UNIVERSITY OF THE YEAR - International Exchange Incoming Student Guide - Campus: la plate-forme de l'Ecole des Mines de ...

UNIVERSITY OF THE YEAR - International Exchange Incoming Student Guide - Campus: la plate-forme de l'Ecole des Mines de ...

        OF THE YEAR

International Exchange
Incoming Student Guide
UNIVERSITY OF THE YEAR - International Exchange Incoming Student Guide - Campus: la plate-forme de l'Ecole des Mines de ...
UNIVERSITY OF THE YEAR - International Exchange Incoming Student Guide - Campus: la plate-forme de l'Ecole des Mines de ...
       PRACTICAL INFORMATION                           1

       UNIVERSITY OF LIMERICK                           2
       FACULTIES & DEPARTMENTS IN UL                    2
       EXCHANGE CONTACTS                                3
       ORIENTATION PROGRAMME                            4
       ■   By Air                                      4
       ■   Airport Collection – Shannon Airport Only   4
       ■   By Train                                     5
       ■   By Bus                                      5

       STUDENT SERVICES                                 6
       ■   Visa & Immigration Requirements             6
       ■   Health Insurance                            7
       ■   Student Counselling                         7
       ■   Chaplaincy                                  8
       ■   Student Health Centre                       8
       ■   Disability Services                         9
       ■   Cost of Living                              10

       STUDYING AT UL                                  11
       ■   Academic Calendar                           11
       ■   Enrolment                                   11
       ■   Module Registration                         13
       ■   SULIS                                       13
       ■   Examinations & Assessment                   14
       ■   Class Timetable                             14
       ■   English Language Requirements               14
UNIVERSITY OF THE YEAR - International Exchange Incoming Student Guide - Campus: la plate-forme de l'Ecole des Mines de ...
         FACILITIES ON CAMPUS           16

         BUILDINGS ON CAMPUS            18
         LIBRARY		                      20
#TWO     COMPUTER FACILITIES            20
         E-MAIL		                       20
         SPORTS		                       21
         UNIVERSITY RESTAURANTS         22
         CAMPUS BARS/RESTAURANTS        22
         BANKING		                      22
         CRECHE		                       22
         USIT TRAVEL OFFICE             23
         BOOKSHOP		                     23
         SMALL FOODSTORE                23
         OTHER FACILITIES               24
         STUDENTS UNION                 24
         ■   Clubs & Societies          24
         ACCOMMODATION                  26
         ■   On-Campus Accommodation    26
         ■   Off-Campus Accommodation   28

         LIVING IN IRELAND              30

         GEOGRAPHY                      32
         ■   Landscape                  32
#THREE   ■   Climate                    32
         ■   Time Zone                  32
         ■   Currency                   32
         ■   Banking                    32
         ■   Credit Cards               33
         ■   Postal Service             33
         ■   Religion                   33
         ■   Safety                     33
         ■   Electricity                33
UNIVERSITY OF THE YEAR - International Exchange Incoming Student Guide - Campus: la plate-forme de l'Ecole des Mines de ...
■   Telephone                                          34
        ■   Radio & Television                                 34
        ■   Newspapers & Magazines                             34
        ■   Driving in Ireland                                 34
        ■   Public Holidays                                    34
        LIMERICK CITY                                          35
        ■   Limerick at a Glance                               35
        ■   Entertainment                                      37
        ■   Sport                                              38
        ■   Shopping                                           38
        ■   Eating Out                                         38
        ■   Cinema                                             38

        FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                             40


        APPENDICES                                             44

        APPENDIX 1: USEFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS                   46
        APPENDIX 2: MAP OF REGION                              47
#FIVE   APPENDIX 3: CAMPUS MAP                                 48
        APPENDIX 4: CAMPUS RESIDENCES MAP                      49
        APPENDIX 5: COUNSELLING INFORMATION                    50
UNIVERSITY OF THE YEAR - International Exchange Incoming Student Guide - Campus: la plate-forme de l'Ecole des Mines de ...
UNIVERSITY OF THE YEAR - International Exchange Incoming Student Guide - Campus: la plate-forme de l'Ecole des Mines de ...
1 #ONE
Practical Information
UNIVERSITY OF THE YEAR - International Exchange Incoming Student Guide - Campus: la plate-forme de l'Ecole des Mines de ...
                        University of Limerick

     The University of Limerick is an independent university established as the National Institute for Higher
     Education by the Government of Ireland in 1972.  It is located in the 600-acre National Technological
     Park on the banks of the river Shannon, 4km east of the medieval city of Limerick.

     A map of the region can be found in Appendix 2.

     The University was developed to help meet the rapidly changing economic and social needs that
     emerged on Ireland’s accession to the European Union in 1973. It is a dynamic institution, which plays
     a pivotal role in the economic development of the Mid-West region of Ireland.

     The University has also become a focus for a wide range of artistic activity and is home to the Irish
     Chamber Orchestra and the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance. Some fine collections of Irish
     Art are also housed in various locations on campus.  The compact nature of the campus and the
     University’s size foster a close sense of community.  The University believes strongly that the creation
     of a friendly, caring and cooperative atmosphere is essential to the successful pursuit of any study

                        Faculties & Departments in UL

     The University of Limerick undertakes programmes of education and research in its five constituent

                                        Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

                                                 Kemmy Business School

                                             Education & Health Sciences

                                        i            Science & Engineering

                                   Irish World Academy of Music & Dance

     More information on the faculties can be found on &

     Student enrolment is on average over 13,500 including undergraduate and graduate students;
     17% of these students are international.

UNIVERSITY OF THE YEAR - International Exchange Incoming Student Guide - Campus: la plate-forme de l'Ecole des Mines de ...
International ?Education Division

     The International Education Division (IED) at UL was first established in 2001 and is responsible for:

     • The European Union’s exchange programmes under: ERASMUS+
     • International Student Exchanges with countries outside the European Union.
     • The Study Abroad Programme which attracts students for one study semester or for a full academic
       year from the USA and other countries.
     • The recruitment of international students from Non-EU countries on full-time undergraduate and
       postgraduate programmes at the University of Limerick.
     • 3 week Summer Schools in Irish Studies and Engineering Studies.

     IED provides information and assistance to all international students and University of Limerick
     students undertaking a study placement abroad through Erasmus or International Exchange.  It also
     provides an orientation programme to give all incoming students further information, advice and
     support on arrival at the University of Limerick.

                    Exchange Contacts

     Lina Koseleva                                                     Maria Cooney
     Erasmus & Exchange Institutional Coordinator                      Senior Administrator
                                                                       International Exchange

     T: +353 61 202 304                                                T:   +353 61 213 322
     F: +353 61 213 062                                                F:   +353 61 213 062
     E:                                            E:                                 

     International Education Division
     Room EO-020, Main Building
     University of Limerick

     T: +353 61 213 153
     F: +353 61 213 062                                      

     Office Hours: Monday to Friday – 9.30am – 12.30pm & 14.30pm – 16.30pm

                  			                                                   INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   03
UNIVERSITY OF THE YEAR - International Exchange Incoming Student Guide - Campus: la plate-forme de l'Ecole des Mines de ...
                        Orientation Programme

     An Orientation Programme, organised by the International Education Division, introduces students to
     services and systems in operation at the University of Limerick, e.g. academic regulations, enrolment
     and module registration as well as health services, sports facilities, arts and entertainment.

     The Orientation Welcome Week for students takes place the week prior (referred to as Week Zero) to
     the commencement of classes.

     		                 Getting to the ?University of Limerick

         By Air
     Shannon International Airport (SNN) is the nearest airport to Limerick City.  Before leaving the airport
     ensure you have enough Euro (€) with you until more permanent banking arrangements have been
     made.  There is an ATM in the Arrivals terminal.

     There are taxis available from the airport to the campus.  The average cost is approximately €40-
     €60.Plassey Cabs ( a local taxi service will collect from the airport and
     bring to student accommodation. They offer a special student rate of €40 per car. Advanced booking
     is essential.

     There is a regular bus service from Shannon Airport to Limerick City outside the Arrivals terminal.
     Fares cost approximately €10.00 and the journey takes 45-50 minutes.  Stay on the bus until it reaches
     Limerick Railway Station (Colbert Station).  There are taxis at the station and they will take you to the
     University campus or to your residence. The cost is approximately €12.00 to €15.00.  A regular bus
     service runs between the city centre and the University campus.  A single fare costs €2.20 or €4.40 for
     a day saver ticket which allows you to use any Limerick City bus service for a full day. The City Centre-
     University Bus departs from lower William Street.

          Airport Collection
     You may be able to avail of Airport Collection offered by the International Education Division from
     Shannon Airport only on specific dates and times. Information regarding this collection system will
     be sent to you by e-mail.

          Airport Collection – Shannon Airport Only:
     The arrival guides will be dressed in yellow t-shirts and are very easy to identify in the Arrival Terminal
     in Shannon Airport.

By Train

Colbert Station is Limerick’s only train station and trains arrive regularly from Dublin and Cork.  Train
timetables can be checked on the Irish Rail website:

Taxis are available outside the station for transfer to the University, which will cost approximately
€12.00 to €15.00.  See Appendix 1 for taxi telephone numbers.

  By Bus

The national bus company, Bus Éireann, operates daily services from all the major cities to Limerick.
Bus timetables can be checked on the Bus Éireann website:

Weekly and Monthly Commuter tickets for students are available.

See link
These can also be purchased on the bus or at Limerick bus station, next to Colbert Railway Station.

Eir Eagle bus service provides a direct transport link from Dublin airport to Limerick with information
available at

Dublin Coach is also a reasonably priced and comfortable bus service to the University from Dublin
Airport.  The N7 Service will bring you to the Red Cow LUAS stop.  Change here and join to M7 Express
Service which will bring you directly to the University.

Please see

The JJ Kavanagh bus service leaves directly from Dublin Airport to the UL main entrance. See the
following link:

                                         “Shannon International
                                         Airport (SNN) is the
                                         nearest airport to
                                         Limerick City. ”

             			                                                    INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   05
                        Student Services

         Visa & Immigration Requirements

          Visa Applications

     Information about VISA requirements is available at the following website:

     Further information about visa application is available at


     If you are an EU citizen, there are no visa requirements when entering Ireland.  International students
     who are citizens of a Non-EU country are advised to contact their local Irish Diplomatic Mission.  Those
     who do not have an Irish Diplomatic Mission in their home country should apply directly for a visa
     application form, well in advance of their departure, to:

     Visa Section                                               T: + 353 1 616 77 00
     Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service                  (From 14h30 to 16h00 Monday to Friday)
     13-14 Burgh Quay                                           F: +353 1 475 12 01
     Dublin 2                                                   E:

     Further information on student visa requirements for individual countries is available on the following
     web site:


     All Non-EU students must register with the Immigration Authorities in Limerick within one month
     of arrival in Ireland.  The International Education Division will organise an appointment with the
     Immigration Officer, details of which will be sent to you by e-mail.  At this meeting you will be required
     to provide the following:

     • Registration Certificate Fee of €300 (payable by credit card/debit card or bank giro –
       the owner of the credit card must be present)
     • Valid passport
     • Proof of medical insurance.
     • Proof of financial security to cover your stay in Ireland.  This can consist of a bank statement,
       letter from a parent or the home university guaranteeing financial support.
     • Completed UL immigration letter (sent to students by e-mail).

Non-EU students who wish to travel within Europe while on Erasmus in Ireland will be required
to obtain a re-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa.   A letter of support can be requested from the
International Education Division and should be submitted to The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration
Service Office in Dublin accompanied by an application form, relevant documents and the appropriate
fee (Re-Entry Visa: €60; Multiple Entry Visa: €100).

It is not necessary for students from the EU/EEA to register with the immigration authorities.

  Health Insurance

Non-EU nationals are required to hold medical insurance for the duration of their stay in Ireland.
This is an immigration requirement and the immigration authorities will require proof of medical
insurance.   Students may extend medical policies from their home countries to cover the period
of study in Ireland or, alternatively, policies are available from the following Irish health insurance

• Voluntary Health Insurance:    
• Aviva:                         
• Laya Healthcare:               

The International Education Division at the University of Limerick has negotiated special medical
insurance discounted rates for international students.  Please see

  Student Counselling

Student counsellors provide a confidential counselling service, free of charge at UL.  The service can
help students deal with a wide range of problems common to student populations.

Counselling also offers services for students, including Stress Management, Personal Development
and Study Skills. The drop-in times are 11 to 12 am and 3 to 4 pm every weekday. Mindfulness and
Positive Thinking sessions are available throughout the academic semester.

Counselling Service              
Room: CM073

Please see also Appendix 5: Counselling Information

             			                                                     INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   07

     Chaplains are available to provide help and support to students of all denominations.   Various
     activities, including a Community Outreach Programme, are organised to foster student interest in
     both spiritual and personal development.  A wide range of religious services are provided on campus
     on a scheduled basis.  The courtyard area of the Student Centre houses a contemplative space.  This
     area is designed for quiet contemplation and prayer.

     Chaplains are located near the Student Health Centre on campus:

          Roman Catholic Chaplain

     Fr. John Campion                                               Sr. Sarah O’Rourke
     Room: CM-071                                                   Room: CM-071
     University of Limerick                                         University of Limerick
     Limerick                                                       Limerick
     Ireland                                                        Ireland

     T: +353 61 202 180                                             T:   +353 61 213 635
     E:                                          E:

     Teach Fáilte, Student Welcome Centre, in the courtyard outside the Students’ Union (061-233 635)

         Student Health Centre

     An acute care advisory service is provided to all registered students. There is a fee to use this service.
     There is a full time nursing service and appointments may be made to see a doctor.  A consultant
     psychiatrist and chartered physiotherapist are available through internal referral.  All students are
     recommended to register with a local General Practitioner to cover minor ailments and ‘non-office’
     hours/emergencies.  The Student Health Centre is open Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 16h00.

     For further information contact:

     Student Health Centre
     Room CM-060
     University of Limerick

     T: +353 61 202 534

There is a private clinic, Castletroy Park Medical Centre, situated opposite the Castletroy Park Hotel
(opposite UL).

    Castletroy Appointments:

No appointments are necessary although priority will be given to those who have called in to make
an appointment.

Castletroy Park Medical Centre                                   15 Pery Square,
Castletroy,                                                      Limerick

T: +353 61 507 200                                               T: +353 61 314 810


    Disability Services

The Disability Services Office provides support for students with learning, physical, sensory and other
disabilities.   Students with a disability who require assistance during their period of study at the
University of Limerick should notify the Disability Services Office before their arrival.


Brenda Shinners-Kennedy                                          Peter Dooley
Disability Officer                                               Disability Officer
Room GL0036                                                      GL0014 (ground floor, Main Library)
University of Limerick                                           University of Limerick
Limerick                                                         Limerick
Ireland                                                          Ireland

T: +353 61 202 346                                               T: +353 61 234 191
E:                                 E:

             			                                                  INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   09
Cost of Living ?

     The estimated cost of living for students in Ireland is at approximately €800.00 per month.

            Estimated Cost of Living for an Academic Year:		 E

            •   Books and other academic requisites                             450
            •   Campus accommodation (Plassey Village)                          4,500
            •   Food                                                            2,830
            •   Immigration registration fee                                    300
            •   Health Insurance                                                120

                Clothing                i                                       1,000

                Total                                                           10,000

     * On-campus accommodation includes electricity and heating charges.
     ** Based on cheapest accommodation option.  This does not include travel within Ireland or social

                                                     “The University of
                                                     Limerick operates
                                                     an academic year
                                                     which consists of
                                                     two semesters... ”

Studying at UL?

         Academic Calendar

     The University of Limerick operates an academic year which consists of two semesters, the Autumn
     semester (September to December) and the Spring semester (January to May). Students are advised
UL   to arrive at least a week before classes commence to allow time to settle in, prepare for courses and
     participate in orientation.

     Autumn and Spring Semesters (Weeks 1 – 15):

     • Teaching Semesters/Terms take place over a 12-week period (referred to as Weeks 1 - 12),
     • Followed by a reading week (Week 13) before examinations.
     • Examinations take place over a two week period (Weeks 14 – 15).

     For exact examination times, please see exam timetable, published online in week 9. Examination
     dates and times are not available before this date. The link for this timetable is available at

     * Students may remain in their accommodation during holiday breaks.
     There is a one week holiday during Spring semester for Easter, subject to calendar.

         Please note:

     Reserve departure arrangements for after the final date of the  examinations.


     Prior to your arrival at the University of Limerick, you will receive an e-mail advising you to enrol
     online using your student ID number.  The link and procedure for online enrolment will be sent to
     you by e-mail some weeks prior to Orientation.  Once you complete the online enrolment, you will
     receive an email confirmation which should be printed and signed by you.  This confirmation must
     be presented during Orientation in order to receive the University of Limerick Student Identity Card.

                  			                                                   INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   11
“Students are entitled to
     attend as many modules as
     they wish in the initial two-
     week period of the semester...”

Module Registration

In order for Exchange students to register for the modules they wish to study at the University of
Limerick, the following procedure should be followed:

• A Module Registration Form will be provided at Orientation.
• This form is to be completed by the student during week 2.
• The completed and signed form is submitted to the International Education Division by the end
  of week 2.

  N.B. Exchange students are required to take a minimum of 3 modules (from within the subject
  area under which the student is nominated) and a maximum of 5 modules (2 may be taken from
  any other subject area) per semester but restrictions apply within Journalism, Psychology and
  Sport Sciences. A bilateral agreement must exist between universities, within these subject
  areas, in order for students to be nominated and study at the University of Limerick. Exchange
  students can take 4 modules if they have permission from their home university.

Each module is awarded 6 ECTS credits (there may be some rare exceptions). Registration must be
completed by the end of week 2 of each semester.

It is very important to note that the initial selection of modules is by its very nature provisional. It is
advisable to make a provisional selection of six or seven modules, in order to deal more efficiently with
inevitable clashes or unsuitability of modules. The module booklet is only a guide to courses, because
the timetable depends on the availability of certain modules and the availability of specialised
Lecturers. It is also highly likely that certain modules will clash and that the student will be obliged to
choose an alternative. It is not possible to change the timetable. Once it is published, it is definitive. It
takes at least one week and usually two to make a final decision about which modules to register for.
Students are entitled to attend as many modules as they wish in the initial two-week period of the
semester, in order to ensure that modules are suitable for studies at the home University.

Failure to submit the Module Registration Form to the International Education Division by the end of
Week 2 will result in a €20 fine.  Please note that all students are expected to sit examinations in all
subjects for which they have registered.


SULIS is an on-line teaching and learning platform used in UL, which lecturers use to communicate
course material with students. Information will be given at the beginning of the semester on how
students are entered onto the SULIS system.

Students are advised to retain information on USB memory sticks and photocopy all assignments
submitted to the lecturers (professors).

                 			                                                     INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   13
Examinations & Assessment                          Language Requirements

     Assignments, reading lists and assessment            As Exchange students are required to possess
     procedure for each course are usually described      sufficient language skills to attend lectures and
     and documented at the first lecture. Assessments     sit examinations at the University of Limerick,
     vary from class to class. Assessment may consist     students should be competent to communicate
     of a 100% exam or a division of marks between        through the medium of English.
     assessments and final examination. Past
                                                          Courses are offered by the University of Limerick
     examination papers are a source of information
                                                          Language Centre situated in the Languages
     and can be accessed on SULIS.
                                                          Building.  The courses are optional and are not
                                                          regarded as part of the ERASMUS programme.
                                                          For further information refer to the website:
         Class Timetable
     The class timetable is published just before the
                                                          It is possible to register for a module in English
     beginning of the semester and will be e-mailed
                                                          as a Foreign Language as part of studies at the
     to students once it is released. It contains the
                                                          University. A test is conducted at orientation to
     lecture, tutorial and laboratory times and room
                                                          determine the student’s level of English, so that
     for each module. The number of teaching hours
                                                          they may be allocated to the right level of class.
     per module varies, depending on the subject
                                                          If a recent IELTS or TOEFL test has been taken by
     being covered and the size of the class.  Lectures
                                                          the student, this certificate will serve as criteria
     and tutorials are usually of 50 minutes duration
                                                          for allocation to a class and it is not necessary to
     (beginning on the hour and ending 10 minutes
                                                          take the test.
     to the hour), with laboratory classes lasting for
     2-3 hours.

2 #TWO
Facilities on Campus
? on Campus

     There are sixteen buildings on campus: Main Building, Foundation Building, Glucksman Building
     (Library), Lonsdale Building, Schrödinger Building, Schumann Building, Physical Education Building
     (PESS), Languages Building, Computer Science Building, Kemmy Business School, Health Sciences,
     Engineering Research, Irish World Academy, Medical School, Millstream and the University Sports
     Arena.   The administrative services (Admissions, Student Academic Administration, International
     Education Division, etc.) are all located in the Main Building.  The Foundation Building houses a 1,000-
     seat concert hall.  For a full list of administration and department offices refer to Appendix 7.

         BUILDINGS         i                         SERVICES

         Main Building                               Admissions, Student Academic Administration, Fees,
         Block designation:                          International Education Division, Student Health Centre,
         A, B, C, D, E                               Restaurants, Computers, Laboratories, Classrooms

         Foundation Building                         Concert Hall, Restaurant/Café, Classrooms
         Block designation: F

         Glucksman Building                          Library, Restaurant/Café, Computers
         Block designation: G

         Lonsdale Building                           Chemistry/Physics Laboratories, Classrooms
         Block designation: L

         Schrödinger Building                        Life-Science Laboratories, Computers, Classrooms
         Block designation: SR

         Schuman Building                            Computers, Restaurant/Café, Classrooms
         Block designation: S

         Physical Education Building                 Restaurant/Café, Classrooms
         Block designation: P

         Computer Science Building                   Restaurant/Café, Computers, Classrooms
         Block designation: CS

         Engineering Research Building               Classrooms, Research areas
         Block designation ER

         Health Sciences Building                    Restaurant/Café, Computers, Classrooms
         Block designation HS

Irish World Academy                      Restaurant/ café, Music rooms, Classrooms,
  Block designation IW                     Practice rooms, Performance spaces

  Millstream Building                      Restaurant, Staff Common Room

  Medical School
  Block designation GEMS                   Classrooms, GEMS Administration, Computers, Café

  Languages Building                       Classrooms, Language Resource Area
  Block designation: LC

  Kemmy Business School                    Restaurant/ Café, Classroom, Lecture Theatres,
  Block designation KB                     Simulated Trading Floor, Computer Labs

  University Sports Arena                  50m Swimming Pool, Gym, Sports Hall, Sports Bar/Café

Classrooms in the university are designated by letters and numbers e.g. if Chemistry 1 is timetabled
to be in classroom A1-050, the room can be found as follows:

• Building designation:                      Block A, Main Building
• Floor designation:                         Level 1
• Classroom number:                          050

(For a full map of University Buildings refer to Appendix 3)

              			                                                     INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   19

     The University Library, which is fully computerised, is a designated European Documentation Centre
     and receives all official publications of the European Union.

     The current collections in the library number 200,000 books and 7,250 audio-visual items.  There
     are subscriptions to approximately 5,500 journals and periodicals and seating for 1,450 people.  The
     library is open:

          Term Time Opening Hours

                                                     Library Building
      Days                                                                        Staffed Service
     		                                                 Self Service
         Monday – Friday                               08.30 – 23.00              09.00 – 21.00
         Saturday                                      10.00 – 19.00              10.00 – 16.30
         Sunday                                        11.00 – 18.00              Closed

     Please also check the screens in the library foyer and the library website for extended opening hours
     prior to exams and non-term time opening hours.

                        Computer Facilities

     The Information Technology Department (ITD) provides computer facilities for all University of
     Limerick staff and students.  PCs are available to students on an open-access basis, except when they
     are booked for classes.  Most PCs are heavily booked between 09h00 and 17h00 during the semester.
     However, the biggest PC cluster (Room A0-060) is not block booked, and is open 24 hours a day on a
     ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.  ITD PC clusters are open from 09h00-22h00 during the semester.

     The software applications available to students are based on Microsoft Windows.  Students do not
     require their own software copies as all software is centrally maintained on file savers.  The same

     group of applications is available in all PC clusters.   Some familiar Windows software applications
     available are: MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, SPSS, CD-ROM database access, etc.  More specialised
     applications on offer are outlined on the ITD website:   Network connections are
     available in all on-campus accommodation at a charge of €68.00 per semester.

                        E-mail ?

     ITD issue all students with a personal email account which can be set up after online enrolment.
     Instructions will be sent to students by e-mail after successfully enrolling online.  This is the email
     account to be used by students for the duration of their stay at the University of Limerick.

Sports ?

     The University of Limerick offers extensive and first class on-campus sport facilities.   The diverse
     range of facilities is unmatched anywhere else in Ireland.  People from Olympic class athletes to staff
     and students can avail of all facilities, which include the following:

     •   Olympic size 50m indoor swimming pool                    •   Indoor diving pool
     •   Steam room                                               •   Sauna
     •   Four full sized indoor courts                            •   Cardio-fitness suite
     •   Elite training facility                                  •   Aerobics studio

     •   60m six-lane indoor sprint track                         •   2 squash courts
     •   225m suspended three lane indoor jogging track           •   Indoor climbing wall
     •   4 outdoor tennis courts                                  •   8 lane 400m outdoor athletics track
     •   Over 40 acres of playing fields                          •   Floodlit AstroTurf
     •   Extensive changing facilities

     A detailed description of all sport facilities is available at:

     In addition, students can enjoy horse riding, orienteering, sailing, canoeing and windsurfing at the
     University of Limerick Activity Centre in Killaloe, Co. Clare.

                                              “The diverse
                                              range of facilities
                                              is unmatched
                                              anywhere else in
                                              Ireland. ”

                   			                                                   INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   19
                        University Restaurants

     There is a wide choice of restaurants and bars on campus. The student centre complex has the Stables
     bar and The Paddocks restaurant, two restaurants are located in the Main Building and a further
     six in other buildings on campus.   These restaurants are open all day with a basic meal costing
     approximately €5.00 - €6.00.

                            ? Bars/Restaurants

     There are three bars on campus: the Stables Club, the Sports Club and Scholars.  Each bar provides hot
     food daily, there is free entertainment nightly in the Stables bar, in the form of live music, comedy,
     table quizzes etc.


     The University has one bank on campus: Bank of Ireland (BoI). The Bank of Ireland offers free student
     banking, Bureau de Change and ATM facilities. Two mobile banking ATM units are in place on campus
     between the Glucksman Library Building and the Stables Complex and the other on the North side of
     the campus near the Medical School Building.

     Permanent ATMs – two in the student courtyard outside the bank and one each at the Arena and
     Pavilion buildings and in the Red Raisins Café, Main Building.


     Silver Apples is a custom-built crèche situated on the university campus. The crèche has been built to
     comply with the relevant childcare regulations in Ireland.  The crèche caters for children in a happy,
     relaxed environment.   A number of places are available to students with families each year.   For
     further information contact:

     Oliver Moloney                                                  T: +353 61 213468
     Silver Apples Crèche                                            E:
     University of Limerick


                    USIT Travel Office

     An International Student Identity Card can be obtained at the USIT travel office, which is located in
     the city.  To receive up to 50% discount on trains and buses in Ireland, students will need to purchase a
     Travel save Stamp.  This stamp entitles students to discounts on Bus Éireann, Irish Rail and Irish Ferries.
     When applying for the USIT Student Identity Card and the Travel save Stamp, students will need to
     bring their UL student identity card, one photograph and €13.00.   A colour passport photograph
     machine is located in the travel office.

     		                i  ?

     O’Mahony’s Bookshop is located in the student centre complex on campus.   It stocks all academic
     course titles, novels, stationery, newspapers and magazines.  The bookshop is open Monday to Friday
     from 08h30 to 17h00.


                    Small Foodstore

     Spar Foodstore is located in the Student Centre Complex.  The store sells fruit, vegetables, frozen
     foods, dairy, and also has a delicatessen section where sandwiches and rolls are made to order, along
     with hot food.

         Academic Semester Opening Hours

     Monday to Thursday         from 08h30 - 18h00
     Fridays                    from 08h30 - 17h00

     Saturdays                  from 10h30 - 14h00

         Other Facilities

     Other facilities on campus include:

     • Launderette
     • Farmers Market every Tuesday 12-5pm

                   			                                                     INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   23

           		UL               Students Union

           All students’ of the University of Limerick automatically become members of the students union on
           enrolment.  The purpose of the union is to represent students’ views within the university and on
           local and national issues.  It is also responsible for providing a variety of services to students, such as
           entertainment events, clubs and societies.  The union is run by students for students, independent of
           the university.  The Student Union Offices are located in the Student Centre.

           For further information refer to the website:

               Clubs and Societies

           The Clubs and Societies Office is located in the Student Centre and is fully equipped to facilitate
           exclusively the development of student activities by its students.  Clubs and societies are administered
           by the Students Union and their full time Clubs and Societies Development Officer.  There is a wide
           variety of clubs and societies on campus such as the Drama Society, GAA Club etc.

           Students can join during weeks 1 and 2 of each semester and there is a small fee for membership:

                                                           “There is a wide
                                                           variety of clubs
                                                           and societies on


   American Football                                    Ladies Rugby
   Archery                                              Men’s Hockey
   Athletics                                            Men’s Rugby
   Badminton                                            Mountain bike
   Basketball                                           Outdoor Pursuits
   Boxing                                               Parkour
   Capoeira                                             Rowing
   Chess                                                Sailing
   Dance UL                                             Skydive
   Darts                                                Soccer
   Equestrian                                           Sub-aqua
   Fencing                                              Surf
   GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association)                    Swim
   Handball                                             Tae-kwon-do
   Karate Shotokan                                      Trampoline
   Kayak                                                Ultimate Frisbee
   Krav Maga                                            Windsurfing
   Ladies Hockey


   Africa Club                                          Marketing
   Animal Welfare                                       Medical
   Anime and Manga                                      Mature Student
   Architecture                                         Music
   Christian Union                                      Ogra Fianna Fail
   Comedy                                               Out in UL
   Computer                                             Photographic
   Cumann Gaelach                                       Poker
   Debating Union                                       Psychology
   Drama                                                Racing/Motorsport
   Enactus UL                                           Science
   Engineering                                          Sinn Féin
   Fan Forum                                            Surgical Club
   Games                                                Tea Appreciation
   History                                              UL Give Club
   International Society                                ULFM
   Law                                                  Young Fine Gael

The International Society offers international students an opportunity to meet and participate in
cultural events, e.g. International Food Fairs, and organises weekend excursions to various parts of
Ireland.  The society is open to both international and Irish students, with the aim of encouraging
integration and creating an atmosphere from which students will benefit.

             			                                                 INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   25

         On-Campus Accommodation

     A number of single rooms have been reserved for Exchange students in the five student villages on
     campus. On-Campus Accommodation at UL consists of:

           Thomond Village                           4 and 6 bedroom apartments

           Plassey Village                           8 and 4 bedroom houses

                                                     6 bedroom houses
           Kilmurry Village
           Dromroe Village                           mainly 6 bedroom apartments

           Cappavilla Village                        6 bedroom apartments

     These residences are of a very high standard.

     All houses, unless otherwise requested, are mixed, with Irish and non-Irish students.   The shared
     amenities of each house are a fully equipped kitchen/living room with cable TV and two shower/
     WCs.  Houses also contain a card-phone, credit for which can be bought in the village reception.  All
     bedrooms in Dromroe, Thomond and Cappavilla Villages are ensuite.   Individual study-bedrooms
     contain a bed, desk, wardrobe and washbasin.  Duvets are supplied.  However, bed linen and pillows
     are required.  The Village Centre also has a mini-supermarket, hairdressing salon and launderette.

                                                     “These residences
                                                     are of a very high

Please note that on-campus accommodation is very limited and is allocated on a ‘first come first served’
basis. Furthermore, priority is given to full-year students. There are various off-campus residences
as an alternative: for example Parkview Hall and Groody. The on-campus online accommodation
application must be accompanied by a €250.00 booking deposit to confirm the reservation.  Students
requiring on-campus accommodation should select more than one option in order of choice.  Every
effort will be made to allocate students their first preference.

   Enquiries and applications should be submitted to:
Ms. Carol Moloney                           T:   +353 61 202 331
International Bookings                      E:
Accommodation Office
University of Limerick

Prices are for the semester (15 weeks), and are inclusive of an estimate of heating and electricity and
a service charge.

If you secure a room on-campus, you are advised to arrive during office hours Monday to Friday from
09h00 to 17h00.  If this is not possible, arrangements must be made by you to have your keys left at
the University’s Main Reception, which is open 24 hours a day.  You will need to inform the Village
Manager of your date and time of arrival approximately a week in advance in order to avail of this
facility. Please confirm with your village their arrival dates for each semester.

   Please note:
• All payments must be made payable to Plassey Trust Co. Ltd.
• The total rent for one semester plus the deposit must be paid on or before arrival.
  Students will not have access to their accommodation until full payment has been made.
• It is not possible to pay by instalments.
• Payment can be made by Credit Card, where a surcharge of 2% will be added,
  or by Bank Wire Transfer. See accommodation form for more information.
• International Postal Money Orders are not accepted.
• Euro cheques and Personal cheques are not accepted.
• Once village accommodation has been assigned, living arrangements may not be changed upon
  arrival at the University.
• Students may remain in village accommodation during holiday breaks.

             			                                                   INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   27
If you are a resident in one of the villages, your address is:

          Name                                       Name                            Name
          House No., Room No.                        House No., Room No.             Apt. No., Room No.
          Plassey Village                            Kilmurry Village                Dromroe Village
          Plassey Park Road                          Castletroy                      Castletroy
          Castletroy                                 Limerick                        Limerick

          Name                                       Name
          Apt. No., Room No.                         Apt. No., Room No.
          Thomond Village                            Cappavilla Village
          Castletroy                                 Castletroy
          Limerick                                   Limerick
          Ireland                                    Ireland

          (For a full map of on-campus accommodation refer to Appendix 4)

         Off-Campus Accommodation

     (outside of and not affiliated with the University)

     There are 2 options in this regard:

     1. student residence (Parkview, Groody, etc) in which private rooms are provided, usually with
        bathrooms and communal kitchens and living rooms

     2. privately (landlord) owned house, rented with other students.

     Students are advised to be cautious about reserving private off-campus accommodation prior to their
     arrival in Limerick.  Private sector accommodation, where a house is rented with other students, should
     be viewed before reservation. This is not always practical, especially as accommodation is increasingly
     difficult to find. The best is often taken well before the start of the semester.

     If at all possible, it may be prudent to travel to Limerick to reserve accommodation well in advance.
     Students are advised to book a room in temporary accommodation (bed & breakfast, hotel) in order
     to look for suitable accommodation on arrival.  A list of bed & breakfast and hotel accommodation is
     available in Appendix 6.

     Alternatively, call any Irish Tourist Board Office or visit the following website:

     The accommodation office or the international office provides a list of off-campus accommodation,
     owned by private landlords.

Accommodation Office                        T: +353 61 202331
Unit 6, Student Centre                      F: +353 61 202827
University of Limerick                      E:

Office Hours: Monday to Friday from 9h00 to 13h00, 14h00 to 17h00.

Rooms in private accommodation are of a varying standard, but are generally clean and comfortable.
They are usually in houses with non-resident landlords.  Duvets and bed linen are not provided and
study desks are not always available.  Students share all other facilities.  Kitchens are normally fully
equipped.  Weekly or monthly terms as agreed with the landlord, are currently approximately €250-
€350 per month.  Electricity, heating and refuse collection charges are additional to rent.

   Please note:
A deposit of one month’s rent and an electricity deposit are generally required.
It is advisable to inspect a number of properties carefully before reserving a room.
Students may remain in self-catering accommodation during holiday breaks.

             			                                                   INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   29
Living In Ireland

     Ireland is the most westerly country of the European Union, separated from Great Britain by the
     North Channel on the northeast and the Irish Sea on the east.   Ireland is an island of 84,430 sq.
     km (32,598 square miles).  Its greatest length is 485 km (302 miles), its greatest width 304 km (189
     miles), and its coastline extends for over 5,631 km (3,500 miles).  The highest mountain Carrantuohill
     (1,040 metres/3,414 feet) is part of the Macgillacuddy Reeks range near Killarney in County Kerry.  The
     longest river is the Shannon (370 km/230 miles).   The largest lake is Lough Neagh (396 sq. km/153
     square miles) in Northern Ireland.

     The country is divided into four historic provinces; Ulster (9 counties) in the north; Munster (6 counties)

     in the south; Leinster (12 counties) in the east; and Connacht (5 counties) in the west.  The population
     of the 32 counties of Ireland is approximately 6.3 million.

         Landscape                                             Currency

     The landscape varies from bogs and lakes in the        The currency of the Republic of Ireland is the Euro
     central lowlands to mountains and rocky islands        (€).   Euro notes come in seven denominations:
     in the west.   Between these two extremes, the         5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Euro.   There is
     island has abundant lush, green pastureland but        100 cent to the Euro and coins are in eight
     little natural woodland.                               denominations: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent, and 1
                                                            and 2 Euro.   As Northern Ireland is part of the
                                                            United Kingdom, the pound sterling (£) is in use
                                                            and denominations are similar to that of the
     Winters in Ireland are mild and summers                Euro.
     temperate due to the prevailing south- westerly
     winds and the influence of the warm waters                Banking
     of the North Atlantic Drift.   Ireland has a mild
     climate all year-averaging 2°- 7°C (35°- 45°F)         There are five retail banks in Ireland, the Bank
     in winter and 18°- 24°C (65°- 75°F) in summer.         of Ireland (BOI), the Allied Irish Bank (AIB), the
     May and June are the sunniest months with an           Ulster Bank, the Danske Bank and Permanent
     average of over 7 hours of sunshine per day.           TSB Bank.  The bank on campus is Bank of Ireland.
                                                            Most banks are open from Monday to Friday
                                                            from 10h00 to 12h30 and from 13h30 to 16h00,
         Time Zone
                                                            with some branches open through lunch.  There
     Ireland is in the same time zone as Great Britain,     is extended opening until 17h00 on one day per
     Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).  The clocks change          week (the choice varying from place to place).
     twice yearly for summer time.  The summer time         ATM facilities are available is most towns and
     period starts the last Sunday in March at 1.00am       villages.
     GMT, i.e. the clock goes forward one hour.  The
     summertime period ends the last Sunday in
     October at 1.00am GMT, i.e. the clock goes back
     one hour.

“Ireland is the most
                           westerly country
                           of the European

  Credit Cards                                           Safety

All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Euro      In the Republic of Ireland the Police are called
Card) are accepted in the majority of services         the Gardaí (Guards).  In the case of an emergency
and retail outlets.   Some outlets may accept          dial 999 or 112 to contact the Gardaí, Ambulance
Diners Club and American Express cards.   Most         or Fire Brigade services.   Ireland is a relatively
credit cards can be used in ATMs, especially the       safe place to live, however it is advisable to take
Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank (AIB) ATMs.      suitable precautions, such as avoiding poorly lit
                                                       or back streets in the cities and larger towns at
                                                       night.  If you feel intimated or frightened in an
  Postal Service
                                                       area, it is best to avoid eye contact and leave the
Post Offices are open from 09h00 to 17h30              scene as quickly as possible.
during the week and from 09h00 to 13h00 on             Always remember to lock your room and
Saturdays.  They offer full postal services to all     windows before you go out.   Always be careful
countries and often offer banking facilities. The      with your personal belongings and don’t leave
closest Post Office to the University is situated at   valuables unattended.
Castletroy Shopping Centre.
                                                       In Ireland, the standard electricity voltage is
Ireland is a predominantly Christian state with        between 220 – 240 volts, and frequency is 50
approximately 84% of the population professing         Hertz the same as in most parts of Europe.   If
to the Roman Catholic faith. In addition there are     your electrical items are not suited to work under
Church of Ireland, Presbyterian, Methodist and         these conditions you should equip yourself with
Baptist Churches, as well as Eastern Orthodox.         a transformer.  Buildings in Ireland have sockets
In addition to the Christian denominations there       for 13 amp square pin fused plugs.  Adaptors can
are centres for Buddhists, Hindus, Bahais. There       be bought in most hardware shops to adapt your
are also Mosques and Synagogues catering for           plugs to fit 3 pin sockets.
those of the Islamic and Jewish faiths.

              			                                                    INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   33
Telephone                                              Newspapers and Magazines

     Public telephones have become less common in            Popular national daily newspapers include
     Ireland in recent years.   Most people in Ireland       the Irish Times, Irish Independent and the
     have a mobile phone and students are advised            Irish Examiner.   There are also daily tabloid
     to purchase a mobile phone on arrival in Ireland.       newspapers.  Most towns have a local or regional
     A cheaper option is to purchase a SIM card to use       paper.  The local paper for Limerick is the Limerick
     in your own phone.  There are four mobile phone         Leader. The Limerick Post is a free newspaper
     companies in Ireland, Vodafone (www.vodafone.           that is published weekly and is a good source of
     ie), O2 ( Meteor ( and          information for services and entertainment.  All
     3 ( offering these services.               good newsagents sell a wide variety of special
                                                             interest magazines, from sport to business.
     The international dialling code for Ireland is +353
     and the area code for Limerick is (0) 61.
                                                                Driving in Ireland

                                                             In Ireland, cars are driven on the left-hand side of
         Radio and Television                                the road.  In towns and cities the speed limit is
                                                             normally 50 kilometres per hour but on certain
     Ireland has three state controlled television
                                                             roads higher limits may apply.  A general speed
     channels, RTE1, RTE2 and the Irish language TG4
                                                             limit of 100 kilometres per hour applies on all
     Teilifís na Gaeilge, and two privately run channels,
                                                             roads except for motorways where a speed limit
     TV3, which also has a sister channel 3E and UTV
                                                             of 120 kilometres per hour applies.
     Ireland.   There are six national radio stations
     and many local ones.  British TV channels can be        The laws regarding speeding, drink-driving and
     picked up in most parts of Ireland on Cable TV          wearing seatbelts in Ireland are very strict.  There
     and satellite.                                          is a penalty point system in operation, whereby
                                                             points will be added to your driving licence for
                                                             road safety offences.  Full details on all road safety
                                                             offences can be found at

         Public Holidays

         October Bank Holiday                        Last Monday in October
         Christmas Day                               25th December
         St. Stephen’s Day                           26th December
         New Year’s Day                              01st January
         St. Patrick’s Day                           17th March
         Good Friday                                 As per calendar
         Easter Monday                               As per calendar
         May Bank Holiday                            First Monday in May
         June Bank Holiday                           First Monday in June
         August Bank Holiday                         First Monday in August

“Limerick a
                           lively, interesting
                           and attractive place
                           to live and study.”


               Limerick City

  Limerick at a Glance

The Vikings founded Limerick over a thousand           The Hunt Museum houses an eclectic and

years ago. The third largest city in the Republic
of Ireland, Limerick City (population 90,000) is a
                                                       interesting collection. Collected by John and
                                                       Gertrude Hunt, the paintings and artefacts were
lively, interesting and attractive place to live and   originally housed in the University of Limerick
study.  The city is magnificently sited on one of      before moving to their new home in the old
Europe’s finest rivers, the Shannon.  Limerick is a    Customs house in Limerick City.  The Museum is
city of many contrasts, illustrated in the form of     open Monday to Saturday from 10h00 to 17h00,
a medieval core with a later Georgian addition.        on Sunday from 14h00 to 17h00.

                                                       The recent pioneering programme of urban
Of particular importance are:
                                                       renewal has transformed Limerick, into a thriving,
King John’s Castle, built in the 12th Century, to      energetic and all-embracing modern city.   The
defend the river frontier between the Gaelic           Mid West Region, which comprises the greater
West and Norman Munster and Leinster.   It is          Limerick/Shannon area, is one of the leading
open daily from 09h30 to 17h00 (Last Admission         growth centres of the country.  The proximity of
16.00).                                                Shannon International Airport ensures that the
                                                       Region’s important trade links with the global
St. Mary’s Cathedral, built c.1172.   Originally the   market place are maintained.
seat of Donal Mór O’Brien, King of Munster, the
palace was later donated to the church. It is still    Limerick offers an unequalled base from which
in use today as a place of worship.                    to explore the Southwest and West of Ireland.
It is open daily from 09h00 to 17h00.                  Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, Adare, Lough Gur,
                                                       the Cliffs of Moher, the Burren, Killarney, and the
                                                       lakes and mountains of Galway and Kerry, are all
                                                       within easy driving distance.

              			                                                   INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   35
“Limerick has long enjoyed a reputation as
 a major cultural and artistic centre, having
 contributed to the world of entertainment
 through its many achievements in theatre,
 music and the visual arts.”



Limerick has long enjoyed a reputation as a major            Limerick was the National City of Culture in
cultural and artistic centre, having contributed             2014 and is bidding for the European City of
to the world of entertainment through its many               Culture 2020 -

achievements in theatre, music and the visual arts.
Every year the city is home to the EV+A arts festival.       At night the city comes alive with music
Information about this event can be obtained from            and entertainment, and during the summer The Belltable Theatre usually hosts a            months an almost continental atmosphere
variety of artistic events all year round, including         is generated among the diners at the many
theatre, film, exhibitions, poetry readings and music.       street-side cafes, bars and restaurants.

Limerick city is host to a wide variety of internationally   By night, old-world pubs ring to the sound
acclaimed groups and organisations, including the            of traditional Irish music, or to the sounds
Irish World Music Centre, the Irish Concert Orchestra,       of rock, folk and jazz.  The many wonderful
Daghdha Dance Company, and the Island Theatre                pubs include Dolan’s, Nancy Blake’s, The
Group.   The Lime Tree Theatre, situated on the              Locke, Mickey Martin’s, The White House and
grounds of Mary Immaculate College in Limerick City,         Tom Collins.
plays host to a wide range of performances, including
theatre, music, comedy, traditional arts, school
performances.   More information about upcoming
events can be found at

                                        “At night the
                                        city comes alive
                                        with music and
                                        entertainment... ”

              			                                                     INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE INCOMING STUDENT GUIDE   35
Sport                                                There are plenty of supermarkets and
                                                              grocery stores in the city, and include many
     For a city of its size, Limerick can take pride in its   multinational companies such as Aldi, Dunnes
     sporting achievements. New students arriving in          Stores, Tesco, Debenhams, Lidl and Centra. There
     the city will have a wide range of sporting outlets,     is a lively farmers market on Saturday mornings
     with all the mainstream sports well represented.         in the Milk Market. Fresh vegetables, fruit, meat,
                                                              fish, and gourmet foods along with many other
     Rugby Union is a major sport in the area, with           items can be purchased at reasonable prices.
     Limerick now universally acknowledged as                 International food stores are located throughout
     Ireland’s unofficial “Rugby Capital.” Thomond            the city centre. These cater for the growing
     Park is the home of Munster Rugby in Limerick.           multicultural population that is now a welcome
                                                              aspect of modern Ireland. These include Afro/
     The Limerick hurling team is always a powerful
                                                              Caribbean, Eastern European, and Asian Stores
     force in the national game and Gaelic football is
                                                              offering a wide variety of produce and regional
     gaining in stature.   Horseracing is well catered
     for with a new racecourse nearby.  There are four
     top-class golf courses within a six-mile radius of
     the city centre.                                           Eating Out

     Tennis and hockey facilities are also well               There are several places in Limerick where you can
     developed, and the river Shannon provides                dine, with various price ranges to suit depending
     a permanent backdrop for many rowing and                 on your choice of venue.   Restaurants in hotels
     angling clubs with a long tradition of successful        can be more expensive and offer classic French
     activities.                                              cuisine to international contemporary dishes.
                                                              Casual dining in pubs is very popular in Ireland.
                                                              Lots of pubs in Limerick have restaurants that
                                                              offer either à la Carte or fixed menus. Limerick
     Shopping in Limerick offers a wide variety of            is well catered for by numerous fast food outlets
     choice and caters for all tastes and ages.   The         offering a range of foods that mirrors its ethnic
     city has a reputation for its fashion design and is      diversity. All have seating arrangements and
     renowned for its lace industry.  There are several       many are open throughout the day till late in
     shopping malls in Limerick city and surrounding          the evening.
     suburbs as well as many outlets offering all
     sorts of items from jewellery to the latest                Cinema
     fashion, sports gear and games to antiquities
     and handmade crafts.   Main shopping hours               There are three cinema theatres situated in
     in Limerick city are Monday to Saturday from             Limerick. The closest one to the University, Odeon
     09h30 to 17h30 with some department stores               Cinema, is located in the Castletroy Shopping
     staying open late at midweek and weekends.               Centre complex. The second, The Omniplex, is
                                                              located in Dooradoyle adjacent to the Crescent
                                                              Shopping Centre. There is a third cinema,
                                                              Showtime, located on the Ennis Road outside of
                                                              the city at the Jetland Shopping Centre.

“For a city of its size, Limerick
      can take pride in its sporting


      Q: Does Ireland use a different electrical power point?
      A:    The regular Irish electricity point will take 220 – 240 volts.  Plugs most commonly used in
            Ireland are 3-pin flat. It may be advisable to purchase electrical appliances in Ireland, as the
            electrical current here (240 volts) may differ to your home country. If you do take your own
            appliances, remember to take an adaptor with you or purchase one when you arrive in Ireland.

      Q: How should I handle my money?
      A:    Please ensure that you have enough € (Euro) in cash on arrival to pay for transport, meals and

     i Q:
            groceries, while you sort out more permanent financial arrangements for your stay.

            Will I be able to open a bank account in Ireland?
      A:    Yes, to open a bank account in Ireland is an easy process.  Banking for students is free and
            the only documentation required is your passport and documentation indicating your home
            address and address in Limerick which you will receive at Orientation.

      Q: Is there a society for international students?
      A:    Yes there is a society for international students.  Representatives will speak with you and give
            you details of how to join up at Orientation.

      Q: Where can I get information on the modules on offer at the University of
      A:    The modules on offer for each semester are available on the International Education Division
            Go to the ERASMUS Exchange Programme and click on module booklet.

      Q: Where can I receive a copy of the class timetable?
      A:    You will be e-mailed a copy of the timetable once it is published. You can then begin to
            compose your timetable based on your provisional module choices, before finalising your
            timetable by week 2 of the semester as detailed above.

      Q: How long do I have to finalise my module selection?
      A:    You have until the end of Week 2 of each semester to register for your modules.  Failure to
            submit the Module Registration Form by the end of Week 2 will result in a €20 fine. Selection
            of modules takes time and patience; please expect to encounter difficulties such as clashes of
            times and unsuitability of modules.

You can also read