2019 UPCEA Annual Conference - Chicago, IL

2019 UPCEA Annual Conference - Chicago, IL
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                  Annual Conference
                    March 27–29, 2019   Seattle, WA

The brightest minds.
The leading institutions.
2019 UPCEA Annual Conference - Chicago, IL
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2019 UPCEA Annual Conference - Chicago, IL
WELCOME                    to the 2019 UPCEA Annual Conference!

                           THANK YOU all for joining us at this year’s event. During your time at the conference,
                           we invite you to think about how to embrace a future filled with possibility while
                           maintaining your core values. Professional, continuing, and online education units
                           have the vision, tools, and knowledge to lead our institutions in serving lifelong learners.
                           Providing everyone with the right education at the right time in their lives to thrive in an
                           ever changing society is up to us. With this shared ethos in mind, we hope that you’ll
                           make the most of your time at the conference, and here in Seattle.

                           This year’s Annual Conference would not have been possible without the hard work
                           of the 2019 Annual Conference Advisory Committee and the UPCEA Staff. We extend
                           our deep gratitude and appreciation to each of these individuals for all of their
                           service to the association, and their efforts to bring to fruition a remarkable conference
                           experience for all of our attendees.

                           Here’s to embracing this moment of opportunity and to facing the inevitable
                           challenges together.

                           Bob Hansen                                    Rovy Branon
                           Chief Executive Officer, UPCEA                University of Washington, Conference Chair

1    Welcome               2019 Annual Conference                          UPCEA Staff
                           Advisory Committee                              Jordan DiMaggio, Director of Policy
4    Letter from
                           Sandi Pershing, University of Utah              and Digital Strategy
     UPCEA’s President
                           Brenda Blazekovic, Eastern                      Joe Fedak, Director of Events
6    Conference            Washington University                           and Programming
     Fast Facts                                                            Jim Fong, Chief Research Officer &
                           Dean Claud, Old Dominion University
                                                                           Director, Center for Research and Strategy
8    Letter from UPCEA’s   Paola Curcio-Kleinman, New
     Incoming President    York University                                 Camille Funk,
                                                                           Director, eDesign Collaborative
                           Patricia Feldman, Arizona State University
9    Leadership                                                            India Gaskins, Associate Director of
     Meetings Schedule     Geoff Foy, Pacific Lutheran University          Business Operations and Finance
                           Carol Gering, University of Oregon              Opal Hawkins, Chief Financial Officer
10   Conference Schedule
                           Earl Gibbons,                                   Amy Heitzman, Deputy Chief Executive
34   Tips for Newcomers    Western Washington University                   Officer and Chief Learning Officer
                           Michele Gribbins, University of                 Brandan Kaiser, Associate Director of
36   Get Involved          Illinois Springfield
     with UPCEA                                                            Membership and Communications
                           Mike Jones, University of Connecticut           Molly Nelson, Vice President of Marketing
39   Sessions by Track     Khusro Kidwai, University of Maine              and Communications

41   Exhibit Hall Guide    Marissa Lombardi, Education First               Jacqueline Romero, Project Coordinator

                           Jeni Lutey, Eastern Washington University       Ray Schroeder, Director, National Council
43   Exhibitor Hall Map                                                    for Online Education
                           Kelly Newell, Washington State University
44   Exhibitor Snapshot                                                    Julie Uranis, Vice President for Online
                           Lynda Rogers, University of California,         and Strategic Initiatives
                           Santa Cruz
56   Awards Program                                                        Kimberly Zaski, Vice President of
                           Mike Schroder, California State University,     Membership and Corporate Engagement
62   Upcoming Events       San Marcos
                           Mark Veljkov, Bellevue College
63   Volunteer Thank You
66   Hotel Floorplan

                                                                                                  Onsite Program      1
2019 UPCEA Annual Conference - Chicago, IL
Times and events are listed here. For more details

Schedule at a Glance                                                         on topics and locations, see the full conference
                                                                             schedule that begins on page 10 of this program.

    Tuesday, March 26, 2019                                     Thursday, March 28, 2019
    10:30–11:30 a.m.        2018–2019 and 2019–2020             7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.     Registration Desk Open
                            Executive Committees of the
                            UPCEA Board of Directors Meet       7:30–9:30 a.m.          Institutional Representatives
                                                                                        Breakfast Briefing**
    12:00–4:30 p.m.         2018–2019 and 2019–2020
                            UPCEA Boards of Directors Meet      8:00–9:15 a.m.          Master Class: Past UPCEA
                                                                                        Emerging Leader Program
    4:45–5:45 p.m           2019 and 2020 Annual                                        Participant Gathering**
                            Conference Advisory
                            Committees Meet                     8:30–9:30 a.m.          Continental Breakfast

    6:00–7:30 p.m.          UPCEA Volunteer Leadership          9:30–10:30 a.m.         Concurrent Session II
                            and Institutional Representative
                                                                10:30–11:00 a.m.        Networking Break in Exhibit Hall
                            Reception (by invitation)
                                                                11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.   Concurrent Session III

    Wednesday, March 27, 2019                                   12:00–12:15 p.m.        Lunch Pick-up
                                                                                        Lunch Sponsored by
    7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.     Registration Desk Open
                            Sponsored by

                                                                12:15–1:30 p.m.         UPCEA Network Lunch Meetings
    8:00–10:30 a.m.         UPCEA Emerging Leaders                                      and Awards Presentations
                            Pre-Conference: Leveraging
                            Strengths for Leadership            1:45–2:45 p.m.          Concurrent Session IV
                            Excellence in Professional,
                                                                2:45–3:15 p.m.          Networking Break in Exhibit Hall
                            Continuing, and Online Education*
                                                                3:15–4:15 p.m.          General Session
    8:00–10:30 a.m.         UPCEA 2019 Online
                                                                                        From Warrior Brain to Artist Brain:
                            Leadership Roundtable
                                                                                        Helping Veterans Transition from
                            Sponsored by                                                War to University—Richard Casper

    10:45 a.m.–12:00 p.m.   Network, Regional, and National     4:30–5:30 p.m.          Concurrent Session V
                            Council for Online Education        5:30–6:30 p.m.          Happy Hour
                            Leadership Meetings
                                                                                        Sponsored by
    11:30–12:45 p.m.        UPCEA Past Presidents’ Lunch
                            (by invitation)                     7:00 p.m.               Dinner Groups
    12:00–1:00 p.m.         2018–19 and 2019–20
                            Regional Cabinets and
                            Network Senates Meet                Friday, March 29, 2019
    12:45–1:15 p.m.         Newcomer’s Welcome                  8:00–11:15 a.m.         Registration Desk Open

    1:30–3:00 p.m.          Opening General Session             7:45–8:30 a.m.          UPCEA Emerging Leaders
                            Who is Us: The Future of                                    Capstone Session**
                            American Identity—Eric Liu          8:00–9:00 a.m.          School Spirit Continental Breakfast
    3:00–3:30 p.m.          Networking Break in Exhibit Hall
                                                                8:30–9:30 a.m.          UPCEA Regional Business Meetings
                            Meet & Greet with Eric Liu
                            Break sponsored by                  9:30–10:00 a.m.         Networking Break in Exhibit Hall

                                                                10:00–11:00 a.m.        Concurrent Session VI

                                                                11:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m.   Closing General Session
    3:45–4:45 p.m.          Concurrent Session I
                                                                                        The Future of Work—Michelle Weise
    5:00–6:30 p.m.          Opening Reception in Exhibit Hall
                                                                                          *separate registration required
                                                                                          **pre-registration required
2     2019 UPCEA Annual Conference
2019 UPCEA Annual Conference - Chicago, IL
Customize your 2019 Annual Conference experience!

                      The 2019 UPCEA Annual Conference offers 7 tracks of concurrent
                      sessions to address specific areas of practice important to
The 2019 Annual       professional, continuing, and online education. Concurrent sessions
                      are organized to align with UPCEA’s six Networks, as well as with this
Conference has        year’s special Digital Strategy and Innovation track:
something for
everyone. Choose          	Business & Operations

the concurrent            	Community and Economic Engagement

sessions that best           Digital Strategy and Innovation—NEW!

meet your needs.             International
Look for the track           Marketing, Enrollment, and Student Services
and level icons
                          	Online Administration
on each
                             Program Planning & Implementation
concurrent session!
                      Each network is designed to be a “professional home” for members, and to serve
                      professionals practicing in the defining areas of this vibrant and growing sector of
                      higher education.

                      The content of each concurrent session has been assigned a level to
                      help you identify the sessions that will be most relevant based on your
                      professional experience.

                            Foundational—For those new to the higher education field, and/or to the
                            particular area of practice or topic of a session. Foundational-level sessions
                            help participants gain and build understanding of new or less familiar topics.

                            Applied— For those with a robust understanding of a particular topic ready
                            to gain additional knowledge to be put to practical use. Many participants in
                            applied-level sessions have been in the higher education field for 5+ years.

                            Strategic— For those at a more senior level in higher education.
                            Strategic-level sessions are for those required to do strategic visioning, set
                            goals, and create strategies to meet those goals, and many participants
                            have been in the higher education field for 10+ years.

                                                                                         Onsite Program      3
2019 UPCEA Annual Conference - Chicago, IL
Letter from UPCEA President

                                   Welcome to Seattle! Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your
                                   President this year. It has been one of the greatest honors of my life. I am
                                   looking forward to learning and engaging with you all at this incredible
                                   Annual Conference.

                                   I had the tremendous privilege of visiting all of UPCEA’s Regions this year. I am grateful
                                   to have personally met so many of you, and for the myriad ways that we worked
                                   together to elevate our profession. Many of you heard parts of my story this year,
                                   and I thank you for listening and for hearing with your hearts. I also thank you for
                                   the countless ways that you each see people—people like me—and their unique
                                   pathways, and then build innovative programs to meet them where they are. Thank
                                   you for opening the doors to our institutions for folks for whom doors may be heavier,
                                   more complicated, or seemingly inaccessible.
                                   UPCEA benefits us all in so many ways. It teaches us about our field. It encourages us to
                                   be leaders of the highest knowledge and character. It celebrates you as an individual
                                   for who you are and what you bring to the world, and empowers you to do the same
                                   for others. This association is growing and moving in incredible ways. This year, we
                                   engaged in strategic conversations around volunteer leadership and the future of
                                   our association. We elevated our focus on diversity and inclusion through a task force
                                   creating a framework to guide us into the future. We continued our intentional focus on
                                   alternative credentials and refined our thinking around the future of our students, our
                                   units, and our institutions. We continue our work on defining rubrics for our Hallmarks of
                                   Excellence in Professional, and Continuing Education. We engaged emerging leaders
                                   in new ways and brought together thought leaders at every level. We piloted our first
                                   joint “super” regional conference, which was a tremendous success.
                                   I have never been more proud to be part of this association than I am today. I look
                                   forward to this time together with you, and to seeing what great things come next.
                                   Thank you to the countless volunteer leaders and dedicated staff who strive to make
                                   our experiences as members robust and fulfilling. Thank you to the Annual Conference
                                   Advisory Committee for delivering to us our first sold out conference. Thank you to the
                                   UPCEA Board of Directors, and to my team at the University of Utah, who so patiently
                                   stood by and supported me throughout this year. Wishing all the best to our incoming
                                   President, Nelson Baker of Georgia Tech, who is a tremendous colleague and leader.
                                   May you each find something here in Seattle that will enrich you, your students, your
                                   units, and your institutions now and into the future. May you each do your part to
                                   build an infrastructure of opportunity across the lifespans of your students. As we
                                   grow and change, may we do so together, in connection to one another and to the
                                   communities we serve. May we convene courageous and inclusive conversations and
                                   may we build elevated lives together. All my best to you for an amazing conference,
                                   and for the future that you are shaping.
                                   Sandi Pershing
                                   UPCEA President 2018–2019
                                   University of Utah

4   2019 UPCEA Annual Conference
2019 UPCEA Annual Conference - Chicago, IL
The UPCEA South
Region Congratulates
of the Georgia Institute of Technology

                       p. 5

On his election to the presidency
of UPCEA for 2019–2020.
2019 UPCEA Annual Conference - Chicago, IL
Conference Fast Facts

Conference App                                   Emerging Leaders                               Specific Events in the Exhibit Hall
Create your own schedule, connect with your      Emerging Leaders are mid-level                The Exhibit Hall is located in the Grand
fellow attendees, and stay up-to-date with       professionals aspiring to more senior         Ballroom on the second floor. Hours for
announcements and schedule changes with          roles in professional, continuing,            the Exhibit Hall are as follows:
the 2019 Annual Conference app. Download         and online education. Look out for
Guidebook in the Apple App Store or              sessions tagged as ‘Emerging Leaders’
Google Play, or visit guidebook.com/getit.       throughout the conference!                    Wednesday, March 27, 2019
After the app downloads, open it. Then
                                                                                               11:30 AM–12:00 PM
search for and select “2019 UPCEA Annual
                                                 UPCEA Network                                 Exhibitor Meet and Greet
                                                 Lunch Meetings and                            Exhibitors only! Meet the UPCEA staff
Sponsored by:                                                                                  and fellow exhibitors. Use this time to
                                                 Awards Presentations                          get acquainted with the space, ask
                                                 UPCEA Network Lunch Meetings and              questions, and network.
WiFi                                             Awards Presentations will be held on
Get online at the conference with free                                                         3:00–3:30 PM
                                                 Thursday, March 28 at 12:15 PM. Be sure
wireless internet in all meeting and session                                                   Grand Opening of Exhibit Hall +
                                                 to attend your Network’s event and
rooms, as well as the Exhibit Hall.                                                            Networking Break
                                                 to honor your colleagues who have
                                                 been selected to receive awards for           Meet & Greet with Eric Liu
Network: Sheraton-Seattle-Meeting-Room
Password: UPCEA2019                              outstanding accomplishments in the
                                                                                               3:00–6:30 PM
                                                 Networks’ areas of practice.                  Exhibit Hall Open
Social Media                                                                                   5:00 PM
Continue the conversation online with            UPCEA Regional
                                                                                               Opening Reception
fellow attendees and speakers during             Business Meetings
and between sessions. Use #UPCEA2019             Regional Business Meetings will be
on Twitter to stay in touch!!                    held on Friday, March 29 at 8:30 AM. Be       Thursday, March 28, 2019
                                                 sure to grab breakfast starting at 8:00
                                                                                               8:30 AM–5:30 PM
Registration                                     AM before heading into your Region’s
                                                                                               Exhibit Hall Open
The UPCEA Conference Registration                business meeting. Take advantage of this
Desk, sponsored by MindMax, is located           opportunity to meet other professional,
                                                                                               8:30 AM
in the Grand Foyer on the second floor.          continuing, and online education
The Registration Desk is open at the             professionals from your geographic area.
following times:                                                                               10:30–11:00 AM
                                                 Session Evaluations                           Networking Break with Exhibitors
Wednesday, March 27
from 7:30 AM–5:30 PM                             Your feedback is important to us!             2:45–3:15 PM
                                                 On-site, you can use the conference app       Networking Break with Exhibitors
Thursday, March 28
                                                 via Guidebook to give session feedback.
from 7:30 AM–5:30 PM
                                                 After the conference, attendees can
Friday, March 29                                 expect an email containing a link to a        Friday, March 29, 2019
from 8:00–11:15 AM                               survey which will invite overall conference
                                                 feedback as well as any additional            8:00–11:15 AM
                                                                                               Exhibit Hall Open
First-Time Attendees                             comments about sessions.
If this is your first Annual Conference, don’t                                                 8:00 AM
miss the chance to network with other            Charging Stations                             Breakfast
first-time attendees and meet UPCEA              Recharge your devices in the
volunteer leaders at the Newcomers’                                                            9:30–10:00 AM
                                                 Metropolitan Ballroom foyer at our
Welcome on Wednesday, March 27 at                                                              Networking Break with Exhibitors
                                                 complimentary charging stations.
12:45 PM in the Cirrus Ballroom. Also be
sure to visit the UPCEA Booth (211) in the       Sponsored by:
                                                                                               UPCEA is not liable and accepts no
Exhibit Hall during the opening reception
                                                                                               responsibility for any accidents, injuries,
and networking breaks to learn from                                                            or losses pursuant to imbibing alcoholic
current Network and Region Leaders how                                                         beverages or for any other reason on or
you can get involved with UPCEA!                                                               off premises at the Annual Conference.

6   2019 UPCEA Annual Conference
2019 UPCEA Annual Conference - Chicago, IL
Thank You, Sponsors!

                              Institutional Sponsors
   Thank you for helping
to make this year’s Annual
   Conference possible!

                               Corporate Sponsors

                             UPCEA Strategic Alliance
                               and Media Partner

                                                Onsite Program   7
2019 UPCEA Annual Conference - Chicago, IL
Letter from Incoming UPCEA President

                                   As the incoming president of UPCEA, I am honored to serve you and
                                   humbled to follow in the footsteps of peers who have made notable
                                   contributions to our field. For 104 years, UPCEA has engaged professional
                                   and continuing educators across North America, and beyond, to
                                   advance our common mission and bring transformational education to
                                   lifelong learners. As a member of UPCEA since 2004, I am proud to belong
                                   to this network of committed professionals, and I’m deeply grateful for the
                                   opportunities I’ve had to learn, collaborate, and grow.

                                   In these ever-changing times, we must be agile and innovative to be able to meet
                                   the needs of our learners, institutions, and communities. As the demand for learning
                                   continues to grow along our lifetime, both in careers and society, and the number
                                   of traditional college students declines, higher education faces new challenges.
                                   Having served these learners for decades, our units are on the forefront of this evolving
                                   landscape. With significant experience and our passion for lifetime education, we are
                                   ideally poised to take the lead in shaping the future of higher education.
                                   As we navigate change and guide our institutions to this new era of learning, UPCEA
                                   is an essential resource to us. As members of this collective, we will have the most
                                   success when we share our knowledge and align our passions to pursue common
                                   goals. It is also essential for us to engage across our campuses and articulate the
                                   needs of the learners we know so well, obtaining the expertise of our faculties in
                                   the engagement of new learning. We have an incredible opportunity to define the
                                   university of the future.
                                   I look forward to this conference—and to the year ahead—as we confront the
                                   challenges in our field and explore ways to turn them into opportunities. I encourage
                                   you to make the most of your time at this important event. Share your knowledge with
                                   colleagues, expand your network, take home new information for your teams, and
                                   enjoy the camaraderie!
                                   Most of all, thank you for your dedication to UPCEA, for sharing your expertise with so
                                   many others, and for your passion to continue a lifetime of learning. Together we can
                                   build the future of professional and continuing education.
                                   Nelson C. Baker, Ph.D.
                                   UPCEA President 2019–2020
                                   Dean, Professional Education
                                   Georgia Institute of Technology

8   2019 UPCEA Annual Conference
Leadership Meetings Schedule

Tuesday, March 26, 2019                    Wednesday, March 27, 2019                  Friday, March 29, 2019
12:00 PM–4:30 PM                           10:45 AM–12:00 PM                          8:30 AM–9:30 AM
2018–19 and 2019–20 UPCEA Boards           2018–19 and 2019–20 Network Leadership     Corporate Advisory Council Meeting
of Directors Meet                          Team and Regional Council Meetings         (by invitation)
Location: Diamond                          • Business & Operations Network            Location: Boren
                                             Leadership Meeting
4:45 PM–5:45 PM                              Location: Virginia
2019 and 2020 Annual Conference
                                           • Community and Economic Engagement
Advisory Committees Meet
                                             Network Leadership Meeting
Location: Boren
                                             Location: University
6:00 PM–7:30 PM                            • International Network
UPCEA Volunteer Leadership and               Leadership Meeting
Institutional Representative Reception       Location: Seneca
Location: Cirrus                           • Marketing, Enrollment, & Student
(by invitation)                              Services Network Leadership Meeting
• 2018–19 and 2019–20                        Location: Columbia
  Boards of Directors                      • Online Administration Network
• 2018–19 and 2019–20                        Leadership Meeting
  Regional Councils                          Location: Jefferson
• 2018–19 and 2019–20 Network              • Program Planning and Implementation
  Leadership Teams                           Network Leadership Meeting
• 2019 and 2020 Annual Conference            Location: Jefferson
  Advisory Committees                      • Central Region Council Meeting
• Association Awards Committee               Location: Issaquah
• Frandson Award Committee                 • Mid-Atlantic Region Council Meeting
• Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee      Location: Greenwood

• Unbound Editorial Board                  • New England Region Council Meeting
                                             Location: Kirkland
• Marketing and Enrollment Management
  Seminar Planning Committee               • South Region Council Meeting
                                             Location: Leschi
• National Council for Online Education
  Advisory Council                         • West Region Council Meeting
                                             Location: Issaquah
• eDesign Collaborative Advisory Council
• Corporate Advisory Council               10:45 AM–12:00 PM
• Policy Committee                         National Council for Online Education
• Institutional Representatives            Advisory Board Meeting
                                           Location: Medina
• Past Presidents
• Honored Guests                           12:00 PM–1:00 PM
Sponsored by:                              2018–19 and 2019–20 Regional
                                           Cabinets (Current + Incoming Regional
                                           Board Representatives) Meet
                                           Location: Diamond A

                                           12:00 PM–1:00 PM
                                           2018–19 and 2019–20 Network Senates
                                           (Current + Incoming Network Chairs) Meet
                                           Location: Diamond B

                                                                                                          Onsite Program   9
Conference Schedule

Tracks                              Tuesday, March 26, 2019                     Wednesday, March 27, 2019
                                    12:00 PM–4:30 PM                            7:30 AM–5:30 PM
     Business & Operations
                                    2018–19 and 2019–20 UPCEA Boards            Registration Desk Open
     Community and                  of Directors Meet                           Location: Grand Foyer
     Economic Engagement            Location: Diamond
                                                                                8:00 AM–10:30 AM
     Digital Strategy and           4:45 PM–5:45 PM                             Pre-Con: Emerging Leaders:
     Innovation—NEW!                2019 and 2020 Annual Conference             Leveraging Strengths for Leadership
                                    Advisory Committees Meet                    Excellence in Professional, Continuing,
                                    Location: Boren                             and Online Education (pre-conference;
                                                                                separate registration required)
     Marketing, Enrollment,         6:00 PM–7:30 PM                             Location: Cedar
     and Student Services
                                    UPCEA Volunteer Leadership and               Emerging Leaders
                                    Institutional Representative Reception
     Online Administration
                                    Location: Cirrus
     Program Planning               (by invitation)                             With three immediately actionable
     & Implementation               • 2018–19 and 2019–20 Boards of Directors   insights in mind, this interactive workshop
                                    • 2018–19 and 2019–20 Regional Councils     will examine leadership behaviors within
                                    • 2018–19 and 2019–20 Network               the context of professional, continuing,
                                      Leadership Teams                          and online higher education. First, to
                                                                                identify and leverage personal leadership
                                    • 2019 and 2020 Annual Conference
                                                                                strengths, you’ll complete and discuss
Levels                                Advisory Committees
                                                                                the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment.
                                    • Association Awards Committee              Second, to identify the unique strengths
     Foundational                   • Frandson Award Committee                  and challenges of your organization,
                                    • Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee     you’ll review Excellence in Higher
     Applied                        • Unbound Editorial Board                   Education—a model for organizational
                                    • Marketing and Enrollment Management       assessment and improvement. Finally,
     Strategic                        Seminar Planning Committee                you’ll identify opportunities to apply your
                                                                                personal leadership strengths to address
                                    • National Council for Online Education
                                                                                the needs of your organization.
                                      Advisory Council
                                                                                • Ralph Gigliotti, Rutgers,
                                    • eDesign Collaborative Advisory Council
                                                                                  The State University of New Jersey
                                    • Corporate Advisory Council
                                    • Policy Committee                          8:00 AM–10:30 AM
                                    • Institutional Representatives             UPCEA 2019 Online Leadership
                                    • Past Presidents                           Roundtable (pre-conference; separate
                                                                                registration required)
                                    • Honored Guests
                                                                                Location: Ravenna
                                    Sponsored by:

                                                                                Whether you are launching a new online
                                                                                initiative or leading a well-established
                                                                                online enterprise, a key component of your
                                                                                work is advocacy and embracing work that
                                                                                can create lasting and meaningful change
                                                                                at your institution. These change initiatives
                                                                                might involve reminding institutional leaders
                                                                                of the importance of a strategy for online/
                                                                                distance learning, securing commitments
                                                                                for action, and emphasizing the important
                                                                                role online learning has in innovative
                                                                                teaching and learning practices, among
                                                                                others. During the Roundtable Convening,

10   2019 UPCEA Annual Conference                                               continues on next page
TUESDAY                             WEDNESDAY                              THURSDAY                                FRIDAY

continued from page 10                     12:00 PM–1:00 PM                                3:45 PM–4:45 PM
                                           2018–19 and 2019–20 Regional Cabinets           CONCURRENT SESSION I
peers will lead business case exercises
                                           (Current + Incoming Regional                    Balancing Work, Life, and a
and explore approaches institutions have
                                           Board Representatives)                          Terminal Degree
used to develop and execute effective
                                           Location: Diamond A                             Location: Jefferson
strategies for distance/online education
success. Roundtable facilitators will                                                       Emerging Leaders
                                           12:00 PM–1:00 PM
share an organizational change formula     2018–19 and 2019–20 Network Senates
in collaborative problem-solving to        (Current + Incoming Network Chairs)
identify options and tactics to achieve    Location: Diamond B                             This interactive discussion will provide
institutional change and advocate for                                                      you with insights on how to balance
online learning enterprises.               12:45 PM–1:15 PM                                the demands of a 40+ hour/week job,
• Moderator: Kim Siegenthaler,             Newcomer’s Welcome                              family/personal life, and the pursuit of a
  University of Missouri                   Location: Cirrus Ballroom                       terminal degree. Whether contemplating
                                                                                           the journey or already under way, this
10:45 AM–12:00 PM                          1:30 PM–3:00 PM                                 session will help you see it to completion
2018–19 and 2019–20 Network Leadership     Opening General Session                         and avoid becoming ABD.
Team and Regional Council Meetings         Location: Metropolitan Ballroom                 • Kelly Newell, Washington State University
• Central Region Council Meeting           • 1:30–1:35 PM: Welcome Remarks from            • Jon Matsuda, University of Hawaii
  Location: Issaquah                         2019 UPCEA Annual Conference Chair,
                                                                                           • Janice Sitzes, North Carolina
• Mid-Atlantic Region Council Meeting        Rovy Branon
                                                                                             State University
  Location: Greenwood                      • 1:35–1:45 PM: Indigenous Peoples’
                                                                                           • Donna SanMiguel, California State
• New England Region Council Meeting         Welcome, Muckleshoot Tribe
                                                                                             University San Marcos
  Location: Kirkland                       • 1:45–1:50 PM: Presentation of the Julius M.
                                                                                           • Kate White, California State
• South Region Council Meeting               Nolte Award for Extraordinary Leadership
                                                                                             University East Bay
  Location: Leschi                         • 1:50–1:55 PM: Presentation of the
                                                                                           • Christina Trombley, Drake University
• West Region Council Meeting                UPCEA Leadership in Diversity Award
                                                                                           • Dee Masiello, Boston College
  Location: Issaquah                       • 1:55–2:00 PM: Remarks from UPCEA
                                             CEO, Bob Hansen                               • Sarah Dysart, University of Michigan
• Business & Operations Network
                                           • 2:00–3:00 PM: General Session                 • Karen Bull, Syracuse University
  Council Meeting
  Location: Virginia                         Who is Us: The Future of American Identity    • Regina Cash, California State University,
                                                                                             Los Angeles
• Community and Economic                   Eric Liu, Founder and CEO,
  Engagement Network Council Meeting                                                       • Moderator: Amy Heitzman, UPCEA
                                           Citizen University
  Location: University                                Eric Liu is the founder and CEO of
• International Network Council Meeting               Citizen University and executive
                                                                                           Concurrent Session block continues
  Location: Seneca                                    director of the Aspen Institute
                                                                                           on next page
• Marketing, Enrollment, & Student         Citizenship and American Identity Program.
  Services Network Council Meeting         He is the author of several books, including
  Location: Columbia                       “You’re More Powerful Than You Think: A
• Online Administration Network            Citizen’s Guide to Making Change Happen,”
  Council Meeting                          “A Chinaman’s Chance,” “The Gardens of
  Location: Jefferson                      Democracy,” and “The Accidental Asian.” Eric
                                           served as a White House speechwriter and
• Program Planning and Implementation
                                           policy adviser for President Bill Clinton. He
  Network Council Meeting
                                           is a regular columnist for CNN.com and a
  Location: Jefferson
                                           correspondent for TheAtlantic.com.
10:45 AM–12:00 PM
                                           3:00 PM–3:30 PM
National Council for Online Education
                                           Networking Break in Exhibit Hall
Leadership Meeting
                                           Location: Grand Ballroom
Location: Medina
                                           Meet & Greet with Eric Liu
11:30 AM–12:45 PM                          Break sponsored by
UPCEA Past Presidents’ Lunch
(by invitation)
Location: Boren

                                                                                                                 Onsite Program     11
Conference Schedule

Tracks                                 3:45–4:45 PM
                                                                                   Creating a Seamless Student Experience:
                                                                                   Humanizing the Online Orientation,
                                    Concurrent Session I continued
     Business & Operations                                                         Removing Barriers, and Embracing
                                    Best in Show Central: From None to             Innovation and Technologies
     Community and                  Known: Fostering and Managing Rapid            Location: Issaquah
     Economic Engagement            Online Growth
     Digital Strategy and           Location: Cedar
     Innovation—NEW!                 Emerging Leaders                              Join this interactive discussion about
                                                                                   how two institutions responded to
     International                                                                 changing student expectations to deliver
                                    Starting a centralized online/extended         a holistic, data-informed approach to
     Marketing, Enrollment,                                                        student support. Highlights include a
                                    learning unit requires strategies that align
     and Student Services                                                          bold initiative in which Bama by Distance
                                    with the history, core values, structure,
                                    and climate of individual colleges and         Student Services launched a new model
     Online Administration
                                    universities. In this presentation, leaders    for online student orientation, designed
     Program Planning               from a large and a mid-size institution will   with University’s Innovation Team, placing
     & Implementation               discuss their recent journeys in building      student identity and relationship before
                                    new centralized online units for their         functional knowledge of university
                                    campuses. Presenters will highlight major      systems. We’ll also examine how Wichita
                                    decision points that impact long-term          State University streamlined services to
                                    success, discuss options and potential         remove service barriers by expanding
                                    positive and negative outcomes,                access to 24-7 support, increasing self-
Levels                              and bring to light unforeseen catalysts        help functionality, and launching proactive
                                    and barriers.                                  enrollment coaching.
                                    • Steve VandenAvond, Northern                  • Jennifer Roth-Burnette, University
                                      Michigan University                            of Alabama
     Applied                                                                       • Sonya Dunkin, University of Alabama
                                    • Robert Griffiths, Ohio State University
                                    • Moderator: Mark Bernhard,                    • Megan Welborn, University of Alabama
     Strategic                        University of Southern Indiana;              • Mark Porcaro, Wichita State University
                                      Chair-Elect, UPCEA Central Region            • Moderator: Jason Smith, Student
                                                                                     Services by Blackboard

                                                                                   Designing for Diverse Audiences:
                                                                                   Leveraging Personas
                                                                                   Location: Redwood

                                                                                   Personas can be used to inform
                                                                                   processes across higher education,
                                                                                   including admissions, marketing,
                                                                                   instruction, and student outreach
                                                                                   by creating learner-centric, tailored
                                                                                   experiences. These products meet the
                                                                                   needs of diverse learners by delivering
                                                                                   authentic, relevant content that speaks
                                                                                   to individual learners’ demographics,
                                                                                   professional situations, and academic
                                                                                   aspirations. Learn how two institutions
                                                                                   leverage personas to influence all

                                                                                   continues on next page

12   2019 UPCEA Annual Conference
TUESDAY                               WEDNESDAY                               THURSDAY                                 FRIDAY

                                              Partnerships between                           The New Startups: Continuing
continued from page 12
                                              Universities, Companies, Civil                 Education Units and Online Colleges
aspects of program delivery, including        Society and Governments for                    Location: Aspen
program design, development, and              Sustainable Development:                        Emerging Leaders
student recruitment. Take away                Latin-American Experiences
practical tools that you can implement        Location: Willow A
at your organization.                                                                        In this session, three seasoned professionals
• Andrea Schaumann, Rollins College                                                          will share their experiences in standing up
• Juan Mavo-Navarro, University of Toronto    For more than 20 years, RECLA (Continuing      new units that could be called a “startup
• Jen Gordon, University of Toronto           Education Network of Latin America and         business” within their universities. They will
                                              Europe) has been promoting continuing          share challenges and opportunities, and
• Moderator: Inez Bush, Otis College of
                                              education as a driver of sustainable           offer insights that will be helpful for others
  Art & Design
                                              development in Latin America and Europe.       establishing new programs, courses, and
Marketing-at-Scale: Optimizing and            In this session, we will share some recent     units. This is primarily a question and
Personalizing the Learner’s Journey in        experiences on this journey, present           answer session with participation from the
the World’s First Degrees-at-Scale            concrete examples of how innovative            audience sharing challenges and solutions.
Location: Metropolitan Ballroom               partnerships with the private sector, civil    • James Shaeffer, Old Dominion University
                                              society, and governments have driven
                                                                                             • David Schejbal, Marquette University
                                              impact, and highlight opportunities for
                                                                                             • Nancy Coleman, Wellesley College
                                              other UPCEA members to get involved in
Georgia Tech was the first university in                                                     • Moderator: Joel Hauff, University
                                              these programs.
the world to offer online degrees-at-scale                                                     of Arizona
that delivered high quality education at      • María del Rosario Bozón, RECLA
a disruptive price. But marketing-at-scale    • Moderator: Elizabeth Valencia-Borgert,       How to Produce and Promote an eBook
came with challenges to personalization         St. Cloud State University                   Location: Ravenna
and opportunities for efficiency. Learn how
Georgia Tech has brought these degrees        Increase Enrollment and Reduce
to market through the cornerstones of
                                              Costs: Using Market Data to Evaluate
                                              Academic Programs                              By now, everyone knows the value of
a rock-solid enrollment marketing plan                                                       content in your marketing and enrollment
                                              Location: Willow B
utilizing research, personas, messaging,                                                     plan. This session will discuss how to
and a digital-first strategy emphasizing                                                     amplify your strategy through producing
personalization. See how empathetic                                                          and publishing an eBook. Participants will
strategy and understanding the learner        Learn how to use market data, including
                                                                                             learn why they should consider making
point-of-view drives targeting and            information on student demand,
                                                                                             an eBook part of their marketing efforts,
segmentation to build awareness and           employment, competition, and program
                                                                                             how to plan for success, explore design
drive the messaging and timing of             margins, to improve the productivity of your
                                                                                             options, and how to distribute an eBook
interactions through the enrollment funnel.   program portfolio and restore growth to
                                                                                             for ultimate impact.
• Chris Walker, Georgia Institute             a mature program. Purdue University and
                                              Wiley Education Services will share how        • Shannon Hatch, Johnson &
  of Technology                                                                                Wales University
                                              they leveraged insights on student demand
• Mont Rogers, Georgia Institute                                                             • Casey Liddle, Thruline Marketing
                                              to grow their MS in Communications
  of Technology
                                              program without investing heavily in added     • Moderator: Jack Rodenfels, University
• Stephen Fain, Georgia Institute                                                              of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
                                              resources. Marquette University and Gray
  of Technology
                                              Associates will focus on the process used
• Moderator: Keith Bailey,                    to make better, faster program decisions       5:00 PM–6:30 PM
  University of West Virginia                 that were supported by the faculty             Opening Reception in Exhibit Hall
                                              and administration.                            Location: Grand Ballroom

                                              • David Capranos, Wiley Education Services
                                              • Bart Collins, Purdue University
                                              • Steve Probst, Gray Associates, Inc.
                                              • Carrianne Hayslett, Marquette University
                                              • Moderator: Jill Klein, American University

                                                                                                                    Onsite Program     13
Conference Schedule

                                    Thursday, March 28, 2019                          8:00 AM–9:15 AM
                                                                                      Master Class: Past UPCEA Emerging
     Business & Operations
                                    7:30 AM–5:30 PM                                   Leader Program Participant Gathering
                                    Registration Desk Open                            Location: Willow A
     Community and
                                    Location: Grand Foyer                              Emerging Leaders
     Economic Engagement
                                                                                      Pre-registration required.
     Digital Strategy and           7:30 AM–9:30 AM
     Innovation—NEW!                                                                  For past participants of the 2018 Regional
                                    IR Breakfast Briefing: PCO 2025
                                                                                      Emerging Leader Program, this interactive
                                    Location: Cirrus Ballroom
     International                                                                    workshop will provide an opportunity
                                                                                      to reconsider individual strengths in the
     Marketing, Enrollment,                                                           context of professional, continuing, and
     and Student Services           The 2019 UPCEA Institutional Representatives      online higher education, as well as an
                                    Briefing, hosted at the Annual Conference,        opportunity to continue to examine your
     Online Administration          provides an opportunity for senior leaders        leadership pathway. Please bring your
                                    in professional, continuing, and online           CliftonStrengths Top Five.
     Program Planning               education (PCO) to connect with peers, to
     & Implementation                                                                 • Ralph Gigliotti, Rutgers, The State
                                    discuss together the changing landscape
                                                                                        University of New Jersey
                                    of higher education, and to consider ways
                                                                                      • Moderator: Kris Rabberman, University
                                    in which to craft their own strategies and
                                                                                        of Pennsylvania
                                    leadership pathways. This year’s briefing
                                    will begin with a dynamic, facilitated panel
                                                                                      8:30 AM–9:30 AM
Levels                              featuring three university presidents, who
                                                                                      Continental Breakfast
                                    will each share their unique perspectives         Location: Grand Ballroom
     Foundational                   on organizational and market forces that
                                    are emerging, how they are responding at
     Applied                        their institutions, and how UPCEA members
                                    will lead us into the near-term future (2025!).
                                    Following this plenary format, senior leaders
     Strategic                      will then have the opportunity for smaller,
                                    in-depth conversations at tables with
                                    peers. Finally, time will be preserved for
                                    brief reports from tables.
                                    • Betty Vandenbosch, Purdue Global
                                    • Susan Aldridge, Drexel University
                                    • Ruth Watkins, University of Utah
                                    • Sandi Pershing, University of Utah
                                    • Bob Hansen, UPCEA
                                    • Amy Heitzman, UPCEA
                                    • Moderator: Donna Harris, Founder, 1776

                                         The UPCEA Conference Registration Desk is located in the Grand Foyer
                                         on the second floor. The Registration Desk is open at the following times:

                                         Wednesday, March 27              Thursday, March 28            Friday, March 29
                                         from 7:30 AM–5:30 PM             from 7:30 AM–5:30 PM          from 8:00–11:15 AM

14   2019 UPCEA Annual Conference
TUESDAY                                 WEDNESDAY                                 THURSDAY                                  FRIDAY

                                                 Best in Show New England: Practical               Challenges and Issues: A Conversation
9:30 AM–10:30 AM
                                                 Strategies for Motivating and Retaining           Regarding Micro-Credentials
                                                 Post-Traditional Online Learners                  Location: Cedar
A Tale of Three Institutions: Successes,         Location: Issaquah
Challenges, and Pitfalls in Creating              Emerging Leaders
and Maintaining Online Courses                                                                     Alternative Credentials are important to the
Location: Redwood                                                                                  future of understanding cradle-to-career
                                                 This session will focus on strategies for         opportunities in Professional Education.
                                                 designing instruction for the post-traditional    Institutions interested in considering the
Three institutions with differing scales,        learner that promotes retention and               use of micro-credentialing face many
stages of maturity, and needs, have all          motivation. Starting from an overview of the      challenges and issues. This session will
experienced challenges in online course          recent research on retention and motivation       be presented from the perspective of
development. However, their experiences          strategies specific to this student population,   panelists who are dealing with the issues
offer valuable insights into the development     we will explore as a group practical              and challenges of alternative credentials.
of online courses and learning resources.        applications of this research. Participants       The panelists will suggest pathways
Academic administrators and design team          will be encouraged to share best practices        for institutions to consider as they work
members explore some of the similarities in      they have developed that support the              toward cradle-to-career opportunities.
their successes, challenges, and pitfalls in     success of a diverse population of students.      • Janet Staker Woemer,
creating and maintaining online courses,         • Paul Cochrane, University of                      University of Wisconsin
including scalability, quality, accessibility.     Southern Maine                                  • Linda Kingston, Winona State University
• Ilianna Kwaske, Tulane University              • Moderator: Stacy Chiaramonte,                   • Patricia Cook, University of Arizona
• David Dumonde, Tulane University                 Worcester Polytechnic Institute;
                                                                                                   • Asim Ali, Auburn University
                                                   Chair, UPCEA New England Region
• Paul Huckett, Johns Hopkins University                                                           • Jacqui Williams,
• Nathan Graham, Johns                           Bringing the Future University Closer               University of Melbourne
  Hopkins University                             to Employers and Learners: The                    • Moderator: Ray Schroeder,
• Gretchen Jones, University of Maryland         Evolving Role of Continuing Education               University of Illinois Springfield/UPCEA
  University College                             Location: Willow B
• Beth Mulherrin, University of Maryland
  University College                                                                               Concurrent Session block continues
• Moderator: Carol Gering, University            Continuing Education (CE) divisions sit at        on next page
  of Oregon                                      the hub of a triangle that brings together
                                                 students, employers, and the main campus.
                                                 But as some main campuses lag in
                                                 meeting the needs of the other two groups,
                                                 CE divisions have a major role to play in
                                                 modernizing the campus and positioning
                                                 themselves at the center of university. This
                                                 presentation will share insights from leaders
                                                 across North America—and examples
                                                 from an experienced campus executive—
                                                 on how to accomplish this.
                                                 • Amrit Ahluwalia, The EvoLLLution
                                                 • Maureen MacDonald, University
                                                   of Toronto
                                                 • Moderator: Josh Herron,
                                                   Anderson University

                                                                                                                         Onsite Program         15
Conference Schedule

Tracks                                 9:30 AM–10:30 AM
                                                                                 Leveraging Technology to Create
                                                                                 Linguistic Bridges in the Online Space
                                    Concurrent Session II continued
     Business & Operations                                                       Location: Ballard
                                    Community Engagement and
     Community and                  Training in University Continuing and
     Economic Engagement            Professional Education Schools               Isolation, anonymity, and a lack of
     Digital Strategy and           Location: Aspen                              personalization are common challenges to
     Innovation—NEW!                                                             developing successful dynamic distance
                                                                                 learning programs. In addition, the number
     International                                                               of students taking coursework in a second
                                    Professional and continuing education
                                    units develop programs that complement       language continues to grow. By leveraging
     Marketing, Enrollment,
                                    and optimize their university’s community    technologies and course design strategies,
     and Student Services
                                    engagement, training activities, and         we create accessible, engaging, and
     Online Administration          economic development outcomes.               personalized online learning spaces.
                                    Examples include Columbia University         In examples of two inverse contexts,
     Program Planning               programs that enhance commitments            pedagogical and design approaches
     & Implementation               in the University’s community benefits       are highlighted: non-native English
                                    agreement, New Jersey Institute of           speakers enrolled in continuing education
                                    Technology trainings for Newark residents,   coursework at the University of Washington
                                    University of Central Missouri service       and second language learners of Spanish
                                    training in careers for its community,       in an experiential-based online language
                                    St. Cloud State University offerings for     program at the University of Florida.
Levels                              the under/unemployed and the local           • Crystal Marull, University of Florida
     Foundational                   community, and Western Washington            • Julie Scales, University of Washington
                                    University’s student-led world language      • Sandra Janusch, University
                                    training for employees.                        of Washington
                                    • George Calderaro, Columbia University      • Moderator: Craig Lundsten, Emeritus
                                    • Gail Ruhland, St. Cloud State University
                                    • Gale Spak, New Jersey Institute
                                      of Technology
                                    • Andrew Blick, Western
                                      Washington University
                                    • Kirsten Drickey, Western
                                      Washington University
                                    • Moderator: Laurel Hogue, University
                                      of Central Missouri

                                          Social Media

                                          Get online at Continue the conversation online with
                                          fellow attendees and speakers during and between
                                          sessions. Use #UPCEA2019 on Twitter to stay in touch!!

16   2019 UPCEA Annual Conference
TUESDAY                                WEDNESDAY                                THURSDAY                               FRIDAY

Gen X Moms and Gen Z Daughters:                 MicroMasters and Other New
                                                                                               11:00 AM–12:00 PM
A Discussion about the Shifts in                On-Ramps to Graduate Degrees
                                                                                               CONCURRENT SESSION III
Student Expectations of Higher                  Location: Metropolitan Ballroom
Education and the Workforce                      Emerging Leaders                              Personalizing Support for Northeastern’s
Location: Jefferson
                                                                                               Adult STEM Career Changers
                                                                                               Location: Issaquah
                                                In this cutting-edge session, examine the
Three UPCEA leaders will guide a discussion     state of Harvard’s and MIT’s pathways
with their Gen Z daughters, all in high         initiatives, MicroMaster’s offerings, and      Northeastern University’s Align program
school heading into college, or early in        overall growth on edX and other platforms.     is giving students from any academic
their college careers, on a variety of issues   Through lively discussion, learn about what    background the ability to earn a master’s
that are core to the association’s mission.     the future of modular, stackable, portable     degree in computer science. With plans
For the past several years, as administrators   credentialing might mean to the ongoing        to graduate 1,000 students annually
and faculty, we have studied the shifting       unbundling of higher education.                by 2022, learn how Align’s leadership
needs and demands of Millennials as our         • Tracy Tan, MIT                               is employing near-peer mentorship as
students and our workforce. This session        • Moderator: Hunt Lambert,                     an economic, scalable student support
aims to enlighten attendees with first-           Harvard University                           solution to increase student satisfaction
hand insights about the next college-                                                          and retention.
going population’s expectations, hopes,         Using Culture to Supercharge
                                                                                               • Catherine Gill, Northeastern University
concerns, attitudes about technology,           the Continuing Education Unit
credentials, money, and the world of work       Location: Willow A
                                                                                               • Jackson Boyar, Mentor Collective
into which they will be entering.                Emerging Leaders                              • Moderator: Katie O’Neal, Southern
• Kelly Otter, Georgetown University                                                             Methodist University

• Sandi Pershing, University of Utah                                                           Best in Show SUPER: To Partner or
• Moderator: Amy Heitzman, UPCEA                How can all levels of staff recognize          Not to Partner? How an Institution
                                                and harness the power of culture to            Decided to Partner With an OPM
Welcome Online Students: Collaborating          move the unit forward? Does your               and Then Changed Its Mind
to Build Flexible Orientation Experiences       unit intentionally link office culture to      Location: Willow A
for Online Learners                             mission? How does your team respond             Emerging Leaders
Location: Ravenna                               to organizational change? Using Sturt’s
                                                pillars of culture and Tuckman’s stages
                                                of team development to highlight the           Auburn University’s most recent
Orientation is a quintessential moment          interdependence of content, process,           Strategic Plan called for starting
for residential students heading off to         and feelings, this interactive session will    undergraduate degree completion
college. But what about online learners?        help you link your unit’s culture to the       programs in select areas. In order to
IU Online is creating flexible, scaffolded      mission of your unit or institution and        jumpstart its efforts in 2014, Auburn opted
orientation experiences that allow              super charge a positive culture!               to partner with an OPM. In 2018, Auburn
students to select resources relevant           • Nicole Westrick, Temple University           ended its partnership. This conversation
to them. Join us for a lively discussion-       • Maggie Place, Widener University             will allow participants to go through
focused presentation and test drive             • Moderator: Jorge Zumaeta, Florida            an exercise to determine scenarios
some of our orientation experiences.              International University                     where working with an OPM is advisable
• Mitchell Farmer, Indiana University                                                          for an institution, lessons learned in
• Julia Sanders, Indiana University             10:30 AM–11:00 AM                              establishing a partnership, and key ways
• Robert Smith, Indiana University—             Networking Break in Exhibit Hall               of transitioning from an OPM relationship
  Purdue University Indianapolis                Location: Grand Ballroom                       to in-house management.
• Moderator: Andrea Gross, University                                                          • Asim Ali, Auburn University
  of Denver                                                                                    • Moderator: Karen Bull,
                                                                                                 Syracuse University; Chair, UPCEA
                                                                                                 Mid-Atlantic Region

                                                                                               Concurrent Session block continues
                                                                                               on next page

                                                                                                                    Onsite Program     17
Conference Schedule

Tracks                                 11:00 AM–12:00 PM
                                                                                       Extending University Knowledge
                                                                                       Through Unique Strategic Partnerships:
                                    Concurrent Session III continued
     Business & Operations                                                             Lessons for Practitioners From Two
                                    Building a Sustainable Business Model              Innovative Case Studies
     Community and                  for Online Education                               Location: Jefferson
     Economic Engagement            Location: Redwood
     Digital Strategy and            Emerging Leaders
     Innovation—NEW!                                                                   In this collaborative session between
                                                                                       developers of California State University
     International                                                                     East Bay’s Alameda County MPA and the
                                    This workshop will provide administrators
                                    a hands-on opportunity to engage in the            University of Delaware’s Christiana Care
     Marketing, Enrollment,                                                            Health System PocketMBA, participants will
                                    academic budget planning employed
     and Student Services
                                    at the University of Arizona, used to              hear about two strategic partnerships that
                                    help units plan for building fully-online          extended university expertise in teaching
     Online Administration
                                    degree programs. Led by leaders of                 and research to outside organizations.
     Program Planning               central administration, the facilitators will      Each case study presentation will follow
     & Implementation               walk participants through the financial            parallel themes: context, partners,
                                    planning exercise employed at the                  objectives, program format, challenges,
                                    university. Participants will leave with digital   outcomes, and key lessons that can be
                                    tools they may adapt and use at their              replicated by practitioners. This session is
                                    own institutions to engage academic                well suited for higher education outreach
                                    departments in the planning process.               professionals, executive education
Levels                                                                                 practitioners, and instructional designers,
                                    • Vincent Del Casino, University of Arizona
                                                                                       or anyone interested in evidence of
     Foundational                   • Joel Hauff, University of Arizona
                                                                                       state universities leveraging innovative
                                    • Joshua Steele, University of Arizona             educational partnerships.
     Applied                        • Moderator: Mary Niemiec, University              • Toni Fogarty, California State
                                      of Nebraska                                        University, East Bay
     Strategic                      Collaborative Teaching and                         • George Irvine, University of Delaware
                                    Scholarship in Indonesia                           • Erin Sicuranza, University of Delaware
                                    Location: Ballard                                  • John Stocker, University of Delaware
                                                                                       • Moderator: Laura Jo Swartley, University
                                                                                         of Washington
                                    This is a collaborative presentation by
                                    a joint team from The Chicago School,              Going the Distance: Providing Meaningful
                                    USA and Universitas Sanata Dharma,                 Support for Faculty at Every Level
                                    Indonesia. We will showcase the                    Location: Willow B
                                    innovative collaboration that has taken
                                    place over the past four years between
                                    the two universities half a world away             In this session, we’ll explore approaches two
                                    from each other. Specific strategies used          teams take to foster trusting relationships
                                    to engage in continuing education,                 with faculty to help prepare them to
                                    professional development, scholarly                deliver meaningful online experiences
                                    collaboration, and internationalization of         for their diverse student populations. We’ll
                                    curriculum will be discussed.                      discuss the layers of support provided
                                    • Breeda McGrath, The Chicago School               to meet faculty where they are and to
                                      of Professional Psychology                       accommodate for their varying needs,
                                    • Patricia Perez, The Chicago School               objectives, availability, and experience.
                                      of Professional Psychology                       We discuss the importance of trust and
                                                                                       relationship building to empower faculty
                                    • Maria Margaretha Sri Hastuti, Sanata
                                                                                       to innovate and be lifelong learners,
                                      Dharma University
                                    • Moderator: Anneli Adams, University of
                                      California, Davis                                continues on next page

18   2019 UPCEA Annual Conference
TUESDAY                                WEDNESDAY                             THURSDAY                               FRIDAY

                                               Higher Education Reimagined                   Inside Higher Ed, this panel will explore
continued from page 18
                                               Location: Metropolitan Ballroom               some of the most promising emerging
much like their own students. We will                                                        models of postsecondary education, and
also outline the roles and team structure                                                    the impediments they face.
essential to providing this level of support   Reinventing higher education has              • Nina Huntemann, edX
at scale.                                      become a well-worn trope in the Age           • Nelson Baker, Georgia Institute
• Kerry Foley, Harvard University              of Disruption, though many higher               of Technology
• Karina Lin, Harvard University               education leaders have yet to engage          • Sharon Leu, U.S. Department
• Allan Guenther, University of Alabama        in an authentic assessment of their             of Education
• Cheryl Bosarge, University of Alabama        campus’ response to disruption. Are           • Moderator: Paul Fain, Inside Higher Ed
                                               we really meeting the needs of today’s
• Moderator: Joan Halsey, Washington
                                               learners, who are nothing like the
  State University
                                               learners a generation ago? Is our value
                                               proposition reflective of learner needs, or   Concurrent Session block continues
                                               merely a product of our legacy business       on next page
                                               models? Are we sufficiently responding to
                                               demands—from policymakers, employers,
                                               and the public at large—that reflect the
                                               needs of students and the communities
                                               we serve? Moderated by Paul Fain of

         Empower Your Learners.
         Stop by Booth 306 to learn how Credly helps UPCEA
         members engage learners, build career pathways,
         and improve student outcomes.

                                               Credly is a robust network of education institutions and
                                               organizations working together to create opportunities
                                               in the workforce that support lifelong learning.

                                                                                                                  Onsite Program   19
Conference Schedule

Tracks                                 11:00 AM–12:00 PM                            Changing Publicness of
                                    Concurrent Session III continued                Research Universities
     Business & Operations

     Community and                  Research Roundtables
     Economic Engagement            Location: Cedar                                 Professional, continuing, and online
     Digital Strategy and                                                           education (PCO) professionals
                                    Research Roundtables are table-based,
     Innovation—NEW!                                                                engage with the community in order
                                    small-group, guided discussions about
                                                                                    to extend university knowledge for
                                    a specific and timely topic, question, or
     International                                                                  societal benefit. Such engagement
                                    issue facing professional, continuing, or
                                                                                    can best be understood as part of a
                                    online education. Roundtable presenters
     Marketing, Enrollment,                                                         university’s publicness, or the ongoing
                                    share their experiences and ideas and
     and Student Services                                                           synthesis of a university’s belief in the
                                    then promote the sharing of thoughts,
                                                                                    value of public engagement and the
     Online Administration          solutions, and questions among table’s
                                                                                    frequency and extent of such public
                                    attendees. This session will host a series of
                                                                                    engagement. This research roundtable
     Program Planning               synchronous conversations:
                                                                                    posits a dynamic understanding of
     & Implementation               • Moderator: Emily Lewis, Indiana
                                                                                    research university publicness over
                                      Wesleyan University
                                                                                    time in order to understand how
                                    Best Online Practices that                      publicness has changed in the past,
                                    Correlate with Achievement in an                how it could change in the future, and
                                    Undergraduate STEM Course                       how such change will affect the public
Levels                                                                              engagement of PCO units.
                                                                                    • George Irvine, University of Delaware
                                    Given the rapid growth in institutions
                                                                                    Faculty Perceptions of Institutional
                                    providing online degree programs,               Change From Online Education
                                    establishing a strong foundation and
                                    research base about how the design and
     Strategic                      implementation of online courses affects
                                    student achievement is critical, in order for   Drawing on the presenter’s dissertation
                                    online education to get rid of the negative     research, this session will describe the
                                    reputation that it sometimes carries. As a      ways that faculty members perceive
                                    step toward this goal, our purpose was          online education to be changing
                                    to present how we design a STEM course          their universities and discuss relevant
                                    and to investigate how much our design          approaches to change management
                                    contributed to student achievement.             that fit this research.

                                    • Emma Brady, University of Florida             • Bryan Blakeley, Boston College

                                          Charging Stations

                                          Recharge your devices in the Metropolitan Ballroom
                                          foyer at our complimentary charging stations.
                                          Sponsored by EAB

20   2019 UPCEA Annual Conference
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