UK DOCUMENTARIES - British Council Film

UK DOCUMENTARIES - British Council Film
UK DOCUMENTARIES - British Council Film
UK DOCUMENTARIES - British Council Film

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Cover: Taking The Waters, Directors: Kathryn Ferguson, Anna Hart

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UK DOCUMENTARIES - British Council Film

Welcome to the 2019 UK Documentaries             We work with the Scottish Documentary
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programmers and audiences around the             The resulting short docs have screened at
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UK DOCUMENTARIES - British Council Film
I Told My Mum I was going on an R.E. Trip…, Director: Lindy Heymann
    © Gary Moyes

UK DOCUMENTARIES - British Council Film

                                 Director: Seamus Murphy
                                 A Dog Called Money,

UK DOCUMENTARIES - British Council Film
Amá                                                    Aquarela

Synopsis                                               Synopsis
Amá is the Navajo word for Mother. This powerful       Aquarela takes audiences on a deeply cinematic
and shocking documentary from Lorna Tucker             journey through the transformative beauty and raw
exposes the forced sterilisation of thousands of       power of water. Filmed at a rare 96 frames-per-
Native American women by the USA Government.           second, the film is a visceral wake-up call that humans
Made alongside a group of incredible Native            are no match for the sheer force and capricious will of
producers, consultants and the survivors themselves,   Earth’s most precious element. From the precarious
Tucker travels across some of the loneliest parts      frozen waters of Russia’s Lake Baikal to Miami in the
of the USA meeting the brave survivors, doctors,       throes of Hurricane Irma to Venezuela’s mighty Angels
politicians and whistle-blowers who have brought       Falls, water is Aquarela’s main character, with director
to light this horrifying scandal. Uncovering the       Victor Kossakovsky capturing her many personalities
grotesque abuses of power in modern American           in startling visual detail.
history. The film’s release has encouraged women       Official Selection Venice Film Festival 2018 - Out of
to come forward to share their stories of being        Competition - World premiere
subjected to the violence of forced sterilisation
suggesting that this abuse continues to persist in     Details
the USA and around the world, posing the question:     Year: 2018
when will this suffering end?                          Running Time: 89 mins
                                                       Director: Victor Kossakovsky
Details                                                Producer: Aimara Reques, Heino Deckert,
Year: 2018                                             Sigrid Dyekjær
Running Time: 73 mins                                  Co-Producer: Joslyn Barnes, Emile Hertling
Director: Lorna Tucker                                 Peronard, Susan Rockefeller, Danny Glover
Producer: Colin Firth, Ged Doherty, Lorna Tucker,      Executive Producer: Jeff Skoll, Diane Weyermann,
Nuala O’Leary                                          Mark Thomas, Isabel Davis, Sawsan Asfari,
Co-Producer: Andrea Vecchiato                          Maya Sanbar, Madge Bray, Matthias Ehrenberg,
Executive Producer: Charon Asetoyer, Ian Astbury,      Frank Lehmann
Claudia Bluemhuber, Livia Firth, Gordon Roddick,       Editor: Victor Kossakovsky, Molly Malene Stensgaard,
Peter Tyson                                            Ainara Vera
Editor: Claire Ferguson, Sergio Mosteiro               Screenwriter: Victor Kossakovsky, Aimara Reques
Screenwriter: Lorna Tucker                             Director of Photography: Victor Kossakovsky,
Director of Photography: Andrea Vecchiato              Ben Bernhard
Music: Peter Hellicar, Jarrod Royles-Atkins            Sound: Alexander Dudarev
                                                       Music: Eicca Toppinen

Production Company        Sales Agent                  Production Company             +44 (0)141 2584802
Raindog Films             Dartmouth Films              UK, Germany, Denmark, US
Ged Doherty               Matt Hird                    co-production        
18 Broadwick Street       Somerset House               An Aconite Productions         Sales Agent
London                    Strand                       (UK), (DE),          Lionsgate
W1F 8HS                   London                       Danish Documentary (DK)        2700 Colorado Avenue
+44 (0)7899 665555        WC2R 1LA                     production, in co-production   Santa Monica      +44 (0)20 7845 5857          with Louverture Films (US)     CA 90404 USA
                                                     +1 310 255 3700
                       Aconite Productions
                                                       Aimara Reques                  internationalsales@
                                                       Burgh Business Centre
                                                       Office 3, 75 King Street
                                                       G73 1JS

                                                                             FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARIES 7
UK DOCUMENTARIES - British Council Film
Becoming Animal                                                 Being Frank:
                                                                The Chris Sievey Story
Synopsis                                                        Synopsis
Examining the relationship between ourselves and                The official documentary about maverick
the other species we share the planet with has                  Manchester comedian Frank Sidebottom, and the
opened up new ways to understand our place in                   life and art of his hidden creator Chris Sievey. Frank
the world. This film offers an attempt to give some             Sidebottom, remembered fondly as the man with
of these new ways of thinking a cinematic form.                 the papier-mâché head, was the court jester of the
An essay based on a field trip to Wyoming’s wild                Manchester music and comedy scene for over 25
nature, in the company of the bio-philosopher David             years, but only a privileged few knew the man inside.
Abram and the two visionary filmmakers Emma                     Being Frank tells a twisted tale of split personalities
Davie and Peter Mettler. And with an abundance                  – a suburban superhero with a fanatical desire
of bison, moose and birds. Both form and thought                to preserve the myth he created, and eventually
are unchained in a film that ends up moving (far)               having to battle against being consumed by his alter
beyond man’s self-centred view of nature, and                   ego. Drawing on unique archive footage of Chris
into a state of almost psychedelic receptiveness.               and Frank, sourced from Sievey’s own extensive
As Mettler asks in a diaristic note: Are language               archive of Super 8 film, VHS tapes and DVDs, a
and modern technology a barrier or an open door                 heartbreaking and hilarious look at what it takes to
between ourselves and the world that surrounds us?              be a true artist.
And what about the medium of film itself?                       Official Selection SXSW Film Festival 2018 - World
Official Selection CPH:DOX 2018 - World premiere                premiere

Details                                                         Details
Year: 2018                                                      Year: 2018
Running Time: 78 mins                                           Running Time: 100 mins
Director: Emma Davie, Peter Mettler                             Director: Steve Sullivan
Producer: Cornelia Seitler, Rebecca Day,                        Producer: Steve Sullivan
Sonja Henrici, Brigitte Hofer                                   Executive Producer: Alex Usborne, Adam Partridge,
Editor: Peter Mettler                                           Thomas R Atherton
Director of Photography: Peter Mettler                          Editor: Steve Sullivan
                                                                Screenwriter: Steve Sullivan
                                                                Director of Photography: Ezra Byrne
                                                                Production Designer: Dave Arnold
                                                                Sound: Sound Designer: Dai Shell; Sound Recordist:
Production Company               Sales Agent                    Dom Corbisiero
Switzerland, UK                  maximage                       Production Company
co-production                    Neugasse 6                     Switzerland, UK co-production
                                 8005                           Music: Chris Sievey, Frank Sidebottom
maximage Filmproduktion
(CH), SDI Productions (UK)       Zurich                         Principal Cast: With contributions from: John Cooper
SDI Productions                  Switzerland                    Clarke, Johnny Vegas, Mark Radcliffe, Ross Noble,
                                 +41 44 274 8866                John Thompson, Mike Joyce, Jon Ronson
SDI (Scottish Documentary
Institute)                             Production Company  
Sonja Henrici                                                   A Piece of Cardboard          Sales Agent
ECA                              SDI
                                 Eve Korzec                     Productions Ltd in            Steve Sullivan
74 Lauriston Place                                              association with Ffilm
Edinburgh                        74 Lauriston Place
                                 Edinburgh                      Cymru Wales, 104 Films, Fat
EH3 9DF                                                         Controller Management Ltd.
+44 (0)131 6515874               EH3 9DF   +44 (0)131 6515874             Piece of Cardboard                Productions Ltd
                          Steve Sullivan

UK DOCUMENTARIES - British Council Film
Bojayá: Caught in the Crossfire                             A Deal with the Universe

Synopsis                                                    Synopsis
In 2002 in Bojayá, Colombia 79 people died when             Jason Barker’s debut feature documentary A Deal
The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia                  with the Universe is a very personal chronicle of
(FARC) launched a homemade mortar onto a church             becoming a parent. Drawing on the filmed diaries
where many were hiding from crossfire between               made over the last ten years that document both
the left-wing FARC and right-wing paramilitaries.           Jason’s transgender journey as well has his parental
Leyner Palacios survived, but 28 of his family              journey. This film is groundbreaking in terms of
members did not. The Bojayá massacre was one                it’s intimate insights into gender identity and new
of the worst atrocities in Colombia’s 50 year-long          parenthood.
conflict. When peace between the government
and the FARC was signed in 2016, after decades              Details
of conflict, Leyner made it his mission to ensure           Year: 2018
the peace deal was implemented to his people’s              Running Time: 90 mins
benefit, receiving a Nobel Peace Prize in the process.      Director: Jason Barker
Capturing one victim’s incredible struggle for justice,     Producer: Loran Dunn
this film follows the process of identifying the dead       Executive Producer: Natasha Dack Ojumu
of Bojayá during the faltering implementation of the        Editor: Rachel Meyrick
controversial peace accords.                                Screenwriter: Jason Barker
Official Selection Hot Docs 2019 - World Showcase -         Director of Photography: Jason Barker
World premiere                                              Music: Hutch Demouilpied
                                                            Consultant Editor: Chris Wyatt

Year: 2019
Running Time: 90 mins
Director: Oisín Kearney
Producer: Trevor Birney, Brendan Byrne
Editor: Juangus Dinsmore
Cinematography: Oisín Kearney
Music: Rhodri Karim

Production Company            Sales Agent                   Production Company         Sales Agent
Ireland, UK co-production     Kew Media Group               Delaval Film Ltd           c/o Delaval Film Ltd
A Fine Point Films (UK)       151 Shaftesbury Avenue        Loran Dunn                 Loran Dunn
production with support of    London                        65-67 Lever Street         65-67 Lever Street
Screen Ireland (IE), Northern WC2H 8AL                      Manchester                 Manchester
Ireland Screen (UK), Kew      +44 (0)20 7851 6500           M1 1FL                     M1 1FL
Media (UK)          
Fine Point Films    
2nd Floor
Callender House
58-60 Upper Arthur Street
Northern Ireland
+44 (0)28 9031 5930

                                                                                FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARIES 9
UK DOCUMENTARIES - British Council Film
1ST                                                        1ST
 A Dog Called Money                                         Doozy

 Synopsis                                                   Synopsis
 Award-winning photographer Seamus Murphy has               Where does the character end and the actor begin?
 made a film that investigates the creative process         This debut feature from UK artist-filmmaker Richard
 behind his project with PJ Harvey. While tracing the       Squires, is a creative documentary that employs
 sources of songs and detailing the journey of their        ‘Clovis’, an animated antihero (voiced by ‘Kids in the
 birth, he brings to life the people and places at their    Hall’s’ Mark McKinney) as a means to explore the
 very heart.                                                particular “voice” casting of cartoon villains in the
 Official Selection Berlinale 2019 - Panorama               late 1960s. Through the lens of one of Hollywood’s
 Dokumente - World premiere                                 hidden queer histories, this documentary offers a
                                                            contemplation on the psycho-social relationship
 Details                                                    between villainy and hysterical male laughter; the
 Year: 2019                                                 use of voice as a signifier of ‘otherness’ and the
 Running Time: 90 mins                                      frequently uneasy symbiosis of character and actor.
 Director: Seamus Murphy                                    Official Selection International Film Festival
 Producer: Isabel Davis, Katie Holly, James Wilson,         Rotterdam (IFFR) 2019 - Bright Future -
 Seamus Murphy                                              International premiere
 Co-Producer: Evan Horan
 Executive Producer: Thomas Benski, Marisa Clifford,        Details
 Tim O’Shea, Jim Reeve, Laura Macara, Celine                Year: 2018
 Haddad, Kieron J. Walsh, Brian Message, Sumit              Running Time: 70 mins
 Bothra, Sebastian Gollek                                   Director: Richard Squires
 Editor: Sebastian Gollek                                   Producer: Richard Squires
 Screenwriter: Seamus Murphy                                Co-Producer: Madeleine Molyneaux
 Director of Photography: Seamus Murphy                     Editor: Richard Squires
 Sound: Seamus Murphy; Sound Design:                        Screenwriter: Richard Squires
 Brendan Rehill                                             Director of Photography: Willy Busfield,
 Music: Polly Jean Harvey                                   Barbara Nicholls
 Principal Cast: PJ Harvey                                  Sound: Chu-Li Shewring
                                                            Music: Oliver Davis
                                                            Principal Cast: Mark McKinney, Michael Kearns,
                                                            Eric Geynes, John Airlie, Paul Wells, Sophie Scott
                                                            Associate Producer: Abigail Addison
                                                            Animator: Elroy Simmons
                                                            Colourist: Alex Grigoras
 Production Company            +44 (0)20 7426 5700
 Ireland, UK co-production
 A Pulse Films (UK), Blinder
 Films (IE), JW Films (UK)     JW Films
 production in association     +44 (0)20 76121263           Production Company           Sales Agent
 with Fís Éireann/Screen                                    LMFYFF Productions           LMFYFF Productions
                               Sales Agent
 Ireland (IE), Somerset                           
                               Autlook Films
 House (UK), Artangel          Salma Abdalla
 (UK) with support of ATC      Spittelberggasse 3/14
 Management (UK), Great        1070 Vienna
 Point Media (UK)              Austria
 Pulse Films                   +43 720 346934
 17 Hanbury Street   
 E1 6QR

 The Elephant Queen                                       The Eyes of Orson Welles

 Synopsis                                                 Synopsis
 A genre redefining film starring the ultimate leading    Orson Welles trained as an artist before he become
 lady, Athena, an elephant matriarch who will do          an actor and director, and continued to draw and
 everything in her power to protect her family when       paint throughout his career – character sketches,
 they are forced to leave their waterhole. Narrated       storyboards, set designs, pictures of the people
 by Chiwetel Ejiofor, this epic story of love, loss and   and places that inspired him. These artworks are a
 coming home is a timely love letter to a species that    sketchbook of his life, and most have never been
 could be gone from our planet in a generation.           seen outside his family and close friends. For the
                                                          first time, award-winning director Mark Cousins
 Official Selection Toronto International Film Festival   has been granted access to this treasure trove of
 2018 - TIFF Docs - World premiere                        imagery, to make a film about what he finds there -
 Official Selection BFI London Film Festival 2018         the story of Welles’ visual thinking, never before told.
                                                          An exclusive new perspective on one of the 20th
 Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2019           century’s greatest creative figures, whose art and
                                                          life continue to fascinate audiences today.
 Year: 2018                                               Official Selection Cannes Film Festival 2018 - Cannes
 Running Time: 96 mins                                    Classics - World premiere
 Director: Victoria Stone, Mark Deeble
 Producer: Victoria Stone, Lucinda Englehart              Details
 Editor: David Dickie                                     Year: 2018
 Screenwriter: Mark Deeble                                Running Time: 110 mins
 Director of Photography: Mark Deeble                     Director: Mark Cousins
 Sound: Tim Owens, Ben Peace                              Producer: Mary Bell, Adam Dawtrey
 Principal Cast: Narration: Chiwetel Ejiofor              Executive Producer: Michael Moore, Mark Bell,
 Film Image: © The Elephant Queen                         Mark Thomas
                                                          Editor: Timo Langer
                                                          Screenwriter: Mark Cousins
                                                          Director of Photography: Mark Cousins
                                                          Sound: Ali Murray
                                                          Music: Matt Regan
                                                          Film Image: © Walter Carone, Paris Match via Getty

 Production Company          Sales Agent                  Production Company            Sales Agent
 UK, Kenya coproduction      Mister Smith Entertainment   Bofa Productions Limited      Dogwoof
 Deeble & Stone              77 Dean Street               Adam Dawtrey                  19-23 Ironmonger Row       London                       20 Westerton Drive            London         W1D 3SH                      Bridge of Allan               EC1V 3QN
                             +44 (0)20 7494 1724          Stirlingshire                 +44 (0)20 7253 6244
                         FK9 4QL             

                                                                              FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARIES 11
Female Human Animal                                        For Sama

Synopsis                                                   Synopsis
The Tate Gallery recently staged a retrospective           A feature documentary telling the astonishing
of the surrealist Leonora Carrington (1917-2011),          story of a 26-year old female Syrian filmmaker,
famously the lover of Max Ernst. Novelist Chloe            Waad al-Kateab, who filmed her life in rebel-held
Aridjis, who knew the artist from her native Mexico,       Aleppo through 5 years of the Syrian uprising.
was made guest curator of the exhibition. Set              She fell in love, got married and had a daughter all
between the real-life curation of the Tate show and        while filming the violence raging around her and in
something more fantasised, Female Human Animal             particular documenting the challenges the conflict
sees Chloe increasingly disappointed by her milieu         imposed on women and children. Along with a close
- and increasingly haunted by Carrington’s strange         group of friends, she stayed in the city to fight for
artworks. When an elusive, brooding man seems              her dream of a free Syria, a struggle that ended in
to offer more, Chloe begins to pursue him, but is          their defeat and exile. The film weaves together her
she hunter, or hunted? Enabled by Carrington’s             intimate, emotive footage with her struggle to come
own defiantly mysterious mythology, she descends           to terms with the trauma of what she witnessed. It’s
into a world of obsession. Shot on a rare ‘80s video       an outstanding story, by turns beautiful, shocking,
camera with a unique look, and deftly weaving fact         surprising and uplifting. Waad is a symbol for our
and fiction, the film offers a darkly romantic fantasia    times, the epitome of a bold, brave woman prepared
of a woman who goes beyond societal norms,                 to risk her life for what she believes, in a year when
putting on screen the lurid unconscious of our new         women are finally becoming the heroes of their own
sexual politics.                                           stories. Hers is an epic tale of the survival of love and
Official Selection BAFICI Buenos Aires International       courage amid the cruelty of war.
Independent Film Festival 2018 - World premiere            Official Selection SXSW 2019 - Documentary Feature
                                                           Competition - World premiere
Details                                                    Official Selection Hot Docs 2019 - International
Year: 2018                                                 Spectrum - International premiere
Running Time: 75 mins
Director: Josh Appignanesi                                 Details
Producer: Josh Appignanesi, Sam Dobbyn                     Year: 2019
Executive Producer: Jacqui Davies                          Running Time: 95 mins
Editor: Martin Macdonald                                   Director: Waad al-Kateab, Edward Watts
Screenwriter: Josh Appignanesi, devised with               Producer: Waad al-Kateab
Chloe Aridjis                                              Senior Producer: Dan Edge
Director of Photography: Tristan Chenais; Additional       Executive Producer: Nevine Mabro, George
Cinematographers: Ben Barber, Richard Dunton,              Waldrum, Siobhan Sinnerton, Ben de Pear,
Michael Hobdell                                            Raney Aronson-Rath
Production Designer: Erik Rehl                             Editor: Chloe Lambourne, Simon McMahon
Sound: Thomas Blazukas, Morgan Muse, Sam                   Director of Photography: Waad al-Kateab
Boulton Music: Andy Cooke, Andy McCluskey                  Music: Nainita Desai
Principal Cast: Chloe Aridjis, Marc Hosemann,
Patrick O’Kane, Angus Wright                               Production Company
                                                           George Waldrum
                                                           ITN Productions
Production Company          Minotaur Film Ltd
                                                           200 Grays Inn Rd
Funded by Arts Council      5 Kenyon Street
England                     London
                                                           WC1X 8XZ
Josh Appignanesi            SW6 6JZ
                                                           +44 (0)7971 095 674 +44 (0)7956 373597             george.waldrum@
@FemHumanAnimal             @Jacqui Davies

 Freedom Fields                                           The Ice King

 Synopsis                                                 Synopsis
 Filmed over five years, following three women and        Watch any figure skating and it falls into two camps:
 their football team in post-revolution Libya, as the     before and after John Curry. From what was a
 country descends into civil war and the utopian          macho, technical sport whose judges punished
 hopes of the Arab Spring begin to fade. Through the      deviation, blossomed –through John Curry’s
 eyes of these accidental activists, we see the reality   stubborn beauty – ice-dancing. After winning
 of a country in transition, where the personal stories   gold at the Winter Olympics for a rebelliously
 of love and aspirations collide with History.            balletic routine, audiences and reviewers alike were
 Official Selection Toronto International Film Festival   enthralled by his genius. But Curry’s story is about
 2018 - TIFF Docs - World premiere                        more than skating. On the night of the final, Curry
                                                          became the first openly gay Olympian at a time
 Details                                                  when homosexuality was barely legal. From bullying
 Year: 2018                                               and prejudice, to relief in the gay underworld, to his
 Running Time: 97 mins                                    untimely death from AIDS, Curry’s story dovetails
 Director: Naziha Arebi                                   with the experiences of a generation. The story of
 Producer: Flore Cosquer, Naziha Arebi                    a man whose body was a battleground; from love
 Executive Producer: Sonja Henrici, Noe Mendelle          affairs, to violence in sex clubs, to its ‘unmanly’
 Editor: Ling Lee, Alice Powell, Maya Hawke               elegance on the ice, every act was rebellion. John
 Screenwriter: Naziha Arebi                               Curry was no activist, but an artist expressing his
 Director of Photography: Naziha Arebi                    authentic self – yet in a world where his existence
 Sound: Giovanni Buccomino                                was taboo, his life was unavoidably political.
 Music: Katya Mihailova                                   Official Selection CPH:DOX 2018 - International

                                                          Year: 2018
                                                          Running Time: 89 mins
                                                          Director: James Erskine
                                                          Producer: Victoria Gregory
                                                          Co-Producer: Luc Tremoulet
                                                          Executive Producer: Alex Holmes, Anna Godas,
                                                          Emma Cahusac, Kirsty Bell, Oli Harbottle, Tony Miller
                                                          Editor: Steve Parkinson
                                                          Screenwriter: James Erskine
 Production Company             Sales Agent               Director of Photography: Paul Williams
 Libya, UK, Netherlands, US,    Wide House
                                                          Sound: Jack Gillies
 Qatar, Lebanon, Canada         9, Rue Bleue
                                                          Music: Stuart Hancock
 co-production                  75009 Paris
                                                          Assistant Producer: Siwan Clark
 SDI Productions (UK),                                    Line Producer: Rachel Doctors
 HuNa Productions (LY)          +33 1 53 95 24 41
 SDI Productions Ltd  
 Flore Cosquer                                            Production Company          Sales Agent
 ECA                                                      New Black Films Limited     Dogwoof
 74 Lauriston Place                                       5 Denmark Street            19-23 Ironmonger Row
 Edinburgh                                                London                      London
 EH3 9DF                                                  WC2H 8LP                    EC1V 3QN
 +44 (0)131 651 5874                                      +44 (0)20 7836 8660         +44 (0)20 7253 6244                                                 

                                                                             FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARIES 13
1ST                                                   1ST
 Irene’s Ghost                                         Island of the Hungry Ghosts

 Synopsis                                              Synopsis
 A son’s search to find out about the mother he        Christmas Island, home to the famous red crabs – in
 never knew, piecing together fragments of the past    its beautiful yet threatening landscape we witness
 to make sense of the present.                         past and present moments of chaotic human
 Official Selection BFI London Film Festival 2018 -    migrations, that play out in stark contrast to its own
 World premiere                                        ancient rhythms. Through stories of the island’s first
                                                       human migrations and the natural phenomenon
 Details                                               of the annual crab migration, we come to arrive
 Year: 2018                                            at a darker side of this seemingly idyllic paradise.
 Running Time: 82 mins                                 Hidden in the core of the jungle sits Australia’s
 Director: Iain Cunningham; Animation Director:        biggest offshore refugee detention centre. It was
 Ellie Land                                            built not-to-be-seen, yet in this film every encounter
 Producer: Rebecca Mark-Lawson                         takes us closer, every direction leads us there. The
 Co-Producer: Ciara Barry, Rosie Crerar                crab migration comes to serve as an allegory for
 Executive Producer: Katie Bailiff, Lizzie Francke,    the natural movements of migration; ancient and
 Paul Ashton, Lucy McDowell, Jennifer Armitage         timeless. The natural spectacle sits in stark contrast
 Editor: David Arthur; Additional Editor: Cinzia       to the chaotic human movements and entrapment
 Baldessari, Hugh Williams                             that are senseless and absurd.
 Screenwriter: Iain Cunningham; Co-writer:             Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival 2018 -
 David Arthur                                          Documentary Competition - World premiere
 Director of Photography: Iain Cunningham;
 Additional Camera: Lucy Cohen, Rosie Saunders,        Details
 Joshua Fry                                            Year: 2018
 Sound: Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer:         Running Time: 93 mins
 Raoul Brand                                           Director: Gabrielle Brady
 Music: Chris Tye; Music Consultant: Connie Farr       Producer: Alexander Wadouh, Samm Haillay,
 Animators: Paulina Brinck, Charlotte Walton,          Alex Kelly, Gizem Acarla, Gabrielle Brady
 Zoë Llewellyn, Jordan Booth, Rose Gibbin,             Co-Producer: Julia Niethammer
 Victor Tshimanga                                      Executive Producer: Lizzie Franke, Sarah Perks
                                                       Editor: Katharina Fiedler
                                                       Screenwriter: Gabrielle Brady
                                                       Director of Photography: Michael Latham
 Production Company                                    Sound: Leo Dolgan
 A Forward Features and                                Music: Aaron Cupples
 Tyke Films Production in                              Principal Cast: Poh-Lin Lee
 co-production with Barry
 Crerar with support from                              Production Company            Sales Agent
 BFI Film Fund, Creative                               Australia, Germany, UK        Autlook Filmsales
 England, Creative Scotland,                           co-production                 Spittelberggasse 3/14
 Maudsley Charity, Wellcome                            Third Films                   1070 Vienna
                                                       Samm Haillay                  Austria
 Forward Features
                                                       Kingsland Church Studios      +43 7203 46934
 12 Fleming Drive
                                                       Priory Green        
 SG5 4FF                                               Newcastle Upon Tyne
 +44 (0)7939 021157                                    NE6 2DW                           +44 (0)7866 559541                                     

 Last Breath                                              Leaving Neverland

 Synopsis                                                 Synopsis
 A commercial diver is stranded on the seabed with        When allegations of sexual abuse by Michael
 only five minutes of oxygen supply, but with no          Jackson involving young boys surfaced in 1993,
 chance of rescue for more than 30 minutes. With          many found it hard to believe that the King of Pop
 access to amazing archive, this is the true story of     could be guilty of such unspeakable acts. In separate
 one man’s impossible fight for survival. It is Gravity   but parallel stories, James Safechuck (10) and Wade
 meets Touching The Void – 100 metres underwater.         Robson (7) were each befriended by Jackson,
 Official Selection Hot Docs 2019 - World Showcase -      who invited them into his singular, fairy-tale world
 International premiere                                   as his career reached its peak. Their families were
                                                          unaware of the manipulation and abuse he would
 Details                                                  subject the boys to over a period of years. Through
 Year: 2019                                               gut-wrenching interviews with the now-adult
 Running Time: 86 mins                                    men and their families, Leaving Neverland crafts a
 Director: Alex Parkinson, Richard Da Costa               portrait of sustained exploitation, deception and the
 Producer: Al Morrow, Angus Lamont, Stewart               complicated feelings that led both men to confront
 Le Marechal, Alex Parkinson, Richard Da Costa,           their abuse only once they each had had a young
 Dylan Williams                                           son of their own. Playing out against the backdrop
 Executive Producer: Jonny Persey, Vesna Cudic,           of our collective experience, the film documents the
 Leslie Finlay, Tony Nellany                              value of breaking a long-held silence, even when it
 Editor: Sam Rogers                                       implicates a powerful, revered figure.
 Screenwriter: Alex Parkinson, Richard Da Costa           Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2019 -
 Director of Photography: Alex Parkinson                  Special Events programme - World premiere
 Production Designer: Moley Campbell
                                                          Year: 2019
                                                          Running Time: Part One 2 x 120 mins;
                                                          Part Two 2x 90 mins
                                                          Director: Dan Reed Producer: Dan Reed
                                                          Executive Producer: Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller,
                                                          Tom Porter
                                                          Editor: Jules Cornell
 Production Company            Sales Agent                Director of Photography: Dan Reed
 Met Film Production           Met Film Sales             Music: Chad Hobson
 Al Morrow                     Vesna Cudic
 Ealing Studios                Ealing Studios
 Ealing Green                  Ealing Green
 London                        London                     Production Company         Sales Agent
 W5 5EP                        W5 5EP                     US, UK co-production       Kew Media Group
 +44 (0)20 8280 9127           +44 (0)20 8280 9117        Amos Pictures              151 Shaftesbury Avenue        London     WC2H 8AL
 Floating Harbour Films                                                              +44 (0)20 7851 6500
 MB Tempora
 BS1 4SP
 +44 (0)117 929 3679

                                                                             FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARIES 15
Maiden                                                   Marianne & Leonard:
                                                         Words of Love
Synopsis                                                 Synopsis
A moving portrait of resilience chronicling the          A story of enduring love between Leonard Cohen
unprecedented journey of 24-year-old Tracy               and his Norwegian muse Marianne Ihlen. The film
Edwards and the first all-female sailing crew to         follows their relationship from the early days on the
enter the Whitbread Round the World Race. The            idyllic Greek island of Hydra in 1960 a time of ‘free
Whitbread Round the World Race (rechristened             love’ and open marriage, as part of a bohemian
the Volvo Ocean Race in 2001) was considered an          community of foreign artists, writers, and musicians,
exclusively masculine endeavour when Edwards             to how their love evolved when Leonard became a
came along and, in the face of much sexist               successful musician.
condescension, proved that skill, perseverance,          Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2019 -
and courage at sea know no gender.                       Documentary Premieres - World premiere
Official Selection Toronto International Film Festival
2018 - TIFF Docs - World premiere                        Details
                                                         Year: 2019
Details                                                  Running Time: 97 mins
Year: 2018                                               Director: Nick Broomfield
Running Time: 93 mins                                    Producer: Nick Broomfield, Marc Hoeferlin, Shani
Director: Alex Holmes                                    Hinton, Kyle Gibbon
Producer: Victoria Gregory, Alex Holmes                  Executive Producer: Charles Finch, Patrick Holland,
Executive Producer: James Erskine, Oli Harbottle,        Jan Christian Mollestad, Lisa Savage, Tony Palmer,
Anna Godas                                               Rudi Dolezal
Editor: Katie Bryer                                      Editor: Marc Hoeferlin
Screenwriter: Alex Holmes                                Director of Photography: Barney Broomfield
Director of Photography: Chris Openshaw                  Music: Nick Laird-Clowes
Music: Rob Manning, Samuel Sim                           Archival Producer: Lisa Savage
Principal Cast: Tracy Edwards

Production Company          Sales Agent                  Production Company         Sales Agent
New Black Films             Dogwoof                      US, UK co-production       Kew Media Group
5 Denmark Street            19-23 Ironmonger Row                                    151 Shaftesbury Avenue
Second Floor                London                                                  London
London                      EC1V 3QN                                                WC2H 8AL
WC2H 8UP                    +44 (0)20 7253 6244                                     +44 (0)20 7851 6500
+44 (0) 207 836 8660                                                                                                                  

 MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A.                                    Midnight Traveler

 Synopsis                                                   Synopsis
 Drawn from a never before seen cache of personal           When the Taliban puts a bounty on Afghan director
 footage compiled over the last 22 years, this is           Hassan Fazili’s head, he is forced to flee with his wife
 an intimate portrait of the Sri Lankan musician’s          and two young daughters. Capturing their uncertain
 remarkable journey from immigrant teenager in              journey, Fazili shows first hand the dangers facing
 London to international popstar M.I.A., an artist who      refugees seeking asylum and the love shared
 continues to shatter conventions.                          between a family on the run.
 Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2018 -           Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2019 -
 World Cinema Documentary Competition - World               World Cinema Documentary Competition - World
 premiere                                                   premiere
                                                            Official Selection Hot Docs 2019 - World Showcase
 Year: 2018                                                 Details
 Running Time: 97 mins                                      Year: 2019
 Director: Steve Loveridge                                  Running Time: 87 mins
 Producer: Lori Cheatle, Andrew Goldman,                    Director: Hassan Fazili
 Paul Mezey                                                 Producer: Emelie Mahdavian, Su Kim
 Co-Producer: Josh Rappaport                                Co-Producer: Fatima Hussaini, Ahmad Imami
 Executive Producer: Philipp Engelhorn,                     Editor: Emelie Mahdavian; Co-Editor: Kristina
 Michael Raisler                                            Motwani; Consulting Editor: Nels Bangerter
 Editor: Marina Katz, Gabriel Rhodes                        Screenwriter: Emelie Mahdavian
 Sound: Sound Design: Ron Bochar                            Sound: Supervising Sound Editor: Daniel Timmons
 Music: Music Supervisor: Tracy McKnight                    Music: Gretchen Jude
 Principal Cast: M.I.A. (Maya Arulpragasam)                 Principal Cast: Featuring: Nargis Fazili, Zahra Fazili,
                                                            Fatima Hussaini, Hassan Fazili
                                                            Cameras: Fatima Hussaini, Hassan Fazili, Nargis
                                                            Fazili, Zahra Fazili

 Production Company          Sales Agent                    Production Company              Sales Agent
 US, UK, Sri Lanka           Dogwoof (World sales           US, UK, Qatar, Canada           Doc & Film International
 co-production               excluding North America)       co-production                   13, Rue Portefoin
 A Hard Working Movies       19-23 Ironmonger Row           An Old Chilly Pictures LLC      75003 Paris
 (US), Cinereach (US)        London                         production                      France
 production in association   EC1V 3QN                                                       +33 1 42 77 56 87
                             +44 (0)20 7253 6244            Midnight Traveler     
 with Doc Society (UK)                            
 Doc Society                       Cinetic Media
                             (North America sales)
                             555 W 25th Street, 4th Floor
                             New York
                             NY 10001
                             +1 212 204 7979

                                                                                 FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARIES 17
Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool                              Nae Pasaran

Synopsis                                                    Synopsis
A visionary, innovator, and originator who defied           Charting the incredible true story of the Scots who
categorization and embodied the word cool: a                managed to ground half of Chile’s Air Force, from
foray into the life and career of musical and cultural      the other side of the world, in the longest single act
icon Miles Davis. Using words from Miles Davis’s            of solidarity against Pinochet’s brutal dictatorship. In
autobiography, this film offers an incisive insight into    1974 a group of workers at the Rolls Royce factory
our understanding of the legendary musician. Newly          in East Kilbride showed their support for the people
released archival material, alongside interviews            of Chile by refusing to carry out the vital repairs of
with pre-eminent historians and personal friends            engines for Hawker Hunter planes, which had been
like Quincy Jones, illustrate a man of intensity and        used during the brutal military coup in September
devotion to his craft. Despite the indignities of           1973. The boycott endured for four years but the
America during the time of segregation, nothing             Scottish workers never knew what impact they
was going to stop Davis from realizing his dream:           had; it was a matter of conscience and an act of
to create a new form of musical expression. Davis           solidarity. Bustos Sierra – himself the Scotland-
worked like a physicist with his collaborators to           based son of a Chilean exile – reunites inspirational
push musical experimentation and widen the tones            figures Bob Fulton, Robert Somerville, Stuart
and lyricism of jazz—the effects of which are felt          Barrie and John Keenan to hear their story. With
to this day. Delving into his past loves, personal          unprecedented access, Nae Pasaran also ventures
relationships, and addictions, a clearer portrait           much further to detail the horrors of the Pinochet
of Davis the man emerges. Davis is fearless and             years, meets survivors of the period and hears the
engaging throughout, and his intellectual fervor            Chilean side of the story.
tempered only by his insecurities.
Official Selection Sundance Film Festival 2019 -            Details
Documentary Premieres                                       Year: 2018
- World premiere                                            Running Time: 96 mins
                                                            Director: Felipe Bustos Sierra
Official Selection Hot Docs 2019 - Special                  Producer: Felipe Bustos Sierra
Presentations - International premiere                      Editor: Colin Monie
                                                            Screenwriter: Felipe Bustos Sierra
Details                                                     Director of Photography: Peter Keith
Year: 2019                                                  Sound: Re-recording Mixer, Sound Designer; William
Running Time: 115 mins                                      Aikman; Sound Recordist: Jack Coghill, Francisco
Director: Stanley Nelson                                    Escobar
Producer: Nicole London, Stanley Nelson                     Music: Patrick Neil Doyle
Executive Producer: Terry Shand, Geoff Kempin,
Michael Kantor
Editor: Lewis Erskine; Assistant Editor:
Yusuf Kapadia

Production Company          Eagle House                     Production Company           Sales Agent
US, UK co-production        22 Armoury Way                  UK, Chile co-production      Festival Bookings SDI
                            London                          Debasers Filums (UK),        Eve Korzec
Firelight Films, Inc. (US)                                                               74 Lauriston Place
production with support of  SW18 1EZ                        La Ventana Cine (CL)
Eagle Rock Film Productions +44 (0)20 8870 5670 /           Debasers Filums              EH3 9DF
(UK)                        +44 (0)20                       Felipe Bustos Sierra
                            8875 8791 (ext. 510)                                         +44 (0)131 6515874
Eagle Rock Film Productions             +44 (0)77549 968 34
c/o Eagle Rock                                    
 No Ifs or Buts                                           Of Fish and Foe

 Synopsis                                                 Synopsis
 Filmed over a 22 year period, No Ifs or Buts delivers    Brothers Kevin and John Pullar are desperate to
 a portrait of Soho barbershop, Cuts, an iconic           hold onto the family tradition of net fishing from the
 London hub for street fashion and pop innovators.        Scottish coast for wild Atlantic salmon. They face
 Guided by freewheeling founders James Lebon and          enemies at every turn but are determined to fight
 Steve Brooks, who met when one was a rockabilly          on, no matter what the cost. A film about the uneasy
 and the other a New Romantic, the salon moved            relationship between traditional ways and modern
 from early ’80s postpunk roots to become a hip-hop       day environmentalism.
 club and communal hub for DJs, photographers             Official Selection Hot Docs 2018 - World premiere
 and style icons. But the film “is not just about the
 haircut”, delivering an intimate portrait of Steve       Details
 struggling with a traumatic past that threatens to       Year: 2018
 derail the Cuts universe. The film traces profound       Running Time: 92 mins
 and often tragic change in the hairdressers’ lives       Director: Heike Bachelier, Andy Heathcote
 within the wider context of the UK’s political and       Producer: Heike Bachelier, Andy Heathcote
 cultural landscape- an anthem to the promise of          Executive Producer: Ewan Angus, Mark Thomas
 youth and the friendships that endure over a lifetime.   Editor: Heike Bachelier
 Official Selection BFI London Film Festival 2018 -       Director of Photography: Andy Heathcote
 World premiere                                           Music: Stephen Daltry
                                                          Principal Cast: John Pullar, Kevin Pullar
 Year: 2019
 Running Time: 93 mins
 Director: Sarah Lewis
 Producer: Sarah Lewis, Nic Tuft
 Co-Producer: Jenny Selden
 Executive Producer: Giorgio di Mitri, Michael
 Kopelman, Tyrone Lebon
 Editor: Daniel Goddard, Sarah Lewis, Ken Sallows
 Director of Photography: John Hoare, David
 Williams, Sarah Lewis
 Music: Daniel Goddard
 Principal Cast: Steve Brooks, James Lebon,
 Pete Dowland, A. Daniel, Roy Davies, Boy George,
 Goldie, Neneh Cherry, Leigh Bowery
 Additional Cinematography: Jenny Selden, Nic Tuft,
 Anne Scott Wilson

 Production Company                                       Production Company           Sales Agent
 Felt Culture Ltd                                         Trufflepig Films Limited     Journeyman Pictures
 Sarah Lewis                                              Cairndhu                     +44 (0)20 8786 6057                                   65 High Street     
                                                          KY14 6AH

                                                                               FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARIES 19
On The President’s Orders                                   Our Godfather

Synopsis                                                    Synopsis
The searing story of President Duterte’s bloody             Tommaso Buscetta was the first high-ranking
campaign against drug dealers and addicts in the            Italian Mafia boss ever to turn against Cosa Nostra.
Philippines, told with unprecedented and intimate           Buscetta not only broke the code of silence for the
access to both sides of the war – the Manila police,        first time - he testified against the Mob, both in
and an ordinary family from the slum. Shot in the           the USA and in Italy. “He was the key witness who
style of a thriller, this observational film combines       broke the back of the Mob”, said Louis Freeh (future
the look and feel of a narrative feature film with          FBI Director) at the time. Buscetta helped convict
a real life revelatory journalistic investigation into      more than 400 Mafiosi. He became the Mob’s most
a campaign of killings. The film uncovers a murky           wanted man in the world – and 11 close relatives,
world where crime, drugs and politics meet in a             including two sons, were killed. A story told for the
deathly embrace – and reveal that although the              first time with exclusive access to Buscetta’s family,
police have been publicly ordered to stop extra-            who remain in America and are only now breaking
judicial killings, the deaths continue.                     their silence after more than 30 years in hiding.
Official Selection CPH:DOX 2019 - F:ACT Award -             Official Selection Hot Docs 2019 - Special
World premiere                                              Presentation - World premiere
Official Selection Hot Docs 2019 – World Showcase
Details                                                     Year: 2019
Year: 2019                                                  Running Time: 93 mins
Running Time: 71 mins                                       Director: Andrew Meier, Mark Franchetti
Director: James Jones, Olivier Sarbil                       Producer: Andrew Meier, Mark Franchetti
Producer: James Jones, Dan Edge,                            Screenwriter: Andrew Meier, Mark Franchetti
Raney Aronson-Rath                                          Principal Cast: Featuring: Tommaso Buscetta,
Editor: Michael Harte                                       Cristina Buscetta, Roberto Buscetta, Lisa Buscetta,
Director of Photography: Olivier Sarbil                     Giovanni Busetta, Roberto Precioso, Giovanni Ayala,
Music: Uno Helmersson                                       Anthony Petrucci, John Huber, Alfredo Principe

Production Company               Sales Agent                Production Company           Sales Agent
A Frontline PBS (US) and         PBS Distribution           US, UK, Russia co-production Kew Media Group
ARTE (FR) production in          2100 Crystal Drive, N401   A Black Earth Films and      151 Shaftesbury Avenue
association with Mongoose        22202 Arlington            Phenomen Trust production London
Pictures (UK), BBC Storyville    USA                                                     WC2H 8AL
(UK) and the DocSociety          +1 703 739 5226                                         +44 (0)20 7851 6500
Mongoose Pictures                           
Belinda Morrison                                                              
Willow Tree House
Silver Street North
OX17 2JS

The Pickup Game                                            Prophecy

Synopsis                                                   Synopsis
The ‘pickup’ industry, where self-styled seduction         Intimate and revealing, this documentary offers an
coaches travel the world, charging a small fortune         unprecedented insight into the mind of an artist
to teach men skills they claim will guarantee them         as he works on creating a masterpiece. Beginning
success with women, can be a highly lucrative              with a blank canvas, the film follows acclaimed
business, with many companies earning millions of          artist Peter Howson on a journey that showcases
dollars each year. But, it is also an industry rife with   his dark sense of humour as well as his immense
controversy and scandal; several ‘instructors’ have        talent. Working from his imagination, former official
been deported from countries for their contentious         Bosnian war artist Howson, draws inspiration from
methodologies, and pickup businesses are often             world unrest, religious beliefs and mythology,
the subject of fierce public criticism. Despite this,      utilizing the techniques of his heroes; Goya, DaVinci
hundreds of millions of dollars are spent globally         and El Greco in creating his artwork ‘Prophecy’.
on attending seminars, downloading online courses          Discover the difficulties he has faced throughout his
and on one-on-one coaching sessions that men feel          life that push his creative output, and marvel at the
can give them the dating life of their dreams. In the      monumental reveal of the finished painting. The end
minds of students, many of the instructors become          result is a wonderfully crafted, candid documentary
more than just teachers – they become idols. From          that celebrates the genius of an artist at the top of
the glossy exterior, where courses are packaged as         his game.
self-improvement, to the dark underbelly of sexual         Official Selection Hot Docs 2019 - Artscapes -
assault, pyramid scheme marketing and secret               International premiere
collusion, this documentary pulls back the curtain to
reveal a world that is fascinating and horrific in equal   Details
measure.                                                   Year: 2019
Official Selection Hot Docs 2019 - Making Believe -        Running Time: 82 mins
World premiere                                             Director: Charlie Paul
                                                           Producer: Lucy Paul
Details                                                    Executive Producer: Lucy Paul, Mark Thomas,
Year: 2019                                                 Ewan Angus, Alistair Currie
Running Time: 96 mins                                      Editor: Joby Gee
Director: Matthew O’Connor, Barnaby O’Connor               Director of Photography: Charlie Paul
Producer: Mike Willoughby, James De Val, William
Watson, Matthew O’Connor, Barnaby O’Connor Co-
Producer: Giselle Fryatt Executive Producer: William
Editor: Matthew O’Connor, Barnaby O’Connor
Director of Photography: Vince Knight, Claire
Buxton, Tom Webster Consulting Producer:
Cassandra Roberts

Production Company                                         Production Company         Sales Agent
UK, New Zealand co-           Ivy Film                     Itch Film                  Wide House
production                    c/o Matthew O’Connor,        Lucy Paul                  9, Rue Bleue
Ivy Film (UK), Two Man        Barnaby O’Connor             1 Mackenzie Road           75009 Paris
Crew Ltd (UK), Voodoo www.        London                     France
Productions (UK), New                  N7 8QZ                     +33 1 53 95 24 41
Zealand Feature Films (NZ),                      
TMI Pictures (NZ)                                                           

                                                                             FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARIES 21
1ST                                                        1ST
 The Quiet One                                              Romantic Comedy

 Synopsis                                                   Synopsis
 A behind-the-scenes look at the highs and lows of          A documentary that goes beneath the surface of
 the life and career of Bill Wyman, former founding         our favourite films, seeking to better understand
 member of the Rolling Stones and renaissance man           the way we view love, relationships and romance.
 of rock and roll. Using Bill’s personal archive and        From It Happened One Night to Runaway Bride,
 including interviews with Bill’s family, bandmates         from clumsy meet cutes to rain-soaked declarations
 and friends, the film provides a fresh insight into the    of love, these films reflect our experiences but are
 reality behind the myths and legends of music’s rock       often just as problematic as they are comforting.
 and roll years as we explore the experiences and           They’re hugely successful and deeply loved by many,
 stories of an amusing, engaging and down-to-earth          but – being frequently dismissed as guilty pleasures
 man; often simply called ‘The Quiet One’.                  – they have often avoided critical analysis. Helped
 Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival 2019 -            by a diverse chorus of critics, actors and filmmakers,
 Spotlight Documentary - World premiere                     and with original songs by her band Summer Camp,
                                                            director Elizabeth Sankey embarks on a journey of
 Details                                                    investigation and self-discovery.
 Year: 2019                                                 Official Selection International Film Festival
 Running Time: 95 mins                                      Rotterdam (IFFR) 2019 - Voices - World premiere
 Director: Oliver Murray
 Producer: Jennifer Corcoran, Jamie Clark                   Details
 Co-Producer: Suzanne Accosta                               Year: 2019
 Executive Producer: Jason Bick, Ian Grenfell, Dan          Running Time: 79 mins
 Braun, Charlotte Arden, Peter Gerard Dunphy                Director: Elizabeth Sankey
 Editor: Anne Perri                                         Producer: Jeremy Warmsley, Chiara Ventura,
 Screenwriter: Oliver Murray                                Oskar Pimlott
 Director of Photography: Tom Siddel                        Editor: Elizabeth Sankey
 Production Designer: Sarah Kane                            Screenwriter: Elizabeth Sankey
 Sound: Jon Clarke                                          Sound: Jeremy Warmsley
 Music: Paul Leonard Morgan                                 Music: Jeremy Warmsley
 Principal Cast: Bill Wyman                                 Principal Cast: Jessica Barden, Charlie Lyne,
                                                            Simran Hans, Brodie Lancaster, Anne T Donahue,
                                                            Cameron Cooke, Eleanor McDowall, Laura Snapes

 Production Company          Sales Agent                    Production Company
 My Accomplice               Submarine Entertainment        Romantic Comedy Movie Ltd
 Oliver Murray               197 Grand Street, Suite 6W     Elizabeth Sankey     New York                       +44 (0)7890636093
                             NY 10013 USA         
                             +1 212 625 1410

Rudeboy: The Story of                                   Scheme Birds
Trojan Records
Synopsis                                                Synopsis
“The seeds for the multicultural society we live in     As her childhood turns into motherhood, teenage
now were formed on the dancefloor back in the           troublemaker Gemma comes of age in her fading
day,” says Don Letts by way of introduction to          Scottish steel town. But in a place where “you either
Nicolas Jack Davies’ documentary about Trojan           get knocked up or locked up,” innocent games can
Records, which celebrates its 50th anniversary          easily turn into serious crime.
this year. The company was founded by Windrush          Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival 2019 -
immigrant Lee Gopthal, against a backdrop of rising     Documentary Competition - World premiere
racial hatred. Rudeboy charts the label’s evolution
from 1960s ska and rock-steady to the chart-topping     Official Selection Hot Docs 2019 – The Changing
hits that introduced reggae to a global audience,       Face of Europe
while also recalling the prejudice that the music’s
pioneering artists and producers had to overcome in     Details
London. Blending original interviews with evocative     Year: 2019
archive footage and cinematic reconstructions,          Running Time: 90 mins
the film is a timely celebration of British Jamaican    Director: Ellen Fiske, Ellinor Hallin
working-class youth culture, style and ingenuity.       Producer: Mario Adamson, Ruth Reid
                                                        Editor: Hanna Lejonqvist SFK
Official Selection IDFA 2018 - International premiere   Screenwriter: Ellen Fiske, Ellinor Hallin
                                                        Director of Photography: Ellinor Hallin
Year: 2018
Running Time: 86 mins
Director: Nicolas Jack Davies
Producer: Sam Bridger, Vivienne Perry
Executive Producer: Thomas Benski, Marisa Clifford,
Kathy Rivkin Daum, Justus Haerder, Brian Levy
Editor: Chris Duveen
Director of Photography: Jonas Mortensen
Sound: Supervising Sound Editor, Sound
Effects Editor: Jay Price

Production Company         Sales Agent                  Production Company             Sales Agent
UK, Jamaica coproduction   Submarine Entertainment      UK, Sweden co-production       Syndicado
Pulse Films                197 Grand Street, Suite 6W   Gid Films (UK), Sisyfos Film   121 Beaconsfield Avenue
17 Hanbury Street          New York                     Production (SE)                Toronto
London                     NY 10013 USA                                                Canada
E1 6QR                     +1 212 625 1410                                             +1 416 533 1743
+44 (0)20 7426 5700                                                                 

                                                                            FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARIES 23
Seahorse: The Dad Who                                       The Serengeti Rules
Gave Birth
Synopsis                                                    Synopsis
One trans man’s pioneering quest to fulfil an age-old       Beginning in the 1960s, a small band of young
desire: starting his own family. This is the story of the   scientists headed out into the wilderness, driven
dad who gave birth.                                         by an insatiable curiosity about how nature
Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival 2019 -             works. Immersed in some of the most remote and
Documentary Competition - World premiere                    spectacular places on Earth – from the majestic
                                                            Serengeti to the Amazon jungle; from the Arctic
Official Selection Hot Docs 2019 – The Changing             Ocean to Pacific tide pools – they discovered a
Face of Europe                                              single set of rules that govern all life. Now in the
                                                            twilight of their eminent careers, these five unsung
Details                                                     heroes of modern ecology share the stories of their
Year: 2019                                                  adventures, reveal how their pioneering work flipped
Running Time: 94 mins                                       our view of nature on its head, and give us a chance
Director: Jeanie Finlay                                     to reimagine the world as it could and should be.
Producer: Andrea Cornwell
Executive Producer: Patrick Vernon,                         Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival 2018 -
Orlando von Einsiedel, Charlie Phillips                     Spotlight Documentary - World premiere
Editor: Alice Powell
Director of Photography: Richard Jephcote,                  Details
Mark Bushnell                                               Year: 2018
Sound: Pip Norton                                           Running Time: 84 mins
Music: Tara Creme                                           Director: Nicolas Brown
Commissioned by: BBC Storyville                             Producer: David Allen; Story
                                                            Producer: Catherine Watling; Natural History
                                                            Producer: Joe Loncraine
                                                            Executive Producer: David Guy Elisco, John Battsek,
                                                            Dennis WC Liu, Andrew Ruhemann
                                                            Editor: Andy R. Worboys
                                                            Screenwriter: Nicolas Brown
                                                            Director of Photography: Tim Cragg
                                                            Music: Anne Nikitin
                                                            Principal Cast: Sean B. Carroll, Tony Sinclair,
Production Company                                          Mary Power, John Terborgh, Jim Estes
A Grain Media Production
in association with Glimmer
Films and The Guardian                                      Production Company            Sales Agent
Grain Media                                                 An HHMI Tangled Bank          Submarine Entertainment
Unit 3 Ashby Space                                          Studios (US), Passion         197 Grand Street, Suite 6W
Ashby Mews                                                  Planet (UK) production with   New York
London                                                      support of Simons Science     NY 10013 USA
SE4 1TB                                                     Sandbox                       +1 212 625 1410
+44 (0)20 8690 1010                                         Passion Planet                                             c/o Passion Pictures                                        County House
Glimmer Films                                               33-34 Rathbone Place
14 - 18 Broad Street                                        London
Nottingham                                                  W1T 1JN
NG1 3AL                                                     +44 (0)20 7323 9933                                                          

The Trial of Ratko Mladic                                 Unsettling

Synopsis                                                  Synopsis
Accused of horrific war crimes, the “Butcher              Tekoa is a trendy hipster colony for Israeli settlers
of Bosnia” finally faces a verdict in the biggest         on the West Bank, where none of the controversial
trial since Nuremberg. Embedded with both the             residents want to speak to the media. From the
prosecution and defense, this courtroom thriller          moment filmmaker Iris Zaki arrives, tension fills the
reveals the troublingly nuanced Serbian–Bosnian           air. She sets up a small pop-up film studio in the
conflict that still rages on.                             middle of the small town, and stays put for over one
Official Selection IDFA 2018 - World premiere             month in order to meet the young settlers face to
                                                          face. A simple intervention, which creates a complex
Official Selection Hot Docs 2019 – Special                chain of reactions from those who eventually
Presentations                                             agree to talk to her. From a woman who in the
                                                          middle of an interview admits to being a fascist, to
Details                                                   another who has survived a knife attack by a young
Year: 2018                                                Palestinian – and has forgiven him. ‘Unsettling’
Running Time: 100 mins                                    is made by Iris Zaki alone as a social experiment
Director: Henry Singer, Rob Miller                        that highlights the contrasts and contradictions of
Producer: Henry Singer, Rob Miller, Ida Bruusgaard        the settlers’ self-perception, but which does so in
Executive Producer: Raney Aronson-Rath,                   something as rare as an active conversation with
Jutta Krug, Mandy Chang, Barbara Troyen                   them. A conceptual ploy that places Zaki’s film in the
Editor: Anna Price                                        field between artistic practice and political activism,
Director of Photography: Richard Gillespie                and which reaches beyond blind criticism.
Sound: Håkon Lammetun                                     (CPH:DOX brochure)
Music: Anne Nikitin
Archive Producer: Geoff Walton                            Official Selection CPH:DOX 2018 - World premiere

                                                          Year: 2018
                                                          Running Time: 70 mins
                                                          Director: Dr. Iris Zaki
                                                          Producer: Dr. Iris Zaki
                                                          Editor: Oren Yaniv
                                                          Screenwriter: Dr. Iris Zaki, Oren Yaniv
                                                          Director of Photography: Or Azulay
                                                          Production Note: This film was produced an element
                                                          of Iris Zaki’s PhD programme at Royal Holloway,
Production Company            Sales Agent                 University of London
UK, Norway co-production      Java Films
Sandpaper Films (UK) in       38 Quai du Point du Jour
co-production with Peggy      92100 Boulogne
Pictures (UK), Sant & Usant   France
(NO)                          +33 1 74 71 33 17           Production Company
                            UK, Israel co-production
Sandpaper Films     
Henry Singer and Rob Miller                               Dr. Iris Zaki                                +44 (0)7507 605505                          
Peggy Pictures Ida                                        iriszakifilms

                                                                              FEATURE-LENGTH DOCUMENTARIES 25
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