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UNAPOLOGETIC HYDRATION LET'S GET DIGITAL - Visit www.marykayintouch.ca for full Details

NEW Mary Kay Supreme
Hydrating Lipstick

                                 LET’S GET


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UNAPOLOGETIC HYDRATION LET'S GET DIGITAL - Visit www.marykayintouch.ca for full Details
                             08 Reign in Supreme Hydration
                             10 Clinical Solutions®
                                Beauty Boost
                             15 Let’s Get Digital

                             22 Calling All Stars!
                             24 Powered by Pink
                             25 Elevate your Business
                                with Link & Learn™

                             28 Fueled with Purpose
                             30 Go-Give® Award

                                                                   i n g

                                                               p r
                             32 I Story
                             34 My Reason Why

                             35 Celebrating You!

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UNAPOLOGETIC HYDRATION LET'S GET DIGITAL - Visit www.marykayintouch.ca for full Details
                                        let ter
           Marijana Klapcic

         Executive Editor
                               Temperatures may be below freezing, but at Mary Kay
          Michelle Haurilak
                               February marks the start of spring – and I’ll take it! There’s
                               something rejuvenating and hopeful about the spring
         Creative Designer     season, isn’t there? The rain arrives to wash away the winter
            Lizzie Cuevas      dreariness. The sun pokes through, beckoning the nature
                               around us to bloom. It’s a fresh start. A literal spring cleaning,
           Contributing        and I’m not just referring to your makeup bag. Although you’ll
              Writers          want to make room for all those new lipstick shades!

            Nadine Patel
                               It’s a good time to check in on all those new year intentions.
           Sandy Panesar
                               Are you on track for the goals you set in January? Are you
         Melanie Cummings
                               holding those parties you promised yourself? Are you
                               powering up your knowledge? Mary Kay Ash said, “School
          French Version
                               is never out for the pro!” There’s always more to learn. And
           Roméo Miguim        if you haven’t heard, there’s a Link & Learn™ course for that!
            Magali Gréani      Haven’t tried a Link & Learn™ yet? Gasp! Head over to page
           Casa Traduction     25 immediately to see what you’ve been missing.
         Carmela Manganiello
                               For me, the mental exercise of planning and visualizing is
                               just as important as doing. The first thing on my list when
                               seasons change is to find a new podcast, followed by a

                               new audiobook. Listening to these on even the shortest
                               drive or as I’m winding down at the end of the night fills
                               my cup, centres me, grounds me, and renews my sense of
                               focus. I also can’t wait to travel – even if it’s right here in
                               my backyard. A change of scenery is good for the soul and
                               resets your mind. I’m so ready.

       2 2
                               You know what else I’m ready for? For you to dive into this

                               issue! It’s power packed with product information, pro tips
                               and sales force stories to plant the seeds for focus and
                               follow through.

                               Happy reading!


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UNAPOLOGETIC HYDRATION LET'S GET DIGITAL - Visit www.marykayintouch.ca for full Details
Brighten Up A new lip colour can help your customers beat the
                             winter blahs. And now you have a new formula to introduce! Why not
                             set a goal to sell 10 Mary Kay® Supreme Hydrating Lipsticks today!

                             Power Up with Pink Mary Kay Ash believed consistency counts
                             and we’ve made it easier to stay on track with the Powered by Pink
                             Spring Consistency Challenge! Flip to page 24 to find out how you
                             could earn a stunning jewellery reward, specially designed for
                             Mary Kay by R.J. Graziano.

                             Get Social Media Savvy Have you checked out the Social Cue
                             newsletter? It arrives in your email inbox every month and features
                             tips on how to market yourself on social media, the latest trends to
                             follow, and some handy rules to keep up the Golden Rule service
                             you’re known for!

                             Get Learning Time to head over to Link & Learn™ and brush up
                             on your Mary Kay knowledge! Whether it’s company information
                             you’re looking for, team building, selling or social media tips, product
                             education or how to be the ultimate Beauty BFF, these courses are
                             designed to set you up for success! Learn at your own pace, on your
                             own schedule.

                             Happy International Women’s Day! This day and all days,
                             we celebrate strong, independent women like you. Mark your
                             calendars! Join us on MK Canada’s YouTube channel on March 8
                             for a special event where we celebrate YOU!

    IMPORTANT                Tech Tips If your New Year’s Resolution is to up your technology

    THINGS                   game to reach more customers and new faces, you need Suite 13™!
                             Invite your customers and team members to escape into a world
                             that brings Mary Kay to life. This immersive experience provides an
                             indulgent escape from traditional shopping, with historical highlights,
                             skin care collection features and fan favourite Mary Kay® products.

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UNAPOLOGETIC HYDRATION LET'S GET DIGITAL - Visit www.marykayintouch.ca for full Details
calendar   february '22

                                          march '22

                                                                           april '22

           Received deadline for          Received deadline for            Received deadline for
           Independent Beauty             Independent Beauty               Independent Beauty
           Consultant Commitment          Consultant Commitment            Consultant Commitment
           Form to begin Independent      Form to begin Independent        Form to begin Independent
           Sales Director-in-             Sales Director-in-               Sales Director-in-
           Qualification on February 1.   Qualification on March 1.        Qualification on April 1.

           16                             13                               15
           Spring 2022 product            Spring ahead!                    Good Friday.
           promotion begins. Check        Daylight Saving Time             Corporate office
           out www.marykay.ca and         begins.                          closed.
           your Mary Kay Personal
                                                                           Preferred Customer
           Web Site to see what’s
                                          15                               Program – Enrolment
                                                                           deadline for the Summer
                                          Preferred Customer
                                          Program – Enrolment              2022 issue of The Look.

           21                             begins for the Summer
           Family Day (AB, ON, SK).       2022 Preferred Customer
           Corporate office closed.       Program.                         17
                                                                           Easter Sunday

           28                             31
           Last day of the month!         Last day of the month!
           Orders must be received by     Orders must be received by
           midnight Eastern Standard      midnight Eastern Daylight        Last day of the month!

           Time to count toward           Time to count toward March       Orders must be received

           February production.           production.                      by midnight Eastern
                                                                           Daylight Time
                                          Last opportunity to become       to count toward April
                                          a Star Consultant for Quarter    production.
                                          3 and be eligible for gorgeous
                                          prize selections when you
                                          place a minimum $1,800
                                          wholesale Section 1 order
                   Check Mary Kay
                   InTouch®® on the       between January 1 and
                  first of each month
                    to find out our       March 31, 2022.
                  featured product!

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UNAPOLOGETIC HYDRATION LET'S GET DIGITAL - Visit www.marykayintouch.ca for full Details
                              tr e n d i n g
Ready to up your tech game and reach more customers?
Mary Kay has the resources you need!

myCustomers®+ App                                           Wo r k i n g L i v e

By turning your smartphone into a portable business         Facebook, Instagram, Skype and Zoom! Not sure what
manager, you can be all in in your Mary Kay business.       your best solution is for virtual meetings? Working Live
Accomplish your goals in real time so reorders become       offers the reliability of Zoom but with so much more!
future vacations, email blasts turn customer service into   Enjoy unlimited attendees and recordings, and no time
onstage recognition, and inventory tracking helps make      limits! Post recordings to your Facebook page, broadcast
more time for meeting new faces. It simplifies everything   your meetings to Facebook Live or host large group
when it comes to managing your customers, products          webinars. Read more on page 26!
and orders! The best part, myCustomers®+ is FREE!
                                                            Social Media Content
Mary Kay® Interactive Catalog and App
                                                            Stuck on what to post on your Facebook and Instagram
Take the ecatalogue experience to a whole new level! You    Business accounts? We get it! Content creation takes
and your customers will love that you can browse with       time! We’ve got you covered with professionally curated
mobile-optimized pages and videos; watch helpful how-to     company-approved images.
videos on the page; connect with you to order products
quickly with just a few taps; save favourite products and   Find them on InTouch™ > Education > Social Media >
share wish lists; and more!                                 Company Approved Images.

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UNAPOLOGETIC HYDRATION LET'S GET DIGITAL - Visit www.marykayintouch.ca for full Details


      MARY KAY®

         o n t e n t s
C                                     PAGE 10 | GIVE YOUR
                                      SKINCARE A BOOST

                                      Clinical Solutions® Boosters
                                                                     PAGE 14 | EYE DEW

                                                                     Say YES to this Season’s
                                                                     Beauty Moment

                                                                            SPRING 2022   applause   7
UNAPOLOGETIC HYDRATION LET'S GET DIGITAL - Visit www.marykayintouch.ca for full Details

           U N D E N I A B L E                                 C O N F I D E N C E


      New Mary Kay® Supreme
      Hydrating Lipstick lives up to its
      name. Immediately moisturizing,
      it feels soft, smooth, and
      luxurious on lips. So, you can sell
      with supreme confidence!

        The scoop
        Those who tried it say* it’s their
        new, go-to everyday lipstick. They
        also agree it feels lightweight,
        smooth, and luxurious on lips

        *Based on an independent consumer study in which 150
        panelists agreed with statements

                                                                                     Price is suggested retail.

 8   applause     SPRING 2022
UNAPOLOGETIC HYDRATION LET'S GET DIGITAL - Visit www.marykayintouch.ca for full Details

The goods                                                     Excite your customer
It’s formulated with conditioners like                        Mary Kay® Supreme Hydrating Lipstick delivers intense colour payoff in
sunflower oil and vitamin E to                                addition to instant moisturization and brilliant shine. Your customers looking
nourish lips.                                                 for a pigmented lipstick with a smooth, soft feel are going to love this next-
                                                              generation formula!

The Shades
                          BETTER THAN BARE

                                             CONFETTI CORAL

                                                                                                                         FUCHSIA DREAM
           ROCKSTAR RED

                                                                                                         CASUAL ROSE
                                                                                         FESTIVE PINK

                                                                                                                                               POETIC PINK
                                                                         BOHO PLUM

                                                                                                                           SPRING 2022   applause            9
UNAPOLOGETIC HYDRATION LET'S GET DIGITAL - Visit www.marykayintouch.ca for full Details


      MARY        KAY        CLINICAL   SOLUTIONS®
      Give your Mary Kay business a breakthrough
      with boosters! These new dermocosmetic
      treatments combine highly potent doses
      of some of science’s most acclaimed
      ingredients to help your customers unleash
      their skin’s full potential with every
      precious drop.

      What are boosters?
      Boosters are high-concentration, solution-specific skin care treatments that are meant to be an addition to a skin care
      routine, not a replacement for it. This means that you can keep skin care regimens as the foundation for your business and
      supplement them with both boosters and other products like serums to meet your customer’s specific and holistic skin
      care needs. Just remember that while serums deliver broad, advanced benefits, boosters address very targeted
      skin concerns.

      Did you know?
      The Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® line features dermocosmetic skin care products that deliver both beauty benefits and
      dermatological benefits. Each dermatology-inspired supplement is formulated with meticulously tested ingredients and
      formulas that are scientifically proven to deliver the optimal level of skin care performance and yield measurable results.

 10 applause   SPRING 2022
                             CONCERN: Lines & Wrinkles
                                                                 Can my customers use multiple boosters at the
                             BOOSTER: Mary Kay Clinical
                                                                 same time?
$42                          Solutions® C + Resveratrol Line
                             Reducer                             Yes! They can use both the Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® C +
                                                                 Resveratrol Line-Reducer and the HA + Ceramide Hydrator.
                             KEY INGREDIENTS: Vitamin C,
                             Resveratrol and Acetyl              Just apply them separately, using the Hydrator after the

                                                                 What if my customers want to use the new boosters
                                                                 with Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Retinol 0.5?
                                                                 Your customers can use Mary Kay Clinical Solutions™ HA +
      CONCERN: Hydration                                         Ceramide Hydrator during or after the retinization process.
                                                      $42        However, they should only use the C + Resveratrol Line-
      BOOSTER: Mary Kay Clinical
      Solutions® HA + Ceramide                                   Reducer after the retinization process is complete.

      KEY INGREDIENTS: Hyaluronic                                If your customer is using Retinol 0.5, they would apply one
      Acid, Ceramide and Verbena
      Officinalis Extract                                        of the new boosters, Retinol 0.5, then the Calm + Restore
                                                                 Facial Milk. They can also use the Calm + Restore Facial Milk
                                                                 without using Retinol 0.5.

How should I suggest a booster for my customers?                 Can my customers use boosters and Clear Proof®
You can suggest a booster for your customers by asking what      acne products?
their biggest skin concern is and telling them about a booster   Yes! Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® HA + Ceramide Hydrator
that targets that concern with next-level dermocosmetic          and C + Resveratrol Line-Reducer can both be used with
benefits. Below is a summary of what booster targets what        Clear Proof® products.
skin concern, but we suggest watching the Booster Basics
video on Mary Kay InTouch® for more tips!                        I’m ready to share these with my customers! How can
                                                                 I get started?
How are boosters applied?                                        Visit Mary Kay InTouch® so you can place your first booster
Here are the application instructions we suggest for your        order and potentially boost your business with new and
customers:                                                       updated resources, including:

    1. After cleansing and toning your skin, squeeze 6 to 8                            •      Boosters Flyer
          drops (usage amount may vary) into your hands.                               •      Fact sheets
    2. Smooth the product over your face and neck, avoiding                            •      Booster Basics Educational Video
          the eye area.                                                                •      Promo Video
    3. Finish with your serum, moisturizer, and SPF
          (morning only).
    4. Repeat this step morning and evening.

Price is suggested retail.

                                                                                                      SPRING 2022   applause   11

  Too good
  to miss
   Whether your customers are looking for a little skincare pick-me-up,
   or body care for the upcoming season, we’ve got it covered with
   limited-edition must-haves.

                             Sturdy, Secure                                  Celebrate a Mini
                             and Oh-so-Cute                                  Masking Moment
                             Skinvigorate Sonic® Brush Stand, $16            Mary Kay® Masking Minis†, $20
                             The perfect companion to your favourite         (Set of 2, 34 g each)
                             cleansing brush, this limited-edition stand     Maximize your “me time”, give a gift to
                             keeps your Skinvigorate Sonic® Skin Care        a masking maven, or have an on-the-go
                             System safely positioned for easy access,       spa day with a multi-masking set of two
                             plus, it holds the massage head attachment      that addresses multiple skin needs in one
                             and fits your charger! Oh, did we mention how   portable package.
                             cute it is?!

                                                                                                     †Prices are suggest retail.
                                                                                                     *Available while supplies last.

 12 applause   SPRING 2022

                                                       Indulge in Petite Pampering
                                                       Mary Kay® Hand Cream Minis†, $17 (Set of 3)
                                                       Pause and share a moment of romantic inspiration with this
                                                       limited-edition set. Use this mini trio of decadent hand creams to
                                                       match your vibe whenever the mood hits.

Pink Freesia                                                                       Citrus Fields
includes notes of                                                                  includes notes of Citrus Medley,
Grapefruit Zest,                                                                   Jasmine and Warm Amber.
Honeysuckle and
Pink Freesia.

                                                                                                      Peach Gardenia
                                                                                                      includes notes of
                                                                                                      Bergamot, Gardenia
                                                                                                      and Sandalwood.

        It’s back!
        Mary Kay® Sun Care After-Sun
        Replenishing Gel, $18
        After a day in the sun, enjoy this cooling, refreshing,
        hydrating gel. It leaves skin feeling soft and silky,
                                                                                                           †Prices are suggest retail.

        never sticky.                                                                                      *Available while supplies last.

                                                                                                       SPRING 2022    applause           13

    Create a soft, dreamy glam with this season’s limited-edition* Eye Dew Beauty
    Moment. All you need to do is say YES!

    The Eye Dew Beauty Moment includes:

                                                                                                                           Eye Liner in MK Black
                                         suggested retail,
        Mary Kay® Liquid Eye             value of $90                                                                                                                               EYE DEW
                                         (Save $20)                                                                          1. Stellar colour
                                                                                                                                                           CREATE A SOFT, DREAMY GLAM WITH THIS SEASON’S BEAUTY MOMENT!

                                                                                                                                                                        2. Multidimensional                          3. Blend it out
        Shadow in Meteor Shower                                                                                                     Apply Liquid Eye
                                                                                                                                    Shadow in Pink Starlight
                                                                                                                                    all over your eye lid. This
                                                                                                                                    will be the base for your
                                                                                                                                    Eye Dew look.
                                                                                                                                                                               Add dimension by
                                                                                                                                                                               dabbing Liquid Eye
                                                                                                                                                                               Shadow in Meteor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            With your Cream Colour
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Brush, blend the two
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            shades until seamless
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            and smooth.
                                                                                                                                                                               Shower to the outer
                                                                                                                                                                               corners of your eye and
                                                                                                                                                                               along the outer edge of

        and Pink Starlight
                                                                                                                                                                               your bottom lash line.

                                                                                                                            4. All about eyes
                                                                                                                                 Finalize your Eye Dew
                                                                                                                                                                        5. Magnify and multiply
                                                                                                                                                                               Maximize the look of your
                                                                                                                                 look by defining the eyes                     lashes with Lash Intensity®
                                                                                                                                 with Eye Liner in MK Black.                   Mascara in Black. Apply using
                                                                                                                                 Start at the inner corner                     a back-and-forth motion to
                                                                                                                                 of the outside edge of the                    coat the length of your lashes.
                                                                                                                                 lash-line, drawing short,
                                                                                                                                 interconnecting lines.
                                                                                                                                 For a bolder look, thicken
                                                                                                                                 your strokes.

                                                                                                                             FINISH YOUR LOOK
                                                                                                                              Prime time with Mary Kay® Lash Primer     Line and define with Mary Kay®             Perfect pout with Mary Kay® Supreme
                                                                                                                                                                        Precision Brow Liner                       Hydrating Lipstick
                                                                                                                              How? Prior to applying Lash Intensity®
                                                                                                                              Mascara, place Lash Primer brush at       How? Line, define and fill in brows with   How? Glide lipstick onto the inner
                                                                                                                              the base of the lashes and sweep up       featherlight strokes for natural-looking   parts of your lips and work outward.
                                                                                                                              from root to tip, coating all lashes to   brows that last                            For a more defined lip, apply Mary Kay
                                                                                                                              get stronger, more voluminous, longer-                                               Lip Liner® first.
                                                                                                                              looking lashes.

                                                                                                                           Eye Dew Beauty Guide,
                                                                                                                           flyer and editable invites

        Lash Intensity®
        Mascara in Black

                                                                                                                           The Eye See Beauty
        Cream Colour Brush                                                                                                 Skincare Bag

        Elevate your Eye Dew look with                                       Mary Kay® Lash                     Mary Kay®
        these perfect pairings!                                              Primer                             Precision Brow Liner

                               and han
                                      dy          Go the extra mile with your #VIPink service with

                                                W! Mary Kay® Skin Care Sidekick Set , $7

                                                    your Sidekicks to hold your hair back and during your skincare regimen!
                                                    • 1 black satin polyester scrunchie with star design in metallic rose gold
                                                    • 1 fuzzy velour scrunchie
                                                    • 2 metal alloy hair clips in a rose gold finish

                                                                                           * Prices are suggested retail. Limited quantities while supplies last.

 14 applause   SPRING 2022

ON YOUR SKIN                                                              Clinical Solutions®
                                                                         Boosters coming
                                                                            February 16!

                s a #MKBeautyBFF, you know skin conditions can
                change year-round. Stay on top of your customers’
                skincare needs with the Skin Analyzer app – your
                trusty skincare assistant!

Mark your calendars
A change in season often equals a change in skincare routines. Set
seasonal reminders to book your customers’ scan to evaluate their
changing skincare needs. Remember, you can help conduct a Skin
Analyzer scan either in-person or virtually!

Get results
Your customers will be amazed at the in-depth results from their Skin
Analyzer scan. Not only will the results give them a deeper look at
their skin’s condition, but it’ll also help you to meet their changing
skincare needs!

Switch it up
Use the product recommendations offered by Skin Analyzer to
switch up their skincare routine. If your customer is on the same
regimen as the product recommendations, use your skincare
expertise to offer additional product to meet their needs.
Afterall, you are their ultimate #MKBeautyBFF!

Check out InTouch™ for resources to help you book Skin
Analyzer scans and to better understand how the app can
help boost your business!

Download Skin Analyzer today!

                                                                         SPRING 2022   applause   15

                                                                  Summer Dates
                                                                  Remember! You must purchase your gift-

        GIVE THE VIP                                              with-purchase premiums from Section 2
                                                                  between May 9, 2022 and August 15, 2022.

        TREATMENT                                                 March 15, 2022:
                                                                  Summer 2022 enrolment opens. Enrol customer
                                                                  names           only;        gift-with-purchase                  premiums
               Treat your customers to the VIP treatment,
                                                                  purchased later.
               and you’ll be treated like a star too! Enrol
               your customers in the Preferred Customers
                                                                  April 15, 2022:
               ProgramSM (PCP) to earn the perks of deluxe
                                                                  Last day to enrol your customers to receive The
               samples, free product, and early ordering
                                                                  Look. Orders must be submitted by midnight EDT.

               How does it work?
                                                                  May 9, 2022:
                                                                  Order window opens to purchase gift-with-
               Offer your customer a free gift when they
                                                                  purchase premiums. Gifts must be purchased
               purchase $50 or more in Mary Kay® product
                                                                  from Section 2. No minimums, no maximums.
               during any product promotion. The FREE
                                                                  May be combined with a regular product order.
               gift of choice is available only to PCP
               participants. Plus, you can add them to your
                                                                  May 13, 2022:
               CDS orders, including on the myCustomers®+
                                                                  Customer and Independent Beauty Consultant
               app! This is a great way of making your
                                                                  versions of The Look mails.
               customers feel extra special for their
               purchase! Choose from a selection of items
                                                                  August 8, 2022:
               on the One Page Order Sheet in Section 2.
                                                                  Last       day        to      purchase            gift-with-purchase
               Pick one or multiples of what you think your
               customers will like best! If you prefer, you can
               offer your customer an item from your own          *Please allow a minimum of 7-10 business days for delivery of the Summer Brochure.

               inventory. The choice is yours!

                                                                  For more information, visit InTouch™ > Business
                                                                  Tools > Preferred Customer Program.

 16 applause   SPRING 2022

    1.                       2.                      3.                    4.                           5.

               $3.50                           $5               $5.50                          $6                              $5

             6.                           7.                    8.                        9.

                                  $5                      $3                       $8                         $5

                  10.                     11.                    12.                     13.

                            $1.75                     $1.75                     $1.75                         $5

Prices effective February 16, 2022 at 10 AM EST.

1. Deluxe Mini Clinical Solutions™ Calm + Restore Facial Milk   9. Deluxe Mini Micellar Water
2. Deluxe Mini Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover                      10. White Tea & Citrus Satin Body® Indulgent Shea Wash
3. Deluxe Mini TimeWise Replenishing Serum C+E™                      Deluxe Mini
4. Deluxe Mini TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set             11. White Tea & Citrus Satin Body® Revitalizing Shea
5. Deluxe Mini Unlimited™ Lip Gloss Set                              Scrub Deluxe Mini
6. Fragrance Free Satin Hands Pampering Set Deluxe Mini         12. White Tea & Citrus Satin Body® Silkening Shea Lotion
7. Deluxe Mini Lash Love® Mascara (single)                           Deluxe Mini
8. Love the Beat Portable Bluetooth Speaker                     13. White Tea & Citrus Satin Hands® Pampering Set
                                                                     Deluxe Mini

                                                                                                    SPRING 2022   applause   17

                                                                                      The DSA Mark of Distinction award
                                                          MARK OF                     recognizes     an     independent       sales
                                                          DISTINCTION                 contractor who upholds the values of
                                                          AWARD                       trust and integrity which are so vital to
                                                                                      our industry, as well as being a leader who
                                                                                      inspires others to achieve their utmost

                                                           Independent Sales Director Kristen McBride is a steadfast
                                                           example of these qualities, garnering her this esteemed award. We
                                                                                couldn’t think of a more deserving individual!

                                                                                Kristen is living proof that with strength,
                                                                                determination, passion, and a can-do attitude,
                                                                                a person can move mountains. At the age of
                                                                                20, she was involved in a car accident that left
                                                                                her a quadriplegic. But the setbacks never set
                                                                                her back. Instead, she removed the word “can’t”
                                                                                from her vocabulary and forged ahead both in
   Mary Kay                                                                     her personal and professional life. Her story is
                                                                                one of unstoppable courage and gratitude.
                                                                                Yes, Kristen’s business accolades are impressive.
   at 2021                                                                      She debuted as an Independent Sales Director
                                                         just one year after starting her business. She’s earned the use of six
   DSA Awards                                            career cars, has been in the Court of Sales an outstanding 11 times (in

                                                         12 years) and was #2 in Sales for all of Canada in 2016 and #3 in 2019.
                                                         However, it’s the impression she leaves on every single person she
                                                         meets that outdoes any of the sales figures.

   It’s time to celebrate! Mary Kay took                 As a Sales Director, Kristen wants “the Consultants in my unit to feel a
   home not one, but THREE, Direct Sellers
   Association (DSA) Awards.                             part of something even if they’re just doing the minimum required; that
                                                         they’re loved, they’re accepted for whoever they are, they can achieve
   The awards honour and recognize individuals           their dreams. I really take time and recognize every little thing that they
   and    organizations      for   their   outstanding   do to get them to wherever they want, because it’s about the journey.”

   contributions to the direct selling industry
                                                         You see, this award may be given to a leader who inspires others to
   in Canada.
                                                         achieve their utmost potential, but in our eyes, Kristen doesn’t only
                                                         inspire the businesswomen around her, she inspires everyone
                                                                                                Congratulations Kristen!
                                                         she meets.

 18 applause   SPRING 2022

                                                                        INDUSTRY INNOVATION

                                                                                            This award recognizes
                                                                                            the implementation of a
                                                                                            program or service unique
                                                                                            to the Canadian direct-
                                                                                            selling industry by a DSA
                                                                                            member company. Nothing
 DISTINGUISHED                                                                              represents this more than
 SERVICE AWARD                                                                              Suite 13™!

                                                                        Suite 13™ was recognized for its unique ability
This Distinguished Service Award is presented to an individual in
                                                                        to enhance virtual business opportunities
recognition for their partnership and leadership on the Association’s
                                                                        for Independent Beauty Consultants. “The
committees and/or Board of Directors. This award is personally          platform provides a modern and innovative
selected by the DSA staff in appreciation of the ongoing support        selling resource to use with their customers.
they have received from an individual.                                  Plus, it allows them to introduce their customers
                                                                        to the Mary Kay® brand and products with a
                                                                        fresh, unique and innovative virtual experience,”
In 2021, the award was presented to our very own General Manager,
                                                                        notes the Awards Committee.
Lynda Rose, who has not only served on the board for 12 years,
but also served as Chair for two of those years. Lynda also won the     What we love about Suite 13™ is that it can be
association’s highest honour, the Ivan P. Phelan Award in 2010 and      used together – such as during a zoom call – or
                                                                        you can simply recommend your customers go
the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.
                                                                        to the site and move through the rooms on their
                                                                        own and follow up with product questions.
Lynda is a true ambassador of the association and the work they
do to connect millions of Canadians to entrepreneurial opportunity      The best part? It has an add to bag feature
and enrichment, and their commitment to integrity and a foundation      which connects back to marykay.ca and a
                                                                        Beauty Consultant’s personal website.
of trust for independent sales contractors and consumers.

                                                                        So much more than a virtual destination, it’s truly
    “Lynda is giving and gracious with her time, always making          an indulgent escape from traditional shopping.
    herself available to speak at DSA events and to personally          With Mary Kay Ash stories, skin care collection
    provide support. The staff know they always can always              features, fun hidden details to surprise and
                                                                        delight – Suite 13™ brings the Mary Kay
    count on Lynda and that she always follows through.”
                                                                        experience to a new level!
    – the Awards Committee

                                                                        Haven’t tried it yet?

                                  Congratulations L ynda!
                                                                        Head over to marykay.ca or on InTouch™ >
                                                                        Education > Digital Zone > Suite 13

                                                                                                   SPRING 2022   applause   19

                                                    Sales of Mary Kay®
                                                     With more and more              •     Join our Sales Education Facebook groups
                                                    customers shopping                     for instructional, interactive experiences
                                                    online, and the increasing             on a variety of topics. Head to Facebook
                                                    popularity of online retailers         and search for “Mary Kay Sales Education
                                                   and marketplace sites (such             Canada” and ask to join the group. You’ll be
                                                   as Facebook Marketplace,                prompted to answer a few questions for
                                                 eBay, Kijiji, Poshmark, etc.), it         approval.
                                                might appear to be the perfect           • Take an interactive course or two on the
                                              opportunity to sell product.                 Mary Kay Link & Learn™ online education
                                           However, Mary Kay often said: “You              site. You can find it under the Education tab
                                        can’t sell Cadillacs in a junk yard!”              on InTouch™.
                                                                                         • Browse the wealth of information on how
                               It’s important to remember that the garage/yard             to market your business on social media
                         sale and flea market environment as well as the online            under Education tab as well. “Your Digital
          retailers and marketplace sites do not convey the image which we                 Business” on the home page also has some
  wish to maintain, because it deprives the customer of: (a) professional,                 great information on connecting with your
  personal contact; (b) the opportunity to try before she buys; (c) the                    customers digitally.
  assurance of fresh products, which have been properly stored; and (d)                  • Don’t forget about the Mary Kay apps!
  the Mary Kay® Satisfaction Guarantee, which is only extended by the                      They’re another way to reach your
  authorized Independent Beauty Consultant who sells in accordance                         customers and share our fabulous products.
  with our marketing plan. For these reasons, you’re not permitted to sell                 You can read more about them in the
  Mary Kay® products in these types of physical or online sites. Offering                  InTouch™ Education section under the
  Mary Kay® products at these physical sites or on these online sites                      Digital Zone tab.
  is unauthorized and is a serious violation of the Independent Beauty
  Consultant Agreement, which could lead to the termination of your                  If you’ve got questions about this topic, please
  Agreement.                                                                         reach out to a member of Compliance department
                                                                                     at ComplianceCanada@mkcorp.com or refer
  Just remember there are so many ways to sell Mary Kay® products and                to the Legal Ease Guidelines located on InTouch™
  you have plenty of resources at your fingertips! For tips on selling as well       > Resources > Legal Resources.
 as using social media for your business:

 20 applause   SPRING 2022



                               o n t e n t s
                          C                    PAGE 24 | POWERED BY PINK

                                               Spring’s Consistency Challenge

                        The Star Consultant                          1. Talk to us about your Mary Kay journey.

                        Program with
                        Independent Senior                       I was introduced to Mary Kay more than 35 years ago by National

                        Beauty Consultant                        Sales Director Emeritus Dalene Allen. I loved all the products but

                        Janet Millar                             was not interested in selling. So began Dalene’s many years of
                                                                 persistent requests to consider being part of the Mary Kay family.

           he Star Consultant Program is all about               I said “no way” until after retirement. And so she patiently waited
           showcasing consistency in your business               until I retired from one part of my physiotherapy career and then
           and reaping the rewards!                              said, “Let’s talk about this again.” Hesitantly I signed on and have
                                                                 loved every minute since. That first month she helped me get my
  To participate in the Star Consultant Program, all you         order in and suggested we should try for a $600 wholesale. So, I
  do is place a minimum of $1,800 in wholesale Section 1         did! And then I was hooked. I have tried to do that every month
  and/or Section 5 order(s) each quarter (orders can be          since. I have a bit of a competitive spirit and always want to do
  cumulative). And the more you order, the more MK Total         better than my previous month.
  Rewards points you’ll earn! At the end of each quarter,
  your MK Total Rewards points will be uploaded to the MK            2. What steps did you take to continuously
  Total Rewards Marketplace.                                           qualify as a Star Consultant?

  Focus is the key to achieving consistency and it’s always      At first I was just anxious to get a bit of product on my shelf
  important to pivot your business strategy to continue to       because I realized that customers wanted product right away. If
  see growth. And, if there’s one person who can talk to         I could deliver when they called, I could build a strong customer
  seeing success and being a consistent Star Consultant,         base. So, each month I would ask myself, “How can I order a few
  it’s none other than Independent Senior Beauty                 extra things to start building inventory?” I remember saying to
  Consultant Janet Millar.                                       Dalene one time: “I can’t sell that — it’s my last one!!” She said, “I
                                                                 don’t think you have the right idea about this business, just order
  Janet is currently an Emerald Star achiever, and this is her   more!” Ha!
  59th star – talk about consistency! She is also on track for
  the Court of Sales for this Seminar year and is a Circle       Then I began to understand that if I took extra product with me
  of Honor achiever as well. A retired physiotherapist from      that might interest my customer, it was a way to introduce them
  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Janet lives the Mary Kay values          to new product. I never pursued it if they said no thank you.
  every day and her stellar work ethic makes way for her         Just offered it for trying. Also, I take advantage of the gift with
  many accomplishments.                                          purchase to introduce folks to something they may not have
                                                                 tried. I’ve always done the Preferred Customer ProgramSM so that
  We sat down with Janet to chat more about what                 I have a consistent opportunity to call or stay in touch regularly.
  motivates her to achieve Star Consultant status and how        So many people mean to call but just don’t get around to it.
  she gets the job done. Here’s what she had to say:

 22 applause   SPRING 2022

    3. Motivating factors that help you reach your                 4. What tips would you give to those who are
         Star Consultant status.                                     aiming to achieve Star Consultant status?

There are so many!                                                 1. Go day by day and month by month. The big picture
  1. I    have   the   absolute    best   Sales    Director   in      is sometimes daunting. Instead of saying, “I will sell
     Mary Kay land: Robin Courneya-Roblin. My business                X amount this month”, I usually say to myself, “Who
     has flourished with her encouragement and guidance.              can I contact today?” Or “What plan or suggestion
     Never does she push us to do what we don’t feel suits            will I work on today?” The rest takes care of itself. I
     us. She is always supportive, encouraging, and positive.         read somewhere that focus on the step in front of
     She continuously offers so many suggestions for each             you, not the staircase”.
     of us that we can always find something to choose to          2. Be consistent with your ordering.
     promote our business.                                         3. Listen to all the suggestions and then choose one
  2. Mary Kay Canada corporate is the most supportive                 or a few that resonate with you. I tried to do all of
     as well. There are so many incentives and gifts that             them for a while and that was not successful. There
     make you want to reach new goals. And most of all,               is a reason why there are so many suggestions
     I appreciate their support at the end of the phone               available from Mary Kay and your Sales Director
     line whenever you call, the speed of order delivery,             and your fellow Consultants. You are meant to opt
     the positive feedback, their willingness to listen to            for the ones that suit your customers and your own
     all suggestions, and the amount of information and               business. If business is lagging — and it will at times
     support available online.                                        – ask for help with a new suggestion.
  3. And I cannot minimize the impact of regular contact           4. Use the Preferred Customer ProgramSM every time.
     with     sister   Independent     Beauty     Consultants.        Your customers will get used to receiving The Look
     Especially now during the pandemic when we moved                  and will wait for your call.
     to so much online contact. There always seems to be           5. Always have fun doing your business. People can
     someone at our regular meetings (online) who has an              tell when you are sincerely having fun.
     answer or suggestion to help out. And tons of positive
  4. My customers – who become friends – are counting
     on me and that is motivating. It is so gratifying to be
     able to supply what they are looking for as quickly as
     possible. Nothing beats making someone else happy!
     And how about getting your order in the mail or by UPS
     — it’s a bit like getting a present for yourself!

                                                                                                      SPRING 2022   applause   23

                             Spring Consistency
P OW E R E D BY              Challenge
                             We know you believe in the power of pink so now it’s time
                             to take it to a whole new level! The Powered by Pink Spring
                             Consistency Challenge is officially underway, and you can
                             participate up until June 30, 2022!

                             So how does it work?

                             Independent Beauty Consultants and Independent
                             Sales Directors who achieve the Powered by Pink Spring
                             Consistency Challenge each month, January 1, 2022,
                             through June 30, 2022, by placing a minimum cumulative
                             $1,200 suggested retail order each month, will receive a
                             special Powered by Pink Spring Consistency Challenge
                             bracelet by R.J. Graziano.

                             This gorgeous bracelet is made of zinc and brass and
                             studded with Czech crystals – the perfect accessory for
                             anything you choose to wear! And all you need to do to
                             earn it is work your business with enthusiasm and grit!

                             So, what’s the best way to showcase consistency and get
                             the job done? Our Founder, Mary Kay Ash, said it best:

                                     “Make your commitment to
                                     yourself and to your unit, and then
                                     get everybody working toward a
                                     common goal.”

                             Make consistency your common goal and watch everyone
                             strive towards it – one month at a time. We promise your
                             enthusiasm will be rewarded when you’re powered by pink.

                             For full details, visit InTouch™ > Recognition >
                             Powered by Pink Spring Consistency Challenge.

 24 applause   SPRING 2022

  The Beauty of
  Conducting Your
  Business the

 “New W a y ”
  – Link & LearnTM Courses are Here to Help!

   It’s the new year and that calls for attention to how you   2. “Communicating in the Virtual World”: This one is to
   conduct your business. Some people are ok to meet in              ensure your virtual clients get the same kind of attention
   person, and some still prefer virtual, but the great news         as your in-person ones. So, say someone still isn’t
   for you is that you’re equipped to do both successfully!          comfortable to come to a party, how do you grow your
                                                                     business? The key is EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.
   Customizing your business to cater to your clients                That’s what this course will teach you!
   is more important now than ever! That’s why we’re
   reminding you of some courses that you can use to           You can always throw a virtual party on Zoom and have
   continue to service your virtual clients while you get      your clients follow along with product you send to them in
   back into the in-person groove as well (of course,          the mail! A little will go a long way.
   always check your provincial guidelines first)!

   1. “The Business of Booking”: Regardless if it’s in-           You can reference all Link & LearnTM courses listed
        person or virtual, holding parties helps ace the          above here: InTouch™ > Education > Go to the Link
        glam and grow your business! Now, you can learn           & LearnTM Site.
        more on how to host them too! Refresh your mind
        on how to book parties and understand why your
        priority, as a Beauty BFF, should be to book selling
        appointments. Get back into your mojo and start
        having those booking conversations.

   Practice using a script before the real presentation.

   Make your Independent Sales Director your point
   person for EVERYTHING! Don’t forget to seek help
   and guidance from your Sales Directors, along with
   acquiring key education from Link & Learn TM.

                                                                                                        SPRING 2022   applause   25

  Working Virtual.                                               That’s where the Working Live platform comes in. It includes
  Working Smart.                                                 the reliability of Zoom, but with significantly value-added
                                                                 products and services including:   

                                                                      •   Appointment and scheduling application for your
                                                                          Zoom meetings.  
                                                                      •   No timed cutoff.  
                                                                      •   Ability to host webinars with 500 attendees.
  In person or online, we know that Mary Kay Independent              •   Meetings with up to 500 participants.
  Beauty Consultants are masters at making connections                •   Unlimited recordings.
  count.                                                              •   Audio transcripts.
                                                                      •   Ability to broadcast to Facebook Live.
  And if the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that        •   Break out rooms.
  both are effective at building relationships. BUT, even             •   Four free reports per month to evaluate your
  when in-person parties are an option, that, doesn’t mean                meetings.
  you should stop holding virtual appointments. It’s all about        •   Group training and tutorials.
                                                                 To sign up, go to Mary Kay InTouch® > Business Tools
  Think about the mom who was able to attend a virtual           > Promote Your Business. If you already have a Zoom
  party because she didn’t have to find childcare to leave       account, sign up using the same email so your meeting ID
  her house. Or the number of people you could host from         and password stay the same.
  literally anywhere at the same time. And what about the
  people who started their business virtually and experienced    Already have a Zoom account? Have more questions?
  success? You can do both!                                      Read the FAQs at can.workinglive.us before signing up!

               G S O O N:
         COMIN                    ILABLE
                    C H A RT AVA
               FLIP                    E!
                        O  R K ING LIV
                 ON W

 26 applause   SPRING 2022



         o n t e n t s
C                                    PAGE 30 | GO-GIVE®

                                     Meet the winner

                                          SPRING 2022   applause   27

   What to Expect
    from the Mary Kay Ash
    Charitable Foundation this Year
     The new year calls for new beginnings and a fresh
                                                           3September 17, 2022: Our Virtual MK5K is back!
     start, so the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation       We’ll be running, jogging, and/or walking in our
     continues to support the dreams and aspirations        neighbourhoods once again and taking a virtual
     of women and children who are hoping for new           tour of the nation with our Walk Champions.
     beginnings.                                                                              VIRTUAL

     Here’s how we will continue
     to lend a helping hand in 2022:
                                                            October 1 – 31, 2022: We’re observing
                                                            Breast Cancer Awareness Month and
                                                            honouring the valiant women and their

      ve t h e D a
                                                            battles against breast cancer.

      February 1, 2022: The
      launch of our Love and
      Laugh Picnic Tote. This
                                1                           October 1, 2022 – May 12, 2023: Whether it’s
                                                            building a business with a purpose or making a
                                                            difference through donations to the Mary Kay Ash
      one-of-a-kind picnic                                  Charitable Foundation, one thing is certain – YOU
      tote can be yours for                                 hold the power. So, take part in the Power of One
      just $25 (+ taxes) with                               and choose to make a difference.
      all proceeds going to

      the Foundation.

                                                                     November 1 – 30, 2022: Help us
                                                                     spread awareness against domestic
        August 2022: We’re back with our Annual                      violence during Domestic Violence
        Shelter Grant program. Shelters across                       Awareness month.
        Canada will have the opportunity to receive a

        grant on behalf of the Foundation to support
        their goodwill mission.                             December 1 – 31, 2022: Let’s collaborate
                                                            with Look Good Feel Better and
                                                            participate in the Match Campaign –
                                                            remember, the Mary Kay Ash Charitable
                                                            Foundation will match your donations up
                                                            to $30,000.

                                                         Please keep in mind that these dates are what we have
                                                         solidified in our calendars so far! Keep an eye out for more
                                                         communications on anything new along the way!

 28 applause   SPRING 2022

                                                                       Our Founder, Mary Kay Ash, charged the
Meet Our Shelter Grant
                                                                       Foundation with a mission to enrich the
                                                                       lives of women going through adversity,
                                                                       and the efforts of the following shelters
The Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation brought the Shelter
                                                                       align perfectly with our goals. The
Grant back in 2021 after taking a year hiatus. We opened
                                                                       Foundation is happy to announce that the
applications for shelters and outreach programs across the
                                                                       following are the 16 shelters chosen as
nation from August 16 to October 31, 2021. We saw an incredible
                                                                       the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation’s
response and had to make the difficult decision of selecting 16
                                                                       annual Shelter Grant recipients:
grant recipients – each receiving a total of $9,000 – from the total
of 98 applications.
                                                                                      Alberta :

We thank each shelter and/or outreach program that submitted                • Camrose Women’s Shelter

an application. All of the mission statements were heartwarming                    • Haven’s Way

and we are grateful for the work they do to help women and                          Manitoba :

children find shelter and a safe haven where they can restart and                  • Agape House

rebuild for a hopeful future.                                                      Nova Scotia:
                                                                                    • Alice House
                                                                                 • Inasmuch House
                                                                                 • St. Thomas Elgin
                                                                               Second Stage Housing
                                                                               • Maison Des Femmes
                                                                                     de Sept-Iles
                                                                              • Maison Le Prelude Inc.
                                                                                  • Shelwin House
                                                                                British Columbia:
                                                                                    • Joy’s Place
                                                                                   • Dixon House
                                                                             Prince Edward Island:
                                                                                 • Anderson House
                                                                                  • Help and Hope
                                                                                       for Families
                                                                                 New Brunswick:
                                                                                   • Liberty Lane

                                                                                             SPRING 2022   applause   29

                                                       QUARTER 2 GO-GIVE® AWARD NOMINEE

                                                                            INDEPENDENT SALES DIRECTOR
                                                                         LINDA PLOUFFE MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC
                                                                                     STARTED MARY KAY
                                                                                       MAY 10, 2021
                                                                    DEBUTED AS AN INDEPENDENT SALES DIRECTOR
                                                                                NOVEMBER 1, 2021
                                                       UNIT NAME

                                                       Les ÉtincElles (The Sparks)

  PERSONAL                                             GOALS

  In May 2021, smack dab in the middle of the          Just two years ago, I refused to look at myself in the mirror. I wasn’t
  pandemic – with the confinement, the curfew,         happy with my weight. Today, after losing weight and with Mary Kay’s
  and a broken heart – I needed something to           help, I am fulfilled. I often say that this company gives you wings! My
  cheer me up, to pass time, to clear my head          goal is to help as many women who feel bad about themselves to
  and a reason to be in contact with people.           regain their self-esteem and to grow some wings!
  Mary Kay offered me all that!                        ENRICHING LIVES
  In just a few weeks, this hobby literally became     “Linda is an exceptional woman with a big heart who loves to help.
  a passion. Not only did I fall in love with          Since I have known her, she has been involved in collecting donations
  the products, but I also fell in love with the       for Christmas baskets, fundraising for breast cancer, and even
  business. For the first time in my life, I woke up   cleaning up youth camps. Linda deserves all the beautiful things she
  in the morning eager to start the day.               reaps. It would be good if she was recognized so that she herself
  I had never felt this feeling of belonging, making   recognized all the good that she does around her.” – Marie-Josée
  a difference, and being recognized for the           Gravel, Independent Beauty Consultant
  work I accomplished anywhere else. Moreover,         “Linda is a dynamic go-getter and a determined girl. Although she
  I am extremely proud to be part of a company         was preparing for her Sales Director-in-Qualification, she was
  that has a charitable foundation that helps          always available to answer our questions and to motivate us. She is
  women fighting cancer and victims of domestic        very generous and is an asset to the company.” – Denise Sinnett,
  abuse. Having been a victim of domestic abuse        Independent Senior Beauty Consultant
  myself at the hands of a violent man for more
  than 7 years, and having lost my father, mother,     ON BEING NOMINATED
  a brother and sister to cancer, these causes         “I would like to thank all those people from the bottom of my heart
  touch me personally and make me want to              who took the time to nominate me. Words fail me to express the
  invest myself a bit more every day.                  gratitude I feel for all the love I have been receiving since I started at
                                                       Mary Kay.

                                                       I wish you all a path as sunny as mine. We all deserve it! “

 30 applause   SPRING 2022

   PAGE 32 | I-STORY


                        o n t e n t s
                       C                PAGE 34 | MY REASON

                                        Caroline Guay

                                                SPRING 2022   applause   31

              HAVING ONLY
              Nadia’s personal journey of growth

              By Melanie Cummings

              Money, prizes, deadlines and a Red Jacket. These              would also work for.” At each monthly virtual meeting she
              incentives push Mississauga, ON Independent Sales             offers gifts from the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation
              Director Nadia Desroches. And they are the magic that         — “something they may not necessarily spend the money
              drive her “Doves” too.                                        on for themselves.” She also runs a $25 draw at each
                                                                            meeting for Independent Beauty Consultants who reach
              Consider the tally so far for Nadia: she’s earned 85 Star     the monthly retail and sharing benchmark.
              prizes while a Star Consultant, 11 diamond rings and the
              use of career cars: five times as a Grand Achiever and        This is certainly a driven team. The Doves have achieved
              twice in the Premier Club.                                    the Circle of Achievement and Excellence four times
                                                                            ($350,000 twice and $300,000 twice). Among them,
              Rewards captured Nadia’s attention from the get-go. “I        UNIT stands for U n I Together. For Seminar their goal is
              was determined to get a Red Jacket just because it was        to achieve the $500,000 Circle and earn the use of the
              a reward.” It was a hop, skip and a jump to next goal:        prestigious Pink Cadillac. They’ll get there, Nadia says,
              Independent      Sales   Director-in-Qualification.   Nadia   by continuing to do as they have through the pandemic:
              finished that process in three months to meet a deadline.     running virtual makeovers, meetings, ‘innerviews’ and
              “I was determined to spend the summer at the cottage          targeted social media posts. While the pivot to online
              with my kids.”                                                outreach has kept the team’s dreams alive, Nadia is still a
                                                                            firm believer in the more personal touch of making phone
              Nadia never did don that Red Jacket. She was already a        calls and sending personal notes to both customers and
              Sales Director by the time she went to Seminar in July        team members.
              2001. “It felt so amazing!”
                                                                            Challenge Accepted
              She created an incentive out of her incentive offering that   This was not always Nadia’s comfort zone. Initiating a
              Red Jacket as a prize for the next Independent Beauty         conversation with a total stranger was previously foreign
              Consultant among Desroches Doves to earn Star Team            behaviour for her. “I was very conservative and kept
              Builder (Red Jacket) status.                                  to myself.” The first time she offered a total stranger a
                                                                            Mary Kay sample and asked to follow-up with a phone call
              Maximizing Momentum                                           was “so hard”. “I was in a sweat and wanted to die,” said
              Nadia keeps the prizes coming to keep her unit going. “I      Nadia. She’s thankful she was kindly rejected that first
              give them a challenge and make the prize something that I     time. But she kept going because true to her nature, Nadia

32 applause   SPRING 2022

accepted a challenge — give out five samples a day. Her daily        “Since I had absolutely no experience in sales, business or
drive paid off. The fourth person that day booked and held           being an entrepreneur, my plan was just to do Mary Kay for
a party. “You have to believe that this business works when          two years and then to start up my own business in something.”
you just do it.”                                                     This two-year plan is among the wise words of wisdom Nadia
                                                                     learned long ago from her National Sales Director, Jane Kosti
Now, giving out samples and starting conversations with              who said: “Make a decision, stick with it two years, and if
strangers — or friends you haven’t met yet, as founder Mary          it’s right it’s all systems go and if it isn’t you will learn from it,
Kay Ash said — is second nature to Nadia. She overcame her           because money comes back but time doesn’t.”
initial trepidation by “simply doing it over and over again, until
it became fun.”                                                      Nadia says she grew in ways she could have never imagined
                                                                     and certainly would not have, had she stayed as an
A Positive Mindset                                                   employee working for someone else. “Entrepreneurship
It helps that the name Nadia means hope. She has also turned         opens up a new opportunity to dream and set your goals.
the word into an acronym. HOPE stands for Having Only                You will be challenged on how well you bounce back from
Positive Expectations. This mindset is instilled in her Doves        disappointments, welcome the discipline that comes with
daily. Doves are also symbols of hope and new life, she adds.        the privilege of being your own boss and commit to working
“This is our mission.”                                               consistently, especially when no one is watching.”

It’s this outlook that has built Nadia’s business over the           The rewards from all this hard work make facing those self-
past 24 years and influenced her four children who have              employed struggles all worthwhile. “The income, personal
watched their mom’s business grow from such confidence.              and professional growth and amazing sisterhood are an
Back in February 1999, Nadia was on maternity leave with             incredible blessing. What I want now, more than ever, is to be
her daughter Marielle, then age 3 and son Paul Jr. who was           able to offer that to others who can benefit from a Mary Kay
just 1. Before motherhood, she was a senior policy analyst in        business the way that I have,” said Nadia.
long-term care with the Ontario Ministry of Health. But with
babies on board, Nadia wanted a career that allowed her to           To this end, she believes there’s more joy in giving than
make money while being at home with her husband Paul and             receiving. Her next goal is to debut new offspring Sales
growing family. Two more sons came along in short order:             Directors and grow her unit to at least 200 strong women.
Joseph who is now 21 and Christopher, 19. (Marielle is 26 and
Paul Jr., 24.)

                                                                                                                      SPRING 2022   applause   33

 By Melanie Cummings
                     My Reason Why
 May 15, 2019. The date is etched in Independent Sales                    Caroline made the decision to resign and fully focus on her
 Director Caroline Guay’s memory.                                         Mary Kay business. Fast forward seven months, and Caroline
                                                                          debuted as an Independent Sales Director.
 On this day in May, Caroline resigned from the insurance
 company she worked at as a broker, to dedicate herself fully to          The change in her career outlook was like night and day. “My quality
 her Mary Kay business. Just two months earlier, Caroline had             of life soared,” said Caroline. Gone was the exhaustion, migraines,
 signed on as an Independent Beauty Consultant.                           overspending, tears and Monday morning blues that defined her
                                                                          insurance work life. “I felt like my life had no real meaning in that job.”
 All systems were go and Independent Sales Director-in-
 Qualification (DIQ) was soon in her sights. “Caroline is on fire,”       Through her burgeoning Mary Kay business, Caroline discovered
 Independent Sales Director Julie Pelletier wrote in a July               she has the power to change a woman’s world, one customer at
 29, 2019 Facebook post “So proud of my first ever DIQ … She              a time. When she runs her skin care classes, Caroline takes stock
 knows where she’s going... she aims for the top. Working with her        of the newfound stars in the eyes of the women around her at
 is a gift.”                                                              the demonstration table. It’s like these women are just discovering
                                                                          their beauty, Caroline describes. It’s in these moments she realizes
 But Caroline’s Mary Kay journey didn’t start that way. Julie was a       she made the right career move. “I want to continue to be able to
 friend of Caroline’s and when she offered to do a skin care class,       reignite the spark in people’s eyes.” She considers her connection
 Caroline refused. She wasn’t interested. It was much like her            with her clients — and her team, Les Grandioses — as a passion.
 initial experience of being offered a class at age 18. Caroline just
 wasn’t interested then either but half-heartedly participated. “I        “My personal life is more rewarding — I have made tons of real
 bought the hand care set but quickly buried it in a closet,” she         friends and I am building life-long relationships.” Over the past few
 recalls. Julie persisted and offered Caroline a skin care class          years she has created a litany of treasured memories; each funny,
 again and again. Caroline rejected Julie’s offer each time. The          precious and meaningful. “My self-esteem, my confidence, my
 fourth time, however, was the charm. That was back in March              leadership and my personal growth have improved.”
 2019. “With every product she pulled out, I was totally amazed.
 All the misconceptions I had about the products flew out the             The fire Julie Pelletier saw in Caroline, back in May 2019, still burns
 window,” said Caroline.                                                  bright. “I see a prosperous and rewarding future ahead,” she says.
                                                                          Caroline’s dream is to build a National Area.
 She describes the sudden appeal to become a Beauty
 Consultant as an almost invisible force beckoning her. “I couldn’t       “I am a bearer of light and my mission, first and foremost, is to
 understand what was happening to me. I felt such a pull to start         continue to illuminate the people that I meet on my
 Mary Kay. It was almost like my heart knew before my mind did.”          Mary Kay journey.”
 While Caroline told herself she wasn’t ready to pull the plug on
 her full-time job in the insurance sector at that very moment, she
 said she would give herself a year to learn all she could about
 Mary Kay’s product lines and to further explore the business
 opportunity. “I had great confidence in the business plan as well
 as my skills.” Caroline proved to be a quick learner. It took far less
 than a year to make her move to Mary Kay. Within three months,

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