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                       OCTOBER 2020                      OCTOBER 12


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                       Give us a call and find out why this is a great time to list your house!
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                       List Price     Address            Model                List Price      Address              Model
    Graceanne Welsh                                                                                                                Joseph Franchi
       MANAGER         $135,000 833D Inverness Ct.       Baronet                  $112,500 1253B Hamilton Ct.      Baronet           MANAGER
      908-692-8238                                                                                                                  973-216-5523
                       $119,900 857A Thornhill Ct.       Baronet                  $159,900 851B Thornhill Ct.      Winfield
                       $103,000 1253D Hamilton Ct.       Greenbriar               $132,500 1104A Argyll Cir.       Baronet
                       $162,000 985D Aberdeen Dr.        Baronet                  $149,000 1109C Argyll Cir.       Baronet
                        $87,500 882E Balmoral Ct.        Greenbriar                $79,000 1245B Hamilton Ct.      Greenbriar
                       $127,500 1078B Argyll Cir.        Regency                  $195,000 868D Inverness Ct.      Winfield
                       $119,000 1103C Argyll Cir.        Baronet                  $115,000 924C Thornhill Ct.      Baronet
                       $129,900 822B Balmoral Ct.        Baronet                  $152,000 943C Aberdeen Dr.       Baronet

     Jean Buchanan                                                                                                               Maryellen Patichio
      908-309-5007                                                                                                                 732-503-5027

                            UNDER CONTRACT                                                        SOLD
                       List Price Address                 Model               Sold Price     Address               Model
                       $124,900 1075D Argyll Cir.         Winfield                $90,000   805A Balmoral Ct.      Baronet
                        $63,000     876E Balmoral Ct.     Eton                $138,000 1213C Shetland Dr.          Winfield
                       $169,900     960C Argyll Cir.      Winfield            $136,000 935B Thornhill Ct.          Baronet
       Carol Scott     $158,900     1131A Argyll Cir.     Baronet                 $96,000 1202A Shetland Dr.       Baronet         Florine Peters
      732-684-2874                                                                                                                 732-773-4057
                       $104,999     1250B Hamilton Ct.    Baronet             $145,000 1176B Clydebank Ct. Baronet
                       $119,900     1260A Argyll Cir.     Baronet             $115,000 845A Thornhill Ct.          Baronet
                       $142,900     1263B Hamilton Ct.    Winfield
                                                                              $115,000 1236A Hamilton Ct. Baronet
                       $120,000     1256A Argyll Cir.     Baronet
                                                                              $125,000 1156B Argyll Cir.           Baronet
                       $124,900     1105B Argyll Cir.     Baronet
                                                                              $142,500 1112A Argyll Cir.           Baronet
                       $149,900 976D Aberdeen Dr.         Baronet
                                                                                  $79,000 877E Balmoral Ct.        Greenbriar
                       $119,000 931B Thornhill Ct.        Baronet
                                                                                  $72,900 893D Inverness Ct.       Greenbriar
                       $120,000 1277A Shetland Dr.        Baronet
      Jeanne Sarg                                                                                                                 Dawn Passaro
      732-740-4034                                                                                                                609-312-1183

      Rose Ann Smith                  Anthony Marsella              Lois Dughi                   Elizabeth Nortz                Lisa Giovine
       732-779-3628                     732-232-7301               732-915-0777                   908-461-5418                  732-513-6964

2     THE LEISURE TIMES                OCTOBER 2020
        The                                                           Trustees’/Meetings
        Leisure Times                                                 Bocce
                                                                      Bus Schedule
Vol. 48, No. 10                                      October, 2020    Calendar                            20-21
                      Founder Henry G. Dods                           Choristers                             25
                        Established 1974                              Crossword Puzzle                       30
The Leisure Times is a monthly publication issued solely for the      Dance Club                              -
members of the Leisure Village East Association, a non-profit
organization.                                                         Denise’s Corner                         -
Publication Office: Barton Hall
                                                                      For Sale                               34
            Dumbarton Drive, Lakewood, N.J. 08701                     Heritage Club                           -
       Phone: 732-477-7900, Ext. 116 Fax: 732-965-5174                Horoscopes                             31
                               ***                                    Italian American Club                  22
                  Leisure Village East Assn. Inc.
                                                                      Jewish American Club                   26
                       Community Manager                              Knitters Club                          27
                         Jan Kasyjanski                               Ladies Golf                            26
      Editor            Kathy Mulhern                                 Library                                 -
      Assistant Editors Pat Nichols, Sandy Figurelli                  Line Dancing                           19
                                                                      Men’s and Women’s Club                 27
      Mailings          Katherine Hock
                                                                      Men’s Golf                             25
       Calendar/Rec. Office                                           Monmouth Medical (MMCSC)               29
       News             Denise Leahy-Viola                            Nutrition Club                         22
                              Photos                                  Pine Cone Garden Club                   -
                                                                      Purchase Price                         11
                         Writers Circle                               Quilters (Check Calendar)              19
            Flora Roche, Doreen Doyle-Giambrone,
                  Elaine Carty, Evelyn Shore                          Recreation Two-Liners                   -
                  Gen Generalli, Irene Wells                          Shuffleboard (Outdoors)                 -
                         Club Reporters
                                                                      Shred It                               13
         Jewel Taylor, Bette Jean Newsome, Judy Wolf,                 Table Shuffleboard                      -
       Ed Calamari, Vicki Heidrick, Mary Ann Bauman,                  Two-Liner’s                             -
           Sandy Figurelli, Elaine Carty, Eva Stout
                Gordon Jacobsen, John Yaman,
                                                                      V.F.W. Post 10185                      27
        Carolann Carty, Susan Relles, Carole Gladitsch,               CORA (Area Reps)                  14 & 36
      Rosemary Davies, Mary Beth Sharkey, Rubin Fidler,               We Mourn                               19
                         Mackie Rossi
                                                                      Welcome to LVE                         13
          Kathy Mulhern, Pat Nichols, Barbara Finn                    Woodshop                                -
             (Not responsible for typographical errors)               Writer’s Circle (memoirs)           16-18
News releases, organizational reports and related materials may       Thank You’s                             -
be deposited at the Leisure Times Administration Office mail slot.    50 Years Ago                           10
(Not responsible for errors.) The Leisure Village East Association
Board of Trustees and the Publisher reserve the right to refuse
advertisements and other materials deemed to be not in the best
interests of the residents, and disclaim all responsibility for the
goods and services advertised.
                         Trustees                                      EDITORIAL CLOSING DATES
                  Barbara Finn - President                              For November 2020 Issue all copy
                 Lois Miele - Vice President
                 Suzanne Rafter - Treasurer                                    must be received
                  Susan Relles - Secretary                                at the Leisure Times Office
              Howard Brown - Trustee at Large                                    by October 1st
              Jack Lampman - Trustee at Large
            Rosemary Robertson - Trustee at Large
                                                                              OCTOBER 2020   THE LEISURE TIMES    3
Trustees’ Corner
           President’s Corner                                     Manager’s Corner
       The mind wants us to settle                                    Parking
       Our hearts and souls are
       Called to be more                                       Please read the parking section in the red
       To give more                                       rules and regulations book, every resident was
       To appreciate more,                                given a copy May 2019. They are very specific
       To enjoy every moment of                           and clear.
       This gift called life                                   There is some confusion with residents and
                                        Tony Robbins      their guests as to where and what time parking
                                                          is permitted in cul de sacs and the so called fin-
        Several projects are in the works at the gate     ger lake streets! No parking permitted from 12
    house, the dock and the golf gazebo for your          midnight to 6 a.m. No exceptions, no excuses.
    enjoyment, safety and keeping up the property         Please behave and avoid a fine of $50-$150 or
    value of LVE.                                         being towed at the resident owner expense. Tell
        Please read the full page article on parking.     your visitors not to throw out the ticket without
    Be a good host and know where your guests are         letting you know if they receive one from the
    to park, if they are staying overnight and cannot     parking enforcer.
    park in your driveway. A Guest Pass is once again          The approved parking areas are: 1. visitors
    required on the designated streets or in the Barton   spots, 2. Barton Hall parking lot, 3. main streets.
    Hall lot. For residents, being considerate and nice        All this information can be found on Pages
    does not cost anything.                               11-13.
        If any issue, of any matter, cannot be settled         If a guest is not parking in his host driveway,
    between residents, request an ADR. Do not contact     they need a visitor pass to be placed on the dash-
    the Attorney’s Office without an ADR first. Please    board. It can be obtained at the Admin. Office
    follow procedures so we do not incur unnecessary      from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. or at the gatehouse after
    fees.                                                 hours, holidays and weekends.
        If we are able to open Barton Hall in the near         Commercial plates, uhauls, campers, house
    future we will announce it on the One Call and on     trailers etc. must be parked in Barton Hall, not
    our outdoor signs at the entrance and Barton Hall.    on any street, refer to Page 12 - Section G
    Trust me, all the Board members are frustrated too!        When a car goes in the visitor lane at the
        Stay safe.                                        Gatehouse, this guard will now ask if they are
                                         Barbara Finn     staying overnight. If so, they will be given a
                                                          guest pass for their dashboard and a list of rules
                                                          after the guard calls the owner and gets what
                                                          address they are visiting, their name and license
                                                          plate number. This may take a few minutes, so
                                                          if you know a guest is visiting you overnight,
                                                          be thoughtful and get the pass ahead of time.
                                                          Let your guest know you have taken care of the
                                                          visitor pass. The guard will have a list of passes
                                                          for guests that are completed.
                                                               The unit owner/resident is responsible for
                                                          their guest’s compliance.
                                                                                                   Thank you,
                                                                     Jan Kasyjanski, Community Manager,
                                                                            Leisure Village East Association

Trustees’ Corner
                       AUGUST 26, 2020
     In compliance with N.J.A.C. 5:20-1.2, notice of the Open Meeting of the Board of Trustees was given by
notice filed with the business office of the Association, August 12, 2020. Also, this notice was on the Associa-
tion website and various one calls were made. All those in attendance, 105 residents, were to sign in due to the
Covid-19 pandemic per the advice of legal counsel.
     Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Barbara Finn, LVE Board President. Those present were Lois Miele,
Rosemary Robertson, Jack Lampman and Howard Brown. Susan Relles and Suzanne Rafter were excused.
Also in attendance were Jan Kasyjanski, Community Manager and Cindy Blank, our Office Manager and
Secretary to the Board.
     A motion was made by Howard Brown, seconded by Rosemary Robertson to accept and omit the reading
of the minutes of the Open meeting of July 30, 2020. Minutes are on file in the Administration office. All were
in favor. Motion is carried.
     There was a motion made by Rosemary Robertson to accept the contract for L&L Paving for milling
and installing asphalt on Thornhill Court and Administration office parking lot. The cost of this project is
$242,457.88. This motion was seconded by Howard Brown and then a roll call vote was taken and all approved
so the motion was carried.
     The Board appointed Pat Nichols to the ADR Committee. The Board also appointed Michael Fletcher to
the Architectural Committee. Thank you for volunteering and best of luck in your new responsibilities.
     Jan Kasyjanski’s Manager’s report included the following Fall projects throughout the Village: paving
Thornhill area and the Administration and maintenance parking lot, new fountain at Vista Lake with lights,
rebuilding gazebo in Vista Lake, gatehouse updates and exit gate along with updating surveillance cameras,
continued work on sidewalk repairs and tree work, pressure washing sidewalks, replacing railings, seeding
lawns and lastly, first stage of siding project goes out to bid in about 2 weeks.
     Barbara Finn read for Suzanne Rafter her 4 month Treasurer’s report which ended 7/31/2020. (This is
included in the Leisure Times.)
     During the Trustees’ reports, Jack Lampman, who had been appointed to be the CORA liaison, announced
he will be having his first meeting for CORA on Wednesday, September 2 at 10 am on the upper deck at the
pool. Lois Miele spoke of the 50th Anniversary book which she is coordinating. She hopes to have this finished
for the end of the year distribution. Rosemary Robertson spoke further about this book and that if residents
wanted to be a sponsor and have their names in this special book, they can get a sponsor form from Adminis-
tration office and pay $5.
     During the Residents’ question and answer period, the Board answered the questions which were submitted
ahead of time and took new ones. There were a few residents who filled out a form to speak to Jan at a later
time about personal concerns.
     A motion was made by Howard Brown, seconded by Jack Lampman to adjourn this Open Meeting at 8
p.m. on August 26, 2020. All were in favor. Motion carried.

    As Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Leisure Village East, I do hereby certify the foregoing to be a true
and accurate record of the events, which occurred at the Open Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Leisure
Village East Association, held on August 26, 2020. Minutes of this meeting are not verbatim.
                        Respectfully submitted,Lois Miele, Acting Secretary, Leisure Village East Association

                                                                       OCTOBER 2020      THE LEISURE TIMES      5
Trustees’ Corner
                        TREASURER’S REPORT
                     FOUR MONTHS ENDED 7/31/2020
    Actual Operating Fund net income was $47,000 less than the budgeted amount. The reasons for the unfa-
vorable variance were as follows:
• Actual Operating Fund income was $29,000 less than the budgeted amount due to:
      o The real estate office has not been open for 4 months due to the pandemic. The budget is $2,000
       per month.
      o Actual maintenance revenue was $8,900 less than the budgeted amount because the Maintenance
       Department is only doing emergency repairs during the pandemic.
      o Due to the pandemic, there was no Recreation Revenue. The budget was $4,900.
• Actual Operating Fund expenses were over the budget by $18,000. Some of the significant negative variances
    were as follows:
      o Tree trimming exceeded the budget by $18,000. The budget was prepared based on the costs for the
       9 months ended 12/31/2019. There was another $29,100 expensed in the last 3 months of the prior fiscal
       year and was not taken into account when preparing the 2020/2021 budget. Due to increased storm
       activity this year including the lightning storm, this line item will likely continue to be substantially
       over budget.
      o Landscaping supplies exceeded the budget by $17,100. The community manager does not anticipate
       any large purchases for the rest of the fiscal year. The 12-month budget is $28,600.
      o Grounds safety equipment exceeded the budget by $9,400 due to the extra expenses related to the
       pandemic safety equipment purchases.
      o Replacement Fund and Fixed Asset expenditures of $76,200 charged to the Operating Fund.
• Some of the significant offsetting favorable variances were:
      o Total salaries and benefits expense of all departments was under budget by $52,000. Two union
       positions and one non-union parttime position were eliminated during the month of April. In addition
       one employee was on disability for five weeks.
      o Actual pool expenses were $9,900 under budget because the pool has not been available to the residents
       due to the pandemic.
      o Actual Recreation Department expenses were under budget by $7,900 because Barton Hall has not
       been open to the residents due to the pandemic.
• Accounts Receivable - The unpaid receivables increased $10,600 for the first 4 months of the fiscal year and
    $5,300 just for the month of July. The increase may become more significant in the future depending on
    Congress, the possibility of a “second wave” and the banks’ foreclosure process.
                                                             Suzanne Rafter, Treasurer LVE Board of Trustees

LVE 50th Anniversary Book
   If you are interested in listing your name on the sponsor pages of our 50th book,
please complete the attached slip at the bottom of this page and return to Adminis-
tration mail slot with your check by November 1, 2020.

  In our 50th Anniversary Book, we would like to include a list of those residents
whose parents are current residents or were past residents of LVE.

  Please fill out and return the slips below to the Administration mail slot by No-
vember 1, 2020.
                                                            LVE Board of Trustees


                   For the 50th Anniversary Book
Print Your Name: ___________________________________________________

Print Your Address: __________________________________________________

Print Your Parents’ Name: ______________________________________________

        Please Return to Administration mail slot by November 1, 2020


                                   $5.00 Sponsor
Print Your Name: ___________________________________________________

Print Your Address: __________________________________________________

        Please Return to Administration mail slot by November 1, 2020

      Potatoes - 9 cents/lb. Onions - 9 cents/lb.
              Head of Lettuce - 10 cents                                     E
                                                          However, there wereXCELLENT            C         N
                                                          and song of the year - “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”
                                                                                                        ARE awards
                                                                                   some other interesting            ’
                                                                                                                    URSE S
     There were many firsts in the world of sports. The   that year: Best Comedy Recording  R     EGISTRY- Flip Wilson;
first New York City Marathon was held on September        Best Spoken Word Recording     “Free-Nursing
                                                                                                           Luther King
                                                                                        RN’S • LPN’S • CERTIFIED AIDES
13, 1970. It is the largest marathon in the world and     Jr.; Best Original Score for     a Movie - “Let It Be” (a
                                                          documentary); Best Country        Vocal• by
                                                                                                        a Duo orSERVICES
has been run every year since 1970 with the exception                                  Insurance Claims Processed
of 2012, due to Hurricane Sandy, and 2020, due to         - Johnny Cash and June Carter.
                                                                                   All Personnel Thoroughly Screened
COVID-19. The first all-women’s tennis tournament               In September 1970, Elvis Presley began his first
                                                                              BONDED, INSURED, NJ STATE LICENSED
was also held in September, 1970, in Houston, Texas       tour since 1957 (9/9-9/14).    The first stop was in Phoe-
- the Virginia Slims Tournament. It was won by Rosie      nix where the show was delayed by a prank bomb
                                                                             Serving Monmouth & Ocean Counties
Casals and led to the founding of the Women’s Tennis      threat. It was in Phoenix that Elvis started his stage
                                                                                     Phone: 732-928-3805
Association within 3 years.                               tradition
                                                                      that continued
                                                                                 PO   during
                                                                                      Box 921  all Jackson,
                                                                                                   his tours inN.J.
     The 1970 World Series between the Cincinnati         enties. He pulled the scarf from his neck and threw it

Reds and the Baltimore Orioles featured the first World   to a fan in the audience. This tour was so successful
Series game played on artificial turf, with games 1       that he followed it up with another tour from 10/10
and 2 being played at Cincinnati’s new Riverfront         -10/17. On this tour he gave his first performance of
Stadium. Umpire Emmet Ashford became the first            his favorite gospel song, “How Great Thou Art.” He

African-American to officiate a World Series game.        also performed his first version of “Blue Christmas.”
This was also the last World Series in which all the      On December 21, Elvis visited President Nixon in the
games were played in the afternoon. Baltimore won 4       White House. The meeting was requested by Elvis in
games to 1. The TV premiere of Monday Night Foot-         a letter in which he suggested he be made a “Federal-
ball broadcast on September 21, 1970, and featured        Agent-at-Large” in the Bureau of Narcotics. He gifted
the NY Jets against the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland       Nixon with a commemorative WWII Colt 45 pistol
won 31-21. At the end of the 1970 football season, the    in a wooden chest while wearing a purple velvet suit
Baltimore Colts and the Dallas Cowboys were headed        with a large gold belt. He expressed his patriotism and
to Super Bowl V to be played on January 17, 1971.         his desire to help fight the growing drug problem and
This was the first Super Bowl played after the NFL-       restore respect for the flag. He asked for a badge from
AFL merger - the National Football Conference (NFC)       the Bureau of Narcotics. The president urged Presley
against the American Football Conference (AFC).           to retain his credibility (obviously referring to Pres-
Like the World Series, this was the first Super Bowl      ley’s own drug problems) and gave him an “honorary”
played on artificial turf and like the World Series,      badge, which Elvis thought was real. One of the most
Baltimore was the winner by a field goal in the last 5    popular photos of Elvis was the one taken with Nixon
seconds of regulation play.                               in the Oval Office. In fact, it is the most requested
     In 1970, Bing Crosby received a unique honor -       photo in the U.S, National Archives. Sadly, less than
Decca awarded him a second platinum disk for his          7 years later Elvis was to die of a drug overdose.
recording of “Silent Night.” (His first platinum disk                                                   Sandy Figurelli
was awarded in 1960 for his recording of “White
Christmas.”) He also earned 23 gold records includ-
ing one in 1970 for his Christmas Album. His records          EXCELLENT CARE NURSE’S
have sold in the hundreds of millions worldwide. He
recorded around 1700 songs between 1926 and 1977,
                                                                                 FULL TIME * PART TIME SERVICES
the year of his death. He died of a heart attack walk-                            SKILLED NURSING/RN’S * LPN’S
ing back to the clubhouse after participating in his                                  HOME HEALTH AIDES
second love - golf. The top 5 musical hits worldwide                     HOURLY * LIVE-INS * COMPANIONS
included 3 by American singers: #1 The Wonder of                              COMPETITIVE RATES
You - Elvis Presley; #2 Summertime - Mungo Jerry;                      All Personnel Thoroughly Screened
                                                                           FULLY INSURED, BONDED
#5 Ain’t No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross. The          ads-4605
                                                                       NEW JERSEY STATE LICENSED
13teenth annual Grammy Awards, to honor musical                 24 HOUR SERVICE - 7 DAYS A WEEK
achievements in 1970, was held in March 1971. The               Monmouth & Ocean County - 732-928-3805
big winner was Simon and Garfunkel for both album

                   OCTOBER 2020   THE LEISURE TIMES   11
Kitchen Refacing or
           New Kitchen?                                                                     A world
  You know us as the best Kitchen Cabinet                                                   of expert
           Refacers in the area...
    Now, Classic Kitchens also carries
 new kitchens designed for your community!                                                  experience
     Come visit our showroom today!
           • Family Owned and Operated •
      • Quality Work with that Personal Touch! •
                                                                      Educated at UCLA, Harvard, and Rush Medical
       Countertops Our Specialty!                                   College in Chicago, Dr. Tomaszewski is a Diplomat
                                                                      of the American Board of Urology and a leading
                                                                    member of the mid-Atlantic section of the American
                                                                   Urological Association. He is an expert in bladder con-
                                                                       trol issues, incontinence, prostate disease, male
                                                                           infertility, impotence, and kidney stones.

                                                                       For more information or to arrange a consultation,
                                                                              please contact us at 732-364-1664

                                                                  Charles S. Tomaszewski, M.D.
                                                                  Associated Urologists, LLC
      3315 Route 37 East, Toms River                              Parkway 70 Plaza, 1255 Route 70, Suite 33-S
                  732-831-1999                                    Lakewood, NJ 08701
          LE IT
        ALL!          Serving Leisure Village                     OFFICE HOURS: Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 5 pm                ads-3951a

     MEDICARE INSURANCE                                            MEDICARE INSURANCE
 CELEBRATING OVER 13 YEARS                                        CELEBRATING OVER 13 YEARS
             Medicare Insurance                                               Medicare Insurance
     Consultation and Enrollment Service                              Consultation and Enrollment Service
                           Robert G Haggan II                                               Robert G Haggan II
                             Insurance Agency                                                 Insurance Agency
                       2850 Yorktowne Blvd., Unit 24,                                   2850 Yorktowne Blvd., Unit 24,
                             Brick, NJ 08723                                                  Brick, NJ 08723
                           Independent Agent,                                               Independent Agent,
                           serving New Jersey’s                                             serving New Jersey’s
 Robert G Haggan II
                             Medicare eligible                    Robert G Haggan II          Medicare eligible
                          population since 2007!                                           population since 2007!
           COMMISSIONS PAID FOR BY THE                                       COMMISSIONS PAID FOR BY THE
             CARRIER’S NOT FEE BASED!                                          CARRIER’S NOT FEE BASED!
 Don’t call a 1-800 number and deal with the operator             Don’t call a 1-800 number and deal with the operator
 of the day when you can get personalized service with            of the day when you can get personalized service with
        face to face Consultation and Enrollment.                        face to face Consultation and Enrollment.
                  732-890-8261                                                    732-890-8261
                   ads-5621      ads-6683               ads-5621

12     THE LEISURE TIMES         OCTOBER 2020
                      1/4 B&W                                                          1/4 COLOR
Randy C. Talamayan, M.D. - Board Certified Internal Medicine &                            B
                                                            Joseph C. Morelos, D.O. - Internal Medicine
                                                    Martin Araujo, M.D. - Board Certified Family Medicine, Habl
                                                        • 2D Echo, Nerve Testing, ECG, Spirometry
                                                        • Labcorp Labs on the premises

                                                        • Open Monday through Friday 9-5, Saturday
          Jessica Lane                                                Paramount Park
        801A Balmoral                     1215 Route 70 West, Suites 1005 and 1002, Lakewood, NJ 08701
    Formerly of Medford, NJ
                                     We will be having our   Annual Shredding
          Lisa Macron             Event at Barton Hall parkingAnd
                                              Medicare Assignment lotHMO’s Accepted
                                                                     on Satur-
        816A Balmoral             day, October 10, 2020 from 9 am to 12 noon.
     Formerly of Brick, NJ
  Eugene & Mary Jane Smith
         845A Thornhill                                                          PROVIDES COMPLETE
   Formerly of Bayonne, NJ                                                       FAMILY MEDICAL CARE
 Rosemary "Kande" Nesmith           Randy C. Talamayan, M.D. - Board Certified Internal Medicine & B.E. Pediatrics
        935B Thornhill                          Joseph C. Morelos, D.O. - Internal Medicine
    Formerly of Suffolk, VA.           Martin Araujo, M.D. - Board Certified Family Medicine , Habla Español
              ***                                          • 2D Echo, Nerve Testing, ECG, Spirometry
        Wilson Santiago                                    • Labcorp Labs on the premises

                                                           • Open Monday through Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-12
          1083B Argyll                                                        Paramount Park
  Formerly of Lakewood, NJ                        1215 Route 70 West, Suites 1005 and 1002, Lakewood, NJ 08701 (Near DMV)
              ***                                                          732-942-0888
                                                               Medicare Assignment And HMO’s Accepted
          Janice Afflito
          1112A Argyll
     Formerly of Brick, NJ
          Dennis Klaus
                                          Laurelton Memorial
       1168A Clydebank
  Formerly of Rock Hall, MD.
   Dawn Dowd & Lois Notte                                             Home
        1202A Shetland
     Formerly of Brick, NJ                             109 Pier Avenue at Route 70
              ***                                           Brick, New Jersey
Luis Eladio & Elizabeth Caceres                               732-477-5858
        1213C Shetland
 Formerly of Franklin Park, NJ                     ~ Family Owned and Operated ~
    Janice Davis-McCullagh
                                                                Virginia Cutaio Hnatt
        1236A Hamilton                             Funeral Director and Manager, NJ Lic. No. 4471

                                                          Traditional Funerals,
                                                         Low Cost Cremations

                                                                ~ Serving all faiths ~

                                                               OCTOBER 2020              THE LEISURE TIMES                  13
                                                                             Council of Residents Advisors
                                                                                          Barbara Finn

                                                                                           GOLD BuYe
                                                                          This will be my last message to you for CORA. It’s
     GOLD - DIAMONDS - SILVER - COINS                                been a pleasure getting to know you and working with
             We BuY GOLD                                             this dedicated group of volunteers. Jack Lampman
                                                                     will be the liaison for this committee going forward.
     “time to sell”                                                                          GOLD - DIAMONDS -
                                                                          It was originally called Area Reps and it was

   Gold is now at an                                                                                 We BuY G
                                                                     formed back in the very beginning of LVE to help
                                                                     residents know what was happening in the community.
                                                                     It was a place to seek answers to questions as construc-
 ALL tIMe Record high                                                                           “time to
                                                                     tion was on going. It was the liaison group between
                                                                     the residents and the Board of Trustees. Well, we’ve
     Visit our sanitary
                                                                                              Gold is now
                                  DIAMONDs                           come a long way and still there are many questions
      and safe office              DIAMONDs                           to be answered with vibrant new residents moving in
                                  DIAMONDs                           all the time.
                                                                                            ALL tIMe Re
                                                                          Being a positive person, it has been difficult at
                                                                     times, to hone in on rules that are not followed by a few
                                                                     and gets the majority very upset. So please, read and
                           Michele DeGeorge                          know what is expected as revisions have been made
                      Serving Ocean & Monmouth Counties
                                                                     over the years. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not necessarily
                      DeGeorge Professional Building
                      249 Brick Blvd. - Brick, NJ 08723                                       Visit our sanitary
                                                                     the newcomers that get into mischief!
                                                                          Stay safe and follow the latest Covid 19 guidelines

                      OFFICE: 732-262-4653 (GOLD)
                       CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE:
                                                                     in place.
                                                                                               and safe office
                                                                          Thank you all committee members. If you are
                                 interested in joining this group, they meet on the first
 LICENSED - INSURED                                ads-2748g         Wednesday of the month at l0am in the BC room in
                                                                     Barton Hall in normal times. If interested, please call
                                                                     Jack Lampman 732-330-5617.

                                                                                                                        Serving Oce

                                                                                                                          249 Brick
                                                                                                    E D
                                                                                       E          L
                                                                                             ON-SITE SECURITY              CHECK
                                                                                   N C           BONDED
                                                                                C further   LICENSED - INSURED


                                                                              BARTON HALL


14     THE LEISURE TIMES        OCTOBER 2020

More recently, deciding where to live after retire-
                                                            ment. No brainer, let my sister decide.
                    MEMOIR                                      So, there you have it. Did I have any idea where
                                                            and how my life would turn out. Not a clue. I am as
                                                            surprised as you are. I do know that I move in the
                                                            “Right Direction” for me on a wing and a prayer.
                                                                Que sera, Sera.
                                                                                                    Elaine Carty
                                                                       My Childhood View
   Writers Circle meet on the first Thursday of every
month at 10 a.m., outside Doreen’s house at 1028A
                                                                         of Adulthood
                                                                As it so happens, I really did not have one. I lived a
Shetland, weather permitting.
                                                            happy childhood and visions of what adulthood would
     A Step in the Right Direction                          be were not in my thoughts except for one thing: New
     “Que sera, sera, whatever will be will be.”            Year’s Eve.
                       Doris Day                                My parents went out almost every Saturday night
     For me, one of life’s biggest challenges is making     and I remained home with an Aunt or Grandmother.
decisions, thinking about and planning for the future,      This was fine with me except for New Years. My
regarding my personal life.                                 mom would dress up to the nines in gorgeous cocktail
     I am very comfortable planning events, including       dresses, spike heels, sparkling evening bags, and jew-
every detail from beginning to end. In fact, it consumes    elry. As long ago as I can remember, probably from
me until it is completed. I sort of go with the flow,       4 years of age, I watched her and my dad leave the
making decisions as they present themselves.                house like movie stars. I would go up our second floor
     Growing up, thanks to my parents, I never felt as      sun porch and stare out the windows as they entered
though I had any limits on what I could do or wanted        the car. Doing this I was crying all the time because I
to do in my life. Over the years I’ve learned my lim-       wanted to be part of it.
its. I am sure society unconsciously influenced my              I was not invited.
decisions.                                                       I promised myself when I reached a proper age,
     As a younger person, I never really thought much       my intention was to celebrate in the same way. The
about what I wanted to do in the future. I was easily in-   tradition of my parents has continued through me. It
fluenced and happy to let others decide. The one thing      has become my favorite holiday, the last day of the
I did use to guide me with important decisions was          year with promises of hope for the new. It’s my major
a sort of mantra. “Is it a step in the right direction?”    social evening event to this day and it is done for the
     One big decision was whether or not to go to col-      most part with flair and excitement in the greatest city
lege. I wanted to go but my best friend decided to work     of them all, New York!
a year before going to college. So I decided to work a          So long 2020, you’ve been a beaut!
year before going to college. I worked that year and                                                  Irene M Wells
saved nothing - poor planning.
     When I was in college, I had not planned for what            “The best is yet to come.” Frank Sinatra
I wanted to do when I graduated. I really had to give                                ***
that some thought. I checked with my mantra. What                                        Continued on page 17
would take me in the right direction? More important-
ly, how was I going to earn money when I graduated?
My college had just initiated a degree in elementary
education. That was something I was familiar with -so
that’s the direction I took.
     After graduation I applied to the Philadelphia
School System. Since I went to college there it seemed
like a good decision. It wasn’t easy being on my own,
living and teaching in Philadelphia. But I have always
relied on the kindness of strangers and my guardian
MEMOIR WRITING CIRCLE from page 16                                       I decided I could still manage to work with young
                                                                    children, so I advertised again, and I worked with a
          What I Wanted To Be                                       large number of children, teaching them to read, write,
                                                                    spell, geography, history, address, phone numbers etc,
           When I Grew Up                                           all the basics they would need to go into school with
    When I was just a little girl, I was taught by Nuns,            great confidence.
I dearly loved most of them, they were very kind and                     So I have to thank my 10th grade teacher, Mrs
helpful to us students.                                             Purcell, for offering me the chance to work with the
    In 10th grade my teacher asked for volunteers, to               little children, when I was a teen.
assist the kindergarden teachers, an event that would                    I retired at 70 years old.
change my life.                                                                                         Doreen Giambrone
    I volunteered as it was an hour a week and it got me                                       ***
out of my regular class, so looked like it would be fun.
    The teachers were thrilled with us teenage help-                 A Few Changes Upon Changes
ers, and the little children were adorable, very polite                                   By Evelyn Shore
calling me Miss Doreen.                                                 “After changes upon changes we are more or less
    I really enjoyed planning the lessons etc. The                  the same.” Paul Simon “The Boxer”
teachers gave me lots of advice on how to get a schol-                  It is said that a person’s basic personality is formed
arship to the University etc.                                       by the age of 5.
    I attended University for 2 years before I emigrated                That’s probably true. I still care about a lot of the
to the USA.                                                         same things I did as a child. There were certain events
    I did not let them know I no longer lived in Eng-               that happened during my lifetime that still affect me
land, as I could complete my studies free. My Mum                   as an adult. I remember the day John Kennedy was
would forward my material to me and I completed                     assassinated. My fifth grade teacher was crying and
the courses, but was unable to obtain my degree, as I               we were dismissed from school. When I got home. my
now lived in America.                                               mother was across the street at the neighbor’s house. I
    I came here as an English Nanny. The school was                 turned on the TV and was glued to the set for 4 days.
offering extra credits to us at that time. It sounded                   The coming of the Beatles also affected my life
wonderful, “Come to America, sit on the beach all day,              as an adult. Seeing them on the Ed Sullivan Show -
tutoring American children. Sometimes the families                  my life wasn’t the same. Music to me was “Before
even give you a car.” I thought, wow, what could go                 Beatles” and “After Beatles.” I’m still a huge fan of
wrong.                                                              the Beatles and Paul.
    After I got married and had my son, I advertised                    I was an outgoing child and sometimes embar-
as an English Teacher who would prepare your child                  rassed my parents because I was outspoken. However,
for Kindergarden.                                                   that changed when I went to school. I became very
    I got about 9 children initially and coached them               quiet. Now, as a senior, I am recovering my voice
to learn all the requirements to enter school.                      (with a filter of course). Living in LVE has allowed
    I had my basement set up like a Montessori                      me to have that voice.
classroom, I taught for about 6 years. My daughter                                             ***
was going into 1st grade, so I applied for a job at a
pharmaceutical company. I was the packaging depart-                   My Thoughts on Growing Up
ment manager for the next 14 years, until I hurt my                      I was always too busy being a kid to think about
                                                                    growing up. Looking back now, certain memories do
back lifting cases of heavy bottles for my employer.
                                                                    present themselves. When I was six years old I was
    My Boss decided they should fire me, as their
                                                                    hit by a car, injuring the back of my head. For a full
insurance rates had gone up!!                                       year I had nasty headaches. I was unhappy not being
    My hubby said “why don’t you go back to teaching                able to have gym classes during that time, but I got
the little kids, you always enjoyed that.”                          over it. As I went through my school years, being a
                                                                    lefty gave me numerous problems. I got over that too.
                                                                    I remember being happiest when I was able to try new
   We accept no responsibility for any advertisements. If there
                                                                    things. I loved creating new ways to do anything in
   are any complaints concerning an advertiser, please contact
   them directly. If you receive no satisfaction, you can contact
                                                                    speaking, writing or art. It was always a challenge.
   your Better Business Bureau or the Ocean County Depart-
                                                                    Now, all these years later I realize that this is the way
                                                                    I lived my life.
   ment of Consumer Affairs.                                                                       Continued on page 18
                                                                                 OCTOBER 2020      THE LEISURE TIMES        17

                                                                      I always loved playing school. Of course, I had
                                                                  to be the teacher. I naturally went to Montclair State
                                                                  Teachers College to become one, and teach I did for
                                                                  all my working years, enabling me to plan lessons,
                                                                  programs, shows, and projects that gave me and all
                                                                  my students the wonderful opportunity to be creative.
                                                                  I reached out to each and every one in order to have
                                                                  them acknowledge individual and special talents or
                                                                  abilities, and to feel better about themselves in the
                                                                      To this day, I have not changed. I grew older,
                                                                  perhaps a little wiser, and still take delight in doing
                                                                  things my way. I find my life is just the way I like it!
                                                                  SO WHAT’S NEW?
                                                                                                          Gen Generalli
         Paula Intelisano-DeJohn, Manager                                                  ***
                  NJ Lic. No. 3438
             Gregory DeJohn, Director                               Growing Up, What did I think
                 NJ Lic. No. 4261
                                                                     my adult life would be like?
                                                                                      By Flora Roche
                                                                      I seriously imagined adult life while in high
                                                                  school, as I graduated at age 17, and started my career
                                                                  8 weeks later in Manhattan. Sounds ludicrous, but that
                                                                  was typical.
                                                                      All I really knew of life was what I saw in the
                                                       Ad 468

                                                                  movies. First
                                                                            Paula you succeed  in the position you aspire
                                                                                       Intelisano-DeJohn,               Manage
                                                                  to, and along the way, you meet Prince Charming.
                                                                                            NJ Lic.
                                                                  There’s the wedding, wedded       bliss,No.   3438 and
                                                                                                           six children
                                                                  the big house away    from the city.
                                                                                   Gregory             You have aDirector
                                                                                                  DeJohn,          rec room
                                                                  so your children can bring all their friends to hang out
                                                                  at your home, happily and NJsafeLic.from
                                                                                                        No.     4261
                                                                                                             harm.  Eventu-
                                                                  ally, these college graduate children will be successful
                                                                  in whatever they do, and will bless you with many
                                                                  grandchildren, who will bring nothing but happiness
                                                                  and pride, until my dying day. Hubby and I, and our
                                                                  precious brood would definitely vacation according
                                                                  to our means.
                                                                      Prince Charming turned out to be a cad. Life was
                                                                  extremely difficult. There are two sons who are col-
                                                                  lege graduates with honors, and a little grandson, all
                                                                  who live 3,000 miles away. However, by making the
                                                                  right choices, I have travelled and experienced more
   call NOW for a                                                 than most women can say. My choice to live in Lei-
                          10% OFF with the purchase
   FRee in-home           of a complete system (tub,
                                                                  sure Village East paid off in spades. I have availed
    consultation          wall, fixture or shower, wall,          myself to what is offered and suits me, allowing great
                          fixture) OR No Interest for             enjoyment to my life. I have a beautiful home and I
                          30 Months with Wells Fargo
     1-855-560-8710                                               am safe here. I didn’t have that Cinderella life, but my
                                                        CODE SP

                          Credit Approval
                                                                  greatest asset is me.

               Line Dancers                                                      Quilters

                                                                              Volunteers Make a Difference Everyday
                                                                            Under the leadership of Norma Jacobsen, this club
     Hi ladies! I don’t know if you liked my “joke” last                has been active since year 2001. Next year will be our
month, but maybe next month I’ll send out another.                      20th Anniversary to be an active club within LVE.
Sometimes surprises are welcome.                                            Congratulations are in order ladies ... with the
     Who would have thought that staying well and safe                  help of the “Ladies” that have worked from home, to
would take such concentration and focus? If we want                     complete quilts during this pandemic period, we have
to survive this pandemic, it’s necessary. Many of us                    reached the 4000 plus mark of completed lap quilts
Seniors are already compromised (myself included),                      that have touched so many lives.
so its important to follow the medical guidelines pro-                      Many hands have gone into this effort since the
vided for us. We need to be extra careful and do our                    beginning. Some have passed away, some have moved,
best one day at a time.                                                 some are alumni, but, none the less have contributed to
     Since we’ve not heard from our Board of Trustees                   this wonderful accomplishment. Several of our ladies
as to when Barton Hall can safely reopen, line danc-                    have been with the club since 2001. This is a tribute to
ing, as are all other clubs, is closed. Hopefully, we                   you all for your dedication and caring for those who
can resume our activities in the not-to-distant future.                 are ill and need a little brightness in their lives.
     In addition to the medical guidelines provided for                     When we are finally able to get back to being an
us, maybe we can safely and, within reason, enjoy a                     active club and all together, we would welcome any
little socializing and exercise on our own. When line                   newcomers who would like to join us. It is a great
dancing does resume, we can dance with joy! Until                       group of ladies and we have a fun time each week.
then, stay well and safe.                                                                            For the Quilters, Eva Stout
                                      Dancing Together
                                        Vickie Heidrick

                                                                                 SPECIAL NOTE
                                                                              FROM LEISURE TIMES
                                                                              The cost to have our newspaper de-
                                                                          livered to our Snowbirds or non-resident
                                                                          owners, increased as of November 1st,
                                                                          2018 to $2.10. Please retain for your future
                                                                                                           Thank you,
                                                                               The Editor and Staff of Leisure Times

  Leisure Square Mall

              1000 Rt. 70 Lakewood
    12 Fine Stores Featuring                                                        We Mourn
  • Home Town Market      • Charlie’s Pizza and Restaurant                                               Those we hold
  • Oasis Barber Shop     • M&T Bank                                                                 most dear never truly
                                                                                                     leave us… they live on
                                                                                 Slier, Andrew
  • Hearing Health        • Home Helpers                                                             in the kindnesses they
                                                                              Sherard, Caroline
                                                                                                     showed, the comfort
  • Medicine To Go        • Lakewood Leisure Spa                              Hilliard III, Thomas
                                                                                                     they shared and the
                                                                                Hussain, Nural
                     • M Flowers & Gifts
                                                                             Matrona, John Frank     love they brought into
               • Camino Medical Equipment                                                            our lives.
                                                                                                              Isabel Norton
       • Jersey Shore Emergency Veterinary Service
                        • Liquorama                    ads-316

                                                                                    OCTOBER 2020      THE LEISURE TIMES       19
OCTOBE                 (subject t
     SUNDAY                       MONDAY                            TUESDAY                        WEDNE

                          OF BARTON HALL

4                          5                                 6                                 7       RECYCLABL
                           1:30 pm Jewish American Meeting   9:30 am Choristers - Aud.        10:00 am Council of R
                               - B/C                         1:00 pm Line Dancing - Aud.          (CORA) - B/C
                                                             4:15 pm Twilight Golf - Course   12:30 pm Italian Ame
                             CLUB CALENDARS DUE                                                   - R/L
                                TO REC. OFFICE                                                4:00 pm Bocce - Cou

                                    TRASH COLLECTION
11                         12                                13                                14
                                                             9:30 am Choristers - Aud.         4:00 pm Bocce - Cou
                           1:00 pm Pine Cone Garden Club     1:00 pm Line Dancing - Aud.
                               Exec. - R/L                   4:15 pm Twilight Golf - Course
                                     HOLIDAY                 7:00 pm BINGO - Aud.
                                 NO ASSOCIATION

                                    TRASH COLLECTION
18                         19                                20                                21         RECYCLA
                                                             9:30 am Choristers - Aud.        1:00 pm Nutrition clu
                           1:00 pm Pine Cone Garden Club -   1:00 pm Line Dancing - Aud.      4:00 pm Bocce - Cou
                                                             4:15 pm Twilight Golf - Course

                                    TRASH COLLECTION
25                         26                                27                                28         RECYCLA
                                                             9:30 am Choristers - Aud.            10:00 AM - TRUSTEE
                                                             10:30 am Book Discussion Group - R/L     QUARTERLY
                                                             1:00 pm Line Dancing - Aud.              AUD.
                                                             4:45 pm Twilight Golf - Course       12:30 pm Italian Am
                                                             7:00 pm BINGO - Aud.                     Meeting - R/L
                                                                                                  4:00 pm Bocce - Cou

                                   TRASH COLLECTION

ER 2020
to change)
ESDAY                     THURSDAY                                 FRIDAY                              SATURDAY
                    1                                    2                                        3
                    10:00 am Writing Circle - R/L        12:30 pm Ceramics - B/C
                    1:00 pm Mens Club Meeting - Aud.     6:30 pm Table Shuffleboard - Game Room
                    4:00 pm Senior Knitting Club - B/C
                    7:00 pm Dance Club Exec. - R/L
                    Veterans Breakfast Tkts.

                         MAINT. PYMTS. DUE
                            TRASH COLLECTION
 LES PICKUP         8                                    9                                        10
Resident Advisors   10:00 am Columbus Flea Market -      12:30 pm Ceramics - B/C
                        Lot                              6:30 pm Table Shuffleboard - Game Room   7:00 PM ITALIAN
erican Exec. Mtg.   1:00 pm Monmouth Medical Meet-                                                   AMERICAN CLUB -
                        ing - Aud.                                                                   AUD.
urts                1:00 pm Ocean County Mall Bus -
                        B.H. Lot
                    4:00 pm Senior Knitting Club - B/C

                             TRASH COLLECTION
ABLES PICKUP        15                                   16                                       17
 urts               4:00 pm Senior Knitting Club - B/C   10:00 am Entertainment Committee
                                                              - B/C
                                                         12:30 pm Ceramics - B/C
                                                         6:30 pm Table Shuffleboard - Game Room

                            TRASH COLLECTION
ABLES PICKUP        22                                   23                                       24
 ub - Aud.          8:00 am Monmouth Medical Blood       12:30 pm Ceramics - B/C
urts                    Testing - B/C                    6:30 pm Table Shuffleboard - Game Room
                    10:00 am Mens Exec. - R/L
                    12:00 pm Ladies Golf Awards Lun-
                        cheon - Out
                    4:00 pm Senior Knitting Club - B/C
                    5:00 pm Heritage Meeting - Aud.

                            TRASH COLLECTION
 ABLES PICKUP       29                                   30                                       31
USTEE OPEN/ 4:00 pm Senior Knitting Club - B/C           12:30 pm Ceramics - B/C
                                                                                                  6:30 PM DANCE CLUB -
Y MEETING -                                              6:30 pm Table Shuffleboard - Game Room
merican Exec.


                             TRASH COLLECTION
                                                                                       OCTOBER 2020     THE LEISURE TIMES   21

                                                                                           Nutrition Club

                                                                          Now that Fall is here with the cooler weather and
                               Ciao again                            beautiful trees, we hope everyone is enjoying this
              I hope once again that all is well with our LVE        special season.
          club members and residents.                                     Although mask wearing and social distancing are
              I think September’s article said it all for the rest   still the norm, there is still plenty to keep us busy.
          of our “2020” activities.                                  Eating healthy and exercising is important, especially
              Please continue to listen to the All-Call phone        during stressful times.
          messages for any changes.                                       We continue to pray for and thank the frontline
              Be safe! Be well! Keep your social distancing and      workers who help us stay safe and “sane.”
          wear your masks!                                                                   Take care, Mary Ann Bauman
              Thank you again to ALL our essential workers,
          inside and outside of LVE
                              Ciao for Now
           Mackie Rossi and the Italian American Committee
                           Happy Halloween

                                                                      Robert N. Del Presto, DMD
esto, DMD                                                                         ARROWHEAD
EAD                                                                              FAMILY DENTAL
                                                                               2024 Rt. 88 East, Brick
NTAL                                                                       Across from White Chiropractic

 t, Brick                                                                   732-840-1300
hiropractic                                                                       Visit us at
                                                                                  • Professional, Compassionate Care

                                                                                   • Many Insurance Plans Accepted

                                                                                    IMPLANTS                                                                                $999            PLACEMENT
                                                                                                         (Reg. $1500)
                                                                            RESTORATIONS MUST BE DONE ON PREMISES
onate Care                                                                                 MINI-IMPLANTS
 Accepted                                                                                 ALSO AVAILABLE

                                                                        QUALITY FULL                     NEW PATIENT

NTS                                                                      DENTURES
                                                                          $895            EACH
                                                                                                     Includes: Initial Exam & Cleaning with
                                                                                                       Hygenist • All Necessary X-Rays •
                                                                                                      Personal Consult with Dr. Del Presto

                                                                               (Reg. $1,100)

                                                                          Immediate Dentures,
                                                                          Partials Slightly More           $80          (Reg. $240)

                                                                                                   System Guarantees Results!
TS                                                                                                      $750            (Reg. $1500)

                                                                                                   Offers cannot be combined with any
BLE                                                                                                      discounted dental plan.   spc-253b

          22    THE LEISURE TIMES       OCTOBER 2020

                                                                Summer has come and gone and, unfortunately,
                                                             we were unable to play Bocce this year. Sadly, we
                                                             were not able to be together for exercise, socializing
                                                             and laughter.
                                                                But we were together in spirit by keeping in touch
                                                             with others and praying for everyone’s good health
    As the season of fall unfolds in all of its glory, the   and an end to the pandemic with a vaccine.
Choristers have reluctantly and sadly accepted the fact         Let common sense prevail!
that there will not be a concert this year.                                                 Be Safe, Rubin Fidler
    We are determined to stay hopeful that we will be
able to perform a fabulous concert for you in 2021.
    In 2021 the Choristers will be celebrating 50 years
as a club.
    “To me, October is tucking candy bars in my pock-
ets and carving my smile into a thousand pumpkins.”                              MEN’S
                   Rainbow Rowell
For a Chuckle!!!
   Why was the baby ghost sad?
He wanted his mummy
   What do ghosts serve for dessert?
I scream
      Meanwhile, have some fun with Halloween
           Stay well, stay safe, stay happy                                GOLF CLUB
            You are the song in my heart
                     Elaine Carty                                 Since the last golf article we went from 2 to 4
                                                             cancellations due to rain. That is the most I have ever
                                                             seen in the 8 years I have been here at LVE.
                                                                  We are getting close to our playoff’s which means
                                                             the end of a great golf season. But we do have nice
             Job Opportunity                                 weather in the fall and hopefully also in the winter.
    Have you ever thought that a little extra cash in        We are still having our monthly BBQ’s at Mulligans
your pocket might be nice? Ever get bored with your          in Farmingdale thanks to Bob Scherer. If you haven’t
long days of retirement? Just so much TV you can             been there yet give him a try. You can peek at his menu
watch, or shrubs you can trim! Maybe God is calling          on line at
to you about helping to keep His house clean and tidy             I’m glad to see that there are more and more golf-
while you leave TV behind and add that extra cash            ers paying attention to the signs that the Board has put
to your pocket. Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church           up on all the holes. These rules are there to protect us
is seeking a part-time Sexton and you might be just          all not only from the virus but also from a potential
the one we’re looking for. Flexible hours, a pleasant,       law suit. At least we can say we have met or exceeded
quiet, minimum-contact work environment, where               the requirements issued by the state allowing us to
currently there are few activities going on as we follow     keep our golf course open. Don’t forget there is also
the governor’s directions for Coronavirus.                   a Ranger on the weekends and days during the week
    Please call Jim McGuire at 908-783-7193 for              checking for resident badges. No guests are allowed
more information.                                            at this time, sorry. Please stay safe and be healthy.
     Contact from LVE - Lynn Hahm, 732-920-7133                                        Ed Calamari, V.P. Men’s Golf

                                                                         OCTOBER 2020      THE LEISURE TIMES       25

                GOLF CLUB
                                                                                 Keep In Touch
    This has been a very hot summer. Even with an                 In these days of “distancing” we can still keep
early tee time, it has been difficult for many of us to      together by phone or texting, a note or written letter.
play.                                                        Be sure to let friends know you are thinking of them.
    By the time you receive this newsletter our Cham-             This is a good time to do something you have put
pionship Finals will be over. We will publish the win-       off for some time. Perhaps you have always considered
ners in the next issue.                                      learning another language, or knitting, painting or
    Due to the pandemic, our Annual Awards Lun-              even playing a musical instrument. How about now.
cheon is on hold. We will notify you as soon as we                Humor always saves the day.
have more information.                                            Henny Youngman’s wife said, “let’s have dinner
    Also, the Cameos concert has been rescheduled            in a place we haven’t been to before.” He said, “Let’s
for June 202l.                                               go into the kitchen.”
    New players are always welcome. If you do not                 I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too
know how to play, we will show you how and loan              high. - She looked surprised.
you clubs. It is a lot of fun.                                    I’m right 98% of the time. The other 3% doesn’t
              Rosemary Davies, VP LVE Ladies Golf            matter.
                                                                  Happy Halloween Everyone!           Jewel Taylor

                                                                                                                             ALL INSECTS
                                                                                                                             ALL ANIMALS
                                                                                                                             ALL RODENTS


                                                                  FREE       100% Pest eLIMINAtION, NO IFs, ANts OR BuGs ABOut It!

                                                                            Termite Inspection $65+tax
                                                                             Quarterly  Pest1966
                                                               One Time Service     $65+tax
                                                               Yearly Quarterly Service $220WALL

                                                               (4 Times Inside 3 Times      Highway 35
                                                               Termite Contracts $85+tax732.449.6900
                                                                                         per year with no current
                                                                                          termite problems
                                                                                      Neighbor Discount
                                                                                   505 Burnt Tavern Road
                                                                     Get 5 neighbors for a one time spray only $45 each
                                                                    (Inside and outside) -732.899.8600
                                                                                           MUST BE APPLIED SAME DAY

                                                                               ALL INSECTS COVERED
                                                                     GROUND BEETLES CENTIPEDES • MILLIPEDES EARWIGS •
                                                                          SPIDERS ANTS • SILVERFISH • CRICKETS
                                                                                      **BED BUGS NOT INCLUDED**
                                                                              **WOOD DESTROYING INSECTS NOT INCLUDED **


                                                                                    Senior Discount
                                                                                 ANY Termite Job $600+tax
                                                               ads-2704B             Business Lic. #97622A – Lic. # 25801A

                                                                       Kevin C. O’Brien, Mgr. -
                                                                                                NJ Lic. No. 4805

V.F.W. Post 10185 News
        By Past Post Commander James Egan
                                                                        Senior Knitters
                                                             Senior Knitters meet every Friday 11 a.m., weather
    At a Special Meeting called by Commander Por-         permitting, outside Doreen’s house at 1028A Shetland.
tuese, for August 15th, the members voted for the post
to donate $500.00 each to three Food Banks, to help
the people who need assistance during this Pandemic.
We would also like to thank Post Member Roy Cena
and his wife for allowing us to meet in their spacious
yard to hold this meeting.
    Monday, October 12th is Columbus Day (Ob-
    Tuesday, October 13th is the U.S. Navy Birthday
    Tuesday, October 27th at 7:00 pm V.F.W. Post
10185’s Officers will attend V.F.W. District 12’s meet-
ing at V.F.W. Post 6063, Toms River, New Jersey,
where the latest V.F.W. Programs and events will be           Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!
discussed.                                                    “Fall is the time when everything bursts with its
    Saturday, October 31st is Halloween. Watch out        last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year
for the Ghosts and Goblins.                               for the grand finale.” Lauren Destefano
    Remember if you hear of any Post member passing           Maybe we cannot do the things we want to do or
away or being in the hospital, call Chaplain Thomas       come and go where and when we want to go. But we
Kraszewski at 848-210-3722 and let him know.              can enjoy the invigorating, cooler weather and the
    VFW Post 10185 would like you to drop your            glorious panorama of the colorful, changing leaves.
old and faded Flags off at either Holiday City South          Hopefully, it will not be too long before all of the
Clubhouse (Main Building), Silver Ridge Park West         Clubs at LVE will be planning events for everyone to
Clubhouse, Silver Ridge Park North Clubhouse, and         enjoy. Then we will complain that there is too much
Holiday City Berkeley Club House #1. Please remove        to do!
the sticks from the small Flags first and the Flags           Bur for now, keep your eyes on the prize - focus
will be disposed of properly.                             on keeping yourself and others safe and healthy. That
                      Submitted by Gordon Jacobsen        way, in the end, we will all be winners.
                                                              Be grateful for all those keeping us safe, those
           GOD BLESS AMERICA                              providing services and those working to find a solu-
        AND GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS                          tion to the pandemic.
         FLY THE FLAG EVERYDAY,                               Dues already paid in 2020 will go toward dues for
          WEATHER PERMITTING                              the 2021 Club season.
                                                                                         Stay well, Rubin Fidler

                                                                      OCTOBER 2020      THE LEISURE TIMES       27
Out and About


                 MONMOUTH                                                                           Sudoku
                                                                                              891 Route 37 West, Toms River, NJ 08755
             E                           E
             D                           N                             732-349-1448 1-800-688-TEMP 732-657-8
             I                           T
             C                           E                     √ FREE ESTIMATES ON REPLACEMENTS & Central Air Conditioning • Boilers •
             A                           R                       NEW INSTALLATIONS
             L SOUTHERN
                                                                                                  Heat Pumps • Hot Water Heaters
                                                               √ CERTIFIED & TECHNICALLY TRAINED  Tankless Water Heaters • Attic Fan
                CAMPUS                                           PROFESSIONALS                    Oil/Gas/Propane Conversions
    If you like many of us have been cleaning out              √ SAME DAY SERVICE / REPLACEMENTS  Air Cleaners • Dryer Vents • Humid
drawers and closets while stuck at home, you may have                                             Tune-Ups • Service Plans
found items worthy of being donated. Please be aware           √ CERTIFIED, LICENSED, BONDED, &
the Monmouth Medical Center has reopened their                        INSURED
                                                                                                                                                           FREE 2nd Opi
thrift shops and are looking for donations. The fol-           √ SERVICE & INSTALL ALL MAKES &
lowing are the 3 thrift shops operated by the hospital:          MODELS
    Lots for Little Shoppe (Seagull Square Shopping                                                                                                         FINANCING AVAI
                                                                      NJ HIC #13VH02253000
Center) -- 1328 River Ave, Lakewood - 732.364.6312.

                                                                      Fred Paprocky, Master HVACR                                  RT Brown, NJ Electrical LIC# 10584
    The Treasure Chest (Lakehurst Circle Shopping                     Contractor Lic # 19HC00878000
Center) -- 666 Rt. 70, Lakehurst - 732.657.2590.
    Jackson Fashion and Furniture (Prospect Plaza)
-- 2555 New Prospect Road, Jackson - 732.886.5972.
    Please continue to wash your hands constantly                                                                                      Answers on page 33
and wear a mask when you can’t practice social dis-
tancing. However, do not let your concern about the
COVID-19 virus keep you from addressing your other
health concerns when necessary.
                            Sandy Figurelli, secretary

               ATTENTION                                                                891 Route 37 West, Toms River, NJ 08755
     The Leisure Village Times will no longer
                                                                       732-349-1448 1-800-688-TEMP 732-657-8367
  accept articles or poems about religion or                                              

  articles that are politically biased.                      √ FREE ESTIMATES ON REPLACEMENTS                               Central Air Conditioning • Boilers • Furnaces
                                                               & NEW INSTALLATIONS                                          Heat Pumps • Hot Water Heaters
                                    Thank you                √ CERTIFIED & TECHNICALLY TRAINED
                                                                                                                            Tankless Water Heaters • Attic Fans
                                                                                                                            Oil/Gas/Propane Conversions
                                                               PROFESSIONALS                                                Air Cleaners • Dryer Vents • Humidifiers
                                                             √ SAME DAY SERVICE / REPLACEMENTS                              Tune-Ups • Service Plans
                                                             √ CERTIFIED, LICENSED, BONDED, &
                                                               INSURED                                                                    FREE 2nd Opinion
                                                             √ SERVICE & INSTALL ALL MAKES &
                                                               MODELS                                                                    FINANCING AVAILABLE

                                                                               FRee                       FRee
                                                                                                          SERVICE CALL
                                                                                                                                         $150 OFF
                                                                         AIR CONDITIONING            (with repair made while there)      Central A/C and / or
                                                                                                           Not valid on after hours
                                                                             CONTRACT                       or weekend services.         Gas Boiler/Furnace
                                                                             For New Customers                Coupon must be
                                                                              (Call for Details)
                                                                                                          presented at time of sale.
                                                                                                             Expires 10/31/2020            Replacement
                                                                          $500 OFF                    $100 OFF
                                                                                                          TANKLESS GAS
                                                                                                                                          $250 OFF
                                                                                                                                             NEW INSTALL OF
                                                                                                        HOT WATER SYSTEM
                                                                                      OR                                                    AIR CONDITIONING
        1300 Vermont Ave - Lakewood, NJ 08701
                                                                           CONVERSION GAS       OFF                                                OR
                                                                                                                                            HEATING SYSTEM
            2130 Hwy. 35 - Ocean, NJ 07712                                                HOT WATER HEATER

                                                                            COUPONS MUST BE PRESENT WHEN SIGNING CONTRACT and may not be used for prior
          44 Wilson Ave - Manalapan, NJ 07726                               services/installations. Coupons do not expire, except service call coupon.
                     800-247-5235                                     NJ HIC #13VH02253000                           RT Brown, NJ Electrical LIC# 10584
         Mark R. Harris Mgr. NJ Lic No. 3284                          Fred Paprocky, Master HVACR
                                                                      Contractor Lic # 19HC00878000                                                             ads-1101E

                                                                                       OCTOBER 2020                   29       THE LEISURE TIMES
                                                                                      1300 Vermont Ave - Lakewood, NJ 08701
                                                                                                   2130 Hwy. 35 - Ocean, NJ 07712
Crossword Puzzle
1. Trail
5. Elimination contest
9. Heron
14. Succulent plant
15. Small island
16. Fragrance
17. Musical symbol
18. Rotate
19. Large ungulate
20. Carapace
22. Pace
24. Blocking vote
25. Edible tuber
26. Wading bird
28. Ironic
30. Footwear
31. In the past
32. Diffident
35. Evaluation
38. Edible fat
39. Snooker accessory
40. Division of quantity
41. Moose
42. Formal dance
43. Guided                                                                  ANSWER on page 33
44. Nimble
46. Helix                          3. Emblem                     37. Lunar time period
48. Female sheep                   4. Part of a shoe             38. Cunning
49. Leguminous plant               5. Belonging to him           41. Epoch
50. Part of a deck                 6. Likeness of mind           42. Tender
51. Cereal grass seed              7. Assumed name               44. Secret agent
52. Part of the neck               8. Portable shelter           45. British nobleman
53. Part of a circle               9. Consume                    46. Deplete
56. Apex                           10. Cooking juices            47. Quarry
59. True                           11. Leash                     50. Inexperienced
61. Songlike cry                   12. Express audibly           51. Something that has
63. Might                          13. Edible root               survived the past
65. Storage tower                  21. Predatory feline          52. Currency of Nigeria
67. Eat                            23. Border                    53. Farewell remark
68. Relative magnitude             27. Wetland                   54. Relating to kidneys
69. Front of a vessel              29. Decay                     55. Keeps records or accounts
70. High-priced                    30. Used to control a horse   56. Land measure
71. Choose                         31. Seabird                   57. Fossil fuel
72. Gape                           32. Indication of damage      58. Muffle
73. Brood                          33. Polynesian dance          60. Catch sight of
Down                               34. Shout                     62. Chances
1. Garden plant                    35. Convention                64. Point
2. Hawaiian greeting               36. Afresh                    66. Possess
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