another person for personal assessment, intentionally or
           • Failing to acknowledge the source of material in an assignment or term paper.
           • Intentional falsification of information in any academic work.
           • Obtaining prior knowledge of an examination paper and possessing the intention
             to use that knowledge in the examination.
           • Challenging academic staff on appropriate progression paths.
           • Intentionally abetting and / or assisting another student to commit an act of
              academic misconduct.
           Due to the circumstances of individual cases the penalty levied can range from
       requiring the student concerned to re-submit the piece of work to suspension or
       expulsion from Malvern International Academy. If the student is dissatisfied with the
       penalty, an appeal may be lodged in writing to the Student Affair Department of
       Malvern International Academy University. The Student Affair Department may decline
       to take action in cases where insufficient or unfounded reasons have been given by the
       student and therefore shall inform the student accordingly.

       11.3 Further Inclusion
       An academic misconduct or offence is extended to include the following offences that
       are defined further.

            • Impersonation: A student who is substituted by another person in an
               examination or who submits by substitution the work of another person as his or
               her own is guilty of deception by impersonation. The offence of
               impersonationcan be applied both to the student and the accomplice.
            • Collusion: Where students in a class are instructed or encouraged to work
              together in the completion of an assignment, such group activity is regarded as
              approved collaboration. There may be a requirement for each student to identify
              his / her own contribution. However, where there is a requirement for the
              submitted work to be solely that of the individual, collaboration is not permitted.
              Students who improperly work collectively in these circumstances are guilty of
           •   Plagiarism in Assessed Coursework: The academic offence of plagiarism is
               committed when a student submits as his or her own work of which he or she is

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