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                SOCIAL SCIENCES DN700
                    ECONOMICS DN710
                   PSYCHOLOGY DN720

                University College Dublin
                Ireland's Global University
Why UCD................................................................................... 1
What are Social Sciences?...................................................... 2
Why Social Sciences in UCD................................................... 3
Research.................................................................................... 4
Study Abroad........................................................................... 5
Graduate Study and Careers.................................................. 6
Social Sciences Undergraduate Degree Options................. 8
BSc Social Sciences.................................................................. 9
Internships............................................................................... 10
Studying Social Sciences with a Language......................... 11

 DN700                   BSc Social Sciences
Archaeology, Geography and History................................... 12
Computational Social Science............................................... 14
Economics, Mathematics and Statistics............................... 16
Philosophy, Politics and Economics...................................... 18

Archaeology............................................................................. 20
Economics Joint Major............................................................ 22
Geography................................................................................ 24
Information and Communication Studies............................ 26
Mathematics............................................................................. 28
Philosophy................................................................................ 30
Politics and International Relations..................................... 32
Social Justice............................................................................ 34
Sociology................................................................................... 36
Statistics................................................................................... 38

 DN750                  BSocSc Social Policy & Sociology
Social Policy and Sociology.................................................... 40

 DN720                  BSc Psychology
Psychology............................................................................... 45

 DN710                 BSc Economics
Economics Single Major.......................................................... 46

How to Apply........................................................................... 48
Scholarships and Grants......................................................... 48
Events Calendar....................................................................... 49
Why UCD?
Ireland’s Global University                                            Research in Applied Geosciences (iCRAG), Bioeconomy Research
The international standing of UCD has grown in recent years;           Centre (BEACON) and I-Form Advanced Manufacturing Research
it is currently ranked within the top 1% of institutions world-        Centre.
wide. UCD is also Ireland’s most globally engaged university           UCD has had nationally-leading success in many of the most
with over 33,000 students drawn from over 139 countries, and           prestigious European awards, including European Research Council
includes 4,847 students based at locations outside of Ireland. The     and Marie Sklodowska-Curie schemes.
University’s main Dublin campus occupies an extensive parkland
                                                                       Over the last decade UCD researchers have increased their annual
estate of more than 133 hectares and offers world-leading
                                                                       number of papers in the international literature by 50% and have
facilities including the UCD Sutherland School of Law, UCD
                                                                       co-authored more than 15,000 papers with researchers from more
O’Brien Centre for Science, UCD Lochlan Quinn School of Business
                                                                       than 130 countries. These papers are cited by other researchers at
and UCD Student Centre.
                                                                       a rate that is 73% above the world average.
As Ireland’s largest university, with its great strength and
diversity of disciplines, UCD embraces its role to contribute to the
flourishing of Ireland; through the study and discussion of people,
                                                                       Defining educational excellence:
society, business, economy, culture, languages and the creative        Teaching and Learning at UCD
arts, as well as through research and innovation.                      UCD is globally recognised for its excellence in teaching and
                                                                       learning- the university has 6 subjects ranked in the top 50 in the
                                                                       world and has 14 subjects in the top 100 (QS World Ranking by
Tackling global challenges: Research                                   subject 2019). This quality of teaching is complemented by a high
& Innovation at UCD                                                    standard of support. Every incoming first year is assigned a peer
Research and innovation are essential drivers of a dynamic             mentor and there are student advisers for every programme.
economy, an informed society and a vibrant culture. The spectrum
                                                                       UCD is Ireland’s leader in graduate education with over 9,000
of research and innovation at UCD encompasses individual
                                                                       graduate students, almost a quarter of whom are graduate
scholars, small, medium and large research groups, start-up
                                                                       research students; 1,571 PhD students benefit from a structured
companies and large-scale collaborations with industry and other
                                                                       PhD programme, as well as the research-led education culture at
partners. Research is conducted within each of the University’s
extensive range of disciplines, and in multidisciplinary research
programmes addressing challenges of global scale.
In 2017/18 UCD researchers secured €122.4 million in research
grants from national and international funding agencies,
companies and foundations. Since 2008 UCD researchers have
secured over €1 billion in such grants. Their research underpins
national research and technology institutes and centres, including
the SFI funded Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Irish Centre for

                                                                                                                  UCD Social Sciences        1
What are
  Social Sciences?
                                                              Why do people
  How do social, cultural,                                    behave the way
  political and economic                                      they do?
  forces shape our lives and
  the world in which we live?

Research and education in the social sciences directly impacts the way we in
Ireland, and further afield in Europe and the rest of the world, view, interpret
and make decisions towards a better society.

When you study social sciences, you learn to ask questions about      The major social sciences subjects at undergraduate level in UCD
society and social relationships. Why do people vote the way          include:
they do? What precipitates economic growth? What behaviours             • Archaeology
mitigate climate change? Social sciences explore the nature of
                                                                        • Economics
our society and examine many issues impacting humanity such as
crime and violence, social and economic inequality, gender justice      • Geography
and sustainable cities.                                                 • Information & Communication Studies
Social sciences students explore how people behave as individuals       • Philosophy
and in human groups - from families and teams to companies and          • Politics and International Relations
government agencies. Social sciences investigate the development        • Psychology
of societies - past, present and future by combining quantitative
                                                                        • Social Justice
data, such as social and economic statistics, with qualitative
methods, such as interviews and focus groups. Social sciences           • Social Policy
research has transformed our understanding of how societies             • Sociology
function, how they are governed, how we work, how and where           Analysing data is a key skill for social scientists and Mathematics
we live, how we communicate and how we learn. Studying social         and Statistics are available to combine with social sciences
sciences at UCD, you will learn to analyse, criticise and challenge   subjects as part of UCD's social sciences degree.
beliefs and assumptions - including your own.

  2   UCD Social Sciences
Social Sciences
in UCD?
UCD leads the way with the broadest and most diverse Social Sciences
programmes in Ireland offering innovative social sciences education and
research to address the critical, social, political, cultural and economic concerns
of our time.
The social sciences at UCD have an established international         UCD is highly ranked for social sciences in all the main
reputation – attracting students from all over the world to social   international rankings of universities.
sciences undergraduate and graduate programmes.
                                                                                   UCD is among the top 50 universities in the world
  • Internationally renowned academics                                  TOP        for the following subject:
  • Real-world professional experience with an optional                 50           • Library and Information Management
  • Research skills modules                                                        UCD is among the top 100 universities in the world
                                                                        TOP        for the following subjects:
  • Opportunities to study abroad in leading universities in the
    UK, US, Europe and Asia
                                                                       100           • Archaeology
  • Student support with academic advisers, student advisers                         • Politics and International Relations
    and peer mentors
                                                                                     • Philosophy
  • Alumni network of Irish and global leaders
                                                                                     • Social Policy & Administration
  • Global reputation with high university rankings across diverse

                                                                                                                UCD Social Sciences     3
Hong Kong


Social Sciences

Social sciences research has transformed our understanding of how societies
function. UCD Social sciences research directly impacts the way we view,
interpret and make decisions towards a better society.
The scope of social sciences research addresses questions           youth well-being; migration; sustainable development and
relating to Ireland, the EU and other international regions.        behavioural sciences. Students will have opportunity to work
Areas of research expertise within UCD social sciences include      with internationally renowned academics by completing research
regulation and governance; leadership; identity; conflict and       skills modules and research projects over the duration of their
inclusion; ethical public policy; human development; child and      undergraduate studies.

Undergraduate Research and Enquiry
WHAT WILL I LEARN?                                                CURRENT UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH PROJECTS
Students studying social sciences at UCD will develop strong       • Impact of wealth and population on Olympic success
research skills and will:                                          • What factors influence feelings of personal safety?
  • Work with leading Irish researchers                            • World Bank development projects and internal
  • Work with data to understand social and economic                 displacement
     problems                                                      • Economic development and obesity
  • Critically evaluate others’ research work                      • Effect of Brexit on Ireland-UK trade
  • Present and communicate research results.                      • Media & quality of US democracy in Trump era
  • Undertake independent research on a local, national or         • One parent households and child educational performance
     global issue of interest to them.
                                                                   • Has quality of life in Ireland declined since 2008?
                                                                   • Human Computer Interaction
                                                                   • Information and digital literacy

                                                               What our Students Say
                                                                 The sociology component of my degree has allowed
                                                                  me to develop practical research skills and a critical,
                                                                    analytical and informed world-view. I have studied
                                                                     gender, crime, migration, housing inequalities,
                                                                       work, culture, masculinities, social stratification
                                                                         and classical and contemporary theory.
                                                                             Jake Ryan
                                                                               Sociology Student

  4   UCD Social Sciences
    UCD has more than
                                                                            you know?
    exchange partners
                                                                        You can study abroad even if you
                                                                         don't speak a foreign language.
                                                                       UCD has exchanges with Australia,
       worldwide                                                         Canada, New Zealand, the UK
                                                                          and the US as well as English-
                                                                         speaking opportunities in Asia
                                                                                   and Europe.

Study Abroad
Study Abroad                                                          What our Students Say
UCD encourages all undergraduate students to experience                                  I met friends for life on my year abroad in
studying abroad. In an increasingly complex global age, UCD                              Singapore who I speak to daily. I learned
provides an international context for your studies, giving you the                       how to be more independent and I feel like
opportunity to benefit from a transformational experience in the                         there's nothing I can't do now. I could not
wider world.                                                                             recommend doing a year abroad enough!
All UCD social sciences degrees support students to apply for                            Niamh Simmons
study abroad opportunities. Students of BSc Psychology, BSc                              Psychology Major - studied for a year
Economics and BSocSc Social Policy and Sociology may apply                               abroad at Nanyang Technological University,
for a year abroad in a partner university, extending their degree                        Singapore
from 3 to 4 years and leading to the award of a BSc or BSocSc
International degree.                                                                    Having the opportunity to study in an
Students of BSc Social Sciences may apply for a semester or a year                       international and diverse university for my
study abroad opportunity depending on their subject or pathway                           year abroad, while also being immersed in
choices as one of the third year options offered in their 4 year                         a very different culture, has enhanced my
degree. Check subject pages for more information available for                           understanding of international societies and
each subject.                                                                            policies. This has deepened my knowledge of
                                                                                         my field of study at UCD, as well as helped
                                                                                         in shaping my career prospects for the
How do I apply?                                                                          future.
You apply for study abroad the year before you go. You will be                           Rebecca Westman
invited to an information session in Year 2 and receive guidance on                      Economics & Social Policy Major
how to apply.                                                                            Year spent at KU Leuven, Belgium

                                                                                                             UCD Social Sciences       5
Social Sciences
Graduate Study
There is no limit to where a social sciences degree can take you         You may also choose to convert your undergraduate degree with
in your future career. You may undertake a Masters related to            a Higher Diploma or Master's in a brand new discipline. Graduates
a discipline you studied in your undergraduate degree, such as           in social sciences subjects can apply directly to selected Master's
international relations, experimental archaeology or behavioural         degrees in Law, Business and Computer Science as well as many
economics. A social sciences degree also allows you to progress to       other disciplines.
a range of interdisciplinary Master's degrees in fields such as public
                                                                         See below for a sample of Master’s degrees open to Social
policy, cognitive science, criminology, human rights, geopolitics,
                                                                         Sciences students in UCD. Visit subjects pages to find out how to
development studies, equality studies, digital information
                                                                         specialise in your chosen social sciences subject area and to find
management, urban environment, world heritage management
                                                                         out more about your subject-specific graduate study and career
and more.
Civil and Public Service                                                 Business and Finance
Master of Public Policy                                                  MSc Management
MSc European Governance                                                  MSc Project Management
MA/MSc Politics & International Relations                                MSc Strategic Management & Planning
MSocSc Crime, Violence & Conflict                                        MSc Supply Chain Management
MSocSc Race, Migration & Decolonial Studies                              MSc Human Resource Management
MSocSc Health, Wellbeing & Society                                       MSc Marketing Practice
MSc World Heritage Management & Conservation                             MSc Marketing
                                                                         MSc Behavioural Economics
Non-Governmental Organisations/Not-for-Profit Sector
MA Geopolitics & the Global Economy                                      Law and Society
MA/MSc International Development                                         Masters in Common Law
MSc Equality Studies                                                     LLM European Law & Public affairs
MSc Environmental Policy                                                 MSc International Business & Law
MSc Geographies of the Global South                                      MSc Human Rights
MSc Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development                          MSc Criminology & Criminal Justice

MSc Computer Science
MSc Data Analytics
MSc Digital Information Management
MSc Information Systems
MSc Digital Innovation
MSc Social Data Analytics

   6    UCD Social Sciences
Social Sciences
Graduates of UCD social sciences progress to careers in             You'll find more detailed information relevant to each discipline
government, NGOs, the media and businesses as economists,           on the subject pages in this prospectus.
policymakers, environmentalists, activists, information managers,
                                                                    UCD provides career support to students throughout their time
HR managers, entrepreneurs, journalists, statisticians, urban
                                                                    in UCD including career coaching and opportunities for personal
planners, archaeologists, librarians, secondary school teachers,
                                                                    and professional development through the University's Career
social workers, researchers and many more professions across the
                                                                    Development Centre. Find out more at www.ucd.ie/careers
public and private sectors.

Politics and Policy                                                 Non-Governmental Organisations/Not-for-Profit Sector
Politician                                                          Corporate Social Responsibility
Lobbyist                                                            Human Rights Lawyer
Policy Analysis                                                     International Agencies
Diplomatic Service                                                  Humanitarian NGOs
Public Affairs Consultant                                           Environmental Policymaking
Government Social Researcher                                        International NGOs
Media Strategist                                                    Policy and Environmental Consultancy
Campaign Manager                                                    Charity Sector

Media and Communications                                            Public and Civil Service
Journalism                                                          Foreign Affairs
Communications                                                      Public Sector Management
Broadcasting                                                        Health Service Management
Print and Online Media                                              Semi-State Bodies
Public Relations                                                    Government Agencies
Public Affairs                                                      Heritage Management
                                                                    Business and Finance/Human Resources
Knowledge Management Analysis
                                                                    Management Consultancy
Information Management
                                                                    Marketing and Advertising
Education and Research                                              Recruitment
Secondary School Teacher                                            Business Analytics
University Lecturer                                                 Banking and Finance
Academia                                                            Insurance
Social Researcher                                                   Corporate Social Responsibility
Research Analyst                                                    Market Research Analyst
Data Analyst

                                                                                                               UCD Social Sciences      7
Social Sciences
Undergraduate Degree Options
September 2020 entry
Making the Right Choice
There are four degrees in social sciences in UCD. Each degree has a separate CAO code.

               BSc                               BSocSc                               BSc                                 BSc
      SOCIAL SCIENCES                   SOCIAL POLICY &                       PSYCHOLOGY                          ECONOMICS

             4 years                             3 years                            3 years                             3 years

          DN700                               DN750                              DN720                               DN710
The four-year BSc in Social          This three-year BSocSc Social      The three-year BSc in               The three-year BSc in Economics
Sciences is a new social sciences    Policy & Sociology degree is       Psychology is a professional        is a Single-Major degree for
degree developed for students        a Joint Major in Social Policy     degree accredited by the            students who are focused on
who want to explore a diverse        and Sociology. This degree was     Psychological Society of Ireland.   studying only economics as a
array of social sciences subjects.   previously named the BSocSc        You study Psychology in UCD         single subject. Graduates often
Throughout your degree, you          in Social Science. Graduates       as a single subject degree only.    progress to further study to
study core modules in your           often progress to further study    Graduates often progress to         become Economists. When you
chosen subjects along with           to become social workers and       further study to become Clinical    apply for this degree via the
optional modules in a variety        related professions. When you      Psychologists. When you apply       CAO, you choose DN710 BSc
of social sciences subjects.         apply for this degree via the      for this degree via the CAO, you    Economics.
There are options to change          CAO, you choose DN750 BSocSc       choose DN720 BSc Psychology.
your subject choices at the end      Social Policy and Sociology.
of first year if you wish. The
course map overleaf shows what
subject combinations you can
 Leaving Certificate Minimum          Leaving Certificate Minimum        Leaving Certificate Minimum         Leaving Certificate Minimum
 Entry Requirements                   Entry Requirements                 Entry Requirements                  Entry Requirements
 Grade H5 in two subjects and         Grade H5 in two subjects and       Grade H5 in two subjects and        Grade H5 in two subjects and
 a minimum of Grade O6/H7             a minimum of Grade O6/H7           a minimum of Grade O6/H7            a minimum of Grade O6/H7
 in the remaining four subjects.      in the remaining four subjects.    in the remaining four subjects.     in the remaining four subjects.
 06/H7 in English, Irish and          06/H7 in English, Irish and        06/H7 in English, Irish and         06/H7 in English and Irish, H5
 Mathematics.                         Mathematics.                       Mathematics.                        in Mathematics.
                                                                               Go to page 50 to view all entry routes into these degrees. 
  8    UCD Social Sciences
BSc Social Sciences                                                                                                               DN700
With the four-year Social Sciences degree, you choose DN700 at CAO and then select
your preferred option below. Your subject choices are guaranteed. There are options to                                         BSc Social Sciences
change subject choices at the end of first year if you wish.

                                                                    Choose one of these five options

                                                                                                                                                 Two Subject
    Archaeology, Geography                   Computational               Economics, Mathematics            Philosophy, Politics
          & History                           Social Science                  & Statistics                    & Economics

                                             TWO SUBJECT COMBINATION
                                JOINT MAJOR
                                                                                                                 With a Major/Minor degree, such as
                                You study an equal number of modules
                                                                                                                 Archaeology with Art History, you study
                                in both subjects, such as Archaeology
                                                                                                                 substantially more modules in your
                                and Economics.
                                                                                                                 Major subject, that is, Archaeology.

           Studying Archaeology                         Studying Economics                     Studying Geography                    Studying Information &
                                                                                                                                     Communication Studies
          as a Joint Major with one                   as a Joint Major with one              as a Joint Major with one              as a Joint Major with one
                 of the below:                               of the below:                          of the below:                          of the below:
         Economics           Sociology              Archaeology         Sociology          Archaeology         Sociology
                                                                                                                                   Archaeology         Sociology
         Geography          Mathematics              Geography        Mathematics           Economics         Mathematics
                                                                                                                                    Economics         Mathematics
        Information &                               Information &                          Information &
       Communication        Social Justice         Communication      Social Justice      Communication       Social Justice
                                                                                                                                    Geography         Social Justice
            Studies                                     Studies                                Studies
         Philosophy           Statistics             Philosophy         Statistics          Philosophy          Statistics          Philosophy          Statistics
          Politics &                                  Politics &                             Politics &
        International                               International                          International                             Politics &
          Relations                                   Relations                              Relations                             International
        OR with one Minor subject                    OR with one Minor subject             OR with one Minor subject
                                                                                                                                   OR with one Minor subject
         Art History        Irish Folklore            History            German               English            History
                                                                                                                                      Music               Irish
      Celtic Civilisation     Chinese                 Chinese              Irish             Geology              Irish
       Greek & Roman                                                                      Greek & Roman
                                Irish                                                                          Linguistics
         Civilisation                                                                       Civilisation

                                                        Studying Politics and
             Studying Philosophy                                                               Studying Sociology                    Studying Social Justice
                                                       International Relations

          as a Joint Major with one                   as a Joint Major with one             as a Joint Major with one               as a Joint Major with one
                 of the below:                               of the below:                         of the below:                           of the below:
         Archaeology          Sociology              Archaeology        Philosophy                             Politics &          Archaeology         Philosophy
                                                                                           Archaeology       International
          Economics         Mathematics               Economics         Sociology                              Relations                                Politics &
                                                                                                                                    Economics         International
         Geography          Social Justice           Geography         Social Justice      Economics         Mathematics                                Relations
        Information &                               Information &                          Geography         Social Justice         Geography          Sociology
       Communication          Statistics           Communication         Statistics
                                                                                          Information &                            Information &
            Studies                                     Studies
                                                                                         Communication         Statistics         Communication
          Politics &                                 Mathematics                              Studies                                  Studies
          Relations                                  OR with one Minor subject             Philosophy
                                                                                                                                  You can also study
         OR with one Minor subject                    Linguistics          Irish           OR with one Minor subject              selected social sciences
           Chinese               Irish                 Chinese            Italian          Art History          German            subjects as part of a
                                                                                                                                  degree in Law or a degree
            Greek            Linguistics               French            Spanish             English              Irish
                                                                                                                                  in Arts and Humanities.
                                                       German                               Linguistics          Italian          Visit www.myucd.ie to
                                                                                                                                  find out more.

                                                                                                                                           UCD Social Sciences         9
Years 3 & 4 Opportunities                                                                                 DN700
There are many opportunities and benefits available to students within the structure of
BSc Social Sciences to explore their interests and develop valuable skills depending on             BSc Social Sciences
their subject or pathway choices.

           INTERNSHIP                       STUDY ABROAD              RESEARCH-BASED LEARNING                EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING

   Students have the opportunity            Students can apply        Students will be introduced to a           Students will have the
       to apply for an optional           to study abroad for a        range of approaches to learning      opportunity to participate in
     internship over a semester         semester or a year in Year      that are driven by a process of     an engaged learning process
    in Year 3 depending on their          3. This transformative      inquiry including problem-based        where they “learn by doing”
   subject choices. Students who           experience enhances       learning, project work, field-work         and then reflect on the
  remain on campus will also have         awareness of cultural                and case studies.             experience to develop new
   opportunities to become world          differences and global                                           skills, attitudes or new ways of
           and work ready.                      citizenship.                                                             thinking

Internship Programme
Social Sciences Internship Programme                                 Why Internships?
The Social Sciences Internship Programme provides students           An internship is an experiential learning experience that provides
with the opportunity to apply for an optional internship with a      lifelong academic, personal and professional benefits. With an
government agency, not-for-profit organisation or business to        internship you can:
gain valuable work experience related to their field of study. A
                                                                       • apply your skills and knowledge in the real world of work
professional placement enables you to put the knowledge and
skills you acquire in Year 1 and Year 2 into practice and helps        • increase your understanding about a particular role or
inform your future career choices.                                       industry sector
                                                                       • enhance your confidence in a workplace context to ease your
What is an Internship?                                                   future transition to professional life
In an internship, you take up a role in an organisation to gain        • try out roles and organisations to see what suits you and
work experience for a fixed period of time. Employers value the          whether you suit that particular industry or job type
skills and experience gained by graduates who have completed
internships.                                                           • increase your awareness of possible roles you may not have

How long is an Internship?                                             • grow your network providing you with opportunities when
                                                                         you are seeking employment as a graduate and throughout
Internships are offered in Year 3 and involve a one semester
                                                                         your future career
                                                                       • gain experience in the world of professional work and real-
                                                                         world organisational dynamics
                                                                       • demonstrate your skills, ability and attitude to future

What our Students Say
I benefited from the opportunity to meet and learn from
professionals working in my chosen field of study. I gained
invaluable knowledge of what to expect on a day-to-
day basis at the very intersection where theory meets
practical application. This opportunity answered many
of my questions and helped cement my decision
about the career I would pursue after college.
Anthony Byrne
Social Sciences Student

  10   UCD Social Sciences
Studying Social Sciences
with a Language
Studying Social Sciences with languages on the BSc Social Sciences degree
programme, you will spend Year 3 at one of our partner Universities across the
globe including in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Chile and China.

This exciting pathway combines study in a social sciences discipline            In Year 3, you will live and study in another city, immersing yourself in
with the opportunity to study a language. Along with developing a               the culture of another country, exploring your social sciences subject in
high standard of language competency, you will enjoy a transformative           another environment. You will usually take social sciences modules in the
educational experience that will inform you about the world around you.         host language (except Chinese where you will study the Chinese language
In addition to building your proficiency in speaking, writing and listening,    along with social sciences modules through English). In your final year,
you will develop greater awareness of the cultures and societies in which       you return to UCD and take advanced modules in both your social
the language you are studying is embedded. With the exception of                sciences and language subject.
French (H4 in Leaving Certificate or equivalent) and Irish (H3 in Leaving
                                                                                Optional modules for this pathway will allow students explore social
Certificate or equivalent), you have the option to study these languages
                                                                                sciences in a global context, gaining insight into comparative social
from beginner level.
                                                                                science questions and key global issues.
During your first two years, you will take modules in your chosen social
                                                                                As a social sciences student, you will be introduced to research methods
science discipline (Archaeology, Economics, Geography, Information and
                                                                                from your first year. Throughout your degree, you will develop your
Communication Studies, Philosophy, Politics and International Relations
                                                                                research skills and learn to analyse, evaluate and present your knowledge
or Sociology) and in your chosen language (French, German, Spanish,
                                                                                in a compelling and useful way, with advanced training and research
Italian, Irish or Chinese).
                                                                                opportunities available during your final year.

                                                                                               MINOR SUBJECT

                                                            Chinese            French        German            Irish          Italian         Spanish
                Archaeology                                     ü                                               ü
                Economics                                       ü                               ü               ü
                Geography                                                                                       ü
                Information & Communication Studies                                                             ü
                Philosophy                                      ü                                               ü
                Politics and International Relations            ü                ü              ü               ü                ü               ü
                Sociology                                                                       ü               ü                ü

The combination of a social sciences discipline and a language opens the        Many relevant graduate study opportunities are available at UCD
door to a range of different careers across the public, private and not-for-    including Human Rights, European Public Affairs and Law, Modern
profit sectors, including the Irish Civil Service, the European Commission,     Languages, Development Practice, European Politics & Policy,
International Agencies such as the UN, IMF and World Bank, NGOs,                Nationalism & Ethnic Conflict, Philosophy & Public Affairs, Social Data
tourism, teaching and multinational and Irish companies.                        Analytics and Race, Migration & Decolonial Studies.

                                                                                                                              UCD Social Sciences         11
                   Archaeology, Geography
                   and History

This pathway brings together the archival             Students will study modules in Archaeology,
strengths of History, the spatial expertise           Geography and History as well as
of Geography, and the material analytical             interdisciplinary modules designed specifically
approaches of Archaeology to develop                  for this programme. This will include key
understandings of how the landscape shaped            methods and principles of the three disciplines,
humans at the same time as humans shape               drawing on Irish and international case studies
the landscape. It is a unique interdisciplinary       and standards. Teaching will include classroom
combination of natural and cultural                   based learning, laboratory, archive and field
perspectives on the formation, cultural               components, with an emphasis on high levels of
significance and management of the landscape.         student engagement, culminating in a student-
The programme has clear links to the                  led interdisciplinary research project in the final
expanding Heritage sector and students will           year of the programme. A range of assessment
develop a range of transferable skills.               types including essays, reviews, portfolios,
                                                      lab reports, projects, exams and substantial          University of Vienna in Austria is one of many
                                                      independent research will be undertaken.              possible study abroad destinations.

                                                                                                            Study Abroad
Careers with Archaeology, Geography & History
                                                                                                            You can apply to study abroad for a semester
As well as developing a deeper understanding          Graduates of this programme will be well              or a year in partner universities worldwide.
of the relationships between humans and their         placed for employment in a range of careers           Previous Students have studied abroad in:
environments through space and time, there            or for further study. The emphasis on
is a strong emphasis within this programme            understanding dynamic human-environment               Austria                  Spain
on developing the documentary, archival,              interactions is relevant to careers in planning,      Cyprus                   Sweden
cartographic and fieldwork skills of students.        heritage management, sustainability or                Denmark                  UK
This range of skills relevant to Archaeology,         to postgraduate work in any of the three
                                                                                                            France                   US
Geography and History are relevant to a range         disciplines. Other potential careers include:
of careers, and are complemented by the core          secondary school teaching, the archaeology            Germany                  China
transferable skills of writing, research, analysis,   profession, the museum sector, Geographic             Italy                    Australia
critical thinking and oral communication that         Information systems, research careers,                Norway
are key elements of this programme.                   surveying, cartography, archive and library
                                                      work, as well as consultancy roles in both the
                                                      public and private sector.
                                                                                                            In Year 3, you can apply for an optional
                         What our Students Say                                                              internship in a range of organisations in the
                         Studying this combination of subjects was not only academically                    public and private sectors, for example:
                         beneficial but very exciting. Although each discipline has its own unique
                                                                                                            GIS                      Tourism
                         characteristics, they perfectly complemented each other, which meant
                         that studying one subject strongly promoted my development in the                  Planning                 NGO's
                         others. As a result of the great variety of modules offered, I could always        Heritage                 Museums
                         find the ones that matched my interests and I could gain and develop               Conservation             Charities
                         strong critical and analytical skills through courses that I truly enjoyed.
                         During my time as a student, I received incredible support from the
                         teaching and technical staff, who went far beyond my expectations.
                         I would recommend this combination of courses to anyone who is                     Contact Us
                         interested in both environmental and social sciences.
                         Csaba Horvath
                         Archaeology and Geography Graduate                                                         +353 1 716 8179 / 8312
12    UCD Social Sciences
Archaeology, Geography and History                                                                                                   DN700
 Year 1                                                       Engage with the Principles

           Introduction to the
                                                     Creating History                   Mapping a Sustainable World                  Making the Irish Landscape
          Archaeology of Ireland

              Anthropology                        Exploring Archaeology                 The Making of Modern Europe                   Peoples, Places, Regions

 Year 2                                                      Deepen Your Understanding

      Archaeology of Landscapes                       History Today                         Fieldstudies in Ireland             Global Historical Geographies

                                                                                                                                          Intro to GIS for
            Cultural Heritage                     Early Medieval Ireland                     Islam & Christianity
                                                                                                                                        the Social Sciences

                       Many additional specialist options are available in Year 3 and Year 4 and options are reviewed and updated regularly.

 Year 3                                                         Refine your Knowledge

                                                                                          Florence: The making of a
           Optional Internship                     The Irish Revolution                                                         Environment and Sustainability
                                                                                             medieval city-state

                                                                                                                                    Environmental Archaeology
          Optional Study Abroad              Overseas Geography fieldcourse                The Age of Stonehenge
                                                                                                                                            in Practice

 Year 4                                                          Further
                                                                 Further Specialisation

                                                                                                      Living on the Edge: Ireland          History of the British
            Dissertation              The Urban Environment             Heritage Management
                                                                                                       and Empire AD 400–700               Atlantic, 1607–1776

                                              Historical Geography of Ireland
     River Catchment Management                                                              Public Archaeology                     The Archaeology of Collapse
                                                    in the 19th century

                                                     BSc Archaeology, Geography & History

                                                UCD Graduate Study and Career Opportunities

Specialise in Archaeology, History                           Complementary/Conversion                                           Shape your Career
     or Geography with UCD                                       Master’s Degrees

  MA Archaeology | MSc Urban Environment                              MSc Environmental Policy                                  GIS Technician/ Consultant
       MSc Experimental Archaeology                                   MSc Information Systems                                            Archaeologist
     MSc World Heritage Management                             MSc Sustainable Agriculture & Rural                                   Cartographer/Surveyor
          MA History | MA Geography                                      Development                                                   Archivist/Libraries
 MA European History | MA in Public History                         Master of Business Studies                                      Secondary School Teacher
    MSc Geographies of the Global South                          MSc International Management                                               Planning
  MA Geopolitics and the Global Economy                                    MSc Marketing                                        Management Consultancy
      MSc Applied Geospatial Analysis                         PME Professional Masters in Education                      Researcher in the public or private sector
                                                                        Master of Public Policy                          Corporate Environmental Responsibility
                                                                        MSc Digital Curation                                 Arts and Education Policymaking
                 MLitt | PhD                                            MSc Computer Science                                   Environmental Policymaking
                                                                      Masters in Common Law

             Research & Academia
                                                                                                                                            UCD Social Sciences       13
                  Computational Social

Do you want to explore what big data can            social phenomena and individual behaviour.
uncover about individuals, social networks          The new BSc degree in Computational Social
and social groups? Big data insights about          Science is at the forefront of this development
how people behave are critical, not only for        in Europe. It provides a unique combination of
organisations such as Facebook, Google and          training in social sciences subjects. You learn
Twitter, but increasingly all organisations in      how to understand human social behaviour
both the private and public sector. The new         through data analysis, social simulation, and
BSc degree in Computational Social Science          mathematical modelling, providing crucial skills
provides excellent employment opportunities         for a competitive job market. Students usually
for social media companies, but also for            attend lectures and participate in seminar
traditional sectors where the analysis of social    discussions and lab tutorials. Assessment
and consumer data is ever more important.           is based on assignments throughout the
Strong analytical skills are combined with solid    semester, small group work, individual
training in social sciences subjects, such as       reports, traditional exams and other forms of       University of Copenhagen in Denmark is one
Sociology, Politics, Economics or Geography.        assessment.                                         of many possible study abroad destinations.
Our social world is dramatically changing. We
                                                    If you do not achieve a H4 or higher in Leaving
are all connected and leave digital footprints
                                                    Certificate Mathematics (or equivalent),            Study Abroad
                                                    then you must complete an introductory
Computational Social Science is about               Mathematics module in Semester 1 of your first      Semester-long study opportunities will
leveraging the power of big data, computer          year.                                               be offered in a number of European
simulations and social networks to understand                                                           destinations, Canada and Australia.

Careers with Computational Social Science                                                               Internships
This degree is designed to prepare students         There is also increasing demand for graduates       In Year 3, you can apply for an optional
for employment related to the analysis of           who can combine social sciences training with       internship in a range of organisations in the
social data. Big data related expertise is in       analytical and programming skills in Healthcare,    public and private sectors, for example:
high demand in Information Technology               Government, Education, Entertainment and
companies including social media giants such        Media. The degree leads to a range of graduate      Social Data Analytics
as Google, Twitter and Facebook as well as          study opportunities in social sciences, social      Data Driven Analytics
traditional sectors such as Finance, Insurance,     data analytics, statistics or computer science.     Social Networks
Manufacturing, Retail and Energy.
                         What our Students Say                                                          Healthcare
                         Computational Social Science allows me to study areas I’m interested           Travel
                         in, ranging from political and sociological studies to the mathematical        Government
                         aspects of research. I feel computational social science is an important,
                         emerging field which combines social sciences and computer science by          Manufacturing
                         creating a link between the two and thereby providing an understanding
                         of how to interpret social data. This degree will provide me with the skills
                         and competencies to understand the ever-increasing world of big data,
                         and how to accurately analyse vast amounts of information that is being
                                                                                                        Contact Us
                         driven by a more connected digital space. I know that this will provide me
                                                                                                        UCD School of Sociology
                         with many interesting and unique opportunities and pave the way for a
                         rewarding career.                                                                  www.ucd.ie/sociology
                         Saoirse McKenna                                                                    thomas.grund@ucd..ie
                         Computational Social Science student

14    UCD Social Sciences
Computational Social Science                                                                              DN700
 Year 1                                                      Engage with the Principles

         Introduction to                                                                        Introduction to               Plus core modules in any two of
                                                  Statistical Modelling                                                            the following subjects:
    Computational Social Science                                                                Programming 1
             Linear Algebra 1                       Digital Judgement                  Information and Social Media

 Year 2                                                      Deepen Your Understanding

                                                                                                Introduction to                Continue with core and option
                Calculus 1                         Probability Theory                                                          modules in your two subjects:
                                                                                                Programming 2

                       Many additional specialist options are available in Year 3 and Year 4 and options are reviewed and updated regularly.
Year 3                                                          Refine Your Knowledge

          Statistical Data Mining            Social Dynamics and Networks                       Web Multimedia               Continue with your two subjects:
         Relational Databases and
                                                 Optional Study Abroad                      Optional Internship                           Politics
           Information Systems

Year 4                                                           Further Specialisation

   Workshop and Research Project                  Law Ethics and Data                    Data Programming with R                Continue with your subjects:
           Data Mining               Introduction to InformationSpatial
                                               Spatial           SystemsInformation AdvancedAdvanced
     Data Mining                                                                                                                          Politics
                                    Creative Thinking                Systems                     Analytics

                                                         BSc Computational Social Science
                                               UCD Graduate Study and Career Opportunities

       Specialise with                                       Complementary/Conversion                                         Shape your Career
    UCD School of Sociology                                      Master’s Degrees

                                                                    MSc in Computer Science                                          Data Analyst
         MSc in Social Data Analytics
                                                                    MSc Quantitative Finance                                          Researcher
               MSc in Sociology
                                                              MSc Digital Information Management                                       Journalist
                                                                          MSc Management                                             Programmer
                                                                      MSc Digital Marketing                                           Consultant
     MLitt Sociology | PhD Sociology                                 Masters in Common Law                                           Civil Servant
 PhD Complex Systems and Computational                                  MSc in Data Analytics
             Social Science
                                                                    MSc in Business Analytics
     PhD Quantitative Social Science

            Research & Academia                                  optional
                                                                                                                                        UCD Social Sciences     15
Economics, Mathematics                                                                                           DN700
                   and Statistics

If you are interested in Mathematics, Statistics     Through your study you will develop skills
and Economics, then this programme enables           in data analysis, and be supported in the
you to shed light on these areas in depth while      development of your analytical and problem-
also emphasising how they complement each            solving skills, as well as in the application of
other. Economists employ mathematics to              these skills to understanding real economic
design theoretical models and use statistics         issues. The degree will provide a structured
to test these models and to explore the              approach to developing skills of analysis,
tremendous amount of data that is generated          problem design and resolution using
by the economy. In turn, the models and              mathematics, economic theory, data analysis
data that are part of the study of Economics         and statistical methods. Assessment will be
provide an interesting source of applications        through a combination of end-of-semester            University of New South Wales in Sydney,
for students that have learned mathematical          written examinations, projects and continuous       Australia, is one of many possible study
and statistical skills. You will study Economics,    assessment.                                         abroad destinations.
Mathematics and Statistics, providing you with
                                                     In order to study this degree, we strongly
a solid foundation in all three subjects. You will
                                                     recommend that you have at least a Grade
                                                                                                         Study Abroad
also be given the opportunity to specialise in
                                                     H4 in Leaving Certificate Mathematics or            Students may apply to study abroad at
the latter stages of your degree, for example,
                                                     equivalent. If you do not achieve this grade
in applied economics, advanced statistics,                                                               international partner universities in third
                                                     or higher, then you must complete an
mathematical modelling of complex processes,                                                             year.
                                                     introductory Level 0 UCD Mathematics module
or developing “Big Data” skills.
                                                     in Semester 1 of your first year.                   US                     Netherlands
                                                                                                         Italy                  Belgium
Careers with                                                                                             Germany                Australia

Economics, Mathematics & Statistics
Many students pursue graduate study in               further developing analytical and professional      Internships
Economics, Mathematics or Statistics leading         skills. Postgraduate qualifications are necessary
to Masters and PhD degrees. Both the School of       to work as a professional economist.                In Year 3, you can apply for an optional
Economics and the School of Mathematics and                                                              internship in a range of organisations in the
Statistics offer Masters programmes aimed at                                                             public and private sectors, for example:
                                                                                                         Broadcasting             Finance
                                                                                                         Communications           Business
                                                      What our Students Say                              Banking                  Journalism
                                                      I have always enjoyed studying Economics
                                                      and Mathematics and so I had an interest
                                                      in pursuing this subject combination in my
                                                      degree. I chose Economics, Mathematics             Contact Us
                                                      and Statistics as my degree to gain a solid
                                                      foundation in all three subjects as I am           UCD School of Mathematics and
                                                      interested in pursuing a career in quantitative    Statistics
                                                      research in the Financial Sector. I enjoy
                                                      the practical and theoretical elements to               www.ucd.ie/mathstat
                                                      the degree and the teaching staff are very              mathsandstats@maths.ucd.ie
                                                      Thomas Johnston

16    UCD Social Sciences
Economics, Mathematics and Statistics                                                                                             DN700
Year 1                                                      Engage with the Principles

     Introduction to Economics                          Calculus                       Principles of Microeconomics                 Practical Statistics

  Combinatorics & Number Theory              Principles of Macroeconomics                  Statistical Modelling                     Linear Algebra 1

   Introduction to Programming

Year 2                                                      Deepen Your Understanding

   Intermediate Microeconomics
                                                   Probability Theory                      Multivariable Calculus             Intermediate Macroeconomics

         Algebraic Structures                       Linear Algebra 2                               Analysis                        Predictive Analytics

                      Many additional specialist options are available in Year 3 and Year 4 and options are reviewed and updated regularly.
Year 3                                                         Refine Your Knowledge

             Econometrics                          Complex Analysis                         Time Series Analysis              Specialist Economics Options

          Stochastic Models                     Financial Mathematics                     Optional Study Abroad                    Optional Internship

Year 4                                                             Further Specialisation

         Multivariate Statistics                 Monte Carlo Inference                  Statistical Machine Learning            Optiminisation in Finance

   Specialist Economics Options                      Cryptography                                Game Theory                         Research Project

                                                 BSc Economics, Mathematics and Statistics

                                              UCD Graduate Study and Career Opportunities

     Specialise with UCD                                                                                                      Shape your Career
                                                                Master’s Degrees

         MSc in Applied Economics                                    GradDip Actuarial Science                                       Economist
                MA Statistics                                PME Professional Masters in Education                              Financial Consultant
  MSc Data and Computational Science                          MSc Computer Science (Conversion)                                  Trainee Accountant
            MSc Data Analytics                                         MSc Business Analytics                                      Trainee Actuary
                                                                     MSc Quantitative Finance                                         Journalist
                                                                        MSc Actuarial Science                                          Teacher
                    MLitt                                                                                                            Statistician
                    PhD                                                                                                             Civil Servant

           Research & Academia

                                                                                                                                       UCD Social Sciences        17
                  Philosophy, Politics
                  and Economics

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)             This programme provides both a well-
provides a broad and deep understanding              rounded education in Philosophy, Politics
of how a society works, and indeed how               and Economics, and every opportunity for
international society works. It examines the         you to determine for yourself which subject
complex economic and political forces in play,       or combination of subjects you would like to
the problems of measuring and assessing the          specialise in. Generally, assessment will be by
health of society, and the principles of justice     take-home essay and by exam-based essay
that should guide political decision-making          in Philosophy and Politics, and by project
to improve society. PPE will teach students          and mathematical assignment in Economics.
how to read beyond media headlines, and              Continuous online assessment may also be
                                                                                                          University of Connecticut in Mansfield, US, is one
where to find more information about the hot         used. There will be an optional final-year
                                                                                                          of many possible study abroad destinations.
policy questions of the day, in national and         research project.
international contexts. PPE provides a thorough
grounding in all three disciplines that are core
                                                     If you do not achieve a O3/H7 or higher              Study Abroad
                                                     in Leaving Certificate Mathematics (or
to the social sciences.
                                                     equivalent), you must complete an                    You can apply to study abroad for a
The programme is quite structured at first, but      introductory Mathematics module during               semester in partner universities offering PPE
allows more choice and more specialisation           Semester 1 of your first year.                       programmes across the globe including:
with each successive year.
                                                                                                          Belgium                 Germany
Careers with                                                                                              Netherlands             Canada
                                                                                                          Switzerland             US
Philosophy, Politics and Economics
The PPE degree combines three disciplines that       skills in research, analysis, written expression
share a commitment to rigour and problem-            and interpreting data.
solving that make it an ideal programme
                                                     There are considerable national and
of education for politicians, civil servants,
                                                     international employment opportunities in
journalists and managers. You will develop
                                                     the public sector and in industry. Graduates
essential skills for any career that requires
                                                     may pursue a specialist Master’s degree in
analysis, communication and problem solving.
                                                     Philosophy, Politics or Economics or progress
You will take a multidisciplinary approach to
                                                     to various interdisciplinary Master’s degrees in
a wide range of policy issues to practice your
                                                     related subjects.

                              What our Students Say
                              I chose to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) because
                              I really enjoyed studying Economics in school and always knew
                              that it was an area that I wanted to pursue. I also had an interest
                              in current affairs. The skills I am learning will be beneficial to future
                              employers who will be interested in employing critical thinkers
                                                                                                          Contact Us
                              and graduates who can apply their knowledge to many fields. I am                 www.ucd.ie/socialsciences
                              learning how to form a sound argument and developing research
                              skills from Philosophy, while gaining analytical and problem-solving             +353 1 716 8267
                              skills from Economics and the study of Politics is expanding my
                              communication and teamwork abilities.
                              Rebecca Troy

18    UCD Social Sciences
Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)                                                                                                      DN700
 Year 1                                                            Engage with the Principles

                                                       Foundations of
             Introducing PPE                                                               Introduction to Economics                     Introduction to Ethics
                                                    Contemporary Politics

    Foundations of Political Theory
                                               Introduction to Microeconomics                      Critical Thinking                 Principles of Macroeconomics
      and International Relations

             Introduction to
                                               Foundations of Political research             Problems of Philosophy                        Additional Option
          Quantitative Economics

 Year 2                                                        Deepen Your Understanding

     Philosophy of Social                  Knowledge and                                                        Intermediate
                                                                        Individuals and the State                                          One Philosophy Option
           Science                           Scepticism                                                       Microeconomics 1

                                                                                 Either                                                    Additional option from
     Research Methods in                                                                                       Intermediate
                                       Statistics for Economists          Comparative Politics                                            either Philosophy, Politics
       Political Science                                                                                      Macroeconomics
                                                                       or International Relations                                                or Economics

                            Many specialist options are available in Year 3 and Year 4 and options are reviewed and updated regularly.

Year 3                                                              Refine Your Knowledge

                                     Either Comparative Politics             Intermediate Statistics for International
                                                                                                         Economists Political                  Two additional
          Critical Theory
                                      or International Relations           Microeconomics 2                    Economy                       Philosophy Options

                                                                                              Additional option from
    International Political Economy        Intermediate Microeconomics 2          Additional Politics option                               Economics option
     Optional Study Abroad         Additional Politics Option      Economics Option          either Philosophy, Politics
                                                                                                    or Economics

Year 4                                                               Further Specialisation

                                                                    Choose two from the following:
   Philosophy or Politics or Economics Option
                                                                    5 Philosophy Options | 5 Politics Options                    Optional Research Project
         + 3 options from each discipline
                                                         OR         5 Economics Options

                                                       BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics

                                                 UCD Graduate Study and Career Opportunities

Specialise with UCD Philosophy,                                Complementary/Conversion
                                                                                                                                    Shape your Career
     Politics or Economics                                         Master’s Degrees

              MA in Philosophy                                            MSc Equality Studies                                        Media & Broadcasting
 MA in Contemporary European Philosophy                                MSc Humanitarian Action                                     Public-Sector Management
     MA in Philosophy & Public Affairs                                    MSc in Management                                          Marketing & Advertising
    MA/MSc in International Relations                                  MSc Information Systems                                          Politics | Education
   MA/MSc International Development                                    MSc in Marketing Practice                                       Humanitarian NGOs
     MSc in European Politics & Policy                                 MSc Environmental Policy                                     Management Consultancy
 MEconSc in European Public Affairs & Law                                Master of Public Policy                                  Business/Finance | Civil Service
          MSc in Applied Economics                                      Masters in Common Law                                    Recruitment & Human Resources
         MSc in Behavioural Economics                                Higher Diploma in Social Policy                                         Research
            MA in Political Theory                                   Higher Diploma in Psychology                            Foreign Affairs | International NGOs

     optional                                                                                                                                UCD Social Sciences        19

If you study Archaeology, we can promise             the past, from ancient manuscripts to the            University of Oslo in Norway is one of many
you that you will see the world, time and the        scientific analysis of plants, animals and           possible study abroad destinations.
human condition in an entirely new way.              materials. The blend of arts and sciences means
Archaeology is the investigation of societies
                                                     that, whatever your interests, there will be         Study Abroad
                                                     something for you to discover by studying
from their material remains. It is an exciting
                                                     archaeology.                                         You can apply to study abroad for a semester
discipline that investigates the full span of
                                                                                                          or year in partner universities worldwide.
human existence across the world from the            A variety of assessment methods are used, for
                                                                                                          Previous students have studied abroad in:
distant past to the modern day. This uniquely        example continuous assessment in the form of
enables us to reveal the astonishing diversity of    essays, projects, group work, oral presentations     Austria                  Spain
human culture and societies.                         and reports. Each mode of assessment is              Cyprus                   Sweden
                                                     designed to support your learning through the
Archaeology is a uniquely multidisciplinary                                                               Denmark                  Switzerland
                                                     programme and to build life skills that will be of
subject, using all sources of evidence from                                                               France                   UK
                                                     benefit beyond the programme.
                                                                                                          Germany                  US
                                                                                                          Italy                    China
                                                                                                          Norway                   Australia
Careers with Archaeology
Studying Archaeology provides a flexibility          policymakers in arts and education, journalists      Internships
of thought and a range of practical skills           and cultural critics and tourism leaders.
that make graduates highly employable in                                                                  In Year 3, you can apply for an optional
                                                     Graduate study opportunities in UCD                  internship in a range of organisations in the
a number of areas, including the varied and
                                                     include the MA in Archaeology, MSc in                public and private sectors, for example:
expanding heritage sector. Graduates have also
                                                     Experimental Archaeology, the MSc in World
found employment within the archaeological                                                                Heritage                 Tourism
                                                     Heritage Management and the MLitt/PhD in
profession, in consultancy, professional
                                                     Archaeology.                                         Conservation             Media
contract work, museums and education.
Others have used their transferable skills to                                                             Museums                  Arts
become business and industry entrepreneurs,                                                               Archives                 Education

                                        What our Students Say                                             Other Archaeology
                                        I always had an interest in Archaeology, so when I came
                                        to UCD, I decided to try it. I really enjoyed the diversity it    You can also study Archaeology as a joint
                                        offered, the great field trips and the lifelong friends I made.   honours with History or English through
                                        My initial interest grew into something more than that and        DN520. You can also study Archaeology
                                        I decided to make a career of it. The fact that staff were so     through DN530 Humanities- Classics, Art
                                        approachable helped enormously.                                   History and Archaeology.

                                        I have now completed a PhD in UCD School of
                                        Archaeology, researching childhood in early medieval
                                        Ireland.                                                          Contact Us
                                        Denise Keating                                                    UCD School of Archaeology
                                        Archaeology PhD Graduate
20    UCD Social Sciences
Archaeology                                                                    DN700
Year 1                                                       Engage with the Principles

                                             Introduction to the Archaeology
          Exploring Archaeology                                                                  The Human Past                   Introduction to Anthropology
                                                        of Ireland

Year 2                                                       Deepen Your Understanding

            Archaeology                   Archaeology of
                                                                         People in Prehistory            Historical Archaeology          Archaeological Science
             of Things                      Landscapes

                            Many additional specialist options are available in Year 3 and Year 4 and options are reviewed and updated regularly.

Year 3                                                          Refine Your Knowledge

           Archaeology of Food                    Ancient Technologies                          Age of Stonehenge                      Optional Internship

         How Archaeologists Think              Environmental Archaeology                   Early Medieval Europe                     Optional Study Abroad

                                            You may apply to study a single-subject Archaeology Degree from Year 3.

Year 4                                                           Further Specialisation

         Archaeology & the Public             Southeast Asian Archaeology                  Farming and Agriculture                       Research Project

                                                   Medieval Buildings:
    The Archaeology of Collapse                                                             Minoan Archaeology
                                                    An archaeology

                                                                   BSc Social Sciences

                                                   Graduate Study and Career Opportunities

       Specialise with                                       Complementary/Conversion                                             Shape your Career
  UCD School of Archaeology                                      Master’s Degrees

                                                                           MA Geography                                                Heritage Sector
                                                                    MSc Environmental Policy                                           Archaeologist
               MA Archaeology
                                                                    MSc Information Systems                                            Museum Sector
     MSc Experimental Archaeology
    MSc World Heritage Management                              MSc Sustainable Agriculture & Rural                                 Cartographer/Surveyor
                                                                         Development                                                 Archivist/Libraries
                                                              MSc Geographies of the Global South                                        Researcher
                                                                         MSc Management                                                  Journalist
                                                                 MSc International Management                                             Tourism
              MLitt Archaeology
                                                                           MSc Marketing                                   Policy & Environmental Consultancy
              PhD Archaeology
                                                                     MSc Marketing Practice                                       Media & Communications
                                                              MSc Digital Information Management                                          Teaching
                                                                     MSc Computer Science                                             Arts & Education
             Research & Academia                                     Masters in Common Law                                        Public Sector Management


                                                                                                                                          UCD Social Sciences       21
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